Stream of Consciousness

I am deeply moved by music. In fact, it is not unusual during a gathering of friends for me to hear the distant tunes of some inspiring anthem in the background and then hush everyone for a moment of meditation.

Shhhh. Listen. Hear that?

I close my eyes, hypnotically smile, sway my body and wait for others to feel it too. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they laugh because my moment is weird and funny and untimely.

I get the whole lighter-in-the-air at a concert thing though. And I did the hands-toward-the-heavens thing in worship services when I was a teenager, even though it felt awkward. I have a hard enough time figuring out what to do with my hands when I’m talking to someone without a drink to hold (on your hips, folded behind you, criss-crossed in front? Seriously, where do they go?), stretching them in the air and holding them in the middle of a sanctuary of people just never felt comfortable to me.

Music is a key. There are gripping songs that speak to me, lyrics that unleash my voice, and harmonies and rhythms that mysteriously unlock something within me and awaken my senses, heal my insecurities, and motivate me from hesitation.

I’ve been listening to this song lately, dancing to it in the kitchen, turning up the speakers in my car until its beat reverberates from my seat and soul alike. And while there are many songs in my mental repertoire that remind me of the autumn we met, the year she was born, that one summer, that restful vacation, that fabulous time, that tearful moment, that really great night on the dance floor…this one is just mine. It all just sort of comes together when I listen to it. A hundred times.

Thank you, Jen, for the song.


It was a weekend of many creatures.



I highly recommend this butterfly kit, a gift a friend gave Lainey for her birthday.

We watched first the slow movements of our caterpillars that creeped within the small space of their cup. Lainey hesitantly observed them, that half-inch of plastic barrier drawing her a little closer than she would otherwise attempt. A few days later, they zipped up muddy sheaths around them, magically velcroed to the thin paper and hanging from it like stalactites. Lainey says “chriff-o-liff.”


Finally, this weekend, they emerged, more beautiful and colorful and far more appealing to Lainey than their wormlike state.




And our ‘wow’ shot. Wait for it….





We’re in the process of naming them, our five painted ladies that will soon be set free to explore the woods before their short life cycle is over.


We attended to the weekend properly–sleeping in (yeah right), showering late, slipping back into sweats and stretchy t-shirts for the remainder of the day.



Morning after unwinding two tightly secured buns.

Lainey gets her hair washed in the kitchen sink.

Something’s up with this one.


Her schedule’s off, and she yearns to be secured to my hip and in sight of me at all times which makes for more trying days…and nights.


In a moment of sheer brilliance this weekend, I decided a bike ride–just me and the girls–would be the perfect distraction. Nevermind the fact it was ninety some degrees, Nella hates her bike helmet, my front tire is askew and our Craigslist kiddie cart is on its last leg. No, I was determined because “it’ll be fun” rolls off my tongue instinctively and somehow, I believe it every time. How about it’ll be fun-ny?

I strapped them both up, simultaneously calming Nella’s crying and admonishing Lainey with a “Get your elbow out of your sister’s face. I’m serious.” I was convinced once we were rolling, once the stagnant torridity of a late dog day in June was relieved with the slight breeze my rapid pedaling would produce, they’d be fine. They’d be happy. They’d be smiling with an obvious “thanks Mom, you’re the best.”

So I pedaled. Hard and fast. Until I heard a clunk and a scream and realized, I was pedaling alone and the crappy kiddie bike cart with two hot, screaming kids was rolling solo and soon lying cock-eyed in the middle of the sidewalk while the distance between us grew. I stopped my bike, threw the kickstand out and ran to the girls, thankfully finding them unscathed, just pissed off. And, I’m sorry, but the sound of them screaming and the sight of that slanted cart, their bulky helmets, me running to help them, my own bike abandoned…well, it was funny and I was laughing so hard, I was of no help to the girls. The weight of my bike overpowered the kickstand within seconds, and it too fell with a metal-scraping crash. I scooped up Nella, calmed Lainey and literally sat on the cement because I was afraid I’d wet my pants if I didn’t. Brandyn ran to help and managed to snap this picture of our shameful walk home. Oh yeah, there was a dog in the cart too.


My bike and I are currently not speaking to each other.



Despite that comedic little bump this weekend, we enjoyed ourselves.


Dot came over, and Lainey asked her to sit still with her mouth open and this hat on her head so she could sketch her.

Dot made Lainey a new pillowcase dress in about 45 minutes. Lainey loves it and chose to accessorize its debut on a trip to Target with a pair of mismatched shoes. On our way out the door from Target, I looked down to see one shoe bit the dust somewhere along the way and apparently, she was cool with it because she never mentioned it. Thankfully, it was a cheap Dora flip-flop I was praying would get lost to begin with.



In August, I will celebrate my eighth year in Florida. It took five years to beat the homesickness, two more to not cry over the absence of a cold, snowy Christmas and finally, this year, I’m comfortable with the heat. I forget to complain about it, instead remembering to wear ponytail holders as bracelets, keep bathing suits in the car and stock my purse with blotting papers.

The soundtrack of summer definitely includes the rattling chime of spoke beads.


June challenge is almost over, and I’ll dish later on how I failed a few times, picked it up a notch, but in the end succeeded.

Tune in this Thursday evening (June 30) at 7:30 p.m. to BYU’s Fresh Take TV (checked our TV Guide, and we get the BYU channel.) Our Inspiring Story episode from this trip will be airing.

And that, my friends, is the end of a willy-nilly stream of consciousness post. When sleep schedules are amended, order will resume. Until then, have a happy week.




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  1. love this, I so look forward to your updates!!

  2. where did you get laneys bike?! i love it.
    great entry as always!

  3. You aren’t speaking to your bike…


  4. Nella is standing in so many pictures these days! Love that.

    And to think I wanted a bike trailer… of course, Ellie won’t even let me ride the spin bike in the basement, so I doubt I’ll ever bike again.

  5. Laineys bike is adorable! I love the little seat in the back! She must love to put her little babies in there! My girls loving toting around random things in baskets and strollers.
    Glad you survived the fall! :) Happy Monday!

  6. I totally get the awkward hand positioning thing! Picked up my baby girl and danced to your song before posting!

  7. That picture of Lainey and the butterfly on her face is amazing! and the bike story made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

  8. I loved this post.
    Smiling from ear to ear.

  9. I have been been going back and forth between getting one of those kiddie carts or getting the little seat you attach in front of you between your seat and the bars and I think this post made my decision for me! =) Love the last picture of your girls! op

  10. The “op” was my 2 year old saying hello! And she loves your dog at the top of your page, as soon as the picture popped up she got excited and said “doggie doggie hi doggie”

  11. Thank you so much – this is just what I needed on a Monday morning! I could not stop laughing at the bike story :-)

  12. I’m sorry but the image of the cart and the bike and Brandyn snapping a picture is priceless! Glad all are ok and you can laugh at it now. Have a great week Kelle.

  13. OMG, your bike story was HILARIOUS!!!! I was laughing so hard that I made sure to stay in my chair in fear of wetting my pants, ha! Beautiful pictures as always, the one with Lainey and the butterfly, simple priceless! Happy Monday!!!!

  14. You paint such a vivid picture of your journeys! Love the story of the bike ride 😉 And Love Lainey’s rocking fairy bike :)

  15. you made me smile, laugh..thank you for the fab post lol

  16. WWHHAATT?!! I LOVE the butterflies! SO adorable. I love the escape of the bike cart.I was literally laughing out loud! Nella looks less then impressed haha..How a great week Kelle :)

  17. Love it! So funny!
    Lovedthe bike story, Lainey’s missing shoes and messy hair, and Nella’s smile!!
    Happy Monday!
    Happy to hear that you are no longer homesick or missing the cold (as much)! Have we heard the story of did you move here? Just curious….
    Looking forward to watching the show Thursday night!!!!

  18. Your selection of music is fantastic. I’ve discovered so many new artist via you. My current listen to, non-stop, on repeat is James Vincent McMorrow. He’s so haunting, so beautiful, so relaxing. Thanks for the introduction. Maybe you should be charging referral fees. :)

  19. Lainey’s hair reminds me of my own when I was little! I hope little Nella get’s back into her usual groove asap! <3

  20. Oh my gosh, I so needed to read this post. LOL It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that has those crazy moments. I literally laughed out loud at work and caused my co-worker to come in and see what it was about. I had a trip like that when I thought it would be a great idea to take my 2 year old twins to the zoo on a play date with Dad not around to help. (on a Texas June day non the less)

  21. Oh sister. I totally hear you. I just finally got the bike trailer hooked up on Sunday and it was a mess. My 2.5 year old was crying for the first half mile. My four year old was alternating between yelling to my husband who was ahead of hus, “Mommy can’t handle it” and laughing hysterically from the actual fun of it. My ultimate shame was that I couldn’t keep up with my husband who was RUNNING.. on foot. (He runs a 7.5 min mile.) Those kids are heavy. I’ll try again today.

  22. Bike story was so funny!!!
    Cheryl plus 5 in MI

  23. I am sitting here laughing and laughing over the bike story. That sounds like what my reaction would be. Priceless! I love it!

  24. Thank you for sharing your bike story with us! Hilarious! I am sorry that happened, but at least you got a really good laugh out of it, which is perhaps you needed more than a bike ride in 90 degree weather!

  25. I so love that you share the “It will be fun” moments that we all have, with the same results that you had. Thank you for the erupting chuckle I had and so desperately needed!!

  26. Somewhere around baby 5 or 6, I discovered that when we went through a really trying time w/ a baby, inevitably, some new skill (rolling over, grabbing toys, sitting, standing, walking, etc) was being ‘cemented in their brain’ and magically, the fussy clingy baby would disappear and we’d be left with a baby with mad SKILZ. Maybe, just maybe, this is the case with Nella??

    I laughed sooo hard at your bike story. I’m sorry ~ it was just too funny! And the shoes….

  27. I’m writing a book right now. My heroine’s name is Lainey. Very recently I realized that your Lainey is the one Lainey I know. (Ha.)

    But here’s where it gets weird:

    My Lainey here’s a running soundtrack in her mind. I feel like she wrote that first paragraph of yours. Or maybe you’re Lainey? No wait, Lainey is your daughter… No, wait….

    Also? There’s an entire scene devoted to the magic of butterflies.

    Creeped yet?

  28. Okay, I just peed myself laughing over the bike incident. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

  29. As a music therapist, you have made my heart sing more than usual. And I could absolutely see myself in the same place as you: pulling the bike cart and trying not to laugh until I fall down. :)

  30. Wait! There’s more!

    I have always felt that arms are terribly awkward and, as such, wrote a similar line about Lainey feeling the same way.

    So maybe Lainey is me.

    And maybe I’m….you?

    OK, that WAS creepy.


  31. Great iphone photo!!
    In regards to the mismatching shoes- your girls always look so cute no matter what they are wearing…it has allowed me not to lose my sh*t when I can’t find a matching headband 😉

  32. I love your pictures! Capturing moments of everyday life!


  33. Your bike story made me laugh out loud. And wake up my toddler from her nap a bit (she did fall back asleep.) Thank you. I needed a good laugh today.

  34. Ha! I love this! The bike ought to have a time out!


  35. I am glad you laughed at the bike incident. Some times if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Laughing always makes things better.

  36. Very funny bike incident, that could have been handled very crabbily, but really looking back on it as amusing. So important to remember to laugh. Thanks for the reminder!

  37. love the romantic start to the bike story. (your children will rise and call you blessed, ha!) i would imagine that anne of green gables probably parented the same way.

  38. I love the trajectory of your Floridian adventure. I lived in Florida 5 years, so don’t think I ever got to the comfortable place you’re at… but I had to laugh about the “blotting papers” because I remember them always being in the side pocked of my purse!

    I enjoyed the vicarious experience of your weekend – you always manage to make the mundane seem magical!

    Have a great week!

  39. Joining everyone else in laughter over the bike incident! I’m sorry it happened but thankful you shared the story to brighten our day!

  40. As usual I loved this post. Wonderful pictures, wonderful words! You never fail to hit a chord with me on some point. I think that’s another reason I love your blog so much, you are so relate-able. Also, to be fair to your bike, shouldn’t you be a little miffed with your trailer too? Because really they should be working as a team, and obviously they weren’t that day :)

  41. I just looked up the Fresh Take TV and I also get the BYU channel though here in Gainesville, FL it’s saying that Fresh take starts at 9:30pm. Maybe the 7:30 is the local time for Utah that it will start and 9:30 is EST?

  42. i love this post. beautiful butterflies. hilarious bike story that i can totally relate to. adorable baby that won’t sleep at night…. also can relate to that! and i love lainey’s new pillow case dress. would love to hear how dot made it! thanks again for enlightening my afternoon!

  43. Oh my gravy, this is the first time I’ve laughed so loud at my desk that my co-workers want to know what’s so funny. The mental image of you huffing and puffing . . . while the trailer grows smaller in the distance . . . .

  44. Just what my Monday needed….a good laugh. I can just picture the bike incident. Sounds like something that would happen to me. I love all the pictures of your girls…they are beautiful!!

  45. You have such a great sense of humor. I haven’t been on a bike since I fell face first into asphalt- off my pink and gray huffy in 6th grade (I saved for 6 months for that bike). While I would have had an anxiety attack over the separation of the wagon from the bike- my kids (at your kids’ ages) would have thought it was the most awesome thing and probably would have tried to wheel themselves home.

  46. Laughing so hard there are tears rolling down my cheeks, my stomach is cramping and every time I try to stop, I start giggling again. Thank you, I needed that today. :)

  47. that bike story is HILARIOUS!!!

    love that picture of Nella up in the air with her beautiful big grin.


  48. Ahhhh, what a good belly laugh from the kiddie cart and flip flops incidences! Glad the kids weren’t hurt, but my mind interjected sound effects with those scenes :)

  49. The butterfly photos are amazing :)
    Love your stream of consciousness posts xx

  50. Wow, I was almost in tears over the bike incident I was laughing so hard. That would so happen to me. I have two little girls just about your girls age and they would be perfect playmates. It makes your blog so much more funny because it matches my life right now so much! I can’t imagine a better life that being a mama to sweet little toddlers.

  51. Love it! I, too, shared our experience with caterpillars & butterflies on my blog!

    I’d love for you to check out our experience!

    Are you going to NDSC in Texas in August? Would love to meet you (as would the rest of the thousands attending, I’m sure! :)

  52. Holy cow….it took me 20 minutes to read that post because I couldn’t stop laughing. It started with the comment about the elbow in sister’s face and went down hill from there. Thanks for the great Monday giggles, I needed them!

  53. thank goodness i just read this … because i was about to take the kids on a bikeride … but forgot about the tire issues i had last week … that are hopefully remedied … but i don’t really want to be stuck a mile and a half away with a funky tire and 3 kids. whew.
    thanks superwoman.
    you just saved my day.

  54. Laughing my ass off! That is all

  55. Ahh, sleep. I love sleep. My daughters? Don’t so much. they’re 8 and 4 and STILL have sleep issues from time to time. I have learned, though, that a disruption in ‘normal’ sleep patterns usually means some milestone or big developmental skill is about to be reached/conquered. Watch that Nella, she’s about to so something amazing.

  56. I greatly enjoyed our car concerto the other nite. Always a pleasure to hang with you ~ and I’m so happy you like Nitin Sawhney!! XO

  57. I greatly enjoyed our car concerto the other nite. Always a pleasure to hang with you ~ and I’m so happy you like Nitin Sawhney!! XO

  58. I adore the picture of Lainey blurred with the butterfly in the forefront! Gorgeous!

  59. I usually read your blog while at work. Either after a super long and stressful meeting or first thing in the morning before my hectic day starts. I’ve had a crappy day today but after reading this post I am now in tears from laughing so hard. As I read your biking catastrophe story I was laughing outloud in my office. At first I felt bad laughing at tha unfortunate happening but once I continued reading and saw you, too, laughed I knew it was meant to be! You have a way of painting a mental image with your carefully selected words. Thanks for making my day better without even trying. :)

  60. I love the walk of shame home, great pic. Hilarious.

  61. Lainey’s post-bun hair is rockin’!

  62. Oh Kelle, your post has me laughing today! Which I need to help keep me awake…life (or should I say the night life?) with a 2 year old and 4 month old is not easy! I am so going and buying that butterfly kit today, i’ve seen it at our local store before. And I have that same beach cruiser bike and it falls over every time! What is with that thing?! Hope you get some more sleep this week, and keep on laughing!!!

  63. LOVE your summer pictures!
    your girls are precious beyond words!!!
    I have hit 93 miles for the JUne challenge of being active! mostly walking, but STILL~ I plan to hit 100 in the next 4 days!

  64. I love your posts and was cracking up about the bicycle incident. I had a similar story with a double jogger one time.

    I know it’s used all the time, but “money shot” might not want to be used when referring to your absolutely sweet and innocent little girl. Wikipedia’s definition of it is not flattering:) I used to use the term all the time until my husband filled me in on where it came from.

  65. I love the look of wonder on Lainey’s face looking into the butterfly “place”. In my opinion, the money shot is your sweet hubby and his first born playing with the teddy.
    And by the way……you’ll have to wait about 15 years before you hear, “Thanks, mom, you’re the best.”
    But it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it.

  66. What a sweet post…I was laughing pretty hard when I read about the bike troubles…totally something that would happen to me! Have a great week!

  67. i was DYING laughing picturing the bike incident!! Hahaha :) Happy Monday!

  68. I am grateful for your vivid description of how you feel about music. I feel very similar but have never found the right words/description on how to best tell others what music does to me.

    And, thank you for making me almost pee my pants with your bike story. That picture is priceless. One worthy of framing and a story telling circle when the girls are older.

  69. I feel for you at that bikeride, good thing it ended well.

    Lainey is adorable with The butterfly on The eye – brave girl!!
    I really hope you’ll get to sleep a lot, soon.

    Love today’s post!

  70. love love your posts!!!
    Your pictures are amazing!!
    so poetic!

  71. i think nella has the same thing as my daughter, with the same exact birthday- seperation anxiety. hoping it passes in about 2 months.

  72. Happy Monday!

    “Music is a key. There are gripping songs that speak to me, lyrics that unleash my voice, and harmonies and rhythms that mysteriously unlock something within me and awaken my senses, heal my insecurities, and motivate me from hesitation.” I feel the same way about music…

    Love the butterfly pictures and hearing about your adventures with Lainey and Nella! Will check to see if I get the BYU channel to tune in this Thursday and watch your Inspiring Story episode. :)))

    Xox. Much Love and have a wonderful week~

    “…Music touches our innermost being, and in that way produces new life, a life that gives exaltation to the whole being, raising it to that perfection in which lies the fulfillment of man’s life.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan

  73. I loooved this post Kelle!! I laughed, a few times, cuz ya know…i’ve been there!! loved that you caught a pic of the walk home sans bike:) Have an awesome amazing beautiful week, friend!xo

  74. Totally had forgotten about spoke beads until you mentioned them! I have to get my girls some! And that bike story had me laughing…I can only imagine!

  75. Love the bike story!! I love, love, love the picture of Nella towards the end with that beautiful grin. What an amazing butterfly pic of Lainey. Awesome!!!

  76. i’m hoping that my process will be quicker with getting used to no open spaces and humidity again. i want to feel like virginia is home in a month. is that too soon to ask…ask??!!

    love that picture of lainey with the butterfly on her nose. SO COOL!

    wish i was biking with you. i just got a new one and i’ve yet to get it out there. you are so right about having our minds made up to do something seeing it a certain way and it falls flat. life is funny like that sometimes:)

  77. Oh the bike story was too funny I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. Thanks for the update. Have a great week.

  78. I am the same way with music- have you heard this one yet? Our current fave. :)

    (fellow Hallmark-er)

  79. The bike story is the funniest! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Uh yeah, TOTALLY buying that butterfly kit! I am so impressed to learn it ships with LIVE catterpillars?!?! That is simply awesome! I was already intrigued simply by the kit alone and was wondering how long I’d be scouring the trees outside for a catterpillar… glad to know I won’t have to do that!

  81. can;t wait to watch your story on the byu channel. love all the pics!!!!!

  82. Love this post! I get the awkward arm positioning thing. And music is definitely that for me too. Definitely. Love that you have a new song all your own :)

    Sorry Nella’s schedule is all mixed up. Man, I have SO been there. It will get better (I know you know this) and before you know it, it will be a distant memory when you think back and say remember when Nella wasn’t sleeping?! That was rough, how did we get through that?!

    Bike story, brilliant!

    Angie from Ohio

  83. Oh my gosh, you had me laughing picturing you riding solo and the girls and the dog in the background…….how funny. SO good that you were laughing about it as well…….but what can you do. Love your pictures as usual. I lov e reading your posts.

  84. Love this! I cracked up reading about your biking misadventure. You and that bike have quite the history, haha. Very happy Brandyn got that picture…

    Those butterfly pictures are fantastic. And Lainey’s bun-head hair– too freaking cute!

    Your kids are beautiful, and I’m glad you had a fun weekend.
    Happy Monday!

  85. There are a lot of great things about this post. The song- love. Koyal has been on my ipod for years. Bike incident- hysterical. Lastly, thanks for showing me that I am not the only former northerner now Floridan who drags her kids outdoors despite the heat. Okay maybe I’m not done- you’ve been getting some really great pictures of Nella lately. My 16 month old has been a pain to take pictures of lately.

  86. thanks for the great laugh! i needed that! awesome!

  87. I actually laughed out loud at least 3 times reading this! Its things like the bike cart getting loose, people running into glass doors, and hammocks falling that we always remember, and even years later still laugh so hard we cry.
    My class did the butterfly kit, and can I just say that I felt like a rescue hero every time that a poor butterfly was stuck in the too sugary water? Of course, rescuing butterflies is just a small part of my daily rescue routine…

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. The butterfly unit was always one of my favorites when I was teaching:) I love that picture of L w/ the butterfly…awesome!!!!

    And the mismatched shoes are hilarious, but the fact that she left one in the store is even more hilarious!!!

  90. We have that same blue and red bathing suit! :) Love your butterfly pictures!

  91. summer! i could sit with this post for days and days and not miss a thing happening outdoors.
    i’m all swoony over those butterfly photos. so. good.


  92. I am kinda joking;) but could it be-pregnancy??? My others seemed to know and were very much clinging and whiny for a while.

    Just had to throw that out there-

    The girls are growing and getting so big! Glad to hear you are now fully submissive to Florida. Keep on rockin it out.

  93. Mom to mom, I must warn you about the butterfly house. My son gave one to his big sister on the day he was born (aka…I packed it in my hospital bag to give her when she met her new brother). We loved it!

    I read that you could continue the fun by allowing the butterflies to lay eggs and start the whole cycle over if you planted some clover in the butterfly house. You can even release the butterflies after they lay their eggs. Long story short: you absolutely can…but I came downstairs one sleep deprived afternoon to find a million (only a slight hyperbole)tiny caterpillars crawling all over the back of my piano. It seems the newly hatched caterpillars are smaller than the mesh of the house. Disasterous.

    Enjoy the butterflies, but I highly advise against a repeat performance unless you order more caterpillars that are a bit bigger!

  94. I loved the music link you posted. It was interesting to read the lyric translation. True words. I feel like so many times your blog has helped “change the season” for me and “added color” to my day, y’know? Thank you. :)

    Oh, and can’t wait to see your story on tv on Thursday!

  95. Happy week. Perhaps I’ll go for a bike ride! xo

  96. Sista, I taught stream of consciousness writing as an English teacher- & you have mastered it. A+ Muah.


  97. Oh my goodness gracious, I have not laughed that loud in an eternity. I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face, then I read it aloud to DH & DD and was laughing so hard I couldn’t read!

    Thank you, I really needed that!

  98. Hahaha…you are cracking me up with your bike story! You are such a trooper. My mom used to always say, “I’ll laugh just so I don’t cry.” It’s better medicine anyways. Hope your week is magical. :)

  99. Dying laughing at the bike story..sounds like something that would happen to me! LOL!

    Oh and my sons preschool class had that same butterfly thing this past school year. So freaking cool!

  100. I haven’t been able to post comments on Blogger for about 3 weeks and its been killin’ me!! I finally figured out it had something to do with my cookies, good thing I love cookies :) Anyways, I absolutely love the pic of the two girls at the end. Could you please travel back to Missoula to get some cute pics of my two girls?

  101. Lol, I feel the same way about the hands in the air. Whenever I would go to a church service with my in laws I would always feel uncomfortable during worship time. I tried putting my hands up once, but it was very unnatural to me. Now if we happened to be at a concert, that’s a different story : )

  102. Lainey gazing at the butterfly pop-up… and the one where her eyes are wide with wonder looking at the butterfly on your finger – beautiful. Made me stop – had me thinking: Do I have those moments anymore? Do I have beautiful wonder left in my eyes – in my heart? Seeing those photos – confirmed it. HELL YEAH, I DO! Thank you. Thank you.

  103. I love the pic of lainey with the butterfly on her face and the perfect little tickeled squint. Caroline has the same pinkalicious bike- we love it (the front pouch always has lots of random mardi gras beads and other junk (treasures) in it).

  104. Loved the bike story! Thanks for the laugh! Cutest picture of Lainey w/the butterfly on her face, priceless.

  105. I love the ‘wow’ shot. :)

  106. What a weekend- love the bike disaster ride- sounds like something that would happen to me! Happy 8 year Florida anniversary. Wow it’s amazing how quickly time can go. What brought you to Florida in the first place?

  107. Thank you for the teaery laugh….sometimes its all you can do!

  108. Oh gosh. Now I’m commenting on every post!

    When I was about five, my uncle put my cousin and I in the same kind of bike trailer….all I remember is that we went around a corner and bam – the whole thing flipped on its side! I think I landed on Lisa….we were both crying and scraped up. In retrospect though, quite funny.

    Also, I live in Australia (6 years now), and still at the ‘crying because of no white Christmas’ stage. This year we’re going back to MI for my first winter Christmas in 6 years. I think about it

    Hope Nella is sleeping better soon! Oh, and I have been randomly wondering – do the girls sleep with you or in their own beds? Just curious cuz sometimes you mention them in your bed but then sometimes you’re patting Nella in her crib. Depend on the night?

  109. I am officially obsessed (especially with your little Nella, her smile is beyond darling)! What a fun life you live! Can’t wait to read the next fun post :)

  110. BAHAHA!! Your poor little bike laying in the road, that shot is priceless with the one above it… :) Love your little ones. XOXO

  111. I was just thinking about your BYU show the other day and wondering when it would air. Gonna go set my DVR right now!


  112. Oh yeah, we have done the butterfly thing too. You don’t need a kit. When we lived in Florida we just picked up monarch caterpillars we found crawling everywhere, put them in a plastic cup with some milk weed and watched them munch away. The lid was an old stocking secured with a rubber band. Those babies would attach themselves to the stocking and then several weeks later it was time to release the butterfly! Good times. I laughed when I read how you kept telling the kids how much fun it would be. It must be a mother mantra….susan

  113. The Wow shot is magnificent!

  114. You updates make me so happy. Seeing the gorgeous pictures of your girls, listening to your struggles and eventual triumph as a mother, and hearing your voice challenge me to push myself every day. Thank you for your beautiful words and even more beautiful pictures.

  115. Oh my gosh!!! This post had my laughing so hard I really thought I’d pee!!!! My daughter ran up to me with a very concerned look on my face, realizing I was a-okay!!! Happy Monday to you!

  116. i’m with you on the ‘i think this will be fun even though i should know by now it won’t be’ thing. sometimes it seems like the only way to sanity…insanity….thanks for sharing and seeing the humorous side!

  117. OH gosh I laughed reading your biking story. Sounds like something I would do. I wish I could capture all my moments on camera – maybe it’s a challenge I need to give myself. June’s almost over, but there’s always July!!

  118. My son’s sleep schedule has been off for the past week (he’s three and has bad reflux despite meds) and girlfriend…..I hear you on the sleepless nights and clingy days.! Here’s hoping to some good sleep for us all!!

  119. I just laughed out LOUD reading the bike story! I had a day–no a week–like that and hearing yours made me smile–BIG! The last picture of Nella is just the best–I want to reach into my computer and pick her up and give her a huge squeeze. Thanks for reminding me to keep smiling…and pedaling. 😉

  120. these are darling pictures as always. Such sweet love between your two girls. Sorry about your bike cart break down. that sucks! Cute picture though! hehe

  121. hahaha I love the bike story. It’s hard when their sleep schedule is off and they are off. But I keep in mind, “this too shall pass” and keep truckin’.

  122. We are in the middle of our caterpillar life cycle right now too…same kit. They just turned into chrysalises (plural?) today…so cool to see how fast they hardened!

  123. great post – love your storytelling and photos! have a super week!

  124. I am crying right now from laughing so hard at your bike mishap, mostly because that is totally something that would happen to me! You are such a great mom!

  125. Were your ears burning yesterday? My daughter and I were at a backyard pitch-in to welcome a good friend’s two new grandsons, talking about your last post (Fort Myers) and saying how much we look forward to each new update. “She always makes me happy!” was my daughter’s quote. I concur! Thanks, Kelle!

  126. Soo love the bike adventure and the one-shoed Target trip…… :O) Thanks for providing a good laugh – and great pics as always!!

  127. Those types of mishaps you had with the bike get me in trouble every time. My husband is definitely the more empathetic parent when it comes to these episodes. I am famous for having to compose myself before I am of any help. I even felt guilty laughing at your story before I knew your girls were okay. Sorry. I figured you would not be posting it if there were injuries.

  128. Nothing moves me like a song. I am immediately transported and stirred, there is nothing like it. I am trying to instill the love of music with my children…currenlty Twinkle Twinkle is a HUGE hit with the baby and I am fairly confident it will always remind her of bowel movements since I have to sing it every time I change her to get her to keep still. :)

    Love the bike story!

    Something must be in the air. My daughter is unsettled and in constant need of me as well. This too shall pass.

  129. It’s funny that you should start this post out by talking about how music moves you….because the music you put on your playlist ALWAYS makes me so happy! It’s one of my favorite things about your blog!!

  130. Just thought you should know that I got so enthralled with the bike story that I burnt the grilled cheese sandwich I was making for my husband! HA!

  131. The size of Nella’s tiny face in that huge bike helmet is enough to make me pee my pants! Top that with your bike story, and Lainey losing the mismatched shoe and I am laying in a puddle on the floor laughing hysterically. Love it. Isn’t motherhood amazing…

  132. Aren’t the butterflies amazing! We did that at preschool with the kids and i think the adults were just or more excited than the kids. It was exciting to let them go but sad at the same time since we watch them grow into beautiful creatures.

  133. Kelle, I’ve been thinking about you as the College World Series rolls on to a finish here in Omaha, and the Florida Gators strive to win the championship…baseball makes for fun times here with the large extended family!

    Happy Monday! 😀

  134. LOVE the bike ride story! FUNNY! Thank you for sharing!!!

  135. That bike ride story was truly hilarious! Especially since that would totally happen to me. It is so disconcerting when the littles “change” their schedules for a time.

  136. sounds like a very adventurous day- i’m sure your daughters will remember this day not because there was a little technical problem with the bike, but because you improvised beautifully.

    PS. I thoroughly enjoy your posts- they really are quite funny, beautiful, and special!

    comment or follow at

  137. Can I just say that the picture of Nella with her huge – bubble-head round helmet made me laugh my ass off in the best way possible… no wonder she hates wearing it!! :)

  138. My 5 year old daughter would give a kidney for that Pinkalicious bike!! So cute. :)

  139. A Pinkalicious bike?! That so rocks. But there’s no way I’m telling my kid, or i’ll never hear the end of it. 😉

  140. Okay, Kelle, if you’re reading this I have a question for you. You may have already answered this but I haven’t read every post.

    Did you used to work outside the home. You know, before kids? How did you decide to be a SAHM? And do you ever wish that you were working?

    I’m just wondering because I work outside the home but have been feeling very strongly that it’s not for me anymore. I miss my babies. But I’m not sure we can make it financially. I see your photos. All the fun things you do with your girls and I know I’m missing out on hours and days I’ll never get back.

    It feels so . . . wrong.

    It’s a tug of war. Every day. I want that paycheck. I want nice things. But I want time with my kids. More so than ever.

  141. I’m so glad my room is in the attic or the rest of my house would think I was nuts (like – have a problem, completely crazy, kind of nuts) because I just laughed and giggled and choked from laughing through reading this whole thing.

    At least your heart was in the right place… the bike just didn’t have the same motives.

  142. You pulling the bike trailer is HILARIOUS! You really are great to be able to laugh at it during the time it was happening!!

    Precious girls, of course.

    For some reason, that chalk in a glass jar caught my eye this post…I need to put more things in glass jars. They’re pretty.

    I always love your choice in music. I”m not a big music person. I don’t usually turn it on, except in the car. We’ve been hearing your Soul Sister song a lot lately and it always reminds me of your blog.

    Another great stream of consciousness, baby!


  143. P.S. I was in a flashmob this weekend…another thing to cross off the bucket list!


  144. I probably would have wet myself laughing if I went on a bike ride and that happened. Ten to one, it would happen to me. Hilarious story! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  145. Our day could not have been any similar. Holy smokes! I took the kids to Gallup park in Ann Arbor this afternoon after realizing i forgot the darn wrench for the bike trailor. Well needless to say i tightened it with my hand and though good grief i hope we dont disconnect and there go my girls a half mile away abandoned. A while later i literally stand up to pedal and huge noise My thought: ( Holy smokes the trailor just diconmected.) Phewww, I look bad they are still in tack and the chain fell off. I was fearing for the worst. Thank gosh you made it home and everyone was in one piece :)

  146. I literally threw my head back and laughed at the picture of your bike!!! That was awesome!!! I laughed so hard tears rolled, it was great!!! I hope that you and your bike get back on speaking terms soon!!!! LOL

  147. Here’s hoping Nella is back on track this week and you get some much needed rest. I was dying laughing as you told the bike story. LOVE it – glad the girls and Latte are okay.

  148. Just last week we set our butterflies free. The girls waved and called out their goodbyes as each one flittered away. “Goodbye ButterLove, Flutterby, ButterBrother, ButterSister and Sam!” We love you! Can’t wait to get some more it was so fun!

  149. We’ve done that butterfly kit and loved it. They also have one that lets you “grow” ladybugs – so fun!

  150. You sound just like me! I’m always saying, “It’ll be fun!” and taking my kids off to do some idea I came up with entertain us. And, most of the time it is b/c we have a very go-with-the-flow, easy attitude. You have to have that attitude when it’s 4:00 and big sister hasn’t had a nap, but is breaking down in need of one, and baby brother clings to my hip as well.

  151. Would you believe our butterflies came out of their chysalis this morning! So exciting as it seems like we’ve waited FOREVER! We are leaving for a trip home to Chicago on Thursday morning, so not a minute too soon.

    Love your blog and look forward to your updates. My son was born with achondroplasia in 2006 so I can relate to your thoughts and feelings!

  152. I kept my comment so short, via iPad!
    I must add: you’re quite amazing, containing so much love and happiness in you. You really must be a wonderful life-companion and mother.
    You really are an inspiration!
    *thank you* (yes, once again!!)

  153. Wow, Nella is looking more and more like Lainey these days. I love seeing the resemblance in my own kids. So special.

  154. Your post had me laughing out loud this morning :) Glad everyone was alright! I have been following your blog for about a month or so now after being highly recommended by a friend. This is my first blog and comment experience. You have such a magical way of weaving your stories and pictures together, and you have such a beautiful way with words. I am so happy to have been introduced…I find your words and stories truly inspiring and comforting. I am hooked! And I am aslo inspired to blog, write, and take more pictures to capture more moments with my little girl and our family :)

    So much you talk about resonates with me… I am a Michigan transplant, living in South FL, this August it will be 9 years… And I too miss the fall, soft grass, snow in the winter, family & friends etc.. But I love living minutes from ocean and the fact I didn’t have to deal with shoes and snowsuits on a 3 month old this winter…. :)

    Your words about music moving you out of hesitation really hit home with me today. I have so much on my TO DO list and I have been feeling overwhelmed and a bit stagnant… I am going to update my playlist and get to it.!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family and stories with us :)

  155. I was laughing so hard about the bike story that my kind of dorky twenty-two-year-old-mother-of-none law clerk came in to see what was so funny. She just wouldn’t understand, so I said nothing!

    Just checked our local listings, and we don’t get BYU Fresh Take. Do you think they’ll post it on their site?

  156. Loooove Nella’s hair in pigtails :)

  157. Oh my goooodness! You crack me up!

  158. Oh Molly,
    I know you asked Kelle, but can I say…if you can possibly stay home, do it. Those were the very best years for me; especially the younger ones. I was fortunate enough to be able to do it and have not regretted it one bit. When my kids (4) reached middle school, high school age I started back part time. I believe you will not regret staying home and the time to go back to work will appear soon enough. Enjoy these blessed years as much as you are able to.

  159. Kelle,

    Great post! Wow, you had one-big-adventure-filled-weekend! I enjoyed reading about it all and chuckled to myself when you said you weren’t on speaking terms with your bike. LOL. I don’t think I would be speaking to the buggy either. 😉

    Loved the discussion about music because I too, have a passion for music. But I’m not the sway along with me type, like you. I’m more like the…”Hear that song? You know what it’s about it?” And then I proceed to tell everyone the story behind the song…because I know all the words. I’ve been officially dubbed “The Lyrics Queen” in my home and I’m tested often. HAHA. This girl loves her music.

    That butterfly kit is so cool! Now I want one for Chloe!

    Hope you have a week filled with love, laughter, and LOTS more rest than you’ve been getting lately. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    ~ Katie

  160. I totally hear ya on music. It is always on in our house, whether it’s Saturday-morning-cleaning music (Jack Johnson or Pandora set to Ingrid Michaelson) or dinner music (italian love songs) or just soothing background music when the kids get a little crazy (soundtrack to Pride and Predjudice- favorite!!) I think I’ve trained my kids, because if there is ever a rainy day or things just seem a little gray in our house, inevitably one of the kids will say “let’s put Disneyland music on!” It so changes the whole atmosphere.

    Your comment about lifting hands in worship made me laugh- it was so awkard as a self-conscious teenager for me too, coming out of a very different type of church background, but it did help me break out of my wall flower self and put my focus on God. I’m opposite now, because lifting my hands in worship gives me something to actually do with my hands while I’m singing…I play piano for our song service, so when we go visit another church I feel really odd not moving my fingers to the songs :) A few weeks ago I looked up from the piano and saw Lily, straddled on the hip of one of my older kids, lifting her tiny arms up in the air during the song, and judging by the shape of her mouth, she was whole heartedly belting out the words to the chorus. Melted this mama’s heart!

    Completely off topic- Mackenzie almost peed her pants laughing at your bike story:) I wish Brandyn would have been secretly video-taping that !

  161. Bwaaahhaaaa! I didn’t laugh until I got to the part about taking the dog with the girls in the kiddy kart…Oh my gravy I laughed!

    Is it possible that Nella is so clingy from teething? My little one is 3 wks younger than Nella and her clinginess is related to the molars coming times I tell ya!

  162. So cute that Lainey was trying to sketch Dot. What an artist you have on your hands!

  163. Your story about the failed bike ride is hilarious!!!! I never know what to do with my hands either, I like to have pockets to put them in. I never felt comfortable raising them during worship service at church either, so I don’t. I don’t think it makes any difference to God lol

    Going check if I have BYU tv, so I can DVR your show!

  164. Oh, wow! Must get a butterfly kit!

  165. That Nella is something else. Has to be one of the cutest kids ever.

  166. Those butterfly pictures are fabulous!!!!

  167. I have been reading your this blog for years and I absolutely love it!

  168. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve retold your story of when you were little and your mom dragged you all to town, the stroller falling apart in the middle of the intersection! Your bike trailer fiasco so reminded me yet again! One day your girls will re-tell it! <3 I remind myself on a daily basis that my girls’ memories are different than mine… that the hot sticky messy moments that filled me with angst could be the sweetest moments for them. (I learned that from you!) I look at each moment differently because of you. Thank you for helping me grow into seeing things in new lights. :) You’re a treasure!

  169. I love your SOC posts because its like having a random, fun phone chat with you.
    The bike story and the way you ended it cracked me up!
    Love the butterflies – cool gift idea!

  170. Har to the bike story. Good on Brandyn for snapping a pic.

    And, oh mama, sleep will come. I know you know and I know when you are IN IT is just sucks so bad.

    Love: …harmonies and rhythms that mysteriously unlock something within me and awaken my senses, heal my insecurities, and motivate me from hesitation.
    Especially the ‘motivate from hesitation.’ I so get that.

  171. literally bust a gut reading this. love those kind of moments. blessings

  172. Your broken bike & cart episode IS funny:) I would not survive motherhood if I couldn’t laugh at myself. We WILL have fun, or die (of laughter) trying!

  173. That shot of Lainey and the butterfly on her face…. it gave me chills! What a shot!! Even if it was on your iphone??? :)

  174. Seriously…i’m laughing out loud at the bike ride story. That is so me…’oh it will be fun’ and it becomes a big hot mess. Thanks for making me laugh today!


  175. What a CRAZY shot with the butterfly on L’s face! Loved it…and your bike story…too funny. <3

  176. LOL. Great post. Can I just say that the entire month of June, starting from the last week of May was an entire flop for me? Seriously, worst month ever. But it has to get better….right? I can’t believe it is almost July. Summer seems like its almost over even though really it just began. I hope July means we get to take more advantages of summer and that tragedy, unwelcome surprises, and so on do not get in the way.

    Oh, and everyday, I click on your blog and eagerly await your next chapter as I would my favorite book. It’s like snuggling up, on a rainy day, with a cup of coffee and having that best moment ever feeling. I love your blog. I cheer for your victories and cry for your downfalls and can’t wait to see what happens next. We all share your family’s adventure as if we have been friends forever. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless.

  177. We just bought the butterfly farm for an 8 yr old and the whole family LOVED it. One of the best gifts ever for a child.

  178. Beautiful photos of Lainey with the butterfly!
    Also Lainey looks so gorgeous with her hair all frizzy!

  179. Kelle,

    I had the kind of night that needed a little “Enjoying The Small Things” blog pick-me-up, so I started reading old entries of yours. And then I stumbled across this one from March — “Making Memories Half-Full”.

    It seemed deja-vuish as I read over the story of your mom, determined to leave the house and make memories with her kids despite only having one car…and how the stroll outside took an unexpected twist when the “day-care-on-wheels” breaks down and leaves you all in tears. (Sounds familiar…maybe like today’s “Stream of Consciousness” post when the bike & buggy break down?). :)

    You mention how she probably laughed, attended to your wounds, and then found a “cooler” thing to do with you afterwards. And then the “AH HA!” moment happened. I realized who you get your motherly instincts from, your wonderful “glass half-full” perspective on life. Your mother. :)

    Just thought I’d share my little epiphany with you. I thought it was sweet.

  180. I love all that you’ve learned from living in the Florida heat, and the honesty you use to describe how long it can take to feel part of a place.
    And that *BAM* picture, holy moly.

  181. I rarely read other comments, but “The Hartsfield Family” comment is really cool, insightful :)

    When I was reading about your bike mishap, I was at first saying, “Oh, no! Oh, no!” and felt a little hesitant to find out the outcome. But then, reading on, I could almost feel myself peeing my pants along with you—hahahaha! Such a good laugh :O

    Oh, and I don’t feel comfortable raising my hands, either. But I do uncontrollably sway until my hips practically give out….can’t help it!

    Loved this,

  182. you should listen to songs from these two female artists fom Norway, Maria Mena, and Marit Larsen. Beautiful voices and lyrics that hits your soul..

  183. We call our “wow shots” our “money shots” and that shot is so money, baby. But so are all your shots. :)

  184. Ahahahahahhaaa I am laughng so hard at the image of the wayward wagon. That is just something that I thought only happened to me. I’m glad you were able to laugh it off….even if the girls didn’t see the funny side :-)

  185. I love Lainey’s bike!

  186. The b&w photo of Lainey’s dirty face is my favorite in this post. It is so raw and real. Although that butterfly pic is also legit.
    Thank you, as always!

  187. I feel the same way about music! It is the door to my soul. Try listening to Heavenly Day by Patti Griffin

  188. I don’t remember how I found your blog but I am grateful. I love the words you write and the words conveyed with every photo. So much love pouring from a blog space! Well except when talking about your bike.

  189. love the bike story…I ALWAYS thought that your girls just loved going for bike rides with you. I have been crushing on a new bike and a trailer from Target, but I thought my 5 year old boy would think it’s boring and my little girl would hate wearing the helmet. I just thought your kids were magical, loved wearing helmets and loved your bike rides…glad to hear they are not perfect (yet they are so very cute…)!

  190. that nitin sawhney song is my new fave, thanks kelle!

  191. Someone told me this or I read it with my first child that when they meet new milestones they may come back with a vengence seeking comfort in the familiar, which usually is a parents arms. Nella has started walking right? She just needs to know that her comfort zone is still there. : )

    Your bike story is hilarious. My son had one of those butterfly things in his classroom and it was so big that the kids could fit inside it.

  192. I have never commented before. Your spirit is so lovely and your writing is gifted. BUT it was that poofy blond crazy hair that inspired me to comment!!! It made me burst out laughing this morning – so cute. I love your photos/songs/story etc. Just lovely….Thank you for sharing :)

  193. I laughed out loud at Laney’s mismatched shoes. Then I laughed even harder at the picture with one missing. I love your blog :))

  194. Been meaning to tell you I love the dog and boot header!!!! But then I love all your headers and your blog and your children and YOU! You lift me up every day. Thanks for the wonderful blog! You make me think and smile and cry and laugh. You’re GOOD!

  195. I so enjoy reading your post. I come into my office every morning to see if there is a new post. I then leave it open so I can listen to the music all day. You have introduced me to many artists and songs I had never heard or imagined I would like. Thanks for that. My three year old makes me open it some nights just so she can look at pictures of the girls. Thanks again for sharing…

  196. I can’t believe I missed the Utah post from December. How did that happen…

    Anyway, if you ever come back you (and the family) are more than welcome to stay at my house or our family cabin…Seriously

  197. Kelle,

    Idon’t get BYU tv however I googled it and was able to see your story- you were as always inspiring and Nella looked beautiful! Your sister was right how fortunate for you to have been Chosen to be Nella’s mom.

  198. Ah yes… the annual shopping trip for your hubby’s bday. I was just telling my husband about this annual event the other day and BAM, you posted it! Our little one is Nella’s age so it will probably be another year before we start this tradition. My personal favorite was the glasses from last year. Hilarious! Happy 4th of July!!!!

  199. Two things: My mom used to wash my hair in the sink too:0) And your bike story was hilarious!! I probably would have peed my pants! The Target shoe story was awesome too!

  200. omg, even in your most vulnerable state, I’m wiping the tears. Your tale of the bike ride fiasco made me feel horrible that I was laughing. Finished it up with hearing how you laughed. Such sinister mom’s we are, laughing at our littles when they need us most. Glad nobody got hurt!!

  201. I read your blog before I bunker down to do my homework each night. Then I leave the page up so that your music plays on. Dinner of popcorn and champagne tonight, thanks for making life sweeter

  202. Seriously have streams of tears down my face trying to not burst out in hard laughter at work over your bike ride mishap.

  203. This post had me laughing myself into a fit of tears:)

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