Monday Goods…alien hatched just for you.

His Father’s Day wish did not surprise me. While I am often investigating opportunities for the next big adventure–scouring local event calendars, scouting out secret beaches–Brett is most happy at home, where routine and the presence of every family member accounted for, is his greatest thrill.


So, we repeated last year’s Father’s Day performance with a family swim, this year highlighted by the brilliant idea to incorporate a bar of soap which was used to slick down a long sheet of plastic leading into the pool. The boys dangerously slipped across our amateur pool slide on their bellies, like streamlined penguins, landing into the pool a few times and crashing into walls, screens and windows many times. Did I say brilliant idea? Sorry, overstatement.


Minus a few scrapes and bruises, Brett was happy. And later, we savored pork carnitas and some special time with Brett’s dad and little sister while Lainey performed a swim show for us. She instructed when and how we were supposed to clap.



After Nella’s therapy session with our ITDS (Infant Toddler Development Specialist) this morning, Lainey was a bit reclusive and temperamental, probably nothing to do with sibling attention and everything to do with being four. There was dramatic stomping involved…and some forced line of “it’s not fair”–which is just funny because we never talk about anything being fair in our home, I don’t know where she gets it, and regardless, it’s a moot point because nothing in life is fair. Cowboy up. However, there is an easy fix for these blips–tried and true solutions that both boost my girl’s feelings and assuage my own unrest for unequal attention. It’s a date. Just the two of us. To anywhere. Today, it was Mel’s Diner where we sat side by side, dangling our saddle shoes from red bar stools and tapping our spoons together in miniature toasts. *Tink!* To Mama! *Tink!* To Lainey! *Tink!* To Macaroni & Cheese!


I taught her how to play Tic-Tac-Toe and how to construct the perfect cootie catcher. Very important things to know in life, of course.


My bottom line in parenting–in special needs, in friendship, in anything–is always this: Most of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I damn well know how to spend time with my kids–how to have fun. This combination of time and attention, love and vivacious energy makes me feel like I know what I’m doing, and that confidence–whether it’s real or just a figment of my imagination– gradually grows until it cannot be denied; until I know with certainty that it’s working, that I have good experiences to fall back on, to lead me through the intimidating parts of the journey. Somewhere along the line, “I don’t know what I’m doing” becomes, “Damn. Look at us. We’re doing it.” I love that.



There is a creative monster that dwells within me. If I do not feed him, I picture him clawing his way out of me in some bloody alien hatching scene. So, it is best to feed him. Okay, that was overboard. What I meant to say is that it is vital for my productivity and happiness to create things–to brainstorm ideas, take pictures, write, cook, craft or stare at a corner in my house wondering what color paint would look best or how I could rearrange the furniture to ignite some sort of creative revolution. This makes me happy.

It’s important for me to pass this on to my kids as well. Not so much because I want them to be Picassos or Van Goghs but because I want them to be happy. I want them to have outlets to express themselves, to have arenas where they are accepted and welcomed, celebrated and loved, even if that arena is a canvas or a blank Word document.

Another tried and true way for Lainey to calm the heck down or feel validated is for her to have the opportunity to make something. She too has a creative alien begging to hatch (still gross the second time, sorry), and the other day it manifested itself in what she called “hot-oh-cod-oh” pretzel cookies. Also known as a bowl full of her mischievous concoction of water, milk, two strawberries, a handful of pistachio shells, some Bisquick, a wad of chewed-up gum and two shakes of baby powder. Little dickens, she can be.

Creativity comes in more convenient forms when I’m guiding her with instructions. This weekend we made photo frames, a perfect gift and only costs–wait for it….a dollar. What you need: $1 wooden frame from craft store, a bottle of Mod Podge, a stack of magazines.


Baby who ransacks magazines, optional.


Lainey put the fun of “hot-oh-cod-oh” pretzel cookies behind her because plundering through Vogues and Marie Claires for occasional pictures of kittens was far more fun.


My final product, sans kittens.


I repeat, a dollar. I was going to send it to my sister for her new place, but I kind of want to keep it now. Besides, I think she’d like the one Lainey made better. It’s full of golden retriever heads from dog food ads on one side and pictures of strawberry pop tarts on the other. I have no picture because we still need to finish it.

Moving on.


There is something happening with the relationship between these girls. Something spellbinding.


They’ve always loved each other, yes. There is idolization on Nella’s part, fierce protection on Lainey’s. I’ve posted pictures of their embraces, overused the word “love,” and tried to transform an ethereal emotion into words a handful of times. But things are evolving and emotions rooting into a deeper relationship that is taking shape. It will take me a while to find the words and string them together to explain what exactly I mean, so I will wait.


But I will tell you that many of the invisible shards of pain–the unnoticed ones that remain past the healing–well, so many of them have dissolved as I’ve enjoyed electrifying moments of bonding with my girls. They get each other. They play with each other. They make each other laugh so hard, we come running to see just what’s so funny.


And I want people to know that. When you see someone with Down syndrome, know that they have electrifying moments of laughter with their siblings. Picture them smiling so big, their eyes are squinting…and their head is tipped back, and their belly is quivering, and they are begging for their sister to do that funny thing one more time because the second time around, it’s going to be even sillier and they’re going to laugh all the harder. I think this tiny bit of imformation is powerful.


I went to type this post earlier and had complete writer’s block, so I went to Costco and threw edamame, double A batteries and size 3 diapers into my cart to give myself a break. Came back, sat down, and it suddenly felt more comfortable. Sometimes, you need to give yourself a break.

Oh, and p.s. That creative monster? I said it was a “him,” but no. She’s a her. Pretty sure of that.

Winner of the Polka Dot Posies hat and flower combo: Comment #2, FEAS613. And FEAS613 happens to be Beth, a frequent commenter who just moved to Naples. So Beth, it’s time we meet. E-mail me, and I will personally deliver your hat and flower to you.


Our new sponsor has me hook, line and sinker. My secret rule of house cleaning is that no matter how messy things are, you can trick anyone into thinking your house looks nice if it smells good.

My house just met the Muthaload with Jessica Clough’s Scentsy shop. I received a huge box of goodies the other day in the mail and ten minutes later, I was on her site, entranced by the selection of products to make your home smell inviting. Brett came home an hour later and, spellbound by the scent and my explanation of the new sponsor, declared–and I quote–“Dude, that’s awesome. Go order some stuff.”

Loving this mini electrical plug-in scent pot.


…and my new Margot warmer. The scents come in bricks. You break blocks off like ice cubes. It’s addicting.


The scent currently burning in my pot is called “Sharp-dressed man” which is basically code for hot guy, and if anyone tells you they don’t want the scent of a hot guy wafting through their home…they’re lying.

I saved the best for last. This is Brett’s favorite part. The Scentsy Buddy.


It’s a stuffed animal with a little pouch. You zip a scent pak into his belly, and he smells amazing. My girls love him and he is currently tucked beneath Lainey’s arm in bed. I think it makes an awesome shower gift. And there are some fabulous homey scents like cotton or lavender, vanilla and baked apple pie.

Check out the fantastic variety of scents and products HERE. A commenter on this post will win a free Margot warmer and Coconut Lemongrass scent brick, like mine. As always, if you can’t think of anything to comment, just tell me what are enjoying right now. I love to hear others’ inspirations and what makes you happy.

I’m off for a quick midnight run, post-rain.

Oh, and two repeated questions.

The light blue romper that Nella wears in this post? I’ve received over twenty e-mails on it. I’m sorry to say, it’s one-of-a-kind, purchased from a vintage Etsy shop when I was pregnant. Secondly, thank you for your sweet comments on the Father’s Day post. The story of how Brett and I met? It is written. Just hasn’t been shared…yet. It will come.



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  1. These photos are just gorgeous! Love it!!

  2. I just love the last picture with the camera,so adorable!

  3. Your pictures are amazing.


  4. Your blog makes me so happy. Every post is wonderfully written and you get the best sponsers!

  5. I just had to post a comment because I have never seen so few comments on a post…that being said, you posted it 6 minutes ago. Anyway, love the blog, love the creative monster. Ciao!

  6. I love reading your blog because it’s just HOME to me, even if you are thousands of miles away. I sit down at the computer, coffee cup in hand, scroll and read your photos and coo over your photos and let the WAFFiness (Warm And Fuzzy Feeling), um, waft over me πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the chance to win! I want my condo to smell like a hot guy! πŸ˜€

  7. I love those little scent warmers! My momma just passed away on the 9th after a pretty bad ass (sorry, but that’s the only way to give the kudos it deserves!) fight with cancer. Anywho, she had one and I always flip it on when I’m at the house since she isn’t there to do it. They can spill easy if you aren’t paying attention but I gotta have it on now! Its the little things that matter and I think smells trigger such amazing memories..

  8. LOVE the last picture of Nella! We are Scentsy addicts here. My husband likes picking out new scents almost as much as I do!

  9. it’s a bad day, tons of lying going on this house. And not just from the 4 year old who is spending a ton of time in time out because of her lying, her fibbing and I don’t know how to properly “punish” the 36 year old in the house for keeping secrets. Just reading this post and seeing your smiling family makes me smile and for just a few minutes I forgot about the frown, the tears and the trouble in my house that I don’t know how to get past. Love your words, your pictures, your life. Wish mine was as happy as it was yesterday!

  10. great pics

  11. Love it! I was so looking forward to this post… Thanks again for sharing your heart and those scentsy doll things are too cute!!

    I am away from my 7 month old for the first time on a business trip… Missing her badly. Your posts keep reminding me of how amazing family is!! Can’t wait to get back to mine…almost cried when I saw her over face time tonight!

  12. Love that Scentsy! Not to mention, Smart Dressed Man sounds intoxicating!

    And your words…

    “Picture them smiling so big, their eyes are squinting…and their head is tipped back, and their belly is quivering, and they are begging for their sister to do that funny thing one more time because the second time around, it’s going to be even sillier and they’re going to laugh all the harder.”

    That happens in our house EVERY DAY! right after they finish arguing with each other over the computer mouse or some random tiny toy and right before they snuggle up to sleep together every night, even though they each have their own room and own bed!:)

    Love it!

  13. I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I wait for your posts and when there is a new entry it makes my day. I have fallen for your girls, and I often call my husband over to have him look at the adorable things Nella is up to. You honestly make me want to be a better mother, I’ve started carving time out of everyday to do something out of the ordinary and fun with my daughter. Thank you for the inspiration.

    P.S. With a dog, a cat a baby and husband this house could use some smell goods!

  14. I,too, am enjoying the bond of two sisters form. It is something amazing, that is for sure. Our 8 month old has Ds and her 3 year old sister has gotten her first smile and just recently her first giggles-love it:)

  15. I have been so happy watching my garden grow…first time actually…was inspired by your friend in Montana…well today I went outside and in the course of an afternoon 100’s of grasshoppers have moved on to our property….and yes they have discovered my beautiful garden. I’ve read that cats eat them and if you have a bird bath in your garden to attract birds that might help too…so in my beautiful fenced in garden that my husband made me this last year we moved the bird bath from the front and feed the five cats we have in the garden… I hope tomorrow I go outside and these insects have left my garden alone and moved on. I feel like I am in a scene from some pioneer movie where the locust arrived and devastated the crops… Wish me luck!

  16. How cool is it to see the bond forming between your girls?!? That must be a special thing to watch. : )


  18. It’s so wonderful to come back from a busy busy week and have lots of posts to catch up on. I feel inspired, motivated and my heart feels warmed. Thanks Kelle!

  19. I love it when you post a new blog…seeing pictures of your gorgeous family is so precious. My little girl is 4 months old, so I love seeing your posts!! Thank you for all your honesty, too!


  20. Lying here next to my little one as daddy is out of town on business and we always have “camp ins” when he is gone. New to the scentsy scene so going to do a little looking around the site…

  21. Love the pics, as always, and look forward to this evening when I get to read the “lyrics”!
    LOVE the happy pool pics and love the camera pic :-)

    Wish you a good tuesday!!

  22. Beautiful girls, beautiful photographs, as always.

    I suspect one of the difficult things about putting Lainey and Nella’s relationship into words is that, well, they’re sisters. Sisterhood is a hard substance to define, no matter how many chromosomes are on each side of the equation. It’s equal parts affection, messiness and magic.

  23. You’re right you sure do know how to have fun and spend time with your girls! I love that about you! They are very blessed little girls and you are a very blessed momma!

  24. Thank you for that powerful piece of information Kelle…i’ll be sure to pass that on:) Love the pic of Brett & the kids…picture perfect!!xo

  25. Totally loving the frame. And so excited about the new sponsor. Can’t wait to try~love a fragrant house.
    Things I’m enjoying right now~
    Warm weather
    Iced lattes
    Family barbeques
    My Camera

  26. My son is just a day older than Nella, and I can’t wait to give him a sibling to love on!!!

  27. I’m already addicted to scentsy, but I would LOVE another warmer for yet another room in my house:) My favorite scent right now is Luna- it is fresh and clean without being artificial smelling… I could do a commercial for scentsy. for reals.

  28. Oh yum. Would love to try some of those good smells.

  29. Thank you again for making me take the time out of my day to remember why I love being a mom!!! I also need to let the “inner alien” out and do so all over my dining room table! My husband hates the clutter but I love it.

    ~skylar meinhardt

    ps…just got my 1st borns kinder supply list from school and it makes me want to squeal like a school girl. I can’t wait to go and get his construction paper, pencils, crayons, paper, etc!!!!

  30. I always look forward to your posts. I’m not married, I don’t have children (most of the time, I don’t even particularly like kids) but I love reading about you and your family.

  31. Love reading your blog and your sweet stories about your girls!

  32. Oh, I can’t believe you’re keeping up in waiting for this ‘how you met Brett post!” πŸ˜‰

    And you know…there is this little boy who takes swimming lessons at the same time as my little ones. He’s about 2 and has DS. He is the CUTEST and HAPPIEST little guy ever! Never without a smile, that little one! Well, I saw his Dad walking him through the parking lot tonight and they hopped in a van….and wouldn’t ya know it, he is the youngest of 4 boys! I now he has belly laughs with his brothers…I just know it!

  33. I totally love the toy camera Nella has in the last picture do they still make those? That made me happy remebering a toy from days gone by.

  34. I love watching the relationship bloom between Lainey and Nella! It’s beautiful and enchanting! I also have two girls and they are about the same age as your girls and I love watching them fall in love with each other! Thank you for your post!

  35. love your words, love your pics!!! Always so excited to see a new post!

  36. Love the vintage FP camera.

    I love the laughter between my two little girls. It is always some sisterly joke that we don’t find quite as funny but their laugh is infectious!

    The average toddler laughs 500 times a day. The average adult 7. When do we lose that laughter?

  37. my five year old started the “not fair” thingy this year and i have no idea where it came from either! love scentsy and right now my house smells like “beach” because i’m on summer break & it’s been raining for a week!

  38. Thanks for always being so real and positive in your posts! It’s inspirational, even to the young married girl living in a tiny basement suite with her man and no kids. Keep it up!

  39. i just want to say that i love your blog, love your posts, love your pics of your girls…you inspire me so much and i feel like i know you!! keep doing what you are doing!

    julie in ohio

  40. I just became “aware” if you will of scentsy and i am ADDICTED!!! my favorite is camu camu and coconut lemongrass! i would LOVE another warmer however…just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

    I have a 5 year old who very often needs his own time away from his 2-year old twin sisters, so we do mommy/son dates as often as we can!

  41. I love your (attempted) description of the love between your girls. Between two sisters. Period.
    Without any other labels.

  42. So I was going to go to bed, BUT I was like, “well, it’s monday, so I’ll check and see if she’s written a post, just in case” (as if it’ll disappear by tuesday?). Can’t wait to hear your little love story, the one with you and Brett. Glad he had a great Father’s Day.

  43. *As far as parenting goes, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing either, but most days I don’t care. Because I’m just doing what I feel is instinctively right for our family. And I just love that I know my kids.

    *I have 3 Scentsy warmers! They are a MUST in our quaint, yet MUSTy 1922 home. And GET OUT! Coconut Lemongrass is my FAVORITE! I also have it in the room spray and car freshener. I always keep Pima Cotton stocked as well. Yep, totally fooling people that I have clean, fresh laundry done—hahaha!

    *Their relationship…..indescribable, eh? But I bet I’m pretty sure I know what you mean πŸ˜‰

    Lucky New-to-Naples Beth!

  44. ‘damn look at us, we’re doing it’ is my new anthem to motherhood! thank you so much for your inspiring words. the whole paragraph about navigating through motherhood ripped through me like lightning… will we ever know exactly what we’re doing? NO, but we CAN always live in the moment, live it to the fullest, and love till it hurts. you’re amazing, and truly inspiring. xo

  45. The pictures of your girls are just so amazing!! Makes me smile!

  46. I love scentsy!!! Try mixing two or three scent bricks… Like the ‘hot dude’ one and vanilla… A hot dude will always smell better with a touch of vanilla, right? I swear I saw a whole site dedicated to mixing scentsy bricks… Google it and be amazed ;o)

  47. Oh my goodness, love our scentsy plug in pot, but I have got to get one of those stuffed animals :-)
    Today was my husband’s and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary. We went out on a date and just missed our son before he went to bed. Can’t wait til morning for extra cuddles!

  48. I love watching the bond between Lainey and Nella grow right here on your blog. It’s beautiful. I love the pictures.

    The bond between brothers is great too! Watching my 10 year old and my 2 year old form this amazing relationship is breathetaking.

  49. I have NEVER heard of these scentsys’ you are talking about they look awesome!I love the metal looking one!I am going to have to “go order some!”
    Ps. I love reading your posts, I read them at night, part of my “Me” time. :)
    Your pictures are equally love worthy. I have always wanted to take amazing picture especially of my little but it turns out I am not that great of a photographer..

  50. I like it all. Thank you for continuing to write, and post. I have a crying baby to attend to so I will end this comment…

  51. I love Scentsy products! I have many of them in my home…and lots of different scents. So much better than regular candles…

  52. I have been wanting to try Scentsy for a while now!

    Enjoying right now: baby sleeping on the bed beside me, fiance laughing in the other room, and knowing that my thesis is finished. :)

  53. Things I’m enjoying right now? Sweet cuddles when I get my 7 1/2 month old boy up from naptime….he smiles and buries his head into my shoulder….I drink it in. :) Totally relate to the ‘scoop and embrace’ you talked about in the last post!

  54. You inspire me to be a better mother and a better person. You are amazing! By the way-your family is precious!

  55. Something I’m enjoying…. how much my four month old is starting to look like her father. Makes me want to kiss her chubby cheeks 100 times more.

  56. My June Challenge is still rocking. The kids and I have more energy, I’ve found so much enjoyment in finding different recipes for things I never would have thought of trying to make.

    Right now, I’m waiting on my client to patch for an online shooter that my husband and I are going to spend about 45 minutes in before we go to bed. I know, boring to most anyone else. It’s fun. :p

    Was the camera yours as a kid passed down from your mom or dad, or was it a flea market find?

  57. Reading about your girls everyday makes me so happy….I love the photos too….the more I read and see the more I realize that I really just want to be their friends :) that sounds odd but it’s true I really would love to be Lainey and Nella’s friend…..I you would ask them that would be great! :) also if Lainey ever decides to express hersel in a drawing and needs someone to send it to please send it to me I would LOVE it!!!!! I would put it in my locker from my new friend…..Let me know what they think and thank you for making my day everyday :)

  58. I just want to say, that when I’m a mom, I hope that I’m just like you. You seem like such a wonderful mom! :)

  59. the photo of nella sitting on the stool with lainey shows just how big they’ve both gotten! especially lainey! she looks ready for school haha

  60. the photo of nella sitting on the stool with lainey shows just how big they’ve both gotten! especially lainey! she looks ready for school haha

  61. I love that you are so creative in your parenting! Inspirational!

  62. Love the photo of the girls with Lainey’s adorable pigtails. They are the perfect little pair!

  63. Hmm…what makes me happy right now is when my little boy gives me a million kisses before bed time and makes sure I tuck Curious George in too…it’s the little things. :-)

  64. The pool picture with Nella’s tongue out is awesome.

  65. Right now, I’m enjoying… the peace. The quiet. The solitude. The calm before the storm. Every day brings a storm in this household, so I’m basking in it (says a mother of two toddlers, one possibly autistic).
    Love your post, as always! I was gone for a few weeks, so I’m off to catch up. Also, I cannot believe how big Lainey has gotten! When I first started reading, she was still so baby-like!

  66. This is the second Father’s Day post of yours that I’ve read which means that I’ve been following your blog for a long time! You’ve got some kind of magic in your words. I love that sisters are sisters first, regardless of anything else that comes along. :o)

  67. Bee-YOU-tee-ful!

    “Of course there is not formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.”

  68. I must admitt I am a new reader of your blog…shame on me πŸ˜‰ I have known about your blog for some time now, thanks in great part to the regulars of babycenter, and I did read many months ago Nella’s birth story, which left me in tears (thanks alot). I finally stumbled upon your blog again and decided to follow it, because you write beautifully. I have only read a few entries (feeling overwhelmed how I will manage to read all your older posts), but nonetheless I feel taken over with bliss after reading. They manage to inspire me, making the creative monster inside me jump for joy. I also love your photos, you have a knack for capturing the little things in life, which in my humble opinion, makes some of the best photography. I am thinking about taking a photography class next semester at my college and I hope to learn, and then put what I learned to use, but we’ll see how I do. I know how it feels to have a passion for something, writing is mine, and I recently started a blog, because I realized I need a place to write and share my thoughts with others (other than facebook). While I cannot say I know how it feels to raise a child with down syndrome, I can relate to you on the level of raising a special needs child. My son was recently diagnosed with a mild form of Autism, the word “mild” may give you the wrong impression, because there are times it seems anything but mild. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I love what I have seen and read thus far, I hope to continue to read more (and catch up slowly but surely), and let you know I am an avid follower now. Thanks for sharing!

  69. Again, you write more beautiful words that make me want to tear up with the idea that one day I could be as good of a mom as you are. :) I really need to have more bablance in my life, and live more in these moments with my two littles.

  70. Hi, Kelle! Look at the felt Reflex i made for my baby:)

    i really love you girls
    debbie from rome, italy

  71. the pictures of the girls are so sweet. i always wanted a sister

  72. That vintage fisher price camera toy is awesome!!! I am sitting here knitting someone a tiny newborn pair of overall’s and reading your blog post. I often read your blog while knitting because it gives me something to do while I keep my hands busy knitting. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us:)

  73. In 100% agreeance that a good-smelling house makes you feel like you’ve just vacuumed, mopped, and dusted even though those 3 things haven’t happened since…

  74. sister bonds are the best :)
    I have that Margot warmer – first one I bought…I love it. Safest way to burn a candle – they’re addicting.

  75. What a sweet post. Sisterly love is something that fascinates me, since I don’t have a sister… Watching it evolve in all of its complexity between my girls, with the love, giggles, arguments, rivalry and everything that goes with it, is fascinating.

    Beautiful pictures, as always.

  76. Those scents are such a find! I think that I may be bringing some of those back to China with us. We live close to a canal, that is rather pretty to look at. The smell, um, well, . . . it is best NOT to talk about it. And on some unfortunate days are house smells like Canal Funk. Clearly, I would rather have it smell like coconut lemongrass or hot guy!
    Thank you for continuing to share all the real bits of life. The not-so-pretty and the belly laughs. And the photos inspire me to learn what I am doing with my own camera.

  77. I love reading your blog post. I read them when I am up at night with my daughter.

  78. OH!!! B E T H!! YAY for you. I am so glad you won!! I am glad to see a longtime, frequent commenter win. Well, that is, if it couldnt be ME, I am glad it was YOU. heehee. I am jealous; you will meet Kelle in person. Lucky you. Happy first day of summer to everyone! Love from the Blog Mama~

  79. Lainey sounds very four today. My four year old is developing his dramatic timing for tantrums as well. Do you hear your mother stifling a laugh every time she does it like I do?

  80. The craziest part of this post was I was telling my love not even an hour ago how I don’t mind if the house is messy as long as it smells good. Ah great minds think alike. Thanks for letting me and so many others be apart of ur days!!

  81. Can’t wait to hear how you and your hubby met. I really enjoy your blog. You have a wonderful family!

    Vancouver,BC, Canada

  82. I am enjoying visiting home where my family is for NINE DAYS. Most people don’t understand why, but I love being home in Seattle. Nothing better.

  83. Iove radng yur blog an looking at the pictures. I wish me and my sister were closer to eachother in age. We used to fight like cats and dogs when we were younger. We are 7 years apart. But we get along really good now that we are adults.

    I’m also a Scentsy fan! I just got my first warmer back in febuary. I never heard of the bar that smells like a “hot man” I will have to look it up πŸ˜‰

  84. What I’m enjoying at this moment is being sandwiched between the sound of my 4 month old baby girl suckling away as I nurse her on one side, and on the other, my 3 year old sleeping soundly with sporadic little giggles of her happy dreamland.


    Sent from my iPhone

  85. Long time reader/first time commenter. I have a son w/DS. And his heartiest, silliest laughs are reserved for & with his big sister. She’s 9, he’s 3 and in three short years they have formed their own private island of protectiveness, adoration and silliness. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and fiercest defenders. As mad as she gets when he is treated poorly, he gets just as mad when he thinks she’s being treated poorly whether on the soccer field or even by me! Don’t beat yourself up about dividing your attention, soon enough your girls will get to where my kids want to be….together with YOU feeling like the third wheel. Heartbreakingly beautiful!

  86. Seeing all the developed family pictures on your wall and around your house has inspired me to start filling my home with all the undeveloped pictures I have!

  87. I am so on board with the theory that a great smell makes the actually cleaning of the house optional…inspirational stuff;)

  88. Your girl’s relationship is priceless:)

    Oh, and right now I am completely enjoying my little guy in the NICU who decided to start feeding like a little piggy and triple his feeds today! So we are going home at the end of the week after a long 3 months here!

    P.S. Your blog has kept me sane during my time at the NICU!!!

  89. I heart your blog! I have twin toddler girls and just love reading about your little princesses :).

  90. Love your blog!

  91. Sisters are the best! I pray every day that my 2 girls share an amazing friendship like the ones I have with my 7 sisters.

  92. What I am enjoying right now is…my new Canon 60D. Now that I finally have a digital camera (that’s right, up until now I’ve been using a FILM camera – ahh! so stone-aged, I know) I am shooting photos left and right, and capturing some really neat candid shots of the kids. I’ve got a lot to learn about photography, but I’m on my way :)

  93. Can I confess something?

    Seeing your photos of the girls together makes me ache to give little miss S a sibling someday, even though it is highly, highly unlikely.


  94. I am loving summer time- which means my early morning runs are followed with coffee and two hours of mommy time- leaves me feeling accomplished and refreshed- so when my kiddos awake… I am all theirs!

  95. I needed some of your inspirations today.. This post definitely delivered.. I love that you carve out special time for each of your girls and take them on ‘dates’.. Love it!

    It look like Brett had a great Father’s Day.. I can’t get over how much his youngest son looks like him! xx

  96. I needed some of your inspirations today.. This post definitely delivered.. I love that you carve out special time for each of your girls and take them on ‘dates’.. Love it!

    It look like Brett had a great Father’s Day.. I can’t get over how much his youngest son looks like him! xx

  97. My 2.5 year old son said “it’s not fair” for the first time yesterday. No idea where he got it from as we’ve never said that at home. But he used it in context – he didn’t want to say goodbye to his cousin. He didn’t want to go home. But I was making him. It just wasn’t fair.

  98. Watching the bond and relationship grow between siblings is almost indescribable. It is one of the greatest feelings watching my boys together.

  99. I have often commented and said how much your blog means to me, but I think I should let you know our dream selves met the other night. Indeed, you made an appearance in a stress dream I was having. (Wait for it…) In the dream, I was on the top floor of a tall building during an earthquake, and the building was swaying so far to the right and left that the top of the building touched the ground before going the other way. (Think palm-tree style.) And then I remembered that you lived on the floor below. And so I went down to your apartment and you welcomed me in and we rode the earthquake out together. (For the record, you were totally chill about the whole thing.) The moral of my dream, obviously, is that, even in my dreams, you/your approach to life/the way you see things provides me with strength and comfort and encouragement.

  100. I love reading your blog. You are always so upbeat and having fun!
    E-mail –

  101. Recently I am somewhat dizzy and nervous, and can’t find the peace with myself and the things I am doing. But I find the serenity when I look at the house interior books. I dream and I “live” in these homes, it becomes an addiction :)

  102. Right now I am loving my newborn baby girl who is almost a month old. Time is already going by so quickly. I have been reading your posts for a while and am truly
    Inspired by what you write and share. I hope to be the same way with my daughter in showing her my fun side and spending time together.

  103. i know ALLLLL about that alien thingy you were talking about…i even know about staring blankly into the corner for an hour figuring out how to rearrange the furniture. i love that.

    love how your frames turned out :)

  104. enjoying… my baby, my camera, my husband, the newly replanted backyard, blogging, hosting giveaways, and SUMMER VACATION!

  105. Right now my inspiration is summer and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

    P.S. Love the frame :)

  106. I always thought I missed out on not having a sister growing up, to share this bond with that you mention. But, I do have a cousin, that as she gets older, our bond grows. So even at 30 and 21, you can find us giving piggyback rides to each other in target. Driving back roads with the music blaring. Sharing secrets late at night. And I realize, I do have that. And I am grateful.

  107. Right now I am enjoying the fact that I have finished reading ALL of your posts and am fully caught up :o) You truly inspire me to be a more creative Mama to my 11 month old girl Ella. Thank you <3

  108. The pic of Nella and the retro FP camera…THAT should be your new business card! It says it all, everything about you wrapped into one easy pic. PRICELESS!
    And I love love love a great scent wafting thru the house. I havent gotten to try Scentsy but I sooooo want to! :)

  109. I love the picture of Lainey “putting make-up” on Nella. So cute, it reminds me of my girls. And my youngest laughs so hard when my oldest does things to her too. I love Lainey next to Betty Boop and the last one of Nella and the vintage toy camera.

    I just love all the pictures. :)

  110. Thank you for yet another inspiring post, a perfect way to start my day!


    mi3ragamuffins at aol dot com

  111. I am in awe of your photos. I have a 6 month old daughter that I am obsessed with taking photos of. I wish I had your talent!

  112. Every time I read your blog it makes me want to go out and buy a GOOD camera (not my little point & shoot) and learn how to take pictures like a big girl!
    I LOVE your blog & I LOVE your girls! Each one of your posts is an inspiration :)

  113. Sibling love is my fuel some days. My older son is a magical hero to his younger sister. When I get free laughs coming from their bellies, that just makes my day. Today they both needed to give their cars a ride to another room in the tunnel. That was only outdone by the “squeak” performance to vie for the youngest brothers giggles. Gosh, don’t you just love having kids!

  114. I love what you said about people with Down Sydrome experiencing all the wonderfulness that is life…so true. We see it every day with Sara and her siblings. There is such an awakening that happens naturally when kids grow up with a sibling who has a little something extra ; o )

  115. Love the slide into the pool idea! haha I enjoy reading your blogs :)

    And I’m a huge Scentsy lover! Isn’t is brilliant?! Especially having kids around.

  116. i so look forward to your posts. the pictures are enchanting and your writing makes me smile. the scentsy stuff sounds fab!!

  117. You don’t have to tell me twice about Scentsy. Im in love! I have warmers and a drawer full of bars. I love breaking out the spiced chai in the fall/winter and I love the coconut lemongrass scent too. I have been looking at the Scentsy buddy but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Now I might :)

    And today we will be enjoying ballet class and playdates with friends,

  118. I read your blog at 6 am before my 3 littles (a 2 yo and 1 yo twins) wake up. You are a kick of inspiration, and along with my coffee, get me ready to make today a grand adventure.

  119. I love the photos of your girls together. Your posts always make me want to be a better mom and to take more pictures. Thank you for that :)

  120. The picture of your girls with the makeup brushes is so adorable. They are obviously very happy and love each other very much.

  121. I too am enjoying watching my girls’ bond grow the past couple months as they now can “play” together more. I can’t wait to see the dynamic once our 3rd little girl is added in September.

  122. sitting at my brain dead, boring job very early this morning, and I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to reading your posts! I actually get “giddy” (is that a freaking word anyway?) when I see a new post from you….true statement. YOur family is so special and cool. Rock on!

  123. I have 2 girls 16 months apart and they are the BEST of Friends. Love seeing the familiar sites, being a neighbor. Love the warmer, and loving the rain!! Cheers.

  124. I totally agree with the logic that if your house smells good, it’s clean!
    I may or may not have on occasion poured a little Pine Sol into toilets and letting it sit while I get ready and then flush them immediately before company arrives!

    Great post!!

  125. We find out tomorrow if baby # 2 is a boy or girl!!! Then we leave for the beach until Sunday, so yeah tomorrow should be a great day! I love every post Kelle, you are so great with words and your 2 girls are beautiful!

  126. I love your “date” with Lainey….I, too, do that with my 3 year old. Sometimes….life gets wicked crazy with a 2 year old, 3 year old and 4 month old and my son, Eli comes to me and says, “let’s go on a date, Mama.”

    Sometimes, it is to the movies. Sometimes just the bakery but oh how I treasure those moments when it’s just him and I……

    beautiful pics as always, kelle….

  127. Right now my baby boy is sleeping on my chest, with the smell of slightly sour milk lingering from his spit up incident (that happened on my side of the bed!), and it’s a perfect moment. One that makes my heart sigh with contentment.

  128. I adore SCENTSY. After our church burned to the ground last month (unrelated to candles!) I vowed to never have open flame in my home again. Scentsy to the rescue!!! I love your blog – been reading since the beginning!

  129. Beautiful pictures!!

    I am enjoying my kids home from school for the summer! I love having them around. And the sister bond here is wonderful. It is hard because they are 7 years apart, but I am very amazed at them playing together and loving each other!!

  130. Coconut Lemongrass?! Could I possibly have found the scent of heaven? I will order that if I don’t win, but here’s hoping I do. Right now, we’re enjoying the start to our summer vacation and all the fun plans that await us.

  131. I don’t always comment but I always read! I love this place and I check for a new post everyday. That you for giving all of us this special place! ~Natalie

  132. What am I enjoying now? A quiet house, a great blog and a nice cup of coffee. I really need to really start my day soon but I am getting there!

  133. It’s so funny and quite wonderful to feel like I know you and I know your girls. We’ve never met, and we probably won’t, but it’s truly wonderful that we share life together like this. Your girls look like they are forming a sense of camaraderie, they seem to “get” each other in a way that only siblings can. Good job mommy!

  134. love the modge podge frame. so perfect. we have used magazines as well. they always seen to be in abundance around our house and work perfectly for so many different projects as well. we did something similar with vintage children’s books also. only the ones we found at thrift stores and that were already slightly damaged of course. how is it that a hodge podge of stuff looks so beautiful and unique and so cleverly placed in your home and in mine it looks like a hoarder’s episode waiting to happen? i always admire your decor just as much as your children.

  135. another blessed day! lovin’ your post and sharin’ your joys! thank you.

  136. Who doesn’t love a yummy smelling house?

  137. I can not quite picture those teenage boys and their slip and slide…sounds all out wild and laughter producing. The oldest sure looks like his dad.

    Love the photo frame.

    I’m loving seeing the happiness in the heart of my third child as she basks in the glow of an amazing senior year and the party thrown for her this past weekend. We saw many friends that we don’t see often including…your cousin Mark and his family:) Love them!

    I’ve really enjoyed getting to know your branch of his family through your blog. You are so good at what you do. Keep filling our appetites for all that is beautiful:)

  138. My creative monster is in the kitchen, cooking or baking concocions there are no recipes for. I jsut add ingredients that suit me that moment…most the time, they’re edible! :)

  139. Awwww! I love your mama-daughter date with Lainey. How special. I’m also really digging your new sponsor.I may have to treat myself to a few of those cool products.

  140. Don’t you just love scentsy?!?

  141. You are a gifted writer and a great reminder to those of us who sometimes take things a little too seriously. Thanks for the inspiration! (and the giveaway πŸ˜‰

  142. Thanks for inspiring and sharing!

  143. I have always said that my little guy “gets silly”. I even added it to his very long list of strengths when we wrote his IEP….hey, I thought it was worth mentioning! Lovely words & pix, as always. Thank you for sharing. xo

  144. How cool! (That buddy thing!)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful fathers day!!

  145. I’m at the stage in my life where I’m not married and it’s really, really hard to imagine having kids. The thought is actually super scary. But every time I read one of your posts, I get hopeful and excited for the possibilities that lie ahead. In the meantime, I’ll just live vicariously through you =]

  146. If my house smells good, might that also make it appear to be cleaner? I hope so. :)

    Right now I’m enjoying the fact that my girls are sleeping in an hour later than normal and it’s just me, my baby boy, and a cup of coffee. I love “at home” moments the best of all by far. Soon they’ll wake and tell me they are hungry and this moment will end but for now I get to listen to baby’s coos and catch the smiles he’s throwing at me while I savor the first bit of morning.

  147. I am enjoying my final semester of classes before student teaching. I have a bad case of senioritis which I indulge frequently by taking my kids to the pool. I’ll be better tomorrow.

  148. I can’t get enough of your pictures — always brings a smile to my face. :)

  149. In the three weeks Sarah has been with us, our family is changed. She brings constant smiles, laughter, and energy. She, too, knows she is loved. While I am learning to let the house go, I’m realizing it does not matter that book and Polly Pockets are forever strewn on the floor. What matters is the bond our family has for one another. Your words inspire to create, to let go, and to love.

  150. So now that I am pregnant and read your blog I swear I cry more, but its ok because its a good cry. I want my son to love this new baby like Lainey loves Nella.
    Thank you for inspiring me to be a more active mom with my son and the new baby on the way.

  151. Seeing pictures of Lainey and Nella and reading your blog makes me want to have kids of my own sooner rather than later. Thank you!

  152. Glad you’re not going to leave us hanging for too long on how y’all met. And the Fisher Price camera? I played with those, too, and still wish my photos would come out as good.

  153. I get the creative monster/alien metaphor…not gross, just true. And as far as what I am enjoying…I think that 4th of July decorating is my new fav. Red/White/Blue everywhere. The kids are all about it, and I am so looking forward to some fireworks shows…always makes me feel like a kid, and never gets old! Love the picture of your hubby with all the kids…melts my heart! Dads are so great!

  154. This morning I am enjoying my 10 month old! It is 8:30 am and so far, I have pulled an old piece of hot dog out of her nose (not sure where she found that) straw out of her hair, and parts of my grocery list out of her mouth. She has me enthralled! She knows how special the word Momma is, and uses it sparingly. All day long it’s Dadadadadadadada, but once or twice a day she’ll come to me, snuggle herself deep into my shoulder, grin up at me with her gapped front teeth and whisper “Mmmomma” :-)Girl knows how precious that word is and soaks it up like there’s no tomorrow! So today I am enjoying a small thing, an 18lb 29 1/2 inch long little thing :-)

  155. I feel where you are coming with sister bonding and not knowing how to explain it! My girls are 18 months and 2 months and the fun is just beginning, but I see the love and sister language growing each day! LOVE the vintage Fisher Price camera-I just Amazon Mommed me some fun vintage Fisher Price toys for my Lilah’s retro/vintage candy shop 2nd birthday party theme!

  156. My husband got to celebrate his first father’s day yesterday and he too prefers to spend it at home…unlike me. I wanted to hang out on the National Mall for mother’s day!
    I love hearing you talk about the bond between your girls…there is something unspoken and indescribable about the love between sisters. It makes me think of my two sisters, one older and one younger who are drastic opposites but I love equally. I hope one day my daughter Kayla has a sister and I can watch that bond grow between my little girls!

  157. My inspiration has become lost lately….3 kids, the house, work have all consumed me. Your blog is always my morning treat along with coffee, orange cafe today. Today has made me realize I need to really take the time to create and feed my own “alien”. I so miss knitting, quilting, making a “decent” meal, tending to my non blooming roses and hydrangeas. I know look around and see all the missing things I love so much. Don’t get me wrong I love my family, but it’s time for this momma to give herself back some inspiration!!!! Today I will…. now it’s so hard to decide. I will go to my local quilt shop, with my 11 year old daughter and leave the 15 & 2 year old boys home, and pick a project for us to work on together! She is quite crafty herself and we need some alone time too! Thanks Kelle!

  158. I love reading your blog. You are so inspiring and seeing your daily photography truly inspires my own photographic endeavors.

  159. I LOVE your girls, your blog and Scentsy. In that order. The end. :)

  160. What I’m enjoying right now? Being at home with my precious new born boy, Maddux. And reading your blog, looking at your pictures, and trying like a silly amateur to take pictures as good as yours.
    Oh, and loving summer in Florida :)

  161. I love reading your is always inspiring and warms my heart:) I am enjoying taking my 9 month old to swim class this week. Watching her learn to kick her feet, blow bubbles and even though it’s not all “clicking” yet, it will one day! The best part is watching her squeal at the site of a warms this momma’s heart!

  162. Awww! Love the last photo of Nella with the vintage camera. Too darn cute!!

  163. Right now I am enjoying conversations with my little girl! she is two and has so much to tell me, I just love hearing the things that she comes up with :) and I love your blog. I can’t wait to hear the story of how you and Brett met!!

  164. LOVE the picture of Brett with all of his babies…Love the little diner you took Lainey too! (Wish we had something like that here in NJ!) Love the black and white pics of Lainey and Nella! Love love love

  165. Gorgeous photos and the writing – well, WOW!

    I love your blog and it never ceases to inspire me to be and do better. Thank you for that!

  166. ok so i have like 10 leftover frames from jonahs party and i have mod podge and magazines… i know what i’m doing this week!

    well after cleaning the house, spending time with extended family in for a visit, posting pics of the birthday party, and working…hmm maybe the frames will have to wait till next week. ha!

  167. love the one and one time with lainey . it is something i do often with my middle guy who feels the crush of an outgoing older brother and a too cute baby sister. they need that so much!

  168. Thank you for being so inspiring. . . the clever ways that you share your family’s triumphs and heartaches constantly remind me to to kick back and “enjoy the small things” that we often are too busy to remember to do. I strive to be more relaxed and family oriented each and every day, that is my summer goal! :)

    You are awesome!

  169. I just started reading your blog a week ago and I’m hooked. You have a gorgeous family, you’re writing is beautiful and your photos of your girls are beautiful as well!

  170. Love the pictures of the girls together. Having two little girls myself, I try to get them in the same frame often and most of the time it’s not too difficult since they basically sit on top of one another when they play, read or sleep. It’s the best.
    I love your blog.

  171. So sweet! Having four kids, dates are super important. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of Lainey’s soft pink saddle shoes!

  172. Your posts inspire me when I’m wondering what the heck I am supposed to do as a mother. Your passion for your kids seeps through your writing and encourages me to keep on mothering with zeal and love.

  173. Look at Nella! Such a photo-nista : )

  174. What I’m enjoying today…in all honesty, I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee, and the prospect of checking out this website for some smell good. My fiance loves homey smell good stuff!!

  175. Party planning makes me smile…I’m in the midst of a first birthday party (very hungry caterpillar style) and a third birthday party (with as much dirt and dump trucks we can find). The bigger the better when celebrating my boys!!

  176. We had a similar Father’s Day. Lounging around the lake and making dinner. It was nice and relaxing. I love the picture of the kids napping in the pool! I wish we had a pool and I didn’t have to go all the way to my parents house to mooch boat time off of them!

  177. We just used some Mod Podge the other night to make some letters for my girl’s room. That stuff is ah-mazing. For real. I love it. I want to carry it everywhere I go and Mod Podge the hell out of stuff.

  178. Right now I am loving the bejesus out of my twin nieces who will be turning 0-1 in July. My heart is so big, full of love for these two little nuggets who are so different and special in their own way. I cannot wait to celebrate the day they came into all of our lives and made it that much richer. Rich like a thick double chocolate shake.

  179. I am enjoying that there are only 6 more days of school left. I will have both my kids home and we are going to just have fun this summer!! I can’t wait to get those little people home with me.

  180. I love the pictures of Lainey at the diner. What a special treat to have a date with mama! It’s the simple things…

  181. My three little girls and their brother have that same kind of connection with each other…each individual relationship special and unique. and it is the thing that brings me the most joy to watch. how they ‘get’ each other, how they don’t even need to speak to be on the same page, the looks of admiration from young to old, and old to young, with no envy or jealousy to be found…just love. love it!

  182. I love Scentsy!! I’m enjoying spending time with my 3yr old Mason while waiting for my 2nd son to arrive!!

  183. I LOVE the closing picture of Nella holding the toy camera. Adorable! Also, Scentsy stuff is THE best! I have a warmer and I LOVE it (I could sure go for another one though)! I am patiently awaiting the post of how you and Brett met; you seem to have a wonderful partnership, so congratulations on that! What am I enjoying right now? The fact that I am done with school until August 26th! Two full months of for the first time in four years…bliss :)

  184. A really lovely post Kelle and in the words of the immortal (for women of a certain age anyway) David Bowie I’m “loving the alien”!

    Tell me, how is Nella’s necklace working out?

    can’t wait to hear the “how we met story” – I met my husband at a drive by wedding . . . .

  185. Love the pictures of your girls together. I have two boys around the same age as yours and I love seeing how their bond grows every day. Seeing them laugh together is the best part of my day.

  186. The picture of nella with her throwback fisher price camera totally made my morning. She is seriously so freaking cute. You have some cute little ones… already knew that :)

  187. Right now I’m also about to enjoy a post rain run. Looking forward to getting lost in my thoughts :)

  188. One of the things that always recharges and energizes ME is one-on-one dates with my girls. Anna usually wants sushi…and the book store:) Amy usually wants the candy shop… and the book store:) Both are fine by me, and I revel in those times when I can focus on just one kid at a time and everything that’s unfair about life, about our daily schedules, about sharing your parents with your siblings, shifts out of focus.

  189. Scentsy is awesome and safer than candles! Right now I am loving that my 11 month old is starting to babble all the time and showing his wicked sense of humor just like his Daddy’s!

  190. I’m enjoying pool days, sunkissed kids, the first smiles and coos from my new little girl and the all the blessings my 5 kids give me!! I would really enjoy shopping at your garage sale too πŸ˜‰ You inspire me to be a better mama and make more time just enjoying my kids, thank you!!!

  191. I am loving spending the evenings with my daughter. She is learning so much and talking more.

  192. I’m enjoying summertime with my baby girl… every day is new and every day is amazing. :)

    …and I can’t believe how much Brett’s boys look like him! Amazing! You can tell how proud he is of his kids!

  193. I’m loving making my little girl dresses. She’s going to be 3 in September, and I know that I don’t have many more years that she’ll wear mommy made clothes so I’m loving it while I still have it!

  194. Love the picture frame idea and can’t wait to read the story of how you and Brett met! :)

  195. That bond that you talk about between the girls… I have an almost 3 and 5 yr old girls… I know what you mean, and it’s magical to watch that bond grow and strengthen on a daily basis.

  196. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you for inspiring me to be creative.

  197. Noticed your “love you as big as the ocean” on your cootie catcher.. there is a great book called “I Love you more than rainbows” that has great colors and illustrations and is all about loving more than rainbows, candy and lots of things that children love. My 3 year old loves it and now says “I love you more than…” when she gets inspired! Your girls are beyond precious! (and this is my first comment here I think, so hi, I’m Meghan!)

  198. Oh what am I loving right now – I love that I have all the hand me down clothes we have recieved for baby girl sorted, washed, organized and put away. I didn’t have a chance to really prepare for my son as was put on bedrest early on and he came early too. So I’m making the most of this pregancy with my little girl to have her room ready to go before any complications arise!

    Thanks for a great post as always. I get so excited when my blogger feed thingy has a new post from you!

  199. I love the picture frame idea! I do in-home daycare and I’m going to do this with the kids…maybe even today, thanks for the idea :)

  200. Kelle, I can’t tell you how much I love your blog. I’ve been reading for ages but for some reason this is my first comment. It’s true – I often don’t know what to say, so here’s what I’m enjoying:

    Yesterday, while enjoying the sunshine and a pint of cider on my favourite patio, I couldn’t help but talk to / play with / drink up an adorable 11 month old named Wyatt who was smearing his raspberry soaked hands and yogurt covered face all over my legs. My girlfriend/love saw that certain look in my eyes, kissed my shoulder and said, “You need to have a whole bunch of those. And you will.”

    The love that Lainey and Nella share makes me so much more excited for my own future siblingfriends.

  201. I am beyond thriled that Lainey and Nella have been able to have the close relationship that, in the beginning, you feared wouldn’t be possible because of Nella having DS. My daughters are 4 1/2 and 16 months old and I’ve recently been overwhelmed by seeing their bond develop into something extremely special, and I can only imagine how amazing it must be for you to be able to witness this between your two little angels.

  202. I volunteer for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas and last Saturday I worked with the toddler class for the first time. You are right, those little ones sure do know how to execute great big belly laughs!

  203. You can definately tell just from the pictures how the girls love has been growing over the last few months. Pictures of them send such a warm feeling from the outside in and fill my heart with such happiness. They are going to have a relationship that will far surpasses any wish, hope and dream that you had. <3

  204. It IS rather hard to explain, isn’t it?! What you want others to understand about your child with Down syndrome… So often I get caught up in telling others what my nine year old can do – reading so well, counting to a bazillion, working that computer like he’s Bill Gates, blah, blah blah. But I know those things have nothing to do with why I love him so! It really is because of his chortle of a laugh, the way he flings himself off the side of the pool in some kind of crazy Nestea plunge, how he MUST keep his eyes wide open as he swims underwater, his air guitar playin’ moves as he jams to music in the back seat of my minivan, his soda pop snitching ways, how he is always the first to start the wrestling match with his 4 siblings and how he is also the first to start “screaming” HELP when they retaliate with the tickle pin down – oh, I love how he LIVES… whole heart, all in! But how do you explain THAT to someone? And, now, with Nella, you know…

  205. I love to see how much your girls adore one another. Can’t wait to see some of that blossom with my girls! As always you made me smile like a fool this morning. Have a great Tuesday!

  206. Your creative monster had me thinking of lines from Little Shop of Horrors. And I agree! I have to feed my monster too, but I really love it!

    I think you are so right about parenting your children. They need fun and laughter and the tools to express themselves. That’s something we all need to make great priorities as parents! Thanks for the reminder!

  207. Seriously! That camera Nella has in the last pic!! Memories of many glam photo shoots with my big sis in our basement!! *smile, head tipped back, laughter* [ We really are all more similar than “different” ]

  208. Your words of sibling love really spoke to me. I am experiencing the same evolution of a relationship between my two boys (3 and 5 months). Sometimes it’s not so great, where the older boy doesn’t know the strength of his love (literally), and I have to come running with cautious words of “don’t hug him too hard” or “let him breathe!”. But all the other times, it’s sweet and glorious, knowing that I created these two souls and they are forming their own bond and love between them. Watching my eldest protect his little brother when other kids come to admire the baby. He stands a little closer, his shoulders a little straighter, ready to intervene at any sign of potential danger to “his” baby. My boys are my legacy, the spring in my step and the constant encouragement to do better. To be better.

    On a totally different level is my love for scentsy. I have one of the plug-ins and it’s genius! I too pull the trick of flicking the switch an hour before company arrives. Because there’s just more important things to do than deep clean the house. I’d much rather be part of their childhood. Period. I’ll clean the house when they leave for college.

  209. … it’s not even evening yet and here I am!

    Darn it, woman, when I’m not really high on life and when things badly hoped for went into “not this time” there you are, making me feel like trying again.

    Making me high on JUST s i m p l y being alive.
    Some days you can’t ask for more (at work – never at home, home’s always better) :-)

    Bless you for it!!!!
    Thanks again for everything you do.

  210. I know what you mean about the sibling bond. My favorite part of my day is witnessing the connection between my boys. It is amazing. I love the frame idea also…going to try that with my 4 year old! And I can’t wait to hear the story of you and Brett meeting!

  211. Mod Podge is one of my most favorite things! Items I have completely decoupaged the heck out of include my violin case and my laptop.

    Lainey and Nella are too cute together… sister giggles are the best!

  212. I’m enjoying the rain right now. I had big plans for weeding my garden but alas the rain is telling me go paint and make a mess with my kids. Here’s to a rainy day.

    ps we love scentsy here too and I so had one of those cameras when I was little. Love em both

  213. I’m enjoying the sound of my son singing along to a cell phone ring tone. Hilarious how quickly they pick things up!

  214. Love your pictures, love your blog, and I’d love a scentsy!! The scented stuffed animal is genius!Keep writing!

  215. Thank you reminding me I don’t need to be perfect–just Mom. I am new to your blog, but I find it the most comforting, inspiring place. Thanks for sharing your family with all of us!

  216. Your words are so beautiful! Thank you for reminding us to have FUN with our children. Sometimes something so simple can be forgotten in this crazy life!

  217. I stopped just yesterday and enjoyed how very blessed I am.

  218. Sweet Sweet Post. I love your girls. Little Nella just lights up my computer screen with that squinty eyed grin. I love it. You are a jewel Kelle. I real jewel. thank you for being so open and honest and real with all of us strangers!

  219. Midnight run??? Now THAT is impressive. You go girl!!
    And I agree….sibling love? Nothing melts the heart more!

  220. I can’t wait to read the story of how you and Brett met!

    I have the same theory, the fastest way to clean my house? Throw everything into the spare room, close the door and light some candles or something that smells awesome. I have a serious addiction to wax :)

  221. Hi Kelle,
    I enjoy working on my son’s year book as often as I can!
    And I do enjoy reading your blog and I am still about to read it right from the beginning (at the moment I am with you on September 4, 2009).
    Hope to maybe still receive the recipe for your deliciously-looking shrimp chowder you mentioned again on that day by e-mail? Did you receive it? Beate

  222. i enjoy reading your blog so much! your pictures are wonderful but your words are just as good. i love that lainey and nella have an amazing bond- makes me super excited for my future babies (one day!)…

    this post made me think of something the preacher said in our pre-marital counseling… he said ‘remember, the best gift you can ever give your child is a sibling’. it meant a lot to us because my hubby is an only child and will be the first one to tell you that he had a lonely childhood and grew up way to fast from being around adults all the time… so i say all that to say that you should be so happy and proud that you have given both of your girls the gift of a sibling :)

  223. I LOVE Scentsy. Currently in my plud in pot is My Dear Watson-which also smells like a good man. Couldn’t agree more.

  224. My favorite line: “Most of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I damn well know how to spend time with my kids–how to have fun.”

    Completely sums up how I feel!

  225. Your photos and stories are so wonderful to read. Like a good cup of coffee each morning. Well enjoyed :).

  226. I’m enjoying cleaning out the closets and rearranging furniture…all spurred from a new mirror that was hung. Amazing how one little thing like that can spark a domino effect like that :)

  227. Kelle,

    Your blog is awesome! I love checking in on your family: gleaning moments, smiles, & the wild ride of life.

    One of the things that my friends lovingly make fun of me about is my tendency to plan ahead. Since I was in high school, I’ve always journaled about things “for the future.” I have a “Planning Ahead” journal that is stock full of cut outs from your blog! I just love it! My husband and I don’t have any kiddos yet, but as I look through your photos I love dreaming of what’s to come.

    Thank you for your inspiring contribution!
    Holly Bazan

  228. I absolutely love the picture of Lainey posing at the restaurant. She is too funny! What is making me happy right now? Summer vacation. :) Although I’m already thinking about next school year. That warmer would be perfect for my classroom. 26 kids in one room, I definitely need something to make it smell good. :)

  229. Kelle- I just saw the new header and I gasped because Lainey looks so big! She was just a toddler when I started reading your blog and now she’s a kid… time sure does fly.

    Your post made me so excited for summer!


  230. Enjoying this summer, trying to hold on to my first baby girl before she grows up and starts high school in the fall while holding on to my new baby girl just 7 weeks old.

  231. Beautiful girls!

    I, too, am in love with Scentsy! I love how it takes the diaper smell out of the house :)…. One of my fave scents is actually a Christmas scent called Poinsetta Pine – love it!

  232. I’m currently enjoying my last summer break spent at my parents’ house; as a rising senior in college, I’ll be striking out into the “real world” next year. Good thing I know that this is my one “real” life and that each moment is just as real and precious as the next. Part of me is terrified but of course, a bigger part is just enjoying the ride. Thanks for your constant enthusiasm for life and everything it throws your way!

  233. Hi Kelly …loving the blog…our little boy came in April. He was blessed with designer genes also!

  234. I am enjoying my 3 girls. It was all of their birthdays last week and we did lots of fun stuff.
    One special moment was at the play-scape: my twin 3 y/os were lost in the tunnels and couldn’t find their way out. So my husband had to crawl in and “save” them. Seeing him crawling through and being on the outside, comforting them, telling them Daddy was coming and seeing the relief in their eyes as he approached them and their hugs for him. Heart melting. It’s ok, they weren’t traumatized. They went right back in and had to be “rescued” again.

  235. I can’t wait to hear the story of you and Brett meeting. You have teased us with tidbits about seeing him in the car park with his boys…but now I want it all :-) I am enjoying the first official day of Summer, looking forward to bike rides, icy poles, more picnics and beer on a sticky Summer’s night!

  236. such a great post! love the part about the developing relationship between lainey and nella…i’m seeing the same thing with my two littlest boys and it’s awesome to behold :) also love scentsy – try the “sugar” scent – great for little girls :)

  237. Today I am loving the inspiration I get from reading your blog. I don’t have my own big family yet, but we’re looking forward to that one day. You inspire my creative side and make me look forward to doing all those fun and creative things with my little ones when we have them!

  238. What I’m enjoying: reading your blog this morning!

    I love how your girls love each other. Although my kids are 10 years apart they have a bond like no other. My daughter is blessed with a big brother who loves her like crazy.

    Me and my son are going to try out your picture frame idea, not sure if he will be up for making a frame but ours will include hunting/deer/fish/etc pictures. It should be interesting.

    My brother in law just asked me if I have seen the scent buddies. I looked them up online and they are so adorable.

  239. I have been kind of bitter lately about the oodles of laundry, the constant food prep, etc… etc… may have had a little temper tantrum. Just sayin’.

    HOWEVER, I started giving thanks, and writing down all the things I see around me that can bring me joy…. like baby toes. And giggling children. And green leaves. And gardens sprouting.

  240. I am enjoying watching my littlest one and only girl, Chloe(belle) crawl – all toes and chubby little palms – no knees, because she’s such a little princess. I am enjoying seeing her laugh as the realization that she is adored by mama, dada and most of all her two brothers fully hits her. Reign on Principessa, reign on! :)

  241. I am enjoying my hilarious 2 (almost 3) year old!!!

  242. I am so glad to hear that Brett enjoyed his father’s day surrounded by all of you guys! :). I love looking at pictures of Lainey & nella together. I
    t reminds me of my sister & I and makes me look forward to when my son has a sibling. Siblings rock!


  243. What is is about dads? When I asked my husband what he wanted to do for Father’s Day his response was ‘nothing.’ No waiting in line for brunch, no going to the store, no going out. Instead, we had Oreo milkshakes for breakfast, chili dip and fritos for lunch, BLT salad for dinner and in between we played and laughed and tickled out kiddos. Good thing dads are so easy to please. :)

    Awesome vintage Fischer Price camera. I assume it’s another Etsy find?

  244. I refresh my Blogger Dashboard every day hoping for a new post from you, and each time one pops up, I am never disappointed! Just wanted you to know that. :)

  245. I love that you go on dates and share alone time with your girls…those are moments they will always remember. I also love hearing about the budding friendship between the girls…they are so lucky to have one another. As always, wonderful writing and amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!!!

  246. Right now I’m loving summer vacation with my almost first grader. Soaking up every last bit of him before he starts ALL day school. Not sure how I’m going to feel come fall and we are one kiddo short during lunch. It seems so completely unnatural to send him to school for all those hours expecting a total stranger to mold and form his young and impressionable mind. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should homeschool!

    Love, love, LOVE the saddle shoes for you & Lainey Love! I’m so gonna copy that for me & my girl :)

    Happy Tuesday, friend. Hoping those sweet girls of yours let you sleep in a little after your late night run. Good for you for keepin’ it up!! I’m loving the June challenge. Down a couple of pounds, a couple more to go. And the daily reading and journaling have been great. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Angie from Ohio

  247. I am enjoying my two little furry babies right now–Waffles and Grover. I’m enjoying watching them swim for the first time in our Aunt’s pool (don’t worry–they don’t shed). I am enjoying watching them become brave little puppies and jump in the pool to fetch their most favorite toy in the whole world (a racquetball we found in the grass at our apartment during one of our first walks there). I’m enjoying watching them cuddle up together once we get home because they are tired from fetching and swimming and being together is their favorite place to be. That is what I’m enjoying right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    That being said, my house sometimes smells like wet dog so that scentsy light would come in really handy.

  248. As I was reading your post and I got to your sisterly bond like no other part…three of my girls were in the other room fighting away..and i couldnt help but just giggle…bc yes it is like no other bond you ever have…i have loved watching every part of my girls form that bond the good times and the bad times:))

  249. Always enjoyed! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  250. That tiny bit of information IS so powerful. Thank you for putting that into words for all to read.

  251. I have been reading your blog for months now and I want you to know that you brighten my day with you insightful thoughts and reflections. Our outlooks on life are so similar and when I feel myself losing my way, your blog helps to refocus me. Thanks for sharing all your stories :)

  252. Love me some scentsy but love me some sibling love even more! :)

  253. I absolutely love reading your blog. It gives me the inspiration when it comes to motherhood..I often find myself reading, repeatedly nodding my head, and fighting back tears of happiness. It’s comforting knowing that someone else feels the way I do(not that I am the only mother out there..obviously I am not..) but someone who feels a specific way about life’s experiences and describe it so perfectly in words. Thank you for sharing your life with me. :))

  254. I am loving my special needs little guy more and more because I am learning what makes him special and how to deal with it.

  255. LOVE IT!!!!! Your girls are so gorgeous!

  256. I don’t have kids yet, but reading your honesty makes me so excited to start that journey one day. From your words I can tell how much you love your kids, and I hope to be that kind of mom one day.
    Thanks for such beautiful inspiration to us who aren’t moms yet!
    Love those scentsy items, and you’re right, if your house smells good it comes across as being clean!

  257. there is something oh-so-special about the relationship between sisters. I am so blessed as to have two, and a brother to make things extra special (and often crazy)! Right now I am totally enjoying the lovely Colorado summer … blue skies, mountains and people I love. Can’t complain!

  258. I just might have to move to Naples…just to meet you and your girls. Sound a bit stalkerish I know..but really I think we all need someone like you in our lives….and not mention I think we’d be great friends and my baby would certianly love your babies! I can’t wait for a second baby, hopefully another daughter to share this amazing bond with and will only hope my girls would be as close as your’s so clearly are.

  259. I am loving the fact that you can barely describe the kind of love the girls share. That’s exactly how I get when I get when I try to desrcibe the love between my babies. It more than love. We are also totally in love with making our own rules for the summer time! Fun!

  260. I never leave comments I guess you could call me a stalker….but I absolutely adore your blog. You make my day with the great pictures of your beautiful family the awesome music and heartfelt words. You are inspiring and have made me realize that the small things are what we all should cherish.
    Thank you!

  261. I totally understand the bond you are talking about between your girls. I have twins, one of which has Ds, they are 5. I also have a 2 1/2 year old. All of which have an amazing relationship that is indescribable. I love watching them interact and learn and teach and imitate and love on each other. It’s amazing.

  262. My friend just started selling Scentsy. First I heard of it and now I see it everywhere! Must be some good stuff!

  263. Love the picture frame idea! Gorgeous pictures of your girls as always!

  264. Right now I am loving early morning quiet… holding grandbabies… and indulging my own craft monster by crocheting headbands for myself and my daughters as well as crocheting a pretty baby blanket.

  265. I’m loving my daughters sun kissed skin from proof we are outside and enjoying our sunny california weather! june is a month for us to be swimming, at the parks, going on walks!!! loving it all. life is so good!

  266. I always love your posts. They are so refreshing. We just celebrated and said goodbye to my papa this weekend. We shared many little amazing moments that are now our stories of remembrance. I love your blog for finding the small joys in life. I also agree a little clutter + house that smells good= being able to call your house good enough to get out and enjoy life!

  267. It’s so great to get some one-on-one time with your kids. I have three boys, and it is really rare that I get alone time with each one, but it is so precious when I do. I love your photo of Nella the shutterbug!

  268. I’m enjoying working out to exhaustion, playing to exhaustion and being creative to exhaustion – isn’t that what summer is for?!

  269. Right now I’m enjoying the sweet smell of puppy love as I enjoy the french vanilla flavoring of a warm cup of much needed cup of coffee. A sisters love is an amazing feeling, I know I have 2 of my own and I know how special they are. Your girls look like they already know that feeling! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  270. That scentsy buddy looks amazing – wonder if he would help my 10 month old fall to sleep? Love the camera Nella has in the last picture. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  271. I love this–the creative beast, dates with one kid, all of it.
    The sibiling relationship is such an interesting phenomenon–watching it evolve has been the greatest joy of having two kids for me. When they laugh each other silly, I think I’ll melt of happiness.
    And I’m so happy that you are going to publish your story of how you met Brett! My sister and I have often commented that we look forward to the day you share that. :)

  272. I adore the pic of Lainey and Nella doing ‘makeup’. Such a sweet relationship they have!

  273. Man, you have one good looking family! Those boys are going to be heartbreakers :)

    I’ve been drooling over that Scentsy shop! You must be readin’ my mind!

  274. we celebrated our first fathers day here. Our twins are 6.5 months old :) So I gave my husband candy picked by the ladies of course and a card from me and the girls plus the fur child….you never think how hard it is to have a 6 month old write their name and not try and eat the pen :) Have pics to prove the spit covered mess!
    Glad you enjoyed your day. and Im totally filing the art project for when the ladies are older!!!!!

    Ahh mommahood

  275. I am enjoying my new favorite scent in my scentsy warmer…Skinning Dipping!! Just the name alone puts a smile on your face but the scent is even better :) Happy week!

  276. also thank you for inspiring me to start up a blog again to keep my momma thoughts in order and of course get them out before my head pops off my shoulders ! LOL

  277. They are so precious:)

  278. YES, I can totally relate to having a child with Down syndrome laughing so hard at his sisters that he is begging them to stop because “I can’t breave, I can’t breave”, ha ha ha. Love it and I also LOVE that vintage camera that Nella is holding. Oh the memories!!!

  279. Lovely to see such a beautiful family sharing sweet memories!..Love your blog.. and I absolutely love the picture of Lainey doing Nella’s makeup :) innocence at it’s best!

  280. I would have to say I am enjoying everything in life in general right now, despite having some bumps in the road lately, life is just plain wonderful. :)

  281. I love what you said about how your girls are connecting. My little sister is special needs, but to me she’s always just been my sister… someone I laugh with.

  282. I should do the photo sharing about my June challenge but I’m not much of photographer. However, I wanted to tell you that my self challenge was to lose 10 pounds. That’s all. Just 10. I have been a long time Weight Watcher after losing 53 pounds about 3 years ago but I had gained several (about 10) back after my wedding last year and it didn’t seem like anything I was doing was working. Not even Weight Watchers. So I thought what the heck, I’m going to try something crazy, off the wall, a real challenge and I have been doing the “metamorphosis” diet by Tracy Anderson and low and behold,3 weeks later I’m down 7 pounds! Woo hoo! It’s those last 10 that are the b*tch to get off and it’s working. It’s hard and I have to spend 4 hours in the kitchen preparing the meals each Sunday and not go out to eat with my very supportive husband and sit around a BBQ with my friends and watch them devour cheeseburgers and chips or go out with the girls and eat a plate of lettuce while they sip martinis and eat pizza but it’s worth it and it’s working! Thanks for the challenge! And thanks for writing your blog! It’s a daily addiction! Love your family and your style! Jess

  283. LOVE the snood hat you are wearing in this post! SO cute!
    I also stare at random corners of my house, trying to think of a new way to arrange my furniture, or what new art would look good. I chalk this up to my addiction! :)

  284. I’m obsessed with vintage toys… I just love the last photo of Nella with the Fisher Price Camera. LOVE it! Happy day…

  285. What am I enjoying today? The calm in the eye of the storm. Moving preparations done on this end. Packers are here. Boxes to be loaded on Friday. Tampa awaits our arrival on Saturday. Then the storm of unpacking will rage!

  286. I am enjoying my summer vacation (teacher) with my 4 little ones. I love the opportunity to be a full time mom in the summertime!! Currently planning our 4th of July vacation into the northwoods of Minnesota!!!

    Loving the photos!! And Lainey’s white eyelet vest? Adore it!!!

  287. I love how your blog inspires me to be more fun for my kids. They are older now, but they still need fun! Thank you for that.. :)

  288. Ok this is my first time to post a comment…but felt like I had to. I loved the part in this post about “running to see what the girls were laughing about” My Jake (who has ds) loves to wrestle his older brother. I always laugh when Jake says to his brother “You’re going down” (it’s a boy thing). Both of Jake’s sibling are gone this week on summer trips and I know he misses them terribly. I quess it’s time for a Mommy and son date….maybe we will take in a movie =-) Thanks for your blog and for your voice for our amazing and wonderful children we are blessd to raise.

  289. Right now I’m enjoying a summer full of fun with my favorite little boy and lots of out-of-town friends taking their vacations to Nashville to come see ME! Does life get any better?

  290. Thank you for always sharing your beautiful family. I love the picture of your girls laughing together and the comment you made below it. The fact that kids with Downs can bellow out laughs with their siblings. Mu husband and I have a 2 and a half month old with Downs (our first child) and are debating whether or not to have another. We go back and forth,but to remember my childhood with 3 older siblings and to see this post, makes me want at least one great buddy for him. Your post was so made me cry, so thank you!

  291. My girls love their scentsy buddy(Penny the Pig) and i love the newborn nursery scent pak.The big sister(2.5yr old) in my house always gets the best laughs out of my 9 month old.I used to worry because i could never get her to laugh.I did not think she could until early one morning i heard a fit of giggles coming from her crib and looked over to find big siter playing peek a boo with her.The sister bond is a great one.I am enjoying watching my girls play together and the inpiration i get from you to do more as a family.

  292. So sweet to hear about Lainey and Nellas bond….but the picture I like best is the one of Lainey sleeping all protected in her big brothers arm. Something I just love about the idea of “big brother”, and that protective male figure in little girls lives. Probably something a therapist could help me figure out….but I rather like the idea and want to keep it. I don’t think its hurting anyone. Great post, can’t wait to read your book :)

  293. Love the pics. There is nothing like sisterly love. I have 2 little girls ages 9 and 19 months and they adore each other…

    and there is nothing better then a scentsy…I had one but my husband broke it a few weeks ago…I need to get a new one. have fun with mixing scents…they are great

  294. Oh, my girls and I totally did a magazine collage project the other day. We did what I like to call collage painting- where we use torn bits of colored magazine paper to “paint” a picture. I threw in some new words like “impressionism” and “pointillism”. They ate it up, and now I have two new original art pieces to display. Fun.

  295. Gosh you’re an AMAZING writer and I just can’t get enough of your pics:) i just attended my first scentsy party last week and vividly remember all those yummy scents(including the “man” scents:)Looking forward to my room smelling like “satin sheets.”

  296. Oh that Scentsy Buddy is SOOO cute!!! I have a little like Nella and she would LOVE that!!! Crossing my fingers!!! I have 2 girls too and their bond is… amazing!! Indescribable actually. They fall asleep talking and laughing with one another, its SOOO sweet and I’ll never forget that sound!!

  297. Beautiful picture frame – so much fun! Love sister bonds (I have 2) they’re irreplaceable! God Bless!

  298. My inspiration right now comes from my nesting instinct, which is currently in full gear. I am 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow with number three!! It actually began as inspiration and has now turned into a slight panic to get things done, but it works! :)

  299. Dollar picture frames. I love getting inspiration from you. Thank you. And I too know that bond you are talking about – I know the same has already formed between my girls (3.5 and 1.5). It is magic :)

  300. Coconut Lemongrass is sooo dreamy. I just turned mine on with Surfer Chick in it. Not only is it totally summery, but it’s packaging is bright pink. Makes me happy in this boy filled house I live in!

  301. The picture frame idea is a great one! Love your blog by the way :) And what am I enjoying right now? The best thing in my life at the moment is my family but especially my almost 11 month old. I’m amazed every day at how fast the time has flown by.

  302. I am OBSESSED with your saddle shoes! Happy 1st Day of Summer! I am enjoying my 7 mo meeting her 5 mo cousin for the first time!

  303. I love this post. My hunny loves the laid back father’s day’s as well.

  304. Right now I’m really enjoying having all of my kids home from school and having to replace a fresh bag of Popsicles every few days :)

    Glee Marathons with my 11 year old,PB&J and Kiss CD’s with my 9 year old (Yes,Kiss!!)Cuddling with my 4 year old who adores his Mommy and watching all 3 of them interact with their baby sister who giggles at all of them.

    Throw in some awesome trips and family events…..Man this is going to be the BEST summer ever!

  305. Love the picture frame idea. Anything to use up all these old magazines.

  306. My favorite part of this post was when you said that those with Down Syndrome-and I would like to add this could be attributed to anyone with special needs that they laugh hysterically with their siblings. My ten year old special needs son is the same way. People are often surprised to find out he has a quiet sense of humor. We just had another person discover that last night. Yes there is an amazing spirit inside his “imperfect” body and I love when others take the time to discover it!

  307. Kelle- I heart you! You are funny and real and such an amazing writer! I look forward to your posts and your pictures because I too, although not a photographer, love pictures of my kiddos. Currently I am enjoying a week with just my “baby” Jentry while her 2 older siblings attend camp at BYU. Jentry is 6 and is at such a fun age. We are thoroughly enjoying our alone time but also excited for the 2 big ones to come back:) Thanks for being so awesome!

  308. With thoughts of our #2 on the horizon, I can’t help but wish for a sister for my Abrielle. As nice as it would be to have one of each, sisterly love is a special thing that I hope she gets to experience one day.

  309. I am enjoying your playlist. i always silence whatever music i have going before I come to your blog. <3 the pictures of Lainey and Nella!

  310. I just fall in to your blog every day. Sometimes I read an old one, always read whats new. I can put my life on the shelf for a few minutes and swim in yours. Thank you for more than you realize!

  311. Kelle, your blog is such an inspiration, I love checking in to see how the girls are growing and to be inspired by your words…thanks so much for sharing your family.

  312. Something I enjoy? Reading your blog of course! …and many of the same things you enjoy. I’m living over in Japan teaching right now and reading your blog reminds me of the simple comforts of home. I also have a creative beast living inside me that is always finding ways to escape. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put Mod Podge to good use. Oh! My little 6 and 7 year olds are really into origami right now so I made them cootie catchers, just this week actually. They were so impressed and loved them, as I’m sure little Lainey did too.

  313. Reagan loves her scentsy lamb :) my creative monster must be fed in the kitchen, for me its writing new recipes

  314. I love the sweet dates! I think that’s so important to have one-on-one time :) I love coconut and lemongrass! Suki makes a great lemongrass bar soap :) I need to check out this shop because I’m lemming to get some healthy smelly candles in my place! Where is your beanie from?! Love it! Going home to WI in a few weeks & I need a hat to wear! xx

  315. I love a good smelling house!!

    And the pictures of your girls are just precious! I’m glad they get along :)

  316. I just LOVE the way you like at life. I also love the precious photos of your daughters!

    Right now I’m enjoying being off for the summer and spending time with my own daughters. :)


  317. I love that you are sharing Nella and Lainey’s bond. I have a nephew who has autism, and he and his big brother share the same bond. I love that sibling love knows no boundaries!

  318. I’m enjoying sitting next to my 2 year old son, an empty bowl (of soup)in front of us. The pickiest eater of all the pickiest eaters that ever existed has gladly eaten one whole bowl of barley, potato and plantain soup. Today is a good day. A great one, actually. Thanks for the awesome soundtrack to an epic moment… we love your playlist!

  319. Enjoying my tiny flower bed that I FINALLY got around to weeding last night… which made room for some cute little flowers.

  320. I sooo agree: most of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m doing as a parent. But then there are those moments when I look at my kids and think “Well, we must be doing something right somewhere!” and it feels good!

    We LOVE Scentsy around here! I hadn’t seen the plug in warmer though! Wow! That makes me happy! Have a great week Kelle!

  321. I too believe in the creative monster. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing the things that have to be done, that we forget the things that need to be done (to retain the peace within us). I knit, I sew, I quilt – Lord knows not for cost-saving purposes on gifts, no sirree. I do those things to soothe myself and to give gifts that say “This is how much I love you, I love you so much that I spent my valuable time creating this piece of myself for YOU! And I must say – every post has a picture that brings a tear to my eye – from different emotions, but mostly the sweetness that your photography expresses.

  322. Loving the summer, when we literally have nothing better to do than enjoy each others company.

  323. Reading your blog (at work) is a happy indulgence of mine. If I’m ever in a negative place, “visiting” you pulls me out. If I’m ever lacking inspiration, I find it in your blog. Thank you for that!

  324. Currently enjoying a hot cup of coffee & a cold air conditioner :)

  325. I love how you talk about creativity and how it makes you happy, it is SO TRUE! I use to tell myself that I wasn’t very creative because I couldn’t paint or draw….but I play the piano and I cook and I organize and I decorate…all outlets for my creativity just waiting to burst out! I love that!

    I love seeing pictures of your girls together. It is so tender and I can’t wait for the day when my little bean has a sister( or a brother) to share that special bond with (Really I can wait though because I’m not sure I’m quite ready to have a newborn again…but I will be!)

  326. P.S….I’ve been wanting to comment about this for a while but thought it was a little weird – oh what the heck – I get a kick out of Nella’s left big toe that’s always sticking out in pictures. It’s nibble-able :)

  327. I LOVE the frame! Such a cute idea for all ages!
    Also, your writing about Lainey and Nella is so beautiful. I have a sister who is a little over 3 years younger than me and have always wondered if it was a bond our parents could see back in the day or if we just seemed like regular kiddos to them. Sisterhood is so special. :)

    As always, thank you for sharing your life with us!


  328. The “it’s not fair thing…” we are going through that with Jackson too – must be a 4 year old thing. And we are like you…life’s not fair…that’s not a good way to get things in our home.

    We have 2 boys…4.5 and 19 months…to see them together and the bond they share…makes me so incredibly blessed and happy so I completely get what you are saying.

    And the picture of Nella at the end…LOVE!!

  329. You went to Costco and left with only three items? You, my friend, are my idol. :)

  330. I am enjoying the lack of rain here in the Pacific NW. The mornings are brisk, makes my fingers tingle with cold, and the promise of the thermometer hitting 80 degrees today! Whoo hoo…this is the life.

  331. I couldn’t agree more, a nice smelling house always feels inviting! I try to always have a $9.99 orchid plant from Trader Joe’s too, that way if someone just stops by their eyes always look towards the exotic orchid rather than all the toys and discarded clothes on the floor!

  332. Right now I am enjoying warmer weather and the chance to swim and play on our new lawn. Oh, and I LOVE scentsy!!! :)

  333. Those girls and Nella’s squinty smile warm my heart. Lucky girl.

  334. what a beautiful bond your girls have! Made miss my sister :(

  335. Scentsy is amazing! I’ve been enjoying it in my home for 4+ years? I love that it can set the stage for a magical Christmas Eve, a motivator for some spring cleaning to get the house de-cluttered, organized; assisting in the illusion that the house is clean when unexpected company calls to announce they will be there within the hour; or my favorite that I burn often, black raspberry vanilla, that reminds me…I’m home. I have an abundance of scents and it’s almost like a challenge to me…how many fantastic smells can I collect! I guess I’m like a hoarder when It comes to that stuff! I figure if I’m going to hoard something, it might as well be some good smellin stuff that can tell a story or strike a memory!

  336. You inspire me more and more everytime I read your blog. I love how your girls get along. I am constantly having to break up a fight between my guys. I hope that some day they grow out of it and learn to be friends and not just brothers.
    Sounds like you guys had a great Father’s Day, unfortunately I let my own feelings get in the way of our father’s day so there really wasn’t any celebration.

    As for as the scentsy…omgosh!!! I have so been wanting to put in an order but everytime I know someone having a party I have something else going on and cannot do it. I agree, no matter the mess or lack of time to clean nothing makes your house feel more like home and neater/cleaner than a wonderful scent wafting through the house.

  337. My oldest will be 4 next Monday and he’s been saying things that makes us go “Huh? Where’d he get that?” Things that are never said in our house, but he’s heard it somewhere.

    It’s funny how they pick things up that makes up scratch our head.

  338. sweet sisters. your posts and fabulous pictures always make me smile.
    have a loverly day with those fantastic babies and wonderful hubby!

  339. LOVE Scentsy!!! You must try the Citrus Sun Tea scent – good stuff.

  340. Boy oh boy!!!! Those boys, huh!?! And wow…your Lainey and my Layla are two of a kind right now. Four. It’s not fair! Stomping feet. Punch balloons. Two peas in a pod, I’d say. I love all the diner captures. So cute, especially by the door! Love those chairs, that match your new photo {fabulous, btw} frame! Funky, and my likey. Your girls are just the sweetest. Makes me feel bad for saying “I don’t think so” when Layla asks for a baby sister. Ugh…..**le sigh** AND…because I wanna a lovely smelling house.!!!! I am really enjoying the fact that a homeless man fized my car a/c…that I was willing to “trust” him and that we both wound up enjoying the small things. Me, cool air. Him, $20. {It’s all I had.}

  341. As a little sister, I can say that Nella will want to do everything Lainey does. And if Lainey’s anything like my brother? She’ll let Nella steal her books and sip his coffee and, heck, she won’t even cry because Nella’s just bitten her really hard. {Okay, maybe it’s just me that was a crazy biter}… The bond between siblings is tricky to explain, but in those photos? You can just tell.

  342. That last picture just makes me smile! So adorable!!

  343. I loved your post about building confidence and using the good times to get through the bad ones. It really hit home.

    We just brought home a brand new puppy on Thursday night (golden retriever). She is absolutely precious but a ton of work and kinda hit us hard when we realized how much our lives have changed now that we have this responsibilty. I am glad now that we did this before we had kids because I will use my experience as a learning tool and knowing that good things will come out in the end.

    Thanks for your post, always so inspiring and I love to see your beautiful family. They are gorgeous!

  344. Kelle! You read my mind. I’ve been wanting to find someone who sells Scentsy! I LOVE IT! And I totally said the same thing about my scent…it smells like a man, and it smells good (forgot the name – it was a gift).

    Also, I want to thank you. Thank you for putting into words the things that I can’t…and thank you for being honest. I’ve been able to share your blog with friends who are worried about the development of their children. Being without children of my own, I can only be the one who listen and supports, but you can offer that sense of understanding. Thank you for helping me love on my friends and their babies.

  345. Your blog always makes my heart smile. :)

  346. Seeing I am known to be an absolutely SUCKY housecleaner… those scents would do well here!!! xo

  347. Love the picture frame idea! :)

  348. when my parents asked me when i was little why i wanted a sibling so badly, i could never come up with the words. it was something i saw glimpses of in my friends, but that i never got to experience myself. that connection, and love, that’s what i didn’t know how to put into words.

  349. Can I tell you again how you need to write a book? :) I love your writing style, it *fits* with your photos oh so perfectly. You are truly an inspiration & your daughters have such a wonderful role model in you. I can only assume they love each other so much because you show so much love in everything you do. Keep up the great work, mama! :)

  350. My sister and I were just talking about sisterly love today. She has two girls and she hopes that they grow up to have a special bond. I think that is just a given. Girls might fight when they are younger but when you grow up, they turn out to be your best friend. I wouldn’t know what I would do without my sister. I love seeing Lainey and Nella with each other. You can tell they have that special bond!!

  351. I’m loving helping my daughter plan her birthday party. She’s old enough to come up with all sorts of ideas herself now. . . so we are going to be celebrating 9 with a lot of zebra stripes!

    I love coconut lemongrass! It’s my favorite but I also just discovered (and love) Luna.

    It’s uncanny how much Brett’s boys look like him!

  352. It’s the first day of Summer! What can I say more exciting about that, except that I live in Seattle and so that usually means rain–but around here.. summer is glorious–the reason WHY you live here! It’s going to be up to 78 degrees–which for you might be a cool day, but to us is momentous! and THAT is what I am celebrating.. what I’m living right now. Stretching out before a long summer of PLAYING and CAMPS and fun times! Thanks for sharing your life with us–it’s pretty amazing. Here’s to hoping my comment doesn’t get lost in the void of what you write–but that you read it. :)

  353. My sis and I share a bond, like your girls….we just get each other… the shoes at the soda counter!

  354. I adore your blog. The way you string words together and the gorgeous pictures captivate me every time.

    The picture of Lainey with Betty Boop is darling. I love Lainey’s sassy attitude-much cuter version of sassy than what you described earlier in the day. Also, you’re right…anyone who tells you they don’t want their house to smell like hot guy is lying.

    My husband is seriously addicted to what we call “smell goods” which can include things like cologne, candles, plug-in air fresheners, oil burners, etc. Our home is always notorious for smelling good. When we moved into our first apartment there were air fresheners plugged into the walls before we arrived with the boxes.

  355. Thank you for your writing. I read your inspiring words whenever you post, and though I don’t have littles, and live way the heck up here in the state of New York… I’ve been meaning to comment for awhile now, but didn’t know where to start. It was your words on parenting and that feeling of looking around and saying to yourself, damnit, we’re really doing this… thanks for that. The thought of kids terrify me as much as they excite me. There are just so many things that could go wrong. Your girls are beautiful, and you’re doing a great job. Thanks for writing.

  356. You have such a gorgeous beautiful family! I love reading your posts, they make me smile :) Something I’m loving at the moment (I’m a early years teacher) is the curiosity that comes with the questions that children ask. Whether or not it’s a legit question with an interesting answer, or just a question from a child who wants to know why you like a certain colour. I love love love it!

  357. My sweet second boy is only a couple of weeks younger than Nella and I’m telling you, they both look OLDER all of a sudden! You think? Like a little girl and boy instead of babies. Sad and exciting. Oh, and I’m starting to see some relationship-stuff going on with the 6 year old in our house too. FUN!

  358. I love the photos of the girls together. We are just now able to start taking pictures of the 4 kids together without them freaking out or running off. I am dying to try out Scentsy. I have heard so much about it.


  359. Scentsy = LOVE!! I’m slightly addicted as well. Thanks for the post about looking “past” the down syndrome to see the real stuff. My daughters (3) all have autism and while it’s not “visible”, it’s hard to get people to look past the outward symptoms to see the relationships they have with each other. :) So yeah, thanks again! You’re da bombdiggity!

  360. you always manage a smile and a renewed hope in the day. when its 110 degrees here in AZ and feels to F-ing hot to do anything, you light a spark to be better.

  361. Lovely, as always. Your photography is beautiful. I love the sweet laughter between the girls with the makeup brushes…my little man thinks mommy’s makeup brushes are the best:)

  362. Your girls bond is amazing to watch week to week and month to month threw the pictures you take and publish. I see the same in my boy and girl. They just keep getting closer and closer and I wish that for them to keep that bond forever and for yours also. Thank you Kelle for sharing your journey with us.

  363. I’m always drawn in by the magic of your words and the beauty of your pictures.
    You inspire!
    Keep up the good work.

    And I’m sitting here thinking…yes, my place can use a good scent permeating the air. I’m having some coworkers over soon for a lovely brunch, and that would be a nice welcome to them :)

  364. Enjoying your blog post right now……first thing I look forward to when I jump on the computer when I get to work. Enjoying picture of Nella taking pictures just like her Mama!
    Enjoying my girl who just turned 4 yesterday riding her new scooter around the house before bed last night.

  365. I love watching my kids bond. It is awesome and wonderful. Watching them fight, not so much, but when they make up, totally worth it! Also, my oldest daughter who is 5 loves your blog. She always looks at the pictures with me and is always asking me “would Lainey like to come play at our house?” She and my son are enrolled in an all abilites Drama camp this summer and when we went to the open house, we met one of the older girls who is also enrolled. She has DS and on the way home Kayla said, “Mama, that girl we met has such pretty eyes, just like baby Nella”. To which I replied, “Yes baby, she sure does.” Keep up the beautiful posts!

  366. I’ve got a creative alien baby inside me too and I can’t wait to see if my little girl (10 months) has one as well. I fully plan on feeding that creative alien baby to it’s fullest though! :)

  367. What the heck is edamame? I should know that, right?

  368. OMG.. what made me happy right now was seeing that fisher price camera at the end of your post.. as i know it from so long ago! Also, pretty happy to have enjoyed making a craft with my daughters class today before work…it is the little things! πŸ˜‰

  369. total scentsy addict right here.
    also, love the photos, and speaking of addict, I am one of your blog. yes yes I am.

    I started running 3 weeks ago based on your talk about it on your blog as well as another blog I read. it feels SO good. one of the best things I have ever done for myself. thank you for your inspiration.

  370. As I said when I saw the scentsy box…I got addicted too so I sell it now too :) I am glad you have a sponser there. I got my own little on year old his own Ribbert the frog scensty buddy for his birthday He has been completely in love with it :) I sell out here in WA so no worries :) So glad you love it!

  371. I love how you love on your girls. I find it really stretching to make sure each of my 4 kids all feel our love in tangible ways. I’m glad they have each other to love on too.

  372. You take Costco breaks, I take Enjoying the Small Things Breaks. Forgive me if you’ve answered this, but is that your old Fisher Price camera that Nella has? I love it!

    Something I am enjoying right now is putting my bare feet in the grass. Chicago is finally warm (most days) and feet-in-the-grass weather only last for so long! I do it everyday as I walk my dog and check in on my garden.

  373. Your girls, and their growing relationship, is just beautiful. I have two daughters (2 years apart) and it is such a unique relationship and I am so greatful that I get to watch it grow! Love your blog and your sweet family!

    Your June challenge is having to be put off until September for me due to my newest little girl that I am due to have in August! I can’t wait to get back in to running!

  374. The sun is finally shining up here in rainy British Columbia, Canada. I am excited about eating my lunch in the sun today!!

  375. I just love your blog… makes me think, makes me smile, laugh, cry. You are what everyone wants ….. the most funnest ‘girlfriend’ a girl could have. (and I don’t mean that in a play for the other team way πŸ˜‰

  376. As always I love your blog. Love the pictures. As for what I’m enjoying right now…just being me and loving on my wonderful hubby! :) Life couldn’t get any better right now.

  377. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I think, “Am I doing this whole mom thing right?” But when I am playing with them and they are laughing and smiling, something feels so right.

  378. I’m absolutely in love with Lainey and your saddle shoes. They bring me back to my childhood when my mom was a sales clerk at Stride Rite. She’d always bring us home great fitting, fun shoes that my two sisters and I were so happy to wear. I remember fondly adorning my feet with my light pink saddle shoes, having my mom tie them right before we walked to school for a day of Kindergarten. Eventually as the leather grew tired and the pink became stained my saddle shoes retired into the closet. Sparkly red glittered “Dorothy” Mary-Jane’s soon took my coveted saddle shoe’s place.
    Thanks for stirring up those great memories. I’m really enjoying reminiscing on this sunny Tuesday morning.
    I also have a creative bug brewing. I have high hopes of redecorating my bedroom and turning it into a “shabby chic” sanctuary. But, for now, cardstock and $1 Target Spot stamps await for me to replenish my homemade greeting card stash. :)

  379. I love the picture of your girls laughing. They make me smile. What I am loving…

    I found out we are having a baby boy last night…first baby :)

  380. I too, just met a Scentsy representative and I am IN LOVE! Awesome stuff.

    What am I enjoying now? The go-go of summer band, library trips and the upcoming birthday of my soon-to-be 8 year old son. It’s a Fear Factor themed party and I promise, Fear will NOT be a Factor in this house!

  381. I love that you take the time to always make Lainey feel special. Having siblings sometimes makes children feel lost in the family. My daddy always did father daughter dates wtih me and I can’t wait to see my husband do the same with our daughter in the future. Also, I can get over how much Brett’s sons look like him – they are his spiting image!

  382. at this very moment i am enjoying ur blog. im guilty of just leaving it on the computer and dancing around the house to the music. it is especially helpful when both my sweet children r cranky. but at this very unusual moment i am enjoying ur blog in peace and contentment while both my 2yr old and 7mo old are taking a rare snooze. =0)

  383. What a fantastic way to spend fathers day! I also agree with the great smelling home. People don’t tend to see all the crap that is actually lying around. Happy Tuesday!

  384. i am enjoying seizure free daughters, sunshine and five loads of freshly cleaned & folded (bonus) clothes.

  385. I am loving how everything is an adventure with my 18 month old these days…. he is my little buddy and we have so much fun together! I love summer with kiddos :)

  386. Inspiring as always! And I love that Scentsy Buddy!!

  387. Your girls have the best smiles.. both of them! They are infectious.. its hard not to smile when you look at their pictures. And the date idea.. such a good one for getting out of a funk!

  388. My little boy is 7 months old (as of yesterday) and nothing warms my heart more lately than the look of pure glee when he sees his Elmo doll. Sure, Elmo’s voice gets old after you hear “Elmo’s so giggly!” for the upteenth time…but Kevin’s giggles make it so much more bearable.

    I swear, baby giggles need to be bottled up so we can hear them when we’re most stressed. It’s an instant calming agent.

  389. I love scentsy and my house could soooo use some good smellin’ lately….

  390. I love your comment about people with Down Syndrome having completely ordinary, wonderful relationship moments. My nephew is “special needs,” but it always stuns me to see those words in print describing him. I know him as a little boy. An individual. I don’t think of his needs being particularly special because I have the kind of moments with him you have described. “Special needs” sounds so other — probably because it is just that: A label. A nicer label than those of the past, but hardly adequate to describe the complexity of a perfect little person who is truly, amazingly, fully a member of God’s Family.

  391. Scentsy is THE BEST. Not a bad scent in the 80something smells they have!

  392. Right now I am enjoying packing my family’s bags because tomorrow we are making the 11 hour drive for a surprise trip home. I’m so excited I could cry. We just decided yesterday that we are leaving tomorrow. No one knows we are coming. We will arrive on my mother’s doorstep, and my granny’s, and so many other family members’ with a video camera in hand and when they open the door, “Surprise!” I miss them terribly, and I feel so guilty for separating my 2 year old daughter and infant twin sons from their family. It is going to be such a special week!

  393. I LOVE YOU. Is that too forward of me? lol. You inspire me to be a better me. Thank you :) I’m on the threshold of a new adventure – going solo after 20 years in an emotionally/mentally abusive marriage. So excited to find me again! P.S. your children are ADORABLE!

  394. I have been reading your blog for about a month now, and I have to say that is brightens my day. You have a beautiful way with words and your pictures are priceless. Thanks for doing what you do :)

  395. That ‘my bottom line in parenting’ paragraph? Perfection. It needs to be published on little notecards to hand out to moms. Powerful. Thanks for making my day better.

  396. cant wait to read more about the bond your girls share…i cant think of anything more wonderful than having a sister :)
    also, thank you for the reminder about making big sis feel special(little ones- special needs or not- seem to require a little extra attention) I need to take my big girl on a date soon :)

  397. I love to hear your stories and see your pictures. They are inspiring and fun. I see in my girls the same love you are talking about with yours. Its amazing to watch especially when just moments later they are screaming at each other b/c one took the Prince Phillip doll away.

    Thanks for sharing!

  398. The relationship between your girls makes my heart ache just a little bit… cuz I see the same thing with my 3 1/2 year old boy and 20 month old girl- and you’re so right- words to describe it are impossible to find.

    Enjoying right now…
    The blessing in disguise of my full time nanny leaving me. There’s something super gratifying about doing your own laundry, your own dishes ect while still working full time and taking care of your family. It’s hard, but good. (I’m sure I’ll be changing my tune in probably no more than a week, but the key words are enjoying RIGHT NOW) :)

    Thanks for brightening my day a bit… enjoy yours!!!


  399. right now i am enjoying buying PINK things for my little girl expected in october. after 2 boys, it’s amazing to pink it up and enter giveaways for hair bobbles and dresses!!!!

  400. So, so many things I love about this post. But I will just say as I prepare for my daughter’s 7th birthday party (7?!) that you totally inspire me. I am SO lacking in the creativity department but this might be the year. We’ll see. πŸ˜‰

  401. I’m enjoying the summer off with my girl. Haven’t had a summer off in two years, so we’re making everyday an adventure {because summer doesn’t last long around here}.

  402. My favorite picture is of Nella with the camera. And I love what you said about sibling, love and relationships. I too am watching the relationship of my 3 and 6 month old grow. I love the giggles that the 6 month old can make when the 3 year old is making her laugh…
    Happy Tuesday!

  403. The bond between two sisters is amazing. Thanks for sharing Lainey and Nella’s.

  404. Love the evolving relationship between the girls…its one of the amazing gifts we as mothers get to give our children…siblings to share life with!! Have a great week!! H

  405. I love your blog- It’s my favorite part of my day along with a good morning run. I was turned on to it by a friend of mine and now I am totally obsessed :) Your girls are so precious and I too have a creative monster within.. You have inspired/reminded me that the monster (he or she) must come out and play more often. I thank you for that.. Have a wonderful day!

  406. Right now I’m enjoying blue skies, calm trees, windows open, hearing a waterfall and birds, and 75 degrees! Swimming today!

  407. I LOVE my scentsy and use it daily! Good stuff! :)

  408. Right now I’m enjoying the summer, which is a first for me since we moved to Florida 6 years ago. I’m a midwestern girl and love my fall and winter, so I was dragged here kicking and screaming and have kicked and screamed my way through 5 hot and endless summers. This year is different.

    I attribute that to my 18 month old son. He LOVES playing outside, especially in his new kiddie pool, so I spend everyday for hours sweating and splashing outside. When we’re not outside, I’m wishing we could be, so I’ve finally embraced Florida summers.

    And of course I enjoy your blog and your children. :)

  409. I love to see the girls during their bonding moments! It is priceless!

    When my Down’s brother, Raymond, was little, he used to like us to jump around his playpen like a frog and “ribbit” for him. He loved birthday candles, and the those old blow up snowmen and such. Brings back great memories!

  410. I am listening to the belly laughter of my Tommy cracking up at his big brother’s antics – can it get any better than this???

  411. I hear ya on the “creative alien” that needs to be let out…she’s in me too. Beautiful blog, so happy I’ve discovered it.

  412. I love the candles! Being pregnant with our first kiddo, our house is rarely even remotely clean these days (as if I would sacrifice a nap for sweping the floor!). A yummy smell that could help mask things a little bit would be insanely welcome! :-)

  413. I found your blog a few months ago and I was drawn to your honesty on raising a child with special needs. It’s certainly not easy, but it is the simple moments, the quiet times, that we truely see our children and what they are capable of. I am grateful for my two children, and the wonderful bond they share.

  414. Oh, and we’re enjoying afternoon’s in bed, planning a vegetable garden (albeit one that may not actually happen until next year!), ultrasounds that show a growing baby, and taking our new puppy on neighborhood walks!

  415. Your posts make me so happy. You are one of my favorite bloggers. Thank you so much for doing it.

  416. My middle son has a motor-planning disorder or so they say. No one has told him because he is a happy, loving, carefree little guy who laughs so hard with his older brother that his laughter has made him fall over. He literally couldn’t stay on his feet because his brother had him doubled over in hysterics. There isn’t any therapy in the world that could help him like the love of his brother. Laughter and togetherness are our little secret to redefining the limits that are imposed on us by clinical and textbook diagnosis.

  417. Your thoughts on motherhood…esp this line “My bottom line in parenting–in special needs, in friendship, in anything–is always this: Most of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” I say this so often, but like you, I know how to make my kinds smile, feel secure, loved, and cherished. Rock on rockstar!

  418. I come to your blog every day and check to see what inspriration you have for me that day. I am in college to teach special education. I am in awe of the beautiful relationship between your amazing daughters. That bond will carry Nella (& Lainey!) so far in life. The bond of siblings is like no other. They are our first teachers. The love they share pours out in their pictures, I pray they always have that.

  419. The tip of making your house smell good to trick people into thinking it looks good…yes, please!!

  420. I’m enjoying summer vacation and trips to the pool with my girls. Like Lainey, they are learning to swim at a rapid pace!

  421. Enjoying this little bit of time left with my daughter as an only child before she has to share it with her little brother. I appreciate your perspective on parenting – because as excited as I am to be blessed with a second baby, I’m so scared of losing my time with my first. I like to think it’s irrational pregnancy horomones:)

  422. Love those ‘can’t stop laughing, wanna pee in your pants cos its so funny’ laughs. the best.

  423. I can’t wait to hear the love story of how you met!

  424. Love your blog! Look forward to it everyday!

  425. I didn’t have internet available for the last four days and found myself excited to see what I have missed on your blog! I have had so much fun this morning catching up – glad you had such a wonderful father’s day! Thanks for sharing –

  426. Oh man, I would have thought “Hot-oh-cod-oh” pretzel cookies would have had some avocodo in them. LOL! I love Lainey’s matching saddle shoes too. <3 Can’t wait til my little Sneaky starts cooking his own concoctions (unfortunately, I’d probably be hard pressed to get him into saddle shoes. LOL!)

  427. where DID You get those adorable shoes for Lainey? What were they called?

  428. PS I’ve been reading for nearly two years and never commented. But my little guy has a huge crush on Nella. Every time she smiles he laughs out loud and reaches for the screen. He’s four months younger, so he obv digs cougars. Somehow this reads way worse than your creative aliens.

  429. Things I’m loving right now…nightly swimming lessons with my sweet baby boy!

  430. Your description of the special moments your girls share brought tears to my eyes. I’m currently listening to my 4 year old daughter and 2 1/2 year old son chasing each other in peals of laughter. I have to finish this comment so I can go and join them!

  431. Love the comments about the sibling bonding. My 3 year old boy is slowly coming around to the sibling thing with his 1 year old bro. Love watching the relationship go to new levels & love hearing and seeing your girls do the same thing!

  432. ordering a scentsy buddy right now… well, make that at least 3 buddies! cant just get a shower gift and not get one for my girl and nieces!!

  433. Right now I am enjoying ice cold water.

  434. you inspire me to take more everyday photos–i love the way you capture your family’s life!

  435. I’m enjoying a blog about shelling on sanibel island! I went there with my best friend, who now lives in heaven, and it reminds me of her! I love it!

  436. I am just praying for a quick court date for friends in EE who are adopting a beautiful little girl named Dariya.. The is what is in my mind so that is why I am sharing.. :)

    wanna pray??

  437. I love how you can convey the love in your home, in words. So tender. Your attention to their (children’s) detail has helped me refocus on my own three little ones (4,2, 9 mo) and keep on kicking the lingering prego brain out on its rump.

    So I’m enjoying my children more these days, in part due to you. And p.s. I love scentsy. I received a USA inspired one for Christmas and it keeps me company up here in northern Canada, away from my US family. Anyhoo, I totally recommend the Scentsy stuff. It’s fun!

  438. I love how you can convey the love in your home, in words. So tender. Your attention to their (children’s) detail has helped me refocus on my own three little ones (4,2, 9 mo) and keep on kicking the lingering prego brain out on its rump.

    So I’m enjoying my children more these days, in part due to you. And p.s. I love scentsy. I received a USA inspired one for Christmas and it keeps me company up here in northern Canada, away from my US family. Anyhoo, I totally recommend the Scentsy stuff. It’s fun!

  439. Beautiful blog and photos! Love your crafty ideas…they are so very doable.

  440. Oh that last shot. Goodness. I used to have one of those FP cameras. So you. So Nella too! A girl needs a camera. Love the saddle shoes. Love that Brett got to soap up a slip n slide into the pool. Yes, the road rash could be a factor though!

    My mom forced her love of crafting on to me. Not because she wanted me to have that slice of happiness when I’m an adult; but because I couldn’t sit still for 5 seconds as a child. The silver lining is that it’s something that bound us beyond blood and sinew. And now, it’s my way of unwinding because my job is way too serious and analytical.

    I get grumpy if I don’t get to create; junkie I am. Sewing, photography, knitting, jewelry-making, gardening..the list goes on and on. And I realize that I like to do too much just like my Mom. But it’s my zen. My creative downward dog. And my way of connecting with her even though she’s gone. And I’m cool with that.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  441. Love Lainey’s hot oh cod oh concoction.

    Esther Dush

  442. The love you convey about your children and husband is just plain wonderful. You attention to detail helps me refocus on my own 3 little ones (under 4)

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  443. My 4 year old was looking over my shoulder while I read the blog and stated, “Oooohhh. Look at that fancy restaurant”

    She too shares this amazing bond with her chromosomly blessed little brother. They each think the other one is better than sliced bread. Inspiring to watch.

  444. “And I want people to know that. When you see someone with Down syndrome, know that they have electrifying moments of laughter with their siblings.” Kelle, where were you when I was pregnant with my little boy?? :) When I was pregnant, I remember trying to find a good family blog so that I could see what life was really going to be like with a child with Down syndrome. This post was exactly what I was looking for & I’m so happy that other mamas who are googling will find you and your beautiful family!

  445. I can not get over how much Brett’s boys look JUST like him! :) and Lainey looks just like a blonde version of you. Nella is a toss up. lol Love all the pictures, as usual.

  446. I totally get that evolving sibling bond. I see it forming (already formed?) between my boys (4 and 20 months) and it’s pretty damn amazing. I never had a same sex sibling and truly their bond moves me to my core. every.time.

  447. love the pictures, as always! love the picture frame idea too! :)

  448. My house is almost never clean but by golly is ALWAYS smells good, thanks to Scentsy!
    I swear it makes the piles disappear.

  449. Right now I’m enjoying being 8 months pregnant! From what I’ve heard from others I thought I would be miserable and uncomfortable but it’s amazing seeing my belly grow everyday and feeling my little girl’s jabs while my husband and I play “guess the body part”

    I love reading your blog and it makes me even that much more excited for motherhood!

  450. The story of your soapy slide made me think of childhood days where we soaped up the trampoline and then jumped on it. I’m surprised we didn’t break our necks, but we sure had a lot of fun!

  451. I remember over a year ago reading Nella’s birth story and how scared you were that your girls would never share the same experiences and bonds as you and your sister. I love the gorgeous and inexplicable bond you said is now happening between L&N, and I love that many of your fears are melting away. Beautiful post!

  452. right now i’m absolutely loving being a mom more than ever. you know those days when everything seems to fall in place and your kidlets are happy and well adjusted and coloring each other with sharpies….i’m loving every second of my 3 and 2 year old chaos….loving it!

  453. I always feel a little sad when I get to the end of your posts. There are days when those smiling beauties just make feel better. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  454. I just love your blog…that is all.

    No, wait…right now I am enjoying hearing my boys laugh as they play the Wii. Something must be really funny!

  455. That special something growing between your girls is the bond of sisters. There’s nothing stronger! They’ll get older and fight because that’s what sisters do but they’ll fighter hard for each other than with each other. I’m the oldest of three girls and there’s NOTHING I wouldn’t do for my sisters.

    Love your blog, love your girls, love your family!

  456. I love to craft with Mod Podge and after seeing Lainey create I think I will have to get us some frames and start creating some beautiful gifts. Gifts I may end up keeping because when my girls create I have a hard time letting it go.

  457. I’m enjoying running! You totally inspired me to get my lazy butt off the couch and take some time to myself. Running is the only excuse to get some Mommy time alone, and even though I typically have to go at 5 am, well, it’s worth it! A good song, some new sneaks and I am feeling great! Thanks for the push to try something new this June. I feel rejuvenated!!

  458. Right now I am enjoying the feeling of my first child moving around inside my belly! It’s such a surreal feeling!

  459. I love your photos. I am a creative person as well, and can certainly relate to that creative monster trying to claw its way out of me. Sometimes I feel if I don’t create something, I will explode. I like to take photos, write, sew, cook and bake. I also like to scrapbook. I have a bottle of Hodgepodge and love your photo frame. I think I’ll be doing one with my little boy soon.

  460. Love the picture frame idea, I am going to do this with my 5 year old very soon, she will love it! This is my first comment but wanted to also say that I love your blog. As soon as I open my laptop I click on your website anxiously awaiting a new post. Your family is beautiful and your way of words is amazing.

  461. I am enjoying a full belly after my office friends just surprised me with a chocolate/peanut butter ice cream cake and a gorgeous bouquet of funky flowers. Tomorrow is my birthday but I took the day off, so they wanted to celebrate me today!
    Pretty nice place to work, huh?

  462. I’m enjoying this time off with kids during the summer. We’re getting to do things that we never have enough time to fit in during the busy school year. My favorite…naps!

  463. I am due to hold my first child…my little baby daughter…in my arms any day now. The waiting is torture…the wonder is magical. Right now, I can’t imagine what she looks like nor what life will be like once she arrives. And I know the moment I first hold her, I will no longer be able to imagine what it’s like to NOT know what she looks like nor what life is like without her. Every little breeze seems to whisper Eloise…

  464. I laugh every time I picture Lainey saying “hot-oh-cod-oh”. Love it. And I think you are doing an amazing thing, letting us who don’t have experience or interaction with special needs children see into Nella’s life. I love hearing about the girls bonding….something you can always cherish!

  465. I’ve been just enjoying every drop of this summer vacation with my almost 3-year-old and my little 7-month-old who is growing WAY to quickly!

  466. You bring tears to my eyes with every post, I swear. The love your girls have for each other is so apparent in every photo it makes my hear swell. You’ve built such a built such a beautiful and happy family.

  467. Love the frame idea! Off to JoAnns after nap. Love the last pic of Nella!!

  468. I am loving that I have summers off and lots of time to get my crafty on and make things for all the wonderful babies in my life.

  469. I love watching the relationship between your girls because it reminds me of my own girls. Nothing sweeter than sister love! Also, I’m super curious about how you met your hubbie, so please tell the story soon!

  470. Love the saddle shoes!! So adorable! I’d soo love to win this giveaway! I have entered so many and came up short, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have a wonderful new sponser!!

  471. I’m more of a lurker than a commenter, although I read all your posts. Your post about sweet little Lainey taking the toy has made me laugh for weeks now. It seems when I was about Lainey’s age I stuffed my pocket full of rubber worms that people use for fishing. I’m sure the colors were just waaay too much for me to pass up. My mother was mortified…..or so I’m told.

  472. Your girls are just precious together. I love the love that they share.

    I also love Coconut Lemongrass.

    Clearly I am in a loving mood today.

  473. The little piece about your girls bonding really hits home with me. I have two girls the same age and watching them play and giggle together is…well….one of the most wonderful things for a mother to watch. Who knew something so simple could be so wonderful.

  474. Right now, i am enjoying reading about your day, while my own baby is kicking frantically in my belly waiting for her time to come. She is due in 6 weeks, and seems to really enjoy your music on your blog, as much as i am enjoying the photos and events that are unfolding in your week so far.

    And i am looking forward to hearing the story on how you and Brett met!

  475. love this post! i say that everytime i comment but i guess i just love them all! beautiful pictures, inspiring writing… doesn’t get much better than that. and, oh, i’m so happy to see scentsy on your blog! my sister in law sells it and got me started on it a couple years ago. hooked for life. love the amazing fragrance that fills the whole house.

  476. Love Scentsy and LOVE that I’m from the hometown of Scentsy! :) I’m familiar with lemongrass, but Hot Guy? Woot!

  477. This blog had me texting my husband that I am taking my oldest on a mommy and me dinner date too. Thanks for the inspiration Kelle…as always!!

  478. Lovin the shot of Lainey with her brother chillin in the pool and her attitude mock of Betty Boop. SO cute!!
    Love the scentsy products too…they are so addicting!

  479. It’s fun hearing about the dynamics of your girls relationship. so special. I have a 17 month old baby boy and am due with my second in November. I can’t wait to see the way they interact as they grow and as the years pass. I love that they will be close in age. We find out if it’s a boy or girl on thursday. thrilled!

  480. Love this post! I think I will repeat the slip and slide idea πŸ˜‰ Sweet, sweet summertime!

  481. That last photo…LOVE it! I want to frame it for MY home :-)

  482. Love the frame! I used to decorate everything with words and pictures from magazines -notebooks, folders, bulletin boards, and doors.

    Right now I’m enjoying a $2 medium-size decaf Campfire Mocha Cooler w/no whip from Caribou Coffee. Celebrating the summer solstice… loving so much sunlight in Minnesota!

  483. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said a million times.

    You are amazing, Kelle Hampton.

  484. I’m enjoying summer thunderstorms right this minute :-)

  485. love the pics and love your blog!

    i am enjoying a quiet break while the kids nap and the little kicks of my sweet little boy in my belly. <3

  486. I have a creative monster too. And I just love her : )

  487. First off, I love how your girls relationship is shown in pictures. I feel like I am watching my own two nieces (the youngest, who is three, has Down Syndrome). Just love it!

    Secondly, so glad you found Scentsy! I got my first warmer about 2 months ago when we did a fundraiser through them for our local Down Syndrome League. Scentsy. Rocks. My. Socks. :)

  488. I’m enjoying not showering. I usually shower everyday in the morning…but its summer and its hot, and there are things to do and reasons to get out of the house quickly and impulsively. I do a combination of scrunching, spraying, scarf wearing and dry shampooing. Its wonderful and free-ing.

  489. i am enjoying counting down to our international move, our homecoming, back to arizona…. can not wait!!! :) and new scents would be great for a new home! :)

  490. I’m pretty sure my almost 3 year old thinks that Lainey & Nella are family…lol. We are always looking at your photos together. Good to see another KH follower just moved to Naples, we are moving to Florida just after the summer. We aren’t quite sure where yet we only know that it will be somewhere from Naples to Tampa. Hey, we could start a group???

  491. Love your blog and who doesn’t love some Scentsy?

  492. Kelle,

    I am pregnant with my second right now, and I picture two little girls loving each other as much as your girls do. I hope and pray that they do. The smiles you share of those two cute faces are simply marvelous. Sometimes I stop by and read your blog on a break from work because I see in your girls, what I miss in my own little darling while I am away. Between your words and your pictures is exactly what it feels like for me to be a mom. I am so happy to have found your blog!

  493. I am so happy that you wrote about sibling love today, because I am astounded by the amount of sibling love that goes on in my home. So much so, that when my oldest leaves to college in August, I know that my youngest will feel the void even more than I will. We are busy making last summer at home memories.
    I just became a Scentsy owner and I am in Scentsy love! I have a wall warmer, a large warmer, and 2 more in their boxes waiting to be given or to be used, lol. So, I hope I can indulge my craving even more and win the Scentsy warmer you are so inclined to share.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Pinks My Ink

  494. Reading your blog makes me slip into a few little “blissful moments” where I feel inspired to just let my hair down & enjoy the moments of every day!!!

  495. I am enjoying that my son is out of the terrible two’s. I am so in love with his new found confidence and happiness. THe fact that every single time he see’s me, he runs to give me a hug, even if Ive only just gon to the kitchen to make dinner…

  496. Right now I am enjoying the snores of may baby girl napping her room! After an hour of fighting her sleep she has finally succumbed and dozed into her wonderland!

    I would love some good smelly stuff in the house!!


  497. I am in love with the quilted chairs! Where on earth did you find those? Love the pictures!!

  498. Anything coconut is da bomb!!! Love your blog….

  499. You bring a special kind of sunshine to us all… thank you!

    I went to my “yearly” appointment yesterday and the doctor proceeded to tell me that if I plan to have kids, I might want to hurry up because there really is an internal clock and it really does tick and she doesn’t want me to regret not having them when I had the chance. She also mentioned that my risk of having a child with Down’s was increasing every year – and you know what? I thought about you and Nella and it didn’t scare me. Weird? Maybe. But thanks anyway. :)

  500. You were meant to be their momma it is awesome to read your posts and see a mom that is beyond happy to be a stay at home mom like myself. Thank you. I love reading your posts

  501. Totally intrigued by the scentsy thing :)! Gotta get me some of that!

  502. What am I enjoying right now? It’s my birthday and the longest day of the year. The day started with my 5-year old excitedly telling me it was my birthday, and my 9-year old sending me off to work with birthday kisses. I came into a desk covered with confetti and balloons, and had lunch with friends. Today – yup, today is a good day to turn 35!
    Love your blog! Makes me smile each time!

  503. I like your comment about Down Syndrome children who laugh with their siblings… I already often think about that.
    Today is a really nice day, it’s sunny and I went eating outside with my children and friends. It was really fun!
    I really like your blog! Thank you for writing it… πŸ˜‰

  504. We just got back from our daily walk and are trying to decided what we want to bake cupcakes, cookies.. I think we have decided on monster cookies!

  505. I started reading your blog a few months ago. This is my first comment. Just wanted to say that I find your words uplifting and inspirational and your pictures simply fabulous. Thanks for sharing your life:)

  506. Love Sentsy! We were given a few as a house warming gift and I love them. They are my new got welcome gift. I’ll have to try your favorite sents, I’ve been stuck on Honey Pear for every!

  507. I love love love watching your girls play in pictures. Their interactions are magical and they show through the computer screen. I’m sure the beautiful photography helps a little, but still… magical is the word that comes to mind. Also – what a great father’s day! Spending time relaxing with the kids just hanging out… it’s so nice your husband is so glad to spend time with his kids! My sister has said she would get me a sentsy set some time ago, but it never happened. I would love to WIN one… we’ll see I guess!

  508. Things that are making me Oh So Happy lately…My 6 month old almond eyed girl sitting uo on her own! Kicking hubbys butt in HORSE! Finding the perfect vintage red wagon to refinish!Our 1 yr. anniversary coming up <3
    As’n the posts!

  509. So fun! I am enjoying re-doing my bedroom – i have a creative beast, too. Some people just don’t get it, but I see that you do! :)

  510. I’m loving that tomorrow is the last day of school and we are heading off for vacation… just us… no deadlines, must do’s or appointments. Pure family fun the way we want to do it. Love to win some Scentsy. I hear it’s awesome! Bonus if it smells like a well-dressed (AKA “hot”) man! You make me laugh!

  511. I love your red hat, and those handmade picture frames bring back so many memories of my own childhood growing up with an ultra crafty Mom who wasnt afraid of a little mess… or a lot of mess.

    I mentioned you in my blog post :)

  512. How amazing and beautifully the bond that Nella and Lainey shares is being expressed in your photos..
    Love reading your blog!It makes me happy, and it makes me wish for another little baby sooo much, so that my now 14 month old son, can have a sibling to share that bond with too!!
    I went through a miscarriage a few months ago, and it was one of the hardest things that have happened to me, just because i already had started imagining the bond my kids that would have been only 18 months apart would share..well, now i guess the age difference will be bigger, but i see that the love between them still can be huge!

    Love how ur blog inspires me!


  513. coconut lemongrass sounds amazing. I need some ASAP! I love your babies, and wish I could hug them. xoxo

  514. Lainey looks JUST like you. And I love how you describe your girls’ bond… and your way of describing a person with DS living and laughing and enjoying life so fully. More people need to see that for the beautiful thing that it is. I love your blog, your words. Thanks for all that you share.

  515. I’m currently enjoying a glass of sweet tea, a new book and coordinating outfits for my family pictures soon to be taken :)

    Love your blog, its an instant pick-me-up. Happy 1st day of summer!

  516. I’m noticing the bond growing stronger too with my girls (5 and 15 months). Anna Cate (5) wants Molly to nap with her, and we’ll say, “go night with Sissy?” and Molly will lay her head down on Anna Cate’s bed, but of course they don’t nap but they sit there and play and that is what makes me happy!

  517. Today I took my son to Griffith Park here in Los Angeles. It’s a gorgeous yet hot day in SoCal. He loved riding the ChooChoo Train with the wind whipping through his hair as he waved hello to all the friendly passers by and to the horsies other children were riding. He couldn’t wait to get on the horsies and when he did he sang the abc’s through out the whole ride waving his arms around like he was riding that pony in the clouds. maybe he was. the sun felt warm on my toes as i stood there looking at my boy with the biggest smile on my face knowing that moments like those are what make life amazing. thank you for your wonderful blog that always fills my heart with such sunshine. i drink up your words and pictures the same way i would cup precious river water in my hands and sip it so tenderly knowing that it’s sacred in some way.

  518. At this moment I am taking a break from cleaning out some drawers. My little girl is taking a nap and I am typing this and listening to my six-year-old son play with Legos and talk to some imaginary person about how to build a firetruck out of Legos. I love listening to him play.

    I’m going to try the picture frame idea this week. thanks!

  519. I LOVE how you describe your dtrs relationship. I can totally relate! We have a 7yr old son who totally adores his 4yr old sister who just happens to have an extra chromosone. I never want anyone to feel sorry for our family~we are the lucky ones~totally Blessed by that extra chromosone and shaping us into much better individuals! Thanks for sharing~

  520. I love the picture of Lainey imitating Betty Boop! πŸ˜€

    I can’t wait to hear more about Lainey’s and Nella’s sister relationship. Their bond is so clear in so many of the photographs and it is beautiful to see.


  521. Love the bond between sisters. I want something like that for my son, someone he can laugh and grow with.

  522. Beautiful post, as always :) We are enjoying summer on Long Island, trips to the bay, where the water is calmer, and strawberry picking.

  523. My teenage boys and I have been bitten by the creative bug lately, too! They have been so great at helping me empty a room of furniture so we can paint the walls. And color? They are not afraid of color! Bright blue, deep dark browns. What an amazing thing paint can do to a room. We love the pictures of the girls and your writing is inspirational. It’s so great to know so many people out there in the world are loving their kids more than anything! Isn’t that why we’re here? Peace and blessings, Donna

  524. I too have that creative monster inside that must be fed… This is why I shoot, bake, cook… those are some of the easiest forms to get my creative fix. I have so many other ideas/hobbies/outlets I would like to get into but neither the space nor the time to do so. Secretly one of the reasons I want kids is so I can have a good excuse to do arts and crafts with them. Seems unless you are a declared starving artist, crafts/creating is not meant for adults with jobs and no kids. But I gotta keep the monster happy.
    Oh and I have been wishing for a scentsy since I first heard of them. Maybe I will win… not likely but I can at least book mark it and remember to put it on my birthday list.

  525. feeling like “damn i’m doing this lately” too!

  526. once again beautiful post. I haven’t commented in awhile but still enjoying your reads. :) Also currently enjoying the fact that I am building relationships with my summer staff and excited for whats to come

  527. What I love right now is getting my girl all bathed up and ready for bed after a long day of playing hard. She is squeaky clean and extra scrumptious!

  528. I’m enjoying the quietness of naptime while my girls sleep. And the Honey Pear Cider burning away in my new Scentsy (a friend just introduced me a few weeks ago… can you say LOVE??)

  529. I love the idea of a creative monster that you need to fuel. I feel like that too.

    How do you have time for all of it? I have a really hard time balancing my need to create, to parent and to feel like a wife, friend or woman.

    You continue to amaze me. Love your writing, your photos and so grateful for you taking the time to share all this with us. You rock.

  530. I am enjoying the fact that I am about to plan my second child’s first birthday party! It was bitter sweet at first because he has grown so fast ( like his older sister ), but now I’m just amazed. :)

  531. Knowing how to have fun with your kids – being able to set everything aside and focus on THEM – is a gift. Treasure it!

  532. sweet memories you are creating- continue that because it will continue with your girls and their families =)

  533. Enjoying the beginning of summer and sunset sangria on the patio while my littles play in the grass… Perfect!

  534. As a mom of an 18-month-old and another on the way, I think the most freeing conclusion that I’ve come to as a parent is that I don’t have to have everything figured out. (and don’t fall into the trap of thinking all other moms have it figured out either :)

    Through the triumphs and challenges of day-to-day parenthood, remember to exist and cherish the NOW.

  535. Right now I’m loving lying in bed in front of an AC, trying to cool down from a workout, with my husband at my feet and all three of our cats in bed with us, listening to your playlist. A blissful way to taper down our day. As always, your pictures are gorgeous, your daughters more so, and you an inspiration to me.

  536. well you’d never know you get writer’s block. it seems to just flow from you. remember that wolf post you wrote ages ago??…about feeding the wolf. we’ll i still think about that. that’s what blogging is to me. it’s like air being able to share my life. i love watching yours play out. oh and lainey’s milkshake made my stomach growl. thanks for that…NOT!

  537. Your girls are beautiful! Thank you for writing the part about the squinty-eyed belly laugh! My son laughs that way too and is crazy funny and I always hope that others will see him for who he is and not is diagnosis:)

  538. Can’t wait for the how you met story. It’s gonna be a good one! I just know it. :)

  539. I love dates with my older girly… Our date usually involves the library with out Wild Thing lil sister stripping herself down and running around the library half naked. sigh. :0)

  540. You have inspired me to find my mod podge and search for something to glue!! I have never heard of scentsy – but it seems like something I need that I’ve been missing. I’m enjoying having my family all back under one roof but my college guy is not used to being home anymore! :(

  541. What am I enjoying right now? My sweet 8 month old, your blog posts and my 30 day free trial of Lightroom :)

  542. I just love you! You are the inspiration for so many great things in my life! Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication you put into brightening people’s days and lives!

  543. As always, even with writer’s block, an inspiring post!!
    I love, Love, LOVE that last photo of Nella with the Fisher Price camera!!
    I had one of those as a kid too, and just today, bought myself a brand spanking new camera and plan on using it to it’s fullest as I learn to take better photo’s…
    again, an inspiration from you!!

  544. I need this! I put air fresheners on my shopping list last night. Living with two boys makes it necessary!

  545. My boys love making their sister laugh and they are so excited when they get her to laugh that they have to tell me even if I’m in the same room with them. :)

  546. I have wanted one of those candle warmers for SO long.

    Right now I am enjoying the fact that I just finished teaching my first dance class to munchkin 3 & 4 year olds who rocked it! Such a fun age to teach. And, that I am about to head to my first paid photography gig. Nervous but I am just going to roll with my instincts. Hope the photos turn out great–8 adults and 8 kids. Phew.

  547. This might sound silly and maybe a little crazy, but I love your family. I feel like it gives me something to look up to, to aspire to be. My husband and I have had ALOT of ups and downs, but seeing your husband and kids, and happy family, it makes me want to be a better wife and mother, and a happy family :)

  548. Love this post, as I do all of yours…so full of inspiration! I am definitely making those frames with my boys this year, they will love them!

  549. I love your description of the relationship between Lainey and Nella and watching it blossom. It is the exact same in my house with Tessa, my almost 4 year old, and Bella, 1, who also happens to have Down syndrome!

  550. Your best posting yet….

  551. Feed that creative alien! Love your blog.

  552. This comment has been removed by the author.

  553. Best Post Ever!!!

  554. Right now I am enjoying the smell of Italian Chicken Casserole cooking in the oven and the sound of my little girl laughing and singing as she is playing with her little drum.

  555. Beautiful words….beautiful pictures. As usual. Thanks for sharing!

  556. I love how you are with your kids. I think I have something to learn from you. I don’t play & simply have fun nearly enough. Thanks for a great post!


  557. I love how you are with your kids. I think I have something to learn from you. I don’t play & simply have fun nearly enough. Thanks for a great post!


  558. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….you make me want to be a better mom! A better person, really. I love your zest for life :)

  559. I love to see how your girls relationship is developing! I have a 4 year old and 14 month old and I just sit back in awe of them sometimes!

  560. I had a white FP camera when I was a kid and it was a cherished posession…brought back some warm and fuzzys πŸ˜‰ Have a great week!!

  561. Where did you get your SADDLE SHOES? Love the toy camera shot!

  562. That pic of Lainey channeling Betty Boop…to die for!

  563. Summertime in Atlanta means iced tea – SWEET iced tea!
    I like to crush ice in my vintage ice crusher and pour a tall thin glass full to drink on the porch swing….yay for Summertime!

  564. I’m enjoying spending more time with the kiddos, now that summer break is here. Not much routine- every week is different!

  565. Lainey and Nella remind me so much of my sister and I when we were little. She passed away from cancer when she was 17 and I was 20, but every time I come to your blog and see your girls I’m reminded of all of the best times we had together. The love in your photos is palpable. Thanks so much for the wonderful blog!

  566. My computer crashed (broke the motherboard – that sounds so sad), so I went to the library just so I could catch up on the weekend blog from ya’ll. Love it.

  567. Your blog makes me smile and warms my heart! You have a lovely family. Love your photography.

  568. I’m loving our family vacation in Seattle. We went to a beach/lake today and the weather was beautiful. I had to sit in the shade with our 5 week old, but the view of my husband with our 3 kiddos was priceless!

  569. Hi Kelle, I also have a crafty/artsy alien that lives within me…..and love your analogy of it….you had me cracking up. But I wanted to share with you, I have an almost 15 yr old (next wed is her b-day…she is so excited) with Down Syndrome. She is the older sister and her younger brother (that is slowly taking on the big brother roll, but of course “She is still the big sister”), has her cracking up sometimes so hard that I also go running to find out what is so darn funny. And her laugh is quite contagious. You can’t help but laugh when you hear it. And when she smiles it has always made me think of a big sunshine. Amazing she is!!!! Please don’t quit blogging your are such an inspiration to me.

  570. I’ve just finished a two hour talk with my older brother (and I’ll take the crick-in-neck phone syndrome anytime for it…)- and I must say, there is nothing like a close sibling connection. It only gets better with age- because it’s humbler and more gracious to the other. You find yourself making less judgements and more concessions for the other person’s “weaknesses” and you love them all the more for them. Oh, and I appreciate you’re putting into words the lovely instances of sibling hilarity- it’s a beautiful thing when it happens!

  571. Love your blog so much. Your posts are just so genuine.

  572. Scentsy products are THE BOMB! My favorites are Perfectly Pomegranate, Sugar, Sugar Cookie, Skinny Dippin and Blueberry Cheesecake. I have so many more I want to try–you’re going to LOVE them! I want to order the wall plug-ins next time so I’m glad to hear you love them. <3 Scentsy <3

  573. Thank you for sharing with us. I come to your blog for inspiration, a breath or fresh air, and reassurance on the wild ride of parenting. I look forward to each new post!

  574. I’m enjoying terrified independence, just branched off to start my own behavior consultant company. It’s terrifying but deeply satisfying, I love the special kids I work with!

    p.s. Scentsy is amazing!

  575. I love the relationship that Nella and Lainey share! I always wanted a sister so I could have a sisterly bond like that. :-)

    Loving that Scentsy Buddy and the Fisher Price camera too!

  576. So wonderful. I still read all the time, although I don’t comment often!

    I am doing respite care with a sweet boy with down syndrome this summer and I can’t wait!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

    What makes me happy – I’m graduating on Thursday – and will be an education assistant in the schools come September!

    Thansk and take care,

  577. As always your posts are the best thing about my bloggy time! I love the idea for the picture frames. We are moving soon and I’m definitely going to make some, and maybe just a complete collage of awesome clippings!

    And with the new house, I would love to have it smell yummy! Crossing my fingers that I win this time for sure! I love, love, love the warmer!

    Thanks! =)

  578. Oh How I love scentsy!!! We just bought the American Flag warmer and Blueberry Cheesecake scents!! YUMMY!!!! Love the way my house smells! Just want to also say that I could just squeeze your Nella! Her smile is so contagious!!!!

  579. What a fabulous Father’s day for a fabulous father!! Reading your posts always makes me feel comfortable and at home, and I love that! And oh my goodness, the new sponsor looks incredible… I can’t wait to browse her site and drool :)

  580. Have you smelled Sugar Cookie? Mmm, I just love my warmer!

  581. Consistently a blog hopper- you are one of my main squeezes that I look forward to reading after my 7:30-5pm day. You make me want to be a mother and to be a better person. Your love for them is truly beautiful.

  582. That relationship between your girls that you speak of is very evident in every picture of the two…love everyone!

  583. A love between sisters is immeasurable no matter the circumstances. I am 29 and my baby sister turned 25 today….I would still kick booty for her….heaven help anyone who crosses her;)

  584. I’m enjoying the fact that my parents are making the 12 hour trip to see me even as we speak. And that my 20 month old baby girl is rocking and swaying to this song as we enjoy stories and photos of your family. And that I can see my boys splashing in the pool outside my window…which reminds me…the golden hour won’t last much longer. Have a great week!

  585. i have a shit ton of scentsy in my house…it is awesome!! try my dear watson…its a man scent and it smells soooo good! i use the sweet pea & vanilla in brynns scentsy buddy (the pig) and she loves it!!! i use the travel tins in my car…and i forgot what else i wanted to say…ohh! u have been bugging my hubs to move to florida (even though i’ve never even been there, but Boca looked pretty cool in Marley & Me) but he keeps saying no bc he’d never get a job (hes an electrician) bc of all the ummmmm….cubans. am i allowed to say that??? lol i;d never get a job either (dental hygienist)…florida is just saturated with them!

  586. I totally LOVE that Brett called you ‘Dude’! He’s cool!!!
    Loving the Fisher Price camera in the last pik too.

  587. I’m enjoying SUMMER! My kids are finally out of school and we are loving some quieter and lazier days … some will be action packed and busy but I’m trying to fit in as many quiet ones too. Oh, and this is the summer that they are finally old enough have the “Percy Jackson” books read to them. I’m LOVING our time on the couch together, lost in a world of Greek gods and heros.

  588. I comment seldom, but read every post. You always make me smile and inspire me to be a better mom.

  589. As the brillaint Richard Lavoie say, what is fair is not always equal. I find it so hard for adult teacher to grasp this idea but students seem to understand when that is the standard set. Your daughters are so lucky to have such a great mother. My year maternity leave is ending, and i miss my life skills class so much. My students have the greatest parents who our their kids greatest activist and I can see you will be one of those wonderful parents!
    I was laughing so hard when I read you write about the smell can make your cluttered house seems clean. The smell of homemade cookies made he pile of toys and dog hair just disappear today.

  590. Your pictures never fail to bring a smile to my face. I’m pregnant right now with my first, though I have two wonderful step-daughters, and I hope to find some of the silly-happy times with my daughter and step-kids that you have found with your family. :)

  591. Love the picture of Lainey next to the Betty Boop figure at the diner. That was is definitely photo wall worthy :) As always, I totally enjoyed your post. Hope your week is blessed.

  592. Those books behind the new picture frame both sound really interesting. Also, love the pictures of the kids, as always. :)

  593. I’m not sure if this giveaway is still going on, but I hope so b/c I’ve wanted a Scentsy for so long now! I agree they smell wonderful!

    I love reading your blog. I love reading about your girls and envy your style.


  594. As always I LOVE your blog!

    I have one Scentsy warmer and I LOVE it!!!

  595. My Army post is about to burn to the ground. We might have to evacuate right after our two 10,000 lb shipments were just delivered to our tiny home last week. I’m taking 21 credits of classes. My dog just died on Saturday. What am I loving? My husband who had to clear brush on post with his bear hands to try to save the post from catching fire; my remaining pups; my community that is pulling together to help the people and animals whose houses have already burned; and my yard… while it lasts. Loving life anyway.

  596. Kelle – Your description of your girls relationship made me cry. I never realized how important sibling love was until I had children of my own and seeing your photos and reading your words touched my heart. I have an adopted son and twin boys. Everyone assumes a special bond between twins but I see that bond between all three of my boys… blood or not, older or younger – it’s amazing to witness. Thank you for writing about it. Oh and I couldn’t help but wonder how you ended up meeting Brett after witnessing him with his boys through the window also!

  597. I just love your blog!!!! It is totally awesome. I too have a “special” child, my son is Autistic and everyday is an adventure. Make the most of everyday because they grow up far to fast.


  598. I am enjoying swimming and crafting with my littles.

    Kelle….I am loving your fun bright funky chairs. Wherever did you find them?

    Best, Julie

  599. i just started my summer job…a camp for kids with disabilities ranging from ages 5-21…and your description of a child with down syndrome laughing so hard is something i see every day…and always ALWAYS brightens my day. love it.
    that is one thing that is making me happy.
    another thing that makes me happy- driving to work at 6:30 with no traffic, blasting the new Boyce Avenue cd!

  600. The pictures of the girls with there big bro are priceless! I love the candid moments you capture on film.

  601. Love Love Love your family and your blog… I look forward to hearing that story of how you and Brett met — & many more!

  602. Kelle – I always love your pictures, but today I wanted to comment and let you know which one I loved the most in this post. It’s the one of Brett, your son and Nella in the pool. The love/adoration between brother and sister is wonderful – but it’s the way that Brett is looking at his boy that made smile. I hope all four of your “babies” know how blessed the are to have a dad who adores them so much!

  603. Love that you went to Mel’s diner. When we visit that part of Florida, we try to visit as many Mel’s as possible. Can’t wait to make a trip with our son Nate and introduce him to Mel’s someday (none in Philadelphia!).

  604. Enjoying the feeling of having only one more day of work before I’m off for the summer and maybe more!

  605. i just wanted to say how much i love reading your blog!!

  606. kelle..
    you never disappoint! thanks for being such a great always put a smile on my face!

  607. Your message of sameness for all of us human beings is so true and I hope more understood and accepted by those seeing the truth and beauty in Nella’s eyes.

  608. The middle child of three, I savored the one-on-one time I had with my mother. To this day. At 35. I hope to have my own children soon and will always remember to spend that time with them.

    As always, your blog moves me and makes me stop and think.

  609. I love the picture of the girls laughing together! Lainey looks so much like you in that shot!

    What am I enjoying right now? Sean, my 12 yo with Ds, is at his first sleep away camp. I miss him, but truth? I really needed, and am enjoying, this quiet! :)

  610. i am new. i got here from a link on she was a dear friend from when we worked at anthropologie years ago. that is just a bit of back story b/c you don’t know me but i feel like i know you.

    anyway, my comment is this. i read your blog at night. feverishly. and after my husband has kissed me on the head for the last 3 nights and rolled his eyes, not really understanding why you have me hooked – i realized it today with this post. my girls, neva (3) and suki (11 mos) are in bed. and your girls remind me of my girls. and reading about the evolution of their sisterly love is beautiful. more so i think it is beautiful that hearing about your adventures, and your girls – reminds me how excited i am for mine to wake up in the morning and for me to be the best possible version of myself so i too can suck the marrow. and as they say after show and tell. thank you for sharing. you are making me more appreciative and more present in my own life with every word you write about your own.

  611. When I complete another day at the gym. I have had three children and getting to the gym is a commitment that is hard to do. I just feel so happy when I workout!

  612. I love the camera Nella is holding in the last picture. I had one when I was little…perfect toy for one of your girls :) I also love that you run at midnight. That sounds so peaceful!

  613. I can’t wait to hear more about the awesome bond evolving between your girls. Love them! <3

  614. so awesome that you’re getting to watch that sibling relationship develop. Hoping for a sibling for my little guy soon (*fingers crossed*)

    i *love* the Fisher Price camera. classic!

    and coconut lemongrass sounds amazing.

  615. Right now I am lovin’ that I only have 3 more days left of school until summer vacation!!!! So excited to spend a nice, long summer with my littles.

  616. Haha! In the picture of Brett with all the kids Nella looks like she’s looking at her big bro saying “na na na boo boo Daddy’s got meee”. Sooo cute. Looks like a wonderful Father’s Day!

  617. Right this moment, I am enjoying a holiday, National Aboriginal Day in the Northwest Territories, Canada. No work, 30 degree temperatures and 24 hour sun…yes, the sun stays up all day and night in the North. Concerts in the park, Tepees, snow cones, a cute dress and a Mountie by my side is AWESOME. Smiles.

  618. First…this version of Sweet Child of Mine is sublime. And I love that last photo of Nella with the vintage toy camera! Too cool!

    I remember how much you wanted your girls to have a close relationship and am so glad you are watching it happen. My two little guys had a special moment today at the library that I just posted some photos of. ( THAT is what is making me happy right now- my boys loving each other!

    Have a happy week!

  619. We love the Scentsy Buddy in our house too! We have the lion. :0)

  620. I love your blog! The things you write inspire me to be a better mother and wife. Especially what you wrote today about not knowing what you are doing but eventually that thinking becomes “we are doing it”.

    As for what I’m enjoying right now, I’m enjoying being a mother. Enjoying each laugh, each new step, each kiss (even if they are open mouthed and slobbery).

  621. I love your comments about not knowing what the hell you’re doing but just being with your girls, having fun, and letting the rest come. That is so like me!

  622. I am enjoying my furkids to seem to bring me joy and relax me after a long day @ work :)

  623. Have I said before that I am addicted to your blog???? It makes me happy and it is my little escape either before my kids wake up or after they go to bed.
    I love your picture frame! When I was in college my best and I lived together for a year and we got addicted to mod podge and magazines. Everyone got cool tissue box covers or makeup trays for their birthday that year.
    Loving watching your family grow up, thanks for keeping us inspired!

  624. Oh for real! I LOVE those belly laughs! It just makes my heart warm up and life is just in a good place. I am about to go out for a walk…Im trying to work up to the running =) Thanks for the inspiration!

  625. Sweet Father’s Day pics!

  626. What am I enjoying right now? Anticipation, Baby…one week away from sleeping in, trips to the corner store for ice cream cones, hours at the beach, roasting marshmallows, the drive-in! I can’t freaking wait!
    Summers with my girls. I know when I look back at my life, they will be the most vivid and fondest memories.

  627. I work my a** off. Today I enjoyed just being home- being a housewife. Happy summer to me. XO

  628. Love love love the picture of Lainey powdering Nella’s nose. So very cute! And that thing between sisters/siblings…I’m pretty sure it’s like the blood of the soul. That conviction, that bond. Can’t be described because it’s not quantitative, not visible. Only it’s effects as we watch our babies love as they are supposed to.

  629. I just found your blog recently. Am enjoying your archives slowly! Your pictures are beautiful!

  630. My favorite sound is hearing my three littles giggling together, real belly laughs, so awesome. Siblings rock!


  631. I love your blog Kelle, I’ve been reading for some time but never felt I had anything worth saying in the comment section.

    But, your indescribable reaction to the love your girls share really touched me. Many times I’ve tried to explain the bond between sisters and cannot, including this past weekend. It is just something you know when you are a “sister;” and it’s beautiful, comforting, wonderful and I couldn’t imagine my life without my sister. I look forward to the day you put “it” into words, because then I can quote you when trying to explain it myself!!

    Thank you Kelle for sharing your life with me. :o)

  632. What is currently making me happy? Learning to embrace what I love, what makes me happy, what makes me love to live life & then bundling it & plastering all of it – everywhere! :)

  633. Kelle, I love your blog. I love reading about your beautiful girls. It is a good reminder to me to enjoy every minute. I have had a blah day today, feeling pretty down, but your post, like always, made my day a little brighter.
    Keep it up! I love it!

  634. Kelle,
    I am SO enjoying life right now…the busy, crazy, upside-down, topsy-turvy-ness it has been throwing at me lately. I am longing for inspiration and craving to share it when I get it. I am drinking in these moments called life and I am loving it.
    Thank YOU for weekly doses of inspiration. I am truly grateful.

  635. Love reading your blog! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  636. As always, your pictures and your family are beautiful.

  637. I’m currently enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy before I have 2 girls under 2.

  638. I am enjoying giving in to my pregnant sisters cravings and making her orange cake balls!! The look of pure contentment on her face as she eats one is so worth the mess it takes to make them.

  639. I am so intrigued by your home! I love decorating and making my spaces personal and interesting. Everytime you post pictures of your home I am so inspired. I LOVE the dark purple wall and the lamp shade, super cute! Love the quilted(?) chairs. I am sure your home tells a beautiful story!

  640. I’m enjoying watching my toddler loving on her week old baby sister. She is fiercely protective and so so in love.

  641. Every time i see a pic of the boys playing with Lainey and Nella, it just makes my heart melt. Your two girls obviously have a bond, but it’s good to see that the boys love and adore them as well.

    You are blessed to have such great kids!

  642. I have a creative monster too!! She was hiding until my daughter was born and now 4.5 yrs later she slowly appears! And. I. Love. It.

  643. Two weeks on the count down ’till my little angel becomes a big sister (details that I’m guessing within a few months her little bro will be the pseudo-big brother….just 13 months between the little ones) – but seeing the pics of your girls together just gets me even more thrilled about the chaos that 2 kiddos will bring! :O)

  644. Hi Kelle, wonderful post…I love: the Father’s Day pics, Lainey & Nella in their sisterhood, your orange hat, the awsome picture frame, and Nella with that great Fisher Price camera! From the look of the picture it looks older. Was that yours as a child?
    Scentsy..I was introduced to this on Rebecca Cooper’s blog and have never taken the time to order, but you make these scents sound fabulous (actually it was Brett who convinced me:), so even if I don’t win, these sound to me like great Christmas gifts! Thank you!

  645. love love love your blog! Nella’s story was so contagious…I had to add you to my reading list!
    Right now I’m relaxing at my family’s resort…just played a great game of bingo with the entire resort…kids & adults together having fun…that’s what life’s about!

  646. I don’t have a monster to feed like you do, but I do get “itchy fingers” when I need to create something in order to scratch that itch. They don’t often happen simultaneously though – Sometimes my fingers are so itchy to create, and I just don’t have the time or energy for it. Sometimes, I am forced to create something with a deadline and and with too many guidelines and my itch is not satisfied. I Love the feeling when the “itch” and the “scratch” come together.

  647. Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them.

  648. Love love love this blog! It’s how I end my day.

    Tonight, I enjoyed picking out something sassy to wear tomorrow night…Momma’s going out to a charity event (silent auction for domestic violence) and getting a baby-sitter!

  649. my mom bought me one of those electric melting pots for christmas…. and i must say…. i…love….it…. it’s like a little crock pot of awesome-smell- good everytime i go down to the basement to do laundry or do more packing for the move back home…. and yes ma’am…. no matter how messy your house is…. it’s seems less so when it smells quite divine…


    ps…. my neighbor helped me carry some groceries in a couple of weeks ago… and literally stopped in the doorway because he said it smelled so damn good….

  650. I love Scentsy!! I have 2 burners, one at home and one in my classroom!!!

  651. Love your pics. What is better than watching the little babies sleep?

  652. Such a good idea for a craft day!

    And I’m currently enjoying being sick. Well, not the sick part, but being able to lounge in my pajamas and read a book or and make waffles at any time of the day is pretty awesome.

    While the sniffles are a pain, the quiet time I’m getting to spend with myself is enjoyable.

  653. Right now I’m enjoying the total chaos of our Family Reunion. Every year, cousins, aunts and uncles, and yet more cousins pile into our home town and…party. We hang out, eat sno-cones, share stories, and basically put the “fun” in “dysfunctional”. Best time of the year. :-)

  654. Kelle,

    I laughed out loud when you talked about your “creative monster” and the importance {correction: necessity} of feeing “her”, because I too have one as well. “She” will get a name one of these days…maybe something quirky and goofy; something that reflects how she dominates a large part of who I am. πŸ˜‰

    And your reference to the challenges we face in parenting, the teeter tottering we do between ‘Hey, I’m not so bad at this’ and ‘Ugh, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” — is something I can deeply relate to. In your boat, once again. Hello boat. πŸ˜‰

    Something that made me happy today? I watched my baby, Chloe, {she’s 6 with DS} bond with her *new* friend {7, also with DS}. It was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I’ve dubbed them “soulmate sisters” because it’s as if they have a bond that none of us understand, the kind that’s deeply rooted in us when we meet someone who becomes a special part of our lives and the “ah ha” moment happens when we finally cross paths. They-just-get-each-other. It’s SO awesome!

    Today — I watched the girls jump in a bed together after a long day at the beach and cuddle. I watched them inch closer and closer to each other and my daughter mimic the love I share with her, with her friend.

    And then…THE BEST PART. I watched my little baby grab her friends hand and intertwine her fingers in hers, gaze into her eyes, and smile. It took my breath away, Kelle.

    That moment sent me beyond cloud nine. I watched my daughter, who can’t say a sentence yet, share not with her words, but with her body and emotions how she felt about her friend. She showed her the way she knew how — with hugs, handholding, smiles, and kisses.

    And then I caught myself taking an almost sigh of relief as I realized my little girl will have all that I want for her, including friends.

    Today, Chloe made her *very first* best friend. And it was beautiful. Breathtaking. Perfect.

    Thanks for your amazing blog! I love reading it! Have a great week!

    ~ Katie

    P.S. Sorry for the novel. LOL

  655. You make me want to be a more present momma to my 3 boys under the age of 3! Time goes so fast and I’m in awe of your words and pictures on this blog! I am currently about to go upstairs and kiss every one of my boys goodnight and breathe in their little boy/baby “scent”. Thank you!

  656. My bedroom smells like “hot man” too!!! My kitchen smells like “yum yummy get me cookies now” and my bathroom smells like “Ahhhhhh” (Which is code for peligro, maple butter and eucalyptus) I get a ridiculous kid like joy from changing my scentsy, but lets just pretend I never admitted that…

  657. There is nothing quite as good in this world as a sibling who can make you belly laugh. Priceless.

  658. You and your girls (and your entire family) are such an inspiration. All I want for Everleigh when she grows up is happiness. Just like you want for Nella and Lainey. In the end, isn’t that what matters most? Love and happiness.

  659. love scentsy because I am scared of fire.. candles=fire.. Scentsy is so safe lol..
    we love perfectly pomegrante, blueberry cheesecake, skinny dipping, sugar cookie!

  660. Right now I am enjoying being on summer break from teaching, and all that it entails. It really is the best time of year. It gives me the opportunity to be the stay-at-home momma I dream of being. I spend all day with my 3 year old and 15 month old. We swim, play, run errands, sing praises to God, and love all day and night. What I love most is that my daughter (freshly turned 3 year old) is at an age where I am really getting to witness the seeds of kindness I’ve been planting in her all along begin to take root. I think this will be the summer I look back on as one of the most influential in the development of her little spirit. It is such a gift from God to watch.

  661. I’m enjoying my kids–especially watching my son copy everything his big sis does.

  662. I love seeing the sisterly love that they share. So cute! Right now, I am enjoying life, by relaxing with my husband by my side. Nothing better!

  663. Love how you describe those moments between your girls – the all out hysterical bone melting laughter. It’s something that NEEDS to be known!

  664. Scentsy is SO cool – so you can really pick me here:0) I’m so glad you had a fun and relaxing Father’s Day! We hung out with my father and just enjoying some burgers and each other!

    I totally understand the sibling thing. I couldn’t stand my brother growing up. He is 6 yrs younger than me and follow me around. But once I left for college it all changed. We weren’t siblings, we were friends. We’ve talked at least once every two days since then. When my husband went out of town when I was pregnant, my brother came over and spent the night to “make sure I wouldn’t get attacked.” When we fought when we were younger my dad used to say, “One day you two will only have each other. Then what will you do?” Now we’re glad we have each other:0)

  665. One of the reasons I love reading your blog is because my boys are the same age difference as your girls. The oldest is 2 1/2, and my second is 21 months younger. My second has DS, and I now see the squinty-eyed smiles that I’ve loved in Nella’s pictures, this time on my own son! My boys have an exceptional relationship as well, and I look forward to seeing it grow.

  666. I’ve been reading your blog for only about a month however never left a comment until now. I found your site when a friend posted a link to Nellas birth, I cried reading the touching story and have been hooked ever since. I check back every night and enjoy reading and looking at your wonderful pictures.

    I love the cute frame you made, I’m thinking I’ll have to try my hand at something like that. I also LOVE the lamp shade in the pic… I have the same in my office. :-)

  667. I need the smell-good stuffs! I’m a scent ADDICT! My current favorite combination is either the “fresh linen” stuff or the “lavender vanilla” combo…oooh I can smell it now!

  668. I thought of you and Nella the other day when I was swimming in our townhouse complex pool. There was a girl with Downs syndrome swimming with her dad and they were having so much fun and she was laughing and following him around the pool, she couldnt get enough of her daddy and I was watching and laughing right along with them :)

  669. I was so excited to see that you have a scentsy consultant as your new sponsor! I am totally addicted, and i am currently enjoying tangerine tango in my warmer this evening :)
    And I agree with your thoughts on our beautiful children making each other laugh, I have a similar situation to you only they are two little boys one is 5 and the other who has DS is 3. It’s a wonderful thing!

  670. I am enjoying my boys’ relationship evolve…and I eagerly anticipate YOU putting it into words what it is with your girls. It’s breath-taking to watch my boys love each other and imagine together and play together. I’ve been scrounging around in my brain since last night to try to adequately describe it so that I can get it in their baby books and haven’t yet done it just right. I am really really enjoying summer with my littles…each day a new page and adventure…

  671. Love your post. Love you and your girls. Feel like we are friends and yet we have never met! Cant wait to hear the story of how you and Brett met!

  672. this is one of those posts I will come back to time and time again. thank you for sharing. pure inspiration.

  673. LOVED that last picture of Nella. So cute!!

  674. fun post! i’m enjoying hot weather, sibling rivalry, and now that the kids are in bed, a salty dog. cheers!

  675. I am about to go enjoy my bed after being gone for a week.

  676. I’m enjoying solstice. That it’s 11:40 pm and the sun is still lighting my living room!

    I’m enjoying feeling my baby dance inside my belly…oh how I love that sweetness!

    And, as always, I’m enjoying reading your beautiful words and looking at your sweet girls!

  677. That photo of Nella with the vintage Fisher Price camera is priceless!


  678. Love the picture of Lainey making Nella laugh!
    Something I’m enjoying at the moment…doing a wonderful aerobic workout today.

  679. I like starting out my day with your blog. Gets me in a good mindset to have a positive, thankful, enjoying-the-small things-attitude. thank you for that!

  680. i am enjoying my beautiful gardens and watching everything come to life.

  681. First of all, thank you.
    Thank you for making such a beautiful, eloquent blog, for sharing your life with us and your fabulous photographic gifts.

    I am the mother of 3, a precocious 5 year old boy and 4 month old boy-girl twins… the boy has DS.

    Like any new DS parent, there are good days and bad days. There are days that I wonder what it will be like for the twins growing up… how will my daughter handle her twin lagging behind? How will my eldest handle his “normal” or “typical” sister and his “special” brother?

    Your most recent post has given me some insight into that. “…When you see someone with Down syndrome, know that they have electrifying moments of laughter with their siblings… ” That information is very powerful and I thank you again for sharing it.

  682. Looking forward to watching my toddler love his sibling due in January. Your girls’ interaction sounds so sweet.

    PS: Can’t wait for you to share the story of you and Brett!

  683. Loved your frame craft. We’ll have to try that. Yesterday we made popsicle mouse beds for Stuart Little that we’re reading. They were quite elaborate and very unique. (FYI, we used masking tape instead of glue and it worked quite well and is easy for little fingers to use.)

    And the kids have been enjoying a FREE, new to us couch. It’s L-shaped and they’ve been sleeping on it, along with the cat, each night since we’ve gotten it.

    Lovin’ summer. The kids are getting used to playing with each other again, and I like that. Love how your girls make each other giggle. Precious pictures.

    Date night cure to it’s not fair is brilliant.

  684. Thank you kelle for inspiring me to truly appreciate MY chromosomally(I made that up) enhanced, almost 3 yr old bundle of joy who happens to have been blessed w/a handsome, big, blonde twin bro who is always by Gitelee’s side to protect her (and of course manhandle her as well!) Although I am Jewish & you r Christian, kelle, I feel like kindred spirits w/u when reading your posts! Please don’t ever stop! I can’t wait to read about u walking Nella down the aisle – about the same time I’ll be walking my Gitelee to her Chuppa!!
    Btw, my hunky husband happens to also be a professional photographer !!!

  685. i am enjoying my son’s “mini graduation” from Kindergarten… hearing him sing the songs in the show.. and when he got his “diploma” he waved at me… and blew me a kiss.

  686. Oh love love love! So cute. :-)

    What I’m enjoying now: That darkness when you know a thunderstorm is coming, and watching the rest of London through it.