Get Carded: Hallmark Challenge

This post is sponsored by Hallmark and is part of a series of ten posts I will be writing between now and the end of the year. What does that mean? Basically, that Hallmark’s really cool because I still get to write my own opinions and in whatever way I like. No forced links or awkward drops of Hallmark products. (I interrupt this post to say Brett and I only decorate our Christmas trees in Hallmark keepsake ornaments, I love their Woodwick candles and we’ve stocked up on these sympathy cards for all bad things that happen over the next twelve years.) I’m kidding. I made that stuff up.

What’s true is that Hallmark is running an inspiring campaign called “Life is a Special Occasion,” and when they asked if I’d like to join a team of bloggers in spreading their message that little moments are to be celebrated, I was stoked. Really? Get compensated for writing about savoring moments with my kids, sharing a laugh with my friends or slipping out of the house to make a memory with my family? Um, sure.

This is my thing. My mission, my passion, my niche. If we could have a neighborhood parade throwing candy every Tuesday for no better reason than because the third day of the week should be celebrated—well, sign me up. Life is beautiful, Baby.

And while yes, I thrive on holiday adrenaline and birthday party planning sessions, it’s the in-between that is truly worthy of celebration.


Peanut butter fingerprints on windows.
Late-night stories read under the comfort of cold sheets.
Soap bubble beards in the tub.


Stick figure masterpieces framed on the refrigerator.
Cold cider on October afternoons, hot chocolate on December nights.
And random I love you’s in between all of it…just because.


What if we made more efforts to send cards for things like this rather than the obligatory “Happy Birthday” card we frantically rush to the post office just to beat our three day belated record?

I might be the world’s worst card-giver because I forget birthdays, I’m terribly last minute and there is a Mother’s Day card for my mom addressed and sealed, stashed between bills on my counter, and it’s now July. But just like I’m more likely to show up for a spontaneous all call to the beach for sunset rather than an event planned weeks in advance, I’m more likely to rise to the occasion of sending a heartfelt card that celebrates the in-between. Just Because—with no pressure to make it to the post office for a timely arrival. And you know what? I don’t remember birthday cards people have given me, but I certainly remember any time I’ve walked to the mailbox to be pleasantly surprised with an unexpected “I’m thinking about you” card.

So, I grabbed Hallmark’s Get Carded challenge by the horns. The challenge: Write in seven cards, chosen from an assortment provided by Hallmark, and send one every day for one week. Not for birthdays, not for anniversaries…just because Life is a Special Occasion, and saying it in a card is a good reminder to celebrate little moments–not only for the recipient but for the sender. Which brings me back to my repeated ramblings on the double-edged sword of altruism. When we do things for others, it makes us feel good too, and that little twinge–that rush of satisfaction, that feel-good burn–it is fueling and inspiring, and it makes us better people. Pay it forward…inspiration is a two way street.

My dad always draws on his envelopes. Kill two birds with one stone and make not only the recipient smile…but the postal workers too. Why hello there, hardworking Mailman. Here’s a unicorn for you…have a happy day.

From the wrinkled pages of my tiny white address book, I carefully chose seven cherished friends, and seven envelopes I addressed with my favorite pen. With each name I wrote, I was reminded of the little things I loved about them.

Roberta, my old boss in Michigan, my second mama who always smiles and sends sweet e-mails just when I need them. I told her I loved her…just because.

My Aunt Esther who rocks two braids like no one’s business, inspires me to always keep a bottle of Coty’s Wild Musk on hand, and never fails to send our family an Advent calendar at the beginning of every December. I told her I loved her…just because.

Katie, my kindred spirit whose hands guided the deliveries of both my girls into this world. She loves my Saturday morning waffles, and I love her mood-lifting sarcasm. I told her I loved her…just because.

My friend Andrea who sat next to me in ballet for weeks as we watched our girls point their toes, and finally chased me out to the parking lot one day and introduced herself. She busts out Broadway tunes in the middle of Michael’s craft aisles and knows all the words to the Wicked songs. I told her I loved her…just because.

My friend Rayna who just had her second baby and is redefining her mama roles and sleep patterns as she juggles two boys that love her. I couldn’t find the “you just had another kid, you’re probably losing your mind about now” card so I sent her one that would make her smile. I told her I loved her…just because.

Laura, my “momster” – too young to be my mom, too loving and maternal to be my sister, and yet she fulfills both roles for me. There at any given moment to tell me it’s going to be okay or send me into side-splitting laughter with her text pictures of American Girl Dolls doing grown-up things. I told her I loved her…just because.

And finally, Heidi, my best friend whose length of summer stay in Michigan was not approved by me. I miss her. Terribly. And I realize what she means to me when she’s gone. I told her to come home soon. And that I loved her…just because.

I received several texts within a few days after sending the cards, but I didn’t need to hear back. The act of licking envelopes, adhering stamps, drawing happy faces next to the addresses before I stuffed the cards in the mailbox—it was an inspiring ritual that reminded me to focus on others—to let them know that they were each important and appreciated.

Nothing says “I love you” like a chiguagua in an embellished sombrero. This dog knows how to celebrate little moments, let me tell you.

Sometimes, it’s awkward to tell someone in person that you really love them. Cards make it easy. I’ve always thought a great card would simply have the words “I Like __________.” And you fill it in. I like your new bangs. Your wit. Your contagious laughter. The way you pay attention to my kids. Your style. When my phone dings with a text from you. The way you celebrate my successes. The way you challenge me when I need to hear it.

When’s the last time you really told someone how you felt? Not in an e-mail. Not in a text. But with a pen. Written from the heart. To be read and reread on a bad day.

You too can join the Get Carded challenge. Like Hallmark on Facebook and enter their contest for a chance to win $5000. Plus, ten comments from this post will be randomly selected to win a card pack from Hallmark (announced in Friday’s post). Tell me, what’s the most memorable just because card you’ve ever received?

Mine? Years ago—many years ago—I found a card a friend had tucked in my bag when I wasn’t looking. I opened it up and, written in pencil in little lower case letters it said, simply…i love you. It made me cry.

Get carded today. Make someone happy. Tell someone you like their new bangs. And don’t forget to check out Hallmark’s Life is a Special Occasion campaign and see how some other bloggers are celebrating the every day moments that make life grand.

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can’t reread a phone call. ~Liz Carpenter



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  1. I’m the first commenter!! WOW!!! I just wanted to say how much I love giving & getting cards. It’s odd how much a tiny little note can change a mood and how good sending one makes me feel. It’s odd, but awesome.

  2. Thanks for this reminder… I’m making 7 cards tonight and putting 7 in the mail tomorrow. Love.

  3. I love this. I do this. I always send “just because” cards, because making someone smile makes my heart happy.

    My most memorable “just because” card was when out of the blue, my bff sent me a card that was in Spanish…all in SPANISH. I can’t read SPANISH…but I had just moved to El Paso, TX (military) and I was so sad about leaving my circle… She thought I would laugh, and I did. I laughed until I cried. Then I called my brother to translate. LOL! XOXO

  4. Hmmmm . . . my mom sent me a card right after my wedding (not to us as a couple, but just to me) to let me know that she loved me and was so proud of who I was becoming. It was so nice to see that in our pile of mail after the honeymoon – I am a momma’s girl like no other and was worried that we’d lose some of that when I got married. But no, she’s still my momma and I’m still her girl.

  5. My best friend sent me a card once that said, “You can be your own superhero.”

  6. I thought your special post was going to be about you being pregnant :) I love giving and getting cards and have shoeboxes full of them in my closet!

  7. I love getting “just because” cards…my mom and sister rock it, and I like to think that I do, too, at times!
    My most memorable “just because” card was from my (future) husband…who sent me a “hello” card, via FedEx, to my office, shortly after we met. I sat in my cubicle and stared at that card, face flaming…so happy and the possibilities just running through my brain. Love!
    Happy Tuesday…your blog makes me smile…

  8. My aunt is the best card-sender ever. Love it. I feel special all the time!

  9. Great post! Love the Challenge! I’m in! Hands down the best “just because” card I’ve received is from a teacher I worked with years before. The card was simple and she wrote a long letter telling me what my friendship meant to her. I still read it when I need a smile. I think I’ll dig through my card pile right now and send a card to her – just because. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Love it. For the past few months I have developed a love for stationary and have been writing ‘just because’ notes. I love it. It is fun to think of things to tell friends and family. Some of them write back but I love the act. My thought is everyone loves mail that isn’t a bill :) Happy writing <3

  11. We’re in the process of writing our thank you cards for our wedding & it dawned on me that I should be sending little love notes more often to my family & friends. My hand is cramped at the moment but I will be sending more “Just Because” cards in the future. It’s so easy to brighten someone’s day- why not?!

  12. “just because” cards are one of my favorite things to do for the people I love!!! My best friend sent me a “just because” card along with a box of cookies recently to help me cope with many months of difficulties. the card said “sometimes life’s a bitch. but it WILL get better. love you”. I cried my eyes out and still get teary thinking about it.

  13. My first card from my husband (pre-husband days) – it was one of those where the right side was filled, the left side was filled and there was even some writing on the back. Makes me smile to this minute!

  14. I love sending cards….I have ALWAYS (for as long as I can remember) loved stationary, glitter pens, and stickers. I used to love confetti, but it is to messy for me now! :-) I try to be good about sending cards. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.

    BEST just because card—-I was in college, my now husband, my then boyfriend sent me a pop-up card he had made stating simply that he loved me. He still does!! :-)

  15. I continue to send cards for any and all occasions. E-mails, texts and other forms of social media just don’t cut it for me. I enjoy preparing a card, its envelope and sending it out. Birthday, Christmas, Valentines or just because I have you on my mind. Call me old fashioned if you must. I love sending out cards because I can picture the huge smile on my friend’s face when they receive it. It’s thoughtful and personal and can be placed on a fridge, dresser or desk. Sending cards will always be on my To Do List. And even if I don’t receive nearly as many as I send each year, that doesn’t bother me. It’s the sending that fills me up.

  16. All right, you’ve given me the encouragement I needed and I am going to write this comment and then close my laptop so I can send a card to my 94-yr-old Gramma in Arizona just to let her know that I love her :)

  17. my favorite just because cards are the ones my grandmother sent me in college, I still have all of them and will never throw them away, its so nice to be able to reread the advice she gave me. :)

  18. This is great and inspiring! What’s sad is I can’t remember the last time I got a card for no reason. Sure I get them for my b-day and random holidays but never just because. Sad! Now it’s making me want to do that for someone else in hopes they can’t say the same!

  19. When I was in Elementary school my mom always packed me a lunch. One day I was going through my lunch bag trying to find a straw for my apple juice when I found a little handmade card from my mom. It said, “I love you and miss you.” I still have it and I am 23 with babies of my own.

  20. The first time I was on my own, in a work from hell miles away from anyone I knew I got sick because the weather was supposed to be above the 90’s and it was in the 50’s, I didn’t have much money or savings… It was depressing!!! one day I received a box from my mom and sister with a sweater on it and a beautiful card reminding me how loved I was… I will never forget that!

  21. I think I might be pregnant because this post had me tearing up. Or maybe I just love a good letter. My great aunt passed away last year and she was the one who taught me the joy of handwritten correspondance and I miss her.

  22. This is an amazing idea! I have bought loads of cards with the intent of sending them…for no other reason than just because…Thank you for the inspiration Kelle & Hallmark! I am gonna write me some cards tonight =D

  23. Sending letters and cards through the mail is still one of my favorite activities. Love this! My favorite just because note came from a college friend who was sensing I was having a rotten day. She printed off a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons and wrote a note saying she hoped I cheered up. It was the bright spot of my day!

  24. I love, love, love this challenge and am totally signing myself up. Anyone can remember to send a birthday card (not that I always do so on-time or at all). Plus, I love imagining the recipient of a random card opening their mailbox and the smile it hopefully brings to their face, even before they open the card, when they see my return address label!

  25. I have saved many letters– from old loves, BFFs, now gone friends or grandparents. The best was a series of postcards from a good friend who had cancer. In it he said what he was up to, how sick he was, how much he loved his girlfriend and how much he loved me. His handwriting, everything, held me together after he died. His name was Jamie Confer and my son Boone’s middle name is Confer now. Whenever he is in trouble and I pull out the middle name I think of Jamie laughing at me and my silly frustration at my son. It keeps me in perspective. And Boone is developing a handwriting much like Jamie’s.

  26. I have to say, I have never been big on giving cards. The obligatory card that if written by someone else that you sign love you, and name. It just seems so insincere. So routine. Especially with today’s ways of communicating. And my husbands family is big on cards. They call an apologize if its a day late. But I love this idea, the random note of thinking of you, you are awesome, you are loved just because not because I have to tell you so because that’s what you do. Cheers to making someone really smile

  27. Oh I love this!! What a great idea! I’m definitely doing this challenge.

  28. My most memorable card was when as a family we were going through an awful time with my husband and anxiety/depressions. My mom sent me the most wonderful that I pull out every so often just to remember how strong I can be and how proud of me she is. Makes me cry everytime and as I type this I start crying again.

  29. I used to send cards all the time, but i’ve been a huge slacker lately. My favorite card ever… was from one of my best friends whom i don’t see very much, and in the inside the card read…. “without you in my life.. there is no life” my heart was beaming!!!

  30. i’ll never forget my first “real” mail when I moved away to college. Sure I’d gotten mail growing up, but there is something about getting a letter, in the middle of September (no where near my bday) just to tell me that a family friend hopes I’m surviving the first few weeks of college and that they loved me and were proud – addressed to ME in a location that didn’t have my parents attached. FOREVER in my memory. Burned. And really, I can’t think of what my boyfriend called me about that day, or any other one the 3 years we were together in college… But snail mail still gets me.

  31. Your favorite card receiving memory is lovely….mine…..i think it would be a valentine’s day card I recieved from my dad when I was about seven. i still have it. It was a jean pocket with a glittery heart stuck right on it. I loved that card.


    p.s. not sure if you have heard about this amazing young woman….check out this story

    and her website :

  32. I am currently on vacation on the other side of the Earth from my home and not even once it crossed my mind to send a post-card to all mi favorite people. Evil emails replaced the cards. Perhaps I should do it tomorrow =)

  33. Every time I went away from home {to visit a friend, camp, school trip} my mom always left a card in my suitcase, that sometimes I wouldn’t find for a few days but then when I did it made me smile and not be so home sick. Most recently, on the third day of my honeymoon I unzipped part of my suitcase, and there was my card addresses to the new “Mr and Mrs”. never too old for my moms secret cards, and will keep this one forever and ever!

  34. I love this idea!! The best “Just Because card” came from my best friend 6 years ago, after I moved from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh, 6 hours away. We worked at a flower shop through high school together and for a while after college. We always thought it was cute when the little old ladies would come in and order tea cups filled with daisies for their friends. She sent me a daisy tea cup with a card that just said, “Love you”. I’m going to put a card in the mail to her tonight! Thanks for the idea!!

  35. This reminded me of when we first got married and lived out of state – my mom wrote me a weekly letter. She was a great letter writer, when you read it, it was just like hearing her say the words…I miss her so!

  36. I loved the notes my grandma used to send when I was in college. A card to say the weather is “the pits” or to say she bought a new ironing board. These were great little just because cards because these cards let me know that she cares and to mind what i do in college as I would have to answer to her! :)
    Awesome idea Kelle to climb aboard this project! It makes me smile just thinking about it!

  37. I love this. I have never thought to do this, for some reason. The best “Just Because” card I have ever gotten was in my pink My Little Pony lunch box in fifth grade. My dad had put it there that morning as my lunch was packed. I didn’t know it was there. It had a slice of watermelon on the front, and it was spitting seeds. Inside, the caption read “I thought about you 156 million times today”. And my dad wrote “It’s true. I love you, kiddo. Love Dad” I love Just Because cards. I’ll be making my list of 7 tonight :)

  38. This is a really wonderful idea! My husband works out of town each week and has for 8 + years. He used to leave me special ‘just because’ notes every once in a while on Mondays when he left. I have kept them all and pull them out every once in a while when I need to be cheered up!

  39. I love this challenge! Just reading about it makes me want to go pick up a card and send it to my mom.

    The last card I recieved, it’s been a while. My best friend sent me a card saying she was thinking of me…just because. Turns out the same week I sent her the exact same card…just because. :)

  40. I’m in. I loved getting a card from my cousin who was “old” in her twenties and I was a wee preteen. Such a good reminder. Thanks

  41. I got a “just because” card from my friend Candice- I loved it!

  42. My friend Bianca, lives in Dallas. We connected abt 5 years ago & I always wondered how we didn’t meet as little girls. She inspires me each day, hundreds of miles away. I’m going through a hurdle now, and your post made me look at my bulletin of favorite cards & notes I have received over the recent years. It sits right here by my desk. I grabbed my most favorite… It’s Bianca. She took 2 cards out of her rolodex, slipped a ribbon through them to keep them together… And wrote how she had wished to be walking the streets of NYC with me, laugh over cupcakes & wine and most of all simply be together because she missed me. She didn’t know it then, but she wrote in on 4/10; just 3 weeks after my youngest became very ill I had spent 3 weeks in emergency rooms & researching specialists. That card saved me the moment I received it. It made me smile when I thought I could not smile for a long time. It remains on my bulletin & always will. Thank you for your post. You have an amazing spirit.

  43. i’ve never gotten a just because card. its ok though. i know im loved lol :)

  44. my favorite card is from my college roommate who knows when i need an adult to talk to between dirty diapers and runny noses… she sent a card out of the blue a few years ago and it is gathering dust propped up on my desk.

  45. I send card for everything – thank you’s, thinking of you, I miss you, this made me think of you and smile, and life sucks – here’s a paper hug…

    Love that Hallmark is doing this, just part of what makes them one of my faves!

    I think electronics has taken the humanness out of our relationships, but a card says – I stopped to think about you, and this says just what I wanted you to hear.

    I’ll be checking out the rest of the blogs in the event.

  46. My favorite out of the blue card was from my husband, for no reason. But, it was over a year ago :)!

  47. EASY!!! After feeling like I was of NO use whatsoever at our Vacation Bible School, a friend sent this note:

    (whoosh…here come the tears already):

    Thank you for helping at VBS!
    I know you did it to be a support
    to me. You are such a good friend
    & I recognize your effort to get
    Nora ready & there each morning.
    I appreciate you & your heart for kids. God put you at VBS just so
    Garrett wouldn’t have to cry alone
    on the stairs. That was a divine
    appointment & you were Jesus to a
    1st grader! I love your
    compassionate, merciful, gracious
    heart. you bless me & our church
    by being you.”

    I opened it in Costco and cried on the spot….flowing tears. A stranger approached me and said, “Your daughter is a blessing….she’s just beautiful.” And then she just walked away. I think she thought I was sad about Down Syndrome…hahaha!

    Loved this post~

  48. My favorite random card was when I was 16 and working at piggly wiggly. My boyfriend (now my husband) came up and slipped a card in my window for when I was done with work telling me how much I meant to him. Best feeling. I will definitely partake in this! :)

  49. I love sending cards… I love looking through cards & reading them when I go to the supermarket or to the drug store. If I see one that as soon as I read it reminds me of a particular person, I buy it & send it to them. There’s just something that brings a little warth to your heart when you open your mailbox & for no reason there’s a card with your name hand computer generated name & address.
    My sister once sent me a card a week for 7 weeks..just to tell me she loved me & missed me.

  50. Best card ever? Ego aside, I gave it, and I received immense joy making it. I wanted my love to know just how much I cherished him. Since we shared a passion for crossword puzzles, I handmade one. The clues spelled out “Debra loves you.”

  51. I must say, that this post came at the perfect time! I am just putting the finishing touches on my daughter’s 1st birthday invitations, and I am so glad I have not yet sealed the envelopes. I have 24 invitations, so I am going to triple your challenge. I am going to write a personalized letter/note for every person who means so much to me, that I want them to celebrate the birth of my daughter. I hope they get a smile when they see that extra something in an otherwise standard “Come to Nevaeh’s Birthday Party!”
    Thank you Hallmark!

  52. When I was in college by best friend (since we were 3) and I used to send random cards back and forth to eachother. We went to different colleges and had never been that far apart for more than a few days. Phone calls and texting got boring after a while so the cards were a very special treat that I’ll always remember….I’ll encourage my kids to do this one day too!

  53. My Favorite card moment. It was from someone I didn’t even know that well but they thanked me for something I don’t even remember doing until after they mentioned it in the card. It was a reminder to me that the little things we do each day make a big difference. This small act was nothing to me, but to this person it was something special. It made my day to know I had made someone else’s. Thanks for this post. I can’t wait to go out and write cards…just because.

  54. My favorite “just because” card is actually a little note scribbled on the back of a message pad paper. My mom passed away suddenly almost two years ago. Once I came back to work, I found a little note, unsigned (but I knew by the handwriting whose it was-one of my staff whose free spirit I absolutely adored! Thanks, Taylor!) that simply said “You’re beautiful”. I’ve since left that job, but still have that note tucked into my desk. Everytime I see it, it reminds that its the little things that people do that have the biggest effect! BTW, I am also horrible at mailing cards…or anything else for that matter (bills, RSVPs, did I mention bills!?!).

  55. The most remarkable just because card I ever received was from my mom. She tucked it into my suitcase as I went to my first sleep-away camp. It was blank inside and she wrote out her own loving words. I almost cried when I read it, but I had to fight back the tears because who wants to be a 10 year old crying in the first two minutes of camp. I still have that card and I will cherish it forever.

  56. The best ‘just because’ card I ever got was from one of my best friends. She was in her first year of University whilst I was packing the last few things in my backpack before heading off to Asia for 6 months. It had on the front a picture of a pig titled ‘The Pig of Happiness’ and inside it opened with ‘I saw this card and thought of you. Although I don’t think you’re a pig… happy or otherwise’.. She then rambled on, filling both halves of the card with a story (complete with stickmen illustration) of how she lost her apartment keys in the washing machine. She told me she loved me and that she was going to miss me. Best. Card. Ever.

  57. I still get mail from my dad all the time. He thinks it’s so funny to send me an article from the newspaper or just a piece of paper with a “remember when” on it. Usually it includes a two dollar bill which buys us a few funny looks and a couple donuts at the bakery!

  58. What a lovely idea. I am a big fan of sending cards whenever (and care packages, too). When I first went off to college, my mom hid tiny love notes throughout my luggage. As I unpacked, I found her messages, making the adjustment to life away from home so much more comfortable. She also made me very homesick wth those little notes (which may have been her plan all along).
    Thanks for this post!


  59. When I was in high school, I was going through a really rough time – mean girls and all that. Anyways, for about a month, once or twice a week, there would be an uplifting or funny card in my locker, with wonderful things written about me. They were never signed, and I didn’t figure out who it was. But they truly helped me through that hard time, and I am still so grateful for them. Cards certainly do amazing things.

  60. I am awful at sending birthday cards, but love to send random funny cards to my friends. I can spend hours at the card store, reading, laughing, and even crying before I leave with about 10 cards to mail out. I try to go to the card store without my kids so that I can get totally lost in the verses, humor, and love that is in those cards!

  61. When I was a teenager and went away to youth camp my mom tucked numbered cards in my luggage for me to open each day I was gone. So fun and I had totally forgotten about that until reading this post.

  62. My mom and my cousin are both firm believers in snail mail. They hate emails and texts. So, I have a stack of “just because” cards from them, that always make me smile! Nothing like seeing an envelope from one of them in amongst the crap mail.

  63. I use to work at a petting farm where day by day I would take bus loads of kids around the farm and teach them about farm animals. One day i received a gigantic hand made card that the whole class made for me telling me i was the best farmer they were knew and thanking me for all the thing they learned for me. I was only doing my job.

    It was very sweet – and a little silly…. no need to tell them i actually live in the city! It made me smile and years later i still have it!

  64. i got the best card from my big sissy during one really tough patch in my life. i still love reading it!

  65. One of the things I LOVE about Christmas is getting hand-addressed envelopes. I think handwriting tells so much about a person and in the world of blogging and Facebook, it is so refreshing to see the beautiful (and not so beautiful) handwriting of so many dear friends. Anyway, to answer your question, my favorite just because card came from a friend who wrote to me in gratitude for the influence I’d had on her as she prepared to give birth. I had always told her to trust her body and after she’d had her son, she thanked me for being an anchor of strength during her pregnancy and birth. I still have the card.

  66. Such lovely sentiments. I was an elementary art teacher for 5 years and it always warmed my heart when I would get a card from my students, often featuring a great drawing.

  67. I DO THIS!!! I’m a total card person, I send cards all the time for no reason at all, and when my husband asks me why I say “Because sometimes you want to get more than junk mail and bills from the postman.” I have always hoped that my little notes have made my friends and family smile. I actually have a card box filled to the brim with blank and just because and friendship cards for such occassions. and once in great while I will slip a card into my husbands gym bag so he can get a love note from me in the in-between of the gym and work. Great campaign, Hallmark!

  68. How I love a random card in the mail. My grandmother sends cards everyday to her kids, grandkids, great grand kids, & many friends. I love it!

  69. I love Hallmark! I agree it’s sad that people don’t send cards and letters anymore. What a great campaign.

  70. Best cards I’ve gotten are unexpected from my parents telling me how proud they are of me.

  71. When I was in 7th grade, I received a handwritten card in the mail from my drama teacher. It came at just the right time during a pretty horrible family situation. She simply said, “You are a kind person. Thank you for bringing your smile to class each day.” Those words meant the world to me.

    As for the 7 notes idea, I love it! We do something very similar at work (I am in church ministry). We are encouraged to send at least 5 handwritten notes per month to people within the Body. Let me tell you, it really does bring blessings to both parties.

  72. I love cards.
    Love, love, love them.
    The best card I ever got?
    I guess one from my Gary.
    He goes to Hallmark and pours over every card until he finds the perfect one. And then when I open them, I cry. I am crying even now as I type this.

  73. Thank you : )

  74. The best unexpected card I ever received was from my father saying he missed me while I was at college.

  75. I love cards; I need to send them more often.
    My favorite just-because cards came in my first year of college from my friend Joanna. She never wrote anything serious, but that was exactly what I needed. In a place where I didn’t really know many people, to get a silly (even sarcastic) card from a great friend brightened up my day every time.

  76. My dad is the ultimate “just because” card sender. When I was in college, or lived on the other side of the state he would send me little cards with funny or sweet sentiment, just signed – “Love, Dad”. I don’t know that my mom even knew he did it. A man of few words, he is, but of all the cards I have ever received, those are the ones that I cherish the most.

  77. I really love the idea of sending seven cards to seven people. Definitely a good self-reminder to remind your friends they are loved

  78. Love this post! In our day of texting and facebook and email I rarely remember to send hand-written notes “just because.” Thanks for the reminder!

  79. My daughter made me a card the other day by cutting out a heart shape and writing my name inside it. She is almost 4 and asked my husband to spell my name as she wrote it. Then she came to me and said – mom I made this for you, I love you mom. I had tears in my eyes.

  80. My youth pastor once sent me a note along with a gift card. To this day, I don’t remember at all what the gift card was to or what I bought with it, but I remember the words on the note (well, the gist of them, anyway). She told me not to mention the note to everyone else, and that I alone had gotten one. She said that I was a good leader and had potential, and that she was blessed to know me. That I was beautiful, and caring, and smart. I never told anyone about that card until now, but I can promise that the teenage me was beaming for at least a year because of it.

  81. I still can’t go on vacation with out sending my parents and sister a card telling them how much I love them. Ya know, just in case I don’t come back 😉

  82. I love this idea, and I will go through with this too! It’s a neat challenge, and something I might even add to my yearly bucket list! :)

    I love cards- I love the random ones that seem to show up right when you have a bad day. Love, love, love them!

  83. this sounds like fun!! I can spend hours in the card isle at any store!

  84. My fav card came from an old babysitter of mine (for my kids)…she said that she was now a doula and studying to be a midwife because she liked the way I parented my kids…which, at the time, was totally blowing her mind. Have kids at HOME, feed them healthy food, breastfeed for longer than a month…It was cool to see just being me made a positive difference for her, cuz I certainly wasn’t trying to tell her how to live.

  85. Just because cards are the best.

    One of my most memorable was from a student. I was having a pretty bad week, and she knew it. She made me this huge card from paper on one of those big rolls that just said how much she appreciated me. I still have it. Always will.

  86. Love it! LIke you, I always have great intentions to mail the expected card at the expected time but then there it sits on my counter….I recall a very sweet and thoughtful card from a friend who reassured me that I was going be ok going to school for my MBA. It was just what I needed when I was doubting myself and my decision. To this day, I still have it and can still recall the feeling of the thick vellum envelope with the blue lining and the incredible feel of real stationary.

  87. I got a note from my mil saying how she liked the way I handled another in-law’s rude behavior. She used words like “grace.” I still have it at least five years later.

  88. My favorite card is probably the Mother’s Day card my mother gave to me when I was pregnant with my first daughter, because even though it was close to Mother’s Day, she gave it to me 2 or so weeks in advance because that’s my mom. And like myself with any gift-giving, my mom can’t handle to wait until the actual day or time to give a gift. It has to be early so you can start off that chain of smiles for the rest of the person’s day.

  89. Love it. Last year, one of my Lenten obligations was to write a letter a day to someone who did not expect it but who clearly deserved it. I sent a congratulatory letter to my old high school coach on the occasion of his 500th victory. I sent a note of apology to my old dentist for acting like a maniac during a dental procedure he did back when i was 15 (an apology which was, ahem, 24 years late). it was a difficult Lenten obligation and there were days where i got stuck. i wrote old teachers, past babysitters, long lost friends, the minister who conducted my grandmother’s funeral. in the end, it was one of the most amazing exercises i’ve ever done. so KUDOS to you! you will LOVE this challenge!!

  90. I often have “bad” days at school. One day I came home to some hand picked flowers and an envelope with a little drawing on the front that I later found out was to cover up a misspelled word. I didn’t notice because it appeared to be a carefully crafted smiley face with flower. Inside just simply said,

    We love you.
    Me & Busty (My Bowser- mini schnauzer/ basset hound mix) … with a small, pathetic paw print.

    XO I know God has not revealed just a small, teeny part of your potential. Keep dreaming big lady. XOXO

    Rock on. Woot woot.

  91. What a great idea! I remember the first time I went to summer camp as a kid. My mom sent me a card for each day I was gone. This made me feel very loved and I still have those cards because they are a treasure to me!

  92. I love cards, they are my thing. I love to send them to people for bdays, anniversaries and every occasion. My husband got me a “just because” card when i went back to work full time. it was the hardest decision we had to make to give up staying at home w/ our daughter to go back to work. i did it, it’s been a big sacrafice. the day i went back to work my Hubby brought home a card to tell me how he appreciated me and loved me so much. it meant the world to me. i keep it in my nightstand to remind myself even though i’m still sacraficing I’m still so very blessed!

  93. Your post made me cry. I am not the best “just because” card giver – but I want to be. Best just because card I ever got – from my momma – telling me she was proud of me. I hope I am half the mother she is.

  94. Oh goodness…the most memorable card? That’s hard because I have a box full of cards saved in my closet from the people that mean the most to me. Cards from years past and some that I just received for Mother’s Day a few months ago. I relish any time someone tells me something from their heart and takes the time to write it down, put a stamp on it and find their way to their mailbox..not just their inbox.

  95. Can’t say that I’ve ever received a “Just Because Card” I’d like to though. I think that maybe I should send out a few to, I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s never received one before!

  96. Love cards and in this internet savvy life we lead, a real card means sooo much!

  97. I like this. I think the last time I got a card just because was from one of my really good friends last year while I was living in LA. It made me cry.

  98. I love letters, I love cards, I love real mail! I saved all of the letters I got from my pen pals when I was little.

    My favorite card was one my mom sent me when I was having a rough time in college. All it said was that I was strong and she loved me, but it meant the world to me that she lifted that pen, licked that envelope and sent me love in the mail!

  99. My daughter Heather,used to leave me cards that she had made herself. Any occasion. Just to say I’m thinking of you mom. On the back she drew a gold crown and printed “A Heathermark Card for you”. Just loved it!

  100. What a great idea! The most memorable card I ever recieved was from my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Brennan. On the last day of school, tucked inbetween the various paintings and word-search papers stuffed into a manila folder, was a little piece of paper, folded in half. I opened it up and it simply stated “Don’t ever doubt yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. Love, Mrs. Brennan.” That tattered piece of paper has been with me for over 25 years, and I still look at it from time to time.

  101. I must admit, I’ve gotten sucked into the emailing and texting craze. However, I love the feeling of sending a wonderfully hand written card to someone “just because” and I adore receiving them. Sadly I don’t get them very often anymore, but I think this campaign can change and shake things up just a bit.

    Before my husband I started dating he was trying to woo me and would send me lovely card that told me how much he respected me and cared about it. Those I still have to this day. Birthday cards–haven’t kept any. You are right Kelle-it’s the “just because” cards that make in imprint on our lives.

  102. I still have it in my work desk drawer. The card from a past coworker, a forever friend (who is actually older than my mother). “I’m so glad you’re my friend..” She gave it to me 3 years ago…still makes me smile when I have a bad day at work.

  103. I love greeting cards and have a huge collection. Over the years my BFF and I developed the habit of sending Old Lady Cards (you know the ones with old ladies doing ridiculous stuff.) We cross out “Happy Birthday!” and just write in whatever we want along with a hilarious made up story of how the ladies are us when we’re older:-)

  104. My most memorable card was given to me by my mama on the eve of my wedding nearly 9 years ago! It was a Hallmark card and in it she wrote how proud and excited she was for me, but how hard it was to let her girl go! I found this card while packing up my room and lost it! I was so excited to marry my Prince but leaving my mom was a so tough!!!I still have that card as a reminder to me of how fortunate I am to have such a supportive family!

  105. Most memorable “just because” card…a HS friend once gave me a card after I had a rough week. It read “When life gives you lemons…put them in your bra”. Did I mention it was from a male friend? It still makes me laugh picturing him choosing this card!

  106. This made me laugh because my parents really do ONLY decorate their Christmas trees in Hallmark Ornaments!

    Some of my most memorable cards were from my grandpa, he would always add funny comments, stickers, and draw silly pictures (usually poking fun at other family members) on cards he sent me, and now that he’s passed on I love being able to look at them and remember his wonderful and mischievous spirit.

  107. I love this campaign! I love sending cards for no reason. My aunt always does this for me. She will just send a card to say hello or I love you. They are all special to me!

  108. I sadly cannot remember a time I got a card in the mail “just because”! I too will take on this challenge….it’s so heart warming to receive “just because” cards…I love this campaign!

  109. I’ve always loved stationery, a favorite ink pen, and surprising my friends and family with “just because” sentiments. I’ve certainly slacked off, though, over the last few years with my little ones underfoot, but I vow to rise again for this challenge! Look out friends and family, you may unexpectedly get carded soon.

    My favorite card received was from my spunky ole’ Grandma who sent me a note on a butterfly-shaped card telling me how much she loved me and giving me her “go ahead” on the guy I picked to marry. Thanks, Grandma! He did turn out to be a keeper.

  110. You should be a hallmark card writer if they pay well enough! The “I LIKE _____” card is a great idea. I have a terrible memory, and so a just because card is not coming to mind. But, I did get great pleasure in sending a very very tiny tiny card that came with a magnifying glass to read it, to my brother who is a postal carrier. I think he liked it, but perhaps not as much as I liked sending it.

  111. I absolutely love that Hallmark is doing this! You are right…I remember the just because cards more than any birthday or special occasion card! My most memorable just because was from my boss and friend and she told me all about how she thought I was such a neat person that had so much potential. It came at a time when I really needed to realize that even I had potential for greatness…even if it was my own brand of greatness and not something that would ever become written in the history books! It had a beautiful red rose on the front and I still have it pinned (over 12 years later!) on my bulletin board that holds my most prized possessions. I re-read it every once in awhile and appreciate the words every single time. I’m not even still in touch with the person that gave me the card, but it still means a lot to me!

  112. great idea. One of my friend’s is really great at sending “thinking of you” cards with heartfelt messages. It validates me as a friend and she touches my heart in that she sees things in me that aren’t my strengths but that are parts of my “work in progress” self. Sometimes she mails them, sometime she leaves them sneakily where she knows I’ll find one :)

  113. I love handwritten cards. The most memorable card I’ve received was more of a letter really from my little brother away at boarding school. He sent me some of his recent essays and they were so heartfelt, I found myself re-reading them almost daily for a week.

  114. my favorite “just because card” would be when I finally landed my first “real” full-time job after 2 plus years of trying my best friend sent me the best card out of the blue…made me so happy to know she was thinking of me! and I absolutely love the idea of I was thinking of you/just because cards!” I will use this in the near future!

  115. My favorite card was an apology/love note from my then-boyfriend, now-husband after a fight. He left it on the windshield of my car, and it was at that moment when I knew that he was “the one”!

  116. This is awesome! My mom used to write ‘I love you’ notes on napkins that she would put in my lunch box when I was little. Finding that special surprise always made my day. Another ‘just because’ that I loved was a rather ugly, but so sweet, card that my husband (boyfriend at the time) made for me at work one day using only office highlighter pens. Thanks for the inspiration, as usual! Off I go to write some notes : )

  117. My most memorable “just because” card was recently. I went to the mailbox and found an envelope addressed to “Mommy”. My parents who live up the street had been watching our two boys for the morning. My older son (4 yrs) had insisted that he not only make me a card, but mail it! Too much. He often colors pictures and wants me to mail them to his friends/family – and I do – every time!

  118. This is wonderful! I used to be great about sending just because cards. Now I use about 3 stamps per month : ( The best I ever got was 6 months out of college from my roomate who moved to the other end of the country just to tell me that she missed laying on the couch together watching movies when we were supposed to be in class. I still have it and read it when I stumble upon it and it still makes me smile.

  119. My best friend, Allison is the queen of “just because cards” that make me feel so special. I save every single card she sends and re-read them when I miss her the most.

  120. I’m not sure if this counts as “just because” but when we were trying for our second child and it wasn’t happening as fast as I thought it should, a friend sent me the sweetest card. It simply said that she knew what I was going through and to hang in there. I still have it, and my second baby.

  121. When I was teaching Kindergarten, I’d been away on a family emergency. upon my return, Tony really wanted to make me a card. He asked how to spell my name and I pointed to the door (where it was neatly posted). When I got home that night after a frenzied day, I opened his card which read, “Dear FIRE EXIT” — what a treasure.

  122. I never do this but I want to. Talk about getting outside of myself! I’m inspired to do this with my kids as well. I want to foster a spirit of gratefulness within myself and in my family, and what better to be grateful for than loved ones! Thank you for this!

  123. I love sending cards. It makes me happy even if I don’t hear back from folks, but even more I love getting cards! just like a little girl who is so thrilled to get mail. I hope people don’t stop doing this, it really is so meaningful!

  124. I have a friend who sends the most teeny tiny cards that are so vintagey cute! She will say, “hugs” or “smiles” and it really does brighten my day(s)

  125. My favorite random card actually had a cd of my girlfriend’s best tunes that made her smile – and she thought to send it to me! How cool is that?!

  126. The most memorable card I received was from my niece and nephews, they made a donation to an animal shelter in my name, and they wanted to let me know about it. They were only 5,7, and 9 at the time. It made me cry.

  127. I just wanted to say… you are incredible. You continue to inspire me to LIVE. And just that. Simply, beautifully. No frills. Thank you.

  128. My kids were very small, I believe 1 and 2nd grade. I had a birthday coming up. All four of my children forgot my birthday. However when my youngest heard me crying in my bedroom, she heard me talking on the phone and quickly found me a card and signed it and gave it to me. It was a sympathy card for losing a loved one. Cracked me up, and yes, I still have that card~~Framed! =)

  129. I love real mail! My most memorable was a card from my husband back when we were dating. It had a little lawn mower on the front and it said inside, “I love you a little mower each day.” I am such a sucker for those little puns. :)

  130. Who doesn’t love getting cards? My mom loves to send cards for the wrong holiday. I think she finds it hilarious. It’s pretty goofy, but I’ll admit that I love the idea of her chuckling to herself while she seals up a halloween card to send me for valentine’s day.

  131. I love the cards I get from my mama. We don’t see each other often and even though we talk daily, those notes of love mean the world to me and always make me smile!

  132. You have inspired me to do this too! A friend left me a card in my mailbox at school one day with a cookie – it was so sweet and it was the best cookie I had, I think because it was unexpected!

  133. The best “just because” cards have always come from my best friend, Robyn. I remember one in particular that was sent to me during my pregnancy with my first daughter (3rd baby). She had been ruminating about the idea of welcoming this new little woman into our fold (after having welcomed my two sons years before) and she was daydreaming for me about all of the amazing things we would teach this little girl, all of the wisdom of women that we would share with her. She was feeling the same joy as I was feeling and just needed to express it to me. It made me feel even more loved to know that she was already in love with my unborn baby.

  134. Before my husband and I were married, he sent me a card and a dozen red roses,” just because he loved me.” I have it in my keepsake box to remember always. I hope my daughters find husbands one day that cherish them as much as their dad does me!

  135. Kelle, would you stop inspiring me already…my brain is going to explode. Just kidding. I love it. I took my girls on “hampton girl” picnic yesterday and, we had a blast.

    I remember being 5 and getting the sweetest card from my favorite aunt who lived far away. It had a baby deer on the front and said how much she missed me and for me not to forget to practice my letters for kindergarten. Written in perfect print for me to read. I still have it.

  136. My boyfriend and I always leave eachother little notes for the other to find…it’s a great way to perk up your day :)

  137. My most memorable card is starting to wear around the edges from years of love and rereading. My Grandparents picked out a loose stone on the day I was born. They put it in a box, wrapped it and signed a card. Then they waited and waited and waited. And while they waited, I grew and grew and grew. When I was 8 my grandfather passed away. On my 16 birthday I received a package in the mail. It was decorated in hideous, yellowed paper and tied with a sad bow. The card was tiny and inside, next to my grandmothers delicate text,were my grandfathers words in his all caps, gruff handwriting. “MY DARLING GRANDDAUGHTER, HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER KNOW.”
    Amazing, special and perfect!

  138. What an awesome campaign!
    I had my wisdom teeth out a week ago and my grandmother sent me a sweet card with a puppy on it to let me know she was thinking about me with a $5 bill tucked inside. It reminded me how lucky I am…and that you are never too old to get 5 bucks from granny! I think I will use that money to purchase her a sweet, random, just because card.

  139. I love sending and receiving “just because” cards, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I would like. Adding this to my to-do list for the week! :)

    The most memorable “just because” card I’ve received was from my best friend several weeks before my wedding. My soon-to-be husband and I were dealing with a family crisis in the midst of the wedding craziness, and my bestie sent me a card just letting me know that she loved me. I will never forget her thoughtfulness and how much it meant to me. I just found that card again (over 2 years later) and it made me cry all over again.

  140. i am a send a note for no reason kinda of gal, i love getting mail and writing a note/letter or in a card and sending it off via snail mail is truly a lost form of communication…but it has been a while since i have and your post has inspired me to take a few minutes to send some special snail mail love.

    what a fantastic opportunity for you as well…way to go hallmark…you enjoy!!

  141. I actually sent one to my wonderful Sister in Law this morning before I read your post. What a coincidence! I think it is important to take the extra effort of sending a snail mail card to the ones we love and appreciate. Whenever I am in a store with cards I try to buy a few just in case. One of the few things in my life I am organized with.

  142. When I was in HS, having some of the worst days of my life, I got a card in the mail from a girl that I barely knew. She was in some of my classes and we talked every now and again, but we were just acquaintances. She told me what she admired about me and a couple other really nice things and that was it. It was the nicest card that I’ve ever received. Hands down.

    I wish I could say we ended up being good friends, but alas, we’re not. Something I actually really regret in retrospect.

  143. The most memorable just because card I’ve ever received was from an old roommate who had moved a 5 hour drive away when we both started grad school. She sent a card filled with old photos of us over the last few years- photos I had never seen before. It made me miss her more but I cherished it.

  144. Last month was my 30th birthday. I got a bunch of Facebook messages, 2 phone calls, and no cards. I was really heart broken. I told my husband I wanted to start sending cards because no one does it anymore. Sadly I forgot about that declaration. And this post is a great reminder for that. So thanks for that.

    One day when I got off work, I found a card and something I had lent to my cousin for her wedding in my car. When she got back from her honeymoon, she had stopped by my work and left them in my car. She told me how much she loved me and appreciated me. It was a really nice surprise and something I’ve always remembered.

  145. I love sending (and getting snail mail) I am loving this challenge as I 100% believe in telling ppl at all times you love them, not just on special occasions. My most memorable card that I can remember is from a blogger I’ve never met but who wanted to cheer me up when I had posted a post about being sorta down. The package also included candy so maybe I was swayed a bit :)

  146. Well, I’ve never received a ‘Just Because’ card, but I did send one to my sister when she was going through a really rough time. She got pregnant at the ripe age of 17 and had the baby when she was 18. She then had some issues with herself, which drove her into the abuse of prescription pills. I seriously thought I was going to lose her, and her children would be mom-less. So I sent her a card, just to remind her how special she was to me, and how together we can get through everything. I am happy to say that today she is doing much better!

  147. I have a box of all my old cards that I received in high school and college. Thankfully, when I was younger, there was not texting nor emails. So, I have a lot of great cards. My mom used to leave me “just because” cards all of the time. Those are my favorites!

  148. In college, my dad sent me a card in December (since I was days from coming home for Christmas break – it quasi-qualifies as a “just because” card!). My “man of few words” Dad wrote a very sweet wish for a blessed Christmas season and penned “I love you” before signing off “Dad.” He rarely said it, let alone wrote it. I cried. (I was instantaneously convinced he was dying. Turns out, he was just beginning to LIVE a little more tenderly!)

  149. My niece is a champ at making cards for any occassion…because your dog died (so sad), when you dislocate your shoulder playing hockey (my hubby), or just because she is a sweet little 9 year old who wants to make you happy and show off her artistic skills.

  150. This is a great idea! I will rise to the occasion and get my cards sent. I am like you in the fact I just sent out this am a month over due b-day card to my MIL. But love to give and receive “just because” cards.

    My most memorable card….an aunt that was like a mother to me was tragically killed in a car accident. A few months after her death I was looking through some books and hidden away in between the pages in one was a card sent from her years before telling me how much she loved me like a daughter. I sat there in tears but basking in the love I knew she had for me. I will never forget that card!

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  152. I love this!

  153. This is so funny, I was just thinking literally a day ago that I need to start writing letters again- Just because. I love this challenge too! I can’t wait to pick the 7 friends… :)

    And the most memorable “just because” card I ever got? One from a sweet mom, who I greatly look up to. It was such a joy to find the little card sitting on my bed (after my mom had picked up the mail that day.) I will treasure it forever.

  154. I’m inspired! I just started following your blog, and I just can’t wait for a new post to be shared!! Words, are so empowering. The little words of affirmation I receive whether it be from a friend, parent or my husband fill my heart and keep me encouraged for weeks. I love the surprise note, gift, or card much more then the ones you expect for random holidays (I like those ones too though:) ) At the end of a very stressful week, studying for exams my boyfriend (husband now) surprised me with a card that said all the right words. I tucked it away under my bed in a shoe box. I still pull that same card out on days when I just need to be reminded that I’m loved. I will sit on my bed and re-read those precious words that spoke and still speak to my heart. My next time to the mall, I will stop by Hallmark and pick up a few “just because” cards and send them to those special people in my life!

  155. The best card I ever got, a bestest friend and I had spend a weekend in Atlanta, and talked all night long, catching up, like old times. When I got back home, I picked up a card to send her, to let her know how I felt about our weekend together. A few days later I got a card from my friend,
    we picked the SAME card!!!!!
    Now that’s what friends do, when they think alike.

  156. This inspired me for sure. I need to go get some cards and draw on the envelopes. I love it! And my most memorable cards were ones from my mom. She’d tuck them in my suitcase when I went away on Trips. she also sent me care packages when I was away for college. She always included cards with that had inside jokes on them. Or things she missed about me. Best cards ever!

  157. Our baby died in January and (obviously) the last few months have been hard. I got a card from one of my aunts about a week ago with the perfect sentiment letting me know that she was thinking of my family, all 4 of us. I keep all of the sympathy cards we have received in a special box, but this card is too special to go with them. It’s in my nightstand drawer where I can have a peek at it whenever I need to.

  158. When I was growing up as a dramatic, emotional teenage girl, my Dad would send me cards in the mail. He would drop them off at the post office, only for them to be delivered right back to the home they originated from. I always thought it was silly. I bet I even rolled my eyes about it.The last card I ever received from him came to me just a few days after he passed away, when I was just 16 years old. It just said “I love you. xoxo Dad” It was beautiful. And not at all silly.

  159. Kelle! This post made me so happy and the song playing made me even MORE happy, after a ridiculous day. This post could have been a “just because” card to me.

    My dad used to pack my lunches for school, all the way through high school. On my very last day of senior year before graduation, he tucked a note into my lunch bag saying how proud he was, how much he loved me, and that packing those lunches each day for so many years had been an honor. That year I was dieting and had requested only a sandwich and fruit each day, but that last day, he said he couldn’t resist giving me one last “full meal deal” – a sandwich, fruit, chips, a juice box and a little dessert. I still remember exactly what he packed. That day, I sat in the cafeteria crying over my last high school lunch and I’m in tears remembering it!

  160. The most memorable card I got was from my teacher. I was probably 12-14 years old, it was handmade by her and we shared a wonderful bond together. I was thinking about her a lot, but never came back to visit her after I changed the school. I thought I will find her anytime. I was so wrong, she died a few years ago. I carry her in my heart, I wish I knew her better.

  161. My most memorable “just because” was really my first one, and it was from my first love, who became my husband and we are coming up on 16 years together which will equal more than half my life.
    I still have the card in my box by the side of my bed and it told me that he loved me just for being me so it goes so well with this blog post!

  162. Oh Kelle….you crack me up! I would have to say my most memorible just because card came from friends when I was in highschool. I was working at a summer camp and they wrote this lavish letter about all the fun they were having and made me homesick. Come to find out, they made it all up. Oh to be in high school again.

  163. I think the best card I ever got was the one that was most unexpected. A friend just telling me they had been thinking of me. Made my day, actually my week!

  164. The best card (or cards) that I received were more of journal that I found hidden in my luggage when I left to live abroad in Central America for 3 months. My mom had filled a small notebooks with comments, thoughts, and words of encouragement for every day that I was gone, a page for each day for 3 months. My dad and all of my siblings also wrote some entries. To top it all off there was an actual card for me to open for every holiday that I was going to be away from my family. That journal and those cards helped make my months abroad that much more amazing.

  165. Great challenge. The best card I ever received was at my baby shower for my 2nd daughter. Yes, it wasn’t a “just because” card but what she wrote inside? She wrote just because. She didn’t have to hand write a long letter in there telling me how much she loved me and how great of a mother I am. It made me cry instantly.

  166. I was BROKE in college and desperately needed to do laundry (cross-country running laundry, can you say stinky?!) . . . got an anonymous “hello” card in the mail with $5 in it. Most memorable card and $5 of my life! Made me smile all week, and now remembering it . . . and I always wonder who it was from.

  167. This is a really neat idea! It is SO nice to get something hand-written these days!

    Brooke Annessa

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  169. When I was in college, I had a white board outside my door (just like everybody else). I was going through a horrendous breakup and I came home one day to see that someone had written on my board, “You will get through this. Take it one minute at a time. I love you.”

    I still have no idea who wrote it. But it meant the world to me.

  170. oh, your blog never fails to inspire me. never. thank you for that. i have an almost daily thought of someone i want to send a card to just to say hi and i love them. i let time pass and never actually do it. the thought can’t count if they don’t even know you were thinking of them. i am inspired to act on my thoughts now. i can’t wait.

    my most memorable just because card was from my older sister who i had a love/hate relationship with for years. we have come a long way and are now the best of friends. she told me how much she admired me and why. it made my day and i will never forget it. it hung on my refrigerator for weeks so i could read it over and over again.

  171. First of all my 3.5 year old son just asked me, “Why does he say sandwich you need to say?” while I was reading this and Jon Mayer’s ‘Say What You Need to Say’ was playing in the background. Cute :) This will go down as a story we tell him or tease him about as he grows up, after all, we all have those lyrics to songs that sound totally different to us than what they are.
    Second, I have many, many ‘just because’ card memories. My now husband used to leave me little cards on my windshield while I was working for me to find as I left in the evening. They always ended with an ‘I love you, babe’. I still have them all in a shoe box somewhere in our closet :) I too enjoy sending cards for no reason but I don’t do it as often as I used to, 2 kiddos will do that to you!

  172. My best friend used to write things to me “just because” all the time. She is gone now and every now and then I find a “just because” she wrote me. I cherish them.

  173. I got a wonderful “Just because” card after my second hip surgery this year from my friend Mary Hannah. I was feeling really down about my future, but this pirate card (with a wooden peg leg) made me laugh so hard about my situation.

  174. One from my late grandmother with a bookmark that said “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world”

    I treasure it and will always.

  175. The morning after our weekend visitors had left, I reveled in the quiet of having our house back. After my morning shower I reached in the pocket of my robe to find a lemon Christmas ornament with a note attached…”thank you for helping me make lemonade out of lemons.” …a note from my sister-in-law who was having a hiccup on her journey.

  176. This is awesome! I entered the contest. My favorite special occasion is baby backpacking. :) I used to be really good at sending random notes to people, but it’s been a while. I think it’s time to start doing it again. :)

    BTW, I love your playlist. I need to figure out how to add music to my blog…

  177. oh Kelle, what a great idea.
    My most memorable cards are always those simple ones from my girlfriends that state sweet and short sentiments.Such as my dear friend Lori, who always tells me that I am like a sister to her. Or one’s from my hubby that just say I love you. Those are my very favorite. I like the long drawn out declarations as well, but at times they can tend to make me a tad uncomfortable. I never know how to respond, and they always make me cry when I re read them. So I like the short and sweet ones, that I can go back to time and time again….

  178. I forgot to add my just because card moment. My friend sent me a special card telling me how proud she was that I was getting my life together and finding new paths. It touched my heart and made me cry. I think that’s the only just because card I’ve ever gotten.

  179. Your post today made me cry, it touched my heart

  180. Such a beautiful post and what a wonderful idea from Hallmark! In High School I was a camp counselor and we all had these little cubbies we could receive small gifts or letters from home. For weeks I didn’t receive anything and I was super bummed but one day my mom sent me some homemade cookies with a beautiful letter saying all the reasons she’s so glad I’m her daughter. It was amazing and 8 years later I still have it :)

  181. I actually think my favorite “just because” cards came from a little girl who was in my cabin at camp one summer. I was her counselor and despaired over the difficult home that she lived in but she lifted ME up with her sweet and lovely notes she would send me periodically. I still have them in my keepsake trunk and wonder where she is now and say a little prayer for her.

  182. Hands down — my favorite challenge! I plan to send the cards this week before my normal procrastination sets in. 😉

    I’ve never gotten a “just because” card, but my husband gets me “just because” flowers every week. It’s one of the MANY reasons I know I’m blessed to call him “mine” and also why I plan to include him in the Hallmark challenge this week. I plan to mail a card to his work…just because I love him. :)

    The only “just because” card that could possibly say I’ve ever received, came just this past week when I celebrated my 30th Birthday. I know Birthday’s don’t count, but this card was special. It was unexpected. It was from one of the aides in my daughter’s special needs classroom, Ms. D. I met her about a year ago, when I was brave enough to offer myself as a volunteer in my daughter’s classroom. Everyone knew I wasn’t Chloe’s biological mother. Everyone knew the person who was — wasn’t in her life. They knew I was the only mother Chloe had ever known. They didn’t have to accept me, but they did.

    And this card, this beautiful card, MADE MY DAY. It said, “Dear Katie, God has blessed you and has chosen you for great things. We all see it. You are a wonderful mother and Chloe is lucky to have you. I hope you have a great Birthday. Love, Ms. D”.

    She accepted me. She recognized me as Chloe’s mom, when I thought maybe no one would. She wished me a Happy Birthday, just because she wanted to. She is also another person I’m including on my “just because” card challenge list, that I plan to send a special note to this week.

    Thanks Kelle! I’m so excited to get this challenge started! Hope you have a great week! :) xo

    ~ Katie

  183. I love this! Just a few months ago I got a card from my mom telling me how proud she was of me,and what a great mom she thinks I am. It had me in tears, and it came on a very much needed day.

    I wish I could send you a card Kelle, and let you know how much your posts mean to me. How inspiring you are, and that on those really bad “I need a swift kick in the tush” or “I need a lift” days, your site is the one I run to, because you always know how to do both <3 Thank you for all the time you devote to your blog, and sharing your life and your passions with all of us. <3

  184. I love cards, I missed your blog while on vacation. I feel like I really know your family and a little bit of hope sprinkled in my day is wonderful. I wonder how you and Brett stay so positive toward each other. I’m really struggling with that in my marriage.

  185. This is amazing and wonderful. My favorite days are when my trek to the mailbox isn’t futile, when my hands are fumbling through the slick magazines until I find the perfectly folded envelope with the side-swiped stamp. My favorite one is a recent one my best friend (in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!) sent me recently. I just moved to GA from TN, and planning to move to WA soon with my military husband. To say her letter came at an appropriate time would be a massive understatement!

    I needed my best friend that day, and even though we text and e-mail and blog back and forth, aside from her actually being beside me and loving on me, that note was the best thing she could have ever done. I am still so grateful for that letter!


  186. I was just thinking the other day how much I miss getting ‘real’ mail!!! My favourite card that I ever received was from my best friend when I was 16 and my littlest brother was born. It was a Congratulations on becoming a big sister card and even though I already was a big sister it bought a tear to my eye that anyone actually thought about me rather than my Mum and baby brother!!! Such a neat idea. xx

  187. back when my now husband and i were ‘just mates’ and had been for some time despite me being in love with him, he sent me three boxes of anonymous flowers. I didn’t dare to hope were from him. They addressed my unspoken fears. One was blank, i think to peak my interest, the next said ‘because you are beautiful’ and the last said ‘because you are special to me’. Then he asked me out to dinner in person and at dinner asked me to enter into an ‘old fashioned courtship with him’. Sigh. No wonder i married him!

  188. How interesting that this is the topic of your post today. Last week, my car was broken into and much of the money that I had saved from this summer was stolen. The money was meant to be used to pay for my two precious Compassion kids for the coming school year. I’m also struggling with addictive cycles/behaviors and headed to Nashville next week for a workshop. I JUST walked in the door from a very long day to a precious card from a friend, encouraging me and telling me how much God loves me. She had tucked in some money to help me pay for my kids for the year. Needless to say, I am in tears right now. I am so blessed!!

  189. My most memorable “just because” card came from my Grandmom, who stood all of 5 feet, but had a personality 7 feet tall. It was a blank note card sent to me during my first real break up. Inside, she wrote, “I may be little, but my shoulders are big. Lean on me anytime.” I still have it in my nightstand.

  190. My sister just moved across the country for school. We’ve enjoyed being able to send cards back and forth, so much better than an email!

  191. A card I got from my mom on the day we 1st heard our baby’s heartbeat :)

  192. My favorite just because…..growing up I’d always take a cold lunch to school. I LOVED opening my lunch box to find a little note from my mom saying “I love you xoxoxoxo”. And recently I received one from my best friend that is 8 hours away from me. It was a cute, funny card congratulating us on our pregnancy. I miss her, but it reminds me that she isn’t that far away. Thanks for this post, I will be sending out my “just because” cards next week!!

  193. My sister sent me a super sappy card full of love. I read it, and I cried as I was doing so, and then got to her note at the bottom which said, “Quit cryin’, ya big baby. (OK I was crying in the store, too.)”

  194. I love this post a lot because it reminds me of the time when my partner snuck a little card in my laptop bag the night before I was supposed to go to Jury Duty for the first time. She knew I had to drive in the big city and I wasn’t used to it, she new I was anxious to be in a room full of strangers and all the card said was “Breathe.” and it made my day. I got it when I pulled my laptop out after I arrived and it took all I could not to cry in that room full of strangers!

  195. I’ve never received a “just because” card but your post reminded me that I use to do this all the time. There is one card in particular that I’ve always wondered what the reaction was when it was read. I wrote my boyfriend (now EX-boyfriend) a long letter basically saying how he was the air I breathed and I loved him more than life itself…blah blah blah. I tucked it away in between some clothes while helping him pack for a move. We were together for another 2 years after that but he never mentioned the letter. I’m sure he eventually found it and I’ve always wondered what he thought…hopefully “Man, I screwed up!” At least that’s what I tell myself 😉

  196. Ohh, I love getting mail! But I have never received a just because card yet, makes me sad :( I guess it’s time to get started and make some for my friends and loved ones. I’m in!

  197. Another inspiring suggestion – thanks, Kelle! I received a “just because” card when I was going through a difficult divorce. It meant the world to me to know that this person still thought I was whole, and worthy, and loveable. I’ve kept it and send out many “just because” cards because of this. Cheers to Hallmark (my go to store for cards)! :)

  198. My auntie Janet is the best card writer and sender. Every year on my birthday, without fail, she sends a card. It’s a lost art…writing….on paper. This is an inspiring challenge, thanks.

  199. On Mother’s Day this year, I received the most beautiful card from my nieces – it was a thank you card for being a strong, independent woman, a role model they said. It made me cry and made my day!

  200. My sister sends me “just because” cards often, always just when I need a pick me up! My most memorable one is one with Greg Brady on front and when you open it he talks! I don’t remember the words but I know he says I’m groovy! :)

  201. this was so inspiring. Since i’m just relaxing around the apartment, i’m going to pick up my artsie self and write.
    i think the most memorable card i got was when i was moving from la to ny. i think it was the amount of cards i got, so unexpected and super beautiful.

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  203. My friend Cora always sends a card at the most appropriate time and they are always so heartfelt and encouraging. We rarely get to catch up on the phone but a little card reminds me that she loves me.

  204. I can not remember a card I got but I still have notes written to me from friends in middle school today. I guess with text messaging quickly writing a note and passing it to her in the hall is a thing of the past.

  205. Oh, how I love this idea. I, too, am terrible at birthdays, and always have good intention of doing spontaneous gestures like care packages, but my intention is generally greater than my follow through. I will do this!

  206. My dad, before he passed, would send me little funny cards he found “just because.” Now that he’s gone, I cherish these more than about anything else.

  207. I love this & will be stopping by Hallmark to get my card pack this weekend (unless i should win)

    My most memorable just because note was from my now husband, we had just started dating and weren’t quite serious yet and the note was under my windshield wiper so I’d find it when I went to work. It simply said “you can do this, you are smart and strong and have prepared for this day for months, I have faith in you and you should have it to” Even though I still failed my Realtor license board exam I still remember that day, that was the day I knew we were meant to be!!

    I also miss writing letters to my nanny who I don’t get to see often enough, yes we email and facebook now but you are right there is nothing better than a hand written letter in the mail to brighten the day.

  208. This is an excellent idea and I will get on this TODAY! No birthday cards- just “thinking of you” card!

  209. LOVE this challenge!!!!! My favorite just because card- probably one I received recently from a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite awhile. Days before mother’s day, she sent me a mother’s day card and in it she wrote how much she admire me as a mother. It was so sweet, it made me cry.

  210. I love receiving ‘just because’ cards. They always put a smile on my face. But my most memorable ‘just because’ card was not received by me, but by my daughter. My sister sent her a card a few weeks ago telling her how much she missed her (sis lives in NM, us in SC). My daughter LIT UP from receiving mail. So fun!

  211. I hate bangs. But, I love cards for no reason. Love to celebrate the third day in the week. Love chocolate cake for breakfast every year on Mother’s Day.

  212. My BFF and I are famous for our “just because” cards. They are WAY BETTER than birthday cards. My favorite was given to me the day I put my 17 year daughter on a plane to a military academy, and 6 weeks of boot camp. The card says: “Tina was so tough, her poodle skirt had a bulldog on it”. Inside: “just remember, you’re tougher.”

  213. I received a card once from a friend of mine… I wasn’t a church one Sunday… she missed me and sent me a card saying so! :-)

  214. Oh, I love this campaign. Hallmark is seriously my dream job. I live in Kansas City (Hallmark headquarters!) and I really believe in what they do.

    Hmmmm, a card though. I have received so many through the years. But a friend I don’t see much at all anymore still sends me cards in the mail. Ya know, the old fashioned way? And I just love it. Because it tells me that she still cares AND it makes me feel good.

    That reminds me! I need to return the favor to her. Off to find a card!

  215. Seven lucky women to have a friend like you…
    I remember being 15 and away on a school trip, finding an “I miss you and have a great time” card in my travel bag from my Mum. One day I’ll do the same for my daughter.

  216. My great-grandma used to send me hand written notes when I was a girl. I would get so excited to read them and respond. Even though we lived 500 miles apart I was closer to her than most of my relatives who lived down the street from her. She passed away when she was 98 and I still read those letters when I’m feeling down or just need a reminder to enjoy people while you have the chance!

    I am writing notes tonight!

  217. without a doubt card giving is at the very TOP of my favorites list. i get lost at hallmark and have never gone grocery shopping without picking up another card. one year my new years resolution was to send a card in the mail to all of friends and families for their birthday.(a little overwhelming) anyway….love your post…this is AWESOME! i sat next to this old man in a wheelchair at the mall food court last week and his 70-year-old son was having lunch with him. they each had a Hallmark paper bag stuffed full of cards they had just bought. i couldn’t help but smile so big. my favorite just because cards that i can remember….letters from my nanny and cousin on cards and stationary that they would mail to my dorm room just to say hi, postcards from family on trips to say they were thinking of me from wherever they were visiting, cards from a dear friend each month leading up to my wedding to cheer me on, silly cards from my husband when he goes on a trip. wish i could remember more. btw…i love sending back to school cards….and august is only around the corner. xoxo

  218. My favorite card was from my best friend’s mom when I was having a hard time getting pregnant four years ago. She hand wrote me a letter to tell me to hang in there and that she was praying for me. I am now looking at my 7 month old little boy jumping in his jumper next to my recliner as a reminder of that card… and that answered prayer!!


  219. My Grandmother sent me a card when I was young telling me that I was her “favorite” grandchild and that she loved me. It made me feel so special, and I tucked it away telling nobody at the time. Years later, I find out that she sent the same message to each grandchild!

  220. It wasn’t really a “just because” card, but my boyfriend (now husband) wrote me a very special message in my graduation card. I read his message over and over on my way home as we started the long-distance aspect of our relationship.

  221. My mom stuck a card in my backpack when I was a junior in high school. I remember which class I was in and who was sitting with me when I found it. I was going through a tough time and it brought me to tears…right there in sociology!!

  222. My friend, Kristen, and I send “just ’cause” cards all the time! Mostly, they’re wildly inappropriate things with old ladies or naked men on them. We’ve been doing this since high school and because there are too many good ones, I’ll share the one that was in my mailbox last Thursday. It was a cat smoking a joint (not sure where she found this one… she does live in Vegas, though) that’s insides read “SheShe, I just bought a car. There were 27 dead roaches in it, a homeless man, and a half eaten bag of dorritos. Let’s go swimming. All my Love, Adrian.”

    Our husbands never understand why these things are so funny to either of us, but they just are… like farts during yoga :)

  223. Great reminder to let people know you appreciate them and not take them for granted. I think the nicest “Just because” note I ever got was from the woman who was the manager at the clothing store I worked at part time. She left to go on to another career, and sent me a very lovely note about how nice it had been to work with me, and complimenting me on my work ethic and positive attitude. At the time I was working a full time job, and this part time job unpacking and hanging clothes at two different stores, and there were days when it was difficult to stay motivated and positive. Her note really made my day. I do believe I will be participating in this challenge as well.

  224. I love this, this was one of my resolutions this year to send more just because cards. So this is a great reminder to keep sending those fun and goofy and make you smile cards. My treasured card is from my best friend that she sent while we were apart during college just saying I love you and glad we ill be friends for life with cute little old ladies on it.

  225. My mom was the queen of “just because.” Whether it was church camp, college, or when I moved 10 hours away for my first teaching job, my mailbox was always full of little gems. The one that meant the most wasn’t a card though. My mom was killed in a car accident in 1995, and when I finally went back to Texas and my class of kindergarteners and my apartment, there was an envelope from my mom in the mail. She’d mailed it the day before she died. It was nothing big. Just some clip art of backpacks & books that she thought might look cute on my resume. And a post-it that said “Love, Mom.” Sometimes the “just because” can be a perfect treasure.

  226. I love to give and recieve cards! I wish I did it more often. I know how it makes me feel to get a card out of the blue. Be it a thank you card or just to say hi.

    The most memorable would be Valentines day 2 weeks before our daughter was born over 13 years ago. My husband picked out a card with sweet poetry and penned his own words about his love for me and our baby girl soon to be born.


  227. The greatest card I ever received was a “thank you for being in my wedding” card! It was so loving and made my day. The fact that the bride’s friends and family were at the wedding was just as important to her as the wedding itself! Magic!

  228. Love this idea! The best cards I ever received were when I was on hospitalized bed rest for 2 months when I was expecting my twin girls. All of the people I worked with took turns sending me cards every day. They will never, ever know what that did for me.

  229. My friend from junior high and high school who went out of state for college sent me just because cards all the time our first year of college. In the middle of all the bills and stress that come with looking through the mail, finding something happy and beautiful completely makes my day.

  230. Kelle I thought of you when I first read the directions to the contest on my FB page this morning. I will make it to Naples one day and I will learn to live and love life like you.

  231. My girlfriend from college sends me a letter each summer when she visits her parents back east. It is fun to add writing to a friendship. There are things that you write down that you might not say or ways of writing that seem to tell more about who you are…This year enclosed with the letter were some little trinkets from her mom and dad’s house. They are packing up and moving to a smaller place and my friend thought to send me a few little somethings! How sweet is that!?

  232. Such a great post and a great reminder! 😀

    Also wanted to say that I love Lainey’s strawberry dress! That is darling!

  233. my mom left a card saying “i already miss you.” she left it in my house in the guest room when she left after visiting for a week from states away. i found it (long) after i cleaned the room…. but it was perfect.

  234. My mom sent me a card when I was away at college and having a rough time. It had a picture of a bare butt with grass growing on it, and inside it said, “Grassy-ass” (gracias). Even though she wasn’t actually thanking me for anything, she just wanted to make me smile, and that card did the trick.

  235. My college roommate for the first two years of college sent me a card the during our last semester of college and let me know how much I meant to her. It meant a lot because we had kind of lost touch after we went seperate ways with living arrangements, but it was the most beautiful hand written letter and definitely brought me to tears. I knew it was from the heart because it was written by hand.

  236. I’ve gotten 2 favorite “just because” cards, and both were received in the last year. The first one I got was unsigned and it told me how much they admired me and how I parented my children. It made a horrible day so much brighter. The second one I got a couple of months ago from a dear older friend who has cancer (whom I love so dearly). I teach a class once a month for women at my church and she took the time to send me a card telling me how much she appreciated my lessons and how she is always touched by my spirit. This sweet lady took time out of her chemo treatments and not feeling well to send ME a card. I aspire to be like her. (You are an inspiration, too, my dear)

  237. Love this!! My best friend sent me the funniest card after I had my first son, it was a cartoon lady with huge boobs and it joked about how lucky I was to have huge boobs regardless of how messed up my body was after 41 weeks of pregnancy! I will be sure to send all my friends similar cards when they have kids, because moms deserve a laugh!!

  238. My favorite cards were from my Gram and Gramps. My Gram sent my brother and I a letter ea. week at college w/a $2 bill. One wk we’d get the original, the next we’d get the carbon copy. We loved that we ea got the same letter. My Gramps sent us letters ea winter from fla that were super detailed (what they ate, who they visited). Both of them are now in Heaven and I miss them terribly, but cherish the memories they made.

  239. I send these cards all the time, it’s always special to reflect on the reasons why I love a person when I’m writing.

    Hm, the best one I’ve ever gotten..
    My grandma and I used to write when I moved away, and she passed away from cancer when I was 14. A few weeks after she passed away, I got a card in the mail with a simple poem that said “When you are sad and want to be glad, look at the sky and think of me when a cloud passes by. I’m always there.”
    My sweet grandpa mailed her card after finding it in her office.

    It’s the little things that matter, especially little trinkets you can cherish after someone’s gone.

  240. What a brilliant idea! I’m making this a project to do today…I love receiving surprise cards in the mail, such a treat and means so much. x

  241. The best “just because” note I ever got was from my mom. I packed up my car with 3 suitcases of everything I could think of and drove from Utah to Oklahoma. My mom cried when I left then ran to her bedroom. When i got to Oklahoma, unpacked in the new apartment, and curled onto the couch with a book, I realized my bookmark had been replaced with a little note that just said “I love you. Love Mom”. It’s hanging on my wall now.

  242. I give more cards than I receive. That’s just the way I like it too! I’m always looking for just because to send my son in Afghanistan right now. I send at least one crazy/mushy or just because to him a week. The crazier the card the better.

  243. My favorite “Just Because” card was sent by a sister in my church congregation. I didn’t know her– but she sent me a card to tell me how much she admired my strength… Just because.

  244. I love sending cards – for holidays, birthdays and just because cards too! My one favorite thing to do to waste the day away is get lost in the card aisle at the store! I’ve literally spent hours searching for cards! I think my love for sending cards has also stemmed from my love of receiving cards too! My wonderful friend Katie is so thoughtful and she sent me this heartfelt valentine package with a homemade card to remind me that although I’m single at the moment, there are plenty of people in my life that love me very much and Valentine’s day isn’t about whether or not I’m in a relationship, but rather to celebrate all of the love in our lives! :) Made me cry at how thoughtful it was!

  245. What a great idea..
    Im not a huge shop bought card gal.. I like to make them.
    Its winter school holidays here in NZ and my daughter loves to send cards and notes to people.. maybe a card making and posting afternoon is ahead of us.

  246. I love it! I’m a card hoarder — I have a drawer full of old cards that were too beautiful and meaningful to let go.

    I’m so gonna do this challenge!

  247. I am soooo down for this campaign! I love getting random cards out of no-where. My most memorable I actually just found the other day. It was from my sis-in-law and she wanted to cheer me up because I was having an off week. It made my decade. I will def be sending out 7 cards if not more! Off to Hallmark I go!

  248. I agree, not enough of us remember how fun and special it is to get a card or note in the mail. I am like you in that I find a card and buy it, but forget to send it. I am going to make more of an effort. Thanks!
    btw, I LOVE Lainey’s style…especially those rockin glasses!! Makes me smile!

  249. I absolutely love this!!! I understand the ease of a text or email, but there is something special and much more meaningful about a handwritten note or card! My aunt sends cards for every occasion. My whole life I remember getting cards from her all throughout the year. I still enjoy getting them to this day!!

  250. My mom sent me a card reminding me to enjoy every moment. Just had my first child.

  251. This is such a fun idea – maybe it will make up for how terrible I am at sending birthday cards (half-birthday anyone?!?! since I am always about 6 months late sending them…) 😀

  252. Not necessarily a card, but a very special note. When I was in high school my dad started packing my lunch. He ended up getting really into it and started adding notes to my lunch bag. It became a tradition at lunch- my friends would gather around and ask what my dad wrote me that day. I still have the slips of paper, don’t know what to do with them :)

  253. I love to sends cards and used to send them regularly but is has slowed down since having my daughter. It’s more difficult to take time in the card section and find the perfect card now.

    One of my favorite cards was a birthday card from one of my friends. She made it herself and put had found a picture of a llama which she put on it because “it has big eyes like you” she said. That was over 10 yrs ago and to this day everytime I see something with a llama or hear the word llama she comes to mind and it makes me smile.

  254. I have a friend, Elise, who moved away from Ohio to New Jersey when we were in middle school. We have never lost touch and we are now 23 years old. Although e-mail, cell phones, and Facebook now exist, we have never been a fan of those when it comes to each other; instead, we always send good old fashioned letters snail mail style. We usually always send for birthdays and graduations, but we often send cards in between…just because. Because our friendship is real, although sometimes can only be validated in letters, not in pictures (we haven’t seen each other since high school). So, every time she sends a letter just because” I am thrilled and reminded that true friendship conquers any distance :)

  255. a mother’s day card from a dear childhood friend. somebody who was also in the throws of early motherhood herself. and although she was on the opposite coast – it made me cry to know that she had thought about me on mother’s day. and it made me miss her dearly. and made me realize that mother’s day was not only for kids and moms – but for BFF’s and giving a shout out to say “job well done!”

  256. I love this! My husband and I (when we were dating) would always sneak notes and cards into our text books in college to encourage (or distract) each other while studying for a big test. I love those cards and those memories!

  257. TIED with 2… My Mom wrote me a card before I got married and said the most beautiful things a daughter would ever want to hear.. My BFF a tiny card with a tree on the front that said “our roots go deep” I could not think of a better choice of words.. Inside she wrote three simple lines… You’re my best friend. Your my chosen family. I love you…

  258. So funny. I used to be known for my “just because” cards. Lately I’ve been realizing that I drop them into the mailbox far too rarely. Today I popped one in the mail. Just because. I like the idea of doing one for each day. It’s really so easy. I need to get back in the habit.

    I can’t pinpoint a most memorable “just because card” but I know who my most memorable “just because card sender is” — my Aim… she always sends them just when I need them. And they always bust me into tears or laughter. That’s love.

  259. My most memorable Just Because cards are from my dad. For a relatively quiet man, he is the best at sending a card with a quick note and a few super pictures enclosed. And it’s always when I least expect it- I love it!

  260. The last one i got was from my friend mikaela. She always knows what i need to hear at just the right time. At the time, ours was a new friendship, just a few months old, and she was so sweet and poured out her heart to me. I have adored her ever since. Thanks for reminding me that i should get back into writing real notes. I loved to, and i love to.

  261. I can’t think of ever receiving a “just because” card (geez – that’s sad!) but anyways… I do recall sending a few! I sent one to a coworker after she’d had a particularly rough week at work. It pretty much said something along the lines of “you’re great, even when work sucks” or something like that… I know it meant something to her because I see the card every week at our weekly meetings and it makes me smile – she tucked it inside the front of her daily planner. I sent the card to her about 4 years ago.

    Add to To-Do list… send a few more “just because” cards.

  262. All in baby!! I love this kind of thing. My fav just bc card was my bff that said how much she loved and appreciated me… I still have it. If we just learn to keep it simple ya know the pleasure in that is all you need.

  263. I have always been a “card” person, so this challenge is right up my alley! Thanks for the reminder! The most memorable card I received was from my husband, though at the time we were newly dating. He tucked it under my windshield wiper blade for me to find before work, and I accidentally ran a red light while reading it! He has been a faithful note- and card-writer ever since.

  264. Most memorable ‘just because’ moment was when my younger cousin completed an assignment in school about someone she looks up to, about someone she admires. She handed me this piece of paper no bigger than the size of a recipe card. I opened it up to see the title “My Idol”. The words that filled this paper were astonishing, and it amazed me. Her writing was heartfelt, in a young and beautiful 15 year old way, with misspelled words and run on sentences. It was more beautiful than anything I had read. Heartfelt. Real. Straight from her heart. I still to this day carry this assignment in my wallet; still years later, to take out and read if I’m having a horrible day or need a little pick me up. To me, the most memorable ‘just because’ moment doesn’t have to be a card purchased at the store, to me it’s about the words you chose to fill the space on a piece of paper that I found my profound; words chosen from their heart and their soul that fill and complete MY soul. Thank you for making me remember this very special moment, for making my day brighter…

  265. I was just going through old cards today and came across one from my husband. He left it for me on our first day back to work after our honeymoon. My first card from my husband…priceless, and just because!

  266. Mine isn’t exactly a “just because” card but in 2nd grade, my friend Rachel gave me a valentine written in yellow crayon. That one little card inspired a friendship that is 20 years strong!

  267. Ohhhh, I LOVE this! Kelle, I swear you remind me so much of the little me inside myself that I was always afraid to let out. Not having the courage or the confidence to act on all those ‘just because’ moments. But I feel like you’re giving me the permission….and letting me borrow your confidence along the way.

    So, here goes…

    I love your (not so) new bangs, the way you wear your heart on your sleeve, the way you live, the way you love. I think it’s cool that you march to the beat of your own drummer and make no apologies. You are accepting of others thoughts and opinions but know who you are and what’s best for your family. I love ya…and I hope that doesn’t sound weird just because you don’t really know me! I am better for ‘knowing’ you. For reals, I seriously am.

    Angie from Ohio

  268. I LOVE “just because” cards! I used to do it so much and have really slacked in the past several years. Yea Hallmark and their beautiful cards!! And yea for your uplifting blog!

  269. Oh my goodness…I love this!! I teared up just reading the messages you sent to your loved ones. I save all my cards…my favs are from my hubby in the very early times. :) Totally taking this challenge!

  270. My favorite just because card: I will remember it forever because it was so unexpected. I studied abroad in Italy while I was in college. And I never received mail ever! All the other students would get letters or packages. Ugh, I just desperately wanted something in my mailbox at school. I made an offhand remark about this while my roommates brother was visiting her. A few weeks later I had a card. From him. A ‘just because I know you need a hello, so here is one from San Francisco’…. It still makes me smile to think of it. How wonderfully thoughtful.

  271. I love this. I need to do this. There are so many people in my life that deserve a note telling them how fabulous they are. My best just because card? From my dear friend Sarah during the toughest summer of my life. We were just discovering that our son has some serious medical problems, and as he was in and out of the hospital, my mother-in-law lost her battle with cancer. It was a hard time, and Sarah was there. With cards telling me that I’m strong, and I can do anything. She will never know how much she means to me, and she deserves a card, a hundred cards, to tell her just that. She is loved.

  272. My mom is the very best at sending “I love you just because” cards and I’d like to be more like her. I still have the cards she sent me in college, at summer camp, and when I was just bored in a job I’d outgrown but was scared to leave.

  273. Everybody loves a just because card! I once upon a time received a just because card during a rough time in college from my momma…perfect timing!

  274. The best “just because” card I recieved….was the day after I met up with my high school sweetheart who I had not seen in 6 years. It read, “You’re still the same sweet, beautiful girl I remember.” It worked… and we just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary <3

  275. I love this! Many years ago, while working as a Pharmacy Tech, I had dine everything possible to find a medication in stock for a very sick little girl, just doing my job with all if my heart. Several days later, I received a lovely card from the little girl’s mom. It simply said that I didn’t have to go out if my way to help her daughter, but that the world is a better place with people like me in it. It warmed my heart. I still have that card almost 15 years later, and its a reminder to me to always put others first.

  276. Forgot to mention my favorite ‘just because’ cards!

    I can think of two in particular. Both from my mom. The first one she packed away in my lunch on the first day of first grade. The front said ‘I like you because you’re my kid but I love you because you’re you.’ On the inside she had written ‘I love you and don’t talk to strangers after school love, mom’ with a smiley face. The second was a note she wrote on the back of one of her business cards and placed on the driver seat of our minivan before I took my driver’s test. I will never, ever forget those notes and what they meant. I think I still have the one from my lunch box. Sweet memories :)

    Oh, and that Tracy Chapman song you have on here gets me every single time.

    Angie from Ohio

  277. I rarely send actual cards but I like to do Just Because notes. That way I save money and still make smiles for me and others. That just shows how cheap I really am.

  278. Thank you so much for this post! My heart is just overflowing! I love to send cards to my friends, and you have made me realize, I haven’t done this in several weeks.

    Thank you!

  279. This is such a great idea! I belong to a wonderful group of women and we often exchange cards for no other reason than to just brighten each other’s days. It means everything to me. My most memorable card was from a dear friend when I was just beginning my TTC journey for our 2nd child…this card was inspirational and just what I needed to read during such a hard time. We haven’t gotten our 2nd miracle yet, but I often pull out that card and it helps me through the tough times.

  280. In high school I got a card; it said “thank you for always being nice to me.” I didn’t recognize the male hand writing, and I never knew just who put it in my locker but it has helped me to remember “Nice Matters”

  281. I really love this idea! I am going to do it as well, its amazing how something so small really can mean so much to you!

  282. I am a card giving. I am in love with receiving mail and I love to give that little gift to others. My husband always tells me not to buy cards but I love to….and I love to mail them or hide them. In typing this, I realize that I probably do this half because I love to give to those I love and half because I would love the same in return. But it doesn’t work that way! My bf knows and occasionally sends some to tell me that I am amazing and loved and her life wouldn’t be the same without me…. And I save them all – because I love to reread them and because I am on a small scale, a hoarder!

  283. “card giver” not card giving! Or I could have said that I am a card giving sort of girl! AHHHH – typos!

  284. I always get super thoughtful cards from my bestie… I live in quebec, canada, and she lives in trier, germany, its cool to get a card of an old photo of a woman lying on the floor in a pile of shoes… Thr card read- thougt youd like to know your not the only one with a mllion old pairs of shoes… Miss you, and your shoes.. Xox.. Weve been friends for almost 20 years… I miss you jb! Id send her a card a weem if i win a prize. Shed cry. Xox

  285. When I was teaching 3rd grade 6 years ago my principal snuck a surprise card on my desk one morning just to say “I’ve noticed what an awesome job you’re doing. Challenges will arise and you always come up to meet them. I’m so proud of you and happy you are here with us.” I remember such a great feeling of “oh wow she really notices me.” And it made my hard work even more worth it.

  286. Last year when we moved a state away from family my gram gave me a card. She wrote in it special things/times we spent together, how much fun she has with me, and how much she loves me. In my family they have a hard time saying anything close to ‘I love you or I like you’ in person…I’ll cherish that card forever!!!

  287. One year a former student was running for president of the student council. Her speech did not go over well, and she was crying at the end of it. I held her afterwards and told her that I appreciated her speech and what a wonderful person she was.

    Two days later I received not just a card from her, but one from her mother and aunt thanking me for caring about her so much and for just being me.

    I still have all three cards. They mean the world to me.

  288. My mother once sent me a card inside which she wrote, “You are beautiful. I love you. Always remember these things.” At the time, I was in the middle of a hospitalization for a schizophrenic episode, brought on because I was 5 months pregnant and had been advised to stop taking my medication. I hadn’t called to tell them I had been admitted, but somehow, my mom found out, and the first thing she did was send that card. It was the exact thing I needed when I was feeling as ugly, lonely, and ashamed as I was. That “just because” card still hangs in my mirror corner today, so that every morning, I can read it and remind myself to remember those things.

    Kelle, your writing is incredibly inspiring, whether your words are bringing me tears or laughter or knowing smiles. That’s what I’d like to tell you, just because =)


  289. I have a friend who is the best card sender eva. I will let her know about this challenge. How cool that you were chosen to participate by Hallmark! :)

  290. one of my (new) college roommates left me a card saying just how glad she was that we’d gotten to know each other and become friends. unexpected and lovely and i still have it 10 years later.

  291. I work for hallmark and we are having our own little contest to see who can send the most cards. Hallmark says – it’s the biggest little thing you can do! and it is so true! Love getting cards sent for no reason. And love reading your post, from Florida the past two weeks! Thanks for adding to our inspiration! Have a great week!

  292. The best just because card i ever got was from a friend i hadn’t heard from in years! I love getting mail, and sending it too!

  293. This is on my to do list tomorrow! I love this idea and always think about it but never follow through! I honestly cannot remember my last just because card that I received.

  294. Years ago when I was in high school, I was going through a rough time. I felt very alone and didn’t really have anyone to talk to. A guy in one of my classes handed me a card one day with a flower on the front and in it he had hand written a note saying that he knew that I was dealing with something difficult and that he was there if I ever needed to talk. I had no idea he even knew what I was going through so it was surprising when I received it. It meant so much to me, that I’ve kept the card after all these years. I don’t think he knows how much it meant to me.

  295. Years ago my Grandma sent me a card that just said she loved me. I was like 10 so I didn’t really care. When I miscarried this past year, I found the card and it made me the happiest I had been in a long time! Who know 16 years later the card would mean so much :)

  296. LOVE this challenge! I’m totally doing it! And what better person for them to select to blog about celebrating every day moments than Kelle Hampton!?! Good for you! You’re the perfect person for this! I love giving and getting random cards… they truly are the best! Loved the quote at the very end by Liz! One of the best “just because” cards I received was actually about a month ago… I went four hours South to spend time with my family while my husband went to California for a week for work. Before he left for his trip, he dropped a card in the mail saying he already missed me and sent it to my parents’ house in Indiana so that I would get it there while we were apart! First of all, SO SWEET that he did it, but secondly – that I got the card four hours away from my home, and hand delivered by my mom from her mailbox! Can’t wait to pick out my seven people and seven “just because” cards from Hallmark! Thanks for this post! LOVED IT!

  297. This is something I already LOVE to do! Surprise cards in the mail bring a smile to everyone!

  298. What a great idea! I, too, always have great intentions with birthday and anniversary cards…those intentions don’t always get carried through. This is totally doable!

  299. This post brings tears and giggles to my life…I love sending Just Because cards…and have done so for a long time…even to my sister who lived just 5 blocks away. I love the feeling of dropping that card in the mailbox knowing the face of the person who gets it will brighten!
    My best card was from my BFF. Last year we moved across the county and she slipped a congratulations i am proud of you card in my box of treasured keepsakes. a couple weeks after we moved here i found it…made me smile/ cry and MISS her soo…thanks for your blog Kelly you inpire me to write out my thoughts more.

  300. My mom sent me a card saying she thought I was a great mother when my first was really little and I thought I wasn’t going to survive the sleep deprivation.

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  302. my best card? when i was dating my hubby, and he sent me a just because card…just because. it was the first of many, and every once in a while, like when he’s away overnight, i find one tucked beneath my pillow or in the mailbox. and i smile. sometimes i even cry.

  303. I love this post. Such a good idea. And I love the comments on this post. I don’t think/can’t remember ever getting a “Just Because” card but I am most definitely sending some out this coming week!

  304. My most memorable “just because” card was from my twin sister. I had been enduring fertility treatments for years and I was going to put further treatments off so I wouldn’t be pregnant during her upcoming wedding. She sent me a card with some cute, “I’m here for you” saying but then wrote-“I don’t want you to put off your dreams of parenthood just for my wedding. Your family is more important than my one day. Love you!” That was 8 years ago. I have a 7 year old and 4 year old :)

    Love the card challenge-I’m in!

  305. I received an awesome card from an acquaintance who has a daughter with Ds. When I learned of my unborn son’s Ds she reached out to me with a beautiful card that said simply, “Jane has brought such joy to our lives, every bit as much joy as our other children. She is perfect in every way, as your son will be, and he will light up you lives in ways you can’t imagine!!”

  306. My mom always sends memorable “just because” cards … and I have kept most of them. Love that sweet woman!

    Just wanted to ask … Why don’t people send thank you cards anymore? Only about 10% of my mommy friends send out thank you cards after a birthday party. Did I miss the memo?

  307. I love this idea, and it is perfect for you as, like you say, these ideas have always been a key part of your blog. If you’d not done the sponsorship, you’d have been doing it anyway!

    I like the sound of your friend Andrea – I burst into songs from musicals in surprising locations too- so a shout out to her from me please!!

  308. Probably my favorite card is from my BFF Shannan, “Just Because” – over the last 20 years, I probably have 200 of them, no lie. She totally rocks.

  309. I think the one I will always remember was when my then boyfriend sent a card talking about we are like a quilt. The quilt’s pieces fit together and so do we. He ended it with “I love you”…the first time he (or any boy for that matter) had told me he loved me. I was so happy to get that card. That was 14 years ago, and this November, we will be celebrating our 14th anniversary. Best blind date I ever went on.

  310. I don’t recall ever getting a “Just Because” card, but what a wonderful idea! I’m so in!

  311. I used to work at a Hallmark store, and spending all that time stocking cards, I always had 10-20 that I purchased each week! Some to send right away, others to hold onto until the right occasion presented itself. We had a drawer underneath that housed the “secret” cards. Cards for new drivers, for losing teeth, for new jobs, and finally hitting a ball…..and this was my favorite place to shop from…..because like you now, I believe that EVERY moment should be celebrated!

  312. I know most of us don’t have a lot of “free” time, but one thing I love to do is create cards or collages for friends and mail them out…

    with lots of stickers on the envelopes!


  313. This sounds so fun! I just got a card in the mail from my landlord. She sent a little card to welcome me since I just moved in . . . such a sweet note and an unexpected blessing! Growing up, I could always count on a birthday card from my great-aunt. I miss those cards now that she has passed away (and I’ve saved some, too!). I’ve always said I want to be the aunt just like her!

  314. On his birthday, my husband gave me flowers and a card just because he loves me. I’m not the sappy, flowers and card girl, but on HIS birthday? I bawled.

  315. What a great idea! I love getting ‘snail mail’ that isn’t a bill or credit card application. What an awesome way to make someone else’s day!

    The best ‘just because’ cards are the pictures given to me by my little friends or their siblings. I’m a pediatric PT…and LOVE IT!

  316. On his birthday, my husband gave me flowers and a card just because he loves me. I’m not the sappy, flowers and card girl, but on HIS birthday? I bawled.

  317. I recieved a card once from a woman I admire and look up to SO much. And she said the exact same thing about me. I was blown away!!!

  318. This is a great idea and they couldn’t have picked a better blogger to help support the cause! Other than the typical surprise message from mom in your lunch box back in elementary school, my most memorable surprise card was from my husband’s sister (SIL). She is amazing at dropping cards just because. One day she sent me just a little note to say how special I was to her and the family and thanks for making her brother so happy. Really cheered me up on a hard day especially since in the beginning of my husband and I’s relationship, I thought she didn’t like me very much. Made me feel validated. Almost like she accepted me into the family. Silly I guess, but still.

  319. Hands down…nothing compares to the unexpected card i got one day from a man standing in front of me. The home-made card written in pencil was read in the rain at the end of the best day of my life. The card contained a poem and the last line said “on bended knee I ask a question to the one I have found” Oh my- that card led into the marriage that is about to celebrate 16 years. Best card ever.

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  321. The one that comes to my mind first is one from my husband when we were struggling with infertility and it made me cry then and makes me cry every time I read it.

  322. From my husband the other day.. he left me roses & a card saying:

    “I love you for being you.”

    Now that’s a surprise I could wake up to more often.

  323. My favorite cards are from my cousin when she was about 6 years old and I was a freshman in college. She would send me pictures and letters frequently. This year for her high school graduation I made a book for her on shutterfly with a copy of all the pictures and letters she has sent me over the years. Hopefully, now she will treasure them as much as I do. ~Jada

  324. Yes! This is great idea. I’m jumping on the challenge even if I don’t win!

    The best card I ever got – from my best friend when I was five. It has a stick figure picture of me and her holding hands and some gibberish letters that I don’t think I ever knew what they said. I still have in my nightstand because it makes me smile whenever I look at it.

  325. I don’t normally send cards but this post has inspired me. I just found out that my dear friends have had another round of unsuccessful fertility treatments. I am going to put a card in the mail in the morning. I am often reminded to take time for the small moments with my boys. Thank you for sharing your days with us. I always look forward to your writings, and music.

  326. This is such a great idea! I am inspired and I’m going to do it! Making my list now!

  327. My best friend and I got married within 3 weeks of each other, and moved to opposite ends of the country. She and I soon exchanged stories of our first burnt meals. A few months later, I received this card from her: “Every pan is a ‘no stick’ pan if you ‘no cook’ in it.”

    That was almost 5 years ago, and it still makes me laugh when I think of it.

  328. I just received a card like this the other day…Completely out of the blue!!! It was from my friend Kelly and it made my day.

  329. I need to start sending out more cards because I LOVE receiving them. My friend Elsa sends the best “just because” cards and I have many memorable ones from her stashed away under my bed in a shoebox :)

  330. My favorite ‘just because’ cards were actually a series…when I studied abroad in college my mother hid little cards with sweet messages in my luggage and notebooks for me to find randomly throughout my trip. 10 years later I still keep them in my nightstand.

  331. Hi Kelle,
    I’m a frequent reader, but I rarely leave comments (I think I’ve left one other, in which I spell sweet Nella’s name wrong, oops!).
    I absolutely love this post. I love, love, love geting “snail mail” from friends and family. E-mail has pretty much stripped that joy from my life, but I am going to use this Hallmark challenge to bring the “personal” back to personal communication!
    My favorite card I’ve ever received is from when I was about 11. I got a beautiful, hand-painted piece of stationary from a beloved friend who lives in the Caribbean. The painted words concealed messages of love and friendship. I don’t know where that wonderful card has ended up, but I still get a warm, glowy feeling when I think of the gesture (and the person who sent it).
    Thanks for this challenge, I’m excited to start sending cards of love and friendship to my favorite people!

  332. my most memorable card was from 10 sorority sisters 3 months after my dad died, just sayin’ we love you, Delta Love. I love that sisterhood transcends 10+ years out of college, 2 babies, 2 jobs, 1 husband, and the loss of my daddy.

  333. The best “just because” card I received was from my mom. I was interning at WDW in FL for 7 months and it was my first time away from home for longer than a weekend. I was really home sick and one day I received a card from my mama. I still have that card, 8 years later, and I look at it from time to time and get that warm, cozy feeling all over again. It simply said, “I love you, and we will be together soon.” That was all I needed to feel at peace with my decision to go down to FL to work for a MOUSE!! :)

  334. Love this idea…and I love sending cards ( and receiving them too, lol)
    My most memorable Just Because card came from my dad. On the first day of teaching as the head teacher he sent me a dozen Peach colored roses with a note that simply said….
    Peach for the Teach
    I love you
    Still brings tears to my eyes!

  335. My favorite just because card came with the cover…a wiener dog… In the middle is said “your a wiener” my best friend wrote a note that had absolutely nothing to do with the card… Just a note to tell me she was thinking of me… That she missed me and couldn’t wait until I got home from camp (I was a counselor) it was the best ever… And I laughed until I cried… When I was looking though a box of old memories after I moved into our new house I found it and busted a gut again…I still have no clue why she sent that card…

    On an off note… I just love your writing, you are a very inspiring person.

  336. My most memorable just because card was from my grandma. In college she would write to me often and I loved it. I still have and will always cherish those cards/letters.

  337. Once my brother sent me a card that read “Love ya sis, saw a girl at the mall with a peanut shaped head and it made me think of you”. May not sound sweet to an outsider, but me and my brother speak the same language. It was so sweet.

  338. My cousin was my penpal growing up and we still send letters occasionally. Whenever I get one I get an instant mood lifter!

    And I still have them all safely stored away.

  339. I wish I were better at sending cards! I guess the only thing stopping me is… me!

  340. a praying for you note from my boss years ago when I was going through a rough time and I didn’t even know that he knew…

  341. best just because cards I ever received were during the time my husband and I were newlyweds. he “carded me” all of the time that first year…I’d find a card in the utensil drawer, under the coffee, on the bathroom counter, my makeup bag…always a surprise and always filled me with so much love when they were surprises like that. There aren’t many times when you smile when you’re alone….but reading a just because card is def one of those times. I still have all of my just because cards :)

  342. modern technology is grand, but i don’t think it can ever make up for tangible communication~ there’s something so tender about a hand written note that a computer screen just can’t give you. ~

    my favorite “card” was a ripped off edge of a church bulletin where my mom had jotted down a, “i’m so proud of you, don’t you let the critics bring you down…” kind of thing during a rough period in my life. it wasn’t long, it wasn’t elaborate. but it said what i needed to hear – that she cared!

    that, to me, is the most precious thing of all about taking the time to write something to someone.. it says to them, “i notice you over there. you’re not doing this alone.” and man!! that kind of energy can make a million unicorns fly~! :)

    super cool what Hallmarks doing! if Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back… we can bring cards back, eh? :) super cool they chose you too. good pick!!

  343. 13 years ago I was dumped by a boyfriend I loved and I hadn’t seen it coming at all. I felt like I was grieving. Through the mail I received a hand written card from my girlfriend Cathy. She told me it was his loss because I was…and went on to write a list of all the things that made me someone he would regret leaving! I’m telling you, I read and re-read that card a million times. It totally lifted my spirits and made me strong. When the ex came grovelling back I told him thanks but no thanks and I have never looked back! Just thinking about that card makes me smile, in fact Cathy and I now have a ocean between us and for the most part, we have lost contact other than a facebook message once in a blue moon. I am totally going to send her a handwritten card to tell her I miss her and our friendship.

  344. I’ve been sending ‘just because’ cards a lot lately. I agree that you said simple act of licking that envelope and sending it out is SOOO much fun and so rewarding!

    The best just because card I ever received was from a dear friend with a simple quote on it that I keep on my fridge. I love looking at it almost daily!

  345. I always wish I could get a personal response from you, but I guess I don’t need that because your blogposts are BEAUTIFUL and speak right to me. Cannot thank you enough for sharing. God Bless!

  346. I have a very special friend who sends “just because” cards all the time! She is fabulous and I way I was more like her. This is a fabulous idea and I will surely send out more cards “just because” I love my friends and family. :-)

  347. My best friend is great for sending just because cards. The most memorable was a card with the creepiest clown on the front (we are both petrified of clowns). It was so creepy I had to bend the card inside out so that I could display it without getting chills every time I walked by it!

  348. Beautiful post, as always. I am definitely a card person. This Mother’s Day my grandmother gave me a card that had such a sweet message, I will be keeping it forever.

  349. I have fallen in love this idea! Surprising people with a simple card make my heart smile. My most memorable card I received was from a teacher from grade school, who we still keep in touch. I am 31 & she is in her 70s. She randomly expressed how she always knew we had a connection even when I was in 5th grade. She ended the most memorable card just simply saying “I love you.”

  350. My most memorable card…was from a friend of mine… And it was a crappy time in my life…had just lost baby #2… And the card said, “Sometimes life sucks” on the front. And the inside said, “But ya know what doesn’t suck…you.” I loved it. Cause it reminded me that the sun will come up. I will still be Mary. Life will go on. And it did. And just 5 years later, here I sit…momma of 2 beautiful littles… Sometimes life does suck. But sometimes it doesn’t! :)

  351. I love, love, love giving cards! I send cards so much that it has now become important for my “almost” 6-year old son to do the same! He makes his own and puts them in the mail slot in our door for Jack, our mailman, to deliver them. The last card I received was from a dear friend, it was hidden inside my handbag for me to find later…still look at it occasionally! A guaranteed smile.

  352. My favorite “just because” came from my sister. She’s 6 years older than me so we were always separated by years but have become much closer as we’ve grown older. In her card she told me she loves me and she is proud of me. That’s all it needed to say!

  353. the card hubs gave me before our little bean was born last oct. makes me cry and smile at the same time.

  354. My most memorable card would be from my Mamaw (grandmother) – it never fails – an unexpected card just shows up when I need it most to tell me she loves me, that she misses me and about the weather. They never fail to make me smile and appreciate her even more!!

  355. My husband and I used to write “love notes” to each other every night of college. I cherish those sweet nothings . . .

  356. I agree! Hallmark is great, & I love making cards from Shutterfly too – my grandparents love getting cards with my son’s picture on them :)

  357. I was going away for my first summer without any family. As I got comfortable on my plane, I reached in to get my walkman. My mom and dad had both put a card in my bag to read on my way to my new adventure. By far 2 of my most favorite cards.

  358. I was going away for my first summer without any family. As I got comfortable on my plane, I reached in to get my walkman. My mom and dad had both put a card in my bag to read on my way to my new adventure. By far 2 of my most favorite cards.

  359. I like fun stamps. I had a coworker ask why I cared and tried to get fun stamps and I said maybe because it makes someone smile, sort of like your dad drawing on the envelopes.

  360. While I can’t recall a particular ‘just because’ card, I know my BFF has dropped the random ones on me with perfect timing during rough times and that I do revisit and reread. But, the best feeling ever was finding a rubber banded collection of all the thank you cards and just because cards that I sent my grandma from college in her things after she passed away. She knew I loved her and she cherished my words and the effort to express them. That rubberbanded bunch brought me more comfort than anything else could have!

  361. my favourite card was from my best friend on one of those “just because” occasions reminding me how much she loved me and what i meant to her. that very card was taped to my wall by my bed when i moved across the continent to college for a re-read when times felt disconnected and tough. sometimes i cried, sometimes i smiled. it reminded me of this one thing: love never fails.

  362. My card was one that my old volleyball coach gave me (in 9th grade!!) I was having a bad week and she gave me a can of coke with a not attached that said “Have a Coke and a smile” with a big yellow smiley face sticker. It was so sweet that she thought enough of me to try to help me feel better.

    And I’m with you on the meaningless birthday cards- I often forget too!

  363. What a great idea, I love it!! I am such a card person. One of my best girl friends sent me a random card to say that she loved me and was thinking about me….greatness!

  364. The last “just because” card I got was from my mom…2 weeks before she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. It is a card I reread often, as I watch her life slowly fold its arms to a close.

    I agree completely with that quote at the end of this post… If she had said that stuff over the phone, I’d have to rely on my memory years from now. But since it’s in a card…I’ll always have her words with me, even when she can’t be.

  365. My dad once sent me a blank-inside card with a picture of a giant jackrabbit on the outside. He didn’t write anything – just sent me a blank card. I literally laughed until i cried (and still do when i think about it…). Who sends their daughter a blank card with a jackrabbit on it?? Several years later, my mom pulled that card out of my dad’s shirt pocket, just before they “gave me away” on my wedding day. She didn’t want me to cry on the happiest day of my life. It worked. I grinned like an idiot all the way to my groom.

  366. I’ve been quietly stalking your blog for months now. You’ve inspired me to be a better mommy and to really enjoy these moments because they won’t last forever. I’m a huge fan of sending cards…but lately, have been cutting them out of our budget…simply because of money issues. I would love to win the pack of cards to send a just because card to some deserving people in my life! Thanks for your inspiration!

  367. It’s not just because card but we my husband and I got married, one of the groomsmen (who is a very quiet, introvert) gave us a heart felt card telling us how much he loved us both and how he always knew we were perfect for each other. It was a complete surprise to read those words and I still cherish that card….seven years later!

  368. My most memorable card came from my dad — who is NOT somone who sends cards. I don’t recall the pre-printed sentiment on the card, but I remember my dad’s handwriting. I’d never received anyting he’d written in, and in this card he wrote to tell me how proud he was of me as a mother.

    When I’m having a rough day, when my two little ones have me at the end of my rope and I feel I’m failing as a momma — I remember that card.

  369. I lOVE that you’re doing this. I agree that “‘just because” cards mean the most! I love killing time in the cards section of stores or in the Hallmark store, picking out a handful of “just because” cards. Not knowing who I’ll send them to just yet, or maybe one will remind me of someone in particular. It’s all exciting to me. I have a friend who’s also good at sending the “just because” cards and she always leaves fun memories we’ve shared. They make my day!

  370. A card from my (now) husband that said 246 days… I can’t wait to marry you.

    Adorable. It’s still sitting on my desk and we’ve been married 9 months.

  371. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.

    I remember one time my mum sent a note in my backpack that said, “I love you even if you don’t get an A today”

    I had an exam that day…I was in university. I needed it a lot and didn’t even know it. :)

  372. my mom has always been huge on cards…and I have picked up that trait. my favourite was from my had quite a funny (yet not quite appropiate pic on the front) he had added word bubbles to fit the situation we were going through at the time. I had myself a huge belly laugh, tears and all and it made it all ok.

  373. I JUST started a card project in my home! I found a site that has cards made with the big lines for those learning to write. They are ADORABLE and really lets my 3 year old express herself too. We have so enjoyed just sending random cards and letters. When you lose your way in the fog of life a little soul can show you so much and shine that light on what is so important. I wish letter writing were still important. It is such a heartfelt gift. I love it! :)

  374. One of my favorite “just because” cards was written by my roommate in college … on a brown tri-fold paper towel (like the kind stacked in the metal dispensers). It basically told me how awesome I was and how she’d missed me over the weekend. The P.S. was that our suitemates had attracted ants in the bathroom.

    What an awesome combo message!

    I have several great friends who are big card senders … mostly for occasions, but sometimes out of the blue. And it’s always like finding the prize in the Cracker Jack box (which are so less exciting now than when we were kids) among the stack of bills and credit card offers.

    I used to be much better at sending random cards, especially when I was in college and when my sweetheart (now husband) lived 700 miles away.

    I should find more time to send cards. I have a box of them in my craft closet.

  375. Ohhh, I love mail, I love cards, so I am totally in love with this whole idea! My most memorable card would be one that is still tucked in my Bible. From my husband…he wrote of how he loved the ‘simple’ things we do together… I still love to pull that card out and read it!

  376. i love getting sweet cards! my mom sends me random cards and they just make my day. i’ve gotten some really sweet, tear-jerker kinds and i keep them all in a keepsake box. love looking back through them.

  377. First I wanted to let you know how much you inspire me everyday. My husband and I had our first baby last December and we found out at birth that he was blessed with Down syndrome. It was then that I stumbled across your blog and it has helped me get through the hard feelings that I was experiencing not only being a first time mom but also being the mother of a very special boy. I went through some really rough post partum depression. One day I randomly received a card from my aunt who lives in a different town and I do not see very often. She said that she had been thinking about me and wanted to let me know how much she loved me and how great she thinks I am. My husband and I were struggling with money at the time, and she put in an extra treat for me to get my nails done, one of my favorite things. I was so touched and was very grateful that someone was willing to reach out and let me know they were thinking of me.

  378. I recently went through a mini mid-life crisis and realized that I am the only person tha can change my life and be who I want to be. I have had it rough my entire life (as far as being accepted and loved by family and peers). I recently did a favor for one of the volleyball girls that I coach and unexpectedly received a “thank you” in the mail. It read…. “Oh baby what to say and how to express my thank you to you for everything you do and have done. You are the funniest and most unselfish person I know. Thanks for being you! I love you.” I literally felt a warming in my heart and a tear in my eye because NOBODY has ever said something like this to me. It was genuine, heartfelt and unexpected. I look at it when I have a bad day and know that there are people who like having me around.

    Thank you Kelle for your honesty and inspirations. At the end of the day I know I will find something awesome in your blog!

  379. I can recieved a lot of “just because” cards myself, but I love to send them. I love imagining the smile on the recipients face when they read it. :)

  380. my best friend of 16 years just sent me a photo she had found from our sophomore year…just because…. and it totally made my day and reminded me of a fabulous friendship that has remained tried and true through all of our geographical distances.

  381. I remember giving my best friend a “Congratulations on growing out your bangs” card. It actually said that on the card. It’s a long process and needed to be celebrated!

  382. The best “just because” card I ever got came 2 days ago when my 16-month-old nephew sent me a coloring book page of Elmo. He had attempted to do his brilliant artistic technique outside the lines.

  383. Woohoo! I love letters, real ones!! And i always decorate the outside of envelopes too- sometimes i spend longer on that than the inside :) My best “just because” card probably came from my husband…he sends me love letters when he’s on the road…so sweet.

  384. I love snail mail. My friends joke with me because I have the best intentions that I never follow through. I write so many cards but only half of them get sent! I’m going to take this challenge!!

  385. I love, love making cards and have shlepped oxes of card making supplies (no scrapbooking for me- mostly fun colors from magazines or a piece of ribbons, quote I want to use, etc.)across the country two times. One of the best cards I’ve received was from one of my friends who is just ahead of me in life and is a great Mama. WHen I was newly pregnant with #2 & having a lot of big feelings about it (when #1 was only 6 mos old and we lived in a studio apt w/an 85lb lab) it made me feel like all of my feelings- even the ones I didn’t want to admit were ok. Love her and love cards!

  386. I used to work at Hallmark when I was a starving student and relished reading all the just because cards. I often send them (Hey I really stocked up on them) getting snail mail is simply the best, when you look through the bills and tucked away you find a card you weren’t expecting it rocks. My mom recently sent me one because she had gone to a girls camp that all of her girls attended. It reminded me that I am loved and that a mothers memory is good at hiding what horrible teenagers we once were. I have always felt like her least fave because I gave her such a hard time growing up. But after reading that card I was assured I had a special place in her heart just like my 3 other sisters.

  387. What a fun post! I am a believer in good ol’ snail mail, and send cards like that often! With all the crap we get in the mail these days, its so uplifting to get some fun mail too! Not too long ago, my Mom sent me a just because card, and in it she tucked a piece of my baby blanket that she had come across while cleaning. That sure warmed my heart and made me smile!

  388. I am so fortunate that my three closest childhood friends, from MICHIGAN :) still send random “just because” cards. Recently, I received one from my friend Kate. She knew I was having a hard time, that I needed a smile, a confidence boost, reassurance as a woman of who I am, and a good laugh! What a suprise when I opened my mailbox! I am blessed with wonderful friends!

  389. I just gotta say that I feel sometimes like I’m the cornerstone of Hallmark’s business… I’m a card fanatic. I am one of those people who buy cards when I see them, because they fit the person or occasion – even if the occasion is 11 months in the future. I’ve got three Father’s day cards just waiting for future Father’s days. I have to agree though, nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like receiving a car in the mail ‘just cause’. I’m a big proponent of that. My family has criticized me for sending out birth announcements and the like via the mail when I could just send an email. I adamantly refuse. It takes me hours but it’s soooo worth it. Thanks for sharing Kelle!

  390. I love “just because” cards! I was a counselor at a summer camp when I was in high school, and one of my campers used to write me for a couple of years after she was in my cabin. Then the letters stopped. One day, years later, I came home to see a card from Shannon in the mailbox. I teared up thinking about the fact that this sweet little girl (who was in 3rd grade when I had her as a camper and is now preparing to enter high school) still thought of me. You’d better believe I dropped all of my plans to pen a letter right back!

  391. Once upon a time I used to spend ages looking at and carefully chosing cards for friends and family.
    These days I have four young children and there is much less time, however I do love getting a card in the mail.
    My favourites are the hand written ones my gorgeous children write that simply say “I love you Mamma.”

  392. I love this post… because I love cards!!! I have a card on my fridge from one of my best girlfriends sent to me about a year ago. I was having a really difficult time with jobs, economy, blah blah blah!!! She sent me a card that showed me that those things didn’t matter. Family, friends, love, and the journey of it all is what matters. It sits on my fridge to this day. I’ve thought about putting it away as my fridge is so crowded with stick figure drawing like yours, but I just like it being there!

  393. My daughter is 6 and writes me notes with pictures of us together wearing matching shoes and dresses with puffy sleeves. They say I love you with and without words.

  394. My FIL is the big just because letter/card writer. He sent me a card one day just to say I’m doing a good job with my kids. Made me smile on a rough day :)

  395. The best card I ever got, and still have tucked away in an old holiday popcorn can was from my dad. I was 15 about to become a citizen of the United States and he was in the ICU on a venthilator. He wrote two lines, “everything will be fine, I love you. Love, Dad” I don’t look at it very often now that he’s gone but the love I feel just from those two lines is powerful.

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  397. I bought a pack of 10 cute Thank You cards at a while back, just because ” everyone must have Thank You cards on hand”. I’ve not sent one yet and they have sat on my desk unopened for months! Your post today has me cracking open the new package and writing my first Thank You card to my mom, who’s thousands of miles away…to thank her for being her and to tell her I love her…just because.
    Thanks Kelle, again for such perfect words.
    Jenn- Victoria BC

  398. The card or cards that mean the most to me are the ones that I find buried in my cedar chest from my now deceased Aunt Zan…she was the most amazing person…and she died at 44 in a car accident on the way to work. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders and I miss her….but it seems that her cards that she gave me over the years seem to find their way to the surface just when I need them the most=)

  399. I love this! I love snail mail and writing cards and sending them and receiving them!!!

    My most memorable “just because” card was recently received. One of my former (and very dear and wonderful) bosses sent me a card in the mail this past winter. She had read our blog announcing our plans to adopt a baby. It wasn’t long or wordy, but it shared that she had been adopted and was forever grateful and changed by her mama and daddy (both who have passed away) and wanted to share her story with me sometime. She also enclosed a donation to help cover the cost of the adoption. Wow. I haven’t worked for her in over 4 years. That felt amazing.

  400. My abuelo (grandfather) was the king of “just because” cards – he used to type them on his old fashioned typewriter and send them to his four grandchildren any chance he had. He would share recipes, stories about our family leaving Cuba to come to Texas, coworkers, and ideas. I loved getting his letters all of the time and he even wrote to me when I studied abroad.

    He died five years ago and everyone in our family has decided to extend his legacy of great communication and warm fuzzies. All of his grandchildren and even his daughter in law have mastered the art of sending texts, picking up the phone, and popping things in the mail when we are thinking about each other and those we love. What a special man and great habit to get into!

  401. It was a card from my very dearest friend to my daughter, she’s only 2 so mommy helped her open and read it…it was a poopie in the potty card with a chocolate cake on the front with even darker chocolate writing that said poopie in the potty. It not only made my daughter laugh and dance around, but it just made me smile and think I have the bestest friends ever. They love me and the celebrate the little moments with me.

  402. I’m going to be a better card sender. Your blog always inspires me to be a better me! Thank you for the words that always touch my heart.

    My favorite “just because” card was from a friend. In it she just reminded me that she was always there for me, and loved me and that everything would be ok.

  403. What a beautiful thing you did to share those 7 cards, Kelle! Among the most memorable cards I’ve received would be the ones our granddaughters (age 4) made and then mailed to us. I love that our grandchildren are learning the value of writing and sending cards to those they love. Thanks for sharing!

  404. My most memorable card(s) are the ones my husband gives me just because. He finds the card with the perfect words to make me teary. He is a keeper!

  405. I am not sure I’d call it a “just because card”…however, it was so unlike my dad to get me a valentines day card, that he likely got it just beacuse he saw it in the store and wanted to – not because he went there looking for a card. It’s a blank card with classic dorthy walking down the yellow brick road hand in hand with the good witch…inside he wrote, “Will you follow the yellow brick road…as my Valentine? Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Dad.” My dad died very unexpectedly about 6 weeks ago…when going through things at my parents I found the stack of cards from when I was born that my parents had saved…and for some reason this random card from years later was sitting on top. I didn’t remember it, until I opened it. My heart skipped a beat. It should have been lost forever – but insted there it was, just waiting to remind me how much he really did love me. BEST CARD EVER.

  406. dear Kelle,

    First of all, I am shamelessly in love with your blog. Its my guilty pleasure at the end of the day when my husband’s asleep and I’m not quite ready to give up to the night. Second…every once in awhile, I am inspired and send off droves of “just because” cards. thanks for inspiring another wave of this :) I can’t think of a time when I received a card just for the heck of it…but my mom used to write secret messages on my napkins when she made my lunch, usually when I had woken up cranky or was nervous about something at school that day ie test or presentation…does this count?

  407. When I was studying abroad in Costa Rica I was having the time of my life but I missed my friends terribly. The highlight of my week was without question the “just because” cards or letters I received from my college roommate. I loved hearing what was going on back home and it made me feel like the physical distance between us was a wee bit closer.

  408. My favorite ‘just because’ card, which really did have a ‘because’, was given to me 8 years ago by my then-roommate, and oldest friend, on the day that I was to have gotten married.

    The engagement had been broken off two months earlier but this friend knew that waking up on that day was going to be tough. Her words were a major encouragement and source of joy on an otherwise cruddy day.

    It was an honor to have her standing there with me this January when I married the love of my life and I told her so in a card.

  409. I was having a really crappy day my first year in college. I was away from home and everything familiar. When I went to my mailbox after class one day, there was a card from my momma. Without even opening it, I knew it contained comfort, happiness, and best of all, love. It made my day! <3

  410. I recieved a card from my pastor’s wife, and dearest friend, after I had helped her win a chef party, and it just melted my heart with all of the beautiful things she said… She told me that she knew that she could count on me to help her thru an event that meant so much to her, and that asking me at the last minute she still knew that I would make her proud!!!! The card meant so much to me I guess because I also was going thru a hard time,and her kinds words really lifted me up, and she had also included a gift card for a manicure and pedicure, that I can not wait to use!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  411. It was from my then bf now husband. He left me a note to find after he left for a trip without me. It made me laugh and cry all at the same time :)

  412. This is the 2nd time this week I’ve read a post suggesting the sending of cards just because. I wanted to run with it after the first one, and now I’ll definitely have to do it. Just have to find snail mail addresses…

    My mom is absolutely the best at just because cards. They are beautiful and simple and the words are powerful and perfectly timed. I’ve been the lucky recipient of many.

  413. I LOVE giving cards…just because! I cleaned out a box of cards this summer, and found one I sent to my dad, just because. Inside I wrote, “I love you for just being you…it makes the moments with you hard and easy…but in the end, I LOVE YOU!” My dad passed away a year later… having those memories!!!!!!!

  414. i do this all the time!!

    last august, my friend sent me a the best “just because” card. it was right before i began student teaching and my friend wrote such a wonderful card that both calmed my nerves and celebrated such an exciting time!

  415. My most memorable card was a home made card received multiple times from my university roomie. I gave it to her to help mend a broken heart, and we passed it back and forth a few times to brighten each others days and spirits in times it was needed.

  416. Great idea.

    While I can’t remember ever receiving a “just because” card (sheds a tear), I do remember sending them.

    While away at University, I used to write my grandmother every week to tell her what was going on and that I loved her.

    Just because.

  417. What a great idea! My daughter reminds me often that I need to send everyday cards to those I love when she makes me cards/pictures just because she loves me. She makes me feel so loved, why wouldn’t I want to pass that along!!??

  418. My Grandmother used to stash a card for everyday I was away at summer camp in my bag for me. It was the best thing knowing that I’d find a card stuck in a shoe for Monday, and one wrapped in a t-shirt for Tuesday and so on. They never said much but they didn’t need to. Simply “Make a memory” or “I love you” said it all.

  419. A dear friend once game me a stack of little envelopes tied together with a bow that I was to open only when I needed a smile. Each one had characteristics of mine that she thought were special and let me know that. One also simply said, “I love you, every day.” Each one brought a smile to my face and sometimes I reopen them.
    I love being carded, and I am going to start today!
    P.S. I love your blog!!!!!

  420. as much as i LOVE this post i thought maybe you were gonna announce you were pregnant again :)

  421. i had a good friend names heather- she ALWAYS sent cards for NO reason- in fact he alst year of her life she sent a car EVERY DAY- I HAD FORGOETTN about that and that for a while after she passed away i took it up to send cards- must do that agaon- ok this week I will!!! thanks for the reminder kelle!!

  422. Most memorable card by far was my sister in law….I was 19 and had gone to live with my oldest brother and his wife and kids in Colorado for a few months. I lived in Florida with our parents and had a boyfriend they didn’t like,possibly my Dad had caught us having sex and that’s why I went. :) I had a 3 year old nephew and a 4 month old nephew at the time, ended up staying for 6 months and loved it. Loved being able to spend so much time with all of them, my brother went away to college when I was 8 so he wasn’t around a whole lot growing up. The day I flew home she handed me a card and said don’t read it till you’re on the plane. I of course read it in the security line and had to get out of line and go to the bathroom. She told me how much she appreciated me being there and how much it meant to truly have someone she trusted her babies with. How much she enjoyed seeing my brother and I truly form a relationship and how much she would miss me…. I cried like a baby in that airport bathroom. Love it and love the “just because” cards. They mean the most.

  423. The best just because card I ever recived was from my bestfriend Danie, just two months ago. We were driving along in her car when she asked me to get something out of the glove compartment for her. When I opened it I noticed an envelope with my name scrawled across. Her face heated up when she told me she had bought it like a year ago and must have forgotten all about it. I opened the card and all that was written inside was: “Thanks for being the one who listens to me and thank you for filling my days with laughter. I love you.” I was so touched, because it was so simple and yet so loving. I still have that card in my treasure box.

    I love “just because” cards, they let those you love the most know you are thinking of them for no other reason than just because.

  424. I’m a card keeper. I love them all and have them safely stored away in a shoebox. I think my very favorite care was from my husband. He lived in DC and I lived in Washington state. Right after I left him in DC after a two week visit he sent me a card he bought, and wrote in right after I left. He happened to be at an Applebee’s when he wrote in it. It was all in crayon. Including a drawing of me trying to stow away in one of his

  425. Although this card was for a holiday, when I found the card it wasn’t on the holiday. It wasn’t on a holiday because my Mom passed away before she could ever give it to me. It was unsigned, but it was for me, her daughter on Valentine’s Day.

    It spoke of how she would always be there for me, feel proud of me, would cry when I was sad and who would be cheering me on when I succeeded. How she would always be by my side….reading those words months after she passed was as if she had sent this card to me from Heaven, because you know, she was with me that day and still is. She was able to tell me she loved me long after she was gone…

    I’m going to write one of these cards for my girl, put it aside and hope that she finds it one day long after I am gone to let her know how much I still love her

  426. The mom of a patient of mine that passed away from a cardiac problem sent me the sweetest card after her funeral. I’ve worked in this office for 11 years and met them when her little girl was born. She had a severe cardiac problem and many other health problems. I became good friends with the mom and always helped her and everytime her little girl was hospitalized I sat with mom while no one from her family showed up. Unfortunately this year her little girl now 10 years old lost her battle and once again I sat by moms side at the hospital as she was given terrible news one after the other, me already knowing but not able to tell mom. But I sat there and hugged and cried and listened to her. I was at the funeral, quietly in the back and held mom tightly after and just like that all the pain her little girl endured all those years we’re gone. Mom sent me the most beautiful card after just to thank me for loving her daughter and her as if they we’re my family. I miss her.

  427. I don’t know if I have ever received a “just because” card. Don’t think I have.

  428. I am so excited you are doing this with Hallmark! I love the snail mail, and personally believe it is the more preferable form of mail…because who doesn’t want a bright colored, happy envelope in the midst of the mundane!?

    I think my favorite “just because” card is a toss up. #1: My first semester of graduate school, I made a new friend who turns out is one of the most delightful people I know and she wrote me a love note…just because.
    #2: The first time my boyfriend saw me teach Zumba he left me a note scribbled on a napkin (that counts, right?) with only three words. “Sexy. Extremely sexy.” Now who doesn’t love that!!?

    Happy Wednesday to you! Thanks for always making me smile.

  429. My Husband came home one day with a card for no reason. And I loved it!!

  430. Oh the power of a handwritten “hello”! With all of today’s crazy technological gadgets, getting personal seems a thing of the past. It’s such a wonderful treat to find my name printed on something other than a bill or a credit card application scam!

    I am SO up for this challenge!

    As always Kelle, THANK YOU for sharing your world with us! I am truly inspired by your talents, creativity and love for life!

  431. What a great idea, I’ve been meaning to do things like this. To make more of an effort to let people know how awesome I think they are. I think the best ‘just because’ card or note was within our first year of marriage, we were really tight on money as I was still in school. We got a bundle wrapped in a simple college-ruled piece of notebook paper. It said very simply “The Lord laid it on my heart to give this to you. You are loved.” And signed, “A brother in Christ.” The little bundle contained $360. Just like that, out of the blue, it was incredible. We still don’t know who sent it, but I still think of that on days when I feel down and anxious about things. I hope to bless someone in that way, as much as we were blessed by receiving that little note, because it was more the words and the gesture than the actual money that really blessed us.

    from black currant thoughts.

  432. I just lived a year abroad and the best just because card was simple. Just an I’m thinking of you along with a box of Velvetta and Peter Pan. Nothing says love like that :)

    This is an amazing challenge!


  433. The best just because card I ever recieved was my freshman year in college during finals week from an amazing friend who knew I was stressing about exams. She slipped it under my door to my dorm one night, wishing me luck that morning and sending love my way.

  434. My sister is great at the “Just Because” cards. She once sent me a card that said she thinks I’m a great mum to my kids. And I always look forward to cards from Mum & Dad, as Dad writes all over the envelopes with little bits of info relating especially to me, like numbers or funny sayings or pictures. It makes me feel special.

  435. One year during Lent, I wrote a card every day instead of giving something up. I sent notes to former teachers, friends and family members. It was a bit difficult coming up with 40 people. So, I love the idea of a 7 day challenge! :)

  436. Kelle-
    What a great challenge! My best “just beacause” card came from my mom my freshman year of college during my first go ’round with the dreaded finals week. The card simply said, ” You know that giddy, excited feeling you get when you hear the music of the ice cream truck? Well, I hope you have that kind of day.”

    I was exactly what I needed. Cheers to making each moment count.

  437. My father taught me the art of writing letters and how much a random letter can brighten your day.

    When I was younger I went to summer camp every year. He would write me a letter every day. When I moved away from home he would write me a letter every week and I would write back.

    I knew how much finding a letter in my mail box ment to me, seeing the familiar writing instead of bills and junk. I started writing my friends randomly out of the blue, loving every email or text I would recieve thanking me for the thoughtfulness.

    Last year, my father was in a terrible accident and passed away. I stopped writing for a while… One day, when I was lamenting that I would probably never get a letter again, I opened my mail box and found a letter from a high school friend. It ment the world to me.

    Now, I am trying to resume my letters with my friends. It is hard and not always constant, but it is still there. (In fact, I wrote 4 post cards yesterday! They are sitting in my desk at work, but they will go out this weekend!)

  438. What a great post! In this day of email and texting, I am still a card sender. Maybe not seven at once, but that’s my challenge for the week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  439. My aunt sent me a card when I made a big decision in my life with my 2 year old telling me what a strong, brave woman I was to do what I was doing. It meant so much to me!!!

  440. love it. i really believe that some people are gifted in this area…knowing when people need an extra smile or hug thru the mail. i send a lot, and don’t get a lot, but when i do, are they ever special.

    most memorable recently was just a you rock as a mom card…you know…just a huge encouragement i needed at the time, that someone is noticing the effort i put into being a mommy. :)

    you rock kelle.

  441. My favorite “just because” card was from my mom in my lunchbox in second grade. It was rainbow-y and sparkly and made me feel oh-so-loved.

  442. A few years ago I was suffering from sciatica and couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time, and it lasted for months. I had a toddler and a new baby. A girl friend of mine half way across the country and her Bible Study group sent me a card o tell me that they were praying for me. It has been treasured.

  443. This is such a wonderful idea. I will be getting some cards, or maybe simple written letters out this week.

    Its sad what social networks, we have lost that personal touch in our lives!

  444. My friend and I (many years ago) at different colleges would send “just because” cards to each other. They also seemed to hit my mailbox at just the right time. That is what is so special about friendship…it is like the other person “just knows.” I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!


  445. I love cards and think it’s becoming a lost art of sorts. I sent 2 this week, one get well and one just because. It did make me feel good and I think made them feel good too! A couple years ago my dear childhood friend sent me a funny card about being a mom and how crazy it can be, thankful that we have friends to get us up and out every once in a while. It made me smile and know that I wasn’t forgotten while going through a tough time in my life. I love those kinds of things, just because.

  446. This sounds like a fun challenge. I am the worst at sending cards, I always want to send birthday, christmas, and all occassion cards, but I forget. I think I will try this challenge out, there are a few people I should tell that I love them.

    I actually don’t recall ever getting a card just because, I did get a piece of paper from my husband left in my backpack when I was in college. When I returned to school I was getting ready to do my work and opened my notebook to 3 simple words from him. It was a long distance relationship at the time so him writing I love you meant so much to me.

  447. I miss snail mail and a good old fashioned letter. I was the queen letter writer as a kid. I still love to write real notes….when I got married last September I was actually really excited to write our thank you notes. I love to do that sort of thing!

    My favorite “just because” card is really a card for an occasion. My husband and I are expecting our first baby (any day now, actually) and for mother’s day he found the perfect card that said all the right things and means the world to me (especially because as a general rule, he’s not a card giver). As a first time mom, I have all of those fears about whether or not I’ll be a good mother, the “what ifs”, etc. and the sentiment in the card was so totally perfect and calmed my fears, and what he wrote just touched my heart so deeply that I started to cry in the restaurant when I read it. It’s my favorite all time card.

  448. I keep special “just because” notes & letters in my bedside table drawers… I hoard them like they’re money or something! To me, they’re better. My favorite one-s(because I can’t narrow them down!) are the special ones my husband writes on sticky notes or the backs of checking deposit slips. They’re the ones I find hidden in my purse or under my pillow. The ones that say the simplest words that are just what I need at the moment. The funniest was probably a scribbled “I’ll miss you” on our bathroom mirror, written with none other than my deodorant!

  449. This post made me smile…I have been a card sending/giving lady all my life…just ask my kids! There is nothing like a card in the mail, hand written, hand picked, special stamps, with drawings on the envelopes…yup!

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps…also NOTHING like a mail sent thank you note, even just to say, “thank you for you”

  450. My grandma sends me the best “just because” cards. The best one had a picture of two children in black and white on the front, on the inside she told me how her and my grandfather first met! She also included a quote he wrote in her yearbook. She sent me love and family history! It’s stashed away in my memory box :)

  451. I send Just because cards a lot. I was very sick three years ago and spent a lot of time in the hospital. I received a lot of yards in the six months I spent getting better and many of them were thinking of you cards and that act in itself was very humbling. To know that so many people were thinking about me, gosh it still brings tears to my eyes.

  452. The card from Ben, from when we first started dating, is tucked away in a vintage bag in my closet. It was a funny, witty, charming love note that rambled across both sides and the back. It was one of those moments before we both professed our love, but it made me glow and know that loving him is what I really wanted to do.

    Also, I received a birthday card from my mom’s best friend on my first birthday after Mom died; it’s the first birthday that regardless of age you feel like an orphan. And it was a simple nudge from another mom in my life to tell me that I was loved. What a wonderful hug that I so needed. Sigh.

    Great challenge.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  453. I love sending and giving “just becuase” cards. I have always been a “card snob” and for every occasion, MUST pick the PERFECT card… even if that means sitting in the card aisle for an hour. :)

  454. The sympathy cards I received after my father died. I never knew so many people cared. He was 53 and left behind 6 children. I was 25 at the time and those cards helped heal a broken heart.

    Read the Hallmark story sometime. They really should make a movie on the story behind Hallmark. Great company, great product, great story.

  455. My gramma is 90 and for years would send “just because” cards to me. I have every single one she has sent. Now since she is getting older, the cards are fewer and her handwriting is shaky at times, but they are precious to me.

  456. When my husband and I first started dating, we would leave each other little notes/cards for each other to find. It was so nice finding a simple I love you on a tgorn scrap of paper; it really made my day. My husband still has some of our collection of little notes and he likes to look back on them occasionally.

  457. Handwritten letters and cards are so important! We forget that.

    My absolute favorite “just because” surprise was the day my sister sent me a tiara in the mail. The card with it had two women wearing tiaras on the front, and inside she’d written “because you needed it.” She was completely right! I DID need a tiara! I wear it when I do the laundry. :)

  458. What a great idea! Cards always make you smile ;o) Heck any mail that isn’t a bill helps me smile!

  459. My Christmas tree really is decorated in Hallmark onaments! My mother started collecting them for us when we were kids, and it was always a race to see who could get one of theirs on first. Now that we are adults with our own trees, she has given our collections to us (and continues to add to the collection every year). What I really love is that we have now started a new collection for my daughter who was born last year, so we are passing the tradition on. I know this doesn’t answer your particular question, but my favorite ornament is the one my mother bought my Nana the year I was born, her first grandmother ornament. She passed away years ago, but every year since I have had my first Christmas tree it is always the first one we put on. It makes me smile and is one of the ways I know she is still with us.
    I do have a favorite card too…my first year at college my parents sent me a card, and I still remember the verse inside:
    May your heart be light
    May your dreams take flight
    May happiness hover from morning til night

    We’re obviously dorks for Hallmark. :)

  460. I cherish the handwritten letters I have from my grandmother. Now that she is gone, it’s so special to pull them out and reread her very own words, a little reminder of our time together and how much she meant to me. Plus she had beautiful handwriting!

  461. Just this past week I received a card from my boss. I’m a teacher and I have the privilege of working for an amazing woman. Her faith, her work ethic, and her knowledge are truly inspiring. She’s dealt with some pretty intense parents who are ignorant and cruel with grace and mercy. Now, during the summer months as I love on my baby girl, she’s thinking of me. Sure, she probably sent a card to each staff member but she singled out things about me that were meaningful to her and our staff and kids. She told me that she is daily in “awe” of my instructional practice and how I made “all kids feel a part of our community”. As a crippling people pleaser, I always feel I could be doing so much more, it’s beautiful to have someone recognize you doing well. She made my day, my week, my summer, and made leaving my girl and going back to school seem less horrible. Thanks S, you know who you are! The feeling is mutual, lady!!

  462. The first card I ever received from my son (who was 1 month at the time LOL)…He had no idea he even “signed” it, but it’ll stay close to me always. Best First Mother’s Day Ever.

  463. Wow what a greta idea…
    I just recieved a card from an high school friend who I had not kepy in contact with after graduation and she just sent me card telling me how sorry she was to hear about the death of my brother. It touched me greatly. It also brought back so many memories.

  464. My most favorite Just Because card was given to my by my middle child, not to long ago. It has a cartoon photo of a person with grass on their bare bottom. Inside it as Mucho Grassy Ass and he hand wrote a note that told me that he just wanted to say thank you for being a great mom. *tear* I have it hanging on my bulletin board here at work and I do look at it on really rough days (like today).

    Thanks for another great post!!

  465. I’m pledging to send more cards this year. My most memorable just because card was… well it wasn’t just because I’d broken my toe (the big one) and my sweet Grandpa sent me a card. Totally out of character and totally memorable!

    I’m a bit confused by their site… I think I’d like to see life is the occasion cards up front instead of links out to other sites/pages. Feature some special artists or something!

  466. I love this post, because I DO THIS! I send postcards to my friends, and I send greeting cards to my grandparents, my sisters, and my internet friends that I’ve never met. One of my favorite things to do, when I’ve got a 20 or 30 bucks to spare, is to buy 5 or 6 or 8 cards, sit at my desk and write my messages, address and stamp, and mail the smiles. What a great mission, Hallmark! And they couldn’t have chosen a better blogger to do it:)

  467. I think the best card ever was the one addressed to my 2 year old daughter that arrived in the mail this past week. A giant drawing of a panda made for her “just because” by her big brother who is away for the summer. She was clapping, I was singing we just got a letter a la blues clues…you know the song. You have never seen such a happy girl, or such a proud mama to have such good kids that love eachother so much.

  468. What a great idea! My family and I write letters still, I get one from my mom almost every other week- the most memorable one though, was a hidden letter from my fiance while living in Spain. He sent it with my luggage, and I discovered it once there. The art of correspondence is one that we should continue to embrace!

  469. I’ve gotten a few over the years that I’ve volunteered in our church. Funny, they seem to come just when I’m feeling that my efforts are futile and unappreciated. And I’m reminded that they’re not at all. It’s good to feel loved!

  470. I have an Aunt that is great at sending cards for ‘alternative celebrations’-like we always get a Halloween card, but sometimes just one b/c it reminded her of us.

    My most favorite just because ‘card’ was actually a blank chart page my mom used at work to write me a note about how proud she is of me. I found it in my desk drawer after my parents had helped us move in to our first house. It was simple but so amazing!

  471. What a great challenge…my dad sends the best cards right when you need them. He isn’t great about birthday cards or anniversary cards…that is my mom’s job. He truly sends cards just because! And I love him for it!

  472. This is a fantastic challenge! I love browsing Target’s card aisles! …my husband on the other hand, does not have the same appreciation for card browsing and usually rushes me to another area of the store. This will give me a great excuse to stay a little longer.

    My most memorable just because card came from a good friend of mine while I was studying abroad in England during my senior year of College. My boyfriend and I had just broken up. I was feeling a little depressed and my support system was 3,000 miles away. Then I got her card. I opened it and the front read, Friends don’t let friends date losers. It was just what I needed and made me smile. :)

  473. what a timely post for me…my {10 year younger} niece just married and moved away and we promised each other to be pen pals. i think my first letter to her will be a card. :)
    my favorite unexpected letters were actually from many folks all at once. i was on a women’s retreat and when we got to our rooms, we each had letters from ours husbands, kids, moms & dads and friends. it was quite overwhelming to get so many, so randomly. just because.

  474. For the entirety of my academic career, college and medical school, my mom mailed me a card every single week. I have kept all of them and I love them dearly. Her constant words of encouragement and support were so very much appreciated, and the occasinal $5 for lunch was the best treat ever. Sending cards, writing messages and I love you’s is such a lost art and I applaud you for keeping it going. And remember, it’s better late than never on those birthdays!
    Cheers, Briana!

  475. My grandmother sent me a card two weeks ago after getting home from a family vacation together. She said, “Evelyn, You are such a wonderful granddaughter. I really loved being with you last week at the beach. See you soon. Love, Granny”
    It was the first time she’d written anything for anyone else to read since her stroke last summer… and it was to me. I’ll never let it go.
    And now I’m a blubbering mess all over again… (and I LOVE me some Hallmark)

  476. wow, this entire post brought tears to my eyes. I used to be that person…the one that just sent a card to those special people “just because” and I cannot remember the last time I did that. Life got too busy but thanks for the reminder. I am going to buy some “just because” cards at lunch and make a few people’s day.

  477. A few years ago I was moving away and a friend told me to stop by on my way out of town. She knew we didn’t have much time and met us on the side of the road. She gave me a big hug, handed me an envelope, and drove off. As we pulled away I tore open the envelope, read it, and couldn’t stop crying. She told me how much our friendship had meant to her. It was two pages full of love and it meant the world to me.

  478. My favorite Just Because card was from my grandmother when I was 500 miles away in college. She never wrote letters or cards but for some reason she felt compelled to write one to me on that day. I am forever grateful that she did because that was the last time I ever heard from her. She passed away from cancer that semester I was in school. I still have that special card…all yellowed with the corners turned up but oh so special that card is to me today.

  479. Mine was a “just because” note from my Mom in high school. It said, “Drive carefully. : ) Love, Mom.” My Mom wasn’t a mushy, gushy Mom, so it meant the world to me. I still carry it in my wallet!

  480. I love “just because” cards and actually make some myself. My favorite was from my husband. He sent it to me at work during a paricularly bad week. It was great for two reasons. First, because it made my whole day so much brighter and second, because it was SO out of character for him and made me realize that really he does listen to me, at least occasionally.

  481. In college my Mom and my best friend, Scott, sent “just because” cards ALL THE TIME! Scott and I would send/get 2-3 cards a week from each other. I still have them all. They started on the inside cover and sometimes the stories ran over and had to be finished on the envelope. I’m in Oklahoma and he is in Cali now, gosh I miss those cards. I am gonna start that up again, TODAY!!

    thank you!!!!!

  482. I’m not a huge card giver or getter but after reading this story, you have inspired me! Thank you. I plan on getting some cards to start sending “just because”.

  483. What a great challenge!! My BFF sends me cards at random, and they make me smile every time. Hello, you’re a great friend, I miss you – whatever. Most recently, I helped her paint her new place and she sent a Thank You card. Thanking me for doing my job as a BFF – completely unnecessary!! But it made me feel appreciated and loved. Another friend sends my 20-month old daughter post cards whenever he travels with messages like “keep mom & dad in line,” and I am saving every one because I think it’s adorable!

  484. my sister-in-law (who is really my sister-in-heart because I’m an only child and God knew I MUST HAVE a sister) sent me a card (that sings when you open it) as I was mulling over starting a photography business. Her encouragement means the world to me.

  485. My mom sent me a card “just because” expressing how proud she is that I am her daughter and how much she loves me. It was post college, but nothing I had recently accomplished or was about to embark on triggered her sending it. And yet, I am now 34, a new mom, and in putting some things in my daughter’s hope chest (which is also my hope chest)last weekend, I found that card. I cried many, many happy tears. This is an inspiring movement. Count me in. E

  486. I got a card when I was away for 6 months at Bible School and the whole thing was filled with small writing, so it was more like a letter. I REALLY appreciated that with being away from home for so long.

  487. When I was in college my Dad would send me a letter each and every week and I looked forward to getting the mail every Wednesday (I still have a box of all of those letters). I talked on the phone to my Mom almost every day and she is not a “letter writer”, but she would surprise me with a card every few weeks and it was always just a LOVE card; sweet and simple, just letting me know she loved me . . . and that’s really all it needed to say!

  488. COOL!

  489. I love sending thinking of you cards. I sent my mom flowers for no reason except to say I love you and Miss you a couple weeks ago. She was so surprised it made me smile to know that it made her day!

  490. I can’t recall ever receiving a “just because” card. I loved this post & it’s definitely inspired me to send some cards of my own! :) Thanks Kelle & Hallmark!

  491. I love this. Everyone loves getting mail, and everyone loves to hear that they mean something. I’m in!

    The best “just because” card I ever received was hand made by a friend of mine, thanking me for being there for her through an awful breakup. I hadn’t thought twice about supporting her when she needed me, so was touched by gesture of thanks.

  492. Oh everything you said in this post just spoke to my heart! My best friend taught me the beauty of a card “just because” in my mailbox when I had to move far away from her 20 years ago. Cards have been part of the reason that we’ve stayed best friends even though we can’t pop over to each others houses as often as we’d like to! Life IS SO all about celebrating the little things~ xo

  493. My favorite just because card was from my dear friend Lori. After 17 hours of labor, an emergency C section and then with no sleep, a colicky baby with a husband who works too much, I felt like I was going to break. Diagnosed with post pardum and feeling all alone, she sent me this card that I still read 7 months later when I am having a rotten day. She told me it’s not easy, and life is sometimes hard, but she loves me and she knows I will get thru it and the payoff is my beautiful little girl.

  494. I love the “just because” stuff. I am notorious for seeing something at the store that makes me think of someone and buying it on impulse, just to see them smile. Walking in the house so excited to tell them I got them a prize. 😀

    The most memorable just because card for me was 12 years ago. I was moving from Missouri to Michigan, and I was leaving behind the guy I had been in love with for what felt like my whole life. I packed my things and cried, it was like a movie where when the character pulls away and looks out the back window to see the person they love getting farther and farther away. On our way I went through my bag and found an envelope with my name written on it, he had beautiful handwriting, and inside he had put a card with a dog doing some crazy something. He wrote “Smile beautiful girl, I love you”. I laughed and bawled at the same time.

    The power of “just because” is amazing, I will be sending cards out soon!! Thank you for this post Kelle, it was beautiful!

    Chasing Serenity

  495. Two people I miss dearly always sent letters, cards, and notes just because. My grandma and my daughter’s friend who left us too early last year, Joy. I’ve been reminded twice this week that I need to pick up the slack and start sending that snail mail again just because…I love them.

  496. I have never received a “just because” card before. I have received birthday, congratulations on high school and college graduations and on the birth of my children, Mother’s Day, anniversary cards before but never a “just because”. I have sent them before and it does a body, heart and soul some good to know that you have made someone’s day.

  497. The most memorable card I have ever gotten was from a friend in HIgh School. I was having a really hard time getting along with my parents, and she snail mailed me a card that said ‘I may not be able to stop the rain…but I can bring an umbrella.’ Or something to that effect. I loved knowing that I had a good friend through whatever I was going through!

    I will be sending my cards today!

  498. Am passing this post on to my sister, Julie, who has a blog called “The Letter Writing Revolution”. She is encouraging people to pick their pens again!
    Will totally do this 7 cards in 7 days challenge.
    Oh, my favourite just because card? One my other sister sent with an old-fashioned black and white photo of two very serious ladies with voice bubbles that showed compliments back and forth. Inside it said, “We count on each other for the important things” :)

  499. What a great challenge from Hallmark, and another beautiful blog post from you. My best friend from college and medical school sends me “just because” cards, and they mean so much to me. I never reciprocate, though, until today!

  500. The other day my husband and I had to give a gift to someone and I suggested a nice box of stationary. His reply was: who writes letters anymore? It made me so sad. I wanted to shout that we all should! All this digital texting and email is convenient, but also souless. Everything is deleted. When you write your words out on paper, your heart is contained in those words and can be kept a lifetime.

  501. I got a card from my best friend that said something along the lines of “a friend can pour you a glass of wine, a best friend knows when to hand you the bottle.” what made it funnier is that she doesn’t even drink wine after a horrible high school experience of us locked in a bathroom with a very expensive bottle of red wine and some toilet hugging after a chugging contest. We were young and dumb…. But cards that are sweet and funny and can remind you of high school in one swoop? Pretty awesome.

  502. My best cards come from my Hallmark-loving “sister” in Cape Coral (very near to your home Kelle) and they are just because I love you and we’re so far apart cards. I live in SF Bay Area, which is about as far from Cape
    Coral as one can get and still be contiguous. She and I have been close for thirty years now.

  503. I grew up in a small town. The summer before my junior year of high school, we had….strike that…GOT to move into “town” while my parents built a new house. Me and my little sister rode bikes around town all summer long. We also started hanging out more often with my twin cousins. I had always been a source of entertainment for a slew of younger cousins but my bond with these twins was stronger after that summer in town. When I graduated high school, my aunt, the twins mother, wrote me the nicest note. She thanked me for spending so much time with them and emphasized how much of a positive impact I had been on them. It touched me deeply and as a person embarking on adulthood, confirmed in my heart that all those little things that I did that I dismissed as being normal were actually special and meant something to someone. It was a wonderful message and something that I remember often to this day.

  504. well it had an event, the end of an engagement- but I came home to find a note from my grandma (I lived with them) that said: somewhere out there is someone who will know you as you are and want to share life with you.

    I loved that card, read it often, hoped and prayed for that, and eventually I got it :)

  505. Great post. I love sending and receiving cards “just because”. A year ago, my best friend moved 9 hours away so we randomly send each other cards. She once sent me a card – the front said “give me a call sometime”. THe inside said something to the effect of having to lock herself in the closet to be able to hear me over the screaming kids. I laughed all day about it. So true! Love the card challenge.

  506. I’m gonna go do it right now! Already tearing up just thinking about the smiles that will greet each of those cards. Thanks to you and to hallmark. What a great campaign!!

  507. Thank you for this post! I just put 3 cards in the mail.

    My most memorable was a sticky note that a co-worker put on my desk to encourage me before a big presentation. I attached the note to the inside of my clear phone case so I would see it and remember to smile.

  508. Great post! My aunt is a big Hallmark card sender. I always love to see envelopes in the mail from her. My favorite cards are always from her when she is just thinking about me! Always has a few dollars to buy a root beer! I love to send random cards and think I will work on sending some soon!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  509. My friend Michelle sends me cards all the time. She’s my kindred spirit. She lives too far away…I miss her!

  510. During a dark period of my life, I would randomly get “thinking of you” cards in the mail from friends. Thankfully, they realized what a small act can do! Bright sunshine was delivered with each card… I have them to this day!

  511. My favorite card I got was from a friend in Slovenija. I had the chance of a lifetime to go visit in October and there was a drink that I used to have all the time when I lived there, but I couldn’t find it on my trip in October. In December I got a random package from this Slovene friend that had a small container of this favorite drink that he had bought and mailed to me along with the sweetest note ever. I just stood in my kitchen and bawled over his thoughtfulness and how much it cost for him to buy and mail me that drink b/c he has no money. Thanks for such an incredible give away.

  512. I feel like I can comment now after sending you an email last month. I felt too shy to comment before.

    The best card I ever received, while it was not truly a “just because” card, it was a “get well card” but it was lovingly signed by a whole group of high school students who I thought never gave me a thought other than the 2 months a year I dress them. Several of them even “argued” about who was my favorite. The fact that these darlings not only remembered me, but loved me and were worried about me and my unborn child, touched me more deeply than any other card I’ve ever gotten. I cry every time I find it.

  513. I had just started dating my hubby to be. I was a breakfast waitress at a golf course and worked every day at 6am. He is the furthest thing from a morning person but got up early so he could drive to the course and leave a card under my windshield wiper. It was a pic with a dog jumping on the outside and inside it said “you make me so doggone happy”. I think I fell in love at that moment. 3 years later we were married, now 11 years of marriage and 2 kids later it still makes me smile.

  514. I love this! My dad used to write me letter all the time when I was little. I will never forget one letter. He wrote in it that he had seen someone on tv say that “it means so much more when you take the time to write it down.” That has always stuck with me. It’s not just the card, or the words in the card. If I receieve something like that, I think, someone took the time to think about me, enough to get a card, write in the card, stamp it and mail it. With the technology centered world we live in today, that is really something!

  515. I love this! I’m gonna do this! My most memorable cards were written to me by my dad when I was 11 and had a really hard time with him moving far away. I still have them. :)

  516. My boyfriend is the king of cards. Never misses an event or an opportunity to say “Just because”. Everytime I go on a trip, I always find a sweet “I love you” card tucked away in my bag. Likewise, when he takes a trip, the day after he leaves, there is a ray of sunshine in the mailbox saying “I love you”. Where did he learn that? I’ve got alot to learn and your blogpost today has convinced me I need to “Just Do IT!!!”.

  517. Kelle – my most memorable cards are all the cards I get from my older sister all the time … because I have a big event coming, because I got in a car accident, because I got married, because she misses me, because she saw a card that made her think of me, because cards were on sale and endless other reasons. She is the best and loves me so well!!!!
    PS I love sending cards and I actually wrote a just because card last night to a friend just before I went to bed.

  518. My mom used to sneak cards into my suitcase when I’d go back to college for the semester. The one from my freshman year said, “Be kind, always smile and surround yourself with good people.” I still have that card :)

  519. my mom sent me a card when i went to hawaii for a semester and it arrived before i got there… i already was missing her and nervous for this new adventure. the card definitely hit the spot.

  520. My favorite just because cards are always from my niece. I moved away a little over a ywear ago after being with her almost every day of her little life. It amazes me that she likes to send things in the mail but she will make me cards with candy taped to it or stories she has written with me as the princess and my new husband as my prince. She loves when I call her to tell her I received it and to hear the happiness in her voice makes the whole thing even better. I love that Hallmark is doing this. It just isn’t the ting to do anymore, sending cards. It makes you feel so special and you know someone really thought about you when they were sending it. I am embracing this challenge. I love your blog by the way! Your daughters are beautiful!

  521. my dad is 70 (i’m 23) and he never got into the whole computer thing. he loved to write me letters within cards in college and still does now that i live states away. the best part is that he tries to include the card’s message into the sentence that he’s busy writing on top of. literally the entire white space is covered with his distinct, un-readable print. i love it. they always make me smile :o) thanks kelle for another great, inspiring post!

  522. I am a huge believer in cards and it is usually in my New year’s Resolutions to make sure that I send more…just because.
    One memorable card I got was from my vet’s office after I had to put my beloved kitty down. They sent me a sympathy card and I bawled my eyes out. I know they probably do it for everyone but I really appreciated the sentiment.
    My hubby left me a hidden card in my gym bag when I was going away to play in a volleyball tournament. It was a hand written Roses are Red poem…something about kicking our arch nemesis’ butts. I still have it and I periodically read it to my team for inspiration.
    Triple love cards….have saved every single one that I have ever received in a giant box. For real.

  523. My friend Joy and I used to send cards to each other weekly….we would add notes to the same card and mail them back if we thought they were particularly funny. I sure do miss those days of getting something other than bills in the mailbox!

  524. When I was in high school my best friend sent me flowers with a note that just said how happy he was that we were friends. It made me cry because it was so completely unexpected… we’re still friends to this day! :)

  525. This totally speaks to me. I am a great sender of cards and letters, but lately have fallen out of the habit.

    That’s about to change.


  526. A long, long time ago my dad (the quiet, corporate type) left me a note that said “Amy, I love you. Dad” on lined notebook paper. It was the sweetest thing, but I cherish more even now. This month we celebrate the 10th anniversary of his passing. I think I’m gonna frame it for the occasion.

  527. i love getting cards at college! i check my mailbox everyday just hoping to find a hand written letter, they are so much better than a text or email. i started writing a letter a day to all my friends at diferent univeristies, cause i figure if i loved getting letter so much they must too!

  528. When I was eleven, my older sister was sixteen and we were at war with each other. I mean we fought and fought to the bloody death over everything. She would say awful things like that she hated me or that she wished me dead and I would burst into tears and call her a brat. It was awful. But one day I came home after a softball game, went in my room and sitting on my pillow was a card from her, telling me how sorry she was and how close she wished we could be. Now? We’re planning our weddings together and spending entire days laughing and hugging.

    It’s funny, I just found that card two days ago while cleaning out my closet. It made me cry all over again.

  529. I am a big card-giver and I do send cards “just because” alot. I really love showing the people in my life how special and important they are to me. The most memorable card I ever received was from my mom after my son was born. I was sorta in a funk and I got this card in the mail from her that said they most wonderful and loving things. It’s the most memorable because she is sooo not a card-giver. Just not her thing. So when I received it it really touched my heart.

  530. I don’t think my generation does a great job of sending cards or notes via the actual mail. I love sending “I’m thinking of you” cards to my grandparents, though. I know they wish we could be together more (both sets live 3hrs away) and it’s a way to let them know they don’t have to be right next to me to be on my mind.

  531. The most memborable card I received wasnt just one…it was a set. 14 cards I received on 14 days from my grandmom. It was my first 2 weeks at college, and she found an article where a mother sent her just-gone-off-to-college daughter a care package every day for 2 weeks. Her daughter knew nothing of the packages until they arrived, one after the next, and they helped her form new friends. With that notion in mind, my grandmom did the same. I was completely caught off guard, and have never felt such an immense wave of love towards her. I cryed. Ive always loved her, but her random gifts for those 2 weeks reinfored the love I have for her. And since those gifts, I have felt closer to her than ever.

    So back to the cards…inside each gift was a hand written note with some random quote she found, a statement of encouragement, anything at all. She made those first few weeks of college that more bearable, especially when it was a hard day, I could re-read her words and I felt her strength.

    To this day I feel her strength. In every email, every phone call, every interacion. She is probably the coolest woman I know.

  532. My just because card was from my husband, who was not yet my husband. We had been dating about a year, and he sent a card to me at work telling me what he loved about me. It made my day, and I will keep that card forever. We still do this occasionally, but now it’s an email titled “What I love about you”. I keep them all and look at them from time to time when I need a reminder.

  533. Kelle,

    I’ve been reading your blog since my own little girl came into this world in December…a close friend said I just had to start reading — especially to lift my spirits during those challenging first 3 months! I fell in love instantly and now feel that the Hamptons are part of my own extended family.

    Anyway, I’ve wanted to comment many times, but never have…until now. I am compelled to comment on this post because it is a way to honor my very closest friend who now lives hundreds of miles away. She probably won’t see this, but I can still sing her praises! She is my “one and only” “Just Because” card sender. Every so often I open the mailbox and see her handwriting and I smile immediately. I don’t even have to open the envelope for her to make my day. So, I don’t think I have a favorite or best or most memorable because they all do the trick and always arrive at just the right moment. When I need it most. She’s amazing like that. Thank you, Danielle, for being the one who brightens my days “Just Because”. I love you too.

  534. This is sooo up my alley! One thing I like myself is I am very good at sending cards for no reason. I love to write and gladly accept this challenge! My best friend Rochelle sent me a card once telling me how her life had changed because of me…..loved every molecule of ink on the card and envelope!

  535. I have two cards that stand out to me. (1) I work at a job center and an applicant that I interviewed found a job and send me a thank you for all the work I did to help her. It made me feel like I was doing a good job. (2) When I was a younger I went for a week summer camp with my church and I remember getting a card from my Mawmaw. It was a sweet gesture that she would send me a card while I was away.

  536. Love this idea. I love sending and receiving mail. My most memorable cards were probably those sent to me from my parents during a homesick freshman year of college. They helped bridge the gap and, as you said, we found it easier to pour out our hearts on paper.

  537. Years ago, when my husband and I were stuggling with infertility, surgeries and heartache, I recieved a card from my brother-in-law that lived across the country. It simply said “I;m thinking about you today and am so sorry for what you are going through” It meant so much to me! That was 18 years ago and 3 adopted kids later:)

  538. wow!! thanks for this little push….i def. have some cards i have bought and been meaning to send….

    i don’t remember the last just bc card i received but the last one i sent was to my grandma with some flowers… just to tell her i was thinking about her and i love her :)

  539. Great challenge. I’m in. I used to send “just because” cards all the time to let the important people in my life know how much I loved and appreciated them. Life got busy and I stopped sending as many cards, but I’m going to start sending those cards again!

  540. My friend Marie sends “just because notes” all the time as a reminder to me send written cards/notes instead of e-mails and texts. Her cards always, always, always have a tea pot/tea cup on them and she tells me she loves me and is praying for me…just because. She always makes me smile.

  541. I didn’t even have to think about the best card I ever recieved. It was from my best friends mom. I was going through a challenging time in my life, and she sent me a card. It simply said:

    “Have hope. Take courage. Have strength. Find peace.”

    It made me cry, and still does to this day. I sent the card to my best friend recently b/c she has suffered three miscarriages. She sent it back to me when I suffered a loss. I think we’ll keep doing that for the rest of our lives.

  542. When I moved away from home for the first time, I loved finding random cards at my University’s bookstore and sending them to family, friends, and my long-distance boyfriend (now husband). I love that we have all those cards now to re-read together and remember when we were first getting to know each other across the miles. And the couple of cards he sent me back? Absolutely priceless.

  543. The best card I ever received was a hallmark card. It was a few years agao when I was having a particularly bad year. A friend had a card on my desk that said, “When things are bad and getting worse, put a cookie in your purse.” It was a much needed laugh when I needed it most.

  544. I love sending mail! I love receiving mail! One of my most cherished letters came from my sister when I moved away from home. She told me how proud she was of me, for being brave, for choosing a new path, for doing it all on my own. Boy, did that kill me. And make me feel invincible :)

  545. Years ago, my husband and I were struggling with infertility, surgeries, and heartache. The best card I ever received came from my brother-in-law from across the country. It simply said “Tonight I am thinking about you and am so sorry you are going through this” I meant so much to me! That was 18 years and 3 adopted kids ago :)

  546. I am like you in that I have cards that are set to be mailed, but caught between the pages of life…Love the idea and have always meant to follow through!

    I have several cards stashed in my underwear drawer (of all places?!?) that I like to go back to when I need a lil boost!

  547. I will definitely be joining in this challenge! Writing “snail mail” has been my preferred method of keeping in touch ever since I was little. My father was in the military and I ended up with quite a few long-distance friends. However, this post made me realize that I don’t take enough time to show my appreciation and “just-because love” to those that are (geographically) closer to me.

    My favorite “just because” card is one my mother sent me at college. I was having a tough time, more than I let on, and trying to make a difficult decision about transfering. One day I recieved this card in my post box, with a beautiful verse by Lee Franklin: “You’re going to be okay. I just know it. I can’t say when … or how … or what’s going to make it better, but it will get better. How do I know? Because I know you. And I know how strong you are, how beautiful in soul, how persevering in spirit. I know the you that has come through difficult times in the past, the you who will be your strong, shining self in some not-too-distant future.”
    In case you couldn’t guess, I still have that card! It meant so much to me, to have her confidence and support – unconditionally, without “answers” or advice attached – and to know that she was thinking of me.

  548. I went to Sri Lanka and India my junior year of college and while I was crazy excited about the trip, about 2 days before the stone cold realization that I was about to travel to the other side of the world for 3 months hit me hard and I got a serious case of nerves. I told my friend Ben and he gave me a hug and said not to worry. On my first day in Sri Lanka I opened my bag and discovered that Ben had slipped a taped up card in it that said “do not open this until you are more homesick than you’ve ever been in your life” on the outside. I waited to open it for almost 3 weeks until one morning when I was overwhelmed with how badly I missed my life, despite the amazing time I was having. Inside, in crayon, Ben had written a simple, inspirational, and motivational note reminding me to keep my heart and eyes open because everyone that I loved would want to hear every single detail when I came home. I cried and laughed and went hunting for an adventure. That card changed the entire scope of my trip, and that trip changed the entire scope of my life, so you do the math. :) Thanks for reminding me of this awesome moment back in time, I’m off to send someone a card!

  549. I went to Sri Lanka and India my junior year of college and while I was crazy excited about the trip, about 2 days before the stone cold realization that I was about to travel to the other side of the world for 3 months hit me hard and I got a serious case of nerves. I told my friend Ben and he gave me a hug and said not to worry. On my first day in Sri Lanka I opened my bag and discovered that Ben had slipped a taped up card in it that said “do not open this until you are more homesick than you’ve ever been in your life” on the outside. I waited to open it for almost 3 weeks until one morning when I was overwhelmed with how badly I missed my life, despite the amazing time I was having. Inside, in crayon, Ben had written a simple, inspirational, and motivational note reminding me to keep my heart and eyes open because everyone that I loved would want to hear every single detail when I came home. I cried and laughed and went hunting for an adventure. That card changed the entire scope of my trip, and that trip changed the entire scope of my life, so you do the math. :) Thanks for reminding me of this awesome moment back in time, I’m off to send someone a card!

  550. How crazy. Just last week i wrote a post on my blog about recommitting myself to being real. No more texts, email, facebook to do the dirty work, but me. I have to be the one to do it! And this is just the challenge i needed. it fits so perfectly! Can’t wait to hit the store for my cards!

  551. My best friend, who has been doing a lot of soul searching the last year, trying to take life by the horns and enjoy every moment. Did something like this. I think Random Acts of kindness she called it, or doing something nice for someone everyday for 30 days….something like that. I recieved a random card from her with a sweet message and a cd of all the music she loves. I felt really LOVED that day. What a great feeling. Rock on sister friend, you definetly inspire.

  552. I have received some great cards over the years…when babies were born, I beat cancer, when we lost our baby. But the best cards came from two of my cousins during my latest time of unemployment…the gifts enclosed were great, but it was the fact that they thought of me that made me cry. I also received a card from “a friend” with a gift card enclosed…never did find out who it was from, but they certainly made me feel loved!!

    Thanks for the reminder, I am going to send some cards out just because!!!

  553. I love sending just because cards. I used to send them without signing them just to perk someone up.
    One of the more memorable cards I received was a thank you from my mom – a thank you for being her daughter. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  554. This is SOOO my kind of thing! I frequently send cards to my friends across the country – just to let them know they are not forgotten in this crazy busy little thing called life. Fact: I have saved every card I have ever received since I was 7 years old. I am going to participate in this event no matter what! Thank YOU and Hallmark for this reminder!

  555. My first real boyfriend in highschool sent me a card when he went away on a family vacation. We didn’t have cell phones yet and making a long distance call was still such a big deal. It was so simple, thoughtful and sweet (especially for a 17 year old boy). I must’ve read it a million times. We went to different colleges but continued to date for five years. I keep a box of letters we wrote back and forth in storage. I hope someday if my daughter is experiencing the excitement of “first love” I can share them with her and remind myself of what it’s like to be a teenager head over heels.

  556. Ok, this makes me cry to even think about, but here we go.

    My grandma used to send me just because cards when I was in college. After my freshman year, she fell and suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. She pulled through, but was too compromised to write after the fall.

    After she passed away last year, I was going through some things at her house. In her desk drawer, I found two cards addressed to my college address. I opened them up and found the last cards she had ever written to me. She never got the chance to send them. I cherish them.

  557. I am so getting involved in this!! I LOVE sending cards for no reason but over the past few years I’ve slipped. What a great way to challenge myself. I can already imagine the smiles of my 7 that will get my chosen cards.

    My best friend and I used to live next door to each other (like 7 years ago, not when we were kids) and we constantly sent “just because” cards to each other knowing that we would still see each other daily. We still talk everyday and see each other often but we haven’t sent those cards to one another in ages. Those were always my favorite random cards to receive. I can’t wait to send her one. Thank you!

  558. It’s been almost 15 years but when my husband and I were dating it was long distance, He would send cards just because and I would do the same, this post makes me realize how much I miss that.

  559. My “just because” card was from my mum 10 years ago. I was going to the US from the UK to work at a summer camp and was sooo scared. Once I got to camp I was unpacking and found a card from my mum tucked in my clothes. Sh wrote how proud she was of me, how much she loved me and more powerful words. To this day it still makes me cry……I went on to meet MH and move to the US because of that trip.
    Even though my parents are still in the UK and I miss them every single day, that card did and continues to make me strong!

  560. I’ve carried my favorite card in my purse for 38 years. When my husband and I were in college, I found a card from him in my dorm mailbox. It said,” To you I owe a lot. I have no gifts to give you, nor money to buy those gifts. A lifetime of happiness and love is all I have to offer. Please accept them forever. Love, Don” I accepted them and 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 37 years of marriage later that card is one of my most valued possessions.

  561. my husband wrote to me while he was living in Seattle and I was living in NYC and we were uncertain about the direction of our relationship
    “I just wanted to let you know that you seem to have taken up residence inside my head and you are constantly on my mind” 2/6/2000

    were we married a year later
    (6/9/01) in Central Park and now
    10 years later we have 2 beautiful kids. I’ll never forget those words!

  562. My dad is the king of sending cards and letters just because. I guess I know where he gets it, I got a really great card from my Grandpa when he was still alive just telling me how proud he was of me. It was random and oh so loved. It was the best. :)

  563. My most cherished “just because” was a card from my mom a few months after the birth of my first child telling me she knew I was going to be a good mommy.

  564. Dropping my fiance off at the airport for 6 months of training was more difficult than I could bear. He checked his bags and handed me a card. I could barely open it after his plane took off. It read” Just before you go to bed tonight, look out your window…see that one little star shining down just for you? Every time it twinkles, it’s me saying I love you, and miss you, and I can’t wait until I’m home with you again.” He scribbled loving thoughts inside and in bold letters said, “Don’t forget to eat!” with gift cards to buy some food at my favourite spot. His ‘just because’ stuff gets me everytime.

  565. Even though they weren’t exactly ‘just because’ cards, the letters my now-husband wrote me that first summer we dated while he was backpacking through Europe with his brother were like getting gold in the mailbox. Before cell phones and email, those letters were all I had those three weeks he was gone. After reading one of them describing a recent train ride through France and how he would like us to one day travel together through Europe by train, I decided I wanted to marry him. We had been dating for only a month before he left! That was 17 years ago and I love him more now than ever!

    Heading to the store for some cards to send my 10 yr old boy who will be attending camp next week… sniff sniff

    Love how you describe your cherished friends… they are blessed and so are you!

  566. What a great idea! My favorite just because card was from my girlfriend who is a cop. I was entertaining the thought of applying for the police academy, and she sent me this amazing note encouraging me to go for my dreams and that nothing could stop me. (she didn’t anticipate my unexpected preganancy tho haha!)

  567. life can be very difficult sometimes, it’s so important to celebrate the little things. in our family we love celebrating… everything! i love this campaign- and you are perfect to be partnering with them.
    best just because card, from my room-mate after college. it was completely unexpected and just told me how special i was to her.. it’s so great to read when i am feeling down and need a little inspiration again. she’s really awesome.

  568. Wise words! This summer, I aim to send at least one letter or card a week, as well as gaining a new pen pal. So much more time and love goes into a letter than a text–it’s special.

  569. The most memorable one was when my now hubby sent one from somewhere along his roadtrip out west to move to serve our country. I wasn’t sure at the time what our future held but I had a feeling after that card that we’d be together forever…and we still are.

  570. My Mom always sends me cards on different occasions or just because. I love my Mom.

  571. I love this post! I am also a tardy card-sender, but I adore the thought of the ‘just because.’ My favorite ‘just because’ card has to be from my husband. When we began dating we were in high school and, apparently, one day he borrowed my calculator. I didn’t know until I had to change the batteries. He tucked a note in the battery compartment with a goofy drawing to make me smile and an “I (still) love you” note. Best card/note ever.

  572. My favorite card moment was in 7th grade and my then bestfriend sent me a letter quoting a Hallmark card because she had no money to buy it but wanted me to have. She copied it down on notepaper and sent it to me. It was a poem on life and it ended with, “then there are some people who sit on the sidelines and laugh at people in their shorts.”

    I still remember this 30+ years later!

  573. This post really made me think about my dad who passed away at the very young age of 54. He was always my number one fan in everything I did. I remember playing my last college basketball game and feeling utterly lost…only to find that he had tucked away a letter in my gym bag. His letter gave me inspiration to move forward into the next chapter of my life.

  574. My favorite “just because” cards I received 14 years ago. My husband and I were dating at the time and he was out of town. He sent me a card every day of his trip. I still have the cards today, tucked inside a drawer. I remember rushing to the mailbox after work to see what Mr. Mailman had for me!

  575. I have two dear friends with whom I exchange ‘just because’ cards. I need to go send them another one. And maybe find some more friends to add to the list…after all who doesn’t love good mail!

  576. My most memorable card was from a new coworker of mine. I was expecting my first angel and he gave me a card that said…” I love it when something so special happens to someone so beautiful. ” It made me cry because I barely new him yet he was so kind to me. He passed away 2 weeks later. I still have that yellow card with violets on the front.

  577. Best card I ever got was from my mother. She wrote out the card on my high graduation day and she gave it to me on my college graduation day 3 years later. It. Was. Beautiful. And 11 years later, I still have it, I still read it and I realize how amazing my life is. Simply because I have an amazing mom.

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  579. when i was younger, my great-aunt, (who i never met in person) used to send me postcards from her travels around the world. i loved getting them because even though i never physically met her, i knew all about her and her life. see, snail mail can totally be like facebook! :)

  580. My mom sent me a card last year that told me how proud she was of me and the way I was raising my kids- just because. She commented on how happy and loving our home was. It came at the perfect time where I was totally doubting myself.

  581. The most memorable “just because” card is the one I got from my Grandma during a difficult stretch at college. Grandma passed away several years ago, but reading the card & seeing her pretty handwriting makes it seem like she’s just a letter or phone call away again!

  582. Thank you so much for being a sponsor for Hallmark Kelle! Sending cards is such a sweet and thoughtful way to say “hey, I care about YOU” and my girlfriends and I have been doing this with each other since we were camp counselors on the shores of Lake Michigan.

    My favorite card is still proudly sitting on my bookshelf two years later. It says “Hey Boob!” in big puffy stickers and it’s from my dear friend. She knew I was going through a tough time I and she wanted to make me laugh out loud as soon as I opened her card. I did. I still do.

  583. I love this! So, so true. Life is really the in betweens.
    My mom recently sent me a card to remind me that she loves me and how proud she is of me. It made my whole week! And it will be saved and treasured forever!

  584. i love cards and am notorious for spending all day looking for the perfect card then writing the most heartfelt message in it that i would never be able to express in unwritten words…(without tearing up at least)…my best just because card was from my husband when i decided to go back to school and it simply said “im proud of u” signed with a was the best!

  585. I used to send letters to my Nana and she always wrote back. I have the last letter she sent me framed. I’m not sure who loved those letters more.

  586. When my husband and I were just dating, I went on a 17-day mission trip to South Africa. We knew the phone calls and e-mails would be very limited. So what did he do? He made me a scrapbook of years we’d been together and wrote a card for EVERY day I’d be gone. I couldn’t open day 12 because it was only day 6. It killed me knowing there were more letters to open but yet I looked forward to it every night. Those 17 cards in 17 days were the best I’ve ever received.

  587. I LOVE giving and getting cards in the mail. Something about going to the mailbox and seeing that hand-addressed envelope gets me! I can’t remember the last time someone sent me a card “just because” – I wish more people would do that!

  588. 2 years ago, I made a comment on Facebook one day about not being able to find mini m&m’s anywhere and, a week later, a padded envelope arrived in the mail from the other side of the country – my friend from the town where I lived from birth-4 years old saw my comment and mailed me 4 big tubes of mini m&m’s. It made my day – and I have the photoshoot of myself with those m&m’s to prove it : ) …this friend is a cancer survivor and she and Nella share the same birthday!

  589. This totally made my heart melt. I think I will just sit down and write some “just because” cards. Thank you for the inspiration!

  590. I’m heading over to my favorite card shop at lunch to stock up on my “just because” stash. Thanks for the reminder.
    My most memorable card? It was a note from my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law that found me in my office the day I returned to work from maternity leave. It just said that it would all be okay. And it was…

  591. my favorite was from my cousin who was away at law school. i had a rough year after purchasing my first home, and just wasn’t happy. anyway, she came back from law school to visit and i didn’t really tell her much. however a few weeks after she left she sent a just because card telling me things will work out the way they are supposed to and she loves me and knows that good things will happen for me.

    it made me feel SOO much better and I felt so loved because she just knew i wasn’t feeling good. i still have the card and take it out to read from time to time.

  592. What a great idea! The best card I ever received was one from a good friend. I didn’t get it in the mail though. He photocopied it and then faxed it to me so that it would arrive on time!

  593. Mine wasn’t a card but a letter from my mother, written in her shaky (her medication makes her hands tremble), but still beautiful ‘old-school cursive writing’ – thanking me for buying her wigs, make-up, perfume and clothes. Little things, which I didn’t think much about when I was doing it, but I was struck by what she said. “You did this because you wanted your mother to look beautiful…” That touched me beyond words. Because it never occurred to me that she was anything but. Or that she cared about such stuff. And the most touching thing was the humility of her words and how things come full circle. She brushed my hair when I was a little girl and now I’m buying her wigs. Ahhhh.

  594. What a great idea! One of my most memorable notes was given to me by my now husband on Valentine’s Day. I told him over and over that we didn’t need to get anything for each other for Valentine’s day, but luckily, he was smart enough to know that that really meant, “please give me something!!”. He snuck a rose and a sweet little love note in my car while I worked.

  595. the best card i ever received was from my mother. when my youngest was born, we were told she had Down syndrome. it didn’t bother me at all…most people were shocked at how well i took it…what bothered me was being the mom to now three kids! but my mom knows me and knew that deep inside i was a little scared and worried and all those other great feelings you get with any kid you have. so she gave me a card one day (she actually just left it at my house and i found it after she left) and it said, in a nutshell…”you can do this. you are so much braver than i ever imagined you to be. i am also very proud of you have become and how much wren is going to make you an even stronger woman!” she ended it with i love you. now…my mother is not mushy at all…so really this was about the best gift she has ever given me. i still cry reading it and it will be two years ago this october.

  596. I LOVE THIS BLOG! I LOVE THIS POST! and yes it is in all caps cause I am screaming it :) I am going to do this challenge. It sounds like so much fun. I have to wait a little while because I have two people on my list with birthdays right around the corner and i dont want it to be confused with birthday cards 😉 I cant re-call a time I got a card just because. I actually do not like birthday cards although I love to give them if that makes any sense at all. BUT I think i would love to get a card from a friend saying I love you just because.

  597. My husband (boyfriend at the time) drove across town to where I worked and put a card on my windshield & it was the sweetest note I’ve ever received.

  598. One time this girl from my school borrowed my car, which wasn’t an unusual occurrence, because people usually borrowed it. But the next day when I got in for an 8 hour road trip back home, I found a card from her that said that she would miss me, just because. It made my day!

  599. The most memorable “just because” card I’ve received is probably one I got from one of my patients parents when I was still working as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I took care of their baby for just one shift. It was a mere 12 hours and before I left they came up to me and gave me a card telling me how much they appreciated me. I didn’t feel like I’d done anything, just my job. Sure was nice feeling appreciated.

  600. I came to work to find a card on my desk from a dear friend who I carpool for. She thanked me for being such a blessing to her and her girls. She thanked me for providing a safe and loving ride for them all school year. She said she loved me and her girls thought I was a “cool mom” for bringing cookies and treats when I picked them up.
    I love my friend as much as she loves me, I’m thankful for her love, support and friendship.

  601. My husband and I dated long distance and I sent him a card every week. But the best was when what I thought was a Just Because card turned out to be a Will You Marry Me card. Happy day!!

  602. I love “just because” cards – both getting and giving. My most memorable one was one my husband (then boyfriend) slipped under my pillow to be read after he went home for the night. It was a love letter that I still have and whip out every now and then to read. I also loved doing “just because” flowers for my friends. When I was in college, my friend and I used to write each other “just because” notes and leave a stem or two of some kind of flower in front of each other’s dorm room door. It was so nice to come back after a hard day of studying and working to a pretty little flower and note propped up in my doorway.

  603. I love this challenge! I’ve always been a fan of giving and getting cards. My husband makes fun of me for it in fact. I’m feeling inspired to follow suit and send some of my loved ones cards…just because.

    One of the most memorable cards I’ve ever received was when I was 10 years old. I was starring as Kate in the Taming of the Shrew in a local kids production. A woman I didn’t even know sent me a card to say how much she and her family enjoyed the show. It made me feel like a star and so special! Cards are magic that way.

  604. This post kind of makes me sad, I can’t say that anyone has ever sent me a Just Because card. Oh well, I know I’ve sent them out before. I love sending cards.

  605. yep, it’s time to get out the stationery box. i’ve gotten in the habit of mainly sending “thank you” cards, or long, newsy letters (which are fun, but can be daunting to begin). it’s time to send some just for fun mail… this weekend sounds like a good time to start! (and the most memorable just because card i’ve ever received? probably a sweet note from a mother of a teen i was mentoring. i didn’t think my work was making any difference, and lo and behold: it was. i never would have known without that note.)

  606. My best card was a bday card but soo much more. I had a dear friend who moved away and lost touch. Five years later I received a very unexpected bday card. I had gotten married the day after my bday years earlier, but had recently gotten divorced. My friend remember my wedding anniversary was the day after and knew it would be a very bittersweet birthday. I will always love him for being the only person who remembered and took the time to find my moms adress and send a heartfelt card letting me know life would get better! I think I will send him a you’re awesome card

  607. I know I am comment number 600 and something so you may not ever read this but…I LOVE this post. Getting mail is the best thing in the world. I used to run to the mailbox as a child and hope and pray and cross fingers (and toes!) that there would be something in there for ME! How special I felt when there was. Thanks for reminding me of that and urging me to give that feeling to someone else.
    As someone who has read your blog now for ages and ages, I was stopped in my tracks at your first picture of Nella. Those eyes. They are stunning and the way you’ve captured her look…incredible. Oh, and is it wrong that I have a big strawberry dress much like Lainey’s and I am 36? And I wear it. In public!

  608. My special “just because” card, didn’t have any beautifully hand written words, no smiley faces, or the pet name may father often called me; pie. Blank, empty… other than the pre printed “Happy Birthday” inside.

    Those cards are the most special to me, as my father lay in bed too weak to leave the house, he called my grandfather. He asked him to pick out a few Birthday cards to send to the house, so he could sign them, and leave them hidden around the house for me to discover.

    He received those cards; unfortunately they never made it to his night table. He never had a chance to sign them. He passed away right before my birthday. I miss him terribly, but knowing even though he was suffering, and in pain… he loved me so.

    I’ve saved every card I’ve ever received from him. I love the love that’s flowing from them; I look at them often tracing the handwriting, never wanting to forget.

    Miss you, Papa.

    Thank you, Kelle… Your words inspire.

  609. Such an inspiring post. I have got to do this! I love cards and sending them for random reasons is the best way to do it!

  610. I love ‘just because’ cards. Sending some love in the mail beats all forms of electronic communication, any day.

  611. My best friend and I used to send cards to each other on no special occasion. I was in college at Longwood and she was at home in Mechanicsville. I would enclose a penny in my card each time and she would enclosed a dime in hers. I still have all the cards she sent me. We have been best friends for almost 30 years now.

  612. I couldn’t stop the tears from coming while reading your post along with all the comments from others. I have 6 wonderful kids that are happy and heathly. Somedays I really don’t them enough how much I love and appreciate them. Two are now far away at College and just getting a call or even a text just makes my day. My “just beacuse” moment came when my 18 y/o gave me cards to send her just because I might need to. “You might miss me mom”, she says. So this way you have cards to send me when things are too quiet aroung the house or just when you pass my room and I am not there. Oh my gosh I love this child.
    Just wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful family and story of your lives. I don’t know what it is like to have a special needs child. But I am so thankful for your story. Makes me try so hard to appreciate mine more.

  613. Great Idea..LOVE Hallmark! I have never recieved a just because card…but always treasure the birthday cards with sweet notes added in!

  614. My favorite “just because card” was a belated Halloween card from a friend that moved across the world. The card got lost in the mail and came in February!
    We both don’t celebrate Halloween so it REALLY was a “just because” he missed me and told me no matter how sad and lonely I feel at times there are people around the world that love me and my smile.
    That wee ghost now has tear stains all over it. 😉

  615. Love this idea. I’m going to have a card writing afternoon with a friend and my 4-year-old daughter. Yay!

  616. when i was probably about 9 years old, I was a neat freak and kept all my shoes lined up in a top drawer in my room. I found a note from my mom in one of my clogs and it said, “it’ll be okay, love , momma” and I have never forgotten that little note, I didn’t keep it , but it’s in my heart!


  617. Thank you Kelle. I’ve been thinking about sending “love letters” to those I love. Now I will and am on the way to Hallmark now. I love the chiuaua…chiwawa…chiwuawua…cute dog in the hat card!

  618. When I moved to the US 9 years ago, I had to get used to this whole thing of sending thank you, birthday, anniversary, Easter, and pretty much any-date-under-the-sun cards. Honestly, I don’t like the obligation either, it feels like it becomes a never-ending cycle of forced “thank you”, “no, thank YOU” cards. I like the idea of sending spontaneous cards much better. The best “just because” card I received was today!!! From a lady I have never met in person but with whom I frequently exchange emails as we both belong to the same mom group. She wrote me a card to wish me well in the next month or so as I get ready to deliver my baby in August, sent me a cakepop recipe book (we both love cakepops) and told me what a great virtual friend I am. I was totally surprised coming from somebody I’ve never met!

  619. i absolutely love getting mail…personalized cards are even better. the most memorable card i got was from my best friend who lives just 3 blocks away. We see each other so often so i was surprised to see a letter from her. the outside of the card read “i can no longer wait to tell you how i feel”. then the inside said “i feel just fine thank you”. made me laugh!!

  620. I love the fact that u get paid to write the same style as u always write- from the heart! I love getting cards and letters myself, but like u i could probably find 4 or 5 different sealed and addressed envelopes around the house. I seem to have a problem with actually SENDING the cards! will actually take my time, and go to the post office tomorrow and mail them, even if the news are old and they probably know everything thats in there, mainly because they all say I love u at some point..
    thanks kelle for the reminder!

  621. My aunt sent me a card with a beautiful beagle puppy on it when I was 6 years old. She told me how special I was, what a bright future I had and how much she loved me. I still have that card 15 years later and cherish my aunt and our relationship in ways I could never express through words. That card alone got me through such terrible events because it represented hope, love and inspiration just like my aunt herself. What a great challenge!

  622. My best “just because” cards were from my husband when he was still my boyfriend! I need to hint around for him to do that now – I would be pleasantly shocked!

    Also, after our daughter was born with Down syndrome last year he sent me the sweetest texts of how much he loved me and our baby no matter what happened. I still go back and re-read them :-)

  623. Oh how I love cards. I received a good “just because” in the mail a few years ago from a friend who is a mama and knows the work that goes into it. It hasn’t been forgotten!

  624. My precious mama has sent me a “just because” card EVERY week for the past three years that I’ve been away at college. I know I don’t respond nearly as often as I should, but they really do mean the world to me! I have one more left here at Duke… and I plan on sending many more cards back her way :)

  625. My most memorable card has to be from my sister. When I had my second baby, he was in the NICU for 10 days. When I left him and went home baby-less she sent me a card every single day with dumb facts about gerbils. It made me laugh until I cried and helped get my mind off my sick baby boy.

    Such a great and inspiring post!

  626. I got a sweet card from a 12 year old girl in the Sunday School class that I taught that said “You inspire me”. It was cute kid writing and had a fairy on it. She gave it to me before I left for Mexico for 6 months to do some mission work. It was super special and made me realize that little people are watching everything I do and it changes them…hopefully for the better!

  627. I don’t recall a specific “just because” card but I LOVE cards. My favorite cards come from my parents, boyfriend, my students and their parents. The ones from my students are probably the best ones. Crayon scribbles and their name with an occasional backwards letter.

    Every time I pass a Hallmark or the card section of Target, I always ask myself “Do I need a card?” I usually end up walking away sad, wishing there was a birthday next week so I could actually buy a card. But this post made me realize that’s silly of me. Since I love looking through cards to find the perfect one, I should just send them out when the mood strikes! :)

  628. I love, love, love this. I have a little trunk with special cards I have received over the years. Just read one that made me smile and cry. It was from my dad and stepmom congratulating me on getting my first teaching job.

  629. cards…love them. It’s sort of a joke amongst my DH and I that I will never give just one card. I always have to give the sentimental card and then follow it with a tongue in cheek card. That said, my most memorable cards were 2… my mom use to slip these suzy zoo note cards in my lunch randomly and it was always nice because sometimes we got too busy to say “i love you”. The other was a card from my sister when I moved across country. For the first time ever she said I was her best friend. As the baby sister who was always in the way, it brought me to tears. xoxoxo

  630. I love cards! Sometimes even more than a gift…cards are thoughtful. I loved getting “just because” cards in college. My mom sent me something nearly every week. Those always made my day.

    I, too, have found cards hidden away that were stamped and addressed, but, alas, never sent.


  631. You made me cry today,you have such a way with words,I love getting fun(not junk) mail and in return I send it.This week I put 4 in the mail along with pictures i took at the 4th of july parade.I have a huge (laundry) basket filled with all my thank-you notes and some day my family knows they are to be put at my feet in my casket!

  632. What a great campaign!! I am a long time lover of the written letter! The best “just because card” probably from my Mom. I was just married, transplated from college life at Penn State University all the way across the country to a tiny place called Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico where my new hubby was a brand new second LT in the US Air Force. She sent me a card that I still have and always will. Gentle words of encouragement that I was going to be OK out in this big beautiful world. Thanks for the giveaway opp.

  633. My husband does the best cards. He takes time to personalize the outer envelop with pictures of shows I watch or people I like, all with their own “messages” to me. Everyone in the family enjoys getting his cards. It’s often so easy to just let the pre-written message do the work, with nothing but a signature added. But the best cards are those that someone has taken the time to embellish.

  634. My most memorable ‘just because’ wasn’t a card, but a note – but just as important. I was twelve and my mom and I had just had our first big blow out fight where I screamed that I hated her and she was ruining my life as I stomped to my room (how dramatic, I’m sure!) I don’t remember what we were fighting about, but I remember the words, and the guilt I felt when they were out of my mouth. I woke up in the middle of the night to a note tucked in my pillow “It’s okay, I still love you”..

    Moms are like that, even when they are ruining you life. :) (side note, my mom is my BEST friend now!)

  635. My best card/note was one my kindergartener left on my pillow while mu husband was out of town. “Have a good sleep Mama” but it read “Hab a god slep moma”. With a little birdie drawn on it. because he knows. I love birdies. But I love him more. It hangs framed on my Eiffel tower lamp on my nightstand. For forever.

  636. The best card I received recently was for a reason but the message was unexpected. It was a Mother’s Day card from my 20 year old daughter who goes to school 5 hours from home. She talked about how my making her do things for herself (she pays for her school through an athletic scholarship, grants and summer jobs) has made her independent and her appreciate how hard it is to budget, shop and live a life. She feels so much more prepared for life in the real world than many of her friends who are still dependent on their parents. The card was so heartfelt and told me that I got it right…with her. I needed that since I have two other children – one not following a path I would have chosen and another who is determined not to go down that same path. It is so easy to question ourselves!

  637. what a neat idea! my bestfriend is in another province for the entire summer, and since phoning is long distance and emailing seems too high tech, we opted for letters! :) It’s been fun! :)

  638. My grandmother sent a card saying a boy I brought home was lovely with a charming personality. Two years later I married that lovely boy with a charming personality! She has since passed away but I still have her letters. Every time I read them I hear her voice again.


  639. i love old fashioned mail. the most meaningful card that my mom ever sent me was about six months after a heartbreak. it had a frog on the cover, and simply read, “kiss me.” – the wisdom of mamas is amazing – there *are* many frogs that we must kiss before we find our prince, and she gently reminded me of that.

  640. Portugal forgot when to send a card! They prefer sms!!

    I’m portuguese… but I make it diferently! I handmake all my cards and all the party invitations and allways with the kids help!! When people receive one then thay realise the diference!!

  641. Husband: Oh there is a tropical storm headed to florida!

    Me: Oh NO!! I hope Nella is okay..

    It made me smile…
    My Aunt left a peach pie and a handmade card, No words just funny magazine cutouts and silly doodles~!! I cried…

  642. My mom passed away when I was really little and my step-mom’s name should have been Elphaba. I moved in with a friends family after high school. One night I borrowed his mom’s nail polish remover. I came home the next day to find a bottle of remover and a note on my desk reading “Thought you could use this. XOXO Elaine” Even though it was something so little it meant the world to me and I still get choked up about it today.

  643. I love this idea. I am a big fan of writing REAL letters and think you should market your “I like_______” cards!! I’d be your first customer:) Thanks for inspiring me in every one of your posts. Love from Boston, Cara

  644. It would have to be the “Thank You Mom. For EVERYTHING!” stuck in a cup of yard-picked flowers from my 12 yo dd.

    On the off-chance you hadn’t seen this yet. Go share Nella’s “Down Syndrome Style” because that angel girl certainly has some!

  645. I love opening the mailbox and finding a card from someone I care about. My best friend recently passed away and I treasure her handwriting and kind words on the cards she thoughtfully picked out for me just because she loved me. I’m definitely going to send some cards to loved ones soon! Thank you!

  646. My favorite “just because” card of all time was given to me by my husband. I was leaving our 7 month son for the very first time to fly across the world to Singapore for a business trip. I left before dawn so didn’t get to see them that morning, but in my car waiting for my ride to the airport was a handmade card that simply said “We love you, we’re going to miss you, but we are so, so proud of you.” I looked at it a million times that week while I was gone.

  647. I am hoping Hallmark considers offering you a deal to pick up your idea of ‘fill in the blank’ cards. I think it’s awesome!
    I have a hard time throwing cards away but purge every so often when the only ones that will always stay are some signed by my departed grandparents, and one signed my parents before they split.
    I used to love sending and receiving cards just for the thought but they have gotten so expensive probably because so many of us have cut back on sending them just for fun.

  648. I love cards, handmade or storebought. I used to decorate the envelopes all the time before I had kids. Now I haven’t had the time, but this post inspired me to send a thank-you card to my 4 year old’s swim teacher, and the two of us will decorate the envelope together. I KNOW that will make her smile.

    The best just-because card I ever got was from my best friend, about ten years ago. It made me fall in love with him and now he’s my husband. (And I still have it.)

  649. I LOVE getting random cards. My husband Chris for my birthday this year left me a card EVERYWHERE. He knows my every tendency and everywhere I turned, every cabinet I opened there was a card.

  650. when i started my first day as a brand new teacher…my best friend bought me a new “teacher bag” with little goodies inside. i was so thankful. when i put my lunch in it that morning, i found a card that read how she knew i was going to be a fantastic teacher and she was so proud of me. it was the best card i’ve ever gotten.

  651. Before i even knew how to read my mom used to wrap my pb&j sandwiches in a napkin with an “eye”, a heart, and a U. Just knowing she was thinking about me made those sandwiches taste so much better

  652. Your post prompted me to call my best friend and tell her that I love her! Thanks for the nudge!

  653. I love that strawberry dress and red shoe combo!!

    Also, I want to see a pic of how you have the art framed on your fridge. We’re looking into art display options and would like to see what you’re doing! (please oh please oh please?)

    Favorite for-no-reason card: I moved two states away from everybody on earth that I knew, my family, my friends. It was a terrible culture shock and very lonely. Then my sister sent me a card my second month here that had a toothless little girl on the front, then on the inside it said, “Mith You”. It wasn’t only funny because she’s a speech therapist – but it was much needed laugh and cry. For no reason in particular.

  654. It makes me sad how few people comunicate through letters and cards. I personally love sending cards and letters, and I always feel so satisfied when I drop another one in the mailbox, imaginging the person who will recieve it. Have a nice day!

  655. A memorable one from my daughter – a singing Hallmark – of Tina Turner singing just to me….Simply the Best. It makes me feel proud, smile and tear up every time I play it. And I’ve had it for years now. Thank you Lauren.

  656. I got a card from my mother in law that makes me smile every time I read it.
    Front- Whoever said “there’s no use crying over spilled milk” obviously never pumped six ounces, then accidently dumped it.
    Inside- Hang in there, you’re doing just fine.
    What a fantastic sliver of encouragment that I needed just then!

  657. One of my most memorable cards was from my mum when I was about to embark on a new challenge. It said:

    “Do not go where the path may lead… go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

    I have kept it next to me at my desk ever since. :)

  658. Not exactly a just because, but when we found out through amnio that our daughter was indeed the recipient of that beautiful extra chromosome, my mother in law gave me a card with a cute little golden retriever puppy on it. The inside read that they were all here for me in my time of need. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever received.

  659. when my son was diagnosed with cancer when he was 9 & I got a card from my best friend (she lives in another state) she wrote in the card, simply”my heart is more broken, than yours, for you. i love you”


  660. My sweet goofy husband and his ‘just because’ cards, which he places in my lunch, on the steamed up bathroom mirror, etc. My favorite married two loves: him and the Office:: “Who has two thumbs and loves you very much? This guy.”

  661. KELLE! I just LOVE it! And I love what Hallmark is doing. I am oneof those who has always sent cards “just cuz”!! Never received them, but thats ok too. I think it is sad that so few people send cards, write notes, write letters ,in this fast world we now live in. And i love your poppa’s faces on his envelopes! Love from the Blog Mama~

  662. Favorite “just because” card was from my hubby (before he was my hubby). The pages were filled with his writing and back then I had no idea that he’d worked for hours writing nicely in cursive. How sweet. Love that man!

  663. I just recieved a wonderful card from a dear friend telling me how much I mean to her. It was completely unexpected and heartfelt, and made me cry. I am taking the Get Carded challenge.

  664. I have to admit that my family and I really aren’t card people, but I do remember receiving a just because card from my grandmother. She sent me a card and told me how proud she was of me, how I was turning into a real lady and how much she loved me. It wasn’t my birthday, I hadn’t just graduated, nothing, just a card out of the blue. And even I, the one who just the other day was talking to a friend about my lack of card buying “I’m the gift with the extra wrapping paper tapped to the side with a to: from: filled out,” because I’m too cheap for a $3 (yes, I realize you can make your own) card and too cheap to mail a card (I’m rambling) can enjoy a good random, turn your glass to half full in a New York minute card.

  665. I got so engrossed reading everyone’s comments, I realized I didn’t leave my own yesterday! My all time favorite just because cards were while I was in college. Even once I was married and lived far from home, my mom was always the best at just because cards! I love email but miss snail mail. I have shoeboxes full of cards and keepsakes!

  666. Such a cool chick you are, Kelle.

  667. My grandmother left me a note. I don’t remember what it was I was trying to do but in her note she said – you can do it, I know you can. What a heartfelt surprise – and one that I remember to this day.

  668. I love cards. It is so nice to receive one in the mail and makes you feel happy sending one.
    The most memorable just because card I received was from a friend who sent me a lovely card telling me what a treasured friend I was to her.

  669. This post and challenge is great Kelle! I LOVE sending cards and I miss receiving them as most of my friends only send an email now. I still send old fashioned cards through the old fashioned mail and I so wish more people did too.

    My most memorable card received was from an old college roommate and friend who sent me a card to tell me she loved me and what a good mamma I am to my little girl. It was so special to have a friend recognize me as a good mom and to share it with me. Cards are the best.

  670. I found some cards the other day that my Mum had tucked into my suitcase years ago when I went to work on cruise ships….silly notes stuck in my pajamas saying “wakey wakey” and in my washbag telling me to smile as she knew I’d be homesick. One made me cry though, the one that had been pushed far down in the bottom of my case…she told me she was proud of me and everything I’d achieved. That I was beautiful and she was pleased she had had a daughter.

    One day I’ll be popping the same note into MY daughter’s suitcase!

    Andrea x

  671. I love your posts, they make me smile. My favorite “just because” card…I walked into