I Heart NYC

I have to be somewhere in an hour, my hair is still wet, and my hotel room looks like I’ve been robbed. So I don’t have the time to think and write in a meaningful way about yesterday.

It was special. And I will tell more about it Friday. But this girl is amazing.


And I am moved by the entire experience of the NDSS Spring Luncheon, the speeches, the way the people in that room have been inspired and are likewise inspiring.


I have a mess of pictures and more thoughts from the day but they take a good sit-down process of feeling it out and I have to be out the door. So more to come.

In the meantime, I am a sponge, drinking in New York City in hearty gulps.

Morning Chess in the Park


Tulips and Watching my Friend Hail a Cab with a straight face


Baby in the Park


Vintage Shops and Old Books with Yellowed Pages



Cherry Blossoms, Flowering Crabapple Trees, a.k.a. this-place-is-a-freaking-garden-this-time-of-year



City Energy and Babies who Like it




Twilight Parks
Musicians swooning lovers, artists penciling sketches, kids up past their bedtime dancing in the moonlight. It is storybook.

(I love the couple kissing in the background)


Coffee, Pretzels, Subway, Taxis…there is more. And I’ll write about the good stuff later.

I miss her.


More tomorrow!


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  1. Welcome to NY! I love living so close to the hustle and bustle of NYC and coming home to my sleepy suburb!

  2. Greetings from Sydney, Australia! Love the cute pic of Nella sitting on the step, what a cheeky expression! And the tulips look beautiful.

  3. I’ve only been once, but it was a trip. Enjoy. That photo of your daughter on the step is priceless.

  4. YAY, NY!!!! I made here my home too! Welcome!

  5. Nyc is pretty amazing this time of year!! The city is one of the things I think I an going to miss the most now that I live in fl… but Naples is pretty wonderful this time of year too… enjoy your time there :)

  6. Kelle looks like you are having a great time. Can’t wait to hear more about it.
    You and Nella are both so beautiful and you are glowing….happy glowing.


  7. Awww. You make me miss NYC so much! I am glad you’re having a good time.

  8. NYC is my favorite city in ALL of the lands! Those cherry blossoms are GORGEOUS! Enjoy every minute!

  9. NYC. One of my favorite places to visit. Used to go there every year with college buddies.

    Those first pics of the girls are just beautiful.

    I’ve been subbing in the school system with special needs kids and I never thought I’d have such a heart for them…feeling like I’m growing even after 13 years of raising three kids.

    Can’t wait to hear your stories Kelle. :)

  10. i love the photo of nella on the steps! kelle, no matter how stressful or busy my life is (as in: right now!), when a new post from you pops up in my reader i always feel a sense of calm and am happy to settle in for a few minutes to read your words. thanks for that. :)

  11. Oh the energy, the eclecticism, the embrace of diversity in this City! I was so blessed to be “the Nanny” for this junket and took my place behind the stoller in the park with all the other nannies. But the luncheon…oh, the luncheon. You will hear more, but I was quite proud of my daughter and her daughter. I wondered, over a year ago when I would stare at her in her tiny crib, where she would take us. I could never have imagined.

  12. LOVE the pictures! I bet you do miss sweet Lainey. It is so hard to be away from your babies.

    I agree with Suzanne that those first pics are the girls are just beautiful. Oh and I love the one of your friend hailing the cab :-)

    Enjoy your time in NYC.

  13. So jealous! I love the couple kissing in the background too. So precious!

  14. Looks like soooo much fun! NYC is quite a magical place!

  15. Thank you for taking me out of my office in CA for a moment and setting me down in NYC, NY. I had a wonderful trip :) The only time I have ever been to NYC was in late November, so it had a much different look. Needless to say, your pictures are inspiring the planning of a spring trip to get to experience those blooming gardens for myself. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your trip!

  16. Wonderful pictures Kelle! You’ve captured the city so well…awsome post! Cannot wait for more! :)
    Little Nella on the steps…what a priceless photo! She’s beautiful!

  17. It all looks awesome! have a BLAST!!!

  18. Oh gosh, that shot of Nella on the steps is beyond adorable! Her facial expression is both comical and sweet, I just love it!

  19. Smiling…

    I can’t wait to hear more about your experience at the NDSS Spring Luncheon!


    “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ~Thomas Wolfe

  20. I’ve never been to NY and I really want to go so bad!

  21. I <3 New York. :)

  22. i’ve never been to nyc, but now it want to. bad!

  23. REALLY nice pictures!!! Never been to NYC, but i hope some day…!?
    And your baby, she is sooooo adorable!
    My sister has also downs, so I really enjoy readring your blog, watching your pictures:-)

    Love, Marianne

  24. The Dorothy heels in the window caught my eye! Also love the picture of Nella on the steps, so beautiful.

  25. Love it! Dream of mine to visit NYC!

  26. I had never seen your blog before, but I just scanned through some of it. You have the most gorgeous little girls!! I love your awesome photography skills!

  27. I would love to get to NYC one day.

  28. The pic of Nella on the steps is freakin’ adorable!!!!!!

  29. “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”

    Thomas Wolfe

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  30. I’m in tears… Love it all… Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Love to you and yours.

  31. That picture of Nella on the steps, gorgeous!!!! Have a great trip.

  32. Can’t wait to read the next post!
    And the picture of Nella on the steps, oh my just so precious!!

  33. Love the photos.I love the black and whites especially.Hope you are drinking in and every single drop of the City!

  34. I love how you’ve captured my city!
    I just adore this post.

    I always love looking at your pictures and love how you capture your girls.

    I truly admire the way you capture beauty in this world.

  35. Oh I can NOT wait to hear about the luncheon. We have been in IEP land & it totally sucks. We are getting the placement we want (regular Kindy class) but are being fought every step. No fun at all.
    Those shots of NYC alive & blooming are fabulous. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  36. Ahh! NYC! Oh man do I miss it. Have an awesome rest of the week, ma’am! :)

  37. those are fabulous. love the black and white with the couple kissing. you look like a nyc kind of gal. like you would fit right in:) so hope to get there one of these days!!

  38. Nella is hands down, bar none the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. She kills me! How lucky are you to have her as your very own!?


  39. The picture of Nella on the stone steps is awesome! So NYC.

  40. Springtime…. there is love in the air! love it. your photography is amazing.

  41. Girl, you can tell a story! Looking forward to the full version. Enjoy New York (as if you needed ME to urge you!)

  42. The city is alive…my heart beats faster the minute we drive over the Triboro bridge. You do look like a NYC gal. Bring home Lainey a copy of “Wow! City!” by Robert Neubecker. Its a fav of my girls.

  43. Love all the pictures Kellier. Really captures New York City in my book!

  44. how fun!!!
    can’t wait to see more!

    what great photos of you and your baby girl! must be framed asap :)

  45. What great pictures. The ones that people don’t usually take. The first two of the beautiful girls, the kissing couple and my favorite….
    Nella in the shrug with the silly face. Her sweet face always makes me smile. What a personality she has. Just love her.

  46. That’s the funny part about being a mom. You want to be away and you want to be near your babies. I totally can relate to being gone with one and missing the other. It’s as though part of you is missing. You want to share the wonderful experiences with both of them. I can’t believe you made time to blog what you did, again, simply an amazing woman. I am working to embrace my inner-Kelle today! :)

  47. Hi Kelle-

    The photo of you and Nella in the old, eclectic book store is one my favorite photos of you ever!

    I really, really love that photo with the couple kissing in the background.

    You’ve made me (even more) homesick for the North East!


  48. I LOVE NYC. Chinatown, Canal St., Macy’s, The Village, 5th Ave., Central Park,…. I love it ALL.

  49. Love the post! I live in NYC and am always so excited when others write about it and photograph it. It is fun to see familiar neighborhoods and stores through your eyes. I lived on Washington Square Park the first year I moved here and it holds a very special place in my heart. I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying our great spring weather this week!

    Here is my blog if you want to see another NYC perspective. Thanks for always being so wonderful and inspiring in your posts!



  50. What fantastic photos. Really makes me want to take a trip to New York.

  51. Wonderful pictures and I cannot wait to see more. I would love to explore NYC but have only been to the Bronx for a Yankee game.

  52. Welcome to my city. It’s nice knowing you and Nella are closeby :)

  53. I have always wanted to go to New York City, your pictures have convinced me even more that I have to go. :)

  54. Beautiful, wonderful, inspirational pictures. You look like a model in the pink dress with Nella. Love the look on Nella’s face sitting on the stairs :)
    Nella has brought you so many amazing experiences and travels!
    Can’t wait for the full post.

  55. You look gorgeous in that salmon dress!! I also love the photo you took of the couple kissing in the background. great shot!

  56. LOVE the baby in the park picture. You guys look like you’re having a ball!

  57. Beautiful photos. I can’t wait to take my daughter to NYC – I love it there, too. That bookstore? I’m drooling.

  58. OH MY that picture of Nella sitting on those gray steps is my absolute favorite EVER! Haha, the look on her face is too stinking cute!

  59. Oh how I want to go to NYC!!! It looks amazing :)

  60. I love the couple kissing in the background too, I love Nella bean, I love your passion for life and I love NYC! Just back from our Capital, fair London town, city visits are so inspiring and humbling aren’t they! XX

  61. welcome to nyc! You fit right in, too, from the pictures. :) And thank u for creating such a beautiful, inpspiring blog. I started blogging partyly bc I found yours so inspiring!

  62. I could just eat Nella up!!!! That picture of her on the steps is absolutely adorable!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about New York!

  63. NYC is magic. Safe journeys.

  64. Thank you. I myself am a New Yorker. I moved to Florida one year and half ago and seeing your pictures of one of the most beautiful city, atleast in my eyes, brought pleasure and a bit of sadness. I miss that energy of greatness, the busy street, the amazing people and their unique way of dressing, being themself freely. I enjoy people watching. I MISS NY! Therefore I say Thank you for bring a piece of home to my heart through your pictures.

  65. Can’t wait to read more about your trip to NYC! You got me intrigued now :)

  66. Oh I’m so jealous! I love NYC! Can’t wait to see more awesome pictures!

  67. I love love New York. That city is abundant with diversity, art, kindness and electric energy. Plus I got engaged there during Christo & Jeanne Claude Gates exhibit.

    Thanks for sharing a little slice before you head home. Loved the concert that you sent me last night. xo

  68. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.!!!!!! Enjoy every second.

    BTW, your last pic of Lainey and the “miss her” brought tears to my eyes. Stop doing that to me!!

  69. Never been to NYC, but your babe is beautiful – the picture on the steps especially, enjoy! X

  70. NYC!!! Have always wanted to go! The city suits the two of you :)

    Do you go to many NDSS events? There’s one in Texas this summer….hhhmmm.

    Picturing my Nora Girl as a big girl now after seeing these photos…the black & whites made my heart stop. Beautiful.

    Can’t wait to hear more. Really, can’t wait!

    Kelly & Nora

  71. Oh my…you and Nella are precious. The pics of you two are my fav. Oh, her giggling in the taxi. Enjoy…the vibrancy of the city.

  72. Looks like Nella fits right in….and, you :) Love the pictures. Enjoy your time…

  73. Funny I almost took the kids into NYC last Thursday, it would have been Caden’s 2nd time and Violet’s first – I would have been very surprised if I saw you and Nella in Central Park and totally would have asked for a picture as if you were a celeb! Hehe! I never got there but I will in the next couple of weeks on a warm day. I LOVE the energy of NYC and Central Park is my heaven. I used to nanny for a family there and it will always have a peice of my heart! Looking forward to more pictures!

  74. Looks like a great trip.
    Can I just say that Nella is the prettiest little girl I think I’ve seen in a long time? She’s absolutely radiant.

  75. NY is great. Havent been in so low and miss it. Love this. You all look so happy!

  76. KELLE! What fun! Love it all, esp the pics and couple kissing. I am sure you SO miss your “big” girl. Cant wait to hear more about luncheon. POPPA RIK- so good to see your post here. I have been missing you. I figured you were “the nanny”. And a better nanny could not be found anywhere~ Love from the Blog Mama


  78. Nella looks like she’s just found the best place ever–NYC. Seriously, you both look like you’re having a wonderful time!

  79. Love, love, love the city life. Burb-livin’ doesn’t come close to the city vibe. Enjoy. xo

  80. off- topic, sorry.

    Do you pronounce your name Kell or Kell-ee.

    BTW I can and have spent hours looking at this lovely blog. :)

  81. The picture of Nella sitting on the steps is soooo adorable. She looks so contemplative.

    Thinking of you missing your first baby – reuniting will be sweet.

  82. I’m sure you are totally overbooked in NYC but in case you’re not – we live in NYC and my beautiful 4 year old Lilly (who has DS) would love to meet Miss Nella! We’re in the Upper East Side… Enjoy the city… before you go back to normalcy. :)

  83. Oh wow! That kissing couple must find you for that picture! It’s amazing! …as are the rest of the pics:)

  84. NYC is the best! We live across the river & there is little I love more than gazing across the water at the glittering skyline. Enjoy your visit~

  85. You and Nella make ANYTHING look fun. Glad you’re having a great time in NYC!


  86. Looks like you are both having a great time in NYC…So jealous!!! Can’t wait until Friday’s blog :)

  87. Love. love, love your pictures of NYC! (I am from Queens myself originally.) I especially like Nella on the STOOP! If you’re going to be a real city girl it’s important to know how to sit on a stoop. And Nella seems to be on her way. When you get back, you and Nella can teach Lainie how to play stoop ball. (You’ll need a Spaldeen…)

  88. Great post! Love the pictures of Nella! She is such a doll!

  89. I sure hope you picked up those shoes from the vintage shop – they are AWESOME (loving the stripes).

    NYC is the bomb – I moved to CT and miss it all the time.

    Love the pictures of Nella – you both look so happy.

    Enjoy the trip. Can’t wait to hear more. Who are the little darlings in the pictures? And I totally spotted the kissing couple before I saw your caption and thought, “That’s what I love about NYC nights”

  90. Susan Carson – you NAILED it with STOOPS. I miss stoops. Like i said, I moved to CT and people are all “What the heck is a stoop?” I taught my 3 daughters to play stoop ball (in the house on our staircase with all the breakables moved away). It’s a favorite game of ours :)

  91. LOVE this post! Makes me want to take a road trip.

    The photos are amazing. Your baby girl is beautiful!

  92. loved the couple kissing!! Too cute.
    I want to go to NY. Its on my official bucket list now :)

  93. Ahh! LOVE NYC too! Have fun! LOVE the blossoms and your gorgeous red dress… YOU are gorgeous! And so is that little Nella Bean! :) And my heavens, is that Richard Handsome Gere behind you and Nella in the “City Energy and Babies who like it” picture!?!?!

  94. LOVE!!! NYC is magical and Nella seems to fit right in.

  95. I didn’t know you were going to NYC! That’s great!
    Awesome pictures! I’m glad you’re having a good time there. I’ve never been there myself, but I can visit vicariously through you. And Nella.

  96. love the pics of nella on the stoop and in the cab.. have a wonderful time. i know you are having a grand week..by the pics. So special and I am actually quite jealous.

  97. 1. Please tell me you (who owns the coolest shoes) bought the red sequin shoes in the thrift store window… or do you already own a pair?

    2. Your red dress in the adorable pic of you and Nella – designer/store? LOVE it!

  98. Kelle..you could SO be a New Yorker.

    I LOVE New York..we went over Thanksgiving and it was a dream trip…got to meet Kelly from Regis and Kelly, plus a ton of other amazing experiences. Glad your enjoying it!

    You’ll have to see our video from there sometime..I sent it to your dad!

    Love you

  99. You’ve probably already seen this video a hundred times, but I just saw it for the first time and immediately thought of you and your blog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ld_UEyxE8A&feature=player_embedded

  100. Lucky girl! Would love to be at the NDSS luncheon! Perhaps another year! Enjoy the visit and your special time with sweet Nella!

  101. You look so happy!

  102. Love!

  103. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow!
    Love the NY pics, I long to go back there, seing them.
    Have fun!

  104. What fabulous pictures – you really captured the feel of the place. When I leave NYC I feel like I’m leaving the ONE place where everything is happening.

  105. these are exactly the types of things I long to see in NYC. Great shots. Love your pink dress!

  106. I heart Kelle Hampton!!!!!!!! Had so much fun with you…looking forward to the next post already! xoxo

  107. Hey you found my ruby slippers! Glad you are having a good time.

  108. i LOVE the 5th to last pic of Nella. How do you manage to live with such beautiful girls every day? The cute-meter at your house must be on overdrive!

  109. Omg I can’t wait to read more & see more!!! What a special experience for you! Oh and sweet Nella….she just melts me. I hope you guys had the best time ever! (And got Lainey an I <3 NY shirt, bc she would totally rock one of those.)

  110. I Love Love Love the barefoot baby! I wanna kiss those tiny toes!

  111. Are you kidding me? Those pics of Nella on the steps/bench are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!! Have fun in the Big Apple.

  112. Looks like a fabulous time – enjoy!!

  113. I love seeing your ‘aesthetic’ transplanted to a new environment – I like what you do with New York!

    Looking forward to reading about the people you have met.

  114. I took my oldest to NYC over his spring break – we had the best time. Enjoy every minute you’re there – so much to love. Can’t wait to hear more about the conference – aren’t they always so uplifting and inspiring? Wondering if you spoke – can’t wait to hear.

  115. I love the pictures. You have definately brought out a great side of NYC! This is the way I like to think of the city. :)

  116. You are a beautiful Mother. Thank you for all your amazing-ness that you share. ox

  117. Um yeah, could you let me know next time you go?! I’d LOVE to join you!!! :)

  118. What a great post at the near end of a long week. The kissing couple, beautiful woman in the first shot, and smiling Nella lift my heart after a really, really hard day. :)

  119. Love the street scene with the kissing couple, but LOVE love Nella on the step. She’s so cute she hurts!

  120. did i ever tell you we dragged all 3 kiddos there in 120 degree weather last summer. so at this very moment … i crave so little of the big city … and i desire quiet beaches and scenery. but i’m fairly positive the city will make it’s pull known again someday … though hopefully when all of the children can walk. all of the time. xoxo.

  121. You should frame the one with the couple kissing. Such a perfect scene. And Nella is so cute. Love the one of her on the bench. I’ve never been to NYC, but maybe someday this country girl will make it to the big city. Just for a visit. :)

  122. The little girl with the flower in my hair literally took my breath away! She’s STUNNING!

  123. I just stumbled upon your blog a couple days ago and have already fallen in love with it:) Your girls are SO beautiful and the picture on this post of Nella on the steps? SO adorable, I just want to cuddle her:) Youre a fabulous writer and I love the accompanying photos.I look forward to reading more posts:)

  124. My God Kelle, when I first started following your blog, you had just under two thousand followers. Now I just noticed it’s twelve thousand….Does it ever get overwhelming? Love the NY pics….Nella is gorgeous as ever.

  125. oh what great pictures. you just made me miss NYC big time!!!
    i love baby’s little crochet vest. she is such a cutie!
    have a great weekend

  126. WOW..The first photo I see Nella’s future.. beautiful and confident and straight up awesome! She looks so powerful.LOVE!! Could your friend be anymore Sex and the city!? TOO FUUNY.SO GREAT! You got some great photos already! Nella looks like she belongs there.Have a safe trip home and I cant wait to hear about the rest of your trip and the amazing details of the NDSS Luncheon! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  127. I love, love, love everything about Nella’s pic on the stoop…her adorable little face is just classic.

  128. I love NYC too!! Great photos, thanks for sharing your adventures! xxoo :)

  129. You are in my neck of the woods :-) Hoping you are enjoying NYC!!!!!!!

  130. Kelle, your stunning photos, witty lines and rich descriptions make me smile every time. I do soo appreciate how you help me to stop and appreciate the small things. Perspective is a powerful thing!

  131. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making, Hugs!

  132. please, please, o, pretty-pretty please tell me you bought at least one of those fab pairs of shoes from the vintage shop? even if they never fit you like the Cinderella you are, those divine slippers are happiness times ten. ruby slippers to remind you there’s no place like home, and a hip stripey pair to remind you that every mama is due a good strut down 5th Ave, NYC.

  133. Glad you’re having a fabulous time!

  134. NYC is something else isn’t it? I’ve been there twice (I think). It’s exciting and busy and noisy. And it definitely does not have the midwestern manners I’m accustomed too:0) Hope you’re having a ton of fun and taking it all in! Happy Friday!!

  135. I love New York!
    I love this blog!

  136. I love the pictures- i have to say the whole time I was reading this I had the song Empire State of Mind by Jay-z especially the chorus- “In New York Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothing you can’t do, Now your in New York these streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspirt you” – I think you have found lots of inspiration – Thanks for the great post and pictures. I am just enjoying the freedom now that I finished my masters tonight! WOOHOO – now I can finally enjoy my baby boy and spend time with my daughter and not have a paper or something hanging over me!

  137. Just wanted to thanks you for your beautiful words and pictures. It’s a gift you give me, a total stranger everyday. But the bigger gift? The prize in the box of Cracker Jacks? The reminder to hug tighter, love deeper and to slow down and take it all in. For that is the best gift ever:)

  138. The picture of the couple kissing…magic! What a perfect moment captured. I adore your photography!

  139. Kelle! You look like you fit right into NYC! So glad you are loving it. Where do you get your clothes. Because I am jealous of that pink/coral dress! hehe!!

    – jen

  140. Good Lord I love that city too. Thank you for reminding me of her magic!

  141. I love NY from the eyes of someone else. I finally caught up on your blog. You say start her this is where it begins but it’s not. It started with you and Lainey. I love all the colorful stuff you put her in.

  142. Nella on the bench=darling photo! So glad you had a great trip, and hope you had safe travels home!

  143. I was just in NY for the past week on vacation!!! It is the greatest, isn’t it :-)

  144. Looks like a great time in NYC! Still have never been but hope to get there one day!

  145. Awesome post! Your in my stomping ground again (I’m upstate!) So glad I stopped tonight and my FAVORITE, Coldplay! Giddy and can’t sleep, competing in my first horse show in 14 yrs (aka since I became a Mrs and mom of 3) in the morning and sucking the marrow out of life!!! :)

  146. Hi Kelle,
    It was so nice to meet you at the NDSS luncheon. My name is Heather Weikel and I’m from EMARC in Reading,MA. Nella looked adorable in the kangaroo onesie we gave her! Thanks so much for your support!

  147. I am new to your site… ever since I met you at the NDSS luncheon! Forget Sharon Stone – you were the highlight of the event. Your speech was so heartfelt and inspirational. Your words, like your photos, are so artistic. And that dress! Our family friend with down syndrome has accomplished more than many people without down syndrome. I am grateful for how she has enriched our lives. I wish all of that for Nella!

  148. Kelle,
    Thank you for letting us share in your trip. I cried through every speech as my almond eyed angel cheered for each one. Really, at
    2 1/2 I think he gets it. He seems to understand what everyone is doing and that it is important. The pictures are marvelous. When I read the post before this one I thought wouldn’t it be neat to take a picture looking up from ground level. Stunning! Thank you again for letting us share in the Down Syndrome Gala. It always warms my heart and gives me great hope for the future to see the accomplishments of such wonderful young people. I loved Sharon Stone’s speech about “genuine friends”. We should all be so lucky to have friends like that. Cheers! Clink!

  149. I love monk.

  150. I’ve been following your blog since nella’s birth and have had weeped a couple times, but the shots of the older girls holding your sweet baby N drew tears to my eyes, so so super sweet.

  151. omg tell me you got the rainbow heels! I must have them! my heart skipped a beat!

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