Friday, At Last

At this moment, from my desk chair, I can peer between the blind slats of our office/soon-to-be-Lainey’s-room window and view a scene that summarizes the goodness of summer, the commencement of a lazy weekend, the celebration of a daddy who’s returned after a four-day retreat. A shallow puddle of water from an abandoned running hose slowly spreads across our driveway cement, and tiny wet footprints escape from its edge. There are barefoot babies, a mess of trikes, a bottle of bubbles tipped over and spilled, and a beach chair throne erected in the thick of it where Brett sits, content, as bright sky fades to dim sky fades to dark sky.

I love Friday nights. We make a big deal of weekends with its waffles and coffee refills and no-such-thing-as-time mentality, but really the peak of a weekend’s glory is all about the Friday night. It’s the Christmas Eve of Weekend. The potential of really great things.


While Brett was gone, I remembered to haul garbage cans to the curb, lock the doors, dim the lights, and I only had to scrape dog poop out of our entryway rug once. It’s amazing just how much I get done when I am motivated to prove a point to myself. Something about badassery, I guess, but still–knowing I am capable is satisfying.

I worked harder, stayed up later, woke up earlier, kissed more, cleaned more, and was that more aware to be present.

I enjoyed them so much this week.

Bed photos: ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/50 s (16-35 mm) , no flash

Last night, I tucked them into my bed later than usual. Lainey fell asleep quickly and easily while I staved off Nella who laughed and babbled and tried to scale her sister’s body, no doubt aware she wasn’t to be disturbed. Finally, her steady breaths joined her sister’s, and I huddled over them, studying my favorite features. Paper thin eyelids that beg to be kissed, soft wisps of hair swept over forehead, shallow slopes at the tops of their noses where I run my finger again and again.


There is a magic to a sleeping child–a spell cast on the beholder. When I watch my children breathe steadily as they dream and peacefully sleep, I am so acutely aware of the gift they are, and I am smitten with love in a breathless moment of They Belong to Me.



Big, big love.


We enthusiastically welcomed our morning today with an early hike along a stretch of boardwalk near my dad’s place. The setting was picturesque, brilliantly enhanced with dabbled sunlight and lush greens. Perhaps it was my last hoorah in proving I was a badass before Brett came home, a valid proclamation evident from our trek across the finish line an hour after we commenced.

But first, I felt brave and ambitious as we approached the starting line of our journey. The sun was angled for comfortable shade, Latte was trotting energetically, Lainey had a half-skip to her step, and Nella smiled and waved as the wheels of her car ka-bump, ka-bump, ka-bumped over each boardwalk plank.


We stopped to collect pinecones.


We paused to snap pictures of grasshoppers.


And the half-way point took my breath away with its mirror image clouds and rippled water–like Monet’s stippled paintings.


It was peaceful, that half-way point.

We stared at still water, waiting for the surface to break with a manatee snout or dolphin fin, but the gulf was quiet, and so we made up for it in meaningful chatter. I answered questions like “Mama, what are bears afraid of? What do pigs give us? What do cows eat?” because she’s enthralled with this food chain idea lately and wants so badly to make sense of it. Before I could answer what makes a bear fearful, she answered her own question with her quip of “I think bears are afraid of themselves–when they look in the mirror”–and then she laughed and carried on.






Everything changed the moment we turned to walk home. The sun climbed higher, the mosquitoes grew hungry, the dog started panting, Nella fell asleep and Lainey insisted her Build-a-Bear wanted to sit by himself in the push car.

What began as a semi-manageable congregation of toddler plus baby plus dog-on-leash turned into a living hell. For three quarters of a mile, I walked–holding a camera case; guiding a leash; cradling a slippery, sweaty baby; slapping mosquitoes; and thrusting my hips to push a car with a grumpy toddler and a lazy stuffed bear.

I tasted the salt from my sweat as it streamed down my temples and beaded above my lip. And with every ka-bump, ka-bump, ka-bump on the way back, I alternated curse words with the little bits I knew of the Serenity prayer.


But we made it. Home. At last. And Brett pulled in late this afternoon, and now we are complete.



Looking forward to the weekend.


Friday Phone Dump:

Giveaway Winner:

I wish blogs had sound effects because I’d do some really cool Price is Right call down for giveaway winners. Just imagine it.

(I’m yelling really enthusiastically): “And the winner of the Scentsy cupcake warmer and Happy Birthday bar is…(drum roll, drum roll, Bob Barker freak out…)”

Comment #22, Alisha: That last photo melted my heart. Nella looks so grown up sitting at the table and the way she is looking so adoringly at her big sister is SO beautiful.

Congratulations, Alisha. Sorry it’s not a new car. Please send your contact info to, and your house will never stink again.



One of our favorite sponsors is returning this month: Popina Swimwear. I’ve proclaimed my allegiance for their retro swimwear in several posts, and it’s true–I love their butt-hugging, breast-boosting, waist-cinching vintage suits. So much, I occasionally wear them under jeans out and about when I’m feeling a little Betty Boop.


Picking a swimsuit to wear from my collection of Popina suits is like choosing what my babies will wear their first day home (You remember that? It’s so much fun). Every option is good.

One of my favorites: The Grace. Very Beach Blanket Bingo, Baby.


Wear it. Love it. Shop for yours here.

Oh, and giveaways make weekends better. Popina is kindly giving away a swimsuit of winner’s choice to a commenter who will be randomly selected from this post. Tell me what you hope your weekend looks like.

Ours: Quiet. Coffee. Long Bath. Lying on the floor in the living room watching some old Meg Ryan movie while kids climb on me and play with my hair. Unplanned gatherings with friends. Hot grill. Hot pavement. Bare feet. Music. Writing. Sleep.


Happy Weekend.



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  1. Oh Nella is growing so quickly. Love the pigtails…so sweet.

  2. Nella and Lainey are such bright, adorable little girlies! I love your posts and look forward to them every week! Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. I love your blog and your posts because they challenge me to look at life with a different view point. Your girls and precious and beautiful! You are a blessing!

  5. Oh my…I love the pictures of your little darlings sleeping :) How did you get the pictures to turn out so beautifully…I assume the room was dark-ish? I live my picture-taking life frustrated by the turnout of pics taken in poor light…but those are gorgeous!

  6. Love the pictures of the girls sleeping in your bed. What special bonding time for them.

    Would love to win new swimsuit :) Mine are looking a bit raggy.

  7. Kelle, I have a confession — the beautiful clothes you dress your daughters in has greatly inspired me for my little girl. I love trawling through your posts and checking out the girls’ outfits… and then seeing if I can find something similar over on this side of the world! So thank you; all the fabulous comments I get on how my daughter is dressed all actually go to you!

  8. i was just telling a friend how i knew where to find cool retro suits, these–from your recommendation!

  9. Love Friday nights “Christmas Eve of the weekends :)” , the beautiful – magical sleeping angels and I LOVE that bathing suit too..I keep saving my pennies until I get to where I need to buy one :) thanks Kell for making my Friday night that much better…p.s. I could def picture the walk back :) have a great weekend!

  10. I love the photos of the grasshopper… The clouds… Those little bits of beauty we often overlook. Your blog came into my life about three months ago and it has quickly become a favorite. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  11. She’s looking little girlish! It’s too soon for her to do that, must have just been a glimpse from the future :-)

    I know exactly that can-do feeling when I’m on my own with the kids. It’s like I step it up. But then he comes home and I slop back into my slovenly can’t-do-this-by-myself ways. :-)

  12. I love the innocence in your pics of the girls… and enjoy recognizing familiar places- my parents winter in Marco. Since it was too cold last Dec to really let my toddler go for it at the beach, I cannot wait to get down there once it turns bitter cold up north.
    Now, if only I could find a reason/excuse to move down there year round. Something about my husband needing a job first always seems to get in the way of that.

  13. Those swimsuits look great.

    I love the magic of weekends too.

  14. I know exactly the feeling of watching the sweetest baby sleep. :) It’s perfect.

  15. Great stuff! (As Always!) That sky is AMAZING! And the girls are just as adorable as ever! :)

    -Rick (Noah’s Dad)
    Check out our fun one minute videos about our son who was born with Down Syndrome!

  16. Love this post. Love the music. Love everything! :)

  17. Florida looks like a beautiful place to live. I really enjoy getting to see that side of the US through your lens!

  18. the half-way picture is AMAZING! but I have to laugh at your sleeping babes. Nella still has that baby/toddler “sleep EVERY WHICH way but the way I should” thing going on- while Lainey has hardly moved a muscle from beginning picture to end. I love it.

  19. Kelle, thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel but can’t find the way to express it. You’re writing is inspiring! Happy weekend!

  20. Such great pics! <3 And I feel your pain for walking and hauling kid/pet/stuff in the July Florida heat. Been there before for sure!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. Hoping for friends, laughter, productivity, inspiration, determination, worth, and meaning for my weekend.. I need one of those feel-good weekends.

  22. You have this innate ability to match the perfect song to each of your blogs. As I began to read “There is a magic to a sleeping child–a spell cast on the beholder.” Etta was belting out…”and a spell was cast”…

    I’m not really a fan of music on blogs and usually mute them, it usually directs my focus elsewhere. But your song choices bring your words so much more to life, they make your photos dance for me. I NEVER mute your music. Absolutely wonderful! Bravo!

  23. i couldn’t agree more about sleeping littles!!! there is something magical in the stillness and i just love to kiss bayley’s face off when she falls asleep : )
    happy weekend!!

  24. Latte kills me in this post! Such a ham! And thanks for reminding me that I need to take more pictures of my precious babe while she is sleeping… those photos of Lainey and Nella in deep slumber are sure to be treasured forever. Happy weekend to you & yours!

  25. brilliant blog post as usual. each one brings me a level of peace and joy – so thank you for sharing your heart. your “orange flower” picture from a few monts back is my current desktop background – however, the clouds/trees/water one may have to replace it…

    the weekend, you ask? minnesota is beastly hot right now so i’ll be poolside with ice water and a fresca. reading. and listening to a playlist of mumford and sons, the civil wars, the avett brothers, and bon iver/deyarmond edison/justin vernon. maybe venture to the hammock. then i am attending a polo match on friday and wearing a dashing hat.

  26. I always drool over these bathing suits…<3 your pics tonight!

  27. I loved your story about the walk back along the boardwalk! It sounds like my walks. Stroller left home because my little guy is so sure he can walk it, then whining because he is tired, then me carrying him. I love it!

  28. I loved your story about the walk back along the boardwalk! It sounds like my walks. Stroller left home because my little guy is so sure he can walk it, then whining because he is tired, then me carrying him. I love it!

  29. I love the pictures of the girls sleeping together – so sweet!

  30. I’m holidaying with my boyfriend, relaxing in Victoria, British Columbia. After a long afternoon stroll on the harbor, we enjoyed fresh fish and chips at Fiaherman’s Wharf. Tomorrow and Sunday wenspend with hos daughter and her family – I’ve been “Facebook friends” with her for months, and cannot wait to finally meet her. We’ve become good friends, and I hope to foster that relationship over time :)

  31. And she’s not a hos daughter. iPhone autocorrect FAIL

  32. Ooooh, I have been eying Popina’s yellow and white polka dot suit for so long! Would love to win!

    This weekend will include soccer, running, fresh melon, washing my car, and a little (just a little) bit of summer school homework. I crave those beneficial rays!

  33. Our weekend is gong to be the opposite of yours, LOUD busy and celebratory! My little man is turning 2! I’m in the middle of frosting cupcakes and putting the finishing touches on the chocolate dipped goodness!

    I loved this post, true for me as well: return trips are terrible and sucky but so worth the grumpies for the good:)

    Weekend Wishes

  34. I’ll be spending the weekend watching my little man run and play with his cousins that live an 18 hour drive away from us. It melts my heart watching them come together and instantly have a connection. You just know when it’s your family!

  35. Beautiful girls! So glad Brett is home safe ‘n sound! In the sleeping pictures what is your light? Are you using a flash?

  36. I have the pink and white polka dot suit and love it! Could always use more :)

    This weekend we are celebrating 3 birthdays including my oldest turning 4! I’m also taking part in Illuminares, a lantern festival put on by my place of work, Public Dreams! Can’t wait!

  37. Hubby’s out of town, so it’s just me and my boy. There will be a little bit of girl time while he hangs with his grandparents, but mostly, I’ll just enjoy him and relish in the fact that HE’S MINE!

  38. I was hoping my weekend would be loud and boisterous, filled with shopping and eating good food and staying inside with my hubby and four little ones. However, your weekend plans sound even better. Maybe I will do that instead. =) Can’t tell you how much I adore you and your sweet family.

  39. We are enjoying our first taste of sunshine after a gloomy summer, so I hope for a weekend filled with beach picnics, giggling kidlets with pink sun-kissed cheeks, panting puppy running through dog park fields, and lazy sun-quenched family naps.

  40. Hoping my weekend looks like…
    Relishing the little time my toddler and I have with Daddy. Gazing at my 37.5 week pregnant belly. Kisses and cuddles. And maybe getting this place clean and nested… if the mood/energy strikes.

  41. rest. laughter. unpacking. the Word. friends. baking bread.
    I have been reading your blog for a while and so much enjoy your honesty and the fact that you work every day as a mom investing in her children as I strive to do as well. :) God Bless

  42. Okay, nevermind on the light question. I just saw it! :)

  43. Such inspiration. As for the giveaway- I’m looking forward to early morning hikes, fresh mango juice, some sweat that’ll prove I’m being productive, and the sound of laughing children playing night games outside…


  44. hope the weekend finds me walking around the local art fest here, down along the lake front.. baby in stroller, another by the hand, husband by the other, and older two lagging behind. and a nice cold diet coke somewhere in there too! 😉

    love the sleepy time photos. doesn’t get any sweeter~ so precious to see what great friends your girls already are!

  45. Weekend consists of dog-sitting while my parents enjoy their first ever Alaskan cruise. Missing my boyfriend. Partying with my sister. Catching up with old friends. A good weekend :)

  46. The glorious moment the smell of fresh brewed coffees reaches your nose and taste hits your lips. Dance parties with my nephews. A stroll with my husband. Quiet hour to do some reading. (And some homework, even though I’m not exactly “hoping” for that)

    I love the pic of Nella with her arms and legs spread out taking up the whole bed – it’s so funny that a person so small can take up so much bed space (my husband, who is a foot taller than me, says the same thing about me!)

  47. There is nothing more precious than a sleeping child – unless it’s two sleeping children snuggling together.

  48. BEAUTIFUL! Ours… busy, busy, busy with ice cream and putt putt tucked in there for fun. Oh, and the return of our daddy too! :)


  49. Sleeping kid pictures are the best. You should frame those. You are such an amazing mom.

  50. Love that suit!
    I’m hoping our weekend will be easy and relaxing, maybe with a little bit of rain to water the desert!

  51. Love popina!! This weekend? Running a garage sale. DumPing the leftovers at goodwill. Soaking up sun the rest of the weekend :)

  52. I love love love the bedtime pics. Beautiful artistry:)

    Although I know my weekend will look like me dragging my tired self to work (I’m a nurse who works weekend nights), I do hope to squeeze in a morning run, and some snuggles with my sweet baby girl. I have been wanting a Popina swimsuit for a while now, what a treat that would be!

  53. Okay, seriously, your girls are too cute. I absolutely cannot get over how precious your little Nella is. Seriously, seriously, seriously, the cutest little thing, everrrrr.

  54. I have a confession. I’ve had a couple dreams about you and your kiddos, not in a creepy way, but we were friends hanging out sort of way. I told my husband about you afterwards, about your beautiful girls, and Nella’s story. Man, i sound like a creeper.

    Love those swimsuits, they’re adorbs!!

    Weekend…finish a cake for a client, tupperware party, swimming, church on Sunday, hang out with mom, and pack for our 2 week vaca to Missouri!!

  55. That’s ME! I’m the winner! Thank you so much :)

    Emailing you now!

  56. This weekend we’re moving! We’re driving a moving truck from Boston to Durham, North Carolina with two dogs sitting in our laps. We can’t wait to embrace our new environment! A new swimming suit would be a perfect way to start my life in the South.

  57. Love Etta James. Always wanted that song for my 1st dance. Wonder why I didn’t….hhhmmm.

    I had a physical reaction to your phrase “They Belong to Me”….crying!

    I like to huddle and study favorite features, too. Among my favorites: a dimpled chin, a button nose, and a poochy bottom lip.

    All your photos are amazing, but I love it when there’s that one (or two) that make me gasp out loud. This time? The last one of Nella!

    I love your humor! You make me laugh at things that I also would say: “…and your house will never stink again.” Hahahahaha!

    And finally, 2 more things: you are looking so skinny minnie HOT! And I love it when your phone takes a dump.

    Time to go enjoy my husband’s famous chocolate chip cookies (at 11:00 p.m.), sleep in, and then hang out in our tiny, yet newly landscaped yard…aaahhhh, such peace back there. I finally have my sanctuary :)

    I will now stop hogging all the space,

  58. This weekend my husband is gone for work again…So I think I’m going to go to a swap meet, buy some flowers, and finish up my plans for my Bachelorette Finale Party on Monday. Want to come?

  59. I hope my weekend is sunny, with cold pools and even colder drinks!

  60. Gorgeous photos of your girls sleeping. I love sleeping babes. Looking forward to our relaxing weekend. My brother comes home tomorrow from a month in Hawaii visiting our Dad. Also spending time with my littles laying around inside, playing outside on the hot pavement and warm grass, cooking out, and picnic lunches.

  61. All your pictures inspire me to pick up my camera and get to know it better. So that’s precisely what I plan to do this weekend.

  62. I hope my weekend looks like…
    …Saturday morning coffee with my best girlfriend outside at my favorite coffee shop.
    …my sister-in-law loving the earring holder I made her for her birthday
    …a minor league baseball game with friends on Sunday evening.

    simple but perfect.

  63. the hubby has to work this weekend, so I’m hoping for lots of mommy/daughter/son bonding time….cuddles, laughs, and maybe a Winnie the Pooh viewing at the theater.

  64. My hope for the weekend is to be a part of something magical when I watch a childhood friend get married Saturday and something special when I watch my boys grow help each other conquer fears at the splash pad on Sunday. Your daughters are beautiful, your boardwalk walk sounds eerily familiar (minus the spectacular view), and I always enjoy sitting with my caffeine of choice (Pepsi at the moment) and reading your beautiful words. The swim suites are extremely cute and I would love to win one!

  65. This post was so poetic. I could feel myself sighing through the whole thing as if I was watching a gorgeous golden sunset. You have a beautiful way with words that captures life in the most colorful way. Thank you…for inspiring me yet another day.

  66. i’m really hoping for a fun weekend. our weather is finally nice, let’s bust out the kiddie pool, barbeque with the neighbors, and maybe the housework will do itself :)

  67. Is it wrong to say that I’ve been dieting my butt off to look good in one of those suits? Hopefully when I’m done I will have enough butt left to actually look good!

    My weekend? My weekend will be spent playing with my son while recovering from a sun burn I received while camping. As my dad puts it, “Its camping!”

  68. Weekend = coffee and a hoopla of a breakfast, family togetherness, church, and hopefully a spontaneous cause-it’s-the-weekend adventure.

  69. Weekend= fun with my 2 kiddos for this part time working momma!!! If I must work a few days in the week, I try to give EVERY breathing moment to my kiddos when I am home!:)

  70. Hope for the weekend, more Harry Potter marathon before finally seeing the end. Adventurous outings on the bike followed by ice cream, every summer weekend needs some ice cream.

  71. I am hoping for much needed cuddles, a clean bathroom, a second cup of coffee, and a not so rushed storytime. it’s been a long week. yay for Friday nights!

    Love this blog like crazy my dear.

  72. I should play with my child, swing with him a lot, study English, get to know my new camera more (10 pages of manual to read), find a gift for my Mom, find a gift for a new baby, clean my house to a perfection, read a book and have my pedicure & manicure done! Doesn’t seem very hard working, indeed!

  73. You always take the most amazing photos! I especially love the one where the girls are sleeping and Nella has her legs on top of Lainey….way to capture a wonderful moment! There’s nothing like the bond of a sister! Weekend plans…..relax, play with my new puppy Nala, spend every minute I can with my hubby, go shoot some targets with our little buddy, church, relax some more, and then grocery :( (That’s always my least favorte!) Hope your weekend is super blessed!

  74. Our weekend looks like: the zoo with mamas & sons; organizing both my home and mind; trying to prepare for setting up my first ever classroom (this includes decorating and evaluating procedures, rules, and lessons; and lots o’ love, family, friends, and or course coffee! :)

  75. I love Nella’s spread eagle while sleeping! She seems to be extremely limber!

    This weekend….wishing Daddy would fly in for a visit, but realizing work probably won’t let that happen. And starting a fabulously fun Family Reunion!

  76. I hope my weekend is filled with friends, the beach and plenty of cousin time for my girls!

  77. Thank you for putting up camera settings- great insight into the talent! Would love to see more of this:)

  78. hi Kelle,
    Love the pictures of your sleeping cuties, beautiful!
    Our weekend: hopefully sunshine (we haven’t gotten much of it so far here in the Netherlands…), a nice espresso, fresh baked goodies, some unplanned visits with family/friends (usually we don’t plan a lot, we tend to go with the flow…) garden time with the kids and hopefully the beach! There, that’ll do it :)

  79. Hi Kelle,
    I wanted to let you know that I wrote about you and linked to you on my blog. Your strength has inspired me, and has given me strength. Thank you.

  80. I forgot to tell you what I hope my weekend looks like…I hope that it includes me, my hubby, and the baby at the beach. And I hope to finally get my butt to church. It’s been too long.

  81. My weekend will consist of remodeling our master bath to surprise my husband with when he gets home from a work trip on Sunday!

  82. This weekend, I will drain my coffee cup and ask for more. There will be friends and games and camping. Oh, and brunch.

  83. Love the shots of Lainey and Brett, they look so happy to be together again!
    Our weekend? Started well with French cheese and wine, our Friday promise of things to come. Sleeping in. Baking a chocolate cake, making a compost bin, hanging out togwther at the hut. taking the puppies for a romp around the block. Friday night holds so much, but our weekends are always over in a flash!

  84. I LOVE those swimsuits, so I am leaving my first comment on this blog (which I have recently started stalking) …

    This weekend we are helping a friend move, going to the zoo, headed to church, and I am having much-needed girl time with two great friends … even though I just realized it will mean missing “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” on Sunday night!

  85. Im taking a page out of your book and learning to notice the little things, and make time for them.

  86. our weekend? … August in Arizona birthday pool party. blog. scan pictures. get babies room ready. laundry. pack my hospital bag. enjoy the last few weeks of my baby kicking around in my belly. and clean the kitchen ugh…

    Love love love the sleeping baby pictures- thanks for the photo tip- I will try it right away!

    Oh and I love the Friday phone dump!

  87. Our weekend: pancakes, coffee, park, long thick afternoon naps, pool, parade, church, wedding, and a drippy ice cream cone somewhere in there. :-)

  88. I want to thank you, Kelle. Reading your blog has reignited my passion and love for photography and I”m getting back into it :) thank you.
    As for the weekend, my weekdays are rather simple, I don’t know anyone in the area so my 6 month old girl is my company and it couldn’t be any better.
    On the weekends however, we are able to go visit friends, and we know that Mama’s need their friends, their company. So, that it what i’m hoping my weekend will consist of

  89. ooooh, it’s gonna be a good weekend! soaking up the last few days of our seattle vacation with a mariners game, boat ride, and then sunday is the big 33 birthday for me! what a wonderful gift a beautiful new swimsuit would be!!! <3

  90. Love your blog…but miss lainey is not a toddler anymore! let it go :)

  91. I wish my weekend looked like: Sleeping in, shopping, lazy days at the lake on the boat with my family, bonfires, friends, diet coke. What my weekend actually looks like: wedding, birthday party, lawn that needs to be mowed, mountain of laundry. Somewhere in there we will sneak in all the good stuff that makes my heart hum!

  92. my weekend…. i’m doing 12 hour night shift 3 nights in a row. so i want my weekend to be quiet at night, restful during the day, and healing for my patients… physically and emotionally.

    love popina suits!!!

  93. Lovely and beautiful post once again.

    This weekend…
    Fresh bagels, hot coffee, sound of wild parrots Juan & Esmerelda nesting in the Palm tree, birthday song, grandparents, and the gulup, gulup sound of gentle ripples hitting my paddleboard in the bay.

  94. Our weekend consists of roast pork with crackling, hot apple cider, chocolate liquor and hopefully a walk to the (freezing cold) park – it’s winter here in Australia!

  95. LOVED the photos of your sleeping girls! There is something so precious and innocent about sleeping chlidren 😀

  96. LOVED this post! Life is always better once Daddy gets home! Just saw a quote and loved it… “I may appear harmless, but inside I’m pretty badass!” Ha! That swimming suit is seriously fabulous. LOVE it! I know my weekend will consist of: A family birthday party. Friends over for dinner, Picking up a fabulous craigslist find. I hope my weekend also consists of: a few spontaneous dips in our pool in the heat (and one maybe while baby is napping, so momma can truly catch some rays). some homemade guacamole dip. and evening on the deck with my love. And a family nap in our bed together.

  97. Oh Kelle, this post! <3
    1st, I also LOVE my sleeping girl. There’s nothing sweeter than those slow, rhythmic breaths.
    2nd, I hope my weekend is half family, half fun, half getting stuff done!
    Were moving to Hawaii in 7 days, and its pretty chaotic here right now!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  98. lovely post! lovely! hoping our weekend is full of sunshine! we’re in Sweden just now and it’s been raining for days… hoping for a little sunshine and sandal wearing!!! and would LOVE that retro bathing suit!

  99. Those sleepy kiddos shots made my morning! Especially the one of Nella sprawled out taking up as MUCH room as possible with her little body :) Since it’s 4:30 in the morning, I went and peeked in on my boys to watch them sleep. Teenage boys are just not as attractive asleep as little ones – it was all messy hair, slack jaws, and big feet sticking out of the covers!

  100. rain (hopeful), games, church, swim, coffee, hugs, and of course, gotta catch those zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s!

  101. Our weekend? Late night fires in the backyard, swimming suits and baby pools, and ice cold sweet tea in the shade. Think we’ll take it easy for once and maybe do some shopping up in Portland on Sunday! Nothing like a girls day out with a 7 year old. Enjoy the weekend Kelle!

  102. What lovely photos! This is what I hope my weekend will be: sunshine, walk on the beach, coffee, afternoon tea with scones, hugs and kisses, good friends and good beer.

    Happy weekend to you all!

  103. Summer has finally arrived to Norway – I wish for lot’s of swimming – my girls learned how to swim properly two days ago. Tone

  104. My weekend… an early cup of coffee, lazy days, and good friends in the evenings to top it all off.

  105. LOVE that blue sky…

    Weekend: coffee (since it’s 5 but ellie is up), long run, DS playgroup, hoping to take some pretty pictures, making dinner for friends, church, picnic, dinner with other friends. wow, that’s busy!

  106. I love the photos of the two of them sleeping… Nella’s hand reaching out and holding onto Lainey’s. You can almost see the “just making sure she’s still there” about it and it melts my heart just that little bit more. Your girls are growing up and they are growing up every bit as gorgeous as their mama.


  107. I am totally diggin’ the Betty Boop outfit (and cracked up when you made that reference b/c I didn’t make the connection until that moment). The bed pictures are precious. Your words were beautiful. Lovely post.

    And thanks for including the photo details about the pictures of the girls sleeping. I finally learned to change my f-stop and have been getting the pictures I see in my head that normally don’t have enough light. Thanks for recommending the Mamarrazi book on your blog. It has really been useful to me, but in an easy to read, fun way.

    Happy weekend! I have to present a teacher training today but only have to travel an hour & a half. I’ll get to visit a friend and get home in time for dinner!

    Would you consider doing a post about finding your own unique style? You seem so comfortable in your skin & your hair is perfect for you, yet so different from a few years ago (which also looked good, and you were still gorgeous). I would love to read about how you got where you are when it comes to that. I am intrigued by personal style & am not sure I’ve found mine yet.

  108. My weekend, coffee and tomato basil quiche with my Sweetie, on our new fabulous patio; while a sleepy puppy sunbathes on the warm pavers. Re-organizing the laundry room which is waaaaay over due, and trying out a new simple but fancy chocolate cookie recipe, Chocolate Sables. And then who knows, I love the idea of leaving a little room for spontaneity. Happy weekend!!!!

  109. Such a sweet post! You’ve been wonder woman this week and I know you are glad to have you husband home.

    We’re headed to the beach for a mini vacation this weekend. We will hang out with friends, eat good food, drink good wine, and love on their sweet little girls. Can’t wait!

  110. Hopefully this weekend will be filled with fun celebration as we’re away from home to attend a wedding! :) I just wish I was able to sleep in everytime me and hubby get away solo, but alas, I guess this morning is not my time!

  111. Oh Kelle, I’m so sorry i had to laugh out loud imagining the scene from your walk including the cursing haha. It’s pretty much like this every single time we decided to walk anywhere in the summer around Vermont, though it’s not so much the mosquitoes as it is the horse flies, hornets, and no see-ums. Makes long walks even longer and less enjoyable but somehow we manage to make the best of the situation for our children. For the memories. For stories to share like yours. :-) Our weekend is looking like this: Wedding. Party. Family. Friends. BBQ. Long car rides. Beach. Reminiscing. Coffee. Sleep-overs. Kids washing the cars with buckets and over-sized sponges as we watch from the distance.

  112. Weekend day (I only get the one day off work) = pots of tea, fresh coffee, a stroll on the beach, a cycle to the end of the prom, sofa time with catch up tv, sleep, photographs, time with a friend and a wonderful relax for 24hours.

  113. You’re week always look so amazing Kelle! It always take the breath away from me, and make me just want to grow up and get kids too! Even if its not only happy, happy, happy moments!

    My weekend looks like a mothers: Exercise, clean the house, make dinner, have my friends over for dinner, bake, take care of my older siblings, clean after my older siblings, be with friends, make a recipe book, watch movies, and light candles & pick flowers for all my friends that died at Utøya last friday. Its weird to think about, that they have been dead for a week now, and I’ve only known about it for three days

  114. You are a badass, you don’t have to be cool every second of it to still be one.
    I hope my and my husband’s weekend is filled with inspiration, music, cool breezes, sunshine, laughter, love, hot tea, good food, and I suppose I’m obligated to include my dissertation, since I know it’ll be a huge part of my weekend–but it will go well, and come easy.

    Thanks for sharing as always.

    from black currant thoughts.

  115. Love the sleeping pictures. Melts my heart.

    I hope my weekend looks (is already looking?) like this: coffee, long dog walks, soaking up the countryside, a peaceful, meditative, albeit 8-hour-drive back to NYC on Sunday.

  116. And just like that it goes from “heavenly” to “what was I thinking?”. I’ve had those moments. Celebrating my man’s 50th birthday this weekend with family, friends and cake…lots of cake.

  117. We saw a bear today.. I wish I could have gotten a picture so could send it to you so lainey can see. I will stay on “bear watch”.. and tell her they aren’t afraid of anything..

  118. Our weekend is go go go this weekend.

    This morning we are heading to DC for the day to meet up with my sister, her 2 boys and my mother who have been there for the past 2 days already.

    Sunday we will waking up to pack the car since we will be traveling to Western NY for the week on Monday.

    Those doll babies look so sweet sleeping. I love sleeping children, their faces are so angelic!

  119. My mama is coming to visit. Hooray!

  120. Me, me, PICK me !!! )

  121. Oh, I have so been on that return trip before! Feels good to survive it and be home though. :) Our weekend involves some birthday-ing…woohoo!

  122. swimming! lots of swimming! with hopefully hot hot hot water! it helps with the fibromyalgia pain…and a new suit to swim in would be AWESOME! LOVE your photos and blog! Blessings, Sharon

  123. My weekend will consist of our new puppy Floyd & his snuggles & nips, pedicures with my 5 year old, french toast made from my favorite blueberry/cranberry sugar bread, feeling my son’s sweet breath on my neck as I rock him to sleep, peace, serenity and intense gratefulness for the good fortune I have.

  124. My husband isn’t out of town, but will be working 14-16 hour shifts the next 8 days. And for some reason, yes, it motivates me to do more and be more. When he is coming home at 5, I often count the minutes to his arrival. When I know he won’t be home until 8 or 10, I fill every minute with something. Crazy how that happens.

  125. Oh I forgot to add I LOVE the bed pictures. So incredibly sweet and beautiful. Nella is quite the mover while she sleeps isn’t she?

  126. Ah yes, sleeping babies. I just updated my facebook status to how much I love watching my son sleep while he smiles big, toothy grins at me without even knowing it. I’m almost certain there’s nothing more precious than that! Such a great start to our weekend!

  127. My sister is getting married today. I hope the weekend looks happy, peaceful, not too sticky-hot, and fun!

    Have a super weekend, and enjoy an extra waffle for me! — I have to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress with my almost five months pregnant body :)

  128. Love your pics! My husband is out of town so its a girls weekend at my house! We had a movie night (Monsters Inc.) and stayed up late drinking milkshakes! The rest of the weekend is just hanging out at the pool I guess!

  129. We are enjoying our last weeked at my in-laws lake house in the Adirondacks, NY. It has been SO beautiful, and the cooler temps have been a wonderful break from the hot and humid Southern temps where we normally live. I’m hoping this weekend is full of good weather and good family times – a fitting end to our vacation.

  130. My Weekend: Early morning playtime, long walks, swimming (fingers crossed), dinner with friends, art projects

  131. I was hoping for a restful, fun weekend with two friends. We rented a hotel room in town to take a getaway from our kids and husbands for a night. There has been lots of fanning and margaritas. So far so good.

  132. I felt your pain when you described the living hell, I have been there so many times! My weekend? I’m about to step on an airplane headed for California. I’m leaving my kids at home with dad. It’s the first time I’ve done this EVER!

  133. I dont know what the rest of our weekend holds, but our Friday night was out of this world. We gathered with a gaggle of friends and little ones at our local outdoor ampitheater for a dance/sing along production of “Hairspray”. It was one of those nights that we went with the expectation of not being able to stay too long. But all the kids enjoyed themselves and wanted to stay out late! Heaven!

  134. My weekend: car seat check event, children playing outside in the hot humid weather, homework and groceries. Tonight will (hopefully) include the Nebraska Star Party out in the middle of nowhere, away from all lights of the city so we can marvel at the wonder that is our solar system.

  135. Visitors. Beach. Water Balloons. Kitchen Utensils as Beach Toys.

  136. Weekend: Slow times with close friends in their neck of the woods, new baby bump shopping, beach, prenatal yoga heaven, zoo with family, park BBQ, SLEEP.

  137. Our weekends are much like yours. Family, coffee, yard sales, sprinklers, and more family.

  138. This weekend looks like us scurrying around to clean the house before we meet with our real estate agent and put our place on the market. Fingers crossed!!! All of this comes after coffee and a little blog reading, of course 😉

  139. First of all, I love that you used the word “badassery”!

    And to answer your question…I hope our weekend looks like good sleep; watching Daddy and Daughter interact after a long week of work; block towers; homemade chocolate chip cookies; cold adult beverages; and watching my 2yr old learn something new.

  140. Your style of writing so grabs my attention…makes me lean in and soak up every word you write! WONDERFUL! It’s like I’m right there with you!

    This weekend is MORE remodeling on our Clover House…..I love it, the work and the house!

    HUGS! :)

  141. I will be spending a lot of time with two very sweet 3 year olds. :) Those bed time photos just melted me.

  142. Your posts always make me want to go to Florida and experience all those beautiful places you go to… however that’s not my plan for the weekend. I’m borrowing my four year old nephew for the weekend and we’re going to bake, find something to fix and probably vacuum the place… all of his favorite things 😉

  143. I love the sleeping baby photos! :)

    I hope our weekend is full of a lot of laughter and family interaction. My husband just took the bar exam, so we’ve missed him!

  144. My weekend looks like a sleepy baby waking up excited for all of the adventures that lay ahead. We may not be rich in the material sense but we savor every minute of our time together and find fun adventures every weekend :)

  145. We love our weekends. Daddy is home from a long work week, we swim, bbq & have no sense of time. This weekend is looking like a movie for my 3 year old – Winnie the Pooh…I can’t wait! Have a great weekend!!

  146. Love the word “badassery”!!

  147. Extra time in bed in the morning, yummy bonbons I just picked up from my new found British candy shop, cuddles with my little man who will be one in 2 weeks, and trying to calm myslef from that both happy and aching feeling that he is getting so big.

  148. My weekend will start at the Farmer’s Market but end at the beach tomorrow where we begin our week-long visit to Lake Michigan. Best part? Our 20 yo daughter will be able to join us for a couple of days!

  149. First of all…the song playing “At Last”, it reminds me of my wedding! It was the song my bridesmaids walked down to and when I heard the song from the speakers in the brides room I got the butterflies… wonderful feeling and this song brings it all back.

    Second… love the sleeping pics of the girls. PRECIOUS!

    And lastly… my weekend:
    Cuddles in the morning from my boy while we watch Baby Einstein… Saturday morning coffee and listening to CMT Music (my son is into Country ;)… A Saturday outing of some sort with my Mom, sister and my two nephews … Saturday night dinner, something on the grill…drinks in hand. Little man playing. And our typical Sunday Funday… which really means doing nothing but just being with Family. AH I love Summer and I love weekends.

  150. I love seeing Nella’s little teething necklace in photos, it just makes her look like such a well-accessorized little person :)

    The weekend…running, my aunt’s for a party with the California cousins, feeding ducks, snuggling, writing, more running, waffles tinted pink.

  151. My weekend will involve adjusting to not being on the zofran pump anymore…hanging with my 2 yr old son…maybe finding a deal at a consignment sale…we will see!

  152. My weekend is Birthdays, music, photos, sleeping,swimming and eating loads of grilled fruits and veggies.

  153. I love your pictures for your ability to capture the every day :) The pictures of the girls sleeping are too cute, Nella sure does stretch out!

  154. Hoping this weekend is full of daddy/son time for my husband and two year old. Daddy works very long hours and toddlers don’t understand why they don’t get to see Daddy until Saturday. The weekends are very sacred around here. Love the Christmas Eve analogy! Also hope the weekend holds some yoga time for me and a few good meals around the table with family.

    Thank you for your words and images!

  155. It’s the weekend! Yea! Mine will consist of: baking, a birthday with lots of giggling, splasing girls,sleeping in on Sunday, hopefully a nap and some lazy time.

  156. Kelle, Always love your posts, and laughed at your return trip description. It brought back memories of adventures and misadventures with my son (now grown).

    The weekend? Gardening, running with Hubby, a little grillin’, a little shopping and tea w/ something baked!

    That last photo of Nella is a heart-stopper!

  157. I hoping our weekend is filled with family fun at the pool, more photoshop editing practice, and maybe finally figuring out how to make my camera focus on what I want it to focus on! I’m also hoping next week is filling with my 6 month old still recognizing me after I dye my hair brown (the first time I haven’t been a blonde in 28 years)! Your blog and your amazing photos inspire me! <3 Melissa

    PS. LOVE LOVE LOVE my popina swimsuit which I purchase after your last post!

  158. This weekend I hope for a hair cut. It is desperate times here in the spce of my hair. If it turns out then the hair cut will lead to time with family as it is my sister-in-law who cuts it.

  159. Kelle- for quite some time now I have followed your blog, laughed and cried as I read your heartfelt words, and felt honored to be able to watch your girls grow. You continue to inspire me. Truly. Days when my energy is lacking, I look at your blog and see the potential of all that lies beneath and somehow I am capable of more. Looking at the pictures of your littles snuggling in bed this week, makes my heart happy. We are expecting our second baby in a few weeks, and I am simply tingling with excitement as I contemplate moments similar to these with my own children. This weekend we are painting our little princess’s room and setting up her nursery, tailgating at a Brewers Game, and enjoying friends and family at a “deck party.” I am promising myself to take more pictures and really soak in these last few weeks with my first born. <3

  160. My weekend is all about moving. I should be getting ready to go pick up the rental truck instead of reading/commenting, but…

  161. I am a teacher and I’m getting ready to go back to work on Monday, so I plan on spending the weekend squeezing every last bit of summer break with my precious girl…going back to work makes me appreciate the weekends even more.

  162. Unfortunately, my weekend is sweaty, stressful, and tiring. It’s moving weekend for me, so it’s also very nostalgia-filled. But come Monday, it will all be behind me and I can relax.

  163. My weekend- started with yoga and a big cup of coffee so far…as for the rest? We are packing for a much needed vaca with my lovelies and choosing to decompress from life once we arrive!

  164. Our wkend~long reunion.long drive.Church.Quiet afternoon at home where everyone naps. The last one is what I’m hoping for!!

    Love the sleeping pics and the fact that the girls look like the are holding hands~so very sweet! Happy wkend~

  165. Oh I had a similar morning. My boy was perfectly well behaved and then we got home from market and a switch was flicked. I had a colicy baby and a boy who wouldn’t listen…oh the joys….

    The weekend is going to be great. Writing thank you notes, sending birth announcements, taking far to long to enjoy my morning coffee, a trip to ride miniature trains and, if we’re lucky with weather, a trip to a water park on our holiday Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  166. Our weekend will include pancakes at the diner, afternoon naps, bbq with dear friends, a Sunday morning sermon, and some splashing in the nearby riverbank! Just wish I could adopt more of that “no sense of time” mentality! Love your blog, Kelle.

  167. I have had those swimsuits bookmarked since the first time they were a sponsor!

  168. My weekend… fresh flowers on my desk, Union Square farmers market, chilled peaches, caprese salad, movies, and trying out a new recipe.

    I really want one of those suits, love them all!

  169. Taking the kids to the beach today. Not quickly enough, though, since Ryan has been up since 5 and asking when we’re leaving at least three times an hour. We’ll leave at lunch, I say. Is it lunchtime now, mom? Lindsey’s 18 months old and this will only be her second trek to a beach. I’m excited at the possibilities!!

  170. Everytime I see pictures of FL, it makes me homesick. I was born in Ft. Myers and I miss it there. It’s been too many years since I have visited!

  171. tune up. last minute packing. Mass. long drive. all nighter. new home. forever!

  172. That’s it some serious entertainment. I love when kids are in their question forming stage of development, my favourite question: “What do you think (bears are scared of?)” Their answers keep me going dude.

  173. My weekend looks like time chillin’ with my family before I have to start back to school next week and they do the following week. Barbecue tonight with family!

    You are a brave woman attempting to take that hike by yourself! :)

  174. Love this post! I’ve had moments like your walk home, and although it’s horrible in the moment, it feels good to get home safe and sound (even if you are a little sweaty). Good job, mama!

    Our weekend usually involves some combination of kids in our bed, coffee, adventures in woods, pool, slip-n-slide, more coffee, friends, and lots of smiles. So happy to start my Saturday reading about you and your cutie pies. I’m new to your blog, but I already look forward to your new posts, and you inspire me to be a better mom! Thanks, xoxo!

  175. coffee filled, pajama mornings, freshly cut (and dyed hair), a day filled with extended family at the beach and a movie with my “biggies”. The simpler things in life…ahhhh!

  176. Our weekend is going to have a Mama’s Day Out. Daddy and daughter get to hang out together all day today!

  177. Thank you for keeping it real and sharing the walk back! I hope our weekend holds long mornings with perfect coffee, an escape to the beach that built me, and listening to acoustic folk music at a concert performed by a very old friend.

  178. It’s amazing how we can step up and take care of things when daddy’s/husbands are away, it always makes me appreciate him that much more!!!

    My weekend isn’t going to be anything huge, we had plans to travel to Tampa for to visit MOSI with the cousins but my baby girl has a nasty tummy bug that set in yesterday and now my husband does as well. So I will be playing nurse and sanitizing everything all weekend and serving hot cups of soup and refilling Gatorade.

    I’ll love none the less though because we will be together.

  179. Favorite picture? Where the are both sleeping, and Nella’s little hand is on Lainey’s. So sweet.

  180. Ahh,shower me Popina PLEASE! After having 2 babies back to back my body could use a little perk! I’ve got a swimsuit bookmarked and a jar of loose change collected for my Popina fund, but at this rate it’ll take me a couple years to save up – I’ve been wearing old shorts and t’s over my bikini when I take my daughter to parent-tot swimming! Sexy, I know!

    This weekend blowing bubbles, stir fry on the grill, butterfly kisses, and yucca with old college friends – check it out … tastes like lemonade with a little zest!
    (We use the largest pickle jar we can find instead of tupperware)

  181. Love your blog! I sincerely hope that my weekend will be filled with quiet moments with my family. My guess is it will be filled with house cleaning and chaos as usual!

  182. Hi Kelle,
    This is my first comment! My name is Kellie too, but spelled with an “ie”. I chuckle sometimes b/c lately when I got to type my name I type it ‘Kelle’…getting to be more of a habit typing your name to find your blog than it is to type my own name correctly!
    Love you blog, it has inspired me in so many ways, most importantly to be a better mommy to my Bennett & Ella, but also to begin my own blog…a sort of love letter to my kids where I will try to document life outside the pages of their baby books. Thanks for the inspiration!

  183. you are just too hip. love your style girlfriend;)

  184. I’m hoping for quiet talking in bed, blue skies, walks in the park, and no stress. All I want is love this weekend…my hubby leaves for his 5th deployment (Iraq this time) next week and I am just wanting to be in love this weekend…in love with him, and my daughters.

  185. My weekend is being spent 3.5hrs away from home, visiting family and attending my baby nephew’s baptism, whoot! I hope my children (3.5, almost 2, and 3 months) will stay quiet in the church! :)

  186. Love the popping suits!

    Our weekend will be full of grocery shopping, having our washing machine fixed and hopefully some swimming!

  187. I have a thing for red with white spots and I really want one of those swimsuits for when summer arrives back here in Australia!
    Weekend:a sleep in, lazy mornings in pj’s, special time with the kids, hot chocolates, music, a family walk, butter chicken, reading a mag, chats with my hubby, not having to make school lunches!!

  188. I’m from Minnesota, but get to spend the weekend in Boston with my 21 year old daughter. We’ll be doing a brewery tour, walking the Freedom Trail, taking the ferry to Salem and just enjoying the city and catching up.

  189. My weekend will be filled with rain clouds and grey skies today, but with every ying comes a yang. After spending weeks outside in the hot sun, today alas is a cleaning day :) But tomorrow will be spent in the sun on a boat with family. Love the weekends.

  190. What I really want and forgot to add is to be able to just RELAX and slow down on the weekends. That never happens with 4 children aged from 2 to 9!!

  191. Our weekend will be full of resting. I spent yesterday getting the blood sucked out of me so today … will be spent resting. With any lucky, I’ll be watching my husband paint our bathroom a beautiful shade of beach aqua. :)

  192. Because I’ve never left a comment before: a solo trip to Target!

  193. The smells of sunscreen, chlorine and fresh air are on our agenda!

  194. I love the week phone dump of pictures! My weekend FINALLY looks fun. Time with family and friends!

  195. Oh you hit it when you said Christmas eve of weekends!! Thats how our fridays are too. sometimes I get myself so excited that I end up disappointed by sat night. haha. but mostly not.

    this weekend… my very big girl has her 6th birthday pool party. 6! so I will suck every ounce of 5 out of her while I can.. while meeting 6 yr old her. sunday… I hope for a lazy “we are not leaving the house” day. eating party leftovers.. cake for breakfast!… movies… coffee… puppy and kid cuddling.

  196. I hope our weekend is full of love. Celebrating a wedding in the same place we were married last summer with a group of friends we couldn’t be closer to. My husband is one of a group of three best friends… the first got married two years ago in the middle of nowhere Ohio, we followed suit the year after, and this wedding is guy number 3. It’ll be pretty special :-)

  197. ahhh…so true. The promise of a weekend so perfect begins sometimes as soon as Monday for me! This weekend would be perfect if I could clean my house, lounge at the beach and read a book, and come home to cook my sweetheart of a husband a gourmet meal! Reading your blog inspires me to have the weekend of my hopes and dreams!

  198. Our weekend will combine one blissful last day of vacation and tomorrow the bittersweet return home. Today I will make myself put off packing to enjoy this day with my family. Tomorrow I’ll be sure to rise early, clean, pack, and cry a few tears before loading up and heading back to the real world.

  199. As I am working this weekend, as a pediatric nurse, I am hoping for a nice, safe weekend of healing my patients and sending them home. The few hours I have to my self in the evening, also known as “my morning” I hope to spend with my boyfriend and enjoying my coffee and a meal or two.

  200. Farmers market; tennis with my sisters and my dad; a friend’s wedding; and a friend visiting from the Cayman Islands.

  201. From TN butin Boston for the weekend. Visiting with friends and meeting their third baby who happens to have a little something extra like our sweet Silas. Reconnecting with my hubby. French toast from The Paramount on Charles st. Coffee. Reading in he beautiful public gardens near Beacon st.

  202. What a beautiful area for a walk. You are blessed:)
    I’m hoping for a safe weekend. My “soon to head off for her first year of college” daughter is going skydiving on Sunday.
    What kind of dog is Latte? We just lost our 12 year old Pomeranian/Maltese dog and we eventually want to welcome a new little family member once hearts have healed a little bit.

  203. My weekend begins with coffee and productivity while the baby sleeps. Then it will be on to Wally World to get the essentials with baby in-tow. Then home to cook hand-carved steaks and swim in the pool while grandparents play with the baby. Sunday brings worship of Him and maybe visiting grandparents that are too fragile to be out in this heat.

  204. Love the sleeping baby photos. So precious.

    My weekend plans were supposed to be driving to KY with my girls to see my little brother who is returning home from Afghanistan!!!! But, he was delayed until the middle of the week. So, now were spending the weekend in the pool, hitting up the state fair and enjoying each other.

  205. We hope this weekend brings longer laughs and tigher hugs, mountains of Lego creations, fun eats and unexpected surprises (the good kind).

  206. Have a great weekend Kelle.
    I would love one of those bathing suits!

  207. Our weekend is full of excitement and business! It’s a long weekend here in BC so Kidsfest today followed by a semi relaxing day tomorrow followed by a day full of parades, festivals and Grandma and Granddad for my 3 year old and we will end the weekend on a high note with some fabulous fireworks!! Happy Weekend Kelle!

  208. Love the story of the walk, who hasn’t been there?
    As for the weekend, already off to a great start. Friday night pizza followed by an early Saturday morning run, and a veggie omelette while relaxing on the couch with my pup and my coffee. The rest I hope will include friend time and time with my fam.

  209. Those sleeping baby pics melt. my. heart! So far the weekend looks great. Coffee, computer, & 3 kids still sleeping at 8am. The rest? No plans. And that’s the way I like it!

  210. I laughed out loud at your journey home. Why is getting back always so much more difficult?

    I’m off for a Mommy/Daughter day with my angel today after a blissful morning of coffee and pancakes. You have to love the weekends.

  211. Those sleeping beauties photos are priceless!

    Our weekend looks full – soccer for my oldest, family zoo trip, and my oldest’s first movie theater experience! It’ll be a good weekend if it includes giggling, sweat, blurry and off-center pictures of animals taken by my 3 year old, and a nervous beginning to the big/dark/loud atmosphere of the theater, with an awe-struck ending :) Happy weekend!

  212. my weekend … working ‘cuz someone has to. Enjoy your Saturday/Christmas morning.

  213. Hi Kelle ~ Been noticing ALOT of comments recently…I sense a best seller…just sayin’. Your writing is simply divine.
    I miss Poppa’s little mussings. Give him a nudge from me.
    My weekend ~ sun, pool dips, iced lattes, sister chats, a visit with my beautiful nephews & probably a medium Vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles to end my Sunday.

  214. Awww those sleepy bedtime pictures are so achingly sweet. I cannot even sneak into a room where my Violet sleeps- she senses me instantly and bolts awake. No sleepytime pictures for us.

    And this is my favorite line of your post, “I alternated curse words with the little bits I knew of the Serenity prayer” There is always a bit a the sailor painted in the words that escape under my breath in times of duress. I suppose I should start to try to soften it with prayer or some light spiritual incantation. That is part of my work in progress :-)

  215. We are vacationing in Kissimmee this weekend…lazy mornings of coffee, hours by the pool, kids will go to Universal Studios today and then off to Cocoa Beach tomorrow…I love Florida… :)

  216. I hope my weekend if the perfect mixture of productive and fun. Also going to get some news this weekend that I dont’t know how to feel about it. Feeling the anticipation.

  217. Our weekends look something like: galleries, fresh bread, fruit picking, up late, planning, so many books, making things.

  218. My weekend includes: a trip to the farmers market, a Maxwell Street Days fest, movies and pizza in our livingroom with my baby girl and hubby, pedicure and shopping at the outdoor mall and a birthday lunch with family at Cheesecake Factory!

    I adore your blog! You are such an inspiration!

  219. Like you, my husband has been away for work. He works at a band camp 2.25 hours away for 2 weeks in the summer, and I rocked the badass mommy who can do everything the first week. Now I’m done, the house has slipped back a little, I went to cuddle a friend’s newborn and have them cuddle my 12 month old instead of doing dishes. Today however, starts the glorious weekend. I’ve got my wee one in the camp onesie I made for her (camp logo on the front, Signature Future Camper on the back) and we’re off to collect the Daddy and bring him home. As he’s only seen her for 3 hours in the last 2 weeks, I expect the rest of the weekend spent cuddling our girl, and seeing some dear friends. Hopefully some splashing in a green lake with mommy and godmother, just like we did when we were wee. Motherhood has made weekends so sweet.

  220. my weekend…i’m hoping for some healing and rest. surgery 2 days ago has left me strangely devoid of energy and enthusiasm…but a weekend with sunshine, blue skies and the hubster home to help with the three kiddos should put things in a right pattern.
    winning a new swimsuit would be perfection, btw!!
    love, love your blog and your way of weaving pictures with words; totally an inspirational place to visit!

  221. Lazy mornings in bed with my Chai Tea and my laptop reading m favorite blogs … then onto baking yummy cupcakes for my sister’s baby shower ….. a relaxing Sunday evening with my love watching movies and maybe a little Criminal Minds <3

  222. Painting the downstairs rooms a potent brew of garish colors. Fingers crossed…

    I love those bathing suits, and I love your blog.

    You infuse your posts of the everyday with the joy and wonder and sorrow that lie just beneath the surface of what many view as mundane. Thanks for the generous color- not a bit garish!- that you lend to others.


  223. I hope my weekend looks like a vacation taken at home. We have big plans to not do any work or errands this weekend and to just play, as if we were on vacation. But we’re not going anywhere.

  224. Right now it’s just after 8 am, my 5 and nearly 3 year old are playing with a light up frog and rubber duck (together, without fighting, having conversations as a duck and a frog, it’s awesome), and my just turned one year old is playing with a truck behind the couch, my husband is sleeping in, my feet are up and I’m browsing blogs, this is exactly what I hoped my weekend would look like.

  225. My weekend will be bittersweet… visiting family on sat to love up a beautiful week old baby girl, and more visits with family on sunday to say goodbye to my beautiful 48 year old uncle who just passed from cancer…
    On a brighter note, its usually your pics of the girls that make me swoon, but this week it was the pic of a smiling Latte. Tooo cute!

  226. I love any weekend where I get all four of my kids and hubby to myself. We pile into the car for magical, mystery road trips and just land wherever the road takes us. We spend the entire day just driving and stopping at anything that looks fun, yummy or interesting, returning home full of good food and treasures we collect along the way.

  227. I adore that dress Nella was wearing on your big excursion!

    Our weekend is filled with Mommy working, Daddy-Katie day, Sunday dinner at YaYa’s and 18-month photos taken a month late. And, if Mommy gets her way, baby girl’s first haircut :)

  228. Glad you survived and are all together again! Loved the sleeping baby photos- so sweet.

    My weekend will hopefully be quiet after throwing parties the past 2 weekends. We’ll hang out, do some gardening, maybe take little man to his first movie (Winnie the Pooh) and do some grilling..

  229. Homemade salsa, re-runs of project runway, and a sunday afternoon thick with excitement and anticipation for daddy to come home.

  230. hoping tropical depression Don actually brings some well-needed rain to san antonio. purging my scrapbooking goods. a little planning of my daughter’s 3rd birthday. and lots and lots of hugs and smooches from my babies (including my hubs) wink!

  231. This weekend starts with a 3 year old birthday party and then includes snuggles, naps, and crafts while my husband studies one last time for his entrance exam for graduate school – an outcome that could change our future!

  232. I hope it is cooler, quieter, simpler and happier than any other summer day weekend thus far. A jog over to the local Y, homemade pizza, dating hubby with a movie at home, and maybe a nice long chat with friends over coffee.

  233. Love my Popina!! I am coveting the new yellow one.

    My weekend: iced coffee, picnic lunch, photoshoot, arboretum, BBQ, date night, beach day, family dinner, and a wobbly but determined-to-walk little man. Perfect.

  234. You are brave to get out for a hike with a toddler and a baby! I’m not so brave yet. I have a 3.5 yr old, twin 1.5 yr olds and a newborn. Some days I feel like I should be braver, and could possibly survive an away-from-home adventure on my own. Then I just talk myself out of it. sigh. maybe one day I’ll get brave:) plus it’s so stinkin hot here in Texas. would love a new swimsuit. Can’t remember last time I had a cute one.

  235. We are going to our county fair: funnel cakes, farm animals and carnival rides!

  236. I hope to have a weekend at the beach with the salty wind and sandy baby feet. Blueberry juice stains on their faces. Early to beds, bubble baths, good music and good friends.

  237. My weekend is moving to our first house!!

    I love those sleepy baby pictures. Especially Nella all sprawled out. So cute!

  238. So funny. I was just looking at my sleeping son this morning thinking “What the heck is it about a sleeping child?” And you put it so beautifully. Love your blog. And I love your playlist! I’ve been just letting it play when I’m in cleaning mode.

  239. Oh I love weekends, that are unplanned and sponteous. We’ll go by the farmers market, take pictures at our daughters Color Guard camp. Enter a drawing for a tv at the local car dealership, be lazy, take a nap. A day to just be.

  240. I am excited for this weekend as it is the first weekend in a long time I don’t have to work. I am sleeping in on Sat & winging the day ( :
    Sunday is going to be a great family lunch & some time in the kitchen. Sould be a great time!

  241. I hope to get some pictures hung this weekend (it is the thing I love the most after moving into a new house, but not a fan of the actual measuring, hammering nails, then re-hammering nails because it’s crooked, etc…) mixed in with swimming and general hanging out.

  242. Crazy, fun-filled weekend planned: working on “fake house” today (you know, the house you wish everyone thought you lived in, but you really don’t…), off to “Go Fish” concert tonight (GREAT kids’ group-check them out!), then birthday bash tomorrow for our three summer birthday girls, followed by flop on the couch!

  243. You inspired me this week to pack my three monkeys up and drive north about an hour to my families camp, alone. I have never done a big day trip alone but I did and as my kids got in the car my girls told me it was one of their favorite days adn my little guys was just babbeling away so happy. Thankfully the joy of that day kept everyone awake the entire ride home.

    This weekend is all about low key, cooking out back, bubbles, swinging, snuggling, reading. My biggest goal is to make a really good potate salad that I just have to grab a bite of everytime I open the fridge door.

  244. family reunion. which means: smiling faces, kids chasing dogs, cannonballs off the dock, yard games, bare feet in the grass, old familiar faces, and lots of love.

  245. It is a visit in Georgia with Grandparents, a day date with my hubby to visit his old college campus, my kids happily being spoiled! :-)

  246. Love the sleeping babies…. And the Popina suits!

  247. “Christmas Eve of the weekend” is the best description of Friday night I have ever heard of! :-)

    I hope our weekend is full of thunder and raindrops (we need it), snuggles on the couch, story books, monopoly games, and yummy home cooked goodness!

    Enjoy the weekend!!

  248. We finally have a weekend at home, so I hope it is: productive yet fun, quiet yet filled with giggles, crafty, warm and wonderful. :)

  249. I hope my weekend looks productive! I have a new baby arriving soon and lots to do to prepare.

  250. we have a long weekend here in ontario..monday off :) but it’s also the end of having our papa home with us all week from work. there will be eating on patios, playing in splash pads and slurping popsicles.

  251. My weekend: My sister-in-law-to-be’s bridal shower and a first birthday party. And between that, we will be at home. Jumping into the baby pool. Moving sand in the new sand box. Watering of gardens with tiny watering cans.

  252. Books, park trips, sunshine, the beach, a bit of cross border shopping, sleeping in, good friends for drinks tonight.
    Beautiful pictures, as always! But I have a question…how do you take pictures of yourself? I’ve tried with my gigantic Canon Rebel, and it’s near impossible!! :)

  253. The pics of your girls sleeping are so sweet! Would love to win a swimsuit like yours.

  254. Oops, I forgot to mention what I want my weekend to be like…tomorrow is my oldest’s 6th birthday and I really hope that we have good weather so we can hit the beach at the lake to enjoy his special day as a family.

  255. My weekend is full of baby snuggles…at 3 am…and toddler good morning smiles at 5 am.

  256. Spending the last day with my family in TN before the girls and I go home to Daddy. Both are good. We love it here in TN but so thankful we love going home to Daddy.

  257. That’s my favorite Popina suit! It exudes cheerfulness…I could never be in a bad mood in that suit. Favorite phone dump pic: Nella kisses!

  258. I hope my weekend brings me lots of toddler boy snuggles, lots of baby girl kicks from the inside, some clarity, and some downtime.

  259. TIme at the pool for the littlest fish to show off her swim lesson skills; snuggles in bed; reading through the mountain of books the kids picked out at the library.

    We just want to savor every moment. Our time in the U.S. goes short so I want to squeeze the most out of every second. Not with busyness and lots of activities, but with all those faves of our home country. . . Soak up time with grandparents and friends. Because in the back of my mind, I hear the clock get louder. But I am going to ignore the looming countdown, have a second cup of coffee and go read a book to #3.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  260. Sounds like you survived the week! Those swimsuits are amazing. I remember that from last time Popina sponsored. One day I’ll splurge on one…

  261. Hope my weekend is beach gatherings with friends, hot coffee, time in the kitchen, and time with my family. Unfortunately I have to add work in there, but the rest is already looking good.

  262. My weekend is shaping up to be a quiet kind of fun: some grilling, a little cleaning, some gardening, and my brother is coming to visit through Monday. I am sure we will have a lot of good food and good laughs on the deck tonight! Can’t wait.

  263. This post hit home at just the right time…our Daddy has been away as well, and the mix of “I can do this!” with “When will he be back?” is a volatile one.

    I’ve loved these suits every time you’ve shown them, but haven’t brought myself to splurge until I get to the perfect weight (scheduled for the twelfth of Never). Maybe this will be my lucky day!

  264. Our weekend is full of coffee and more coffee, sleeping cats, live music, baking scones, slow walks through the neighborhood, trips to the grocery store for limes to make margaritas, and scary late-night movies.

    Enjoy yours!

  265. Those pictures of your girls sleeping are precious! I love Nella all sprawled out.

  266. Sand castle building. Wave jumping. Chip truck french fries. Drive-in movies cuddled under a blanket. And of course, far too much coffee for human consumption. :)

  267. Peace, Love and Swimming. Minus the sand. Okay, the sand can come (home) too.

  268. Love your blog. I look forward to it every week. It makes me want to go hug and kiss my baby girls. Thanks! It’s so refreshing.

  269. We are going for a lazy, fun weekend here! Leftover fruit cobbler for breakfast in bed (with ice cream of course) and hangin’ out with family kinda fun…….yippeee!!!

  270. Your blog makes me want to move to Florida. My weekend looks like a play date and some trashy reality shows. And time outside with my boys!

  271. Looks like a very nice weekend! : )

    My weekends usually consist of lunch with a friend, a walk with my best four legged pal, cleaning, and much needed relaxation in preparation for another week…

  272. Your blog inspires me every day to appreciate my new 7 week old daughter…and to take more pictures…and to appreciate the little things.

    My weekend will look much like my week did…looking down at my sweet sleeping/nursing/crying/pooping babe in complete awe. Heck that’s the last 7 weeks, I guess. It doesn’t get old.

    This new bod of mine could use a new swimsuit.

  273. Sleeping in, hanging out with a new friend, mojitos, poetry class with my writing mentor, baptism Sunday, double step (that is, step aerobics where each person has two steps to use), dinner with the in-laws, and some Netflix. Translation: perfect.

  274. my weekend will be better once the daddy returns…we miss him

  275. Oh, the pictures of the girls asleep is SO sweet!
    My weekend…so far it has held Tae Bo, a laughable “scary” movie about lightning storms, and sleeping in. The rest of it will be shopping, sleeping, cleaning, and packing for my move. Nothing so relaxing as a weekend at home.

  276. This weekend, our weekend looks a lot like Nella’s first birthday party! My sister fell in love with her color scheme and decor for my baby niece’s 1st birthday :) add in gorging ourselves with yummy food while swimming with family and friends and our weekend is complete!

  277. I hope mine is spent outdoors in the hot sun, next to water, with the grill going, with the boy. :)

  278. Our summer weekends have just been so full and busy this year. Some with just lazy pool days and some just running around like crazy people trying to get from here to there and back again! This weekend is a family reunion, friend birthday party AND Sunday, my son’s 6th birthday party… Chuck E Cheese. A blast for the kids, but not so much for the adults. We usually have big blowout birthday parties at our house, but this year he wanted it at CEC. Was hesitant at first, but then’s his birthday, no? And NO CLEANUP for me! Yay!
    Love you in that Popina swimwear…you sign a modeling contract with them yet? :)

  279. The photos of the girls sleeping are so precious!!

  280. I have two “favorite” parts of this post..The beautiful sleeping girls, they are just precious..I love sleeping pics, though I haven’t figured out to take any of my babe w/o waking her up..and I need a new, post-baby, post c-section swimsuit, and I KNEW you had posted about Popina before but I couldn’t find the post, and lo & behold, here it is!!! I am ordering one (or two) post haste!!

    Our weekend: Dinner w/old friends,trying to stay cool in this unbearable heat, watching my baby roll herself over and army crawl, which astounds her to no end.

    Thank you for this blog, it is wonderful!!

  281. The joy of “Daddy’s home” is one of my favorite looks on my little girl’s face! This weekend for us will be full of reading, going to the pool, baby-proofing, and birthday celebrating! Thank you so much for your inspiring words and sharing your beautiful family with the world.

  282. I hope this weekend is filled with a lot of kids laughing. I am watching our neighbours boys (7 & 5) adding them with my 4 (3 boys 10,8,6 and our 3 yr old girl). My hubby is away too. I have high hopes LOL

  283. Hope for the weekend: Water, water, splash, splash, run, run, happy children, happy mama.

  284. My weekend? Watching my girl WALK. It’s the first weekend she’s walking – and it’s been what feels like a long wait with doctors visits and evaluations to try and figure out if something needing fixing. Nope, just had to wait for her to do it on her own time. And her time is now.

  285. My weekend is looking like: frozen yogurt with the girls, sleeping in (check), a leisurely stroll through the farmer’s market, homemade lattes, burning through a great book, a pirate-themed first-birthday party (why yes, I am wearing a costume), and learning how to white-water kayak! Loving your blog, as always :)

  286. That blue sky makes me want to dive right into my computer screen. Simply beautiful.

    My weekend is filled with birthday parties and jumps into the bay! I hope to sneak in a nap on the couch with a cheesy 80’s movie playing in the background 😉

  287. weekends really are dreamy. my husband was also gone all week (although he travels a LOT), so i completely appreciated your posts this week!! i’m hoping our weekend looks like aqua blue pool water, sounds like the grill sizzling with echos of kids laughter in the background, and tastes like a nice glass of red. cheers!

  288. I could watch my 4 month old sleep for hours. It truly is magic. This weekend we will be celebrating the big gender reveal of a dear friend who has waited many long years to have her own little one that she can watch sleep. Praise God!

  289. I hope my weekend is refreshing, full of friends, and filled to the brim with happiness.

  290. Our weekend? No schedules, sleeping in late, staying up later, watching my kids play with our kittens, hearing them giggle, taking in more sunshine, and frozen yogurt!!!

  291. We will spend our weekend unpacking for boxes :-( That is ok though since it is too hot to be outside :-)
    What awesome pictures you take!

  292. This weekend will be the first in nine weeks that my husband will be home (he’s in the military). So our weekend will be two, giggling, happy boys wrestling and building blanket forts with their daddy. Ice cream. Card games. Puppet shows. Late night movie-on-demand and popcorn dates. Chatting over a sinkful of suddsy dishes. Curling up on the couch. And a last pancake breakfast before he leaves again Sunday.
    Any weekend spent with loves is a full one. Enjoy yours :)

  293. Our weekend will be peaceful with a bunch of neighbor girls playing together and a little toddler boy running throughout them.

  294. My weekend consist of; early morning snuggles with my nephew, a run with someone special, and the celebration of life for a 30th bday party! I love weekends!

  295. I hope my weekend looks like this: sleeping in, watermelon, snapping some shots with my new lens, more watermelon, napping by the pool, and maybe just a little bit of work! I love what I do so, work isn’t “work” to me!! xo

  296. My weekend will a peaceful one, I hope. My husband’s family has taken our little one to Holiday World, while I’m letting my 32 weeks pregnant self take a much needed break. Husband plans on biking and doing school work. So it should ba quite a weekend.

  297. Bridal brunch before the evening wedding. Dressing up for the first time in a long time. Quiet Sunday after church for making french toast from baguettes.

    Your sweet girls! Lovely.


  298. Cookie making, museums, baseball game, church, Sunday brunch, and a loooong nap.

    Love the weekends.

  299. I hope my weekend is full of laughter…and a new swimsuit :)

  300. I hope my weekend looks something like this: sleeping in, watermelon, snapping some shots with my new lens, more watermelon, napping by the pool, and maybe just a little bit of work… I love what I do so, work isn’t “work” to me!! xo

  301. Today is my 25th birthday. :) This weekend will consist of a family get together for birthday celebrations, eating cake (lots and lots of homemade banana cake), spending time with my sweet husband, and above all, relaxing!

  302. Cousins, kids, lake, boat rides, good conversation, smiles, loud boat races, carnival rides, and more smiles!

  303. It’s a long weekend up here. My weekend looks like work, cuddles, movie, trip to the zoo.

  304. I’m going to use my new favorite word- “badassery” as frequently as possible! Thanks Kelle ; )

  305. weekend: swimming. driveway drawings. trip to aquarium. belgian waffles, fruit and coffe for sunday breakfast, tawdry Kat Martin novel and glass of wine after kids bedtime!

  306. We are going away for a few days this weekend, and I am so excited! Heading to the Red Rocks of Sedona to a private swimming hole only locals know about, complete with a rope swing! It’s probably the most beautiful place one earth, seriously kelle, you would die! Then up to our old stomping grounds fo Flagstaff to enjoy the cooler weather!


  307. Our weekend looks wonderful so far. The kids stayed up until insane-in-the-membrane-o-clock last night, so they are still sleeping. I have 3 lovies laying in my bed and that just makes me happy as a lark : ) I made them bacon for breakfast so I know they will awaken soon. We are going swimming today. And trampoline bouncing. And Smurfing.
    We can hardly wait. Have fun with your family.

  308. No words. Justlove your blog.

  309. Love the mirror image pic! I am alone this Saturday morning, quiet bliss for a while. I will be meeting for an annual luncheon with my booster club dance moms from our kids middle school dance team later today. We have an annual luncheon called the “I survived (insert crazy dance teacher name here) because those years together were a battle that we eventually didn’t win, but survived. Tomorrow mister will be home for the very first Sunday in years, so it will be a celebration for our little family of four!

    Pinks My Ink

  310. I hope my weekend is full of family time with my hubby and kids, no cooking and no morning sickness. :)

  311. Create. Execute. A dress. I’ve got a funky combination of fabrics begging to become a sophisticated shaped dress in an unexpected cacophony of pattern, color, texture that creates that satisfying visual tension you can’t stop staring at.

  312. Our weekend looks like this…
    All 4 of us laze in our bed watching cartoons, coffee & donuts on the deck, short house clean up and then BEACH baby!

  313. Our weekend looks like this…
    All 4 of us laze in our bed watching cartoons, coffee & donuts on the deck, short house clean up and then BEACH baby!

  314. I love your writing in ALL posts but this one struck me in particular – your entry paragraph, the storyline of the mood walking and how it changed. oh, you inspire me!

  315. I am awaiting the arrival of our second daughter in the next few weeks and your photos of the girls sleeping has me so excited to watch my girls grow together. This weekend is going to be a full house of four little girls, waffles, coffee, mamas catching up over the chaos, reminding toddlers to share and a triumphant trip to the vintage amusement park here in Portland.

  316. coffee each morning, a trip to Whole Foods, a visit to the laundrymat, then writing. grad school weekends are never truly work-free!

  317. oh my gosh Nella looks so old in that last picture!! :)
    Our weekend will be filled with salty air, sticky sandy toes and suits, hot concrete, melted ice cream, squinty eyes from the sun and hopefully some cold Corona’s for mommy and daddy!
    Happy Weekend :)

  318. I hope our weekend looks like summer filled with ice cream, a carnival and cook-out with family.

  319. Ah Kelle, your posts always make me happy :)

    I am hoping that my weekend consists of my apartment being ransacked; Going through it to make an ambitious move from the eastern edge of Virginia all the way to Portland Oregon with my two year old and his dad. An adventure our lives are desperate for!

  320. My weekend is a tea party for a new build a bear, followed by a car show for my son :)

  321. Relaxing. Building a climber out of old tree limbs for the hooligans. Hopefully snuggling a wee little newborn. Ahh, bliss.

  322. 10 Year High School Reunion…should be interesting.

  323. donuts for breakfast. laundry. laying around. a country ho down outside on the river with friends. good weekend.

  324. Our weekend consists of visiting family back in the peaceful valley where I grew up- with the towns’ annual carnival, hikes in the mountains at our cabin with breathtaking views and relaxing late nights of fireflies and beautiful sounds of katydids! My heart is content…

  325. This weekend will include shoe shopping, dog walking, house cleaning, helping my mom move and a little bit of wedding planning. (6 more weeks until the wedding :D)

  326. my weekend began off spontaneous by taking food over to a friends house and eating together (both families) in their backyard, enjoying the sunshine and each other. Today, the sun is shining and I think we will enjoy each other….along with packing for a bit of a getaway.
    I love the pictures of your daily journey’s. They are great!

  327. I enjoy reading your unique writing style and seeing your adorable girls. My weekend is full of swimming, early morning walks, and scrambled eggs and grapes with my little girl!

  328. I can relate to an outing starting off great, then it all goes down hill! You are kinder than me, to carry the baby and let the teddy ride!
    Hoping for a quiet and happy weekend; sunshine and smiles would be lovely : )

  329. I’m hoping my weekend is filled with things that we want to do, not just things we *have* to do. These last few months since our youngest has been born have been nothing but playing catch up on the weekends and it stinks!

  330. My mama is coming to visit!

  331. My weekend: Daddy taking our 4 year old to Chuck E Cheese for the first time while our 2 year old naps and I put my feet up. Perfection!

  332. I love the pictures from your hike…beautiful location…paradise! A very different look then the dry desert I’m used to in Yakima, Wa!!

  333. As dumb as it sounds, I look forward to Mondays. My weekends are busy, and Monday is the day I feel optimistic about new beginnings.

  334. Sleeping in, morning run, picnic by the lake, splashing in the kiddie pool, walks to the park., and a DATE night for me and my hubby :) we LOVE weekends!!

  335. I loce that swimsuit Kelle! I hope my weekend is full of sore muscles because to me, that means my hard work will be that much more appreciated in our family’s new house.
    Oh. and some gorgeous sunsets would be a nice touch as well!!

  336. Lovely reading your post as usual. Out here in Dubai, our weekends are Friday and Saturday….so Thursday nights are The thing! We don’t have the Sunday night dread of Mondays, and the weekends roll around incredibly fast. Loved seeing how you spent your day.

  337. I hope my 15.5mo old will finally stop his lazy crawl and walk! He is so good but prefers crawling and I dont like the dirty knees. Also berry picking! FUN!

  338. I wish our weekends were more like yours. I’ll have to work on that! Also, I’m in love with the Popina suits. I’ve drooled over them since you started wearing them. :)

  339. i’m absolutely dying for a fab vintage swimsuit! They are to-die-for! My husband is taking his social work licensure exam on monday so my weekend will be full of studying snack breaks and trips out of the house to keep from distracting him. Wish I could venture to the ocean like you!

  340. Our weekend starts with my husband and I packing up our first apartment and moving into our first house all while Grandpa plays with our Ava baby. Wrapped up with a small town summer festival with glimmering lights and bbq!

  341. This weekend by husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary! We are heading to the Boston Museum of Science and then out to dinner at the Top of the Hub. I can’t wait!

  342. My weekend? It’s time to bring out my inner badass — Stella — and move. I’ve got a list a mile long and the thrill of seeing every bit of it checked off by night fall drives me to kick it in gear.

  343. I can SO relate to your mommy experience. The trips are still worth it, even if “hey, this is easy” turns into “what have I gotten myself into?”

    This weekend – looking forward to RELAXING and staying home, since the AC in my car has decided to stop working and it is too hot to be trapped in the car!

  344. I’m calling on my inner badass — Stella — to kick it in gear and tackle that miles-long list of to-dos. Knowing that everyone of them will be checked off at the end of an exhausting but satisfying day fuels me.

  345. my husband has been away on business for 8 days, absence makes the heart grow fonder, I can’t wait for him to come home!

  346. Sleeping in. Coffee in bed. Crafting a frame from our South America trip (courtesy of Mod Podge!). Getting ready to head to the shore in a few days. Catching up my 365 blog. Our first anniversary. I think it might be the best weekend of the year. :)
    I love the sleeping photos – so sweet!

  347. Our weekend entails: out-of-town family visiting our wonderful part of paradise (Siesta Key), grilled corn, popsicles and watching my girl cut the grass with her bubble mower…happy days!

  348. I am hoping my weekend consists of naps, tea, boat rides and beach time and a little hammock snuggle time too, works every time with our little guy.

  349. I hope my weekend is full of laughter, flip flops, eating fresh raspberries and blueberries, sitting in the rain, hugging my family and enjoying the green grass.

  350. I check your blog at least twice a day to see if there’s any new entries!! Fallen in love with your fam!
    This weekend?
    Babysitting my dad AND sisters dogs, gorging myself on mellow mushroom pizza & watching father of the bride for the millionth time, long & hot bike rides down my towns historic neighborhoods, and maybe (but highly unlikely) cracking open my anatomy book for my final exam on Tuesday!
    Look forward to the next post!

  351. kelle I was SO laughing at your walk BACK- i have SOOO been there! summmer has JUST hit in vancouver bc and we are going to suck every minute of it this weekend!!!

  352. I hope my weekend is filled with fun with my mama, a trip to the fruit stands, some Harry Potter and glasses of wine in the back yard!

  353. Lawn mowing, brats on the grill, a day by the pool, movie and popcorn tonight. Relaxation and fun- FOR SURE!!

  354. Birthday parties, kiddy pools, ice cream……

  355. I love your blog..your way with words is beautiful. I check to see if you have a new post first thing in the morning, it’s a great way to start my day.

    The comment about friday nights are like xmas eve is so true! And I so can relate to the walk back with the kids, dog, etc…

    Looking forward to this weekend with my family and two lovely little boys as it’s my birthday. It will be a wonderful celebration :)

    Thanks for being such a bright spot in my day!


  356. I love all the sleeping kiddo pictures.. And yes, I’ve done the same thing where you are lugging too much on the way back from somewhere and sweating like a pig and cursing but trying not to. That made me laugh. What I’d like my weekend to look like: morning coffee, baby taking good naps, lounging around in pj’s till after lunch, sunshine, swimming in the lake, a leisurely trip to Target to shop for my mother-in-law’s 70th bday present, walks outside, playing with my kids and the dreaded one.. LAUNDRY.. My sister is also coming to visit with her family for three days and I get to be excited all weekend for that! Happy weekend to you and your family.

  357. first weekend home with husband deployed and my goal is to not just “get through it”…I want to live life and enjoy my boys…I want to play, laugh, smile, cook, color, relax, skype, and take advantage of the weekend that my husband is fighting for me to be able to have

  358. Lingering over a breakfast of homemade granola, yogurt,freshly picked fruit and coffee. Haircut.Hanging out with visiting family, barbecue, kid squeals and slip and slides, laughter, tiki torches and peach pie

  359. You have the most beautiful family. Nella is SO precious.

  360. I was able to experience my first hope for the weekend. I finally slept in after weeks of waking up early because of a schedule change at work(boo to having to be at work at 5am now).

  361. No fevers or vomiting! The girls have been sick for a few days and are finally feeling better, so hopefully we can enjoy our weekend!

  362. Love your words and pictures, I frequently save screen shots because they go so beautifully with eachother!
    And those swimsuits are to die for… This weekend I’m hitting all the thrift stores with my mom and sister, and doing dinner with friends! God bless:)

  363. Thank you for including the camera settings for the bedtime shots- would really appreciate it if you did that more often (learning how to improve my photos with my new 60D)
    Ah, the weekend brings boating and lake time during this Midwest heat/humidity wave (how do you manage to wear jeans in your weather?!?)and planning for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday :-)
    Have a great weekend and thanks again for sharing your stories with us

  364. My weekend will be filled with making lists and checking them twice. Packing for the big BlogHer conference!!! Eeeeeek!

  365. I hope the “om” vibe of our morning yoga classes continue till we go to bed each night this weekend. With two little boys, that’d be just short of miraculous, but a mama can dream.

  366. making my sick baby feel better… all while hoping that his brothers (and myself) don’t also end up sick!

  367. My hopes for the weekend: the quiet comfort and familiarity of returning to our normal Three Musketeers family, after spending lots of time with extended family over the last two weeks. We have loved all the time with love ones, but we also enjoy returning to our familiar routines (including normal bedtime!) and “this is how WE roll” moments. It makes me really appreciative of how well we’ve carved out this little life for ourselves!

  368. My weekend will be filled with: sleeping in late, eating big brunches and, in a bittersweet farewell, helping friends pack up their moving van and drive away for a new adventure.

  369. Our weekend will be full of family, sister and brother coming to visit, good food, good conversation, fancy coffee!

    Love those swimsuits and I have a daughter who would look lovely in one!


  370. One early morning, one sleep in (we trade off with the baby), road trip to spend the week with family, new veggie burger recipe, sandbox and kiddie pool fun with my now big girl.

    And maybe LOTS of laundry in there. :)

  371. Our weekend is starting out crazy, busy getting ready for a trip. But then tomorrow we leave for our trip and it’s going to be HEAVEN! 3 days in the mountains with my loves and best friends and then 4 more days with my sister. Yay!

  372. i love that you still managaed to take a picture with your hands full on your walk :)

    you blog always makes me laugh and smile, your pictures and outlook on life is just so refreshing and real. thank you!!

    my weekend:hanging downtown with some besties, eating cupcakes, playing games, drinking coffee, going to church, browsing at von maur, soaking up some family time.

  373. My weekend will be a little bit productive, and a little bit lazy. I’m enjoying an especially delicious cup of coffee (isn’t it awesome when your coffee tastes SO good?) while watching my two kittens play. They’re adorable :)

    Happy weekend!

  374. our weekends are usually Saturday morning with coffee and ESPN, time with family and friends, church on Sunday and a night home just the two of us Sunday night. Tonight, a going away party…. for us. Time to say goodbye to all of our family and best friends and we start the newest adventure and load up the U-Haul and cross state lines.

  375. My weekend- Netflix marathon of SG1 (yes I am a scifi nerd), bacon and eggs, my kids swimming with Daddy since Mom has gotten boring over the week, making earrings with friends, Church- fuel for the soul, crockpot enchilada casserole for 20 after church (seriously 2 huge crockpots full) because “the more the merrier” is actually true, singing “your great name” by natalie grant sunday night before God and my family in Christ as I have been practicing it all month.

  376. Love this post – especially the pictures of sweet Nella and Lainey sleeping! My “baby” is 4 and I love to watch him sleep – along with his four older brothers. They are just so darn peaceful and cute when their eyes are closed.
    My weekend – swimming with my boys, a long run, laundry, a baseball game, and date night (yay!).

  377. Several consecutive hours of sleep, a day at the beach and happy children. That’s what i hope for :>).

  378. I hope my weekend is….calm, relaxing, the sleeping-in-but-not-sleeping-the-day-away kind. The kind where you sip cold drinks by the pool with good friends and decide to do so an hour prior. Maybe a good nap on the couch. A nice bite out to eat. Most importantly, soaking up my family in this little window I have while school’s still out.

  379. My grandmothers house all weekend, soaking up rays at the pool, and church and family time.

  380. I’m working on papers this weekend, my last two! :) Then, hanging out with family and friends on Sunday and Monday. Can’t wait to be done with the papers!

  381. In the bed photos, I love that Lainey stays in pretty much the same position throughout, and Nella keeps on moving. I’m definitely a sleeper like Nella. :)

    Our weekend consists of no plans — a weekend that gets to create itself.

  382. Volunteering, lunch with a close friend, unexpected conversations, relaxation, time spent with family at a barbecue, taking pictures of cute kiddos, and maybe a little cleaning thrown in there too! :)

  383. Church, hot sun, yummy recipes, game nights, and sleeping in!

  384. My weekend is going to be filled with soaking up the summer… because my kiddos go back to school soon…. I want to have one more weekend without homework, without chores that have to wait until the weekend, without structure… we are off to a local resort for some fun in the sun, pool time, facial for the momma, and just general relaxing together as a family… hope your weekend is wonderful…

  385. I kicked off my weekend with a breakfast with friends (some old and some new) to celebrate two babies that will grace us with their presence in the next month of so. Next, I’m going to do some art with my Ceci and spend the evening with my Kevin and some soccer. As always, thank you for sharing with us.

  386. resting. and loving on my newest angel…one week old today, with loving on my other angels: hubby, kaden, 8, kaycee, 6, campbell, 4 and calli, 2. my life is sweet and full. i am blessed.

  387. beyond super gluing misc. broken bits of Barbies from the girl’s bruised collection, my plans for the weekend include embracing every “come what may” moment of the final remains of summer before my two kids venture back to school.

  388. We have Daddy home again this weekend, too! We’re cleaning a little, cuddling a lot, swimming, and having a movie night…followed by church on Sunday, plus spending time with our nieces (Yay, cousin time!) who are up this way for a few weeks. :)

  389. tax-free weekend here so shopping for new dance shoes for my 3 yr old and first-year of dance leotards for my 2yr old! hopefully a golf cart ride to the pool. maybe a meal out (hibachi or mexican or maybe italian). cute pics of the girls in bed- sleeping sisters so sweet (SSSS).

  390. I love Popina (thanks to you!) and I got my first swimsuit from them this summer…love it! My weekend…..homemade quacamole, delicious quesadillas, movie on the couch with my husband, swimming with my angel baby girl, and a day at church….oh I love the weekends.

  391. Our weekend: Husband’s 2 mile race for a good cause and 5 year old son’s FIRST all by himself race! Then over to the community garden with kids and hubs to weed and harvest. Sweet resting time and then dinner with family and church. Next day, celebrate my mom’s and my birthdays with swimming and cake and homemade ice cream and presents and Hilariously awkward harmonic renditions of ‘happy birthday to you’!

  392. Feeling your pain on the walk back! The photos of two sleeping sisters are breath taking – thanks for sharing your life with us!

  393. Hoping my weekend will be calm and relaxed…summer brings such busy times and our family has been full of crazy busy weekends. pool time with my girls during the day and date night with my hubby tonight while grandma stays witht he girls…I love the bed pic with Nella all sprawled out…

  394. After dealing with an unexpected, vomiting baby this morning & fixing her tummy without our typical urgent care visit, I hope my weekend looks a lot like yours.

    This weekend can now begin – it’s time to relish, cherish & relax – snapping photos along the way.

    Easy peasy. :)

  395. Those pictures of those sleeping sisters melted my heart… That’s what I hope my weekend is made of… sleeping, cuddling sisters <3

  396. I’ve had some of those treks, where every thing suddenly changes. Im stuck hauling my babies and junk and silently chanting “I can do this, I can do this!” And the best part is we can do it, because we are mothers. : )

  397. I hope my weekend includes good food. I am pregnant and its all I can think of!

  398. piles of dishes in the sink, lawn mower pacing back and forth in front of the window, laughter at the smoke alarm going off after daddy attempts to make pancakes, “mama, does this shirt go with my undies” and at the end of it all – an empty bottle of wine and candles next to the tub full of bubbles and freshly painted toes sticking out from the bubbles. :) <3

  399. I love your blog! This weekend will be full of jammie days lounging around the house.

  400. I LOVE the swimsuits. But the bigger issue here is why did you have on heels and jeans to “hike” in? Crazy.

  401. Getting better acquainted with our new baby Jude, born this past Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning!

  402. My first comment on your page, but I have been secretly oohing and ahhing over your beautiful family. Your spontaneity inspires me to be the same way! My weekend – Finishing two tee-shirt quilts that need to be bound, finishing a wedding present quilt, hitting the gym, and then pool steps outside my door, watching Murder She Wrote reruns (yes I am 27 and LOVE that show from my youth!) and chasing the new kitten around our house to ensure that she doesn’t break anything or eat anything she shouldn’t! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  403. First, I have to tell you how much I love the bed shots of the girls and how they were touching in every one – mainly their hands, too. Could that touch your heart more….
    Second, our weekend – I always hope for calm, content, fun. Exhaustion in the form of playing, swimming, etc. at our lake house. For me, some time to be creative by sewing, running (I have stuck with it and lost 15lbs!) and reading.

  404. Hello Kelle,
    This is my first time posting and comment and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. After I pour myself a cup of java in the morning I pull up a chair to the computer and eagerly check for a new post. I so enjoy your style of writing and your gorgeous pictures (not to mention your adorable daughters)! Our weekend plans involve lots of cleaning and tidying and then a bbq for my parents’ 29th anniversary.

  405. GREAT blog! it is so interesting and inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, I would love to see what you think of it!:)

    follow me?–

  406. I have to say first that both your writing and photos inspire me…
    As for our weekend, a wedding our of town-it’s wedding season for us. at the moment, Im snuggled up with my Kingston in a big, white, fluffy hotel bed waiting for Daddy to get home from golf. :)

  407. Love retro! A relaxed but productive week end is on the way. Love your blog. :)

  408. Would love a new swimsuit! This weekend is my birthday, and I got the day off… using it to catch up on sleep, makes me feel old, no more summer vacations for me in Med School!

  409. i hope this weekend is full of baking, lazing, and maybe even finishing our wedding thank you notes (though that last one may be substituted with a trip to the zoo).

  410. Our weekend is the fly by the seat of your pants kind…the kind which we rarely have. It’s started off with a broken pool pump and lazy morning at home. Later we’ll hit IKEA. Tomorrow will be more of the same…just whatever we want. We need a recharge :)

  411. scrambled eggs, banana bread in the oven, friends and family swimming, then lingering, then spending the night, sangria and margaritas

  412. Our weekend: French toast, video chatting Nana & Papa, naps, Chicken tortilla soup, church, & Whole Foods to stock up for the coming week :) Love the pictures of the girls sleeping! How do you get such good light without using flash & waking them? I always struggle with that… Happy Saturday!

  413. Love those suits!

    Our weekend: sleeping in, pancakes, afternoon naps, grant writing (for me), sermon writing (for him), and somewhere in there packing for a big move on Monday.

  414. Such beautiful photos! I love them all!!

    I just bought the black/white Grace from Popina a few days ago – my mom and sisters and I are heading to the Texas coast with our families next month and we are looking forward to our “retro” group photo – I cannot wait!

    Our weekend: Family in town. Snow cones. Rangers baseball on TV. Donuts. Starbucks. Swimming in our neighbor’s pool. Movies. Hugs.

  415. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful view of the sky in the water!

    This weekend, we’re trying to wrap up potty training. So here’s hoping for no more accidents, lots more from-scratch cooking (like the blueberry muffins we had for breakfast), and lots of cuddles with my little ones.

  416. hoping our weekend is full of love, laughing, lounging and lots of coffee :)

  417. I thought I was the only one who muttered curses inbetween “God grant me the serenity”‘s when I’m trying to be super-mom and manage my three cherubs. Phew, I don’t feel so bad now! And my weekend? I’m hoping for content babies, an alone trip to Home Depot, some kick-ass Pioneer Woman pizza, a bouncy-house birthday party at our friends’, and kids who go to bed early enough so Momma and Daddy can watch “LOTR:The Twin Towers”.

  418. Finishing up a paper, lunch in the park with friends, and helping those friends move :(. Then church tomorrow, running, and hopefully some surfing in the middle!

  419. Hoping the weekend has lots of blueberries, walks in the woods, and snuggles with my wee man.

  420. Thanks for being so real. This weekend I hope to really live in the moment.

  421. My weekend is looking like a clean house, fresh out of the dryer laundry, a sweet toddler, an amazing husband, time together and hopefully not quite a new baby, yet!! :)

  422. I am still laughing over your description of heading home! Girl, I know the feeling! It’s lame, but I hope our weekend is filled with a clean house. And Harry Potter and a pedicure, if I’m lucky!

  423. Our weekend is going to be grand. Going to watch our LA Dodgers, and to Ikea. What a great day! And I would love to have a new swimsuit for our 10 year Anniversary trip to Hawaii!

  424. My weekend looks like Grandma and Grandpa taking the 2 year old so mommy and daddy can lay in bed for three hours and we try to recover from little sleep over the last week.

    Welcoming that 2 year old home and convincing her that sleep is as good as it has always been.

    Hopefully getting her back to a good sleep schedule before the baby that is 2 days overdue makes her appearance.

  425. my weekend looks like: lazy days at the lake, grilled vegetables, iced coffee, napping outside… oh, and hopefully winning a Popina bathing suit (because Lord knows i need one!)…

  426. Your music is perfect for the post.

    My weekend? It’s already involved a little mom-sleeps-in time and park-pond time, and I’m looking forward to rest of it, too. Baking with the kids, cooling off in the baby wading pool on our porch, grilling and sampling fresh summer fruits and veggies, a long walk with a friend, church, dinner for my inlaws, lazy Sunday afternoon naps, plenty of sunblock and many giggles….

  427. I hope my weekend is happy and lazy.

  428. the pictures in this post were absolutely beautiful. My weekend looks like it’s going to consist of family bbq, watching movies, and scrapbooking. And if I have my way, a nap.

  429. Waiting for my husband to return so we can be complete. 9 days is a long time without my partner in crime.

  430. Oh my…those two girls are truly the sweetest. There is something very magical and peaceful to a child sleeping…precious bed photos.

    This weekend = Dinners in candlelight. Snuggling. Late night swims. Good music. Long drives with the windows down. Frozen yogurt. Best friends. Wine. Celebratory perfection.

    Happy weekend!

  431. Our weekend is filled with unpacking the last two boxes, hanging the pictures and spending time with daddy after a loooooong week of moving to a new home!

  432. My weekend? Well, my hubby actually doesn’t have to work so… hanging in the backyard with him, watching our almost-one-year-old play, drinking a beer, and reminiscing about the day she was born and all of the wonderful moments she has brought us this year. That’s it. Me, him, and her… complete :)

  433. Loooove the sleeping photos!!
    oh..precious small ones..

    Its nice to rest my eyes on something so peaceful, after horrific photos from my peaceful country these days.

    lots of love WB, NORWAY

  434. You have awesome style, Kelle. Happy weekend

  435. Today I will work on a puzzle in the sun, read Runners magazine, (in the sun!), make super yummy chicken-chile-lime paninis for lunch (and maybe dinner, too!) and have a date with my husband.

  436. My weekend is summer marching band with my students, ribs on the grill with the family, and some retail therapy with friends. Sprinkled in is copious amounts of coffee, some rain, plenty of sunshine, piano practice, and evening porch talks.

  437. Two birthday parties and in between and lot of playing and cleaning!

  438. Our weekend unfortunately looks like packing boxes in preparation for our move to a new apartment next weekend. Alas. But, I’m thinking maybe I can squeeze in some hubby cuddle time and maybe a slice of cheesecake. Here’s to hoping 😉

  439. I had high hopes for a peaceful weekend… then found 7 raccoons living in the dumpster outside and it all went crazy. At least I can hope for some calm tomorrow…

  440. I’m trying to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend before starting back to work after a long summer vacation – School is starting! So that means a good ol’ lazy day with coffee, movies, and no housework!

  441. I loved your sweet story. When it took a turn I had to laugh.
    At least the first part was really fun. I love how you are real. I bet you were glad when Dad got home. I was wondering how you fit in the bed with the girls…..looked like
    Nella was taking up alot of space, hah, such cute pictures of the girls sleeping.

  442. love this blog :)
    i hope my weekend is coffee, laughs, friends, drinks, travel, rest, reading, and love.

  443. Unfortunately my weekend includes working, but also pool time and dinner with dear friends and their visiting family and a lazy Sunday playing with my growing baby boy and reading a good book.

    Btw, the pictures of the 2 of your girls sleeping were breathtaking. I actually made my husband come look at their adorableness. Love those girls!

  444. road race, time at the lake, a much needed nap, church and then hopefully taking Daddy to our cool new spot at the lake!

  445. It’s our first weekend at home in SO long. So, my hopes are simple. Rest, enjoy family time, eat at home, bake cookies, write in my son’s journal, finish my book, AND maybe even sit down with my husband and plan our anniversary trip!

  446. I hope my weekend is full of a spiritual battery recharge w/ a trip to the Dallas LDS Temple, a sweaty headed little girl b/c she was jumping in a bounce house and having the time of her life, a trip through the car wash where she is brave and puts her hand up to the window eve though she is deathly afraid of the car wash brushes.

  447. hoping for lazy mornings and easy days…

  448. Correcting, correcting and some more correcting. But in between essays on Aristotle, I’m going to spend time with my hubby and sneak away to a local street fair!

  449. I hope my weekend contains a nice balance of excitement and relaxation. I some relaxation reading a book on my deck and now I need some fun!

  450. Accounting… Accounting… Accounting – Gotta pay my HST on Tuesday (atleast I have a long weekend to do it here in B.C.)! Oh, and a pool party :)

  451. My weekend looks like sleeping in and re-energizing. I’m very excited to finish sewing up the tooth fairy pillows for my nieces and nephews! And probably spending some time with that husband of mine I rarely see…

  452. This comment has been removed by the author.

  453. As much as I love reading it, sometimes I just leave your blog open in the background because I like your choice of music so very much. It turns out the soundtrack to your life makes a nice one to mine.

  454. Already halfway through our weekend and it’s already looking pretty perfect. 1st trip to cinema with my son this afternoon, a special treat just with Mummy and Daddy, dinner at Frankie and Benny’s afterwards complete with chocolate ice-cream. The rest of the weekend will mostly consist of searching for worms in the garden and feeding them to our new chickens, Hilda and Lightning (yep, named after McQueen by one thoroughly obsessed and exhausted 3 year old ;o) )

    Have a great weekend!

    Andrea xxx

  455. More of the same… lazy summer days, a cocktail or two, a quiet night!

  456. LOVE the Friday phone dump. and the name Friday phone dump. My weekend-2nd bday party, packing, soaking up my kids, swimming, icecream outside, being fully present.

  457. Hoping for low humidity, my Mom to come home from the hospital, sleep, and maybe some sushi and a good bottle of wine!

  458. our weekend is skyping with the family and seeing my niece that isn’t even a day old, it’s packing for our trip to the states, brunch with family, my mum in law skipping work to be with us before we leave, cuddling babies, kissing husband, creating during nap time, our weekend is playing outside!

  459. This comment has been removed by the author.

  460. sleeping in and then a sunday morning cuddle, possible all piling in the car for a spontaneous beach trip and ending with ice cream…

  461. Precious sisters!

  462. coffee, friends, and a husband’s birthday!

  463. I hope this weekend drags on!!

  464. i hope my weekend is restful.

  465. I LOVE that you posted the settings used for your black and white picures. I’m always wondering what your setting are when I read your blog. Great pos! Enjoy your weekend!

  466. This weekend is looking to be filled with sunshine, relaxation, a long run and an overdue date with my sweet husband. Just what we need!

  467. A great, relaxing birthday pedicure, enjoying the welcomed rain, worshiping with wonderful people at church, enjoying a tasty Chinese buffet, and a perfect balance of rest and productivity on Sunday!

  468. I’m hoping for sunshine, birds at the feeder, lots of photos to take, and skunk that will find somewhere else to roam in the evenings!

  469. I hope my weekend with be full. Full of the light breeze off the water. Full of the sweet smell of summer-sweat and an ice cold wine cooler. Full of family, and laughs, and love. Full–it’s all we can ever hope to be.

  470. Our weekend- photo shoot with friends, a 5th birthday party, homemade spaghetti and some well deserved down time with my two boys. Ahhhh!

  471. I hope our weekend involves the beach, lots of relaxation, reading, good food, exercise and umm, none of what you had on the last half of your walk!!! 😉

  472. Your post makes me smile! How I know that feeling of trying to keep it all together when the hubby is gone! Living in an apartment with a dog and a toddler when the hubby is gone is a nightmare of logistics! Trying to time the dogs last walk and getting my son to bed at a somewhat decent hour is impossible!! I hate that i cant just let the dog out in the backyard, but have to drag the baby down in the stroller in his pjs for a night walk…

    My weeken:
    Watching my man play his soccer match.reading the last Game of throne books,taking a million instagram and normal photos, playing with my son, going to the pool with him and friends,relaxing, tea, coffee,sleep..

    Happy weekend Kelle!!!
    Maria S

  473. BBq with friends. Baseball. Coffee on the patio. Oh and trying to sleep during the day since I work nights. That’s what my weekend has on tap.

  474. Nella is so big!! I can’t believe it. I love the pic of her all sprawled out in bed. How does anyone else sleep in there? Your girls are too precious, and you continue to inspire me. It is so easy to just stare at your babies while they are sleeping. I’ve recently turned the shutter sound off on my phone so I could sneak in those sleepy pictures.

  475. I love those bathing suits! Very Betty Boop.

  476. I hope my weekend is erasing the sadness of early summer with the excitement of moving into a new apartment. and some sort of swimming.

  477. … sitting in the garden, cuddling a one year old and feeling her grow heavy with sleep after reading at least 12 books, family dinner to celebrate a birthday with shrimp, salads and lemon cake, playing euchre with my son and his partner, listening to the crickets while we fall to sleep, family (and, there will likely be some cleaning up of the dog pee in there somewhere:)). Hope that your weekend is magical!

  478. My goodness! I swear those pics were taken in Bay Forest/Naples Cove! That boardwalk/Bay shot looks just like the one at my parent’s place.

    Beautiful pictures (not just the boardwalk!)!!

  479. We’re on vacation, so I hope our weekend will be sunny, so we can go to the beach and go for a ride with our bicycles and kids.

  480. I hope my weekend has some outside time, just me and my family. We’re so worn out after having houseguests for weeks on end. We just need to relax! Happy weekend!

  481. Oh, I love the pictures in this post! Always makes my day to read this, and today as much as any! and this weekend, looking forward to a quiet, productive one around the house. Always writing to be done, and housework that never ends. lazy but somehow productive days are the best!

  482. The sleeping pics are amazing…

    I hope my weekend looks similar… peaceful baby, happy husband, amazingly blessed mama. :)

  483. peace.quality time together.laughing.holding paperwork to be completed. more funds raised for our adoptions. thankfulness:) GRACE.

  484. Love the sleeping pictures–so sweet!

  485. here’s how our weekend will go: lots of nesting and cleaning and final prep for our baby girl on the way. Dinner out, church, time by the pool. Just taking in each other on our next to last weekend for baby makes three!!

  486. Our weekend involves our baby’s first haircut, tackling wave #2 of the food war with our daughter (it’s all for the greater good, I promise!) and long bubble baths with the kids.

  487. Your comment about watching the girls. I get it. There’s a book that I bought Alex for her 3rd birthday entitled “Someday” by Alison McGhee. It’s a simple, but incredibly mushy-mama kind of children’s book. I love every page (sometimes I get too mushy and have to hold back the wave of love and emotion). Your comments reminded me of the page where it says “Sometimes, when you sleep, I watch you dream, and I dream too…” So. Damn. True.

    Love the shots from your travels down to the lake (insanely beautiful day), and your retro suit with the jeans and the red tied espadrilles. Love. Great look. And thanks for the reality check on how you luged everything back to the car. Ha, been there.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to see Lainey’s room. Loving the dump factor.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  488. Crap. Got so caught up in the mushy mommy stuff that I failed to comment about what are weekend looks like. Good coffee. Saying farewell to close friends leaving on vacation. Swimming at sunset. Dingy riding for ice cream. First big cinematic experience, and working on transforming Alex’s room into the nation of pink…

    -J from A

  489. I find that when I read your words and follow along with your photos, I get lost in them. They are perfection.

  490. The great stuff – friends, family, parks, food, naps. The not so great – laundry, food shopping, cleaning. Just trying to balance it all out!

  491. weekend without my man. kinda sad…hopefully i can be as motivated as you are!

  492. Walks, new shoes, snuggles and cuddles! Maybe a trip to a local fair for some fresh squeezed lemonade and a ride down the inflatable slide if we need an adventure…


  493. Time with best friends that we haven’t seen for a year is on the agenda. Cheese fondue for dinner followed by chocolate fondue for dessert… it should be wonderful!

  494. My weekend…full of baby snuggling and kissing, watching the Labbie dive endlessly into the river after a toy, hopefully hitting up some good couple time and a HUGE piece of cake for my sis-in-laws birthday supper tonight! Woot woot!

  495. Hello Summer! Hello beautiful Florida.
    Loving those swim suites!

  496. There’s no hoping here, I’m making it happen – our weekend is going to be FUN.

    Just finished up a class (my next class starts Tuesday) – so I’m taking full advantage of these few days off – giving my kids 100% of the attention they deserve, and we’re having F. U. N.!!!

    Already got done with “choose your own breakfast” – complete with orange juice and Goldfish crackers.

    And, two hours at the pool. :)

  497. anniversary celebration & relaxation : )

  498. Our weekend so far – a surprise visit from my husband’s brother & his sweetheart wife…all the way from their house in VA to ours in GA. Staying up late laughing, waking up early with baby girl, blueberry muffins & coffee, and a day spent with some of our favorite people. Our daughter is going to be so sad to see aunt and uncle leave tomorrow.

  499. Hmm…swimming and sunbathing with hubby and kids. Perfect.

  500. Love the blog … enjoyed the pictures and then the last one came up and Nella looks like a little girl! NNNOOOO!! Where did our BABY go?!?!

  501. This weekend I need: a little organization, a walk around the block, grilled corn, a break on the hammock, and a button to sew itself back onto a sweater :)

  502. Nella, i want that necklace, stat.:)

  503. fabulous. starting last night with our building dedication at our new church- including Lily’s dedication. followed by today’s family fun day celebrating our grand opening at church with a water slide, ping pong, crafts, bbq and concert…the best weekend of the summer!

  504. Dinner with the hubby. House hunting. New peanut butter pancake recipe. Shopping end of summer sales for early b-day and x-mas gifts. Sleeping in!

  505. Beautiful entry as always! I hope my weekend is filled with excitement and quality time with my two little boys and husband. Would love a new swimsuit too!

  506. Having three little girls myself that I watch grow and change daily, I appreciate so much your perspective on life and love that you try to savor every day with your family. You are a reminder to me, to stop and smell the roses… these days don’t last very long. I hope to not sweat the small stuff and savor my girls this weekend, even the squeals and shenanigans happening this very moment…

  507. hey kelle!

    I teach sunday school at my church, and last week a new little girl came. she has down syndrome, and she is precious. she has beautiful blonde hair and little glasses, and all she wants to do is sit in my lap and color. she LOVES her family and her big sister. she made me think of little nella, and your family. just wanted to thank you for writing so honestly, and taking beautiful pictures. you’re great! :)

    have an amazing weekend!

  508. My weekend hopes and dreams: brilliant sunshine, poolside pleasures, and seamless first time overnight camping. In a tent. With our 16 month old.

    PS: sleeping babies = Bliss.

  509. My favorite weekend: Baby Boy sleeps in til 6:30 or so (I’ll take anytime after 6, really), then a relaxing cuddle in bed with hubby while nursing Chase. Amazing coffee by husband follows—maybe pancakes for breakfast—and then, at some point, a long walk in the sun. Another coffee later on. :) Friends and family and more outdoor time…maybe a movie one night…Church on Sunday morning…Alex home all day…I LOVE weekends!!

  510. This morning was wonderful. My husband, me, and our precious baby boy who turned 6 weeks old today in our bed. He just learned to laugh. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  511. Our weekend has already started with two bike rides around the lake. The best part: the bike trailer is attached to my hubby’s bike and not mine!

  512. My weekend looks, productive, happy, fun, relaxing at night, creative, sipping hot coffee while sitting in the warm morning sun, and sipping cold cocktails as the sun goes down and the kids are all in bed peacefully sleeping.

  513. I hope my weekend includes pockets of relaxation as my husband and I pack boxes and move across town.

  514. I hope my weekend is a lazy, couch loving, family laughing, movie watching, homemade pizza, craft-filled kind of weekend.

    P.S. Adore your blog and the sincerity in your heart.

  515. I hope my weekend includes lunch with my best friend, playing Uno with my daughters, choo choos with my son, and making out like a teenager with my husband! p.s. i so love your “Monet” picture!

  516. My Weekend: Rainy afternoons, movie night under cozy blankets, dad visit, laundry time, indoor stuff 😉

  517. ….and I’m in love with you and your blog. First comment here. Thank you for sharing your life and writing such amazing words.

  518. what will my weekend consist of? a quiet house (my honey took our 3 year old twins on an adventure weekend…funny how much I missed them when the garage door closed), a prenatal massage and a dinner date with my dad!

    looove your blog!

  519. Loud! Full of a fun party with good friends, brunch with a dear woman and her girls, shopping, chocolate cake, snuggles with my little chickies and hopefully a phone call from the hubby {who just deployed this week}. pretty much perfection :)

  520. Beautiful post, as always! And I’m super pumped for this giveaway—I LOVE those bathing suits!

    As far as this weekend goes, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a phone call from my US Marine in Afghanistan — it’s his 22nd birthday :)

  521. i hope my weekend is full of peaceful recovery from a tiring trip and that i find a breath-taking midway spot

  522. I love your beautiful pictures. I’m spending my weekend recovering from sickness… lots of time curled up in bed and watching movies.

    Adorable swimsuits too!

  523. Taming the backyard, listing a boatload of things on Craigslist, baby-proofing the kitchen, and enjoying dinner with friends after having accomplished all (or some) of the above. :)

  524. i will be spending my weekend where i spend every weekend– at work. but in between shifts, i will be spending time with my dog, cleaning, and planning my next vacation! :)

  525. This weekend is filled with nuclear family only time. We have been busy bees going in and out of town this last month and August brings multiple celebrations of our best friends who are finally getting married. So, this weekend only has one plan, a family BBQ on Sunday with one of our favorite families:)

  526. I don’t know what happens but, my comments show up and then disappear so if this is a repeat, sorry.

    I hope for a safe weekend as my recently graduated and soon to head to college daughter goes skydiving tomorrow; yikes!

    What kind of dog is Latte? We just lost our little Pomeranian/Maltese 12 year old this week and once our hearts mend a bit we will probably be looking for a new little guy to add to the family.

  527. Love this blog entry! Your girls are just so adorable. My weekend…family, books, pool, blueberry crumb cake, movies, walks, music, pictures, laughing, cooking and kissing my boys…a two-year-old and twin three- month-olds.

  528. birthdays, crawfish boils and swimming at the pool!

  529. My weekends have been pretty fabulous lately with just the right amount of busy to make the calm even more special… So not normal for us but we are enjoying them while we can.

    The day started out with whole family snuggles in our bed followed by my 3 year old’s dance class. VERY beginner but so cute. And the only thing left on our agenda has been a whole family car wash and a run for ice cream and iced coffee.

    Really, today couldn’t be better!! Here’s hoping tomorrow beats it!

  530. Thanks for sharing the photo info on the pic with the girls sleeping! I LOVE Popina! Last time they were a sponsor, I ordered TWO because I just couldn’t decide which one to get! Happy weekend!

  531. oh my, i feel so wanty for one of those suits!

    our weekend started out great last night when we took the kids to an amazing, outdoor performance (at the BART station, of all places) by AXIS Dance (they are a physically integrated dance company and were featured recently on SYTYCD and the husband happens to be a board member); Lilit fell asleep in my arms while Avi watched contentedly from the stroller and I had one of those moments of, oh, yes, life is good here in Berkeley.

    Now I’m working today and the kids and the husband went down to the in-laws . . . I ache for them all and yearn for a happy reunion tomorrow.

    I hope you all are enjoying your reunion this weekend!

  532. Here is what I am hoping for this weekend: simple pleasures delivered by some quality play time with my litlle one which always leaves berry fingerprints all over the house, some me-time for a pre-natal massage, and hopefully the lovely smell of a monsoon rain in the desert (we live in AZ)! Enjoy your weekend!

  533. Woo-hoo! A new swimsuit would be grand! Hope my weekend is coffee with lots of cream, sunshine, reading, swimming, kissing my kids, relaxing with neighbors… love how Nella looks like a star when she is sleeping all stretched out and wide open!

  534. Oh! That curve at the top of their little noses! One of my favorite spots too.

    My weekend…I’m fighting the feelings of envy as many of my friends are attending the final U2 concert of their tour, here in eastern Canada. Instead, we are enjoying a quiet, rainy weekend in, with puppets, books, movies and comfort food.

  535. Weekend wishes: sleep, family time, alone time, coffee, big breakfast, ice cream, no computer (not happening already!), sun, midnight walks…

  536. I hope my weekend looks a lot like Seafood. My boys are headed home from Key West…hopefully with Lobster in tow. Have a blessed one.

  537. I hope my weekend is full of baby coos and smiles from our almost 3 month old son. I am also getting to visit with my college friends on my first night out as a new mom – loving my husband for staying with the munchkin! Have a great weekend with your sweet brood, love the chaos, can’t wait until we have all the pieces to our family complete!

  538. We should let our inner badass take over more. I usually need a little kick in the butt, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  539. Midway through my weekend, it looks like we need a lot of sleep :). But it’s a weekend of good meals and helping wonderful friends move in close. It’s a weekend of loving the air conditioning and the pool and a weekend of getting a little more unpacked and making our apartment home.

  540. I would love my weekend to quiet and for my works website to be fixed so that my customers can place orders they have been waiting to…Work stress is no fun. Love the pictures of the girls sleeping :)

  541. Relaxation, playing, laughing, date night, wine, grilling, sleeping baby.

  542. My weekend: chalk drawn spiders and bugs, match box car ramps made from couch cushions, grass-stained knees, and sticky hands (Wash, sleep, and repeat again).

  543. Camping! S’mores! Suntanning hikes with the pups! fast food on the way home! Nap! And all of those things deserve their exclamation points! Have been lusting after the fab retro swimwear ever since they first sponsored, love the generosity!

  544. I hope my weekend goes something like: pancakes, Church, violin, random dance party, piano, and friends.

    Have a good weekend! 😀

  545. My weekend? Lemonade, lying in the sun reading, dinner and a play with friends and music. And checking out my favorite blogs!

  546. Weekend started at POPINA (we’re in Portland!) with a good girlfriend, laughing in the dressing rooms. Farmer’s market, kiddie pool, photo session, blueberry pie. That’s our weekend!

  547. lazy mornings with a hot cup of coffee, hopefully my guy will be home tonight so we can spend a bit of “just us” time. Music, grilling, maybe a walk around the neighborhood.

  548. Our weekend = movies, sunshine, swimming pools and cute sun outfits on the 3 yr old. Happy summer!

  549. This weekend marks the end of July (which won’t be missed) and the end of my kids’ summer vacation. Yep, back to school on Monday.

  550. relaxing in my finally clean home with the ones i love. and checking the giveaway winner eagerly as i LIKE your swimsuits from Popina and would be so THRILLED to win one! Also watching lots of Gilmore girls as i do ‘constructive’ things in the living room:)

  551. Garlic Festival in Gilroy California and then to our friends from India’s home for authentic Indian food.. Yea!!!

  552. Our weekend includes: swimming, trying a new recipe, talking about an upcoming out-of-state move, a desert monsoon and an unexpected trip to the pediatrician today. Not-so-savvy-new-crawler face planted on the tile and part of his gummy smile is black and blue. (No permanent damage-whew!)

    The pic of Nella splayed out in the bed is priceless. I love how Lainey is snuggled up on her side and itty-bitty Nella likes to take up 1/2 the bed!

  553. Love this post! Us Mums always have the best of intentions with walks and adventures don’t we? He he, love it.

    My husband works away from home too and returned to us this friday night…my hope for the weekend is that we get to lay out, together, quietly and enjoy this beautiful sunshine that has graced our winter.


  554. I love the Friday Photo Dump. :)

    My weekend (currently under way): showering a good friend with lots of baby blue and cupcakes, mall trips with my little family, waking up too early by roofers… which leads to enjoying some good coffee.

  555. I TOTALLY LOVE THEIR SWIMWEAR!!! I bought that same yellow one you have because I fell in love with it! It’s the first bathing suit I have felt good in, in a long time.

    I have totally been there pushing a stroller with a lazy toddler and baby on the hip and dying to be home! You rock!

    Our weekend has been fun and lazy and some good family time. We are Wedding Photographers so we cherish weekends we don’t have to work!

  556. My weekend looks like wet kids and smells like sweaty boys. Which is actually a really nice smell, before they turn 11.

  557. love those bed photos…beautiful.

  558. Firstly, I think I am most impressed that you hiked with the two girls, the dog, the camera, the car in the heat in those LOVELY wedges!!! I am such a wuss. I wear my zealands or something similar if I think I will be going longer than 4 yards…:)
    my weekend, i hope: yard sales, coffee, piles of pasta and italian bread dipped in oil & vinegar and spices, some church time, some naps, some pretending to be a lion with the toddlers, sewing, and reading…

  559. Your weekend sounds great. Ours is: swimming in the pool with a toddler who just got the courage to jump in by himself, pancakes and coffee, church, and most likely a Target outing. Oh, and naps. Plenty of naps.

  560. I’ll be working all weekend, but I’m hoping these happies will make an appearance: fluffy clouds, Tivo nights, hot tea mornings, a long catch-up phone conversation with my bff, and maybe a movie date with a friend. I want to see Crazy, Stupid, Love! I LOVE me some Noah…er… I mean Ryan Gosling.

  561. Said goodbye to my son and his g/f as they head off into adulthood, in a neighboring state, bought Pandora charm as a keepsake for daughter who is moving from our midwest home to NYC … and this Mama-in-mourning, promptly went out and bought herself a new car, with which to replace the 11 year old, 230K mile, stylin’ minivan. Welcome to the empty nest!!

    Now, I need a new swimsuit to truly be Fabulous at 50!! Please?? 😀

  562. What a fabulous pic of the reflection of the clouds over the water !! You captured a fantastic shot !!

  563. A new swimsuit would be lovely.

    Your girls are adorable. I have a pair of boys (two and half and 17 months) and cannot imagine your everyday with your little women and all the girly stuff. I appreciate your sharing life.

  564. My weekend: The first ‘alone’ date out with my husband since my daughter was born (9 months ago!), my nephew’s t-ball finals, visits with the grandparents, time in the inflatable baby pool, catching up on laundry and NOT feeling guilty that the only housework I do this weekend is laundry :)

  565. I love your can do attitude! And I love the walk back (sorry), that is my life, my precious babies….whenever I think to myself ‘oh I am so proud of them, we are having a great day, I end up with two littles on the sidewalk in front of a busy Baskin Robbins, tears, shoes being thrown, the loudest wailing ever, as people walk by giving me THAT LOOK. And I juggle them into my arms, shoes hanging from my fingers, fumbling with my keys and cell… =)

  566. Cool Oregon Coast, wearing sweatshirts and looking for seaglass.

  567. Today was the first half of our weekend spent in Urgent care. My poor baby had a rash on his bootay and a reaction to a bug bite. We will make up for it tomorrow. We will make cinnamon rolls and water balloons. We will avoid all insects and make the most of our Sunday!

  568. Oh sweet wonderful weekends! Ours is full of family vacation time in Holland, MI. Time at the beach, on a boat, swimming, late nights, great laughs….wishing time would stand still

  569. Our weekend has been sun, wedding, dancing, sleeping, eating, friends and family. Thanks for your blog! :)

  570. Love the stunning pictures of your little sleeping beauties! I hope I don’t sound like a stalker, but your dad must live right around the corner from our house!! I gasped when I saw your picture of the bay–I run to that boardwalk daily in BF (abbreviating!) when we are in town!!
    This weekend we are finishing up projects around the house as baby three will be here in four weeks or less!

  571. my weekend will likely sound a bit boring, only because i’m coming off of a week of vacation and need to get organized before monday morning. BUT, i’m gonna throw in a little couch time with my man, blogging, and
    a birthday dinner for my father-in-law : )

    hope you enjoy your weekend…btw-i’m so impressed that you stopped to take a photo amidst your 3/4 mile of hell : )

  572. I know that daddy’s away exhaustion! I hope you’ve recovered! I’ve got a little sewing to do this weekend, but mostly just snuggling my boys indoors. Too hot for anything else!

  573. Trekking to Lake Michigan thru the trail at Rosy Mound; meeting new friends as we visit Grammee at “the home”, coffee, French toast, BACON

  574. My weekend: Lingering over my first coffee followed by cinnamon toast,a walk by the sea, an old movie classic, an amateur theatre production, catching up with friends over dinner.

  575. Full of patience. Something I am working on right now….My two little girls, similar in age to yours, seem to enjoy challenging me, lately.

  576. I love that last picture of Nella. The Sun. Her eyes. The colors. And I have had those moments of living hell too. Especially when you take too many kiddos (like 7) and there is only one you. 2 carriers, a double stroller and lots of water seem to get heavier by the minute. I feel for you :)

  577. I’m leaving my parents’ home in SC and returning to my family in AZ.

  578. This weekend: birthday parties, baby showers, cuddles from my favorite toddler and sweet husband. Perfect.

  579. I love the pictures of your sweet sweet girls sleeping. Thank you so much for sharing the settings you used… I would love to be able to capture my sleeping girl without a flash. This weekend I plan on leaving my house a mess and spending time with my husband and our beautiful little girl. Today we went on a great adventure {and found a great boardwalk like the one pictured, but in Tampa}. Tomorrow… who knows where we will end up… but those are my favorite days!

  580. My weekend: sleeping in, lots of time spent watching my new toddler practice his walking (and now running!), hopefully enjoying some nice weather, a possible picnic, a much anticipated first visit to the spray park, midday naps that I don’t get to enjoy during the week.

  581. first year pictures… quiet snuggles… tickling of baby feet… his first cold… middle of the night “I need momma” cry… sunshine… ice cream… peach pic…

  582. all of us piling in the bed on Saturday morning, a long run, farmers market for cooking class, naps, church, lunch, naps, dinner with family – all 14 of us!

  583. This is our first weekend home with a new baby boy, we are adjusting to life with a 4 year old, 2 year old and newborn :) so far so good…. I’m just soaking up newborn love and praying time will move a little slower in the next few weeks.

  584. Restful, watching my twins get along and not teeth on each other, warm coffee, big kisses, lots of cartoons, and sunshine. That is the hope anyways; )

  585. Lots of sweet giggles and kisses! Love the first half of it.

  586. We’re moving in two weeks…our weekend will be filled with squeezing in sweet moments with friends we are leaving behind and little bits of getting things organized to move halfway across the country (to the Florida panhandle!)

  587. Our weekend will be filled with planning our disneyland vacation. So exciting, we’re from Hawaii and any chance to get off the island is an adventure :)

  588. My weekend looks like my two year old twins coloring themselves with markers, playing at open gym, playing in the pool, catching up on sleep. :-). Love the phone dump; wish my phone pictures came out so gorgeous.

  589. Our weekend: Farmer’s Market, pools, Popsicles, picking flowers, harvesting veggies, rearranging toy/bedrooms, and enjoying each other!

  590. My weekend consists of chocolate chip waffles, helping my best friend search for her wedding dress, and reading a good book! It’s one for the books!

  591. My hopes for the weekend (half of these have already been fulfilled, yay!): conversation, sunshine, mini golf, sleep, wine, laughter, music, theater, eventual rain, happiness. Done, done, and done. And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: someday, when I have children and a house, I’d like my world to be very much like yours. Except on the Pacific. =] Love love love.

  592. i hope to have a relaxing weekend with my 3 yr old son and 2 wk old baby girl. Also, really hoping to win a swimsuit!!!

  593. Quiet mornings. House to-do projects. My favorite Mexican restaurant with cold beers. And topped off with a rock concert. Perfection.

    Lauren t.

  594. I love your blog. I think I start every comment I leave for you that way. Every time I stop by I am reminded to breathe in the simple blessings that make my life so sweet. This weekend I hope for morning snuggles with my three girls and hopefully some sound sleep…my twins are three and a half months and just starting to sleep well. I never know if I’m going to be up every two hours or get a solid chunk of 6 or more!

  595. You know what? I used to never want my kids to be stuck on sleeping in my bed…but the pas couple months, Brynn has been in there nearly every night. AND I DONT CARE. I love her little body next to mine…and she loves it too- she snuggles up under my chin, and I just love her fine little red baby hair against my skin….so sweet. Love the bed pics!!

  596. Kelle! What a beautiful family. I hope I win this give away!! I have admired you a far for some time…

    My ideal weekend includes swimming in the pool, breakfast at Deli Lane, and chasing my one year around all day long, lots of kisses along teh way.

    xo! tracy

  597. Nella is going to drive her future husband crazy with her sleep positions!

  598. our weekend plans – pierogi fest baby! yum! who doesn’t love a street lined with booth after booth of delicious polish food?!

  599. A quiet, relaxing, sleeping-in(oh wait, we have a 2yr. old here:), weekend at home. that is my hope!

  600. My weekend has been full of family and food so far. For Sunday? I want to play trains with my daughter and sleep late. I can guarantee you that only one of these things will happen.

  601. The weekend is already half over but so far it has been full of things that I was hoping for. Clear skies. Sand castles. A sleep over with cousins. 5 cent candies and wine. An evening of laughter with friends after the kids fall asleep from a full day in the sun. Joy.

  602. My weekend: relaxing on vacation in Maine, time with my sister who lives 2,000 miles from me, seafood, writing postcards, and the sea. Smelling, feeling, hearing, watching the sea.

  603. Hanging out at my family’s resort…swimming, fishing, playing…enjoying each other!

  604. cuddling up with my kiddos, pool party with my family and getting to see my out-of-town-brother, baby shower, story time, singing to my kiddos, and other impromptu events!

  605. My weekend hope: to spend it laying in my bed with my hubby and 2 kids watching cartoons, eating ice cream, tickling and lots of laughter! :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  606. Breathtaking photos. It seems a lot of our adventures take a turn too. Sometimes its for the worse but thankfully sometimes its for the better! This weekend involves painting, climbing, swimming, bedazzling canvases, baking, and probably Reisling.

  607. Oh how I love a good impromptu dinner and sno-cones with good friends! We have to beat this Texas heat somehow!

  608. My weekend has been slow and lazy and wonderful. My husband took the girls to a movie while me and my little man played and cleaned at home. Then we dined on pizza so Mommy could have the night off. I hope to top it all off with a long Sunday afternoon nap tomorrow. Pure perfection made only better by my winning a new swim suit to fit my now thinner frame. I need one!

  609. I love how you go through all of the little things at the beginning of this post. You make what to some could sound like a complete-and-utter-mess-being-stressed-about getting-cleaned-up seem like a completely beautiful thing. And I love that. The world needs more of it.

  610. My week-end: lots of sunshine, sprinklers & slippery-sliders, sitting on the grass, enjoying some good company of family & neighbors, nibbling on peas and carrots, still muddy from the garden, and naps in the hammock, while I listen to the giggles of my little peeps . . . PERFECT!


  611. Quiet with a touch of productivity….and maybe some ice cream and bed jumping.

  612. It’s my husband’s birthday today! So we are celebrating by blowing out candles and eating lots of cake. We will probably sleep away our sugar-coma on sunday afternoon :0)

  613. My mother in law is in town, so we are living like tourists for the weekend. :)

  614. coffee, cleaning, birthday party, cake, balloon toss, stories, church, and as always: pictures, lots of pictures.

  615. A cowboy party as my sweet boy turns two, that he is surrounded with friends, family and love (a little bit of sunshine woukdn’t hurt either!)

  616. Well for the rest of it, I am hoping for quiet, fresh made waffles, warmed real maples syrup, babies in jammies crawling on a mommy who has been so busy preparing for a move the last couple of weeks.

  617. First of all, this post is making me sneak into my bed right now to snap pics of my sleeping babies.
    My weekend is halfway over and tomorrow will consist of a big breakfast, and organizing, my most hated chore. but it has to be done!!

  618. Stop it! Stop it with those gorgeous pictures of your wee ones sleeping! I am away from home for the next ten days and I left three pieces of my heart behind at home and I’m dying to cuddle my little ones.
    As for my hopes for this weekend, I hope it holds no rain and great lighting for the wedding I’m photographing tomorrow. I already got my Minnesota sweet corn and blizzard from Dairy Queen so things are definitely looking up!

  619. We’re moving this weekend, so it’s been hectic. I’m grimy, exhausted, running on about three hours of sleep, and can barely lift my arms for all the scrubbing I’ve been doing today. But my husband is on his way home, so everything is okay.

  620. no plans weekend. church sunday morning. food somewhere in between. :)

  621. This weekend has been about gardening, good food, lazy afternoon naps and staying up late to catch fireflies.

  622. This weekend we’re enjoying dinner with friends, shopping with my little girls and of course a trip to the park. Tomorrow a road trip. I’m hoping Monday will bring the relaxation.

  623. Buying new fruit and veggies at the farmer’s market and forcing ourselves to eat :)

    I’ve made a couple trips similar to yours. I ask myself what the heck I was thinking but then I remember I did it so my babies would have an adventure.

  624. I’m hoping that my weekend looks like cuddling with my baby girl, wrestling with my little boy and smooching on my husband. Chances of this happening are lookin good!

  625. Hope this weekend brings a safe surgery for my little girl, Fast recovery for my little girls surgery, and a cancer free biopsy.

  626. My weekend is a good mix…I get to work in the ER on Saturday and play on Sunday…bbq’s, my nieces christening…

  627. one of my favorite posts of yours. can’t decide what i loved the best, the babies sleeping, nella’s pigtails blowing in the wind, your part about the treck back, or brett’s t-shirt… :0)

  628. My answer is kind of cheating, since I’m already into the weekend…but, my weekend just included my first batch of homemade pesto, full of farm fresh ingredients from our local farmer’s market!

  629. I love the picture of Lainey and her Daddy…saw that with my own husband and daughter this weekend…priceless!

  630. our weekend: saturday adventure days no matter how we are feeling we pack up and head out for a full day of checking out something new followed by lazy sundays with church, lunch in the front yard and the gang of neighborhood kids running in one door and out the other always in pursuit of something great:-)

  631. our weekend is filled with family, family, family and lots of sunshine and pool time. living it up.

    that boardwalk picture looks magical.

  632. Kelle!! great blog. I have been admiring you and your family from a far! :)

    My ideal weekends include a dip in the pool, playing in the sprinkler with my son, catching up with my hubby, and eating breakfast at Deli Lane. Cheers to weekends!

    xo, tracy

  633. My weekend consists of… coffee (ALWAYS coffee), snuggling with the niece,writing, reading, church, visiting friends, driving two states away, cleaning, UNpacking, running, cooking, and lots of music. It’s going to be (and has been) glorious.

  634. oh my goodness your girls are too sweet sleeping together…and starting to look so much like sisters with Nella getting so big!!! Our weekend will be family time & cleaning…the good & the bad..oh well!!

  635. I am looking forward to some rest, some fun with family, good church services, and just rest (have I mentioned that one?).

    Beautiful photos!

  636. I hope that my weekend is full of swimming, hugs and kisses, and maybe the first steps that we are waiting on from my youngest. :)

  637. My husband works during the week and I work on weekends, so we rarely have a family day. This weekend, we spent all day Saturday at my boss’s lake house with all of our volunteer leaders (I work at a church). Family time + a lake=happiness. And tomorrow night we are going to see fireworks with friends…perfect!

  638. A Saturday out and about with 4 kids and a husband, exploring some cool caves near our home (with completely qualified tour guides, never fear!) Tomorrow I am probably working, but Dad and the kids seem to always have tons of fun without me anyways. :) Happy Weekend!

  639. Love love love the sleeping kiddos pictures. So sweet.

    As for my weekend, working 12 hour shifts on Friday and Sunday nights (I’m a RN), but hoping to get some much needed sleep tonight and enjoy tomorrow morning with my little love at the pool for a playdate with some of the other kids and their parents from his child care class.

  640. the weekend…

    *water slide at the rec. center pool
    *music at the local coffee shop
    *watering the tomatoes that are just now ripening
    *loving on my almost 12 year old girl who just returned from a trip to ecuador with her grandma

    popina is located here in portland- love the retro look!


  641. My husband returned home very early this morning from a two week business trip. I hope the weekend is filled of hugs, kisses, laughter, cuddles, sunshine, ice cream, and chocolate from Europe!

  642. Love the sleep photos! Littles are so beautiful when they sleep!!!

    I hope my weekend is filled with more ice cream sundaes, yummy grilled food, and family snuggles.

    Happy Weekend!

  643. We’re soon to become a family of five and need to get a family car that will fit our needs, so hopefully this weekend will include finding/buying a minivan! I also hope it also includes some quiet and peaceful moments at home with our kiddos – it’s been a busy summer!

  644. My perfect weekend would be (in no particular order): eggs florentine, long walks with my 1-year-old in the new jogging stroller, red wine, & late-night sewing. Ahh!

  645. A party and tons of friends. A lot of goodbyes and good wishes as we’re headed to our littlest open heart surgery. But every moment celebrating cause we know everything will be all right.

  646. Today: last day of my daughter’s and my visit to my parents’ house in Oregon–farmers’ market, long nap, park, and bbq. Tomorrow/Sunday: fly home to Texas and see my husband and our dogs. :)

  647. My weekend will be spent at home with my little boys. It will be filled with jumping on the bed, snuggling and watching movies, running through the sprinkler, and probably breaking up some brotherly bickering!

    I LOVE those swimsuits and will def be buying one for a trip to Jamaica we have planned in Feb!

    Your blog is always a bright spot in my day! Thank you so much for sharing your life and your amazing photography skills!

  648. That picture of the girls curled into each other melts my heart. <3

    Our weekend? I hope it’s relaxing. It’s all I want after a week long vacation stuck in a travel trailer with 4 adults, 2 toddlers, and a 9 month old. Love my family but it was a long week!

  649. lazy nights watching bubble guppies, running through sprinklers, swimming until our fingers get all pruiny, and lots of hugs.

  650. im hoping this weekend brings some relief from this heat. a pool. the sea. just get me in the water!

  651. Our weekend has been preparing for a pirate party for our little three year old. Pirates, pizza, pinata…tomorrow is going to be fun!

  652. Just started having two of my kids sleep together at times. It is glorious to watch them.

    Wish I could have a closet full of Popina suits – LOVE them!

  653. This weekend we’re home from a month-long vacation in Colorado (full story at So on the agenda: rest, unpacking, getting reacquainted with our pool and curling up with a book and a latte!

  654. It has been a difficult weekend so far. We took my sister (my only sibling) her husband and my three beautiful nieces whom I love with all my heart to the airport 3:30am Friday morning. They have moved to China. I waited, impatiently, for word from them. After more than 30 hours of travel, at 6:45pm tonight (Saturday) I received an email from my sister. They have arrived, and they are doing great- a huge relief. Now comes the second phase, learning to live every day life without them. I have been quite depressed leading up to this move, and tomorrow I will start to get my life back on track. I am inspired by my sister’s bravery to live my best life.

  655. Love the sleeping pictures, I love sleeping with my babes when daddy is gone…so special.

  656. Home. I hope our weekend is full of home after lots of running around and our Daddy being gone all week!

  657. oh! I hope our weekend looks like a beach blanket picnic, sandy babies and many dazzling laughs!

  658. A wedding to coordinate and two children who play the role of ring “barrel” and flower girl for some friends. It will be crazy but fun!

  659. This weekend I have a work pool party, this suit is exactly what I need so I don’t have to unleash the bikini around work people. Other than that it is farmers market, shopping, and winery taste testing. Trying to soak up every minute of summer in the Midwest!

  660. My weekend consists of writing 11 papers in 9 days to finish off my masters degree. It may seem like a lot of work …. nope it IS a lot of work…. but this is my last course and I am done. I eagerly await Feb 2012 to defend and then May 2012 to graduate. Then, a bathing suit similar to yours will be needed for the celebratory trip I will be taking right after the cap and gown are stored.

  661. I want my weekend to be boring. This past week was so crazy that I think it’s about time we had some good ‘ol lazy time!

  662. My weekend is a little crazy. Making and delivering three cakes. Celebrating a first birthday, a shared mid-life birthday and a big ole’ wedding cake. Cake is a good way to celebrate life right?

  663. Love the bed shots of the girls, how innocent do they look while asleep, especially in their ‘starfish’ position.
    My weekend has already gone, but was a child free weekend with good friends, just a shame about the cold I’ve got!

  664. My husband & I are spending our weekend in Corpus with the family at Nena’s house. :) This always means: inappropriately huge breakfasts (my favorite…chorizo & eggs wrapped in homemade tortillas), family running in & out the door all day, trips to the beach, teenage girl talk with my nieces, late night fishing with the nephews, & my mother-in-law watching to see if I grab a cold beer at the beach always hoping that I don’t. She’s ready for another nieto.

    The trip always ends too quickly. And as soon as we leave, I plan the next visit.

  665. This comment has been removed by the author.

  666. My weekend is not poetic. The dishes have not done themselves, like I hoped so that’s my first task tomorrow. Today was spent on a quest for sale school supplies to donate to needy children. The air was hot but the car a/c was cool. It was nice to be trapped in a car without nothing else to do but reconnect with each other.

  667. Loving Nella’s pigtails! For our weekend, I am hoping to be lazy in the sun while my littles play in our make-shift swimming pool (large flat storage bin), and drink lemonade.

  668. My weekend is spent curled up reading and enjoying my family!

  669. HI!!
    This Az desert girl is HOPING and Praying for RAIN!!!!!Lots of monsoon rain!!!Then this sat. night this momma, mimi is going to girls night out at the girlfriends house…aka the neighbors!!!!Game night and we played Rummy only with tiles kinda like scrabble but numbers!!!And WINE, chilled white wine!!!And home made guacamole!!!OH YEAH!!
    “WEEKEND is here baby!!

  670. My weekend plans: Fun in the sun watching my nearly-2-year-old having a blast splashing & squealing “Wheeeeee!” on the water slides at the local water park, followed by sunscreen-scented bedtime snuggles.

  671. wished i could say my weekend will be as relaxing as yours is starting off but it’ll be one of those hectic weekends…moving into a new home…what i am looking fwd to in the coming weeks is making my new home a cozy one…where i can put my feet up and enjoy a time of solitude…

  672. I’ve got to figure out how to take pictures of my sleeping boys like this. I do the very same thing…from birth…just stare at them sleeping and try to make permanent photographs in my head of all of the details. The peach fuzz on their foreheads…the fan-like lashes…the deep breaths. Oh, it’s so glorious and peaceful and truly a sacred moment in the life of a mama to enjoy our baby’s sleep and breathe in the reality that they belong to us.

    Oh, and I love Popina. Love love love.

    My man is leaving this fall for 20 days for Africa and I’m gearing up to pace myself…and I hope my rush and badassness can last the longevity of this trip! :)

  673. I forgot to say what I wanted for this weekend. Long naps with my boys. Movie date with my husband. The smell of the lemongrass Meyer’s cleaner freshening up my home for Sunday afternoon company. New friends!

  674. Daddy’s gone, so it’s just this Momma and her little man. Quiet, coffee, visiting Grandma, eating treats, holding down the fort, anxiously waiting for that car to pull in the drive way come Monday morning and for that I-haven’t-seen-you-in-days kiss.

  675. Insane grasshopper pic. And, wow, look at those clouds below.

  676. I hope my weekend is settling back into my home and routine after being away for 2 months balanced out with sister-in-law pool time while sipping Skinnygirl Sangria!

  677. my weekend was full of lazy eating, filling my mamma’s baking tins for the week ahead, cleaning out the fireplace for my dad and staying up way WAY too late talking about life with the both of them. I was supposed to work – I cancelled.

  678. Friday – frantic. packing. carrying. washing. freaking out.
    Saturday – slower. organizing the bookshelf. figuring out the new kitchen. cleaning cleaning cleaning.
    Sunday – relaxation. sleeping in. bubble bath? 80s movies. family and friends at dinner. cupcakes.

    All punctuated with hiccups and kicks from my babygirl who cannot wait to join us in the outside world…

  679. would love a suit!

  680. I will be delivering babies all weekend, which has its ups and downs, so my hope for the weekend is restful sleep in between shifts :) oh and maybe a popina swimsuit! haha

  681. I wish my weekend included a day of relaxing at the beach watching my kids playing in the water. Instead I’m sitting in my room with kitchen and living room furniture since our little project of putting in wood floors has turned into a MAJOR RENOVATION!!!! The things you find when you tear up floors :( Here’s to having my house back in order and being able to enjoy my weekend!!

  682. Kelle, I just discovered your blog today. I immediately thought how very lucky you were to be blessed with such adorable, beautiful daughters. Your little especially is just so gorgeous. Then I went back to the begining and read Nella’s birth story and I was so surprised and so very moved. What an incredible woman you are and what a lot of loving people you have in your life. You really are blessed and your daughters really are simply beautiful and perfect.

    Becks x

  683. Driving home from vacation with sleeping kiddies. Relaxing at home. Playing with the baby on the floor. Tucking the kids into their own beds. Enjoying the sunset on the deck. Sleeping in Sunday morning.

  684. Our weekend was filled with new fears of moving the twins to big kid beds, extra hugs and kisses, pool splashed skin and cupcake iced faces!

  685. You really are a super mom! Seriously!
    Our weekend is filled with celebrating a new marriage, celebrating two new babies, sending off best friends as they set out on their two week French extravaganza, and celebrating our family with a pool day :)

  686. weekend
    Ours: Busy…Frappacino’s…Gazzillion bubbles…Lemonade stand…. Reading the same children’s book for the 5th time and enjoying it…Cold watermelon salad..with feta…Sticky popsicle fingers…watching my son dance to music.. near the pool…

  687. We happen to have spent the weekend traveling to our vacation. Now that we are here, I hope our weekend is spent on the beach, watching the kids jump in the waves, finding shells, and forgiving each other for any bad moments that may have been had while driving 15 hours and through the night. Oooh, and I’m hoping for a mimosa on the beach this mamorning.=)

  688. This weekend is a good mix of fun and relaxation! We walked, watched movies, played, were lazy, made banana pancakes, and now today is our busy day – to the park and then to a coed baby shower w. kids =) I totally feel your badassery motif when hubby is away….I do the same thing…kind of to show you are OK and to impress! I also think it’s harder to be lazy when he’s not home to be lazy w. me =)

  689. Hoping my weekend consists of lots of completed projects but knowing myself, I’ll only have a lot if half-done ones….

    Rock on sister for getting it done while Brett was gone!

  690. girlfriend coffee date complete with homemade lemon sorbet. party with 50 dear friends. seeing my momma. soaking in watching my girlies play with the best hubby/ daddy ever. church. home depot.

  691. Your adventure stories always crack me up! I love how you take pictures even though things aren’t always ideal :)

  692. My current weekend: searching for items to decorate my brand new apartment, researching wedding vendors, and planning my wedding! :)

  693. Sleeping in and a long awaited, well deserved date night! My brother and his girlfriend volunteered to come over and watch Paige + Sean. Looking forward to an undisturbed meal, a nice bottle of wine, and good company.

  694. I’ve been popping over to read your blog randomly for a while now after a friend mentioned it to me. I can’t help but have a soft spot for Nella. She just glows sweet and innocent, yet has a real deepness about her. She has the look of someone who will make a mark in this world of ours.

  695. I’m having my first day off on Sunday in a month. I just want my weekend to be full of family, the lake, friends and good food :)

  696. My weekend was – in one word – beautiful und relaxing! :-)))

  697. Our weekend will include lots of shopping. I’m hoping to get Avery’s fall/winter shopping done as well as some shopping for myself :-).

  698. your words, your photos, your life, is such an inspiration. your blog posts never disappoint. thank you for sharing, and teaching me to enjoy the small things :)

  699. Nella’s pig tails seem to get thicker and thicker as each week passes! :)

    I work the weekends- so my weekend actually starts today. I hope to spend it quilting for my niece, who is still in my sisters belly- two weeks AFTER her due date. I’m planning on french toast with white chocolate pecan bread, impromptu barbequing with my dad and toting my big one year old boy through the sprinklers after church today.

  700. oh p.s. my weekend included a friday mother-daughter date with dinner and a play, yard sale saturday, and a lay around – chill kind of sunday :)

  701. We’re away from home this weekend, so it looks like this:
    coffee, cuddling cousins, changing the radio station after every song to find the next song that everyone in the car can sing to, a surprise party for my sister, swimming in grandpa’s pool until we’re all water logged and exhausted, running barefoot from car to house and back again across the scorching sidewalks like they’re fire, snowcones, sleepy kids on couches, chairs and pull-out trundles, and glasses of wine.

  702. football practice, visits with family, ring dings and bollywood movie, 3 year old’s birthday party, home.

  703. Extended family cook out and then my first baby shower!!!

  704. Date night with hubby Friday, finishing projects on Saturday (the fun kind) and celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary Sunday. Love weekends!

  705. My weekend will be filled with sunshine, hot weather, hugs, kissed, smiles and rest!

  706. Well my weekend’s almost over, but it’s been a doozy. My husband was out of town for work, so I’ve been on my own with the little ones. We called grandma and took a trip to Sea World yesterday, but I think today calls for a sleepy day snuggled up and watching movies.

  707. The weekend magic is my most favorite… and a new swimsuit is pretty good magic too :)

  708. Since I’m commenting on Sunday, I’ll tell you what my weekend HAS looked like… :)
    cheap cinnamon rolls, coffee from my French press, cuddles with my sweet brand new baby girl, cuddles from my sweet two older babies, coloring, drawing misshapen unicorns for my daughter, a photo shoot, editing and rain!!

  709. Our weekend…so far it’s been rough, filled with things I’d rather not think about but it’s a long weekend in Canada which means we still have lots of time toturn it around. Today should be filled with crafts and baking biscuits to bring when we go for supper at grandma’s house. Red wine on the patio and laughs and enjoying the time we have left with our dog of eleven years… She has a couple weeks according to the vet on Friday.

    Thanks for the inspiration to make the most of every moment.

  710. Pool party, black bean dip, beer, lounging on the couch with my hubby watching movies after too much sun, and more pool time…the water is calling me name :)

  711. Every visit I make to your blog is a bright light. You are truly blessed. Hugs!

  712. Well the weekend is almost over since it’s noon on Sunday right now and since my hubby is out golfing, my girl and I are going to have a dusk picnic of cherries, lemonade and chocolate cake. It’s OK to skip the savory meal and go straight for dessert every once in a while. :)

    ps. I love that swimsuit you’re wearing! Vintagey heaven!

  713. Looking forward to our vaca to Florida!!! Relaxing, humidity, water, sunset – whoot whoot!! Love it that you took care of things so well while your hubby was gone. I’m always proud of myself when my hubby walks into a clean, happy house after he’s been gone on a trip. It’s good to know what we are capable of!! Happy weekend to you!

  714. My weekend: sandy toes, baby’s first dip in the ocean, watching my oldest grow braver in the water, dinner cooked entirely on a grill, cold glass of wine and great conversations about life, goals, raising kids and memory lane. Love the pics of the girls sleeping… Precious!

  715. I love the sleeping photos, Nella looks like a starfish! That’s how my daughter sleeps, all over the place! I love to watch her sleep it’s so peaceful :)

  716. My weekend: Double-feature movie date with my hubby, singing and laughing on a porch with friends to bid farewell to one of them who’s joining the army, and the 1st birthday party for my cousin’s little girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  717. Your walk back sounds like me when I walk my 2 dogs with my two year old son.. I end up stressed and muttering under my breath whilst the dogs pull on the lead and my son refuses to walk another step!

    The weekend? I wanted to sleep late, clean the house, spend time with my husband and get some coursework done.. What I managed though.. To get woken at 6am by my son singing in his bedroom, spend Saturday without my husband as he sat for 10 hours in traffic, I haven’t even looked at my coursework and my house looks like a bomb went off in it but it’s been a good weekend with lots of memories so who cares if my house is a mess?! :)

  718. Thanks for the settings on the bed photos… gonna try something similar!! Love the last one of Nella… she is so sweet!

  719. Lovely post as always.
    This weekend…diner breakfast, snuggling, making dinner together, napping, helping loving momma’s bring their baby’s into the world…wash, rinse, repeat

  720. I hope it looks like a clean house before school starts next week!

  721. Ours: celebrations, relaxation, lots of coffee, a few trips to the gym

    Love the pics of your girls sleeping together, cute!

  722. watching babies sleep is the best thing ever. i could watch my little boy sleep for hours.
    our weekend is a mix of loud and rambunctious and quiet and low-key.
    yesterday we had a family reunion with my out of state family. seeing my son play with my cousins’ kids makes me wish they lived closer. and today we’re laying low. watching Cars for the umpteenth time and snuggling on the couch.
    i hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as i am :)

  723. Our weekend is almost over but it was relaxing! This weekend I didn’t clean and just enjoyed my 2 crazy 3 yr olds.

  724. My weekend was the picture of relaxation. Celebrating our one year anniversary, my husband and I headed back to the hotel we stayed at the night we got married, but couldn’t enjoy because the party lasted too long (nah, I don’t think that’s possible!) and we jetted off to our honeymoon soon the next day. We played tourist in Grand Rapids and took in the sights of the city while dining atop the Amway Grand hotel. Nothing but memories of our first year together, plans for the future, and love. Lots and lots of love.

  725. Ahhh…live for the weekend. I hope it is relaxing and lazy. That’s what I hope for every weekend. And makes four weekends until my maternity leave is over and I return to work. I’ll soak it up as best I can!

  726. My weekend looks lke: waterpark trip. Naps. Watching old movies with our kids. Long evening walks. SNL re-runs with my prince charming.

  727. Weekends….they don’t get any better! We are excited to celebrate a dear friends birthday, sleep in for that extra hour or so, drink that extra (okay, maybe 2) cups of coffee and just simply enjoy our family. Life is good!

  728. Weekend is in full effect and couldn’t be better. Dinner and drinks with hubby sans kiddos, watching my girls become more confident swimmers, a Bday party and hoping to welcome to the world our best friend’s new baby girl…a weekend full of amazing and lovely. So blessed.

  729. Blue skies, long lies, northern accents, ancient castle, friends old and new, radiant bride, sweet times.


  730. Bless you for giving out the camera settings for the bed photos.. If I could only get my hands on a camera I would be set to take beautiful pictures as you do.

  731. Well, my weekend is nearly over but I hope what’s left of it will be filled with sweet friends and a little while to clean and organize the house before the beginning of the new week!

  732. My hope for the weekend: quiet moments with my Bug, visits from friends and family, ice cream and sunshine…

    Your girls are beautiful, as always.
    Much love from some Canadian friends :)

  733. Hoping my weekend is filled with some warm sun, some fun in the water, and no mosquitos while camping! Hope my girl has fun camping in the northwoods with us while we take our friends out on their first camping experience. Nothing like great friends, the beach, some bahama mamas, and a fire!

  734. I love the sleeping little girls! Sleeping children are so magical. This weekend we are spending together grilling & celebrating my little sister’s birthday! happy Weekend!