Enjoying the Small Things


Coffee in the Woods
If pina coladas are best sipped on beaches and hot mulled cider is to be enjoyed fireside in the fall, then I’ve decided a proper place for morning coffee is in the woods.


I don’t really know if there’s a place that wouldn’t be good for coffee, but I do know an impromptu traipse into the woods with my friend and our girls yesterday morning was an invigorating way to start the day.

A muffin and O.J. outdoor breakfast…


…followed by more egg art.



…and pretend fishin’.



Several of you have asked about the amber teething necklace. So I admit this might completely be the placebo effect, but Nella seems to be doing a lot less biting her fingers while crying.


…and the sleep is improving too. After rocking and walking for a half hour one afternoon last week, attempting to get her to sleep, I realized she was so frustrated nothing was helping. I did what I never thought I’d do–I kissed her, put her in her crib and let her work it out.


Turns out, that’s what she wanted. She cried for a very short time and ever since, naps are easy. A short rock followed by a kiss, a crib, a brief cry just to let us know she still thinks she’s in charge, and then she’s out.


Heart Hair.
It kind of happened by accident, but now it’s her favorite. “Do a heart in my hair,” she says. All she needs is a teenage boy with bad skin to give her a corsage, compliment her peach taffeta tea length gown, and off to prom she goes.


We’ll be busy this weekend and are looking forward to the holiday, but I wanted to launch a new sponsor I’m really excited about. If you don’t have your own kid to buy for, find a baby shower, a coworker’s kid, a niece or nephew you love. Mountain Aven Baby’s funky prints and unique styles make for great conversation pieces and really cute tots.

Photos courtesy of Mountain Aven Baby.

I love the variety of crazy fun fabric prints (check out the sushi bib or bird cage skirt) and finding another great store to add to my favorites. Use code SMALLTHINGS for 15% off your order!

Party Flag Tee.

Pachyderms Bib.

Tell me three things you’re enjoying right now, and one comment will be randomly selected to win a $25 Mountain Aven Baby gift certificate.

There is a man sweating in a cheap Easter Bunny costume not far away, and we have a date to wave from a safe distance and pray he doesn’t come near us. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on my way.

Happy whatever-it-is-you-celebrate this weekend!




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  1. Good morning! New post. Have a great weekend.

  2. Cute heart hair!

  3. I love Cafe Verona, tiny baby sleepers (my first is due June 13th) and crisp spring mornings.

  4. sweet girls.

  5. I love the hair – soooo cute!

    Happiness is: a singing child on the back of your bike…finding PINK SAND for a delighted little girl’s sandbox…and the suck suck suck of my toddler, lulling herself to sleep with the help of her wee thumb.

  6. Three things I’m Loving Right Now!
    -Having my happy baby back after she had 8 molars come in at the same time (didn’t even know that was possible).
    -Sunshine finally coming out in Calgary
    -Family day taking my daughter on her first ever easter egg hunt!

  7. three things im enjoying right now… *egg art with my bes friend (yup, even as adults) *a quiet cup of morning coffee watching the birds on the bird feeders before everyone else wakes up *a peaceful sleeping baby face

    love your blog so much! -Aubrey

  8. My littlest has decided to sleep easier after she hollers for a few minutes in her crib as well. Such big girls our toddlers are becoming.
    I’m enjoying the sun shining in my windows after almost a week of solid rain and grey skies.
    I’m enjoying seeing 4 dozen cartons of eggs every time I open the fridge door. Eggs waiting to be hard boiled, dyed, deviled, and scrambled.
    Last, I’m enjoying my new Etsy addiction, courtesy of you!
    Happy Easter!

  9. 1. A lazy Saturday morning – coffee, boys wrapped in blankets on the couch, no hustle or bustle – ahhh…
    2. Midwest weather – the thundershowery evenings that turn into blue-skied warm days. The grass always looks so green!
    3. Looking forward to enjoying a fun-filled Easter day – a mix of all the right stuff – Easter Bunny treasures, Church, and family dinner.

    Today I’m having my coffee on the front porch swing – we have no woods – but something about drinking it outdoors does make it taste better.

  10. Three things I’m enjoying RIGHT NOW?
    1. My girl is wearing her purple princess dress watching Enchanted (we’re on a major princess kick)
    2. My husband called and said work-day on a house he’s flipping isn’t happening and he’s headed home.
    3. Looking forward to a mani-pedi this afternoon with a dear girlfriend.
    Saturdays rock!

  11. My 3: family, finally we have nice sunny weather and baby eating blueberries

  12. I love hearing my littlest speak new words. I love that my kids smile as soon as I get the camera out. I love the sprouting of new life in my flower beds!

    Have a great Easter!

  13. 1) Looking out my front window at all the funky garage sale finds in my neighbors front yard.
    2).The every morning playtime of my lovin’ pups, who I know in his next life Fred will be a Space Cowboy.
    3).Muted tv’s stuck on random cartoons and my playlist with a cup o joe.

  14. I am enjoying three wonderful things right now – being centered by your words of wisdom, awaiting the arrival of my first baby, a girl, who is fashionably late, and my wonderful husband whom I love too much. This is the first time I have commented on your blog, but I find inspiration from your view on life and visit often – thank you and have a lovely weekend!

  15. Enjoying right now: a hot mocha, a lazy, slow start morning and putting all the goodies in their Easter baskets. πŸ˜‰

  16. I am enjoying your blog, morning coffee, my sweet girl’s smile, and the opportunity to photograph lots of littles today…sorry couldn’t stop at 3.

  17. Family, Friends, and fresh flowers.

  18. Right now I am enjoying baby kicks in my belly, lazy Saturday’s after a very busy Friday (cutting the yard, hanging chandeliers, digging trenches, and spending much needed quality time with people I don’t get to see nearly enough.

  19. 1) The way my baby girl yelled at her daddy because last night he may have closed the door on the “Kiester Bunny.”
    2.) Knowing summer is soooo near. Being a teacher, there is nothing better!
    3.) Easter dresses little boy ties all ready for tomorrow morning!!

    We are in teething pain over here too. So.not.fun.

  20. Three things I love right now:

    – Just sent off my husband, father-in-law, and friend to ride with the Patriot Guard Riders for a military funeral in our small Iowa town this morning. PGRs are amazing.
    – knowing today will be a good day because I can hear the birds singing loudly
    – the smell of an Easter lily next to me that reminds me of this season of hope.

  21. Three things I’m enjoying right now:
    – Peace & Quiet. Hubby and my daughter are still sleeping and it’s 9 a.m! My son is curled up on the couch watching cartoons… so peaceful!
    – A cup of tea and a hot bowl of banana nut oatmeal (yum!)
    – That Easter morning is right around the corner! The kids will be so excited! :)

    p.s. I will be trying the Heart Hair with my daughter… she’ll LOVE it! :)

    Beautiful pics, as always


  22. 1) Peeps – I’m trying to lose baby weight, but 120 of my daily caloric intake is allotted to peeps….until they are all gone out of my house. I would NEVER throw out peeps, so I have to eat them…all.
    2)Knowing that after having to go back to work this past week after my maternity leave ended, I only have 5 weeks til summer vacation and being with my girl all day again.
    3)Adele’s newest CD – AWESOME.

  23. 1. corn bread crackers
    2. weatherman forecasting sunny days
    3. planning a trip to Australia

  24. Right now I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee, open windows with a nice breeze and birds chirping away in the backyard. A beautiful, calm way to start the day…
    Your girls are beautiful and I really enjoy reading your blog. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  25. I am enjoying… The tiny fist my baby makes while he nurses, the sports-ball themed easter eggs I found for our toddler, and my husband’s soft lips. πŸ˜‰

  26. Right now I’m loving:
    1. Enough rain to have washed the pollen away so we can enjoy the weekend.
    2. The first minutes of the morning when my sweet pup crawls up in bed to say “good morning.”
    3. Tervis tumblers filled with sweet tea to last through an entire corn hole game!

  27. It took me that long to get to the end of the post… waking baby full of smiles and coos before he even opens his eyes (1) was a welcome interruption.
    (2) the rough plans we have today for an outdoor egg hunt (weather permitting) and brunch at a new restaurant in town that i’ve been dying to try. (3) the holiday weekend and the unveiling of a new easter basket for my littlest. He’s too small to participate this year, but he’ll have a lovely, personalized basket just like his brother that will appear once a year until he is too old to believe. Here’s to believing much longer than is socially accepted!!!

  28. Coffee
    and piece before the storm of all the Easter activities that will leave my kids without naps and cranky for two days.

  29. What I’m enjoying right now….a lazy PJ Saturday…my oldest in her makeshift living room tent playing…my three year old clanking around the kitchen in her princess heels. Looking forward to the Easter fun that is about to begin!

  30. Amber necklaces all the way here, we had such an easy teething journey in comparison to some. 3 things…sunny days in England (so rare)…going out in our caravan…and a boy who can ride his bike all on his own (sweet)

  31. Coffee in the woods sounds *divine!* And that skirt that Lainey is wearing from Mountain Aven Baby is AWESOME. Off to check them out now…

    3 things I’m enjoying *right* now are:

    1. Listening to Samantha play school with her dolls in her room, through the baby monitor
    2. Cooling off some hard-boiled eggs and anticipating dying them for the very first time with my girl today
    3. Remembering the delicious pumpkin pancakes she helped me make this morning for breakfast.

    Even with the rain and the chill in the air, I suspect it’s going to be a perfect day.

  32. Coffee anywhere these days is a good thing! πŸ˜‰ Love Lainey sporting the rain boots – too cute!

    I’m enjoying my favorite cup of peppermint mocha coffee that I’ve grown quite fond of the past year or so – makes me comfy & happy every morning. . . & watching how quickly my 3 yr old grows into a fabulous human being in front of my very own eyes . . . & I get to call her my own . . . while catching a glance every now & then over at the humming birds sneaking their morning drink at the feeders! Life is GOOD!!

  33. Happy easter! Love the vacation, love to go to our cottage to relax, and finnaly: LOVE that spring is here! Wish you a great weekend!

  34. I am loving my coffee right now. So much so, I think I’ll have another.

    I love the heart hair and will attempt it on my daughter for her dance class this morning.

    I LOVE that after a week of rain , the sun has decided to peek out from behind the clouds.

  35. Such cute “heart” hair!


    Morning joe! With a bonus of all 3 of my children sleeping in! With the great aniticipation of getting to see them all wake up walking stumbly with eyes of excitement of the weekend ahead. Right on cue my youngest (2)is yelling “mommy where are you?” from his crib. xoxo Happy Easter!

  36. Three things I’m enjoying right now:

    -feeding breakfast to my messy little man

    -listening to the older kids laughing and carrying on in the next room

    -last minute change of plans to enjoy a more relaxed Easter weekend

  37. I am enjoying
    ~my boxing class
    ~sunshine this morning, finally!
    ~anticipation of spending Easter tomorrow with the ones I love most

  38. I am soooo enjoying:

    a little bit of sunshine, having a clean house (kind of), and spending the morning with the fam just laying around!

  39. 3 things I am loving right now:
    – My amazing husband
    – Feeling my babies move inside of me
    – My awesome friends who are helping keep me entertained while I am on bedrest

    (The list could go on and on but those are my top 3 right now)

  40. Enjoying:
    My two and half year old reading to my 8 month old she makes up the best stories to the books and sometimes just recites the books. I can not decide which i enjoy watching more.
    Having a day where we can stay in our pajamas till lunch and just hang out inside on a rainy day.
    My dog laying on my does to keep them nice and warm.

  41. Today I enjoy… 1) This rainy April morning that emphasizes the lush grasses and spunky buds. 2) Getting up with my 6 month old at 6 am, while daddy is still asleep, for her to nurse while I enjoy my coffee. Her suckling pauses and she’ll look up at me to babble something and smile, suckling resumes. I like to think these are our private coffee mornings. 3) Anticipating a fun Easter weekend and planning on getting my husband a turtle (he so desperately wants one, lol) and hiding his tank etc. in an elaborate Easter Egg Hunt.

  42. I’m enjoying my diet Coke, my oldest asking for Elmo and Dorothy in the morning, and my youngest crawling around with dad.

    Happy Easter to you too!

  43. being a Mom of teens and toddlers all at once, breakfast dates with my husband because *see above*, Easter baskets

  44. Today I love my orange juice that pairs perfectly with strawberry rhubarb jam on toast, the fact that in 3 days I’ll be done with finals, and the brief times when my house doesn’t smell like skunk.

  45. They are such beautiful girls!! Happy Easter to you!

  46. Adorable! Three things: Listening to my 14 mos old son as he tries to get into the bathroom to see what his daddy is doing…. getting eggs ready for dyeing; and just finishing up wine slush for Easter celebration! Its a great Saturday morning.

  47. I am enjoying getting Easter ready…. Prepping the dinner for my side of the fam, anxiously getting baskets ready for babes, and looking forward to a lunch prepared by my mil tomorrow. Happy Easter, Kelle!

  48. the smell of colored eggs,
    colored fingers that last days after they have colored eggs,
    and easter egg hunts!

  49. Hmmm, I’m enjoying new quilt fabric, three day weekends to spend with my family and making scones with my kindergartner. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Love the pictures of Bailey and Lainey, so sweet adn what a fantastic treasure for them as they get older.

    Nella in those poka dot pants is so adorable! High five on the sleep victory. Getting into a good nap routine always was the first step for my kiddos on getting into a better sleep routine.

    We have been using the amber neclace for a few months and it really seems to help, when he does not have it on I notice his hands live in his mouth and he is asking to nurse every 10 minutes!

    Three things I am loving right now

    -my 13 month old little man totally bogarting his dads breakfast.
    -sweet pink dresses waiting for my girls to wear tomorrow.
    -plannign an in home mani pedi day with the girls once monkey boy takes a nap.

  51. I am enjoying piece and quiet while the baby and hubby sleep in. I am enjoying a brilliant cup of Irish cream keurig coffee. And I am mostly enjoying reading the blog!

  52. Three things i’m enjoying right now:

    1. That my son is old enough (15 months) to enjoy his first Easter egg hunt this year. So fun!

    2. That even though my husband is on outreach in the villages of Papua New Guinea at the moment… he still has phone reception. Amazing!!

    3. That although I miss my husband like crazy while he’s away… it does mean that I can watch Anne of Green Gables without so much as an eye roll or a chuckle in my direction! πŸ˜‰

    Happy Easter to you and your family! xx

  53. i’m enjoying listening to my husband playing a silly computer game with our son, the last few quiet minutes before i launch into full out mommy mode, and listening to both of my girls wakeup good morning noises knowing that sleepy good morning hugs aren’t too far off =)

  54. Cute new sponsor, I love their fabrics.

    I’m enjoying

    1. The advice of friends to help induce labor (3 days late and counting) and their “I know how you feel” sympathy. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one to go late.

    2. Spring days at work where my one year old can run outside and play in the sandbox or go to the neighbors porch and play with their toys

    3. The promise of eater, He is risen indeed, Halleluiah!

    Happy Easter!

  55. Three things: My 2 year old finally understanding the potty is for peeing, seeing family this weekend, and peanut butter cookies.

    Have a good weekend!

  56. Three things I am loving right now:
    1. Sunshine bringing the promise of warmer days to come
    2. my coffee
    3. my babies, love them right now and always

  57. I’m enjoying Honey Nut Chex cereal, watching my little man try to crawl (maybe today is the day!), warm spring weather, and our brand new living room rug!

  58. Right now I’m enjoying a long weekend, the History channel, and sunny days spent with my father! What more could I ask for? ; )

  59. I’m enjoying….baby girl’s spit bubbles, drinking coffee with my mama, and hidden notes from a very sweet husband.

    The girls are beautiful, as always Kelle!

  60. Three things…

    – a hot cup of coffee
    – sleeping in this morning (an accomplishment with 2 under 2)
    – a mostly clean house (also an accomplishment with 2 under 2, lol)

  61. Enjoying right now…
    1. your blog
    2. coffee with cream
    3. quietness
    Beautiful pictures! Enjoy the weekend!

  62. It is a rainy Saturday here. I am enjoying my girls helping me to put away laundry while Pandora radio is set to Ingrid Michaelson. My dog is curled at my feet and my family is due to come over at 1:00. Beautiful start to my day! Happy Saturday!

  63. Three things I am enjoying right now:

    – Sticking to your blog and reading it from the very beginning (my poor household – I get nothing done!), being absolutely overwhelmed by it and feeling so strongly about all that you write
    – The spring and the sun that finally came out some days ago here in Southern Germany and looking forward to some icecream we are going to have
    – My son who obviously just woke up from his nap, making noise in his crib πŸ˜‰

  64. Coffee in the morning with my doggies, Sweet Pea and Pepper laying by my side. Long laughing conversations with friends from far away places. and Sore muscles letting me know how hard I have worked by body :)

  65. I love the heart hair do, it’s just too cute!

    Three things I am enjoying:
    ~A lazy saturday morning still in bed
    ~The fact that tomorrow we are going to break our [inviting friends over for Easter] tradition and go out to dinner just as a family. Then maybe a few rounds of poker after.
    ~The fact that I was freezing as I fell asleep last night, and when I woke up this morning I was sweating. Gotta love DC weather!

  66. I am enjoying…watching my son eat his Cookie Crisp cereal and discover the yummy chocolate milk it generates, taking inventory of the eggs we have decorated and dyed all week, listening to my husband play with my daughter.

  67. This morning I’m enjoying a sleeping-in baby, a husband downstairs making coffee and listening to big band music.

  68. I’m enjoying…
    my sick girl’s snuggles.
    my parents coming in for the weekend.
    celebrating God’s grace in my life through His Son Jesus.

  69. At this very moment I am enjoying my hot tea and making cup cakes for our Egg Hunt later as my kids are still asleep…I always enjoy reading your blog…and lastly I enjoy the many blessings in my life. PS – We couldn’t even be in same vacinity as the guy in the suit – got your back there! Happy Easter or whatever like you said!
    Aimee Murray

  70. Right now, I’m enjoying the quiet as only 2 of my 6 kids are awake, that the rain has stopped for a moment and hopefully will stay away as we hunt eggs a little later today, and of course, reading a new post from YOU!

    Happy Easter!

  71. Enjoying right now:
    * Seeing my two little boys get excited about their first Easter service at Church.

    *equally excited about the Church Easter Egg hunt!

    * Family gathering at our house on Sunday afternoon for fun, food, and drinks (oh yeah!).

    Happy Easter to your family!

  72. Three things I’m enjoying right now!
    1. my little sitting on my lap and totally jamming out to your play list as I read your blog!
    2. Sat morning laziness
    3. Easter celebrations!

  73. Three things I’m enjoying…
    1. I’m a teacher and I’m off all next week for Easter Break!
    2. My babies, Hudson and Emerson.
    3. The great plans that we have for visiting with family and friends this weekend!

  74. Three things I am enjoying this very moment….
    ~watching my boy and his Daddy outside playing in the rain
    ~a snugly dog at my feet
    ~and my baby girl tapping on the window, shouting “Daaa-daaa” when she sees her Daddy pass by.

  75. today i’m enjoying:

    the unreal excitement of my four-year-old as she impatiently awaits her 3rd annual egg hunt this morning

    my excitement as i try to excercise self control and actually wait until tomorrow morning to give the kids their baskets

    and, smiles from our 6-week old who was a huge surprise to our family, but feels like she’s always been around!

  76. I’m currently loving…
    – my new tee from j.crew
    – this hotel I’m currently staying at with my adorable husband
    – my new snacks from trader joe’s

  77. How cute, I love their little picnic. Right now I’m loving:
    – Rocking my daughter to sleep
    – weddings, which means cake
    – Warm weather

  78. Three things I am enjoying today…
    wondering what God has in store for my family, knowing my husband got enough work this week to make the first of the month stress-free, and all four of my kids sitting in my living room watching Saturday morning cartoons.

  79. butterscotch pancakes…reading to my niece about what easter means…quiet morning with family…

  80. Right now I’m enjoying the FIRST real spring-like morning in Seattle, the smell of coffee brewing, and the sound of my babe keeping herself busy with magazines (her favorite!)

    It’s going to be a lovely day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Right now i’m enjoying coffee with lots of cream, that my boys are off to the movies with Dad and I will be taking our girls for a pedicure this afternoon – ahhh!! Happy Easter!

  82. I’m enjoying:
    listening to my 11 year old play with my 1 and a half year old

    knowing I exercised my butt off ths morning

    looking forward to hibachi table tonight for dinner with all four kids (happy teenagers are a great thing)

  83. Hi Kelle – this may sound very odd but I dreamt last night and you were in it!! I was in a mall…somewhere…anyway I noticed you there! VERY STRANGE and sorry if that makes me sound like a stalker. An atlantic separates us so think it’s OK! So enjoying right now: 1. day after day of freakishly gorgeous weather in England – the bunting is up in the garden and swaying in the breeze. 2. I have just been to the hairdresser and banished those greys and have reverted to my old brunette! I can hear my kids outside jumping in the sprinkler – which seems normal to many, but in APRIL? Really it’s a complete fluke – us Brits are weather obsessed and this is worth obsessing over! Love the sun when it graces us with it’s presence! Lou x

  84. Right this very second I’m enjoying some quiet time while my baby sleeps, some juicy cantalope, and the satisfaction of sitting in the newly decorated playroom :)

  85. I am enjoying adorably painted Easter eggs, all natural candle tarts & a new rug for my kitchen.

  86. Lazy Saturdays, Spring Weather (flip flops!!!) & celebrating all that this Easter weekend represents ~ these are the things I am loving right now.

  87. Love the party flag shirt!
    Right now, I am enjoying the snuggles of my little one who just woke up, the cloudy morning outside and the fact that I get to watch my sweet girl go find eggs in just a bit. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  88. enjoying…green! everything is sprouting. longer days! fresh air and golden light. my little ones! they walk around holding hands now, talking amongst each other. pure sweetness.

  89. I love to read your blog! Three things I like right are my three kids dancing to an Elvis song (I think my daughter is going to be a go-go dancer!) My own cup of coffee and looking at my dye stained hands from egg coloring with my wonderful and wonderfully diverse babies! Happy Holiday!

  90. I am enjoying nursing my baby, smelling the flowers my sweet husband brought me, and reading your blog–as usual!

  91. Right now I am enjoying my new lululemon pants and sweater that my sweet husband got me for my birthday, and some piece and quiet while my two girls nap and my little boy is out with Grandma!

  92. The 3 things I’m enjoying are:

    1. my morning craving for a cherry coke
    2. my daughter in her dress up high heels
    3. and I’m anticipating the look on my kids faces when they get their easter baskets tomorrow

    Have a happy weekend!

  93. Ahh, morning coffee, definitely my life line to the rest of the world. Enjoying a cup right now as I blog hop :) Also, enjoying my boys as they gear up for the Easter festivities this weekend and looking forward to the Easter BBQ!
    Wishing you and your family a great weekend!

  94. A good morning coffee, kids still in bed sleeping and a nice lazy start to the day are making me pretty happy right now.

    Would love a tutorial on the heart hair.

  95. I’m enjoying:

    *this blog
    *having my hubby home for a lazy sat.
    *still being in my pjs

    happy easter!!

  96. kisses from my 15-month old daughter, nutella on toast for breakfast, and laughing at Modern Family

  97. 3 things you’re enjoying right now:

    Silence w/ a hint of birds.
    We traded in our domestic violence neighbors and ghetto apartment surroundings for a beautiful home on the hill. So now instead of loud footsteps (that aren’t ours), I hear silence mixed with the sounds of birds singing every morning.

    Your Blog.
    I get school girl excited when you post. I fall in love with the pictures, captivated by the words,and always leave inspired.

    Without thee, i would surely perish.

  98. Right now I am enjoying:

    a 4 day weekend

    a spring rain

    the pile of fantastic fabrics I bought for sewing projects this weekend:)

  99. Three things I am enjoying…
    1. the fact that I successfully managed to layer fondant (smoothly, I might add) onto a cute little 6 inch cake yesterday.
    2. the sun outside..it’s actually clear skies today(which is a first in a very long while up here in the NW!)
    3. the idea that my son is giving me some much needed “me” time this morning..as he has decided to sleep in a good 20 more minutes than normal!

    Have a great Easter and weekend with your family! I love your blog– your purity and genuine love for life shines through. Many blessings!

  100. I’m enjoying:
    -a chance meeting (of a 15 year old!) turning into a great night of music
    -my husband telling me he new he wanted to marry me when the thought of something happening to me scared him more than anything else
    -a Saturday of NO plans

  101. 3 things I am loving:
    – Freshly ground coffee (anywhere) on my sore throat.
    – 2 mornings to sleep in this weekend
    – a long weekend is a great excuse to make a great dinner!

    Happy Easter/long weekend!

  102. Right now, I’m loving planning a beach wedding, finding out my sister is expecting the VERY FIRST baby in our family, and knowing that I only have three more weeks of school until summer break.

    Yessssss, I’m enjoying.

  103. I love coffee and a book in the early morning before my family wakes up. I love finding Buttercups in the spring and lastly I love Missoula’s farmer’s market. -Kelsie

  104. hi Kelle,
    we got hit by that damned bus. My girl is fighting though. Three things I’m grateful for right now:
    1. A clear left lung
    2. Decreased fluid from the right lung
    3. Prayer

  105. A service auction at church.
    Baking and cleaning.
    Church and picnic.

    So glad to hear that Nella has settled into her nap time routine. She sure is growing fast and her personality just leaps out of those photos.

    God bless and happy Easter.

  106. After what seemed like an eternity of winter, I’m enjoing the open windows in my house. I’m also enjoying date nights with my children and getting back into a size 8 after 4 children being born in the last 7 years :)
    Spring is great, life is bliss.

  107. The things I’m enjoying most now are time outside with my daughter, spring flowers and our veggie garden growing, and renewing myself!
    I love the heart in Lainey’s hair! I wish Hudson would sit still that long!

  108. I’m enjoying my baby girl’s toothy grin, a pedicure (later today!), and celebrating the true meaning of Easter weekend!

  109. I’m loving the sunshine and warm weather, loving Easter and all that it represents, and I’m loving the sweet, sweet baby growing in my belly!

  110. 1. preparing for our upcoming adoption!
    2. Easter vacation with my family
    3. Early mornings alone!

  111. Checking my garden every morning for any signs of new growth, my newly-waxed eyebrows, and the excitement of letting my daughter look for her Easter basket tomorrow morning!

  112. Seriously jealous of your coffee in the woods- its one of my favs- can’t wait for summer & camping season!! Right now I am loving my family, COFFEE, and my God on this blessed Easter weekend!

  113. That heart hair, is GaGa worthy. Love it!

    Right now I’m most enjoying cold mornings, drinking my “dirty chai”, and reading your blog. :) Best way to start a day!

  114. Saturday morning sleep ins (the babe slept an extra 45 minutes!), yellow daffodils, and a clean apartment( it’s a miracle!)

  115. I hope you have a great holiday weekend! I am enjoying…

    1. Spending time with my family this weekend.
    2. My new camera (can’t wait to try it out this weekend).
    3. Date nights with the hubby where we just sit for awhile after our meal is done and talk.

  116. 3 things…
    my morning with my 9mth old Tess, drinking my coffee and looking at your beautiful blog. love.

  117. Happiness is chubby baby thighs, slobbery kisses, and big brothers who adore their baby brother.


  118. You know, I think I might even like the woods if I had a nice cup of Joe! Coffee usually makes anything better! Darling pretend fishing and the heart hair is so cute!


  119. I have been reading your blog for a few months at the suggestion of a friend. I must say, i love it! I live in Michigan and have learned you are from there as well. I think it is amazing how much you enjoy life and your family. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  120. I’m enjoying that after a yucky night of my baby girl retching, she slept 6 hours and seems hungry this morning.

    Enjoying Easter baskets and all things sweet and spring-like.

    Enjoying the thought of an upcoming breakfast.

    Our daughter was the same way with her sleeping. We struggled and struggled with her waking up as soon as we laid her down… but as soon as we let her do just a little “working it out,” she started sleeping through the night again. Phew.

  121. Right now I’m loving; coffee, Saturday Soccer and a rare PNW sunny day!

  122. 3 things
    1) my aching sore dancer body… it tells me that I did something fantastic with it yesterday.

    2) my 2 year old daughter who has decided she likes to spend her Saturday mornings curled up next to mommy and daddy

    3) My husbands beard… it tickles my cheeks…

  123. I’m enjoying coffee on a saturday morning (but i agree, there’s never a time/place NOT to enjoy coffee), the last few weeks of footie pj’s on my tiny tot and the gloomy weather to just stay inside with my little family! Happy Saturday!

  124. At this moment I am still enjoying your comment about the prom an the heart hair! :) but also enjoying lounging with my husband and kids on a rainy Saturday morning and my perfect cup of coffee.

  125. Love the heart hair. Your blog is wonderful and I visit a lot.

    I am enjoying swaddling a teeny little baby doll for my 18 month old daughter. She walks around with her swaddled baby hugging and burping it. So cute!

  126. I am enjoying watching my 10 month old stand on his knees and question if he is brave enough to pull to stand.
    I am enjoying cuddles with my boys in our pjs.
    I am enjoying the fact that my head doesn’t feel heavy after too many pomtinis last night.

  127. Love the heart hair… I’ll have to copy that one! :) Enjoy your weekend and date with a scary bunny!


  128. Enjoying sleeping til 10 on a Saturday morning.

  129. 1. A pile of books waiting for me not to be so busy.
    2. A girl who turned 5! yesterday.
    3. A bit of sun after days and days of cold rain.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. Agreed- coffee works anywhere! But I wouldn’t mind sitting in that spot while I sipped mine.
    Right now? I am enjoying
    *uber-excitement over seeing her NANA!
    *eggs, brightly colored, litered everywhere, provided hours of enjoyment and promising Easter godness
    *my sweet baby’s toes, sleep-limp as he naps in his car-seat

    Happy Easter. Happy Spring. Happy re-birth, and all the promising goodness that entails.

    Much love,

  131. Hope you have a Happy Easter!
    I’m enjoying putting together a 50th anniversary photo cd with my son for my in-laws, arranging the Easter eggs my kids so carefully dyed last night, and keeping my pj’s on until after lunch today!

  132. I am glad Nella is finally sleeping better. My son did the same thing a little cry then he was out.

    Three things I enjoy now is…
    My 2 year old is finally talking I never thought it would happen now he is talking in sentences it happened over night.

    I love that we are taking taking our Easter baskets to get blessed today and I am passing this on to my son.

    I love that we are spending this weekend with our families.

    Happy Easter Hampton Family!

  133. 3 things: all the sunshine Western Oregon has been experiencing this week, the glow from our church’s awesome Good Friday service last night and the anticipation of my long run today.

  134. 1. Slumber parties with my girls.

    2. Listening to all the new words my little man is learning.

    3. Watching the flowers bloom. They make me happy!

    Happy Easter!

  135. 1 – My last weeks of maternity leave :)

    2 – Spring weather :)

    3 – Redecorating my newly renovated bathroom :)

    Happy Easter :)

  136. I’m enjoying that one of my good friends just told us she is pregnant- the first of our group of friends!! I’d love to spoil her with this giveaway!

  137. I am loving Taiwan, my church small group, and a little girl who is not even born yet:)

    Brooke Annessa

  138. 3 things that make me happy right now.

    1. My little one sitting on my lap
    2. The thought of making rainbow cupcakes with all four of my children later this afternoon.
    3. Knowing that tomorrow I get to spend Easter with my family.

  139. Happiness is 1) My new People magazine coming every Thursday 2) Longer evenings spent outside with my sweet girl 3)A brand new candle…it is all about the simple things!

  140. 1. Movie date nights with my oldest boy.

    2. The faces of my two littles.

    3. My middle boy’s laugh.

    Happy Easter Kelle!!!!

  141. I love and am totally cherishing every first little movement/flutters within my 18 week pregnancy belly of my second child, my first born’s snaggle tooth grin from losing her first two teeth and listening to the “swooshing” sound of my unborn baby’s heartbeat!!! Happy Easter to your beautiful family Kelly, great post!

  142. 1. Yogurt with my homemade granola swirled in it.
    2. Rare peace and quiet
    3. The anticipation of tomorrow, and the rain today that makes it a day of mourning (since this is Holy Saturday here, the saddest day of the year)

    I’m also enjoying your pics!

  143. Three things I am enjoying
    1) a completely washed out weekend, which led to a slower pace
    2) anticipating the dying of eggs
    3) the smell of coffee in my kitchen

  144. We found the same with my little monkey at about 8 months old. She WANTED to put herself to sleep. I was a bit sad to not have that time.. but she is amazing, even now at 2 1/2 putting herself down. Once in awhile we still have that 30 second crying to let us know that she’s there.. but then she’s fine.

    I am enjoying watching my little one run past with a bare bum (we’re in potty training stage), then stopping to “read” a book to me, all while I’m enjoying a chocolate almond milk cappuccino (my newest obsession!)

  145. Im enjoying…
    1. Picking up my husband at the bus station while my mom has the kids – and yes my feet left the ground as he hugged & kissed me.
    2. Peeps. peeps. peeps & a cadbury egg or two.
    3. gathering materials for the annual Easter Olympics – and giggling as I picture my Old Bald Uncle balancing his egg on the spoon

  146. Breakfast in bed {thanks to my sweet husband}; feeling my sweet little boy roll around inside my belly {he’s my first}; knowing he will be here no later than may 11th {scheduled c-section}

    happy easter :)

  147. 1) i love how in every book we read, my son looks for the W’s on each page, and points them out with glee!
    2) i love when he says “up… peez!”
    3) i love when my husband is thrilled with the dinner i chose to make.

  148. Three things….hmmm, the international food aisle, sound of birds n the morning, and fresh bed sheets. I must say, I envy the woods coffee….very jeal.

  149. My three favorite things:
    Kisses and “Oh” hugs from my littlest in the morning, pajama days, my oldest asking big questions for a 5 yr old.

    I love your blog. We adore looking at pics of the girls. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  150. That shot of coffee in the woods made me want both a cup-o-joe and some woods. It was inspiring.

    3 things I’m enjoying…
    1) Watching my dog play imaginary war games with his toys
    2) The fact that Husband will be home from work today and we’ll get to spend actual amounts of time together (woot!)
    3) A new baking idea to try out: Strawberry Cheesecake Tartlets… ??? I’ll let you know how it goes!

  151. My 3 things…
    My oldest (5) learning how to use his chore chart. No more nagging. No more whining!
    My youngest, using his words, instead of screaming!
    My husband, up with the kids, instead of sleeping in.

    Have a great day, Kelle!

  152. Sunset bike rides with Jolie, JIFFY chocolate chip cookies – so easy and fast, baby laundry – will never stop loving the smell. Thank you for your beautiful posts – love love love

  153. I am enjoying..
    My daughter’s laugh
    Planning a party
    Spring weather

  154. Three things that I’m enjoying right now,

    My three kids…

    1. Alexander
    2. Maximilian
    3. Artemis

    Happy Holidays.

  155. I am enjoying so much about life right now…..hmmmm, let’s see….
    1. Planning and celebrating my daughter’s third birthday.
    2. Snow melting and playing outside with the kids.
    3. My baby learning to crawl.

    Great post, love the heart hair πŸ˜‰

  156. My favorite things:
    1. The Easter Bunny came a night early.
    2. We’re setting out to find tiny Mary Jane’s today.
    3. Sunshine in the South.

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. easy one for me today :)
    1)the sunshine (its been so long!)
    2)jelly beans from the kids future easter baskets (oops LOL)
    3 the geek girl in me is LOVING the Doctor Who marathon on BBC today!

    Happy Easter!

  159. I’m loving:
    These last few weeks of pregnancy, spending these last days as a mother of one with my special little girl.
    A three day weekend with my husband who’s been working 12 hours a day the last 2 weeks.
    That we’ve finally reached the stage in our house where we have a “girly” load of laundry. A load that is all bright pink and purple!

  160. Here’s a list of my fav. things right at this moment:
    1.The look on my Big girl’s face at the county fair on the merry go round. (she said “it was awesome!”)
    2. The way my Bubbah boy got so excited to see the Cow’s and practice his “moooooooo”
    3 My coffee and Ibuprofen this morning…

    Oh and if the amber necklace is a placebo, I’m totally buyin’ it too. Otherwise my boy would be droolin’ a river right now!

  161. I’m loving a warmer Chicago day after too much cold, Easter weekend, and cookie dough straight up. That’s how I roll.

  162. Three things I’m loving:
    1. The sound of being in the wilderness
    2. Long bike rides with my girls
    3. Sleeping late!

  163. I’m enjoying watching my 3 year old crawl around the living room pretending to be a cat!
    I’m enjoying the quiet while my baby boy naps upstairs!
    I’m enjoying laughing with my best girlfriend about our weird day yesterday as we shopped and got pedicures for her birthday!
    P.S. your girls are precious:)

  164. I love your suggestions!

    I have to ask, are all of your mugs individual? I love the variety!

  165. Enjoying:

    warm oatmeal with cinnamon and real maple syrup

    Sophie the giraffe since it keeps baby happy

    spring cleaning- love the feeling of a fresh start and everything in its place

  166. Three things I am enjoying:

    1. Snow on April 23 (well, I’ve convinced myself I am enjoying it since it’s going to snow anyway! the joys of spring in NH!

    2. Sunbutter. I’ve been spreading this stuff on everything I can (or eating spoonfuls right from the jar.) yum!!

    3. Sean’s started “dancing” whenever he here’s music. His moves (or lack there of!) are cracking me up.

    and a bonus….
    Kelle, I’m enjoying watching your little ladies grow up. Every post, I find myself smiling right back at Nella. Both of your girls are absolutely beautiful.

  167. Watching it rain

    Peeking in my girl’s room to see her undressing and dressing and undressing her baby dolls over and over.

    Margaritas with my Mom and sister in law

  168. 1. Egg dying. I may regret that later.
    2. My 12 month old teething, sleepless son is, as well starting to sleep more.(Glad I’m not alone Kelle)
    3. Hearing the birds of Spring chirp as Rural Spring here in Idaho creeps in.

  169. i am enjoying…my son’s new cute laugh…the anticipation of finding out the gender of #2 soon…and the cool mornings turning into sunny afternoons. aw, spring. :)

  170. Three things I’m loving –
    -my sweet 18 month old boy with his sense of humor…”cracking jokes” and then laughing his head off
    -the sunshine bursting forth in glorious day in soggy Seattle!
    -the chance to make Easter memories with my family after living away from them for a couple of years. :-)
    Happy Easter!

  171. Right now I am loving:
    -My 10-day old niece and the ridiculously cute photos she had made yesterday
    -My 3-year old’s choice to wear big-boy underwear this morning (there is hope!!!)
    -Watching my boys play morning baseball out in the backyard while I sit here quietly sipping my coffee

    Happy Easter!!

  172. I’m loving that new sponser!

    3 Things I’m Enjoying…
    1) Kicking grad school’s butt! Only 2 more classes left.
    2) Being so happy for my friends and the blessings in their lives.
    3) Seeing my sister in a few short days. I need some sister-love!

  173. Three things I’m enjoying:
    – the smell of coffee brewing!
    – sweet, wiggly, baby in belly kicks!
    -a counter overflowing with yarn, baby goodies and love from knitters all over the world!

  174. I am enjoying
    Sunshine!! Perfect weather for the Bunny Bounce at the Zoo – the egg hunt we go to – last year it was freezing! So this is a nice change.
    Writing my last paper for my master – I will be done tomorrow! Lots of celebrating to do this weekend.
    Snuggling with my 1 month old – I can’t believe how fast our littles grow.
    I will also get to enjoy Easter with my family this year which is rare.
    Happy whatever to you too.

  175. Right now I’m enjoying… A very sunny, lazy Saturday afternoon, the fact that I put dinner in the crock pot at 7am and now all I have to do is dish it up & watching my son run around in a t-shirt, his nappy and sandles.. No trousers for him!

    Love this post.. Both of the girls look so grown up :)

  176. This morning I am enjoying your blog, my new tea pot and a day off from work.

    I was going to start cleaning but this pot inspired me to be still in the backyard with my coffee first. So in avfew minutes I will be enjoying the fresh air, the perfume of flowers and the morning bird songs.

    Thank you.

  177. Three things I am loving…
    – All the talk in our house of planning another baby.
    – The chaos and emotions of trying to blend our two families together (ok, not really the chaos and emotion… but just the thought of it ALL be over so we can spend our fair share of time with my husbands sweet son!!)
    – Buying a $10 blow up pool at walmart and soaking with my two year old in the sun.

    and what the heck… i need a 4th one too…
    – EASTER!!!! Thanking God for the gift of His Son!!

    Have a blessed weekend, Kelle!!

  178. All your pictures of the woods makes me wish I had access to one so I can really enjoy my morning cup of coffee.

    Three things that I’m enjoying right now:

    1. Not the fact that he’s sick, but whatever has been keeping my youngest in a funk for the past two months has resulted in many impromptu play dates at midnight.
    2. My oldest is proudly showing off his new cast to anyone who wishes to see it and proudly says that he chose yellow for his Ducky. Even though Ducky is no longer yellow and more of a dingy gray from the three years of love that he’s been given.
    3. Rocking out to the Fresh Beat Band on a Saturday morning with a pan and wooden spoon with the boys while Daddy gets some much needed extra sleep.

  179. My 18 month old DD just did the same thing Nella did with sleep – I never dreamed she’d be falling asleep all by herself. But that’s what she needed.

    1. lovely fresh-smelling spring day
    2. the excitement of packing to move to our first house
    3. my bubbly giggling daughter :)

  180. i love open windows, the smell of new carpet and the sleep lines on my baby’s face when he wakes from his nap.


  181. Ok, I am LOVING Nella necklace! She looks so grown up!!

    I am definitely enjoying:
    The lase two weeks before my hubby deploys…again!
    Watching my little guy perfect his crawling abilities.
    The unusual sunny days we are having here in Seattle!

    Have a Fabulous Easter!!!

  182. I am enjoying:

    – Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar
    – the rare days I can wear sandals
    – the new words my 14mth old picks up daily

  183. I”m enjoying your blog post! But also,

    My new book, decorating for Easter breakfast, and packing for our two week vacation!

  184. LOVE MAB…all the pictures above I have just about everything in some iteration of some kind. Just got the Russian doll dress for my daughter she LOVES it! And the lounge sets are great too!

    Anyhow 3 things I am enjoying…

    1 – play time this AM with my daughter while it rains outside
    2 – preparing for time with family tomorrow
    3 – seeing my son grow into a wonderful young man.

  185. Right now I’m enjoying the sunshine, visiting with far away friends, and feeling my baby kick for the first time :)

  186. I love:
    your blog
    your pictures
    easter eggs

    have a happy easter

  187. glad nella is sleeping better!

    three things i am enjoying:

    coffee dates with my besties.
    having a couple of my big brothers home for Easter.
    reading a good book before i go to sleep.

    happy easter to you and your family!

  188. Froot Loops for breakfast. Babies nap coming up soon because baby is grumpy! My 3 1/2 yr old keep asking when it will be Easter then giggling when I say tomorrow.

  189. The sweating bunny-man, à fun thought! Poor thing :-)
    Lovely post as always. It’s the positive thinking that is key in this blog. I would have thought that everybody got that?!
    I love it and of course recognise it too and know that some people dislike it. Their loss. Enough said on that sorry note.

    Three things right now:
    1. The new “thing” I changed into and the realization that hubby’s also enthusiastic. Guess you sure could say “high on life for sure”?!!
    2. The heat à la Miami here, this Easter: love it!
    3. Something as superficial as today’s shopping spree. It happens seldomly, maybe twice a year and today was one of Rhode occasions. Had forbidden myself to buy black, so colourful it was :-)
    Happy Easter dear Kelle!
    Please keep up the fantastic work!

  190. We had a similar revelation with our daughter … turns out she DIDN’T want the cuddling. She goes to sleep without a fight now!

    I’m enjoying: a spontaneous Saturday, my daughter’s budding vocabulary, and fresh berries. :)

  191. Sleep-wise, I had to do the same thing with my youngest and she reacted in much the same way – cried for a short time and then napped well after that.

    Three things I’m enjoying right now: getting excited about my youngest’s 3rd birthday in a couple of days, finally enjoying some warm temps and the knowledge that summer is on its way!

  192. 3 things?
    Naji and Sabria and Kaish are playing this morning and having so much fun. They are happy. I LOVE happy children.
    The house is still sort of clean from yesterday. I might not do any work today in it. That would be nice : )
    My Dad had a dream come true last week. He is 59 and a dream came true. I can not stop smiling. I love my parents so much.

    Kaish told me he is too old for the easter bunny and a hunt this year. I think I told you already. I am sort of having a freak out about it.

  193. Darn iPhone….! Rare (not Rhode)

  194. I like cuddling in bed with my toddler, bright sunshine in the morning & coffee brewing in my Keurig.

  195. Three things I’m loving?
    1) My brand new standing mixer!
    2) For my brand new house! (in 26 days!!)
    3) For friends who are always looking out for me!
    There are sooo many more, but these are the first 3 that popped into my head now!

  196. Enjoying spring, fresh food from the ground, dying eggs with the kids, numerous Easter egg hunts, cute spring dresses..

  197. I’m enjoying the thought of my mom coming to visit this week for my son’s 7th birthday. Now, on to planning the “Karate” themed party!

  198. Enjoying……so much, but here’s 3:

    1. Being all that Nora needs for nourishment….it wasn’t that easy the first 2 times around.

    2. Watching my boys in their sports activities…stinkin’ cute in their little uniforms :)

    3. And my husband…right now he’s baking….(with a chef’s hat & apron). It’s a Saturday ritual for him to make Dutch Babies—deeeelish!

    ***Gotta add that I am sooo enjoying my computer right now and the connections I’ve made with other Mamas like you! (Actually, there’s NO ONE like you, Kelle…you are exceptional :)

    “Hoppy” Easter,

  199. that was more than 3, I broke the rule, sorry :)

  200. Enjoying:

    My girls squealing over the thousands of ladybugs their daddy bought home from the nursery!

    planting flowers

    all things new in spring!

    Happy Easter!

  201. I am enjoying a quiet mommy morning, drinking a Frap while reading my favorite feel good blog. Not a bad collection of 3 if I do say so myself. Happy Easter.

  202. Ooh. You are so delicious.
    I am enjoying:
    1) the comments your readers leave. we got a whole lotta happy people here today!
    2) four day weekend, baby
    3) the smells of coffee brewin’ with the promise of a fresh spring day, my yummy husb in the shower, my baby’s sweet breath, and my other three littles freshly washed noggins.
    The tomb is empty. Hallelujah!

  203. I am enjoying little kicks in my belly, the puffy gray clouds in the sky, and the grace I am reminded of this weekend. <3

  204. At this very moment I am enjoying the following:
    1. Coffee
    2. A sunny morning
    3. (in a few minutes) An undisturbed shower while the baby naps.

    Great way to start a Saturday.

  205. I love it when you’ve been hanging out in those woods and you post about it, we have this giant backyard and I’m always wishing it led into woods! There’s just something awesome about little kids being able to play in a big sea of trees right behind their house.

    Three things I’m lovin’ this week? This is easy peasy, I JUST wrote out a big ol’ list on my blog a few days ago!

    1. Homemade pizza. There’s one slice left and I’m totally saving it for a middle of the night snack tonight after I put out Easter baskets.

    2. My middlest’s imagination. It’s crazy and awesome and I hope she never, ever loses it.

    3. My baby girl’s slow transformation from infant to toddler. It’s shocking how I can take two pictures, two minutes apart, and in one I see the baby who could barely lift her head a year ago, and in the other I get a glimpse of the little girl she’s trying desperately to become.

    Have an awesome Easter weekend!

  206. I’ve been a long time follower, but this is my frist time commenting. I figure I’m due (aren’t you always curious about the secret lurkers anyway?!). You are such an inspiration to me. I don’t have kids (and won’t for a while yet), but when I do, I hope that I’m as amazing of a mother as you are. Your little girls are amazing

  207. Nella couldn’t be more adorable! I love Lainey’s frog boots too, super super cute!

    Three things I’m enjoying–
    *The sound of rain hitting the window
    *Cuddling under a blanket with a good book
    *Downtime at home

  208. I’m enjoying watching my husband love on the baby growing in me right now. Enjoying a day of work and ending it sailing on the hottest day of the year in the Pacific Northwest thus far. (a scorching 64*) Not to mention it happens to be on Easter weekend, historically a rainy day here. And feeling overwhelmed by the love shown on Easter!

  209. I am enjoying some cloudy Arizona skies this morning, my son’s first Easter weekend, and thanks to my hubby who didn’t polish off the last of dinner last night:leftover pizza for breakfast! :)

    Hope you and your family enjoy this blessed weekend!

  210. Beautiful post as always!

    3 things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. How my 15 month old daughter tells me thank you (“gung gung”) for everything!

    2. Spending relaxed time with friends and family.

    3. Baking carrot cake cupcakes!

  211. I have those exact same blue coffee mugs, and I am drinking my morning coffee in one right this minute LOL

    I had to do the same thing with Sophia, I would rock and nurse and rock and nurse and she would just fight it, finally made myself just put her down. Now she doesn’t even cry, she just says night night and lays down with her baby. So nice not to have to fight with her anymore. Though I do miss rocking her to sleep.

  212. 1. The sweet suckling sounds of a nursing baby.
    2. Hearing my little man finally figure out how to get to the ever-elusive “eleven.”
    3. The smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee mingled with daddy’s special oatmeal pancakes.

    Saturday morning bliss.

  213. 3 things I’m loving right now…listening to my kids play with their cousins, my kids excitement about the Easter Bunny coming tonight, we are leaving for home from a week vacation in orlando…will miss orlando and family, but will be happy to get home.

  214. I am enjoying…

    1. A rare Saturday at home with my hubby and my little

    2. A slower pace at work, which means more time for some artsy/crafty things at home

    3. Being able to finally open up the house and let some fresh air in!

    Thanks for the opportunity–would love the little camper t-shirt–was just telling hubby yesterday how difficult it is to find cute boy’s clothes that are age-appropriate:)

  215. Oh my goodness that party flag t-shirt is just beyond adorable! Right now, I am loving Saturday morning, laying in bed watching a movie with my little dude, and hearing “I love you mom” just because.

  216. If I happen to win, draw someone else …

    I just wanted to jump on to say that my three favorite things are ::

    1. being on day 8 of not smoking and enjoying the extra time it gives me to snuggle up with my littles

    2. that my husband has FINALLY taken the time to go play golf this morning … he NEVER does anything for himself!

    3. that my youngest (4 yrs old) realized today that the Easter Bunny is fake because his “mouth stays in the same place on that costume!” —

  217. I am currently enjoying:

    – this crazy, funny stage my daughter is at right now (fifteen months)

    – the fact that the snow has finally melted and spring is just around the corner

    – my new haircut :)

    Love love love the photos of Nella with her new bib!

  218. 3 things:

    1. coffee

    2. tiny green buds on the trees

    3. pinterest (please tell me you’ve discovered this. if not, google it. You will LOVE it!)

  219. Hi, three things I am enjoying right now, coloring Easter eggs with my kids (even though it was a war of wills), cuddling my little girl tight as she falls asleep, and a cuddle session with my husband while internet shopping, and the kids off playing quietly together. Enjoy your Holiday weekend.

  220. I’m loving listening to my hubby play with our daughter. She can’t stop saying “hi-ya daddy.”
    I’m loving clear coffee mugs that make me see how much I have left to savor
    I’m loving Easter weekend–decorating eggs, putting together baskets, breaking out little Easter dresses and celebrating that He has Risen!

  221. Three things I’m loving right now;

    ~Melting snow
    ~More light in the day
    ~My son’s love for the outdoors

  222. i’m enjoying that it is not raining for the first time in days!!

  223. 1. The lake in front of my house is finally not frozen!

    2. Easter long weekend which means four glorious days for sleeping in.

    3. My sister in laws baby bump announcing the coming of the first grandchild for my amazing mother in law!

  224. Right now I am enjoying:
    1. Celebrating this holiday as I teach my kids all about what Jesus did for us.
    2. Adding a new thing to my list of things I love to create: bread! That’s right, I am including bread in my creative arsenal:) I have avoided yeast for years being intimidated by it but no longer!
    3. Days that start in flurries and end in sunshine. I don’t love the snow but the craziness of spring weather reminds me of the warm days to come and all the fun we will be having outdoors.

  225. We totes did the Easter Bunny thing this morning since early tomorrow we are packing up and heading to Macon for Easter with the in-laws. That said, my current three faves:

    1-My husband’s bloodshot eyes from staying up until 5 am -outside in 50 degree drizzly weather- putting together a swing set for the girls. I mean, seriously. True love.

    2-The look on my almost 3 year old’s face when she finally noticed it out the window and the constant, “weeee” from my one year old as she tried out her new swing. Seriously, she “weeee’d” for 20 straight minutes.

    3-Watching my babies share their goodies and hearing my oldest say, “I sharwing wit chu puhcuz I love you much sky.”

  226. Coffee, kids watching cartoons, and a quiet house :)

  227. I am enjoying:

    Tiny baby kicks coming from my little one that will arrive in just a few weeks!

    The smell of cupcakes cooling on the kitchen counter.

    The Candy filled easter baskets that are ready and waiting for the kids to find.

  228. Enjoying riding my new bike to work, taking the dogs to the park for a run, and making fresh smoothies every morn!

  229. Happy Easter weekend to you guys!!

    The Amber necklace worked amazingly well for our youngest. She still wears it, even though she’s 2 1/2 and not necessarily teething right now. When I take it off, she comes to me a few hours later and asks for it, saying it makes her feel good :)

    I hope that’s a good thing πŸ˜‰

  230. I love 1) coffee with vanilla soy milk, 2) hugs from my 1 year old and snuggles from y 5 year old 3) a workout that kicked my tail this morning falsely making me think I can eat a lot of easter candy tomorrow.

    happy easter!

  231. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter :)

  232. I’m EL-LOH-VEE-EE-ing

    -my first four mile run since my baby boy’s arrival
    -my little girl’s easter dress to wear tomorrow with a purple cardi
    -my baby boy’s blue striped button down that his newborn body swims in

  233. 3 things I’m enjoying right now….
    1)The way my newborn stretches his arms when he first wakes in the morning.
    2) Fitting into my own jeans for the first time in 9 months.
    3) My son being cuddled by his grandparents and great grandparents this holiday weekend.

  234. I’m enjoying:

    1)Some delicious chocolate milk
    2)Wonderful morning time with my awesome Mom and sister
    3)Beautiful sunshine here in Washington! It’s a gorgeous day! <3

  235. Heart hair and coffee in the woods…life doesn’t get any better.

    I’m loving all the small things; the first cup of coffee I drink while standing at the kitchen sink looking across the farmland just like my Mama did, the kiss atop my head my husband gives before he leaves the room, and the smell of rain about to make it debut.

    Happy weekend….

  236. the heart in her hair is adorable! love it!

  237. Ohh I love this sponsor! Since my 8 yr. old daughter pretty much wants to wear t-shirts and jeans every day and my son wants only his Tom and Jerry shirts I am so excited to have a little girl again (9 mos.) that I can put in cute clothes like these! That brings me to what I’m enjoying…
    -having a baby in the house again, every little bit of it!!
    -afternoons outside in this gorgeous weather (hula hooping, watching the kids play in sprinklers, and reading-lately The Hunger Games)
    -tootsie rolls

  238. As always, love your pics! I’m enjoying a rainy Saturday at home with my husband, a good book and the fluttery feelings of my almost-19 week old baby moving around in my belly. A good day, if I do say so myself.

  239. Aw, what a wonderful place to enjoy coffee. Now I really want to go camping. I bought an amber teething necklace for my son too.

    1.) This beautiful cloudy morning.
    2.) This cool morning.
    3.) Being with both my children this weekend.



  240. 3 things I enjoy:

    1. Lazy mornings– laying on my husbands chest just listening to the birds chirp outside.
    2. A fresh manicure and pedicure
    3. Family, nothing beats family. Big family get togethers tomorrow!

  241. * My littlest still nursing to sleep…

    * My frenzied spring cleaning, tossing at will and packing up for consignment…

    * My new Cloth Diaper venture along side of my doula and childbirth hypnosis business…

  242. Your blog makes me smile. Right now I am enjoying… a slow Saturday breakfast with my hubby, a sweet baby dancing in my belly, and the new cherry blossoms against the blue sky. After months of clouds and rain in Western Oregon, the sun seems to be a special gift this morning.

  243. 1. I love that my 13 month is giving me huge hugs and she hums and pats my back as she does it
    2 I am loving the gorgeous weather we are having here in NC after the rain we had yesterday
    3. I love how my daughter says hey to everyone we pass in the stores and then if they say hey back she says thank you…so polite :)

  244. Three things I’m enjoying this easter weekend…easy
    1.Sofia (age 8) big black eyes, thick black braids, and a heart and soul made of gold.
    2.Lucia (age 7) long fluttery eyelashes, a little pug nose, and a book in hand.
    3.Eva (age 3) one little dimple, curls in her hair, and she LOVES her Mommy.

  245. right now i am enjoying the small (but big) act of nursing my youngest, while daddy took the oldest three to the grocery store. i am enjoying the peace, the quiet, and a rare “just us” moment with my baby.

  246. Not having to work today even though I thought I would have to

    Getting out for a morning run and running a mile further than I had been

    Having the day to spend with my kids(better than work) and my husband is able to get some yard work done

  247. Kelle,
    Happy EAster to you and yours
    the three things.. I love right now are
    1.watching the colorful eggs be found… in the lush green grass
    2. the smell of ham baking.. with the pineapple
    3. Seeing my son excited when the tooth fairy visited for the first time and left him a letter and some

  248. Love the heart hair!! and I’m so glad to hear Nella is doing better :)
    The things I’m enjoying…Well, your blog! πŸ˜‰ but, perfect weather-70 degrees and blue skies, newly purchased purple pansies in the flower pots outside, and the joy and renewal of having been able to sleep in this morning after several days of hard push at work-ahhhhh :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Chelsie in AZ

  249. I am enjoying afternoon naps with my five week old boy!

  250. I’m enjoying sitting with my kitten, getting errands done with my husband, and contemplating the meaning behind Easter. :)

  251. Enjoying Bubble blowing, lots of thunderstorms, pastel easter eggs that rattle with secret treats.

  252. Today is my birthday so I’m enjoying…1) the daughter I have after doctors said I couldn’t have babies 2) the roof over my head even though I lost my job as a teacher two years ago and 3) the husband I have who can laugh with me at the good things even when around us everything seems to be falling apart.

    P.S. I’m glad Nella is napping better for you!

  253. I’m enjoying my cup of coffee, silence, and just watching my brand new baby boy, Angus, sleep.

  254. 3 things are :
    the warm sun and humidity in the air, finally:)
    spring dresses for my little girl
    the rescued baby bunny we found in the woods and is doing great.

  255. Three things I am loving this very very moment:

    yellow headed little boy snuggling his understanding puppy in the puppies bed>>>
    Superhero Sister helping me sweep up our mess without prompting>>>
    Brother’s unwavering commitment to impersonating Batman,. like it’s his J O B. >>>

    that I got to freeze these moments with no staging required

    TO VIEW PHOTOS :) http://gallery.me.com/cannonfamily#100416

  256. My 3 Things:
    -Biscotti dipped in coffee
    -Pink Hydrangeas
    -Music by Adele

    Adorable clothes! (and kids of course!)

  257. Sleepovers with cousins, sewing quilt blocks, pulling weeds with the family. Love your posts!!!

  258. Loving your blog as usual and absolutely adore the pictures in today’s post ~ they are fabulous!

    My three enjoyments at the moment ~ 1) my 1st yr coaching my daughter’s softball team; 2) our new puppy (pure breed german shepherd that is 9.5 months old and definitely doesn’t look like a puppy; and 3) watching (while helping) my hubby working in the yard today as we this gorgeous weather we are having in Michigan today.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  259. I patiently await your posts each day, thank you for adding joy to my little neck of the woods.

    happy Easter <3

  260. I found Mountain Aven Baby a long time ago (I was googling “Aven” my daughter’s name,) so happy to see them here.
    I am enjoying a post-workout rush, a tiny almost-2-year-old with a huge personality, and the promise of a fun family-filled day tomorrow!

  261. Three things I am enjoying today:

    1) Sunlight streaming through my window as I lose myself in my painting

    2) Excitement about celebrating the engagement of two soulmates lucky enough to find one another

    3) the sweet, playful sounds of the new Lenka album

  262. I’m enjoying…the sauna at the gym, the sound of motorcycles vrooming past my house on sunny days, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

  263. i am enjoying…the dimple in my week old nephew’s little chin…chocolate chunk cookies hot out of the oven…the promise of a tomorrow with fresh beginnings. happy saturday!

  264. Such cute stuff. I’m really digging the bibs! I’m loving the pretend fishing – so cute!

  265. Three things I’m enjoying right now:

    1. A clean living room :)

    2. My three year old singing “Life is a Highway”

    3. The smell of Sugar Cookie Scentsy going :) To cover up the hard boiled egg smell that is coming out of my fridge!

  266. 1. My new fabulous haircut.
    2. My guilty-pleasure bagel with egg and (lots of) American cheese.
    3. Watching my sweet baby napping on the video monitor.

    Happy Weekend Kelle!

  267. Loving the anticipation of my baby boy who will make his arrival in August!

    Loving the weather in AZ!

    Loving your blog as always!

  268. coffee in the woods is one of the things I adore most about camping. right now I’m loving the way my 4 year old flips her hair off the back of her neck when she gets nervous; my new straw beach bag; and the purple pastel Easter tree from the Dollar Store that has been our table centerpiece for the last 2 weeks.

    Great post, as always!!

  269. I am enjoying a blue berry muffin breakfast with my girl, homemade cupcakes for Easter tomorrow and the promise of rain! Thanks for your great post!

  270. enjoying…
    … the beautiful possibilities of Spring
    … morning rock-out-to-music sessions with my boys
    … the return of garage sale season! a.k.a. my favorite saturday morning “me” time.

  271. Adorable! My son needed a lot of help getting to sleep for his first 6 months, and hardly slept too. One day, I was so fustrated walking and rocking for an hour, I put him in his crib (7 months) and expected him to scream like always. He instantly fell asleep and slept for 3 straight hours! I was clueless what to do with myself, LOL. He’s never needed another snuggle since :(

  272. I am enjoying my baby not being sick any more, planning to make cake pops tomorrow even though I have a zillion things to do, and finishing my last homework assignments for one of my grad classes this semester!
    Oh, and of course I’m enjoying reading your blog when i’m supposed to be doing HW πŸ˜‰

  273. LOVE Mountain Aven Baby! I bought my daughter an outfit from them when she was a baby and was so sad when she outgrew it.

  274. thunderstorms–the perfect excuse to watch movies all afternoon, warm mornings that are perfect for iced coffee, and most of all–the promise of summer right around the corner

  275. I’m loving my clean house, the smell of lemon yogurt cake cooling on the counter and the sound of my kids laughing to Snoopy.

  276. 1. I am enjoying getting eggs boiled so we can color them today
    2. I am enjoying the SUN, and wanting to tackle mowing the lawn for the first time this year.
    3. I am enjoying this simple Saturday with my family.

    Love Nella in the party flag tee–looks so cute!!

  277. Three things I am loving right now:
    1. Getting ready for Easter morning when our boys will have a Easter Egg hunt and look for their baskets.
    2. Looking forward to Sunshine…it has been so gloomy here lately.
    3. My son’s giggles…they are so contagious.
    Have a happy Easter :)

  278. 3 things I enjoy right this minute:
    1. Quiet in the house since my husband went to get his mop cut and Baby is konked for a recharge.
    2. The brief shower last night. It’s so dry out here it’s not even funny.
    3. Also glad that Baby doesn’t know that the play cars/helicopters/mini-carousel at the mall move if you put money in. She’s just happy to run from thing to thing and sit on it – doesn’t know yet that they can “come on” and move and make sounds… ergo, no fits pitched in the name of $1 per ride. (Wha? A dollar? Really? When did that happen?)

  279. I am loving:

    Sunshine on my shoulders, finally seattle, about time!!

    Patagonia spring 2011 collection of dresses….ahhhh….

    Tina Fey’s new book in hardcover, in my hands!


  280. Bite sized watermelon. Iheartradio app playing in the background. To my left, sleeping baby…to my right, sleeping daddy (snooze sandwich!)

  281. 3 things I am enjoying right now:
    The silence in the house as the youngest naps and the two oldest play outside
    The fact that I get two whole days with my Airman until monday comes and he goes back to work
    The chance I get on Sunday to match my kids in their Easter outfits. I only have a few years left before they start the rebellion and refuse to wear coordinating clothes for Holidays. Mwahaha

  282. What a great surprise that Nella can fall asleep by herself!

    3 things I’m enjoying:
    1. Cleaning house for a twin girls’ birthday party on Easter Sunday!
    2. Discovering that I can refill still-floating mylar balloons with a straw and a puff of my breath. Voila-just like new!
    3.Dress and sandals weather. :o)

  283. Today I’m enjoying:

    -watching my three girls playing together

    -dinner with sweet friends

    -watching 9 deer stroll across our yard

  284. my baby boy’s 5th birthday today, making pancakes for the littles and hanging laundry in the sun…

  285. Thanks for another dose of the small things, I love the rejuvenating feeling I have after I read your blog!
    Lately I have been enjoying the Easter traditions with my kiddos, Northern light mochas from caribou and shopping on ebay :)

  286. Enjoying…
    1.)sleepy rainy saturdays
    2.)off-key concerts performed by our five year old and a few of her closest stuffed friends.
    3.)little boy fingernails that seem to never stay clean.

  287. 3 things I am enjoying this very moment:

    1) my pandora station playing on my iphone

    2) my littlest napping

    3) my oldest asking me to make cookies with her.

    Off we go!

  288. Fun post… :) Hope you have a great Easter weekend.

    3 things i am enjoying right now.

    1. sun. MI has not seen the sun in so long…
    2.baseball on the radio.
    3.fun dip “stolen” from my 4 year old’s easter basket. just as good as i remember.

  289. I love the heart hair!!

    Three things I’m enjoying right now:
    The quiet while my little one naps.
    My fuzzy fleece socks. (Even though it’s April, it’s cold!)
    The smell of pie baking in the oven. I hope I can hold off until tomorrow’s celebrations to eat it!

    Happy Easter!!

  290. right now i’m loving being outside and reading your blog; watching the kids create playdoh worlds on their picnic table, and impromptu dance parties in our backyard.
    happy easter!

  291. I’m loving: my son’s new-found ability to dribble a yoga ball, his twin brother’s much more abundant wild & haphazard hair, and their fascination with the paper sack full of little plastic Easter egg halves.

  292. I’m currently enjoying that my husband and I are harboring a very exciting baby secret we are so excited to share with our family at tomorrow’s Easter festivities!

    Happy Easter to you and your family :)

  293. I love coffee in the morning in the dewy sunshine, my baby sleeping, painting a new picture.

  294. Always love your blog and thats one thing I am enjoying right now! And this ice cold glass of oj is really hittin’ the spot, and I just finished enjoying and loving pics of my grandkids letting loose with the eggs and dye..which is more than enjoyable, its a joy!
    Wishing you a joyful weekend too!

  295. I’m loving:

    real cream in my coffee
    cloth diapers
    my new, long white skirt

  296. Mango Dum-Dum…YUM!
    The music on your site! Fun stuff!
    The Michigan Sunshine…and dirt under my nails!

    That’s what I’m enjoying right now!

  297. Enjoying: Sun in Oregon, finally!, Almost being finished with my MFA, tulips, tulips, tulips!, also, always my sweet boy.

    Happy Easter to you and your girls!

  298. Three things I’m enjoying:
    1. My easter weekend off from college.
    2. Getting my brother and sister-in-laws nursery ready for identical twin boys!
    3. The thought of my anniversary date with my boyfriend tonight.

  299. i’m enjoying:
    1. the giddy anticipation of the new haircut i will be getting in a half hour.
    2. the pictures of my two toddlers dying eggs and decorating cookies.
    3. coffee in my giant “i love you, mom” mug with more than a splash of italian sweet cream coffeemate.

  300. I’m enjoying getting ready for Easter. Everything from preparing food, dying eggs, to the sunrise service at church tomorrow.

    I’m enjoying taking my boys to a really cool playground we discovered today. It was hot, but they had a blast.

    I’m enjoying air conditioning!! Cause boy is it hot here in FL!

  301. Love the “hearthair” , would love to do my little one but she is addicted to her camo hat !!!

    Three things im enjoying
    The weather
    Quiet while the baby sleeps and caitlyn and daddy are playing
    the fact i have easter baskets hidden til the morning.

    love and blessings the doughtys

  302. 1. Your Post… LOVE IT
    2. Teaching my 1 year old how to hunt for Easter Eggs
    3. The Weekend :)

  303. I love baby smells, the prospect of being a 1st time grammy, playing with the curls of the darling boy I adopted!

  304. I’m enjoying laughter with old friends, newborn babes, and cuddling with my favorite boys. :)

  305. green on the trees.
    flip flops.
    puffy baby eyes in the morning.

    lauren_kay13 at yahoo dot com.

  306. I’m enjoying…
    -The smell of bunny bread in the oven
    -The sound of my four month old snoring in her swing
    -Remembering Easter last year when we first saw that pink little line and realized that our life was going to change forever.

    Happy Easter and thank you so much for the inspirational posts! -Elisabeth

  307. The three things I am enjoying right now: my baby’s smiles, spring finally coming to Minnesota, and sipping peach ice tea in anticipation of springs arrival!

  308. Right this minute I’m enjoying being clean after three days of camping, a Reese’s candy bar sent with love from America, and my new guilty pleasure… “A Royal Wedding” coverage :)

  309. I’m enjoying being mommy to a newborn little girl who I love more and more every day, I’m enjoying the two special mornings I had with my little guy just us two, and I’m enjoying that I have an amazing husband who makes it all possible!

  310. I’m totally going to try my hair like that.. just kidding :)
    Three things we’re enjoying on this rainy Arkansas Saturday:
    1. Blooming trees and green garden sprouts
    2. Slobbery smiles from our sweet baby
    3. Our new tin-cannish patio lights from Target

  311. 1. my son and his family moving back home!
    2. lazy lazy saturdays
    3. warmer temperatures

  312. I’m enjoying my little man snuggling up against me as the rain falls outside, a diet coke, and the day off from outside work.

    On another note, my son wore an amber teething necklace throughout his teething and I took him to the pedi for an appointment and the doctor saw his necklace and commented “Cool necklace!” I think told him it was a Baltic teething necklace and he sort of rolled his eyes at me, but when I told him that I never had to give him and drugs or teethers while he was teething, his ears perked up and started to listen to me. In the end, I don’t know if he bought it, but he was impressed by it.

  313. Things I’m enjoying:

    1. Pedicure that I finally got today using a gift certificate I got when I was pregnant (my daughter is fourteen months now!)
    2. Showtunes station on Pandora
    3. Sweet tea!

  314. What I am enjoying right now….

    1.the sun on my face
    2.my growing belly with my last baby, number three growing inside
    3.evening walks with my husband

  315. Enjoying… 1. warmer weather up here in VA 2.the fact we get married in 28 days! 3.skyping my nephews as they dye easter eggs

  316. three things im enjoying right now: my 2 boys pretending to be cats, so cute to watch them interect without yelling and fighting

    baking easter cookies, thanks to pillsbury oepn the box and bake invention!

    and 2 more lvoe the new sponser and that adorable heart hair!!cutest thing ever!

  317. Loving raspberry chocolate chip pancakes that will be made for Easter breakfast…loving the anticipation of my two little bunnies finding the trail the Easter bunny left for them…loving my handy husband!

    Happy Weekend!

  318. Enjoying:

    1.Making Easter crafts with my kids.

    2.The prospects of beach trips this summer.

    3.The smell of fresh cut grass.

  319. Three Things:
    1. Manicure first thing on Saturday Morning!
    2. Fiance sitting next to me patiently waiting so we can go have breakfast at Chef Express to celebrate….
    3. I’m Engaged!!! (Good Friday was GREAT!!)

    I’ve been dreaming of this day for a very long time, and couldn’t be happier to marry my best friend! I’m all smiles!! :)

  320. My 3 things- 1) yellow birthday cupcakes with chocolate frosting that my 3 year old and I made for her daddy’s birthday, 2) coloring and adding glitter to Easter eggs with my little girl, and 3) watching my baby boy enjoy his first popsicle (a purple one) outside with his big sister.

    Love your blog and the heart hair! Happy Easter!

  321. 3 things making me happy right now are my newborn son (born on Tuesday), my first born son adjusting BEAUTIFULLY to his new little brother and having my husband home with me for the next three weeks. :-)

  322. Love the heart hair!

    My 3 things:
    * My baby girls’ smile.
    * My kiddos napping at the same time.
    * The last month of my little guy being under 2…and his growing vocabulary.

    (so I guess that was 4 things…)

    Happy Easter! :o)

  323. I am enjoying all the preparations for a wedding shower. Arranging flowers, dipping cake balls, baking shortbread, and making my yummy chicken salad. Hoping the daughter-in-law to be feels the love!

  324. Enjoyed snuggle time with my 3-year-old as we listened to the thunderstorms this afternoon.

  325. 3 things I am enjoying right now.

    1-coloring easter eggs
    2-melting snow which means its finally nice enough to play outside
    3-hiding easter eggs around the house for the hunt tomorrow!!

  326. this second i’m enjoying hearing my 20 month old laugh in the bedroom with her papa as they tickle and play on the bed. beautiful noises for a mama’s ears!

  327. I am enjoying being in my jammies on a Saturday afternoon without having any kind of schedule whatsoever….I am enjoying listening to my two year old play “dollies” with her two older sisters….I am enjoying the fact that I do not have to cook Easter dinner tomorrow, that my mom has invited us over to eat at her place :)

  328. Cute heart hair!
    I am enjoying that I ran my first 5K today. in 35 degree weather with a rain/snow mix. while on antibiotics for strep! I’m proud of myself!
    I’m enjoying watching my girl getting better walking every day. It’s frankensteinish but adorable
    I’m enjoying that we have a pretty low key day planned for Easter. dinner out. no cooking or clean up. Nice!

  329. Beautiful pictures of Lainey & her friend in the woods. And that last one of Nella is so sweet. What am I loving right now? Warmer weather, cardigans & high heels…..crazy list, but hey…now if someone could make all these tornados in St Louis go away I would be lovin’ that too!!Happy Easter to you & your lovely family.

  330. I wish I could enjoy some coffee outside. Its still under 50 degrees here in good old Utah. Looking at your sunshiny pictures makes me feel slightly warmer.
    Three things I’m loving right now:
    -homemade lavender oatmeal and sea salt milk bath
    -watching my girl experience her first Easter
    -fresh, bright toe nails in anticipation for summer

    Plus I love the darling tee’s and lounge sets from Mountain Aven Baby. So perfect for the arrival of my cousin’s baby boy Paxton next week!

  331. I am enjoying my sleeping baby boy, the fact that it’s 3:25 and I’m just now getting ready to put on clothes and get out of the house, and the idea of seeing my boy hunt for Easter eggs in his crisp white pants and argyle sweater vest tomorrow morning. :)

    Sweet post. :)

  332. I am enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze in Las Vegas. It is the quiet before the storm that is summer scorching heat!
    I am enjoying apple cinnamon oat cakes ALL by myself while my sweet daughter and husband nap in the other room.
    Last but not least… I continually enjoy reading your blog. Kinda like what Jack Nickelson said in “as good as it gets”, You make me wanna be a better mom! Which in my world, is the best compliment you can give a person :)
    Happy Easter!

  333. 3 things I’m enjoying…well here in rainy Portland I’m enjoying:
    1. Sun
    2. Sun
    3. Sun

  334. 3 Things I’m enjoying today:
    -rockin’ the socks of a 5K this morning
    -beautiful weather that begs for kite flying
    -Easter party tonight with all our friends-that-are-family

  335. My 3 things……Disney movies in bed all morning with my two girls, rain boots (cause it has been raining for a month), and 33 days until the pool opens!

  336. This comment has been removed by the author.

  337. three things I’m enjoying:

    impromptu plays by by three youngest kids

    new baby girl of a treasured friend… what a beautiful gift of baby-ness Adelyn is to me

    filling plastic easter eggs with treasures galore!!

  338. Love that fishing-with-a-stick photo. My son used to do the same, hope-hope-hoping a fish would find the stick alluring enough to hop on. So cute.

    Three things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Good music
    2. Time to write
    3. An impromptu date at the coffeeshop with my 2.5 year old daughter

  339. 3 things I am enjoying right now:
    1- listening to my 18 month old sing in the car on the way to grandma’s house.
    2- watching my 3 year sleep on the way to grandma’s house.
    3- finally laughing about our cupcakes falling and smushing all over the car on the way to grandma’s house:( enjoying the fact that we will get to bake and decorate more when we get there!

  340. I’m enjoying the fact that I talked to my Sweet Mama for 1 hr. 46 min. earlier today! I’m enjoying the Freedom we have to Celebrate Easter tomorrow or whatever you believe! I’m enjoying STILL being Alive!

  341. I am enjoying the sunshine, a lazy Saturday and the prospect of an awesome Easter tomorrow!

  342. Loving the warmer mid-west weather (finally), time to reflect this weekend, and homemade frosting. :)

  343. I am enjoying silence as my babies are napping.
    I am enjoying a cheesy lifetime movie while said babies are sleeping.
    Lastly I am loving this warm weather for this wonderful weekend.

  344. Absolutely love the heart hair and will be trying it on my niece’s hair next week (I have two curly headed boys). She will be delighted and I’ll be the cool Auntie!

    I am loving 1) Flip flop weather 2) My new lemon cupcake candle 3) Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  345. — my kids – always
    — the sound of light rain especially after the severe midwest storms
    — the flowers blooming in our yard and our newly planted trees

  346. I am enjoying extra time with Daddy (my husband) now that his coaching season is over with! Also enjoying, sunshine for memorable trips to the park! And I am enjoying following your blog! Such an inspiration every time you post something new.

  347. I love your blog Kelle.

    But I’m luvin:
    1)My wee little twins taking turns grinning at me.

    2) The fact that it is bbeach weather again and the is no oil on said beach.

    3)The perfect cheesecake I made my self for my birthday, the first time I’ve made one without a single crack.

  348. At the moment…the three things I am enjoying are ranch dip, Ruffles, and a sprite! Tomorrow I will probably be enjoying a stomach ache! Live for the day!!

  349. Three things I’m enjoying:
    The gorgeous (but still windy) Michigan weather today.
    Finishing off a bag of gummy worms.
    Thinking about how much summer cannot come fast enough :)

  350. I”m enjoying gardening with my toddlers, morning coffee and the promise of Spring!!

  351. Oh but, Kelle she is the boss of our hearts!

  352. So glad the necklace is working for you! Its really helping us with the two year old molars!!

    Three things:

    The sun! We haven’t seen it in a very long time around here but it showed up today!
    My daughter with pig tails
    And white mocha coconut frappacinos!!

  353. Oh Kelle! After I leave my comment, I am going straight to the Mountain Aven Baby site – and buying that sushi bib – for the grandchild I don’t even have yet! :) – (but, plans are underway for next year!) My grand-baby’s Daddy (my very cherished son-in-law) will looooove it – sushi fiend that he is!

    3 things I’m enjoying right now?

    – reveling in this email I received yesterday, from the young, fit and oh-so-enthusiastic-and encouraging trainer, I enlisted a month ago, to assist me on my journey to take this 61 year old, out of shape, and significantly over-weight body of mine, to a place of good health and appropriate strength……Here’s what he said, after completing my first Body Comp since starting a month ago:

    “Hey Rosemary! Wow…k, so after reviewing your body comps…in one month…I repeat, one month, you’ve lost over 12 pounds of fat, gained over 2 pounds of muscle, and your fat percentage is down over 4%!!!
    I’m so proud of you!”

    – choosing a few new items of clothing to fit the body that’s a little less overweight and out-of-shape than it was a month ago.

    – going on those shopping excursions with my amazing daughter, where the time we spend is full of laughter and talk and best of all – lotsa love!

    Thanks for another inspiring post – just like all the rest!……….Rosemary

  354. I am enjoying dying brown eggs into jewel tones, listening to my boys play in the next room and feeling number four doing somersaults in my belly…oh and homemade potato salad too!

  355. Right now I’m enjoying….
    the sunshine outside
    a sleeping baby on my lap
    and Harry Potter in the DVD player :)

  356. This weekend I’m enjoying…

    -The 70 degree day in Pa and the rain is holding off too!
    -spending the holiday with the boyfriends family :)
    -red sunglasses…until i sit on them and break them like every other pair I buy

    Happy Easter Weekend!!!!

    Melissa :)

  357. BTW, have you seen these?


    So cute in real life, and they have a darling little girls version too.

  358. Such cute little clothes. I have some grands that would look so cute in them.
    The three things I am enjoying right now…….wow….
    Caring for my Mom that just got out of rehab yesterday after 3 weeks of healing after a broken leg.
    Having time to check on my bloggies
    Good memories of my grands until I see them again.


  359. I love that my daughter is home from college this weekend and we can talk about anything!

    I love that my son is playing outside today

    I love that my family is big and we are all so different.

  360. beautiful pictures, as always!

    1 listening to the rain
    2 cooking for my sons for tomorrow
    3 getting their Easter baskets ready


  361. even though they are 26,23 & 19

    doesn’t matter how old they are

  362. I’m loving…
    1. That my 20 month-old who HATED our visit with Santa a few months ago LOVED our visit with the Easter Bunny today.
    2. The sound of the raindrops on my window as my two boys and husband nap peacefully on this Saturday afternoon.
    3. How giddy I am to put together Easter baskets together tonight after everyone goes to bed.
    Thank you Kelle-for delicious writing and pictures. I may not drink coffee-but if I did…you better believe your blog is what I’d be reading while I sipped on my java :) -Lindsey

  363. I’m enjoying the sounds of my husband and kids playing baseball in the backyard, the photography workshop I’m taking that’s given me the confidence to go to Manual, and the smell of my lemon Wallflower from Bath and Body Works!
    P.S. The pic of Nella lying on the floor – it’s a framer! Doesn’t get any cuter than that!
    Happy Easter!

  364. I’m totally enjoying the heart hair! I’m going to try that on my 5 year old. Plus my new camera (inspired by you), and an iced coffee. Mmmm.

  365. 1) Discovered the Spectrum channel on Sirius Radio, it’s awesome and addictive!

    2) My 18-month-old daughter Sophia, she makes me laugh and enjoy life so much more than I could have imagined pre-kids.

    3) Reconnecting with my husband on our 7 year Anniversary last weekend with a fabulous dinner in NYC and a show (the Book of Mormon).

    Loving life right now. And LOVE your blog Kelle, you seem to be in the same healthy, life-loving, beautiful state of mind that I’m feeling myself – isn’t it great :)

  366. Oops, my husband’s gmail is logged in, I’m really Jane Falcone!

  367. Enjoying:
    !. My almost 3 yr. old’s enthusiasm for dying, then slicing and eating hard boiled eggs.
    3. watching my peony plants start to sprout up.

  368. loving:

    sunny skies
    easter egg hunts
    preschool starting soon


  369. Happy Easter!

    I am enjoying three new pair of earrings (four if you count Piper’s freshly pierced ears), a new pair of Vera Wang heels, and a nice sunny afternoon. Hope you and yours enjoy Easter!

  370. Love your blog, your words are fantastic and your pictures are beautiful! Three things I am enjoying right now: My sweet 7 week old sleeping on the couch next to me, my three oldest taking a quick break from playing in the sun to watch a little tv, and knowing my toddler is getting the rest she needs right now as I listen to the music from her room on the baby monitor and know that she is sleeping soundly.

  371. Green buds on tree
    Playing Easter bunny
    A successful surgery for my 2 year old yesterday

  372. loving,,,

    -purdy’s mini chocolate eggs (get those away from me!)
    -waking up to coffee (giving pike place roast a try and so far so good)
    -having ‘nana’ here for the long weekend

  373. finn’s new “allo” that he says into anything that kinda sorta resembles a phone (right now? the mouse)
    stella’s occasional fabulousness at being a good big sister. compliments and urgings and yay-yous!
    cora’s fear of swim lessons. not because of her fear. but how it broke through her generally strong hard headed facade … and left her coming to me to express her little bit o’ nervousness. (and then getting through it … which leads her to believe that she is kind of big like a 5 or a 10 year old.)
    enjoy your weekend.

  374. I am enjoying my quiet house with 2 boys & Daddy napping. I am enjoying boy #3 kicks from his safe little womb. I am enjoying reading my favourite blogs!

  375. Three things I am loving right now:
    This semester is almost over!
    Finding my daughter an Easter dress at the last minute and it was totally cute!
    my kids are super excited about Easter

  376. Aww!!

    1. Family
    2. Chai tea
    3. Blogging :)

    Have a great day!

  377. Enjoying a short break while the littles are visiting G and G, enjoying having my husband home after 4 l-o-n-g months of tax season, and enjoying packing for Florida!

  378. I’m enjoying warm weather (finally),the anticipation of a visit from my mom this week, and picnics!

  379. Three things I am enjoying right now: 1.Watching my kids find hidden plastic eggs in our backyard that my husband keeps re-hiding for them 2.Snuggling up in cool sheets to try and catch a cat nap this afternoon as my children and husband all decided to join me for a family snuggle 3.Laughing at my almost five year old daughter. She insists that she is not running in the house she is speed walking!

  380. I’m enjoying…watching my boy sort through his Easter basket after this morning’s hunt at church (mostly cheap stickers and crap but he’s all smiles), the awesome afternoon run I had while my boys napped at home, cuddling up with some bad frozen pizza tonight and catching up on Real Housewives while my husband goes out with the guys. Happy weekend!

  381. I LOVE that my baby girl sleeps until 8:30 in the morning, I LOVE that my husband still calls me his bride after 13 years of marriage, and I LOVE hearing my girl run around the house looking for me yelling mama? mama?

  382. 3 things I’m enjoying lately:

    1. Taking turns and having one on one chats with my girls.

    2. Indulging in the once a year Easter treats.

    3. Listening to the singing of the Whip-Poor-Will birds late at night. A sign of spring in Florida, the only time I ever hear them.

    Thank you for this giveaway, all of them and introducing us to so many awesome shops! =)

  383. Sunshine! Setting up the house and bedroom for the arrivatl of our new baby girl who is due in JUNE! and spending friday nights alone with my husband reconnecting, while my 3 year old is having a blast at her Nana and Papa’s house!
    That is what I am enjoying! :)

  384. 3 things I am enjoying right now:

    A visit from “Grandma”, I love her and I love watching the kids interact with their Daddy’s Mama.

    Unbelievable sunshine! Finally :) We had an amazing time hunting for eggs on a grassy, treed hill overlooking the ocean yesterday. My 3 year old’s astronaut costume was the perfect touch. We call him the eastronaut :)

    Turkey dinner is on the horizon…just mere hours away!

    Can I say what I’m not enjoying, though? I no longer am allowed to listen to your fabulous soundtrack, as there is a licensing conflict (i live in Canada). Super BUMMER!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, as usual :) I’m so glad you and Nella have figured out just what she needed in order to get some shut-eye. A nurse once told me some kids just need to let out the stresses of the day right before sleep, then they’re content!

  385. 1. chocolate
    2. colored eggs
    3.easter dresses

  386. strong caramel coffee, prepping for easter dinner at our place tomorrow to celebrate a risen Savior, a family i love more dearly than anything.

  387. 1. Swinging my baby boy in his first little tykes swing and watching him giggle in delight!

    2. Picking a color for my renovated living room…..I’m feeling something yellow!

    3. All new Easter wardrobe for the fam.

    Happy Easter!!

  388. Love the heart hair :) Today, I’m enjoying 1) The nicest weather we’ve had in over two weeks – sunny and almost 70! 2) Special time with my two youngers since big brother is staying with the grandparents this weekend. and 3) Excitement about the Easter basket surprises we have lined up for the morning!

  389. enjoying right now: the sunshine, it finally stopped raining, the last load of laundry is in the DRYER, yay, and the quiet…all kiddos are outside or napping. yippees. thanks.

  390. I enjoy
    1 – the bird in the parking lot at my boys football game that laid her eggs in the rocks and was willing to take on SUV’s to protect them.
    2 – 9 year old boys playing football who think they are the NFL,
    3 – the sweet feel of AC in the car after the game!!

    we’re rockin’ this weekend to it’s fullest
    Happy Easter to you!

  391. 1. I am enjoying the boden maternity shirt I own as I hit 38 weeks today.
    2. It’s a sunny 63 here in Chicago!
    3. I’m digging the chocolate covered peeps.

  392. 1. The first 70 degree day Portland’s had all year! (Tomorrow we’re back to rainy 50’s.)
    2. Iced lattes in the sun.
    3. My cousin having her first baby today!

    Gorgeous pictures, as always – love that Nella smile!

  393. …prepping the BIG feast for the family and am soooooo missing your music that i tend to play when i have to loose myself in the kitchen for several hours…us Canadians have been “restricted” to your awesome playlist :(

    aside from my boo-hoo-ing about the music…i still absolutely LOVE your blog and all the magic that comes with it…

    happy celebrating this weekend with your beautiful family Kelle


  394. I am enjoying the fact that I am finally starting to fill our my Buddha Belly T Shirt :-) Kate (Aged 45 and 20 weeks pregnant with first baby :-) :-)

  395. I’m enjoying: Easter egg hunts with my twin girls, planning their 3rd bday party, and reading blogs instead of cleaning my house. πŸ˜‰

  396. oops! should have left what I am enjoying right now before I left my little complaint about missing your playlist…

    1. preparing our home for family and friends to celebrate Easter and all the goodness around us!!
    2. egg dipping with the kids
    3. the warm SUN…she finally found us here in Canada!! The kids will be hunting for eggs amongst snow banks

    Happy weekend to all!!

  397. Your daughters are so adorable! Looks like y’all had fun getting ready for Easter! Have a great weekend!


  398. I am loving…watching my kids play together…feeling the baby move inside me…and I am loving trying to figure out how we are going to fit another dresser and bed into the kids room when the new baby comes.

  399. i would like the bird skirt in my own size please πŸ˜€

    3 things i am enjoying

    1.a surprise sunny day (it was supposed to rain for 7 days straight) <<< got my mowing done, so fresh cut first grass
    2. music on the iPod… it was Mr. Cellophane, now it is the Indigo Girls
    3. making “Easter food” tomorrow… ham, potato salad, baked beans, Hawaiian rolls
    and a random 4th thing… karaoke tonight with some of my family and friends… together

  400. 1. Enjoying the feeling of baby movements in my 1st pregnancy belly.

    2. Preparing food for my families Easter celebration.

    3. Planning a surprise to announce our pregnancy to my husband’s Grammy.

  401. 1. Ellie’s new ability to grab and swat at things.
    2. Family time for Easter weekend
    3. Impromptu dinner parties with friends

  402. i’m currently enjoying your blog, visiting with family for the past week, and watching scooby-do with my 4 year old :0)

  403. three things that make me happy right now…

    an impromptu date with my husband and kids that involved an ice cream shop, wine and dancing to some live entertainment because our kids pulled me onto the dance floor

    watching my girl splash in the pool for the week break she has from her clubbed feet casts

    evening light

  404. This comment has been removed by the author.

  405. 1. The awesome weather
    2. My dear friend is in town from Mississippi
    3. My preemie baby is thriving beyond doctor’s expectations!

  406. The three things that I enjoy right now are:
    1)Baby Kisses (Even if they are open mouth).
    2)Quiet time with my husband after our little girl goes to sleep/
    3)Warm spring days that we can sit outside in the lawn and play with toys and drink a nice cold beer.

  407. 1. watching my bestie turn into a daddy in just a matter of days.
    2. new baby snuggles.
    3. getting ready to have our first egg hunt with our son tomorrow!
    Thanks for the chance! Abi

  408. This comment has been removed by the author.

  409. Go Nella! Glad to hear she’s settling with her sleep much better now!
    And boy oh boy, Miss Lainey is looking so grown up lately….such a gorgeous little lady!
    I have bought from Mountain Aven Baby before & love love love their quality & style!
    My 3 this week:
    * Iced Tea with Lemon.
    * My girl’s face this morning when she saw the Easter Bunny had been, followed by chocolate for breakfast :)
    * Our 13 week pregnancy scan this week, loved seeing our precious bundle on the screen flipping & rolling & rocking it out :)
    Happy Easter to the Hampton Family!! xo

  410. :)

    1- My pregnant belly
    2- My baby girl; my 3 boys
    3- Your blog, your beautiful life and strength


  411. At this moment I love

    1. watching my baby skooch (is that even a word?) along the floor while my daughter is sitting in a chair reading a book. Two amazing little beings that I carried for 9 months!
    2. The hum of the dishwasher-I’ll have clean dishes
    3. That it’s Easter tomorrow and I have a very excited girl!

  412. Right now, I’m loving:
    1. when my husband comes home from work
    2. my windchime blowing in the wind
    3. taking naps with my pups

  413. Cute heart hair!

    I’m enjoying my 5 day weekend!!! And to make that time off even better, the sun is shining and we’ve been spending lots of time outdoors :)

  414. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL! Especially to you, Kelle, and everyone in your wonderful family!! Love from the Blog Mama~

  415. I’m enjoying:

    1) the sounds of my boys playing together in the next room

    2) fresh air now that we’ve gotten a breather from all the rain

    3) the fact that my hubby and I and 2 other couples are having a date night tonight sans children. Let the good times begin! :)

    Kelle – I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter! :)

  416. I am loving the April showers and the excitement each day of seeing what new has bloomed in our back yard!

  417. Right now I’m enjoying the baby in my belly, the baby in her crib napping, and having my feet kicked up on the couch munching on a piece of chocolate salted caramel.


  418. 1 listening to the crack of a baseball bat as my oldest boy hits with my husband.
    2 the quiet house
    3 the excitement of the kids have for Easter!!!!!

  419. 3 things I am loving.
    1, Just finished my last training run for my marathon! OUCH!
    2. Wonderful college girls that love my children.
    3. Community, God’s grace & knowing He Lives!

    P.S. love your blog as well!! always makes me smile!

  420. I am totally getting an amber teething necklace or bracelet! Brynn is a God-awful teether! And she’s starting up again! Damn those canines!!

    3 things I’m enjoying: 1. Brynn’s growing baby tutu collection. Why SHOULDN’T a baby own a closet full of tutu’s?? 2. Austin recent frequent use of the word “Mercy.” As in “Mercy! There’s water EVERYWHERE!” and 3. The thought of A CRUISE!!!! My boss is taking the whole office on a cruise off the Florida coast this year as our christmas gift! I am so excited, I am glowing! It’s hard to believe just afew months ago, I was still calling him a douche…Things are changing, my friend.

  421. The clothes are so cute, I’d love to get something for the baby I nanny :)

  422. I’m back home in MI for Easter weekend, naturally that in itself is enough to enjoy.

    1. How soft my puppies ears are on this windy, spring day.

    2. The bags of treats from the Easter Bunny who still comes at the tender age of 23.

    3. Being around my sweet Momma… A Momma makes the world seem a little bit brighter.

    Hoppy Easter!

  423. I’m enjoying my Wayne’s. 2 weeks ago the Naples Daily News did a story on my husband and son and their struggles with kidney cancer and complete kidney failure. So to be together celebrating life and the goodness in it is my blessing and enjoyment. I love Nella’s wicked little smile, it screams I love life!

  424. I am enjoying:

    -The weather. AZ is gorgeous right now!!!
    -My husband. We have been going through alot of trials recently and he has been a huge support.
    -My long hair. I love how long it has gotten. I can do so much with it now!

  425. I am enjoying “babysitting” my niece’s dog, hanging with family on a holiday weekend, and – your blog! Happy Easter!

  426. Lovin putting these Easter baskets together for my 20 something yr olds and mainlining sugar by eating the “peeps”!

  427. I’m enjoying this music by Dr. Dog that is playing a I read your blog.

    I am enjoying the sunshine coming through my office window.

    I am enjoying the fact that I have my Easter dinner planned, although only in my head!

    Thanks for the many smiles!

  428. Hey Kelle–I am a 1st time commenter but long time reader and I was catching up on todays post and was looking at the last pic of Nella when my 4 year old daughter came into the room and asked “Who is that?” ” Her name is Nella,” I replied. Her response “Oh, I love Nella, she is my beautiful friend.” Last week, she told me she wanted to meet her friend Lainey!

  429. Three things I’m enjoying right now:

    A mild spring day;

    Hugs and cuddles from my almost three year old;

    My morning swims.

  430. Love your photos, your outlook in life…just your blog in general. You are awesome! I was wondering if you could tell me how you did your bathroom…with those frames over the mirror? LOVE IT! I also love..
    1. Watching the world through my 17 month olds eyes. Everything is so new to her, and now is to me as well.
    2. Cake pops. I make them almost every week :)
    3. Reading. It’s a lost art. I forgot how much I loved it, and it’s hard to find the time, but I try!


  431. loving autumn sun, the neighbours black and white cat and low-key birthday celebrations.

  432. I am enjoying laundry hung outside, flying a kite, and having my windows open. I would love to be able to gift these bibs to a dear friend!

  433. My three favourite things right now, in no particular order are:
    Flip flops
    Everly’s sing songy voice
    and having only the screen door between us and the outside!

    Happy Spring!!!!

  434. -An ice cold cranberry slushie from Sonic.
    -The fantastic feeling of my new rug under my tired bare feet.
    -The great pictures of my baby girl enjoying her first Easter egg hunt today.

    Life is Good!

  435. Hot toddies
    Hints of spring in Chicago
    Recipe challenges

  436. You have some stunning little girls! Beautiful pics.

  437. I love:

    1. daydreaming on purpose

    2. spring nail polish colors

    3. Royal Wedding Hype

    Thanks for a fun, surprise weekend post!

  438. I love my babes, our new Keurig coffee machine, and Easter baskets! Happy bunny day to you and yours!

  439. Coffee in the woods looks like fun!

    My 3 things I’m loving at the mo..planning where to hide eggs for our easter egg hunt, baking easter cookies to give to family & friends, snuggling under the blankets on cool nights (it’s autumn here in Sydney!)

  440. i’m relishing in the flowers blooming in my front yard, the smell of fresh cut grass and my sweet 5 month old being loved on by his 4 and 6 year old neighbors.

  441. I’m enjoying watching my baby play at me feet, sunshine coming in the window and reading such an inspiring blog! Love the pictures!! (as always)

  442. 3 Things:

    Marshmallow peeps in green rice crispie treat nests

    Bunny w/ bow tie cake

    My son’s 2nd birthday ON Easter this year!!

    hence the peeps and bunny cake :)

  443. I’m enjoying a lovely cup of tea my love made for me, a very happy toddler who found 20 eggs in the yard and the sunlight peering into my apartment. Nothing like a relaxing Sunday morning (in Australia)

  444. I am enjoying this blog!! I get all giddy when I see that you have posted!! I am having a newly discovered love affair with Nutella- so much that I have taken to using my “spoon finger”, much like you do with your lemon sorbet! I am enjoying remembering what this holiday is all about- someone that was so crazy about us, that he did the unthinkable! We are blessed! XOXOXO! Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

  445. I’m enjoying a lovely cup of tea my love made for me, a very happy toddler who found 20 eggs in the yard and the sunlight peering into my apartment. Nothing like a relaxing Sunday morning.

  446. Three things I’m enjoying right now, my boys giggling and playing together, warm and soft donuts, and warmer evenings.

  447. Right now I’m enjoying listening to the washer run on a rainy day. I have no clue how that is more soothing.

    The quiet of my littlest sleeping in her crib early since she was SO cranky

    And my Stepdaughter’s fit is over about dessert so we are playing with puzzles.

    ALSO! I am feeling no Morning Sickness today which is a small miracle in itself!

  448. I’m enjoying a little boy who loves to show me everything he finds, hiccups from baby girl who will join us any day now, and tomatoes growing on my balcony.

  449. Iced coffee….toddler snuggles…and carrot cake in the oven.

  450. I’m enjoying a late night trip to the grocery store sans helpers!! Headed off in a few to leisurely wander down aisle after aisle and not worry about little hands putting surprises in the cart or little tongues licking the cart handle.

  451. Enjoying… the spring air coming through the open windows! Enjoying… my new car. Enjoying… the anticipation of an afternoon with family tomorrow.

    Love the heart hair!

  452. “heart hair”

    that’s flippin adorable

  453. I am enjoying: a Saturday spent in my jammies, getting ready to play Easter bunny for the first time, and watching little Levi sit up all by himself!!

  454. I’m loving that I am only 2 weeks away from my half marathon, it’s almost Easter and that I only have 6 weeks left until summer vacation!

  455. I am loving:
    The beach day I spent with my hubby and daughter today, my daughter perfecting her crawling as she zooms across the room, first morning happy baby smiles and laughs as my little girl wakes up!

  456. This very moment I’m enjoying American Idol from two weeks ago, (Yes, two weeks), my 21 mo old sitting on my lap (I swear the first time he’s sat all day), and the countdown to bedtime (a 21 mo old who has been on the move all day is exhausting).

    In general, I’m enjoying a great new playlist on my Ipod, the fact that the weather might finally be spring-like, and I’m in the middle of a four day weekend.

  457. enjoying quiet after putting baby to bed..
    enjoying knowing that i got alot done today, plus loving on my baby, and minimal stress!
    enjoying knowing my husband will be home in an hour.. enough for a little alone time!


  458. I am enjoying a sleeping baby, a beer, and of course, your blog!!!

  459. Three things I’m enjoying right now:

    1. My daughters dyeing Easter eggs
    2. Writing a note to the Easter Bunny and my little ones “signing” it.
    3. This blog.

  460. Three things I’m enjoying right now- the ample supply of chocolate everywhere for Easter, taking way too many pictures of my son wearing bunny ears, and finally getting back out walking with the stroller and my pup.

  461. I am enjoying a cuddly movie night with my two best men, feeling my little girl kicking and squirming away inside my growing belly and a delicious hot fudge sundae!

    Love the post…as usual! :-)

  462. I’m enjoying M&M’s, having my bare feet propped up, and the sound of nothing through the monitor :)

  463. I’m enjoying watching the trees here in IL change from winter coma dead to beautiful and alive, my girl calling olives turtles and dreaming of my sisters wedding which is next Saturday! Happy Easter!

  464. I am enjoying feeling the sweet kicks of baby three, watching our spunky 16-month old come into her own personality and pave her own path in our family, and teaching our three-year old about the Easter story and what it gloriously means for us! Happy Easter weekend!

  465. I’m enjoying…
    -the (possibly placebo) effect of our new amber necklace for my LO who is sleeping soundly after a few rough nights of what seems to be teething..
    -a quiet moment after a long, busy day
    -enjoying a root beer after attempting a short-lived detox diet.

  466. The warm sun, singing birds and my favorite 7 month old barefoot baby enjoying her new swing set. Life is good.

  467. 3 things:
    1) the sound of silence as my baby boy sleeps in the other room
    2) an episode of Modern Family
    3) a chocolate and peanut butter egg!

  468. My 3 things:
    1. Kids with dirty nails and faces after playing outside all day long!
    2. great neighborhood friends
    3. having an awesome bff!

  469. Philadelphia cooking creme with Chicken and Broccoli – yum. Crocheting a Boba Fett hat for my baby. The sweet anticipation of our annual pilgrimage to a booksale in Vermont for tomorrow

  470. I’m enjoying (1)seeing my almost 3 year old son starting to recognize his letters, (2) keeping a secret from everyone I know – that I’m expecting baby #2, and (3) seeing my son get excited to see what the Easter Bunny will bring him tomorrow.

  471. I am loving juicy strawberries freshly picked and the freezer jam that will be in our freezer within days.

    Loving the new hot pink monkey pjs my 21 month old is wearing.

    Loving the joy I feel in my heart tonight after a wonderful day with my 3 littles.


  472. Love the heart hair!

    three things…meeting my 5 month old neice for the first time, sorting thru pics of todays family Easter, pineapple upside down cake.

  473. Air conditioning
    Smelly dogs

  474. baby in belly, spending time with family and eating lots of yummy food.

  475. I love the pacadurm bib pants, clean room and a grip of stuff to give away on Monday

  476. I am currently enjoying family walks, doing the yard work with the kids, and having the windows open! I know doing the yard work doesn’t sound like something most people enjoy but lately it has just been a great way to spend our afternoon!

  477. Right now I am enjoying some quiet time while my kids sleep, laughing at my husband as he plays Easter Bunny and hides our kids eggs in some places I really need to dust, and reading your uplifting blog!

  478. I love.
    1) looking at my house in it’s cluttered state.. knowing that this morning I was frantically cleaning it, since we were having friends over for an Easter bash.. it was a blast… and now I sit in amongst the clutter yet again. until the next bash…

    2) reading fun blogs- especially yours.. it lightens up my mood..

    3) having time to myself.. I love love love being a mommy but it’s nice sometimes when my husband takes my little guy out for a date night and I get some time to myself to do what I want, pee whenever I want knowing that some little guy won’t be banging on the door, watch my programs without interruptions…

    thanks for a fun blog!

  479. Glad to hear Nella’s teething pain is a bit better- it is so hard for them and us going through that!! Three things I am enjoying are:
    1. putting an excited little 3 year old boy to bed with dreams of the Easter bunny finding the carrot he left and the anticipation hunting for chocolate in the morning.

    2.My sweet William my youngest (21 months) who is not talking yet, gesturing along to the itsy bitsy spider for the first time today.

    3. The sunshine that we finally had today after weeks of rain, snow and clouds. The sun brings out the best in all of us after a long hard winter!
    Hoppy Easter!!

  480. 3 Things I’m enjoying…

    Tomorrow’s my first married Easter with my husband, and we’re totally hiding baskets for each other!

    Finally getting our stinking changing dresser put together, it took almost 2 hours! But let the nesting begin!

    That it’s finally warming up here in MN!

  481. Three things I’m enjoying right now…
    1. I got to spend some lovely time with my Momma, sister, and baby boy shopping today
    2. Watching my husband pretend to sleep with my son
    3. big hugs and wet kisses from…you guessed it! My beautiful baby boy!! (sense a trend?)

  482. I enjoy a mommy/daughter day.

    I enjoy a sunny and warm day outside doing whatever I feel like at the moment.

    I enjoy being a mommy the most!

  483. thanks for sharing your thoughts about the amber teething necklace. My thoughts were quite similar to yours.

    I may need to do what I never thought I’d do…and lay mine in the crib to sleep on her own…

  484. ENjoying
    -morning sickness (who I am I kidding, it is ALL DAY sickness) because I have been waiting for baby #2 for a year.
    -Seattle was sunny and 70 today
    -enjoying my last months with my only child. Love him.

  485. Ahhh, coffee in the woods sounds divine.

    Ok, three things that I’m enjoying right now.

    Watching my son dance to the Super Why song
    Fitting into a size 6 again
    Silence (all the kids are in bed) ahhhh…

    Have a very happy bunny day.

    BTW – Love the new sponsor … it’s so hard to find cool boy clothes.

  486. Right now I am enjoying…
    1. That we got to spend the past 24 hours with our 3.5 month old niece Emma.
    2. That I wore cute sandals and a dress today.
    3. That DiGornio is taking care of dinner for me. :)

  487. -french vanilla coffee creamer
    -the side glance and half smile from my 19 month old to tell me he’s up to no good
    -daddy and daughter snuggles, it’s fun to watch them bond

  488. My family


    A great movie

    Happy, Happy Easter!!

  489. I am enjoying the joy of the Easter Season and our Risen Lord! Seeing the sun for what seems like the first time in a looong time! And, cuddles with my sweet kids! Have a great weekend and thanks for the chance to win!

  490. 3 things I am enjoying…
    Easter Breakfast with my family..

    Finally seeing the green grass and my spring flowers trying to pop up through the snow that will stop falling..

    Recieving phone calls and finding my granddaughters on the other end, calling to say they miss me and love me, when they are only 10-7-2…

    I love the picture of Lainey and her friend when it looks like maybe a secret is about to be told. May be about the fish they are about to catch??? So cute…

  491. Three things I am enjoying?

    1. Setting a Guinness World Record for most cloth diapers changed simultaneously today.

    2. My hubby in the kitchen doctoring up some delicious dinner for us AND playing with the munchkin at the same time so that I can catch up on my blog reader.

    3. Wearing pajamas at 6pm. Just sayin’. :)

  492. 1. No more hats, coats, blankets, etc. We can jump in the car and go, anytime.

    2. Watching my daughter entertain my infant sons. They love her!

    3. My new apartment, although it’s not the best…it’s ours!

  493. 1. Matching his and hers university t-shirts for my big boy and the baby girl.

    2. Planning out our summer and seeing that it’s full to the brim with beach trips.

    3. Our church is having an artist paint live, on stage during the Easter services this weekend. I’m so in love with this idea and saw it in action today.

  494. three things i’m enjoying right now:

    (1) a brand-new bed to dream in!
    (2) more books to read from a friend with good taste
    (3) a much-needed vacation :)

  495. My three! I’m loving buds on the trees, our toddler boy crazy about cars and all wheeled things and home, sweet home.

  496. I’m seriously enjoying reading your blog while my husband is on diaper duty! :) I’m also totally loving my Kindle and all the books on it, and celebrating my girls first easter tomorrow. Her basket is ready to go! :)
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  497. Three awesome things:

    1. My twin boys are on the move. Scary but amazing.

    2. An addition being built to our home and the love my 5 year old has for the building crew.

    3. My 2.5 year old asking, “Can I go Mom Mom?” whenever I leave. Of course I always say sure!!!

  498. I’m vacationing here in Naples and laughed out loud yesterday when I happened to drive by the two missionaries on bikes :-)
    I’m loving : this weather , swimming with my baby and walks on the beach
    Happy Easter
    p.s. Did you get that amber teething necklace here in Naples? My daughter is struggling with her first teeth coming in (of course while we are on vacation!)

  499. Three things I enjoy:
    – My new overlock, that I recieved today
    – My 8 months old girl who has so much fun in the bath
    – My 2 years old son who comes to me and takes me in his arms.
    Happy Easter!

  500. I am loving the craziness of finals week, knowing I’ll have a summer full of reading and the zoo in just a few short days, painting tiny toenails, and Easter candy (although I think I’m enjoying that a bit too much)

  501. I love the heart hair! If you ask me its the best accident Ive seen. lol. the 3 things I’m enjoying right now are 1)The awesome 5 dollar egg spinner from Target! Makes coloring eggs easy and fun! 2) The quiet of my house as my babies are sleeping, dreaming about eggs and giant chocolate bunnys. 3)reading your posts!

  502. Loving the simple things: the first buds of spring, packets of seeds cluttering my kitchen ready for planting and the sounds of my wind chimes signaling that summer is nearly here!!!

  503. I am enjoying looking at “hidden” Easter eggs spread around the basement for our 16 month old, a quiet evening in my PJs, and a happy heart full of love for my amazing little family. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  504. Right now I’m enjoying your playlist while I update on blogs & play Easter Bunny later tonight! πŸ˜‰

  505. enjoying my indulgance of Helluva Good dip, smelling the cranberry muffins that are baking for the Easter bunny, and my kiddo’s “cheese” smile. “hoppy” easter!!

  506. Love your blog Kelle…your girls are SO cute! Your photos inspire me to become a better photographer.

    Three things I am enjoying right now:

    1. We finally made it to 50 degrees here in Michigan today…we had a Saturday at the park…awesome.

    2. My 15 month old just started saying Hi and waving to everyone and everything. I love watching people’s reactions…

    3. Under thrity school days left…music to this 5th grade teacher’s ears. I am SO looking forward to being home with my son all summer.

    Happy Easter!!

  507. I am enjoying:

    1. My two month old daughter’s breathe on my neck as she sleeps
    2. Fruit salad, which means summer is close by
    3. Naps cuddling with my baby

  508. i know what you mean about nella being in charge…i commented to my husband last week, “you know she’s totally the boss of us”, in reference to our 9 month old.

    i’m enjoying:

    playing on facebook and drinking coffee in peace while my husband takes the baby with him to run errands.

    the sweet little girl, who’s climbing and crawling and causing general mayhem during the day, but will still snuggle up and fall asleep on me at night.

    reese’s peanut butter eggs. ’nuff said.

  509. I’m enjoying the warmer weather, my sweet toddler boy’s hilarity, and teaching him about Jesus this Easter weekend.

  510. I am enjoying: a fabulous afternoon of wine tasting for my birthday, a new set of songs on my iPod, and pretty much every clap, babble and gummy smile from my third child. A ton to enjoy right now.

  511. Great post!
    1. looking forward to an egg hunt tomorrow…not just for the kiddos, but for the match between my sister (age 32) and myself (age 30) which takes place every year!
    2. hoping my 16 month old pounces on her Phillie Phanatic pillow pet that the easter bunny snagged for her
    3. a sunday full of family and good food on easter!

  512. I’m glad the amber necklace is working for you! I swear by them. My son has had his on since 7 months old (he’s 13 months now). He’s broken 6 teeth, and we haven’t needed any orajel or anything since we got the necklace!

  513. Loving my sweet babies new milestone, when you say shake she does a sweet little shake with her hands, her sweet smile with that perfect dimple, and the beauty of having family together for the holiday.

  514. 3 Things I’m Enjoying:
    My 3yr old daughter wearing tutu dresses & twirling around the room.
    The Baltimore weather finally turning warmer.
    Planning my sisters baby shower.

  515. I’m enjoying quite…hubby took all of the loud boys downtown to the grocery store with him. So not only do I not have to go to the store…I get a bit of time to reflect how much I love all those loud boys.

  516. 1-my dog snuggling behind me on my computer chair, 2-finding hiding places for two easter baskets and some large candy-filled eggs…can’t wait to see my littles’ faces in the morning, 3-dinner with friends, wonderful friends.

  517. We’re enjoying a little sunshine in place of the rain, birthday preparations for both my babies and walking into the consignment store tonight to find freshly stocked $1 bins…score!

  518. 3 things I’m loving!

    Turquoise beads make my boring gray old man winters look summery!

    Never thought I would say it, the gym, and how it makes me feel so full of energy for the rest of the day and in between nightly kid-related wake-ups, it helps me to sleep like I’m dead!

    My new HOMEGOODS (I love that place so much it deserves capitals) throw pillow with aqua and orange graphic flowers wake up my brown sofa much like my beads wake up my gray.

    Feeling Springy!

    Beautiful pictures and your Easter bunny comment made me laugh!

  519. Enjoying……
    A creamy piece of cheesecake with strawberries & whipped cream
    Lounging in pj’s
    Thoughts of Easter fun for the kids tomorrow

  520. 1. I enjoy that I got to keep my windows open all day today in Michigan!!!!
    2. I enjoy my Kindle – so easy and compact!
    3. I enjoy a weekend off to hang with family and good friends and play a game (or 2) of Quelf – we always laugh until we cry when we play.

  521. 1.) Some quiet time.
    2.) Catching up on my blog reading.
    3.) The after glow of a (finally) sunny day. We had snow as recently as yesterday!!

  522. Loving:
    1. The sweet smell of honeysuckles and windows being open to allow the smell to fill our house.
    2. Trips to get icecream and the giggles of happiness that comes with it.
    3. That bedtime comes so easy after a day spent outside.

  523. 1. The twinkle lights my husband installed out on our patio.
    2. Weather warm enough to enjoy said twinkle lights.
    3. A new recipe for Black bean Burgers that my 3 year old loves! Inspiration in the kitchen is always welcome!

    Love that flag banner t-shirt on Nella! Adorable products.

  524. Wow that last picture of Nella is absolutely beautiful!

  525. Right this minute, I’m enjoying my two girls piled on a pallet with 4 of their cousins in their grandparents’ living room the night before Easter.

    I’m also enjoying spending time with my sister, who is my very best friend.

    I’m enjoying the wind and lightening going on outside, especially knowing that the worst parts of this storm system are northeast of us and southwest of us and we’re relatively safe from anything severe.

  526. Happy Easter
    I love my coffee too.

    three things I’m enjoying right now

    reading your Blog I always enjoy it.

    Watching and listening to the little ones getting excited for Easter ( ages 2,3,4)

    enjoying watching my two four week old Yorkies Playing

  527. The sound of rain on my rooftop.

    My little boy snuggled up sleeping next to me.

    The wild eyed look of outrageous excitement from the kids in the morning when they discover the Easter Bunny came and brought gifties and candy and hid eggs here there and every where.

  528. hard-boiled eggs with a pinch of salt and peppa, sweet tea, and the stillness that sustains me when everyone’s tucked snuggly in their soft bed.

  529. Oh my gosh – those clothes/bibs are so cute!! I could use that gift certificate sista!!

    Three things I’m enjoying right now/earlier today:
    Spending a quiet Saturday evening in with my hubby while the little man is asleep.
    Seeing the sun and the green grass – it’s been cloudy and cool this week. Bring on the green!
    Hugs, kisses and snuggles from my little man. I crawled up next to him and he burst into smile. Just makes my day!!!

    Happy Easter to you! Enjoy all those beautiful eggs:0)

  530. I’m enjoying-

    -When my 15 month old comes to me about the same time every night and “asks” for a bath. He reaches for me, says “ba?” and gives me a cheesy grin because he knows it’s coming.

    -When my son goes over to my husband and lays his head down on him and says, “Awww, my daddy”. Just melts my heart.

    -A morning cup of coffee while cartoons are on in the background.

    It really is the small things that matter most in life!

  531. I agree 100%–people dressed up as the Easter Bunny are a bit scary (and sweaty!)

    I love my sleepy babies, sunshine, and a really good book :)

  532. Three things: 4 out of 5 of my once-littles-now-bigs home for the weekend, the fact that they all dyed eggs with their mama without any arm twisting, and most important of all, knowing that we wake up to the celebration of our Risen Savior!

  533. 3 things I’m enjoying: the incredible weather we had today and that I got to spend the entire day outside, that I am about to make a carrot cake from scratch for the first time with my husband for Eater lunch tomorrow and that my girl is so into giving these days.

  534. I am enjoying/LOVING having my 12 week old angel Cate sleeping on my chest as I read this post. There is no place else I would rather be!

  535. hello favorite blog!!!

    1. classic rock concerts that come on Vh1 classic (of late: INXS, Heart, U2, Paul McCartney)

    2. celebrating my little’s 5th b-day with all our family

    3. the language development of 19 month old Molly. i forgot how sweet it is to listen how language is acquired and perfected

    love the blog. love the pictures. love your randomness the most!

  536. I’m enjoying hummus and Stacy’s pita chips, prepping for a girls’s weekend away and catching up with hubby after a big and busy Easter dinner.

  537. Right now loving 1)planning the annual trip to Florida 2)watching the wonder that is sibling love 3)my new red tennies (one should always have a fun pair of red shoes)

  538. I’m enjoying that we bought a new bed today, that I had sweet potatoes with marshmallows on them for supper, and that you have a new post on your blog! :)

  539. I’m loving – spending my first Easter with my new boys, prepping my annual Easter leg of lamb, and stuffing Easter baskets at midnight.

  540. Love, babies, and holidays with family! Love the posts!

  541. that heart hair is adorable!

    three things I am loving a the moment!
    1. all of the flowers we planted on the front porch pots today! They look so amazing with this beautiful weather!
    2. The coconut Bunny Cake sitting in my refrigerator waiting to be devoured by Easter guests
    3. The fact that Cecil DeMille’s Ten Commandments is on TV. Brings back fond memories of watching it with my parents as a child.

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  542. I love feeling my baby kick inside me, now finally even from the outside. I love making very detailed matzah pizza for my boys with tiny drops of olive oil and flecks of oregano, helping them get through this Passover restricted diet with some pleasure. I love days that are warm in the sun and cool in the shade.

  543. Happy to hear Nella is sleeping better! That makes such a huge difference in your/their day.

    I’m enjoying …
    1. The Easter egg hunt we held in the yard today after the disastrous church one we went to turned into a stampede of toddlers (we left without even putting our son down … for fear of his life!). The one in our yard was better anyway.
    2. Counting the final days of this two-course semester of grad classes, the one I was sure I would never survive with a 1-year-old and a full-time job.
    3. OshKosh overalls in the blue-and-white train conductor fabric … Saw them weeks ago at this little consignment shop and kicked myself for not buying them. Found them yesterday … still there and now on sale!

    Happy Easter!

  544. 1. My 3 Year old.
    2. My 1 Year Old.
    3. My Life.

  545. reesee’s peanut butter eggs, lilac bushes in full bloom and mob wives on tv (i know, i know… but it’s true).

  546. Three things I am enjoying right now are:

    1. watching my 18 month old jump around the front yard while laughing the entire time

    2.watching my 4 year old daughter push him up and down the sidewalk on his tricycle

    3. hiding Easter eggs, leaving a note from the Easter bunny,making bunny foot prints on the floor and spitting out chewed up carrots so our daughter believes the bunny was really here!


  547. 1. The smell of banana bread baking in the oven.

    2. The sound of my 16 month old talking to herself as she falls asleep.

    3. Scouting the Mountain Aven Baby’s website. Too cute!!

  548. Happy Easter Hampton’s and other ETST readers!

    My 3 things are:
    – lying on the trampoline with my girls while autumn leaves fall on us.
    – dinner with girlfriends
    – 79c easter bunny’s

  549. Holding my jammied 5 (almost6) month old baby girl while she “kisses” my chin and grabs both of my cheeks with her chubby sweet fingers, snuggle time in the morning with all 3 of my babes, and smelling my sweet little ones’ hair right after taking a bath!

  550. I’m enjoying warm weather, Easter candy and my daughters pigtails!

  551. I’m loving Easter at the beach, Easter treats and celebrating the weekend with family.

  552. I am lovin’ kissin’ my sweet baby’s cheeks…I am diggin’ her wonderful extra chromosome..and just lovin’ life :)

  553. Three Things I AM Enjoying:

    1. My yoga pants

    2. My big ole chair

    3. The thought that my kids are all coming tomorrow for Easter Dinner. πŸ˜€

  554. Enjoying:

    Watching my shy little one talk to the Easter bunny the entire time she’s on his lap for a picture.

    Having Ben’s absolutely loving parents spend the holiday with us.

    Making vanilla bean cheesecake with lemon curd for my BFF’s open house tomorrow.

    Happy Easter dear!

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  555. Heart Hair is adorable! I wonder if my 7 year old would (finally) let me do her hair if I showed her that?

    I am enjoying:

    Peace and quiet because most of the family is in bed.

    My baby’s little sounds as he snuggles on my lap.

    And I am (about to) enjoy a warm cup of hot horchata. Mmmmm…

  556. Hmmm, only three things huh? Okay, the smell of carrot cake baking in my oven, sun kissed skin for the first time in 8 months (I’m in Oregon), and a glass of wine to end the day!

  557. Three things I am loving right now…
    Sunny days are finally showing up.
    My new hair cut and color.
    The church we are attending.

    Have a Happy Easter…always so inspired by your posts. You are amazing.

  558. 1. Enjoying our family trip to Watercolor this weekend. My Dad only gets to see my daughter a couple of times a year, so we enjoy the heck out of every gathering.
    2. Slightly enjoying my attempt at a rainbow layer cake. Tasting will happen on tomorrow, Easter Sunday.
    3. Very much enjoying taking my little to church in the morning and celebrating Jesus.


  559. I am enjoying it not storming at the moment,my girl’s delight at hunting eggs, and the bubble residue on my hardwood floors because we couldn’t go outside so we blew bubbles inside to make my girl happy and to make me laugh at her trying to catch them on her tongue. Such beatiful girls you have. May you all have a great weekend.

  560. I’m enjoying my passover matza right now.
    A luscious milk chocolate, and the music on your blog. :)

    Esther Dush

  561. my man, my girl and nba playoffs

  562. LOVE your blog….
    1.I enjoy this magical age that my youngest is at 5 1/2.
    2.I enjoy staying up too late to go to the local original talent/improv venue on Friday nights.
    3.I enjoy just sitting in the sun watching my girl dig in the dirt like a good American citizen.


  563. Right now I’m enjoying laying in bed, silence (minus my husband snoring but that might be better than 3 kids at this hour) and not sleeping because I’m excited about Easter!!


  564. I can’t even begin to tell you how grown up nella looks! She just keeps looking less like a baby with each post and more like a little toddler! And I love the pictures of her standing, they make me so happy, and seeing her eyes shine and reflect the world around her is always beautiful. Lainey’s heart hair is awesome! I wish I could do that with mine.

    Three things I’m loving…
    1) The shift in weather. I’m estatic that I’ve already worn my flip flops more days than not this week, and that a light sweater is all I need to leave with on. I can hardly stand being cooped inside anymore- I just love the birds chirping, the blue skies and the breeze in my hair.
    2) College ending soon. Summer is on it’s way and that means the end of classes. New beginnings are now old routines and I want it switched up…Bring me a wild crazy warm summer! (with no essays, preferably!)
    3) The feeling of knowing someone loves you- boyfriend, family, friends, it’s just a wonderful feeling.

    Happy Easter!! May the Easter bunny bless you with large and loaded with candy baskets. πŸ˜‰

  565. I am enjoying my boy, my girl, and my life right now. It is good.

  566. My 3: Eating Peeps! My son dying easter eggs, and his hands and arms while he is at it, and watching my youngest make cute faces while she sleeps.

    Happy Easter!

  567. I’m enjoying:

    – the excitement of waiting for the E. Bunny. Eggs dyed, candy filled ones hidden, carrots out and note from the bunny himself done (now only if the brunch would cook itself)

    – how much my two kids love eachother

    – living for the moment, who knows that may be what life is all about


  568. Love your blog Kelle!
    What I’m enjoying…
    playing Easter Bunny…hearing my 3 year old ask “so mom, how was your day?” at least 20 times each day, starting often at around 615 :-)………dressing up my shoe, hat, and dress lovin’ girl
    Happy Easter!

  569. I think we need an Easter Oh face from Nella!

    Today I’m lovin’ that we have lawn furniture out on the deck finally after a long winter, we went to lunch in a restaurant and nobody caused a scene, and watching my girls run and play and roll in the grass with their cousins.

  570. what am i enjoying? emma, Elliot and that last pic of nella!

  571. that heart hair is awesome! 3 things I’m loving right now are: listening to my twin toddlers crack each other up, my new running shoes, the sunshine day we had today!

  572. Lately I am enjoying… My 6 year olds excitement about first grade, throwing myself into wedding planning, and the new things my 15 month old does every day. Today was when his poppa came around the corner of the house and he lit up and said “Poppa!!” clear as day with a big smile on his face. Ok, one more… I enjoyed his Poppa’s reaction as well!

  573. Three things I’m enjoying right now are my new Yankee Lilac Blossoms Candle, a hot cup of Sleeptime Tea & the snore of my dogs who are in dreamland laying next to me:) HAPPY & BLESSED:)

  574. This is so nice!

  575. Thunderstorms, rosettes on dresses and the last few weeks of maternity leave.

  576. Three things I’m enjoying right now? Your blog, being in charge of the TV remote at this moment, and the anticipation of my littles waking in a few hours to our Easter traditions! Love your blog!

  577. I’m a nurse working 3rd. It’s 5:15am & I’m enjoying……..
    1. making people feel better
    2. an Easter sunrise about to happen
    3. a little 15 minute unexpected coffee break!

  578. Hi kelle,
    Love your blog and so do my 4yr old triplets(2boys,1girl). Since i have found your blog, you have taught me so much. My friends think i’m the most patient person and that they couldn’t handle triplets. At times i feel guilty that they didn’t come one at a time, so that i could give them more attention. Thanks to you, i have learned to appreciate more and enjoy every second of the chaos and the fun times. To drink in moments to last a lifetime. Thank you for the priceless gift.
    Nella’s necklace-everyone i know in New Zealand has them for their children and all swear by them. I don’t know how it works, only that it does. I’m sure you will see more of your sweet pea and less of her sleepless and sore twin.
    Enjoy your easter break and chocolate binge ;0).

  579. Happy Easter! Holidays are just the best.

    I’m loving my parents more than ever. I really think I got blessed with the rockstar parents people dream of.
    I’m loving that summer is almost here. Just 5 weeks of school left and then being a stay at home wife and mama-to-be is my new job.
    And loving my new couch. It only took me 9 months and a custom order to find exactly what I wanted.

  580. Things I am loving right now:

    1. Raspberry & Cranberry Tea
    2. That we have a 5 day Easter break due to ANZAC Day falling on the same day as Easter Monday.
    3. My big-girl (almost 4) just discovered painting & she loves it. Which means that I get an excuse to paint kids pictures too. (Reminds me of the colouring-in thing you were talking about the other day :D)

    Happy Easter!

  581. I’m loving having chocolate Hot Cross Buns (for those non-sultana eaters amongst us) and coffee in our backyard with my boys in the morning; Easter weekend picnics; and lovely Grandparents who offer to babysit so I can spend some very rare alone time with my favourite husband :)

  582. * Coffee
    * 2 kids still discussing their Easter Basket treats
    * What today symbolizes for me as a Christian

  583. I am loving your blog…your posts make me happy and put me in a positive frame of mind:) I am loving the Easter egg hunt I just partook in with my 2 year old and 8 month old….and I am loving the big ol’ mug of coffee I am sipping on…

  584. I’m in love with…
    1- morning coffee before the little peeps wake up.
    2-tagging along on a work trip with the man to Vegas.
    3- coming home from our trip to our 3 little boys and no one saying a word for 2 whole minutes… all they did was smile at us and smile REALLY big and hug!

  585. 1. I just enjoyed reading your post!
    2. Watching the sun rise on this beautiful day.
    3. AND ahhhh, my first sip of coffee!

    Happy Easter!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  586. I am thinking, “those fishing friends sure are cute!”

  587. First YAY for sleeping!!!!!

    My three things….
    1.My supper soft bathrobe
    2.Morning sun shining in the bay window
    3.It’s so quite right this moment. All I hear is a small bird’s chip (I know I only have a few more moments of this !!)

  588. i’m enjoying the fruits of my labor- mulch on the flower beds so they look slightly less like a jungle and more like landscaping, enjoying my son’s birthday weekend, he is five on monday, enjoying spring and warm weather where we can go outside and our house doesn’t feel as microscopic.

  589. Right now I’m enjoying my daughter’s easy transition to her big-girl bed, my cat entertaining my baby boy, and the yummiest cup of tea ever.

  590. 1. I am enjoying the fact that I’m (finally) losing post baby weight (she’s 2 years) while my friends are complaining about eating chocolate eggs. It just motivates me more.
    2. I am enjoying the spring walk to pick my (older girls) from school. The Georgia honeysuckle and jasmine is in full bloom and it’s smells heavenly.
    3. I am enjoying sweaty, dirty, exhausted girls who beg to stay outside because “the sun is still out.”

  591. I am enjoying
    1) light rain on the roof, helping me sleep late
    2) knowing I am taking off work for the next two days to get a jump start on cleaning out my kitchen for the up-coming remodel project
    3)seeing my 4 kiddos in their Easter finery and all of us getting to sit together in church service today.

  592. 1. My kid’s Easter outfits
    2. Waiting to see my son’s face when he see’s his basket.
    3. He’s ALIVE!!

  593. you have already become one of my favorite blogs. beautiful pics, beautiful girls.
    we did egg art yesterday too! :)

  594. 1. The baby more interested in $0.97 plastic eggs than the stuffed animals and new clothes in his Easter basket.
    2. The Lindor Truffles for Mommy from the Easter bunny.
    3. A quiet rainy day to enjoy my anything but perfect, yet perfect for me little family!

  595. Three things I am enjoying right now.. 1). I am graduating Nursing School, I feel like super women! 2). Hard, Intense rain storms followed by rainbows are frequent in NH these days. 3). Cute Spring shoes!

    Love your blog Kelle! Long time reader, first time commenter — so technically a blog stalker :) Your words inspire me. Thank you for your thoughts.

  596. sunshine, diet coke, candy. and not necessarily in that order. πŸ˜‰

  597. Three things I am enjoying right now..
    1). I am graduating Nursing school & I feel like super women!
    2). Hard, Intense rain storms followed by beautiful rainbows have been a norm in NH recently.
    3). The season calls for cute new shoes!

    Kelle, I love your blog. I am a long time reader first time commenter. Kinda makes me your average stalker these days :) Your words inspire me. Thank you!

  598. watching the neighbors grandkids hunt Easter eggs in the pouring rain.

  599. 3 Things I’m Heartin’ Right Now…
    *smell of cut grass
    *finding my middle boy bouncing or kicking or throwing some kind of ball all. the. time.
    *all five of us at home with no place to be

  600. I am currently enjoying having an excuse(EASTER) to eat Marshmallow Peeps(because no grown woman could possibly love them more than I do)…my 5 month old daughter’s two tiny teeth peeking out when she smiles, and temperatures here in Chicago actually being above 45 degrees , so we can get outside!!!!! :)

  601. This morning I’m actually enjoying Mary Poppins on tv! It reminds me of a simpler time.

    I’m reveling in this moment with a baby inside my tummy.

    And last, a quiet Easter Sunday with my hubby.

    Life is good!

  602. I am rockin’ my own adventures with the Easter Bunny — eggs to hunt, chocolate ears to eat, and shakin’ my toddler into her tights for church on a Sunday morning!

  603. Three things I am enjoying right now.
    1) The Spring weather that is now consistently here.
    2)The new iced green tea/lemonade drink (cold/caffeine/lemonade= yum)
    3) This four day weekend!

  604. First off, I have to say that when the music starts playing, more often than not I’m caught off guard because it will be one of MY favorite songs that no one else seems to know about. That Dr Dog is one of my all time faves–so fun to have it pop up when I visit!!

    SO my 3 favorite things right now are:
    1. turquoise polo shirts for my boys
    2. the way anything Mickey Mouse makes my 2 yr olds face light up
    3. daydreaming about my upcoming beach trip with the girls .i.can’t.wait.

  605. 3 things I am loving right now…
    -My husband making German pancakes as we speak :)
    -My daughter enjoying her Easter morning that she has been counting down to 52 days ago:)
    -My 12 year old son still loving a great Easter egg hunt :)

  606. Adorable photos!
    Right now I’m enjoying blessings in disguise, the cool morning air of spring, and meditating in my flower garden.

  607. three awesome things:
    the whoooole family is home right now!!!
    boggle with said family :)
    homeade french fries

  608. Loving the warm weather in Philly :), tulips in bloom, and some easter candy.
    Happy Easter, Hamptons!

  609. 1. My daughter telling me all about the volcanos she has learned about at school.
    2. My baby boy sleeping soundly for a nap.
    3. My Lord is Risen indeed!!!

  610. Im enjoying this crisp spring morning breeze coming in the window here in the Pacific Northwest, Im enjoying the quiet still sleepy breathes of my 4 and a half month old twin girls that are currently napping after their morning bottle.last Im enjoying my cup of coffee, because when you can finish a whole cup in one sitting its a good thing.

  611. My son’s first birthday, time spent with family for Easter and the green grass.

  612. My mother visiting for Easter.

    My overtired baby napping peacefully.

    The sound of my husband chopping away at spices for dinner while I catch up on my favorite blogs!

  613. i’m enjoying the upbeat music on your blog, watching my daughter color a picture for her Mimi and Papa and knowing in a few short hours, we will be surrounded by family and friends and coming together to celebrate the Easter holiday :)

  614. Three things I am enjoying right now:

    1. Celebrating our Jesus’ resurrection! And my kiddo’s first Easter

    2. Watching my husband play with our 3 month old daughter in bed on Saturday mornings.

    3. Listening to my daughter’s first laughs this weekend!

    I have been blessed :)

    Love your blog!

  615. Life. I dont think I have ever loved it more than I do right now. Watching the recent explosion of growth my 1 yr old is experiencing as we speak and third…red vines licorice. I’m addict I do admit!

  616. I am enjoying the thoughts of spring as I eat a fresh roma tomato, a short weekend with my new husband who lives 3 hours away because he’s still in school AND I am reaaaallly enjoying being just over 7 weeks pregnant with our first little peanut :)

  617. The three things I’m enjoying right now are…

    1-Hot coffee early in the morning

    2-my 1yr old son David dancing to music

    3-Baby #2 kicking and moving around in my tummy!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  618. 1. Sleeping family
    2. The prettiest Easter egg that she painted with more layers than I thought could be pretty.
    3. The squeal of joy when my munchkin found Easter eggs (she squeals even when they’re empty now).
    Blessings for a wonderful day!

  619. 1. feeling my sweet baby kick and move in my belly
    2. spending time with family far away
    3. morning snuggles with my little girl

  620. Three things.
    1. Watching my 9 month old toddle around with a big smile on his face.
    2. Hot caramel mochas.
    3. Veggies growing in the garden.


  621. Enjoying-

    -my family who visited for easter
    -the sounds of my kids enjoying the day
    -this song, I forget to play music when I am online, you rblog always reminds me to turn it on.

    Happy Easter

  622. loving three things these days:

    Easter Sunday- the resurrection of my Lord and the abounding grace He gives us daily!

    My overdue-by-8 days-belly- Cannot wait to have him but am savoring the last pregnant moments.

    The sun setting around 7:30 in the evening now, allowing for long walks with my two year old and husband! So much to be thankful for but those are just three!

  623. 3 things I am lovin’ right now..
    earlier mornings, the Birds chirping as I walk into work at 5:30 am, baby legs on my little girl!
    Happy Easter!! :)

  624. right now I am loving the smell of bacon cooking, easter dinners with the family and enjoying a lazy afternoon!

  625. Enjoying my last few minutes before I go in to work this evening, putting wintry sweaters and coats in totes to store, and Reese peanut butter eggs!

  626. one more thing I am enjoying right now….
    watching my husband jam to the air guitar in his boxers πŸ˜‰

  627. Listening to the boiling water and eggs in prep. for dying, actually being at home for an Easter day, and the sweet breeze blowing in from our neighbor’s grill :)

    Love the heart hair!

  628. Three things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Strawberries that have been on sale all week.
    2. Time to read my new book & write letters this afternoon.
    3. A Happy Easter chat with my grandma far away.

  629. 1. 15-day-old baby smiles
    2. pink jelly beans
    3. FINALLY a sunny day in Minnesota!

  630. 3 Things I am enjoying…
    1. Cleaning with Mr. Clean original Lemon Scent.. while I have a cabinet full of natural cleaners in my cabinet that just don’t smell as clean…like when I was a kid…the only way to go.
    2. Making my daughter laugh and seeing her dimples appear. Doesn’t take much :)
    3. Dreaming about making my first quilt

  631. Your blog is changing my life. It lets me be a better father for my 2-year-old son. It makes me think. I would not have considered keeping a baby with DS two years ago, but right now I would accept the challenge that life handed me.

    I enjoy your photography and the great weather in the US. Europe is getting better now that the holidays have arrived.

    I am a far way from god but I pray for the well-being of your children (and mine).


  632. Three things I’m enjoying right now:
    1.Spring Tulip Blooms
    2.Tall grass
    3.Watching cats in the window drool over squirrels in the yard!
    Peace, Allison

  633. 1) Skyping for the first time with far away family. Loved sharing our little boy with them.
    2) Spending time with close friends.
    3) Only 4 more weeks of work.

    Happy Easter to your family.

  634. Reading books in the hammock (with the littles, of course), baby sister falling asleep while resting her hand on big sisters face, and freshly painted walls.

  635. 1) a nice cuppa tea (British style with milk)
    2) a hot cross bun fresh from the local bakery
    3) (best of all) sharing both with my family! (Well, warm milk in lieu of tea for my favorite 4 year old!). A nice mid-afternoon break!

  636. love the sushi bib!

  637. currently enjoying,

    Our newly painted bright cobalt blue front door

    my baby girl holding my finger while shes nursing (making typing even more difficult)

    and a peaceful Easter with my husband, 6 week old daughter, and our pets. No fuss, no frills, just us and a lazy Sunday. Wonderful.

    Happy Easter!

  638. I’m enjoying 1) silence in the house with baby sleeping (after being up all night at midnight Easter service) and the older two at an Easter party
    2) the holiday feeling and
    3) Cadbury eggs :)

  639. I’m enjoying watching my 5-month old daughter, Emmalyn, learn new things every day, decorating our new home, & moving back home to be close to our families. Isn’t life such a gift?!

  640. OMgoodness. Heart hair is PRECIOUS! 3 things I’m enjoying:
    * an all-of-a-sudden wonderfully predictable schedule for my 8 month old.
    * an 11 year old who adores her baby brother.
    * a $7 wine I found @Costco.
    Happy Easter!

  641. 1. The impromptu water fight we had with friends today.

    2. Getting to spend the weekend with my mom….she cooked the best Easter meal.

    3. Snuggles from the best little 6 month old I know!! My little guy is teething too.

  642. happy Easter:). Nella is getting so big! Love your comment about the man in the Easter costume- totally sketchy, but def have to acknowledge the poor bunny;). Good for him!
    3 things I’m loving up now are the sun (which hasn’t been present as of lately, as I’m a New Englander), my squishy 5-month old son and the fact that it’s still the weekend:).


  643. I am enjoying the surprises of life, like coming across a beautiful ultrasound picture of a woman who will make a beautiful mama and has been waiting ever so patiently for her turn.
    Hope I can be the winner so I can spoil her, rightly so for her first baby. <3

    Happy Sunday!

  644. Three things I enjoy in this moment:
    1. Looking through pictures from the family trip to our cabin.
    2. Talking to my boyfriend, while he’s nearly asleep
    3. Reading your blog and your lovely pictures, of your lovely daughters!

    Have a nice day – or whatever the time is there right now!
    -Greetings from Norway :)

  645. In this moment I am enjoying nursing my youngest to an early night, hearing Daddy bathe the other two and hearing birds chirp outside as I reminisce all the sweet moments on this joyful day. There were basketfuls of sweetness today.

  646. I’m enjoying…margarita’s…we’ve been making them at home at night after the boys are in bed. Yum!
    That my 2 1/2 yr old is potty trained and it really only took a weekend.
    Planning our summer vacation to the Outer Banks!
    Wait…and the new store..love that they have boys stuff too!

  647. Happy Easter!

    This Sunday afternoon happiness brings me smiles as I filter through Easter pictures, watch my boys sleep after a fun day, and enjoy my Campbell’s Vegetable Beef soup with a hint of Cayenne Pepper to spice things up! πŸ˜‰

  648. three things I am enjoying right now…my bff Nancy, who always makes me feel that I am better than I think I am, my husband Jake, who goes to the baseball game even when he is sick, cuz his kid got the tickets for him and my beautiful cat, tony, who cries when i come home because he missed me so much! Can’t get any better than that…

  649. Love the new pictures…and can I say that Nella is definitely coming into her own. She is growing out of the baby stage and looks stunning with her growing hair! Love the Lainey & friend pics – memories to cherish. And the clothes have given me new inspiration.

  650. Three things I am loving right now

    My husband cooking me dinner after a 12hour shift.

    My puppies, Bailey and Roxy

    My new cheesy romance book

  651. Happy Easter, Kelle! I’m enjoying family walks to Starbucks, a Sunday family nap and diggin’ in the dirt. Finally, we’ve had temps over 60 and we’ve been able to get out and enjoy the sun. Hope all is well with you, Kelle.
    Kate and Henry

  652. It’s not the placebo effect they really do work!!!!

    3 things I’m loving – my baby loves books and will climb up into my lap to happily read them. School holidays – boy did I need a break & our little girl singing “dad-eeee” all over the house

  653. Three things I am enjoying right now…. watching Caddyshack, being with my hubby and a glass of wine! What a combo!! :)

  654. pepsi max (it’s the best diet cola. ever.) grilled cheese and the sounds of kiddos digging through easter baskets for the 398th time as though it was the 1st.

    And I am SO HAPPY you figured out naps with Nella – putting kiddos down and letting them figure it out is RIGHT ON!! I was admonishing you in your post last week, but knowing you wouldnt hear me I didnt get very loud, but I’m so glad you avoided weeks and weeks of more frustration. We ALWAYS had to put our kids “away” to go to sleep – they were way too overstimulated otherwise. And they’d NEVER fall asleep while stuff was going on (they still dont fall asleep during movies – neither do we) no matter how late it was. Think about it, we you fall asleep being carried and held and sung to and _____? It would all be perfectly wonderful, but not for sleeping. So I may sound a bit preachy, but just want to wrap it up with a big kuddos to ya! Thanks for sharing all you do!
    ~mother of 4

  655. I LOVE reading about your girls and life as a mom, thank you! I love that today rained ALL day … strange, I know but it gave us the chance to snuggle in our pj’s all day and enjoy the holiday after a morning of frilly dresses and church. I love that they are sound asleep in bed with a belly full of chocolate bunnies. And I love that tomorrow is a new day, a new week and a new beginning – Happy Easter!

  656. I’m enjoying my beautiful 3 year old boy, my baby kicking in my belly and relaxing after a LONG, tiring Easter weekend! :) I hope yours was fabulous!


  657. My three things I am loving right now is my three year old randomly saying “thank you so much for a wonderful Easter, I had so much fun!”. Getting to color eggs with my girls for the first time as we never did it growing up and my yellow lab laid on my lap loving the attention now my girls are in bed as she knows its finally all about her!
    Happy Easter :)

  658. one day, i want to drink my coffee in the woods – right now i have to settle for my kitchen table with my windows open!

  659. Right now, I’m enjoying: birthday cake leftover from my son’s party this afternoon (can’t believe he’s 2!!); having my husband home with us this evening and not at work; the gorgeous warm-but-not-too-hot yet weather we’ve been enjoying this weekend.

  660. When I was a camp counselor, I would always have my morning coffee in the woods (while the kids were still sleeping of course). If I try hard enough, I can still smell the pine trees. Ahhh!

    Happy Easter!

  661. Three things I am enjoying right now after having my grand children for the weekend; a dirty house, a quiet house and left behind jelly beans.

  662. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was having trouble in the ‘nap’ department. E.J. is a little over 6 months old now – and I just had to start laying him down, rubbing back for 1 minute, and walking out. Now he does it without fussing at all! :)


    1. That God is with me always. Even when I feel the world crashing down, and I feel like noone else will do.

    2. How everything is bright, crisp green around here!

    3. My boys’ laughter. I can just look at them with a grin, and they pour out their best smile – the one where you can see it all over – the eyes, the cheeks, the lips, everywhere. I love it. It makes me feel truly loved. :)

  663. “Heart Hair.
    It kind of happened by accident, but now it’s her favorite. “Do a heart in my hair,” she says. All she needs is a teenage boy with bad skin to give her a corsage, compliment her peach taffeta tea length gown, and off to prom she goes.”

    Love it.

  664. Warm April sunshine, my little guy’s crazy bedhead hair, and chocolate bunnies stolen form Easter baskets!

  665. Three things I am enjoying:
    Peace and quiet – all four kids are in bed and happy

    The satisfaction of a great family conversation tonight to get us all on the same page and build eachother up.

    I’m enjoying the fact that I have the courage and knowledge to leave a comment!!!

  666. I seem to be enjoying so many things right now. But the first three that pop in my mind: warm spring days, precious conversations with my oldest, and the thought of our annual trip back to the US that is just around the corner.

    Happy Easter!

  667. I’m enjoying…
    1. this picture of Lainey and her friend, the first where they are fake fishing and Bailey (that’s her right?) seems to be whispering in your girl’s ear. It’s so cute, a little girls’friendship!
    2. my mom’s banana bread, my easter gift :)
    3. being home to my kitties after a long weekend away!
    Happy easter!!!

  668. Love the heart, love the boots, love the improved sleep.

    Three things I’m enjoying:

    Smoothies with frozen fruit, OJ and vanilla yogurt.

    Medication that’s making me feel less crazy. (Hey, I’m enjoying it!)

    Having a place to go to when I need quiet time.

  669. Right now I’m lovin’ the bulbs of hyacinth, muscari and tulips that are just breaking through the mud, the first hair cut my 15 month old son is sporting even if it’s a bit lopsided from not sitting still and hollow bunnies. Yep bought them for him but momma hides then in the freezer.

    Best to you and the ladies.

  670. I’m enjoying bike rides on the beach, star watching with a glass of wine, and quiet mornings, watching the waves crash on the shore with a cup of tea :)

  671. 1. The pretend museum that is being constructed in the bathtub by my 4yo at this very moment.
    2. When your blog tunes came on, she said, “We don’t need tunes in this bath.” Then a few seconds later, she said, “Actually, tunes need to be in this bath.” Apparently she’s a fan of Dr. Dog.
    3. The lovely Easter we had today. We even flew a kite.

  672. three things i’m enjoying this very moment: (1)thin mint ice cream (yes, like the girlscout cookies) edy’s makes it… seriously girl ya gotta try it! sooo good (2)NCIS… one of my fave shows (3)warm weather! hooray for spring! :)

  673. I am enjoying relaxing at the puter and reading your blog of course πŸ˜‰ after a long, exhausting, but funfilled weekend! Enjoy your week!

  674. Right now I love 19 1/2 days left with kids until summer vacation because 8th graders….you know, wear me out! I’m also loving watching my niece’s vocabulary grow by leaps and bounds, and I really really really love my keurig (it totally helps with the 8th graders)

  675. -an (almost) clean house
    -planting a garden with my kids
    -counting down to summer vacation!

    Happy Easter!

  676. Loving hearing my little say “My turn, my turn!” instead of wacking her older sister, loving my big girl’s eyes light up as we visited American Girl Doll this weekend, and as always, loving my coffee!

  677. Nella (and Lainey) are getting cuter and cuter every day. Love the smiles.

    Three things I’m enjoying!

    – The emergence of spring. Winter in Minnesota went on much much much much much much much much much much… too long.
    – My own little one. She’s a year on 5/8, and is so much fun. I love the babbling, the shy smiles, the cheeks, and most of all, the naked belly in the tub.
    – Along with #1, the chance to wear skirts again! WOO!

  678. I am enjoying all of the super cute photos of Easter my friends are posting on FB.
    I just enjoyed an Easter gluten free cookie and I’m about to enjoy my cozy bed. :)

  679. I’m currently enjoying:

    1) this song on your blog! I always love your song choices! My husband is a music junky and he will say “do you like this song?” And before reading your blog I had never heard of his new finds… but now i’m so “yeah, I know it and love it”

    2) My 2 sweet babies. I NEVER knew motherhood would be this amazing. I was never into babies or dreamed of being a mother since I was 5… you know one of “those” people. Wow is all I can say. I hope I can teach my children that children are AMAZING.

    3) My God. Praise him! May be last on the list but find this spiritual place inside of me is the most serene and fullfilling experience.

  680. I’m totally enjoying putting my feet up with my husband after putting the babe to sleep. I’m enjoying some left over Easter candy, and the fact that I have the cooliest, most adventurous 20 month old who decided to take a plunge in a pond, (a cold one, in Montana). He held on to his lovey the whole way down! He would look so adorable in that mountain scene pj outfit!

  681. I got engaged this weekend to my best friend and so I’m enjoying basking in that happiness 1.2.3.!

  682. my 3 things…..my mom in town for an Easter visit, a thunderstorm that rolled in this evening after a perfectly sunny day, reading the last chapter of a book to my 8 and 12 year old girls…it was a happy ending, of course.
    And one more thing we are enjoying this weekend…homemade strawberry icecream made by my 15 year old. yummy, yummy, so yummy!
    Glad Nella is sleeping better for you!

  683. homemade pizza for Easter dinner, the silence, the TV show LOST

  684. 3 Things I’m LOVING right now?
    #1- the beautiful weather
    #2- Family time after work
    #3- the end of my first semester of Graduate school!!!

    Loving the fact that I will get tos pend more family time after work, in the beautiful weather because I have a 2.5 week break from graduate school!!

  685. I am enjoying your blog and your beautiful photos of your daily lives. I am enjoying my brand new Photoshop CS5 I got a few days ago, and I am enjoying a quiet evening with my kitties, my glass of red wine and York Peppermint patties!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderous and happy Easter!

  686. 1. catching up on my favorite blogs
    2. planning my little man’s first birthday party
    3. knowing that I can sleep in tomorrow… as long as baby cooperates

    Happy Easter!

  687. 3 things I’m enjoying right now are…

    a) my baby boys heart beat
    b) my baby dancing in my belly
    c) and that I have a BABY GROWING IN ME!!!

  688. Enjoying kisses from my man, the joys of our hopeful soon to be adopted baby and seeing our amazing god daughter having her first real egg hunt today!

  689. 3 things I’m enjoying right now are:

    an icecream sandwich
    new music on my ipod
    and texting with friends

  690. What I’m enjoying:

    Dinner last night with my husband and baby boy, my hubs and I actually were able to eat at the same time!

    2 hours of relaxing silence to and from Tampa today on my baby boy’s first road trip!

    Skinnygirl margarita mix, totally delish!

  691. I am loving on four pups, Arizona mountain views, and gardening even though it’s in little pots.

  692. 3 things I’m loving right now:
    1- petting my lap-cat
    2- while I watch The Amazing Race
    3- and reading a new book, simultaneously!

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog and your children and your happy heart!

    Thought you might need a helpful hint for getting crayon off of walls, furniture, etc —- WD40!! works like a charm!

  693. I’m enjoying making Easter cookies with my son (he does the sprinkles), seeing his reaction this morning when he saw his Easter basket, and most importantly seeing him take 5 steps today! He has a motor delay and this was a huge accomplishment. I’d like to say this was the best Easter miracle ever, but I don’t want to get struck by lightning, so I guess I’ll say it’s the 2nd best Easter miracle ever πŸ˜‰

  694. Today, I boarded a plane home from a weekend in British Columbia, with my son in tow. Yesterday, while walking through the forest and pondering of there were bears, he grabbed my hand and in his biggest voice reassured me that he would “pretect” me. Tomorrow, I get to relax with my son in the new home we are creating.

  695. Great post, coffee in the woods sounds so nice!

    I am enjoying driving in my beat up old truck with the windows down to enjoy this nice weather lately, my new job, and my kids’ tiny toes in new flip flops!

  696. I am enjoying thunder and rain, I LOVE THIS OKLAHOMA WEATHER.
    I am enjoying the thought of being out of school in a month.
    I am enjoying happinnes and health.

  697. My new Keurig Coffee maker! AWESOME! Got an AWESOME deal on it too!

    I am enjoying my daughter, she is 13 as of last month and blossoming into the most beautiful young woman. She gets told quite often how beautiful she is. I do my best to help keep her humble and tell her to just say thank you. She really is graceful about it.

    I love my husband for the man he is. He has been through so much this past year and we are doing everything we can to help him get out of this depression that has a grip on him

  698. Right now I’m loving:
    The beautiful Autumn sunshine that we are being spoilt with today!
    Listening to my girls playing nicely together!
    Easter Eggs!

  699. i’m enjoying…

    1) my amazing girl’s first steps
    2) coffee
    3) confidence in my abilities as a mother


  700. Three things I am enjoying right now:the sound of rain outside,the soundtrack to my favourite musical and a funny youtube clip.
    Hope that you all had a lovely Easter Kelle!

  701. I’m enjoying:
    1) Spring’s verdant arrival to my ancient stone city.
    2) Spending time with new found friends.
    3) Knowing that no matter how much I want to be in control, I’m not, and it is a whole lot better that way.

    Oh, and morning coffee in the woods is a great addition to seasonal and temporal beverage traditions. :)

    from black currant thoughts.

  702. things i am enjoying right now…

    1. just finding out that we are pregnant with our second!!
    2. my litle girl taking more and more steps on her own
    3. slipper socks. who knew?!?

  703. 3 things:)
    1. it’s spring break this week! woohoo!
    2. my hot cup of coffee right now;)
    3. the quiet of the house in the mornings before everyone wakes. fave part of the day and i usually spend it with a cup of coffee and my blog (you!) “friends”!

  704. Enjoying… My two year old sleeping in past 5 am, my 3 month old’s baby breath, and Easter candy!

  705. I’m hoping not to jinx things because we did have snow in Michigan here last monday, but…
    I am enjoying:
    1)Spring! Spring flowers…my girl noticed them and she almost liked them better than her chocolate bunny! Almost…
    2)The excitement at 6:20a Easter morning when we realized the Easter Bunny had been at our house!
    3)My girl said her cheeked smelled like the Easter Bunny because he must have kissed her. :)

    LOVE your new pics!

  706. I enjoyed a quick, short “baby moon” this weekend with my hubby!

  707. So glad Nella is figuring out how to fall asleep by herself. I am not a “let ’em cry it out” kind of mama either, but sometimes you just have no other tricks in your bag. Hope you get some more rest as well.

    1. The new little blueberry that is giving me morning sickness
    2. That I wasn’t too sick to drink my coffee this morning
    3. The way my 16 month old says “more” — “moh-moh” that leaves her mouth in an adorable oh face ~:o

    Thanks for always making me smile!

  708. That my husband bought our new house and I still haven’t seen it!
    My darling little girl.
    Her precious curls.

  709. the warm weather.
    Easter Sunday picnic with friends.
    our house sold yesterday, no more showings!

  710. I’m enjoying seeing the excitement in my daughter’s eyes as she pulls the colored eggs out of the dye, the sounds and smells of spring outside my kitchen wndow (it’s been a long winter in Michigan), and washing my new china tea cups for a tea party with my little girl. Life is good!

  711. 1: My baby sister will be home in 2 weeks for the summer from college

    2: Discovering dresses in the back of my closet that I’d forgotten about

    3: Being able to sit on my back deck and watch the sun fade behind the hills without needed a winter coat

  712. I am enjoying some tea, pictures from easter weekend and a relaxing morning after all of the festivities.

  713. things i’m enjoying: 1) how my 1 year old says “thank you” every time i give her a kiss. 2) the warm weather here in va (finally!) 3) planning our summer vacation in charleston :-)

  714. 1. Weather warm enough to maybe go out without a coat later today.
    2. My dark chocolate almond milk mocha.
    3. Watching my not-so-baby baby put on her own shoes, matching…on the right feet.

  715. Today I’m loving my son’s molars coming in without bothering him, Easter candy, and feeling a new baby kicking at 15 weeks!!! Life is good!!

  716. I am enjoying the Spring weather, Easter fun, and the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy.
    Happy Easter, Kelle!

  717. my three things right now are
    1. feeling my first baby kick
    2. hearing my husband shout at random “we’re having a baby!” regardless of if we are in a crowded store or on a hike alone in the woods
    3. tending my first garden! (lots of firsts this year!
    thanks for your great blog!

  718. I’m enjoying getting my almost 2 year old up in the morning ever since he moved to a big boy bed (he’s so cute it in!), looking at everyone’s Easter photos, and after Easter candy sales :-)

  719. ham, my children and easter eggs.

  720. It’s that time again….
    1. bubbles with my girl(s) one that’s not furry, and one that is
    2. bike rides
    3. when all of dinner can be cooked on the grill

  721. Three things I’m enjoying:

    1: Life as a mother of a one year old boy. Selfishly I’m enjoying being the only “girl” in the house.

    2: Sweet kisses in the morning.

    3: Reading a new blog each day as I am trying to stir my creativity.

  722. Really, really really enjoying…
    …Robin’s Eggs (as in the suped up Whoppers only available around Easter, not as in appreciating nature – ha)
    …my four month old’s newfound squeal (sometimes it is so high pitched, the dog barks; other times, she doesn’t realize she made the sound and looks around like, ‘where did THAT come from?’
    …the hum of ceiling fans and open window breezes
    Hello Spring…come in, my friend…

  723. I turned 30 over the weekend and I am now LOVING:
    1. Being in my 30’s!!
    2. My new Canon T3i!
    3. My new Kindle!