For three days now it has rained. Somewhere out in the gulf, Tropical Moisture has unpacked his bags and decided to stay a while, and his staycation has consequently colored our skies to a constant state of dreary gray. The sky looks like an ashtray, even though the glass-is-half-full voice that dwells within is begging me to retract that statement or at least change my description to mysterious silver. Pensive sky is, I believe, how I’ve referred to it in the past, but the monotony of this weather pattern is wearing on me and affecting my mood.


I went down to the beach today, just a quick trip to inhale the best of the stormy landscape, the brightest and most open of skies, even though the sea sky was still heavy and gray. The mangroves were thick with mosquitos, and the sand was dense and wet. But the view from under my umbrella was still beautiful. Quiet.


Just as I was arriving, an older woman was crouched over on the boardwalk, wringing out her socks. Her hair was still dripping, and her clothes stuck to her skin like wet paper.

“That’s not from the rain is it?” I asked, startling her on a vacant beach.

“Oh no,” she smiled. “I got down here, saw that quiet water, and it looked so inviting. I jumped in, clothes and all, and floated on my back in the rain. It was amazing.”

I smiled. I’d like to be her someday.


I haven’t taken very many pictures the past few days as good light is absent, and that vibrant inspiration that’s easily ignited by the sun seems to be a little lacking these days. It felt good to force myself to take a few shots on the beach though, to find my inspiration even under stormy skies.



Nella has taken up climbing. This chair is, as Goldilocks would say, “just right” for Little Bear, and she’s memorized every step to get up in it, turn around, sit, and slide back down to start over.



RAINY DAY D.I.Y. Photo Display Project

Obviously, we have a slew of photos to choose from for display in our home. But displaying them the same way can get boring. Framed 8 x 10s? Fuhget about it. I am always looking for (inexpensive) new and interesting ways to display our pictures to tell the story of our family. This one happens to qualify for debeigifying as well (a long project I’m working on, room by room. Color and Character!)

1. Begin with 12 x 12 frames. I purchased these at Michael’s–buy one, get one free. I spray painted them red to add some ooomph for our walls.


2. I discarded the glass as I was going for a 3-dimentional look and wouldn’t need it. I traced the back of the frame onto a piece of fabric, cut the square out, and adhered it to the frame backing with spray adhesive.


3. I hot glued 1/2 inch wood blocks (Michaels) onto the middle of the fabric backing for mounting.


4. Next, I used 5×5 photos I had printed on Styrene (I used WHCC Labs) and hot glued them onto the block mounts.



5. Secure back in frames. And Voila. New photo wall, highlighted nicely by crappy overcast lighting.



And that little project right there was almost as good as sunshine.


Congratulations to the Net Nanny Giveaway winners:

Comment #8, Emma: The 4th Juky is one of the things I miss most about living in CA! The pictures are lovely but the last shot is completely awesome! Glad that you had so much fun xx

Comment # 185, Jayme Smith: You mix your pictures and words so beautifully. I am so glad that I found your little piece of the net. PS. So jealous of the fireworks. We had to watch them on TV here in Texas

Please send your contact info to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net, and your registration license number will be e-mailed to you soon!


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Bomboleo Necklace

Left, La Coco Turquoise Bead Necklace with Paradise Brooch; Right, Silver Charm Base with Leaf Charm, Turquoise Briolette Charm, and Wishbone Charm.

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One commenter will be randomly selected from this post to win a $50 gift certificate to Amber’s Stella & Dot store.


I’m working on a few projects right now, some of which will make it to the blog soon. Stay tuned!



We’ll be back tomorrow!
Happy Day!


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  1. The legs hanging out of the chair, love it! She is changing all the time, with every picture you can see it. It kills how fast they change and grow and learn.

  2. I love the idea of the picture frame project. I must get to the craft store pronto.
    Thanks :)

  3. Beautiful necklace! I’ve been eyeing myself some necklaces from there.

    Your girls are gorgeous. And the frames, creative! I’m sooo not crafty.

  4. Cute art project, I love that idea!!

  5. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful!

  6. The beach photographed under such a grey sky gives it another, not as often seen, mysterious, quietly beautiful look. It’s stunning. And I’d like to be like that lady someday too. I love it.

  7. Love the photos. I now want to go outside and dance in a leotard and rain boots.

  8. the thought of the woman drifting in the ocean slays me. someday.
    oh. and stella and dot? well … since i’ve got myself a stella … it would only seem appropriate that i take a look at stella and dot. huh?

  9. Nella is always so happy!! It makes my heart smile to see her smiley little face!

  10. So excited about the frames. I need a good picture idea for my bridesmaids! I love the way you write with passion of life. We all need a little dose of that sometimes. Thanks for blogging!

  11. Sometimes the rain in summer can feel so blissfully different than fall or winter rain – it’s often a nice break! Loved the post!

  12. I’m not the craftiest person out there but those frames put me in a creative mood! Love them!

  13. I love Stella & Dot!!! super cute & bold! Your picture project is something I could do to fill my office walls :) cute, cute cute

  14. I actually love seeing how the overcast sky blends into the sea. There’s a mystery to it. But I can understand that if you actually have to endure that weather, you might yearn for some sunshine! :)

    Ah, and those picture frames are SUPER cute. How original.

    And your girls are adorable as ever. Love those stripey tights!

    This Good Life

  15. LOVE the frame idea… my new sewing machine was delivered today and I’ve been bitten by the crafting bug. Stay up late and sew? Don’t mind if I do :)

  16. The turquoise in the jewelry is amazing!!! I’m a sucker for that color!

    It’s really refreshing to hear about that older woman enjoying and seeing Lainey dancing in the rain… I miss when my BFF & I used to “meet in the middle” of our homes to go puddle jumping and rain walking. I hope I can make sure my son learns the simple joys in life such as that!

  17. I love your arts and crafts! I wish I had girls that would play with me!

  18. I love your frame project! And Amber Silva’s Stella and Dot store! :)

  19. I can relate to the mood the rain brings on. Not recently but April and May it rained almost every day here in Norther PA! However I must tell you I noticed in the adorable photo’s of Lainy dancing in the driveway that gas sure does look Green!!!! I know thats not very Common this time of year in FL:) Also love the Jewlery!

  20. Ballerina chic! Love the leotard!

  21. Love the new picture frames! I may have to make a trip to Michael’s myself! and those necklaces are gorgeous!

  22. I love the craft idea and Nella’s striped tights : )

  23. It’s a dull gray sky here too in New York…but even with the lack of sun, the tomatoes are growing like Nella…they are stretching and reaching the tops of their cages and tumbling over…hopefully soon the sun will turn them red and we can crush their juicy goodness while they are still warm.

    Nella and Lainey are so beautiful, they inspire me.

  24. I’d like some of the rain, please! I think the beach looks beautiful, in a different sort of way, with the overcast skies. That second picture is my favorite.

    Also, Nella is adorable. Love that smile!

  25. I want to be the lady floating in the ocean someday. Preferably alive while doing it. :) your frame project is awesome – I think I might steal it. :) Have a indoorsy, sunny day!

  26. Beautiful pictures, as always! Your new 3D frames are gorgeous! And I love that story about the woman you met on the beach. People like that make my heart happy. :)

  27. I just LOVE the last shot of Nella!

  28. I love the picture idea! Just fabulous. It’s bookmarked :)

  29. I just adore coming to your website. I visit it daily, hoping to catch a new post. I don’t have any children yet so when I see something adorable you have done or the fabulous clothes you dress them in I obsessively take mental notes. As a fellow photographer I am jealous of the models that you get to shoot with each day ;). Can’t wait to try out that picture frame idea!

  30. Here in Utah, winter lasted into May!!!! Oh, the frustration of those winter-y blues!!!

    No worries, though, girl, you’ve got it goin’ ON!! You’ll get past these downer days – press on!

    Iris Murdoch said, “One of the secrets of a happy life is small treats.”

    So bake, that’s what I do!

    xoxo, love, Bree

  31. Your little chair climber us so cute. I adore shooting on overcast days. It’s my favorite. Gray can be pretty. Sometimes too much color can make you sick.

  32. I adore the cloth doll that Nella is holding. So adorable! My little girl is a climber too, it is getting hard to keep her off of stuff!

  33. I LOVE the frames! I wish I were crafty…but goodness knows I’m not…and probably won’t be. Ah well…I will just glean the good ideas from people like yourself ;^)

    Here’s to some sun coming your way!

  34. P.S. Such a fun project.

  35. Loved your idea for the frames! Reading about your bad weather makes me feel right at home. I live in Oregon and we have had maybe 10 days of blue sky all year. It’s been rough!

  36. I would love to win a piece by Stella & Dot. Jewelry can be an instant pick-me-up, especially in a bright summer color like teal and coral :)

  37. Those pictures are super cool and very creative……I’m pretty sure that mine wouldn’t be anywhere near so attractive!!! x

  38. I love the picture frames. I’m always looking for new ways to display photos.

    I often wonder what do you do with all of the photos you take? Do they stay on your computer and on discs? Or do you have a mountain of photo albums.

    I’ve started making photo books for my daughter but haven’t quite figured out what to do with all of the millions of other pictures I take of the husband, dog, cat, etc..

  39. great rainy day craft idea! love the 3d effect!

  40. I know all about the “overcast blahs”. My husband and I just moved to the Seattle area and although it is BEAUTIFUL here after a few days of gray skies I get a bit crabby. I LOVE your Bamboleo necklace. :)

  41. Stripey tights? Swoon.

    Funky picture faming ideas? Stolen.

    That jewellery? Love.

  42. The rosebud pattern on your overstuffed chair reminds me of the fabric of my favorite pj’s when I was a kid. Now I want to climb into that chair, too.

  43. I absolutely LOVE the frame idea!!! I think I may do that. I need to have some time to do stuff that I want to do. I”m kind of feeling the downer, not because of the weather, but because of a hectic schedule and lack of sleep. I need to do something to brighten up these walls.

  44. I LOVE your framing idea!!! I might just have to steal it! The jewelry is gorgeous as well.

  45. Hi Kelle, how are you?
    Excited to hear about the news.
    Your pictures are amazing, as always.
    I’m just helping my sister to plan my nephew’s 1st birthday party. We’re from Brazil, and here, kids parties are HUGE events. And I can’t believe my little boy is turning 1. Time flies.
    And now that I’m totally involved in party things, i got to think a theme party that I’d love to see you throwing for Lainey or Nella, “Alice in wonderland” your parties rock because you think about every little detail. Can you imagine what a party you’d throw?
    Hahaha, jk.
    God Bless.

  46. LOVE the new photo wall, I think I’ve been inspired… I’m 38 weeks pregnant and this seems like something that doesn’t require much moving :)

  47. Love the craft idea. Looks like some good rainy day fun!

  48. Living in New York City for the summer, I’ve really wanted to capture through photography the intricacies of the city. There’s nothing like a rainy day to capture a little kid in a rain jacket and frog boots with an umbrella. What beautiful little girls you have and I read your blog daily because of your inspiring words that flow so well. Thank you for sharing your children and Down Syndrome with such an elegance! This summer I am learning a lot of DS at NDSS and I thank you for everything you do for that organization. Have a fantastic summer and I’m going to do your frame project because my college beige bedroom needs an oompf and I need a way to display the “capturings” of the city.

  49. I will definitely be doing those picture frames, I LOVE that idea!!

  50. You’re crafty too? Is there anything you can’t do ;)? I love Nella’s striped leggings – too adorable. Also, I love rain. It’s been dry here for a while and I like that if it rains, I don’t have to do anything outside, ha!

  51. Love, love, love your picture frame project. You have inspired me to try something similar!

  52. You are clearly making your own sunshine!

  53. I swore I wouldn’t comment on a giveaway post for awhile because I wouldn’t want you to think I’m using you for your giveways when in reality I’m using you for so much more. (Like the frame idea I plan to completely swipe. And the pretty ballerinas & chair climbers. And your ability to appreciate the central FL ashtray skies we’ve had for like a month straight.) But I couldn’t resist. 😉

  54. A nice swim in the rain sounds enchanting…and like a recipe for a lightening strike!

  55. Love, Love, Love your “seize the day” attitude … even when it’s grey and dreary you find a way to bring sunshine to your world! Great frame project and your girls continue to bring smiles!

  56. Bummed for u that u have no FL sunshine. Pooh. Great photo project. I’m a Michael’s addict—I’m a “gold” member! Ha!

  57. Rainy day blues-I remember those.
    Now in our blustery town of Ellensburg, WA we have windy day blues. I’m trying to find the joy in it!

  58. It’s been raining here {Atlanta} every afternoon as well…gives me the blues as well, so the second the sun comes out I am sitting on my back porch-usually enjoying dessert. Soaking it all up whenever possible! I think I need some rain boots like Lainey’s though!

  59. I LOVE their striped tights! =) Also loving the new color frames…I’m working on doing the same thing in our home right now!

  60. God I want to live where you do. You make everything about the whole world so inviting and welcoming.
    I agree with you, I want to be that woman. Someone who doesn’t care what she looks like but just does something because her heart tells her too.

  61. LOVE LOVE LOVE the framing idea! Thanks for sharing… I’m definitely gonna try it out!

  62. Look at that sweet little stinker in that chair!!

    I love Nella’s doll. Where did you get it? I’d love one for my granddaughter.

  63. I llove that first necklace, it’s perfect! I hope I’m like that older woman too.

  64. Love your photos and your writing.

  65. Love the picture frames. I hear ya on the the weather affecting your mood. We had 23 days straight of measurable rain where I live…and let me tell you, we were all feeling it! Your blog ALWAYS helped me put a positive spin on things, even on the worst days. Thanks so much! Sunny days ahead!

  66. Those frames are so cute—what a great idea!

  67. I love the pictures of Lainey ballet-ing it up in the rain! She’s a natural. :)

  68. I love your blog!!! Your daughter has it right in the last four pictures. Nothing can touch you, not even the rain when you dance!!!

  69. Hoping some sunshine heads your way soon. I don’t do well with lots of rainy gray days.

    However, that Stella&Dot jewelry just screams summer!

    Oh, love both of the girls’ tights. Nella’s bold stripes and Lainey’s sweet girly ones.

  70. Loved, loved the frames… and the story of the woman at the beach :)

  71. The rain is a nice change in weather and for the photography. The beach makes everything look beautiful. Loved the frames!

  72. I’m in Tampa Bay and I’ve over the overcast too… C’mon sunshine state!

    Thanks for another great giveaway :)

  73. -Thank you for using the word “debeigeify.”
    -Nella is still a warm, little, snuggly kitten.
    – I have been grumpy about the rain in Orlando as well. Today I got DRENCHED walking back to my car from the gym, and I was so mad- fuming in fact. “Florida summers are LAME!” is what I think I told my Mom on the phone immediately after. Maybe next time I will embrace it like Swim-In-My-Clothes-In-The-Rain-Beach Lady. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  74. Your picture frame project is perfect. Thank you. I was looking for a way to bring a certain fabric into our kitchen, and now I know how.

    The jewelry is great too.

  75. These pictures are incredible! I love the beach ones [even though it’s overcast]

    For Love of Cupcakes

  76. I get super excited when I see a new post of yours! I’m inspired by you as a momma and as a person!

    Yay for climbing on chairs!

  77. The lady who jumped in the water reminds me of a book I just read-A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I too want to be like her when I grow up! =)

  78. LOVE that jewelry and would love a tiny (!) bit of that rain for my garden…summer afternoon showers are nice for nap time :)

  79. LOVE the frame project!
    beautiful pictures of your beautiful daughters as always!

  80. I love your frame idea. Might have to steal it 😉

  81. Oh that Nella makes me smile! And to see her proud smile – just love it! Hang in there with those storms. We have brief afternoon storms that give me just enough of a fix and then they move on leaving in its wake a beautiful sun shining off little puddles.

  82. this blog was exactly what I needed today. My mood has been that of the weather you describe but you remind me to view life like the older woman you met :)

  83. Great picture mounting idea! Thanks, I am going to take that info to my husband, the artist. And Nella climbing in the chair, legs sticking out…the best!

  84. I love your new artwork! What a great idea and they look super!!

  85. On rainy days, we make cookies and read Oliver Pig. Colorful accessories help too. We are having gorgeous weather here in Chicago. Come visit!

  86. Love the picture frames…so creative :)

  87. I love your posts and your pics!

  88. Omg, I’m sooo all over that frame idea! Thanks for the easy how-to manual.

    Your girls are heaven- love the ballerina in rain boots pics.

    (Oh and I totally ran into a random Scentsy booth at a 4th of July fair, and bought of bunch of stuff- all thanks to you… well also thanks to their amazing stuff, but probably would not have walked over if you hadn’t mentioned em here).

    And… I HEART Stella and Dot jewelery… I was actually just looking at the site last week for some birthday gift requests (b-day is next wed) but maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will win them here? I never get randomly chosen, so I shall not hold my breathe.

    Stay dry friend. And keep them projects comin.

  89. I absolutely love their website! The Charlotte Statement necklace has to be mine!

  90. I love that picture of nella climbing on the chair! priceless! Lil stripped legs sticking out. This weather has got me down also!! ughhh!!!

  91. I am loving the frame idea, I have a on of pictures I have been meaning to frame, so I just might make these my next project!

  92. I <3 those wicked witch of the East tights nella has. Something absolutely precious about little girls in tights.

  93. The picture of Nella after the chair climbing is ‘melt your heart’ happy. And I love the little red headed doll she is carrying…I’m a red head and my baby girl is looking like she’ll be a ginger too…i.am.thrilled.

  94. LOVE LOVE LOVE that DIY frame project! Maybe I’ll take that on next.

    PS – Turquoise is your color girl! That necklace just totally POPS on you!

  95. totally love those frames! but not as much as Nella’s climbing abilities :)

  96. Love it all. Especially the old lady rain swimming. Putting that on my to do list! (Along with getting one of those awesome necklaces)

  97. Rain Rain Go Away! I love Stella and Dot!

  98. Love the necklaces. And Lainey in leotard and Hunter wellies.

  99. Love those necklaces!! :)

  100. Oh I am in love with that photo project! I can’t wait to head to try it!

  101. Looking at your post just now with my two year old…when your picture came up she asked if “that was mommy?” I guess it’s my new bangs–

    Either way…..that was the best compliment to me of the month! :) Love this blog! It’s my new pick-me-up!

  102. those overcast skies remind me of home so much. My memories of the ‘wet coast’ consist of rainy, grey skied days. It’s all good. A little yin and yang do a body good. Awesome picture frames! I love how you can think of these amazing ideas, that we can all steal!!!

  103. Stella & dot? Yes, please! Love your photo project!

  104. LOVE the frames! you are so creative!

    also love the necklaces. gorgeous.

  105. I love that photo frame idea. How creative!

    Also, Nella’s striped stockings are TOO CUTE!! :)

  106. Nice job on the frames! They look great! I love Stella & Dot. Their jewelry is really beautiful!

  107. I love your new art project and the necklaces are beautiful! I wish we could some summer rain storms here in Northern California….its very, very HOT right now!!!

  108. I love the photo idea! Fantastic. I’ve been looking for a way to put more photos of my family up on our walls and this is a great idea.

    Here in Scotland it rains nearly every day. When it’s warm, though, the rain can be lovely. And when it’s cold, there’s nothing like curling up next to the window looking out and listening to the rain.

  109. As always, LOVE your pictures, and those necklaces, WOW! LOVE

  110. Beautiful necklace…but Nella still steals the shot! :) Red rainboots with ballet leotard….exactly what my Bella wears as well…even when its not raining! :)

  111. I love the frames. I really want to try that.
    The necklaces are beautiful.
    Nella in the chair and the playing in the rain.

  112. i too would like to be the woman swimming with her clothes on. tonite i was the mother trying to convince the baby to not jump in the tub with her pajamas on! i will send a can of sunshine your way – MA has been non-stop sun these last few days!

  113. I feel your gray sky blues. Today is the first dreary day we have had in NW Ohio in WEEKS and it is killing me! I should be working out, taking a walk, doing my dishes, and just plain being productive, but I got off work and headed for a nap instead. We can’t be happy, creative, and productive all of the time, can we? Nahhhhhhh! P.S. LOVE the photo frame idea!

  114. That pic of Nella bent over in the chair with her tights made me laugh out loud, and let’s face it- I needed it today! Thanks!

  115. The picture idea is genius! I love it!

  116. we all need a little rain once in a while…


  117. I went to a Stella and Dot party and loved that first necklace you are wearing! I could never afford it :) But, I liked it! I love your first few pictures especially #2. and I’d love to be that woman too!

  118. So cute, love the new artwork! I would love to be so carefree to jump into the water and soak it up!

  119. ok! i’m totally ripping off that idea :) tooooo cute! i love that! i’ll have to check out that website where you printed those pics…very cool. can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on!

  120. I love the picture frame craft. Looks awesome and is so unique!

  121. You have many wonderful, creative ideas for your photos. Love them!

  122. So sorry it’s so gloomy there. Reminds of when we lived in NY. Sometimes it would be like that for a week at a time. It can get old really quick! Atlanta usually is a perfect mix, most of the time. 😉 Hope the sun shines on you soon!!

  123. My youngest has started climbing up on our little chair. It looks a lot like yours but in a more manly brown leather. Check out my blog for a pic of him – poor guy had pneumonia and is feeling very sorry for himself.

  124. Love Nella’s thrilled face after the climbing-the-chair sequence! She’s so wonderful :)

  125. I used my “me” time tonight to catch up on blog reading. I am so glad I happened by yours. I love the song playing. We’ve had a lot of rain in GA too. Hubby and I sat on the front porch last night during a heavy downpour and just enjoyed it. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Some times you just have to slow down.

  126. no matter what kind of day i have been having, seeing a new blog post from you brightens my day! your girls are amazing and it’s so kind of you to let us all seem them grow and flourish.

  127. I love Stella and Dot!

  128. Oh my, I love all of the necklaces in the “bold” category. I would wear the La Coco one every day. And great idea with the frames! Stylish and thrifty.

  129. I absolutely LOVE the rain….I am sooo jealous

  130. Ah, girlie – you inspire me to write. And to hug my kids more. And to take more pictures, and not just on my blackberry either. That’ll do, girlie, that’ll do. :)

  131. Love, love, love the “pop up” picture frame idea. I so needed this to get inspired for my boys rooms!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more ideas soon.

  132. What a great picture frame project! I just might try it! That picture of Nella smiling down on the floor in her stripey tights melts my heart!

  133. I absolutely love the picture display. I might have to borrow this idea….not that it would be first. Thank you for the inspiration.

  134. I love the pictures of Lainey in her leotard and boots. I spent many days in outfits like that. My mom would never let me wear my ballet slippers anywhere other than in the dance studio, so I was always wearing my leotard and tights with random shoes like cowboy boots, Mary-Janes and saddle shoes. She’s adorable.

  135. I love that picture frame idea! I’ve been trying to slowly fill our walls with the many pictures I take, but this is a great way to shake things up! Love it!


  136. The old woman you met who was invited by the ocean to take a swim? She’s inspiring.

    She reminds me of myself in my teen years, and the nights where I’d gather with my friends at the beach for a bonfire. One minute we were enjoying the warmth of the fire and the next we were jumping in the ocean, just because it sounded fun. Because we could. Because our parents weren’t there to tell us no. And I? I did it because made me feel like the daring, break-the-rules person that I wasn’t. 😉

    I will be that old woman someday too. Thanks for sharing that story!

  137. I bet that was my grandma :) LOVE the pic project, thanks for sharing!

  138. Finding inspiration in the unexpected is always a challenge… I want to be that old woman too… floating on my back in the rain :)

  139. You can have our sun, it’s HOT here!

  140. Love the picture frames, great idea!

  141. love your frame project!!!!

  142. loved the picture of Nella climbing the chair :) Just got back from a great time up in Michigan, thats where the sunshine escaped to. Lake Michigan was dreamy

  143. I love so much about this post….
    The lady who jumped in the ocean, the frames, and those beautiful necklaces!!

  144. LOVE the photo display, I might just have to copy you! It has been gloomy here in NC every afternoon all week! Hoping for a little sunshine to brighten my mood up a little!

  145. I love the picture fram craft idea…I love being crafty! And I love stella and dot but I’m on a teachers salary so a giftcard would be awesome :)

    Love reading your blog and seeing your sweet girls!
    -Kathleen Alfano

  146. Lainey’s red boots with the pink outfit are too cute! I could use a pair of rain boots myself these days, we have had more than our share here of that wet stuff.
    thanks for the chance to brighten up these rainy days with some great Stella and Dot pieces!

  147. Thank you for sharing your art project! We’ll be heading to Michael’s tomorrow to try one of our own :) Sending some sunshine from MN your way!

  148. You GO NELLA GIRL!!!! Get your climb on superstar!

  149. I just re-did my picture wall this morning and it is a little blah – thanks for the great idea for adding some color and fun!

  150. Alas! My boys ended up going to summer camp this week, during the most summer rain So. California has ever had. At least it will make memories!

  151. This feels a little weird and backwards to say but… sending you sunshine from sunny Ohio! :-) Even the most steadfast optimist is entitled to a few “blah” days – they make the radiance of the sunny days (as in, sunny inside and out) that much more noteworthy!

    BTW – absolutely going to steal the photo frame idea for the blank space above Nattie’s crib, which has been bugging me for, oh, I don’t know, 17 months or so! THANKS!!!!

  152. I love the new photo wall – I’ve been inspired to take “artsy” pictures lately so to not spend $100 at Kohls on pictures of a tree :) Those frames would go perfect with my new nature shots!

  153. My 3 month old screamed all day today; I think she’s coming down with something and my 18 month old tried on some sassy pants. Gosh I love them; I really do. My husband came home late from work, took the girls and told me to read “that blog that you like so much, you know the one that relaxes you and makes you so happy”. I gladly did; and on this day it was refreshing to hear your ashtray comment! Thank you for not hitting backspace.

  154. Love love LOVE the pictures of Nella’s legs on the chair, with her little hand at the top!
    You look quite the ballerina modeling the jewelry.

  155. thank you for being here, and thanks for calling them gray skies. it helps to know there are others seeing the same sky.

  156. What an ADORABLE photo idea..must copy! :-)

  157. gloomy days always make you happier for the days that are sunny though :)

    i love all those colorful pieces of jewlery!!

    way nella for mastering climbing!! what a doll she is :)

  158. Love the new frames…..went to the dentist today and saw a little guy with downs…..smiled and thought of you the other day. He was playing the wii and smiling ear to ear. Hang in there,,,,you have to have rain to enjoy the beauty of the sun.

  159. I love the leaf necklace. The rainy weather makes for pretty sidewalks. I may have to try the photo project:)

  160. I could use a lovely little present for myself ;)…I am not ashamed to admit it!!!

  161. Love Nella’s little belly hanging over her shorts in the last picture and the way she has her doll embraced under her arm!

  162. even your gloomy rainy day pictures are fabulous! Love that frame project – I just might have to try that!!

  163. Oh, I just love your frames! What a fabulous idea.

    I love the beach and the rain but have never experienced them together. :)

  164. You’re so creative! Love those frames.

  165. LOVE the new frames! I need to spruce up our walls. What a great idea!

  166. I love the picture frame idea… and it looks like something that even someone as un-crafty as me might be able to do!

  167. We have been living in a constant strain of rain up here in BC:) we get a speck of sun and then it’s gone! But the good news Is it’s suppose to be back tomorrow; to the lake we go!!!

  168. Love your new photo display. Wish I had the time to make some. Gorgeous jewelry too!

    Sorry about the dreary weather…day one is kind of refreshing, but once you get to day three it’s just a bummer. Here’s hoping you get some sunshine soon.

  169. that photo idea is brilliant! i’ll have to try it out for myself! :)

  170. LOVE the story about the woman on the beach. i want to be like her, too.

  171. i love the frame project and will definitely give it a shot this summer! i just purchased new fabric in azure blue, turquoise and burnt amber to add oomph to my space, as well…scrapbook paper would work well as a background to the photos, too. :)

  172. Love the dancing in the rain! We all need to do this I think.

  173. Love your Photo displays!
    The pictures of Nella getting into the chair are the best! Gotta’ love baby’s and their persistance :)

  174. I love those turquoise necklaces! I am a firm believer in great jewelry, especially as I have changed sizes many times in the past 3 years. Jewelry always fits!

  175. I love the way you’ve captured the beautiful rainy mood of the beach and have shown how lovely this can be. xo

  176. we had so much rain this spring – and now we are on vacation and the rain is still around! the glass half-full mentality is ideal, but it does take work to keep it up day after day! Hope you get the real sun to peek out soon, until then your projects are great – hope you walk by it every hour and smile with how great they look!

  177. Your writings everyday brighten my day up—you are an inspiration, and such a “ray of sunshine”. BTW…I LOVE, LOVE that necklace!!!

  178. hang on little tomato…that sun will be right back! 😉

  179. The woman, who lived in the moment, on the beach…someday I want to caste all cares to the wind and bathe in the richness of the sea. Like Miss Rumphius, the book. Keep Smiling:)

  180. Love the craft. And LOVE the doll Nella is holding…where did you get it?

  181. the picture frame idea is genius. hope you don’t mind, but i’m totally copying! with proper credit of course :-)

  182. Would love to have some of your rain. Enjoy it! The frame project is fabulous and I would love to try it. I especially love the jewelry. Will have to check out her website.

  183. As a Washington state girl from heart, I can appreciate the gray you’re having. :)

    Also, as always, your girls are so cute. As is that turquoise necklace.

  184. First time poster who has a new grand baby and loves to watch little ones grow. I appreciate the “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade martinis” attitude you have.

  185. Be that woman TODAY, Kelle.


  186. I’ve come to appreciate the varied shades of gray as they compliment so many other colors, say violet? It also helps that both violet and gray are the middle names of my daughter and son. :) Wishing you some sunshine soon to help cheer up your day and bring you inspiration!

  187. oh my goodness, i want one of those necklaces! they are amazing. i know i’m out of the country, but can i win, and the gift be sent to my mom to bring me when she visits? that would be fab. and i totally want to do that photo project. next on my list, for sure!

  188. AGHH That rainy weather has been pushing its little ol self into Tennessee. I am not a fan. I can handle a rainy day, even love them for all the cleaning I get done. But raining for a week straight? No thank you.

    Although I tend to get crafty when it rains like this and I love those frames. I may steal your idea! Super cute. Love that first S&D Necklace!! Heres to hoping for some sunshine for the both of us!

  189. Spending some time at an empty beach is the perfect way to while away time. And I adore the thought of the woman diving in, clothes and all, just because it looked so inviting!

    Amber’s designs are beautiful. I’m on a real turquoise kick at the moment and I particularly love the necklace with the leaf. Gorgeous.

  190. You have a beautiful way of finding sunshine on a cloudy day! Look forward to learning about your new projects :)


  191. Your photo of the sea turtle sign brought back sweet memories of when my grandparents took me to see a Loggerhead lay her eggs on the beach in Florida when I was about 8. Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration that your blog brings!

  192. Oh what us Texans would do for some rain about now. We are on day (i lost count) of blinding dry heat. My spring planted backyard haven is about dead and our water bill is getting harder to hide from the hubby. I’m loving the frames…I too am on the lookout for some budget friendly ways to feather my nest.

  193. Oh my gosh I ADORE those framed pictures. We just bought a house and I’ve been trying to figure out how to display some of our photographs, thanks for the inspiration!

  194. I love your blog! You are such an inspiration in all things mothering, style and crafting. Thank you! I’m a huge Stella and Dot fan, have several items from the La Coco line. Such fun jewelry.

  195. I love Nella’s legs and the chair! My daughter does the same thing and it amazes me every time.


  196. Those frames look great!

  197. I live in Georgia. What I wouldn’t give for three days of rain. Regardless of the light, your pictures are always beautiful, as is your attitude towards life.

  198. just browsed through the shop and there is some great stuff! i fell in love with the Camilla Ring!

  199. Love love love the photos! I am going to have to male some asap :-)

  200. I completely understand the monotony of the weather, except here in Texas, we are dry to the bone. We haven’t seen rain around these parts in months, and the temperature has lingered at 110 for months. Too hot to be outside, and I love being outside!!!

    Love all your sweet pictures….your attitude is one I should try to adopt, but fail sometimes to observe.

    Ah well, tomorrow is another day and I still have time to turn this one around!

    Sending some of our sunshine your way!

  201. Love that DIY frame, looks wonderful! And those necklaces are darling!

  202. Where did you get Nella’s dolly? I LOVE HER.

    Oh, and you should have a craft post weekly. Just sayin’. You’re way more creative than the rest of us. I swear I need a prayer before I start to craft – it’s that bad.

  203. I am with you in how the lack of sunshine for so many consecutive days affects my mood.

    – The story of the woman at the beach
    – Nella climbing the chair. She is gorgeous
    – The photo project.

  204. Isn’t it amazing how the weather changes your mood? I hope your sun peeks out soon. Neat-o picture project… love the 3D look. And go Nella, go! Climbin’ is lots of fun!

  205. I just want you to know that I had to spend a lot of time figuring out “debeigifying.” Thank you for expanding my vocabulary! ha ha ha

    I love the story about the lady getting in the water and floating. Now that is someone enjoying the small things!

    I am glad to see that jewelry & have heard that Stella & Dot have awesome stuff but have never seen any. Going to follow the link now :)

  206. LOVE those frames. I might just have to do that. :)

    Esther Dush

  207. mysterious sky or not – your photos are always lovely!

    ps – love the snail shot! It’s not something you see everyday

    : )

  208. You have always inspired me and today was no different. Thank you so much for sharing your life with the world.

  209. Love your picture project. I need that inspiration!!! I have been meaning to print up some pictures.

    Sending some sun your way from Chicago…how unlike us to have sun, and you grey skies.

  210. love the rain boots and ballet tutu! what a great gal lainey must be to hang out with each day :)~!

  211. Love the new sponsor (and necklaces) and LOVE the DIY project!!! Fantastic idea!

  212. love the frames and the floating lady in the rain sounds marvelous!

  213. love the frames and the floating lady in the rain sounds marvelous!

  214. You are a daily inspiration! And, girl, I’ve already started jewelry shopping. So many beautiful pieces!

  215. Love the jewelry, love the picture frames, love the attitude of the older woman on the beach (I hope I’m like that too), but I especially love the big smile on Nella’s face sitting by that chair!

  216. Love your comment on your readers commenting :) I love your blog. Your pictures are stunning and your girls couldn’t be any cuter!!

  217. Hope the sun comes out.
    Loving the picture frame idea. How do you do it?
    Stella and Dot… mmm.

  218. gorgeous jewelry!! love unique pieces like that…

  219. I also live in Naples and have been hoping for some more sunshine…however, the weather makes baking, reading stories, watching movies and napping even better! I never get tired of seeing your pictures…always beautiful.

  220. Sorry for all the rain, but it is needed sometimes to cool things down and to calm things down. Love Nella’s new spot:0) And LOVE that new jewelry!! Happy Thursday night!

  221. The photo project is just what I needed on my rainy day here too!
    Can’t wait to finish them and bring them back to college with me!

  222. I love the project. Sunshine-y fo show frames! Love the idea of floating in the ocean while it rains. Peaceful. I always wondered why people don’t dance in the rain more often. It’s almost as fun as stomping in puddles :)

  223. What a fabulous idea for photos! and so easy to switch out! I love it!

  224. The pictures of Lainey dancing in the rain are amazing– they brought an instant smile to my face. She motivated me to put on my rainboots and run outside while the cold rain was pouring down on the hot day! No better way to cool off :)

  225. Oh I can’t wait for new project ideas! I am def going to steal the picture frame one! I LOVE it!!!

  226. Just getting ready for a thunderstorm here!

  227. Love the frames! And the story of the woman at the beach :)

  228. Kelle,
    That sky looks calming. Love the lone swimmer. I want to be her too.
    Love that new photo display! Where on earth do you get these ideas??

  229. I usually have so much to comment on. Today, all I have to say is this: I thoroughly enjoy your play list. Scouted for songs that are not just overplayed radio jams, but rather, perfectly crafted for the specific moods of your blog. I love it!

  230. Love Nella’s triumphant look during the big climb :)

  231. Nella’s smile lit up my day! You must be so proud of her climbing – and a little terrified?! 😉

  232. I love Stella and Dot jewelry – the vintage vibe speaks to me!

  233. Yay! I LOVE Stell and Dot, I actually just had a party tonight at my home! The Fall line just came out tonight, not that I need anymore jewelry to swoon over, but you should definitely check it out!

  234. Oh that Nella is just like my 17 month old… she climbs on anything and everything! To make matters worse we recently moved her into a toddler bed (my sister had a baby and we gave her our nursery furniture) and she quite enjoys her new found freedom and has taken up to 90 minutes to settle into bed…. oy!

  235. I LOVE the story of the older women floating in the rain! Made me smile!!

  236. kelle, I enjoy your spice on life; you make even a rainy day look fun. thanks for the display idea…it does bring a bit of sunshine in! LOVE IT! Once again i leave your corner of the web with a smile; thanks for that.

  237. We are getting ready to move to a new house and I was just thinking about the lack of pictures hanging in our current home. Thanks for the idea, I love it!

  238. Count me in please! The jewelry is stunning!

  239. Those necklaces certainly add some color!

    I would like to be like that older woman, too. I suspect quite strongly, not even knowing you, that you will certainly be like her, swimming in the rain and wringing out your socks. And perhaps one of your girls will take your picture–or join you!

  240. we suddenly had this weather today too. Out of nowhere, our 80+ degree, sunny weather morphed into something moody and dark. Very odd… but not so much because we live in Seattle :)

  241. I LOVE the leaf/turquoise charms together!

  242. Looks like you’re enjoying the rainy days. :)

  243. Love the photo project. I can’t count how many gray days we had this spring…it does get to even the most optimistic person after a while!

  244. Despite the rain, you still manage to find the beauty and happiness in each day. Your posts always put a smile on my face, give me something to think or reflect about, and I am so happy that I came across your blog some months ago. Your sweet girls are so precious, I love their imaginations and big smiles:) thanks for sharing your story with the world!

  245. Beautiful jewelry! And I love ballet in rain boots!

  246. Lovin’ the jewelry! Also loving that black top that you were wearing in those photos.

    Florida right now sounds like Minnesota in the winter, at least in terms of the color of the sky. But your pictures were still wonderful!

  247. I have a 15 month old climber. We call her monkey. She climbs anything, including people. I also have a 3 year old ballerina in training. Needless to say, I loved this post.

  248. I smiled and am still smiling at Nella’s Little Bear photos, because right before I logged on to read your blog, I had just finished telling my 4-year-old (who has boycotted sleep) the Three Little Bears story!! The classic fairy tales never go out of style!

    I love those frames!! So simple yet so fabulous! Putting that in my “projects to try” cache!

  249. I love that you, living in sun country like me (but other end of the country) get tired of the cloudy days! I love the sun and a day or two of clouds is enough for me, while everyone around me raves about cloudy days . . . I see you make the best of it like I do, though, but I have never spent an afternoon making totally cool picture frames like that. Thanks for the idea and your fabulous blog.

  250. What fabulous pictures – even with the dreary skies.

  251. Love the pic of Nella in the chair. I appreciate your blog so much…on my down days, your words stir my gratitude and remind me of the many things that make me so darn blessed. So thank you!

  252. this is the first week we’ve had sun all week!!!! not a rain cloud in sight, it’s been pure heaven after the most rain ever for spring. A friend of mine just started up Stella & Dot and I agree i could buy up the catalog. i too wish to be the lady at the beach jumping in to float in her clothes.

  253. I love, love, LOVE your idea for framing pictures! Such a creative way to add some pizzazz in your life! I might just have to borrow that one. 😉

    I also just passed by a commenter that said you are a ray of sunshine. I couldn’t agree more! Every time I read your posts I have a smile on my face and wish for just one moment that I could capture some of that positive energy that seems to just radiate from you.

  254. It’s been hot, hot, hot here the past few days. I’ll share my sun with you!

    Beautiful jewelry, beautiful, crafty project (that I will imitate), and beautiful photos!

  255. We just had a beautiful windy rainstorm. :) Your girlies are lovely and that jewelry! Oh my. :)

  256. copying your project this weekend!

  257. I will be heading to Michael’s tomorrow!

  258. I will be heading to Michael’s tomorrow!

  259. Welcome to a little slice of our NW weather. Gray and dreary is not so fun in the summer. Hoping some wonderful sun heads back your way (and our’s too!).

  260. You are such an artist. I can’t wait to make some frames like that. I love the necklaces too. Thanks for sharing.

  261. Your picture frame idea is a great one! I don’t have nearly enough color in my home!

  262. I love the frame idea too!!! Any particular reason you print your pictures from that one specific place? I want to try this project. Just have to believe I can actually pull it off : )

  263. My 4 year old daughter was looking at your pictures in this post as I was writing, and when we got to the picture if Nella grinning on the floor after climbing the chair, my girl asked me to stop scrolling so she could look longer. I held my breath, waiting to see what thoughts were in her head, not wanting to place my own words in her mouth. It’s the same wait-and-hold-breath as when she pauses to look at someone of an ethnicity she hasn’t seen before, or with a wheelchair or walker, or a nose ring or tattoo – it’s me waiting to see what she’ll say, what her 4 year old eyes notice. You know what she had to say about Nella? “that girl has a beautiful smile! She’s a happy baby.” oh, if only my eyes would see the world as a 4 year old. To completely not notice differences and only see the beauty. I’m learning from my girl every day.

  264. Love the frames! I’ve been looking for a great way to frame some recent newborn photos of my son. The photos of Nella are precious. I love her leggings.

  265. I just recently started following your blog and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. Your photos are magnificent, and your family adventures are so adorable!

  266. We disconnected from daily routines for a 5-night camping trip over the holiday. It was extremely refreshing…and catching up with your posts was on my list our first night back. Happy 4th of July week!

  267. I am going to completely still your idea once our new family pics get in and hang them on our wall! I so love your blog!

  268. oh my! I absolutely love the pic with Nella’s butt in the air. S awesome. I had a dream that I was shopping for a big “look at me necklace.” Maybe that was a hint that I should win the gift certificate!

  269. I love the project and the necklace!!

  270. You sound like your in the same rut as me. It’s winter here in Aus. and it does nothing for my creative side. I need some sun!!!

  271. love love the frame project. looks fab. and nella up and down on the chair. there is nothing better than watching a little one master a new skill. :)

  272. I am in love with your photo project! I so want to do it in my home. I looked at the site but it seems maybe it is only for professional photographers. Is that the case or is it open to the public?

  273. The stripey tights just melt my heart!

  274. Love your framing project. Anything cheap and easy is just my style!

  275. Spray paint! I am usually a little intimidated by spray paint, but I can totally spray a couple of cheap picture frames to spice things up. I love the fabric backings, too. :)

  276. LOL Those pics of Nella’s striped stockinged legs in the chair mount and dismount pics cracked me up!! I’m so glad I found your blog. Love your photography and your writing style! Your girls are adorable!!

  277. rainy weather has the same effect on me. Thanks for the story about the lady swimming, I may just have to suck it up and take my kids out to dance in the rain the next time our skies let loose. I am ashamed to say I have never done that. Also , thanks for the photo idea! and I love how proud Nella is of herself. Her internet family is proud of her too!

  278. Great job on the new frames. Ah, the girl armed with a can of spray paint in her hands. LOL. Brett must be laughing at you. It’s your version of a gun in the holster.

    So love the turquoise colored necklaces. Thanks for introducing me to another vendor.

    Here’s wishing you better skies. Loved the story about the older woman who couldn’t resist to swim in the water and rain.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  279. My Caitlin did the same trick – learning to climb into a toddler sized chair and completing her new found routine of getting in and out over, and over, and over again! I love watching Little learn. Thanks for the how to guide on your photo display, I need to try that out!

  280. love the photo display idea. Thanks!!

    and the jewelry is gorgeous!

  281. Enjoy the rain while you can! We’re roasting up here in NC!

    That little bum up in the air had me laughing. She’s so stinkin’ adorable.
    Love that silver charm necklace. Very pretty.

  282. I spent every summer as a child in Florida and I remember the sea turtles and their nesting. Your pictures and words are wound together beautifully. By the way I love Lainey’s red rain boots!

  283. LOVE the picture frame idea. I guess I’ll be going to the store soon. :)

  284. I love the frames…my hubs gets so annoyed w/ me everytime I walk in the door w/ MORE frames from Michaels…BUT if I did something like that he might be A-OKAY with it! :) Thanks.

  285. Pigtailed, Ballerinas in rainboots have got to be one of the cutest things out there!

  286. Great frames! Here’s hoping that the sun makes an appearance for ya soon!

  287. Love the fabric photo frame project! And as always your photos are beautiful. Grey sky and all. Most of my photos have that overcast look, but that’s been the norm up here in British Columbia. :)

  288. What a great idea about the frames! I love how creative you are!

  289. Love the picture frames, love the jewelry, LOVE the blog! :)

  290. I instantly smile when I see what Lainey chooses to wear in your photos! I want to be her when I grow up!

  291. Your kids always seem so happy and graceful. Maybe they aren’t the words I am looking for…POSITIVE. They always seem so positive and full of life. Beautiful! 😀

    I say this as my triplets are in the middle of toddler WWIII *sigh* haha Have a great weekend

  292. Love the picture frame idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  293. Love the picture wall idea and LOVE the pics of Lainey in the puddles in her wellies! Your blog always makes me smile :)

  294. Hi Kelle :)
    Don’t know how I found your blog but glad I did and shared with my dear friend Molly this week. We both decided that optimism is contagious and life is how you choose to see it-thanks for that perspective.

    here is to hoping to sunshine tomorrow or another craft if not.

  295. Love the story about the older woman jumping into the ocean. I want to be like that when I am older, because I was like that when I was younger, before marriage and kids. I jumped at every opportunity of adventure. I miss that and I want my kids to live that way too – guess I need to be a better example.

  296. Ah! Love me some Nella climing bum! LOL She is absolutely adorable.

    Please send us the rain here in Texas! Bad drought. :o(

    LOVE your new photo display. Gotta remember that.

    Lainey in the rain with her ballet outfit on, so cute!

    Love the story of the woman on the beach! I’d love to be her too.

    You got inspiration sun or not! You just ran into people who are filled with magical sun!


  297. Rainy days have decided to linger here in Tennessee as well. We fixed it today with lots of snuggling followed by a trip to do some 1 dollar bowling. Nothing like smelly shoes in a smokey bowling alley…

    Enjoy the rainy days! Babies are extra snuggley then!

  298. I love your craft project. It’s the perfect thing for me to try to attack as I stay inside out of the 107 degree heat we have to endure.

  299. I remember when my little boy was in that climb up, slide down, climb up phase! It seems like it was just yesterday, and he’s actually already 4. It’s so fun to look back! Congrats to little Nella for conquering that chair!

    That photo wall project is awesome! I’m totally inspired to spruce up my hanging photos and get outside the box while I’m at it! :)

    Thanks Kelle!!

  300. i love whcc. thanks for the inspiration

  301. Newly addicted to your blog. I love the “everyday-ness” of it! And regarding this post, I love the Stella and Dot feather necklace :)

  302. LOVE LOVE LOVE the frame idea. Could you be any cuter?

  303. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture frame idea! I must admit that I love the beach enough that it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or the rain is falling. It is all beautiful to me.

  304. I love the creativity of your photo wall… we have lots of photos too, but not such fun displays. You’re an inspiration!

  305. Oh, the La Coco Turquoise Bead Necklace is lovely!

  306. Nella’s smile and look in her picture is a moment you will be glad you grabbed, like so many other pictures you take! Those happy moments make our “silver” cloudy days another favorite in life’s cluster! Thanks for new inspiring craft and the beach story….I don’t only want to be her later…I want to be her now!

  307. That’s a fun DIY, it really makes the photos pop.

  308. Love the dancing in the rain photos!

  309. Love your picture frame ideas, I am going to try it this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  310. I feel you on the rainy-days-can-sure-hamper-your-mood. We live in Oregon, and when there’s a seemingly endless string of rainy days without even a hint of the sun, it can be almost depressing. But the moment the sun decides to show her beautiful face? Oh, it’s magical. Almost palpable.

    And FYI, I am in LOVE with your DIY project. Seriously, I’m going to steal your idea. I’ll let you know how it turns out. 😉

  311. Love the photo wall. Love it all. Love the jewelry you are wearing! Love from the Blog Mama~

  312. love Nella’s tights and your picture project. Might have to try that one.
    We live in the Seattle area so I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. Sometimes we have 30 consecutive days of rain or just cloudy days.

  313. I love the pictures at the end of Lainey dancing outside in her leotard and rain boots. I love how kids don’t let a rainy day get them down, and instead, make it a fun new adventure.

  314. Pleeeeeez send some of your rain, in steady unflooding amounts to Texas…we are in a horrid drought!!

  315. went to a three day concert @ Grand Targhee last weekend, sans littles, think Idaho side of the Grand Tetons!! Well anyway, it was a snowing, muddy beautiful weather weekend and I thought to bring my HUNTER boots, not red like Lainey’s but teal so me!! Thank you for you words and keeping me turning the chapter of your book with every post!! Love it absolutely!

  316. Thank you for always making my day.

  317. Pictures of Nella never failed to bring smiles to my face.

  318. Love the picture ides. Will definitely be trying it for pics of my littles.

  319. LOVE Nella’s tights…TOO cute!!! Thanks so much for your DIY Frames…going to try something like that this week! Would love to see your other displays in your house!!! Very creative!

  320. Rainy FL days are awesome for watching Sound of Music 😉 And I love those frames! Crafts make me happy.

  321. Cant wait to see more DIY projects. I need some inspration!

  322. The frame concept and presentation are both stunning and doable. Thank you for sharing.

    I grew up outside of Seattle, where we passed many a gray summer day finding fun without sun. Though I’d imagine that in Florida cloudy periods are mere phrases….

  323. Love the Stella & Dot Jewelry!
    Your cute picture frame project has been added to my (long) project list!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  324. I love the sunless days sometimes. I thought those beach pictures were very welcoming! Love, love LOVE Nella climbing on the chair :)

  325. The photo mounting sounds like a totally fun DIY! Now all I need is time to DIM (do-it-myself)! BTW, that dolly that Nella is lovin’ on is SO adorably retro! Mind sharing where you got it? Another fabulous Etsy find? Gosh, I love that place!!!!

  326. LOVE the frame idea, I will have to try that out right away!! My walls are screaming at me for some color!

  327. Kelle! That is the coolest way to display photos I have ever seen! I swear, there are going to be (and probably already are) thousands of women all around the world with “Kelle Hampton” photo displays. I was already preparing to do the frameless glass collage on my wall…now I can’t wait to do this, too! Thank you!

  328. You take beautiful pictures!
    And congratulations to Nella for climbing that chair!!

  329. OK, not to whine but we’ve had only 3 really nice days in a row here in Vancouver, WA. We’re all going a little crazy here. So believe me when I say, I know about the gray sky affecting your mood!

  330. I fell in love with Stella and Dot when several readers donated necklaces for our giveaways~ I love how unique each piece is. Love Miss Nella’s moves onto the chair too, what a smarty!

  331. “Think outside the box”… this applies to both you (love the framing idea) and the woman being spontaneous with the gulf! Love it!

  332. Amazing. I love what you did with the pictures. It can be so hard decorating an apartment when you can paint walls so this will help me a lot. You are amazingly creative :)

  333. Your photos in this post make me want to scoop up my own little “climber” and cuddle with him. :)

  334. I have many, many bare walls, and a TON of pictures to frame, just afraid to dive in and go for it. I love color but it scares me. ha! I need to borrow you for a few days while we get some stuff on my walls! If you are ever up in ATL, give me a holla for a mini extreme walls make over… :)

  335. LOVE the picture of Nella smiling by the chair. Melts my heart. Love your stuff like always!

  336. Those frames are brilliant!!! You are so creative!! Thanks for sharing the idea. I’m going to make them w/ my daughters – they’ll love it!

  337. It’s been raining everyday here too (Tucson) but it is VERY welcome because the heat was getting redonkulous!

    Can you please tell me where you got the black top you are wearing in this post? It is too pretty.

    I would love a Stella and Dot trinket!

  338. adorable photo project!

  339. Gorgeous turquoise!

  340. My spirits are always lifted upon reading your posts! Thanks for the project idea…I have some fabric on the way…I think I might have to re-create something like it!

  341. Love those photos of Nella climbing into her chair. What a cute little character! I hope your skies soon brighten up with the sun coming through once again :)

  342. Love the DIY project!

  343. I loved the story of the lady at the beach – totally made me smile. And I love Nella’s tights – too cute!

  344. Love, LOVE the shot of Nella’s little butt in that chair as well as the next one with that smile. The little gal is pure sunshine! *hugs for Nella*

    Thanks for posting the DIY for the wall frames. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive and creative way to hang the bajillion photos of my grandson. Both my husband and I are so tired of 8x10s. It’s seriously not a favorite crop for me.

    Love the gray beach images as well. The beach brings such solace for me whether it’s raining or sunny.

  345. I live down here, too. I am so perplexed about this constant gloom… Come on, sunshine state!

  346. Love the photo project! Just the out of the box inspiration I needed to move our family photowall along! Thank you.

  347. oh i LOVE the DIY project. what a great idea to combine the photos with different fabrics. LOVE it.

  348. We start our mornings at -4 at this stage, it’s bone chilling cold!! I don’t like winter, it’s dull and dusty…I miss the sound of rain against the windows and roof tops, I miss the vibrant colours of summer…mind you, I miss Summer! But to get to the joys of summer, you have to endure the colds of winter

  349. First time grandma who loves to watch babies grow. I appreciate your attitude of “when life gives you lemons make lemonade martinis”

  350. love the babydoll nella is holding. :)

  351. I wish it was rainy over here in the good ol’ mitten. Our grass is brown and we desperately need a good thorough soakage for the plants sake :)

  352. Thank you for sharing the picture and frame project! I am always looking for good, cheap and not-so-common ideas of displaying pictures!
    And the jewelry just looks beautiful!

  353. Love your photo framing idea. I will bookmark this for future use!
    Nella is adorable. My daughter Cassidy is a few months younger and I know she would love a chair like that to climb but we just don’t have one. she’s obsessed with sitting on things (her play farm being one of the things she often sits on haha)

  354. Lovely pictures – as always!
    I love the photo display – Awesome!

  355. I am in love with those frames!!! I definitely need to get thyself to the craft store ASAP!!

  356. Your girls rock stripped tights like no other.
    You have quite a gift, Kelle, of blending words in a way that paints a picture in the reader’s mind. Those pictures you paint are almost as vibrant as the ones you take with your camera.

  357. You are beautiful and inspiring! I love the idea of the photo displays… very unique and eye-catching. I love those necklaces too!! It would make my month to be the lucky commenter :)

  358. Love those chubby legs climbing on chair! Going a little crazy with spray paint over here, too. Repurposing a mirror and a ceiling fan -love it –
    Love the jewelry!

  359. I have to say the picture of Nella standing in the chair is my favorite. I have a monkey on my hands, too. Stella’s favorite thing is to climb on the couch and jump from one side to the other.

  360. I am always looking for a new way to display pictures and that is a really good idea!!!
    Have a great weekend :)


  361. I love your new photo project! I have many blank walls to fill that could benefit from a little project like that. Hope your inspiration returns and this dreary light and rain goes away soon!

  362. LOVE that Nella is Climbing now! So cool! I love your blog, it’s the only one I read regularly. The pictures and words are so, so inspiring!

  363. Love the frames! I feel inspired. I haven’t changed the boys pictures in almost 3 years. Eek.

  364. your blog brightens my day even on the dreary rainy ones. thanks for sharing and i love the necklaces.

  365. Love the DIY…fun for the kids too! I am crushing on Stella and Dot big-time. My daughter was lucky enough to get one of their bracelets form Grandma for Christmas…I was not so lucky! Great choices. xo

  366. Ok first of all…not that it matters (but sometimes mamas like to hear it) Nella is right on target I mean climbing? perfect :) go Nella!! The framed photos look awesome- I love red/yellow combo (thats what our playroom is based on- with lots of extra colors but yellow walls and red bedding/drapes set the stage). That framed pic of Lainey might be where Nella learned the “oh” face- you need an “oh face” gallery somewhere- ha! Love laineys pic in the leotard and rain boots- my 3 year just got an american girl doll while we were in atlanta for the 4th and she had to get the pink rain boots to go with her :) I love Stella and Dot (if I win (and I wont) dont publish this long rambling comment on your blog-ha!) I like the charm necklaces…wear them a while and then add the charms to your little girls charm bracelets- perfect!

  367. Say it isn’t so that Florida has an ugly day. We were in Naples in May and loved every minute of it.

    I am a HUGE turquoise fan. That is some pretty stuff!

  368. I love the frame idea. My mom and I will be making some of our own this week! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway, I totally heart those necklaces! I come to you page for inspiration all the time, keep doing what you do. You’re amazing!

  369. LOVE those frames! And the picture of Nella’s booty on the chair brightened my morning :-)

  370. I love the shot of Nella prized atop the little chair, her bottom facing the camera! So cute. I love witnessing little ones learn they can do something new and amazing. Go Nella! :)

  371. The frames turned out really cute! I like them! Projects are always a good way to bring in some sunshine.

  372. In my town the rain constantly falling down for two weeks is normal… Especially in the fall. It is no longer affecting my mood in the same way it did before. I know how you feel!

  373. Love the frames idea! Can’t wait to try it myself. I am so excited to see the other projects you have been working on!

  374. I love the picture frame idea! I will so be stealing this idea for a project this weekend.

  375. “I got down here, saw that quiet water, and it looked so inviting. I jumped in, clothes and all, and floated on my back in the rain. It was amazing.”

    Seriously, best quote ever.
    Now I want to find a body of water in which to float fully clothed in the rain.
    Heading to the beach for a week…perhaps I’ll find that body of water and a rainy sky.

  376. LOVE the photo framing idea…I am going to try that!

  377. I LOVE your blog, I look forward to every update! Very inspiring and fun…you have a beautiful family!
    Love the jewelry too…blessings, kathy

  378. I love all the ideas you put into my head of projects to make our house a home. Now if I could only find the time and engergy to follow through on any of them!

  379. I love grey skies. I love that you went to the beach. That’s my favorite, to go on a walk or to the park or something when there is grey skies because you get it all to yourself.

  380. You are so very creative, I love that picture project!! The hardest thing seems to be setting aside the time to complete things like that, but I’m putting that one on the to do list!!! And I love Stella and Dot jewelry :)

  381. I hope I am like the lady on the beach too.

  382. Awesome!

  383. Thank you for sharing the steps in your creativity!! I love the new wall and will be trying this at home!!

  384. Love your blog!

  385. I think you’ve been spoiled by that Florida sunshine! Three days of dreariness? Sounds like our entire Spring up here in the Midwest…sigh.

    Go Nella! My little one is just starting to climb as well. More bumps and bruises but a lot of proud-of-himself smiles, too!

  386. I want to dance in warm rain. When it has been raining here it cools it off…I was to take my babies to dance in the rain. I’m sure they would love it just like your girls. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories. PS….love the frame idea….might have to do that. Thanks

  387. Even with overcast skies, your pictures are AMAZING!! Also, I love the craft project… right up my alley! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing your talents (and your family) with us daily!!!

  388. I absolutely love the frame idea, very creative. For some reason I never think to spray paint them to add some life to our also beige walls. Another idea to the list of things to do! and don’t worry, it can’t be gray forever :)

  389. Yipee! There is a Michaels on my way home from work. Hello weekend! We have a project to take on…thanks Kelle! Carolina skies are not so blue here in NC either…E

  390. This comment has been removed by the author.

  391. Kelly, Gray skies and rain drops can make our days seem gray and dreary, however when the sun peeks through I believe it makes us appreciate the sun so much more. Lainey has the right idea just continue to dance in the rain or under the gray skies.(as long as you put your wellies on) Or Is she doing a sun ballet dance? (soooo cute)I love the undies over the legging on your little chair climber.

  392. so jealous of your rainy weather! we are in a serious drought in texas and everything is turning brown and dieing here.
    thank you for the positive attitude. we just had our second child a month ago and your fresh perspecitve is good for my soul.
    do a dance in the rain for me!

  393. Feeling kind of blah myself today, but just seeing your baby girl’s smile has totally brightened my morning! Thanks for that!

  394. I love your blog! Everything about it- your words, your pictures, your style, your hubby and your sweet littl girls! A friend of mine just recently told me about it and I am totally addicted.

    Love Stella and Dot, too :)

  395. I love the pictures of Nella mastering the chair!!!

  396. I love your little DIY project. What a neat idea! And congrats to the now climbing Nella bean!

  397. love love loooove the frame idea! i just moved into a new apartment that needs a little TLC (and by a little, i really mean a lot. a lot a lot.) and i am definitely going to give that diy a try! great idea!

  398. My sister-in-law, the family photographer, loved to take pictures on gray days. She said it was the best time to take them. Loved the pics as always. You can be like the woman with the wet clothes today! Why wait? susan

  399. I love the shot of Nella standing in the chair backwards with her stripey tights. So cute!

  400. The turquoise bead necklace looks like a great solution to the nipple tweaking I’m currently getting while bf’ing. Turquoise beads are sure to distract my 6mo old from trying to tune in Tokyo!

    PS – Send the rain to Austin. The trees are limp with thirst.

  401. Hey Kelle. I love the pictures of Nella climbing. Maybe by this time next year Alexander will be climbing too? (she says with fingers crossed). It is so hot here – we are currently watching cartoons on a winter CD. I took a leap of faith and switched to my own domain name now too. http://www.alittlesomethingforme.com

    I have a few questions: do you have a blog roll of blogs that you follow? I’m really wondering if I even want to re-put that up…. and is there a reason you didn’t go with BlogHer? I’ve been invited… and I think I’m going to say yes – but I look at your blog and think… maybe not. Oh! and I am HTML inept. If you have any great tips that DON’T involve in-depth html code – I would love to hear them. Thanks! Kristen

  402. Love the photo frames. And the lady in the ocean. And Nella’s striped legs hanging off the chair. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  403. Love Love the photo project you are doing.

  404. Love your frames!!! They really light up the hall way, specially in these rainy days.

  405. The sun will come out tomorrow! I love your pictures, great idea with the frames, they look great. I love Stella and Dot! I really enjoy your blog, it always brightens my day. Love your spirit, Kim

  406. It rained on my wedding day. I’ve been nostalgic for rain ever since. :)

  407. I want to be like the lady in the ocean, floating on my back in my clothes . . .

  408. Totally stealing that framing idea! Love it!

  409. Oooh, I love Nella’s redheaded baby doll! Where did you get it?

  410. Your Blog is my sunshine (as it is raining in Nashville, too!). Thank you for the great craft idea,the sweet photos, and of course the sunshine…I love the striped tights on your girls – adorable!

  411. Oh! Those pictures frames! I am in love with them. Now you have me inspired, and maybe sometime, (sooner then I want, as the rains are headed my way) I will copy your idea. I love those necklaces too!


  412. I love your framing project, so cool and colorful!
    We recently created a frame out of an old window from our house. This may just be my new project.

  413. I think Floridians get sunshine withdrawal quicker than anyone else… moving up to dark Boston winters had a crazy affect on my mood! The sun always feels more glorious after it’s broken through the clouds though :)

  414. I am not a crafty person by nature, but those frames are adorable – I see a trip to Michaels in my future.

    Oh, and Lainey’s red Hunters under rainy skies… killing me. Your little bugs are precious!

  415. Love the rain! Love the jewels too!

  416. I wish you guys would send some of that rain my way!

  417. The pictures of Nella climbing into the chair are just precious. And I love Lainey dancing in the ran with her ballerina outfit and rain boots!! Too cute. The jewelry is also GORGEOUS!!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  418. I think I’d like to be that old lady too….we all need more moments like that.

  419. Oh Nella loving on her baby dolls and Lainey with her wellies (sp?)!

    So cute and I love the jewlery. I’d love to have the chance to spend the giveaway money on a new necklace. My sweet daughter broke my favorite necklace this week.

  420. Love to see Nella climbing in that chair. My little one is into climbing right now too and though it is annoying, it also makes you want to cheer them on a little bit just for learning it!

  421. Sending you some of the awesome sunny weather from Toronto! I get the blues when its dreary outside, too!

  422. Love Nella learning how to climb the chair – my son is at the same stage and although I am sad to see the baby stage leave – it is thrilling to experience each new discovery of self with him!

  423. You take so many beautiful photographs, its nice to take a little peek at which ones make it on to your walls.

    It is silvery here, too.

  424. LOVE those frames. I feel inspired. Thank you for that! I’m copying immediately. :)

  425. Love Stella & Dot…beautiful!

  426. We switched weather! Seattle has been sunny (finally) for 2 days! Now we are back to clouds, so you should be getting your sun back:)

  427. Great D.I.Y project! Love it!

  428. Ah! I’m obsessed with that beaded necklace you have on in the first pic! So cute!!

  429. Nella’s little legs are too cute. I love the last picture of her with the doll and the pictures of her climbing in the chair. So sweet : )

  430. It’s amazing what a difference a splash of color can make.

    I swoon for statement jewlery. Just like pops of color on a wall, a cool necklace or earrings changes an entire outfit. LOVE.

    Oh and, Nella’s striped tights couldn’t be cuter!

  431. Love your new frames!! Such a great idea!

  432. Kelle,
    I love reading your blog! I check it everyday to see the amazing shots and to read your awesome journaling! Your photo frame idea inspired me and I will be getting mine together soon! Thanks for sharing so much with us! I have come to love your family and your story! Your new sponser’s jewelry is beautiful!


  433. What an infectious smile little Nella has. She just brightened my morning :) Oh, and I love Stella and Dot too!

  434. I’m headed “toute suite” to Michael’s to reproduce you’re amazing idea. It is going to be a great gift for my mother. I love this jewelry… very ‘charming’

  435. I think we are about to get all that rain you have had up here now!! Love the last pictures of Lainey dancing in the rain! That’s what it’s all about :)


  436. Love that DIY frame project! What a great way to display your photos. Thanks for the breakdown on how to do it.
    In that last duo of photos of Lainey, it looks like she’s about to grab her own hand in the next photo. It’s really neat. :)

    from black currant thoughts.

  437. Your creativity really should be the 8th wonder of the world.

  438. I hate when those exciting thunderstorms turn into gloomy days… even weeks. I lived in a beach town on the pacific coast and it would really get to me. Thankfully those beautiful sunshiny days (and amazing jewelry too!) make up for it tenfold.

  439. i absolutely loove the Bomboleo Necklace!! so pretty!

    a couple of months ago, when arkansas was under several tornado warnings.. we went to eat out with friends to celebrate that we are having a baby girl in september. while we were there, the skies just opened up & poured! never seen anything like it. we had planned on going to get frozen yogurt after dinner, but were reconsidering because of the storm. but since we were going to get wet anyways we decided to just go for it. streets were already flooding.. so 6 adults & 4 kiddos decided to brave the storm for frozen yogurt & that was the most fun i have had in a long time.. just getting so drenched.. i haven’t done anything like that since i was young!! i still laugh about it!! hoping to have more crazy moments like that!!

  440. Your little climber!! Woo hoo!!! And that jewelry is gorgeous! Count me in! :)


  441. Those frames are awesome!

  442. The Bomboleo necklace is my ABSOLUTE favorite – I’ve been coveting it for a while. WANT WANT WANT!

  443. I love that photo wall idea! SO cute and versatile! May have to steal that for when I move next month…

  444. Love the photo frame idea!!
    Also, that adorable, cheeky, squint her eyes smile that Nella gives to your camera makes me smile every time!

  445. I always think I want the rain, then it arrives and I am wishing it away again! P.S. I LOVE the photo of Nella climbing- priceless. and the after shot, boy does she look proud!

  446. Love the jewelry, love your girls, and occasionally, I love a rainy day!

    Looks like great weather for popcorn, card games, and movies!

  447. Your new framed photos!! LOVE. The color scheme is lively & cheery :)

    Love the stripey legs growing out of your chair!

    And I want to be that woman in the water NOW. My kids don’t see enough of that side of me.


  448. We stood on the roof of our building today to watch the last shuttle launch. The clouds allowed us only a very brief glimpse, but it was better than nothing! Love your new pictures and the jewelry!

  449. I am a South African livin in London and I crave and miss the sun so understand how the rain can get you down. Your posts of sunshine and beach days make me want to move to a summer place asap.

  450. I love the frames! I like to try new ways to frame some of my photos too, you should check these out http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150213809581267.310799.646551266&l=ace5096f49
    I saw something like them in a surf shop in Alabama and elaborated on them some when I came home. So cute :]
    ps. I love love love your blog!

  451. even in the gloom of the rain, your pictures are still beautiful. i want to be that older lady who jumped right into the ocean, clothes and all. how freeing. thanks for the giveaway, fingers crossed!

    shaunna allen
    grants pass, oregon

  452. I absolutely LOVE those picture frames and hope to find some time this weekend to copy you. My house needs some serious de-beiging.

    I hope you get some sunshine this weekend! Send that rain down to Texas!!

  453. Hope the sun shows up soon. I love the photo wall. Very pretty.

    Those necklaces are beautiful. I am in need of a new necklace so I am heading over there.

  454. I am not a crafty person so I steel a lot of idea’s from others and this just might have to be one of them. I have gone over a year now without pictures on my walls and am no just getting to the point where I feel like I think I can start having things on my walls again. I needed to declutter and I think I have decluttered a bit to much for to long so thank you for the great idea. Thank you for your inspiration for us not only with children with Ds but for your inspiring pictures as well. I like most people love to take pictures and every once in a while I get a good one but seeing yours keeps my hope alive and makes me keep trying.

  455. I try as hard as I can to embrace all the seasons, but I can’t help but feel like winter drags on and I always feel better during sunny summer……I am sure your hot sticky weather will return soon.

  456. Kelle, I’m in New Mexico, and we have nothing but sunshine! And wildfires. While sunshine sounds really wonderful for you right now, I’m getting kind of sick of it and think a refreshing summer shower would just about hit the spot. Let’s swap for a day or two!

  457. sometimes i feel like the only person in the world who loves the grey, rainy days. your pictures make me ache for the ocean!

  458. I LOVE the picture frame idea. I definitely need something more creative for displaying all my pics. Thanks for the tutorial!

  459. Jewelry for me? Yes, please!

  460. i just love little nella’s striped legs hanging from her chair! how cute is she!!

    mmmm the rain – perhaps it’s because we are in a severe drought here in TX, but it looks delicious in your photos…you capture the grey beauty of it so perfectly here.

    As always – love the blog, love your writing! :)

  461. loving your photo display idea. I have a bunch of pictures I want to show off, but i cant figure out how. now I have. and I really, really need a project as the fiancee works every, single weekend from here to what feels like eternity. so mucho mucho thanks for the idea

  462. Cute idea with the picture frames. And while rainy days can be downers, they make you appreciate the beautiful days that much more. I so want to have the attitude of the lady on the beach someday!

  463. Kelle,

    I read your blog all the time and I just love it! Your have a beautiful family and inspire me!!!

    Don’t worry about the clouds, you know how Florida weather is – one minute downpour, next minute sunshine!! Would so love a new chic necklace – Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Love, Shelley

  464. Love, Love, Love the frames!!

  465. Ohhh, look at Nella climb! love seeing how much she’s grown up.

    Is there anything more adorable than a pink leotard and rain boots? Perhaps not…it’s a site I hope to see in my own driveway one day!

  466. I LOVE your frame project idea and might try it out for our baby’s nursery which, 3.5 weeks from due date, is begging for a few pics of our floppy eared bunny to complete the bunny theme in the room! Thanks for the inspirational post during dreary weather – I can totally relate to the weather affecting my mood after several days of rain. Wishing you sunny skies again soon!!

  467. Kelle, you are a constant source of inspiration… loving this craft and definitely going to copy you! I see xmas gifts for the grandparents!!

  468. We’ve been having the gray skies in Las Vegas as well, accompanied by some very rare humidity. I kinda like it! A nice change from the scorching dry heat. I LOVE the picture of Nella’s stripped legs trying so hard to get up on the chair. She is such a gem.

  469. LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE the picture frames!!!! MUST.TRY.TODAY!!!!!!!

  470. Oh how I want pictures of my own daughter dancing in the rain like that! We live in Vancouver, so rain is an everyday occurence in the winter – not surprising that a lot of people get S.A.D. here!

    I LOVE Stella & Dot jewellery. fingers crossed!

  471. i love the picture frame project! so much more fun than regular framed prints.

  472. The mosquitos have been so bad that I have been staying inside with my little one instead of playing out in the yard. No fun at all. Here’s to hoping that this weekend brings sunny skies free from bugs. :)

  473. Love the picture frame idea!!

  474. I love the picture frame idea! So great. And, as always, love your blog!

  475. loveeeee the idea for the framed art in the home.

    And I loveeeee that blue necklace with the brooch. Pure awesomeness… is that a word? :)

  476. Woo hoo!! Thanks for the DIY!!!

  477. Oh, I LOVE Stella and Dot. Unique jewellery is my thing. I would love this.

  478. Those rainy, gray days are all too common in NYS where I live! They do make you feel unmotivated – which is why I love your blog! YOU make me feel motivated!!

  479. You can send the rain to Texas, we need it!!! As for floating on your back in the rain, that sounds amazing!!! Sometimes I think we might should move to the beach instead of the mountains! Love love love the 3d pictures!!!

  480. I just can’t help but to smile every time I see Nella smiling in a photo. She’s just so sweet. :)

  481. Stella and Dot – yes, please! :-) This Seattle girl understands how your rainy days are kind of dampening to the soul…but when the sun comes out, oh how glorious it is! :-)

  482. Echoing these sentiments. Here, in England, the days are currently a mixture of sun and showers, and it seems that the sun is always out whilst I’m in classes. But I think that colours pop more against the grey skies so I’ll try and do something like that with my photography… And dream about Florida, which I’m learning isn’t always sunshiney!

  483. Coming here every day is a treat within itself. Thank you for sharing. Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever received and from this blog I can also see that here.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  484. Love, love, LOVE the new photo wall. Will be working on one of those myself soon . . . if finances allow!

  485. I love your idea for framing pictures. I am always looking for inexpensive ways to make my home more “homey” :)

  486. I love those DIY picture frames! Thanks for sharing!

  487. LOVE LOVE LOVE the DIY project and the pictures are adorable as always!!! :)

  488. Love the project idea! Perfect for a rainy day that we’ve been praying for in TX. I’ll trade you some of this sunshine, 104 degree weather, and hothothot for some of that rain :)

  489. Love the frames! We are dreary and rainy here too in PA. :(

  490. Love Stella and Dot! Sending some sunshine your way:)

  491. I love that you went to the beach in the rain. I live in the Pacific NW, so if we don’t go places in the rain – we just don’t go places. 😉 Hoping some sunshine finds it’s way to you soon – and I LOVE the new project!

  492. I LOVE the photo frame idea! I may have to use that as some inspiration as I’ve been planning a photo wall in our living room. Thank you again for you inspirational photos…and music!
    PS have you heard Ellie Goudling?

  493. Welcome to my gray world. the pacific NW is glorious, but we have many many months of gray, overcast, and rain rain rain…makes us appreciate the sun when we have it!

  494. Love the frames! soo creative!

  495. The standing up in the chair picture is amazing! I want to be that older woman someday, too. We went to a park in downtown Pittsburgh for the 4th this year, and it poured for a while, and tons of people there hid out under a bridge, but David and I played Frisbee in the rain, even though all of my pretty curls I worked so hard on earlier in the day went instantly flat. At least I got a story out of it!

  496. I love the way you make even a rainy drippy day seem enjoyable and special. I wish I could bottle your optimism!!Nella is just growing like a weed and seems to change so much each week. Such a beautiful family – enjoy every day!!

  497. Love the pictures of Lainey in the rain…it was the perfect contrasting combination of girly ballerina outfit and her “get out there and get muddy” rain boots!

  498. I am totally stealing that photo framing idea! They turned out great and are so different from anything I’ve seen anywhere :) As always, love your writing, love your pictures. Your babes are gorgeous!

  499. That may be my very most favorite project you’ve ever shared. Thanks! Heading to JoAnns after nap!!

  500. Yay!! Thank you for the Net Nanny we will enjoy it. Beautiful necklaces by the way.. I am in love with the turquoise one.

    We live on the Texas coast and are heading out today for the beach with overcast skies.. hope they clear up soon, you have inspired me to take some beautiful pictures.

  501. First of all, I LOVE your DYI photo frames! Second, some of my favorite lighting for pictures is fron an overcast sky and you did find your inspiration because your pictures were lovely!

    Love your blog!

  502. I love summer projects especially on a rainy day with a little music. I just made a picture mobile for my little girls room!

  503. Isn’t it great watching the little ones learn something new and then mastering it?! I love the pictures of Nella in the perfect little chair for her. :)

  504. I just love that little rainy ballerina with the gumboots. so delightful!

  505. Oh my gosh! I’m just like you! One little peak around, and I’ve already got 20 favorites!

  506. I just love that litlle rainy ballerina with the gumboots. so delightful!

  507. I’m jealous of your rain. Here in Reno, it’s been hot, dry and this pregnant mama can’t do outside afternoons with my little one. :)
    Love the DIY picture frame. I just made cloth wipes and am loving them.

  508. Once again… beautiful post, Kelle! Even though you have crappy, dreary lighting down on the Gulf… you’re pictures are still marvelous! LOVE LOVE LOVE your frames! I might just have to look for some buy one get ones too! Thanks for the inspiration. We’ve been passing a around a random stomach bug at our house that’s rather depressing to endure inside when it’s so pretty out! Thanks for this little slice of sunshine on the web!

  509. I love the photo frame idea, especially the red pop of color!

  510. It’s the same over here in Orlando and I know what you mean about the monotony.

    I love love LOVE those frames. Such a cute idea!!!!

    And Sweet Girls… Your girls are so beautiful! I love love to read your blog and to see your beautiful pictures! I only hope I can be as wonderful a mother as you are someday!!


    I would love to adventure around her treasures with a little $50 incentive!

    It’s raining in Nashville as well…because of your inspiration, I’ll go out to ponder in the drizzle. Thanks:)

  512. I love that you are finding inspiration in the storms. I needed this post today :) And I might have to tackle that DIY photo project- my hallway needs something new!

  513. Love reading your blog. Love your pictures, your daughters are beautiful, and you are an inspiration!


  514. The lady you met on the beach wringing out her socks could well have been my Mama. She has a gypsy heart and a mind of a spirited child and did exactly that when she visited her brother on Vancouver Island a few years back. Here is this 65 year old excited woman, fully clothed and heading out to the depths of the ocean tide to float on her back and sing with the birds flying above her. So when you wrote about your encounter, I pictured my Mama and it made me smile. Thanks for warming my heart with a favourite memory…
    Kelle, I lub your blog!!!

  515. With all the beautiful pictures you take, it would be SO hard to pick which ones to frame! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what you decided to do with those frames!! Once again, you’ve inspired me to try something new!!

  516. I like that woman on the beach. You are already her!
    Hope the sun is shining on you today. Oh, and the mug made me smile.

    Much Love to you and yours.

  517. I’m so excited to hear Nella is climbing. That’s such a fun milestone. I loved the craft idea too-turned out super cute. I’ve been following your blog for a while-I just want you to know your words of encouragement to yourself, encourage me too (our oldest son has severe epilepsy and lots of developmental delays) but it’s so nice to see other families rejoicing in their blessings that don’t always arrive in the packages we expect.

  518. Love the new way to display photos, totally copying!

  519. I just LOVE Stella & Dot! Thanks for blogging Kelle! Your posts always brighten my day. Your girls are angels!

  520. Love, love, love the picture displays!! I’m quite certain I’ll be borrowing your idea!

  521. Love the picture idea. i took tons of photos today of lily pad flowers and hope to borrow your idea. Thanks!

  522. LOVE the craft idea! and those little legs climbing on the chair…what a great picture! :)

  523. Enjoying that small little booty in the chair! That is So sweet! Loving the stripes that your girls always wear! ~ Jo

  524. What a gorgeous post… great idea for the picture frames… I may need to try that! And that jewelry… oh, its amazing!

  525. Gosh I wish it were raining like that in Mississippi!!! It is HOT and HUMID here :) I enjoyed your pictures! I felt like it was cloudy here, then I looked outside haha! Thanks for making me smile!

  526. I miss the Texas thunderstorms of my childhood. Washington has lackluster storms and cold rain, not warm, enveloping rain like Texas. I love the picture of her climbing in the chair. My 9 month old baby girl is walking along furniture now and it won’t be long until she’s doing her own climbing.

  527. Great blog! Your pictures are an inspiration to get back into photography!

  528. sun or no sun, your photos are amazing!

  529. I guess you’re not coming to Northern Ireland for your holidays then?!!! We have those dreary, wet miserable and cold days EVERY day (well maybe not every day – but it does feel like it). Seriosuly though, we have so much wet weather like that – we haven’t had a lovely warm, sunny summer for several years now …..awww! We do live in hope!
    Kelle, you have two absolutely gorgeous daughters – I enjoy so much keeping up with your adventures – thank you for sharing them.

    Hugs Jill xxx

  530. cute frame project! and LOVE that bomboleo necklace!

  531. I LOVE those photo frames! They will definitely be on our “To Do” list.

    I can relate to the melancholy of the rain. The entire month of June in Nova Scotia was rainy. It was especially hard since it was the last month of my maternity leave. Thankfully the sun always makes it way back to lift our spirits again.

  532. Oh I LOVE those frames! Great DIY! Beautiful display for beautiful photos. Great job and thanks for sharing! :)

  533. Hi there. I love lose blue and white stripped leggings…can I ask where you got them?

  534. Would love to see the “new” Playroom with walls!! LOVE your blog, so inspirational!

  535. Kelle, I love your blog & your photos. I only hope my readers enjoy my blog one tenth as much as I enjoy yours. xo

  536. Ugh, even though you have rain, you also have summertime. Seeing those cute lil brown legs of Nella’s makes me pine for summer! Here in NZ it’s winter, it’s cold and it’s blustrious (if that’s even a word). I want sun-kissed legs again too!!

    Love your blog. Love your photos. I want to be great at photography too one day.. once all my 4 babies are at school (2 already are), I will study photography. :)

  537. Wow, I would love to get a new little treat from there! :)

    Love your new frames/photos! I don’t know how you choose which ones to display!

  538. Yeah, what’s up with this weather? I brought my kids over from Phoenix to see the beach (Cocoa Beach-Shuttle Launch)….It has been sunny only one day since we’ve been here! I actually quite enjoy it, I haven’t seen a good storm in months. I got to kayak with Manatees, watch dolhins “play”, and saw an aligator all while a nice sprinkle came down on me!

  539. I love your blog! And the necklaces are truly lovely :)
    Andrea, aluhde@gmail.com

  540. that jewelry is beautiful!

  541. I live in the Land of Grey Sky. Try bumping your light meter up to compensate for the lack of natural light.

    Love your posts. :)


  542. This comment has been removed by the author.

  543. What a fun craft project! I’ve been hankering to bust out my glue gun. Looks like now I have a reason!

  544. Loved the framing idea and the jewelry!! Your pics always make me smile!

  545. Those little legs in striped stockings are adorable!! Shes getting so big! And I looooove stella and dot, AMAZING!

  546. LOVE Nella climbing up in her ‘juuuust right’ chair! :) & love the playlist! Happy weekending! :)

  547. I have a new love …..Stella & Dot! Love, love, love the pieces both for my liitle one and for me.

  548. Those frames are awesome! Hopefully sometime soon I can motivate myself to make one! Loving those necklaces too! :)

  549. Thank you so much for the craft idea. I feel like maybe I could do that! I love stella and dot and while I think their pieces are a little pricey, I wear them ALL THE TIME and know it changes the look of so many outfits.
    :) Sarah

  550. I could use some of your rainy days, but just a few. Those indoor cozy days, too many of them and it’s more than enough. When I want a cozy in home day and it’s sunny I feel like I have to get out and enjoy it! Obnoxious sun ;)!
    Love the pic of Nella in between two flower bushes on a path! She looks bigger and she’s gorgeous!
    The sister pics are priceless!

  551. I’m so obsessed with Stella and Dot!

  552. You are so creative Kelle! You give such great ideas for framing such special moments. Thank you so much!

  553. When I grow up I want to be organized and crafty. I love being organized but I don’t know how to do it well, and I end up making a bigger mess. And you don’t know know how many different craft projects I’ve started and never finished… oy.

    bring on the darlybird!

  554. Love this post, and here’s to some sunshine, soon!

  555. Seriously your blog, is my crack!!!!…I can’t wait for you to post new stories and photos! You are amazing!
    I still I trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up and to be honest I think I don’t really ever want to grow up and be stuck in anything. Yet, my 7.5 year old daughter did announce to us in the car a few nights ago what she wants to be when she grows up, and I kinda like the idea. “I’m going to be a teacher for 3 years, then I will retire and become a rockstar”. Maybe kids are the geniuses of the world!

  556. The Bamboleo Necklace!!! I love it! I saw an interview with former-Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky earlier this week and she was wearing it. And now it’s here on your blog! It’s a sign. I really wish I could have this necklace! Purple and turquoise are my favorite colors, I want to start a statement necklace collection now that my braces are off (I felt like braces + statement necklace was too much going on – lol!), and who doesn’t love sparkle?! I want. A lot. So so pretty!!! :)

  557. I read your blog often (okay, every post) and rarely comment- but I just love this one- ‘potential’… I often daydream of the things I might do one day… make plans to re-do rooms… imagine what adventure my children might embark on… It’s fun to dream and think that we all can still say “When I grow up…”

  558. Cute cute photo displaying! You’re so crafty. And Stella & Dot rocks! I got my Mom this beautiful large turquoise beaded necklace last year and she gets compliments every time she wears it.

  559. I’ll trade ya… our crazy hot sun for your pensive, cloudy sky!

  560. Love me some Stella & Dot but I have never been able to buy anything from there yet but like you I would see something on someone else and ask where the bought it from and they would reply – everytime – Stella and Dot:)I would love a gift card but even if I dont win – I will still follow you woman no matter what!! xo

  561. Your blog is so awesome! You come up with the most amazing ideas for your photos! I absolutely love them!

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