Goodnight, Irene

Bike rides always start off ambitious for us. Lainey pedals furiously several paces ahead, and I push Nella in the stroller with a steady quick step to keep up.


Without fail though, bike rides don’t end well. We get to the mountains, the lake, the house with “that lady in the yard”–a.k.a. the Virgin Mother statue outside the big white house–and Lainey calls it quits. Her legs are tired, her helmet hurts her, her feet don’t want to pedal. So she pushes the stroller and I walk three blocks home like this.


But she does draw a really nice pineapple.



Ever been hit by a glitter baton? It hurts.


Nella loves it. Everyone else in the family hides it. And the two barrettes Nella is wearing are five less than she was wearing earlier today, thanks to her sister.


Our evening began in the driveway tonight…


…and two minutes into this little ride, I had to run to save Nella from falling out because Sister was dozing off.


Recovering from some stuffy noses and restless nights, we are hoping to do a lot of nothing this weekend.



My wannabe weather man is excitedly watching Irene. We’re hoping she’s nice to the east coast, but I think he’s secretly wishing it would have come a little closer to us. He likes the big to-do of battening down the hatches and running to the gulf the night before for a white-cap watching adventure. Thankfully, we’ve never been hit by anything too severe, or I’m sure he wouldn’t be so eager. Irene’s outer bands just barely grazed the gulf coast yesterday afternoon, showering us with a light rain and showing off an impressive cloud display to the East. So yes, stay safe and charge your batteries.




Bubblewish joins Enjoying the Small Things this month in sponsorship with their dreamy twinkle light sets.


We added a colorful set of stars to Lainey’s room…


…and a sweet set of pastel circles to Nella’s.


A handwritten dream is attached to each strand, and each felted bubble is hand-stitched. Five percent of all sales is donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas, and code 10WISHES will get you free shipping on your order. One commenter will be randomly chosen from this post to win a a free strand of Bubblewish lights.


Friday Photo Dump:


Yes, those are huge black olives on my fingers!


We are sleepy tonight. And happy it’s Friday.



Happy Weekend!


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  1. we’re up here in NC saying Hello, Irene!! I can’t count the number of times I’ve had that same walk w/ the little bicycle being dragged along side of me. Thanks for the laugh and I’m diggin the pineapple!

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  3. Just about pee’d my pregnant pants when I saw Lainey’s awesome pineapple! I love the way we can see what their little eyes see through their drawings! Rebecca Wuth

  4. We’re a little sad were not getting our first big hurricane of the season too. The picture of Nella on the back of that cozy coup about to fall asleep is priceless.

  5. Those lights are some of the coolest giveaways you’ve had – but I’m really fond of color and light. I had a Raggedy Ann doll when I was little, too.

    Congratulations on the book, I can’t wait to read it!

  6. Tell Brett to beeline it up here if he’s up for an adventure. We’re in a state of emergency but thankfully we do not have to evacuate. We just moved all of our ourdoor furniture into the garage. I’m sitting here terrified, waiting for the expected lashing Irene is set to give us on Sunday. I’m still praying she’ll see that fork in her path & take her massive self out to sea.

  7. I will have to check out those lights, they look adorable! Your video of Nella self-feeding on FB inspired my post with Lily today…but she didn’t do so well:) I love the photo of Nella falling asleep in the back of the plastic car- too cute!

  8. Your dog looks like a stuffed animal!!! Also, I can’t get enough of Nella. I just want to give her a big, huge squeeze. What a beautiful girl!!!

  9. ohh those garlands are gorgeous. nothing quite so nice as snuggling inside while it rains! Enjoy.

  10. Up here in good ol’ PA, we are battening down the hatches and I will be very glad when we can say “See-ya” to annoying Irene! Glad that Nella is on the mend and that you guys have a quiet weekend to recover. Have a great one!

  11. And happy weekend to you and you and you…and Brett & the boys, too!

    Angie from Ohio

  12. I can’t wait to read your book, too! Mine just finished phase one of editing and I’m super excited about it!

    Your girls are beautiful and growing fast. I, too am looking forward to a weekend full of nothingness with my princess!

  13. tgif kel! strange to think a giant hurricane is just on the other side of our Florida…heading who knows where. i’m totally sucked into the weather channel and bald headed jim the weather man. ha. hope you guys have a restful weekend. love nella’s strawberry onesie and the felt lights are so cozy and festive. xo

  14. Battening down the hatches in little RI! Looking forward to a loooooong weekend with my 2 little girls who just happen to be 2!

  15. I have been reading your blog for some time now. Since before it became viral actually. and never knew how to comment and just learned!
    I love Lainey’s pineapple.
    We are all preparing for Irene over here in ct, I cant bring myself to go to crazy as i lived in florida for afew years and after many time of boarding up the house and evactating it turned out to be for nothing!
    I am in love Laineys Room! The only thing its missing is a Funky frame bow holder!
    Where do you get ideas for you decorating. I need to redo my sons room and have no clue where to start!

  16. And… we’ll still be at the hospital. As long as the generators work, we’re good to go. Maybe they’ll let Ellie home early?

  17. LOVE those lights! And yes, we’ve got a glitter baton that needs to be hidden often at the moment :) Have a fun weekend relaxing

  18. I always put olive on my fingers, too. :) Lainey is quite the artist and Nella looks beautiful as usual!

  19. Your blog makes me smile. Earlier this week my 13 year old was on your blog and I asked her “what’s new with Kelle?” (as if we’re like friends IRL!)

    She answered, “Don’t know, I was just looking at the pictures, Nella’s so cute!”

    Thanks for giving us your blog to bond by! :)

  20. I soooo want some of those lights for my girl’s room! Precious!

  21. We’re also preparing for Irene here in Western, MA. I’m trying not to get too crazy overboard with preparations and come home from the grocery store with 100 cans of soup!

  22. Too funny, we often end our bike rides the same way!! Only this mean mama makes her 4 yr old push the bike back 😛
    Happy Weekend!! Hope everyone is 100% soon.

  23. We’re making our own big to do battening down the hatches here in Virginia Beach! We’re going to rock this certain power outage with water color paints, tons of library books, and snuggles from our newest little boy. Loving those lights.

  24. Irene is on her way here… hoping she’ll be nice.

    LOVE those lights. So cute!!

  25. We’re snuggling inside this weekend in Boston to wait out the storm – and I’m kind of looking forward to a weekend of unplugging and watching the (hopefully not as bad as they say it will be) strom from a safe place!

    PS – adorable lights!

  26. aww, Nella falling asleep in the back of the cozy coupe is the cutest! LOVE!

  27. Went to the “farm” tonight since it’s going to be a rainy weekend. It had a nice “lake” there too! All about what you make of things, right? Totally diggin the little tykes minivan!

  28. Glad Irene missed us Floridians….my little man was dozing in my arms tonight as his big silbings rocked out on Just Dance. Amazing that they can fall asleep anywhere!

  29. I would love to see more pictures of the boys! However, I’m all too aware of the camera-shyness of teenage boys.
    Love keeping up with your life! Glad Irene didn’t hit you hard, which means our condo should still be standing strong as well!
    I strive to be like you, Kelle, you’re amazing.

  30. Awwww, I was hoping you’d ride her bike home instead of dragging it along side of you.

  31. I think “stay safe and charge your batteries” is good advice for any weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

  32. the black olives on your finger, GENIUS! I haven’t done that (in public) since I was about 10. Right on sister, us olive-loving girls gotta stick together!
    Lainey is an artist in her own right already, what a sweetie! That pineapple was perfect.
    Hope you get a nice quiet relaxing weekend!

  33. I like battening (sp?) down the hatches too…thankfully Irene won’t be visiting us up here in Michigan!

  34. why yes my friend..I have been hit by a glitter baton. My dentist paid for his BMW with what it took to fix the damage. :)

  35. Totally feeling you on the need to just stay in & recharge this weekend. Two boys back to school – one to PreK & one to Kindergarten. Rough adjustment for the Kindy boy. Yikes. And then my 2 year old girl has decided that it’s fun to start “terrible 2’s” now – boys didn’t start until 3. Yikes. But, I love the sweet escape to your blog and knowing I am not alone in the sleep deprived journey. xoxo

  36. Gorgeous lights! They look like joy on a string! Be safe this weekend everyone!

  37. Getting ready for Irene here in MD – hoping it’s not too bad. I was hoping the “half” bike rides would end when my son gets a bit older – I guess maybe not! 😉

  38. I actually laughed out loud at your olive fingers. Too funny! You make me smile : ) Thank you

  39. What is it with men and the weather…we live in PA and my hubby spends winters tracking every snowstorm and giving minute by minute updates. So, imagine the “excitement” to be able to hear from him the details about Irene. Wow, this is something we don’t usually get…ha. I am hoping it just misses us all together. He has worked so hard to get prepaaared, I am afraid he will be disappointed…As usual, your post is just wonderful. It is like having a secret window into your world.

  40. Hugo was not nice to us around these parts. So we wish Irene as far away as possible.

    Love the olives on your fingers!

  41. love the photo of nella sleeping in the back of the car. precious.

  42. I just want to say thank you for being you. I too have a D.S. baby boy. His name is Cayleb. My friend told me about your blog and I’ve been a follower since. For some lovely reason, you speak through your blog for someone like myself who can’t express or write, day after day. And that’s why I want to say thank you because to write, sometimes, is not an easy thing to do. And I appreciate your honesty.

  43. i’m glad you wrote this post because it’s many of the same thoughts and experiences i’ve had this week. i even have a photo of me schlepping my 5 year olds bike while pushing a stroller. black olives on fingertips though i do not have…

  44. Kelle, Love the olive on your fingers i used to do that all the time! Love… We are waiting and watching the weather channel non stop up here in philly.

  45. Hoping that Irene doesn’t get us too badly up here in Maryland. I, personally, am very optimistic, but by how many water bottles there are left in the grocery store (none), it appears that I’m one of the only ones.

    And is it sad that I’m 23 and still want bubble lights in my room? No? I didn’t think so either.

  46. Irene is headed straight for CT! I move to FL for the sun and big storms (that aren’t of the frozen sort) and I spent the day at the beach while my family is hurricane proofing their homes… I just don’t get it!! Wish there was a way to attach a picture to a comment!! My family is sassing Irene – on the boards used to cover the widows they’ve spray painted “Come on, Irene!”.
    I, too, wish we had seen a little more than we are!
    Nella falling asleep in that car is precious! One minute confined and that’s all it takes to give into sleep!!
    If you do end up venturing out this weekend, I have Lyla all weekend and would love some company!!

  47. I love how you call Nella “Sister”.

  48. I love those felt pastel circle lights! Nella’s legwarmers are the cutest! I let the music player on your blog play all day while I cleaned house. Good stuff!

  49. our version of the baton is a mini hockey stick. we hide it all the time, but he still finds it!

  50. Love the lights (love any and all lights on a string) and LOVE the olive fingers!! God, I haven’t done that in forever and a day….

  51. Your posts make me want to cozy up and read all day long…you truely have a gift!

  52. I’m right there with Brett, I love the whole “to do” about big storms. I don’t want anyone to get hurt or anyone to lose their house, but I love watching the “excitement” of it. Maybe I’m a little weird.

  53. Yes, I have been hit by a glitter baton. It’s not fun.

  54. That’s the ONLY way to eat olives! I still do it – grown-up schmown-up!

  55. oh my – every mama has had to drag a bike home! Have a relaxing weekend! xo

  56. I laughed out loud when I read “sister was dozing off” such a sweetie! I love it!

    ps I also love black olives

  57. Happy Friday! That car that the girls are riding in is so cool! I’ve never seen one like that. Stay safe from that witch, Irene!

  58. love her sweet little lights in her room.

    we are in the path. never been in a hurricane before. slightly freaked out with the giant dead tree in our backyard and our basement without a sump pump. it will be fine. but a earthquake and a hurricane in one week is a little much.

  59. Glad you all avoided Irene. Thoughts to those who didn’t. How cute that Nella dozed off on the back of the car. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Bless little Nella’s heart, falling asleep on the back of the car! So priceless! What on earth did any of us do before we had kids?

  61. That is an awesome pineapple. Love
    Nella falling asleep. You must be exhausted at the end of the day, hah.
    I hope Irene is good to you.

  62. Will love to win a set of lights for Sienna’s room.
    Happy weekend!
    Hope the girls get better!

  63. Just a tip that might help when Lainey tuckers out during her bike rides. If you have a stroller with a basket under it you can put the front tire in the basket and kind of tow the empty bike behind. Does that make sense?

  64. Kelle, I’ve said it before, but thank you! You’re posts always have a way of helping me re-center myself.

    We have the same Fancy Nancy book sitting on my big girls bed at this exact moment, too! And I love love love that Nella fell asleep in the cozy coupe. Precious!

  65. Both of my girls do the same thing with black olives every chance they get.

    I love the strands of lights. Those are too cute!

  66. What a sweet idea to brighten up a room! Just love the lights.

  67. i love your blog, it makes me want to be better at everything. it also makes me want to move to florida and meet that sweet family of yours. excited about your book, congratulations. :-)

  68. I know it’s bad to wish for hurricanes, and I hope everyone is safe, but if it somehow set off some chain of storms across the country and we could get some rain here in Texas I would be SO happy! I would also be really happy to get a string of those lights for one of my girls’ rooms! Those are absolutely precious, love the donations, and that they’re in my home state! Have a happy Friday!

  69. Glad you were not in the path. Would love to win..

  70. Ohhhh, I’d love to win a set of those cute lights! And on a side note, I’d forgotten all about glitter batons! I used to love those things. Happy Weekend from Virginia :)

  71. Just went and reserved my copy of your book! So excited to support this new venture!

  72. I love your blog. And love hearing about your sweet family. Thank you.

  73. i,too, am happy that it is friday.
    i love those lights!

    nella looks so much older/bigger…be me the longer haired pigtails?? :)

    love that she fell asleep while riding in the play car!

    glad you all are feeling better-have an awesome weekend!

  74. Best. Pineapple. Ever! Rock it girl!

  75. I love the angles you get, even with a “big” camera. I am always afraid to drop it on my head! :)

  76. Friday Photo dumps are starting to become my favorite!! This one made me excited because Nella was wearing a hippo PJ top that my little girl has!! I told my husband because I thought it was so cool that are girls have the same jammies.. My husband was a quick joy kill and said “Babe lots of people shop at carter’s.” He just doesn’t understand!! lol. Hope everyone gets to feeling better this weekend!

  77. Nella is starting to look like a kid instead of a baby!!

    I want those lights. in fact, I want everything in your house. Is that cool with you? :) Or you could just come redecorate mine!

  78. Ha, just finished my baby blog post for the night saying I was going to go charge batteries as Irene heads up towards us in New York State (but first I had to check out your blog…) Would love a strand of lights for the little one’s new room…

  79. Our bike rides consist of me dragging back a bike and wagon!

    Love Bubblewish lights! Adorable.

  80. 1) girls are gorgeous and delicious.

    2) irene, goodnight is a song that makes my heart hurt. check out the version by the nields.

  81. cute lights! your bike ride description sounds so familiar…

  82. It never fails…every post you write, stirs up every emotion there is. Happiness, sadness, lots of nostalgia. Love your Teal Tea Party Hat! Love, Jo

  83. That last picture of Nella before the lights makes her look so grown-up! When did she become a big kid?! And Lainey’s pineapple is darling.

    Hope you have a safe and hurricane-free weekend!

  84. I just LOVE the lights! They are so cute! Headed to her site right now :) I bet that the glitter baton does hurt but my son’s weapon of choice is his trusty wooden spoon! lol

  85. My daughter likes to adorn her little brother with tons of barretts, too…I must say, he does look awfully beautiful under all that pink and purple grosgrain and glitter! poor kids – that must be why second kids are so well-adjusted 😉
    have a lovely, relaxing weekend…may you avoid the swing of the glitter wand!

  86. my friend lives in nyc and was just put on bed rest b/c she has a scheduled c-section on monday and the hospital is being evacuated/closed due to the hurricane. crazyness….we would love a hurricane down in texas

  87. Nice relaxing weekends at home are awesome!

  88. Nella looks adorable, falling asleep in the back of the “car”, as Lainey drives.

  89. Tell Lainey I always get tired at the end of a bike ride too. Wish my mom were here to pull my bike home sometimes. :)

  90. Glad Irene isn’t headed your way. I know earlier in the week they were saying it might hit FL, and immediately I thought of you (not in a stalkerish way…haha, but in a way that I don’t know anyone else who lives in FL). Hope everyone is feeling better and getting some much needed rest this weekend. Oh, and I can’t believe little Miss Nella started falling asleep in her car ride….priceless! I have kids who fight sleep like no other, so i don’t know what that’s about, but she looks adorable.

  91. I laughed about the bike ride ending ; ) so funny!

  92. Those little lights are just darling!
    We were biking Shark Valley a couple of months ago and at mile 5 I got a flat!!!! I pulled the bike for half a mile until the super sweet (and cute!) ranger stopped and picked me up!!!

  93. I love Lainey’s tiered skirt!

  94. I love Lainey’s tiered skirt!

  95. Hope you guys stay safe! And are feeling better!

  96. So cute that Nella fell asleep in the car with Lainey driving :)
    Those little lights are adorable!

  97. Nice manicure. I spit out my beer when I saw that.

    Happy Weekend. We are battened down here in Annapolis. Bring. It. On.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  98. Aw, Bonjour Butterfly is one of our favorite Fancy Nancy stories.

    And the olives are pretty fancy. I was sporting a manicure of old-school Little People, courtesy of my mom’s 1970’s toys this afternoon :)

  99. So cute! I had to laugh at little Nella falling asleep in the back of the little car. :)

  100. I’m under the weather tonight, but your pictures always make me smile.

  101. Love those lights. Stay safe this weekend! :)

  102. Nice olives! The pic of Nella in the back of the truck is so dang cute.

  103. Me me me me me me!! I want to win, I can’t ever even post comments anymore let alone win anything…..

  104. Love that pineapple!! My daughter just had a playdate with a friend and came out with no less than 40 bobbypins in her detangler soaked hair. Took a bit of work to get all that out!

  105. such a fun momma you are! so inspiring. the lights are a perfect accent to an equally perfect room!

  106. Hope you enjoy a weekend of nothingness.

  107. I used to put black olives on my fingers as a little girl. That picture brought back memories. :o)

  108. Even when you’re laying low, your posts comfort me. Love the big girl’s pineapple. Happy Friday to you!

  109. Have a happy weekend! I love seeing the photos of your beautiful girls and am always inspired by your words to do something more or even enjoy doing something less every day.

  110. I have to say that here in Duluth, MN we don’t see much hurricane action, or earthquakes, or flooding, heck even a tornado is rare. But snow? Oh yeah, we get PLENTY of that.

  111. Lovin Laineys pineapple! Shes very artistic!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  112. Stay safe! We’re supposed to be slightly affected in Alabama I guess (I long for home in Wisconsin!) I love lights and have been wanting to get my little guy some for his room :) xx

  113. Nella’s “sleepy face” as she’s dozing off in the back of Lainey’s coupe reminds me so much of my own daughter’s face as she falls asleep–so sweet! I love Lainey’s new lights for her room! (I think my room needs some of those, too)

  114. We are tired this weekend too. I’m hoping for a relaxing time in with my baby girl.

    Love those bubblewish strands. The violet stars would go perfectly in our nursery. Have a great weekend!

  115. Yes, I’m in the DC area and boy, are people going crazy here! Had to go to three stores just to find batteries. But this happens every time “something is coming” so we will see if this one actually sticks. I am hoping the outer skirts will just brush us too, as I want to dance in the rain, but not be stuck in the house for the next few days :)

    I love bubble wish!

  116. I love your pictures! They are so real and dreamy and fun! I never get bored looking at them!

  117. The picture of Nella sleeping in the back of the little car is so funny! I think the bubblewish lights are adorable.

  118. i love nella’s baby legs! and their little car is so cool i wish i had a ride like that when i was little!!!

  119. <3 it! :) Great shots, great thoughts! I love how candid your pictures are but how beautiful the are as well! :)

  120. Redoing my little boys room and some twinkly lights would be just perfect! :-)

  121. i knew those were black olives – a woman after my heart! i swear the only reason my son eats them is because i showed him how to put them on his fingers – we need more food for our fingers! especially vegetables 😉 tgif

  122. My husband loves watching storms too!! One night, I told him that if he continued to come in and out to try and see the tornado (we live in Texas), that I might just lock the door and leave him outside. Happily, he obliged and came inside, agreeing that standing beneath lightning bolts was not a wise moment for him!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  123. Glad the girls are all better and hope Irene isn’t as bad as they are predicting. Those lights are fantastical and I need something twinkly after the week I’ve had!

  124. Have a lovely restful and rejuvenating weekend Kelle and family!!

  125. Aawww, I love having lights in my kid’s rooms. We have a fake miniature Christmas tree with colored lights that stays up until April in their room :) I’m not sure why I take it down in the first place, and I love knowing that THAT will be a fond memory for them when they grow up…..hopefully :)

    I love dozing off moments…so sweet.

    Favorite phone pic: Lainey’s palm trees!!!! Is it instinctive for her to draw that type of tree first? Interesting, isn’t it? It’s what she knows. I drew pine trees :)

    Blessings for healthy recoveries ~ Nora has her worst cold yet right now :(

  126. You always inspire me to be a better mom and not miss out on the little things like sidewalk chalk pineapples. So cute!

  127. enjoy your w/e…rest up


  128. Those olives are huge!

    Hope you enjoy your quiet weekend, while we hope for a flood-free one up here in PA. :)

  129. oh my goodness those bubble lights are BEAUTIFUL!!!! We’d love to have a set of these to grace our 2 year old’s new big girl bedroom in our new house! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous littles and your life with us all!

  130. Olive fingers :) my cousin and I used to do this every holiday when our parents always would put out a bowl of black olives and then we would eat them off our fingers one by one… strange childhood memory. Our bike rides end the same way, except I cam pushing/ carrying two bikes or scooters and pushing a stroller. Talk about awkward and unwanted bruising…

  131. Kelle, I love your blog. It always makes me smile but tonight I was cracking up!! Love it :) thank you

  132. Here in Texas, where it never seems to rain and the days are well over 100 degrees, we would love to have Irene visit us a little bit, too…

  133. Now why in the world have I never seen one of those cars with a back seat??? That would solve so much around here! Lainey’s landmark descriptions crack me up. Please let her write a children’s book about her neighborhood. Sweet Nella falling asleep was precious. And can I say that her pigtails and bangs are getting perfected down to a special pigtail art. I should know; I wore them every day through the 5th grade. With opaque tights under my shorts. It’s cute on a little girl; not so much a 5th grader. Just sayin’. Happy Weekend! Enjoy your p.j.s and nothing-to-do-but-snuggle!

  134. Did you EAT the olives?
    Lainey’s pineapple is fantastic!

  135. yes! i must know about this car! i see it is step 2… any more info? LOVE The lights too! :) would be great in my kiddos room!

  136. 1.children can some how inflict so much physical pain. instatnly!
    2. nella dozing off is about the sweetest thing.
    3. i heart friday phone dump.

  137. Those lights are GORGEOUS

  138. I babysit a little girl who does the exact same thing with her bike, so by the time we start walking home, I’m giving her a piggy-back ride while pushing her bike as well! :)

  139. So, I read this on my iPhone and I’ve noticed a few people comment on the accompanying music, any idea how I can get it to work on my phone?
    By the way kelle thankyou for making me a better mumma xox

  140. I love the picture of Nella falling asleep in the pretend car, too cute!!

  141. Hope everyone feels better soon. Nella is so beautiful.

  142. Here in San Francisco I don’t have to worry about with Hurricane Irene – doesn’t mean I’m not stressing for the east coasters! Stay safe!

    Love the olive fingers by the way :)

  143. Sure hope you see this, Kelle : my kids know about this blog and your girls and Florida (so exotic to us, as we’ve lived in Alaska 15 years!) and my 14 year old boy helps out with our local equine therapy program. We’re expecting our 7th baby and he said to me yesterday, “
    Wouldn’t it be great if our new baby had DS like Nella and Jack (his favorite rider)?”
    Love to you and yours, Allison

  144. The olives on your fingers – so random. Funny. As always, love your blog and winding down my nights with your posts.

  145. IF I won those twinkling STAR lights I would put them in my grand daughter’s pretend tent and we of course would sing the little Twinkle star song!!!All night long!!!
    Hugs to YOU,

  146. IF I won those twinkling STAR lights I would put them in my grand daughter’s pretend tent and we of course would sing the little Twinkle star song!!!All night long!!!
    Hugs to YOU,

  147. IF I won those twinkling STAR lights I would put them in my grand daughter’s pretend tent and we of course would sing the little Twinkle star song!!!All night long!!!
    Hugs to YOU,

  148. here’s to a slow, relaxing, regain the stamina kind of weekend!

    ps. nella is too cute falling asleep on her car ride!!

  149. Happy weekend dear, sweet, wonderful Kelle!
    I hope Irene will be mild.
    I love that you do those nice mommy-things, that I’ve always done too, like drag the bike back…
    My hubs would never.
    Nice to see I’m normal :-)

  150. My three year old just got into her own bedroom — yes, that would be graduating from OUR room, where she has slept since she was born — so this is a HUGE deal right now that she is in her own BIG GIRL room and sleeping in her own BIG GIRL BED (instead of in our bed, snuggled next to mom!) and if I won those string of lights…I would string them around her new little room to give her some added comfort (and when I say little, I’m not kidding…as her rooms is actually the retreat off of our master bedroom. We built out the wall and added a door. Bam! Instant bedroom. Hey, it works. With 9 children and two parents living in a 5 bedroom house, we need to be creative!)

    Happy weekend to the Hampton Family :)

  151. …. realizing now that “mild” is a poor choice of word.
    It seems scary.
    Be safe, over there!

  152. Olives on the fingers is a family tradition of ours. No Thanksgiving is complete unless you ate an olive from your finger.


  154. Hey Kelle. I love how sweet and simple this post is. I love those lights. I’d put them in my kitchen.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I’m crossing my fingers for my parents and friends in the East coast, they eye of the storm! I’ll be thinking of them as I head out to camp and climb all weekend, try to shake off the weird daydreams and frustrations that have been plauging me lately, and enjoy my world as it is, now.

    Much love

  155. I would love to meet Lainey in person – for me, she is such a character! Very charismatic! And cutie Nella – a real snugglebug!

  156. Love the cozy coupe picture with Nella…adorable, and so sweet!

    Love the lights, they would be perfect in my little misses room.

    Happy Weekend!

  157. Hello Kelle,Lainey and Nella :-)
    Nella I love the glitter wand too,but I can understand your family’s need to hide it sometimes!And remember to hold on tight when you are in your sisters bubble car ( good job mummy is always there to catch you eh :-)
    Lainey your pineapple is great!Keep drawing I like to see your chalk drawings and keep pedalling too,one day you will make it there and back for sure :-)
    Kelle I too have to carry,drag a scooter around like you do the bike!It bumps your legs doesn’t it!Here’s hoping Irene blows itself out and doesn’t do anybody any harm ~ fingers crossed xx

  158. Kelle, I love your blog! You make me want to come and live in Florida, which is silly as I’m in the UK right now.
    Nella looks SO like you now, I keep noticing it in recent pictures, she’s such a sweetie (well, they both are!)
    Stay safe, hope Irene doesn’t reach you.

  159. Your girls are so lucky to have you for a mom! You seem like such a fun, loving mom & I just fully enjoy reading your posts!! They always give me a little boost & your photography is awesome too.

  160. We’re preparing for Irene up here in Massachusetts : )

    I love the sweet lights and while we prepare to move next week – I can’t help but think of how nice they would look in my kids’ new room!

  161. Perfect timing for the Bubblewish lights! The strand of Christmas lights in my sons room just died last night and we are in need of a new nightlight! Thank you for sharing :)

  162. Excited to read your book:) my little man is not too much younger than Nella so I have had random objects thrown at me but never been hit with a green baton;p

  163. I love the lights! So twinkly! I’m glad you guys are safe.

  164. Love those lights! Hope your weekend is full of calm.

  165. Sometimes we all need to slow down. I hope your weekend is filled with snuggles with your little ones, and some hot coffee in the morning. We’re cleaning up the yard from stray toys, getting ready for Irene. We don’t see storms like Irene much in the Adirondack Mountains. Thankfully it should just be some rain and high winds.

  166. Those twinkle lights are so cute! I would love a set of stars for my son’s room!

  167. love the phone dump. love your hubby being a faux weatherman – i have that role in our family. in maryland and waiting for irene. earthquakes & hurricanes this week for us – who would have guessed. :)

  168. Wow Nella is really starting to look like a little girl now, as apposed to a baby!! Wow. She is GORGEOUS! And of course Lainey is gorgeous as always!! :) xx

  169. I just saw your Book link. I am pre-ordering. I love looking forward to something great to read. It makes moments like a glitter baton attack easier to handle.

  170. Amazing, inspiring photos, as always. Love your phone photo dump. So fun.

  171. You know me. I’m an older kinda’ mama. One with littles who are bigger than me and grandlittles who are growing faster than I care to admit.
    I read your blog, Kelle, and relive such precious memories of when my home was filled with the sweet chaos that is a part of your world.
    There is something so reassuring in your words when you write, “…we are hoping to do a lot of nothing this weekend.”
    Too many little ones are so over scheduled, having well intentioned parents who feel they need to fill every moment with activities, that these babies don’t learn how to play and imagine and be content.
    Now, I know your kids are involved in many planned and unplanned activities but you are teaching them to find pleasure in just hanging out with the family and making your own fun. It’s a wonderful lesson to pass on!

  172. Lovely photos of your kids.
    Have a great weekend as well.

    Cass from Acoustic Guitar Online

  173. Love the lights. I would even like to have them in my room. Also love the picture of Nella asleep while Lainey drives. It’s so neat when they fall asleep in those unusual places.

  174. Happy weekend!

  175. Love the picture of you with what I’m assuming is your Tea-Party Hat! :)

  176. Oh, I cracked up when I saw Nella sleeping on the ride!! We are enjoying huddling around the windows watching the effects of Irene here in NC. We’re hoping everyone stays safe, but we’re loving all being together with not a lot to get accomplished. Happy Weekend:)

  177. I love working with felt and creating hand made monsters and critters. NEVER would have thought to handstitching a star and other fun shapes to twinkle lights! How fun!
    I love all the links you put up with their great discounts! Thanks!

  178. Hope your girls are feeling better this morning :)

  179. Those lights are so beautiful! But not as pretty as your girls!

  180. Oh, those fabulous lights! Those would be perfect in my sweet little fairygirl’s room!

    Glad you are safe from Irene!

  181. Love, love, LOVE your posts!!! Can I marry you?

    Those lights are adorable!!

  182. Love the picture of Nella falling asleep in the back of the car!

  183. I love the Friday phone dump!

  184. Love the new felt lights–too sweet. Also love that Nella-love fell asleep while riding in the back of that car—she is a doll. None of my girls would ever fall asleep so easily! Love you and your fam, Kelle. So thankful for your blog…

  185. This comment has been removed by the author.

  186. I just had to post how much I love the Friday photo dumps. They are a fun little peek into your lives! I also love the snap of your little one falling asleep in the back of the car – adorable!

  187. I love the picture of Nella sleeping in the back of the wagon. Soo cute! and those light strands are adorable!

  188. I love the picture of big sister driving little sister around.Just think- some day Lainey will be borrowing your car to take little sister shopping or for a bite to eat. Hopefully little sister will not be falling out of the trunk at that time:-)

    The photo of you walking the bike back home- sums up every bike ride/walk we’ve ever gone on with my 9 year old, Annalee. She is the queen of “I’m tired. My legs hurt. This helmet is too tight. The sun is blinding me!”

  189. I used to do the same thing with my bike.. I pooped out quite often on my dad. He kept taking me though like a trooper :)

  190. Lainey’s new room is adorable! My kids will go nuts over bubblewish lights! Praying rest and health for all of you.

  191. That pic of your girls piled on the floor with baby dolls and blankies and Fancy Nancy could so be my house. Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. Isn’t it nice how big sis tries to fix their hair?

  192. I love your posts!
    and your iphone dumps….awesome!

  193. Your bike rides are all too familiar. While the big brothers race back home from our treks, little man can’t make it up the big hill, and we end up pulling the bike home while he slugs along. We just took his training wheels off two weeks ago, and he’s getting stronger and faster already. We may make it all the way home on wheels one of these days! :)

  194. Olive fingers rule!!

    Be safe all in Irene’s path…

    Oh happy weekend :)


  195. My husband also watches the weather like a hawk… he’s the type who has two weather websites up on the computer, the local news on the television, and the radio tuned to the local station, all while sitting next to the window to keep an eye on the weather… even in the middle of the night:).

    Congrats on the book! Will there be a Kindle version??

  196. your dog is smiling in that last picture! I sit with my almost 2 yr old on the desk as I enjoy your blog. She thinks every pic of your kids is either herself or her brother. Have a relaxing weekend! :-)

  197. I love when little kids fall asleep in places other than their beds. My three year old is starting to skip naps, which makes her very sleepy by about 6 at night. Cue falling asleep in her plate of food.
    Also, love the walk home from the bike ride; I can relate!

    Have a good weekend,

  198. Love the picture of little sister falling asleep in the car! Have a relaxing weekend of nothingness. I’m sure you’ll make your own adventure!

  199. The picture of Nella nodding off in the car made me laugh out loud! So adorable! I dig your hot pink clogs too!!

  200. That photo of you & the girls on the bed with the books… and photos like that… how do you do it? How do you hold your SLR up and get a pic. like that, in focus?

  201. glad you guys are safe from the storm — I live in CO and would probably panic! :) Have a restful weekend!

  202. I love Lainey’s pineapple! It’s so cute! And that picture of Nella falling asleep, classic! I love it!

  203. Those twinkle lights are magical! I am going to check some out for my little sister’s new dorm room. And we used to put olives on our fingers too! I love Friday phone dump.

  204. I’m kind of like Brett, secretly wishing for some big to-dos over a weather event even though I know they really aren’t worth the risk! Something about the anticipation of the event and hunkering down at home with all your supplies is just kinda fun!

    I have never put olives on my fingers before but now I have to try it after seeing that picture! Hilarious!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  205. Hello from NJ. We are waiting to see if this storm really packs the punch as predicted. We are also recovering from some stuffy noses and coughs. Enjoy the weekend!!!

  206. Love this post and love those lights! So cute. Who am I kidding?! I love all of your posts! I just really wish we could get pictures of YOU while you’re getting pictures of them! I know you have GOT to be in some funky positions to get some of those angles you get with your girls! hahaha. :)

  207. Those lights are so cute. I didn’t comment on the post of lainey’s room So I will say it here. I love it. Seeing the picture’s with the Raggedy Ann doll brings back the good old says for me. The lights add the perfect effect. Oh and the “Guess How Much I Love YOu” book is a favorite. So cute Nella falling asllep in the back seat of the coupe. Seeing your two girls together reminds me of my 2 boys together. I just love that they have a sibling/friend to play with. Happy weekend.

  208. So funny because as I was looking at your Friday Photo Dump I was wondering if those were ginormous olives on your fingers!

    Love the photo of Nella nodding off in the back of the car. So sweet.

    Love the twinkle lights, too!

  209. Love that phone photo of Lainey and her big bro xx

  210. Love the picture of Nella dalling asleep on the back of the car. My littlest went through a time when he would fall asleep in his high chair after lunch. My oldest and I would just laugh….

  211. We just redid our spare bedroom into a toy room and some fun lights would look amazing 😉
    *hint hint*

  212. Glad Irene is missing you. Love Lainey’s pineapple and the picture of Nella sleeping is precious!

    Those light are so cute. Enjoy your weekend!

  213. One of my favorite things to do as a kid (and still now) was to pack my fingers with big ole black olives and pop them into my mouth one by one. I’m so glad I’m not the only one still doing it!

  214. Happy Weekend to you, too! We are “battening down the hatches” around here, but being off the coast (north of DC) we’re not expecting too much crazy around here. I’m excited about a rainy weekend filled with a whole lot of nothing. :)

  215. That picture of Nella asleep in the Cozy Coupe is priceless! I could eat that girl up she’s so cute! Enjoy your weekend!

  216. Happy weekend!

  217. When I was young, my little brother BROKE a glitter wand over my head!

  218. Your little pooch is SO adorable! I just love it’s little face :) Hope the sniffles are gone! I love your “Friday Photo Dump” pictures; I actually look forward to them each week! Thanks! Stay safe with Irene in the area.

  219. Love the olive fingers!

  220. love the lights. would love some bubblewish dreams for my room! preordered Bloom on amazon!! have a dreamy weekend!

  221. I love those lights, so adorable! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  222. that little two person ride along car is SO freaking cute!
    Where did you get it?

  223. Awe so much fun around your parts. I just moved into a new residence half way around the world–Glasgow Scotland. Whew. Those twinkle lights would be a wonderful addition to my place, and make the room a tad cheerier.

  224. Soon Lainey will be able to ride her bike longer, it’s a lot for a little girl. Irene has brought us wind, but no rain in NC.

  225. We’re in Southern Nova Scotia watching closely for the next 2 days. We’ve been hit more then not in the past years and still in awe of what can happen.
    Thankfully it looks like she’ll miss us (so far) and hoping all in the Eastern shores of US stay safe.

  226. I think what I have enjoyed most about your blog since subscribing, are the CUTE little outfits on Nella and Lainey (like the strawberry and striped tights!) …of course, your purple, flower tights are now on my must-have list, as well :)

  227. I have only ever seen the Cozy Coupe and now I feel like it just might be my duty to find one of those cars with the seat for a passenger.

    The Bubblewish lights are so cute and different. Can’t wait to take a look.

  228. Get out the tissues: Came across this song and moving video that I thought you’d like…..

    -Jenny in Iowa

  229. love the olive fingers. too funny. more importantly – love those twinkle lights! pick me!

  230. This is so random, but I love feet (cute ones, at least) and how you manage to capture such sweet photos that highlight your girls’ little piggies (and your own!).

  231. Love that the little car has a backseat now.

  232. Happy Weekend!

  233. My son loves riding in the back of the neighbors car too. I love that she was falling asleep in it.

  234. We’ve had the same colds this week. Feel better!

  235. Friday phone dump ROCKS! Call me a copycat but I’m going to start doing something like this too. It’s inspired me to use my cell phone camera more even with the poor quality! LOVE IT!!!

  236. I have to join all the others in saying that the pic of Nella falling asleep on the back of the Cozy Coupe is so cute!

  237. Just precious. I LOVE the lights. The felt ones for Nella’s room are so sweet. Your photographs inspire me! Do you have any ideas on how to make a dorm room cute?!

  238. My little one has that same strawberry onesie it has been one of my favorites this summer!!

  239. Up in Boston watching the start of Irene’s outer bands coming through… gonna be a couple of days. Can’t wait for BLOOM to be out! Happy weekend to you!

  240. Glad Irene isn’t close to you. I love those twinkle lights they look so cute. Nella looks adorable in the picture of her falling asleep in the back of the car.

  241. Hope Nella is feeling better. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  242. Reading your blog always inspires me to break out the sidewalk chalk that has been collecting dust on the shelf…maybe tonight. :)

  243. Oh, Kelle…I love that shot of you and the girls on the bed. So amazing.

    No matter how rough a day I’m having, a visit here always makes things better. Thank you for that. xo

  244. OMG those light strands are awesome. I could totally replace the string of Christmas lights I have hanging in my kids room!

  245. final pic is HILARIOUS

    Nella in the back of the little car- so darling!!!

    Still need those awesome tights:)

    the lights- so cozy- always loved having something special like that in my room!!! (still do:))

    and, LindyLou has something for you!!!


  246. What a lovely photos!

    Beertje Zonn

  247. Love it all – a wknd doin gnothing…pink clogs…and THOSE LIGHTS!! THey are great! Hope you and your family are doing great, Kelle. Love from the Blog Mama~

  248. I so love your blog, I look forward to reading it when I get some me time. Love the picture of Nella falling asleep in the back of the car, too funny. Those hanging lights are so stinkin cute and a plus that proceeds go to a good cause. :) Happy Weekend.

  249. Love those lights! I need some for my craft room! I have been watching the weather and worrying about different people I know as the storm moves up the coast! I pray it isn’t a bad as “they” say it will be.

  250. I hope you are all safe! Praying that Irene does not hit anyone as hard as they expect..

  251. love your pics as usual… and i so wish i could figure out how to do that friday phone dump you do.

  252. I have been looking for some lights for my 4 yr old daughters room. These are so cute. She said she would really like the hearts and stars and I really like how some of the proceeds go to a good cause.

  253. I love the photo of Nella falling asleep in the little car and Lainey’s pineapple. So cute.

  254. I just have to say that Nella looks just like you in that black and white picture (where she is in the left side of the shot). That’s a Kelle face. (Is it creepy to say that when I’ve never actually met you? Too late.)

  255. Your girls get cuter every day! Love that picture of Nella dozing off!

  256. The lights are so pretty…right now I have Christmas lights hanging from shelf to shelf and heart lights in the kitchen. Saying a quick hello from NY as the rain is coming down now 😉

  257. Your postings always bring a smile to my face.

  258. Love your iphone dumps. Hope you don’t mind, but you’ve inspired me to do them on my blog. I may not always have my jumbo camera, but I always have my phone! It’s encouraged me to take so many more pictures of the little things! Such a nice way to capture the week.
    I’m a big fan of the weather! Irene’s going through here right now.

  259. I just met a 3 year old with Downs Syndrome and I am SO SO SO excited to begin working with her in preschool. She just learnt the word “No” 😀

  260. I love those sweet little lights! Your blog is such a joy to read! We have battened our hatches and are awaiting whatever she may bring here in upstate ny! Stay safe!

  261. When I clicked on the link posted, I didn’t realize right away that I was looking at Baby Lainey and not Baby Nella!

  262. love the lights, they would be stellar in a play room! Glad Irene didn’t leave a mark on your home town, we in Texas are still jealous of all the rain the East Coast is receiving, it is so stinkin’ dry and here! Have a great weekend!

  263. What a beautiful idea! Love the lights!

  264. I have to confess that I myself am a wannabe weather-(wo)man! Glad Irene spared FL and let’s hope she’ll be nice to the East Coast, too!

  265. The black and white photo of Nella makes her look at least 2!

  266. Glad you escaped the weather, but enjoy a cozy weekend nonetheless! Damn, how I wish my kid would fall asleep like Nella in the back of that toy car! :)

  267. Love the sprawled out on the bed reading books kind of day. We’re spending our afternoons in the same way, trying to escape this hot hot Phoenix summer.

  268. I love chalk drawing!
    That pineapple is the best!

  269. Have a great weekend! Your photos always put a smile on my face, such a great way to start the weekend!

  270. I randomly read comments, and I have to say Vientze’s (sp?) made me tear up. You do write so eloquently and I look forward to buying a book of yours one day. So that I can read and read for hours and then over again! You are a voice for many that don’t have one. AND constantly keep us in awe with your pictures (car- precious cargo- toooo cuuuute), laughing with your stories, crying almost always. You are amazing. Simple as that.

  271. Exquisite photography, as usual. And love the lights!!!

  272. Glad you didn’t get much of the storm. I hope everyone still in its path stays safe.

    Esther Dush

  273. I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.. You write so beautifully and from the heart.

  274. Cutesy girls!!!! Love Bella falling asleep & laineys ambition when starting out her bike rides!

  275. favorite picture:black olives!! i used to annoy the crap outta my parents by doin that everwhere i went that had my little girl does it too of course!!

  276. p.s. i cannot wait for your book to come so excited for you!

  277. Love those lights!

    ~skylar meinhardt

  278. Holy cow, are those the world’s biggest olives or do you have chld sized hands:)
    Hope you enjoyed a quiet weekend, We, on the other (adult sized) hand are moving out of state in 3 days…with 3 little kids, so no quiet weekends for us:)

  279. We love Fancy Nancy in this house.
    Grace was Fancy Nancy when she was 3 for Halloween. That by far has been my favorite costume to date. And, we didn’t have to buy anything (except the hair spray that turned her hair red). So fun! Happy Weekend(ing).

  280. I’m dying to know more about your fab blue hat! (no really… please share.) : ) Happy Weekend! Abi

  281. You probably get tired of hearing this, but…


    Sookie has those same hippo pjs. Aren’t they the cutest?


  282. xox, You are so fab:). You are such a super mama and your family is beautiful. Cheers to the expansion of it; your Thanksgiving table is already filled with so much love, but may it be filled with even more;).

    xo, Blair

  283. Love the stories of the adventures with your girls!

  284. Irene hit us in Virginia. Leaving 1 million people without power, us included. 1-2 weeks with no power? I’m not sure what we’ll do! When my laptop dies, that’s it.

    Nella falling asleep in that little car is so cute. I’m glad you were able to catch her. :)

  285. Loving the pineapple and yes, taking reign of the handlebars is all too familiar :)

    I love how you capture those little moments

  286. see, you are a good mom! I won’t even let my little ones ride bikes unless my husband is home to help. I can do a lot of things, but I have no patience for teaching them to ride bikes. I have already informed my hubs that he is also in charge of teaching them to drive! I love your clogs! So cute!!

  287. So Glad Irene has passed by FL- I have family there as well. Love the lights and the picture of Nella dozing off on her “car ride”!

  288. I think my favorite part of the post is the “but she does draw really nice pineapples” … I giggled out loud at that. Drawing nice pineapples would make everything seem more awesome, right?!

  289. Lainey must be a fabulously smooth driver for Nella to fall asleep! What a special little family :-)

  290. Happy Weekend. Enjoy your “nothing time” sometimes it is the best time of all. Hugs!

  291. Oh Kelle! I can’t help but smile hearing of your daily adventures. You’re a wonderful fun Mom, something I try to be!

  292. I’m glad I’m not the only grown-up who still does olive fingers!

  293. Lj does the same thing with riding his bike! I need to whip out the stroller I guess. :)

  294. We hear you on the Thank GOODNESS it’s the weekend bit- we are just getting over the 103 temp for 6 days!Ready for everyone to be healthy again! Glad Nella is on the mend!

  295. Love your standing up and looking down shots. I try doing that and don’t quite get the same effect. Maybe because I’m only 5’2″ and too close to the ground! :)

  296. I love the sweet lights. My son (4) and I were looking at your pictures and he asked if Nella was our baby (I’m pregnant.) I told him that our baby was still in my tummy, and he said he wanted Nella instead. :) Have a great Sunday! xoxo, Erin

  297. Irene kinda sorta ruined my family vacation (and birthday celebration) but we are all home, safe and sound.


  298. LOVE the colors in Lainey’s new room!!! She’s a little budding artist – great pineapple!! 😉

  299. I’m loving the lazy weekends and bike rides to your little spots. I’m intrigued by these Bubblewish lights..they are so flippin cute.
    Enjoy your Sunday cute family.

  300. I remember those “walking the bike one handed” trips with my son! I know they are coming up someday for Chloe too…if she would only learn to pedal!

  301. Glad you all stayed safe as Irene passed. I had a friend post on her Facebook yesterday her own little remix of the song, “Come On Eileen” re: Irene passing through the east coast. I thought your “wanna be weatherman” would enjoy it! 😉 It goes a little something like this:

    Come on Irene, Oh stay away from me, At this moment, It would be mean everything… LOL

    Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Loved the picture of little Nella falling asleep in the push car. She’s so precious!

  302. The photo of Nella sleeping on the back of the car is adorable! Be glad that Irene decided to skip you. No matter how lovely the photos might have been, totally NOT worth it!

  303. I love following your family. Kelle, you are my inspriation!

  304. laughed out loud about the glitter baton! it’s funny how kids like the things we don’t want them to. Nella is adorable and her hair has gotten so long. Love those hanging lights in the girls rooms. Very magical.

  305. Lol. I have a glitter wand hidden under my sofa cushions. They are weapons!

  306. I LOVE those lights!!! And I love everything else about your decoration style. You are so inspiring!!!

  307. After 6 months or so, my kids would not sleep anywhere except for their beds. I had always thought that one of mine would be “the one” to sleep anywhere, but no such luck here. The sun, moon and stars must be aligned – so no sleep in the back of the Little Tykes car here! I love that picture and can’t believe how long Nella’s hair has gotten. And bike rides with Lainey are the same as our bike rides with Nate. The only thing for you to look forward to now, is Nella following big sis and then you are dragging two bikes, as is the case here!

  308. love those lights…and the pineapple picture is really cool 😉

  309. Love us some weekends full of nothing! But I wish ours had included a few more hours of sleep… Lil Sis is teething and mama’s got a clogged milk duct!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  310. I love the picture of miss Nella falling asleep. So precious.

  311. Wow BOTH of your little ladies are so sweet, precious, and lovely. I love the felt circle and stars. Awesome idea!!! You make life looks so beautiful in your pictures. Amazing job!

    – Sarah

  312. What sweet lights for a little one’s room!

  313. I love that Sister is so comfortable in her sister’s ride that she can doze off. What a testament of love!

  314. I was getting frustrated with bike rides too, but then I started riding the “sag wagon.” I ride my bike with the bike trailer attached and I can put my son plus his bike in there when he doesn’t want to go any further.

  315. I’m glad to see Irene treated you well! We don’t even take the bicycles along anymore on walks. I end up pushing the stroller with one arm, and then pulling/kicking 2 bikes all the way home. I hope your littles start feeling much better too!

  316. Those lights are so adorable! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

  317. Love the photo in the bookstore, the light is so beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  318. I think I spied the same hippo jammies that I snapped up 3 pairs when I saw them on clearance. :)

    Loving the twinkle lights…cute!

  319. Here in Raleigh, NC, we are thankful Irene simply flexed her muscles with a whole lotta rain and wind gusts. Love the pic of you three (well, your legs at least)amidst books, dolls, etc. – it reeks of comfort. Going to check out the lights now…

  320. I love reading your blog. Each day as I type in the web address I get so excited. Thank you for sharing your family and your life. You are amazing.

  321. Nella dozing…priceless! Love those adorable lights.
    Thanks for sharing your Friday with us.
    Abs – signed in as KD

  322. I hope you and your family stay safe during Irene and the upcoming season =) I love all the pictures you share every time you post. I love being able to watch the girls grow up even though I’m thousands and thousands of miles away at the bottom of the world =)


  323. lovely pineapple. I really like your little car that has a back seat. And those lights are super cute. I would love to put them in our guest room turned play room.

  324. I know you must ask yourself too….but how do you find time to write, photo, experience, sit, dream and do it all over again! Love the lights. You’re amazing. Keep going!

  325. I nearly spit out my coffee when i saw ‘olive hand’!!! I thought we were the only weirdos that did that!!! lol. <3

  326. The olives are funny. This is how my daughter eats raspberries. :)

  327. Oh got to love twinkle lights for a good cause ;););) I sure do!!!

  328. We are sleepy as well… our lovely sleeper has decided that things were too easy… but we had a lovely weekend in the mountains, so life is good.

  329. I’m amazed little Nella can fall asleep while catching a ride. My boys are hanging on for dear life when they’re the passenger and the other one is driving :)

  330. Your photography is so inspiring. Great shots, incredible angles. I love it. And, I love the moments you share. So open. Thank you!!! You have a beautiful family.

  331. Love your blog! Gorgeous children! Congratulations on your book, I’m sure it will be very successful, it’s a beautiful story to tell. You really do have such a gorgeous family and I love that you let us take a peek into your lives. Thank you!

  332. I want a strand of lights for my classroom!!! If I don’t win, then I’ll just find time to make them! ADORABLE!!

    Just to let you know, You’re mixed tape is the bomb dot com! I pull up your blog just so I can have the music playing while I work on my teacher things.

    Love your blog – OODLES!!

  333. If you tie a belt (or scarf, or sweater…) around the handlebars of the bike you can more easily pull it home… learnt that one a while ago!!
    Love the pineapple, and love the spotty skirt Lainey has on.
    x Rhi

  334. Glad Irene passed you by- I was hoping for more breeze but we were too far inland to feel anything. Hope you had a quiet restful weekend!

  335. Love sleeping Nella!

  336. Nellla has gotten so big! I love that she fell asleep in the cozy car. Too cute!

  337. SO glad you guys were not affected by Irene!!! She was much kinder than I thought she’d be on us here in Philly!! Love this post! Love Nella dozing during her ride!!! SO sweet!!! :)


  338. Love the pic of Nella in the back of the car, priceless. Also love that a portion of the lights purchase is going to a worthy cause. Happy Monday!

  339. I love the 2nd child catching a nap wherever she can! Ours is the same! Love that!

  340. I love putting olives on my fingers! Trying to teach my 3 year old to do it too!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Somehow my weekends of nothingness never seem to happen.

  341. Hope you had a nice, restful weekend! We needed one too!

  342. This just lit me up, we have the chance of having a Downs baby, and seeing your beautiful Nella, just made me smile

  343. Hope everyone stayed safe through Irene! I super love the clogs AND ohmygosh Bubblewish! How adorable!

  344. Glad you guys didnt get hit too bad. We survived in Northeastern MD, but we had a wedding when Irene was just starting to really hit. It was a fun wedding, but definetly an adventure. Too many trees & wires down. Now we get to enjoy the calm, peaceful, comfortable aftermath

  345. I was thankful for the times I decided to use the bigger stroller for the bike rides because then the toddler bike would fit partially in the basket underneath : )

  346. Glad to be home, safe with my family last night.mundane tasks such as laundry and dishes are a joy today when i think of my neighbors without electricity and flooded basements. We all need to appreciate what we have more often.

  347. I’m always amazed how you have your camera with you at all times. It seems like you capture all the moments the rest of us miss because we’re busy running into the house, searching for the camera, running back to snap the photo only to find our batteries are dead and the moment has officially been lost. Nella is beautiful when she sleeps :)

  348. The girls are so sweet!! So funny that everyone tries to hide the glitter baton.
    I would love some twinkle lights. They are perfect for little baby rooms :)

  349. We weathered the storm nicely. Our baby loved watching the rain come down, but not happy she was not allowed to go out to jump in puddles.

  350. you make me want to be a parent :)

  351. Love the lightstrands, I may have to order some for my daughter who is away at college and feeling a little homesick.

  352. Man I am wishing I had rain of any sort! Its been way too hot here in Texas! Praying though for those hit hardest by Irene!

  353. Our bike rides end exactly the same way with my newly four year old. My almost six year old can’t get enough though, which makes for an interesting negotiation when one wants so desperately to stop and the other to go.

    Hope you had your relaxing weekend!

  354. I could probably nap in the back of the coupe today. Hard to get started but loved seeing the picks of your girls.

    Also, love your Friday Photo Dump.

    Great idea.


  355. Hope your weekend was nice and the sniffles have cleared up. As always your girls are super cute and I love reading about all you do.

  356. The pic of Nella falling asleep in the back of their little car is adorable!

  357. Those lights are adorable. Such a cute creative idea.

  358. Congratulations on your book! I cannot wait to read it!! Yay for you!!

  359. Loooove your photos. Make me dream.

  360. Hi Kelle, I’ve been reading your blogs for sooo long from the other side of the world (Australia) and have loved every single one. I’ve just given up coffee as well for health reasons! My symptoms disappeared as soon as I cut it out of my life but I miss it so much. I feel better that you’re doing it too because girl I know you love your coffee.

    Loving everything that you do..I’ve never commented to you before I see how many you get and feel bad, I know you’ve got so many things going on I don’t want to overload you. But you have no idea the way your blog has changed my outlook on things. Keep doing everything you’re doing, you’re a rockstar
    Crystal xx

  361. I love your pictures! They always make me smile and feel good inside. I hope you had a great weekend! :)

  362. Sooo cute as always. I get so many good ideas from your blog…you are so inspirational. :)

  363. love those lights! precious pictures as always :)

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