Round ’em Up

We had us a hog-killin’ good time today. And it all started at Nella’s birthday party when, the day before the festivities, Gary saw a sign, staked in the median at a Naples intersection, advertising party ponies and was so excited he almost signed them up for Nella until we convinced him Lainey’s birthday was a few months around the bend. So we had ponies and the rest fell into place.





I really do enjoy the whole glue-gunning/sign-painting/ribbon-dangling part of planning my girls’ parties, but the best part–the part that grips me for a tears-welling second–is when friends start arriving and music is playing and my girl is all shy-smiling with happiness.


The horses were a huge hit. There were a whole lotta little cowgirls with shy, satisfied grins, and then some who couldn’t hide more obvious radiant smiles…and Nella was one of them.


We panned for gold.


And ate good grub.







Our “Aunt Rebecca” came down from Indiana and performed a nice reading of a cowgirl story for the kids…with the perfect southern accent.



And the kids took care of the rest. Yee haw.













Bandanas stuffed with goodies and tied to sticks made some nice hobo stick party favors.



…and some trail mix for the mamas.


Oh, did we ever have a good time.







And in the end, a four-year-old girl who felt loved and celebrated.


So ‘thar you have it.
A happy birthday indeed.

Congratulations to the winner of the Piccadilly Circus $50 gift certificate: Comment #592, AFD Jewelry: Happy birthday to your sweet girl – she is just a doll! And my oldest (who turned 4 in January) requested mac n cheese for her birthday meal as well :)

Please send your contact info to

Happy Weekend!
Now, Giddy-up!



Addendum: To answer many of your questions, the following are some more specific details regarding Lainey’s birthday party.

I created all the signs, labels, invitations from scratch so there aren’t any templates but I did find some great free Western fonts like this one on

The Invitation: I designed the invitation with my trusty old Microsoft Digital Image Suite, but you can create something simiilar in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements or whatever layout software you use. It’s a 5×5 trifold card printed by WHCC Labs. I burned a CD full of kids western songs, printed our own label, and attached it to the card using a foam CD hub like this one on Amazon.

Play Money: Poppa made it.

The Barn: Lainey actually received two fold-up cardboard playhouses for her birthday last year, so we saved one and pulled it out this year for her party. My dad slapped some red and white paint on it to transform it into a barn.

Wood Signs: You can get thin sheets of plywood from Home Depot for a couple dollars. A little bit of craft paint and some wood embellishments, and Voila.

Horses: If you’re in the Naples area, we got a great deal on two horses from Ponies for Parties. They stayed about two hours, and the owners were fabulous with the kids. Phone Number: 239.200.6010.

Party Favors: Most everything came from Oriental Trading. They have a fantastic variety of inexpensive treats, and a slew of western stuff to choose from.

Cake Banner: Blu Embellish on Etsy.

Lipstick: Ha ha. Funny question, but several asked, and it happens to be a to-die for shade that flatters anyone and everyone. Lorac 3D gloss, Color: 3D (beachy and rosy/bronzy).


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  1. So, so cute! What a great day. Happy Birthday, Lainey and Mama!

  2. I’m staying up late to work on a blog post. Looks like I’m the first to comment. Don’t know why that is an accomplishment. It’s the little things, rigt?

  3. What a fun party (and I love the cake topper)!! Happy birthday to Lainey!

  4. Wow, such an amazing party, so much attention to detail, love it! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Happy birthday Lainey :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Lainey’s Birthday party with us….feel like I was there

  6. What an awesome idea for a birthday party!! Lainey is going to have some pretty special memories when she’s older. Nice work, mama! :)

  7. What an amazing party!!! Lainey and Nella have such an extraordinary mum. Thank you so much for sharing such a great day with all of us :)

  8. wow!!! you did another fantastic job and went all out! what an adorable party to celebrate your oldest girl.

    looks like so much fun was had!!

  9. you are party planner extraordinaire! Can you adopt me and throw me parties?

    Too cute and looks like an AMAZING time!!

  10. WOW, what an amazing party Kelle!
    You really are a party planner
    – and a damn good one!!!!
    -lost for words-


  11. Oh amazing!!!! What an adorable party!!! All the kids (and mamas) look precious! Um.. The last pic of you and LL is a framer for sure! Perfect! What lucky girls to have such a great family to put things like this together for them!

  12. Oh wow, wow, wow!! Love it…and so happy that you had a great time!! Yeehaw!!

  13. You pretty much throw the best parties ever. The end :)

  14. What an awesome party!!! Great ideas!! And, of course, the Zach Brown band rounds it all out!!!
    Happy Birthday Miss Lainey!!

  15. What a wonderful, magical birthday for Lainey!! I loved all of the pictures, so thank you.

    I also love your lip color in the last picture. What is it?!?!

  16. I think I might have to make those ranch signs and that red barn just because!! Soooo creative. Definitely one lucky girl, that Lainey. Happy Birthday to her!!

  17. You sure do throw the best parties! Looks like it was a huge success!!!

  18. So, do you want to come to Kentucky to throw ME a birthday party? Because this looks amazing. I’m so jealous– of a four-year-old! And of your incredible craftiness and planning abilities.

    Congratulations on a beautiful and unforgettable party for Lainey! You really did an unbelievable job… You make me want to have a themed party for our kids’ next birthdays.

  19. What a great birthday party for such a lucky girl!! Looks like a ton of fun!

  20. This is so amazing! My birthday parties were great as a kid but my parents never put this much effort in! Y’know, an appropriately shaped cake and some cute decorations were as artistic as it got from them and they both went to art college! You are making so many magical memories for you daughters, it’s wonderful.

  21. I’m speechless and in awe. Wow, what a party!!!!!!!
    I’ll bet it was a hit :-) My boy would love a party like that. I’d love a party like that ;-D
    Well done Kelle!
    How wonderful for all of the guests.
    Makes our “cake-in-the-garden”- parties feel… very Scandinavian…..!!
    Inspirational. Thanks for letting us take part, on the other side of the world 😀
    Love it!

  22. Awesome details! Love love love!

  23. Woman, amongst the millions of compliments I could hurl your way, you throw yourself THE most magnificent parties.
    I love it all – the details, the taking the theme to town, the F.U.N.
    Happy big day Lainey.

  24. WOW!!!!!!! {is the best word I can come up with right now to describe everything you did for this party!}
    Honestly, where do you find the time girl? You are amazing!
    I love every little detail! What a day I’m sure!
    Ella wants a ‘farm’ party for her 4th birthday in January….and she’s already got me planning ideas & collecting bits n pieces for it :) I love kids parties!!!
    Good job Kelle! WOW!!!

  25. Wow, what a perfect day, gosh all the details must have taken you ages, but they all look perfect! No wonder you had such a fun time getting it ready! Happy Birthday Lainey, hope you all had a fantastic day, cause it sure looks like it!

  26. what a wonderful day!!!
    a lot of smiles!!!!

  27. wonderful moments, sweet sights!!!!

  28. Oh my, this is a storybook birthday part of a bygone age. Glorious! How much time did you spend preparing it? I am sure you made memories for a lifetime there and I am impressed with how committed you were to carrying the cowboy theme forward :)

    Happy birthday for your little cowgirl!

    ~This Good Life

  29. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I WISH I had that much energy for a theme…I’ve got a 4yr old to plan for next month and I’m outta ideas and energy. I so loved your photos though…I always do!

  30. What a great looking party! Looks like everyone had a ball!!!

    Question, where do you get the CD covers made up like that?

  31. you throw one amazing party

  32. How wonderful! I love the “panning for gold!” Who am I kidding, I love the whole thing and want to throw a huge theme party! Maybe for my own birthday, since I’m next!!

  33. I’m so jealous of your creativity! Do you want to throw me a birthday party in August? Lol :)

    Looks like Lainey had a great party! Well done Mama! x

  34. Magnificent as always, Kelle. Love your creativity. My granddaughter will be one in June. You’ve got me thinking on a few things…

    And when Zac Brown started singing I thought I had left my player on!

  35. Soooo cute!!! And I’m definitely stealing that idea! Great job mama. Looks like Lainey & Friends had a grand time :)

    Angie from Ohio

  36. We also celebrated a 4th birthday over here in Australia.

    Happy Birthday to both our wonderful children.

  37. Wow, what an amazing party! It’s funny, as I was looking through your pictures, I started thinking about my oldest daughter and how much she loves horses. Then, I was remembering how much she’s benefited from therapeutic horseback riding over the years. She has multiple developmental issues, and I think the riding helped her strength and balance more than anything else we’ve done for her (not to mention she LOVES it!). Then as I was reading, I saw that Nella was a big fan of the horses, so….just something to keep in mind! :) …and happy, happy 4th to sweet Lainey!

  38. wonderful!!!YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  39. Now, I want to do a cow girl party for my Lilly who is having her 5th birthday party next Sunday!!! what a perfect day for your sweet girl!

  40. Gorgeous party for a gorgeous girl! Looks like it was amazing. Great job mama!!

  41. You have to be one of THE most talented women on the planet Kelle! Your photographs alone amaze me but then you add super party planner to that and…WOW! Your girls are so lucky to have such a fun and creative mama! They are going to have THE BEST memories when they are older! You rock!

  42. Wow! Your parties are amazing. You need to start a party planning link on this page. I need to know how to do all that!

  43. You. Are. Awesome.

  44. Happy Birthday Lainey!!! The party looked AMAZING and I am sure everyone had a wonderful time! You are an awesome Mom, Kelle!

  45. you are making the most amazing birthday memories for your children. love everything you did for the party!!! well done mama!

  46. Aww, I am so jealous that Lainey had horses at her party. I would have loved horses for my 4th birthday. Maybe for my 37th? What an amazing party! You are such a wonderful mama.

  47. What a party!!! You have given me some great ideas for when my little one turns 4 this summer. Did you make the invites and if so how did you get the cds to stay? Also your belt is FAB!!!

  48. Fun! I love all the clever little touches…after all it’s the little things, right?!!!



  50. Love the attention to detail! What a party…nothing like celebrating our children!!

  51. kelle…looked awesome. all of it. you did not miss a thing. looks like it was a great day.

  52. Wow, wow, wow…what an AMAZING birthday party!! You absolutely thought of every little detail!! Your girls are going to have wonderful memories of awesome birthday parties!! And I love how everyone who came to the party dressed the cowgirl/cowboy part! I am in awe, Kelle!

  53. What a fun party!!! Sammi’s is next Monday…can’t wait! Trying the DIY stuff (Olivia theme), minus the glue gun. Wish me luck…

  54. cute! I love the invites!

  55. What amazing memories she will have :). My oldest is turning 3 in less than a month, I’m right in the middle of the party planning and these pictures were inspiring!

  56. I only wish I could have had such a birthday when I was little…

  57. no other words other than Totally Amazing!!!

  58. Omigosh! What an adorable group, and Kelle, you’ve outdone yourself! My granddaughter Violet just turned 3, and she is SUCH a horse lover, she will be delighted when I show her these pictures!

  59. WOW girl.
    You need to be a full time party planner.
    Looks awesome!
    Happy birthday Lainey!

  60. You are so freakin creative with the kids parties! How awesome. Happy Birthday Lainey!

  61. Love, Love, Love it!!!

  62. I didn’t think the fairy party could be outdone – but look at this, Lainey is so very lucky, awesome – AWESOME birthday fun! Happy Birthday to Lainey!

  63. Incredible birthday party! I wish I had your talent!

  64. Wow! What a fantastic party!!! Lainey is one beautiful and lucky four year old!!!

  65. BUCKET LIST ~ #9 (favourite #)

    There were so many WOW’s in these comments, I couldn’t possibly add another one but I can’t come up with another word to describe what I saw in these pictures. AMAZING!!
    Just fantastic…I have memories of my childhood parties where we had little pink plastic baskets filled with pastel candies & princesses on cakes & the usual party games. Imagine the memories Lainey & Nella will have. Job well done. YOU R.O.C.K.

  66. WHAT A GREAT PARTY!! You had everything covered and it looked GREAT!

  67. Wow what a great mama! looks like you worked hard and it paid off! looove it!

  68. Truly an amazing gift you give your children! You really make their special day something they will always remember!

  69. Happy Birthday Lainey! What an amazing party…. so many good ideas. Thanks for sharing xx

  70. I LOVE it! You are so creative & thougtful :) What a wonderful day for Lainey!

  71. You are one amazing mama… What a precious party!!

  72. This is the first time I have left a comment. You are an AMAMZING mother!! Lainey’s party looked unbelievable! Could I hire you to do my girls party? I LOVE your blog! Your family is beautiful!

  73. WoW – you inspire me! What a cool mama you are, planning all these fab birthday parties for your little girls! I want to hire you for my little dude’s birthday 😉 I think it’s also special how many great friends you have and Lainey too! Where do you get these great party ideas?! xxoo

  74. This is the best damn kids party I’ve seen in a long time.

    Happy birthday to Lainey!

  75. this birthday party is amazing! you did such a great job and it looked like a success! i love seeing mommy’s out there who love and adore their children. being a mom is the best calling in the world. as u already know it 😉
    thx for sharing!!! you inspire so many of us! thx again!!!

  76. Seriously the cutest party ever…I am inspired!

  77. lovely.

  78. ~~Cheer!~~ Happy Birthday to Lainey:) I love your party ideas, but especially the details. You don’t miss a thing. Good job momma.

  79. Yowza woman! Ammong the many hats you wear and the many things you’re good at, you’ve missed your true calling . . . children’s birthday party planning! What an awesome way to celebrate Miss Lainey!

  80. what an ADORABLE party!!

  81. What a party!! I am so impressed with all of it! I even made my husband come over and look at all the pictures with me. What a special day for the whole family…you’re creating incredible memories for your girls!

  82. what a great party planner you are! Such fun, and Lainey looked adorable! Happy Birthday

  83. I want this to be MY birthday party!! Awesome job!

  84. Happy Birthday Lainey! Looks like y’all had an awesome day!

    Esther Dush

  85. Ahhhh!!! FANTASTIC! I LOVE a great themed party with perfect details!!! but it is the candid smiles on everyone’s faces that takes the cake! Happy Birthday to the beautiful lil’ cowpoke Lainey!

  86. What a great party!! I think the cowgirl general store is my favorite detail. Brilliant!! Girl – now ya gotta keep this up for the rest of their birthdays…… xo

  87. my oh my, you throw the GREATEST parties, thanks for the inpiration! I have 2 months to get ready for my sons Spiderman
    4th birthday, wish me luck!

  88. Man I wish I lived closer to you so I could pay you to plan my kid’s parties. You come up with the best ideas!!!!! That looked like such a fun party and good time was had by all. I’m so happy to see that Lainey had such a fun day.

  89. That party looked like it was a blast. You did such a good job with all the decorations! :)

  90. You throw one hell of a party! Every detail was perfection. Where ever did you find the place to print here ivnvitation/ cd holder? will you email me that info????

    Thanks so much!

  91. That is a totally awesome party!!
    Very cool! I would love those horses myself!
    Looks like it was a blast! Loved all the little details!! That really makes it special.
    The question are you going to top that?!

  92. What a fun, fun party! My kids all have Dec/Jan birthdays so we don’t get the fun outside things. This just looks like so much fun!

  93. This is sooo fabulous!! You should go into buisness planning themed birthday parties! I would definitely hire you =)

  94. Unbelievably cute party!! And Happy Birthday to the cutest 4 year old girl :)

  95. Such a cute birthday party! You out-did yourself!

  96. Beautiful party, Beautiful birthday girl!! Seriously you should be a party planner!!

  97. Thank you for sharing your amazing life with us! You both are such inspirational parents and partners to each other. Reminds me of the pirate party we had for our son. I kept the leftover gold (spray-painted) pennies and am going to bundle up 30 of them and give it to him with a sweet note when he turns 30 in September!
    Keep up the great work, you two! God bless all of you!

  98. You must throw the best birthday parties! Your girls have a great Mom!

  99. Wow!, that looks like it was a great party! What a good time the kids must have had! And it looks like it was perfectly planned…all those wonderful decorations!

  100. Wow you don’t mess around with parties! Looks like so much fun, you’re so creative!

  101. Looked like a great party!

    Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  102. Ohhhh I just LOVE it!!!! Every single thing about this party is awesome. I’d love to pick your brain for party ideas sometime because clearly you were made for this sort of thing. You are a jack of all trades… loving mama & wife, photographer, writer, party planner extraordinaire! You are so crafty and creative. I’m sure Lainey & Nella will so much appreciate all the efforts you made to make them feel loved and celebrated as they blossomed.

    Great job, Kelle!

  103. Happy birthday sweet Lainey! It looks like you guys had an absolutely wonderful time. I really love your blog!

  104. Wow! What an amazing party! Happy Birthday, Lainey!!!

  105. This is the most amazing looking birthday party for a 4 year old girl ever! Love it!

  106. WOW. You should really be a party planner on the side…you know, with all your extra time and all. As a fellow party-planning lover, I’m in awe. Awesome job!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Lainey!!

  107. What a special party! Happy Birthday to Lainey! We had a cowgirl party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday with pony rides and I have to say it ranks up there as one of the top 5 happiest days I’ve ever had.

  108. Looks like an amazing party – perfect for an adorable 4-year-old. Happy Birthday Lainey!! PS – You should be a party planner…you have the greatest ideas and attention to detail…Love it!!

  109. you’re such a creative Mama! You inspire me :)
    Also, the pic of you and your hubby is super cute. Especially the one with you two smiling at each other.
    Heart melted….


    Yep that’s all I’m gonna say! 😉

  111. 1. You throw the most amazing parties!

    2. That picture of you, Brett, and Nella is amazing. The way you’re looking at him…I can just feel the love through my computer screen.

  112. YOu’re freakin’ AMAZING! I am in awe, not that I doubted for a second that you wouldn’t have the coolest party, but wow! Have you ever been to It’s a great decorating/party planning blog and website for kid stuff! Totally up your alley! I think you should submit these pictures to the website and have them post them (she does that)! Other moms that don’t read this blog MUST see this great party!

  113. Wow! What a fantastic birthday party – you really outdid yourself with this one, and might I say you all looked fabulous!

    Happy 4th birthday Lainey! xx

  114. Unbelievable. You really know how to throw a party. So many amazing details. Great job mama.

  115. What a fabulous party! Not only was it cute, but fun to boot! (pun intended 😉 ) Now for possibly the most random question ever. What kind of lipstick do you have on? I LOVE it!!!!

  116. Dang, woman! I am so jealous of your go-get-em birthday party skizznills. Truly impressed!

  117. Wow…..amazing!! Now to convince my boy to want a cowboy party!! LOL-he’s really into Buzz & pirates right now…..Maybe I’ll just have a cowgirl party for myself!

  118. dang girl! you sure know how to throw a party! How on earth are you gonna top this one? lol Happy Birthday to Lainey and Happy BIRTHday to you!

  119. Okay. Long time reader. First time commenter. Have so enjoyed your journey. And have shamelessly borrowed some party ideas along the way. You have a gift. Please answer a simple question for me: How did you make the great food tags in front of the potato salad, etc.? Thank you in advance!

  120. You are an amazing party planner! You should totally do that for a job!! What a fun party!!!

  121. I feel like a bad mom with my last minute Chuck E Cheese parties, lol. Happy 4th to Lainey!

  122. You truly should be a professional party planner. Your attention to detail is incredible!

  123. Wow speechless. I have two upcoming parties to plan. Yikes, will be nowhere near this! You should do this profess! Awesome.

  124. Amazing! I wish I could pull off something so creative – see the things you come up with reminds me of my own mother – she could always add those special detailed touches that no one else would’ve thought of to any occasion. I only wish I had inherited that same “gene” for our daughter (who will soon be 3). Btw- I’m totally in love with Nella’s little straw hat!

  125. Looks like a great party, you did an awesome job pulling it all together. I’m so excited for Piper’s first birthday party in August and the many more to come…Happy Birthday Lainey!

  126. Oh my god, what an adorable party! I wish I’d had a mama who threw me parties like this! And I puffy heart Aunt Rebecca’s boots!

  127. Ahhhhh!!! Fabulous – so, so, SO fabulous! Loved every bit of it! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. The kids are so cute I could scream. I’m jealous of your ability to plan great parties and wear booty shorts after 2 kids.

  128. Holy cow, that has got to be one of the cutest, most creative birthday parties ever. Seriously, I think I need to “borrow” some of these ideas for my boys’ birthday party, if not next month, next year. Love it!!
    I laughed out loud to that pic of the little boy head diving into the panning for gold swimming pool. So funny!

  129. I freakin’ love how you take an idea and make it a magic reality. Am in awe of all the details & time you put into making your girl’s special day such an incredible experience.

  130. Wow! What a great party! Besides being a stellar mom, you’re a wonderful party planner! Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  131. OH Kelle. This post made me tearup…such beautiful memories you create for your girls!! Looks like it was a beautiful day!! Happy birthday Lainey Love!!xo

  132. OMG will you do my birthday next year? 😉

  133. What a great party! You definitley have a nack for party planning!

  134. So, so cool!! You are quite possible one of the most creative people! I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see how you put all this together! I hope everyone had a blast!

  135. What an awesome party! My fave is the “Hamptons” Ranch sign! :)

    Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet girl! 4 WOW!!!

  136. holy moly! this is AMAZING!!!! what attention to detail! Happy birthday Lainey!

  137. Wow what a fabulous party and so many fun memories for all! A++ job Mom!! The ponies were so cool! My favorite is her invitation – adorable photos of Miss Lainey! What company do you use for invites? (and your family xmas card, nella’s announcement, etc.!) Loved everything!!

  138. ~I adore your earrings!~ Great job on everything it looks amazing and what a great way to celebrate!

  139. What a fun party! I love that everyone dresses up for the theme! Also, I love the lipstick you are wearing, would you mind sharing what it is?

  140. Adorable. You are so clever!

  141. Party looks so awesome! I am inspired to start planning for my little girl’s bday in July. Actually…I turn 32 tomorrow, do you think I’m too old to throw myself a party with pony rides?

  142. PLEASE write a book about kid party planning! Or any party planning for that matter! Cause I would go ahead and pre order it TODAY. I want to know where you get all the ideas and little things that make these so wonderful! Amazing :)

  143. Good grief – you know how to throw a party! I shall shamelessly steal ideas from here when I have a girl. Keep ’em coming – you are creating amazing memories for your sweet girl.

  144. This is awesomeness to the nth degree! So stinkin’ cool!

  145. Has anyone ever told you that you should be a party planner? That looks like it was one amazing party!!

  146. You are my party planning idol! Happy birthday lil’ cowgirl!

  147. Happy birthday sweet Lainey girl! Four is a really big deal because, when you are older, you will remember little vivid snippets from this time. What a wonderful memory you’ll have of all of your pals, bright colors and a thoughtful, creative mama who loves you so.

    Nici from Montana

  148. Amazing. You certainly made some seriously sweet memories for your sweet little Lainey! Great details lady!

  149. Absolutely amazing…where do you find the time?

  150. SO FABULOUS! We are throwing a pony party in a week for my soon to turn 7 y/o. I’ve got the same hats that you have!

  151. Amazing looking party. Would you mind coming to Indiana in November and planning my 53rd birthday party? Thanks!

  152. The CUTEST birthday party EVER! Nice work and you can tell Lainey just loved it! I need to get my creative butt into gear – my guy turns 2 in September and need to think of a theme! :) Happy Bday Lainey!

  153. Gosh Kelle! Your girls’ birthday parties blow me away every time!! What are you doing in October? I have an adorable little redheaded boy who needs his 1st birthday party planned :))

  154. oh my goodness I LOVE it!

    Where did you order everything? The signs, cards, dollar bills?

  155. Amazing party, the details are crazy
    ! I hope you take this the right way-but honestly, if I didn’t like you so much I would so not like you. :)

  156. When do you have time to do all this? Nothing was left undone! Great job mama!

  157. Holy smokes! Looks like a great time—your girls are so lucky to have such a creative, talented mama!!!

    Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  158. You throw the kind of parties I dream about throwing. So glad you are able to do this for your daughter. Special memories, for sure! I love all the print outs–where did you do those?

  159. love it!!! HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY LAINEY! =) xoxo

  160. That is an amazing party!! Your girls are so lucky to have a mama like you, I could only wish to throw parties like that.

  161. AWESOME!! Your parties are so spectavular – I love them and want to re-created them for my own babes…Happy Birthday Lainey Love!!!

  162. Your BELT!!!!! Where from? Loooove.

    Cutest western-wearin’ family EVER, EVER, EVER!

    And the Soundtrack! Great idea for a party favor! My boys are forever burning their own “playlists” (as they call them). Did you order them or make them yourself?

    I could say soooo much more, but I’m still feeling pretty much speachless over all the details.


    Happiest of birthdays Lainey….you are so blessed by your Mama :)


  163. WOW! Just absolutely brilliant!

    Kelle, the pics are spectacular & I bet the party was amazing!

  164. It looks like you have the perfect party! I love every bit of it! Gosh.

  165. OMG too many amazing details to comment on! Fan-friggin-tastic! (do you need to bleep that out?)

  166. Incredible! Love it!

  167. I am so impressed with how you pulled this all together!!! will you be sharing “how to’s” on all that you did?! I LOVED IT! what a GREAT party! yOU should become a party planner! have a show or book maybe?!

  168. I think you’ve missed your calling as a professional party planner. You did an amazing job!

  169. What an amazing birthday celebration! You are So Creative!

  170. love your party, the pics and zac brown. please share the vendors you used or how you did it all in a post one of these days:) AMAZING!!!!

  171. Wow…this is awesome. So impressive. Lainey is one lucky girl!!

  172. OMG— am in LOVE! Love, love, love– what a beautiful celebration!!! Happy 4th birthday, Lainey!!!! Such a gorgeous party– want to go throw one!!

  173. Man oh man can you throw a party… This looks like an awesome party.. I might have to have a cowboy party in the future now, thanks for the great ideas, your awesome… Looks like lainey had a blast :)

  174. Amazing! You can see how much love (and hard work!) went into all of this. So glad ya’ll had fun :)

  175. WOW!!! Who,what, when, where?!…where did you order all of those fab signs, labels, etc?! What a beautiful party!!! Happy birthday Lainey :)

  176. How FUN!!! We had ponies at my daughter’s 3rd birthday and I swear we didn’t need anything else. They were such a hit. Your girls have the coolest parties. Happy Birthday Cowgirl Princess!!!

  177. Looks like another successful birthday celebration. And it looks like kids and adults had a blast!! :0) Have a great week!

  178. What an amazing party!! I love every single detail…and hey – I won! Emailing you now :)

  179. Could this have turned out any cute! Looks like a fun party for the adults too!!

  180. You spared no details, Kelle! I think you may throw the best birthday parties I’ve seen- totally adorable and fun without being over-the-top insane, and I’ve only seen them through my laptop. I’d hire you as a party planner in a minute!

  181. Ahhh, beyond adorable! Are you for hire? My girls got a birthday coming up 😉

  182. Oh my goodness…this is the most adorable party ever!!! Love it..looks like everyone had a blast!

  183. Looks like so much fun! Where do you get your party ideas from? I have been following the blog for a while now, and I just love them! Do you have any tips?

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    Great job on the party, love all the little touches.

  185. Ohmiheavens, you are QUEEN of the birthday parties! I might have to unabashedly copycat your ideas for my little girl. :)

  186. What an amazing party! Your girls are lucky to have such a creative mama.

  187. super cute party!! It would be cool if you added a DIY post for your parties. I know many would love to know how you set everything up! I am particularly interested in the invitation! How did you make that? And what songs were on the CD? I hope when I have kids one day I can provide them with the fun you provide your kids!

  188. Ah-Mazing!! I wish you lived close by so I could tap in to your creativeness to help me with my boys parties! :)
    Good job momma!

  189. I turn 30 in october. hook a girlfriend up? can you throw me a party like that?!?

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  192. Hi!

    I am one of your many fans in Norway. I just love your site and recommend it to many of my friends.

    I just loved this party post, I was wondering if I could borrow some of your pictures and write a post of it on my blog (I just want your beautiful pictures on my blog, haha).
    And of course link to your blog!

    Let me know, I’ll keep reading your blog either way.

    Have a great day

    Jeanette :-)

  193. You have the best birthday parties! I just love everything about this one – so cute and original! I love the invitation … please no moonshine or guns. I totally want to have a cowgirl birthday party for my daughter now, just so I can use that line!!

  194. Wow! You guys went all out and it is all SO adorable!!! I LOVE the invites, and many other things!

  195. Looks like it was an absolutely perfect day, Happy Monday! I hope you have time to recoop after that fantastic, but busy weekend.

  196. Fan.tas.tic!!!!! I showed my daughter and could see her mind working on ideas for her b-day (6 mos. away). Being from the South I’m loving the song you picked to go with!

  197. Super fun! Quite the birthday bash, indeed. The little ones all look so darn cute, and it seems like the mommies and daddies had a great time!

  198. Holy Toledo
    kelle!!! WOW!!!!!
    laineys pictures on her invite are way too cute! words are failing me right now lol…I love how you friend Rebecca comes down for all the important shin digs! your attention to detail is unreal! What a lucky little girl!!Happy birthday Lainey!!xo

  199. Uh-mazing party! Everything looked awesome. Lainy is lucky to have a mama as crafty and creative as you! Happy belated Birthday to her!

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  201. What a fun fantabulous birthday party you planned!! Love the theme! Lainey, you have an awesome Momma! LOVE the Chicken Fried entrance song 😉 Thanks for sharing your memories!

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    Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

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  209. YEE HAW! You lassoed this one!!! Just when I think you can’t possibly amaze me anymore (although you do in each post…)…you blasted this one off into another galaxy!!! And it all started with the FUNtastic invitation!! LOVE IT!!! Lainey’s Lazy Acres barn, the General Store (since 2007-so cute), Happy Trails loot bags, Mama’s Trail Mix, Lady Lainey’s Rodeo Rootbeer and of course the happy smiles on all the cowgirls as they galloped on the horses…were all of my favourite parts to your amazing party-fun times!!!
    I too love filling in all the details to a child’s birthday party…right down to the goodies they are sent home with. Alot of time and effort goes into planning and prepping for these adventurous parties-you did great Kelle and from the smiles on the faces of all your guests, good times were had by all. And yes, a little/big 4 year old who felt loved and celebrated AND a Mama filled with overflowing JOY!!

    Cheers to you Kelle for celebrating life to its fullest!!


  210. What a fun birthday! Thanks for sharing all the fabulous ideas. Panning for gold is my favorite!!!

  211. Wow, the details you think of and create are amazing. Love your belt.
    Thank you for continuing to share. You continue to be a source of inspiration for me.

  212. Wowser! This is the cutest party I have ever seen! I DREAM of the day I can throw birthday parties like this for my little ones! Happy birthday Lainey!!!

    Blogging Blondie

  213. Girl you sure do know how to do up a party!!!

    We love that Chicken Fried song.. although we change “cold beer” to “juice box”! HAHA

    Happy Birthday sweet Lainey!!!

  214. That is simply the most amazing thing I have ever seen…

  215. You throw the best birthday parties :) What blessed little girls to have a mom who puts so much into making wonderful memories for them :)

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    Amazed at your party planning skills, Kelle. You must share how you go about planning and organizing all of this.

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    What color lipstick/lipgloss are you wearing, it’s so pretty?

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    What an awesome party. You are so talented Kelle!
    Just Beautiful……

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  231. That is just adorable, happy birthday to your big girl! You are so creative!

  232. Wow I am in awe of everything you put together!! Simply amazing and what great memories for your girl.

    Any chance you will share the mac and cheese recipe? It looked so delicious!

  233. That is an unreal party!! I am so impressed with how you guys decked out the place, I don’t know how on earth you found the time to make such creative decorations! But I am taking notes. :)

  234. Oh, to go to one of your parties! What fun! You’ve outdone yourself, once again. : )

  235. I am so, so impressed — what an awesome party! Looks like everyone had a blast, esp the birthday girl!

  236. fantabulous!!!

  237. To say that I could never even come close to throwing a party as cool and fun as that is an understatement! I hope that I get an automatic dose of creativity once I have some kids or I’m in trouble if they ever see your birthday shindigs! :)

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  239. awesome. is it too much to ask you to plan my daughter’s 4th bday party? :)

  240. I must say…you go above and beyond on your girls birthdays and it’s so magical…I feel like I was there…brilliant theme for a party…loves all the special touches…I see another hobby/business for you… coordinating children’s party’s…just sayin……

  241. What a FABULOUS party! You did a great job with every little detail. :)

  242. WOW! What an awesome party!


  243. This is fantastic. The only thing missing was bluegrass music on your page.

  244. Cutest party ever! The funny thing is my daughter is going to have her sweet 16 this year and we just moved to South Carolina a couple weeks ago, (we are new to the south) and the idea of a cowgirl/barn party is totally wha she wants so I will be borrowing some of the ideas! Love the labels on the root beer, the invites and the favor idea of the bandana on a stick! Thanks for helping me figure it out.

  245. Wayyyyyy tooo perfect! Love this!

  246. All I can say is…you.are.awesome! I aspire to have birthday parties like yours…we are tackling a superhero party in September for my little girl…we’ll see how it goes

  247. Girl! You do parties like Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel! All out!! Love it all!

  248. As a Texan, I can say — simply perfect! :) Don’t know who loves the parties more… the mamas or the babies!

  249. Wow – I have always been sort of anti-birthday party because they are sooo expensive, and we have nine kids, but this makes me want to throw special parties now and then. Beautiful job!
    You girls are gorgeous, and little Nella is just breathtaking. I say that everytime, but her little face KILLS ME! Longing for a new baby girl, I think she just gets to me!

  250. wowzers! THIS is what a birthday party should look like! way to go Mom!!! will you be my mom?? lol. amazing job, as always! you have the luckiest little girls ever! my only request: get a family picture! i would love to see it! but yes, perfection in a day, that party!

  251. Happy 4th Birthday Lainey!! What a fun party!

  252. YEEEEE HAW! Dang, Those young whippersnappers…raised the roof on that barn!!!! Are you sure you don’t have a little Montana in you!?

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  253. what an amazing birthday party, you did a great job with everything!!! everyone looks like they are having a blast

  254. What a fantastic party theme and pictures!

  255. Wow, I need you to plan my childrens Birthday parties! So many wonderful details, and they will alway have such awesome memories! Happy Birthday Lainey!

  256. You are so, so, so creative. I loved this idea as much as the fairy party you did too!

  257. Love it! Looks like a great time was had by all!

  258. Awesome party!! I love all the homemade details :)

  259. what a great party!!! happy birthday lainey!! you did such a great job. i love doing my kids parties- it gives them such great memories when they’re older!

  260. What an amazing party! And it makes me happy that you look like you were able to enjoy yourself and play along. Sometimes the hostess just has too much to do. Brava, lady! What brilliant planning, beautiful photos (as always), and a wonderful celebration. You are an inspiration!


  261. p.s. I totally noticed the lipstick too. hee hee

  262. FABULOUS. What else can be said? You put your heart into it and it shows. Lucky babies you have.

  263. I love your parties!!! You’re such a great momma and your girls are fortunate to have you!

  264. What a great party- Yee Haw! Happy Birthday, Lainey!

  265. I love this website! It IS the small things that matter in life — totally! My kids and husband taught me that truth, which is essential to authentic happiness.


  266. You know, my mother set the stage for celebrating the piss out of birthdays; your mom and Dad must have too. And I like you think that people deserve to have their lives celebrated…in neon lights! Lainey, Brett, Nella, and all of your family and friends are blessed to have you celebrate their births. Lainey must have felt very, very loved.

    Oh the details. You once again served it up. Love your endless creativity. You’re an inspiration. I now have less than 2 weeks to get Alex’s celebration in order. I’m a bit behind seeing that she was in the hospital, but I can do without sleep for the next two weeks if it makes her coo and gasp when she sees the celebration. I cannot wait. I hope that she soaks it up.

    Ok, back to Neverland details. Hope that you catch up on sleep this week. Bravo mommy. Happy Birth Day to you for the girl that made you a mommy.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  267. Looks amazing! LOVE your blog =)

  268. Wow. Just… wow. Do people hire you to plan parties? If I were rich, I would so hire you!

    In other news, know what I’m doing right now? Googling “superhero party ideas.” For my son’s fourth birthday party. On Sunday. Oh gosh.

  269. Wow!!! Can you do my next birthday??? That looks like so much fun!!!

  270. what a fabulous party!! in fact, i’m throwing a western theme party for my girl too! what i am trying to figure out is what you used for the “gold” in the pool? I can’t seem to figure it out…Thanks!

  271. Looks like an amazing party. Lucky little girl to have such a creative mom.

    – The Tablescaper

    • Angie Akins says:

      Hi just saw the great cowgirl party you had for your daughter. It looked like it was so much fun. You have some great ideas. I teach preschool and would love to use some of your ideas. What did you use for the gold? I thought maybe glitter but thinking it might sink to the bottom.

  272. Hi, I have been following your blog for awhile now and I am planning a cowgirl B-day for my girl and some how i missed your post before, but found a link to your party on pintrest and love it. I was wondering if you could tell me what font you used for the “Now kick up your boots and Giddy Up” on your favors?


  273. was wondering how you set up your panning for gold station and what material did you use? Thanks!

  274. I see that this party was in 2011, and thanks to Pinterest it is all new again! What did you put in the pool for the gold panning?! Such a fun idea for my classroom!

  275. Oh!!! so Texan all of the pictures, Horse therapy is a good one!!!!!
    Go on good job!!!!!

    see also my blog

  276. Wow, i love fun party. I love it when everyone’s having a great time. I also loved your invites. Good job mommy!

    birthday invitations

  277. Angie Akins says:

    The cowboy party looked like fun. I teach preschool and love the ideas. What did you use for gold in the panning for gold? Great ideas and thank you for sharing.

  278. Can I just say what a comfort to find somebody who actually understands what they are
    discussing online. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More people really need to check this out and understand this side of your
    story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular because you most certainly possess the gift.

  279. Can you share more details on the panning for gold? I’m thinking of offering this activity at a booth I have coming up for a Chilli cook off! Looking for something fun for the littles to do!

  280. HI KELLE,

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