I like you.

Today, I bid farewell to Coffee. Our relationship goes way back, and we’ve certainly had our starry-eyed moments like that one hot fireside date in Utah when he slayed me with his foamy cap, his rich and creamy sips, his double shot of caffeine. Oh, he’s slick, that coffee. But his caffeinated dark side’s been messing with my body, and I wanted to explore other options–date other drinks, you know. So I’m in the early stages of a relationship with this barley chicory root dude even though I’m not really the barley chicory root kind of girl. Our first date went well. With a little half & half, he has nice photogenic swirling capabilities. He says he has beet and fig extract which sounds like a pick-up line, but he called me for a second date, so we’ll see how it goes.



We enjoyed a weekend of ebb & flow.


Flowing out of the house for a birthday party, a grocery run, a trip to Grandma’s and receding back home for Hi Ho Cherry-O, pajama lounging, and an important board meeting of the dolls where they discussed stock options and whose fake hair wouldn’t stay in a pony-tail.


Okay, I’m sorry. Lainey says it’s not a meeting. They are camping. My bad.

Saturday, we ventured out and about with a litter of Minnie Mice for Lainey’s friend Aleena’s birthday party:


It was, as Minnie Mouse herself would say, so adorable.


Nella discovered a new state of ecstasy with this lolipop. Like she knew it wasn’t really for babies, so she went to town licking the bejesus out of it before I could take it away.


And the ears would have never made it to her head had she not fallen asleep. She’s getting picky about headwear.


Lainey accompanied me for some routine errands Sunday morning, and I realized–as much as I always love to be with my kids, it’s shifting from less of a responsiblity of taking her with me into more of an experience of complete pleasure. She buckles her own car seat, she tells me funny stories in the car, she helps me find oranges with thick skins and no soft spots, and she walks next to me–confidently yet ever-so-gently holding the edge of my skirt while I push our cart.


Her presence has flourished from daughter who makes me happy to little friend who makes me laugh. Who keeps me company.


As we were leaving the grocery store, I pushed my cart with the crazy wheel (This is a given. I am now sure I was predestined in life to only push carts with crooked, dragging, screaming squeaky wheels.) back to the car and encouraged my girl to buckle up while I loaded up the back. She stopped before she climbed in, looked up with her milk chocolate eyes and her infamous shy smile and said, “I like you.”

We say “I love you” all the time–so much it sometimes trickles off our tongue without thought. But this was different. This time, like meant so much more than love, and I knew she carefully chose her sentence, just like I would carefully choose mine.

I put my bag down, squeezed her and smiled back. “I like you too, Lainey. Very, very, very much. You’re my friend, and I like being with you.”


I like you–it’s simple, especially for a gushy girl like me, but I want to say it more because it feels so authentic and certainly far less used than love. And maybe that’s what’s changed with outings with my girl. I’ve always loved being with her, but I realized Sunday morning as I tilted my rear view mirror to watch her silver clogs kick to the rhythm of the music on the way home…

…I like being with her.

And I very much liked the rest of the weekend.


We spent Sunday afternoon with Grandma Colleen or, as Lainey says, Gramma Caleen.




And finally, today was a little preview for tomorrow.


Heavy skies and a best friend smitten with pregnancy sickness prompted a half day of hiding under quilts, watching While You Were Sleeping (in my top ten rainy day feel-good movie collection), and forking into our homemade cherry pie while it was still steaming so that browned crust collapsed like pot holes into hot cherries underneath.


The extra “baby pie” we make with every pie now.


And nothing makes me happier than hearing silence for too long, running to check on trouble, and finding four kids–Nella included–just a hangin’.


Tomorrow is TURN IT OFF day for us. I’m looking forward to it. No T.V., no computer, no e-mail, no texting. All day. I honestly don’t know the last time I spent a full day disconnected from the world, and I have a feeling I’ll draw some insights from the clarity I’ll experience. Perhaps caffeine isn’t the only demon that’s been messing with my mojo. I’ll be back on Wednesday to write about it in a Hallmark sponsored post.


Thank you, Aunt Rebecca, for Nella’s boots. She finally fits them!


Giveaway winner for Bubblewish Light Set: Comment #139, Lace Escapades:

I babysit a little girl who does the exact same thing with her bike, so by the time we start walking home, I’m giving her a piggy-back ride while pushing her bike as well! :)

Congratulations, Lace Escapades! Please e-mail your contact info to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net.

Wring out the last bits of summer sun with a Popina retro swimsuit…a nice last hurrah to summer, if you wish.


Tomorrow morning I will go to second base with a cup of chickory root and enjoy my girls, uninterrupted. I think I’m going to love it. No, I think I’m going to like it.

Happy Monday to you and you and you.



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  1. oohhh, giving up coffee, good on you! My Miss G loved her mirrors and my little Master J told his Dad this week “I love you Dad – I don’t like you – I love you”…. precious! xo Rach

  2. I am digging the idea of being unplugged completely. I may have to try it this weekend. I really love the “I like you” story. How sweet is she? XOXO

  3. That must have been so awesome to hear Lainey say that she likes you! Sure it made your day. What an amazing little girl! And Nella with the Minnie ears…..LOVE IT!!!!

  4. What is it with these cute little girls wearing pigtails . . . Nella and Lily (A Perfect Lily) wear them better than anybody!

  5. I thought I had ended my relationship with Mr. Coffee. And then school started (I teach 8th grade) and when you couple that 5am wake up call with a baby that’s been teethin’ all night– well, Mr. Coffee and I rekindled our romance. He’s patient and waited out our “break up.” I think he knew I’d be back. I’m particularly fond of the new Mackinac Island Fudge flavor.

    Enjoy your unplugged day. They are so wonderful on so many levels.

  6. when I was young my Dad (who raised me) used to say to me, “I love you… but I really like you too.” knowing he sincerely liked me, enjoyed being with me…meant so much.

    p.s. your photography and writing is just lovely and I look forward to reading each of your posts! have a great unplugged day tomorrow—I think I need to have one of those soon!

  7. A day with no tv or internet : ) I love it. Totally putting that in our schedule this week. Kaishon will thank you for it ; )

  8. Funny…today I had 2 cups of Lady Grey Tea with raw honey & half n half…no coffee. I miss it. Can’t imagine living without it. Trying to take better care of myself but damn, good habits are hard. Change is hard. Good luck on your upcoming dates. Haven’t decided yet but I may give DD a call tomorrow morning & see if we can set something up for the afternoon.

  9. My new go-to drink that isn’t coffee is Teavana’s White Ayurvedic Chai Tea mixed with Samurai Mate Chai. It’s got the most delicious little bit of spice to it that mixes so well with just a tiny bit of sugar. I love a big cup of it while reading.

  10. That is the sweetest thing, I like you, and that she’s your little friend, it made me happy just reading it! Does no technology include your camera? I’m terribly addicted to my iPad and iPhone – but am trying to be good on weekends and not touch it during the day. I get so muchore done!

  11. You are a brave woman to give up coffee. Caffeine addiction has been on my mind lately. I was set to give it up, and then my 2 year old decided 3:00 am was the perfect time to wake up! Good luck :)

  12. holy crap – this post mirrored my family so much! my parents used to always tuck us in and say, “i love you.” then they’d leave, i’d suck in a breath and wait for it… when they’d open the door and say, “… and i LIKE you too!”

    with family, love tends to not be an option. liking your family is a choice, though, and that makes it so much better.

  13. I will take the TURN IT OFF challenge with you! Thanks for the inspiration.

    May I also recommend Teecino…fabulous alternative to coffee…tastes so close to it.

    Happy Monday back at you.

  14. Wowza! Dissin’ coffee. Brave girl. Good luck w your new squeeze! Keep us posted. Congrats to Heidi. xo

  15. Love so many things about tris post especially
    The I like you story, that your bf is pregnant, and the unplugged idea.
    Enjoy it!

  16. lol. I broke up with my boyfriend, Sonic, last week and wrote him a goodbye letter. I’m sure you’ll miss coffee. I know I would.

    I love Lainey’s tan. Such a mini sun goddess.

    And when Nella smiles that 110 smile with squinty eyes? OMG, it slays me. She is so cute.

  17. Another great one…I can almost hear Lainey saying “I LIKE you”. How connected the two of you are since while shopping you were in fact thinking the same thing. That your little girl had truly grown into a person that you liked to be with, not just a child that you took with you because she needed it, but rather, because it gave you so much pleasure. Wonderful as usual. Enjoy tomorrow.

  18. Love this post. Have a great day tomorrow uninterrupted :)

  19. Great post, Kelle. :o) (Love the “like”. Lila always likes to say: “I don’t just LOVE you, Mommy. I KNOW you.” Kids rock in the ways they teach us to, perhaps, reconsider our overused words for smaller, more meaningful ones, I think.) It was great to see you Friday nite. Thanks for stopping by my humble abode, beautiful girl. xoxox

  20. Kelle- I came across your blog about a month ago, on a parenting forum I saw someone had listed a link to Nella’s Birth Story. I became addicted! It feels weird to say that I read about a whole year and a half of your life in a few weeks. But you are such a beautiful writer! I am a new Mom to my beautiful daughter, Annabelle, who is 3 months old! Reading through your blog gave me something to look forward to during the late night/early morning wake ups and nursing sessions. During my pregnancy I started a blog to share my love of photography and keep family and friends up to date on things in my life. Needless to say I am not the best blogger, often I go very long periods of time without posting, despite my greatest intentions! I love photography and am exploring it as a new-ish hobby, I have a lot to learn. Your blog has been a true inspiration in so many ways. Your pictures inspire me to actively further my interest and skills in photography. Your outlook on motherhood is insanely inspiring to me. I do not have any very close friends who are mothers, and I just moved to Florida from New York last month (knowing no one by my in-laws) so I often feel very alone and clueless in this motherhood journey. It feels weird to say since I don’t actually know you- but you have helped me in so many ways. My daughter has been very needy lately- in a phase where she SCREAMS when she is with anyone but me. For a few weeks it was insanely hard on me- and I found some real help in some words from one of your older posts. I can’t remember the date of the post but you said-
    “I welcome their moments of neediness as opportunities to be needed and sometimes, that feels good. Sometimes a cry in the night reminds me that its fleeting–this little window that presents me with the precious gift of feeling her skin against mine in the dark and pausing just a moment to smell her milky breath before I lay her back down and return to my covers.”
    When I read that I was awake at some time around 2:30 am, nursing my daughter, absolutely exhausted. Earlier that evening I had a skype conversation with my Mom and Sister in which I held my baby and bawled my eyes out to them- explaining how exhausted I felt and how I felt like I was a bad Mom because I was actually annoyed that she wouldn’t go to anyone else besides me. i was tired and wanted to nap/shower/PEE without having her in my arms or hearing her scream at the top of her lungs for me. That post was exactly what I needed in that moment. Your whole blog has been such a huge relief to me in so many ways- that is just one example.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I truly feel blessed to have come across your blog- I live in Florida now- so perhaps our paths will cross in person some day!

    and p.s. your girls are GORGEOUS!

    Amber Carrier

  21. 1.your camera strap is adorable. did you make it or buy it somewhere?

    2. that is an adorable party theme! i just got done blogging about my girls’ party from this weekend. i also love that you go all out for parties, too!

    3. your words and stories and the peeks into your life make me smile, cry, and laugh all at the same time. thank you, for being you, and sharing your story! xoxo

  22. I have had a handful of life changing experiences in my 39&3/4 years. One was the moment I realized I really really liked my oldest daughter:) Congratulations momma.

  23. We gave up caffeine a long time ago, and now chocolate is the only place we can handle it.

    Strong decaf – that’s the answer. Tastes like fully leaded, but none of the nasty side effects.

    Hope your new hot drink adjustment goes well, as does your day of unplugging. What a great message to send to your family…to let you know that you like them. :0

  24. I am on my way to reduce coffee as well. The uplugged day sounds awesome, will have to try it too. Enjoy your day, Kelle!

  25. Beautiful post!

    I know the heartbreak of breaking up with coffee – I don’t drink it anymore – but chai tea lattes and green tea serve as fine replacements!

    I still sneak a drink of my husband’s coffee here and there. I think I mostly love the smell.

  26. Coffee and i have been going strong for too long now, I’m sure a breakup would be not only upsetting for me but my family would miss the peace it brings.I raise my caffeine to you and say , go girl ,and i wish you luck

  27. Like this post muchly. :)

  28. teeccino? :)

  29. That moment with Laniey- the I like you? That is too precious. I love those momets. When you want to cry and shout with happiness and dance around all at the same time.
    As for the picture of you and best friend on the couch, hanging? Too fun. I love those days (well all parts except for the morning sickness). I’ve never seen While You Were Sleeping.. it’s now on my list :)

  30. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And I love the transition from dependent toddler to little friend – makes you realize that it’s OK for them to grow up, and along with losing the “little” phase come other exciting and fun phases.

    Good luck with the hot beverage experiments! I myself ended up settling for plain green tea along with the occasional decaf coffee …

  31. No joke, I’ve been engaged for one week and one day today thanks to an “I like you. Will you marry me?” proposal.

    Needless to say, I like this post :)

  32. Like this post so much! And yay to a prego bff!

  33. Kudos to you for ditching the coffee Kelle! It’s something I know I need to do as well. But right now I’m still wallowing in the pleasure of it. I LOVE Lainie’s headwear. She looks like the perfect little Gypsy companion. And even BIGGER kudos for having the “unplugged day”. It’s hard to disconnect, and even harder to realize how much you need to do it. I think we’ll give it a try this weekend :)

  34. My nieces read the book/poem called “I Like You” at put wedding. The author is Sandol Stoddard Warburg. It is all about how when you’re friends with someone, youll do anything for them and how it’s fun just to be around someone you like, even if nothing “fun” is going on. I love the thought of my (someday) daughter really liking me. I know that’s how I feel about my Mama! You’re a lucky lady! :)

  35. I never had the chance to comment on your “Enjoying” post, but I wanted to say that I am so very sorry that you’ve experienced loosing your two babies. I just had a friend go through the same… and it was a totally new experience for me to be so close to something happening like that. I pray that you’ll soon carry another one of your beautiful miracles.

    Loved! No… liked this post! Brought tears to my eyes to read the exchange of likes between you and Lainey! HOW PRECIOUS! And makes me look forward to that age with my own children!

    LOVE your carpet in the red goulashes picture and loved the picture of you and Heidi on the couch!

    Ps. I can not WAIT to get your book!!!!

  36. “I like you” How sweet is that. Honest and validating. You are doing a great job.

    I’m with ya on the ‘Turn it off Day. Last week my phone went out on me and I was disturbed at how anxious it made me. I must set aside some scheduled unplugged time. Thanks for the nudge.

  37. I love the idea of Turn It Off day! Going to steal it, if you don’t mind :)

  38. So much to love in this post (as always).

  39. Haha, I like that Lainey corrected you that the dollies were camping. Obviously! :)
    I don’t really like drink coffee, but I do really like having something warm to drink in the morning at work. It makes the day so much better for some reason! I’ve tried lots of different teas and such, but never chicory root – I will have to try it!

  40. OK!! Pray tell – how did you take that picture of Nella with her little arms in the air – startin’ her own ‘wave’?? Cuz if that’s your arm next to Brett’s, you are goooooood, girl! :) If it’s “Gramma Caleen’s” arm, it makes a little more sense! :) – cuz it means you were probably sitting in the back seat, with your girls!
    By the way, I love the shot – no matter how you captured it…

    Coffee! I’m in love with that slick smoothie, too…….most specifically, my daily Caramel Machiatto, served at that big coffee chain that got its start in Seattle. When I started my Weight Watchers journey in March, I knew I’d have to break it off too – and I was s.a.d! But……five-and-a-half months later, I weigh 41 lbs less than I did at my first weigh-in! Coffee wasn’t my only life-change of course – but, making that change certainly contributed to the ‘new me!’ Now – we just have an occasional date – maybe one a month……..I hope you’re not too jealous that he still sees me from time to time, and is just as sweet and comforting when he does! :)

    Loved – and liked this post, as much as all the rest!…….Rosemary

  41. Love this post! My fiance and I tell each other ‘i like you’ quite often because you are so right – it is very different from ‘i love you’.

  42. I just bought the book “I Like You” for my best friend’s birthday…it sounds like your family!


  43. I’m doing a juice fast (although not perfectly) meaning I’m having only liquids until Friday. I’m thinking I may give up coffee next. What’s an extra baby pie?

  44. You should pick up a copy of the book, I Like You, by Sandol Stoddard Warburg. It’s simply great. Here’s the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Like-You-Sandol-Stoddard-Warburg/dp/0395071763

  45. Kelle – I’ve read for years but the first time I’ve commented. I wanted to share my story of “I like you”. My second child, a boy, is my heart’s delight. And I was so worried about how he would react to his baby sister’s arrival now that he wasn’t to be the baby. He was very speech delayed at 4 years old when she was born. But he sat on that hospital couch holding her for the first time and said to her, over and over, “I do like you, I do like you.” Putting the inflection on different words each time. It was the single sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve got some pretty stinkin sweet kids!
    Much love to you and the girls. Take care.

  46. Your posts always make me smile! I loved your date with your new chicory root beau. He sounds exotic. I gave up caffeine about 3 or 4 months ago (for the second time since quitting while pregnant), and it was the best decision! It feels so nice to not be ‘under the influence” of something. I feel more clear and present without caffeine pulsing through my blood stream! May you feel the same!
    I LOVED Lainey’s “I Like You” thing. That is so true…there’s a big difference between like and love. We love our family, but liking them too is huge. I am finding that outings with my daughter are starting to become like that too. She’s 2 1/2 and still acts like a turd at the grocery store sometimes, but other times she’s like a little friend with cute stories, and saying funny things that make me laugh. It will only get more fun…and then they’ll be teenagers, which may be interesting, but we’ll get them back eventually!! :)
    Enjoy Turn It Off day!! We’re having one on Saturday, and I’m so excited!! :)

  47. Please tell me your days are not always this perfect?? Love it!!

  48. Can someone please tell me what those dolls are called?

    Reach me on twitter @hslater351

  49. ‘While You Were Sleeping’ is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES!! And I ‘like’ your blog oh so very much! Inspiring you are, with your ability to find beauty in the everyday details, like picking oranges with your kiddo. So LOVELY!

  50. Giving up COFFEE? Blasphemy.

    Our Growing Garden

  51. A whole day off sounds really good. I always do one thing or another (no computer OR no TV, but not both). Maybe I should change that…

  52. The story of Lainey telling you she liked you totally made me tear up. This is one of the reasons I’d love to have a girl. I love my little man and nothing could ever replace him, but there’s something so special about a girl and her mom. :-)

  53. I have made the switch to decaf and it is so freeing not to be addicted any more. I like your blog;)

  54. PS…I love the way you describe taking the older child out. It use to be a hassle, and now it is a pleasant escpae:)

  55. Bummer about the coffee, dude! Are you sure that’s it? I don’t think coffee would be that mean. And hey, I like you too girl. You are the sweetest thing :)

  56. She likes you! What a milestone.

    I always thought every one had squeaky buggy wheels. Mainly because mine are always so loud I was sure it was drowning out the sound of everyone else’s squeaks.

  57. As my boys have grown a little, my husband and I both marvel at the wonder of being able to spend time with each of them individually. Our baby is still a little to young to enjoy while taking her out alone, but at 4 and 5, the boys are fun. I often find that I truly like them, and cherish that knowledge because it does indeed seem much more profound than the obvious love.

    Good luck with your new drink, coffee and be rough. I only drink 1/4 a cup…which seems pretty lame, but it’s all my body will take.

  58. The Minnie Mouse eyelashes made my night. I enjoyed reading the whole post, but the Minnie lashes with the shy smile, well, that just made me grin.

  59. The other day I told my 6 year old that I like her and her eyes lit up. She told me she knew I loved her but didnt know I LIKED her. It made me sad that I dont let her know it.

  60. I love this b/c this is the same place I’m at with my daughter. We lay on the bed and she says to me, “Mommy, tell me about your day at work.” And it kills me that we sit and giggle over the funny things that happened that day. What a gift. I’m dying over the picture of the four kids with Nella looking up, so surprised. Adorable!

  61. I ended my relationship with Diet Dr. Pepper last year. It was really hard to break up with a doctor – so mr. coffee picked me up on the rebound.

    How serendipitous that you write about enjoying a trip to the grocery store with Lainey. I avoid taking my kids to the grocery store like the plague, but tonight, I actually invited my six year old to go with me. And we had a GREAT time – she’s becoming more a friend to me every day and I’m loving every minute of it!

  62. I LIKE this post. It is so true that we over-use the word love so that it can sound like trite. Sometimes I forget who I am talking to on the phone resulting in me telling the salesman “I love you” – well ALMOST!

  63. I love this post–Nella’s little pony-buns, Lainey’s precious declaration, and an honest-to-goodness real weekend.

  64. Giving up coffee?! BRAVE WOMAN!! OH if I could only do the same! I’m tempted though…very tempted! I’m eager to hear how it’s going later in the week!

    Oh Lainey, you are the sweetest! We ALL *like* you and love hearing about your adventures with your mama! That story melted my heart. She is such a doll!

    Enjoy your day off!

  65. My older daughter is 2.5 and a couple of times she has asked me, “Mommy, do you wike me?” The first time she asked this I replied, “Yes Honey of course. Mommy LOVES you!” Afterward I realized that I didn’t really answer her question, so since then when she has asked I have told her that yes, I do like her very, very much.

  66. I’m on my last bag of organic Alterra coffee and I can’t buy it where I currently live. It’s roasted in my home state baby! I don’t drink it everyday and I do fine, but how I love it with organic half & half. I will look into this chickory root.

    & I remember when my best fried came over with goodies from Whole Foods because I had pregnancy sickness for a long time. Ginger Peach tea was brewed for me and other goodies too :) I miss her so much! I will have to look into that movie you mentioned… :) xx

  67. I almost got a little teary with Lainey’s “i like you..” that’s the most kindhearted thing I’ve ever heard.

  68. Love your “I like you” story. How sweet! They have a way of melting your heart. There must be something in the air. I’m gearing up to break off things with Diet Pepsi. We’ll see how it goes! Good luck with your chickory root.

  69. oooh, this post is just what I needed! I love your blog, wait no, I LIKE your blog! :)

  70. And a happy delicious Monday to you, Kelle! I know exactly what you mean about how enjoyable it is to have a suddenly conversational child in the place that once held a toddler in the pull-out wire basket while you shop. Lo these many years have passed since my last child left the nest, but I am still lonely at the grocery store!

  71. This post just touched me to the point of tears. I realized when reading this how much I like hanging out with my boys, and what good friends they are to me too. My oldest is turning 14 tomorrow (I can’t believe it!) and this post hit home with me, because I’m so grateful that he still likes to hang out with me.
    Thanks so much, once again, for your fabulous writing and for sharing a glimpse into your world with your girls.

  72. Hey Kelle!

    When I tried to get off coffee for a while, I drank kombucha instead. Maybe try that out? I actually really loved it and looked forward to it so much. It’s got the same special treat feeling to it and it makes me feel super energized and healthy. And the world of herbal tea is wonderful as well!

    Good luck lady!
    Much love

  73. We were always taught that you are supposed to love everybody. When my younger siblings would fight, my brother would tell the other, “I love you, but I don’t like you!” And to Mom or Dad or a sibling who was nice, “I love you AND like you!” Cute, indeed!

  74. I tried the chicory root, figgie drink too, but found the answer to my love of coffee, while cutting the caffeine is Whole Foods’ Fair Trade French roast decaf. All their decaf is water-processed so no chemicals and it’s fair-trade so no slavery was used in any part of the growing and producing. Plus – it tastes great!

  75. Kelle, good luck with the coffee hiatus! I’m pregnant with number three and had to quit cold turkey. Awful! It’s the motions I miss the most. Holding the steaming hot cup, the smell, the ritual of mixing in milk and sitting at the kitchen table while the kids eat breakfast.. Teecino takes some getting used to but it’s good after a while. I also drink a lot of tea now. And when I just need a little fix I make a french press of swiss water process decaf. You can get it at whole foods. It’s decaffinated without all the chemicals. Good luck!

  76. haha, Georgia is very picky about headwear too…oh hang on, that’s wrong, absolutely no headwear is allowed. You’ve had a good run with Nella and the headbands etc, you know? I’ve been jealous. I also get it about having a little buddy, or mate, as we would call them here in Australia, to go out and about with. Georgia’s next nearest sister, Tana, is going to school next year, to join her two bigger sisters. I am going to miss her so, Georgia’s lovely, but a child of few words, shall we say! Every Tuesday, when Georgia is at kinder, we have “Tuesdays with Tana”, and we hang out, having baby cino’s, and going to the park, being ladies who lunch. I treasure this so, and yes, I really like being with her. Tuesdays are going to feel very empty next year, I think.

  77. Enjoy your “turn it off” day. What an awesome idea. All the best :)

  78. I love having “special time” with my 5yo son. Going shopping or whatever is so much easier now that he chats and buckles his seat belt and helps me at the store. How lucky we are!!! Have an amazing disconnection day! LIKE it!

  79. Happy to see Nella still rearfacing in her carseat, but did you know that the buckle on the straps needs to go higher, around nipple/armpit height? I didn’t know that for a long time, either, but it’s the proper way for ultimate safety!! (I *hate* to be “that” lady commenting on that kind of stuff…but some people honestly don’t know!)

    I also want to know what the little dolls are. We have a lot of decapitated Polly Pockets and one headless, legless Polly Torso in this sad house.

    Your grocery helper is just precious and wise beyond her years. Congrats also to your friend! Cherry pie makes it all better.

  80. Dang! You are one tough cookie. If I gave up coffee, I’m afraid of what would happen. Good for you, and I hope it helps whatever is getting you down. Nella’s boots are adorable!

  81. Awhile ago I used to do ‘wireless wednesdays’. It truly is great to just be in a moment without a text message, email, blog post or status update to steal you away!!
    This past trip to CT I had a layover in NC. As I sat waiting for them to start boarind the plane I couldn’t help but think that humans are a cord away from being plugged in themselves between ebooks, ipods, ipads, iphones, blackberries, cameras … pure craziness!!
    Good luck with giving up coffee! I’m not much of a coffee drinker but soda and i have a love hate relationship – i hate to love it!


  82. I broke up w/my boyfriend this weekend. It was a tender, good thing that’s over.. But in all honesty.. I was waiting for my girl Kelle to blog, thank you.. even though you didn’t do it for me.

    I like you my dear.

  83. I loved….errr, liked this post a lot!! 😉 Its so true how “I love you” can so easily become a thing of passing rather than using it for its true meaning..anyway, thanks for putting that into perspective and for writing how you do..i love your posts and look forward to reading them!!

  84. I think I might have to try an unplugged day, although I might end up in a mental ward (seriously, why does FaceBook beckon me in all day long?!). Sometimes I cheat on water with her glitzy cousin “Electrolyte-Enhanced Water.” Or if I’m feeling extra slutty, I go to town with a Woodchuck Raspberry Hard Cider.

  85. Happy Tuesday!
    Yep, when they grow and you _like_ each other it’s simply exhillirating and awesome!
    I so like my friends: the 20-year old guy and the 6-year old boy. Heaven!

  86. Too funny – when I was growing up our saying (or my parent’s saying) was Love you like you, I remembered once when I asked why they said that my mom replied “Because you have to love your children but I really like who you are too.” It is fantastic to be liked!

  87. I like you & I like your blog 😉

  88. This post rocks, and you rock. And I like your writing, but this one is one of my faves. Ever!

  89. I don’t know…barley chicory root sounds yucky! sorry :) I wish you luck in your new relationship :)

  90. You must be crazy…giving up coffee! But yes sometimes it’s good with tea, but can’t give coffee up for good. And i really like your blog! Enjoy your unplugged day…

  91. I want to try your turned off day too! Sounds delightful.

    I got all excited when you mentioned your chicory root drink, as a coffee supplement. I recently said bye-bye to coffee {the break up was less hard than I imagined} but I’d love to put a new, healthier drink in its place.
    I did some research though and you’re not supposed to have chicory while pregnant, so that outlaws me for now :( We’ll date some other time, perhaps :)

  92. Have you tried Postum or Pero for your coffee substitute? I like milk and sugar in mine :)

    I need to take my 4 yr old for some one on one time. He has been acting out and angry about things lately and I know I am busy a lot with the younger two but there aren’t enough hrs in the day!

  93. Don’t fight the coffee thing. I too can’t take the stuff late at night anymore. Does a number on my tummy. But JUST LOVE my morning coffee! Have you tried decaff?

  94. While You Were Sleeping is my ALL TIME fav!!!

  95. @Natalie: I was just coming here to say the same thing. :) I also hate to be *that* mom, but hey… better to have said something than to feel guilty about not having said something.

    Great post! Good luck with the coffee-free experiment. I could never do it.

  96. Good on you.
    I hope you gave coffee the “it’s not you, it’s me” line.
    Sometimes we have to work with our bodies to give them the best possible chance of cooperating with our heart’s desires.
    Among other things, I ate two organic eggs everyday for almost a year. My much desired son is nearly three and I can only stomach eggs now!!
    I love “I like you.”
    It’s exactly how I feel about my boy now. I tell him “I like the kind, funny, thoughtful person you are.”
    I like you too!!

  97. i have 5 girls and love that moment when you fall in love with the ‘them’, the real little person. But you know before you know it you will turn your head to the right and watch them walking down the isle on their daddy’s arm and you will thank God that that feeling that you had on Sunday morning never goes away, it actually just gets stronger and more beautiful with the years.

  98. I gave up caffeine last Lent, and am now a decaf/fruit tea kind of gal, with the occasional ‘real’ Starbucks (although their decaf is awesome also) or Diet Coke. It has been great! Love turn off days….my next one is next weekend – always bliss!


  99. Morning Kelle,Lainey and Nella :-)
    Kelle hope the coffee cutting down is going well!I don’t drink coffee but I drink way too much tea these days,I think I should cut down or at least not have sugar in each cup!
    I’m going to be very interested to see what you find on your no technology day!Infact it’s a kinda scary thought because I bet you find good things!I feel technology draws me in too much these days & especially my teen boy,he’s always glued to a *screen* if I don’t nag him to come off!It’s a worry for me!
    Nella hope you enjoyed those lollipop moments :-) and I bet you loved playing with the big girls!
    Lainey what a lovely thing you said to your mum *I like you* I know she will treasure those words for a long time
    Have a great *no technology day* and tell us all!

  100. Love your comment about Lainey becoming a little friend. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and I love to hear your perspective on what I have coming around the bend:)

  101. Beautiful! Nella gets cuter and cuter :)

    I love this post and Lainey’s Like comment.

    Please don’t be offended but a word of caution for sweet Nella (by the way YAY for extended rear facing!) but her chest clip really should be up at nipple height. It’s meant to hold her in the straps in case of collision.


  102. Beautiful post as always! We’ve had no-tech Sundays for almost two years now. It is a peaceful, lovely experience, so much so that I’m considering adding an additional no-tech day during the week.

  103. Your heart must have soared when Lainey told you she liked you. I know mine soared when I read that. How wonderful that you such a fun time together. And I must say, you have such a fantastic way with words…the potholes in the cherry pie was genius.

  104. Good Morning Kelle ~ I “like” waking up to find a new post from you to start my day … yes, with my friend, Mr. Coffee. I just can’t give him up yet :( … but that day will come when I have had enough and start a fresh relationship with a healthier friend. Thank you for sharing your life … your precious pictures of your girls make me smile. Question for you ~ “is your camera attached at all times?” On another note, I didn’t comment on your “Bloom” post, but let me just say that my preorder is in and I can’t wait to have your book in my hands, even though I have read your entire blog and know the entire story, I HAVE to have your book. Another question ~ are you going to do a book signing here in Michigan … you know it is your home state ~ hint, hint!!! One of my bestie’s and I have already decided that we are going to go to the ends of the Earth to make sure we make it to your book signing … giggle, we are already planning it.

    Entire your TURN IT OFF day and can’t wait for Wednesday’s post!

  105. Good luck with Mr. Chicory! A beautiful fellow by the name of Earl Grey Creme (by SpecialTeas) made my break up a successful one. Yum.

  106. Your post made me smile. Thanks!

  107. from chicory, beet and roasted fig drinker to another….it takes time hang in there. I ‘like’ my new veg coffee but the smell of the real thing in the office is a killer sometimes :) just saying…xxx

  108. That’s such a good point, about how ‘I love you’ can roll off the tongue without much thought, until it can kinda begin to lose meaning. I can just imagine how cool it must have been when Lainey told you she likes you. It’s beautiful when little ones get to that age where they become comrades as well as daughters.
    Also really liked the comment made by Talley Family about how their son said “I do like you” over and over to his new sibling. That made my eyes water. :)

  109. Beautiful post, Kelle.

  110. You know you have a true best friend when your kids get along with her kids. That’s a rare thing and you guys are very lucky to have that.

  111. You make like look grand!

  112. I totally respect your efforts to give up coffee…but chickory root? Good luck with that! I’m completely addicted to coffee but have been trying to replace one cup a day with green tea. Green Chai is my current favorite. With a little skim milk and a frother you can do a green chair latte!

  113. Love the reflection pic! So sweet.

  114. I gave up coffee too! Last Thursday… hmmmm, may have to look for this “chicory root” you speak of :)

  115. My grandma always said “I love you AND I like you!” She would explain that she has to love us, but she really likes us too and that she doesnt have to like us.

  116. What a beautiful post. I really liked it! I’ve been a follower for over a year now and your writing is so inspiring. I’m proud to be a follower!

  117. Hey! I dont’ want to sound like a jerk, but I just have to point out that Nella’s isn’t restrained properly in her carseat. The chest clip has to go high on the chest, right up by her armpits. With the clip low down like that it could seriously injure her internally should you (god forbid) ever be involved in a crash.


    I hate to sound like a bossypants, but my conscience won’t allow me to keep my big fat mouth shut :)

  118. The Minnie Mice look very sweet!
    Nella looks gorgeous with her new hairstyle of bangs!

  119. My daughter was so excited to see lainey’s doll collection – she has the same dolls! She was also thrilled to see that Lainey had some doubles in there – it’s a dream of hers!

  120. “I like you” is my absolute favorite compliment to bestow on people (online and offline). So simple, so meaningful, so impactful.

    And I like my 3 girls (10, 9, 5) more and more every day. I feel so blessed to have built-in friends who live with me and read with me and share my passion for loving the poor.

  121. My 4 year old boy just started using the “I like you” recently, and I can totally agree that it is completely mutual. :)

    I’d love to hear how giving up coffee continues to go!

  122. My son told me yesterday that he didn’t like me. He’s only 2…I thought I had a couple more years! Of course he didn’t mean it or even remember it 30 minutes later when we talked about it at dinner, but it still broke my heart.

    On a side note, my husband did the same day without technology thing. He saw an article about dad’s disconnecting to reconnect for Father’s Day. It was wonderful! No TV, iPad, phone or computer. Just a wonderful day at the zoo with our family. :)

  123. When I was a child and my mom would say “I love you” I would respond “I love you AND I LIKE you!” Eventually “like” became as powerful if not more powerful than “love” in our family. I still say “I like you so much” to my husband, then I have to add an “AND I love you so much” because he doesn’t get how much “like” means yet! :) Soon, he will, though!

  124. i’ve tried to break up with coffee so many times… i always come running back!

    have you read I Like You? I bet your girls would love it! https://eabyers.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/i-like-you/

  125. Wow, Nella’s getting so big, and Lainey’s hair is getting so long – they’re both looking like big girls these days! And sweeter by the minute :-) Another great blog post, thank-you!

    ps… I think I’ll tell a few people.. boyfriend and mom for example.. that I like them this week.

  126. My love’s on your post:
    1. Lainey’s added lashes at the Minnie Mouse Party
    2.Nella’s pig tails
    3. Lainey’s dress and head scarf at the market
    4.The unplugged day! we are so gonna do this!

    Thanks for the inspiration…I Like You! H

  127. This post gave me goosebumps. I feel so very connected with the stories you share about Lainey. I have a 4 year old myself, and I currently am in that same boat of really really really “liking” his company and it is a joy to see that relationship unfold! Thanks for the continued inspiration and beautiful insights you share with all of us.

  128. Nella + Minnie Ears = ADORABLE! What a cute theme for a party. Your post made my day, as usual!

    If you and the cup of chickory root don’t get along may I suggest teeccino? I had to give up coffee at one point and this lovely lady slid right in and I will admit it that I didn’t miss coffee at all. There are even flavors like hazel nut and mint chocolate…YUM!(Whole Foods has it).

    Happy Tuesday! :)

  129. My little boy has become the same way with hats, after wearing them so willingly as a baby. It makes me so sad. Can’t think of many things cuter than kids in hats.

    Though Nella’s boots and Lainey’s fake lashes are in the running.

  130. The idea of giving up coffee pains me. It’s my crack!!

  131. “I like you”, that really pulls on the heart strings. There is nothing more special than feeling the genuine love/like our children have for us, not because they have to say I love you, but because they really truly mean it. You are blessed! Enjoy your day off!

  132. I have been dying to do a technology free day or weekend! I feel like I am so busy all day when I didn’t really do anything but sit in front of the computer and field phone calls/texts. Hope you have a glorious day!!!
    – jen

  133. I can soooo relate. I always get the cart that has part of a wheel missing!

  134. Kelle, you inspire me more than you may ever know. Your children are adorable and I’m going to admit, I’m a little jealous of all the time you get to spend with them! My hope is that when my child is born, I can be a great mother like you! I feel very honored that I get to see these girls grow up and this wonderful environment you have built for them!

  135. “Like”….so amazing. What a deep and insightful little girl you have there. I would have been a puddle, what amazing feelings to get from your little one.

    Have a great Tuesday.

  136. Wow, you’re so much braver than I am to give up coffee!! I’ve tried so many times, and fail every time. I guess coffee and I were just meant to be together. We’re soul mates.

  137. I love your blog, and I really like it too. The way you make the most of all (or at least as many as you can) of the moments you are given is inspirational and helps me remember to do the same with my two little ones. Thank you!

  138. NO WAY! I am “predestined in life to only push carts with crooked, dragging, screaming squeaky wheels,” too! :) Congrats to Heidi – hope she’s feeling better soon.

  139. One day my 4 1/2 DD came to me and said, “I love you, and I like you, and you are my friend.” It’s the sweetest thing I’ve had anyone say to me and brought me to tears. “Like” really does mean SO much more than “Love”

  140. This made my whole body smile. Lainey is just the sweetest!

  141. Would you share what chicory option you’re trying out if you don’t think it’ll seem like a sales pitch?

    Also, before I fell asleep I told my husband that I like him and love him. I think he thought it was a little silly of me but it felt right. :o)

  142. The “I like you” story is so sweet! What a thoughtful little girl you have.

  143. A life without coffee is….why?!?!? From my cold, dead hands I tell you.

  144. First, before I forget… In the picture of you and Nella in the mirror, did you get your dress from Maurices? I work there and it looks a lot like a dress we have :)

    Secondly, I LOVE the “I like you” story. I have often felt that saying “I like you” holds more meaning than “love”. You can’t help who you love – it sort of just happens with time. But LIKING someone, that’s a total choice. I frequently describe my relationship to my husband by saying, “I don’t just love him. I actually LIKE him, too!” :) Lainey is so precious! My 4-year-old is transitioning from daughter to friend, too. It’s a wonderful experience. Like opening up a present slowly and carefully. :)

    And lastly… “Hey Luce, is this guy bothering you?”
    “No, no”
    “Really? Because it looked like he was LEANING”

    Love it! 😀

  145. Ok I so hate to be that commenter that has to point something out. But, my sister in law is a child passenger safety technician aka “crazy car seat lady.” In turn, I have turned out to be one as well. I just have to point out that Nella’s chest clip needs to be up at armpit/nipple level. I would rather parents get annoyed by me telling them that than something worse happen to their child in the event of a crash.

    Car seats aside…I like you, your family, your words and your photography. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Oh, and good luck kicking the caffeine. I got the worst f’ing headaches when I tried to cut back.

  146. still without power from irene – they say we may have it back by saturday! secretly loving playing cards by candlelight with my husband and having the baby sleep without a sound machine. breaking bad habits and reconnecting. i hope you enjoy your blackout too!

  147. I have been thinking about switching to tea because coffee doesn’t agree with me anymore. I’m curious about the chicory root though…I also want to try a turn it off day I think those are needed for every family.

  148. I want a Minnie party for my 61st. coming up soon.
    Adorable. WHen I saw
    Nella asleep…..I said OMG outloud.
    And then sweet Lainey saying she “liked” you…….made me cry.
    Just love your blog.

  149. Hi Kelle, You do not have to give up coffee flavor. No, just start usuing decaf. No chemicals kind. Swiss water process is the one kind that is good for you. And…. start out weaning off. Or you will get HEADACHES. Really you are too used to it. So start slow and wean down to decaf. You will enjoy just as much, the flavor the ritual. But not jitters, or hyperness or no not going to sleep. Take it from me I wean of a pot a day years ago. Dr. told me too because of high blood pressure and my nerves we on end. You can do it. Make sure you get enough sleep though.Around eight to eight hours and thrity min. a night.
    Keep up you wonderful blog and photography. Enjoy.
    Do you really read all the comments on your posts. Would love to see one time you responing to posts too. If only there were more hours in a day. Ha.

  150. Ok, I love, love….”LIKE” your blog!! You are so talented with your photography and your girls are absolutely beautiful.
    I stumbled upon your blog by accident – and I am so happy that I did. I read Nella’s birth story and it brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. I just want to give you a big hug and your sweet baby too.
    You are a true inspiration.

  151. Wow what a typo mess my post was, guess I should preview them before posting. Arrr. Sorry. above

  152. oh Kelle…where do you get all of your beautiful quilts! I LOVE your blog by the way:) Smiles from Canada!

  153. I gave up coffee awhile ago and have not gone back!! I thought it was contributing to migraines maybe…I drink tea though, never heard of this Chickory root…I’ll have to check that out!

    Hope you are enjoying your Turn it Off day! Sounds scary to me =)

    PS ALL carts are squeaky, screamy, or broken…

  154. “I Like You”. How you managed to repsond so sweetly instead of crying will forever amaze me. I can never think of great things to say at the right time!

  155. “I Like You”…..I REALLY like that. I LOVE that my babies are babies, but this makes me excited for them to turn into little people!!

  156. Good luck with your break up with coffee!

    Looks like a fun weekend!

  157. hahaha I always say I don’t have to LIKE my kids, I have to LOVE them. Not gonna lie, sometimes my 5yr old son does things that don’t make me LIKE him so much!! lol But when he’s in that calm, chill, anythign goes mode, I LIKE being with him! He’s hysterical! And he can be the nicest little thing, though some days, you’d never know it!

  158. Congrats to Heidi! Hopefully the morning sickness is just temporary for her. Kids say exactly how they feel….I know that just made your day to hear Lainey say she Likes You.

  159. Lovely photos! I had “turn it off” day all weekend thanks to Irene, but we just got power back and now I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!

  160. I want to try a baby pie! You are SO amazing. Everytime I read a blog post it makes me want to craft, and play on the floor with my baby and call girlfriends for a chat…thanks :)

  161. Kelle,
    I’ve caught up. The wonder and power of your blog-all the highs and lows but continual praise for the small, simple, glorious things in life that have kept be chugging through a tough year and half…I’ve read them now. A little 5 minute break here and there to read the back-blogs and today I reached the very first post. It’s like finding a rare first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird to me. Thank you for the wisdom and beauty you’ve spread through your words. It’s changed my life and helped me live a more positive, indulgent (in the small things, of course), and happy existence. I relish the power that words have and how much of an effect they can have on a person. Thank you for helping me, even without knowing it.

  162. I hope this doesn’t come across wrong, but I had a dream that our families were all playing together at a swimming party. I woke up feeling connected to you and your girls :).

    Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this link (about eradicating the use of the “r-word” from everyday language). I’m putting it up on my blog as well. http://r-word.org/r-word-dialog-1.aspx

  163. I read your posting earlier today and just found an email in my in box from my dad… it reads “Love you, and I like you too. The Dad”

    What a coinky-dink! He’s never said that before.

    When I read your story with Lainey this morning, it brought a tear to my eye. My daughter and I say I love you ALL the time too and she’s come up with the “I like you, Mommy” before. It’s moving. It shakes the world a little bit and settles it into a nice, nesting space. Pure Bliss!

    I’d like to say my daughter is as cooperative in the grocery store. Can I send you mine for a few days and she can pick up on what fun it is to help and not to just put everything she sees in the basket! :)


  164. The picture that you just posted of Nella sleeping in her stroller is the SWEETEST thaaang I have ever laid eyes on…she is so, so beautiful. I am simply enchanted with that little love! xo

  165. I too have a love affair with coffee! It is an on and off type relationship(mostly on). One all about the comfort and the smells….

  166. I wish there was a LOVE button for this post!

  167. Based on your description you may already be trying Dandy Blend..but if not, a good friend of mine who loves coffee opts for Dandy Blend instead. Just wanted to mention it!

  168. I got goosebumps when I read that Lainey said, “I like you.” You know that’s genuine and that she made it up herself – she wasn’t just repeating you. How sweet!

  169. I am a new follower and just found your blog :) I love your story. Very inspirational! You have two very adorable little girls and your photos are just awesome!

    That’s it :) Just wanted to say hello! Adding your blog to my bookmarks!


  170. Interested in hearing more about this new relationship. Coffee and I have a bit of a past, if you know what I mean, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately that it’s time to move on. I suppose Coffee and I could be friends with benefits, like hooking up occasionally with desert or something, but he’s starting to make me feel too anxious…and not butterflies in my stomach anxious but jittery. Lord knows I don’t need the jitters. We’ll see. Do share the scoop on this new flame, though.

    And I love that you sneaked another head piece in the form of an adorable hat on Nella while she was sleeping. Slick. And little Lainey is growing up; my oldest is almost 5, and I totally get this new chapter where they really do keep you company.

    Happy Turn It Off Day! I hope Brett doesn’t mind. Haha, off color. Oh well.

  171. What a well-timed post for me to read! I have been contemplating the big break up with Mr. C. myself. It has come to my attention that I am an absolute slug without it and that I am missing my kids’ best moments by needing to suck down half a pot before really considering myself awake. I’m a working mama, so those morning hours are precious and I’m pretty sure (though, admittedly, the memories are hazy) they are their most eloquent and conversational in their first hour of each day and me? I am about 85% zombie at that time and missing all of it. The caffeine addiction has got to go!

    Oh and we do Technology-Free Tuesday every week in our house. It is great. No shows, no ipad, no computer, etc. It has been a wonderful tradition that my kids actually like and look forward to now. I hope your “day off” was fabulous!

    And as always, the girls are adorable. Of course Lainey “likes” you. How could she not? Thanks for sharing!

  172. Giiirrrrrrrl. The coffee. Impressive.

    I like like. Very sweet.

    Talk on Wed. x

  173. I too like the “I like you”. The whole story made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy and all that good-mama feelings we tend to have :) It so reminded me of my own “I like you Mama” moments. It does mean so much more than I love you-they make such a magical moment out of such a simple yet endearing statement. Makes me squeeze the bejesus out of them!!!

    Another wonderful post, full of wonderful Kelleness!!

    Best of luck with your break up with Mr. C. I’ve tried many a times to break up with him, but he keeps calling me back :)
    And cheers to you on an unplugged day!!

  174. beautiful post. so happy i found your blog. i’m totally following. I’d love if you’d check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following. Thanks love. xoxo


    For all the latest fashion news from a southern girl making it as an LA stylist follow on facebook.


  175. The Minnie Mouse party was adorable! (Tucking into mental filing cabinet)

    Also? I have recently really started loving any outings with just my girl, too. We don’t have a ton of “alone time,” but taking her out just the two of us is so special.

    I like it :)

  176. This comment has been removed by the author.

  177. I hope your unplugged day was a fruitful day! Congratulations to your best friend! And Kelly ~ I really like you, your family, the things you do with them, and your blog. Looking forward to reading Enjoying the Small Things for many more years to come.

  178. Love love Nella’s boots! find so adorable the way how she sits on the floor toddlers and babies are just so cute and flexible I could never sit like that. lol

  179. I like you. Like really really like, in a totally admire and appreciate in a sincere kind of way.

  180. I laughed at your coffee post. I have been trying to break up with coffee for years. Last year I discover teechino and I does an “ok” job to handle the fix. If my husband sees me fixing it in the morning he will comment… “so i see you are drinking your bear poop this morning”….

    Love your blog, and bought the “Just Being Audrey” book. Perfect timing to send to my 18 yr old who just started college and is a big fan of hers. She loved getting it in her first care package from home!

  181. Grandma Colleen has very pretty hair. Remember when Grandmas ALWAYS had to have the curly, short, Cory Matthews ‘do?

  182. Say it isn’t so! No coffee. How about some tea? I have to thank my photog friend Jana for introducing me to my favorite, “Paris” – http://www.harney.com/Paris-Tea/products/236/

    As Ben’s grandma would say through a thick accent, “it’s a d-lish!”

    Congratulations to Heidi. Hang in there!

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  183. Kelle, as I was reading your post in my reader, my husband came in to give me a hug and all he could see was the post title and he said, “Aw, I like you too!” and hugged me a bit tighter. This was a really lovely post.

  184. while you were sleeping is my all-time favorite sick/rainy/snowy day movie!
    and i do hope you are liking your tech-less day.

  185. So much to comment on:

    Loved your coffee affair story….you’re so entertaining :) Did you buy the barley-chicory combo, or do you have a recipe?

    Lainey…..aawww, she’s precious and soooo adorable in her plaid kerchief and dimples!!!!

    Friends on a couch w/ pregnancy hormones….sigh….almost makes me sad to think I won’t be doing that again, but so sweet to see the two of you like that together. (“French Kiss” has always been my rainy day, curl up on the couch, go to, VHS movie :)

    RAIN BOOTS!!!!!

    And I clutched my heart and gasped out loud with your “I like you” story. I love those moments. When my Gabe was 2 1/2 we were coloring together and he leaned over and said, “Dood job, Mom.” And then placed his pudgy little hand on my back (I can still feel it) and said, “You are my bestest buddy, Mom.” He’s 10 now, and I’m pretty sure his bestest buddy is closer to his age :(

    I like you,

  186. I really like your blog and would be honored if you checked out my blog. :)


  187. de lurking to shout I LIKE YOU and this here blog of yours has a special spot in my heart. I would also like to shout a ginormous MAZEL MAZEL to Heidi :) may she allow you to keep us all posted on her smooth pregnancy journey!

  188. I don’t know how you did it, but it’s like some sort of Mama ESP. This morning, my little modeled Miss Lainey: walking down the stairs, she said “Holly (her babydoll) likes you. I like you” and I thought, wow, that is marvelous. Then the hubs did the same. I said nothing about your writing; your just *that* good.

  189. Both your girls are just so gorgeous! I only discovered you yesterday and I’m so glad I did.
    I’ve just popped you on my versatile blogger award list, I think you’re fab! http://handmadebymrsh.blogspot.com/2011/08/versatile-blogger-award.html

  190. Hope you’re enjoying your “off” day. I’ve always wanted to try it, but sometimes when the stars align, it actually happens on its own! Pure bliss!

    I gave up caffeine once. Started on a Sunday at dinner. Cried Tuesday at 5. I had 2 Diet Cokes before bed!

    Another time I got all weird about processed foods, so for a week I ate “only what God made.” I hadn’t heard of it on TV, listened to Dr. Oz, or talked to a friend about it… just thought it HAD to be healthier than boxes upon boxes of Wheat Thins. Unfortunately, God didn’t make Diet Coke. Made it a week, thanks to my good friend, chai tea, but when my paralegal opened a Coke two floors above me every morning, I could hear that damn can!!!!

    Good luck, sister!

  191. Oh for an unplugged day… I should do it. Just bite the bullet and do it. I am amazed at how much time is quickly whittled away between blog and Facebook and my baby center Sept birth forum. I think we need a turn it off day too. I keep intending to do less online and more outside, but alas I wake up and… rain… again. I may just have to relearn the joys of going out on a cold/wet day.
    p.s. While you were Sleeping is up high on my list too. My husband and I seem to always find a random reason to throw out a Joe Fusco line, “Nice…uhhhh..sweatah” or “Is dis guy boterin you? Cause it looks like he’s…you know…leanin…” 😀

  192. My good friend just wrote about a similar topic, the importance of like vs love! You can read it over here: http://jessandlukehudson.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-like-you.html

    Helps me to remember to tell my kiddos that I like them, because I really do :)

  193. Just noticed we have the same camera strap, but mine is purple. Good taste :)

  194. I don’t know how you have time to read all of these comments, especially my little one- but I appreciate your posts SO very much. I hope your uninteruppted day was full of a little love and a whole lotta like.

  195. love laineys pippi longstocking look she’s always dressed with great personality. Nella looks thrilled in her carseat but she’s too big for an infant carrier (there has to be at least an inch between the top of the seat and her head) and the chest strap should be at underarm height.

  196. I agree with turning it off. We just got power back tonight (Wed.) after Irene and it was the best fun we’ve had in a long time. I’m thinking we might even do this once a month now. I missed reading your blog though!

  197. I looove those boots, my daughters name is Hunter and the second she saw them she said, “are those for me?” So that being said, I am on the Hunt for Hunter boots!!! I had my first “turn it off weekend” for the first time since I have been sick (3 years) I played predator and pray, capture the flag, held hands with my 11 year old as we went on a roller coaster together, ate a caramel apple with my 14 year old who is waaay to cool to “hang ” with his mama, but with being so sick the “turn it off” days never ever came… But I decided thats how we roll in this house now!! We are living life!!!!

  198. This made me laugh so much: “Nella discovered a new state of ecstasy with this lolipop.”
    My little girl just had her first taste of a lollipop last weekend at a family bbq. She was similarly smitten with the tasty treat. Luckily she dropped it early on and it got full of dog hair so I threw it out, but the love affair didn’t end there; later that night while she was winding down in her crib I heard her little voice reliving the experience: “Lollipop fall down. Boo hoo.” Silly girls!

  199. I am so feeling like coffee is taking my Mo-Jo. You inspired me to try and replace it with a smoothie this morning, but by 10am I was making a pot. There is always tomorrow!

  200. This post brought tears to my eyes. When I was in kindergarten, my mom was in grad school, so every Monday when she had class, my dad picked me up from school and took me out to lunch. When we got home and pulled into the driveway, he would always turn to me and say “Katie, I really like being with you.” I can’t tell you what kind of impact that had on me. Keep up the likes along with the loves. They make a difference. Xo, Katie

  201. Kelle,

    I love all your posts, but this one really touched me. You’re at your best when writing about those special moments of mamahood. Having your child love you is one thing, but having your child like you!! Well, that is something! 😀

    I just read about your lost pregnancies, and I am just so sorry. You are such a wonderful mama to your kids now, and will be to the next one(S!!) to come.


    Carmen in Boston

  202. I loved this! I had one of those days where I really enjoyed my son and realized he was using full sentences and words only a boy would use, not a toddler. I cried when I read Lainey’s sweet, “i like you” to you. That is so precious! And, I love, love Nella’s boots! Do you mind saying where they came from?? :)

  203. Goodness, well, by the time I get done reading a whole post, I have so many comments -or thoughts, at least – that I forget half of them. One I can remember is: what kind of dolls are those who are camping? I am pregnant right now, on the cusp of entering my second trimester, it’s our first baby, my first pregnancy, we don’t know our baby’s sex yet, but I STILL am already fussing about Barbie and her alternative. We weren’t allowed to have them when I was little and I don’t really want a daughter of mine to own a whole slew of them either. Those dollies look…like little girls, which I like.

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