New Friends, Same Friends

I walked out in the garage in my nightgown early this morning to fetch the back-up supply of half & half and there, on top of my car, dimly lit by the overhead garage light was Cat, sprawled out and sound asleep. This is becoming pretty funny.


We kind of unintentionally stole a cat.


Last night was special–like coming home from summer camp and exclaiming to your parents that your cabin mate was the coolest girl in the world is special.


I “met” Brooke through a writing opportunity with Babble (Girlfriend can do wonders in the kitchen…check her out). And the great universe, in its way of drawing kindred spirits through the Internet, finally paved the way for us to meet in real life. I felt like I knew Brooke’s family already and yet it’s always cool, that movie-like moment where we both arrive at the arranged meeting place, search each other out and hug like long lost friends. I wanted to do the whole “I’ll be the girl holding a book with a red rose” to reveal my identity, but two kids and a beat-up stroller heaped with junk pretty much gave it away.


This adorable family slayed me with their kindness and their quest to live fully.

The scene was sublime–quilts spread over a carpet of dried leaves, a canopy of leafy shade overhead, a rare July evening breeze, the proverbial picnic basket, my mom’s old-fashioned potato salad (I forgot the serving spoon. I packed a picnic for a professional foodie, and we had nothing with which to scoop potato salad but two cheap plastic forks)…

But the conversation? Oh, it was rich. While John & Brooke’s kids whisked the girls away to entertain them on swings and slides and things with wheels, we adults talked about life and love and faith. We asked good questions and concluded it was okay not to have all the answers.


The sun sank slowly as our comfort level grew, and for each hour we lingered, we could have stayed another.



Nella wants a piece of the action every time Lainey plays games on my phones.


The encore to our park picnic came in the form of Kilwin’s Fudge and Ice Cream Shop, conveniently located only a block from the park. I smiled watching Lainey make new friends and successfully contain her shy smile.



Nella seriously threw down on some rasberry sorbet.


…and when it was finally time to pry the cone from her deadly grip, it was a hot mess of an ordeal. A sticky fit ensued.

Sister likes her cones.



After hugs and last exchanges, I buckled two tired girls in the car and, as I drove, I thought about just how awesome it is that in a world of so many differences, when you really get to know people and open yourself up in an honest way to learn something…you’ll discover how very much the same we really are. I find such comfort in that sameness.



Brett’s away this week, training for a new job, and I find that more responsibility for me comes with more ambition. I like the challenge of holding down the fort, giving extra attention to the girls and maybe–just maybe–I’ll blow his mind when he returns to a clean house and trash cans that I actually remembered to drag to the curb.

Today we cooked and baked with friends.



Shrimp chowder, cupcake cones with sprinkles, and a kitchen sink bath for Nella after she so generously offered her help with frosting duties.



And when our day was almost spent and shadows stretched long in the driveway, we retreated from homey comforts to outdoor adventures just for a bit.



And then called it a really good night.



The winner of the Heal My Sole gift certificate is Comment #292, Small Town Girl: Cracker Barrel, I really do love that place! Being in Vermont, we experience Cracker Barrel very seldomly. It reminds me of trips to Port Charlotte/Fort Myers to see my grandmother.

Congratulations, Small Town Girl! Please send your contact info to, and you’ll soon be shopping for some sweet smelling scrubs.


Scentsy Independent Consultant, Jessica Clough, is back to sponsor (thanks for shopping with her last month!) again this month. Thanks to her, a new ritual in our home is the breaking-of-the-bar. When I need some cleaning mojo, I always begin by breaking a new scent bar and revving up my warmer. The rest is history. Today, a block of Groovy Grapefruit and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” inspired a full kitchen shake down.


I’m already dreaming of fall and think Autumn Sunset, Clove & Cinnamon, and some sultry Embers scents might jump start my enthusiasm.

One lucky commenter on this post will win a Cupcake warmer and a Happy Birthday scent bar, courtesy of Jessica Clough’s Scentsy Shop.



We’re exhausted.


Happy evening to you.



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  1. Your posts always brighten my day. <3 Thank you for sharing.

  2. lovely day…love it when you collapse with exhaustion, but in a good way, you know? also love meeting other bloggers and becoming real friends…coolest thing ever!

  3. ohmigosh! I’m the 1st! Love you and your sweet words!!

  4. I love the dress that Nella is wearing while she is eating her sorbet. I must remember to try to coordinate my kids ice cream flavors with the color of clothes from now on. I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time meeting new friends. I need to “get out” there more and meet new people.


  5. love the post! beautiful words and pictures as always!

  6. Love laineys dress in the last picture. Does it come in maternity sizes:)

  7. oh my word. the picture of nella with sorbet all over her face is priceless. made me laugh out loud. what a treasure.

    i so enjoy reading your blog, but i must confess it makes me long even more to stay at home with my girl. i work outside the home, but i’m on vacation this week with my 2-year old sophia. i’m getting a taste of the SAHM life and i like it. maybe someday…

  8. Love that we are all different but carry so much of the same insight.

    And that picture of Nella in the sink made me smile! I love it!

  9. I just love the way your girls look at each other. You can tell they already have an amazing bond. Sisters rock!

  10. Oh do I know about games on phones and little sisters getting all up in their big sister’s space.

  11. Love the ice cream and cupcake cones.

    I would love to win the Happy Birthday Scentsy brick for my mom since her birthday was yesterday (the 26th)

  12. I love the pic of Nella and the sorbet! She is so adorable with the pigtails, love it!

  13. We unintentionally stole a cat too! Although he was a neighborhood cat and now lives in my parents’ house and is totally spoiled. Also I love the picture of Nella and Lainey playing games on the phone.

  14. so cute and loads of fun

  15. Love the pic of Nella in the sink..Lils still takes all her baths in the kitchen sink :) Been thinking about you- hope this week was better ox

  16. I love as I’m reading your comments I spot a comment from a friend who also lives in Washington state. kelle, you inspire so many other’s lives just by sharing yours!! Thank you, I love following your blog it gives me inspiration for new fun projects to do with my own little ones…love the cupcake cones, seems like something my kiddos would enjoy doing the next they have friends over!!

  17. As much as I love summer…I am looking forward to fall…I love the leaves and the crisp autumn mornings….and also the fall rituals that will ensue with my 2 year old girl… :-) I don’t blame Nell a for not wanting to give up that ice cream looked yummo!

  18. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous!

  19. Lainey’s leaf dress is adorable! I am loving the milder summer we are having here in California and the cute dresses for my little girls….

  20. That stinkin Nella is the SWEETEST little girl I have ever seen….she melts my heart! She is looking like a big girl these days….love her pig tails!

  21. by far the sweetest pic of nella and lainy on the picnic table. love it.

  22. That last photo melted my heart. Nella looks so grown up sitting at the table and the way she is looking so adoringly at her big sister is SO beautiful.

  23. you girls are beautiful, been reading your blog for over a year now figured it was time to leave a comment!!!!

  24. Those girls are so adorable. Thanks for a lovely post again!

  25. Oh my, your girls are so photogenic, Kelle! Love the one of Nella leaning over Lainey to watch her playing games on your phone. So beautiful. As always, thank you for sharing :)

  26. I love the last photo of the girls–Nella looks like she simply adores her sister!

  27. oh gosh, I love scentsy fragrances! One of my favorite shower gifts was a warmer and baby powder bricks for my little ones room. Makes it divine in there!

  28. Omg Nella w the ice-cream cone is just pure happiness! Adorable!

  29. I love the pic with the kitty and the photos of the sorbet are frame-worthy! I am a huge fan of your blog!!

  30. Happy Evening to you too!

  31. Sweet Baby J would love the cupcake scent! Thank you for this opportunity!

  32. Oh man, I am cracking UP over Nella and the cone! So cute. Also, I adore the sweet sisterly pictures. I can’t wait to make a little sister for our baby girl! πŸ˜‰

  33. The cupcake warmer is so cute!!

  34. I love the last picture with Nella looking up to her sister with such love!

  35. Gorgeous pictures and beautifully-written words, as always! That picture of Nella helping Lainey play games on your phone makes me think she’ll be walking before too long!

  36. I adore you, and your pictures are so real…I love how you capture their ‘real life’ moments, instead of always posing and primping. Nella vs. The Sorbet: awesomeness! I can just see you trying to pry that sucker out of her sticky little hands :).I’ve heard great things about the cupcake warmer, and hope to try Happy Birthday soon. Should have had it today for my son’s 14th birthday! :)

  37. your beautiful family’s pictures always make me smile!

  38. Nella eating her sorbet is so cute! Beautiful pictures!

  39. Love Nella and the sorbet – it looks good! I have always wanted to make the the cupcakes in the cone and it might just be time for some baking fun!
    Happy Wednesday!

  40. Dearest kelle,
    As always I adore you,your post is just what my weary soul needed today as I admit it most always does.I feel like I had a good visit with an old friend every time I read a post,just listening and feeling as if you and I are the best of friends because you so get me, even though your posts are not meant for me they make me so happy all the same.and I just love the pics of your lovelies:)

  41. That cupcake warmer is adorable! I’d love to win it! My birthday is Friday so it would be a great surpise :)

  42. Love the pic of Nella in the sink. My kids never took a bath in the sink. I’m not sure why. If we have another baby, they are for sure getting a bath in the sink.

  43. I could just eat your girls they are so cute! (Sorry if that sounds weird) They are adorable! Love the pic of Nella getting in on the iPhone action.

    And cool cupcake cones!

  44. That last picture of Lainey would look so good in black and white, I think! I love cupcakes in a cone!

  45. I’ve recently just started a blog, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, but I knew that I had something to say.. I asked my friend who is also the only soul who knows of my blog (I’m going the anonymous route while I’m a rookie) and she referred me straight to you and your story, this is only my third day reading of your family and the love you share.
    But I must say, I’ve already shed tears, laughed out loud, and nodded my head silently in agreement.
    I adore your stories and can only hope to be as eloquent someday.

  46. I love Nella’s loving gaze in the last photo. You can really see the love she has for her sister!

  47. That photo of Lainey laying down is beautiful!!! Cupcake cones – next on my list! Thanks for the idea :)

  48. I just want to say that you are such an awesome mom! Your days always ALWAYS looks soo much fun. I need to make those cupcakes cones. I just need for my stove to work. How sad!

    Anyway, i absolutely love your blog! I always look forward to your posting!

  49. My boy is the same age as your Nella and they are in the same stages at the same time. With Everything. Love it. I would NEVER have gotten that cone away from him. Not without him cracking his head open from the head throw back tantrum that would have followed.

    Love your words. I count this blog as my inspirational read for the day!

  50. I would love an ice cream cone right about now but my waist line is much better off with a sentsy cupcake instead. Love that last photo of Lainey, your girls are so beautiful!

  51. There’s something so magical about finding a kindred spirit when you least expect it eh? Great post. And that last photo of the girls makes me smile:-)
    I’m The same way with my scentsy warmer. When the room smells great it’s much easier to get cracking!

  52. that last picture is absolutely beautiful. i adore your girls and your pictures :)

  53. Your girls are dolls.

    What I would domfor an ice cream cone right now. :)

  54. thanks for sharing the joys of your life here on your blog. i’ve been reading for a few months, and i often save your posts for the moments when i need some encouragement – times when naps are short, bedtimes are late, babies are tearful due to their desire to flip the light switch for the 200th time that day not being immediately gratified, and adult connection is lacking. your blog often offers some needed encouragement and perspective in those moments, and i am thankful :)

  55. Congratulations on being owned by a cat! πŸ˜‰

    OOOOOOOH! Cinnamon & Clove is my favorite scent in the whole-wide-world!!!

  56. Okay, did I miss the cat theft story? I need to hear more!

  57. Nella in pigtails… so cute it makes me weak!

  58. I love the sameness we find in being vulnerable enough to share ourselves with others. It’s a beautiful thing, really. Your girls melt my heart as always.

  59. I love reading your posts :) Nella & Lainey looked like they were having so much fun!

  60. Love the ice cream shots. There’s just something about ice cream in the summertime that’s so innocent and pure.

  61. I’ve been dreaming of Fall ever since temperatures reached the 90s here.

  62. Thanks for the inspiration of a picnic in the park. :) My favorite picture is of Nella in the sink; what a cutie-pie!

  63. I love seeing these posts each evening! I truly hope I win the Scentsy prize – I’ve been dying for one for ages, but alas, I’m a graduate student. :(

  64. Beautiful photos! And I’m going to try those cupcake cones!! I love how much fun I have imagining my children’s excitement enjoying special goodies, fire trucks, parades, playdates, and all the rest of the gleeful moments of childhood. It brings me so much joy and such a thrill….I think I like it even more than I would have liked those things as a child myself….and that’s saying something!

  65. My husband and I met online and when we finally met in person for our first date, I SO wanted to be the girl standing there oh so poetically in a whimsy dress holding a red rose…but no. I was the girl in the yoga pants and stained t shirt (he showed up too early!)

    p.s. I’m super impressed by Nella and her sorbet eating…girl’s got skills!

  66. Nella lunging for the phone (adorable and hilarious)….I just snapped a similar photo of Nora a few days ago with her brother. FUNny!

    LOVE her sorbet grip!!! We’re just starting to experience that, too!

    Nella sitting in the sink….even her shoulder blades are cute! SHEESH, what’s NOT cute about her?!

    Lainey’s eyes–WHOA! Mesmerizing & drop dead gorgeous!

    And praying that someday the universe will pave the way for us to meet as well. I imagine myself doing a karate kick upon first sight of you. Seriously, I do!

    :) Kelly

    p.s. Did you see Nora’s slide-show posted on my wall (down a ways now). There are little details toward the end that I would have loved to “fix” or rearrange, but ran out of time. Nonetheless, it was pretty moving….and I am forever grateful to have it. So much more behind and in between all those photos that no one except someone like you could possibly understand! Loving you for inspiring me to do this.

  67. Love the sorbet pictures. How sweet!

  68. Quirky secret about me. I don’t like cake, but I LOVE cupcakes. They’re just WONDERFUL!

  69. Nella’s pigtails are the cutest EVER.
    And looking through your photos makes me long for my baby daughter’s arrival so much more (just weeks away now!).
    Love the cupcake warmer, so cute :)

  70. I’m with you on the new scentsy and music to get you motivated to clean! And I love the cupcake one!! The Happy Birthday scent would be nice to burn on my upcoming b-day in August :)

  71. I just love Nella’s pig tails! So super cute! What a fun day at the park!

  72. Nella’s pigtails rock! So cute!

  73. What a lovely picnic in a park, I should do that more often!

  74. Love love love Ms. Nella’s face with the sorbet all over it! What precious girls you have.

  75. Cupcake cones – YUM!!!!!

  76. Instead of cleaning while hubs is away, I always try to tackle a project, like painting a room or attempting chair rail in the dining room… Alas, he comes home to a bigger mess. ;o)

  77. Oh my goodness, those pigtails on Nella are to-die-for cute! She’s getting so big!! <3

  78. Love everything about this post, but my absolute favorite thing? Nella and the sorbet, perfectly adorable!

  79. I was like, “Brooke? The Brooke?! Of course, she knows Brooke!” I mean, who wouldn’t you know?!! You 2 were meant to be friends. What a blast that would be!

    Love, Bree

  80. I look forward to reading your words every chance I get. Thank you for another beautiful post. I love the last picture. Nella is looking up to Lainey with such admiration. Sisterly love.

  81. i LOVE the picture of nella taking a good ol kitchen sink bath! precious pictures as usual! xo

  82. I love the cupcake warmer!

  83. I’m totally addicted to candles!

  84. I have the same experience when my husband is working crazy hours at work — which is rare, but as good as being as “away.” I not only mow the lawn, I /edge/ it and come on, who does that?

  85. I love that you can meet people through opening your soul to the world. It’s so calming to know that in a world full of technologically advanced ways to stay away from “real” people that it can actually bring people, families and love together. It’s very encouraging and inspiring.

  86. I too am already dreaming of Fall but, still enjoying the beautiful summer here in MN.

  87. Your blog makes me smile. And I really needed one tonight so thank you!

  88. I met a blog friend for the first time in real life this summer. It was so cool. It’s definitely a kindred spirit kind of thing. I live in the middle of nowhere in rural Texas so blogging has introduced me to so many incredible people with amazing stories. Lovely photos!

  89. Those ice cream cupcakes look so good!

  90. I’m a regular, but first time commenting. I’m just hoping to win the cupcake burner. I’ve never tried Scentsy.

  91. I love that two of my favorite bloggers just met. Brooke’s blog has been the start of some delicious meals and memories for my fam.

  92. I, too, have blog friends that I dream of meeting someday. How fun for your families!

    I would love the chance to win the cupcake warmer/Happy Birthday brick. I’ve been wanting to try out Scentsy. And I have precious twins who will be celebrating their first birthday next week, so it would be the perfect occasion :)

  93. cute, cute girls & great photos!

  94. oh! to be thinking of fall…………if only. we get summer around here from march til october. FULL summer! must love arizona!!!
    i love nella with her cone! adorable!

  95. I just recently had a similar meeting with a mommy and her littles from my online support group. There is something about that first meeting face to face when we have only talked online for years. You just fall into such a comfortable conversation like your talks have always been face to face :). So happy you felt that moment too!

  96. great pics.

    What a fatastic day!

    hugs Conny

  97. Oh that last picture of Lainey! Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  98. I’ve been wanting to try making those cute cupcake cones! Your girls are so lovely. My two girls are just around the same ages, so I can’t help but follow your creative blog and feel like we’re friends!

  99. I can’t believe how much Nella looks like Lainey in some shots. In others, the resemblance ends at the blonde hair. But in some, I’m not convinced I’m not looking at Lainey’s baby pics.

  100. Love the ice cream pictures! There are many an online friend that I hope I get to meet in person as well. Thank you for your post, as always!

  101. I miss fall, and just seasons in general. Living in Hawaii leaves little to complain about, but I do miss the smells of the seasons. Somethings you don’t realize are there until they are gone.

  102. What a beautiful day, in all ways!! ; )

  103. Seriously, could your girls get any cuter? LOVE the pic of Nella in the sink. But then again, I love them all. Squeeze that baby girl for me!

  104. That picnic set-up was just picturesque! and Nella with that cone? LOL! :)

  105. I don’t always comment, but you have impacted me in such a way that you continue to leave me wanting to do and be better in my interactions with my friends and loved ones. That last photo of Nella gazing at Lainey with nothing but PURE love is what makes the world go round. Thanks Kelle!

  106. I absolutely adore your blog. Reading it is like my “treat” for the day! Your such an amazing mommy, wife, photographer, and blogger! Thanks for sharing your adorable family with all of us. Your girls are both so stinking cute……and you dress them SO adorably! Keep up the great work in all you do in your life!

  107. That was this “sameness” that attracted me when I found your blog 1.5 years ago, and cannot get enough of your beautiful photos, thoughts and life-creativeness.

  108. Love the Cupcake warmer, almost as much as I love your family :)

  109. Looks like you have it all….such beautiful pictures!

  110. Looks like this week is happier :) And I adore the photos, as always. And Ellie is awake at 5 am, has been for a half hour, so i needed some good reading while I fed her. She is squawking along, so I assume she is saying hi to Nella.

  111. an evening with you and your girls seems like it would be magical. Love coming here to read and find new inspiration.

  112. HI!!!!
    What treasured moments and memories you make each day!!!!I hope 2 in the morning –AZ time is still a good time to post –as I love that cupcake burner!!!!

  113. Oh the ice cream fits – always classic!

  114. Love your posts…
    Makes me smile – every day!
    Thank you! ♥

  115. Love those pictures – and the cupcake cones!

  116. I agree about finding comfort in sameness. People say everyone is normal until you get to know them, but I think everyone is weird until you get to know them and realize that we are very similar. We all have struggles, hardships, and ways to overcome them to find joy.

  117. I love the cupcake cones, are they ice cream or cupcakes? Recipe? :)

  118. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Your blog is such an inspiration!


  119. I totally agree with you when you said in a world of so many differences…you’ll discover how very much the same we really are.

    I’ve seen that unfold quite a few number of times when I get to meet in person the faces behind the mommy blogs that I follow and before, we all seem to be living different lives but we are all bonded, one and the same, with our love for our kids and the joy we find in blogging.

    Have a great weekend to your family!

  120. Oh my goodness. Nella eating the sorbet. So absolutely adorable.

    I don’t comment enough, but you truly are an inspiration to me. You seem to make the most of everything, and I love that. Have a wonderful day.

  121. I love when you have those unique opportunities to meet some wonderful new friends and your girls get to experience those friendships as well with their children. Thank you for sharing! They will look back on these years at some point down the road and be thankful they have such an amazing mom with a zest for life and for showing them all the goodness a wild and precious life has to offer!


  122. Oh, Nella eating that peach and then that cone are so precious!!! Food and babies……my favorite things!

  123. I need to be more brave and let my baby get funky with food. Nella’s joy is too full!

  124. Isn’t it AMAZING how a good scent and some good tunes can rock your way to a clean kitchen? Turn it up and you seem to scrub a little faster :)
    Thanks for always making me smile!

  125. I love cupcake cones and I haven’t had one for YEARS. I’m very tempted to make a batch, but I’d be the only one eating them.

  126. I just started my Groovy Grapefruit, too!!! :)

  127. I love when I open your blog to a post!! Sheer delight. Your posts always make me smile:D And those sweet girls of yours melt my heart. The ice cream cones. With ice-cream or cake. I’ll take them either way!! Such fun. Sink tubbies. Love them, But my boy is too big. Used to love the convienance of them. No bending:) And new friends. Oh how fun! I miss being a new mommy. Enjoy the rest of your week Kelle!!

  128. You, Lainey and Nella are so fun! I love to follow you on your daily adventures, thanks for letting us take a peek:)

  129. I love the kitchen sink bath. Is it weird I still try to fit my 3.5 year old in the sink still?

  130. That last picture, with Nella looking so lovingly, admiringly, little sisterly up at her big sis…that’s what made me smile. I mean, the pure love is so apparent.

  131. Despite all our differences, we all are deep down the same… It is so good to dwell in that though!
    Good luck with holding down the fort Kelle! you surely did a great job and you can call it a day!

  132. Could there be anything cuter than Nella in pigtails???

  133. What a fun day!!!!! adorable pics too!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  134. Music always helps cleaning but I hadn’t thought about a scent. Great idea!
    Love soooo many of the pictures, but especially Nella trying to look over her sister’s shoulder as she’s playing the game on your phone. So intense and so cute!

  135. I also have a few friends I would like to meet that I have connected to through online sources. They are some of my best friends, we check in almost daily and I share so much with them. The internet is an amazing tool to connect with people you may have never known!

  136. Stop it…stop it…stop it! Best pics of the girls…eva! Love the one of Lainey laying down and the closeup of Nella with the cone! Love you guys! xoxo

  137. I love the last picture. Nella looks so happy in the most pure way. SHe sure looks like she adores her sister!!! I love that about younger siblings.

  138. I also love finally meeting a blog friend… the connection that is there already makes the conversations easy and finally I can say to my husband, “but she IS a real friend!” (He calls my internet buds my imaginary friends).

  139. I love Nella’s smile and the look on her face in the last photo. Pure love for her big sister!

  140. You’ve given me great ambition to step out of my shy comfort zone and meet new friends myself!

  141. That last picture is adorable. It needs to be big!

  142. You take my breath away….
    We are going to picnic today (if the rain stays away). Thank you for helping us move on and Enjoy the small thanks!

  143. I just bought my first Scentsy burner last month. Right now we are smelling Perfectly Pomegranate and it smells divine.

  144. I love how your blog is true to your title…always reminding me to enjoy the small things!

  145. So great you met your cyber friend!
    I have a dear friend whose daughter lost her battle with the same cancer that my son has had victory over.
    I love her like nobody’s business and some day I hope to go to Liverpool and hug her neck!

  146. What a wonderful day! Meeting new friends makes the world brighter….not to mention your sweet girls are so full of sunshine as well. And I love the Scentsy stuff, gotta get me some soon!

  147. Kitchen sink baths are the best!

  148. Totally smiled out loud at your photo of Nella having a kitchen bath. Beautiful, sweet girl! <3

  149. Your girls have the prettiest smiles!

  150. That last picture made me tear up. I just adore sister love so much, stunning capture.

    You have no idea how your zest has inspired so much change in my life. Taking on things I never thought I could do and rocking them out. Of course the oops moments come but somehow I am able to just roll with it and not throw in the towel and count myself out. Thank you again for sharing yourself in such a fantastic way.

  151. Life is beautiful.

    The picture of Nella with her cone, keepin an eye out for anybody trying to take it…adorable.

  152. Looks like a beyond fantastic time :) I love the picture of Nella in the sink (and all the ones wearing sorbet!) I always look forward to your blog updates :)

  153. Love Nella and her sorbet!

  154. I Love Nella’s face with all ther sherbet covering it. Priceless! Cupcakes cones??? Where have I been, those are almost the best thing since sliced bread! Definitely want to try those out.
    Thank you for your inspiring words, and mood booster!

    PS Cupcake warmer??? Scensty amazes me with all the great scents and warmers! Wouldn’t mind that one for my kitchen!

  155. You may be dreaming of fall and the scents. At this point in our heat index, I am begging for it!

  156. AHHH! The smiles you give me with words and pictures. Thank you.

  157. Ah .. picnics in parks! I’m heading to NYC next week and we’re planning a picnic in Central Park!

  158. The ice cream cone and Nella gave me a good laugh. My 21 month old had one in the car last week…WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!? LOL! Another great post!

  159. Your posts make me smile…I love your zest for the simple pleasures of life! Blessings to you and your adorable family!

  160. I have been dieing to try some scensty…and to think it helps with cleaning?!?! That would help out a ton!!!

  161. Love reading your posts each week, and love Scentsy warmers! I can always use another:)

  162. Nella looks so grown up :-)
    I like your line about not having all of the answers and being OK with it. I struggle with it all the time. Perhaps it is time I become OK with not knowing all of the answers as well.

  163. I’d like to thank you, dear Kelle, for continuously posting pictures of your kids eating things that turn into a hot mess of a situation. It has helped me to do the same. And though it’s quite an ordeal to clean up the aftermath, I have a strange feeling that each time I let my kids dig in and get super messy, a memory was made. Cheers to ice cream cones and the messes they make!

  164. Love those ice cream pictures!

  165. I wasn’t sold on the bricks and warmer situation until you showed that cupcake one. Holy cuteness batman! Speaking of cupcakes, how does one make cupcake cones?????? Just bake in the cone instead of cupcake wrappers?

  166. With her hair up and little “wings” on her shoulders, Lainey looks like Tinkerbell in the woods picture. So cute!

  167. You are such an inspiration. My 1 year old has just discovered push pops. Haven’t ventured to full out ice cream cones yet…guess I should let go and let him. Ha! Thanks for sharing

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. Love those cupcake ice cream cones! I have been meaning to make them for a while and I think today is the day. They are too cute!

  170. AWWW!! That last photo of your girls on the bench…SO SO sweet!! I also love the ihpone one, my little one does that to his sister too….Though they are older and it kinda drives sister crazy! :-)

  171. Our kitty came to us when someone dropped her off at our barn like HUNDREDS of people have done!! They usually stay for a short time and then leave but our kitty just moved right in..she now is what you would call our indoor/outdoor cat because she does sleep in our garage..on my car..just like your kitty. Sometimes when I pull out of the garage my car sheds and it always has little paw prints going up the window, across the sunroof and then down the trunk. Gracee thinks our kitty likes my car because it is a CATillac..cracks me up!
    The picture of Nella trying to get into the game action is priceless and I LOVE that you let your kids totally enjoy their food. I did that with Gracee and it always made me happy to see sticky drippings on her precious little face and hands. love ya girl!!!♥

  172. love it!!!!

  173. LOVE that last pic of Nella looking up at Lainey with such love in her eyes!! And I’m dying for fall to get here so taking about those scrumptious Scentsy bricks gets me even more excited! I will be ordering some for sure for fall!

  174. Good luck holding down the fort. There will be good moments and bad. I love how you showcase the bad as well as the good.

  175. Whenever I see that you’ve updated your blog, I try and wait until I’m alone to read it, so I can savour it, and take in all the beauty of your words, and the feeling in your pictures. My 2 year old daughter was up late last night, so is sleeping in this morning. I’m enjoying a quiet, rainy morning on the couch with some peace and quiet! PS – I love Cat!

  176. I love meeting internet friends “IRL” – it brings everything full circle and really does make you realize how small our world is.
    I keep hearing about the scentsy bricks and I have got to try them!

  177. Hi Kelle! I love that last pic of the girls! So sweet! I so look forward to your posts- even though I haven’t always been commenting lately, I am still here, reading all of them!

  178. Such a beautiful thing – sameness..

  179. the picture of Nella killin’ the ice cream is too much cuteness to handle! Love it!

  180. I have a new blog to follow! Just lost myself in Cheeky Kitchen’s blog. Sounds like you had a fun day with her family.

    I LOVE the picture of Lainey lounging with the pretty pillows. Great colors and Lainey looks so dreamy eyed. Beautiful:)

  181. I adore your blog! I just love how real it is. Love scentsy, and the cupcake warmer is too cute!

  182. I love the cupcake/ice cream cone idea! Might have to steal it :) As always, your girls are just so cute!

  183. I want to pack a picnic..but it is so hot and humid in Philly…I can’t even imagine eating outside! I’ll have to wait till the fall.

  184. Your blog posts always make me smile. I love how you take everyday and really LIVE it. Inspirational!

  185. Love your blog, the cat is too funny!

  186. How very lovely to create memories with a new, but not really new, friend! I agree that finding the commonalities with all sorts of people is one of life’s greatest gifts.

  187. I met a blog friend last week, and it felt like home. I love that.

  188. Aww what a nice refreshing story!
    I always enjoy stopping by and catching up with you and your lovely family!

  189. That is so awesome that your families had the opportunity to meet. It looks and sounds like such a beautiful encounter- one neither of your families will ever forget.

    I absolutely love the picture of the kitchen sink bath. If you hadn’t mentioned that she was in there, I almost would have missed her. You could do a “Where is Nella?” or “I Spy Nella” photobook.

  190. It is great to stop and think that the world is really filled with sameness if we just stop and take the time to find and enjoy it :) Also, the Autumn Sunset and Clove & Cinnamon are to die for! Happy Cleaning.

  191. Exhausting summer days are one of my favorite childhood memories.

  192. I love the ice cream cupcakes. As usual another wonderful post!

  193. The love that your daughters share warms this mama’s heart! Thank you!

  194. Mmm, cloves and cinnamon. I can smell the warm apple pie smells, apple orchard smells, fresh donut smells, pumpkin pie smells and all around autumn smells already! Sigh:)

  195. As always, I’m inspired. Thank you for never failing to do that. I love that you are always real.

    And I love cupcakes…I’d love that Scentsy warmer!

  196. Your children always put me in a great mood! I want to enjoy life the way Nella is enjoying that ice cream cone!

    Also, that Scentsy warmer is so cute! I need it :)

  197. We can so related to the little sister draped over big sister while playing phone games. In our house the big excitement is Angry Birds, of course!

  198. Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold! Love it!!!

  199. I love how your little Nella is totally into that sorbet cone! Just too cute.

    And I’m thinking I would love some scentsy around my place, too.

    Oh, and husbands being away?? I’m facing a lot of that in my life soon with twin 3 1/2 year olds. But I love your take on holding down the fort; I’m feeling the same way and using it to ward off the “but the kids need their daddy” feelings.

  200. I LOVE the dress Nella is wearing when she’s eating her sorbet & the picture of Lainey when you say you crashed into bed is BEAUTIFUL.

    I really do love reading your blog. Your joy and sincerity are very apparent and it’s lovely.


  201. It’s such a comfort to mesh with other people. For at least that moment in time, all the worries of the world fade, and you all come away feeling like the troubles that exist might just be solvable afterall….

  202. It amazes me how busy your life is but you find time for friends and making connections. My goal this year is to make more time for “connections”. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  203. I just love the pictures of the “big kids” loving on your girls. It’s wonderful how the internet – and yes let’s face it, the universe – brings us together with like minded souls. Wonderful!

    Mmm Scentsy. My boss sells it on the side, like crack, and she’s always bringing samples around.

  204. I love little Nella’s face enjoying the sorbet!

  205. Love Nella and the cone! We always end up tipping them upside down in a cup and eating it with a spoon…little ones just can’t seem to eat it fast enough!

  206. I just started following your blog recently & fell in love with it. The way you are living your day to day life is so inspirational for so many others. I adore how the simple things in life mean so much to you. That is an awesome way of living! I even pulled my husband in to read several of your posts because I love them so much. :) I will for sure keep on following along.

  207. I have been wanting to make those cupcake “icecream cones”! Thanks for the reminder.
    My house would love to win those scents! It is crying for a good cleaning too.

  208. It is so great to see Nella’s personality blossoming. The way she looks up her big sister is clearly evident in that last picture. I like how girlfriend loves her ice cream too! :) So cute!

  209. Love the death grip on the ice cream cone. so cute.

    scentsy needs a baby scent. just the scent of freshly bathed baby.

  210. Cracking up at Nella with half her sorbet all over her head – I’m thinking “that girl needs to be HOSED down!!” Too funny! She sure was enjoying it, wasn’t she??!!

    LOVE that the cat has taken up residence at the Hampton home! Smart Cat!!

  211. i’m meeting a blogging buddy of my own next month, & i’ve got to tell you: i’ve been a little nervous! what happens if my kindred spirit isn’t so kindred after all? but this? this proves that sometimes, the internet is really good to us. sometimes emails turn into picnics, and all is right in the world. (p.s. am i the only one who wants your potato salad and shrimp chowder recipes??)

  212. I think we should all expand our friendships! It would be so interesting to have a friend “hook-up” for readers of “Enjoying the Small Things” I don’t know how that could work…but it the stories would be grand.

  213. I love Brooke’s blog…neat that you guys have made friends!! I have been hearing about Scentsy all over the place, guess I will have to give it a try soon!

  214. I know it’s only July – but this post smells like Autumn Sunset :)

  215. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I’ve commented on a post! I just love your pictures. I’m pregnant with my first baby (a girl) and I hope she is nearly as cute as both of your girls!! I love Scentsy and I love Cupcakes so I would surely love to win this giveaway! If I don’t win, I might just have to buy the cupcake warmer myself… I really think baby girl’s nursery needs it! :) Thanks and keep up the inspiring work! :)


  216. I swear if I ever make it down to Naples I am hunting you down so I can finally meet you and your lovely girls. :)

    I love the picures of Lainey right before the winner announcement. Her eyes are beautiful.


  217. I have wanted a Scentsy warmer for a long time now! Never got around to buying one but I would sure like that cupcake one for I think i lived off of cupcakes the last few weeks of pregnancy with both of my kiddos! Love this post as usual.

  218. Love! Love! Love, the picture of Nella taking a sink bath.

  219. Oh, I love your take on meeting new people. How you make it so intriguing and just so special. The cupcake cones are adorable. I have got to try that with my girls. Happy times!!

  220. You inspire me. I love that your pictures are always real life pictures and not something where the girls are posed. They are beautiful already but the view from your camera lens just intensifies that.

  221. I absolutely love the last picture of this post. The adoring look on Nella’s face is just priceless!

    I have been debating about this scented brick husband and I just purchased our first home last week and we are moving in this weekend. I will have to order a few to put some homey-ness into our new place!

  222. I could use a little fragrance to get me in the cleaning mood!

  223. I always want to eat something sweet after reading your posts! Love the pictures as well :)

  224. LOVE the last picture!!!!!! Little sister adores her big sister.

  225. i love reading about your first- time-meeting adventures with new friends. you inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and look for more beautiful opportunities and people in this world. thank you for that!

  226. So true that you can find the best of friends online, and meeting feels so very comfortable, like you’ve done it a million times before.

  227. oh i love the last pic..the way baby sis is looking at big sis is priceless..such love!

  228. I love that warmer!

  229. Oh, the last picture made my heart melt! Love the way Nella is smiling at big sister. My hubby too is out of town for the week, and I know the feeling of independence and wanting to roll with it. Super cleaning yesterday, now questioning whether I have the stuff to pack for a camping weekend on my own today? Oh, and I love your woods. Is it as storybook as it looks? Enjoy your week!

  230. Love seeing your daughters having fun baking and playing outside. I’m one of those Moms who struggles with the idea of letting them get all dirty but you inspire me to change that!!!!

  231. Love it! Love the pictures, love the friendships, love the sisters!

    I have got to find a place to put my Scentsy warmer . . . I used to have it in a perfect location but that had to get moved and now I never use it. Hmmm. . . off to find a good spot!

  232. The picture of Nella looking over Lainey’s shoulder as Lainey plays on the cellphone is so cute! Nothing says “little sister” like butting in on big sister’s activities, haha :)
    I also LOVE the way Nella is smiling up at Lainey in that last picture!

  233. Love new friends and old friends. Thanks for another great post! I wanna break a brick!

  234. I love that you are motjvated by Brett’s being away for a couple days! I feel the exact same way when I am holding down the fort!

  235. I really enjoy reading your blog. You have such a way with words and can always bring a smile to my face.

  236. I’ve always wanted to do that, connect with “internet friends” in real life! Or reconnect an old friendship held together by the internet or some kind of technology. I bet you had a fantastic evening!

  237. Love the ice cream pictures! So cute!!

  238. I *heart* cupcakes & Scentsy….

    Lovely pictures as always!

  239. You tell the story of so many of us. Inspires me to write more. Thank you for sharing all of your sweet life with us.

  240. nothing like littles enjoying the simple pleasures of life – like ice cream. :)

  241. That little Nella just makes me happy. For reals. My little person posse and I made “cheeseburger” cookies yesterday, and my oldest made her first homemade bread. These are the moments you remember.

  242. I love what you said about getting to know each other, because I believe that is so true.

    Thank you,

  243. Thank you for introducing me to Brooke’s blog. I love food blogs!

  244. Love new friends! I always wonder what life would be like now if I had known what I know now about getting to know people…

  245. You’ve reintroduced me to Cheeky Kitchen. I used to read her long ago and somehow lost her. Love that you all met and hit it off. That last picture of Lainey is a breath-stealer.

  246. I just recently discovered your blog and it is amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful view of life!

  247. Ah ice cream photos are always adorable :)

  248. So, Do you know who’s Kitty it is yet? Maybe you could put a note on his/her collar.
    I almost forgot about icecream cupcakes. My girls will flip when we break out the cones for that this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.

  249. special friend times like that are like a cool, refreshing breeze into life…love just thinking about it!!

  250. My kiddo just had a cupcake inspired first birthday party, looove that scentsy and love your precious girls! So sweet.

  251. I love your blog!!! Each time a new entry is in my google reader I quickly click!!! Your beautiful pictures inspire me to capture images of my two sweet boys daily!


  252. Try White Sands. It’s amazing!!!!! I haven’t seen the Happy Birthday scent though so clearly I need to be the correct commenter…

  253. love ice-cream and cupcakes. looks like a good time!

  254. We love Kilwin’s here!!
    I just cant wait till fall!! my fav season! :)

  255. Love the photos and I can smell the scents as you describe them. Thanks for opportunity to win :) Happy Thursday~~

  256. Your posts are inspiring…makes me want to capture more of my days with my boys….

  257. The picture of Lainey ready for bed. I too always light a candle to start my cleaning momentum. And if the momentum doesn’t take me anywhere…at least my house “smells” clean.

  258. You’ve inspired me to slow down today and soak up some moments with my boys. I’ve been way too busy this week, and I want to take the time to savor–maybe we’ll go out for a cone.

  259. Nella smiling in the pine needles is the cutest picture!!!!! Love your posts! Thanks!

  260. I love all your woods pictures, looks to fun and peaceful.

  261. How did we ever survive without the internet? So amazing how it can bring people of like and different folks together. Very fun that you made a new friend. I cracked up that your serving spoon was MIA.

  262. I love that last picture of your girls! Nella looking up at her sister adoringly…how blessed you are to have two precious girls! I’m also a huge fan of Scentsy’s Groovy grapefruit. The cupcake warmer is adorable!

  263. Your blog is so inspirational and I love reading it!!!

  264. yumminess wafting thru the house sounds good to me…

  265. Are they strong enough to cover the scents of a one year old and 3 year old? ‘Dirty diaper’ and ‘Mommy I made a poo poo in the potty! Come clean it!’

  266. Gosh I <3 Enjoying the Small Things! I wait patiently each day to see if your posts will appear … they bring smiles and happiness to my soul! Thank you Kelle Hampton!

  267. That last shot! Wow! I love to see the love these girls have for each other. Slayed me. Happy Thursday.

  268. I love waking up and finding a sweet surprise that is your blog. Thank you for making my morning special Kelle. Don’t stop writing… beautiful

  269. Gah! Love this post! I love seeing when two bloggers meet up in “real life!”
    Also, love the whole “break off a brick.” Gimme a break of that… kit kat bar πŸ˜‰

  270. Oh, be still my heart. That last picture of Nella gazing up at Lainey with naked admiration is beautiful. I love their relationship and the way you write about it is inspiring.

    I’d totally dig that Scentsy warmer as it would go in (my) Laney’s room perfectly!

  271. I love your blog. I love seeing a new post every few days, I smile when I notice the title has changed from the last time I read it. Most of all I love watching your girls grow. I see changes in Lainey with every new picture. Her features are getting more big girl like and Nella, sweet Nella, I see a strong-willed little girl who will take this world by storm. Thanks for sharing your life. You are an inspiration!

  272. nella and the cone kill me — sister knows what’s important in life!!!

  273. I love that beautiful close up picture of Lainey. She has the most gorgeous eyes!!

  274. I love starting my day with your blog :)

  275. Love the cupcake cone idea!

  276. I still can’t get over how contagious the girls’ smiles are. I think my boys would get along with your girls so well. I also like that we are from the midwest and lived in Florida for a time. You make me miss Florida.

  277. Absolutely love the picture of Nella trying to share in the iphone games with Lainey. Sisters…

  278. Our 17 month old chowed down on a banana sorbet cone yesterday and ended in the same, sticky mess your Nella did. She’s so precious!

  279. Now I am seriously craving some raspberry sorbet!

  280. I am a sucker for cupcakes! Those cupcake cones are brilliant! How fun!

    And I totally love the Scentsy cupcake warmer. I must have one!

  281. Your girls are heavenly :)

  282. The last photo is my favorite. Sweet smiles and sisterly love. You’ll rock the week (even if the garbage cans don’t get to the curb…there’s always next week : )

  283. I like how Nella simply has a watchful eye over the phone, although I’d guess that isn’t always the case. If my girl has the phone, little brother is hollering and grabbing within seconds, even if he was out of the room. It’s as if he has a radar…

  284. Funny, I like to turn on my scentsy when I start to clean, too! My favorite scent is Silhoutte! It is red….very pleasant smell that reminds me of faded cologne.

  285. Loved this post! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting moms that I had only previously met online, and it was a wonderful experience.
    Loved all the photos in this post, (as usual)and I hope that the rest of your week without Brett goes smoothly!

  286. I just love reading about you and your girls. The way you write about life is inspiring and amazing. :)

  287. LOVE your blog…Your girls are gorgeous! I seriously could look at your pics of Nella all day, she melts my heart..she is so beyond precious and absolutely adorable!

  288. It’s refreshing to hear of two people having deep conversations where one person doesn’t always have to be right and it’s okay if the answer is yet to be discovered. Lovely pictures, the girls are getting so grown up!

  289. Love the cupcake cones…and I love Nella with her icecream…precious.

  290. I don’t think I’ve had a cupcake cone since 3rd grade. I’m going to buy all the ingredients at lunch now lol

  291. The picture of Nella with her sorbet is so sweet, I can only imagine taking the soggy ice cream dripping cone away and her pitching a fit wanting the last taste. I really love the picture of Lainey and her friend on the couch, they look like true friends chatting and planning their next adventure. So cute….

  292. Your girls are always in the most adorable outfits! I love the picture of Nella trying to get in on Lainey’s game on your phone, too cute :)

  293. Your posts are always so beautiful and your pictures capture the most magical moments…would love to have that cute pink cupcake and some yummy smells wafting through my house…

  294. Cupcake Cones….so remind me of my childhood. Thanks for bringing that awesome memory to the forefront today. I needed that.

  295. We unintentionally “stole” a cat once:) Her owners (who lived across the street) got a dog and she started sneaking into our house. We started out by putting her outside immediately… then we’d let her stay a few hours… then we’d put her out before we went to bed at night… and then we finally accepted the fact that she was in charge and had to decided to live with us. your visiting kitty is adorable:)

  296. OH! That last picture is one to cherish! The way Nella is looking at Lainey is precious! So much love!!!!

  297. Meeting new friends and enjoying their company is such a great gift.

    Love reading your posts, you’re AMAZING!!

    Kristin K. from Texas

  298. Beautiful. I love reading your blog. I wish I had your gift for making friends and letting people into your life!

  299. I love the way you are LIVING each moment with your family-the good as well as the bad.

  300. I LOVE this picture of Nella smiling so big while sitting on the pine needles and leaves. I’m so happy I found your blog, you remind me daily to savor all of the small things!

  301. oooo I love me some Scentsy! My current fav is lemon lavendar!!! I just ordered some mochadoodle for fall.

  302. I love your site and your photo’s. I am not looking forward to fall because the cold weather is not what I enjoy.

  303. So in love with your blog. Thank you <3

  304. I love that last picture, the way Nella is looking at big sis! Priceless!

  305. Another great post! I love the shot of Nella leaning against Lainey, while she’s playing games on your phone! Lainey is such a patient and loving big sister – so cool!

    One of these days, you’re going to have to share a shot of Nella pitching a fit! :) (taking it, while you’re most likely calming and soothing her!) You tell us that she is capable of asserting herself in no uncertain terms – but, all we ever see are pictures of a beautiful little girl, exhibiting a happy, joyous soul! I think maybe, you’re misleading us! :)

    Love the last shot of Lainey and Nella too……and be careful with that cat! You could well end up co-parenting a new family member!

    My Mom lived in a small Seniors’ complex – and rescued a stray cat – who really did need to be rescued – even gave him the auspicious name of Joseph Archibald……….but, JA, the little ingrate, wasn’t above sharing the love! After my Mom had him nicely fattened up, he began to expand his horizons to the neighbours in her complex – and was ‘adopted’ by more than one of them. One of the other elderly couples also “rescued him” – and – even named him! To my Mom he was JA – to the neighbours, he was Tom! Dang cat had it pretty good…so, be careful – it’s a slippery slope with cats! :)

    Thanks for sharing with us……..Rosemary

  306. Everything you post simply makes me smile!

  307. Oh my, the last picture of your girls is so precious! What sisterly love!! Nella and I share the same love for raspberry sorbet…yum! Have a great weekend, Kelle!

  308. The b/w photo of Nella in the sink is so strikingly beautiful, but also makes me wistful and a little weepy – because my boys don’t fit in the sink anymore. I love that when I scrolled past it the second time, I realized the photo of you with Nella in your belly is on the wall in front of her. Awesome.

  309. That last picture just did me in! Too.stinkin.cute!!

  310. Thank you for another wonderful post! Your writing is amazing!

  311. Love that raspberry face. Makes me realize that messes are okay, and should (at times) be encouraged.


  312. Looks like a wonderful time all around!

  313. I love your blog. It definitely makes my single mama-hood day better. You have the best writing and stories i’ve read. :)

  314. Love it when you can find people you connect with.

  315. We “adopted” a cat once and she was the best. I think an animal picks you, not the other way around.

  316. Whew. After reading that I really want ice cream. Thank goodness we have a Kilwin’s a block away from my office :-)

  317. Pictures of Nella being messy crack me up especially when she is wearing such cute clothes

  318. I love that picture of Lainey with her adorable head laying down. She is such a cutie and you take such cute pictures.
    I’d love the Scentsy warmer and scent for my little house of diapers :)

  319. Lovely post! I found you via Brooke and her Cheeky Kitchen. I was sitting here at my desk {I’m at work} bawling like a baby at the post Brooke led us to. YOU, girlie are a wonderful person! So glad to have found your blog! :)

  320. i love how vivid your blog is. i smile when i see your blog name bolded on my google reader list, because every post is filled with such beauty. thank you for sharing your life with us, kelle!

  321. If it revs up my cleaning mojo, I must have it!! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for your photos and words. Beautiful, inspiring, as always.

  322. I saw that picture of Nella smiling soooo big and thought that was the cutest picture ever….than I scrolled down and saw the picture of Lainey. What great photos!!!

  323. Love your blog! It makes me strive to make my life more beautiful!

  324. i need to try the cupcake cone recipe! i’ve seen it before! so neat!

  325. when my husband goes out of town, i put on my super hero cape and turn it up a couple of notches. we play and we play hard. of course the down side is when he gets home and i need to sleep for a week! :)

  326. Yum Yum! This makes me want to go out and get a cupcake and ice cream!

  327. Both girls are adorable… its funny how they have changed through the year + I’ve been following your blog.

    As always, beautiful photos and a lovely story about your day.


  328. totally exhausted…work is killing me this week. but escaping into your world for a stroll is refreshing. I loved the picnic…and I might be inspired to plan one myself before the hubby goes to work. Thanks!!

  329. ohh the look on nellas face peering up at big sis in the last photo is to die for!!! Sooo fun to see the summer nights ice cream routine & cupcake cones are something I can’t wait to introduce to my daughter…I’m nostalgic about both!!! Ps love this whole break the brick Concept & that warmer is to die for… Must have one!!!!

  330. My family has accidently stolen several cats this way over the years. My parents always blamed my sister and I but just last year, long after my sister and I moved out, another kitty moved into my parents backyard gazebo and eventually into their home. Her name too, is Cat.

  331. Great picstures and I SO want to make those cupcake cones! Yum!

    The last picture of lainey is bed is incredible!

  332. I always look forward to your posts-they are so full of life. Oh, and Scentsy, it’s the best-I would LOVE a new warmer and bricks!!

  333. LOVE your blog! I can smell the grapefruit just looking at it. What an awesome thing!
    Beautiful children! I lovveee their clothes!

  334. Those cupcake cones are adorable! and I love that you make time for new friends….you’re inspirational Kelle :)

  335. Nella’s a girl after my own heart…rasberry sorbet is my favorite too. (Though I occasionally shake it up with the HD rasberry sorbet/vanilla yogurt combo)

  336. Those cupcake cones are too cute!

  337. Love the picture of Nella getting a piece of the cell phone action! That is sooo cute and funny! I need to grab my camera more often…

  338. I can’t stop staring at that last photo. The look of complete adoration in Nella’s eyes makes me want a little sister for my girl so badly.

  339. I love Scentsy! Totally understand what you mean by “shakedown”–I’m right there with ya, sister. The only way to clean!

  340. Love this post…I have met some wonderful people via the internet that were truly meant to be my friends!! I feel like I know YOU even though I dont:) Love the pics too…my FAVE is the one of your Nella laughing and smiling from ear to ear….makes my heart melt!!!

  341. Loving Nella with the ice cream! Adorable pictures :) You are truly blessed.

  342. Cupcakes are everywhere and I’d love to get in on the fun!

    I love meeting new friends. Thanks for sharing.

  343. I was lucky enough to get to see the Dalai Lama on his recent visit to Chicago. He spoke with a panel of Religious Leaders on the importance of Interfaith respect and comradeship and how we can have religious differences but we can appreciate and honor the common ground we do have and thus we will create a happier society. It was just lovely.

  344. “Cat” looks more like a teenager kitten :) There’s no stopping love and that little creature sure has some for your girls!

  345. Looks like all if you had a wonderful day.

    Thanks for sharing, and putting a smile on my face.


  346. Love the picture of Lainey in the “good night” picture! Melissa R.

  347. I always enjoy reading your posts. Always. So enlightening. I loved yoru picnic with your new friend…splendid. And your girls!?! I can never get enough of them. Nella laughing amongst the trees….and Lainey’s deep soulful spirit {in bed} reaches through your lens and grabs you by the heart!!! Just so sweet. Speaking of sweet….I’d love to win that fantastic Scentsy cupcake warner and yummy cake scent. We are celebrating a 4th birthday next week!!!!!!! Happy Thursday….good luck remembering the trash cans! ha.

  348. What a great post! I particularly liked the idea of meeting new people and realizing how the world really is a small place. Thanks for your pearls of life’s sweet wisdom.

  349. i love that you just plop her in the sink for a bath. That is precious…so was her sticky face. that pic of nella leaning in to to see what big sis was doing put a huge smile on my face. she’s changing. even i can see that!

  350. We are living in sync… my other half is away and I’m rocking the fort and taking care of the babes! And working too. :) Although, you write about it so much more prolifically than I. Beautiful post!


  351. that picture of Lainey laying down is superb! she is such a gorgeous little soul!
    we too have entered into the land of sticky fits when something we’re noshing on is so yummy but it’s time to put it away/trash it etc.
    and I had a question, are you doing albums for Nella like those for Lainey? im sure you are, the amazing mom that you are, so can we see her first one or did i miss that post?

  352. Adorable! And I love Scentsy!

  353. Have you tried the Watermelon Patch smell for the Scentsy? Its yummo- its one of the ones you can only order in July!!

  354. Nella and pigtails…nuff said!

  355. Are those wood chips that you guys are picnicking on? I had to do a double take because at first it looks like fall has come early!

  356. you and you’re family are so lovely :) reading your blog is part of my nightly mommy relaxation time lol.

  357. I could never get tired of your pictures. The one of
    Nella just made me laugh outloud. Love the sleepy Lainey. She reminds me of my oldest granddaughter……just so sweet and rolls with the punches.

  358. Yay for a cupcake Scentsy warmer!

  359. I love your blog, the way you put everyday life into words, makes it really come to life for your readers.

  360. You have a great “baby-bathing sink,” it’s deep and big, and looks like it can accommodate a fair amount of splashing. Ours is too shallow to bathe babies in…we’d flood the kitchen! And Nella makes me want an ice cream cone! That face! She is too precious! Beautiful picture of Lainey staring at the camera. Those eyes really tug at your soul, huh?

  361. to use one of my favorite words that you use, the pictures of nella eating her sorbet cone SLAY me!

    i love reading your blog, one of my favorites by far. thank you for sharing!!!

  362. You have the most beautiful girls! It looks like you had an amazing day, full of joy. Here’s hoping there are many more to come!

  363. OMG! I was just researching how to make ice cream cone cupcakes for my kids ice cream themed bday party I’m throwing them in Sept. I had never heard of them before, and then to see them on your blog! Are they hard to make?
    I love how you just let your girls get messy with treats(nella and the sherbert). I am such a not fun mom when it comes to that stuff. your post reminds me that I should just let go and let my kids be kids and enjoy a darn ice cream cone without me hovering wiping up spillage πŸ˜‰

  364. Sounds like a fantastic evening with new friends! That ice cream looks so yummy! I love Scentsy!

  365. your writing and photos inspire me to get out more and enjoy each moment of each day. what a beautiful world you are surrounded by. i am loving the scentsy flavors, thanks for the great giveaway!

  366. What a fabulous day! I can imagine the breakdown Nella had when it was time to let go of the sorbet cone. It really is hard being a little one sometimes.

    I love your cupcake cone idea. I think I just might have to use that this weekend at Arya’s first birthday party. I’m baking 72 cupcakes and want to make them original. I think putting some of them in a cone will do the trick. Thank you!!

    As always, I LOVE your blog and I thank you for sharing your world with me. :)

  367. Now I want ice cream with sprinkles! Thanks for the lovely post!

  368. I ordered the Scentsy and love it! Love that Cat chose your family. Cats are badass like that–they’re not askin for an invite. They just show up and stay. :)

  369. That last picture of Lainey is so beautiful. It looks like she is serenely laying down in a foreign land draped in colourful fabrics. Love it. It actually makes me want to redo my room.

    Also, I am OBSESSED with cupcake shaped things, and a cupcake that would make my apartment smell amazing!!!?? Hellz yeah. If I don’t win it, I think I’ll buy it anyways! Have a lovely day :)

  370. Oh my gosh, Lainey looks like Tinkerbell in that forest shot! So cute! I’m a huge Scentsy fan and have 3 warmers but that cupcake one is to die for!!! Love it! And love you guys. :)

  371. That cupcake warmer made me grin from ear to ear.

  372. Love Nella’s pigtails and how yummy do those cupcake cones look!
    I’ve been wanting to try Scentsy…love the cupcake warmer!

  373. how do you make your cupcake cones?! i too am inspired to clean by a new, fresh scent!

  374. KILWINS ROCKS! Its seriously a part of every So Florida vaca for our family. Yum. You are so lucky to live nearby :)

  375. I’m not commenting to win the brick (although I supposed that would be an added bonus), I’m commenting to say what a darling picture that last one was, look how adoringly little Nella is looking up at her big sister!!! Absolutely precious. Happy day to you!!

  376. Summer and ice cream cones … love the post

  377. i love kitchen sink baths,they might be my current favorite thing

  378. Love your blog, so very inspiring on so many levels!! Went to the boat last night and didn’t win anything, so I figure this is my chance!! :)

  379. I am so jealous to see Lainey in her Saltwater sandals. I am 9 months pregnant and my feet are so swollen I can’t wear mine. Tell her to wear them a couple more times for me!!

  380. MMM! Love making internet friends become real life friends. Nella is so sweet with her ice cream face!! Scentsy is an addiction of mine as well, I have an obsession with it! Enjoy!!

  381. I love kids eating ice cream on a hot day…beautiful photos!

  382. I love the picture of Lainey in bed, she’s got beautiful eyes! As always, I love your way with words. You’re blog inspires me.

  383. Love this post! Those cupcake cones are awesome ~ might have to try that one out with my girlies :)

  384. I’d get a little upset if someone took away my cone too!

  385. Your photos and words always inspire me… to live each moment to the fullest, seize every opportunity given… even the not-so-nice moments…

    Nella has gotten so grown up! love her hair in the piggy-tails!! :)

  386. Love meeting new friends. Even at 36, first day of school memories are evoked – but with me being a shameless people lover – in a butterflies-in-stomach good way. :)

  387. LOVE your blog- I can be having the most stressful page — I bring up your blog and my world is right again…love that fact Nella LOVES sorbet- so adorable–grapefruit scent sounds amazing…thanks again Kell for giving us a glimpse –so cool

  388. LOVE the colors in the photo of Lainey with the pillows. Just beautiful.

  389. Love meeting new friends face-to-face. I totally get Nella’s resistance to giving up the cone!!

  390. Love the picture of Nella covering her face with her little hands as if to say, “Dude…enough with the camera already…I am spent. Can we please go to bed now?” :)

  391. I hear you on the fall beckoning. Start of school is a month away, we’re already thinking about soccer practices and school supplies. I’ve really enjoyed our lazy summer days.

  392. We love Kilwins! We discovered one right down the block from our house, which could be dangerous!
    My son and daughter love the superman flavor! I couldn’t get it away from my 2 year old either. Death grip!!! It is just as messy as the raspberry sorbet looked!

  393. Oh my!!!! KILWIN’s I can barely contain my excitement. I use to work two blocks from the Kilwin’s in Ft. Lauderdale. Didn’t know you had one there. Perfection!!!

  394. Something told me to open my laptop this morning to see if I had internet connection, and low and behold for the first time I got connection today- Your blog was the FIRST thing I read! Thank you for existing, your family brightens my day!

  395. Beautiful post and pictures. Your girls are adorable. :)

  396. You made me want ice cream today!! Nella just looks like she is enjoying it so much :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  397. I always get so excited when I see a new EtST post on my Google Reader! And I love Scentsy so my fingers are crossed! :-)

  398. That last picture is priceless. What love and admiration Nella shows for her big sis–too sweet!

  399. That shot of Nella in the sink is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  400. mmm scents of fall…I can’t wait

  401. Your words and pictures always brighten my day. I love those ice cream cone cupcakes! Did you just bake them in the cone?

  402. LOve, Love LOVE the cupckae warmer!!! I want one :)

  403. YAY for new friends and perfect days, also picnics you can never go wrong with a good picnic :)

  404. Another beautiful post…another big smile from me. Thank you.

  405. I’m new to your blog. A friend told me about it when I was going through some tough times. Your words are slowly healing my heart. Thank you…for everything.

  406. KILWINS!!!!!! Oh, it’s my favorite. We don’t have one in Georgia so we always go to the one in Blowing Rock, NC when we go to the mountains – Toasted Coconut and Strawberry are my favorites.

    Nella seriously threw down on some Sorbet – that was awesome.

    I love that picture of Nella in the sink. Sink baths are my favorite.

    And I love that last picture of the girls together. So Cute!

  407. I love how you capture Nella’s personality in your photos! I love her curious, happy spirit. Lainey reminds me of my niece…very quiet, but underneath that shy smile is a lot of spunk!

  408. Kelle, checking your blog is a daily activity for me, and I love seeing your beautiful photos and words. I long to be even half the photographer you are! Thanks for sharing your girls and life with us!
    ~Erin G.

  409. My family has “accidentally” adopted 2 neighborhood cats. It’s not so bad- you get to share the love and the costs!

  410. lainey’s dress on the picnic table is just the cutest..i love it!!…and btw 3 days is toooo long to make us wait for another seemed like forever πŸ˜‰

  411. OMG, that last picture of Nella admiring Lainey is the most precious thing ever!

  412. Nella makes me want ice cream…very, very badly!

  413. Love coming here to read about your day and what the girls have been up to. You’re an inspiration, on how you manage to do so much and keep smiling!

  414. Love when the kiddos get stuck on ice cream or some sweet treat. Nella was going to town on that cone. She is so adorable and lucky to have such a wonderful family.

  415. A day with cupcakes and ice cream is always a good day.
    Ashley S.

  416. love lighting the candles and cranking the music! the only way to clean!

  417. Your stolen kitty looks just like our kitty! I truly believe pets are such a necessary part of childhood. As always, love your family, love your blog.

  418. Love the simplicity! it’s the little things that really make some days just so special. Also, loving the tunes on your blog – they always seem to be perfectly chosen just for me. :)

  419. Beautiful pictures as always!

  420. I need to adopt your attitude when my husband is out of town. He was just gone for 10 days and I definitely did not have such a sunny outlook on life! This is why I love reading your blog. :)

  421. I love your blog, it inspires me to be better thanks for sharing!

  422. I LOVE the picture of Nella in the kitchen sink!

  423. Oh I wish I could jump into the screen and be where you are sometimes! Or most of the time :)
    I pink-puffy-heart that cupcake warmer, it’s the cutest thing ever & would put it in my little ladies room!!!

  424. Great post. I can’t wait to bake with my girls!

  425. I love the Kilwin’s pictures! Its a summer time favorite for us in Frankfort, Michigan!

  426. I love the feeling of bringing new friends into the already existing friendship circle :) A girl can never have too many! It’s amazing what the blogging world can do. All the best to Brett as he trains for his new job.

  427. I kids would LOVE that cupcake in a cone thing! I must try it! Beautiful picnic pics πŸ˜€

  428. Love the look on Nella’s face in that last picture- such sweet adoration for her older sister.

  429. I love reading your blog. I love your writing and your photos.
    That cat really loves Nella!

  430. My fall bug is starting to bit already and your comment about the lovely fall scents has made it stir even more. Love your post, so refreshing. :)

  431. LOVE the baby bath in the kitchen sink! I miss that!! Mine babies are all to big!
    Thank you for sharing!

  432. Sounds like a wonderful time. Nothing better than some quite time outside when the summer sun is setting and the cool breeze is blowing.

  433. Did you see the Target ad with Dora and the sweet little girl model with the sprakle in her eye? Got to share your blog link with a friend who shared that ad with me. Love the immediate connection children bring and the immediate heart connection when families share a ds connection.
    I turn forty in August and would love to permanently celebrate it with my own calorie free cupcake all day every day!!

  434. You bring out the wannabe Betty Crocker in me. I now feel inspired to implement more cupcakes consuming into my home.


    I’m hungry )c:

  435. For some reason, your girls look really grown up in that last picture!

  436. “I find that more responsibility for me comes with more ambition. I like the challenge of holding down the fort, giving extra attention to the girls and maybe–just maybe–I’ll blow his mind when he returns to a clean house and trash cans that I actually remembered to drag to the curb.”-

    This quote is exactly how I am feeling this week. My husband is away at camp with some of his youth group kiddos and you put into writing how I felt. Loved the pictures of Nella with the ice cream!

  437. That last picture is just precious!! And those cupcakes are adorable….think we’ll make some this weekend!

  438. Yum! I need ice cream now, stat!

  439. I love meeting new friends… Tomorrow I have off and I think we are going to make something fun and yummy for dessert. Just me and my babies!! You inspire me to be brave with activities like scentsy inspires you to shake down your kitchen.

  440. Love the cupcake cones :)I want to try them for the next party around here!

  441. I love how the girls play with each other. They are so cute! I love all the posts. They brighten my day.

  442. Good Luck holding down the fort!!!!

  443. What a breath of fresh air it is to read your blog each day. As a labor and delivery nurse, I’ve referred new moms to it for inspiration. Love…love…love the ice cream pictures…that’s how I love eating ice cream the most…licking it off my fingers at the end of a good cone! You and your sweet little girls are awesome!

  444. nothing beats summer nights. what a lovely post…thank you!

  445. the cake cones … thanks for reminding me of these … this is what i’m going to make for my sweet girl’s 2nd birthday!

  446. Oh my gosh, that cupcake warmer just melts my heart! :-) Along with all your stories of the cat and the girls, they always makes me giggle.

  447. Perfect as ever! =)
    My friend recently got the cupcake warmer for her daughters room, it looks sssooo adorable!!

  448. Absolutely love your blog!

  449. Must now make some cupcake cones. So fun!!

  450. Nella looks adorable with her sorbet.

  451. I love the sink bath. My daughter used to get those all the time!

  452. I’m in love with Lainey’s dress in the last few pictures! Also the cupcake cones, I have to make those.

  453. I LOVE the fact that you met a blogger soul mate in real life. I have a great blogger friend who is currently visiting less than 1 hour from my house. I would love to reach out to her and set up a meeting, but my husband would have a COW! He’s barely on board with blogging and I’m sure he would decide the person was a serial killer in disguise…. *sigh* Is it bad if I “sneak out” from my best friend and life partner? I love that you met and felt so connected.

    Kristen at

  454. If your girls were any cuter I’d have to eat them up! Another wonderful couple days of memories!

  455. I love those moments… making new friends. Having those “me too” moments. The girls looked like they had a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing Kelle. You always brighten my day. <3

  456. I thought about you today when I realized that in my rush to get not so happy kids inside I left 2 containers of sandwich meat, havarti cheese, and yogart in the trunk of my car for 2 days..ugh. I thought of you and how you would handle it, keeping the balance between kicking yourself for wasting those items, yet admiring yourself for putting your kiddos first.

    Thanks for the perspective, now I need to go make my girls and I a cupcake cone :)

  457. I LOVE scentsy and that warmer! Too cute.

    The girls are getting so big. I feel like I have watched them grow up on this blog!

  458. LOVE that last picture of your two girls! The look on Nella’s face as she’s looking at her big sister is PRICELESS. So sweet.

    Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us in blogland. Your posts always put a smile on my face.

  459. i just love that you have “woods” in your back yard! it doesn’t seem like FL at all. so pretty

  460. I’m loving the ice cream cone cupcakes – brings me back to some great childhood birthday parties. I might have to whip up a batch just for fun… although my little one is too little to enjoy (just 2 months old!), I’m sure my husband would get a kick out of them too!

  461. Thanks for the account of a beautiful day, little Nella with that cone is beyond cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win again!!

  462. Thank you for sharing your life and family with us. I love your blog!

  463. Oh, Kelle,thanks so much. It is always so nice to check in with you and your girls.


  464. I love your blog!! What a super fun family you have!

  465. Oh my goodness, that last picture of Lainey laying in her bed, is absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful eyes!

  466. I love your blog, but this is my first time commenting. We used to make cone cupcakes all the time growing up. I forgot all about them. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder!

  467. It’s amazing the memories and comforts a good smell can bring to you! Do you think sentsy takes custom orders for the smell of my grandmother?

  468. I truly believe strangers are sent to us for very specific reasons. Sometimes they remains strangers and other times they become kindred sprits. Great post and I seriously MUST have Laineys moccasins!!

  469. thank you for all your words and pictures!! I love the scentsy bricks. πŸ˜‰

  470. Your photos are mesmerizing. Can’t decide which one I like best from this post: Lainey posing horizontally (look at those eyes!) or the last photo (Nella looking adoringly at her big sis).

    Placed an order with Heal My Sole last night: can’t wait to receive it!

  471. Love all things cupcake but hubby has a problem with the whole house done in cupcake decor so I think the warmer would be a great compromise.

  472. I get ambitious when my husband is out of town too. Then I overdo it get exhausted and do a quick clean up 30 minutes before hes due home. It’s my system and will probably never change. Thankfully he’s just happy to be home so he doesn’t mind the pile of clean laundry with a sheet thrown over it. πŸ˜‰

  473. Your girls are just beautiful! i LOVE the dresses they are wearing in that last picture!

  474. That cat is hilarious! Sounds like something my cat would do. Looks like you had a great day-that ice cream looks delicious!!


  475. And thank you, thank you for sharing your new found friend with us. I have been looking over her recipes and am so excited… a working mother of 5 I am always struggling with trying to put yummy meals on the table. Her recipes look great!!!!

  476. happy thursday to you and your sweet girls, kelle!! Maybe I need a scentsy so I can get this house into shape!! :)

  477. Love love LOVEEE, just like always :) That sprinkle ice cream looks amazinggg!

  478. I always love reading about how you meet your fellow bloggers, inspiring! And that cupcake thing is cute!

  479. i love how the internet brings new friends .. and i like even more that not all of them are weird. πŸ˜‰

  480. I love this! It’s like celebrating your birthday every day!!

  481. I recently took a 2 week vacation without the hubby with my 18 month old son. I was nervous but actually enjoyed the responsibility of being the sole provider for my sweet baby boy. So I get what you’re saying in relation to being Brett-less.

  482. Love that sorbet face! She is sooooooo adorable!

  483. Nella and her sorbet <3<3<3 Too funny. I so need a good recipe for shrimp chowder. If you see this comment, please share!

  484. Loved the post. Glad you made new friends!

  485. I have been wanting to try the scenty stuff for a while now!!

  486. A couple of years ago I got to meet one of my most cherished friends that I had met via the internet. We felt as though we had known each other our whole lives. We stayed at their house and just had a blast. Every time we talk on the phone it feels as though she’s right across the road. She lives in IN and I’m in SC. It’s a bit of a journey (12 long hours we drove, through the night) but it was totally worth it. Now we both yearn for the next visit. Someday…

    I totally didn’t know Scentsy had a cupcake warmer!! Now I must have it!

  487. I love meeting bloggy friends! I’m excited to perhaps meet some bloggy friends next year when I attempt to go the Ds conference!
    LOVE the picture of Nella covered in sorbet. I can’t wait for the day when I can put shoes on Everleigh and go for a stroll to the ice cream shop.
    As always, your blog brightens my day. Thank you.

  488. I read your last post about the cat and then suddenly the SAME exact (looking) cat showed up on our back porch and loves my kids and they think it’s the best thing ever too. Makes me think of you guys every time I see her. She likes the birds that come eat out of my feeder (naughty cat). Too cute. And the pictures of Nella today were killing me, her sweet little toddler legs. And the sorbet, kills me. Thanks for keeping up a beautifully written blog!

  489. Days like these are always my favorite and that is why summer is definitely my favorite season! And I must say that your pictures of the girls today are especially exceptional! Breath-taking and beautiful!

  490. you look like old friends sitting on that blanket.

  491. Your children are BEAUTIFUL. I love reading your blog. Its sweet and charming. I look forward to your posts! :)


  492. I’m already dreaming of fall too! Can’t wait to turn in my tank-tops for turtlenecks and flip flops for boots!

  493. Another terrific post. Why is it that your life seems so serene and heavenly and my days seem to be filled with chaos? I’m super Jelly!

  494. Adooooorable pics today, as usual. Today isn’t my birthday but I love cupcakes always. :)

  495. That last picture of Lainey by herself is fab!!! We are headed to your neck of the woods on Monday… So anxious for some relaxation by the beach!!! Have a happy Friday!! Heather

  496. That last pic of Nella smiling at Lainey is just perfect!

  497. Nella eats ice cream like I want to eat ice cream. I might even throw a fit like that someone took it away from me. I’m hoping that ONE day the “fate” of the internet will make our paths cross.

  498. I almost thought the brick you were breaking was going yo be peach ala mode! that is my fave scent from scentsy. Sweet Nella made that icecream look even yummier!

  499. Nella makes me jealous with her ice cream eating skills :)))

  500. I always find your photography so inspiring. Oh and the ice cream cone cupcakes…I really really need to figure out how to incorporate those into my daughters third birthday. Is a sweets/ice cream party theme ok for an October birthday???

  501. Nella’s ice cream face made me lol for real!

  502. I LOVE cupcakes baked into ice cream cones. THE BEST! And yay for meeting new peeps!

  503. I love the messy ice-cream face :) So precious. My house seriously needs some Scentsy! Would love to win that Cupcake warmer ~ it would work well in my girls’ bedroom, which has a cupcake theme!

  504. I’ve never posted a comment before, but really enjoy being a follower of your blog.
    You inspire me to take better pictures!
    I was introduced to Scentcy a few months ago and would love to add something new to my collection!

  505. That last pick of Lainey all snuggled up is gorgeous!!

  506. the girls are getting so big!

  507. Love the pic of Nella and Lainey at the picnic table, sweet sisters!!

  508. I look so forward to your posts!! They always make me smile, and they always make me stop and think and appreicate the many joys in my life! Thanks for sharing!

  509. The photos of Nella and the raspberry sorbet? Completely brightened my day.

  510. awwwww i’ve done the same thing with a neighbor’s kitty. he’s probably getting love all over. oh your ice cream pics for the win

  511. Since it will actually be my birthday tomorrow, I would love that warmer and happy birthday brick! Especially after spending a day in the ER with a little with a dog bite. Mama needs to relax!

  512. Nella and the ice cream cone are too much! I would love to win the warmer! Becky

  513. Sounds like a wonderful summer day, my Cameron 16 months has been taking sink baths lately as well. love the new song.

  514. aww i love those babies!

  515. Oh man, Nella is super cute! And Lainey is a pretty little gal!I love the real life pics of a messy kitchen while doing mother things. I’m trying to be ok with that kind of stuff and “enjoy the small things”. It’s going ok.

  516. I am an avid reader of your blog! Thank you for letting me ‘peek’ into your lives!!!

  517. what a wonderful visit you must’ve had….I want to move to Florida after seeing all your post and pictures..;-)

  518. I love good friends, good conversation, and messy kids! :0)

  519. Your blog makes my day! I can remember my mom making cupcake cones for my first grade class! Just seeing those takes me way back! Love it.

  520. Love, love, love the last picture! Nella adores her big sister, huh? I have always wanted to try something from Scentsy. Good luck to me. :)

  521. I will miss your posts as we are going “off the grid” for 10 days. I will be so happy to catch up.

  522. OMG… yes I just used omg because I love that cupcake warmer and would LOVE to gift it to my best friend for her bday next month :)

  523. Sounds like you had an amazing time! It is great how your kids jump right in with new people. Always makes me smile.

    Also, I love both girls’ outfits in the last set of pictures here. They have such unique clothes.

  524. Love the “sink” bath picture!! I wish I could still fit in the sink!! LOL!

  525. oh I must, MUST know where you get their clothes!! I particularly love Nella’s green onsie with the yellow trim and the red/pink outfit she is wearing (with sorbet accent, of course :-) ). You make me yearn to have a driveway of our own just so we can have summer nights like this….

  526. My husband is away this week too (and for the next two weeks actually – that’s the military for ya) and I feel the same way when he is gone, we miss him a lot but at the same time it’s liberating knowing that, yep, I can do this!

  527. I long for some deep conversation on a blanket under the trees. I felt sorry for the clean up after that raspberry sorbet, but totally worth the shot! My favorite is Nella’s expression of admiration as she watched her sister on the picnic table.

  528. OMG- I call my grandaughter ‘my lil cupcake’. I have to have a cupcake warmer!

  529. I too have been on my own this week and I take it as a challenge. Of course I had it easy, the oldest likes to do his own thing and the 2nd was at camp….
    But me and the two littles? We played and played until we could play no more. And after exhausting days we staggered home to bed and slept like rocks.

    It’s all good. I dread the solo parent deal but then always surprise myself with my supreme parenting abilities :)

  530. I adore the picture of Nella taking a sink bath.

  531. Just want you to know that your beautiful pictures and sweet words are enough to turn a gray day blue again. Thank you for sharing your joy and love and passion…thank you for living your life and letting others learn from it…and thank you for so honestly articulating what really matters. Just simply…thanks.

  532. I have always wanted a Scentsy warmer. That cup cake one is adorable.

    Happy cleaning and gearing up for Bret’s return. Enjoy your time alone with the girls.

  533. When I was little, I thought cupcake cones were incredible. I’m now 26 and they still knock my socks off! It’s finding magic in the small things (no pun intended) that keeps me from getting too stressed in my day to day life.

  534. Nella looks like a little fairy of the woods, sitting there with her angelic smile. :) I love this blog!
    Paula :)

  535. Thank you for blogging! That is all.

  536. I love the cat that has befriended your family. (I adore cats!).
    Looks like you had a wonderful time on your picnic. xxoo

  537. Aw, that last picture made me smile. Your girls are so sweet.

  538. I love that your ready for fall. I’m not, I need a teaching job! Fall can wait until I have a job!

  539. I hope that one day I will be able to half the courage you do and the love you have for your kids. When I grow up I want to be a mom like you :)

  540. It’s an amazing thing the day you meet a new friend who you know “gets” you, and more importantly your world. Someone who you know you can put down your walls with and just be YOU, knowing they will like and accept you…just as you are.

    Cheers to meeting new friends, new adventures, and yummy cupcake cones that make us all happy! :)

  541. LOVE the cupcake cones! You just inspired this mommy to make that my activity this wknd with my lil cutie!!!!

  542. You have the most amazing scenery in your photos! It just helps to bring out the raw emotion displayed in all your photos.

    We’re currently doing some switching around of rooms in our house, too. I love the way that a room feels after I’ve cleaned everything out of it and transformed it’s purpose.

  543. Oh your girls just get more and more adorable! just bought my son a college emblem Scentsy for his 20th bday next week to put in his 1st apt!!! The time flies girl.
    So would love to win this for Me :)

  544. I love the idea of baking cupcakes in ice cream cones :) I’ll have to give that a whirl one of these days!

  545. I’ve been doing the mommy one-on-one thing this week, too…hubby’s off volunteering at a summer camp followed by evening hours at his part-time job. What a catch, that guy! But man, what I wouldn’t give for my achievements to catch up with my ambition! I am still trying to find the bottom of this pile of laundry I’ve been working on since Monday. Sheesh.

  546. What a beautiful family you have!

  547. Love the cupcake cones and baths in the kitchen sink!


  548. Oh that last shot of Nella looking at her sister. Really, I thought the sticky hot mess was the best; but that look, *melt*. And we have a Kilwin’s in Annapolis. I swear that they blow sugary scented butter out the door to draw you in!

    So glad that you have these amazing friendships made via the net. What a wonderful story for both of you ladies.

    Peace out.

  549. I love the photo of Lainey on the phone and Nella trying to see whats going on! lol! I’ve always wanted to try scentsy stuff, maybe this will be my big break :)

  550. The sorbet cone pics? Priceless!

  551. I love the white bowl with the dots around the rim!!

  552. ahh! that last icture is my favorite!!!!! i love the adoring look to big sister!!!

  553. OH. MY. WORD! I’d totally forgotten about cupcake cones! Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory of my childhood! Can’t wait to make them with the kids this weekend :)

    Also, I’m seriously considering getting on the Scentsy thing out here in Canada. I’d not heard about them before you mentioned them, but they sound positively DIVINE!

  554. Have I ever mentioned that I look forward to reading about your days? I do. And you continue to inspire me.

  555. I’ve met some friends in real life that I initially first “met” online…and I’ve never been disappointed! :)

  556. I just want you to know that you have truly inspired me. I have started to make a few of your crafts and I love them! I am also starting to get back in to my photography. Thank you!

  557. What was that ice cream thing covered in sprinkles?!? I want that, stat! :)

  558. Lo-ho-hooove that shot of her getting in on the iphone action! ADORABLE! Sniff… makes me miss my baby sister too many miles away from me! : )

  559. I just Love those Piggy Tails:)

  560. Cupcake cones!! Now that is a beautiful thing.

  561. I absolutely love Nella’s smile! She’s precious!

  562. Love Scentsy! Love your artistic creativity. Love Nella’s sweet face covered in sorbet!

  563. I just discovered your blog today, and I’m in love. I had a hard time getting any housework done, because I just wanted to keep exploring and reading and enjoying your beautiful photography. The tears ran down my cheeks as I read Nella’s birth story, and I had such a wonderful time “meeting” your family.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful words and the joy in everyday life that comes through loud and clear in every post.

  564. Hey – I’m having mint chocolate chip ice cream right now! Love the photo of Lainey and her friend eating ice cream cones. I especially like how the ice cream is dripping over the edge of the cone, looking like it is just about to fall.

  565. I love Lainey’s sleepy picture! So beautiful!

  566. Love your blog – – and your love of spending time with your girls. Kids grow up sooo fast – – memories you are making now will last forever – – – they and you won’t really remember if all the laundry was always done and everything in its place — you all WILL remember the fun times and memories made together! ENJOY IT!!!

  567. That cat is adorable! I’d say he stole Nella’s heart :)

  568. Your blog is inspiring. That’s all I can say… oh, and I’d love some Scentsy please :-) I’ve been meaning to try it!

  569. Adorable! I know the fit when the ice cream is taken from that age.

    ~skylar meinhardt

  570. After coming home from work and spending time with my husband and kids, the next thing I want to do is check in with you guys by reading your blog…Your pictures are amazing…
    I’ve recently heard of Scentsy and would love to try it out!!!

  571. I love giving my 1 year old ice cream cones also… such a mess, but they love it so much!
    LOVE scentsy… would love to win! :)

  572. What you said about connecting with people in a world full of differences really resonated with me!
    I love that!!
    I think it is so true, that when you open up honestly you CAN learn that we are all not that different after all.
    I love the way you write and add colour to life with your photos, words and ideas :)

  573. love the pictures! inspired to take my girls for an ice cream date myself!

  574. As always, beautiful pictures and thought provoking words.

  575. I know you get millions of comments or 574 do far on this post!
    BUT…I NEED to tell you…that I love your family. I just read
    ONE THOUSAND GIFTS by Ann Voskamp…..and your blog keeping me looking at the beauty. I have two girls too…3 and 1 years old. I love seeing Nella’s little face and body. She makes me wanna hug every downs baby I see and then hug their older sister too. Press on sister. Your work is helping hearts press on!

  576. That’s exactly how we ended up with our cat….4 years ago :) she kept coming and one day she wouldn’t leave! That picture of Nella in the woods is perfect

  577. Love the pictures of sweet Nella with her ice cream cone! Half the fun of giving your kids ice cream is seeing what a mess they make. I should do it more often!

  578. I just love your blog- It is so special xxx

  579. Your posts are always so uplifting! Love the girls dresses in these photos.

  580. Nothing like ice cream dripping down sticky chins in the summer time. Even better to share it with friends. Thanks for this morning’s smile. :)

  581. Loving that last pic of the girls. Totally warms my heart.

  582. I was given your blog to follow by a friend. i LOVE it. Sad to say I read it every morning when I get to work and have tears (happy ones I think) in my eyes every morning. Your daughters are so beautiful!!

  583. SCENTSY….I have a birthday girl in September, bring it ON!!!!

  584. Great post. I really enjoyed the pictures…as usual but these pictures were just cozy which is feeding my soul since I am dreaming of fall these days. I love the pics of the scentsy holder! Trying to talk the husband into one as I type. He hates the smoke regular wick candles give off so this may be a happy medium for us.

  585. I love reading about your cute girls!

  586. Okay that last picture of Nella smiling at Lainey is precious!!!! I always look foward to your posts and photography. So very inspiring….maybe’ll I remember my camera when we take my daughter to the farmers market for the first time this weekend. :)

  587. Love the cupcake cones!

  588. Loved the ice cream cupcakes… I have always wanted to make them… will have to do that! Love reading about all the new relationships you have formed… we really need those connecting moments!

  589. No Fair! I wanna rendez vous w the Hamptons too!!! xo

  590. Love this post, meeting new friends, ice cream, Nella’s pig tails, and the last picture…You can see that Nella adores her big sister.

  591. I love Kilwin’s Fudge and Ice Cream Shop! I discovered this jewel of a place only a couple of months ago and it has quickly became my FAVORITE summer hangout! Also love the cupcakes in a cone! I’ll have to try that soon because my daughter would absolutely LOVE them!

  592. love Nella and her ice cream cone…I have been dreaming of cupcake ice cream cones and you inspired me to make some today with my kiddies!

  593. oh, how i wish that we could meet with our children over a homemade picnic to discuss life and love and faith. i’ve never commented before…but thank you for your images and your words that God uses in some small way to make me a better photographer, wife, friend, and mother.

  594. Looks like an amazing time when the internets meet the real world. I love meeting people from online. There is just an amazing connection.

    That cupcake warmer is so darn cute. I love cupcakes.

  595. I love the way your girls look at each other; it’s the sweetest thing. Cheers to making new friends that fit in your life so seamlessly. It really is one the best feelings!

  596. Never noticed how long Lainey’s lashes are!

  597. Love it! Great post too. Making new friends is awesome. Love Nella in the sink.

  598. I love following your blog and reading about how new relationships develop and blossom!

    Esther Dush

  599. Kelle!
    First off, your blog rocks! You ability to capture the everyday joy is a gift!

    PS You should try Scentsy French Lavender for a-throw-open-the-windows-for-a-fresh-breeze- clean-house smell. Amazing!

    My sister introduced me to Scentsy and my life and my home smells better for it!

  600. Kilwin’s! Makes me want to go to Ann Arbor or better yet, Mackinac Island to get some yummy fudge, caramel apples, ice cream, etc.. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, watching your sweet troop enjoy the delights.

  601. Thee who Smiles first Wins! You win Kelle! Making new friends is priceless. I wish everyone would take the time to make a new friend. Everyone wants/needs a friend.
    I am trying to make more. And for the first time in my life, I finally have true friends. Only took 38 years!

  602. I don’t know what this pregnant lady is craving more: ice cream or cupcakes! Not to mention pining for a baby girl with pigtails and sticky sweet cheeks.

  603. So I am new to reading your blog and I am trying to catch up to it but I had to stop by and say how much I love Nella’s pictures. She’s always so happy reminds me of my little girl she is now 4mo. Love that they both smile with their adorable eyes. Also trying to get inspired on your photos to take good photos of my LO even know I dont have a professional camera.

  604. I have never tried scentsy :)
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful day with us!

  605. I know I say this every time I comment, but I am just absolutely in love with your blog. I don’t mean that in a stockish kind of way, but you seriously inspire me to enjoy the small things in life. Love your pictures, your darling girls, your outlook on life, your writing style, and your raw honest life stories. Happy Friday!

  606. Ok I seriously envy how you capture the sly smiles, the playfulness and the pure joy in your girl’s expressions. What a gift to capture for all of time such emotions in your children.

  607. i love your family. you are so hip. i just started my own blog and would love for you to meet us (since i know you guys so well).

  608. This is my first comment ever to your blog and to any blog for that matter. I have to say I absolutely adore your blog and the words you put together to create such amazing life experiences and stories. Your daughters are beautiful and their sisterly bond is beyond touching. I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to reading your next post :)

  609. I found your blog through another but just wanted to say…I LOVE your pictures. They are beautiful. I am trying to rededicate myself to picture taking and these are inspiring. I will be following just to see the pictures. Your kids are beautiful too :)

  610. Had to come back and look at the pic of Nella looking over Lainey’s shoulder… says so much! Goodness, I LOVE it.

    Also, thank you for your sweet comment on Nora’s slide-show….made me cry!

    Much love,

  611. I just love your blog. Each post makes my heart happy.

  612. Loving the cat! :)

  613. just love coming to your blog and seeing a new post. fills my heart with joy that you share your day to day with us.

  614. Your blog always brightens my day! Thank you!

  615. One of my favorite things is meeting someone like me – or just someone I can really relate to. How special is it that your blog, and your own story, has brought you to all the new people you wouldn’t have met without it! SO Cool!!!
    PS – LOVE the pic of Lainey at the end laying down with her gorgeous eyes toward the camera! AND LOVE the one of Nella with her hand over her face of course!! =)

  616. so many great things in this post, always so inspiring

  617. love!

  618. What an awesome meet-up, how cool is that. I live in Sarasota and we have a Kilwin’s; great ice cream, but I absolutely LOVE the fudge. Love the pictures of Nella w/her ice cream!

  619. nella eating sorbet is the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen. i think we’ll go for ice cream tonight!

  620. Your pictures always make me smile! :)

  621. I love how you love people. You seem to have a great connection of new and old friends. The cupcake warmer is so cute. That would be cute to burn at any birthday party or anytime.

  622. i want in on this scentsy cool stuff!!

  623. You write the best posts!! I love Nella and the ice cream cone pictures. I’m intrigued by the Scentsy names – they sound delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  624. I always pop in some tunes to get myself in the cleaning mood too! Lets face it cleaning is almost bearable with music!

    P.S. i am loving Nella’s pig tails! So cute!

  625. The last picture is priceless! Have a wonderful weekend with your sweeties!

  626. that is so awesome. I have met 3 moms thru blogging that I feel like I have known forever. 2 live in California, which is a little far from KY, but this post has me thinking about trying to get together with the one from Indiana. And, about Scentsy: Have you tried “You Go Girl”? Awesome!!

  627. Nella’s grin melts my heart, she is adorable. I love her grip on the raspberry sorbet! And Lainey is just gorgeous. I love her brown eyes!

  628. I love reading ur blog kelle! And i only wish i could get to meet u in real life :) too bad i live in sweden at the moment!! Id love if u would drop by my blog sometime and maybe give me some tips on my photos. Urs are truely amazing. That one of L in the bed is stunning!! Happy evening to u too!! Xx

  629. Thanks again for your blog… I am truly envious of your ability to keep up with your blog…

  630. I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  631. As always I love your posts! You’re an amazing writer and have a beautiful family. I love Nella’s face with ice-cream cone!

  632. I love reading your blog while nursing my daughter. She wiggles to the beat of your playlist and I always smile at the beautiful photos of your girls. BEST ice cream smeared faces…EVER.

  633. I love what you wrote about connecting with people though the internet. I’ve often felt that way with you and other bloggers, women paving the way. Role models from afar.

    I’m feeling lucky, although I never want to comment just to “enter the contest.” This month is my daughter Summer’s birthday, and she loves cupcakes. Feeling like this one’s meant to be : )

    Thank you sister : )

  634. those cupcake cones look so good!

  635. I love those pictures of the kids enjoying ice cream. And I love how you just let Nella lose with that ice cream. It’s too precious.

  636. Love the B&W of Nella in the sink — then the ones of both girls — both playing games on the phone and the last one with them at the kiddie table.…

  637. Sounds like you had a great week! PS I love the cupcake warmer, I am cupcake obsessed! :)

  638. I’m 15 weeks along with my first, just starting to shop for maternity clothes. I read your making of memories and aspire to live life just as fully.

  639. I just saw you listed as one of Babble’s Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs. CONGRATS!! I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for …. well – for all of it!! You are amazing!!

  640. Love your blog! Your pictures make me want to be there :)

  641. thanks for introducing me to Brooke… I did not know about her blog.. you both have some things in common….what fun… to keep meeting so many mom’s….. that live life like it is an occasion. I am not ready to give up summer for fall… but I do love scentsy.

  642. Love your pictures of life! I just love trying new things. I have seen the scent bars but have never tried one. Would be perfect with my birthday coming up in August.

  643. Precious pic of Nella in the kitchen sink. Sweet times! I love the cupcake in the cone–what a great idea!

  644. Have been on vacation for a week and told myself,no blogs. I was thrilled to catch myself up with your beautiful family this evening! Amazing pictures as always and enjoyed the story of your meeting!

  645. Oh my goodness! That last picture of the girls and the way Nella is looking at her big sister is the best thing I have ever seen. It actually brought tears to my eyes. In another random note I love when I recognize places in your pictures. I hung out with my little girl (at the time she was 3months) in that pavilion on her first vacation to Naples. It is such a great area.

  646. I love scentsy!

  647. Love Nella in the woods with the huge smile! You capture her heart with your camera. Thanks for sharing!
    It’s my babies 18th b-day today. Happy birthday baby!

  648. I adore the picture of Nella with a huge grin sitting in the pine needles and the picture of Lainey right below it looking straight at the camera. She has beautiful eyes.

    I have to agree…Clove and Cinnamon sounds like an amazing scent. I love my Scentsy that one of my students gave me two years ago. I need to go “bar shopping” soon!

  649. i love the special sister-moment you captured of your girls (the last picture,at the picnic table) it’s so sweet. =)

  650. that picture of Lainey laying on the couch looking at the camera is stunning! I’m dreaming of fall too…I can’t take this 90+ degree weather in VA! and Fall scents are the best!

    I love scentsy..haven’t seen that cupcake warmer before but it is so cute!

  651. Kelle… I always love laineys outfits. She already has such great style. My little one is 3 and saw laineys dress in the last few pics and wanted it. Where can I find one for my little love?


  652. OMG…how stinkin cute is Nella’s face in that last pic looking up at big sister….such love…absolutley adorable.

  653. Oh funny! I just had my first Scentsy experience and picked “Autumn Sunset” as my absolute fav! Havent purchased any yet, but surely hope too soon!

  654. I love Lainey’s high ponies/buns!

    Oh, and that grapefruit scent sounds amazing- count me in.

  655. Your blog/pictures always make my day!

  656. Everytime I read your post I see a new favorite picture… but the last one tops them all. It brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!

  657. Love the photos! I would so love to see a house tour one day:)

  658. I adore the feeling of a new connection, a real friendship that comes easy.

    Love your sweet little girls! That photo of Nella in the sink bathing is just too much. Adorable.

  659. Well, I’m back from England, starting to go through my photos (some thousand…).
    Finally in here to feel the love, hope and security!

    Looks like a wonderful picnic and good friendship.

    I’m also constantly amazed at how alike many of us “out there” are and I also love the comfort of sameness. It feels rally good :-)

    Thanks ever so much for another darling post. Love it!

  660. That is a beautiful photo of Lainey cuddling the teddy bear. Beautiful!

  661. I would really love to win that giveaway. I hope that I am not too late :-)

  662. I’m not sure if you see comments on older posts like this, but I just had to say how much I LOVE the b/w photo of Nella in the sink. I scrolled back through all your posts just to find it so I could look at it again and smile.

  663. I love the picture of Nella in the kitchen sink. Love it!

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