A Great Many Things


These sandals sang to me from their perch atop a sale rack yesterday. I haven’t bought a pair of new shoes since my $5 Key West kicks last year but still, I walked away…at first. I knew, though, from the way I craned my neck to gaze back at them, they were the kind of sandals I’d dream about later. The ones I wished I would have bought. I loved them and their rich weathered leather, their sweet little buckle, their kicky justright heel. And they were on sale.

So after a little justification, Mama got new sandals.

I brought them home and ran into my closet where I unwrapped them from crinkled paper and carefully placed them right between a scuffy pair of Nikes and sky high black heels. And behind the line-up, tucked neatly in the background, were my red ladybug galoshes, one slouched over the other. An interesting collection, perhaps screaming Identity Crisis to anyone else, but to me–a symbol that I love a great many things.

Sporty Spice, Funky Spice, This-Chick-Means-Business Spice with a little bit of When-Are-You-Going-to-Grow-Up-Spice to keep it interesting.

This brings me to one of my favorite movie quotes.
Little Women.
Here we go:

Jo March: I find it poor logic to say that because women are good, women should vote. Men do not vote because they are good; they vote because they are male, and women should vote, not because we are angels and men are animals, but because we are human beings and citizens of this country.
Mr. Mayer: You should have been a lawyer, Miss March.
Jo March: I should have been a great many things, Mr. Mayer.

I should have been a great many things.

I know I’ve used it before. In fact, I drop that line into conversation about once a week. Like when my sister tells me she wears a scarf with a Grateful Dead t-shirt to a film fest on Thursday night and shows up to work the next morning in a pencil skirt and crisp white button-down. “Because you’re a great many things,” I say. Savvy Go-getter by day, Groovy Art Girl by night.

I think about this a lot. For some reason, I feel at times that I need to fit in to a definitive box of what kind of person I am–what kind of mom, friend, wife, writer, home decorator, clothes-wearer, photographer I am. As if I have to choose only one.

Sometimes I wear glasses. Sometimes I am studious. Sometimes, I take it too far with a pencil behind my ear. It’s not even sharpened. And the glasses are $5 fakes. I’m just sayin’.

Last I checked, there was such a thing as overlapping circles on a Venn Diagram, and I find that many times in life, I belong in the gray in-between of A Great Many Things. And, instead of pushing myself toward one clear area, I’m accepting that it’s okay to be a hodgepodge mess of everything. A life-loving amalgam.

Hence the triple minor. I confess, I didn’t major in anything in college. People have asked me “what was your major?” and I’ve always mumbled some crap under my breath about things I studied, embarrassed that I had no major. Truth is, I had a triple minor, my school’s acceptable alternative to a major at the time. Because I liked English and Biology and Elementary Education and dabbling a little bit in each area was more my style (and a quicker ticket to graduating) than streamlining my studies to just one thing.

I’m not really the just-one-thing kind of girl (except when it comes to husbands; for the record, I’m cool with having just one man).

And I’m not the only one around here who seems to be broadening her “Like” status…

Brett’s always been an 80’s music fan and strays from it only after Isle of Capri days when he’s stuck on Jimmy Buffet or the Joint station on XM for maybe a day or two. But midlife has him stretching his boundaries. Surprisingly, he’s suddenly listening to Cat Country, 107.1. Alan Jackson just done went and transformed my husband, the man who tapped his fingers on the steering wheel to the drum solo in Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” when we were first dating. He knows every word to the As-Seen-on-TV Monster Ballad CD and dragged me to a Styx concert under a carnival tent when I was six months pregnant with our first child. He’s never liked country, but suddenly he’s expanded–testing out the waters of other loves, and now his music collection looks a bit like my shoes. Heels, clogs, galoshes. Boston, Van Halen, Zac Brown Band.

My point–and there is one–is that there’s much in life to dabble in, and I want to swim in every puddle. I am, every day, entranced by the beauty that is motherhood and yet I still love the flippant energy of a night out alone with the girls. I am deeply spiritual, often brought to tears by images of God and Love that I find in everyday occurances and yet I enjoy a hearty laugh from a good sex joke or Tina Fey’s new book. I like to sip a cup of tea to Bach but still tip a martini to Euro Techno. And somedays, I’m boho-chic-funky-clog-girl and others, pin-tight-bun-and-high-heel-girl. I don’t have a signature scent ‘cuz I like too many damn perfumes, and while I pride myself on my Calm & Cool Mom title, today I laid down the law and it was anything but cool…or calm.

You can be a great many things.

Gray and cloudy with a bit of clear blue sky–at the same time–because weather likes to dabble too.

Today, I am Homegirl. Dabbling in the puddle of contentment that comes from a curious cub, a cup of coffee and an extra helping of morning sunshine that pours into the playroom.



With a side of Firstborn Adoration…



Lainey insisted on getting Nella her own bag of Sun Chips. Nella was crying and wasn’t satisfied with being fed little bits of someone else’s chips, and Lainey knew the solution. She ran inside, got Sister her own bag and, Voila. Happiness for all.


Today is my favorite day.


But tomorrow is too.

She waves at every single person who walks by. And dogs. And cars.

Or maybe the next day.


Aw hell, maybe I’ll just triple minor.


…cuz there’s a great many things.


“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” ~Walt Whitman


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  1. Beautiful pictures! As always! I’m a faithful follower. Thanks for taking time to blog. Always inspiring!

  2. I missed the part about Nella waving to every-thing that goes by! That is so adorably cute! Love it!

  3. I love this so……much!

  4. The crying because they want their own bag must be a second child thing… my 2 year old cries, screams, tantrums if he has to share instead of having his own bag.

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  5. Thats why I love mornings…everyday is a new day, a new me…so much too look forward to! Thank you for a fabulous post yet again! Cute shoes by the way :)

  6. I love Brett’s music taste. Sounds like my own. Love your playlist with the post, too!

  7. Thank you, I love this..me and friend were talking about this today. We just like so many things…it just makes us, us. And me, me.

  8. Awesome, just awesome!
    I love that about Nella waving!

  9. Seriously girl, poetry flows out of you. Loving this post.

  10. I LOVE Nella’s waive! My daughter does that too. she waves at anyone or anything that passes by and she add in “Hiii” with this anyiciation on her face…oh..it’s the best, isn’t it?!
    Karolina XOXO

  11. Still enjoying every blog, AND a big thanks for warning me off of those stinkin’ staining bubbles. They almost made it to the easter basket. <3

  12. You are so awesome! So glad I found your blog! :)

  13. A great many things is the only way I want to be. Thank Kelle, again. As always you are a breath of fresh air.

  14. dabbling makes my heart sing.
    You rock!
    I am a dabbler too and sometimes laugh at myself and my lack of settling with one hobby, one style, one anything….its a good thing :)

  15. this post was incredible… just sayin’!

  16. Love! And I found myself humming some Hootie Darius Rucker today. I blame my mother, who is in town. πŸ˜‰

  17. :)

    Thought you might like this for easter. I thought it was soooo cute.

    Happy Wednesday!


  18. I love Nella’s wave… her face is like “hey girl hey!” so what up cuz? She’s adorable. Oh and the caption under your pic with the glasses made me spit out water. I love the unsharpened part. You’re honestly too funny. Cheers! Oh and my sister’s getting married next week and I’m giving a speech. I find myself seeking inspiration from your beautful words. Best to you and yours.

  19. One of my favorite posts ever! But then again, every new post from you becomes one of favorites. Loving the triple minor :) And loving Lainey at dance—she has so much poise and grace!

  20. I so relate to this post. I also graduated with a triple major, communications, humanities and architecture. Very random but it worked. I’ve had only one man in my life since I was 15. And also like you I find that I don’t quite fit into any one category when it comes to most things. Thank you for making me feel better about that.

  21. Thank you.
    I always love your writing – but especially today. You’ve fuelled me.

    I feel caught in limbo. A wife, Mum, thirty something who is responsible for so many things … but really enjoyed getting her drink & disorderly on with a bunch of twenty somethings on a hens do Sat nite. Oh the guilt.

    If I love to run, like to get out amongst it – then how can I love my babe, like our home time, painting, crafting, playing????

    By ‘being a great many things!!”
    Thank you so very much, Kelle.

  22. Kelle….I just love you. Have for a long time now. I love that you are able to just. be. you. You encourage me (a mom of nine kids, yes!) to just. be. me.) Thank you. :)

  23. I love that Lainey takes after you… fun rainbow brite leg warmers one moment and feminine leotards and ballet shoes the next. Her personality is jumping from these pages. And, love Nella’s town mayor waves!

    Yahoo for multifaceted mommas. I am imagining a “Mixed up Chameleon” imagery here somewhere :)

    Kathleen in Chicago

  24. I feel as though I too am a great many things. In fact I have been told this before. I have changed my major three times and have had several different jobs, and am still open to try new things. I love taking classes and learning and trying and doing. Its just too exciting not to!

  25. it’s okay to contradict yourself. i do it everyday :)

  26. You are 32 flavors and then some!

    My now & then favorite song!

  27. Ok I love your pictures, everytime, every post. Your family is just oh so adorable. And I love that you triple minored, that’s awesome! I wish I’d had that option.


  28. Thank you.

  29. Geez I just love you and all your selves.

    I related so much to this post…and as always I want to steal Nella, her adorable smile and her waving enthusiasm.

    Loved this one.

  30. Thank you. That was exactly what I needed to hear today.

  31. you tripled minored?!!! that is GREAT! i kinda did, too. I majored in a subject that was three things, and minored in two subjects. then went to law school. after being a graphic designer. oh yea, and working in reality TV.

    I GET IT!!!! :-)

    and, i love that quote from Little Women, too!

  32. oh, and i forgot to mention…i went to FILM SCHOOL, too (master’s program). what?!!!

  33. that sun, that sun!!! such great pics. and freakin’ Nella man. She’s ridiculously cute!!!!

  34. I’m a great many things, too. I like variety and freedom to change. :) love those quotes!


  35. This made my night. Thank you.

  36. What star-crossed timing on this post ….I was just texting a best friend today that I’m not wildy talented in any one area – I don’t sing, dance, paint, draw or play an instrument like I was born to do it. But I can (and do) many of those things often …and she reminded me that “we are in the middle of the biggest project of our lives – raising good and responsible kids.” We agreed that our garden club, cooking club and travel club will happen one day when we have more time for great many things! Loved the post (again!)

  37. Thank you for writing this. :) Your photos are beautiful as always, and your words have far surpassed them in this post, at least for me.

  38. Yes. Get me out of this box.

  39. What a beautiful post! I loved everything about it!!

  40. Love this post. I want to show-off my great many things better :)

  41. I’m so in love with that picture of Lainey in her ballet tutu! Too adorable. Your pictures are always amazing.
    ps, nice sandals mama πŸ˜‰


  42. Holy heck that bag of chips is nearly as big as her! I love the quilt that seems to end up in all the pics. Reminds me of an old as sin one I used to curl up with when I would visit my gramma. May just have to figure out where that went this summer when I visit

  43. Ah Whitman, such a great poet to quote. I’m guessing you also like, “I am large, I contain mulititudes”. It would also be appropriate in this entry :)

  44. like a prism allow each facet to shine…

  45. I love being a great many things… one of the privileges of living in our times. Miss super Nella’s wave face is so adorable. And those shoes?!? Those are just the summer treat I have been looking for. So glad you treated yourself. Because a girl’s gotta be prepared for a great many things.

  46. Thanks for this. I feel like I’m all over the place sometimes; wanting to try everything, be everything. Sometimes I feel like I’m lost and can’t settle with just one thing. But now, I realize I can be/do many things.

    Yeah, I needed this.

  47. Twanda! It makes ya feel like a bad ass! And today I am!
    Need a Nella Oooh face please. :)

  48. …. just sayin': saving it, again, for the perfect reading moment this evening!
    Looks great and I can’t wait!
    (thanks for your very kind and cheerful words in the comment you made <3 )…

  49. Loved the analogy of the Venn Diagram. It’s so true!

  50. Oh such an awesome post! Love this one! And for the record, my Itunes collection looks a lot like Brett’s — I think Van Halen and Zac Brown Band can reside together very peacefully. Which somehow reminds me, I’ve been meaning to tell you for a year that my husband is also from Rockford, IL! Went to Guilford High School ’87 if that means anything to Brett! Those Rockford boys aren’t too bad:)

    Loving that Nella waves to everyone and everything! Such a fabulous little thing, she is!


  51. Uh, dude, totally my favorite post ever.

  52. Lovely photos, and thought provoking.
    I’m think about what I’ve ended up doing, working in communication in marine science after completing a PhD in botany, which took (if you include my degree)10 years of my life. It’s not wasted. But I am where I am now. Sometimes I wonder if I should feel more guilty about it all, but on the whole I’m ok with it.

  53. Heheh I like the glasses and the pencil! :)

  54. Dabbling is good. I feel like I toured all of my college’s majors before finally deciding on one. No big deal. I’m just a very well-rounded student:0) Happy almost Easter weekend!!

  55. Love love love.

  56. Thank you for this post. It’s easy to get caught up in concentrating on one thing, like motherhood, and forget about the other things that make us who we are. How boring would it be to only be one thing, like only a stay at home mom or only a good wife. I want to be that and more. I’ve recently discovered that I am a blogger and writer too, and I am having so much fun learning all about this new side of myself, that I didn’t even know existed, until a few months ago. It’s even got me thinking about writing a book. So cheers to all of our lovely sides and difference and things that make us multifaceted. And thanks for the lovely colorful poetic reminder. You’re awesome!

  57. A big sis always knows the magic trick!!

    P.S.I wish I could put you, Nella, and Lainey in my pocket and carry you around for the day.

  58. Simply BEAUTIFUL as always!
    You are my kind of gal, a mix of a great many things and I love that.
    Keeps life interesting, especially when we are so busy being Mum’s and it can be so easy to get stuck in the mundane, day to day.
    Your posts are a little burst of colour and life in the day to day.
    Love it!
    Nella waving to everyone who goes by is so cute.
    That girl makes me want to have #5 every single time I read your blog!!

  59. I have been reading your blog for a little while; this post had me at “A Great Many Things”. :) I love your writing & beautiful pictures but today I loved reading what I feel everyday but written much prettier than I could ever write it. Thank you. <3

  60. oh a great many things!!!
    I swear at times you read my mind…
    I have recently been thinking about all the things I would like to be… a nurse in the NICU, a daycare owner, a teacher, a writer, a magazine editor, a photographer…
    A great many things!!
    And with or without the degree, letters after our names or even know how we are all a great many things.
    Teachers, parents, children, aunts, friends, sisters…
    anything beyond that is a bonus…
    T minus 3 days till I’m on the road to being a Naples, FL resident….
    Love Nella’s smiling face!!!

  61. Why choose one thing “to be?” I always tell people that but reading it makes me realize I tend to try to choose 1 thing for everyone and nothing for myself. I need balance. Working on it. Thanks for the extra inspiration!

  62. Sing it girl! I too am a great many things. In my world of the ‘outdoor adventurer’ we’re suppose to choose on sport and become obsessed. That’s what’s cool. That’s what get you sponsored or on magazine covers.

    But I like to climb a little, bike a little, paddle a little….watch a little movies, sit a little in cafes, cook a little, go to an art gallery once in a while. I’m a great many things.

    In terms of career, however, well- I really can be a great many things, but I DO need to choose. Writer? Doula? nutritionist?

    Sorry, whew, I went off on a tangent! obviously this post struck a chord!


  63. Girl, you are crazy and I love it!

    A kindred soul you are :)

  64. Very inspirational

    Thank you!

    Love those new shoes by the way :)

  65. We all wear many hats and that keeps us humble, accepting and versitile!


  66. I love the LW quote. One of my favorite movies. And, you have inspired me yet again. I have always felt so drawn to so many things and have wondered “what is wrong with me?”…why can’t I just choose something and go with that instead of having many loves pulling me all different ways. And, now I know-nothing is wrong with me because I AM a great many things and that is ok!

  67. The Little Women quote you used is one of my personal favorites, it reminds of the great many things I still can be and am. I like you, am an ecletic soul whose style of clothes can be drasticly different than a day previous.

  68. Exhaling…..aawww, this was so freeing! I’ve always said I’m just a dabbler, but felt like I wasn’t defining myself well enough. Well….I don’t have to be just one thing, now do I.

    And Little Women? One of my all time favorites; the book AND the movie (but it has to be the Katherine Hepburn version :)

    You still seem to know exactly what I’m thinking…thank you :)

  69. Hi! I LOVE reading your blog! You have a beautiful family! I almost always end my evening taking a glimpse of your cutie patooties before I head upstairs to kiss all of mine good night. You are a true inspiration!

    ~Donna D.
    Mission Viejo, CA

  70. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! it can’t be said enough. Do I say it enough? Maybe you think I do :)

    The glasses and pencil is an awesome look for you.
    Also, you have amazing teeth. Has anyone ever told you that? You do.

    loved the pictures, loved the post.

  71. Post is awesome, of course! But… ROCKIN SHOES!!! Need me sum o those!! :)

  72. oh, I have to say, I completely connected with this post because I feel JUST like you! And I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like I have to be ‘all mom’ or ‘all serious’ or ‘all spiritual’ but never all three.
    I have a deep, strong relationship with God (He’s everything to me) but I can be terribly serious and hide my face in a book one day and out on the town, dressed in bright, bold colors, having some drinks with my girlfriends, laughing at silly jokes most people would balk at. I like the feeling of that just being ME. But for some reason I feel pressured to pick just one. I don’t wanna pick just one!!!! Now I sound like the bratty kid in Toys R Us :)

    Loved the post, Kell

  73. Omg I love Nella’s happy scrunched up face!! And Lainey at the ballet studio! I look forward to every post. Thanks so much for keeping them coming.
    Lots of Love from AZ.

  74. Thanks for this post. Today was one of these days where I felt particularly “scattered” in my life. Perhaps I’m just a great many things right now …. πŸ˜‰

  75. I was always a country music hater until a few years ago. There is just something about it. and Zac Brown Band just takes the cake as the best country band right now. I have been to a lot of concerts. Good ones. and ZBB was one of the best ever. They are amazing musicians!

    Thank you for blogging – I find a lot of inspiration and encouragement when I read what you write!

  76. oh I love this post, you really have such a great way of appealing to the dreamer and idealist in us all..
    keep it up Kelle, I love the worlds you take us..and I love the Jo March quote..so very very true..

  77. How is it that you are able to read my mind? Uncanny, really.
    Love this.

  78. I loVe your blog, Kelle!! Love.

    I try to look at every day as a new day, another chance fir redemption as I struggle with going from one to two. Every night I tell my sweet (but really exhausting and challenging) 3 year old that “tomorrow is a new day and we’ll try again.”. And, every day, I really do mean it.

    Beautiful, thoughtful prose… As always.

  79. I love your blog… just had to say that tonight while reading the picture of Nella waving nearly brought me to tears. I’m not sure why. I think its because I want to see everyone wave back. See her for who she is and how beautiful she is… the way you have shown her to me through your blog. You have taught me so much about down syndrome, life, and mothering just by taking me along on your journey here. thanks again.

  80. Fabulous post!!! You said it all and you said it just right!

    Thank You!


  81. I hear you and I’m glad it isn’t just me. I’ve never been able to squeeze myself into just one pidgeon hole. I’m a great many things too. I sometimes think I should try to completely immerse myself in one way of being and find myself at odds because I’m ignoring other facets of myself. Here’s to being eclectic with confidence! X

  82. Kelle, I just want you to know that I’m sitting awake in my bed at 5:30 am when I usually roll out of bed at 7:30. I can’t sleep because I’m in the grip. I’m at an all-time motherhood low. Suffice it to say I’m just in an exhausted, angry, exhausted place. And, I’m just broken and sad. I was just emailing some friends to ask for help and love. (Thank the good Lord for girlfriends, yes?) And, then I read your blog. I’ve been reading it for over a year and I rarely comment. But, you might need to know how touching, healing, and moving it is for me to read your work. It’s art. And, it brings me joy. Thank you for using your gift. I don’t know how you let your light shine so brightly but I needed this right now in this moment of darkness. So, thank you.

  83. beautiful. =)

  84. AMEN it feels good to know I’m not alone in the world. I love that quote as well. Thanks for the pictures I love Nella’s t-shirt!!!!!

  85. Little girl waves make my day. Maybe I need to walk by your house to get a Nella wave! In our neighborhood, its almost all little girls and they all love to say hi to baby Ellie. Makes my walks better.

  86. Kelly,
    Read the book Heaven is for real. It will make your day. It is about a litle boy who actually does go to Heaven but comes back. True story. My 26 year old daughter turned me on to your blog when Nella was born. I love it and read it first thing. You are a great mom and I love your beautiful pics.

  87. This is so true & profound. . . I think motherhood has a major part in this & we struggle daily to not ‘lose’ ourselves, or at least, the person we are, or once were. I find it hard to be the perfect mom, wife, daughter, sister, employee. . . it’s all a struggle, but the ride is fun. I think if we realize we are different at different times, but the same… confusion, but true. Thank you Kelle, as always! πŸ˜‰

  88. you make me want to try harder to see the beauty. to be happier in the moment. to make sure i see all those little things are really the one big thing all rolled together.

    gosh. inspire me why don’t cha..?


    it’s alway goodness when I come here.

  89. You never cease to inspire. Your blog and a hot cup of coffee start my day just right.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. So simple and yet so profound – you have that gift, Kelle! I am a mulit-faceted mom too! Years ago I was content to think small and live small. God has used motherhood to triple my confidence and I am stepping out to experience more. I feel that I am more myself than I have ever been and that is with a 4 year old and a set of almost 3 year old twins!

  92. If a girl finds a super cute pair of shoes/sandles/boots/flipflops..whatever in HER SIZE and ON SALE….a girl must buy them. It’s a universal law….seriously!! Your words are so true. Thanks for sharing your “multiple personalities” here every week with us. We love every one! xo

  93. Ditto on the triple minor!
    Education, Sociology & Speech therapy up in here!

  94. I haven’t reading your blog for too long but I have to say, this is my most favorite post you’ve written. You’ve said beautifully, what I’ve muttered about off and on for ages, never being able to put my thoughts together in any cohesive way.

    I’ve complained a number of times to my husband about how I’ve failed and so many, many things. I’m tired of failing. He told me the other day that I souldn’t look at it like that. I should be proud of how many things I’ve tried.

    This post encourages me to keep trying. Thanks.

  95. i can’t handle that giant smile on your smallest. my goodness that smile is precious. and how about the tutu’d oldest? loverly.

  96. Um, I triple minored too. After 4 years of switching majors from music performance to journalism to nursing, I cut my losses and triple minored in health professions, biology and dance! I’m so glad I’m not the only one a little embarrassed by the fact :)

  97. My 4 year old saw that last picture and said, “It’s Super-baby!” :)

  98. I wonder if this is a man thing. As I read this I started to laugh. My husband has had the same musical tastes as yours. Van Halen, Metallica, and Boston were the CD’s that were always in his car. Last night he walks in telling me he heard the music to the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” and said he loved it and it made his feet want to get up and dance. For a moment, I had to make sure this was still the man I married 8 years ago! Love it!

  99. You read my mind by typing this post out. I so needed to read it too. Last night I was feeling like I’m a hodge podge of sorts. I finally figured out what I wanted to put on my dining room wall and one living room wall. And I found that I like many a things and nothing in my house matches. But I could care less. I seem to like everything and want to jump in every puddle too. I was feeling a bit lonely and like an odd puddle about being a hodge podge. But, after reading this, I don’t feel so lonely after all.. :) … I love to bounce from shabby chic to contemporary lady to classic to how-old-is-that-mom?-she dresses like she is 4-with all the bright colors–. Haha, oh well. Triple minor, hmm? Love it.

  100. I can so relate to this- I always feel slightly guilty for not having all of my skills and hobbies pinned down at age 27. My hubby is an avid waterskiier; that’s his passion. He focuses all of his time and energy on it. And sometimes I envy that, because here I am, a jack of all trades, master of none. But I honestly don’t think I could have it any other way. I write, I run, I dance, I go for long walks, I paint, I cook, I come up with ideas for little cafes and craft shops almost every day (that I know will probably never actually happen). But it makes me happy and I think you’re right- you don’t have to fit into one specific mold. That’s what makes life interesting!

  101. first, you have GOT to share where you got those little let warmers for lainey!
    second, i’m so glad you clarified this for me…i’m also a lot of different things. and i like them all. i’m a mama, i make hademade stuff for my etsy shop, i’m my kids’ teacher, i love taking care of my house, then i’m sporty and like to run and workout…ya, my venn diagram has a whole lotta circles. thanks for clarifying that i’m ok :)


  102. My 2 1/2 year old (with that magic chromosome) waves at everyone he sees. We call him The Mayor of Muchkinville.

    I am so inspired by your photos. I hope one day to get just one of my kids that can compare.

  103. I LOVE how Lainey knows exactly what Nella wants too – my boys are the same way. Owen is 4 and Rory is 2 (he’s got the extra chromosome). Rory is also a waver like Nella!

    Is it ironic that I’m asked to Choose an Identity after posting a comment???

  104. Oh starting the morning reading your blog is a major plus with awesome music playing loud on the computer.

    Super love the new sandals.

    Should I admit that I allowed my 34 month old granddaughter to write on my computer room wall with chalk yesterday. Why? well we’re remodeling that room anyways and the wall is coming down eventually but the main reason was the expression on her face when I said YES. It was priceless and awesome to watch her draw next to me, then to ask me to join in her drawing like we were doing something we shouldn’t be. :) Loved every minute of it.

    A total feeling of loving and living life all in that moment. :)

  105. love lainey’s legwarmers! we have quite the collection here, ourselves.

    i love that you cover a multitude of subjects. keeps things interesting.

    btw, great score on the sandals!! :)

  106. Yesterday was a stressful-stretching myself too thin kinda day and i actually wished for some enjoying the small things to brighten my day. Thanks for some incite and beautiful pictures to hopefully start this day out on a better foot

  107. I LOVE this post. I also have 3 minors :) Bible, music, and church music. Hahahah I haven’t told anyone that in almost ten years.

  108. Well put!

  109. Country music has a way of getting stuck in your head and you don’t want it to get out of your head! Try Sugarlands’ Stuck Like Glue…I think you’ll love it!

    Enjoy your today, tomorrow, and forever!

  110. Amen to this post!!! from the contents, to the pictures, to the quotes, it was, a Nina of Black Swan would say: Perfect!
    BTW, I love Lainey’s ballerina picture!

  111. Um, the sandals? I’m glad someone gave those unfortunate things a home.
    This post is fabulous fodder for all of the “I hate KH” crowd. (Well, “hate” is a strong word. But we’ll use it anyway.;-)
    1. Photo of feet: check
    2. Mandatory Walt Whitman reference: check
    3. Mixture of purply prose and words like “gonna” and “cuz”: check
    4. Me, me, me. And enough about me; let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?: check
    5. Desperate attempt to asssure one and all that you’re really, really happy: check

  112. Dear Lord – you have written gold threads straight to my heart! I dabble in everything. There’s just too much in this world to do and try and not enough time to get it all in. Though I mellow into a feel, a look, a moment and can revel in it, supposing that this moment just might be the ‘one’ I’ll stick with. But naw, the rebel busts loose and won’t be restrained by my own choice for too long. It may sound scattered but I do have a common thread that holds it all together and makes it work. It makes it me.

    And you, my dear, are a soul that chooses many loves and much greatness! Cares

  113. Kelle, this SO reminds me of a post I wrote last year when I was making a feeble attempt at describing my broad range of interests.
    In fact the title of the post was The Girl known as SheWhoDabbles (name inspiration from the Tomie DePaola native American story the Legend of the BlueBonnet)…I also reflect on how being a dabbler serves well when you’re a teacher and also say, “She’ll have a beer with you and discuss her favorite metal album of all time, or fix a cup of maté to sip over some Chopin”.
    Crazy! I knew we were sistas! haha


  114. One of my FAVORITE posts of all time. LOVE it.

  115. to the blog post DITTO! Well not the triple minor, but I love to dabble in many things! I’ll never forget in Jr. High my dearest best friend wanted to tell me what the mean girls were saying so that I could prepare myself if I heard it from anyone else. “I wore Wrangler Jeans and boots one day, and the next day jeans with big flowers sewn on…along with a lime green velvet shirt and lime green keds. What was my problem I couldn’t figure out what I liked?” I said that’s bad?! I loved the cowgirl outfit because a cool girl in high school gave it to me because it didn’t fit her anymore, and the hippy outfit I bought with my babysitting money from Express. I still dabble and I still think it’s fun and fabulous!! This giddy up girl says “lets rock out the dabble!” :) haha It’s almost Friday and I’m feeling anxious for the weekend! Can you tell? :)

  116. Masterpiece of a post lady!! I love that movie, book and quote!! One of my faves and so glad they did it justice in the movie too! We all should be a great many things because that is what life is about! Being the same thing all the time is sooo boring!! I think because you are a great many things that is why so many people keep coming back here to see what your up to :)

  117. I have to thank you for the pictures of Nella in the monster pjs. My son has the exact same pair, and usually wears them the next day because they are just too cute to take off.

  118. Whoah! I am the exact same way! My husband, Brett, always jokes that he can never figure out or predict my style or if I’m going to like something or not… and it’s because you just explained it for me. Thank you! And THANK YOU for giving me the confidence that it is just plain, OK to be like this. I’ve never been confident about the fact that I have so many varying interests and styles, but now I can explain the beauty in it. Well said, Kelle! Perfect analogies… and as always… spectacular pictures of the littles! :)

  119. at “a diary” – If you don’t have anything nice to say then why are you on Kelle’s blog anyways? Beat it!!!!

  120. You said perfectly what I feel about myself. Oh, and can I PLEASE know where you got those gorgeous chairs in your picture of the play room? They are to die for!

  121. Thank you for being so real. Once again – i am amazed at your outlook on life and the ability to know exactly who you are and accept it! You truly are an inspiration.

  122. FINALLY!!! I have never been able to put into words how I always felt deep down. I never even graduated college after 3 and a half years because I was so scattered. I wanted to learn about Chemistry and French and Journalism and, well those three don’t make a degree. And now when someone asks me what I graduated in, I can say “a great many things”. And this whole mom/wife/girlfriend/PTO president/social butterfly thing has gotten me awfully mixed up sometimes. Shouldn’t I be defined by just one thing? Chose one and do it well? Hell, no sista’! I always felt like a failure when I would take those perfume quizzes in the fashion magazines. “Find your signature fragrance” like it will solve all my problems (so what if I kinda thought it would). And then to find out I have as many answers from the ‘a’ column as I do from the ‘b’ column as I do from the ‘c’ column. Which would explain the 6 different perfume on top of my dresser. I am a great many things…FINALLY!

  123. I love this post! So inspiring, funny, and of course the beautiful pictures. I think everyone has variety in their personality.

    The most interesting people are the ones who choose to embrace theirs variety.

  124. Today’s post really got me smiling today :) I “may” or “may not” ((air quotes))…rip all the perfume pages out of magazines…just so I can get a whiff of each :)

    Also…I see your grey flowered target skirt in one of the last photos…target…clearance rack….score :) You have good taste lady :)

  125. This post is so me! I can never seem to describe what I am I am me a big ol mix of many things! Thanks for finding a great way to put it! Beautiful girls as always! Loving Nella waving to everything!

  126. April – I liked your blog! Anyway, I can go wherever I want to and I”m sure Kelle can take the criticism. I’ve heard it doesn’t phase her in the least.

  127. I love that you are so sure of all that you are–beautiful pictures!!!

  128. I love Little Women and I love that quote! We all should’ve been a great many things. And we all can be really.

    Also, I want to walk by Nella just to see her wave like that! So cute!!

  129. Best. Blog. Ever. I swear, today it’s like you read my mind. Thanks for being you and sharing it with all of us!

  130. A Diary, usually your random disparaging comments are removed. They used to hurt my feelings but I’ve learned to smile and chuckle at your predictability and the fact that you continue to come back for more. I guess even hurtful people get something out of enjoying the small things. ‘Cuz–and I do mean ‘cuz–we all need a little happiness, eh? (you forgot to mention “eh”) Thank you for making me stronger and even more sure of myself. You’ve turned my style of writing into a trademark and have reminded me of how cool it is to be unique. By the way, Walt Whitman has another great quote for you: “Be curious, not judgemental.” Or maybe it was me, me, me who said that. Nope, it was Whitman.

    Your comments will probably still be removed, but at least I said my piece. For fodder, of course. Carry on. Thanks for your readership!

    Oh, and you forgot to mention “sucking the marrow.” ;o)

  131. This has got to be my favorite post you’ve ever written. Thank you; I needed to read this today.

  132. I sometimes feel like I’m in the middle of an identity crisis….good to know I’m not the only one. I thought it stemmed from having kids early and not really “living” in my early 20s.I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…and I’m 33!! Love your posts and pics!!

  133. I too am a triple minor in the school of life.I am many different things in a single day.I want to know as much about everything as I can and I want to be a million different places and be a million different people in life. I want to drink in , soak up and revel in the puddles of every day. Life is amazing and made even more so when we add our children’s eyes for us to see the world through. My life may not be what I imagined it to be at one time, but it is so much more than I could have ever expected.Life is beautiful.My lap is full. My arms are full. My heart is in danger of bursting.God bless, my friend!

  134. I knew why I liked you. We are very much alike- I have cherry galoshes instead though.


    Happy Easter Baby!

  135. I love this post.
    Thank you for sharing this pictures with us.

  136. GO Kelle!! It’s your Birthday!!! Go Kelle! It’s your Birthday!!! You tell em Momma!!!

  137. You are amazeballs and so inspiring. The end.

  138. You freakin’ rock. You never fail to inspire me and make me slow down and realize my littles won’t be little for long. I’m quite the pessimist cynic and you’ve really got me opening my eyes to the bigger picture. LOVE the pic of Nella waving. I want to eat her up!

  139. i relate to this post on so many levels. thank you for sharing that it’s OK to not want to be tied down to one thing or role… i want to experience everything and dabble in it all so i can say i did! haha!

    beautiful post and as always, the pictures are fab. the girls are getting so big. love the shot of nella waving. :)

  140. Seriously, you always seem to come up with something inspiring and profound for all of us to read. How do you do it?!?! I often struggle to find things to write about on my blog but you always seem to have something up your sleeve. You are amazing Kelle…. and you truly are a great many things!

  141. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to fit in one perfect little identity box, but that I can hold many identities and still be functional. The world makes me believe otherwise frequently.

  142. Incredible timing. I’m in an identity crisis of my own. Getting geared up for a major life change and still keep my identity when we come out the other side. Think I can I think I can I think I can.

    Thank you for reminding me it’s okay to refuse to commit to a label:)

  143. thanks for being a great many things … i like that about you.

  144. I’m so in love with this post. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us women feel deep inside and are never able to express. Just beautiful.

  145. This is great…surely you’ve been kicking these thoughts around in your head for a while. It was so thorough and profound but also whimsical and relatable.

  146. I got a kick out of your response to a diary. It is comforting to know that you can admit that it did hurt your feelings but now it doesn’t….another way you inspire.

  147. I Love where you are at…”Thank you for making me stronger and even more sure of myself. You’ve turned my style of writing into a trademark and have reminded me of how cool it is to be unique.”…Bravo Kelle!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps…What a beautiful little ballerina looking at her reflection

  148. I read your blog faithfully. It inspires me when I am unable to find my own inspiration… BUT I am deeply, deeply saddened that the music you have on here no longer plays in my region of Canada. So sad. I have been introduced to so many wonderful artists through your blog, and each song always seems to fit oh so perfectly with your words of the day…

    Though your words continue to ring true and clear… t hey have lost that musical edge. I almost feel blinded by the loss of the music that makes your words flow with that much more emotions.

    This is not to say I will stop reading, because I could never. Only a pointing out because maybe you haven’t realized you’ve blinded some of your readers. Maybe there is something you might be able to do about that? Another music application?

    Hmm… either way, I rarely comment, but wanted to say my bit, and also extend a friendly Nella like wave to you!

  149. I am a new reader and wanted to say “hi!” and tell you how much i love your style and reading about your amazing children. This post definitely speaks to me…we are all a great many things. Happy to be reading along!

  150. I am a new reader and wanted to say “hi!” and tell you how much i love your style and reading about your amazing children. This post definitely speaks to me…we are all a great many things. Happy to be reading along!

  151. Nella’s wave – that girl kills me. Favorite picture from the post. So, what lipstick are you wearing?

  152. I think that was one of your most fantastic posts EVER!!

  153. I love your blog;0. Your writing, your beautiful pictures, your humor, your darling kids. MAKES ME SMILE!

  154. oh, i’m right there with you with every word on this post. i struggle so much with finding a “place to fit” when i’m so schizo in the things i love, do and wear and in the ways i act. it’s nice to be reminded we don’t have to have just one place. it’s okay to fit in many.

    ps. love love love little women and that quote :)

  155. As always, you put my feelings into words so well! I feel like many different women, usually at least 3 in one day lol I do think Mother is my favorite though, and dancing party girl is fun every so often ; ) Oh, and Diary girl can just go on, I *really* dislike negative people!

    I am with Brett, 80’s music rocks!!!! It is the music of my youth and it brings back such great memories : ) My dh and oldest son love country music, I can only take it for a little while and then it starts to depress me lol So glad there is something out there for everyone! Tell Brett that I said Boston rocks!!!!

  156. I SO know exactly what you mean! I’ve always felt like a bundle of contradictions, too. I’m a classical pianist who LOVES country music, a girl who grew up on a farm but had traveled to 10 countries by the time she hit college, a tomboy who hardly ever wears makeup but adores wearing sundresses, an art-lover who can’t draw a stick figure, and a rabid sports fan who likes getting pedicures. It’s beauty, all of it.

  157. Bravo! Love it, every single bit of it!! You have taught me so much, Kelle Hampton and I love ya for it!!

    I also wanted to tell you that I just started reading The book A Million Miles In a Thousand Years. I’ve been meaning to get it since I read Nella’s birth story over a year ago. I’ve been reading bits and pieces of it to my husband and I love the conversations it’s started. I’m so excited to start living our better story.

    You freaking rock!

    Angie from Ohio

  158. And I forgot to mention that my husband and I have that monster ballad cd memorized too. Because we’re cool like that.

    Angie from Ohio

  159. Goodness, I could have written this myself, except I am not a great writer, even though I like to “dabble” in writing. YOu are amazing and you amaze me with your words, stories, pictures and the great realization it’s okay to be me!

  160. Favorite. Post. Evah. I am a great many things too. I just never put it that way before, but I’m totally going to now.

  161. Oh that’s great! I went to college while still in High School and by the time I graduated HS and started in with the “easy” classes I was ready to just be DONE with school! So I never finished but that’s ok, I hold a very highly esteemed position.


    I *heart* my job!

  162. LOVE!!!!

  163. Oh and this Weezer song is kickin ass this morning.

  164. Nella is just the sweetest, most adorable little thing I’ve every seen! And I’m so glad it’s okay to be good at a bunch of things versus great at one thing. I like to put my hands in many pots!

  165. Beautiful post as always…just want to say thank you for saying what I can’t. I always try to blog, but end up deleting it because it doesn’t sound right. I swear today you wrote EXACTLY what I was trying to write yesterday. So, thank you.

    PS That Little Women quote is one of my all time favorites too! But have you heard this one by Ms. Audrey Hepburn – “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible!'”

  166. Kelle – where did you get Nella’s superman tshirt? I’ve got a little girl on the way, and her daddy loves superman. I must have one of those!

  167. Kelle – You look exactly like Jennifer Garner in that photo with Nella and the fake glasses.

  168. LOVE this post Kelle…

    It’s filled with your wonderful writing style which made me reflect….and smile! So Thank you.

    Your wardrobe sounds like mine, although I must admit, there’s more boots than anything else crammed behind my doors…I think I need rehab for my boot addiction!

    Sending love
    Diana Doyle x

  169. So in love with Nella’s wave!!! How cute is that??? Love it!!!

  170. this was soo inspirational. exactly what i needed this morning.

    thank you for your words.

    p.s. nella’s wave is darling. :) you have quite a couple of sweethearts, there.

  171. Sometimes I feel as though I should “just pick something” to love, to like, to be interested in. Your words are so inspiring. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to dabble. Dabbling is fun, and makes my heart full and happy.

  172. kelle – i have been reading your blog for months and have fallen in love. though i am a young woman from the deep south living in los angeles without children or a husband, i feel like somehow, someway, we are sisters from a spiritual mama. i loved this post – its exactly how i feel sometimes… thanks for putting it into words. and thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

  173. *Waving back at Miss Nella!!!♥*

  174. Thanks for reminding me that it’s ok to be a great many things…

  175. Love this post! I completely agree but often forget that you don’t have to pick just one of … almost anything (except husbands πŸ˜‰

    LOVE the picture of Nella with her face scrunched up!

  176. You’re aiming at “well rounded” as am I. Sounds like you do a very good job! Keep it up.

  177. We’ve talked about this before and you managed to wrap it up in a beautiful package that so perfectly explains you. I really like this post.

    It always feels good to name stuff. It allows us to move on with the confidence that was always there. The confidence that just needed to confront a person or the confidence that just needed to write Triple Minor on the resume in order to move on to experiencing and loving in an even more real, honest way.

    Be it, Own it.


  178. Love this post! I have looked at my own wardrobe many times and thought, “Who ARE you??”. I have friends who have a very distinctive sense of style and you can easily classify them – “preppy Gap” or “boho chic” etc. Thanks for pointing out to me that its okay to dabble and be a great many things! :-) Have a blessed day.

  179. Hi Kelle. I went to see the newest film version of Jane Eyre. It reminded me how much I love the classics and all of the classical poetry. When I see familiar little quotes and stories on your blog, that I too love, it makes me want to pull out all of my college anthonlogies. All of your thoughts and sentiments are so familiar and mirror so much of what I love and believe. Last night I went to a rehearsal for a musical that I am performing in, and today I am off to the park with my baby. I too am a great many things. How lucky we are to have been preceeded by women who should have been a great many things so that we, today, can indeed be a great many things. Thanks for the reminders.
    Ann Porterfield-Ortiz

  180. Okay, Lainey’s leg warmers?! To DIE FOR!! You must share, where did you get those??? :)

  181. its so refreshing to see a woman who doesn’t give into labels and making themselves fit into a box. i used to do that until i started trying things, and well now, i just can’t stop dabbling. i think you’ve empowered many people to go out and be free to be themselves today and explore-me included! lovely photos and writings as always! much love.

  182. “Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”- Vincent Van Gogh

  183. I absolutely NEEDED this today! I’m going through some major life shifts right now, and I’m having a blast being one thing one day to another thing the next–like being the supermom I always try to be to having a night away from my 16 month old and staying out late with girlfriends acting like we’re 21 again. Even though most Thursdays are dress pants and shirt at work days, today is a vacation day, and I might just stay in my PJs all day!

  184. Overflowing your post is with warmth, love, and search for self. Funny, I’m 50+ and I found comfort in your words of being a triple major personality. Love Lainey’s leg warmers-hipster from the 80’s…and Nella’s wave from beneath her Supergirl top.

    Thanks for always putting MY EMOTIONS into YOUR WORDS. You’ve a gift, Kelle, and we benefit from your gift.

  185. This was my favorite post ever! I want to frame it somehow. Thank you!

  186. Love, love, love this! I remember in college thinking, “in my style, do I want to be more surfer-CA girl? Or more classic-Audrey-Heburn?” And then I realized, “I don’t have to choose!” This puts into words exactly my thoughts on the subject. You always hit it right on the head!

  187. I love this!! I’ve finally found “who i am.” I’m a great many things. :)

    I love Little Women. In fact, I just watched it again last weekend.

    I just love your girls. So beautiful. I love their bond. It reminds me of my sister and me. :)

  188. Multiple identities? Yes, indeed! Uptight, suited-up lawyer by day, TOMS-wearing, hipster-wanna-be at night (sometimes). Bravo for embracing it, Kelle! Please visit me at http://www.makehappyblog.com.

  189. Tina Fey! I saw her on Ellen yesterday and she’s so freaking hilarious! I want to go get her new book…have you read it yet? Is it awesome?

  190. Kelle,
    I am lusting after those sandals…do tell where you snagged them…love me some Kenos but those are grown up sandals…thanks!

  191. OMG ~ I haven’t left a comment in a while, but I just have to today!!! I love you, your blog, your family and all, but it is posts like today’s post that make me love you all the more and it it is why I come back for more … you make me look at life in such a different light and I can’t express how much I appreciate that different view.

    When I grow up (I am already 40 and going to be 41 next month) I want to be just like you!! I live in Michigan and have lived here all my life … just wish I would have know you when you lived here and I would absolutely love to run into Papa one day.

    Keep doing what you are doing Kelle Hampton cause you touch so many hearts!!

  192. Dearest Kelle,
    It is silly but this post meant more,spoke more than anything i have ever read period.I have struggled with this for so long i think of it almost daily,i mumble things in my head,like you cant like both modern and contemporary, romantic shabby chic and bright colors,sexy shoes but modest clothing,i always feel like i am lost in a sea of contradiction because i must be too weak to stand out in one category.i love the carpenters but also alot of the new artists,i love the new cello green song but worship songs make me happy,i am very much a christian but i love the real housewives and a good jenny mccarthy book,etc… i have always felt so at odds with myself so unnaccepting so frustrated that i cant just fit one kind of mold.Thankyou for writing this at this moment…it was unbelievably the best most encouraging thing i have read,i honestly thought it was just me and i hated myself for it.Thankyou for making me feel ok to be me.tears and hugs

  193. Oh and one more thing … can you pick me up a pair of those shoes (Size 9) and ship them to me ~ giggle … they are adorable!! Just kidding, but I do love them and would love to know where you purchased them from ~ I am always looking for a cute pair of comfortable sandals that I could wear to work or or with a cute pair of jeans and I think they would be perfect.

    Thanks again!!!

  194. I just loved this post! You put into words how I have always felt. There are so many sides to us and we don’t always fit into a box. Beautifully written and fab pics. My favorite has to be Lainey in her skirt with the double halo of the sun encompassing her. It makes me want to twirl around in a tutu :)

  195. I love this one and identify with just about everything you said! My little girl waves and says hi (which sounds like “eye”) to everyone that passes. I still feel proud every time she does it!

  196. Oh dear! Nella and her sunchips? Too cute! And her little wave! Precious!

    OH! I’m hoping you’ll let us know what you think of the amber teething necklace…we have one too…that we wear sporadically, at best. What are your thoughts on it?

  197. I relate to and love this post for several reasons…

    1)My two favorite items in my closet right now are my hot pink stilettos and my new retro newsboy hat… both of which have been worn in the past week.

    2)My ipod carries Mumford, The Beach Boys, and Mariah Carey.

    3)I love that even though my tastes are always changing, it’s always still true to my style. And I love that about your style–it’s distinct yet broad.

    4)Nella waving in her Superman shirt.

  198. Love it! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Love that W.W. quote you ended with. I love that crazy man…the quote speaks to me as did your post. Thank you for putting into words everything I feel.

  199. My son is 2 months younger than Nella, and also waves at everyone that goes by…and dogs and cars!! Glad he’s not the only one!

  200. Love this! I think, in describing yourself, you described me as well. Life is too short (or perhaps too long) to be only one thing. I am many, many things.

    Love your blog. Love the photos of your darling baby girls and the one of your hubby and sson shooting hoops – fun!


  201. Okay this could totally be the pregnancy hormones but the ballet picture brought tears to my eyes. What a stunning shot that says sooo much, thank you for sharing :-)

  202. My daughter, a regular imbiber of your blog, put me on to the caustic put-downs in My Diary’s comment, and to your gracious reply. I think there are some people who just don’t get optimistic people. They are sure it must be an act. Their natural temper is gloom and pessimism, and they think anyone who is naturally sunny and upbeat must be faking it. Hooray for the optimists! Those of us who fall somewhere in the middle need all the sunshine we can get!

  203. I’m back…wish you were doing a giveaway for a random commenter, I might actually win one, sheesh.

    I’ve read nearly every comment left on here (I do that sometimes with a great Kelle post) and I have to second what everydaymama said about it being one of the most encouraging things I’ve ever read. It moved me the same way..and I picture you laughing at the way I just said ‘moved’… anyway, just thought you should know. And how cool is her name?? Siobhan, awesome. Makes me want to start spelling my name with a J or somethin’ crazy.

    Okay, sorry I took out my afternoon coffee buzz on ya.

    Angie from Ohio

    P.S. loved the way you responded to the one lone commenter who wasn’t ‘moved’.

  204. love the sandals πŸ˜‰ great decision!

  205. I am sorry I have to add, I went and married myself a country boy. I had no idea what country music was before I met him….I have grown to appreciate it and I like Alan Jackson too, his voice is like butter :) Nothing like a good George Strait song either.

  206. Amen sister! I REALLY love this post (even though I love them all). I too am a girl that dabbles in it all. I picked a major only because I HAD to, but it was super hard. I hate fitting myself in to one thing. I hate that in America we are conditioned to be defined by our career choices. Poo on that! You go girl!

  207. We are soul sisters. Walt Whitman and Jo March are like family to me. I went down a different path and “majored” in everything. For every class I took that I loved, I changed my major again. I did finally land on one, but since has gotten two more in varying fields. Here are some of my other favorite quotes from “family.”

    I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
    Helen Keller

    If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.
    Dolly Parton

    Intense love does not measure, it just gives.
    Mother Teresa

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  208. The waving photo is beautiful!!! I also love the ballet photo. Your family is so wonderful!

  209. At 30, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I do hope Mother will be on that list, and for now I do have a professional job, but I like to dream and keep my options open!

    I remember when I was little trying to figure out if I wanted to be the girl who used only one brand of products…everything Neutrogena, or if I could venture out to be the girl who had a hodgepodge of different brands. DARING, I know!

    There’s been other things along the way, but it’s great to know I’m not along and that we CAN be a “Great many things”! I love that! Thanks for sharing!

  210. I love love love the spontaneous fashion sense you have. :) I, too, find myself trying to fit myself into a “type” … and I don’t have one. Thanks for posting … gorgeous photos!

  211. Love it!!!! I’ve been in the same boat, soccer mom one day, stunning glam goddess on date night with hubby and caregiver to my father. I love this post..of course..what post of that you write do I not love!!!! p.s- you are living, breathing, poster ad to move to Florida!! I wish my kids could play outside EVERYDAY like that!! (We live in New York)

  212. Dear Kelle,
    Thank you for your blog! You are such a gifted mom, sister, wife, friend, & simple YOU for who YOU are!! You inspire & encourage me! I am addicted to your blog! Can’t wait to read what your next adventure, idea, fun-filled-day, or whatever you write, will be!! It is ALWAYS a joy to read! I am challenged, encouraged, inspired, & uplifted by what you share in your writings! You are sooooo blessed to have a supportive husband who lets you be you!! That alone is sooo very much to be blessed with!!! you rock, girl! Thank you for taking the time to post all that you do, pictures, ideas, thoughts, all of it is sooo , soooo very much appreciated!! Can’t say thank you enough! You & your family are all so beautiful!! I bless you for who you are!!

    Many Blessings,

  213. Well, Zac Brown Band rocks. Just sayin.

  214. I’ve always felt that I never fit into a single category. Frankly, I always felt bad that I could never just pick one thing to stick to. Now, however, I feel much better. Thank you for sharing. Your confidence helps me to find my own.

  215. So my almost everyday saying is, “with all I have to do”. Its’s from my all time favorite movie Meet Me In St. Louis when the daughter asks her busy mom to take a break & go for a swim.
    I’m reading my favorite blog people. Don’t bug me….With all I have to do!

  216. Brock (who just turned 3) also has that car Lainey is riding on. Although his looks much more worn (he’s a boy). I keep trying to get him to ride his real bike cause his legs are too long, but he keeps going back to it. I think he gets stuck on one thing – like his daddy.

  217. i freakin love you, girl. you never fail to make my day with your words and pictures.

  218. What a refreshing way to look at yourself, and such a great lesson to pass on to your own kids. It takes some people years and years to be ok with this kind of thinking. Maybe your girls will start out a little ahead of the game for having a mom who lives this way every day.

  219. If I had known that a college would’ve allowed a triple minor…oh girl, I’d have been all about it!! I went to a small community school, and I am a dental hygienist…there’s not a lot you can do with a 2 year dental hygiene degree….besides dental hygiene. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up…I’m still not sure if I’d rather shop at American Eagle or New York & Co. I’m still not sure if I should venture out side of different colors of flip flops for my shoe wardrobe…I still feel like when I’m out with my kids, that old poeple are judging me bc they think I’m 17, with a 5 year old and a 16 month old…I’m 25. lol And I’m still not sure if I should ever give up the cool, SUV and go for the minivan…but I don’t care! My mood changes, my likes change…how boring life would be if things were always the same. Right?!?!!?

  220. Great post! Love the Little Women quote. As a mom I think its important to be “many things” so we can have a rich, full life for ourselves and our children. Life is to short to get stuck in a single rut that society says we should fit into! Keep on keeping on with what you do because its beautiful!

  221. I really love this post. I am 29, married, mommy of two small boys and I work full time. So many days as a mother I feel I have to be a certain way or fit into some stupid stereotype of motherhood, but I’m always reminding myself that I don’t have to be any certain way to be a great person and mom.
    Thank you for always putting a positive spot into my days with your posts.
    The picture of Nella waving…oh my goodness, precious overdose : )

  222. I love this post so much. You chose one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies, too:) So accurate with how I feel so many days–happy and jumbled.

  223. Must know where you found the shoes! They rock!!!

  224. Sometimes you post more than one picture that tugs at the heart-strings…but today it is just one – Lainey sitting alone in the ballet studio just melted my heart. Maybe it’s because I have two boys and will never experience taking my girl to her ballet lesson, maybe because your posts are just the absolute highlight of my day, maybe because your blog almost doesn’t need words, just the stunning pictures alone say a million things.
    Thanks for sharing with us :)

  225. Totally love this post. But we Californians are all about fusion (:

    Our generation has so much more freedom than our parents and grandparents–people used to pick one career, one job, and stick with it for 50-60 years–not that it was a bad thing, and sometimes I think the choices overwhelm us, but mostly I am grateful to be a mom/social worker/yoga teacher/dancer/aspiring painter/sometime blogger, you know? and that the journey allows for more and more unfolding, every day . . .

    Love the new shoes, too!

  226. a diary-
    why are you so angry and unhappy? I really feel sorry for you because you seem like a miserable human being

  227. Triple MINOr?! You are so awesome! And I love that Nella is so friendly. Adorable! XO

  228. I read in google reader and I just tagged this post “life”. There are at least 3 quotes in this post worth re-reading when you need a little reminder that you don’t have to fit inside a little specific box. Thank you :-)

  229. You have the most beautiful little girls! I always love looking at their pretty faces and sweet smiles, as well as hearing your honest thoughts on life! Oh, and I would have loved a triple minor… I don’t like to pick favorites, and I tend to enjoy everything too. I guess it’s not such a bad problem to have… :) I hope you have a blessed day!

  230. I must admit that I will shamelessly steal this phrase from you! I, too, am a lover of words, finding beauty in stringing them together, not always knowing what the end outcome will be…and this new phrase “A great many things” offers so many possibilities :)

  231. Here I was just breezing through the comments section, having a smile because so many wonderful chicas connected to this post and here come “a diary” with a list of mean girl insults. She cracked me up! I can only assume she is trying to be all “anti enjoy the small things” right? Be cool by being contrary? lol but why do it here, seems like a waste of energy. Anywho, in the land of the interwebs, with millions of other places to go enjoy the bitter, sarcastic, jealous, insecure, shallow type of writing she obviously is looking for, why stalk KH and have a tantrum? AND stay here to read through comments so she can respond to anyone questioning her. She probably feels like she is doing society a favor. It’s important work she does…really. Silly girl.

  232. Um, so does that mean you yelled today, or got angry because you weren’t “calm and cool mom?” Not sure i believe it. πŸ˜‰ LOVE the pic of Lainey @ the dance studio..we have two lil ballerinas too!

  233. How wonderful and happy it must feel to be on the receiving end of Nella’s wave.

  234. Love it. Acknowledging it is okay to have many different likes to dabble in.

  235. I love every.single.one of your posts. But, this, my friend…this!! Is my favorite, by far. A great many things!!! Cheers to that. And to your sweet baby girls. The waving pic made my heart swell. As did the unsharpened pencil behind your ear…that’s priceless.

  236. I’m a fairly new reader and I’ve instantly fallen in love with your blog! The pictures of your daughters take my breath away! My younger brother has Down Syndrome and when I read some of your entries about Nella I have to refrain myself from balling at my desk at work! It’s so crazy how a stranger’s words can have such an effect. Keep writing, and I will definitely keep reading :)

  237. Not only is Little Women one of my favorite movies, the quote you posted is one of my all time favorites from any movie, book, or conversation. I do disagree in the tense- I should of been a great many things.I CAN be a great many things in this life and the next and its a guarantee that I WILL be a great many things!
    Thanks for the wonderful post, Kelle! You are a great many things!

  238. I’ve strayed from reading your blog as I’ve been busy, but I’m so glad to see all of your beautiful pictures. I just purchased that same monster jammie outfit for our 4 1/2 month old. He has yet to wear it though, but we thought it was absolutely precious and your daughter looks gorgeous in that photo (as always).

  239. Love Ya girl! Keep being real cuz the real you is awesome!!! I will always love your postive way to enjoy the small things:)I took Jana to the Dollar store today and she made every ones path we crossed brighter. She smiled and said hi and bye to every one. She totally melted me when she grabbed a older mans hand and said hi. His eyes swelled. Oh and the girls have great taste in chips love Sun chips. Give those sweet girls hugs for me.

  240. I just took some time to go through and read every comment, and I am smiling from the insight. Several of these made me laugh, and yes…it’s always nice to know how many women feel the same way. Empowering.

    The sandals are Born brand, on sale at Dillards.

    Lainey’s legwarmers are $2 Target women’s socks, chopped off and tucked to make legwarmers.

  241. Kelle – You’re just the bomb!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us -you really are an inspiration!

  242. I am 32 flavors and then some….
    Some days it’s a new flavor that I didn’t even know existed. :)

  243. I am exactly the same in that I try to define myself into a category, only to find I have too many facets. At times I see that as a bad thing, that I’m not consistent enough, and other times, I think how boring it would be to be that consistent. Glad I’m not the only one to feel this way :)

  244. Lainey’s hair is getting SO. LONG! Beautiful girls as always. =)
    And super cute shoes! I have a hodge podge collection of shoes as well–flip flops, rain boots, 3 1/2 inch steletto’s (spelling??), wedges, crocs, just love them all. πŸ˜‰

  245. GORGEOUS writing

  246. This was such an excellent post :) I love all of your posts, but this one especially struck me today. And I totally do the same thing when people ask what my degree is in. Because I took everything from math to sociology to psychology to english to piano & ballet & photography… and I loved it. I’ve got to think of a good way to say it proudly…. :)

  247. Thank you for this post, Kelle!

  248. Kelle, your post always bring warmth to my heart and goosebumps to my skin.
    Rock on, girlfriend!

  249. Well what do ya say to that?? Amen!! I loved every word and the images too!!
    She waves to everyone, I will have that image in my head for days, Beautiful!! Her little hand, her sincere face, the sun and light…I will remember that image :)
    I’m a country fan, born listening to it but I have a love of all kinds of music, it feeds the soul!! Right now Tim McGraw sings ‘it felt good on my lips’ as I type…………..Love it!!

  250. That is one of my ultimate favorite passages in Little Women. My Mama picked my middle name because of Jo from Little Woman.

  251. I completely relate to that as I feel exactly the same! I love heavy metal music but also country houses. I have a very messy house but also OCD at work and everything needs to be in place. My girl however is perfect as are yours and I hope that I’ll be happy with her not matter what xx

  252. I just can’t get over how big Nella is getting. I guess time doesn’t stand still between your posts :) I do agree that dabbling is sometimes better than diving, however I was most definitely a one-major girl because I have to follow the rules!

  253. Good call on the amazing shoes. They are incredible :-)

  254. You’re awesome. You have a way with words. You make me want to be a better writer and really think about what I’m writing to really express how I feel. I also try and think of way to write my blog in a way that conveys my feelings while telling a story all at the same time and you do that wonderfully! Also, I LOVE the music on your blog….slowly every song you have on here has been added to my ipod!

  255. I want those shoes! So cute. Thanks for your blog. I look forward to every post. You make me happy!

  256. LOVE this post!

    I often feel the same way!

    Your pics are amazing!!!

  257. That is ALSO one of my favorite quotes! Every time I watch that my brain takes a rabbit trail to my ‘great many things’ I ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ be done, did, or doing …. but life is what it is, beautiful and surprising, you NEVER know what great thing tomorrow brings…

  258. Triple minor!! I love it! Here in the UK we just do one subject and even so, frankly I’m scared how little of mine I can remember already! So I wish I’d been able to broaden out a bit at college – topics of study, not waistline obviously.

    I remember you using the great many things quote before, it stuck in my mind I have found it helpful many times since. Also love the Whitman quote today.

    Happy Easter to you and your family and readers.

  259. Mmm…I love me some Walt Whitman. πŸ˜‰

  260. You spoke to my heart with this post. I have ALWAYS loved that quote by Jo. And… I have a little of Brett in me too, I have just fallen in love with country and my husband is SOOO embarassed. We can be a great many things.

  261. great post..I as many others can relate–

    Terrific response to A Diary

  262. Oh my heavens… never noticed “a diary’s” comments on here before, but if they were anything like the comment I just read above… it sounds like they deserved to be removed. I agree and vote to remove the comment, Kelle. This is NOT a place for that kind of criticism and negativity. Whether it does or doesn’t phase Kelle “in the least,” she is still a PERSON who has feelings. Absolute absurdity… those comments were. LOVED your comeback, Kelle! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED every word of your comeback. Again, you’re so amazing how you are able to see the good in everything and allow it to make you stronger… even in a nasty, hateful (“hate”ful is a strong word, but we’ll use it anyways!) comment like that. And just for the record… I freaking love how your writing nudges “eh,” “cuz,” and “sucking the marrow” right next to proper prose of your writing. Keep the feet and shoes photos coming… there are people in this world who can appreciate things like that! :) LOVE! <3, Mrs. Buckingham

  263. What a wonderful post, thanks! You are a great many things, and you left something off of your list…an inspiration.
    Don’t shave the list down. Keep adding to it!

  264. See Sarah Wilson’s blog RE: scanners. She just devoted a whole post to this love of life, and the philosophy of “a little bit ‘o this and a little bit ‘o that.” Some of us are fascinated by many things, and take what we want from each, incorporate it, and move on. We are all a great many things, and it is more than ok!

  265. KELLE! LOve you and your cool reply to A diary. Darn, I so hoped “suck the marrow” WOULD be listed too! hee..What i dont get is, sine “the I hate KH crowd” was written, WHY would somneone even read your words if thats how they feel, let alone put the energy into a comment/ Oh, i think they really DO like you Kelle! ! ha..To Feas–(beth), yahoO! The time is almost here! Happy trails to you and best wishes for your new adventure! Kelle, *I* love all the quotes and words and pics. Love the “triple minor”. Oh, yes, we are all so multifaceted, multilayered, a mixed bag of contradictions and things that almost seem to be mutually exclusive of co-habitation! I love that we are like a canvas with so many colors internally! Isnt it just fabulous, indeed?! BTW, just retnd from seeing my 3rd grandbaby who does not live nearby so I hardly see – she is only 4 months old and not gaining weight. I would appreciate any and all good thought for her and mommy (Maddie and Beth in CA). Thanks!

  266. I love it. I wish I had thought to triple minor. I double majored (after changing my college once and my mind about majors many times). I would have added others, too, if it wouldn’t have taken me the rest of my life to graduate. I wouldn’t have minded, but who can afford that much education?

  267. I need to dabble more.

    I see Nella is wearing her Amber necklace- have you noticed a difference? My daughter loves hers. I love them just as much, maybe even more πŸ˜‰

  268. I’ve only recently discovered you but you’re quickly becoming my go-to blog for peace and inspiration.

    I did the same sort of degree – a program that was a combination of English, history and philosophy. Then when I did my grad degree, I chose a short thesis that allowed me to take more elective courses because I wanted to explore more. My colleagues told me I’d be the one to do a PhD, but I have no interest. I’d sooner do another master’s degree and learn a bunch more about a few different sides of something.

    I love the examples of how you’re embracing all the different things. I shall have to try harder to do that than to find my one self and just be that.

  269. I am in love with your outside quilt. I’ve seen a bunch of times in your pictures. Did you make it?

    Thanks for a great post. Oh man. My shoe wardrobe must look just like mine. Love it! Thanks Kelle!!

    – jen

  270. I dont know if I am just not seeing them, but..lately I have been missing the great posts from Poppa Rik. Whatcha up to???

  271. BEST.POST.EVER!!!

  272. Awesome. I love reading your blog. Who would want to wear the same type of thing all the time. It would be boring. It’s awesome to be different. One day I could be into country and the next day I will be interested in rap. Variety is the spice of life! :)

  273. I have followed your blog for awhile and have never told you how much I love and appreciate your beautiful writing and gorgeous pictures, how very ungrateful of me! Thank you for all the wisdom and inspiration you give to all the fellow mothers and women who have been lucky enough to find your blog. My mother directed me to your blog after finding your story about Nella’s birth. Like you, she also gave birth to a darling little baby with down syndrome (my older brother) without knowing he would be born with his condition. He has been such a blessing in our lives and in so many lives in our community. You are such an angel to bring so much awareness to the capabilities of these wonderful and special people. We love you Kelle!

  274. Love it! Just love how comfortable you are with who you are. I am finally (at 40) figuring out who I am. Actually I think I already knew, but I was letting too many other people try to define that for me. Now I live by these words…”Those that matter, don’t mind. And those that mind, don’t matter.” ~Dr. Seuss That motto has me feeling a bit more comfortable in my own skin. Thanks for your inspiring words and beautiful photography!
    Have a Blessed Easter!

  275. loVe this!

    that’s all.

    well, not really all.
    but since i too am a great many things – tonight i’m choosing to be less wordy than my normal self. πŸ˜‰

  276. What a delightful post. I just finished reading a post about magic at Blue Frogs Legs. You carry magic like a . . well I can’t think of like what . . . but you do. Love your sandals and love your girls.
    You photos are exceptional – you need to put a book together. Photos and your wonderful writing.
    Have a great weekend!

  277. best post ever

  278. Little Women is in my top 5 favorite movies. :)

    I think you may be the first person I’ve heard admit that they want their fingers in all the pies…just like me. I don’t even like admitting it, myself, because I used to be so jealous of people who knew what their college major was. Who knew their own style to a T. I don’t, but lately I’ve come to realize that it’s okay. And it’s much better to enjoy the hodgepodge of things I love than to spend time trying to settle on one thing.

  279. I LOVE this. As a chick approaching 30, I’ve tried to label myself. Who am I… I ask my self? But somedays I feel one way and the next another… And it’s OK. Thanks for making me feel normal. And Ok with being a great many things.

    Each day your the first site I visit. I am always so excited to “hear” what your saying.

    Muah! XOXO

  280. I love this post and totally relate. I too am a great many things, especially when it comes to clothes. My fashion definitely has an identify crisis, yet I can’t conform to one style.

    I also love that my girls are a great many things…people always try to pigeon hole them, but I love that their personalities often contradicts themselves, making them their own unique –and complex– person.

    Sidenote: your Nella truly makes me happy. Her smile and the waving…too much!

    LOVE the new sandals. And ON SALE?! It truly doesn’t get any better!

  281. Thank you so much for your posts! They are truly healing and inspirational. Please let us know where you got these shoes. Super cute!

  282. Just when I thought I couldn’t love your blog any more than I already do…you quote Jo!! Sigh, there is so much that Jo Marsh had figured out!

  283. This post, along with many of your others was so inspiring that I got a little emotional. I’m thankful for your umph (you know, that sound comes from your gut) The girls are too cute in their spring-y clothes and it makes me want to buy clothes for my unborn babies!!

  284. Never disappointed here!! πŸ˜€
    LOVE the post!
    Love the notion that I can be a great many things, never quite thought of it that way but sure will now!

    Music from the eighties?! Like me :-) Love it. Good to broaden however.

    And the photo of Brett and his son playing basketball: lovely! So american, to me, and very alive and happy :-)

    Have a happy Easter, dear Kelle!

  285. Such beautiful words. There is so much to do, and so much to see and so much to be… Everyone should triple-minor, frankly.

  286. I love “Little Women” too. Jo March is such a great character!

  287. My only comment about this post is what it put on my face: :)

  288. I will never tire of your tales, your amazing pictures, your gorgeous family and your astounding view on life! Happy Easter to you all! xx

  289. LOVE love love those shoes! Where did you get them??? Also, I don’t believe I’ve ever commented before, but I need to let you know that I have been going through a very hard time lately and your blog never, ever fails to make me smile and lift my mood. Thank you so much for writing and sharing.

  290. ohso much gorgeousness here. but mostly? i love the bit where lainey brings nella the bag of chips. pure love.

  291. i love this post kelle, it spoke to me. we don’t have to be defined by one thing or another, we can be anything we want to be even as a mother. chris laughs at all of my ‘ideas’…craft lady, body step teacher (only lasted 6 months), studious photographer and taking college classes. i don’t want my children to see me as ‘just their mom.’ i want them to know that while i was there mom, i was me too, and still figuring out who that is each and every day. thank you for sharing so much!!!

  292. I agree. We don’t have to identify with only one role…We can just embrace our many selves…We are free to choose who we want to be…How we want to feel and the way we respond to any experience at any time…And we can change our minds as we evolve…Nothing is permanent…Everything changes… :)))

    That Whitman’s quote is a GREAT ONE! (Song of Myself by Walt Whitman is one of my favorite poems). xox

    “The path of working with the polarities and contradictions of being human … involves not identifying with anything: either pleasure of pain, separateness or togetherness, attachment or detachment. The middle way is not some bland middle ground. Rather, it requires us to be alert and awake at all times, so that we do not harden into any position, no matter how righteous it may seem. Not solidifying a position keeps us sensitive to what is needed at each moment …” ~John Welwood

  293. LOVE this post. i could relate so immensely that i was kinda freaked out! :). you are such a cool person. seriously. LOVE the great many things you are proud to be :)

  294. “My point–and there is one–is that there’s much in life to dabble in, and I want to swim in every puddle.”
    I loved what you said there. Inspirational every time!

  295. I borrowed my daughters iPod yesterday and was pleased to see amidst the Katy Perry and Pink, she has Frank Sinatra and Abba, Johnny Cash and Alabama. She can come down in jeans and a hand me down sweat shirt from her brother or she can come down in a dress and heels. She rocks both looks, and I’m not too proud to say she gets that from me! Although I didn’t accept that my drummer taps out a different beat until I was in my late twenties….I’ve made sure my daughter has the confidence to like herself the way she is. All the different, wonderful ways that she is!

  296. I know what you mean about the triple-minor at Spring Arbor…almost went that route as well, but landed with English major/ El minor. I did not appreciate the word ‘minor’, since it entailed more credit hours than the above. So I usually stretched the truth and said ‘double major’. Heck, if I can survive 4 yrs. of Dr. Woods and Moore-Jumonville and Ingles–I’m a double major.

    I love your blog– and I love the quote. We are not limited to the titles others give us or those we give ourselves. It’s never too late to find a new passion in life!

  297. Many faceted…that’s how I like to see it…turning like a diamond and catching the reflection of many lights. I am afraid it is hereditary, Kelle, for your father “suffers” from the same inability to stand still for a single “brand.” Life is too rich to be contained, to wonderful to be defined, to colorful to be limited to one hue. We have no control over how long we live–so let’s live as broadly as we can!
    Love this post.

  298. Dearest Kelle Hampton,

    I think this is my most favorite post yet! I am exactly the same way.I used to think it was the actor in me that made me think of days and events in terms of costume. I wondered if I was strange because I don’t have one specific personal style, but you’re right, Dabbler IS a style in itself. Some days I want to wear a black tshirt and boots and some days I want to paint my nails pink and wear a sundress. Other days I want to pair that sundress with my boots. Having success as an actor has been quite a struggle for me lately and I keep wondering if I quit who I would be without it, but I am a great many things. I am keeping that phrase in my back pocket.

    I am also swooning over that precious picture of Lainey in ballet class!


  299. And because of this post, I’ll be singing this to myself all day – always a good personal anthem:

    “32 Flavors”

    squint your eyes and look closer
    I’m not between you and your ambition
    I am a poster girl with no poster
    I am thirty-two flavors and then some
    and I’m beyond your peripheral vision
    so you might want to turn your head
    cause someday you’re going to get hungry
    and eat most of the words you just said

    both my parents taught me about good will
    and I have done well by their names
    just the kindness I’ve lavished on strangers
    is more than I can explain
    still there’s many who’ve turned out their porch lights
    just so I would think they were not home
    and hid in the dark of their windows
    til I’d passed and left them alone

    and god help you if you are an ugly girl
    course too pretty is also your doom
    cause everyone harbors a secret hatred
    for the prettiest girl in the room
    and god help you if you are a phoenix
    and you dare to rise up from the ash
    a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy
    while you are just flying back

    I’m not trying to give my life meaning
    by demeaning you
    and I would like to state for the record
    I did everything that I could do
    I’m not saying that I’m a saint
    I just don’t want to live that way
    no, I will never be a saint
    but I will always say

    squint your eyes and look closer
    I’m not between you and your ambition
    I am a poster girl with no poster
    I am thirty-two flavors and then some
    And I’m beyond your peripheral vision
    So you might want to turn your head
    Cause someday you might find you’re starving
    and eating all of the words you said

  300. Absolutely laughed out loud at the glasses pic… and well, who said the pencil needs to sharpened? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the reminder that we are allowed to be multi-faceted, and if we wish, somewhat contradictory.

    Awesome post! Perhaps I will read it again now.

  301. Love this! I am blessed by a great many things!

  302. So happy to see that others referenced Ani DiFranco….
    I’m definitely 32 flavors…and then some! :)

  303. that little women quote?? um yeah i quote that all the time as well. and i ate sun chips today for lunch. and seriously you read my brain and it kind of freaks me out a little bit. life is just too good too sweet too real to be contained. i am happy being a lot of things … but i am blissful just being honestly me. :)you=awesome. okay that’s all. :)

  304. i’m wearing fake $5 glasses right now, too! i will have to go the extra step with the pencil though…too cute!

  305. Be a thousand different things.

    Being one thing is being a stereotype.

    Sometimes people want to be able to sum us up in one word and sometimes we want to sum ourselves up in one word. As if.

    People are people. I like going in the direction I want to go in, or any number of directions I want to. That’s also why I like you.

    Yahoo to that!

    For the record though, I cannot imagine you in a bun and pencil skirt (unless you added red heels) although I am sure if you wanted to you could rock that look.

  306. Oh also, I have been so inspired by your post the past week or two I have been saving some of them to my desktop to read over and over.

    I’ve always loved your work, but lately, WOW!

  307. loving me some super nella! love the pic of lainey at the dance studio.

  308. I can’t believe I didn’t seem to manage to post my comment, again?!!

    LOVE this post, of course! “A great many things”, what a splendid thing to enhance in a post. Right to the point! I’m another “triple-minor”-kind of person :-)

    I love the photo of Brett playing basketball with his son, it’s very american, to me, and very happy and fun!

    And, yeah, the eighties music – of course he likes it, it’s fab. At least for us in our fourties… ;-D

    Thanks a whole big bunch and have a wonderful Easter, dear Kelle.

  309. Great post!

    I, too, sometimes fret that I need to settle into one style, one choice of music. But sometimes a girl just needs to put on the band tee shirts of her youth and rock out. I like being a great many things!

  310. Favorite movie EVER! Every fall, when we have our first snow fall of the year, I ditch EVERYTHING and watch Little Women! Because they just go together. And when my girls are old enough, I have vowed to keep them home that day, and they will watch with me. I have offered to allow my boys (7 and 9) the same luxory, but they have declined. I’m holiding out hope for my girls!

    This post made me crave the fall, and my favorite movie. Drat–now I have to refocus on spring. :)

  311. I think its the mom thing. We wear so many hats. We don’t minor in anything, we MAJOR in it all. And do our best juggling who we are with who we thought we should have been and better yet who we will end up being :) Happiness to you today Kelle. Thanks for the insight!

  312. The picture of Nella waving at everyone that passed by made me smile. I love your pictures and your blog. I hope when I am a mom I am as cool, laid back, and fun as you. You seem really involved with your kids and it was great to see you pick up a pair of shoes for yourself. :)

  313. Love the sun flare shots. Love the sandles, too.

    I also have several pairs of fake glasses. Used to wear them on test day in college – called them my “smart glasses” and they helped me on my tests. :) Fake glasses are the best.

  314. Great post! I love the picture of Lainey in her ballet outfit. Great shot.

  315. i truly adore you…

  316. I related to this post so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for encouraging me to try new things without even knowing my name. Thanks for everything.

  317. Yes, I identify with this. I also contain multitudes….Love the picture of Nella waving

  318. sorry, I have nothing inspiring to post. I just needed to say: Oh – I need those shoes.

  319. Love the song 32 flavors – one of my favorites. I think that many of us are many layers of complicated and amazing. And 32 flavors or being one of many things does not infer that we are a chameleons. We are wonderfully, uniquely us.

    Kelle – so glad to see that you have found strength in adversity of the negative.

    Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful Easter. I’m going to soak it in myself.


    Jennifer from Annapolis

  320. You rock lady! Also, I love that Brett plays basketball in flip flops. :)

  321. I tried out the phrase “I am a great many things” yesterday. It went over well. I think I shall use it from now on. Thank you for that, and a great many other things :)

  322. I love this because I am often torn between the sides of my personality. I was an athlete for so long, that when I got injured, I became suddenly confused as to who I was. Now I still struggle to be all the different “me’s” there are. Thanks for this.

  323. The ballet pic of Lainey almost made me cry…just sayin’

  324. I am Joe’s wife…I almost cried at the ballet picture. Not him. Just sayin’

  325. Kelle,

    I loved this piece. I’ve been feeling much the same way. Gloshes, Riding boots, strappy heels, chunky heels, Toms slip ons and my favorite chuncky BORN clogs. I love being a hodgepodge of style – it keeps it interesting! :o)

    And I love, “I should have been a great many things,” because, this is how I’ve been feeling lately.


  326. Love it. As women (and mums), we almost have to be a Great Many Things, I think. Thank you for another little piece of inspiration.

    Oh, and that ballet photo of Lainey is just magic. Love the super smiley photo of Nella too. They’re my favourites this post.

    Happy Easter :)

  327. a perfect post :) As usual you say it all so beautifully.

  328. one of my all-time favorite posts. ever.

  329. I just LOVE your pictures, they always make me think, smile, feel… you are so inspiring, and you have an AMAZING gift.

    Btw, I awarded u The Versatile Blogger Award… Just go to http://bit.ly/edDVkU and copy and paste into your own post.

  330. Girl, if I could choose “anywhere” to go on a vacation, it would be at your Home! Lots of Love and Laughter and Fun and Sun and Cute Babies and You.Are.So.Much.Fun! Hugs ~ Jo

  331. 32 flavors and then some. Get it.

  332. I like the picture of Lainey at dance and the one right below it of Nella laughing.

  333. I LOVED this post. Rock on, girl. And on and on.

  334. Nella’s hair is getting so long! She looks so grown up in todays blog pictures!

  335. wow, amazing pictures! first time here, found you through the flowers in her hair.
    love the sandals!

  336. I must say, you have absolutely wonderful taste in shoes!

  337. Love, love, love that movie!!!

  338. I have been feeling this alot lately, feeling like maybe I should major in something, anything, in my life. But you know what? I like being a great many things, I think I’ll just stick to that!

  339. Oohh… I am so jealous of your triple minor! I started college as a double major of PoliSci and Civil Engineering {um… identity crisis much?!?). I ended up majoring in Environmental Sciences, which was my college’s way of letting us science nerds take a little bit of every science they offered (which was a TON since I went to an Engineering school!) and a minor in math. We did have to eventually pick a concentration, but only after three years of studying everything!

  340. Oh how I love your blog…you seem to write to me personally every time I read your posts…I too am a great many things and love it! I am also friends with Blair from Montain Aven Baby (we live in the same town)Love her stuff!! It is through her I found your blog and am forever grateful…Breanne

  341. Oh those beach pictures. Sigh. Makes me miss living in San Diego! Instead, I have cold rain here in Michigan.

  342. Kelle – I say leave ‘a diary’ comments up – make it easier for karma to find her!

  343. yay, I’m not alone, or some inconsistent, multi-personalitied freak!!

  344. Love the Easter Bunny pictures! As always your pictures are amazing!

  345. OMG! That has been my all time favorite move quote since the movie came out! I wrote it on my binder in high school… I kid you not. That is also my favorite version of Little Women. I get so sad, for some reason, at the Meg’s wedding scene when Amy is grown up.
    English teacher FYI: Jo was not supposed to get married, but Louisa May Allcott had friends read the first draft, they were mad that she did not end up with Laurie and felt that Jo needed to be with “someone”
    I am a book geek.

  346. i LOVE the quilt in these photos. beautiful pictures. i’m so inspired by your work :)

  347. this has got to be one of the best things I’ve read in a very long time. I feel like you say so many of the things that I think. just wonderful.

  348. Wow – just read this post today and it was just what I needed. I too grapple with the many things I could have/could still be all whilst charting my career and being Mommy to two. Thank you!

    p.s. I asked for, and received, a copy of your book for Christmas, read it in one day and LOVED IT! Bravo.

  349. You just read my mind with this post, Kelle. So glad I just stumbled upon it!

  350. Kelle, this is beautiful! I am a non traditional student in college right now. I think I waited to go to school because I couldn’t decide between writing and biology…and now I’m struggling in finishing my biochemistry major. Life feels too short not to go for the triple minor!
    Oddly enough, I realized when I first began following your blog that your outfits are rather eclectic. This is one of the reasons why I began to admire you…your ability to ‘wear many hats,’ as a mentor was told me.
    If this comment isn’t already too lengthy, I wonder if you have heard of the Renaissance Soul book by Margaret Lobenstine? It is about those individuals (like myself, and perhaps like you) who hold vast interests.
    Take care.

  351. YES!!! I am a triple minor as well! I like to take it as, I am well rounded and can do anything. And, I love Little Women. Seriously, it’s like finding another awesome person. Do you like Jane Eyre? If so, I think you may be my sister.

  352. Found my way here from your WCW post (loving this series by the way…cheers to extraordinary women!) and couldn’t leave without comment. I love this quote and reference it regularly. Little Women was my favorite childhood book, and I’ve read it again nearly every year of my life (and love the movie version this quote appears in). Marmee is my mothering hero, but I’m hopelessly a Jo. As I was reading this piece, I started writing back in my head. I was going to share with you that when I start to feel unraveled by my contradictions, I quote Walt Whitman in my mind. “I contain multitudes.” But then I finished your essay and saw that you beat me to the punch. You already know that you contain multitudes. You already know we are all poetry.

  353. I just stumbled across this as I was googling “the great many things” quote to make sure I got the spelling of Mr. Mayer right…I love this! I also should have been a great many things, and am, and still can be; and I’ve always loved this quote to describe one’s eclectic interests, skills and general self identity..and little women is one of my favorite nostalgic movies :)

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