Happy Mother’s Day

I had a Mother’s Day post planned. Things I’ve been thinking about my own kids, what I’ve learned from my mom, how it all ties together, but words are so inadequate right now for the emotion of this weekend. Plus, I haven’t even stepped away from family to call my own husband.


I will sew the thoughts and photos together tomorrow, maybe even say something nice about Mother’s Day. But for now, I want to let the magic seep in a bit.


It was so very special.

And on this Mother’s Day, I am thankful for my mom and her happiness.


I am thankful for everything she learned from her mom.


And I am thinking so much about legacy and passing the torch and how I want to follow in the great footsteps of some very amazing women.


More to come. Lots. (including giveaway winner!)
Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who loves a little.


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  1. So beautiful, Kelle! I could feel the happiness from here!! Congratulations to your beautiful Momma & YAY for love!!xo

  2. the picture of your mom, you and your siblings is AMAZING!!! I would blow that up and have it everywhere!! Looks like you’re having a great time!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. and happy mothers day to you!!

  4. Congratulations to your sweet mama!
    That photo of her and her mom is just the most precious. And, your and your kiddos are so full of joy in those last photos. Can’t wait to read more about it later.

  5. Kelle,
    The photo of your mom and grandmother slayed me! I don’t even know them and was brought to tears…what an amazing Mother’s Day for all of you.

  6. Your mom is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. Congrats to your family!

  7. Wow! The picture of your mom and her mother is so beautiful! Your mom looks so happy! Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most inspiring mother’s I *know!*

  8. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Such gorgeous photos!

  9. What lovely photos! The happiness can definitely be felt through the screen all the way over here in Japan!

    Wishing everyone well!

  10. Kelle – Thank you for posting. This was my first smile of the day. See I lost my mom in July and it was the first Mother’s Day that I didn’t share a hug and kiss with her. I smiled at the first few pics for your mom’s happiness. Then I had tears at the pic of your grandma and mom sharing such an intimate moment. I love your grandma’s hands…beautifully wrinkled from holding, hugging and loving each of you. Bless your mom’s marriage!

  11. Your mother looked beautiful in her dress! Congrats to her :)

  12. Kelle~they looked so beautiful! I’m so happy for the tease & can’t wait for the next post. Enjoy & safe trip home!

  13. I am so happy for her! SO happy!

  14. The picture of your Mom with her Mom? Yeah, that’s the one that made me cry. Can’t wait for more good stuff tomorrow! xo

  15. The love in these photos is beautiful. So happy!

  16. Oh, I can’t wait to read more! Your Mom looks so joyful and beautiful. And I LOVE N’s smile in the running picture. Pure happiness! Happy Happy Momma’s Day!!!

  17. Aww, so sweet! Congratulations to your mom & George! I think it’s incredible the power a mother has on her children. You are a great woman and an amazing mother. I’m sure it’s due to some pretty amazing women in your life. You are passing a torch with flames so high they certainly will not go unnoticed. Those flames reach to the heavens and are seen all over the world. Keep doing what you are doing…because in doing so your torch is helping us other mamas light our own.

    Happy Mother’s Day sweet Kelle.

    Angie from Ohio

  18. Now, we all know where you get your beauty from! you look just like your mother. such a gorgeous family tree!

  19. I rarely comment on your page because I never know how you are able to read 500 comments with each post, but I must say that your mother is absolutely gorgeous and I can just FEEL her happiness in this post. Happy mother’s day!

  20. How wonderful to share such a special moment with your family and the important women in your life. What a beautiful bride (and handsome groom!!!).

  21. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of your mom and grandmother. So sweet! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  22. The picture of your mom & grandma is incredible. I am crying right now & don’t even know why for sure.

    What a wonderful gift that kind of love is.

  23. What a beautiful picture of your mother & grandmother – priceless! Congratulations to your mother, and the rest of you, for this new love.

  24. Your mother (and her new husband!) are practically GLOWING, they’re so happy!!! That kind of love is a wonderful, magical thing- and rarer than we may initially think!!

    It looks like it was a beautiful day- may the newlyweds enjoy many many glorious years together!!!

  25. uuuuuhhhhh… that picture of your mom and her mom???!?! that is better than GOLD! just beautiful. :)

  26. What a beautiful bride…glad that you got to spend some time with your generations. Happy Mother’s Day!

  27. congratulations to your mom and george! your mom looks absolutely radiant, and they both look so happy.

    happy mother’s day to you, your mama, and your grandma!

  28. Oh that picture of your mom and grandma – it’s priceless and just beautiful beyond all words! Happy day in so many ways to you!

  29. So happy for your mom! What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day weekend!

  30. YES! the photo of your mom and her mom is absolutely the very best. Can you see yourself and your mom, one day, in the same pose? My mom is gone now, but I felt like she was right there in your photo. Thanks for all you share.

  31. Awwww….how totally awesome…your mom looks beautiful!

  32. I have been spending a lot of time holding cheeks and staring deep into my little girl’s eyes over the past week,as she has undergone major surgery and begins her recovery. Looking at the pic of your mom and grandmother I am realizing that this intense connection with a four year old is only going to get stronger as the years go by. One of the more moving photos of motherhood I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

  33. I just had to call my mom in California (I’m in Utah) and tell her to look at these pics right now! Beautiful and so very touching. Especially the one of her with her mom. Isn’t it funny how we look at our moms like our kids sometimes? Like our love for them and their happiness makes us so happy? I so want my mom to find that love. She deserves it. Congrats to your mom. I hope you post their story because I can’t remember it. I know you mentioned before how they met and I was trying to tell my mom but couldn’t remember. Happy Mama’s Day Kelle. Oh and one more thing, (sorry it’s long) but I met a woman in Park City yesterday at Gymboree who had a little girl with Down’s Syndrome and were chatting and I told her about your blog so I hope she will find you. She is moving to the Dominican Republic in August and is nervous about the resources she will have for her sweet 3 year old Anna there. She was so happy to hear about your blog and told me she didn’t believe in chance meetings and was so glad we talked. :)

  34. My goodness, your mom is stunning! How special that your mom’s mom was there. I can’t wait to read more about the day.

  35. I LOVE the one of your mom and her mom (I think) It is beautiful. Hoping you got a 4 generation picture!

    Enjoy this time. Your mom looks so happy. And so do you.

  36. Your Mother looked BEAUTIFUL! What a specail day and such a celebration!!

  37. I love the picture of your mother and grandmother. It’s awesome to see someone so happy. Congrats and best wishes to her.

    Love Lainey’s boots too!

  38. Your Mom looked stunning on her wedding day!

    Happy Mother’s Day Kelle :)

  39. Congrats to your family! And Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  40. Happy Mother’s day!! Your mom looked beautiful- it is great she is so happy. What a special weekend for your family. Can’t wait to hear about the wedding and your trip.

  41. Happy Mother’s Day Kelle. You are definitely at the top of the list of moms that inspire me!

    Your mom looks BEAUTIFUL! And her new husband is a stud. They both look SO HAPPY! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Michigan.

  42. The photo of your mom and her’s shattered my heart into a million shards of emotion, of joy, of sacredness between a mother and her daughter, that all we ever want, truly want, is for the happiness of those we love, especially our children…..and that, according to this photo, never ever ends. Absolutely beautiful, that photo should be in a Life magazine, it is what life is all about: the magic of love. Such a privilege to be allowed to share in your awesome life, thank you for blessing me.

  43. Oh my goodness, your mamma and her hubby look so utterly happy and in love. You must have been so happy for her.
    And it’s amazing how much you both look alike…such beautiful women.
    Great photo as always. xox

  44. Congratulations to your momma and her new husband, and happy Mother’s Day, Kelle!

  45. these are some of the most touching pictures i’ve seen in some time. brought tears to my eyes. simply lovely

  46. I LOVE all of your pics here, but I especially love the one of your Mum with her Mum. That one just teared me up!
    I think the pictures tell the story beautifully, without any words needed.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day Kelle!

  47. Your mom and new hubs look so happy! They go well together. :) Happy Mother’s Day!

  48. The photo of your Mom and Grandmother are priceless…what a GREAT capture!

  49. Your mom looks beautiful and so happy! I’m glad the day was magical.

  50. The one of your mom and grandma…very powerful. So happy for them as well. Happy Mom’s Day!

  51. pure happiness! That’s all I see in this post. You’re mom is such a classy lady and looks absolutely divine! Beautiful :)

  52. photos from your mama’s big day are exactly as i pictured. divine.

    well here’s a raise of the glass to the “my glass is always half-full” girl who inspires so many to rise to the occassion of mamahood and swoon in the big, but especially the small moments.

    big love, groovy girl.

  53. Sobbing tears over here after looking at that photo of your mom and grandmom…oh.my.gosh. AMAZING. The joy. The beauty. WOWZA girlfriend. Magic was captured in that photo!

  54. Your Mama is beautiful. And you look so much like her! (that’s a good thing, I promise!) congrats to her on her special day.

  55. WOW!! Love the picture of your mother and grandmother!! A picture is worth a thousand words…that one’s worth millions!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  56. Awww Kelle, the photo of your mom and gran is just gorgeous. It makes me cry.

  57. I am so happy for your Mom! What a beautiful wedding she and her new Groom must have had. Looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing more pictures.


  58. Beautiful! So much love in your photos. Wishing your family much happiness on this special weekend!

  59. Wow lovely bictures from the wedding.

    Happy mother’s day

  60. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    Thank-you for the sneak preview of the wedding pictures. Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom – made even more beautiful and handsome, as a result of the glow of their love….

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more……….Rosemary

  61. Such lovely pictures!! Thank you for sharing. What a sweet picture of your mom with her mom…nothing like a mothers love, no matter how grown up we get!!

  62. The pictures are lovely as usual! When a friend texted me ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ it was nice to text back, ‘I’m out with my girls!’ :)

  63. Oh my, so beautiful! :-) Thank you!

  64. Aw your mom looks so beautiful and elegant. And you all look so happy. Thank you for sharing something some special x

  65. 1. Happy mother’s day to you, your mom, your grandma!
    2. You and your mom are definitely mother and daughter. she is super beautiful and i love her dress/hat combo!
    3. Thanks for the encouragement on my own motherhood journey!

  66. What a wonderful mother’s day weekend, your mother and your family look so happy, can’t wait to hear more. Now go call Brett!! 😉

  67. The pictures brought tears (of joy) to my eyes. So beautiful- so moving- the joining of man and wife, the bond of family and the strength of generations.

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you!

  68. I was going to write something amazing about the pic of your mom with her mom, but I see that I am not the only one who loves it. Such wisdom, honesty and adoration… It is perfect.

  69. Stopping by at a lunch break, at work!
    Beautiful pics of a fantastic wedding couple. They look so great and so happy that it really moves you.
    Happy pics – you all look fab and happy.
    Makes me very cheerful!
    Thanks :-)

  70. Congrats to your mom. Sounds like you’re having a great time with the fam. Weddings are so moving, and this was an extra special one. The photo of your mom and her mom is priceless & speaks volumes. Safe travels. Looking forward to your next post (as always :)

  71. Your Mom is SO beautiful and her happiness just shines in every photo. What a wonderful thing. :-)

  72. I don’t comment much here…but I had to tell you how sweet I think that picture of your grandma holding your mom’s face in her hands is. It brought tears to my eyes. The love seeps from it.

    Glad you’re having a great time back “home.”


  73. happy mama’s day, friend.

  74. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What an amazing legacy your mom has created… full of laughter and smiles.

  75. The picture of your mom with her mom is just the sweetest ever! You can see the love and adoration her mom feels for her!

  76. Oh man…..talk about touching my heart! That picture of your mom’s mom holding her face in her hands…..she was no doubt seeing the “little girl” she was and so thankful for her finding love & happiness with her new husband! LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE! LOVE it all!

  77. Your mom looked so beautiful and so happy. I love the photo of her and her mom…the cycle is always going. My 20 daughter sent me a card for this Mother’s Day, from her college 5 hours away. It was beautiful and was proof that even with some screw-ups along the way, I did this mothering thing right!

  78. What amazing pictures!!The picture of your mom and her mom is well words just can’t do justice. Beautiful day for a wedding the weather was so perfect!! Today is another wonderful day in Michigan. Enjoy your time with your beautiful family!! HappyMothers day to you!!!

  79. What a beautiful picture of you and your siblings and your mom! The happiness just radiates from your pictures. So glad you had a wonderful time with your family! :)

  80. Your Mom looked gorgeous!!! Congratulations to her and her new husband! I absolutely adore the picture of her and your grandmother. The love pours out of that photo! Looking forward to more!

  81. Thank you for the peek – can’t wait for more! What a beautiful couple they are. You do manage to make your photos help us “feel” the joy!

  82. Oh geez. The one of the two mamas. What a reminder that this will never ever end, it will just keep going on and on and on forever. Love and mothers and daughters. It is making my insides ache. I hope with all my heart that I can live to be old and wrinkled with all my children. Please please please!

  83. Your mom is (of course) beautiful, but more important than that, the happiness radiating from her is visible! A big congrats to her. There’s a lot of love in these pics :-)

  84. The photo of your mom and grandmother made me gasp and tears immediately filled my eyes. It is the most beautiful photo I’ve seen in a very, very long time. My mom and grandmother have passed away. You are so blessed to have 4 generations of beautiful women together to celebrate your mom’s marriage. Stunning!

  85. Your mother is so beautiful and she looked radiant and happy. That picture of the four of you is gorgeous.
    Happy Mother’s Day. I am sure you had a nice one with your two girls.

  86. A beautiful day, a beautiful bride, a beautiful new beginning! And…what beautiful children we have created! Blessings, George and Kris–may your life and love be long and filled with wonder. Kelle and girls, I already miss you!


  87. What a great love story, and a beautiful, happy day. Congrats to your mom :-).

  88. I want to look up to my daughter smiling with age wrinkles on my face. Best picture ever. Ever.

  89. Every single one of those pictures is AMAZING and you can see and feel the love in each one of them! What a Beautiful family so full of love! Happy Mother’s Day Kelle, you are an Amazing mom!!!!

  90. Wow! The love is palpable in the picture of your mom and her mom. Precious.

  91. I absolutely love the picture of your mom and grandmother. The way your grandmother is beaming at your mother–so joyful that her little girl is finding happiness–it truly shows the essence of motherhood.

  92. Beautiful post. Your mom looks stunning in her dress. It looks like it was a wonderful wedding thanks for sharing it with us through the photos.

  93. You look just like your mother in these pictures! You’re both stunning! So happy for her!

  94. beautiful pictures!! congratulations to your mother!! i absolutely adore the pic of your mom & grandma!! priceless!

  95. how beautiful your mother looked!!

    love all the love and happiness :)

  96. the picture of your mom with her mom is so beautiful and powerful. With roots like those your branches will always be strong.

  97. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to your Mom and George on their newfound happiness!!

  98. Oh – that shot of your mom and grandma – SO, SO, SO beautiful. What’s a mother’s day gift that is. Such a keepsake.

  99. Your mom looks so beautiful and happy!!! Happy Mother’s Day

  100. so gorgeous. your mom looks stunning, and you all look so joy-filled.
    you did get some 4 generation pictures, right? :)

  101. Oh Kelle, how beautiful and radiant your mama looks. I actually had tears looking at the picture of your mom and her mom…absolutely beautiful.

  102. and Happy Mothers Day back to you – who loves a lot!

  103. Your mom looks stunning!!! That dress is amazing on her!!! The groom looks pretty handsome himself. I’m happy to see it was wonderful day.

  104. wow! what a striking bride she was. And that photo of her and your grandmother? amazing. you’re a wonderful and beautiful mama–Happy Mothers Day to someone who never ceases to inspire me to be the mama and the woman I want to be!

  105. Awww your mother is stunning! Congrats to you Mother and her husband! And Happy Mothers Day!

  106. Oh, your mother is so,so beautiful. Her picture and your words are very inspiring.

  107. happy mother’s day to you! and your mother looks beautiful and happy, wonderful pictures :)

  108. Hi Kelle-I just wanted to say that the picture of your mother and grandmother together gave me chills. You could see their relationship through the photo. I love your blog and love reading about your family!

  109. WOW! Your Mother looks stunning!
    This was so touching, my relationship with my mother is so not what I wanted it to be. We do our best with the skills we are given, and sometimes we just don’t have the skills…
    I look at my children as blessings, each, individual, unique, precious.
    I was raised in a harsh home, reminded that nothing was mine, and that “THEY brought me into this world” I wasn’t seen as a gift from God, THEY did it. I was also reminded of failings. The failing marriage that they stuck out for 10 more years “for me”. The failed relationships since. How you can’t trust love, “shit” happens. Negative-ness.
    I think HOW is that possible? When you open yourself up to love, love that is so much greater then yourself…I have pure joy when I look into my childrens eyes.
    Motherhood is bittersweet.

  110. Great photos. So happy for you all. That gray dress Lainey is wearing is the cutest! Where oh where is it from?

  111. WOW! your mom looks fabulous, i love her dress!! happy mother’s day to you all!

  112. Oh Kelle, simply amazing, such pure love and joy. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics and hear the stories from the wedding. The picture of your mom and her mom made my heart skip a beat, that look, those hands, oh my gosh, that is such a very special moment. My mom lost her mom about 6weeks ago, they were so close and shared such a special bond, my heart breaks for her knowing that she won’t have any more of those moments with her own mom. We are so blessed to have such amazing women in our lives! Happy Mothers Day to you, your mom and her mom!

  113. Your family is absolutely gorgeous. I love your Moms fascinator and how wonderfully glowing and happy she looks. What a beautiful weekend, I’m sure.

  114. congrats krissy! you deserve all the love and happiness in the world!

    love the pic of your mom and grandma.

  115. Congratulations to your Mom!! Love the picture of your family as well as your Mom with her Mom, how wonderful!!

  116. Can’t life be incredibly beautiful at times? God bless them, which it seems is already in progress.

  117. such a feel good post… the picture of your mom and grandma is spectacular…. i love it…


  118. How amazing to have so many generations together for this special day. I’m so inspired by you, your photography and your writing. Thank you.

  119. Can’t wait to see more. So much love in those pictues. Love the last two with your girls smile so big. Especially love the picture of your mom and her mom. Amazing! You’re so lucky to have both. Thanks for sharing, your blog ALWAYS makes me feel better after I’ve read it.

  120. The photo of your Mom and your Grandma is SO beautiful, it gave me goosebumps!

  121. Happy mother’s day to you and your beautiful family. How wonderful to have the generations together on such a happy day :)

  122. The pure beauty and joy you captured makes my heart dance. The picture of your beautiful Mother & Grandmother is priceless. I wish i had a family with the love yours has. I wish every night on the first star I see.

  123. And, by the way (I posted earlier), this is the perfect Mother’s Day post! Thank you so much for sharing…

  124. These pictures are beautiful. The picture of your mother and her mother is absolutely breathtaking… I wish everyone could see and feel that love.

  125. ooh, your sister looks so much like your mom in that pic of all of you together. cute, precious. I too have been reflecting on motherhood a lot lately, and legacy. in 2 weeks i will travel north to see my mom, with my 2 girls, my second just a few weeks now. we’ll go visit my great grandmother too, who recently turned 102 and who’s middle name is shared with my youngest.

  126. I absolutely love the picture of your mom with hers. What a treasure!

  127. Oh my gosh!!! I love the pic of your mom and her mother.. (I am guessing) What a special mother’s day pic that was… I used to not be too concerned with when I die…now all I can hope for is to live as long as I can to witness the lives of my children.

  128. Beautiful. Congrats to your family!

  129. Love, love, love the pic of your Mom and Grandma~so very special! Congratulations to your Mom and to all of you~sounds like a wonderful addition to your family!

  130. Beautiful pictures!!
    You and your mom look a lot alike! Bet that’s not the first time you heard that…

  131. So happy for your mama. How sweet! <3

  132. So happy for your mother and your family. Beautiful pictures! (I so want to know what she said that made you and your brother and sister laugh so hard!)
    Thanks for sharing.

  133. That picture of your mom and grandma is beyond words. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  134. The photo of your mother with her mother is stunning, and it almost made me cry! You are amazing.

  135. wonderful

  136. Big huge congrats to your Mom and her new husband. Beautiful pictures of their special day. Happy (belated) Mothers Day to you!

  137. That is such a precious photo of your mother and grandmother. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  138. What a beautiful time!

  139. this post alone, makes me cry. so happy for you and your mama, carin and bubs!

    and look at george…he’s beaming. the bride is breathtaking as i knew she would be.

    grandma/mama pic should be framed with the laughing pic of you four.

    loveyou and how happy you are!

  140. Kelle – It was so very special to see your Mom’s wedding pictures. Having known George and his first wife (who passed with cancer) so very well, it was so heart warming to see him be so very happy. Your Mom is so blessed to be married to this loving man! Sue

  141. Kelle ~ Thank you, as always, for sharing such personal, beautiful moments in your life.

    So moved with emotion from these photos….for so many reasons.

    With much mommy-love,

  142. Beautiful!

  143. So very happy for your family!!!

  144. You girls all look so stunning! What a beautiful day that must have been:). Enjoy the moments with your family, and thanks for sharing.

  145. Kelle,
    I found your blog by accident last year and I’m so glad I did. I have been reading/admiring in silence but I just can’t anymore! Your ability to tell a story in pictures is just amazing. I appreciate that you let me into your world through your eye. I continue to be inspired by your spirit and love to find something beautiful in the Small Things.
    From one Mom to Another – Happy belated Mother’s Day.

  146. I’ve been your blog reader and fan for a while now and haven’t had the guts to post a thank you for all your beautiful writing and photos. your view on life is changing mine and I’m so grateful. I had to comment today though because your photos brought me to tears and that doesn’t happen often, so thank you. thank you.

  147. Oh, that was beautiful!! Congratulations to all of you!

  148. These photos made my heart so happy! Many congratulations to your mama. What a beautiful bride!

  149. OMG that picture of your mom and her mom is amazing, you must frame it for her….what a special keepsake that will be!! Wow wow WOW!

  150. Great emotion in all of these pics.

  151. Your mom’s dress is beautiful!

  152. Rik-You are amazing. Kelle-It is no wonder you are such a special woman with so much love and positive energy around you. So happy that you all appreciate your blessings and approach each day with such fervor.

  153. Ohmygoodness. I’m in LOVE with the picture of your mom and her mom. WHAT A TREASURE! *mushy inside*

  154. Your mum and her husband look wonderfully in love! Brings happy years to my eyes.

  155. Your mother is stunning… Congratulations to her on her new marriage…
    Happy Mother’s day to you!!!

  156. I know others have said it already, but the photo of your mom and her mom…bringing me to tears. So beautiful. I hope my mom and I can get there even for a moment one day.

  157. Ok. First of all: how beautiful is your mom??? And may I say her dress is VERY Princess Catherine-esque! 😉 She looks just so happy as all of you!

    The picture of her and your grandma made me cry.

    Happy Mother’s day, Kelle! Now I know what you got your amaziness from…

  158. Totally crying…beautiful pictures, especially of your mom and her mom. And of you and the girls laughing! Such a beautiful post!

  159. I love your mom’s whole wedding outfit! Lovely pictures. Congrats to them!!!

  160. Love the pictures! Love the family time! You look just like your mom:) So adorable!!

  161. Your mom looked FANTASTIC! (You look just like her by the way) I’m sure you’ve heard that one before…

  162. Happy Mother’s Day to Mom who I admire – you! Congrats also to your Mom who looks STUNNING and so happy….and like everyone else, I adore the picture of her with her Mom. That’s one to blow up for sure!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  163. Gorgeous!! Your mom looked AMAZING!! Love Love Love the little veil headpiece she wore!! SO cute!!

  164. Congratulations to your mom!

  165. The picture of your mom and grandma just takes my breath away – what a treasure for you and your family!

  166. Sweet tears…I am so happy for your Mother….

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  167. Kelle, my goodness. The photo of your mom and your grandma…HER mama………I can’t take my eyes off it. You can see how grandma looks at her daughter and it’s the same way I look at my baby. And the same way you look at your babies and truly, it’s just beautiful. It makes my eyes tear up. It’s breathtaking for so many reasons. Thank you so much for taking and sharing that one.

  168. Happy Mama’s day to one amazing Mama!! Your spirit soars through all your photos with your littles and with your own Mama and sis & bro. Thank you for sharing such a precious day…


  169. Wow! That photo of your mother and grandmother is amazing! I absolutely LOVE how you can see that she looks at your mamma like she’s still her little girl! Makes me smile. :)

  170. Stunning…took my breath away…happiness to all of you.

  171. Where can I find those cute pink shoes you are wearing?

  172. yah!!!! i was wondering how your mom’s wedding went. so glad you had such a wonderful time and your mom looks STUNNING and so HAPPY! there’s nothing like the feeling of being home with family…..the pic of all the kids/cousins together and lainey with her big smile being held in the middle is my favorite. love it! as i was celebrating sammy’s birthday with a big family dinner at my parents i thought of you celebrating the wedding with your family!!! so special!! xo

  173. Your pictures are beautiful! I can feel the love and sense of family. Your mother is gorgeous! It’s so nice to see two middle aged people so in love and their families so supportive. Your post honestly brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations.


  175. Wow!!! Your mom looks beautiful & so happy!!! I love the picture of her & her mom, that is just awesome!!! Their smiles are contagious!!!

  176. Hope you had a fantastic and memorable mother’s day!

  177. The shot of your mommy with her mommy is priceless. Just priceless.

  178. The picture of your mom and her mom – ohmygod! What a moment in time captured for forever…..I have goosebumps! So happy for your mommy!

  179. Beautiful photos of beautiful women and families.
    Where did yesterday’s post run off to?

  180. Blogger better not have lost your “instincts” post! Too good to be gone! :(

  181. your mom’s wedding pictures are just too cute..

  182. Beautiful. You sure look like your mom. Love the part about passing on the torch & leaving a legacy. I think a lot about that too, as a daughter & granddaughter of strong women and a mother of two little girls.

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