Weekend Uh-bentures.

I get skittish when I’m uninspired, especially when a task at hand requires inspiration. I want to feel bolts of lightning, swells of creativity, flashes of passion that fuel me to make, bake, write, capture, click, run, sing, fly. But, as Brenda Ueland says, “inspiration does not come like a bolt…it comes into us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and every day give a little chance to start flowing…prime it with a little solitude and idleness.”

But sometimes, I still want the bolt.

I had a couple things I needed to finish this weekend, and I just wasn’t feeling it. No bolt, no swell, no flash. So Brett, in a moment of brillance and glory, says “Why don’t you take your computer out into the woods?”—which might elicit knee-slapping guffaws from anyone else but I’m all, “Oh, this is so Thoreau. Into the woods to suck the marrow.” Cool, right? So I go, hauling a broken beach chair, my laptop, a pair of headphones and a can of root beer through the entrance into our woods, past the prickly trees, and just a little deeper until I’ve found the perfect clearing. A blanket of dried pine needles beneath me, a canopy of blue sky above me. And I’m sitting there in my pajamas and my rain boots, facing the deep part of the woods so my back is to the houses—except our woods aren’t really thick and enchanted but more sparse and open—so it dawns on me that neighbors can see me. And this is funny. A girl in pajamas and rain boots, drinking a root beer, sitting in a broken chair in the middle of the woods…with a laptop. Yes, funny. But I get over it, slipping my headphones on, humming to Brandi Carlisle, furiously typing while occasionally, a random squirrel flying thisclose to my head stops my heart. Suddenly, I am inspired. I am sucking the marrow. I am electrified by the bolt. This working in the woods thing is so happening again.


And when I’m not rigging up a forest office there, I will be exploring—bare feet optional—the trees, the pine needle floor, and the flying squirrels with my girls.


This weekend, on a trek into the woods, Lainey looked up at me with her Oreo eyes, smiled and said, “We’re goin’ on a fun uh-benture, aren’t we?” And it was one of those moments in parenthood where, among all the times of I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-I’m-doing, a little bud blooms. A pretty little flower I like to call I-must-be-doing-something-good.



It’s kind of hard not to be inspired in the boltish form when it’s this beautiful outside.


Right about this time of year, when I’m not obsessing about these shoes going on mega clearance, or wondering how I can rearrange the playroom, or dragging chairs out into the woods to write, I am smiling at the frequent sight of this:

Beach towels drying on the pool gate; wee wet swimsuits left exactly where they were taken off.




Our neighborhood is alive and colorful, and I am riding the current of energy that makes us want to go and do and see. I follow the trail of my girl’s wet footprints to our neighbor’s lemonade stand, breathe in winds that disperse barbecue smoke from nearby grills, and sketch the sight of Nella’s wide grin deep into my memory so I never forget.



And there’s something about weekends that ups the ante. I notice more.


This weekend, our friend Baylee turned five and, to celebrate, she asked her friends to join her at Outside the Box Studio where a flock of wide-eyed girls dressed up and danced, painted and sang, and corralled into a giggling circle that made me all emotional.

Feathered heads, sunshine pillows and a piano? Well, Happiness just done went and blew up in this place.



Lainey worked so hard to hide her shy smile and, by the end, she just whole-heartedly gave up and transformed into a lively little thing whose escalating fun meter needle was anything but discreet.



My shy girl had so much fun that she actually whispered during Baylee’s karaoke performance with the real mike, “Hey Mama, can Baylee and I switch microphones?” ‘Cuz she knew her own mike was cheap and fake, and Girlfriend wanted to make some noise.


I’m hooked on this place, on the energy of the amazing woman who runs it, and my girls and I will definitely be back.


I was pretty much sold when Miss Lulu busted out some dress-up clothes in Nella’s size.

Swear, Nella is clapping for Baylee’s dance performance.

So there. Happy Weekend. Happy to be living anywhere but inside the box. Because Outside is where the party is.

And that woods writing? I finished it–an article in the upcoming “Enough” themed issue of Mamalode magazine.


Mamalode is returning as a sponsor, and I’m thrilled to share the love of good writing on hearty issues relevant to both motherhood and womanhood. As they put it, “Motherhood can be very shattering, both from the pressures on the outside and the love from the inside. But there are bits that remain yours– pieces that come from your own childhood, your own adventures and your own growth. They are still there, mixed in with your family, relationships, time, money, health, passions, dreams, work, and creativity. There is room for all that at Mamalode. Welcome — every last bit of you.”

You can subscribe to Mamalode here. (and now available internationally!)

And Congratulations to the winner of the Tina Steinberg Fingerprint Necklace, Comment #1432, Robin: i love waking up to see my 10 week old baby boy staring up at me with his cute smile. he’s the first thing i see when i wake up, and i wouldn’t have it any other way!

Robin, please e-mail your information to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net and Tina will have a fingerprint kit in your mailbox soon. You’re going to love it!

Inspiration may come slowly and quietly, but sometimes? Sometimes it comes in bolts. Today our windows are open, the clouds are islands amid a sea of sky, and happy birds are echoing what I’m feeling–that it’s a perfectly good day for lightning. Or a really fun uh-benture.



Happy Monday, Friends.


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  1. First??? really??? LOVE your Monday.

  2. Gorgeous Post! That’s what I call “living!”

    Happy Monday to you too Kelle, thanks for filling it full of your sunshine!

    love Diana x

  3. I so needed this today! Thankyou! Oh and Nella in the dress-up outfit is adorable! xx

  4. Happy Monday! Have an awesome “out of the box” week! Thanks for sharing you are sooo inspiring to so many!

  5. uh can it be you are actaully in a bathing suit splashing around with those littles already?? i’m trying to stifle down the jealousy. i think i need to trek out into some woods. i need the bolt too;)

  6. Happy Monday to you Kell! Wishing you a week filled with all sorts of loveliness!

  7. I could JUST picture the neighbors spotting a jammied dress woman swiggin rootbeer and thinking “wish I was doing that very thing right now”!
    Congratulations on finishing the article, now I can’t wait to read it!

  8. your hubby has amazing ideas. I love it.

    The dress-up pictures had my girls oo’ing and awing the whole time :) What a fun weekend!

  9. LOVE those outfits… And insanely jealous of the pool!

  10. LOVE Nella in the dress-up clothes. Too much@

  11. That sounds like an amazing place to have a party!! Great times. Beautiful pictures as always.

  12. Happy Monday!! I love the pic of Nella holding that one little toe!! What a beautiful, inspiring little out of the box office you have created!!

  13. Oh how I just feel the urge to pack the heck up out of this weather and head to the sun so I too can feel the bolt. I am in the middle of packing up and moving houses.. its a pain and its also heart wrenching to leave the only nursery my daughter has ever known but I know it will be worth it.. I want, crave, need inspiration.. I want to run barefoot on the hot pavement with my best girl sucking back a ice cold lemonade – love your uh-bentures – im off to create our own :)

  14. As always, the girls are as precious as can be. Thanks for sharing and Kelle, you NEED those shoes!!

  15. oh man, that last photo is beyond precious. have a great day! :)

  16. Happy Monday indeed!

  17. Oh, I’ve had a perfect Monday! Spring finally came to Scandinavia and with it a whole lot of birds, various sizes, bumble bees, flies and Ladybugs. And butterflies!!!

    That special place looks wonderful also – I’ve never seen anything like it!! I can see why Lainey liked it so much.
    My shy boy – I wonder if he’d grab the microphone like that? Impressive!

    Yes, living outside the box is da shit, indeed 😀
    I love doing it and you sure do inspire me to keep up the good job.
    Thanks, as always.

    That mag: Mamalode, is it only available in the US? Do you know? I’m curious about it.

    Have a wonderful monday.

  18. Hooray for Uh-bentures!!! :)

  19. Great idea to take your office to the woods!
    Love that studio!!!!! Wish there was something similar by us…

    Can’t wait to read your article in the issue in Mamalode.

    Happy Monday!

  20. 1. Look at the goooorgeous light in the photos of Lainey with the baby doll at the beginning of the post – so so pretty!
    2. Loving your musings lately:) I always do, but I’ve been especially enjoying the bit of a sense of quiet and calm lately – maybe because I’ve been feeling that way.
    3. Look at those lean baby-lifting strong mama arms!

  21. You make me happy.

  22. I finally looked up Naples on the map. Had to get my sense of direction as I dive into your family’s life in the sun:) Keep posting…even when your not inspired. Everything doesn’t have to be a masterpiece…just a piece that you’ve mastered.

  23. Be happy you are in Florida. Spring and Winter continue to wrestle for domination out our windows here. I love that Nella seems to find her place with her big sister and her friends. Today when I called, Brett was taking Lainey for a picnic at the Airport where they could watch planes again. All I heard was “We’re making lasting memories!” Enjoy your Monday.

  24. Thank you! You inspire me every day and have opened my eyes up to so much more with my boy/girl twins!

  25. I love your photography. Do you have an good photo taking tips. I am trying to get into photography because I have always loved it and I think I’m not to bad but I am not good at all the tricks.

    Also, love the bathing suits, so cute!

  26. Love to you and yours on this Monday :) Thanks for makin’ me smile.

    Angie from Ohio

  27. Sounds like a perfect weekend. :)

  28. love the rainbow scarf floating above the party goers heads!! keeping living and loving!

  29. Thanks for reminding me that I need to subscribe to that magazine! I had forgotten, but I’m doing it right now!!

    I laughed out loud at the image of you sitting in the woods in your one-of-a-kind get-up while typing away….I love how you are so nonchalant about what the neighbors think….your sense of freedom and individuality is unrivaled!

    Happy Monday!

  30. I needed this post today of all days. My inspiration is feeling a bit beat up these days. I have lost my “oomph” (my very technical term for bolt inspiration). But your posts give me faith that it will find its way back to me again.

  31. happy monday!!!! your post are always full of life!!!

  32. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now & I adore every.single.post. They remind to stop & appreciate your blessings. & your girls are just precious beyond words. Thank you, thank you!

  33. Happy Monday to you!

  34. I officially want to be your next door nieghbor. You rock.

  35. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and spirit! I look forward to reading your posts because they’re always so happy and positive and sunny. :)

  36. your posts as always put a smile on my face and i look forward to reading them everyday! you are inspirational!!!

  37. Happy Monday. Thank you for some much needed sunshine today!

  38. Your pictures are so great, as always!!! Glad y’all had a great weekend!

  39. I see that you drink Aveda Tea – – best Tea Ever!!!!

  40. sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. love all the pictures. look like lainey enjoyed dressing up at the party, what a cute birthday idea!

  41. the pic of all the little fairy princesses in a row just looks pure magic! nothing more pure than the imaginations of little ladies!

  42. Love, love, love the bare toes!! <3

  43. Love reading your posts so much that when the photos and writing are over and I have to move on to the next blog….Im bummed!!! Great post!

  44. Happy Monday to you too !!! love the bolt of energy your post gave me…I always told my children we were going on an adventure, when my son was about 10 he said Mom, does that mean we are lost?? lol..now I am starting to get ready to take my grandchildren on an adventure…have a fun week

  45. love this post so much! I love how you don’t thrive from a place of perfection but from a place of lavishing love and affection for your girls. you really value your littles and I am honored to read this blog. :)

  46. what i wouldn’t give to be your friend! you guys have an amazing life! love Nella in dress up clothes! and that one of her smiling in the chair. and Lainey is gorgeous as always!

  47. We need some of that beautiful weather here in mid-ohio. If you have any to spare, please send it up here… Express mail, please. :)

  48. Wish I could have gone to that birthday party! haha! It looked like a blast with all those fun girlies all dressed up! :)

  49. Uh-bentures! My boyfriend’s 2 year old calls it exactly the same thing! Love it!

  50. Happy Monday! Today, I got a little bolt of inspiration myself…can’t wait to see what unfolds

  51. I love everything about your blog! The photos, the real life, the challenges and the small, daily rewards of giving so much love to your life.

  52. Such a great weekend you enjoyed with your girls. That party you attended looks awesome!

    Oh, I have a fun giveaway on my blog and I think it’s something you’d enjoy using with your girls. Come check it out!! :)

  53. Love the girls in there dress up!!!

  54. My blog is Very Outside The Box! Fun!

  55. Could you do a post on photography tips and post processing? THANK YOU!!!! ps. I still want to be your best friend :)

  56. Thanks for making me smile. I love the dress-up parties, my daughter always enjoys them. Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  57. the place your girls “partied” at looks like so much fun! and Nella’s black and white swimsuit… i love it, and i am so jealous! where do you find these clothes??
    i love the pictures of your little one’s feeties. i am a sucker for baby tiny feeties. :) and that picture of you holding Nella out of the water (where i first spotted that adorable suit of hers!) is amazing! how lucky to have captured an authentic moment between mama and baby… not to mention the one behind the camera is now in front! very nice! :)

  58. love your words. thank you for sharing so much of yourself. and thank you for showing us, that life is SO much more about the “uh-bentures” that make memories for our littles!!!

  59. I think the beauty of being outside sounds so wonderful right now, but sadly it has raining everyday here for the last week, I guess it is time for an adventurous walk in rubber boots and a waterproof jacket. Your girls are so beautiful!

  60. What a beautiful place! Swimming, palm trees, forest. Wow!

  61. And Happy Monday to you too. Your girls always make me smile :) I am so jealous of your warm beautiful weather, we are still waiting for spring to arrive in CT!

  62. Happy Monday Back At Cha Babe!

  63. Love that “let your sun shine” pillow- hmm that is stirring up something creative in me. Since starting to read your blog I think to myself (and sometimes aloud) we really should move to Florida although I have a beautiful life in TN. Ahh but the woods and pool seem really dreamy….

  64. Love how Nella is looking at Lainey in the pool like, “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

    Also… you have Aveda tea. WHERE do you buy it? My friend loves this tea and is trying to get me hooked, but I find it super expensive only at Aveda. Any luck online?

  65. I wanna be a mom like you. :)
    Happy Monday!

  66. I’m laughing imagining looking out the window to see you sitting in the forest rocking out with your computer haha
    WEll done Miss Hampton, well done

  67. AWN! So beautiful! I love
    Happy Monday

  68. xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  69. So glad you guys had a wonderful weekend :)

  70. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks for sharing- don’t you wish we could have parties like that, dress up, sing just hang out together.

  71. I absolutely love the birthday party pics! So girly-girl!♥ Go Girl Power!♥

  72. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. i just love your posts, they make me happy.

  73. A laptop, pj’s, and the woods? Sounds like a little piece of heaven to me.

  74. I was out of inspiration today, music wasn’t helping or the new weather..this post gave me a kick in the butt! Happy Monday!

  75. you are THE one blog (i feel like i can’t call it a blog, because it is so much better than that), i look forward to reading everyday. it’s real, raw, inspirational, and just straight up good.

    and it makes me want to live in florida right.this.second. 😉

  76. bells!
    the woods…BRILLIANT!!!! wearing your rainboots in the woods on a broken beach chair…even more BRILLIANT!!!

    miss lulu rocks my world and so do those ah-mazing saddle shoes. they are…what dreams are made of. i want some too.

    love these pics. love you. can’t wait to read your enough article.

  77. What a fun un-benture you had this weekend!! I completely understand what you mean about inspiration. Mine goes in waves as well but watch out when I’m inspired! I just have to keep going!!

  78. Oooohhhh!!!! “….and this little piggy had roast-beef….” My favorite photo of this post. Makes me hungry for little toes :)

    I can soooo see you in the saddle shoes….super cute!!!

    Happy Monday to you ~

  79. Happy Monday! I remember dress up as being a blast and the girls looked like they felt the same way. Monday in Michigan is gray today, but the trees are just getting ready to bud and tulips are tippin their finger thru the dirt. I can’t wait.

  80. How cute are they! All the little ones in all of their dresses – so adorable! Thanks for being so inspirational ~

  81. Love love LOVE the shoes!!!!

  82. I love how you celebrate your babies. This week my little guy, Rusty (who is Nella’s age almost exactly), had 2 febrile seizures; one at home and one in the ER. Today I celebrate the God who protected him 1 week ago when his little lips turned blue, his eyes rolled back, and his body shook violently. Keep up the good work of celebrating the beauty of your children that God gave you! Every day is a gift!

  83. Oh the play house had me with the enormous, larger-than-a-real-rainbow, rainbow silk. I love those and parachutes. SO glad that everyone had a bu-fu-dil time (yes, that’s my favorite way to hear beautiful these days).

    So glad that the trick of sitting in the woods worked wonders.

    Wishing you a great, inspiring week.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  84. Yum, yum, yum! How is it earthly possible that each new post & set of heavenly pics (oh, I guess I’m answering my own question!) can top the previous all-time most favorite Kelle Blog Post??

    If nothing else convinces me of a Bigger Picture, the Oneness of It All, etc, and so on, it has to be your inspired words & photographs… I feel like this blog is a secret keyhole view into a magical land called “Our Wonderful World where Life is Short & the only law’s are Love Everyone & Enjoy the Smallest, Teeny-Tiniest Things…such as Nella’s Perfect Piggy Toes, Lainey’s Pearly-Pearl Baby Teeth, and the Wee Wet Bathing Suits in Puddle Piles on the floor!

    You continue to amaze me with your ginormous heart & generous spirit… Sharing yourself & your family… And baring that beautiful soul of yours. So maybe I’m gushing a bit but I feel that w all the icky things out there (I.e. The Nightly News & Daily Ugly Headlines, we should have full permission to counteract and gush all the good, positive stuff we want!! :-)

    You’re all those cliche things like a breath of fresh air, ocean breeze, cut grass in the summertime, & a homemade mojito… Perfect blend of mint, lime, sweetness, & a bit o’ Bacardi 😉

    Love ya & your sweetheart girls & fun boys & awesome hubby… What is not to love, yes?? Xoxo!
    ~Rachel A.

  85. I love your blog and pictures of your precious little girls. I have 5 grandsons so I look forward to some girly experiences. Love Nella’s expressions and Lainey’s adventures!
    Gramsy Chris

  86. Ummm…can I have MY birthday party at Outside the Box?!? That looks fantastic.

  87. OK, I know I say it ALL the time, but DANG, your girls are cute! And DANG, I love your outlook on life. And DANG, it makes me happy to read about your uh-bentures!

  88. Oh my gosh! If saddle shoes had looked like those ones, when I wore them – in ‘1950 something’, I’d still be wearing them! Heck, if I were you, I’d buy those ones, even if they never go on sale! :) (I think that’s called an enabler!) :)

    I love all your posts – even when I can’t think of a comment!

    Today was no exception. And, although all your shots are amazing, today’s “oh-my-gawd” goes to the shot of a little baby girl, counting her ‘piggies’….

    Thanks for inspiring – even when you don’t feel inspired.

    Take care……..Rosemary

  89. You might have moments you feel uninspired, but in those moments you are still inspiring to the rest of us.

  90. green. and swimsuits. pools. and warmth. but flying squirrels? flying at your head?holy batman. that kind of creeps me out.

  91. Thank you for this. I always feel inspired by reading your posts – but today – I truly needed it. I have been going through alot lately. I am in the middle of drama with a friend – whom I tried to part ways with – but she pretty much refuses to do that. My husband owns a business, and he just started college. Going for his MBA, and I got the 2 kiddos at home. So – I needed some happy and inspiration. Thank you!!! :)

  92. Thank you :) I have been following for a while and only just getting up the nerve to leave a comment…. Just wanted to let you know your blog inspires me, a first time mum of a 12mth old, to be enthusiastic about motherhood… the good, the bad and the ugly…. I love the photos, the stories and most of all the emotions it stirs up inside of me…. so again…. thanks you x

  93. Went to my first infant massage class today, where beautifully, I got to meet two other little baby girls with these beautiful designer genes. One of the sweet mamas and I spoke about you – and ah, those little girls made me melt inside just like I did when falling in love with my Amos… Such beautiful little magical cherubs. And you capture it and engulf it all so … beautifully. So … perfectly. So … uh-benturously. Happy Monday back to you. Trying to get outside while the rain stops to snap some shots of the blossoming trees here… wish me luck!

  94. Love these and love that you always have the camera going. Smart momma!
    And skinny, skinny momma! I am jealous! 100%

  95. love your shy girl. I have a shy boy then after a bit he shows off his crazy side. Nella is so cute in the pic where your husband is holding her and smiling with Lainey. She has a sweet look on her face.

  96. I just can’t get enough. Reminds me to just embrace the moment!

  97. It takes nothing for you to make me cry. Tears streaming down my face right this second. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a bit older, so we can start having our own “uh-bentures” <3

  98. Aaaaahhhhh just what a very tired uninspired mommy needed.. I LOVE your blog! Thank you.

  99. Lainey looked like she had a blast! I need to find myself a “wood’s office” Although I may have to leave the kindle at home and opt for an actual paper book for the occasion :)

  100. Kelle Your words are inspiring as always. I’ve always thought motherhood was WONDERFUL, and then I became a mother 3 months ago and WORDS COULD NOT DESCRIBE and reading your blog makes me see it EVEN MORE!!! Thank you!!

  101. Just what I needed on a Monday, a reminder of all the best things in life, the little things! Do you suppose we should start calling the little things the BIG THINGS instead? Thanks Kelle, from one Mama to another, I appreciate all your inspiration!

  102. OH I love Nellas swimsuit!!

  103. I pine for that Target dress for Ruby. I keep checking, but they don’t have her size. They don’t have mine, either. Shoot dang.

  104. Yeah, the woods can do it. I recall transferring my “office” to the woods while trying to finish my thesis. It totally worked! (That, plus a package of Oreos.)

    This post is so wonderfully out of the box. I feel like I’m too in-the-box right now…but we still have a stubborn foot of snow on the ground.

  105. Love the clapping picture!!! She’s looking so grown up. And you look great in your polka dot bathing- hot mamma alert!

  106. You’re blog makes me smile and I’m inspired to do more and have some fun uh-bentures with my little one as well.

  107. ,,,i’m obsessed with polka-dots and nella looks adorable in her “dots”,,,lainey’s friend baylee is adorable,,,no mistake she’s her mother’s daughter they look so much alike,,,love baylee’s b’day dress,,,miss lulu rocks nice of her to have a costume nella’s size,,,and nella clapping a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.!!!,,,

  108. What a fun place!!!!!!! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on my Monday, you are truly an inspiration.
    I love that quote from mammlode, I need to print that out and put it in my house!

  109. Hi!

    I am here from Circle of Mom’s (well, not really. I am a normal reader, but I am here specifically because of circle of moms) And wasn’t sure if you had heard, but you are on their top 25 most inspiring families list. I noticed you hadn’t claimed your blog yet, and wanted to let you know you are there. I thought you might want to mention it on here. I will happily give up my place in the top five for you because I find your blog one of the most inspiring I have ever read! It just feels wrong for you not to be at the top of this list :)

    Anyway, just thought you would like to know. Thanks!


  110. dude. you have the good luck Charlie dress! i msy or may not get matching ones for my dd and me.

  111. laughing hard at the image of you in the “woods” in your broken lawnchair. work it baby! too bad you didnt have on a tube top.

    loving the kids place, it sounds awesome!

  112. Your blog not only makes me want to embrace life and the little things, but also it makes me hate living in Wisconsin! So I just wanted to say…thanks for that. :)

  113. The birthday party pictures are beautiful! Love the woods and Brenda Ueland’s quote :))). xox

    “True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” ~Eckhart Tolle

  114. Thank you. You took my otherwise very slow Tuesday morning, and hit me with a bolt of happiness instead. Seeing the girl’s together for Baylee’s party brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. It’s so beautiful that you are giving your girls so much to build their own memories with :)

  115. love me some uh-bentures.

    I open this blog and put your playlist on everytime Im folding laundry, doing dishes, clipping coupons, etc… GOOD STUFF.

  116. You totally made me want to run into the woods behind my childhood home and feel all that inspiration and gratituge and wonder at just being out there in the middle of it all. There is not a lot of woods here around me, but I think I need to go seek some out after reading your sweet post.

    I also think I really want to book a birthday party at that amazing looking venue. That looked like FUN! Perhaps a bit of a drive from Texas, but FUN!

  117. Beautiful post! I am craving me some sunshine and woods…and am so excited to be moving back home from the city…I’m gonna’ get me some country air where horses run, dairy farms are abundant, and a little stretch along the beach is calling my name and begging me to introduce my two girlies!

  118. Gorgeous post AGAIN!

    I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful week

  119. I love every post I read! Each one is even better than the one before!!

  120. I can’t believe how much Nella is looking like a toddler and not a baby anymore!! Why oh why do they grow up so fast?!

  121. just bought a year subscription of mamalode. sounds AMAZING – can’t wait to read it. thanks for saying exactly what i’m thinking and exactly what i need to hear out loud to assure me that i’m normal – day after day. <3

  122. inspiration in every nook around here! i love coming to this place.

  123. Have been awaiting my own bolt the past week & am still bolt-less as I type this… thankful not to have an actual deadline other than the ones I set for myself! Brenda Ueland rocks… LOVE the saddle shoes & little girls playing dress-up made my day.
    Happy Monday. (Never mind that it is actually Tuesday!)

  124. aww this makes me wanna go on a fun uh-benture. :)

  125. Gorgeous post and pictures!

    Homeowner Insurance

  126. I think I love that the pictures of your girls have real-life house messes in the background. :) It’s perfect.

  127. Wow that looks like a great party that the girls went to. Lainey and Nella look gorgeous in their dress up costumes!

  128. I loved reading this post! It made me smile down to my toes!

  129. I love the “uh-bentures”. My daughter, who’s now 16, used to call them “mentures” (that’s a combination of ‘many’ and ‘adventures’) To this day we still have “mentures”. :) You have sweet girls, enjoy!! :)

  130. Congratulations on Motherlode, yeah!! Oh my very favorite photo is the one where Brett is holding Nella and they’re watching Lainey. The expression on Nella’s face is soo great, love it.

  131. Ahh, your girls are so precious! And Nella is getting SO big! Where did the baby go??

    Also, I was wondering if maybe you could help me out here. There is a little girl needing a family in Eastern Europe. She is 7 and was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Her birthday is in 2 weeks and I am trying to find her a family before then (she wont survive much longer in the orphanage and really needs a family and medical care). If you know someone who might be interested in adopting her please let them know about her.

    You can find more info at


  132. Amazing as always! I am once again inspired to enjoy every little second with my girls. Your post about your mom and the funky little stroller and how she still managed to get you and your siblings out and doing memorable things was inspiring to me. Sometimes with three girls, I feel like it’s more work to do some things but it’s so true that even when there are bumps in the road, they will remember the joy in things. I have never heard of the magazine, but would love to read it!

  133. Love your red swimsuit!

    Also, I love to use your playlist as background music when I am journaling. Thank you for introducing me to new tunes!

    I am loving “Good Life” by OneRepublic right now. You would love.

  134. Nella’s photo in the red chair is by far my favorite from all of her photos. It shows that she is happy and joyous, and maybe a little mischievous.

    So cute!! I love me some Nella.


  135. That party space look amazing! Writing in the sunny woods looks amazing! You in your red bathing suit are amazing! So many uhbentures to live and love.

    As the sun slowly warms our mountains I am just craving the full-on heat of summer. I can’t wait to experience your Florida with you and your fam!

  136. whoa. i visit this site one minute and everything looks familiar, two seconds later, a brand new header! very nice!
    http://www.etsy.com/listing/70879878/tomato-red-open-toe-sandals-made-in?ref=fp_treasury_11 these made me think of you. is it weird that i’ve never met you but i feel the need to show you shoes that make me go “i wonder if kelle would like these…”?

  137. Here’s to great ub-bentures! Ours are rainy in Michigan right now…

  138. Love the new header :)

  139. GREAT header, Kelle.(Let’s hang out soon.)

  140. ok, WOW so I never really comment, for no particular reason besides you have so many great ones to read, but Nella in her princess dress touches every inch of my soul and blessed my heart tonight. This is by far my favorite picture to date. I will try to keep my Grady (11)months with T21 away from this post, he will be in love. xo

  141. ok, WOW so I never really comment, for no particular reason besides you have so many great ones to read, but Nella in her princess dress touches every inch of my soul and blessed my heart tonight. This is by far my favorite picture to date. I will try to keep my Grady (11)months with T21 away from this post, he will be in love. xo

  142. I love your bathing suit! I also love how you have so much fun together! :)

  143. Smokin’ red swimsuit!! You look uh-mazing!

  144. Kelle,
    I have just started reading your blog in the last few months. Just wanted to say it has helped me prepare for the unknown challenges and blessings of motherhood as I make my way there.

  145. Your blog is a must read. Your girls are beautiful, your photography is amazing. Nella’s smile is simply radiant. How blessed you all are.

  146. Wow, love this post! Thanks, it’s so sparkly and shiny and full of inspiration. Your uh benture into the woods is wonderful. With creativity, well, sometimes you have to go to it, it won’t come to you! And going outside, well, that’s the secret! The Uh benture!! My creativity has been hiding. Time for me to go searching…outside! I’m in Australia, it’s Autumn here, after midnight and it’s raining, ah, lovely, yet it isn’t cold…Wow! Spring for the northern hemisphere, enjoy.x

  147. Wow, love this post! Thanks, it’s so sparkly and shiny and full of inspiration. Your uh benture into the woods is wonderful. With creativity, well, sometimes you have to go to it, it won’t come to you! And going outside, well, that’s the secret! The Uh benture!! My creativity has been hiding. Time for me to go searching…outside! I’m in Australia, it’s Autumn here, after midnight and it’s raining, ah, lovely, yet it isn’t cold…Wow! Spring for the northern hemisphere, enjoy.x

  148. I love your beautiful expression of faith. I too came from a background that was so overwhelmingly bound in religion that faith had little room to bloom. I look forward to your journey of faith, as I am traveling it with you!

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