It was her day today.


Initiated by a family breakfast celebration accompanied by her brothers who got to skip out on a couple morning classes in exchange for challah french toast and watching the birthday girl blow out four candles on her Mickey Mouse pancakes.


She milked it big time. Kept asking us to say “Happy Birthday, Lainey” and smiling when we did.



If there is a heaven, then someday when I cross over there, I’d like to think my moment of entrance will be experiencing again those precious minutes when I became a mother. To do it again–to transform from wanting, hoping, and trying to imagine what it’s going to be like to actually experiencing it–reaching out my arms to cradle her perfect body, pulling her in to kiss newborn skin, feeling this gutteral lurch of a new love I couldn’t quite explain–I’d go back a trillion times to feel it again if I could. I’d take the pain, the pushing, all of it just to remember again what it was like to be changed so instantly. To be overwhelmed by love in that way.


I told her the story of her birth tonight as she fell asleep spooned in front of me, and in the faint light of the moon, her little silhouette looked just like it did four years ago.

I told her about the day she made me a mama, and how she stopped crying as soon as she heard my voice. That’s her favorite part of the story. Every time I get to that part, she smiles.


My, how she has changed.



This year, our shy girl has braved a medley of new experiences–from ballet to human sling shot rides–and her confidence continues to soar, hidden at times but pulled from the reserves when she needs it most. Resourceful and intuitive, funny and free-spirited, she has grown into her own personality which, while predictable and undeniably hers, still renders surprises that leave us sighing with the bittersweet recognition that she’s simply growing up.


I love her faces.


There are times when I worry she feels lost in the cloud of special needs attention, but I think this less and less as I trust my instincts and they tell me she is fine. Because there’s a whole lot of special that comes with the one who makes someome a mama, and I know she knows this. After all, she is four.

So tonight, we celebrated appropriately, whipping up her meal of choice–Mac n’ Cheese, of course–and listening as she dropped the phrase “my birthday” into every other sentence.


Her one birthday wish was to go to Walmart with Brett to pick out her own birthday cake (she’s eyed them the last few times we’ve been there). Sending Brett to Walmart with Lainey though is like giving a mouse a cookie. They came home with a cake. And Dora jammies. And Tic Tacs.



Swiper, no swiping!



She was thrilled with her new scooter. Had to try it out with her new jammies and worked very hard to conceal her satisfied smile.


My first born is growing up, and it is a wonder to behold.

(Lainey turns two, Lainey turns three)


I so enjoyed reading about all the qualities you love most about yourselves in the last post. They made me smile and think a bit more about things I’d like to change in my own character. Thank you for sharing.

The winner of the $100 Little Lesiw Gift Certificate: Comment #54, theenglishgirl: Love the sisterly hug, so real and tender. Must have melted your heart to see that. I wonder how many moments like that we actually catch??? Hopefully being present, not too many!
My ability to be a good friend. Even with my crazy road life, my friends mean the world to me and I carry them in my heart. Happy Birthday Lainey and Happy Birth Day Mummy! Congratulations, theenglishgirl! (do you have a British accent? because I love them.) Please send your contact info to, and a nice box of accessories will soon be at your door.

And finally, we’re excitedly welcoming Piccadilly Circus as a new sponsor.


Their appliqued shirts are great for photos, make fabulous gifts, and are of impeccable quality. We love our felt initial shirts (I love the big yarn stitching!). And I have a thing for baseball shirts…especially after Nella sported hers.

My Pensive Sky wall (Behr paint for a couple who asked)

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Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Happy Birthday, Lainey! She really is beautiful!

  2. last picture is to die for! Happy Birthday to your beautiful 1st born. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Lainey Love!

    PS I love baseball shirts too!

  4. Happy Birthday L!! Looks like you had a great day

  5. Oh, sweet birthday love. My little just turned one… I can hardly imagine four. Your babies have beautiful lives :).

  6. happy birthday sweet lainey! she has just grown so much this year!

  7. Happy Birthday Lainey! I’ve got a little boy that just turned 4 too! He’d love one of these cool shirts. As usual, completely inspired by the pictures and writing and your appreciation of having the chance to mother these two! Thanks!!

  8. We celebrated our daughter’s 4th birthday today, too! Everything was done around her. Flipping through hospital pictures now, remembering the special day. Happy birthday, Lainey!

  9. Happy Birthday to Lainey! What a beauty she’s become, Kelle. She’s a lucky little girl having you as her mama. Can’t wait to see party pictures.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY! loved this post… loved the pics… and love the new sponsor! :)

  11. happy birthday to your sweet girl! i love that story of her and her daddy @ walmart! you’d better watch out when she’s 16! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Happy birthday Lainey. My youngest is going to be two next month, it unbelievable! I love celebrating my girls’ birthdays, and absolutely going over the top with things. We even do half-birthdays, with half cakes and just 1 gift. They eat it up! And yes, sometimes labeling root beer bottles is priority over laundry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. So precious. Happy Birthday Miss. Lainey!

  14. Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey!!! What a beautiful baby… and now what a beautiful little girl! :) xxxoo

  15. I love reading about how special Lainey is to you. As a mama about to have her second child I worry all the time about my first feeling less than special when the new baby getting here! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  16. Happy happy birthday, sweet Lainey! We celebrate your spectacular life! Your entrance into this world transformed your mama who encourages, inspires and helps transform other mamas! Keep shining that bright light, little miss!

    Post your p.o. box or message address pretty please…we have a little something for the birthday girl! or

  17. you have such a way with words Kelle, i just cried reading your post! my babies are 5 and 2 (well i have two 2 year olds)and I just can’t even believe they are growing up. i wish i could put into words what you do for them to read one day! LOVE your blog I am so glad i found it!

  18. Lanie is gorgeous!! And so is Nella! Happy birthday to your big girl!

  19. Missed the y at the end of Lainey! Here we go ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Your uncanny ability to speak from your heart is so inspiringly beautiful :) Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your world with us and of course a Happy birthday to your little-big-girl Lainey!

  21. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!

  22. Found your blog from my sister-in-law’s… have been taken by your word usage (especially “swiper no swiping! True mom!) & photos of your precious girls! Excited to follow your blog!

  23. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!! Looking at her newborn photo compared to recent she still has the same sweet little nose as she did but on such a big girl face. She’s beautiful!!!

  24. It was my firstborns birthday as well and what a nostalgic day. My twin boys, Daniel and Liam turned 10 and even though they are such big boys we all curled up in my big bed and I told them about the day they made me a mama.
    Thank you for sharing your special day with us Kelle.

    Happy Birthday Lainey!

  25. Happy Birthday, Lainey!! Beautiful faces, pics, & words of love… As usual. Good job, Momma Kelle. You are lucky to have them & they are lucky to have you!! Love the pics w the red balloons… Your eye for color is the best. Googled “Pensive Sky” ’cause I wanted another view. And discovered the Behr iPhone app… Fun!

  26. btw- my favorite photo is the one of your oldest sharing her Birthday cake with her little sister… how sweet!

  27. you are do refreshing… whenufe feels exhausting, or I gointo autopilot… you remind me to stop. take in all in. and be grateful.

    happy birthday lainey!

  28. Happy Birthday Lainey

  29. I love the swiper photo followed by the sweet cake sharing. Such a vision of love.

  30. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!!!

    She really is a gem!

  31. Happy Birthday Lainey! Enjoy this year mom, 4 is special (I know this because my little 4 year old girl will be 5 in a few months), it’s the last year before they start elementary school and they become big kids. I went to my daughter’s kindergarten orientation yesterday and I tried to hide my teary eyes throughout the school tour. They grow up way too fast!

  32. Happy birthday Lainey! lovely post!

  33. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  34. Happy Birthday Lainey!! Her and Nella really do resemble each other. Have fun at the party!!

  35. Happy Birthday, Lainey-girl!
    Four is such a magical age – I remember when my twin brothers were that age and absolutely everything was right in the world. When something did manage to go wrong – momma’s kisses always make it better.

    I also love the special love a momma has for her firstborn. She loves all her children equally, but the firstborn love is different somehow.

  36. Happy Birthday Lainey Love. The world is yours.

  37. A late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lovely Lainey girl…Lainey, you know we all just love you and feel like we know you! Sounds like a lovely time. And I love the new sponsor. aren’t birthdays just wonderful?! Love from the Blog Mama

  38. So ironic between your last post and this one, I was just talking about Heaven with my firstborn. Happy Birthday to your doe-eyed beauty!!! They say pregnant women glow; I know your little ones are cuties, but they also have that glow that shows they are deeply loved.

  39. I love how you put her “birth” day into words. Your daughters are very lucky to have you as their mamma. Your blog continuously inspires me and encourages me to be a better me. Thank you and happy birthday to Lainey!

  40. Happy birthday Lainey. Wish you more birthdays to come, candles to blow and visitors arrived. Lovely photos.
    Nurses Guides for their Nursing Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms

  41. Happy Birthday Lainey!
    Love the pic of Nella the cake swiper… too cute.
    Hope you have a wonderful party!

  42. Oh how I love celebrating Birthdays!!! Happy #4 Birthday to you Ms. Lainey Love!! Your Mama sure knows how to capture all the magic you had today (an inspirational photographer she is!!)

    Kelle, you write the words I hold so tightly in my heart: “…I’d take the pain, the pushing, all of it just to remember again what it was like to be changed so instantly. To be overwhelmed by love in that way” My first born turned 10 on May 3rd (oh how time flies) and although we celebrate with enormous joy his ever growing personality, every May 3rd reminds me of that feeling of exploding love the moment they put him in my arms to kiss & kiss some more…the moment I became a Mama…”I’d go back a trillion times to feel it again if I could” LOVE IT!!

    (when’s that book of yours coming out??? I just so enjoy reading your blog!!!)

    Have fun with the party plans down at Hampton’s Ranch!!
    …I so miss your music selections…still not playing here in Canada :(

  43. Happy Birthday to yooouuuu, beautiful Lainey!

  44. Happy birthday, Lainey! LOVE the pics with the balloons!

  45. Happy Birthday to Lainey! What a cutie (and Nella too)!!

  46. Happy Birthday to your little darling! You have an absolutely beautiful family. My first born’s fourth birthday is in August and it will be a celebration for the both of us as well, mother and daughter – one not created without the other. What a bond! Many birthday cheers to Lainey!

  47. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Oh my goodness, has it been another year already? Sheesh! She is beautiful. :)

  48. Happy Birthday Lainey! She’s definitely NOT getting lost in any special needs shadow. She shines and has to know she is celebrated every single day in the Hampton household! This reminded me of Griffin’s 4th birthday last summer. He asked us over and over, “Whose birthday is it today?” And then held his hand up to his face with four fingers up declaring it was his day! There really isn’t anything better than being a mama or becoming a mama. I think that’s why I did it so many times. Wanted that delivery room love and high over and over again.


  49. Happy Birthday Lainey! Just got my copy of Mamarazzi in the mail today after seeing it here! Can’t wait to get into it!

  50. lol Swiper, no swiping! that cracked me up, Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl x

  51. Happy Birthday Lainey!
    Since I started reading your blog she has turned from a cute toddler into a beautiful young girl right before my eyes.. Thank you for sharing your life with us all xxx

  52. Happy Birthday sweet 4 year old big girl, Lainey! Your big brown eyes, golden hair, & big smile brightens our day over here in Michigan!

    LOL @ swiper, no swiping comment on the Nella pic!

    Can’t wait to see your bday party details!

  53. I remember the day my daughter made me a mama. Almost 7 years later and I still remember every agonizing push. Amazing how something so small can change so much just with it’s presence, and I’m sure there isn’t a mama out there that would change it.

    Tell Lainey Happy Birthday from Oregon and enjoy watching her grow. It just keeps getting better!

  54. My little girl will be 7 this year and reminds me of your Lainey. The same wispy blond hair and adorable faces. I looked back and forth at Lainey’s baby picture and her ‘4’ picture and it’s so hard to believe that little bundle is her own person. Mama love is definitely good.

  55. Happy Happy Birthday Big Girl!!! And Happy Birth Day Kelle!

    I love the many faces of Lainey, especially that big, enwraptured, grin as she’s basking in the glow of four little candles on her princess birthday cake. Precious!

  56. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while but have never commented. However, I had to after reading this post. I SMILE huge whenever I read your blog. Whether it be about Lainey or Nella, I smile til my face hurts. They are PRECIOUS children. I have two boys, 3 and 1, and even though sometimes they can drive me insane, I look at them when they play together in the bath, or wrestle with their dad, and my heart melts.

    Your family is AMAZING. Those kids, all of them, lucky lucky lucky you and your hubs are. I love reading your blog and get a little happy butterfly feeling when I see there is a new update :)

    Happy birthday to your #1, love your #2 and your boys seem like the best big brothers ever :)

  57. Happy Birthday, Lainey! I wish you a 5th year of love, cuddles, painting, picnics, learning, exploring and also new adventures! I don’t know if YOU realize YET the impact your Mama, Nella and YOU have made in so many lives. Someday you will…and someday, when you are doing something great…I will think back to the cute little blonde pixie who inspired us to name our youngest baby Delainey…and call her our little Lainey-bug, Lainey-lu-bug. Enjoy the beautiful family that God has given you to and take care of that baby sister who melts as many hearts as you! Happy Birthday Lainey girl!!!

  58. Happy Birthday Lainey!! Gorgeous photos – as always :) Hope you all had a very special day xx

  59. Happy Birthday to the big 4 year old! I hope she realizes as she gets older, grows up and moves out into the world that she’ll appreciate how great of a family she has and how much she is loved. I hope she never takes it for granted…she is so lucky! Big hugs. xo

  60. It sounds like a wonderful birthday day celebration. Happy birthday Lainey!

  61. Just in pictures, I can tell, her best quality is probably being an amazing bis sister. she seems like a natural. :) Happy Birthday Lainey dear.

    I LOL at the swiper part :) Hilarious!

  62. Happy birthday Lainey! <3

  63. Happy birthday Lainey!!! What a fun day you had :)

  64. Happy Birthday, sweet Lainey!

  65. What a beautiful girl! She looks like a little model… Those eyes get me every time (my husband loves dark hair with blue eyes, my own weakness is blond hair with brown eyes).

    Beautiful pictures, as always. What a special day for a special (not-quite-so) little girl! Happy birthday, Lainey!

  66. Happy Birthday to the most loved little girl in the world!

  67. Well firstly, Hi from all the way down under, I check in here daily to see if you have posted, ha whom i kidding I mean regularly on a daily basis…..because your bookmarked in my phone, you fill the void between domestic chaos and boredom…for that i thankyou:) you put my feelings into words, wonderful words and you inspire me:) i’ve shared your blog with many friends and they have all thanked me too, so now i thank you:)

    and more importantly Happy hatching day to your precious first born, i wish her the world of happiness and hugs to you for making it another year of being a successful mummy.. success in that your baby was nurtured and cared for and loved, for another year:)

    With that first time mummy feeling so fresh in my mind i take warmth in knowing that in 4 years time i will never loose that feeling. In 2 months time we will be celebrating our first year as first timers it goes way too fast huh

    sorry to leave a big comment but it makes up for all the times i’ve went to comment and got distracted or felt weird:/ soo as weird as you want to think i am! or not? I commented hahah a milestone for me…

    your very talented and your girls will be very proud:)

    p.s your girls melt my heart you capture them perfectly

  68. happy happy birthday little princess!!!!!!!!!

  69. Lovely post, wonderful!
    Thank you ever so much, it was just what the doctor ordered today, for me.
    I get moved to tears, for some reason enjoying it.

    I wish you a marvellous thursday.

  70. What a beautiful day of celebrating! I love your idea of telling her birth story each year. Happy Birthday sweet Lainey!

  71. Happy birthday, sweet Lainey! I love Nella’s “n” shirt. I love how grown up Lainey looks. And I love the mental picture of sending Brett and Lainey off to WalMart together… I see my future in that!

  72. “Sending Brett to Walmart is like giving a mouse a cookie…” too funny! Melts my heart, it’s ok to be pushovers/giving on their birthdays!!

  73. Happy Birthday! I love the last picture…so beautiful. I would love to know how you post processed it.

  74. Oh Lainey Love–Happy Birthday girlfriend!! I cannot believe this is the 3rd birthday I am reading about here at your special place. And for the record, you did make me cry right off the bat with the Kate Bush…anxiously waiting my own “first mama moment” just a couple more weeks now :o) xoxo-nicole

  75. Happy Birthday, Lainey! She really is beautiful!

  76. Awww, Happy Birthday Lainey! And Happy 4 years of being a mommy, Kelle!

    Love the shirts!

  77. Have tears…
    So beautifully written.
    She’ four and she is such a beautiful girl with such a special mama…..
    Love that her wish was to go to Walmart and pick a cake. So easy…..
    Oh, the magic of being four! :)

  78. Note to self: Don’t read Kelle Hampton’s blog before work, of you’ll have to reapply your makeup.
    Happy Birthday Lainey! <3

  79. Happy Birthdya Lainey…from Kentucky!!!

  80. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  81. Hurray for birthdays of beautiful girls with beautiful mamas! And hurray for darling shirts!

  82. Happy Birthday Lainey!! Four is so FUN!

  83. ahahahaha loved the swiper comment :)

  84. Happy Birthday Lainey! She is such a doll. I am glad people love precious things with their initials on them. I enjoy them very much and hope (will force) my littles do, too :o)

  85. happy happy birthday Lainey!

  86. Happy happy birthday, lovely Lainey!! Loving the Dora pyjamas. My girl has some similar, they are so cute on them! Glad you guys had a great day!!

  87. Happy Birthday Ms. Lainey! Loved today’s post, it was beautiful, and it makes me excited to share all of those moments with my new baby girl!

  88. Happy birthday sweet Lainey! I love this blog… thanks for making my mornings! :)

  89. Happy Birthday Lainey! She is just a gorgeous little lady!

  90. Happy Day Sweet Girl. I hope the year is all you dream of. Age four has been tough for me as a parent (twice) so I look forward to your moms insight as you travel the road.

  91. Happy Birthday Lainey! Looks like she had the perfect day!

  92. Happy birthday Lainey!

  93. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! What an amazing day and captured so perfectly!

  94. Tears. And chuckles. Your big girl is so much like my special girl who made me a mama four years ago! Those faces are precious. That sweet Lainey is sure loved a whole lot.
    I am looking forward to Party Pictures. Have a rootin’-tootin’ good time!!


    It is not hard to tell you show Lainey so much love, I have no doubt she will not get lost in the world of special needs. She knows her Mommy loves her!

  96. As I get ready to deliver my first any day now, I appreciate you sharing that you would endure the pain all over again just to experience the rush of love you felt as you held your newborn babe. Happy Birthday, Lainey and Happy BIRTHday reminder, Kelle!

  97. Love, love, love the last picture! Beautiful. Happy Birthday!

  98. That shot of Lainey giving Nella cake is priceless! Thats love right there!

  99. Happy Birthday to Lainey – I love everything about her birthday and I think I want that cake on my next birthday (but can I have Nella play the role of Swiper?)

  100. Welcome to FOUR Lainey Love. So lovely reading about your life adventure, thanks for a window into your world.

  101. Happy Birthday Lainey! It looks like she had a wonderful day. I love the picture of Lainey feeding her birthday cake to little sister. And, I was struck by how much Nella resembles Lainey in Lainey’s baby photo.

  102. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! It is amazing how fast they grow! Part of me wants to keep them little forever and the other part of me can’t wait to see what they do next:)

  103. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  104. Happy birthday! The pictures are simply beautiful.

  105. I hope that one day when I have children, we will celebrate their birthdays like you do. I love how special you make it. It is such a special day after all!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!

  106. Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl who made you a mama!

  107. Oh my goodness, Lainey looks so much like Nella in that newborn close up! Your girls are just beautiful. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  108. happy birthday to lainey! my first born will be 3 in july and i just am shocked at how fast time truly does fly.

    loving that last photograph- beautiful!

  109. Happy birthday Lainey! I feel the same way about my first child. You capture the emotions beautifully!

  110. Love the last photo! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  111. SO adorable! i have fallen in love with your blog. you do not know me, but i feel like i know you and your family through and through. i often sit with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while finding out what you wrote next. your writing is amazing, your family is beautiful, and this blog is something i cannot wait to “check” on an almost daily basis!! thank you for sharing your amazing stories with us. your girls are so cute….i have two young daughters of my own, and so it is especially fun for me to check-out the outfits you dress lainey and nella in, etc. this is great!!! my best.

  112. AH – that momemt when you are handed your first born is something you never forget. Beautiful post & pics. xo

  113. Happy Birthday Lainey!! I hope your party planning is going well! I am in the middle of planning my son’s first b-day party and it is stressful!!! But it is extremely fun too!

  114. Happy Birthday Lainey! :) My Lainey turned eleven last month! AHHHH! Oh how time flies! :( Your pictures are just stunning….

  115. Happy birthday to you, Lainey!

    Favorite pics of this post: Lainey smiling while y’all are singing to her… and swiper no swiping! Hilarious. :)

  116. Happy Birthday Lainey! My little will be celebrating her 4th birthday next Saturday and I too can relate to how my life was changed for the better the day she was born. She made me a mama and it is the best gift I have ever received. Much love to your family!

  117. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

  118. Wonderful post…I was the first of my friends to become a mommy and nobody quite new how transformative it is until yesterday my best friend called after having her baby and her sentiments were very similar to those you posted about.

  119. Your blog makes me so happy.

  120. I love reading your blog. Your family is beautiful as is your photography! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. And, Happy Birthday to Lainey!

  121. Happy birthday, Lainey! Love that you let her pick out her cake at Wal-mart–what a treat for a 4yo!!

  122. happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!!! You are such a beautiful little girl! You look so proud and you should be! Have fun at your cowgirl party!! Yee-haaww!! haha! xoxo Happy rest of the week!

  123. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
    I love your words….so eloquent and so true.

  124. Aw :) Happy birthday little Lainey!

  125. Happy Birthday Little Lainey! I love the birthday breakfast!

  126. Nothin like starting your morning with a hot cup of coffee and a good cry…

    My 5 month old just rolled over yesterday so this post about growing up really “spoke” to me.

    Your perspective is very inspiring and so positive.

    Happy birthday to your little lady!

  127. Baseball shirts are the bomb! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  128. Happy Birthday, Miss Lainey! I’m just into the third trimester for our first baby, also a little girl. Your blog is a great reminder to soak up all of the moments because they grow up so quickly! And as much as I can’t wait to meet our little one, I’m trying to cherish this last part of being pregnant and not wish it away. Every stage of a child’s life is precious, even before they are born!

    PS I think I’m going to have to convince my husband that we should have Mickey Mouse pancakes for supper tonight….we’ll chalk it up to a pregnancy craving! YUM!!

  129. Happy Birthday Lainey! What a beautiful family you have Kelle. Thank you for making me smile and making me appreciate the small things. xxoo

  130. Wow, the coolest pancake ever…
    Happy birthday to sweet Lainey! I’m in awe how quickly children grow up. Mine’s turning 5 next week… Slow down, girlies!

  131. Happy birthday, sweet little Lainey.
    And happy day to you, mama; four years of true-blue, unconditional, gut-wrenching, to-the-tips-of-your-fingers love. It’s a beautiful thing.

  132. music playing on your blog is choking me up.. but love the black and white last pic.. and Happy Birthday Lainey… and who doesn’t love you blonde… fun pic…
    happy May

  133. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  134. Love how special you make birthdays. Gives lots of inspiration, thanks!

  135. Happy Birthday Lainey! What a fun day you had – you’re a lucky girl to have so much love!!

  136. Happy Birthday, Ms Lainey! Love the last picture!

  137. I love the shirts and would love one for each of my boys who were born at almost the same time as both your girls! I know it must take a lot of work and time to keep up with your blog, but I look forward to it so much! It’s like a breath of fresh air :)

  138. Happy Birthday. My son got the same scooter for his birthday and LOVES it. Enjoy!

  139. Happy belated Birthday Lainey, looks like she had a blast with the family.

    so sweet.

  140. Happy Birthday you your darling Lainey :))))

  141. Happy birthday, Lainey. What a sweet girl. It looks like she had a great day with her family!

  142. Happy, happy, happy birthday to Lainey and her mom! Here’s to celebrating many more wonderful years together happily!

    Esther Dush

  143. Happy birthday kiddo. I hope you enjoyed your’s more than I did mine. Our entire family came down with a cold. It looks like you had fun, though!! Here’s to being 4!!!

  144. Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey! Love the last pic and the one of Nella in her new baseball tee – so precious.

  145. Absolutely gorgeous pictures (as usual – but just had to let you know again!)
    Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

  146. Happy Birthday big girl! Love your choice of cake and scooters!

  147. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!! and Happy Birth Day Kelle!!

    Nella’s swiping the cake reminds me of my own boys doing that to each other, although they did not respond so nicely like Lainey did by feeding it to her…there was tears and drama about the whole it is their birthday cake not his…Lainey is a marvelous big sister!!!

  148. Happy birthday Lainey! Sounds like she had a wonderful day!

  149. Happy Birthday Lainey! My 1st born will also be 4 in August…It’s sad that time has moved so fast, but exciting to watch them grow and explore the world around them :)

  150. Happy Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  151. Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!! My Jack turns 2 on the 29th, these birthdays are more exciting than my own!

  152. Happy Birthday Lainey! It looks like she had a perfect day! :-)

  153. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  154. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Congrats, Mama!

  155. Happy Birthday Lainey!

    I love those Minnie Mouse Pancakes!

  156. Beautiful post. Reliving the newborn memories of my own babies as I read it. Thank you.

  157. Happy Birthday Lainey- delurking to say I hope it’s a great few days of celebrating!

  158. hb Lainey girl! Enjoy your party!

  159. I shed a few tears every day thinking about how fast my 3 sweeties are growing up. Being a mom is the absolute BEST!

  160. Lainey wishing you a happy birthday (it’s late I know sorry). I love the picture of Nella swiping icing from the cake and then the shot of Lainey feeding some cake to her. It looks like she had a great day.

  161. I would give birth a thousand times over too! Such a wonderful experience. True magic!

  162. happy birthday big girl!

  163. oh, happy birthday lainey :)
    kelle, if you’re ever worried about her getting lost in the all the special needs attention, just remember she’s learning to be unselfish and love others before herself…just my two sense :)
    oh, and the cake…exactly the one my little girlie would’ve picked!

  164. What a beautiful Birthday girl!!

  165. Happy Birthday Lainey!

    My oldest turned 4 the end of March and boy was it a topsy-turvy kind of day for me. Each milestone is so bittersweet. You are so proud of them for growing so beautifully, but at the same time you want them to remain your baby. Ahh, such is life.

  166. I shouldn’t read birthday posts when I’m all jacked up on pregnancy hormones. I had a nice cry with my morning coffee, though. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  167. Happy Birthday!

  168. Happy birthday Lainey!

  169. Happy Birthday, Lainey! You’re beautiful, keep shining!

  170. Happy Birthday Lainey. Happy Birth Day Kelle & Brett.

    We have a 3rd birthday coming up on the 21st and I’m soooo sentimental. Tears well in my eyes at any given moment. You’re right. It’s worth the pain and the pushing. I would do it a thousand times again.

    And btw, you send a child with a father anywhere and you KNOW the kid is coming back with a stash of goodies!!!

    Smiling for you. Loving the finish on the last shot.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  171. Happy Birthday, Lainey!!!! :)

  172. Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey!! It’s so neat watching your girls grow up, Kelle. I feel like I know you all personally. Thanks for sharing :)

  173. Happy Birthday Lainey! Its been so fun “watching” you grow up.

  174. Happy 4th birthday Lainey! You are adorable!!!!

  175. Love that you understand how precious life is and how it can be changed in a matter of seconds. I love how you “allowed” the boys to skip a couple of morning classes to make this day even more special for Lainey. Life goes too fast! Can’t wait to see pics of her party!

  176. Lainey looks so much like baby Nella in the second picture- too cute! Glad you all had a great day, thanks for sharing it!

  177. Happy Birthday Lainey! I hope this next year is your best yet!

  178. I can’t recall how long I’ve been reading your blog, I guess since before you were pregnant with Nella. I guess in my mind, Lainey hasn’t aged…so I am surprised to see she’s four! I am sure you are too. Where does the time go? My first born is about to be three!


    Could you feel the love yesterday? There was a little extra bit in the air being sent your way from NC. I kept thinking about you and hoping you were soaking up every moment of the first day of FOUR!

  180. Happy Birthday, Lainey. I love Nella’s little hand swiping some of the icing!!!

  181. Happy birthday Lainey!! &&& baseball shirts are my favorite :)

  182. Happy happy birthday to Lainey, and Happy Birth Day to you, her lovely mama. She is so precious.

  183. Happy Birthday Lainey! Maybe it’s because I’m 22 weeks pregnant & expecting a baby girl of my own, but I cried through this whole post. You are a beautiful family :)

  184. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey! I so remember when my little 2 year old made me a mama. I too would endure all the pain and pushing to relive that second over and over again. We locked eyes and she forever took hold of my heart!!

  185. Happy Birthdy to Lainey! I can’t wait to read about her Birthday Party!

  186. I LOVE the last pic! Loved how you related how it feels to see/feel your baby for the first time. My son gave me thumbs up from 3rd base two nights ago at his baseball game. For some reason it hit me all of a sudden how grown up and lanky his 6 year old body is. I remembered the moment he was born, and how I fell in love right then and there.

  187. Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!

  188. Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!

  189. Happy Birthday sweet Lainey! It is such a special gift that we are mothers are given, so blessed to watch our babies grow and blossom into their true selves, I will be forever in debt to each one of my own babies for giving me this precious gift. Happy Day to you all! Loving those braided/twisty pigtails!

  190. Happy Birthday Lainey! Such a beautiful girl you are!

  191. Happy birthday, beautiful Lainey! What a lovely little lady she is.

    Love that her brothers skipped some classes to have birthday breakfast! :)

    I had a good chuckle at the photo of Nella swiping some frosting, because even before I read your caption, I thought, “Swiper, no swiping!” … my boyfriend’s 2 year old son loves Dora. In a matter of months I’ve gone from humming “grown up” songs to getting the Dora theme song stuck in my head. How life changes.

  192. Your Mac ‘n Cheese looks delicious. Could you post your recipe. I’ve been searching for a good one and haven’t found one I’m in love with yet!

  193. Happy birthday Lainey – what a FUN age and a fun year you have ahead of you! LOVE the shirts….

  194. Happy Birthday Lainey!!! May birthdays are the best :)

    Kelle! I have to get one of those shirts! SO adorable, my baby turns ONE next month and that shirt would be so precious for him to wear!

    I love that she came home from Wal Mart with her Daddy with pj’s and tic tabs, lol, Daddy’s girl!

  195. Happy Birthday Lainey!! She’s perfect and oh-so-sweet. Love. Looks like the perfect day.

  196. Happy birthday to Lainey. Love that photo of Nella swiping icing then Lainey feeding her more. Oh and those baseball shirts are too cute!

  197. Here’s another one for her: “Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!” :)

  198. Happy Birthday Big Sister!

    I love how birthdays can make you so nostalgic. My daughter’s very first birthday is less than 2 months away and already I’m looking back through her newborn photos and remembering all the moments of wonder. How time flies!

  199. Happy birthday Miss Lainey!

    I LOVE the baseball shirt. I see an “H” in my future :)

  200. Happy happy birthday Lainey girl! The girl who made me a mama turns 7 this year! It’s amazing to watch them grow into little women isn’t it!?!? I’m glad you all had a great day!

  201. So, so sweet. This post made me cry! My little one is only 8 months, but I agree…I would give anything for the chance to go back to those first few precious moments with our baby girl!

  202. 4 is such a magical age… ENJOY

  203. Happy birthday Lainey!

  204. This brought tears to my eyes this morning. Lainey, you are beautiful. Kelle, you are an incredible mom. Happy Birthday, to you both!

  205. Kelle,
    I feel like I just cried reading Lainey’s 3rd Birthday post…now I am crying during her 4th! lol! Love this! Happy Birthday girlfriend! And Happy Birth Day to you too! :)


  206. I love how you write about your 1st born. It is how I think about mine, but don’t have the talent like you to write it so eloquently.

  207. Happy Birthday to your precious girl! I love reading your blog! I completely believe there is a heaven and if life can be so sweet here on earth…imagine how much sweeter heaven will be!

  208. Happy Birthday, dear Lainey! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    And Happy Birth Day to you Kelle!!

  209. Happy Birthday to Lainey! It looks like she had an awesome day. I love the Minnie Mouse pancake, and that mac and cheese looks delicious! Care to share your recipe? I am craving it now lol. Thank you for giving your readers a glimpse into your life. I have been reading since someone posted a link to Nella’s birth story on babycenter when I was pregnant. I am a first time mom to an almost 9 month old baby girl and the way you describe your feelings about your girls is the exact same way I’ve felt the past 9 months. Seeing the pics of your 2 girls together makes me secretly hope my next baby is a girl too, I never had a sister and you can just see the love between Lainey and Nella in their pics.

  210. Happy Birthday to your amazing girl! My favorite photos are the ones with her brothers, you can tell how smitten they are with her, so precious!

  211. I was thinking of you often yesterday as I reflected on my own little who will soon be 3! Hope you had a beautiful day!

  212. Happy birthday, beautiful Lainey! The big F-O-U-R!!!

  213. Happy birthday Lainey! Enjoy being 4. :)

    I love the baseball shirts, they are just too cute!

  214. Happy birthday, Lainey! LOVE the last picture. I also love the Dora reference you threw in there: Swiper, no swiping! You are a clever one! :)

  215. I’ve been a lurker for awhile, but I have a question, so I thought I’d de-lurk. :)
    I noticed in your (amazing) pictures Lainey has 3 balloons and 3 candles – is that because she’s “letting go” of 3? Next year, will she blow out 4 candles? I’m just curious – and if the answer is yes, I think that is an AWESOME idea – out with the old, in with the new. :)
    Happy Birthday Lainey!

  216. Happy Birthday Lainey!

    And those baseball shirts are adorable!

  217. What a special day for your family; filled with wonderful memories. Sisters sharing cake is too adorable!

  218. ahh, happy sighs!! :) I love when it’s clear the little ones feel special on their birthdays :)

    Oh, and the baseball tee is fantabulous!

  219. Happy 4th Birthday sweet Lainey!!

  220. Happy Birthday, Sweet Lainey!!!! You are so beautiful and such a loving big sister. Hope your day was beyond wonderful!

  221. Happy birthday, Lainey! My favorite photos in this post are the one of Lainey with that cute face & the balloons and the one of Lainey swiping the cake! TOO CUTE! :)

  222. Wow, I think Lainey’s newborn picture looks so much like Nella! Happy Birthday big girl!

  223. Happy birthday, Lainey! You did a great job picking out a cake and new pajamas, and it looks like you had a great birthday! Four is a great year, and we know you’ll have a wonderful year filled with love, laughter, joy, and lots of dressing up. Great scootering, too!

  224. Where did you get Nella’s darling shoes Kelle? I love them! Classy shoes for children are difficult to find.

    Thanks for sharing Lainey’s birthday!mmmm

  225. Happy Birthday Lainey!
    What a great day.
    P.S. Love love love the last picture… it couldnt be more perfect.

  226. Do you have Christmas trees still up in your house? lol

    Happy birthday Lainey! A fellow taurus.

  227. Oh, sweet Lainey! I hope you have an extraordinary birthday.
    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!

  228. Wow that last one is a framer. Looks like your special girl had a special day. Love peeking into your life Kelle. Thank you! Happy Birthday sweet Lainey:)

  229. You are such an awesome mom–great thoughts–really hit me as I sort baby clothes and contemplate Heidi’s upcoming 4th! Beautiful.

  230. Happy Birthday Lainey! I love the story about going to Wal Mart and coming home with more than just cake.

  231. Sweeeeet!!! Such a special little girl to have such a wonderful family :O)

  232. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!!

    That last pictures is perfection!

    I hope I can capture some images like this of my little man who made me a mom 4 years ago on June 4. (He isn’t a fan of the camera so it will be a huge challenge.)

  233. Happy Happy Day Miss Lainey! My first born just turned 3…where does time go…it is amazing to watch them grow, and develop these amazing personalities. Love the last picture, it is just perfect!

  234. I love to sit here in front of my computer in the morning with a big cup of hot coffee, reading your blog. It gets me excited about my day and all of the possibilities. I am in the throws of planning field day at my daughters school. So this is a nice break from the work. But I must admit. It’s going to be an awsome field day. Happy Birthday to Lainy. Can’t wait to see the big party, as I am a big party planner too.


  235. Happy Birthday Lainey! Looks like she had a wonderful day :)

  236. That is an amazing moment . . when you go from a mom on the inside to a mom on the outside. Simply miraculous!! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  237. Love! Love! Happy birthday Miss Lainey! May all your Dora and princess wishes come true……lovely post Kelle.

  238. That last picture of Lainey with the balloons and the dog is my favorite.

    I remember when my first born made me a mama, and she’s special for that and for so many other reasons. She made me a grownup. She made me unselfish. But the strange thing is, it was the birth of my second daughter that was a magical miracle. I hardly remember the birth of my first:(

  239. Happy birthday, sweet Lainey!

  240. Happy birthday, LL! Four is absolutely magical. You’re such a sweet thing to share your icing with little sister. It’s the best part of cake, after all!

  241. Yay! Happy Birthday to Lainey! Love the pic of her holding the balloons and her mouth is in an”0″!
    My first born recentlyl turned 17, and I feel the same way about her birth – i re-live it over and over in my mind – best day ever!

  242. Happy Birthday to Lainey and I hope her party this weekend is fabulous!! Your posts often make me tear up especially this one with your nostalgic thoughts and words of Lainey’s Birth day =) So amazing the birth day is. Too amazing for words.

  243. Happy Birthday Lainey! What a lucky girl you are and a big FOUR! How cool is that? Loved the cake and your new jammies!

  244. Happy Birthday Lainey! You express your feeling and sentiments so well, I may wish for that talent on my birthday :)

  245. I just smiled through this whole post. I’ll be having my first child this november. I just got a little more happy inside :)

  246. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey! Hope your day and year is filled with love, laughter and smiles.

  247. Happy birthday, sweet girl! I love the picture of Lainey feeding Nella the cake, their lil fingers are to die for!! My sons both love listening to their birth story too, so sweet!! XO

  248. Happy Birthday Lainey!! Looks like she had a great day of celebration! I love the photos of her with the red balloons-stunning!

    And Nella swiping some cake-priceless :)

  249. Happy Birthday Lainey! Love May birthdays

  250. Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls? Lorelai always woke Rory up at some crazy hour in the middle of the night and told her about her birth. Happy Birthday Lainey! :)

  251. Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey! I have a sweet four year old princess myself who absolutely rocks my world! Can’t get enough of her but so wish she would just slow down the growing process!

  252. Happy birthday Lainey!!My kids’ birthday are my favorite days of the year by far. That last picture is unbelievable…..beautiful!

  253. Happy Birthday Lainey! Those baseball shirts are adorable! That mac n’ cheese made me hungry even if it is 9:13 in the morning!

  254. Aw, Happy Birthday Lainey! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day!

  255. I am getting ready to become a momma on Monday the 23rd. Your words are like magic, and I can’t wait to feel what you and so many others have felt. Thank you for making me so excited!

  256. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Lots of love from Germany and have a great party! xoxo kim

  257. The little guy that made me a mamma will be 3 in July. He’s the boy version of Lainey. Love her! I also have a 9 month old boy…so I get my girl fix through you!

  258. Happy Birthday to Miss Lainey!

    I would love to be able to return to that moment of birth when everything changes. That feeling, that overwhelming wash of love…we can never get it at any other time in our lives.

  259. Ooo, I would love to win this gift certificate! Football season is coming and my little one could use a new shirt to sport for his big brother’s team!

    Happy birthday Lainey!

  260. happy birthday lainey! and Kelle, i can’t imagine lainey ever feeling lost or less loved because of having a sister with special needs. you have enough love for them both and i know lainey feels that. btw loved the swiper, no swiping! comment. that made me laugh. you never fail to inspire. love from nashville. see you in july – isles of capri baby!!!

  261. Happy Birthday Lainey! You make me smile when you speak of her “birth” day too. Special needs or not, I think you’re doing everything just right.

  262. Ahh, Happy Birthday Lainey! Love the pictures-as usual but her shy smiles make me smile every time!

  263. I love that you moved “This Woman’s Work” into the first slot on your playlist in honor of Lainey’s birthday. What a sweet way to honor such a milestone in your life.

    Happy Birthday to Lainey!!!

  264. Happy Birthday Lainey!! Your blog is a ray of sunshine!!

  265. Happy Birthday Lainey! As my husband and I try for our first, your words about your first being special because they make you a mama are so inspiring and hopeful!

  266. Happy Birthday Dearest Lainey! You are such a beautiful litte soul. And to your mama a very happy Birth Day Anniversary. :)

    I love the assortment of items they came home with. Were the tic tacs by any chance orange? Those are my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Beautiful post as usual, but with a side of special! :)

  267. This is a very beautiful story with very beautiful accompanying music :) Happy to have found your blog, thanks to Gussy’s post! Looking forward to catching up…thanks!

  268. Happy Birthday little Lainey!

  269. My daughter just turned 3 on Sunday and this post just made me weep thinking about how rapidly she is growing, and changing, and showing us the depth of her personality every single day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with all of us!!

  270. Happy birthday, Lainey! Wow! Four! I am still waiting for my daughter to turn 1! I can’t imagine the emotions of four years of mama-hood. Enjoy :)

  271. *wow* – in the baby picture i see the resemblance between your girlies for the first time. So sweet.
    *and* – as a mama of seven, i have often felt a flavour of that guilt you’re describing – that the other six might steal too much from *one* tiny bright light. But then i realized one day what a gift those six siblings are to each child – and that the gift of siblings is the best treasure i could have ever given them… (as i watch my 14 year old nibble my one year old’s ear).
    Having teeny nella as sister is a gift for lainey… what nella takes away – is minute compared to the immense blessings she has heaped into lainey’s life.

  272. It was my son’s 7th birthday on the 18th. Oh, what a glorious day! And there just is something extra special about that first born – the one who made us moms. Makes me tear up at work just thinking about it! Happy Birthday dear Lainey!

  273. Happy Birthday, Lainey! The Dora pajamas are awesome and so is the princess cake, exactly what my 5 year old, Ava, would have chosen : )

    Nella is too cute in her monogram baseball tee and love the swiper, no swiping picture lol

    This Woman’s Work is one of my favorite songs ever and so appropriate for this post.

  274. Swiper no Swiping!!! you’re so funny. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

  275. I have two sweet boys….my oldest just turned 4 also. It just gets better and better! Love you post! Thanks for always reminding me to “keep on the sunny side”!

  276. Happy Birthday Lainey! Sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

  277. happy birthday lainey girl!

    apparently i’m going to be the mama that cries at every birthday b/c i totally teared up reading about how special her day was!

  278. Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Girl

    It looks like you had the time of your life. And I love that you have your own little tradition. Its so special to hve things like that and remember them and capture them.

  279. She did make you a mama, but you’ve made her into a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday to your first born!

    can’t wait to see pics of the party!

  280. Happy, Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!! Love all the pics and love that she loves to go to Wal-Mart with her Daddy! Every Saturday morning, my girl and my husband go to the store to pick out something special for breakfast (usually butterfly donuts with pink icing and sprinkles). Can’t wait to see the party pics!

  281. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  282. Happy Birthday Lainey! I have a little boy her same age. It is bittersweet to see the big change from 3 years to 4 years. I love love love your writing. You know how to work everything so perfect, and all of us moms know exactly how you feel. Have a wonderful birthday!!

  283. I love that the boys were able to stay home and have a family breakfast. I think that’s just so special! I am a firm believer in having your birthday be super special.

  284. This blog makes me smile…I love it!!! Everything you write about your kiddos is so true to most mothers…and the pics you capture are amazing! Thanks for inspiring!

  285. Happy Birthday sweet Lainey!!! Also LOVING swiper and her swiping ways!!!

  286. Last pic= perfect! Can’t wait to see party pics and read about the details. We love a good baseball tee around here, too. The day I fell in love with my husband, he had a on a baseball tee. Ahhhh, memories…
    Happy fourth, Lainey love.

  287. Happy birthday! You’re all so sweet!

  288. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Mine is almost 4 and it is amazing at what little women they are becoming :)

  289. I love that you make birthdays a big deal in your family. My mom always did the same for us, too. So fun to watch Miss Lainey grow :-) Happy Birthday!

  290. Happy Birthday Lainey from Nelko and Talia, who love watching you grow up!
    The Dragulski family, XOXO

  291. I’m about to become a mama to my first little girl in two months, so of course this brings tears to my eyes! Can’t wait to feel the emotion you so beautifully describe.

    Happy Birthday to Lainey!

  292. I love how you tell Lainey her birth story each year. Becoming a mother for the first time is such a wonderful gift that keeps on giving! Happy day to you all!

  293. I love how you tell Lainey her birth story each year. Becoming a mother for the first time is such a wonderful gift that keeps on giving! Happy day to you all!

  294. Happy Birthday Young Lady Lainey! I am so happy for you all. Thank you for celebrating in such a big way and for sharing! Shalom!

  295. Lainey is such a lady! I think it’s wonderful that you make their birthdays so special. My Mom always did, and I cherished that “I’m special” birthday feeling… actually I still do! I’m off to shop at Piccadilly to see if I can find a cute “O” for my nephew, Owen. I love unique finds. Thank you!!!

  296. Lainey is looking pretty stylish holding those balloons!
    Happy Birthday Lainey!! I’m glad she had a great day. I love kid’s birthdays!
    And I love those initial shirts! So cute!

  297. Happy Happy Birthday, Lainey! And Happy Mommy Day, Kelle! There is something very special about your first born :) (and second, and third, and fourth of course ;))

  298. Happy Birthday to your little girl and YOU! I always celebrate my oldest borns birthday as the day I became a Mommym too! I was just talking to her about when she was 4 the other day. We are just a couple weeks away from her 16th birthday now! It’s so hard to believe- looking at the pictures of her then, how she has grown into a wonderful beautiful 16 year old! (Holy Moly! I’ve been a Mom for 16 years!)

  299. I cannot handle the thought of my baby growing up… but seeing your joy in BOTH Lainey’s newborn-to-now shots does cheer me. She is gorgeous. Happy birthday! This post was a tear-jerker, in a good way, of course.

  300. HaPPy Birthday, dear Lainey.
    I remember the day my own daughter was born and that overwhelming feeling of love that came over me. I would also experience that over and over if I could, but I’m so blessed to have experienced it at least once.

  301. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey Love! What an amazing day for such an amazing girl.

  302. Growing up, I don’t know if its harder for the girl or the momma???

    a.)Your oldest son looks just like your husband.

    b.) The baby picture of Lainey resembles Nella I think.

    Great post, way to make the most out of such a special day.

  303. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  304. You are such a sweet mommy! Every time I read one of your posts, I well up. I also love how you dress your girls! So cute! Happy birthday, little Lainey!

  305. Happy, happy birthday Lainey! She looks like such a little lady – and a great big sister. Can’t wait to hear about the party.

  306. Happy Birthday Lainey. And happy day to all of you too.

    It’s amazing to watch our little ones grow. My 3 girls all have their birthdays next month – they’ll be 7 and 3 and 3. It goes so fast and it just keeps getting better and better.

  307. Happy Birthday Lainey! Your posts are so eloquent and rich Kelle; thank you for speaking to the heart of so many Moms who treasure the sweet memories of the birth of their first born.

  308. happy birthday lainey love! u dont know how happy i am that we get to share all these special moments with you, kelle!!
    thank u, thank u, thank u!!!

  309. Happy Birthday to your beautiful blond-haired sprite… and also Happy Anniversary of becoming a Mama to you!

  310. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. Love that you share your life with us.

  311. She has gotten so big. Go Lainey GOOOOO! I love that red scooter- so fun!

  312. Happy Birthday to Lainey! she looks so thrilled to be four :)

  313. Happy Day Lainey! What a beauty!

  314. I was holding my 7 month old in bed with me this morning and saying to myself “cherish this, because you will never have this again with another”. Seeing the pictures of your two little sweets together, it dawned on me just now that with 2 instead of 1, maybe I will never get moments of solitude like that again, but there are so many other great moments that will come when we have another. Beautiful post as always.

  315. Happy Birthday to sweet little Lainey, who doesn’t even know how much she has touched this mama’s heart! May all your birthday wishes come true.

  316. Happy Birthday Miss Lainey! What a fun day…can’t wait to hear all about the big party! Your Lainey sounds like she would be the perfect match to my 5 year old guy. Just sayin…arranged marriages really do work well…so I’m told! lol!
    Hugs to all of you!

  317. way to go mama. made me cry. that last picture was the kicker. i’m still in the midst of writing cora’s 4 year post.
    i remember finding you when they were just 1. one. that feels forever and yesterday ago.
    i think i just came up with my post name. gotta go.
    love to you mama … and lainey … FOUR! happy birthday sweet girl … we must plan a playday someday. cora would love to hang out in cora jammers with you.

  318. Happy Birthday To Lainey! Mac and Cheese is one of my favorites too:)

  319. Happy Birthday Lainey!
    The shirts are amazing!

  320. family birthday parties are always so amazingly sweet. the big birthday bashes are fun too, of course, but there’s just something beautiful about celebrating low key with those closest to you. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  321. “Children will not remember you for the material things that you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them.” Richard L. Evans
    No doubt your kids feel cherished!

  322. Lainey is sooo adorable..Happy Birhtday to her!! And Nella…well there are hardly words for her. I just want to squeeze her. She looks full of personality. I love her swiping the frosting. One of my signature trademarks.

  323. Hi Kelle! Happy anniversary of becoming a mamma! Happy birthday to Lainey Love!! I remember turning four….it’s a good one. Now, I CANNOT WAIT to see pics of her cowgirl ranch rangle birthday bonanza!!

    My favorite shot is the swiper. Great action shot.


  324. Happy Birthday to your darling mini-me!! I love the photo where you can see her dimple the best!

  325. I hadn’t seen an infant picture of Lainey before today’s post — is it just me or did Nella look a lot like her big sis when she was first born? Love your beautiful sweet girlies!

  326. Happy Birthday Lainey! What a lovely little lady she is!

  327. Happy 4th birthday, Lainey!

  328. Awww happy birthday Lainey!!

    I’m loving her little lacey dress! Precious!

  329. What a beautiful little lady you have. I just went back and read her birth story… wow. What I would give to feel that. I haven’t yet been blessed with children, but oh how I crave the day that I get to hold our baby in my arms. and how I crave watching my stomach grow as our child develops inside of me.

    You inspire me. your honesty is amazing & overwhelmingly challenging for me.

  330. The newborn pics melt my heart. My little is turning 3 this summer and I can’t believe it, 4 must be more of the same feelings. Love your blog!

  331. Happy Birthday to Lainey. I loved for my first born to be sporting an “e” shirt. So cute!

  332. Happy birthday Lainey! Hope that this year brings you many blessings & delights! Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  333. ah. just found your blog & i love it! precious pictures :)

  334. Happy birthday to Lainey! One of the highlights of my week is sitting down to read your blog. Thank you for taking the time to inspire other moms. Keep up the good work.

  335. Got teary eyed looking a Lainey and imagining my 16 month old as a 4 year old. Happy Birthday to Lainey and Happy Lainey’s Birthday to Mom!

  336. Happy Birthday, Miss L. Love the picture of your birthday gal and the red balloons, and of course the pancakes. Who wouldn’t want to start a birthday with such cute pancakes?!?

  337. awww happy birthday to her!

  338. Happy Birthday baby doll!!! What a cutie!!! I LOVE that last photo of her…great photo, great processing!!!

  339. Happy Birthday Lainey! It looks like you had a wonderful day! Ilove the picture of Nella Swiping the frosting and I the last one of Lainey. It is so amazing how much they change and grow -I love seeing how my daugther is changing and is becoming her own little person.
    Love the shirts – so cute!

  340. Happy 4th birthday to your first born! I was teary eyed reading this post because it is how every mama feels about their children. You just know how to put it to word perfectly!

  341. Happy birthday, Little Miss Lainey!! I’m glad you all had a great day!

  342. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Your blog is a good reminder to notice and soak up all the little moments because these kids just grow up too fast!

  343. You had me in tears thinking about the moment I became a Momma. Complete bliss. I would definitely relive it 100 times+ if I could.

    Happy Birthday to Lainey. What a beauty.

  344. Happy birthday Lainey!!! Beautiful cake choice…love the pic of Nella looking on, like “Whatcha got going on here sis? Looks good to me!” And then, of course helping herself. And the black and white picture is amazing. She is so big!

  345. It’s her birthday … but you still see her character shine through in the spoonful of cake she gives to Nella. What a sweet little girl!!

  346. Oh, Lainey… You really are a wonder. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  347. Happy Birthday Lainey! She truly has grown into a beautiful little girl.
    This post makes me sentimental because I am getting ready to celebrate the little boy who made me a mama as he turns 4 next month. How time has flown.

  348. Oh my. Black and white balloon picture–just.beautiful.

    Happy Birthday, sweet Lainey!

  349. happy birth day, mama. my big girl turned 6 last week and each time i tell her her birth story i cry. i just can’t help it! would you consider posting the recipe for your delish looking mac-n-cheese?

  350. Happy belated birthday to Lainey. She is so cute and precious. I love following her, you and your family on your blog.

    My little girl celebrated 2 years on May 16th and the wonder of watching her grow up amazes me every day.

    Today in the doctors office, picking up a random magazine while I wait to be called in. I found your story in print in a Norwegian magazine. I have followed you for awhile, but it made such a huge impression on me to see how far your story has actually reached.

    Best wishes,

  351. your blog makes me tear up with happiness each time i read it…and im not a crier lol. best and happiest wishes to lainey the birthday girl. she’s beautiful :)

  352. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl! God Bless you today and this coming year! It will be fabulous :)

  353. happy birthday little miss lainey!!

  354. You can just feel the birthday love!!!

  355. Happy Birthday Lainey! She is getting to be such a big girl. Her cake was so adorable, and I love the pictures with the balloons.

  356. Happy birthday sweet Lainey!

    I don’t have any sisters so I especially love the photos of the girls’ moments together. The one of Lainey feeding Nella cake melts my heart. May they have a million more precious moments together!

  357. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY!!!!! Such a special day!!! And Nella in that baseball shirt is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  358. I cannot believe how much Lainey and Nella look alike when they were infants! Beautiful photos, as always!

    Happy birthday, Lainey!

  359. Aaaahhhhh…..the last photo!!!! And the thought of Daddy and big girl picking out a cake….priceless!

    Oh, Swiper….wishing I could swipe a squeeze of you… badly.

    Happy Birthday Lainey, you beautiful, beautiful girl you! Can’t wait to see your cowgirl pics….yeehaw little lassie!


  360. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! May is a great month for a birthday (mine is the day before Lainey’s)! Your little “swiper” cracked me up!

  361. Happy Birthday Lainey!! I just have to let you know how much your writings mean to my daily routine. I have a little 12 week old baby girl in my arms as I type this. I have two older boys and though I have a total of 12 years of mommy experience this time around many insecurities have surfaced. Your posts about motherhood and life have helped me see past those feelings of inadequacy. Thank you so much or sharing your life with me. I pray your life is filled with many blessings. Your last pic is amazing!!!!

  362. Happy birthday Lainey. I love the part of your birth story on how you stopped crying once you heard your mom’s voice when you were a little baby. Total and utter sweetness.

  363. happy birthday to your oldest :)
    We are coming up to the half way mark with the twins….6 months old on the third. Woowho!

  364. Happy Birthday Little Lainey : )

  365. Happy Birthday, Lainey! You are a beautiful little girl! And I love your cake!

  366. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY! I love your sense of style, the way you look lovingly into your siblings eyes, hug your sister and make your mommy and daddy soar with delight just to be in your life.

    Happy happy happy Birthday!

  367. Happy Birthday, Lainey!
    The girl who made me a mama is only one year old. I feel like she is growing and changing so much each day!
    I also worry that bringing a second child into our special needs world would not be fair. Everyday, I see how others make there families work and how each member feels “special”. That inspriation helps me so much!

  368. Happy Birthday, Lainey! I can’t even begin to imagine how I will feel when my babe turns four. I am just now preparing for birthday number 2 coming up in August. What a pleasure and privilege to watch them grow.

  369. Happy 4th birthday Lainey!

  370. Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey!
    They grow up way too quickly!

  371. Happy Birthday Miss Lainey!!

    Being a big sister can be so much fun! It looks like she had a spectacular day!!

  372. I’m so excited to read about the party now. What a fun birthday and I’m thrilled it involved Mac n cheese and a walmart cake. Makes me feel better about myself!

  373. Makes my heart beat a little faster reading this post. The love of a mother, so big and so full.
    Glad she felt so special on her Birthday! Bring on the party girlfriend :-)

  374. Happy Birthday Lainey!

    We’re celebrating a 3rd birthday in our house with weekend with a birthday boy dressed in a shirt from Piccadilly Circus!

  375. Happy Birthday, Miss Lainey!

  376. Happy Birthday Lainey! Beautiful pictures and beautiful girls!!

  377. This comment has been removed by the author.

  378. Happy Birthday SWEET Lainey Love!

    Bug & Ruby’s gram

  379. I laughed so hard at the “swiper, no swiping!” comment. We have a “swiper” in our house too, and my almost 3 year old loves to tell him to STOP SWIPING!

    Happy birthday to a sweet 4 year old. Looks like she had a great day.

  380. Happy Birthday Lainey!!! May 18th is my birthday too!!! Wish I was 4! LOL!

  381. I swear my heart smiled while reading this post!! SO Precious. Happy Birthday to Lainey :)

  382. loved the swiper, no swipping…made me laugh!

  383. Happy birthday sweet Lainey! I was so fun to see her baby picture :)

  384. There is something sooo special about your blog. You are so relate-able as a mother and make us all want to be better moms. Better at preserving the special moments and embracing the hard ones. Thank you for your amazing spirit and inspirational blog!

  385. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Congratulations, Mama, on making it four years with your precious love!

  386. I love Lainey’s lacey dress and combat boot combo! She is not only gonna break hearts, she’s gonna crush ’em. Her attitude reminds me of my son – fiercely independant, but full of love.
    I’m going to read her birth story now, and wait in anticipation for pictures from her birthday party!!!

  387. This week chimes in my older one’s birthday as well. The day is just so bittersweet. Tears of joy, smiles of pride, and just realizing they have become a person that you only dreamed they could become.

  388. I love the new Dora pj’s and the baseball shirt :) Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  389. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! :)

    Swiper, no swiping! Nella is just too cute. Such beautiful girls.

  390. Happy birthday oh precious one…with a fabulous sense of style! I adore you.

  391. Congratulations Lainey!!! What a beautiful celebration!!

  392. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  393. I just read Lainey’s birth story, and it brought me to tears in a different way that Nella’s did. I became a mother 10 months ago and the feelings are still raw inside. It’s really amazing, isn’t it?

  394. My daughter picked the same exact birthday cake for her fourth birthday last year! LOVE!!

  395. Your blog is so wonderful. The best part of a good blog is when you feel like you know the writer and want to count them as a friend. I couldn’t feel more like that about your blog. Your family is beautiful, thanks for sharing the special 4th birthday! Congrats!

  396. Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday, beautiful Lainey!
    ” I’d take the pain, the pushing, all of it just to remember again what it was like to be changed so instantly.” — ME TOO! That TOTALLY made me cry! The feeling when I saw my firstborn, my Laney :), is indescribable. Just amazing.
    I love the cake she picked. :) Sounds like she had a perfect day!

  397. Happy Birthday, Lainey!! I feel like each birthday my kids’ have are so exciting and SO SO SO bittersweet. Here’s hoping we enjoy it and remember as much as we can so that when they’re teens we don’t strangle them :)

  398. She has definitely changed, but she sure is just as precious. Looks like a fabulous birthday!

    Happy Birthday Lainey!

  399. Time flies way too fast! Happy Birthday Lainey! I have a newly turned 4-year-old as well. They grow up way too fast!

  400. Happy Birthday!!!

  401. Happy Birthday to Lainey! In the pensive sky post the pic of Nella with the amber bead necklace pulling down her lip is gorgeous as is the pic of lainey in the dress with the polka dot tie looking over her left shoulder..both are frame worthy :) Cant wait to see party pics…we love bday parties at my house!!!

  402. Happy Birthday Lainey!! It makes me sad to think that one day my little one will be 4… oh my..

  403. Happy Birthday Lainey!! It is truely amazing to see how fast they grow up, how their personalities develop and all the traits that mold them into the grownup they will some day become.

    My little one is about to be three and every day I wish he could just stay little.. laugh, smile and have no worries in the world.

  404. Happy Birthday Lainey! That last picture was gorgeous. Loved the editing. That’s a framer for sure!

  405. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Love your PJs!

  406. Happy Birthday to your beautiful 4 year old girl!! Lainey enjoy your 4th year as it is a good one.

  407. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey! Hope your day is just as special as you are!

  408. It looks like Miss Lainey certainly had the most perfect day!

  409. love nella’s shirt!

  410. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!! It sounds like you had a fantastic day! I remember when my 4 yr old turned 4 this past January. She must have asked me 20 times a day for a week if she was still 4!

  411. A sweet happy birthday to your Lainey! She really is gorgeous! And your words are always so honest, and a breath of fresh air! I read your blog daily while sitting in the NICU beside my new little love (been here 8 weeks today!)

  412. Just so you know,
    She’s having a baby is my favorite chick flick of all time. ALL TIME. The end kills me. KILLS ME. Theres just something about Kevin Bacon crying. So clicking on this post and hearing this song in conjunction with this THING, this thing I too am going through, of watching my firstborn grow up too fast. Well, thanks a lot for killing me on this bright and sunny thursday! Excuse me while I go get another tissue!
    (p.s. she’s so beautiful. Stop making me cry dang it!!) As soon as I finish with this tissue I am off to smother the freaking heck out of my seven year old, and when he complains (loudly) I am going to blame it all on you! And Kevin Bacon.

  413. I love the effect in that last photo!! How did you do that? And of course – happy 4th birthday to Lainey!

  414. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lainey! In my house, birthdays are a huge deal. It’s something my husband isn’t used to, but sure enjoys when his birthday comes around. I’m excited for my Little’s 2nd birthday, which isn’t until January. I had the joy of helping decorate his first birthday cake and my husband surprised us with a huge banner made especially for our little man. It was an awesome day and seems like it was just yesterday.

  415. Happy Birthday!!! So precious. And love the shirts!

  416. i may have laughed out loud with the “swiper, no swiping!” i absolutely love reading your posts, being that i have a 2.5 year old little girl and 7 month old, i can relate to the dora and princess and accessories so much. :)

    what a beautiful day your lainey had!

  417. What a treat to be a fly on the wall at Lainey’s birthday! My son, my first born, is 3 today and I still feel as though it was just yesterday we brought him home. And I completely agree about wishing to re-create the moment you become a mom. . .I remember being terrified until he was on my chest and then just knowing that he was mine, I was his and a new life had begun.

  418. Happy birthday to your beautiful big girl. My oldest will turn 6 in July, such a bittersweet time indeed. They grow up way too fast!

  419. Happy Birthday Lainey!!

  420. On my fourth birthday, I skipped around in my Wonder Woman Underroos. I admire Lainey’s more subdued choice of Dora jammies. And p.s. I almost went into sugar shock looking at that cake… nom nom nom.

  421. Happy Birthday Lainey! They grow so fast.
    I love those shirts!!

  422. happy birthday, lainey! i’m glad you enjoyed your special day :)

    lainey and nella looked a lot alike as babies. the close up of sleeping baby lainey looks so much like sleeping baby nella looked! they’re too cute.

  423. Love this…especially how loved and special the birthday girl so clearly felt on her big day. I do not have any doubt that Big Sister feels special and adored, just as much as Little Sister. I can now say that I finally understand my mom’s constant worry over making my brother and I feel equally loved (I have two young girlies). It’s just one of those things that comes with motherhood: An almost desperate need to make sure our kids feel every ounce of love we feel for them.
    I am just waiting for the first moment those words come out of my mouth, because I know they will: You’ll understand when you have kids. I’m practicing keeping my mouth shut for the inevitable “Yeah right, Mom.”
    Happy birthday to Lainey!!

  424. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!!
    Sounds like I am a bit like Brett and Lainey when I go to Wal-Mart. Went to Target for graduation cards today and Katelynn and I walked out with quite a bit more.
    That 2 1/2 year old has a way of convincing me that I need stuff.

    Can I tell you the song “This Womans Work” made that post almost hypnotic.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

  425. Happy Birthday to such a wonderful little girl. I love four! Enjoy!

  426. i am pretty sure my three week old xavier needs a baseball tee with a big X on it! mommy needs to STOP buying so much stuff!

  427. A very happy birthday to your sweet little Lainey! I hope this year will be her best one yet :)

    And I think we need a recipe for that amazing looking mac & cheese. Just sayin.

  428. grandest birthday wishes ever~~

  429. Happy Birthday to Lainey! 4 is a wonderful age. My girl will be 4 this year too!!!

  430. happy birthday lainey and mama! my little man turns three in 2 weeks, no longer a baby. it goes so quickly!

  431. Your photos are always beautiful. I’m jealous! Happy birthday to Lainey!

  432. Happy Birthday Lainey & Kelle –
    Can’t wait to get one of those Piccadilly Circus shirts for Ella! She will love wearing it and telling everyone that her name starts with E!

  433. Happy Birthday Lainey girl! Today, my sweet four year old boy and I had a date to the dino museum and a pizza lunch. I couldn’t help but look across the table and take him all in. The past 4 years have flown by. He is everything I prayed for and more.
    Enjoy your 4th Lainey! Eat it all up girlfriend!!!

  434. This post made me cry. It all goes by way too fast ; )

  435. What a fun day! The little girl who made me a mama turns 10 weeks tomorrow. :)

  436. Happy Birthday Lainey!! My first born turned 4 the day before yours did…I shared so many of your sentiments on your little girl growing up. You are truly inspiring!

  437. Happy Birthday Lainey!!

    Such a beautiful post!

  438. Happy Birthday, Lainey!! What a fabulous day.

  439. Happy Birthday Lainey! As a mother of a little boy myself, I also remember that amazing feeling of becoming a mom for the first time. Now i completely understand why women are willing to go through pregnancy and labor again and again. I have forgotten the pain and exhaustion and am ready to go again : )

  440. Birthdays are sooo special and I love that you enjoy making BIG memories for your small people!

    I love to make something big for my small people too!

    Happy Birthday Lainey! And Happy Mommy day to you Kelle!

    Momma to 3
    Shay B

  441. Happy Birthday Lainey! Those shirts are stinkin’ cute!

  442. Your daughters in their initial shirts are super cute!!!

    My oldest daughter loves to talk about all 3 of my birth stories:). And I love sharing them with her. It’s such a special moment to look at the pictures with her!

  443. Awww, happy birthday big girl! Four is an awesome age, enjoy it!

  444. I so love all the photos! The celebration of becoming momma and the growing up of our children is precious, always! Happy Birthday to Lainey — exclaimed with big smiles!♥

  445. Love the t-shirts! You seriously find the most amazing things! HAppy 4th birthday to Lainey! My little Vincenzo will be 4 in July and I cannot imagine where the time has gone…love him to pieces!

  446. Happy birthday Lainey!!! Well that Mickey pancake makes me jealous :)

  447. Love the pictures of Lainey with the balloons. Happy birthday to your girl!

  448. Happy Birthday to Lainey and Happy Mama Anniversary to you! I celebrated my ten year mama anniversary a few months ago and it was bittersweet. Our little ones growing up is such a blessing to be a part of, but it happens so darn fast that I want to grab him and hold him as long as I can.

  449. Happy Birthday,
    Lainey! I have been following your blog long enough now to remember her birthday last year!:)

  450. Happy 4th birthday Lainey! What an exciting age to be!

  451. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  452. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey:) My daughter will be 3 on May 20th and to be honest it is hard for me to believe! I was just thinking to myself 2 days ago that at that moment three years ago I felt the first of the contractions that let me know my sweet baby girl was on her way! I’m not sure if it is my pregnancy hormones or what but I am now crying. Pretty sure it’s just because I love my baby girl so so much!!!

  453. Happy 4th birthday Lainey! Beautiful post!

  454. Such great pictures and beautiful words about labor and those precious first few moments of life.

  455. Happy Birthday Laney! And wow, I see so much of Nella in her baby picture.

  456. Happy Birthday to Lainey! Four has always been my magical number. It looks like she had a wonderful special day. I love the pic of the sisters by the cake. Sharing in the joy.

  457. Happy birthday Lainey…and a happy day to you as well Momma. :)

    I loved the “Swiper” tag…and found myself saying aloud ‘Awwwww mannnnn!’

  458. Happy Birthday Lainey! You are just lovely. And congratulations to Mommy – what a proud mother you must be!
    I am always touched by your blog, but even more so this time – I could not help my eyes welling up with tears as a read your thoughts about becoming a mother and the desire to relive those incredible moments. My daughter is about to become 1. She is my world. This little bundle that turned my life upside down and filled my heart with so much overwhelming, bursting –at-the-seems love seems all grown up. And as I am excitedly planning her very first special day, I think of her birth and look at the pictures often. I yearn for the moment when her piercing blue eyes met mine for the first time. Becoming a mother is so powerful, exhilarating. Nothing compares… So I cry, and smile, and wish time travel were possible … But mostly, I feel incredibly lucky

  459. Happy birthday, Lainey! And happy Birth Day, mama. I always think the mamas should get a cake on the kid’s birthday, too. :-)

  460. e is a heaven, then someday when I cross over there, I’d like to think my moment of entrance will be experiencing again those precious minutes when I became a mother. To do it again–to transform from wanting, hoping, and trying to imagine what it’s going to be like to actually experiencing it–reaching out my arms to cradle her perfect body, pulling her in to kiss newborn skin, feeling this gutteral lurch of a new love I couldn’t quite explain–I’d go back a trillion times to feel it again if I could. I’d take the pain, the pushing, all of it just to remember again what it was like to be changed so instantly. To be overwhelmed by love in that way.
    I want that kind of love. I am on a journey of my own to make that happen. I can’t have any of my own so I have a surrogate to help me fullfill my dream. One more month and we try to make me a mommy. Just thought you should know reading your blog gives me hope it can happen for me.

  461. I smile out loud as I read your blog. If that’s possible :)

  462. Happy Birthday Lainey! Here’s to another year full of love, laughter and magic!

  463. Happy belated Birthday to Lainey!

    I can’t wait for pictures from her party :)


  464. Happy Birthday Lainey! Its awesome being 4! :)

  465. Happy Birthday, Lainey! My son is only two and it’s hard to fathom how fast he got there; I can’t imagine him being four. Watching our babies grow is such an amazing, yet heart wrenching experience. Your blog often reminds me to enjoy every second of it because the time passes so quickly.

  466. Happy Birthday to your beautiful first born! I love her faces too :)

  467. Happy Birthday to the 4 Girl!
    That song gets me every time and then add your tender words…..yikes! Thanks for sharing with us!

  468. Such a sweet sweet post! Happy Birthday Lainey! I got teary reading your hopes for Heaven, I agree whole-heartedly! Love what you did for her birthday, simple, sweet and full of love!


  469. Happy 4th Birthday, Miss Lainey Love!!!!
    Great new sponsor, Kelle! LOVE the shirts!
    Here’s to another year of being a FABulous Mama!
    : D

  470. Happy Birthday to your little beauty! Her day looked magical!

  471. Happy birthday, Lainey! Birth days are miraculous.

  472. Happy Birthday Lainey!!
    I loved the “Swiper, no wiping” comment with the picture of Nella and the cake! Priceless! Made me laugh out loud!

  473. Happy belated birthday, sweet Lainey!

  474. Happy Birthday, Lainey! My son (and firstborn) turns 4 next Sunday, so it’s always fun for me to watch Lainey grow up and hit milestones at similar times as The Bear. The worst part of their being such similar ages is seeing what kind of crazy awesome things you do for birthday parties right before we celebrate his – ahhhh! I am so not a planner! You really work it. : )

  475. I want to say thank you for writing about your daughter’s birthday. So special to remember how special the one is who made you a mama, and I appreciate the reminder. Your family is beautiful. Many blessings and happy birthday, Lainey!

  476. I loved your words in this post. I always love your words but especially what you said about heaven and reliving her birth. I feel the exact same way and you just say it so beautifully.

    I also noticed Lainey’s ‘magic’ dimple in a couple of these pictures. I remember you writing about that dimple a long time ago and how it doesn’t always appear. It seems to me that both of your girls possess a little magic…each their own.

    Angie from Ohio

  477. Happy Birthday to that sweet girl! Hope her party is a super fun time!

  478. having a four-year-old is simply awesome! i love this stage of doing more with my big girl and less for my big girl. enjoy! (and i know you will!)

  479. Yay! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  480. Happy Birthday Laniey! And happy birth day to you mama. Best wishes for you all.

  481. ahhh birthdays…love them :)


  483. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  484. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  485. Happy Birthday, sweet Lainey!! Enjoy being 4 . : )

  486. Amazing job you are doing by keeping this diary, of sorts, of your family. Inspiring.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  487. Happy Birthday Big Girl!!

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  489. Happy Birthday Lainey! I did a double take of the “christmas trees” in the background of your picture in the restaurant…then I realized its Memorial Day decor :)
    And thanks for the giggle…I laughed out loud at my desk at work at “swiper no swiping”.

  490. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  491. Happy Birthday Lainey! Love the cake she chose:) I love to make a slide show of pictures for my kids for their birthday blog. It is so fun to watch how they change.

  492. Love those special birthdays where they get so excited over the little things like choosing their favorite dinner, and getting to take home some tictacs from the Walmart!

    Can’t wait to read about the party this weekend!!!


  493. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!
    My first turned 4 last month and it is so hard to believe how fast he is growing – makes me so proud but a little sad too.

  494. My baby boy turns one next week and I am heavily in birthday-fun-planning-mode. Love that I can read your blog and know there are others who share my love of birthdays!

  495. Happy Birthday Lainey!! You are too cute!

  496. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

    I had to giggle about the WalMArt trip, because my 3yo little guy thinks WM is the BOMB and gets soooo excited if he thinks we’re going. (and I try to talk him into Target ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Nella pulling the swiper move is a riot and I love that you captured it!

    Happy Birth Day to you, Kelle!!!

  497. Happy Birthday Liney! What a lovely little girl. And four is a great age! My boys are 6 and 4 … soon to be 7 and 5. growing so fast! Can I tell my 9 month old baby that she can’t grow any more?
    Michelle B

  498. “If there is a heaven, then someday when I cross over there, I’d like to think my moment of entrance will be experiencing again those precious minutes when I became a mother.”

  499. Happy Birthday Lainey!!

  500. Happy Birthday to Lainey!

  501. Happy birthday to your first born! My first born will be 13 this summer, eeew, scary!

  502. Happy Birthday, Lainey!! What a little doll. Love how your family celebrates life – makes my heart smile :)

  503. Happy 4th birthday Lainey!!

    I had to smile at your post because my husband really hates Walmart … not the store but the craziness of the parking lot and the cashier lineups and the ambling shoppers. We fight everytime we go together. But I know that if our daughter`s birthday wish was to chose a cake from Walmart, he would be there will bells on and he would love every minute of the experience. And he would come home with the Dora PJs and tic-tacs too :)

  504. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

    Your comments on becoming a mamma in this post got me teary eyed today. I’m so excited to become a mamma and meet this little one growing inside of me :)

    Hope you all have a great time enjoying Lainey’s birthday festivities!

  505. Happy Birthday! The last picture is stunning!!

  506. I love love love the pictures in this post. And is Lainey still dressing herself, cause she has great style!

  507. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!


  508. Oh a Most happy birthday to Miss Lainey! But also to you, momma. On my birthday, we always celebrate with favorites-even if I am turning 29 this year. But I always, always make time for special time with my mom on that day. After all, she’s the reason I am here and was the one who did all the work that hot June day!

  509. Such a gorgeous age. I am adoring my 4 year old. (he is my third of four.)
    LOVE that last b&w pic of Lainey with the balloon and you with a newborn Lainey.
    I so agree, I want to go back and do their births and newborn ness all over again.
    Sigh, that new baby bliss is like nothing I have ever experienced before and I am so sad that it’s over.
    Will you have anymore Kelle?

  510. Happy birthday to your oldest daughter! She is the perfect older sister to Nella! I love your blog, love reading about your life adventures, and seeing the pictures that fit so wonderfully with the words. I am busy planning my son’s first birthday party and I can only hope that maybe I can become a momma who makes birthday parties as special as you do, can’t wait to read all about Lainey’s birthday party! P.S. one of those shirts would be perfect for my Cameron to wear on his birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  511. I can see Nella in Lainey’s infant picture! Beautiful girls :) Happy birthday, Lainey!

  512. Hi cutie pie! Hope your birthday was as sweet as you are.

    And my son could certainly use a cute new shirt for his baseball-themed 3rd birthday coming up in August (based off of his oft-repeated, “I love baseball shirt!”). The shirt you pictured with Nella would be perfect! :)

  513. I simply enjoy reading your blog and seeing your love for your family through not only your words, but your photos as well. You have such a lyrical prose that is a joy to read. I also love and appreciate that you and your hubby are raising your girls to be the princesses that they truly are. You are loving them well. Happy birthday, Lainey!

  514. I got a little teary reading this, thinking of my first’s birthday coming up soon. This made me even more excited to celebrate him.

  515. happy birthday lainey!! you know, i was looking through my wallet pictures today at work (haha) and my first born just turned 5 in april, but he has really changed since his 4th birthday! hes still the same….just…olderish. kwim? i know you do.

  516. Swiper, no swiping had my laughing out loud ๐Ÿ˜‰

  517. Happy Birthday Lainey!! :)
    My girls 1st is coming up soon, I wish we could all celebrate together, your parties look amazingly fun!

  518. beautiful post! happy birthday!

  519. Happy Birthday Lainey! I hope you enjoy 4 as much as we did! My monkey turned 5 last month. What a milestone and the hardest birthday for me thus far. Kindergarden is now just around the corner and I can’t believe my baby is going to school. Ack!

  520. that last picture is sick!

  521. Happy, happy birthday to Lainey! Great photos! I especially love the last one with the balloons and doggie.

  522. happy birthday lainey!!!

  523. Happy Birthday Lainey Love!!! Can’t wait to see what happens at her party this weekend! :)

    LOVE the photos, she is sweet and gorgeous!!!!


  524. in combination with the song playing, this post made me cry my eyes out. That last photo is a work of art. Beautiful.

  525. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. To think your started all because of her and now look at it!!

  526. Happy Birthday Lainey! You have every right to be SO proud of your 4 year old beauty!

  527. love those shirts…. gorgeous pictures! Love your blog :)

  528. Happy Birthday!!! Love your blog and love those shirts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  529. Happy Birthday Lainey! It looks like she had the perfect day!

  530. They’ll always be our babies not matter how big they think they are ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Birthday, Lainey… may your life be rich with love.

  531. Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey!!! May all your dreams come true today

  532. Happy Birthday Lainey! Great choice of cake, and special dinner!

  533. Happy birthday, Lainey! And she made the Piccadilly website! I love the shirts! She and Nella make great models. So sweet.

  534. Love the shirts, super cute.

  535. Happy Birthday sweet Lainey!!!

  536. For some reason I started tearing up at the photo of her looking serious on her new scooter. I gave me a flashback of myself as a child and loving those birthday moments. Happy Birthday Lainey, one lucky girl.

  537. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!!! What a beautiful girl, she’s growing up to become one awesome little lady :)))

  538. happy birthday, lainey! i’m not a mama, but i’m a nanny to three awesome kids. one monkey turned four this year. SUCH a fun age, and so surprisingly different from three!

  539. Happy Birthday Lainey! It looks like you all had a fabulous day celebrating your baby girl!

  540. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!!
    Have a wonderful time being Four!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures and smiles with us all around the world.
    Keep on dancing Beautiful Ballerina!

  541. Happy birthday little girl. Glad the day was beautiful.

  542. Happy birthday, Lainey!

  543. Please share how you edited that last picture, it is priceless!

  544. I love the Walmart bit. We can so relate.

  545. Happy Birthday, Miss Lainey! I love, love, love the baseball shirt!

  546. Happy birthday Lainey! My firstborn turned four two weeks ago, and she also got a scooter — and managed to drop “It’s my birthday” into every single sentence on her day. She already wants to make a countdown chain til 5. Ah, our big girls….

  547. Really love all the pics of your big girl. Thanks for reminding me that I didn’t do a birthday photo shoot with my big girl for her birthday last month…..Marissa

  548. The light shines from Lainey’s eyes! She truly is a beautiful girl :o) Happy Birthday to her and happy day that made you her mama to you! :o)

  549. Hard to believe she is four! Looking forward to seeing your shutterfly album!!

  550. kelle…it totally cracks me up and also feeds me to read your posts. my 3.5 year old resembles Lainey in many ways…first born….turned me into a mamma….i so talk about his birth day a ton….they both sport such serious looks a lot and you can just tell those wheels are a turning! then i have keghan who is 14 months….and she needs a bit more attention and oh to watch her fight for it….cracks me up. i often wonder if i am giving kyler enough attention when i see him act out…bums me out that i don’t have 4 arms and 4 legs to do it all…especially since carrying them both is getting to be a real challenge these days. okay, enough of the rambling, but i sooooooooo love the picture of swiper getting the cake. LOL
    krystal…from iowa….

  551. Happy Birthday, sweet Lainey! Your paragraph about the first few moments of motherhood made me cry. I love that phrase you used, “this gutteral lurch of a new love that I couldn’t quite explain.” Beautiful! Glad it was a great day!

  552. All of your pictures are fantastic! Congrats to Lainey, and I would like you to know that I just bought Mamarazzi & loved your section in it!

    PS – Baseball shirts are adorbs, I want one for my little Chayse!

  553. happy birthday lainey (today, the 19th, is actually my daughter’s 2nd birthday).

  554. I love those shirts!

    My baby girl is turning 10, and my last baby turns 2 this summer. Time really goes WAY TOO FAST! How I wish I too, could go back and enjoy those newborn minutes with any of my four children.

  555. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

  556. Adorable post, adorable girls and adorable shirts!!

  557. Happy, happy Birthday to Lainey!! She is such a beautiful little girl. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to see the littles get bigger.

  558. Happy Birthday Lainey! She’s so cute with her pajamas trying her scooter!

  559. Beautiful child, beautiful photos.

  560. Awesome! Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

  561. What a beautiful 4 year old you have there. May your days just continue to get better from here :).

  562. I knew I’d love this post. I’ve been looking forward to it all week :)
    the cake pictures were my favorite. I love the way Nella looks at Lainey. I love the admiration and wonder in her eyes. SO cute.

    Happy 4th, Lainey girl!

  563. Happy Birthday Lainey! You should really be a model (not sure what your mom would think of that). :)

  564. Happy birthday Lainey and happy birth day Kelle:0)

  565. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  566. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the Fabulous Fours!

  567. Happy Birthday to Lainey! And happy becoming-a-mama anniversary to you. Isn’t it amazing how you can change so much in four years (my son turns four in 3 weeks!). Much love to you all.

  568. Happy birthday, Lainey and Mama! She looks like she had the best day. Thank you for inspiring me every post!

  569. Happy Birthday Lainey!!! What an amazing 4th birthday celebration! :)

  570. Happy Birthday Lainey! Love the swiper no swiping photo, too funny.

  571. Happy Birthday Lainey! Her faces are adorable :) My firstborn makes faces too, every time I pull out the camera. It’s hilarious

  572. what a cute birthday girl :)…i dont know what it’s like to have a child with special needs like you do, but i have a brother who has Aspergers, and i understand why you worry about lainey. from what i can tell, she feels how loved she is…it’s powerfully evident when you write about her. one day she will come to you and say she wouldnt have her sister any other way, and tell you what a wonderful job you did teaching the both of them the beauty and true meaning of life–love. my brother and i are very close, and to this day i feel a need to watch over him, and i thank God for him, because it would be such a different and boring life not to have a sibling that is special. because of this, my husband and i are planning to adopt through reece’s rainbow, making our #4 an extra special addition! congrats to lainey on turning the big 4! have a great weekend!

  573. I have been wanting those baseball shirts for awhile now! So cute. Happy birthday to Lainey. She is lucky to have such an extraordinary mama like you.

  574. Happy Birthday Lainey! So sweet.
    Many Blessings,
    Amy G.

  575. That baseball shirt puts Troy Bolton’s shirt to shame!

  576. She is so beautiful! Those brown eyes…darling girl. It’s so fun to see how much they grow up during that year of 4. My oldest is 5 and my how he’s changed! Exciting!

  577. so precious! happy birthday! do you want to know a secret? 4 is my FAVORITE age so far :) they have all been awesome but four is MAGIC, i don’t even need to tell you to enjoy every second because it’s YOU kelle :)

    the comments on nella’s “being naughty” photos are my fave. swiper.

  578. Oh Lainey…happy birthday!! You are growing up so sweet and beautiful! Hope you have lots of fun at your party!!

  579. Happy birthday to Lainey! Watching them grow up really is a wonder to behold. We are very lucky, indeed.

  580. My daughter is celebrating her 4th birthday this weekend too! Happy Birthday to Lainey – I can’t wait to see the pictures you post from her big party!

  581. I love that last picture with the balloons!

  582. Happy Birthday Lainey…you have a beautiful family…thanks for sharing it with your readers.

  583. Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  584. Happy Birthday Lainey!!! The little boy who made me a mama turns 4 next month – hard to believe it’s been 4 years…I still vividly remember the moment he was placed in my arms. :)

  585. ah birthdays- magical. we’re starting to prepare for the big ‘3’ in just 3 months. :-) library and book theme. my littlest one loves her books!

  586. Happy & healthy Birthday to Lainey & YOU!!!

    a magical, healthy year ahead


  587. Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey….you are gorgeous…just like your mama. Swiper, No Swiping…I laughed out loud. I love Nella….

  588. Oh Happy Birthday Lainey!!! What an amazing and beautiful big girl. Love the cake she picked!

  589. Happy Birthday Lainey! What an awesome day you had!

    I would love that mac and cheese recipe!

  590. Happy Birthday Lainey! While all babies are special in their own way, there is always something that sets the first born a little apart.

  591. Happy Birthday Little One! She sure has good taste in food! Homemade Mac n’ Cheese is my birthday dish of choice! Choosing the perfect birthday dinner was always such a special moment (even though it was the same exact thing each year).

  592. Happy birthday to your sweet girl – she is just a doll!

    And my oldest (who turned 4 in January) requested mac n cheese for her birthday meal as well :)

  593. Happy Days….to you…Lainey and to you too Kelle! I dream of having a little girl someday! I pray that I can twist her pigtails, get her different colored pink and purple swimsuits, have princess stuff, paint our toes together…and more! Until God gives me my own I will live through you and yours :)

  594. Happy Birthday Little Lainey! You remind me so much of my little nugget – she will be 4 in July! Wishing you everything you wish for yourself …

  595. Happy 4th Birthday Miss Lainey!!! :)

  596. Happy birthday Lainey! Four is FUN! It truly is an awesome adventure, my baby boy is four and it’s just..amazing :) xoxo

  597. The three balloons. Did she let them go into the sky? Like watching her 3 years take off and make room for the big 4? I like that idea. I may steal it. As always, thanks for sharing words that make me think.

  598. oh…and KD is actually Abs. Forgot I was on my hubby’s computer.

  599. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  600. Happy Birthday Lainey! What a beautiful post :)

  601. Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey! Looks like it was a wonderful day :)

  602. the beat of kate bush song that played while i was reading the 4th birthday post just seemed so appropriate. you’re right, there is something extra special about the one that makes you a mommy…

  603. In my family we’ve always celebrated “our” day with a Birthday Breakfast. Mom would pick a theme that suited us & decorate the entire kitchen nook. Employing all of her creativities, she would turn our table into a 50’s diner or a red carpet affair or a jungle. We would be awoken to the smell of bacon & told to shut our eyes as we were dressed to match our theme! Dad would lead us downstairs to the same annual breakfast: pancakes the size of our plate with our initial in the center. We’d sing, eat, & open presents all before the sun was up.

    What a celebration!

  604. Happy Birthday to Lainey! It’s a bit funny, I had pancakes yesterday too, only mine were more in celebration of finding out that my bean is going to have a sister. I’m so happy , I could burst!

  605. Happy, Happy Birthday Lainey!! Cannot wait to see her party pics. Looks like it’s going to be an awesome day!

  606. What a beauty you have on your hands; you must be so proud :) Happy Birthday Lainey :)

  607. As always, you have put into words what my heart feels. My son just celebrated his 3rd birthday and I wanted to badly to express all that he means to me and you have said it so eloquently. Thank you. That first born is certainly a special one. :)

  608. Happy Happy Birthday Miss Lainey, you are darling, and Kelle, Love your ways to celebrate special days. —

  609. Happy Birthday Lainey! Remembering the birth of your first child becomes so much more bittersweet the older they get. My son turned 12 this year and I am starting to forget bits and pieces of that day! I wish I had been blogging back then! The pictures are stunning as always!

  610. Love the “swiper no swipey” haha!!

  611. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  612. Wow, our girls share a birthday! (Mine turned 5). You’re never going to believe this, but mine requested mac & cheese for dinner too! And I too worry that my daughter gets lost in the special needs attention cloud (younger twin brothers born at 26 weeks – one with CP). But you’re totally right – there is something special about being the first born. They will be fine, better than fine in fact!

  613. Happy Birthday Lainey! I was grinning as I read that she kept wanting to be wished Happy Birthday. The girl that made me a mama turns 4 in December and is already talking about it all of the time. I can only imagine how many times we’ll have to say Happy Birthday when her big day finally arrives (although I hate to think about it really because it just reminds me that she’s growing up). Can’t wait to see the party pictures!

  614. birthdays are the best! mine is in 5 days. the big two-two! happy birthday to lovely lainey lady

  615. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  616. There is something so special about seeing the one that made you “mom” grow into thier own person. Oh, and I love your swiper. I have a little swiper of my own and a big girl who is four. And I think they need a couple of those super cute shirts!

  617. Happy Birthday to your Lainey she is so precious!

  618. !~* Happy Birthday Lainey *~!

    This one really brought on the tears. Especially the spooning while telling her the birth story again. I wonder if I will ever have moments like that with my daughter (3yrs). I crave them so bad, but she just doesn’t like attention (sensory disorder). She doesn’t want hugs, she doesn’t want to read books, she doesn’t want to look at us… it’s heart breaking. Your posts about Lainey really open my heart and make me try harder… she just doesn’t want it. You are so lucky! You are my inspiration. You hold my cracked spirit together and keep me from totally breaking apart. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

    Ashley J.~

  619. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey, and happy first child day Kelle! Sounds like a perfect day and who wouldn’t want a princess cake? A lovely set of photos to remember another milestone.

  620. Happy Birthday Lainey!!! (one or two exclamations just didn’t seem enough for yours and her day) :)
    I love your family celebration right in the begining of the day. Why not have candles to blow out at every meal. Sounds like a plan for my 5 year olds birthday coming up.

  621. Happy Birthday sweet big girl Lainey! I had to double-take her baby picture thinking it was Nella…I love those kind of resemblances!

  622. Happy Birthday Lainey from Australia!!! Loev your blog Kelle – you are a true inspiration. Everytime I read about your life and look at my own and try to do better :)

  623. Wow, 4 already! Time flies way too quickly!

  624. ♥~Happy Birthday Sweet Lainey Love~♥

  625. Felice compleanno Lainey. Happy birthday.

  626. Those shirts would be great for a family photo shoot!

  627. Happy Birthday Lainey! I just love her expressions!

  628. Happy Birthday Lainey!
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about the party :)

  629. Happy Birthday to Lainey from SE Pennsylvania! Glad to read that she had a wonderful day. All birthdays should be so special!

  630. Happy Birthday Lainey! All though you do not know me, I love watching you grow!

    P.S. were there Christmas trees at the restaurant still??? lol

  631. I love your last picture. 4 is such a fun age!

  632. Happy Birthday, Lainey Love! You are one amazing girl!!

    Sending belated birthday wishes from IL …


  633. Happy Belated Birthday to Lainey! Your blog is so inspiring! I want to learn photography to capture my future children the way you do.

  634. Love that picture with Nella trying to get a “swipe” of that cake! I love reading your blog, always puts me in a good mood :)

  635. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Looks like you had a very special day!

  636. Happy Birthday Lainey, What a cute Minny Mouse Breakfast, I love the picture of swiper swipping some cake and then Queen Dora sharing with her sister and fedding her some of her cake. So adorable. What a sweet family.

  637. love the last pic!!!!!

  638. I am a total sucker for a baseball shirt! I think I have bought like 10 for my hubby! :)

  639. Happy Birthday Lainey!! I know just what you mean about sending a Daddy Daughter combo to the store… mine always comes home with cookies!

  640. Kelle:

    I have 2 girls as well, and my oldest turned 4 the day after Lainey did. I absolutely love your blog and have been reading it now for a few months. I can relate to so much that you write about. Celebrating my daughter’s birthday yesterday was bittersweet, because while I love that she’s now old enough to do fun things with me, like having her nails painted, I am so sad to think that soon she will be going to school full time and will have her own little independent life. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful moments…they mean so much to so many. Happy Birthday to Lainey, and I hope you have a terrific time celebrating this weekend (and we will be doing the same!).

  641. what a sweet birthday girl!!!! happy 4th birth day to you too Mama!! I can’t wait to see pics of her party!!

  642. Happy Birthday, Lainey! Such a beautiful, wise little girl you are. May you have a blessed year ahead of you.

  643. Laughing so hard…the picture of Nelle swiping icing, and then in the next picture Lainey is feeding her, but Nella’s fingertips on the table are covered in blue icing. Busted! :) And the last picture…simple, and yet so beeeautiful!

  644. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! She really does look like you in the first photo! Make sure to tell Brett you get a point for this comment ;).

  645. Happy Birthday!! I love the 4th year! So much fun with a little less sass! :)

  646. Happy Birthday Lainey!!!

  647. Happy Birthday Lainey! It’s amazing how fast they grow up!!

  648. Happy Birthday Lainey! Such a beautiful model for a beautiful shirt… I am looking forward to my son’s 1st birthday and will need to get him a shirt like this…

  649. Happy Birthday to your girl! It’s amazing how much Nella looks like her.

  650. Happy Birthday to Lainey! She’s getting so BIG!

  651. Happy Birthday sweet Lainey! My how I’ve enjoyed watching you grow.

  652. HAPPY BIRTHDAY big girl! It’s great to be FOUR!!

  653. Happy Anniversary to you…
    4 years of motherhood.

  654. I have to know where the lace dress is from! Happy birthday Lainey!

  655. Oh, happy, happy, birthday Lainey and happy birth day, Kelle! It’s a wonder to see how grown up Lainey is looking, but with that wide-eyed innocence that I think everyone has from time to time. Her faces are to die for, and I think I see a few of Swiper… I mean Nella’s Os… I betcha that’s where Nella gets them from: her adoration of Big Sis!
    Those shirts are adorable, huh? I’ve been eying a baseball one for my Sweet Nolan, who will turn 1 next month. I think I need to order one soon!

  656. Happy Birthday Lainey! 4 is Fabulous!!

  657. My baby girl just turned 4 last week and celebrated her birthday with a cowgirl themed roundup party and a new scooter too. Great minds think alike! I too am amazed by the wonder that is my big 4 year old girl. I cant believe how much she has grown but I am loving watching her beautiful personality emmerge. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your girls and your lovely thoughts. You always inspire me!

  658. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY!!! My son (and first born) is turning 4 in 2 weeks. It went by so fast! I have been trying to think of things to make him feel special since he has 2 younger siblings that take a lot of time and attention so he does miss out on that sometimes. But I love him so much. I want him to know how important he is even though he hears “I will get it for you after I change the baby” or “I have to put sis to bed so daddy is reading your story tonight” way to often. Your blog makes me try harder to let them have special moments even if it means a mess or being overtired later, because they grow up so quickly and I need to let them be kids and themselves. So thank you Kelle :)

  659. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!! She is too adorable, but my favorite picture this time was her giving Nella a bite of her cake – so precious!

  660. happy birthday Lainey!! and happy birthday to you, Kelle, as well! what an exciting day for both of you!! :)

  661. Happy Birthday! Mine turns four in five days;)

  662. what am amazing moment to celebrate your 1st born growing up so much. L is growing up beautifully indeed. Happiest of Bdays~

  663. Happy Birthday, Lainey! I am loving the “fours”!

  664. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! I was just trying to imagine Catie at four… not wishing the time away, but I cant wait to see how her little personality grows. Love the cake choice too!

  665. Happy Birthday to your first born! It’s such an amazing aray of emotions as birthdays come and go, especially for children and just another reminder of how fast life goes by.

  666. Happy Birthday Lainey!

    Love, love, love that last picture. As I scrolled down I had to mention too that I loved the picture from your last post of Nella in the blue dress. Simple sweetness.

    Denise WI

  667. Enjoy! hugs, Margie Rowles

  668. Happy Birthday Lainey! Kelle, this is my first time commenting on your blog but my sister-in-law and I read it religiously. Your family is beautiful in every way!

    My little girl (Leah, two) picked the same cake for her birthday this past January! =)

  669. Happy Birthday sweet little one! I can’t believe how long I’ve been watching you grow and change from here in Minnesota!

  670. Happy Birthday Lainey! Hope you had a great day.

  671. The one who first made me mommy turns seven next week…SEVEN! I can’t believe how fast time passes. I have enjoyed each moment though. Happy days to you!

  672. Happy birthday to Lainey!! My little guy (who made me a mama) turns four too in a couple of months – I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by!

  673. Catching up on your posts, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your daughters are absolutely adorable.

  674. Aww, happy birthday, Lainey! What a loved girl she is!

  675. Happy birthday to Lainey! She is such a beautiful girl!

  676. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  677. I love all the pictures! lainey looks like a little model, i hope she had a great day :)

  678. happy birthday lainey!!

  679. Happy Birthday! Wow, time flies!!

  680. I love May birthdays! Just gave birth to Josephine on the 2nd, and your momma got married on my birthday!

  681. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY. Such a sweet girl, and a big sister. I love seeing your photos , as someone who is photo challenged i enjoy seeing some amazing ones.

  682. Happy Birthday, Lainey!! Happy Remembering, Mama!

    It’s amazing how very much she looks like Nella in the baby picture – oh, my! And I loved your comment about Brett and Lainey at WalMart – so funny! Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.

  683. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little Lainey! My firstborn turned five this year and I wish I could press pause…it is such a beautiful/emotional thing to watch them grow up!

  684. Happy Birthday Lainey! I love her clothes-so stylish at age 4! love it!

  685. Happy Birthday Lainey! My boys have that same scooter!

  686. Love Love Love the legwarmers and the baseball tee on Nella is adorable. 4 is a big year, so much to learn, truly one of my most favorite years with both of my kids!

  687. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  688. Happy Birthday Lainey! There is something so sweet about letters and initials. It wasn’t until my nephew, John “Hudson” arrived in March that I because my search of anything with a J or H on them. Thank you for sharing those pictures! Love them!

  689. Happy Birthday, Lainey! I can’t believe she’s already 4. I started reading your blog just before her 3rd birthday! I never understood a momma’s love until I had my little boy 5 months ago. It’s tough to put it into words, but you do a pretty good job describing what it’s like! Thanks for the inspiration.

  690. Happy Birthday, Big Girl!! I so loved looking back at sweet Baby Lainey. And I love those pictures of her with the balloons. No doubt about it: she looks JUST like you.

  691. happy birthday to your sweet lainey love! four is so fun!

  692. It looks like she had a great birthday! But isn’t it funny that I keep wishing you gave her four ballons instead of three, LOL.

  693. I love the shirts! My little one turned 4 this month, too. Amazing how big they get so fast! I love the swiper!

  694. I don’t know if my comment published…but I love the shirts! My little girl turned 4 this month too..amazing how they grow up so fast. I can’t believe it.

  695. I never thought it would be possible to love someone else’s kids from reading a blog sight….but my, oh my. My highlight of the week involves Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for your posts and your AMAZING photography. You are such a gift Kelly. Seriously.

    And I must have the recipe for the mac & cheese pictured. Looks. To. Die. For.

    Happy Birthday Lainey. You are loved by those you don’t even know little one!

    Karen from NC

  696. Happy Birthday to your oldest baby! I just became a mom of two- oldest turns three this summer. Time flies! Those baseball shirts are adorable! Need to get those for my boys!

  697. Happy birthday girl! My daughter is four and it is the best age yet!

  698. ARe YOU sure she is 4 and not 41?????

  699. happy, happy, happy birthday lainey! what a special day…4! such a fun year. we are wrapping up year #4 with our first born this summer. can’t believe it!

  700. I love birthdays…. young, old, mine, friends’, or strangers’ … They are just special and joyous occasion.

  701. I believe those are MINNIE mouse pancakes ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And why are there Christmas trees in that restaurant?!?

  702. What a sweet happy birthday! Love the balloons and the cake!

  703. I love your birthday posts. They always remind me of when I became a mommy to a little girl myself. She will be 3 in August, and time is flying by so quickly. Happy birthday to Lainey!!

  704. Just found you blog! So excited to start following! Happy Birthday to your sweet Lainey!

  705. Happy birthday sweet Lainey!

  706. Happy Day Miss Lainey! And Happy Birthday to you, Mama–because it’s your day, too–the one where you were remade into a mother. :)

    Hope the party went off smashingly! Can’t wait to see the pics….

  707. Happy Birthday Lainey! You are a very special girl who has the most endearing family a girl could ever have.


  708. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

    When my husband takes our daughter to Wal-Mart alone we have the same experience. She always comes home w/ unneeded items. Something about dads and daughters… In fact, we have those exact Dora pajamas, which were also an unexpected Daddy purchase. :)

  709. Happy birthday, sweet Lainey!

    I love the picture of you holding her as a newborn. Amazing how much can change in 4 years!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  710. Of course you had me in tears!!! Happy 4th Birthday Miss Lainey! xo

  711. To Ashley J – – Oh, I was so touched in my Mommy heart, when I read your comment. I’m not familiar with sensory disorder, but that must be hard for you. I so feel for you. You wrote that Kelle helps keep your cracked spirit together. Oh, yes, I think she does that for many. I am so thinking of you and your child~ Love from the Blog Mama

  712. Well I was almost in tears until I saw “swiper, no swiping” and LAUGHED OUT LOUD! LOve it! And Madelyn has those same jammies! :) And John going to target or walmart with any of the kids is quite the same! Happy Birthday Lainey!!!! :)

  713. Happy birthday Lainey! How exciting. Looks like you have lots of wonderful family traditions happening in your home. Congratulations on 4 beautiful years of motherhood too :)

    I love that photo of Lainey feeding Nella cake… we had a similar moment in our house this week between our 3 and 1 year old when I was too slow getting the little one’s dinner ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Enjoy all the birthday celebrations xx

  714. Kelli,
    what restaurant did you have breakfast for Lainey’s birthday?


  715. I never ask but always wonder where you get the adorable leg warmers? I love the last picture.

  716. Happy Birthday Lainey! Can’t wait to see the pics from the birthday party!

  717. Happy Belated to your cutie pie. My baby turned 31 on May 18th. She was born in Oregon on the day Mt St Helens erupted. We drove to the hospital choking on ash…I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog.I hope you’ll stop by Katherines Corner. The new giveaway is up! xo

  718. You put in words what I feel in my heart with my own children. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  719. Happy Birthday Lainey Love!!
    Kelle, you inspire me everyday, keep doing what you do.
    I believe you are changing our world, one blog post at a time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  720. Happy birthday Lainey! She looks so proud of her birthday pancake AND the birthday cake!!!

  721. Swiper no swiping! Classic! SO CUTE!

  722. Thank you for your inspiration Kelle. Your family is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday Lainey! :)

  723. Happy 4th Birthday, Lainey Bug! You are a Little Blessing! I look forward to watching the next year of your life! Hugs from MN.! ~ jo


  724. Kelle, i looked at the pic of Lainey as a newborn and I about died, Nella looked just like her when she was a newborn. Those gorgeous girls, get their looks from both of their good looking parents. but I could not get over how similar Nella and Lainey looked. I think this only jumped out at me like it did because I see so much of my older kids in my now 2 week old, and it is awesome to see!

  725. Happy birthday Lainey! I love that you made sure everyone knew it was your birthday. It’s important to feel special on your birthday!

  726. Happy Birthday, Lainey! I hope you are having a great party today!

    P.S. Nella is a cute little swiper!

  727. Happy birthday to Lainey!
    My big girl is turning four very soon, and I too am feeling wistful about where the time has gone!

  728. Happy Birthday to Lainey! You brought me back to the birth day of my 3 year old son with your memories of Lainey’s big day. I love it!

  729. I love when they start to look forward to birthdays. One of mine has been planning his party for over a month (its in August) plus for the next three years to come. Love the pictures with the red balloons!

  730. So bittersweet. That was a great word choice.

    One of the reasons I really enjoy your blog is because I’ll pull it up and say, OOH!, we have that same green and white spotted swimsuit from Target — or the Dora pajamas from WM — or, hey, I should pair her cowgirl boots with those polka dot leg warmers, too. :) It’s silly because I know thousands of little girls have the same swimsuit and pjs, but seeing them on your girl makes it even more special. (And, really, how can you say no to $5 pjs?)

    My fav(s) of these pics is the one with her mouth open with the red balloons, feeding sister the icing, and the lacy dress with black belt…

    Thanks again for sharing your precious life with us.

  731. Happy belated birthday to your sweet girl!! May 18th is pretty special in our house too…our wedding anniversary. Can’t wait to see birthday party pics!

  732. Aww, happy birthday, Lainey! Looks like she had a wonderful day, and the pictures are beautiful as always.

  733. One more time: Happy 4th Birthday to Lainey! What a wonderful party! J loves to ride horses too. :)))

    “I think this less and less as I trust my instincts and they tell me she is fine. Because there’s a whole lot of special that comes with the one who makes someone a mama, and I know she knows this.” Yes, Lainey knows that. Also, I have a strong feeling that just as she chose Brett and you as her parents, Lainey chose Nella as her sister…It was meant to be…

    Sending lots of love to your beautiful and amazing girls~

    “We each have the wisdom of life within us, and we each have a direct line to that truth at every moment. If we can listen to and trust our intuition, it will guide us. It will show us step by step what we need to do and what we need to know, every moment of our lives, if we let it.” ~Shakti Gawain

  734. I just wanted to say, I have been going through ALOT lately. Marriage problems, health issues – and today, I needed some encouragement, a smile, a laugh…anything to give me a boost. And I have missed blogging for a while, so I went back and checked all your recent posts. It was JUST what I needed. Thank you for sharing your life and your world with others. With me. Because, you have picked me up today. May God bless you today, and every day. You are an inspiration. :)

  735. Happy birthday to your first born. My first born just turned 4 on May 5th. I can’t believe that he’s not a baby anymore either….sad/happy emotions all bundled into one heart.

  736. I love the picture of the birthday girl on her scooter.

  737. Oh. My. Gosh. I had that birthday cake too. Sure it was nine years ago, but I swear I had that cake.

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