Slow and Steady.

I didn’t want to run tonight–just didn’t feel it. But I challenged myself that every day this month I would hit the pavement, rain or shine. I believe in pushing myself, setting high standards, never settling for just good enough but always raising the bar to learn more, experience more, be more. There are times, though, that ambition must be balanced with reflection and rest. The whole world seems to be constantly striving to keep up with the next best thing and while yes, forward momentum is productive and good, there’s something to be said about that seventh day of rest when, in true Genesis fashion, you take a look around and do the whole “Behold, it is good” declaration.

So tonight I didn’t run but rather walked–slowly and meditatively, the motivating beat of my Ipod replaced by the quiet sounds of post-rain crickets, the distant hum of traffic on I-75, the splatter of puddles disturbed by my stroller wheels. Lainey fell asleep after the first block, her bare feet dangling from the edge of the stroller and her head flopped comfortably to the side. In the darkness, I recognized other neighbors only by their silhouettes and felt relieved that night disguised the dark circles under my eyes, my decision to go braless, and the fact that laundry’s a little backed up, evident by the stained t-shirt I was wearing–a cast-off pulled from a pile of Brett’s and decaled with a large presidential seal of a man holding a spatula and the words “Commander-in-Chef.” Corny, I know.

Instead of my usual run mantra of push harder, stretch further, run faster, think better; I cleared my thoughts tonight of earnestness and imagined rather every deliberate stride unraveling each stress, anxiety, and insecurity–because we all have them–until my gait had nothing to accompany it but pure gratitude and celebration.

While we push, strive and move purposefully toward the future, let there be quiet moments of celebration.

It’s Friday, and I’m mindfully celebrating.

Yesterday, we took a break from physical therapy to whoop and holler our praise for our ambitious girl who surprised us with brand new steps, guided by her walker, but still–so worthy of celebration. This teary mama didn’t know she was so close to such a memorable milestone. Soon, she’ll be doing it on her own.

It’s really pretty awesome how in the beginning, the thought of therapists in your home every week seems so daunting, so life-disturbing. But soon, they’re like part of your family, one more cheerleader clapping and smiling and rooting on your kid as she proudly staggers her first steps across the playroom.


Celebrating summer with afternoon play dates with friends and evening pool dips with family.







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Maybe I’ll run faster tomorrow. Maybe not. Either way, I will be celebrating.
We push forward, we pull back.




Happy Weekend.



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  1. Good for you for getting out there and continuing to meet your goal. Very impressive.

  2. Love it as usual! You are an inspiration.

  3. Great job Nella!! Now I am going to head out for a run :)

  4. So proud of Nella, so proud of you.
    She’s gonna soar! I found myself smiling so wide while watching the video & wanting to clap & cheer right along with you. Precious!!

  5. Way to go, I gave in and didn’t get on the treadmill. I didn’t get something else very important accomplished so it wasn’t a total waste. I still feel good and am happy for the weekend with the family in the new pool.

  6. I follow your blog because of the exceptional photography and those adorable children!

  7. Yay Nella! You are a superstar! Whoot whoot!!!!!

  8. ps – do you do dailymile for your runs?

  9. I got a little teary when I saw beautiful Nella take those steps. Congratulations! Waiting for our little guy to take those first steps too. But it is nice to see that they are on their way in their own time. Can’t wait for that burst!

  10. Ahhh, you precious Mama. The whole thing just made me cry & cry. So much love in that beautiful family of yours! :)

  11. Hooray, Nella!!!

    I love, love, love the pic of the girls in tiaras! How beautiful they are! How lucky you are!

    Happy Friday, Hampton family! Yes, it is a goodnight! (:

  12. I don’t know why it seems like an accomplishment to be commenting in the top 10 but it does. Yeah – Congratulations to Nella…what a little walker she is! I wanted to tear up seeing her prance along the playroom! I so so so enjoy reading your blog – I had a terrible morning this morning and I seriously found myself asking “how would Kelle H. handle this?” That’s ridiculous right? I don’t even know you and I think about you and your family and how you graciously attack dailey tasks and admire how you parent your girls. Thank you for contributing as you do. Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Sometimes you just need to slow things down…but good for you for keeping on! :) And those steps: precious.

  14. Hooray Nella!!! How exciting :) Love the lights on your lanai & it’s totally fine not to run everyday, it might be too exhausting! switching it up with walking is great. and going bra-less is so fab. Happy Friday! xx

  15. YAY NELLA!!! and good job Kelle making yourself get out there still… I am so not very good at being disciplined. I keep telling myself I am going to get up early before everyone else to work out and I just CAN NOT seem to make myself do it. I think I am going to have to work it into another part of the day.

  16. Yay Nella!! Yayyy!! I loved your little shout out to therapists, Kelle…I do just that, & let me tell ya, those kids become just a part of our families as we may their’s…does that make sense?!…lol. Happy weekend to you too!!XO

  17. Such a HUGE DEAL for Nella!!! What a little rock star! I saw the video via Facebook yesterday and my heart just about leaped out of my chest. Thanks for sharing with all of us so we can share in the excitement of such a huge milestone.

    I can’t help but notice that Nella is still always wearing her baltic amber necklace. We use one on our 15 month old daughter and I swear it’s been working (she’s had it for 4 months). Her first molar popped through before we got it and she was a screaming banshee all day and night, but once we put it on the other 3 molars appeared with no symptoms. What are your thoughts about the necklaces?

  18. I’m training for a marathon right now and missed out on 10 miles this week. I decided not to beat myself up over it, figured that my body was trying to tell me something. It’s the ebb and flow, right? The balance?

    (Although I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t lay awake at one point honestly wondering if perhaps those 10 missed miles would mean that I’d never be able to finish the marathon! I like to worry about silly stuff like that, b/c sometimes the real stuff is just to, well, real.)

  19. …the ebb and flow. Those slow, deep and reflective walks have as much power as the full-force, push forward runs. So adore the photographs of the girls in their crowns and giggling at each other. Happy Weekend!

  20. Such sweet little princesses!

  21. Too! Ugggg, I really don’t like a one oh’d too when it should be two!

  22. Go Nella Go!!! Woohoo!! So glad your girl is hitting yet another milestone!!!

  23. happy weekend. SO glad your music is back!!!!!

  24. Yeah Nella! Great news Kelle. xo

  25. I was smiling so big while watching the video of Nella walking. YAY NELLA!!! :)

  26. 1) I hate running, but I am trying so hard to be inspired by you.

    2) Oh, I love the video. The speakers on my old laptop crapped out and it has been a while since I have been able to watch one of your videos with sound. What an awesome video. And that picture of Nella walking to the table is BEAUTIFUL!

    3) Lainey is such an amazing big sister! She is indeed.

    4) That picture at the end of the two on them on the bed looking at each other, melts me.

    Thank you for sharing these milestones with us. I just adore your girls.

  27. I related so much to your comment about the therapists… at first, it seems as though you’ll be having a “stranger” coming into your home — but before you know it, you’re inviting them to your daughter’s birthday party and adding them to your Christmas card list. They do become friends… almost like family. And you can’t help but tear up when you see someone else is cheering your child on. Way to go Nella!

  28. what are Lainey and her friend holding in the picture where they both have their suits on???

    Congrats Nella!!!!! Big steps, very big steps indeed!

  29. Yay Nella girl! And I love that picture of Lainey looking up at you from the pool steps. She looks like her “little-girl” self compared to her “grown-up-girl” self (I’m remembering that photograph of her in that striped shirt and sunglasses on the dock from that one time at that one place…’member that one, Kelle?) Love you guys! Have a great weekend!

  30. Nobody was meant to go nonstop 7 days a week. We’re all meant to rest and reflect. But good for you on continuing with the momentum. Ran three times this week. Which is more than I’ve ran in the last 3 years. :)

    And YAY NELLA!

    ps. those girls together? so sweet.

  31. So excited for Nella! I saw the video on FB the other day and was so thrilled! She really does walk like she’s been doin’ it forever! I also LOVE the pic of Lainey holding Nella going down the slide. This is something my little girls do and it just makes me so happy they have each other! Can’t wait to read Monday’s blog! Have a wonderful weekend Hampton fam!

  32. Love, love what a great Friday!

  33. I love the last photo of the girls with their princess crowns and their sweet, cheeky little smiles. And congrats to Ms. Nella!

  34. Yay for your big, beautiful girl!! And I love how her doll is sitting on the walker watching her. So appropriate that her little best friend is there cheering her on as well.

    Something quirky I must tell you. I have come to adore your blog so much that I’ve become very picky about how I read your posts. They must be enjoyed after my babies are in bed (so I can give them my full focus) and with a cup of coffee in hand. So, here it is 11 o’clock at night and I’m sipping highly caffeinated coffee b/c we’re all out of decaf, but reading your words is such a “me time” moment it requires my favorite “me time” beverage as an accompaniment. And, yes, that means the moment I see a new post I run to the coffee pot. My husband thinks I’m ridiculous. Lol!!

    So, Cheers and Happy Weekend!

  35. Ha! Love the crown photo! That’s a must to enlarge! Happy Weekend, Kelle! Good night!

  36. I absolutely love it when you post. You have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself, and I so relate to many of your attitudes on life. Thank you for this entry :)

  37. The one of Lainey holding Nella on the swing is too precious. Beautiful post, as always.

    – S from Following the Walkers

  38. You know – I just love your blog. I really really do. I am always excited when I see a new post. You come to mind a lot during the day when I find myself soaking up moments with my 2 kids. I love how this world is so huge, yet somehow, I came across your blog and it, in itself, has helped shape my world a little differently. Be blessed, my friend :)

  39. Gooooo Nella!!!!!!!!

    You’ve inspired me, Kelle. Come hell or high water, I’m going to be healthier.

  40. That last photo should be framed, I don’t know how they could get any cuter!

  41. tears, friend.
    i think we are all celebrating those steps with her and you.

  42. Love the image of an evening walk with a sleepy toddler in the stroller. Hope she had her jammies already on :)

    Sometimes we really need that day of rest. I love that you took it without guilt and really made the most of it!


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  44. YAY FOR NELLA!!!!! I cried buckets when my Cooper took his first steps, and now I have a hard time catching him. :-) Thanks for the reminder to slow down every once in awhile.

    Heather David

  45. The tiara picture … just dreamy! Thanks for posting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  46. CONGRATULATIONS NELLA!! My own little extra chromosomed girly is only a few months younger than your little one. She’s bearing her own weight on her legs for a little bit, and I can’t wait for the day she starts crawling and walking to chase her older brother and sister.

    It’s amazing how much more we appreciate these milestones, even more than with our typical kids. I appreciate them more now with other friends kids, too.

    I was cheering right along with you on the video.


  47. Kelle! You’ve got me all emotional again. I just love thenway you are so transparent, yet so awesome. You show us your real side and that makes you all the more beautiful. I havnt been able to get my birth story and such on my blog yet, I’m beginning to think I’m fearing it, not so much the telling of the birth story and being surprised with Ava having down syndrome, but the whole ordeal of being separated from her, me being injured, having to fight fory life, and to see my daughter, fighting doctors and policies, and being stuck in a bed in agonizing physical pain, and emotional pain being torn from my three girls, especially my Ava who needed me oat tp help her eat…oh I have such a story to tell. Ive always wanted to write and found in the hospital this might bey story to tell. You are such an inspiration, I will have to explain how I stumbled upon your blog accidentally literally the day before I went into labor. God knew I needed to read nella’s birth story, it helped me so much with what I faced soon after. Imtotally cried when I saw your video of nell a walking yesterday on fb. I even have my hubby checking on you guys every now and then to see how nella’s doing, and he loves your photography skills! I think it helps him to not be too worried about Ava when he sees nella’s progress. *sigh. I could write you a book on how much you’ve helped me. But I’ve already written enough. I know everyone just love you and praises you all the time, but really, I’m tearing up just writing this. Kelle, THANKYOU!!! So much. I wish we could meet, your Lainey reminds me somewhat of my kyah, my oldest, I think they would get along well, I showed kyah some pictures recently, I think your post about vacation, and she loved “meeting” Lainey and nella. She was funny too, the family pick of you and Brett with the girls on the porch, she saw it and said how dome they’re the same but he’s different, I laughed and said why is he different, she got embarrassed and was like I dunno. I think it’s cos he’s more tan than you guys. Lol too funny. But then she pointed to you said” I just really like her though” I told her mommy likes her too. Hehe anyways, thanks so much for just sharing your life with all of us, I hope I can encourage others and help in as big a way as you have when I get the time and courage to tell the full story. God bless

  48. Oh, I forgot to say too, your last few posts I’ve been thinking nella really looks grown up. Has she had a growth spurt? Lol she seems like such a big girl all of a sudden, I kinda get that “emotional, time flies, she’s growing up ” feeling when I notice this. :) just love her the little darlin! Both your girls are so sweet!

  49. Yee Haw little Sunshine! What a milestone for Nella! I cried with happiness watching and reading tonight….over the last two days my little Abrielle (8 months) has learned how to pull herself up in her crib and crawl.

    She is her own biggest fan with this, and although I know this means that my life will be a lot busier now, what can you do but cheer them on, and say “Go baby go!”?

  50. I had to watch the video a couple times, it was SOOOOOO darn cute :)

  51. I blame auto correct for all those mistakes. Sorry. And I got to babbling about Kyah and forgot to say how I’d also just love to visit with you as another mom who’s been down this road before me, and enjoy nella. :) ok I’m done.

  52. I saw the walking video on facebook. One small step for Nella, one large step for mom kind! What a hoot!!! Isn’t it wonderful when the simplest of things bring such joy? Celebrate, today, tomorrow, and all the hurdles that will be crossed in the near future.

  53. CONGRATULATIONS NELLA! The mama in me cheered along with you, Kelle. Go Nella! Go!

    That video made me tear up!

    In our home, we call those celebrations — “like Christmas moments” because when they happen, they remind you of Christmas morning and the moment you open the gift you’ve waited for all year long. The one you hoped Santa would bring you, but braced yourself for, in the event that he maybe forgot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We celebrate them often…daily really..and it looks like someone 3,000 miles away is too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Feels amazing, huh? :)

    And it’s true, those tutors really do start to feel like part of your family. And when those “like Christmas moments” happen, you realize how special it is for them as well.

    My tutor, Jessica, heard my daughter Chloe say the words, “I want blocks” for the first time 2 weeks ago. Her response? A gasp, a quick look of shock in my direction, and the words, “Oh my gosh! She said ‘I want blocks!’ I’m so glad I got to be here to hear her say that!”.

    A mama’s dream, to have someone else love your kid that much.

    She watched me tear up and buy those blocks at Target for her as I beamed with pride, over my daughter saying three words together. My response to Chloe? “HECK YES, you can have those blocks!” LOL

    Cheers to more milestone moments to come, days off for rest, and fun-filled weekends!

    ~ Katie

  54. When I walked the Camino I kept meeting a French couple who had left from their home and planned to walk home again- about 4000km. They took every seventh day off as a rest day. They made it to Santiago only a day or so after me, as every rest day left them rejuvenated. And they walked all the way home again!

  55. YAY Nella! My husband and I watched her walk and were so happy. We absolutely love the way she almost does the splits to sit down. So sweet. We love the way your daughters interact together. We love the pictures of the two of them. What a great sisterhood those two sweet girls have.

  56. Aaawww…..Karly Jaco….I know what you mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kelle ~

    What a praise! I had to watch it 3 times. My first reaction was, “Jim! Jim! Come here! Nella’s walking!”

    Then came the tears.

    And then the, “Wait! I don’t want Nora to walk!” I mean, I am just so happy with where we’re at, enjoying every moment with her, wanting her to stay my baby. And again that panicked feeling of wanting to “freeze time” sets in. Even though she’ll be one next month, she still seems as though she’s only about 6 or 7 months old. For that, I’m grateful.

    Thank goodness for “baby steps”, and thank goodness for Nella’s steps ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Celebrating with you ~

    p.s. Loved your voice in the video….it revealed all kinds of emotions.

  57. The wonder of life, right there, walking bra-less in the dark, contemplating.
    Sounds wonderful.

    Myself, I’ve been out twice jogging this week, having been “lazy” ‘cuz of road trips, allergies and what not…?
    But no more!

    Come rain or shine or allergy – I’ll jog my five days!

    The hotel-de-la-Anna thing…. Erm, so so…

    I wish you a fab weekend with that spectacular family of yours! <3

  58. So much to celebrate!!!

    Nella’s BIG steps!! Way to go Nella!! Sending claps and cheers from Canada!!!

    Kelle, your personal challenge of running and celebrating with a day of rest (even if it was braless and with a stained hubby t-shirt on lol)…there are times to push forward and a times to pull back…

    Tomorrow I will run a 10K race with my best friend…I don’t feel trained enough for it, but I will push forward, reach deep and believe in my strengths. I will celebrate each stride and fully celebrate at the sight of the finish line :) And celebrate that I am accomplishing goals with my best friend at my side.

    And your MUSIC…your MUSIC…is BACK!!! I’ve missed it sooooo much!!! Especially when others would comment on your music choices…I celebrated with a big cheer tonight when I opened your blog and tada…MUSIC!!!

    You continue to inspire Kelle…and I celebrate that!!!

    Happy weekend to you!!


  59. Heck yes Kelle. Your body and soul knew just what was right for you, and you listened. We all need a post-rain-cricket walk.

    Sleeping Lainey is one of my favorite photos. I love the angle and the ‘white’ (blue) space and the peace.


  60. Yay Nella!! She’ll be running in no time and keeping up with her big sister =)
    “Celebrate we will ‘Cause life is short but Sweet for certain!”
    Happy Friday!!

  61. Hooray for Nella… what a sweet baby girl she is!

  62. Loved this!!!
    “We push forward, we pull back.”

  63. Thanks Kelle. I’ve been trying to set myself some goals and struggling somewhat, for various reasons, but you reminded me that there is still balance – even if I can’t get the goal exactly as I want one day, I’ve not failed, and making room for rest and peace and stillness is just as important.

    And on a similar note, I’m so pleased for Nella and all the milestones she’s achieving, that she’s been working so hard for.

    Thanks for sharing.

  64. GO NELLA! (Yes, I commented already on the fb video, but it’s double exciting, so I’m telling you twice.)

    So proud on your behalf.

  65. I can totally relate to the excitement over meeting milestones and the love for the people who are working with your child. I remember thinking when we met the occupational therapist and developmental consultant who would be working with our daughter: If these are the people we’re going to be surrounded by, life is not going to be too bad! They go into these fields for a reason and we’re so lucky to have them!

  66. I cried when you first sent that video to my Iphone moments after you captured it. I cried again when I saw her walk and heard your joy with the music now in the background. Her determined pace, her splits dismount and her satisfied grin…those little victories will be repeated over and over and over. Every child needs an audience–someone to hang their artwork on the refrigerator and to stand and cheer when they cross the finish line. Every child needs to hear “Way to go!” and “You’re the winner!” again and again. Austyn’s growth into a really kind and considerate senior,Brandyn’s great FCAT scores, Lainey’s ballet performance and Nella’s walk of fame…Poppa is so, so proud and cheers wildly with love! And yes, your running deserves a shout out too! (Just don’t try to make me!)
    Love you on a Saturday morning!


  67. Congratulations for sticking with it – that’s an accomplishment in its self! You go girl!!

  68. How precious is the photo of the two of them wearing the princess crowns!!!

    Hope you enjoy each and every small thing this weekend!

  69. I just love that picture of your girls smiling at each other! Precious!

  70. Little victories are so powerful aren’t they? Beautiful :)

  71. Yay, Nella! I love the picture with Jonah looking on – such love radiates from him over her.

    girls in crowns…adorable!

    Keep on truckin’…every step counts…

  72. Way to go Nella-bean! Your rockstar crown is shining tonight! That is awesome! Watch out world!

  73. Wow, what a milestone! Go Nella. Beaming proud.

    Love the B&W of the tiara girls.

    Enjoy your weekend. Glad to see that you’re listening to the rhythm of your body and soul.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  74. Have a joyful day today.

  75. My 2 year old Lilly peaked over my shoulder and saw a pic of Nella and asked “Mama, baby!!! Me play with baby?” And I smiled and said not today Lilly. She then replied “Tat baby is pretty, mama” Sooooo sweet! :)

  76. As an SLP who has done home visits, beginning with a family is daunting for us too. :) But the whole becoming-part-of-a-family thing? It’s priceless. Love that you feel the same way.

  77. My 16-mo-old just clapped for Nella’s first steps. And she should know… she only just figured out the walking thing herself!

    Yay, rockstar!

  78. Loved to see Nella strutting her stuff!

  79. my almost 2 year old cannot stop watching the nella video! he loves it!

  80. Tears, claps, & cheers here, too! So precious! I love her little smile when she was finished…like she has so much more up her sleeve! Love the princess sisters, too…and in the last post the Nella kissing Daddy pic was just priceless. Love Love Love all of it!

  81. Oops the Nella/Daddy photo was the post before last…still love all of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  82. I felt like Nella’s momma watching her take those steps. I clapped and laughed and cried and then turned to my husband and yelled “Nella took her first steps with the walker!” We love your kids, even though we’re total strangers, and we celebrate with you.

  83. Woo hoo Nella!!

  84. My 2 year old son, Caden came running when he heard the Nella video, so i gladly played it again for him to watch. YAY Nella!

  85. Awww, Nella, great work!

  86. I have been watching and reading since Nella was born. What a WONDERFUL accomplishment for both You and your family. Lainey looks so cute with sister on her lap going down the slide.
    You are a wonderful mama.. and your kids will thrive because of it.

  87. So proud of Nella! What a great milestone to watch!

  88. YAY NELLA! What an amazing little girl you are – so proud of you!

  89. Great post, again.
    Seeing Lainey sounds asleep is so contagious.
    I wanna sleep too!

  90. Love it, as always! And love Nella’s teething necklace. We have a couple for our 3rd and they have completely changed his disposition (PRAISE GOD!) while teething.

    So excited for Nella and so proud of you, for understanding the need for rest :)

  91. You made me get teary eyed listening to how proud you were when you were cheering Nella on. She is so lucky to have you. There is truly nothing better in this world than our children. I’m proud of mine each and every day – even if it is just learning about a new bug in the backyard or getting up and walking like my little girl did last month. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  92. congrats, Nella!

  93. YAY, Nella, you beautiful smart girl you :)

  94. that picture of nella and lainey in the tiaras is PRICELESS

  95. The music mix is different looking-I like it!
    Yay, Nella! So happy watching her walk! Whoo-hoo! She has a lot of cheerleaders here in the blog world!
    I love that even if you didn’t feel like running, you still went out and went for a walk. Inspiration!

  96. Hoory for Nella! So sweet. Thank you for fixing your music player! I really missed hearing your music selections as part of the reading experience.

  97. I’m glad you gave your joints a little rest. The point is to keep moving… and you did! I love Nella’s apple pants. Apples are my FAVORITE… I think i need some :) And yayyy for Nella’s walking! Happy, magical, glorious summer to you and yours.

  98. go Nella go! i know you are so proud of her. i’m proud of you too. setting such a high goal for yourself. running is hard, especially outside. once i get settled into my new place i’m going to set some goals. i’m a goal girl. without them i kind of flounder and do nothing.

  99. I just had to comment because that last picture of the girls in their crowns is one of the most beautiful, sweetest pictures i’ve ever seen.

  100. Go Nella!! That is so awesome!

    Well done to you for still going for your walk.. You have more motivation than I do! x

  101. im a new follower of your blog! soo inspiring- i love it!! nella’s booster seat is PRECIOUS… if i had babes of my own, i’d be ordering one of those! i absolutely love the picture of the girls in their crowns- so precious the bond they have.

    – Lori

  102. I love Katie Melua! I caught her, by chance, in concert a few years ago and fell in love with her voice.

  103. Happy weekend!


  104. Go Nella! LOVE it!!

  105. Yay! Go Nella! I got a little teary-eyed watching her walk across the floor with her walker. What a big girl!!

  106. Yay, Nella! You go little one =)

    I’m clapping and cheering right along with you.

  107. So far I’m totaling failing on my summer goals but I’m okay with it. We’ve been thrown some curve balls recently and I’m trying to go with the flow.

    Yay for Nella. I remember those precious early steps and the celebrations. Our son is past the early intervention stage. In the beginning I never thought I’d get to a point where I’d miss them but I do. He gets his therapy at school and while they’re great providers it’s not quite the same. I don’t get to be his cheerleader at school. I know he’s gaining independence and that outweighs my need to hover.

  108. I love that you’re teary eyed watching Nella walk, it’s beautiful! I cried a few tears too while watching the video. These milestones are so rewarding and so utterly amazing, I’m so happy for Nella!!
    Glad you’re also taking care of yourself with the running. Congrats!

  109. Go Nella! That made me a bit teary eyed. I couldn’t agree more about the therapists coming into the home. My kids speech therapist has become a friend she’s here so much and the kids love her a ton. You seem to get such good people working in the field of PT,OT, speech. We’re lucky for that!

  110. Nella! Yippee!
    Thanks for sharing that video, I’m all giddy and excited now!

  111. Congratulations to Nella!! Its so nice when they hit a new milestone :) the video i so cute!!
    My son just took his first few steps without any support the other day, still a while until he will walk properly, but slowly we will get there, and its all good!!

  112. Woohoo yayyyyy Nella! I am crying! I love that about being a mama, that I can just so easily woop with joy for another little person meeting a new goal. It’s just so exciting!

  113. Way to go, Nella!!!

  114. What a little champ you are, Nella Bean! Yahoo! No stopping YOU.. Love from the Blog Mama~ P.S. A little early, Happy Birthday shout out to Beth (Feas–)!

  115. Thanks Linda =)

  116. once again she made cry, with her awesome awesomeness! Go Nella!

  117. Go Nella!! Great job Nella!!
    I love the photo of Lainey and Nella with their tiaras!

  118. Crack me up I love the new header! I hope all is well with you and your clan. I just love seeing Nella, makes me smile.

  119. A walking meditation, perfect!

    Lainey and Nella have the same expression, Lainey in the water looking up and Nella at the table!

    And go Nella, go! Love her straight legs and box split to round off the performance!!!

  120. Yay, Nella! So very awesome!

  121. What a sweet video of Nella walking! It just about made me cry! I love the emotions that come with our babies meeting milestone. I bet you were beaming with pride!

  122. Way to go Nella!

    Dude, that little girl on the slide next to the girls looks EXACTLY like Jennifer Aniston! I did a double take lol

  123. Congrats on Nella’s walking with a push toy! I remember how exciting it was when my son was finally able to do that :) And I totally agree about the therapists. At first it all feels so overwhelming, and then you befriend the therapists and it feels like your child is extra-lucky to have so many people care about them and cheer them on.

  124. Oh sometimes it feels so good to push through and do it. And, other times it feels so good to let go and do what your body wants to do. The beauty is in being gentle with yourself, honoring what you need.

    Nice work paying attention, honoring, being gentle.


  125. Awesome stuff, as always!

    I wanted to let everyone know about our site that shows a daily one minute video of our son, Noah, who was born with Down Syndrome.

    Our hope is to give people hope and encouragement by giving them a look into our life! :)

  126. Your posts are so well written! I LOVE reading them! Fantastic pictures!!!

  127. Yay Nella! I love the look on her face when she turns around to look at you when she’s done walking. Those splits, WOW, and I thought the leg up on the highchair was amazing.

    The picture of the girls with their tiaras on is great. Put that one up on the wall.

    Happy weekend to you.

  128. Pictures that just make you smile you can feel the fun

  129. Kelle, I am so inspired by your photography. Like you have no idea inspired. It is my dream dream dream to get mine off the ground so I study your pictures daily. Love tou you from blogger land.

  130. Just sitting here with my Sunday morning cup of coffee crying at Nella’s first steps. My little girl (birthdate 1/14/10) is snuggled in my lap saying, “Baybeeee”. And I’m in love with my life and yours. Goodmorning world! I can’t wait to see what is in store for today.

  131. Smiling and celebrating Nella’s new steps with you! Loved your girl’s bedtime routine video too. Your new header is simply beautiful. :)))

    Mindful walks are powerful and healing…Walking consciously can restore our mental, emotional, spiritual well~being and rejuvenate our body’s health…

    Xox. Sending lots of love your way~

    “The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event — through anything that happens. That joy cannot come to you — ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are.” ~Eckhart Tolle

  132. At the risk of sounding like a cyber weirdo… I opened your blog today, read one line and knew the post would mention Nella walking. Go baby girl, go!

  133. Kelle,

    I think I’m going to get me one of those swimsuits! I love them!

    Question though, do they fit pretty true to size?

  134. I always love your pictures, but just wanted to tell you how precious Nella looks in the one with her therapist behind her! You are so blessed with these beautiful little girls! :)

  135. I needed that. You are so refreshing. :)


  136. You definitely shouldn’t run every day. So important to take days off or you will get muscle deterioration or shin splints. Good for you to take a day where you just walked. :)

  137. i just adore watching nella grow and meet her milestones, whenever/wherever they may. she is such a joy to view from afar. watching her take her steps literally brings me to tears…..

  138. Yay for Nella! Very huge!

    I think your decision to pull back a little refreshing, and a great reminder that sometimes that is more important then anything else.

    Another great post.

    Thank you Kelle!

  139. If I went running braless, I would knock myself out!!

  140. Kelle —

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on Nella’s big steps! She was so cute with that walker! That was the same walker my son used almost 10 years ago and it has survived countless garage sales because it was his favorite toy of all time! Every time I see it in the attic it makes me smile and cry at the same time!

    Second, as a longtime runner married to a lifetime runner, I am so glad you listened to your body and took a break Friday night! It is so important to do that for your body. So glad you got to enjoy some quiet time walking.

    And I am not just saying that because I am jealous that you get to run right now and I don’t:) I had a bad cycling accident 3 weeks ago and am still working my way back to running again. It is so hard to listen to my body right now and take it slow so that my recuperation time is as minimal as possible. But your post reminded me of the importance of taking time and being reflective. And being grateful, even in this state of needed healing!

    Love to you and grateful that I get to read your beautiful posts each week.

    Congrats again!


  141. I was just cheering for Nella like she could hear me :) I adore the splits at the end!

    Ah, my gross shirt of choice when laundry is neglected is an old (I mean, middle school old!) Naval Academy sweatshirt that has tattered wrists and non-existent waist band. I love to read about beautiful bathing suits and gross old tee shirts… makes you so beautifully human to the rest of us!

    And, that tiara shot seems to capture your girls perfectly.

    Happy Monday!

    Kathleen in Chicago

  142. Good job for getting your run in!! I NEVER regret getting a run in, but it’s hard to get out the door some days!

  143. Every time I stop by your blog I get teary-eyed. Your photos alone are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  144. Congrats to Miss Nella!!!! Love those snuggling princesses at the end of the post too:0)

  145. Something about a kid in swimming goggles just cracks me up!

  146. You go, girls – Nella and Mommy, that is. Where do you get these hunky therapist?? LOL
    – Maureen

  147. Tell Tell……..Lainey’s shirt or poncho in the pic of her on the trike. WHERE is that from???? Love.
    PS-Nella and her steps…..SO awesome! Rockstar.

  148. Oh, I must comment again: surfing in from work in a crazily hectic day (difficult too), I felt my shoulders literally dropping, and calmness flowing over me.
    Thanks for sharing, so much!

    Another thing: June resolution.

    June resolution is messing with my routines – not only did I forget to make sure The Boy put on his boxer shorts, under the jeans, today – I myself forgot to put on a bra!!!!!
    This has never happened before to me and I had to rush back home and get these things.
    Crazy how a little change in the daily, can mess you up like that ๐Ÿ˜€
    Fun, though…!

  149. Oh I just cried with tears of joy for little Nella bear!! Way to go walking!! So exciting!! So much more to come. I just love reading about her milestones what an inspiration!

  150. Nella is trully AMAZING!!! What a fighter and rock star!!! Happy day Mom!!! Congrats :)

  151. LOVE the new header! :)

  152. I just had to come tell you that I have hit 55.6 miles for the month of june all because of your little challenge! I have also lost 6lbs!
    Well total since feb. I have lost 21lbs!! but since this challenge, 6 of those!!!
    I am hoping to hit 100 miles ran/walked by the end of june and am well on my way!
    thank YOU!

  153. I love the proudness in your voice when Nella is walking!! It gave me chills. MOMS ROCK@

  154. Every picture of your girls together makes my heart smile!

  155. Ah! How sweet it is to see your little girl take those steps! Thanks for sharing and spreading a little light! Also, I would like to personally give you a “GO GIRL GO” for your commitment to running. :) Happy Monday!

  156. I’m pretty sure my husband got all of the “sexy faces” he likes to make from this LFO video. Hahaha! I can’t wait to call him out on it.

    Happy summertime! (from a June bride)

  157. I know EXACTLY how you feel! My daughter is 19 months and is delayed in walking. We have a therapist at the house every week. When I saw her get behind a walker and push it for the first time, I had the same reaction. And I agree, the therapist becomes like a family friend cheering on your Little just as much you do with claps and smiles :) I hope that I am celebrating with you soon that we both have walking toddlers :)

  158. Hooray Nella! Thank you for letting us cheer right along with you :)

  159. Go Nella!!

  160. YAY for first steps! SOOO EXCITING!!

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