There is a name tag woven into the branches of the tree in our front yard. It’s been there since Nella’s birthday party.


The jig is up; Alan was a no-show for his tag. Ha ha. Alan, we love you.

It’s been dangling for over two months because I haven’t taken the nanosecond required to remove it. This is very like me. The paper has yellowed and faded from the sun but every time I see it, it makes me smile. Because it is funny that it’s still hanging there and because, for just a moment, I think of Lainey’s friend.

It’s why I keep invitations taped to my fridge long after parties are over and why I can’t throw away a Christmas card. I like reminders to think about people and things and moments. I like pictures on my nightstand and name tags in my trees. I like memories stashed some place where they can be easily and frequently retrieved. And I like to think that’s exactly what prayer is. Not so much an obligation to say “Dear God” so many times a day, but rather a way of life. Continually living present and grateful and open. I like this idea of prayer because it is accessible to anyone, regardless of beliefs. It is mysterious and purposeful and doesn’t leave me wondering why some prayers are answered, and some are not. And because it provides valid justification for name tags in my trees.

And so I pray. In my head, in my writing, in my pictures, and hopefully, in my way of life.


The harbinger of new things, Spring has delivered many firsts to our home these past few weeks. I’ve penciled accomplishments in baby books, applauded my proud girls, uprooted the first carrots from our garden and cooked my first chicken curry–well, first one that tasted good. I love the unspoken themes inherent in each season. Newness, birth and firsts in Spring; Vitality, exploration and leisure in summer; reflection, harvest and community in fall; and hibernation, family and rest in winter.

The firsts of Spring.

First I-Teeth.

Nella’s teething is far more challenging than Lainey’s was, and my contented girl has lately been slung to my hip, biting her fingers and clearly upset. The night routine’s been a beast–up three to four times–and I am consequently exhausted. But it’s a rite of passage, eh? At times it is, yes, frustrating; but still amazing that I have what she needs–that my child’s greatest distress is comforted simply by my presence.

Photobucket Photobucket


First Minutes of the Morning.

…are mine. Until three minutes later, Nella wakes up–then they are ours. Quiet, somber, slow. She always makes up for all the night interruptions with her sweet morning demeanor. And I’m a sucker for dangling pajama feet.



First Girlfriend I Met in Naples.

I was homesick and knew no one in this town. I was afraid I’d call it quits and move back home. And then I met Heidi–on a blind friend date at P.F. Changs. The two teachers from Michigan who just had to meet each other. We sat over Asian Pear Mojitos and Shrimp Lo Mein and talked until they kicked us out. She called me “Chicka”, wore purple and told me she wanted to be a mom. Seven years later, we’re still kicking. She’s like my sister, and I love her and our Wednesday breakfasts.


She did become a mom, and who’d have thought our babies would love each other so.



First Fish She Caught.

The strangest thing is, my dad had just called the night before, lamenting over the fact that he felt sorry for Lainey because her fishing pole had a plastic fish on the end and she always excitedly waits for it to bob. “She has no idea that thing will never catch a fish,” he said, “and that’s what makes me sad. You have to get her a real pole and let her know what it feels like to catch a fish that’s not plastic.” (because my dad appoints himself the one to be obsessively concerned about these things) The next night, we ventured to the lake, real pole in tow.

Photobucket Photobucket

And within minutes, Brett’s cheering “Reel it in, reel it in!” while my girl is smiling victoriously.


She had a first–the thrill of reeling in her prize, a slippery silver-flecked large mouth bass.


Oh, she was proud. It was her time to shine and she knew it.


She will always be my first. My first born girl, the one who made me a mama and gave me the most glorious moment of my entire life.



First Kisses.

She’s choosy about who gets them, but this doll’s been real good to her so it was deserved. I love her kisses.



First and Last.

Today was the first time we bought colored bubbles.


They are pretty.


They are messy.


Today was the last time we bought colored bubbles.


First Carrots.

Keep in mind, this is my first time gardening. I wasn’t sure if anything would grow, but it has. And while these carrots aren’t prize-worthy, the fact that we pulled up anything worthy of eating in our garden is pretty miraculous. I mean, I leave name tags in trees for months.

Look. Carrots.


The rare Carrot Oh, of the Vegetable Oh Family.

Budding I-teeth likey.


And now, my prayers are finished. I am thankful. Spring brings new things, and I am excited about the promise of growth.

Photobucket Photobucket

I am motivated this year to try new things–to spruce things up–and I am hoping to bring some small happy renovations to the blog (promise, no major changes!). I’m working on a video tutorial for taking pictures–nothing professional, but some really easy, basic things you can do to take better pictures of your own kids. It’s a work in progress and I will share when it’s finished, but in the meantime, I’m interested in what you’d like to see more of here. This blog has been my space–and it always will be in that I write about what makes me happy. That will not change. But there is a sense of community here I appreciate as well, and I’d like, occasionally, to bring you things you’re interested in too–topics that inspire you, things you want to know more about, etc. If you feel comfortable, in your comment please tell me!


Happy Wednesday.

There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.” ~Victor Hugo



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  1. Awe, Happy Wednesday! What a fabulous post, you have such a knack and gift for writing on such diverse topics.

    I saw the colored bubbles and got all excited and was thinking, ‘oh my! what have I been depriving my child of!?’…then I saw your colored stains and knew that your experience was good enough for me πŸ˜‰

  2. Gotta say – I’m SO glad you bought those bubbles because now I’m certain I won’t! lol

    I’d love more of the same around here. :) I’d also love to read more of your photography thoughts and tips. Sometime I’d love to read more about your faith journey. Reading between the lines of the things you’ve posted I think there would be a very authentic, precious story in there.

  3. booooo on the bubbles…
    great idea about the tutorials.

  4. Yay Wednesday!!! First of this month!!!! :)

  5. i JUST saw a commercial this morning for those bubbles and thought, “wow that looks super messy!” thanks for clarifying :) i love the idea of the tutorials on photog…i’d love to pick your brain about your photography.

  6. Aww poor Nella with her teeth :( My 2 year old has his back molars coming through so he feels her pain..

    I cannot wait for the video tutorial. You’ve inspired me to pick up my camera more and capture memories & whilst I will never be a prize winning photographer, I love taking photos! x

  7. Oh my! I read through the grapevine that those washable colored bubbles were less than washable unless you were ok with scrubbing off a few layers of skin. Wow! A picture IS worth a thousand words!

  8. So now reading this I am thinking I may need to return those color bubbles. But boy do they look like fun.

  9. Oh how I love this blog. It has become a part of my daily routine and it has made me a better mother! If you never change a thing on it, it will remain perfect as always!! Thanks for sharing Kelle….and thanks for being the first to try out the colored bubbles, LOL

  10. I’m getting in a comment while the getting in’s good.
    I gotta tell ya, Kelle, I’m loving your blog the way it is. I AM excited to learn about your photography. I’m kean to learn to take photos a bit like you do. They are all so great! I have to say, I’ve been green with envy on your photography style for ages now.
    Nella photos always make me smile and I seem to dwell on them the most. She has such an aura about her. Such magic. And Lainey, well she’s just a little Kelle, but with blonde hair. I bet you get people telling you all the time how much she looks like you.
    Pretty, little flowers in her hair too. I love the angle of that last photo.
    I’ll be waiting for that tutorial.

  11. I love getting to experience firsts with ny little ones…it’s so magical. Wonderful pictures, my dear!

    I have a fun giveaway on my blog…I think you and your girls would love it! Come see :)

  12. ps, maybe you could give a lesson on blog writing sometime. You are so good at writing, maybe you could share some of your skills with those of us that are less fluent with words on paper.

  13. Kelle! Yet another awesome blog post. But, I can’t believe you didn’t include a “Carrot-Oh” caption under the pic of Nella chowing down on one. πŸ˜›


    Your blog admirer from Columbus, OH

    PS – Are you a Michigan fan?!! (I’m scared to ask, but I had to!…hahaha)

  14. WOW — in the top 20!! πŸ˜‰ I really love the picture of Nella looking back from her stroller. And kissing her doll. You just have a knack for catching the sweetest photographs — I would love to hear how you do that. Is the camera permanently affixed to your body? ;p

  15. Love the ‘Nella in the Umbrella Stroller’ photo. We had a pair of those pink high tops that graced both my girls’ precious piggies. Although they’ve both outgrown them, I still have them in a box in the closet. (The shoes, not the girls!) Also, thanks for takin’ one for the team on the colored bubbles.

  16. I’m excited about the tutorial! Your blog is what inspired me to start our family blog and to start photo-documenting our lives. I wonder if you would be up for sharing one photography tip a week or giving a “homework project” for your readers to try on our own.
    Love the blog, feeling your pain with the teething in our house, and LOVE that Lainey caught a fish!

  17. love this post! the bubbles made me happy then the mess skeeered me!

    cant wait to see your tutorials!

  18. I urge you not to change a thing about your blog. It’s perfection. Always one that I look forward to the most on my blog roll. The best part about it is that you can have me laughing and crying in all of about 3 minutes. Your pictures are amazing, but your writing… You turn moments into words and it almost makes me feel like I lived those moments with you and your sweet family. If I had to vote for just one blog to be blog of the year, well, Kelle it would be your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  19. Nella’s carrot Oh-face. Its like she knows JUST how good those carrots from your very own garden are. :) I love it!

    I would love if you would talk editing photos a bit. I am in need of some inspiration in that department. :)

  20. Love, love, love your blog!

    My question: I don’t have any kids, but I do have lovely nieces and goddaughters. Whenever I visit, I like to take lots of pictures – no posing or anything, just trying to catch the candid shots. Sometimes though, I worry that I may be overwhelming them. My question(s): Do your girls ever get fed up with you taking pictures? If so, how do you take pictures so that they don’t?

    Many thanks!

    PS – Your pictures are beautiful!

  21. It’s so funny that here we are clear across the country, and our girls so often wear the exact same clothes. It makes me happy!

    I love your decor taste. So eclectic and whimsical. Keep sharing your ideas! Right now I have a child’s hand painted bird “fairy” house handing in the bathroom, along with a strand of my favorite quotes. All are inspired by “Enjoying The Small Things”.

  22. Oh, Victor…that quote…truth.

    Well, this was a great prayer, Kelle. For some reason I think of Anne whenever I see your name…of Green Gables, of course. The both of you with your “e’s”.

    My comment here is pointless. But, is full of thanks for your blog. I look forward to it, and check before it appears in my google reader. (I’m a dork)

    Hooray for your first fish, Lainey!

  23. Super excited about the tutorial. I am planning to go to school for photography, so any help before would be amazing.
    Oh- and maybe you could challenge us each week to some kind of specific activity that you plan on doing with your girls that week as well. I am always amazed at how creative you are and I can never think these things up!

  24. Looking forward to a tutorial! I LOVE taking pictures of everything–so tips from from a more experienced and professional person would be fantastic!

    Love you blog–don’t change, just write more πŸ˜› —of course I know you are a busy mama, but hey–I’m selfish and like to read it!

    You have inspired my mommy blog!

  25. I just LOVE this blog, so what’s not to love about this blog doing even MORE? Here’s what I would love more of:

    *photography how-to’s (ditto!)
    *kids crafts/party planning (I loved Lainey’s fairy party and Nella’s “bloom” party–it would be cool to see how you pulled those off, step by step. The same with some of the fun things you do with your girls…picnics, crafts, etc)
    *fashion/lifestyle (I love how you put outfits together for you and your girls–the mixing and matching, the handmade clothing, the bargain hunting. Teach us how to do the same!)

    One of the previous comments mentioned your faith journey. I would also be interested in hearing about that, if you were comfortable talking about it.

    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing–loving it all!

  26. How adorable!!

  27. I officially want to live in Florida only because its sunny. It’s supposed to snow here tonight. GRRRRR

  28. I agree that I enjoy your blog the way it is. I love when you talk about how the girls interact as sisters. I would like to hear a little about Nella’s therapy (loved Lainey with the flash cards) because I know nothing about it and am interested in how people learn. Also please keep sharing her successes!

  29. I’m looking forward to the tutorial too…but other than that, I love your blog the way it is. I love seeing the things that make you happy, and I can’t get enough of those “oh” pictures! Your girls are just adorable, and Nella makes me smile every time I see her beautiful face :)

  30. Oh gosh…I almost bought those bubbles at Toys R Us this past weekend…disaster averted!
    The picture tutorial is a wonderful idea! Reading your posts and seeing your pictures has inspired me so much!
    Thats so sweet of you to take the time to do that and to open up your blog to others with their thoughts and ideas. I myself am obsessed with crafts…so please just share any fun, crafty ideas you come up with!! you’re awesome!!

  31. Our colored bubbles are hidden in the garage…I’m hoping my boys forget about them! :) I’m waiting until its sprinkler weather so they can rinse themselves while playing with them. Goodness…Crayola let us down on those ones! :) haha!

    Thanks for blogging. I’ve been following you since Nella was born nad I always enjoy your posts.

    Looking forward to the photo tutorial!

  32. Wonderful blog…since you asked, i’d love to see more on photography. Tips, tricks, helpful hints.

    Love all of your work!

  33. You are a great inspiration for composition! What I’d really like to know is your settings. Some of your photos look so creamy and soft. So, I guess I’m asking for iso/ss/f-stop at the bottom of a few of your favorite photos every now and then :) The girls are beautiful and sharing firsts is something I’m experiencing now with my 5-month old. It’s SO scary and exciting all at the same time!

  34. Kelle, just keep on doing what you do best… capturing moments that I know behind the camera are messy, sticky, not perfect and probably accompanied by some whining in between those smiles… but those snap shots of perfect keep me motivated to keep searching for my own. They are there, and the behind the scene chaos is worth it. And I would love some photography pointers :)

  35. Colored bubbles make pretty artwork…if you are wearing old clothes :-) I just read an article that there is a company out there that makes non staining colored bubbles…of course now I can’t remember the name :-)

    Happy Wednesday!!!

  36. Hi Kell,

    I think whatever you can give us in the way of your blog, your writing style and photography, us followers will appreciate it.

    I just realize that your blog is the same as my addiction once was to the show , “Sex and the City”. Just as I’m not a chain-smoking fashionista nor a mom with 2 kids, I can appreciate the inspirational insights and the journey within of being who you are.

    Thank you.

  37. what a great post (as always!)- i so look forward to reading your blog…always a bright spot in my day.

    well, my girlfriends and i were talking about your blog at our last get-together and we all said that we’d like to see fewer giveaways/sponsorship stuff. i think sometimes it just takes away from your posts which are so beautiful on their own. i know a lot of other blogs (like kelly stamps) have separate giveaway pages- which keeps things separate- and we all agreed that we quite like that better. but it’s just a suggestion.

    overall, i just love reading about what is going on in your life and looking at the pictures. we are quite alike…and i like to think of you as a friend on the opposite coast…


  38. i am in the same boat as you… my youngest (18 months) is teething and it is nothing like with my son. so much harder, and breaking her down so much more. she’s not sleeping through the night, biting her hands, and sick as a dog! hope these teethers push through quickly, in your little one and in mine!

  39. We tried those bubbles for the first – and the last – time today, too!!! What a mess. Weird how they cluster, too, huh?
    I like how your dad was concerned about Lainey catching a real fish, and how you listened and answered his concern. :)
    Poor Nella! Those teeth are tough. My 9 month old wakes up every morning at 1:30 or so with a poopy diaper. Fun times! But, we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we.
    As far as what I would like to see…I like your blog just the way it is! So I’ll leave that up to others’ suggestions. Love your blog!

  40. I remembered…zubbles!! I think they are $$ but non staining!

    Try artwork with the crayola ones :-) that’s all they are good for!!!

  41. I love your blog the way it is! Always inspiring me to be my best. I too am excited for the photography tutorial. I am always jealous that I can’t take beautiful pictures!

  42. I’ve been following your blog for about 7 months and I finally have the guts to say how much I enjoy it. Your writing is so inspirational and your photography is beautiful. It probably helps that you have such beautiful girls. I always look forward to reading your blog.


  43. Teething is the worst part of being a mom (and probably a kid, too). I have heard awful things about those colored bubbles; I will definitely be skipping them. And I am so, so, so excited about the picture taking tutorial. I just got my first SLR and my husband keeps telling me I need to learn how to use it. Yay!

  44. I love the picture of the popped bubble on your leg. This post just sold me on getting the bubbles…I love messy crafts and messy kids!

    What would I like to see on your blog? Life through your uniquely colored filter. I love seeing the beauty of a sunset and sweet smile of a little one just as much as I like seeing and reading about the not so pretty things like messy houses or red nail polish that needed to be put on to prove a point, just to be removed hours later. I love reading about real life and real issues that happen in life. I would hate to think something might be forced?

    I can tell you the reason I love your blog so much is that it inspires me. I love seeing you photos and I am constantly using them for inspiration in my own photos. I think the main drive for me on your site is the photography. I would love to see you in action during a normal day. Like what do you do with your camera? How many shots do you take? How do you handle being a mom in charge of two little ones while getting the shot? Do you use a tripod? What settings are tou using on your camera? Do you shoot in manual? If so, how do you compensate for crazy moving kids? So I guess my main interest is photography.

  45. I just love your blog the way it is… There are things I would like you to share like…your childhood, specifically your feelings about not having attended a traditional school. I have home schooled both my children who are now in 7th and 9th grade through a really cool charter school that incorporates weekly classes and many, many support classes for the kids…like art days, science, etc. I find that I am a small percentage of parents that are choosing this lifestyle for our kids that are not religious but very spiritual. I am always curious to find someone that was raised this way and wonder what their feelings are as an adult. Both our children love what they are able to do…

    Anyway, I love the way you interpret prayer…and I totally agree. Being in the moment and saying thanks and appreciating life as you live it is awesome!

  46. It’d be fun to hear from Brett. Or about Brett and how he has felt about having such a special child in your family. He seems very loving and easy-going. And how has your marriage been strengthened by it, too.

    When our special son was born, I freaked out and my husband was completely accepting. But having our boy has brought us closer together. It has been really awesome and beautiful.

    Thank you for all you contribute to this blog. It probably takes a lot of time and effort.

    xoxo, love, Bree

  47. grandma bought grandson blue colored bubbles for the first day of spring. i think her deck still has proof. totally messy!

  48. No long rambling comment today, just…I love your blog, you are an amazing person, and you will always inspire me. <3 I feel this spring and summer are gonna be good to me, and for me, and I know that’s because I’ve become a better person overall. I let the good in, I let my soul soar, and I’m thinking I should put some name tags in my trees πŸ˜‰

  49. your is my favorite blog of all. i can’t wait for the photo tutorial. Composition and focus are my toughest battles. Would LOVE some tips on post processing PUHleez :)

  50. Thank you for the heads up on the colored bubbles! I almost bought them and am glad we skipped them! I’ll stick with our super giant bubbles.

    Love, love, LOVE your blog!

  51. Your photography is amazingly clear and the bokeh is stunning. I love it and the focus! Love your blog. Gorgeous girls too! I have those converses for my addy!

  52. Eek, those bubbles!

    Loved reading about how you and Heidi met. Now, just need some background on you and Brett. πŸ˜‰

    Perfect carrots for your little bunnies.

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  53. Thanks for the tip on the colored bubbles…I won’t be purchasing them for my kids Easter baskets.
    I’m excited for the photography tutorial. I love hearing what others have to say about taking better photos, especially of children.
    And that picture of Nella looking back in the stroller is beautiful. Her face is so happy and shining and gorgeous. Both of your girls are gorgeous.

  54. The baby doll that your sweet Nella is kissing up there is the same one we have, and her name is baby Kim. We have now amassed four baby Kims, because of all the traveling we did last year! The doll came with a very inexpensive play set (crib/stroller etc) and everywhere we visited (Pennsylvania, California, Boston) our host family would have had one purchased all ready for my little one to enjoy during her stay!

  55. Stinks for the bubbles – I just saw a commercial tonight. Oh well. Lainey looked so proud of that fish! And Nella’s carrot Oh face is priceless. Definitely worth growing the carrots:0) I will read your blog no matter what you talk about. No specific needs here!!

  56. Hi Kelle,
    Love all your posts; how you write and the awesome pictures you take! I’m sure whatever you’re planning to change to the blog will be great! Your blog is one of the only ones I read consistently and I’m tempted to start one myself. But I don’t know where to start. So that would be a topic I’d be interested in.

  57. Gotta’ love a girl who goes fishing in a ruffled skirt! I fished with my Grandpa when I was little. Pretty sure I never wore a skirt. I love your blog and love your pictures. Your girls are just so sweet!

  58. I am always so inspired by your photography. You have such a beautiful quality to your shots and unique compositions. Could you please share with us about your photography journey? Also, any tips would be fab!
    Thanks for being my favourite blog!

  59. Hi Kelle, I just wanted to take a minute before running off to finish the laundry and pick up the papers my girl threw all over the floor :) that your blog is truly an inspiration to me. Whenever I seem to be in a rut, or just down and feel like things aren’t going right, I read your blog and you remind me to slow down, breathe, and take in the small things. Like the major dance party we had before brushing tiny one year old teeth and putting her to bed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


    PS: my sister recently had a little boy born with Down Syndrome. Our little Jude man. Your blog has been a light in all of our lives!

  60. Oh my! Those hands are blue!!! (note to self – bypass the colored bubbles).
    I appreciate the raw honesty of the messy side of life. I always love your pictures with the “real” backgrounds (read – not a perfectly clean floor or counter). I LOVE that. I feel like I miss out on so many “kodak moments” b/c I”m too embarrassed about the socks on the floor, or dirty dishes on the counter. I love seeing your little messes in your pictures. It makes me feel better about my little (or big) messes.

  61. you are a brilliant mom, photographer and writer and you have impeccable style. i love your blog. what an inspiration you are!

  62. some of my favorite pictures on here…and you continue to crack me up. i am not so sure that I’ll be purchasing the colored bubbles…they looked great until I saw those hands! AACK! and wow! way to go Lainey..the superwoman shirt is so perfect for that moment. love it!

  63. A few weeks ago I took care of a 58 year old DS lady who was admitted to the hospital. The entire time she was there her blonde haired sister held her hand. I immediately thought of your family…
    I’d love to hear more about the boys. How your family works to include and nurture them in their ‘big kid’ lives just as you do with your little girls.

  64. I just love your blog exactly how it is. Although, as a mom with a camera who totally would love to take better pictures of her kids I would LOVE a tutorial on how to do so.

    Okay, okay. What I’d really love is some one-on-one lessons, but that may be asking too much πŸ˜‰

    Keep on keeping on! You’re amazing as aways :)

  65. I can not say how thrilled I am for the video you speak of. I just bought my self my first Nikon ( d3100 =) and Can not wait to break it out and use it on my godson, nephew and then photos of our baby girl when she arrives!

  66. Me who totally loves your pics and goes around pretending I’m a Kelle twin? Sooo excited to get tips, any tips, thrown my way!! Cannot wait!!!

  67. I like your blog just the way it is. You’re wonderful words and pictures always bring a smile to my face. After reading your posts, I’m always inspired to just sit and enjoy my children in the moment and hopefully snap a picture or two.

  68. I would like to know where you get your clothes! I love your outfits so maybe a little post here or there about some great finds would be fun!

  69. Hi Kelle,

    I cannot believe I have worked up the courage to leave a comment for you! I found your blog through a few others, primarily Libby from Chesapeake, VA, who I believe is involved in YoungLife with some friends of mine at school in North Carolina. So, I got inspired. You totally inspired me not only to start a blog to foster creative writing and get back to my artistic roots, but I also am the proud new owner of a Nikon SLR camera. I would absolutely love for a basic tutorial video, and maybe a blurb about your educational background! You are a fabulous writer, I have shared your blog with so many. If you have any time please check out my blog: All my thanks for giving me wonderful photography and writing to look forward to each day.

    Lots of love,

    Emily M.

  70. I bought those bubbles and I’ve now hid them away so no one wants to use them again! Love the kissing baby shots…


  71. This post I’ll save for later and I’ll treasure reading it, as always.
    Especially now that I have rough times at my work, I love going all in, in your fab posts.

    Thank you, in advance, the post looks great (and I can’t wait)!

  72. We bought the colored bubbles too…HOT MESS!! :) I think we’ll be content to look for the rainbows in our regular bubbles from here on out. Would love the video tutorial on photography – thanks for taking the time!!

  73. Love it! The “Oh’s” From Nella could make me smile any day!

  74. Love your blog and would love to see a tutorial on how you edit your photos. They are always beautiful.

  75. I don’t have any specific things I want to see on your blog, but I will tell you what your blog does for me. Often it adjusts my attitude. Just your honest words and joyful spirit can be enough to change my mood.

    Your blog has also opened my eyes to a new world. Like what happens after you visit a foreign country for the first time – you are hyper aware of that new language and that food and when you return home you find yourself seeking out others who love that new country as much as you do. You have done that for me in regards to those in my life that have an extra chromosome. I am more aware and more excited when I get to interact with someone who shares Nella’s almond eyes.

    Just today as I was jogging with my daughter we saw a girl with her friends at a bus stop. She was rocking out with an imaginary guitar and was such a joyful distraction (I really don’t like running). She turned around and I saw those beautiful eyes and huge grin and was so happy to have her in my life for that moment.

    So thanks for sharing your words which bring me joy and for sharing your daughters which allow me to feel like I have visited a new exciting country!

  76. love your blog!
    as someone else said, i don’t enjoy the giveaways so much – it sometimes seems forced as you need to transition from your beautiful words to announcing a giveaway.

    also, i’d love to hear more from your Dad. used to scan the comments for his lovely thoughts — always a wonderful compliment to your blog.

    and maybe hear more about Brett and the boys?
    sending love and thanks! xx

  77. Oh how I love carrot “oh’s” and proud Lainey with her little fish!!!
    You probably already have your bag of tricks, but a few teething tools that worked well for us were: Highland’s teething tabs, frozen mini-bagels, wet washcloth from the freezer, or one of those mesh feeders with an ice-cube or frozen fruit in it. But the very best thing was chewy tubes.
    Can not wait to see the photography tutorial… am having a great time winging it, but would love a few tips to actually learn what the heck my camera can do. Would also love to know about how you keep all of the pictures you take organized on your computer.

  78. I haven’t read all the comments, Kelle, so I apologize if this has been mentioned but have you considered an amber teething necklace for Nella? Apart from being absolutely adorable, I’ve only heard good things about them. From what I understand, the lighter the stone, the greater the pain-relieving properties but any colour is still beneficial.

    I, like so many others, was first introduced to your blog with your post about Nella’s birth. I have been an avid and loyal reader ever since. Thank you fro giving us a glimpse into your life, the challeneges and the joys. Thank you for the joys.

  79. Beautiful post and pics as always. But I am really excited about hearing Ray Lamontagne on your playlist. If you get a chance you have to see him live. He’s incredible.

  80. Loved the coloured bubbles too until I saw the hands!

    I’d love you to post about your clothes. You always look so super coordinated yet comfortable and relaxed. I am always impressed by someone who coordinates their jewellery. Tell us where you are buying your clothes and how you are putting your outfits together,


  81. Ok so i have been readin this blog for a while and i just want you to know how much your kids make my day :) after a day of being stressed about exams and whatnot (I’m a high school junior) I love reading about your day before I go to sleep at night mostly because I feel like I’m talking to a friend πŸ˜€ thank you kelle

    Ps I just really want to be friends with your kids lol nella and Lainey make me so happy:)

  82. Just read these words from Anna Quindlen a few moments ago and thought of you:

    . . . but the biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough. [. . .] I wish I had not been in a hurry to get on to the next things: dinner, bath, book, bed. I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less.

    You do such an amazing job of treasuring the doing. In enjoying your words and pictures you remind me to do the same. I’m grateful for your beautiful example.

  83. Bought those bubbles in orange for bayley, last time for us as well. I would love to know a breakdown of your days/week. Like how much time you spend cleaning, cooking, writing, playing. How do u get ready for your day with 2 kids?? Basic how tos. That would be cool.

  84. I want more videos of the girls, more of your adventure ideas and things to do to suck the marrow of our children’s day to day.

    you make me feel like a better mom somehow. i want more of that.

  85. I love Lainey’s proud face when she is holding the fish! So gorgeous.
    Photo tutorial videos sound great.
    Is there somewhere I can go to find out how to make the header of my blog look as good as yours. I’m frustrated with blogger at the moment!
    Don’t change too much- it’s a regular dose of smiles and laughes and “wow look what it’s like over there” for me. I’m learning a lot about what life is like in Florida. Thanks for taking us along with you on your life journey.

  86. just keep doing what you’re doing! it’s my favorite blog of the day :)

  87. I am cracking up on the inside (just got home from work and my boys are sleeping)!! I also leave stuff dangling as reminders- drives my husband BANANAS! And I also bought blue bubbles. And threw them away. Worst idea EVER!

  88. Hi Kelle, I started reading your blog when a friend just HAD to share it with someone. It didn’t take me long to understand her excitement. Like Michelle said in one of the other comments “Often it adjusts my attitude”. That is exactly what your writing does for me too. Your blog has inspired me to start my own blog a little while back – feeding the wolf, I think you call it.

    I really don’t think you need to change anything – but there has been lots of thoughtful suggestions above. I too would like to know more about Nella’s therapy, a guest post from Brett, and maybe a peek in your wardrobe!

    I love the sibling bond you write about, the glimpses of your decor (and the ‘as is’ background in your photos), the Hamptom girls’ fashions, the beautiful photos of things that might otherwise be overlooked, your honesty.

    Just keep writing please!

  89. Love this post – I read your posts in the early morning before my house has awoken. It’s often my first. It sets me up for a better day. I would love a photo tutorial video – that is an amazing idea. As really – I often marvel at your pictures and what they capture of family life without needing to be ‘styled’. How do you do that? How do you make every day life look so beautiful?! Lou x

  90. Yay great post and great idea about photo tutorials! I adore your photos and would definitely make use of it.! I’ve often thought I’d like to see your party or fun activities ideas you know like a ‘how to’ sort of thing. So I can can be more creative with my own children.

    Love your blog!

  91. I am a fairly new reader to your blog but I remember the first time I found it, someone had forwarded me the piece you wrote, so beautifully, of Nella’s birth and I thought so sad this is only one post and then I rediscovered your blog and that has made me happy. You inspire me to live my life in the moment, to enjoy what we have been given, to be grateful and happy. Now I just need to learn how to capture my family, as you have done, through your beautiful photography – I look forward to reading your hints!

  92. I’ve gone through and read the blog from the beginning and although it’s still wonderful and I look forward to reading, it has changed from what it used to be. I’d like to see more of what it used to be, like more funny stories about things that happened during your day. I know you still do this, but it would be nice to see more!

    PS. the pics of Lainey with the fish are great! Most girls won’t touch fish, what a trooper!

  93. Can’t think of a thing I would change about your blog…or add to it! It is always heartwarming and inspirational. Thank you so much.


  94. Yay Lainey for catching that fish! High five big sister! Gold stars for Nella, too, for riding the teething train! What a trooper!

    I have to admit I’m having a little panic attack over here just thinking about your blog changing. I love everything about it – the places you take my heart and mind through your photography, words, the music.

    There’s a quote that says, “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” (Christian Morganstern) Your Home page is where we get to understand you…slide down your rainbows with you. It just wouldn’t be the same if on the way you were explaining refraction and the molecular level of water. Alright, that stuff is actually pretty cool.

    I like that you have posted photography tips in your Photography FAQ tab. It seems like a great place to post the tutorials, v-logs, etc. that the masses are requesting.

    Moral of the story is that the I fear the tutorial stuff might compromise what is so unique to your blog. They say that fear is the opposite of faith, though. I do have faith that whatever changes you choose to incorporate will be true to Kelle and to Enjoying the Small Things, and that I’ll love it all, but please oh please don’t change too much!

    Although I’ve been a reader for a year, this is my first time posting a comment, and it’s no wonder! It’s a blazing novel! I’m sorry! I love you, your family, and your unicorns. And they all lived happily every after. The end.

  95. I keep coming here because of the positivity in your words – even in a post that was meant to channel out your frustration. Then, there are the beautiful photos (of your beautiful experiences).

    Anything else for a little change? Not, in my eyes (although I do wish you write and post photos here twice a day ;D).

  96. I read all the time but rarely comment. I HAD to comment when I saw Lainey holding that fish! I teared up – it’s such a special photo! Congrats Lainey! You did good and are a brave girl!

  97. B E A U T I F U L !

  98. I like what you write here. I think tips for photography will be awesome. Like which camera or what is your favorite lense? Looks like you are using a lot of 50mm f1.2 here?

    But really, everything that you write, and especially the photos, are just captivating!

  99. I love this blog. I check every day for new posts at work. I hardly comment, but I read, laugh, sometimes cry and tell people about your blog.

    I even found your story in a Norwegian womans magazine. :)

    Don’t change to much. I like the way you remind me about whats important in life. It helps me keep my perspective.

    Hugs from Oslo, Norway

  100. Catching a REAL fish is a wonderful feeling. Thank God for Grandpa!!!

  101. I have no suggestions for any changes to your blog. Although I’m sure any new additions will be wonderful. It is my little bit of inspiration on the internet to be a more creative person and a better mother.

    I am loving Lainey’s first catch…amazing! This is coming from a 27 year old who was dragged to lakes in Pennsylvania her whole childhood and only caught sunnies. Since I’ve been in Florida, I am sad to say I’ve only caught one measly lady fish.

  102. Great post, and like you I have a knack of keeping notes, invitations, and clippings to remind me of all I am blessed with. Loving Nella’s Chucks….Rubes rocks hers and I love how her pudgy ankles spill over the edges….Nella reminded me of that in the photo of her in the buggy. Very cute :)

  103. I’ll echo what many others have said here. I love your blog because it is as it is- honest and lovely. It is comforting when it needs to be; eye opening when we were woefully unaware that we needed an awakening; and all woven together with smiles and joyful moments. You don’t need to change a thing.

  104. Your children are very beautiful!
    You are a good inspiration, Dear!

  105. Happy Thursday–as I am late to the party! Please don’t change a thing. It’s rare & perfect just as it is. I do look forward to your photography tutorial. I’ve recently purchased for myself a Nikon D-7000. Thus far, I know simply the basics of how to turn it on & operate it in auto mode. Less than thrilling when I know it’s capable of so much more. I have to admit I’m a bit intimidated by it at this point. It’s ashame to see it languishing away in it’s case everyday when I know it could be capturing so much if I just knew where to start!

  106. Kelle, I enjoy your blog with my coffee every morning, but I also wonder f you read all the comments that we all take time to write to you? I can not wait for your tutorial. I love your photo’s that you take from piggy toes to Ohh’s to flowers to carrots. What more is there to ask for ? Thanks so much for making my morning. Tammie

  107. Love your blog!
    Just returned my bubbles yesterday after reading just such a review!:) We went for the smelly jelly belly kind!
    Have a happy day

  108. I love your blog!! I would like to hear more about your creative ideas. I also love your decorating. I always find myself searching the background of your pictures for ideas.


  109. Love Love Love the picture of Nella peeking around the stroller! So precious!!! Can’t wait to see your tutorial about photography. I take tons of photos of my daughter and always looking to be better at it.

    Honestly there is nothing else that your blog needs to cover. You provide me with such entertainment and happiness that I would hate to see it change! Keep up the awesome job!

  110. Lainey’s first fishy is very impressive! Go Lainey-lou!!!

    Coloured bubbles… I don’t think I’ve ever seen those before!

  111. Beautiful!

  112. I started my own blog this year. In the hopes to wash away the horrible year of 2010 I needed something new. I needed lots of new. So each and every day I challenge myself to do a new or first thing and then I blog about it. Some are simple, others complex. It has turned out to be my favorite thing ever. I just found blogs at that time and a friend suggested yours. You have my favorite blog of all I have ever seen. They are honest and beautiful, sweet and complex. I love that you share with us. I love that you select music that accompanies. Don’t change a thing. And thank you for being the blog I run to when I turn on my computer and the one that I miss when it’s not there! Thank you for inspiring and helping us to see the world differently…what a powerful gift you use to perfectly!!!

  113. Yours is my first blog ever. Since I started to read, other blogs have come and gone. But, I religiously look for your posts each morning. I love reading your thoughts and laugh so often. Your words, paired with pics of your little loves are just plain inspiring. I love everything about the blog but trust your instincts on anything you want to add or change. It will be beautiful! I just bought a canon g12 and would love to ventuer off of “auto” setting so I would welcome photo tutorials! Thanks so much for writing.

  114. Lainey looks sooo proud! she could not keep her shy grin for long!!! YAY for Lainey! Congratulations sweets!! I cannot wait to see the photography tutorial.You really have helped me grow as a “photographer” just by sharing your photos. I love your blog just the way it is.It beautiful,inspiring and just plain lovely.I would love to hear about family traditions that you have in your home and more crafting stuff..AND so many of the clothes you wear I am always curious where you get them because sometimes I really don’t think I can live without them:) lol! I I could,I would have your blog printed and put into a beautiful leather bound book and put on my coffee table for all to see..It is a treasure.

  115. Oh! Those color bubbles looked so fun, but I am very glad I now know what they do, before I handed them to a two year old and said “blow away”!

    Honesty, I would love to see more of exactly the same! But one thing is, under your videos I saw the “Kelle hamton show trailer” And I absolutely LOVED the idea. I would love to see more of those videos!


  116. I can not recommend one single thing I would like to see different about your blog. It is my my morning coffee, my nightly dessert, my little bit of the day that feels oh so good. But I’m sure whatever changes you come up with will be icing on the cake.

  117. When I saw those bubbles, I thought that you were one DARING mom. I read a bunch of scathing reviews about those bubble – some commenting about how they will have to power wash their polka-dotted house. Oh boy!

    Wow, I love that quote at the end. And the girls. And the bit about Heidi. I’ve said it before, but she seems like a lovely soul. You two are blessed.

    I don’t how you can improve the blog b/c it’s terrific; but I can understand your need to feed your creative beast. How about a tutorial on how to do a digital scrapbook/picture page? I’m doing them but it took a LOT of work and personal growth to figure out just how to do it from scratch.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  118. Sweet, sweet pictures. My little guy was a goofy-teether too. Seemed like each tooth would be “coming in” forever. Gnawing on garden carrots sounds like a good soother.

    I would love to see/read your photography tips. Maybe for those of us without a gigantic camera (!), you could also provide some insight into taking good pictures with just a simple camera. Tips on making awesome photo books too. Love party/entertaining ideas as well! Oh, and I would love to see all the different positions you get into in order to get all these great shots….are you laying under that swing or what? I can’t figure it out….but I love the result!
    Congrats on the fish Lainey! So cool. Love the Vicor Hugo quote. Have a great rest-of-the-week. xo

  119. you know, I am really thankful that I know about those colored bubbles…. that is the kind of thing that would get me really excited until I realized what a mess they make!
    And I am super happy my sound was on this morning and the first music I heard was Ray… my other husband.
    Love your blog!

  120. Always love when I take time to read your blog. I laugh and I cry because I can relate. We all need each other (mammas, women, friends) to remind us of how good we really are!

    I love everything about your blog and would keep doing what you’re doing. But, you are gifted creatively so I know whatever tweaks you make will be awesome!

  121. Your blog is gorgeous, I love reading it and learning from everything that you do and achieve.

    I would love to see a full day- one photo every half an hour/ hour of the day just what you and your girls achieve with your time.

  122. LOVE! I want to see more of everything… photo how-tos, Nella’s progress, life, the little things captured beautifully! And if you could give me some fashion tips to keep Ellie as stylish as your babies, I’d take ’em! (Can’t complain, I won a dress for her… have to pack on some weight for her first!!) Love it all! Thanks, Kelle!

    Megan (and Ellie, the reason I was up at 4 to read this!)

  123. I would love to know about photography. I received a new camera fo rmy birthday and have two kids under the age of 3. Your photos have indeed inspired me but I feel I have so much more to learn!! Thank You for your inspiration!

  124. I love your blog and hope any changes will maintain the honest and natural feel of this blog.

    I agree with the other commenter that giveaways could be separated from the rest of your post. They do not have that same organic feel as the rest of your posts.

  125. In the 3° pics, Nella with the yellow dress, she looks like you! She has something in her glance…xoxo, Alice from Italy –

  126. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs and your life. You bring southern Floridian sunshine to my gray Midwest winter days, you inspire me to create memories for my baby boy and to make the most of everyday. Your photographs remind me to see the beauty in the mundane moments and to treasure every second. I check your blog every night as I nurse my six month old to sleep. Your daughters are gorgeous and so very lucky to have you as a mom.

    Thank you.

  127. I love, love your blog! It inspires me to be a better Mommy! You are so creative and have such good ideas for engaging your children. Nella and Lainey always look exceptionally poised and happy to the gills! Surely they are like other kids having some fits and such. It seems wherever you go, your kids are in tow. Maybe a post on how you deal with those “not so comfortable” moments with the kids. Tantrums, wanting out of the cart at the grocery store, etc. You seem to be so patient and calm, I would like a lesson! Just an idea!

  128. Thank you for being the guinea pig with the colored bubbles. I thought that seemed like a great idea but had serious doubts about the washable-ness. I might have to buy them just once so I can take some great pictures!

    I really love your blog the way that it is. It is so unique. So many blogs are just full of giveaways, reviews, and stuff that is just not that authentic. You are an amazing writer and photographer and I love that your blog gives me inspiration for my own life. I would love to see photography tutorials but please just don’t veer too far from the current style – I think it’s what the readers love.

    I keep thinking about those damn bubbles now and how I really must go get some immediately. Just once. :)

  129. “At times it is, yes, frustrating; but still amazing that I have what she needs–that my child’s greatest distress is comforted simply by my presence.” – Kelle Hampton

    How is it that you can say what I feel so perfectly?! :)

  130. Your blog is truly amazing. I cry almost every time I read. Your writing is fabulous and simply makes me feel and want to hang on to every second even more. Instead of feeling like I could never be the kind of mother and woman that you are and leaving defeated & discouraged, I Ieave completely encouraged feeling empowered and inspired to be the best wife, mother, and woman I can be. Thank you for being positive and real and inspiring.

  131. Don’t change a thing! I love the way your photos and stories make me smile and inspire me to be a better mom to my two. Love Lainey’s superman outfit with the tutu, vest, and wellies. Perfect!

  132. We used those bubbles once and then they found their way to the trash can. What a mess and what a disappointment from Crayola!

    I LOVE your blog the way it is, but maybe you could just give some tips on taking pics that are a bit out of the ordinary (like you do). I get so tuned in to centering my kids in the picture that I forget to look at it from another perspective.

  133. Oh how I love your blog! Yours is the only one I don’t read in my Google Reader. I go right to your site because I want the header, I want the full size pictures, I want the music. Your blog is really an experience and I can’t wait to read it everyday!

    Like most everyone else, I would absolutely love more photography posts (or additions to your photography FAQs).

    I would specifically like to know your camera settings (how you adjust them for different environmental settings) and your post editing. You are so talented as a photographer but I think you are an equally talented editor.

    I’d really like to see your editing process- some before and after pictures- a SOOC shot and a final picture with a tutorial on how you ended up with the final picture. That would be so inspiring and helpful.

    Thank you so much for all you do to inspire me everyday!

  134. You got me in this one today, girl. Wow, tears a flowing into my coffee. Our girls are both so close in age…my littleiest is cutting 4 molars at the same time at 14 months. Yes, you read that right….4! And all that sweet fussy baby girl wants is her momma….and you reminded me that it is perfect and all that I’ve ever wanted. Thanks for the pep talk today. :)

  135. Always an inspiration. Love, love looking at your photos. Would love to know more about how you manage to capture all these moments (“photo recipes”). Really? How do you capture it all?? I have 2 toddlers and I’m trying to journal and takes photos but someone always wants to be held or is trying to grab the camera. :)

  136. I’d be interested in how you organize photos.Loading photos and editing intimidates me.
    Beautiful thoughts on prayer today.Thank you for pouring yourself into this blog, it’s a gift to me as a mom :)

  137. Love this post! Such a good reminder about what a blessing it is to have your presence comfort your child.
    And the bubbles OH the bubbles! They are so pretty- but that mess was terrible!

  138. Love everything about your blog and i follow religiously! Very excited to see the picture tutorial. Always trying to take better pics of my 3 boys!! You are an amazing photographer!

    Oh yea, I am from Ohio so Go Bucks!! =)(had to)

  139. We made the mistake of playing with the colored bubbles too. Luckily I was able to get the stains out of my son’s brand new shorts and shirt, but we will never be using those again!!

  140. Your blog brings me inspiration – mostly you inspire me to be more present with my children instead hurrying to get the dishes done/floor mopped…This time will pass all too quickly while they are itty bitty and I never want to regret not spending enough time with them.

    I’m sure whatever changes you make to your blog will be fab!

  141. THat picture of Nella in the stroller is AMAZING.
    As for blog topics, I’d love to know more about your photography. What kind of camera did you start with? How did you progress from taking pics. for fun to taking pics. for dinero? What kind of camera do you have NOW?
    Thanks again for sharing your life with us, Kelle.
    And I’m with you on the bubbles; never. again.

  142. i always love the photography-but this post was particularly stunning to me this morning over coffee-
    I can’t think of any improvements to your blog-you seem to be always growing and pushing yourself towards the person you want to be and succeeding beautifully :)

    -i am an occupational therapist who works with kids with a variety of special needs-and i have sent many of my parents to your blog because of your outlook and honesty. thank you.

  143. i would love to see some video tutorials on photography. we have a baby coming in 4 weeks. camera is bought. now i just need to learn to use it. let’s get those up and running ASAP! :)i need some tips.

  144. I love the blog just the way it is. You are so creative and artistic I know any changes you make will be great! Nice fish!!

  145. sorry about your bubble experience, but i’m so glad you posted about it- with proof- because it will save so many of us, i imagine, from the doing the same. OY!
    love your gorgeous photos of your gorgeous babies, btw! (virgin commenter here- though i stop by often)

  146. We need a gardening tutorial, because I kill even the most basic of plants and would love to grow carrots, tomatoes, and herbs. Just have to also keep the rabbits out.

  147. Hey, I’m trying to teach myself how to put together a video on spinning wool from our farm. Will you let us know what editing program you are using?

  148. This blog makes me happy!!

    I read through some of the comments and I see a trend here… the same thing I was thinking as I read your blog: photography tips!! Learning the ropes of my new “fancy” camera so I would love to hear some basic tips.

  149. Waw, what a beautiful posts! I love all your posts, but this one… waw!!!! It made me stop a few times to think about what you were saying or taking the gorgeous pictures, your gorgeous girls. Those coloured bubbles are hilarious. As is the name tag in the tree for 2 months (I’d do that too, if I had trees :P). Nella’s kisses are incredibly cute. So is Lainey with here fish!
    Have a great day!!!

  150. YAY! Super excited about the upcoming camera info.! Love you r blog!

  151. Honestly, your blog is perfect. So I’m not sure I have any good suggestions for you. However, I will tell you what my favorite kinds of posts are: The ones where we catch a glimpse of your regular, every-day life. Not that every post isn’t “your” life. I just mean that sometimes it’s nice to hear that you guys watched too much tv one day, or that the dishes didn’t get done. πŸ˜‰

  152. This is my favorite blog you’ve ever written. I love what you said about prayer – it’s exactly how I feel. I’ve never understood having rules about prayer. It should be free and easy and mean something.
    I loved what you said about being able to comfort your baby with your presence. My girl is working on her teeth as well and it makes my heart happy when she melts into my arms and I can make it all better.

    and the fishing… Well that just made me cry at work. My husband has never been so excited for anything as he is to take his girl fishing for the first time. Seeing your husband do it was so sweet.

  153. I am curious to know about the girls’ clothing… are you fortunate to get hand me downs or do you hit consignment shops? We know you are a big fan of Etsy, so some things are custom made.. and we know you love the Gap – but just wondering if you enjoy a good garage sale bargain etc… also, where oh where did you find that highchair/table chair thing that Nella uses? I really like it and am curious to find one for my boy.

  154. I love your blog. I stumbled upon it about two weeks ago…and have since gone through your archives. A photography tutorial from you would be amazing!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  155. I would LOVE and appreciate a photography video tutorial very much! I just bought a fancy new camera and am learning the ropes. Signed up for a photo class in June and can’t wait. Your photos inspire me! You mentioned a chicken curry recipe that was good and I thought to myself I wonder what the recipe is. I think a what’s for dinner where mamas can share meal ideas would be fun. That last picture of Nella peaking around the stroller is my fav. Beatiful girls mama Kelle!

  156. The picture of Nella kissing her baby is just priceless! I love all of the pictures of her with her babies. There is nothing cuter than a baby playing momma.

    glad you posted about the colored bubbles, I was wondering if they were really messy, now I know to steer clear! LOL

    I don’t know of anything more I’d like to see on the blog, this is my absolute favorite space on the entire internet lol but I am really looking forward to the picture taking video tutorial!!!!

  157. I’m excited about the tutorial as well! And in answer to your question about what we’d like to see more of here, I can’t really think of anything because I love love your posts so much just as they are. The joy that you have is so contagious and inspiring. So whatever you do, I’m sure we will all love it and continue to read and enjoy your blog :) <3

  158. I think your blog is perfect just the way it is. I rush to get to a new post every morning! Your girls make me smile, make me laugh and I believe I have shed a tear here or there. I have two girls too and often I find parallels. And often it helps to see another mom being real, going through the same old things and working to find that perfect balance. I do look forward to your video though! I have an amazing Canon and no idea how to use it. I’m trying though. Trying to branch out and use some new angles and all. Its getting a little better!

  159. first’s are the best…so much better than last’s. that pic of nella in the grass with her finger to her face is priceless…all of them are girl. i’m the same way with my fridge…pure laziness. glad to know i’m not alone.

  160. I feel the same way about prayer … a way of life … praying with our thoughts … feelings … words … actions … this is the best way to live… :)))

    Lainey’s face fishing and Nella’s face kissing her doll are such beautiful prayers! Love your new header and Victor Hugo’s quote. xox

    Sending lots of love your way~

    “Everything is gestation and then birth. To allow each impression and each embryo of a feeling to complete itself in the dark, in the unsayable, the not-knowing, beyond the reach of one’s own understanding, and humbly and patiently to await the dawning of a new clarity: that alone is the way of the artist—in understanding as in creating.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

  161. Okay. The colored bubbles are out. I was going to put them in my daughter’s Easter basket. But I’m pretty sure I won’t now.

  162. I always love your blog, your writing and your photos! A photo tutorial would be awesome. Especially for someone like me who has a fancy camera but it is always on the auto setting! Curious if you would be open to questions from your followers? You could answer them you could not answer them but it might bring about more happy topics to write about!

  163. I would really like to see things stay close to the way they are now. You write well and you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. You inspire with your words without trying and that in itself is inspiring.

  164. that is hilarious about the colored bubbles! i just saw those on a commercial last night..looked at my husband..and said…not in my house! ha! i’ll stick with “old school” bubbles! :) have a beautiful day! :)

  165. I just enjoy your blog the way it is, LOTS AND LOTS Of photos of your little girls and your magical way of writing/thinking!

  166. I am so glad you posted about the colored bubbles because I was so going to buy them today. not anymore – i guess my son will be deprived!!

  167. Kelle, love the post today. Your post are always so real, honest and fun to read. I am looking forward to the photography tutorial it sounds great. Thank you, for letting us into your world, and us into yours.

  168. Your blog is just perfect, and I’m thankful for just that. I wouldn’t change anything. :)

  169. We will still buy the bubbles and make a glorious mess, at least once. We will make our own colored mess of a memory.

    The photo tips are a great idea, but honestly I don’t think you need to make any changes. This is my happy place on the web, when I find myself spending too much time on Facebook, I come here have a quick read and then log off and go make memories with my babies.

  170. I already love your blog (of course!), but what I’d like to see is more of your cheap(er) and oh-so-cute party ideas.
    I could use a little more of that in my life, I think!

  171. We bought colored bubbles for the first and last time too! Flamingo pink wasn’t even pretty.

  172. Oooh I can’t wait for your photography tutorials! I just bought a canon and can’t wait to figure out how to use it.

    Of course Lainey would catch a fish on the day she is wearing her super Girl T-shirt! Congrats Lainey!

    Oh and Nella kissing the doll is such a precious picture!

  173. I am soo glad I saw this before I bought colored bubbles. I AlMOST bought them for the kiddos and then thought better of it and now I am glad!

  174. My thoughts on your blog and ideas…. NOTHING! Keep blogging from the heart! Love visiting your site every day. And when there’s no new blog, I just keep your screen open while I work and listen to your playlist. But I do love the idea of more photography tips. My girls are same age as yours and I’m still waiting for the money flow to bring me a DSLR :( Some day … :) Happy Fri. Eve, Kelle!

  175. after reading through the comments I thought of one thing I would love you to post about. Your faith journey. from what I can gather you were raised in the same religion I was. I am still a part of this religion, but am having some questions about what I believe and what I don’t. Anyway, I know this is really personal and totally understand if you don’t want to talk about it. Also, how did you like being home schooled? I am homeschooling my children and would just really love to hear your thoughts good and bad on it.

  176. Teething….No sleep….exhaustion ….but I’m in love with every minute. After years of trying God blessed me and my husband with a beautiful baby boy. Logan is now 9.5 months old and as of yesterday he has four bottom and four top teeth.

    Thank you for sharing with us and I agree with many others that tips on photography would be great. I love taking pictures of my little guy. Have a blessed week!

  177. I just LOVE the way you capture life! I especially love the pic of your daughter peeking around in the stroller and smiling. Too cute! Your photos are an inspiration!

  178. Nella peeking around the stroller with pink chucks on just about made my heart burst out of my chest! How do you stand the delishousness of her? ;o)

    Yahoo on fish catching, Papa must be so proud!

    Can’t wait to buy messy bubbles and ruin some stuff! Need to let it warm up a bit more up here so I can hose off the monkies when we are done.

    Love and so excited about you sharing photo stuff. Your photography is very inspiring to me. Would love to have you share more of your cooking and crafting stuff.

    This will sound a bit crazy maybe, but I feel very connected to you when you share the way you keep house, I am so not a neat and tidy mama, but I strive to be better. I appricate hearing that other mama’s out there might ignore something as simple as a tag in a tree to blow messy bubbles and take pictures instead because quite frankly kids don’t care about tags, laundry or dust. wow I got wordy.

  179. Just one idea – some other blogs I follow choose one day a week to thank and advertise their sponsors. It’s really nice to see all of them in one spot and it keeps a blog from looking like an etsy catalog with most posts ending with an ad of some sort.

  180. Kelle – don’t change anything based on what others imply should change. Your blog has always been from the heart, and it is so very you. If there are changes, they should come from you – because then they will echo the heart and soul of this sacred space.

  181. I enjoy your blog as a mom who obviously adores and cherishes her kids. Your beliefs of prayer though are your own “spin” on what prayer is. We alreay know what prayer is and should be and when we water down the gospel or put our own take on it, people who need Jesus, see the “person” with their “take” rather than who they really need – Jesus! His words should never be preached as condemning words, but as words that are meant to help us live victoriously and to point us in the direction of eternity in Heaven! It’s not if we are sinners or not, because we all certainly are, but the absolute ? is are you a Christ Follower? That’s all that matters. I’m not suggesting you preach on your blog, but if you are going to define prayer it should be a truthful, accurate description that is given in God’s Word…we don’t need to change it, nor water it down, nor make it feel warm and fuzzy. We need to just point to His Words on those topics! I am passionate about our Great God and believe He deserves all the magnificant credit for the Grace he affords us!

  182. Your writing and photographs are so beautiful!

    Though I have been reading for a while now, I was moved to comment on this post.

    This part: “She will always be my first. My first born girl, the one who made me a mama and gave me the most glorious moment of my entire life, ” caputured exactly what I have been feeling lately. My baby girl is about to turn 1 and I am so overwhelmed with the blessing of becoming her mother. She has changed my life in ways I never knew possible.

    Thank you for eloquently conveying my feelings in words. I have saved this quote, along with your name and it will forever be in her baby book.

    Keep on, keepin’ on. I look forward to your posts!

  183. I must admit, bubbles are one thing I stay away from as a mom (I’m bad like that)…and now I remember why :). Thanks for sharing.

    I’d love some photog tips. I recently got a DSLR camera but really need to learn to use it better…and utilize my photoshop better.

    BUT keep lots of pics of the girls on here. I love those.

  184. I wanted to recommend an amber teething necklace, but I see someone beat me too it. Seriously, these work! I didn’t discover them until I had my fourth, and she had such a hard time cutting her first 2 teeth. Abigail has worn hers for over a year now, and hasn’t complained about teething pain at all. Plus, it’s really cute!

  185. I am IN LOVE with those itty bitty cute pink converse shoes!

  186. I love your blog!
    EVERY post always brings so many different emotions out in me.
    I enjoy reading each & every one of them.

  187. As soon as I saw those colored bubbles, i knew i had to leave a comment because we too just bought them for the first and last time!…only before we knew how much of a mess they would make, we blew them in the house:)
    I also had to comment because my husband and I are expecting our second child in August and I’ve been doing a lot of remminecing about “Firsts” and am so completely wrapped up in my “First” lately. I know I will love the 2nd just as much as the 1st but am so bittersweet about the whole thing.
    Anyways, i love starting my morning by reading your blog!:)

  188. Ah Kelle, you are so inspiring…seriously…as in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ meets ‘ET’ with a twist of ‘Erin Brockovich’ and a splash of ‘Rocky’ topped off with ‘Thelma and Louise’ (but without the whole driving off a cliff part). The photog lessons would be welcomed, but otherwise, keep on, keepin’ on…

  189. i love love the pic of your sweet girl blowing those purple bubbles…hoping that you are going to tell us how to blur that background and foreground!! :) what lens do you use? love your blog!!
    julie in ohio

  190. Hey I was wondering what settings do you use on your camera? I love the lighting that you get. Thanks for the information! I want to get the most out of every pic I take of my babyboo!

    Thanks, Jen

  191. i too almost bought the bubbles for the easter basket…disaster averted! woo hoo!

    as for the giveaways, i like the way you do it (although i have yet to win). they are unobtrusively put at the bottom of your post. i like when you mention sponsers because they are usually a place i might not have known about previously.

    i would like to see pics of my boys and your girls together when you come up to MI. hint hint! (but seriously, i understand if your schedule is too jam packed).


  192. Haha, with the bubbles. I bought the same colors for my son and daughter on v-day. I have actually posted on my FB a very messy back portch and clarifying that being the last time I ever buy those colored bubbles. they are SUPER messy!! LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!

  193. Love the idea of the video tutorials. My dad recently gave me his old DSLR camera and I’ve been dying to learn how to take pictures like yours. Can’t wait!!!

  194. Shucks, no colored bubbles for my grandkids either!! Thanks for trying them out first! hehe!
    Your writing & pictures are my smiles, laughs & tears.
    Thank you.

  195. can’t wait for your photography tutorials!

  196. Tutorials! Yay!

  197. Holy moly the fish is ginourmous! I am trashing the Barbie fishing pole when I get home today. I wish someone had lamented my girl’s lack of fish catching. I am so envious of your real carrots. I am trying again this year, but I am somehow only able to grow spoutletts, and then either stunted or instantly rotten food. Carrots – what a perfect teether, wish I had thought of it! Looking forward to the photo tutorial.

  198. I love your blog, it is inspiring to me, makes me smile, makes me think of my family, which in turn makes me smile again! I would love photo tips. I loved Nella’s Birthday Party post, and I think you are uber creative–so maybe a kids party decoration/party favor tutorial or something like that!

    Happy Thursday!

  199. I LOVE the blog the way it is. I love that your write about life and what inspires you and i know that inspires us. I love that you look at the glass half full and also you don’t ever hide the hurt or sadness when it is there. but i do look forward to a good easy video on how to take pictures.

  200. I cannot,and I mean CANNOT, wait for your photography tutorials! I have the camera, the cute subject, and the vision…but, sister, I need help! So excited!

  201. I have to say, i’m newly reading your blog. your words and photos have captured my heart! i simply love your blog. I love everything about it, it makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me smile and cry at the same time. over the little things. The most amazing little things that you point out and make the rest of the world almost melt away and all that is left… is the peaceful world that is yours- and i’m trapped inside. You are inspiring!

    I check your blog once every day to make sure i haven’t missed any of your uhbentures.

    I am expecting my very first child this summer, and she’s a little girl. Seeing all the wonderful things you do with your girls, all the amazing moments that others might miss… but they are yours- and you notice. And all i can say, is your story, is truly amazing, and i can’t wait for it to continue.

  202. I wouldn’t change a thing. Love ya!!

  203. A video tutorial would be fabulous! I got my Canon rebel 4 months ago and I’m still trying to figure it out. when I have two subjects in the frame, it seems one is in focus and one is not. I need help with focus. But that applies to every aspect of my life. :o)

  204. You put your finger on something profound with this post, Kelle, and it is indeed a prayer. When you said “amazing that I have what she needs–that my child’s greatest distress is comforted simply by my presence”–it brought me to tears. I remember when I was a new mother feeling awed at this fact, and hoping the kids never caught on to all of my insecurities, lest they lose that trust. Now that I’m a grandmother and have lost my own mother, I know that it never changes…my child’s greatest distress will always be comforted by my presence. How important is a mother? More important than mere words could ever say!

  205. I too would love some photography tips, details about settings you use, etc. I have a pretty nice camera and a major love of photography. I love your blog!!

  206. Kelle,

    Your blog is just perfect the way it is…the simplicity mixed with your amazing writing skills leaves us, your readers thinking about being grateful and ‘enjoying the small things’ in life!

    I think one day a week make a day to give tips, especially photo ones for all of us dummies…and I would LOVE to have a lesson about writing style and how you manage to string words together that are so powerful as yours…whether you use a technique or have read books etc, on improving writing.

    Thanks for sharing your days with us…your pics and words are like a warm hug.
    with love
    Diana x

  207. Great post Kelle! Makes me want littles soooo much more just to share in experiencing these great life moments. The pic of Nella kissing her doll made me tear up — such love and innocence.

    Love the idea of photog how-to’s. I bet you get a lot of scrapbookers on here too… with your creative self and your annual memory books, perhaps you could design some templates / provide tips on that aspect. Gals gotta have a way to display the fab photos they are going to learn to take!

    Otherwise, don’t change too much! This is your place and we’re just stopping by to share the light and love. :)

  208. I LOVE your new header….. we seem to be getting those I teeth too.

  209. aw, kells!!!!!

    love you back sister. i remember that blind date well…you were wearing orange and you looked like a movie star.

    the bartender had a crush on you and we laughed like it was nobody’s business.

    i love that that was the first of many shrimp lomeins.

    and our kids do love each other:)


  210. Loved this one, especially.
    possibly my favorite photos to date, Nella looking over her shoulder in the stroller and Laney holding her prized fish :) YEAH for firsts!

  211. Have more fun moments with your kids, take more sweet pictures of their gorgeous faces (and yours as well), and keep writing. Your blog needs nothing more to it than that.

    And is it crazy that I still want to try colored bubbles even after seeing that mess? Too fun!

  212. Kelle,

    I’m SO EXCITED about a photo tutorial!! Thank you for doing this for us since you have inspired so many of us to start taking better pictures of our kids.

    Oh, and thank you. My little one turns one tomorrow, and all the memories are flowing back – shock, fear, grief. But now? So much joy in our home and in my heart. Thank you for helping me!

  213. Kelle, God ALWAYS answers your prayers! Sometimes, the answer is just, no!

    I’m so excited about your photography tutorial! Your pictures are always amazing!

    Happy Wednesday, to you too!!!

  214. Ooh, I didn’t know about colored bubbles and probably would have bought some later this week since we are almost out had you not said they were messy. I’ll steer away from those, thanks!

  215. I’ve been reading your blog since Nella’s birth story, and I eager await your posts! This is the first time I’ve commented. I was just looking at your lovely photos, especially the last one of Lainey today – just beautiful! You had asked us to mention things we were interested in in our comments. I’d love to know how you get your photos to have such nice bokeh (see, I know the word, but not how to do it!) I’ve tried upping the aperture on my photos, but they just seem washed out to me. I’m a complete photo novice, but am trying to figure some things out on my own. I love that dreamy look that many of your photos have, like that last photo of Lainey. Would you mind sharing your settings for that photo? Thanks for ALL your posts. :) I love them.

  216. I’m so buying those bubbles. lol Once, just once! Just to say we did! And because I love a good happy mess. I promise to think of your warning when I’m saying very bad words and going to work with purple stained hands.
    I cried reading that Lainey caught her first fish. (i’m a total sap) I remember that exact look on my sons face when he caught his first. Precious!! And what a big brave girl holding that slimy thing.
    My “virgin harvest” this year is going to be carrots and i cannot WAIT to pull my first from the ground. So exciting!
    Can’t wait to view your tutorial!

  217. Kelle, you always inspire me to go outside, leave the dishes for later, and enjoy life with my son.

    But what I’d love to hear more about.. is things about marriage. How you make life beautiful in your marriage with the busy mom life.. with kids always at your feet. :)

    SO.. please please !! :)

  218. Go Lainey, what a catch!

    Just wanted to say to you Kelle, thank you for inspiring me to get into blogging! I moved my gorgeous little boys to the Netherlands from the UK in Dec 09. After discovering your blog I bought a DSLR and got stuck into a blogspot account that I’d set up as we were preparing to move…and had quickly abondoned. Now my family feel that they are still very much apart of our lives and do not miss out on a single.tiny.moment. It has made the world of difference to how my family have coped with us moving so far away. SO thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll never be as talented as you but for my family our little space in the stratosphere means a lot!

    Best wishes to you and your gorgeous family! x

  219. LOVED the comment about the colored bubbles being the last time! hahahha…I am so with you on that one!
    I have said this before, but I really really wish I had you to read when my kiddos were little! You are SUCH a mama inspiration to me…even now! And my littles are 24, 21 and 18!
    Thank you!!

  220. I’m thinking these things have already been stated, but here are my thoughts:

    *Sometimes the “give aways” take from the meaningfulness of your post….seems there are always more comments because of a “prize”. Reading your newest post is ALWAYS my prize and all the motivation I need to comment.

    *Would love to “hear” more about Brett and your boys. I honestly think our husbands would get along, and I certainly have a fondness for big brothers πŸ˜‰

    *I sometimes look for your Dad’s inspirational words within the comments….I can see where you get your poetic (sometimes “prophetic”) way of seeing life.

    Hope this is helpful, but mostly encouraging! You and your blog are amazing AS IS :)

    Much, much love,

  221. Yay! I am so excited for the video. Your photography inspires me so much. I would love to learn more. I am learning to shoot in manual right now. I aspire to take pictures like you one day! Besides photography and more of the same, I would love to know how you came to live in Florida, how you met Brett, etc. Thanks for all you do on the blog. I really enjoy reading it!

  222. I would love to see what your settings are on some of your photos. That would be a wonderful tip. :)

  223. Yay! So excited about the photo tutorial…not so much about the colored bubbles…thanks for the heads up! :)

  224. Funny, I was thinking about you the other day & the amount of photos you take. I was curious as to how/when you upload your images off your CF card. I take many photos too (not near your number) & I have no rhyme nor reason how I upload. Every 3-4 months I finally upload, into one folder! It’s a mess, which results in me having NO printed photos of my gorgeous kiddos. All that to say – I’m excited about your tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Happy day! :)

  225. Hi Kelle,
    I enjoy reading your blog. I’d love if you’d share some favorite recipes, makeup tips or products you use (you always look so lovely in your pics!), and some fashion tips – I envy your eclectic style. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to hear how you manage look so great while staying busy with 2 little ones. Look forward to seeing the photo tutorials!

  226. Two things: First, I don’t “know” you and I don’t “know” Heidi. But based purely on the pictures you’ve shared of the two of you, if I didn’t know any better…I’d stake all my money on the fact that you two are, indeed, sisters. Just sayin.

    Second, I saw your fb post about the bubbles before I saw the blog post about the bubbles. So I was mentally prepared for what the visual would be. And I still dropped my jaw and literally said, “Holy Sh*t!” when I saw Lainey’s hands. Thanks for and sorry you had to be the guinea pig parent for the rest of us on that one.

  227. Good to know about the bubbles. I wasn’t sure. Now I know – I won’t be buying them.

    The first garden carrots are always the tastiest.

  228. I love your blog, as you well know, but I’m always wishing I knew more about your life before kids and family. How you came to be where you are, what you believe, your story before…know what I mean?
    Like how you met Heidi, that was nice to know.

    You’re the amazing person you are for a reason. Love to hear all about that journey.

    Thanks for your blog Kelle. I will always love it no matter what you feel like writing about.

  229. Ok, just my two cents’ worth, but…I like your blog just the way it is now. It is great. Like some others who have already posted here, I, too, dont really wanna see a lot of changes – dont get too much into turoirals and stuff on photography. Just cuz some of us are not into it. Yah, we could just skip over it, or keep it brie? Or maybe provide a link for those who are really into taking pictures..Just my thoughts. I love your WORDS and musings on your family and life, and just looking at your photos. I do love when you mention Brett and the boys, too – and show some pics at times. Thanks. And thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. From the Blog Mama~

  230. Yet another inspirational blog filled with amazing pictures. THankyou for sharing your every day with us, letting us take a peek into your personal life.

    I know for me and my child, you give us much hope, smiles, and laughs. I would also love to know more about your photography since Im so big into it myself.

    I loved the idea of your post, and hte firsts, and while a lot of our firsts are coming slower than mosts childrens, I think it makes it that more special. Skylar hung from a bar for 5 second the other day. Shes 3, the first time in her life. I cant believe how much therapy has helped its amazing.

  231. *OH, i was also gonna add that I agree with some of the other posts, too, about the giveaways. Not as crazy about them as I was at first. Once in a while is ok, but it seems to be happening too often maybe? And it does seem tricky to make a smooth transition into those. (tho it is nice that, occasionally, someone can win a freebie). Love to you..

  232. I would love to ready tutorial about putting the correct settings on my canon rebel aka what to press and switch to make the picture looks better. And of course what to do with pictures after uploading them on my computer.


  233. I would LOVE to learn how to take photos of moving kids that don’t turn out blurry. I try to focus before I snap a pic, but it still comes out blurry because my little guy is just always moving :)

  234. I come to your blog each day (well, almost each day) as a vivid visual reminder to myself to be more present and open and alive and aware of what’s going on in our little family and to hang onto the little moments I get with my girls, who are 9 and 6 years old now, though I’m not still not sure how my babies got so grown so fast. Your blog inspires me to enjoy each cycle of the day, of the week, of the year, of the seasons for what they are and what they bring.
    So, there isn’t anything I’d like to request for you to include in the blog, but I look forward to each new post and each new photo and appreciate them for what they are and what they nudge me to take note of, or even to get up and do, in my own life.

  235. Love your blog-please don’t change it! Except maybe answer some FAQ’s sometimes…like how you get to appear in your pictures with your girls? I always feel pushy when I tell people “here, take my camera so I can be in a few”. Not to mention they have no clue how to work my big ol’ camera. Another thing I wonder is how you catch these moments without ruining them by grabbing the camera? When I get my camera out, sometimes the smiles aren’t there or the action kinda stops. Love your blog, so glad you post a few times a week because I wait for it!! :)

  236. Wow. I had no idea the colored bubbles were so messy! We were given some in a birthday party treat bag – note to self – put old clothes on the boys!!

    Love Miss Nella’s baby doll kisses and congrats to Lainey on her first catch!

    Thanks for the Victor Hugo quote, Kelle. I totally needed that today!

  237. Yay – cannot wait for your photography tutorial. I love your photography. Seriously love it. Many thanks :)

  238. I love your blog, Kelle. Exactly as it is. It reminds me of a poem called “Daily” by Naomi Shihab Nye. Can I send you a copy?

  239. Please, please give us more photo tutorials. I have the great camera, I have the 1.8f stop lens but still cannot get pictures that look 1/8th as good as yours. It is all about the backdrop, they just need help. I need help preserving my memories because my babies are growing up too fast.

  240. I cry every single time I read your blog…and that is a compliment. Your pictures of Nella in particular make my heart sing, she is beyond words adorable. That picture of her chewing on the carrot? I want to hang it over my desk and I don’t even know her.

    Thank you for sharing.

    So inspirational.

    Oh…and there is nothing like catching your first real fish! Fantastic memory!

  241. Me too! I can’t wait to read your tutorials! Yay!!!

    I love the baby doll kisses…Oh Kelle! Your girls are wonderful!♥

  242. Hey Kelle, Loved this post, I love the way your words and pictures come together. What you write is so inspiring. The photography sounds great, would also love to hear about what things you do with your children- like creative play ideas and parenting tips/ books that have inspired you… it’s great as is tho, love it! xxx

  243. I am SO excited you’ll be doing some photography tips! You’re the most amazing photographer!! Thanks- looking forward to it!!

  244. seems to be the fashionable thing to say that your blog is perfect ‘as is’… =)

    I do love your blog… and if it stayed exactly the same for the next 25 years.. I would still read it religiously… however, I think it would be very interesting if you did a commenter “question and answer” session. I’m sure it would take more than one post to cover all the questions.. considering that you have a bazillion followers now! (I was one of the firsts though..back in the day.. I might add. lol)

    There’s just so much we still dont know about you. What’s your history?? Where did you and Brett meet? Why did you move to Florida? Were you always this happy of a person? How did you handle your parents getting divorced? What is your favorite color? beer? wine? coffee? How did you come up with the names Lainey and Nella? What is your favorite type of personality to be around? What is the one thing that you’ve used with the girls that you realize that any mom should NEVER do without? Have you ever been recognized in public because of your blog popularity…ect. =)

    … you dont have to get too personal. There’s definately a fine line between too little/too much info about yourself and family. But, I just think that if given the chance…there are many questions out there that your readers are dying to ask you. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just a “Nosey Rosey” who needs to get a life and mind her own beeswax!! HAHA

    Anyway… I’ve typed this entire comment with one finger,left handed, with the laptop teetering on the arm rest of my reliner while I hold/rock/hum to my snoozing baby boy.Lol I’m a multi tasker (a.k.a. A Mommy) so I apologize in advance for any typos!!!

    Take care sister girl!

    God bless! XOXOXO

  245. I love the picture of Lainey w/ her fish…that’s awesome!!!

    And I have heard about the colored bubbles…super pretty, but way messy!

  246. Ha ha in the bubbles. The Crayola ones are the worst from what I have heard.

    If you want awesome colored bubbles that do not stain anything and really do come off easily with sharp color check out We bought these and they are wonderful. Enjoy

  247. Love Nella kissing her baby, so sweet! Thanks for the info on the bubbles, I was excited to try these, but yesterday I saw the small caption regarding washing, may take repeat washing, so they will be a no go!

  248. I don’t want it to change. I think it is perfect : )
    I love the name tag in the tree. You are the sweetest.
    I know you don’t need an interview with me at all since you have eleventy million readers, but I would surely die of happiness if you could do one. : )
    You might get one new fan. Just the other day I linked to you in a post and one of my sweet, sweet readers, commented that she had just became your 11,563rd fan or something like that. It made me smile. You are such a star!

  249. Nella kissing that doll is SO PRECIOUS!! And the oh face for carrots…in fact way to go on the carrots. We always try a small garden each year where the zucchinis always seem to beat everyone else down, and I don’t care for zucchini that much.

    Yay, Lainey on her first fish. My daughter would love to catch one, but who’s gonna take it off the hook?

    And I would love to be able to take better pics of my kids. Any tips would be great!


  250. hang on.. I thought of two more questions… – What is the one thing that you make sure to grab while running out of your house (besides your children, of course) if it were on fire? 2. Your on a deserted island for life… what is your one luxury item?

    Okay.. I’m pretty sure I need to get out of this recliner and do something productive with my day now.


  251. I have to say that you have given me some epic quotes in the last couple of weeks. Just when I seem to need them too…

    My fave from this post…”She will always be my first. My first born girl, the one who made me a mama and gave me the most glorious moment of my entire life.”

    So, what would I like to see more of? I’d like to see some tips for quick and easy crafts or recipes to make with my littles.

  252. My 5 year-old daughter (who happens to have DS) loves when I read your blog. I leave it up so she can scroll through the pictures and listen to your wonderful music. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us.

  253. I’d love to see some tips for us point and shoot camera folks saving up for a dreamy “big girl camera” someday :)

  254. so funny! we had the same expierence with those darn bubbles!

  255. Love the blog as it is Kelle! Can’t wait for photography tips as well! Maybe more of your scrap booking / staying on top of your scrap booking tips would be cool to see too.

    My mom bought my daughter the colored bubbles last month. I finally got around to opening them last week and they lasted about 3 minutes before we went back to the originals. I love that you shared your colored bubbles mess!

  256. I’d love to hear more Lainey quotes. Kids say such funny things and it always tickles me to hear them.

    As someone just starting to plan a family (zero-ing on when to start trying, etc), I would love to know more about how you tackle some of the hard times (like how you rally the next day after a night of being up with a teething baby), how you answer tough questions from little inquiring minds, or things you wish would have known before starting a family.

    Keep on rockin’ mama!

  257. Wow! That fish would be newsworthy in the midwest. GREAT job Lainey!

    As for the carrot chewing little Nella that pic is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen (as always).

    So, what I’d like to see is a tutorial on your photo books. I emailed you a while ago about how I was having such trouble uploading them to Snapfish, and alas no response…so a tutorial on that would be great.

    Thanks –

  258. Check out this recipe for Curried Coconut Chicken – so easy and oh so good. We serve it with rice :)

  259. The picture of Nella in the stroller cracks me up.

    My favorite posts are the ones that are in list format, and the ones where you take before and afters of your little home projects.

    I also really like your recommendations of online stores and reading material. I looovee Mamalode. They even accepted something I wrote for the Enough issue!

    My friends all got a copy of 14000 things for no reason, and I am now a repeat customer of Lisa Leonard [I’m wearing the ‘marked by love’ necklace with ‘be cozy & still” right now!] and The Vintage Pearl.

  260. You should try zubbles. They say that they don’t stain at all, unlike the crayola ones. Then you guys can still play with colored bubbles. You can buy them on their website.

    You really do beautiful photography.

  261. Have you tried an Amber teething necklace for Nella? After months of teething pain in our home too, we gave the necklace a try. I was a little skeptical, but sure enough, it has worked wonders! We just got through FOUR molars with not one drop of infant Tylenol! I can’t say enough about how awesome these things are! Good luck!

  262. For some reason this post had me in tears….love!!!

    My first born is turning 12 this weekend!!! I am thankful for her in so many ways. And my 1st son just had his 15 month appt, I love these well checks because my doctor tells me how perfect my babies are and I just sit there and soak it all in!!! He is so much more than I ever imagined he could be, we just stare at him for hours doing nothing just being him and are in total awe. And you are the 1st blog I have ever followed, and I look forward to the inspiration you bring with your words and pictures, to maybe reach out and enjoy and make a little more out of my life!!!

    Hugs and Loves to you and yours.

  263. My dear friend.

    Stranger but considered friend. I recently relapsed after three years of sobriety. It has been the fight of my life. And I come to you, and I relish your words. They sink deep into my soul, and I carry them with me, and this morning I threw my prayer out to the universe.. thank goodness for that Kelle Hampton.. she always makes me feel better. The universe has a way of giving us what we need, when we’re humble enough to recieve it, and this morning I needed this post. I needed you. I thank you, don’t change a thing about your blog. Its perfection.

  264. Kelle! Your blog rocks and I will read as long as you write. There are so many things I wish I could ask you….Maybe one day we’ll hang out and I will have the opportunity. :)

    I am so excited about your tutorial coming up. I wish you could include a little bit of your processing tricks.

    You certainly have the gift of being able to inspire people…and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed with your tutorial.

    Looking forward to it…..


  265. I’m very excited to hear about the tutorial!!! I am a big big fan of your photography and writings. I love your girls in different colors of outfits and lights that you capture in your photos. Cannot wait to see your tutorial that you are working on!

    It is time for us to take our children to the REAL fishing as well! They have been fishing the plastic fishes in their bathtub way too long!

  266. Thank you for sparing us the experience of colored bubbles. A huge, gigantic thank you.

    My girls have that same dollie! She has been so very loved at our house, but now after watching Toy Story 3 I always think of her as Big Baby and she’s become a little creepy.

  267. I think comment #265 might get lost in the shuffle, but I would love to see a detailed tutorial on how you make your wonderful shutterfly “year” books for your girls. I know you don’t use the shutterfly templates, but I would love to know exactly how you lay out the images in some other program, and import fonts, etc. Love your blog so dearly. Keep writing!

  268. I’m with all the others – I love your blog just the way it is. And I would love to read some photography tips too (I recently got a lovely dslr, but alas I haven’t had time to move from auto to manual mode ’cause every time I pick up a book, my little lets me know she doesn’t appreciate it).

    My absolute favorite part of your blog – everything Nella. My little one is the exact same age as Nella and it is so funny to read about what she’s up to and see the exact same types of expressions on her face as my little one. I loved when she was giving her baby dolls what for. I kept meaning to post then, that my little one has a blue hippo that she gets to hold in her carseat – and man did we hear her yelling and berating that poor hippo from the backseat on every car ride!

  269. I saw the colored bubbles and said “OMG I love them!!” then scrolled down and said “Forget that!” (in not so nice words haha)…another post to brighten my day! :)

  270. I love the picture of Nella in the stroller…pink Chucks!!!!— it makes me smile. I’d like to learn about how you think about composing your shots. They are always different, interesting angels that seem to tell a story. Looking forward to it!

  271. I just bought some of those coloured bubbles…and I’m not going to lie…I’m afraid to use them…especially after seeing that pic of Lainey’s hand – yikes!

  272. I love the fishing pictures. I had never fished until I nannied one summer. The little boy and I both practiced off the deck before we left. It was so fun to watch him catch his first (and my first) fish! Good job Lainey!

  273. I LOVE your blog. In fact, I just nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can check it out at
    The video tutorials sound like they will be great. Can’t wait!

  274. omg, this post. I loved this post. I’m laying here in my bed, experiencing my first miscarriage (at 12 weeks) and found this post to be so comforting. There’s even firsts that we wish never happened, but we know that they happened for a reason and God sure has a way of making those reasons important.

    I love the new banner. I’m a huge fan of Nella’s little feet :)

  275. I’d love to know more about you!! While your kids are adorable and soooo sweet, you seem like such an incredible person with such an interesting background. xoxo

  276. This post is just beautiful. Your whole blog is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts and photography with the world.

  277. Just like everyone else I am looking forward to your video tutorials!! Another suggestion would be if you’ve done a craft with your children that week can you share the craft with all of us? I’m always looking for new and inexpensive crafts to do with my daughter!

  278. Colored Bubbles= a good idea in theory. We had the pink ones which are actually red. Our driveway looked like a crime scene and my daughter looked like she had blood running down her mouth since she’s still in the put-everything-possible in her mouth phase. I figured they weren’t worth having a neighbor calling CPS and me having to explain myself about these sucky pink bubbles!

  279. I bought the coloured bubbles and had the same problem!! Love your blog Kelly! Keep up the great work!

  280. Love your blog. You do a beautiful job of weaving together words and pictures.

    I would love…
    – photo editing tutorials
    – more about you & Brett – how you met, etc.

  281. Beautiful, as always.

    Since you are obviously a reader, I’d love to hear more about what you read. Your favorite books, stories, etc. I write a blog about reading and writing, so I’m always looking for inspiration. =)

    Thank you.

  282. Love your blog, you and your kiddos…oh and Florida. I want to visit Isle of Capri – it looks fabulous!
    I look forward to reading your posts…keep it up (please!)

  283. You grew carrots! Wonderful! I can’t wait for weather warm enough to plant!

  284. So, the workday has passed and I made it through, even surprised myself today.

    I got home and when The Boy had run in and the dog had been greeted I knew: I’ll read the new post this evening!!

    Now I have.
    Loved it. Lainey fishing, looking so proud. Nella kissing her doll – cutest I’ve ever seen.

    What do I wish for here? Nothing. That’s what’s so grand about this place, these posts – they leave me wishing for nothing and it’s lovely!

    Keep up the good work. Please!!
    Thanks for sharing, I’ll never forget thanking you for it, since it means so much that you do!

  285. … and yes: I agree with Courtney!! I’m dying to know how you and Brett met πŸ˜€

  286. Ah Kelle, the day alot of us have been waiting for…your words of wisdom on how to take better pics! Thank you. Other topics I would like to see you occasionally touch on: tips for the new photography business – how you started, advice, money-saving tips, etc. Keep up the good work here, I love your blog!

  287. Thank you for this post. I’m usually sort of whatever about spring, but this year is different to me for so many reasons and reading this post today makes me feel inspired….inspired to do some spring cleaning, some decorating, lots and lots of cooking, and mostly getting outside and soaking up every precious minute. Thank you and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

    P.S. Love your taste in music.

  288. OH, I can’t wait for the photography tips!! I am lost with my new DSLR! I love everything else about your blog, though, and not sure what I want more of besides pictures of your babies.

  289. Love, love, love your blog. It’s like my little imaginary Flordia vacation when I read it…You are super crafty and I can tell your home is full of great stuff you created, maybe include more directions and ideas…

  290. And we too, tried colored bubbles last weekend….and we too, shall never use them again! My husband poured them into a bubble machine that landed green splatters of bubble-paint on every car in the neghborhood….We laughed. Some grumpy neighbors, did not. Loving Nella’s little kisses….baby kisses are the sweetest. I feel ya on the I teeth. We are struggling over here as well! :) Great post, great blog, just keep doing more of what you are doing….

  291. Thanks for the warning on colored bubbles! LOL

    And yay carrots!

    Another great post!!

  292. LOVE Nella’s high top Converse! My Anna Claire had some that are now too small :(

  293. I just love Lainey’s face in the picture of proudly holding her first fish. Priceless!!
    I would love to hear about your relationship with your step-sons. I love seeing pictures of them with your girls. You can see it in their faces that they are proud big brothers! Maybe a little insite on how Brett introduced you guys? What is like to have a loving blended family.
    Also some more party organizing. This weekend is our son’s 6th birthday and he wanted a motorcycle party so we are having a temporary tattoo parlor and a design your own “HOG” bank. (they get to paint their own piggy banks.
    But my girls 2nd and 5th birthdays are coming up and would love to put your girly party ideas to use!!
    Thanks for being so wonderful in your words and your picture!!

  294. Thank you for yet another great post! It really brightens my day :) I love seeing all of your pictures and am really looking forward to your video tutorial!! yay :) I wouldn’t change a thing about your blog, I love it just the way it is! :)
    Thank you for everything you do and for inspiring me to be a better mother,

  295. Oh no! I just bought those bubbles yesterday. I’m glad I’ve at least been forewarned regarding the level of messy. I’d love to read a photography tutorial and I really love your crafting/party planning ideas. Keep up the good work!

  296. Absolutely beautiful. I love how you are able to express every emotion with few words and beautifully taken pictures. I was just going to say that I wish you could do an online tutorial on how to take pictures. I love to take them but not good at expressing my feelings in pictures like you do.
    Also, I agree about the prayers, with one discrepency. I don’t see them as unanswered prayers but things that we don’t need (therefore a no) or a not yet be patient…

  297. Soo SOO excited about the picture tutorial. I bought my first SLR when our LO was born and know very little about how to use it properly.

  298. This was beautiful.. the pictures are awesome and great writing. I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever you are teaching, but love the idea of a photog tutorial. I wondered if you and heidi knew each other from michigan so it was nice to get the back story. I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about prayer. I think of saying that you’ll pray for them means to me, “I’ll spend some time with my spirit thinking about yours”

  299. LOVE your blog. I would love to see a tutorial about photography!! Thanks for sharing your stories. As usual your blog is a refreshing break during my busy day!

  300. i would love to see a post of your favorite things….like makeup, perfume, kid things ets…i alost always love everything you show here!!!
    oh and lots more pictures of you all! :)

  301. We had our first and last times with the colored bubbles this week. Never again.

  302. I L.O.V.E. the idea of your video tutorial! Your pics are what inspired me to get a real camera and I would love any tips. Also, I love your life philosophy. How do you transfer that to your children? Furthermore, what about your spirituality. I get the sense church is not for you but there is a very spiritual side of your. I would love to learn more and how you pass this on to the girls. On a more trivial note, I would also love to hear/see party planning tips. Thanks for asking. What can we, as your faithful readers, give you?

  303. I’ve never heard of the colored bubbles. And I’m glad I never have. If I had seen them in the store, I would have snatched them up for my boys. But now I know to stay clear of them. Thanks for that visual tip.

    I love your blog the way it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ;o)

  304. I have been living a year of firsts and firsts are life changing…and I cannot wait for my next “first” but what I look forward to the most is my first little :)

    I cannot wait for your tutorials! Outstanding idea Kelle~CC

  305. Oh I swear everytime I read this blog I come away feeling light and happy. The pictures are amazing and I will be thrilled to learn anything from you in the video . Thank you for sharing.

  306. Thank God you bought those bubbles! I almost did…but now seeing what they do….um, they will be staying at the store! LOL

    I’d love a question and answer type blog post. Maybe one in which your readers can ask you questions…you pick and choose which ones you answer.

  307. I adore your blog. I look forward to each and every post. And my 18 mo. old is queen of the ‘oh face’ these days, too. And boy does it make me smile!
    And I’m glad to know someone else feels the same way as I do about the colored bubbles! My son just got them as a gift from my sister for his 4th birthday. And they’re so messy! We’ve only played with them once…but I’m in no hurry to play with them again. Too bad my kids loved them. I’ll have to give into their begging one day soon. But as soon as they’re gone – they’re gone!

  308. Oh, and that picture of Nella in the pink stroller…looking back at you. One word: gorgeous!

  309. I used those color bubbles with my preschool students = disaster!!! hahaha

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to get tips and tricks about photography.

  310. Oh those colored bubbles… son got about 2 seconds with them before I said “no way!” I have to admit though, they look splendid in those pictures!!

  311. I’d really like you to talk us through planting your first garden. I am so ready to start preparing for our little vegetable garden this year but I really don’t know where to start…seeds or plants, how much water, ect. Since you are also learning I’d love to hear how you went about things.
    Also where do you buy your girls their beautiful clothes? How do you put your kids to bed at night? Just regular mom things I guess!

  312. Since beginning to read your blog I have started taking many more photos of my kiddos. Your blog has shown me that the ordinary – everyday stuff can be beautiful and the kids don’t have to be dressed up perfect with their hair brushed to get a memorable wall worthy shot. I am looking forward to a photo tutorial!

  313. I just love your blog. I love your words. I love your girls. I’m 62 years old. I have one special needs daughter who is 38 and lives away from home. So I’m not raising children. I’m enjoying you raising your girls. I think it’s the pictures that got me hooked. But it’s your words that keep me coming back for more and more and more. Thank you for letting me enjoy your life.

  314. I just love your blog. I love your words. I love your girls. I’m 62 years old. I have one special needs daughter who is 38 and lives away from home. So I’m not raising children. I’m enjoying you raising your girls. I think it’s the pictures that got me hooked. But it’s your words that keep me coming back for more and more and more. Thank you for letting me enjoy your life.

  315. I just love sleepy mornings with my littles with their sleepy little eyes all tired but full of wonder for what the day holds! Love it!!!

    And since you asked…I would love for you to highlight Andrea Roberts from Reeces and her tireless efforts to save orphans around the world who have Down syndrome and other SN! Over 500 saved thus far.

    We adopted two precious boys with Ds last year through RR and will be adopting two bitty girls with Ds this summer. Please consider highlighting Andrea and RR.

    mom to 8…soon to be 10
    5 with Ds!

  316. OMG I do not know that I can put into words why I am so compelled to read your blog. I discovered your world by complete chance. Yet I am so compelled to revisit, to step into the realness of your words, your life. You are so right about prayer, I totally connect to that, it’s not about putting your hands together and saying “Dear God…” it’s about being able to appreciate every moment as you live it, when you are able to do that, then I believe you are truly living. There is such realness to your words, it’s chicken soup to the soul. That aside your photography is to die for, so I am avidly awaiting the tutorials. Your girls are such precious subjects to capture! They are blessed to have you as their Mum. You are a fabulous role model. Keep it coming xx

  317. I just had to comment and tell you how delighted I was to see that the pink bag thing on the back of your stroller is dirty on the bottom. I have this weird issue with thinking people I’m not intimately connected to in “real life” don’t have “real life” issues like messy floors, piles of laundry, days where they want to pull the covers over their heads and stay in bed forever, and dirty stroller bags. Because you always seem so “together” and in charge of your life, your emotions, etc., I assumed you’d have perfectly clean things. I’m so happy to learn I’m wrong, and you’re just as human as me.

  318. Awww..that first bite is priceless! The ultimate surprise for a kid. You have made me remember my early fishing expeditions and my son’s. Of course, you with that camera at the ready….you go girl.

  319. Dont change anything, it’s perfect. You are open, honest, and give us a good glimpse into your life. Love the pictures, love the stories. It’s a great escape from my everyday life, struggles, and stresses!

  320. laughed out loud at the rare carrot oh :)

  321. p.s.
    prayer is whatever you make of it, just as religion is. say your views! no one needs to agree or disagree. i also think of prayer not as kneeling down and folding my hands, but just thoughts throughout the day.

  322. Yep, Alan’s mommy! His name is forever implanted into the tree. LOL! It’s a reminder we need to see each other and get the kids together more often. Love you!
    Oh, and saw colored bubbles today and was reminded DON”T BUY THEM!

  323. “that my child’s greatest distress is comforted simply by my presence”

    I love that, its amazing how just simply seeing you can make a crying child smile. How lucky are we moms that get to experience that feeling and yet sometimes we don’t even give it a second thought. At times we may be annoyed because we are trying to cook dinner etc. and the only thing they want is to be in your arms. Theres very few things in life that can be so easily fixed and how blessed are we to be able to hold that cure!

    The blog is already amazing! I think tutorials are a great idea, photography definitely a huge one, but also maybe more of your recipes as well as how-tos for some of your crafting/party ideas. I admit that I have shamelessly copied ideas from pictures from your parties,I’m in California I figure whats the chance someone will call me on it hahaha. For my daughter’s 2nd birthday I handed out M&M filled mason jars with bows and a picture of Madi on it and both my girls have a bottle of dream dust in their room that we use every night. And of course the tag on the bottle had to be burned a little for the authentic look! So definitely more crafting/party ideas!!!

  324. I am right there with you on the teething! We have 8 coming in! All four molars and eye teeth. I am so thankful one of them broke through yesterday… so seven more to go. We are also up 2 – 4 times a night. Gotta love the night time snuggles though.:)

  325. I would love to see links to the photobooks that you have produced for Lainey and Nella in the past via Shutterfly. I love seeing other people’s books and getting inspired for my own.

  326. Lainey holding that fish is very brave! Wow.. I am proud! I know some wimpy MEN that wouldn’t even do that.. YOU GO LAINEY GIRL!!! WOOHOO!! Love love love this post. (nothing out of the norm –) I can’t think of one thing to change. I love each and every word of every post. You’re amazing. Refreshing. Pure . Real. and I. LOVE. IT!

  327. Your blog always has a way of making a connection to something in my own life. In just a few minutes, I end up laughing, crying, smiling and completely “getting it.” Today I had a first…I registered my first born for kindergarten in the fall. It was a bittersweet, emotional day and your post today really fit with my feelings! Love it!! Don’t see any need for change!

    The pictures are great! Love the carrot Oh! And Lainey’s picture holding the fish is girl power all the way! Thanks for sharing about the bubbles. Guess the colored bubbles I bought for Easter baskets are so going back! Happy Wednesday!

  328. Oh those bubbles. Glad you were able to warn folks. What a mess! More on photography, yes please, and I love to hear what Nella is working on, how she’s hitting her marks. Keep on rollin’ it’s all good.

  329. I keep every Christmas card and birthday card and everything else. I have so many memories; I don’t want to lose them. I started keeping things when I was 10 years old. The piles just keep growing bigger and my memories and connections stronger. Loved your post! :)

  330. This mat sound ridiculous, but I was bawling thinking about you and Heidi. I’ve always wondered how you guys met, both being from Michigan. It made me emotional because it’s such a great story, but also because I wish I had a friend like that- who is like my sister.

    Thanks for sharing a part of your life. I am so inspired by you!

  331. My mom just picked me up a amber bead necklace for my girl to help with her teething. It actually does seem to sooth her! check out amber teething or something like that:) If anything they are really cute and my girl loves wearing hers! We just have two year molars left so we will see how it helps with that, but my mom heard about it through a coworker who’s little guy is teething and you wouldn’t even know it:) just thought I would pass it along from one mama to another:)

  332. I don’t know how/if you can read all these comments! But your girls are so darling. I love being able to click on a post just to see their shining eyes and adorable smiles. You are so blessed :)

  333. “There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.” ~Victor Hugo

    Love this quote, and love your blog. And a big hearty YES, PLEASE! on the photography tips — though, it seems others have already made this clear in previous comments. =) … I’m afraid the colored bubbles episode gave me a bit of a big head. Bit of a “uh-huh, I knew it. Told ya so” moment. *sigh* Ah well.

  334. Was thinking about those colored bubbles! So glad you posted about the mess they make!

    Beautiful photos of the girls!

  335. I bought those stinking colored bubbles too, and my kids had green feet for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! But they were fun, but so hard to wash off.

    I love that you are gardening, we have tried a few things slowly, unfortunately my neighbors have outside cats, a ton of them, and they tend to ruin anything I plant so it’s a bit frustrating. I definitely need to find a fix and then try gardening again because it is a little fun and relaxing.

  336. Well, well, I completely burst into tears when I read about your Dad insisting Lainey have a real rod.
    Since the day our girl arrived in our lives, my own dad has been talking about taking her fishing. She’s only 13 months old, but he’d take her tomorrow if I let him.
    We waited soooo long for this child, and my parents waited soooo long to become grandparents, this part of your beautiful post really resonated with me.

    I must echo many other commenters and say I wouldn’t change much about your blog. After all, a blog is meant to be for you, the writer, and the reason yours is so successful is precisely because you are writing from the heart.

    Howerver…..I have to admit I’ve been curious about your relationship with Brett, mostly because he appears to be a bit older than you, and I completely relate, having a husband who is 10 years older than me. If it’s an area you and he are comfortable with, I would love some content about that side of your life.

  337. Love your blog! Not sure I have suggestions to you because you seem to think of it all and write so wonderfully sharing such special things in your life with strangers.
    My 3 1/2 year old was looking at this post with me and we were both like “oooh cool, look the colored bubbles.” I made a mental note to get some of those, then saw the outcome and I had to laugh. My daughter was like “why are you laughing?”
    Anyway, I love the books you make for the girls and would love to see more of the scrapbooking pages. I make those for my girls also.
    I also love photography and look forward to your tips.
    Keep up your blog. It’s my favorite to read!


    Kids love to fish – boy or girl – my 2 were great at this when they were younger. Now I have a grandaughter who her Grandpy can’t wait to help her catch her own real fish xo

  339. Congratulations Lainey! She looks so proud with her fish. ADORABLE! I love the picture of Nella kissing her baby. So sweet, her eyes are even closed. Thanks for sharing Kelle! Looking forward to the picture taking tutorial.

  340. I just love your blog. Your words are always so beautifully written and your pictures beautifully match. I read how you play the mom role and it inspires me – for the children I will have someday :-). Your love for your little gals is so evident and they are growing up in an environment where their worth and value are spoken over them in many ways – at least that is the way it is seen from your blog :-) Your pretty much awesome. Hope you know it :-)

  341. I KNEW you were a teacher!!! I taught 5th grade and ‘retired’ once the triplets were born. Can’t wait to go back.
    Can’t wait to watch the tutorial on photography…I REALLY need to start taking more pics of my kiddos.
    Keep posting like you do b/c you inspire more then you know!!!!

  342. Kelle,
    I bought the colored bubbles…and threw them away 5 minutes later! Stains everywhere. I actually tell people in line at Target not to buy them, that they will regret it. I’m sure Crayola and Target love me for that!

    As far as the blog, I am always in awe of how calm you are and how you are able to manage two kids and make it all look so easy. I would love some tips on how to do that. Otherwise, don’t change a thing! I am inspired every time I read your blog and I’m a better mom because of it.

  343. Is so great to read your blog, it was fuel my life… I really wish to be an awesome mama, as you are! I would love to read/see more of your crafts, they are awesome…

  344. Kelle~
    Your blog is amazing. I would like to see a QUESTION OF THE DAY feature. I think we’d all like to know a bit more about what brought you to this place in life. I would love to know how you found the courage to pick up & leave your family, to go to a place where you knew no one, & created this big life for yourself. I would pick up in a second to go where it’s sunny & hot all year round but the thought of leaving my family chills me to the bone.
    That takes balls, sistah! You are one bad ass. Oh, and by the way, I named my bad ass “Kelle”

  345. I LOVE the picture of Nella looking back from the stroller!! Had to stop and stare at it for a while.

    Share more of your creative projects. I’m going to be a nanny this summer and I am in graduate school to be a teacher…would love some fun, cheap ideas!

    Hope you aren’t a Michigan fan, they are playing the North Dakota Fighting Sioux at the Frozen Four hockey tournament as we speak! GO SIOUX! πŸ˜‰

  346. I’ve been dying to ask and I dont know why I’ve felt this post to be the “one” I comment on and finally ask. Will you and Brett add another addition to your family in the future, near or far? Hope I read an answer soon!! I personally think you should… Your family seems to only add goodness :)

  347. I love the concept of a tutorial on how to use my camera – I just posted last night that it’s on my life of things to learn! Thanks for thinking of that. :) I love your blog, Kelle!

  348. Okay! The kisses pictures!!!!! The Carrot-eating face!!! The COLORED BUBBLES?@$#%$#? :) Thank you so much for being a brave enough soul to share your life. It inspires my mommy-hood.

  349. I just recently was turned on to your blog and am in absolute love. I have two girls of my own so can relate to many of your posts. I also have a passion for photography and get inspired by yours! You truly know how to capture each moment in your children’s lives. When I saw that you were going to start tutorials, I screamed – my husband thinks I’m crazy, but his is what truly excites me! I don’t have the time to take a photography classed right know, so this would be perfect for me. Does your three year old ever get sick of the camera? Mine often says to stop taking pictures and sometimes I think I’m ruining moments with too many pics. any suggestions?

  350. Wow. Yeah, I am totally glad you posted about the bubbles. I was going to get some for my son, because he LOVES bubbles. But now, there is NO way. lol. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    I love your posts – I am inspired every day by your lovely ramblings. (I mean that in a GREAT way! ) So, I will be happy to see or hear anything you post. πŸ˜‰

  351. hahah the bubbles!! We bought them too. Used them in the bathtub and after the first round of burst bubbles my husband said our bathtub looked like a crime had been committed in it. We threw them out on the spot.
    Love the blog just the way it is. So inspirational. Photo tips are always helpful and I personally love when you give small glimpses to your challenges, like Nella’s anti-sleep jedi tactics, that make me relate just that much more.

  352. Kelle –
    I finally worked up the nerve to post on one of your blogs. I read it regularly and it has inspired me to write my own. I have 2 ½ year old twins and a baby who will turn 1 in May. Alexander, my precious baby, has a very rare chromosomal disorder. When he was first born – I was encouraged to read your blog and I love it. I love the fact that you blog about real things and random topics. I love the colored bubbles. I will probably try them …. Just because I love a messy kid. *and we have a pool … so a dip always washes the mess away * Again, thanks for the inspiration. Someday you are bored (ha ha) I would love some of your feedback about my blog.
    Thanks! Kristen

  353. Love the music.

  354. I work from home and sometimes I open your website just to listen to the music! I love the site and would love info on taking better pictures of my girls. I think you do a great job capturing the moment. :)

  355. I am about to pee my pants with excitement knowing there is a Kelle photo tutorial in the works YIPEEEE!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us! CAN NOT WAIT!

    Your blog is about the small things and I love it the way it is…but would be fun if you would have one of your friends or family do an interview all about you. Maybe asking questions that your readers submit. I would love to know about your Michigan days (being a fellow Michigander) or your life growing up, more about your family etc.

    Great post today!!! Love Nella eating carrots and Lainey catching the fish. So much joy!

  356. Looking forward to the tutorials! I was excited too about the colored bubbles, but there is no way that’s going to happen!

  357. Hi! This is the first time I’ve left a comment, but I have been reding your blog for a few weeks after a close friend suggested it to me. It is truly inspirational, as a mom of two sweet daughters of my own. I would love,love,love a tutorial on taking pictures! Thanks for thinking of it!

  358. I am a new reader and I have to admit that your pictures inspire me to learn more about photography! I would LOVE to see a photography tutorial! Your blog has got me thinking how I can stay in and savor every moment with my two little girls! Thank you!
    LOVE the picture of Nella looking back in her stroller…she is such a honey!

  359. could your girls be any cuter? i think not!

    i love this place. i don’t think you should change a thing :)

  360. I love this blog. I think the thing I love the most is seeing the small things that you see during your day- Nella’s feet dangling at your waist. Lainey seeing something for the first time, Brett’s hand holding a little. And I love hearing their little voices through you. Like Nella bossing her dolls, and you spelling out Lainey’s pronunciation, that cracks me up. I would love you to do a post about the little things you do to keep the romance going with your husband, thats an aspect of motherhood that I feel sharply every day and Im sure its universal. I am always trying to stop myself and take a sec to send a text: “mwuh, love you babe”. I’m curious about what those things are for you guys. And I LOVE seeing photos about the older kids loving the girls, they seem like amazing big brothers. Nella doing the army crawl to her big brother’s room: freakin ADORABLE.

    Anyways. Love this blog, love you. Lotsa love.

  361. Love how proud Lainey catching her rather large fish! And the picture of Nella looking out from her pushchair, gorgeous!

    Love your blog and feel so much joy reading it. However and whatever you want to share, is an honour for me!

  362. Love, love, love that last Victor Hugo quote!!!

  363. The picture of Nella kissing that baby makes my heart happy. I wish the weather here in UT would warm up so I could venture outside with my little one. I love your blog and everything about it. Any photo tip are welcomed by me. You are an ah-mazing photographer! Love your blog.

  364. As has been said, your blog is beautiful and perfect as it is…and it is us readers who are afraid of change.

    Whatever you do will be welcomed and accepted. The beauty of blogging is that it is yours…your baby to nurture and grow…however makes you happiest.

    Whether its photography, family, party tips or craft ideas…it doesn’t matter. If it brings you joy it will shine through in the words you write.

    I do like the possibility of your blog being interactive…questions and answers…because I know that a question from someone can make us think and reflect on things that we have never considered before.

    As long as it doesn’t feel like “work”…it is all good.

  365. I have NEVER once read a blog entry and thought, whoa, Kelle didn’t bring her A game to that one! You have brought so much awareness to my life when it comes to enjoying the small things and being present in the moment. I can’t tell you what I want or need from your blog because you do a way better job of answering that question than I could ever ask for! I am in awe! Thank you again and again!

  366. Love the idea of the photography tutorial – can’t wait to check it out. Other than that, keep doing what you do, cause that’s why I keep coming back!

  367. 1) Yesterday was my oldest sons 12th birthday. He made me a momma. Bittersweet, I tell you.

    2) Colored bubbles, who knew!?

    3) Nella kisses… adorable. ADORABLE!

    4) One of my boys quickly noticed Nella’s pink Converse shoes tonight as I was reading your blog and he was ‘doing his homework’. All five of my boys got a new pair of Converse a couple of weeks ago. Super fun shoes. Our house is a rainbow of shoes… let me tell ya.

    Thanks Kelle. Your pictures always make me smile. Looking forward to your tutorials!

  368. Just in case you haven’t experienced the awesomeness of the amber teething necklace, you should (or rather Nella should). It makes teething pain remarkably less painful. I recommend for tons of information and awesome necklaces!

  369. Joy tips! You give my days a lift with your positive postings. Thank you.

  370. I would love to know more about where you purchase the darling clothes that your girls are always wearing!

  371. Where do you get your quotes, inspirations? Do you spend hours online searching for that one all-inspiring message that will inspire the streaming of words together?

    I’ve quoted you many times to my friends!

  372. 1. That’s a fantastic pic of your friend, Heidi. So sincere and poignant. 2. Those colored bubbles seem like a fun art project, but an awful play toy :) I love the quote a the end of this piece. As mamas, we have such little time to stop and say formal”Dear God” prayers. Knowing that every swell of our heart is a shout out to God is comforting.

  373. What I want to know is if you are ever in Phoenix if you will have a cup of coffee with me. Because I just want to hang out with you and soak you up. Your words and pictures inspire me to be a better person. Thanks girl.

  374. Omgosh…first I’m crying which almost always happens when I read your blog. Your better than Oprah. My favorite thing to do at night is log on to see if you have a new post. My husband will ask what I’m doing and lean over and say – “Oh – your on the blog again”. I love it! Please don’t change a thing!! Your outlook is just so inpirational to me along with so many others!!! Thank you for all you do. The carrot “Oh” face of Nella’s is my all time FAV! I love her and I haven’t even met her. Confession #2 is that I like to pretend were freinds and that we hang out! LOL! My sister and I chat that were going to take a vacation to Florida just to meet you! We are obsessed with your blog! Keep going!

  375. Beautiful post :)

    I am very excited about the upcoming video tutorial for taking pictures!

    Small renovations are always good. I’ve followed your blog (it’s my fav) for over a year now and in that time I’ve wanted to know more about certain things/people in your life (i.e. how did you meet Heidi (you answered that tonight!); Why did you move to Florida (Brett?), parenting questions – does Lainey still nap? etc…) It would be fun to have your readers submit questions and you do a Q&A post one day. Just a thought …

  376. I love your blog. I read it ever day. I am excited about your video tutorial. Can you include a little bit about the settings of your camera? I don’t know if that is important in taking good pictures, but I recently noticed that the quality does change. So, any tips, greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for all your wonderful writing.

  377. Your blog inspires me daily, not only to be a better person, but to accept that I am a lot more like other people than I think.

    When you speak it is like reading a letter from a friend, mentor and mother all at the same time.

    Please don’t change a thing. :)

  378. Thank you! I don’t have kids yet but one of my major long-term goals is to be able to take great pictures of them. I can’t wait for the lessons. :)


  379. Call me a sucker for punishment but I’m actually looking forward to using those colored bubbles. My 2 yr old son just got them for his birthday last week. Now I know to make sure to dress him appropriately when I take them out of the box (play clothes he can get dirty). BTW love the pics of Nella in her pink stroller and I love that Superman shirt Lainey wore on her first ‘real’ fishing expedition. Great outfit! Way to go Lainey you got the fishy. She will feed the masses that girl.

  380. Hi Kelle,
    It was great to read how you and Heidi met! The photography tutorial idea is wonderful.

  381. Very excited about your video tutorial as you are the reason I invested in a good camera and actually use it even during the mundane parts of the day!

    I would love more of your creative ideas. Sort of a blog version of the tv show pitch you did for Oprah- like showing all the elements of Lainey’s bday parties!!

  382. you made me pause and remember the moment my son was born…he didn’t technically make me a mama…my first baby was stillborn…but a year later I was in the hospital giving birth to my son – who lived! My son who loves life and loves his family and fills my life with so much beauty and joy.

    That was a wonderful moment. One of the best in my life. Thanks for making me think about it this morning.

    Would love to read about how you take such awesome pics of the kiddos – as hard as I try, I just can’t get even close to the kind of photos you take.

    Have a great weekend!

  383. Ordered and amber teething necklace yesterday! Thanks for all the suggestions. Excited to see if it helps.

  384. Thank you for putting a smile on my face after a long day butting heads with my daughter and reminding me of why I adore her.

  385. Oh my goodness, that photo of Nella kissing her baby doll might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Your children are truly adorable.

  386. Check out that FISH! Way to go Lainey!! My son would be so jealous!! I also like to see the “Flambeau” tackle box…as they are made in my home town :) Good Old Middlefield Ohio!

    Love your posts – they go hand in hand with my morning coffee!

  387. I love your blog just. the. way. it. is. It’s fabulous.

    Loved this post and pics that went along with it, as usual :)

  388. I don’t know how this blog could get any more inspiring! The words, the pictures, the quotes…a perfect marriage. I honestly believe people leave this blog with a more pure perspective of the day ahead of them.

  389. I’m so glad that someone told you about the amber necklace. A friend is using one on her teething girl and swears that it helps.

    Frozen bagel chunks are also helpful. I would quarter a bagel and throw the pieces into a bag and grab a chunk from the freezer daily.

    wishing you a great weekend.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  390. well boo on those colored bubbles !!!

    I would love to see the tutorials as well to learn more photography tricks .

    also would love to learn your art of just being happy and sucking the marrow out of life. how to balance it all wife, mother, friend, etc etc.

    love and blessings
    the doughtys

    ps I got my jewlrey from Linkel designs and can I say im in love , so precious !!!

  391. i love the idea of giving a few tips for taking photos. i always love looking at your photos and would love to be able to get some great shots of my son who is changing by the day.

  392. Thank you for the perfect quote at the perfect time! I had spent the day in a hospital waiting room as my 85-year old grandmother underwent emergency surgery. Although I was not always physically praying, my soul was on its knees!
    I am taking a photo workshop as we speak! It has been great in getting me to think about light and how to capture it in every photo. You have the knack of taking light and turning it into something magical! I study your photos and hope to one day take at least one that’s as perfect!
    Thank you for this blog! It’s my absolute favorite! I check it daily!

  393. I cannot explain how much I love the “oh” pictures…and their captions of course, I mean REALLY? What can be better than “The rare Carrot Oh, of the Vegetable Oh Family.” Love it.

    I also love the picture a few posts back of Nella’s little pruny toes – I love that you can tell she was in the tub for awhile with you before drifting off to sleep.

    So great. Thanks for sharing your loves.

  394. Can’t wait for your picture tutorial to come out. I use my little Canon and hope the tutorial will help people like me that don’t have an expensive camera.

    Sweet pictures as usual. I have a darling picture posted of my 14 year old guy with Down syndrome on my blog today. It is his birthday! Come on over and see what 14 looks like! susan

  395. soul sister,

    I love your words for each season. Those colored bubbles totally freak me out. I want a Nella kiss. Wonderful pic of Heidi. Oh, Alan.

  396. I am excited for the photography tutorials as well! I LOVE your style of photography – so fresh, natural and happy. I would love to find out more about your photo editing process too. What programs/actions you use to get that soft, faded look.

  397. Gosh my week got away from me….Happy Friday! :)
    Boy carrots are tough to grow up here in the north and I have done everything advised….way to go you first time carrot rocker!

    You’re blog is perfect….but since you asked hehehe anything to help me get better photos would be awesome. Maybe some tips on doing a cool blog like yours (big pictures, music etc).

    We might hit 40’s today…woo hoo♥

  398. I would really like to know how you do your headers (program and all)

  399. your are such a talented woman! you’re gifted writer and photographer and that’s a sweet combo. i would love to learn more technical stuff: calibrating my monitor, achieving proper white balance, and easy editing tips.
    thank you for inspiring so many people with all your hard work.

  400. Would you also be able to work on a video tutorial on fashion. I think a lot of us would like to know how you look so great with the busy schedule you have. I need some pointers. Please help me get out of my pj’s!!!! Very excited about your photo tutorial though, can’t wait.

  401. thank you for your blog. it’s a daily reminder to me of how storytelling is a universal language. and yesss…bring on the tutorials!

  402. “At times it is, yes, frustrating; but still amazing that I have what she needs–that my child’s greatest distress is comforted simply by my presence.”

    Thank you for writing that line!! When I’m at my wit’s end while my child is going through teething hell, it will serve as a reminder to let my frustration and exhaustion go and instead relish these moments.

  403. Those colored bubbles are awesome! Never seen those before..
    Love your post! I love every post you do! About you being inspired, your kids, anything you choose to share!

  404. As I was reading your post my 4-year-old daughter walked up and was very worried about Nella not wearing a coat. LOL I explained to her that you live where its warm and she argued with me that its not warm and pointed to the window that it was cold outside and raining. :) Then she asked for colored bubbles….I’m thinking we will have to try it once to live it.

  405. I want to see more messy house pictures! And I’m being completely serious when I say I feel better and somehow justfied in my decision to be messy because you are! I love it when you are real and show us all your colors!
    Beautiful pictures.

  406. I would like to see hom decorating projects and party planning guides. I love your decor and parties!
    I’m Naples bound in less than 3 weeks. So ready for beach time for a fews days. Any recommendations?

  407. I absolutely loved this post. Probably one of my favorites. seriously. Amazing.

    Your girls are so stinking cute. Every time I read your blog I read it with anticipation to see what is new and what is going on in your life. lol

    I personally just like to read what you write so it doesn’t matter what you write I’ll read it. Just don’t stop writing! lol :)

  408. i’ve been wanting to tell you about two songs that you really must listen to. every time i hear them, they remind me of what you share on your blog. they are both by brooke fraser, who is freaking awesome :)
    first song: something in the water
    second song: seeds

    enjoy :)

  409. Don’t you love that we Mamas have superhero powers and that all our kids need is us? Truly the most amazing, and often exhausting, power I’ve ever had. Nothing like motherhood…

  410. I would love to know more details on how you make your photo books!


  411. LOVE how Lainey is buttoned in the bubble pictures :)

  412. Kelle I love your blog! I found it just a week ago eavesdropping on a friend’s facebook wall.

    This blog is a treasure–thank you so much for putting it together! Blogging is a lot of work and it shows how much you care for your readership through what you do! You are an incredibly talented photographer and writer and extremely inspirational. I’m strongly identified as a pollyanna optimist, and though I am living a totally different life (32, small apartment in a big city, single, no children) I relate to so much of your story.

    I love your memoir work and would like to read more of that! What made you the inspirational, radiant, joyful person you are today? Also, a technical request–I’ve been devouring the archives and would love it if there was a link to an archives page on the top bar or sidebar so it is easy to go back to where I left off.

    Have a great weekend!

  413. This beautiful post wraps me like a warm blanket.I love it!Sending hugs and smiles and wishes for a wonderful weekend!Katherine

  414. oh no. those bubbles are a mess. an awful mess. so glad you bought them and warned the rest of us.

    and i don’t think you could do anything different blog wise that wouldn’t work for the rest of us….as long as you’re feeling it, we’ll love it !

  415. Wouldn’t change a thing!!! You make everyone smile with what you do. Have a happy Naples weekend!

  416. I can’t even believe how much I love the pictures of Nella kissing her baby doll and peeking around her stroller. How do you get those???? Amazing.

  417. This is one of my favorite posts of yours…ever.

    And that’s saying a lot. Because I adore every single post you publish.

  418. Your family, your pictures, your words move me to levels of joy I’ve never experienced. You surely are blessed. Thanks for sharing :)

  419. I would love a list of books you would suggest reading. Like the Sylvia Plath suggestions you make and you talk about books that “teach” you how to write and such. Would love to hear your favorites in the area of writing and kids books. Love your blog, love the music and pics and general thoughts on life. Yours is the ONe i MUST read if I have no time for any others….

  420. The colored bubbles look awesome. How hard was it to get cleaned up? I am willing to give it a try if clean up is not horrific. Where did you find them? What you said about Laniey being your first is awesome. I feel the same way about my first. It made me cry. Thanks for sharing!

  421. I’ve said this on here before, but I really adore your blog. I’ve pared down my blog reading to the ones that make me feel happy and inspired, not the ones that leave me wanting more or feeling like I’m not doing things good enough. Your blog is empowering and I love it just the way it is. But I’ll follow along no matter what changes you make, and I’m sure they will be wonderful! The photography tips sound great and I’ve always wanted to read more about you and Brett’s backstory. :)

    I was surprised to read the few commenters who took exception to your giveaways/sponsors. I think you do a great job of making them very unobtrusive. And you know what? I am so grateful that you use your time to inspire all of us, and I want you to be compensated for that. When I rush out to buy the new Jennifer Weiner book each summer, I don’t complain that they’ve paid her for her writing. It doesn’t make her less authentic. Since you are also one of my favorite writers (and photographers), I am glad that there is a way for this work to help support your beautiful family. :)

  422. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Nella in the stroller at the end

    I would like:
    More guest posts from Rik. I try to read his comments, but when the comments get in the thousands, I don’t always look.

    To know how you are able to make the blended family thing work. It really really really seems to work for you! (and it may simply be too personal or cross to many boundaries)

    I would like that you keep it real, that you aren’t perfect! Gives me hope!!! (which you do)

    I LOVE that you are doing a video tutorial for “the rest of us” to take pictures of our kids/those we love)

    More about you and Brett- tell us your love story- complete with unicorn poop πŸ˜€

    There’s much more, but I need to skedaddle off to bed…

  423. “It’s why I keep invitations taped to my fridge long after parties are over and why I can’t throw away a Christmas card. I like reminders to think about people and things and moments. I like pictures on my nightstand and name tags in my trees. I like memories stashed some place where they can be easily and frequently retrieved.” I do the same thing. My fridge looks so empty right now because I finally took them all day. All the wedding invites, all the showers. And now I’m wishing I hadn’t taken them down. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.

  424. I am a fan. My husband laughs eveytime I meet someone with a DS child, and we chat for a while , I ask, “Do you follow any blogs?” and my husband knows it’s coming…. I say, “WEll, you HAVE to google ‘Enjoying the Small things…..”
    I would like to see more and know more about Nella’s therapy.

  425. I want to know how you got to be so comfortable in your skin. You know exactly who you are. You are unassuming, yet confident. I want confidence-boosting tips :)

  426. I have more of a question that could lead to a potential post…what do you do with all of your pictures? I know you post some on your blog and you put some in Lainey and Nella’s scrapbooks, but what about the rest of them? Also how do you choose what goes into Lainey and Nella’s scrapbooks and what stays in your files (possibly to never be printed)?

  427. i just bought those colored bubbles at Target — haven’t even opened the package yet because it’s been too cold to play outside!! I’ll be returning them monday morning before my girls hands turn that blue!! back to clear bubbles for us :)
    happy weekend!!

  428. Oh joy, video toutorials! :-)

    You inspire me so much, from my view on Down Syndrome, to how to be the best mom I can be. You also inspire me to take more pictures of my family and always try to capture the moment. Thank you for making me BETTER :-)

    Love from Therese, Norway

  429. Great post! Love to read your blog at the end of the day, when I just need that extra reminder not to worry about life so much and just be.

    Look forward to the tutorials!

    Ack! The last pic of Nella (in the stroller) just kills me. Adorable!

  430. I can’t wait to see the video tutorial! I love your pictures of your kids and I would LOVE to know how to take better pictures of mine! Thanks for putting one together. Can’t wait!!!

  431. Your post from today reminded me I never did get a chance to comment here. As far as feedback, my initial response would be… don’t change a thing. I love every thing you do on your blog and everything you write about. BUT I know that kind of advice can be flattering and equally frustrating when you are truly looking for feedback. So now, that I’m thinking of it, If I could ask you a question and for you to respond in a blog post, it would be what is your “checklist” when you are editing your photos, and how do you get the creamy/dreamy look (with still vivid colors) in most of your pictures. And I always love to see pictures of you and Brett together, but since you both are the ones usually taking pictures I know that is a challenge. :) SERIOUSLY, LOVE EVERYTHING on your blog. I mean, I probably want to be like you WAY too much! :) Not in a copycat way, but in an inspiring way. :) Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    Ps. My best friend’s sister just had her first baby this week and they were given the news yesterday that her little Jacob has D.S. and a few other complications. I INSTANTLY thought of you, and wanted her to know everything I know from your blog. I am planning on sharing your blog when she is ready. I just know it will be a huge comfort to her. She’s already made the comment, “I just want him to be loved and to have a normal life.” (I of course instantly thought of your Awareness video that brings tears to my eyes every time!) Can’t wait to share all of the great things you’d done for D.S. Awareness with them. I have no doubt your blog will bring great encouragement to them. Thanks for everything! Love, Amber

  432. I love reading your blog…but never comment. My first printed words to you are: “amber teething necklace”. Three words from a Mum in Switzerland to you.

  433. :-) smile:-)

  434. Give the bubbles a chance. They are wonderful, we blow them, we paint with them, we chase the pets and each other with them. And seeing Grandpas’ face when a bright blue bubble pops on his chin is priceless. Plus I have yet to find anything they will not wash off of. So far…

  435. I LOVE your blog! You inspire me to be a better person, wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister etc…it is a daily ritual to “check in” with you!! I also love all of your sponsors! My mom has a women’s and children’s boutique and we have found some great things for the store through your blog!

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