A page from our storybook: The Lake

Wednesday night delivered. Good conversation, parking lot cartwheels.


Okay, ready? Laugh. Act natural. Pretend there’s not a self timer beeping in 3, 2, 1…and click.


Left: The Leprechaun Shuffle, Right: The Flash Mob Two-Step

All is well. (more on this and my friend next week)

And my girl is so happy to have her friends return.



The Universe was kind last night. Like unicorn variety of kind.

Behold, the rainbow.


Behold, the sky swallowed up in magnificent lightning.


Behold, the cat came skipping up our driveway last night like he was just rolling in after Spring Break in Cabo.

It was a good day. To top it off, we took a leisurely stroll to the lake just as the sun was setting and our rainbow’s brilliance faded into washed-out pastels.



I took the liberty of adding the rainbow back in.

We were welcomed by friendly ducks who entertained the girls with their waddle.


Photobucket Interference.

Someday the girls will discover that The Lake is really a pond and that the magic we create there is intentional in spite of the reality that it’s not the most picturesque “lake.” In fact, I make it a point to crop out the ugly blue machine that regulates the water–the one that is so cleverly hidden behind the ficus hedge but still screams “unnatural” with its vibrant blue paint and hissing pump sounds.

To my girls, our lake is storybook.


To my girls, it is a Beatrix Potter setting.


Where friendly ducks float into marshes.


And hungry bass chase Dora fishing pole bait.


I love to see things through the eyes of my girls. To let the blue water pump fade behind lush greens and ignore the fact that one side of “the lake” opens to traffic and passengers ogling our adventures. My girls don’t see that.


And when I’m with them long enough, neither do I.



Last night, we hiked the mountains; we absorbed the tranquility only a spectacular lake view like ours could offer.



And like Christmas memories that age like wine–sweeter, richer, finer–I have to smile at every one of our adventures. Storybook tales for my girls. To retell years from now over Thanksgiving dinners, sister sleepovers, Christmas Eve night.

Remember our trips to the lake?


You mean that crappy pond with the red ant piles and those disease-infested ducks?

No, the lake. Our lake. The one with the big tree that lost all its leaves in that January frost. The one that caught the western sun with its reflection and turned the glassy waters pink like salmon. The one where I caught my first fish and you took a million pictures. The one with the picnics. The one where it rained and we had nowhere to go so we hid under the bushes until Dad came and rescued us. The one where you took Nella when she was tiny and new, and you cried as you held her but smiled when I caught your sadness. The one where we laid on blankets in October and pretended it was a Michigan fall–where we sliced apples and read books and tried to imagine the air was cool and crisp.

You know, our lake.


Oh yes. Now I remember. I love our lake.



Friday Phone Dump:



Welcome Back to sponsor, Tea Collection. I love all of the Tea articles in my girls’ closet (Lainey’s painter overalls are my all-time favorite), but I was just peeking at some new arrivals for Fall and fell in love with these pointelle leggings for Nella. Tea Collection offers comfortable, quality clothes for babies and kids, and I love the unique global inspiration they bring to their clothing.

From their Mercado Mexicano line: Nella’s dress in this post–Ciudadela smocked dress.


Tea Collection’s current Modern Mexico line is full of rich, vibrant colors and, as always, comfortable global style. Free shipping on any order for just a couple more days (ends 8/14) using Code GOTHERE.


My girl’s room is almost finished and I am loving how it turned out.

Hope your weekend is storybook.



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  1. I heart the rainbows. Simply gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful, simple post…..a truly “enjoying the small things”…… Because it’s all about perspective, right!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Can’t wait to see Lainey’s room & the playroom/office with the new walls & any other project you happen to be working on. I love me some good inspiration. Trying to de-beigeify my home in time for fall. Already bought 2 new candle holders for my Autumn Wreath candles. Have a great weekend!

  4. Kelle, you made me cry. i wish i had my lake to remember.

  5. Love this post… I do the same thing…I can only hope that I am creating memories for my boys so when they are all grown they can say, remember when….

  6. loverly words as always, friend. and beautiful photos to help remind forgetfulness as they get older.
    they’ll remember.

  7. The photos you take of the “lake” will help them remember the magic. You make it look beautiful!

  8. To see through a child’s eyes is to truly see.

  9. The picture of Lainey resting her head on her Daddy’s shoulder is heart melting…love!

  10. Wonderful as always! It’s amazing isn’t it how grown ups see things so differently than children. Sometimes we (grownups) just need to step back blink once or twice and see it through the eyes of our children.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Lovely post. Nella’s red dress looks oh-so good on her. Can’t wait to see pics of the room makeover! Happy storybook weekend!

  12. I don’t mean to be all superficial but you are a true beauty! I aspire to have muscle definition in my arms…I suppose you don’t even do push-ups? Common’ please lie and tell us that you slave at the gym…On another note* beautiful post. I really like the depth of description you’ve been using in bringing the nature aspects to life. have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Sometimes it’s easy to think oh that pond with the pump, but so much fun to make it storybook. I love making ordinary in storybook with my babies.

  14. I loved reading that paragraph about your memories from the lake — it made me feel oddly sentimental. Your lake, despite actually being a pond, still looks pretty fun. :)

  15. Beautiful memories you are creating. And, those are some funky ducks. We didn’t have a lake; but my kids have memories of ‘The Trail’ and ‘The Woods’ which was really just an abandoned stretch of rail road and burm(sp?)that butted up to our dead end street. It was 80 acres of land smack dab in the middle of an urban neighborhood. And in hindsight it was kind of dangerous; but it had gradually become a habitat for myriad of wildlife- including the occasional doe. My kids thought it was enchanted.

  16. Good friends, rainbows, lake memories, cute littles in cranberry red, the cat….so much loveliness! xo

  17. That’s great parenting right there – to take what could be seen as ugly, and make it beautiful and magical. Well done!

    And my favourite pic of this post? The one you took behind Lainey and Brett. She’s watching her fishing line and leaning on his shoulder and he’s smiling at her – he loves that girl! Melted my heart.

  18. So beautiful. This post reminds me of the summers I spent in Oregon with my Grandmother. Its part of my childhood that I love to remember.

    It’s wonderful to create those spaces with each of our children for sure.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  19. Anna Cate had on a TEA dress tonight and I said to my husband, I think I wish everything in her closet was TEA collection. Don’t you just love it?! like he cares! ha!

    Happy Friday! :)

  20. so beautiful. makes me wish there was a lake near me — even if it had a bright blue hissing pump, I’d still be happy. and that photo with the added-in rainbow? favorite.

  21. I LOVE the black and white photo of Lainey and her Daddy. So so sweet.

  22. Beautiful post! Your attitude on life is so contagious – in a very good way :-) Thanks for being my daily dose of positivity!

  23. Love #2’s comment – Amen Lola!
    Thank you Kelle!

  24. Your baby girls are so beautiful.
    And your blog is such a soft place to land.
    I love it so much here.

  25. So lovely Kelle!
    I have lake stories from my childhood too :) xx

  26. Happiness.

  27. Beautiful post Kelle, your description of their lake brought tears to my eyes. My daughter(5) and I saw the most vibrant, perfect rainbow when we came out from the shops a couple of days ago. We both saw it at the same time and looked at each other both smiling and in complete awe of what we were seeing. Just as I said to her, ‘Oh I wish I had my camera’, I looked around the carpark and there had to be 50 people with their phones in the air taking photos of this magnificent rainbow. It was a beautiful moment :) Loving your blog as much as ever. I dont comment often but love that we both shared an amazing rainbow experience this week even though we’re on opposite sides of the world, Emma (melbourne, Australia) xo

  28. Love Nella’s dress.

  29. Storybook is the best.
    Wishing you a weekend filled with magical moments galore. Love, Becky

  30. I am really looking forward to seeing the new room if you share it. I just love kid’s rooms and having 3 boys I haven’t had the chance to do a girl’s room and am slightly jealous.

  31. wow. that sky must have been AMAZING in person. absolutely beautiful.

  32. Love ::

    1. added in rainbow
    2. the stripes on you. I could NOT carry that off :)
    3. Tea Collection. I used to write for them and loved their clothes!

  33. Daddy/Daughter pictures get me every time.

  34. My sister and I live far away from each other. But we both read your blog, and it is like we have a friend in common. I love that. Thank you.

  35. I love your ‘lake’. What is with Florida ‘ducks’?? No duck in CT looks quite like the ducks here!! Although I do love how they can shake their tail feathers! I swear the duckst at my ‘lake’ see Lyla and I coming and flock begging relentlessly until every crumb and goldfish is scrounged out of the diaper bag!

    Yesterdays rainbow was perfect!! I left my apartment packed to hit the beach for sunset (I’m going through withdrawl! Ugh to the rainy season!) and instead got rained on. The rainbow made up for it =0)
    Happy Weekend!

  36. HOLLAH for this mama for being a commenter in the top 50!!! Prize in an of itself…no random number picking necessary!!

  37. Awww….so sweet and honest. Love your blog and outlook on life. Super sweet pics and memories.

  38. kelle, I want to thank you for your blog.I go back and read old posts every night when my baby is drifting off to sleep in my arms and I’m waiting a bit before I put her down.

    I am embarrassed to say that I am someone who had…judgments about those with down syndrome or anything else I didn’t understand.
    Your blog, your beautiful Nella has changed me forever. I have so much compassion and love for your family & little girls and only know your writing.
    I want to thank you for changing me for the better


  39. Kelle, I just bookmarked this post under my favorites. Pinky swear—that just happened. You’re so talented, so vibrant, and simply inspirational. Thank you for touching my life in a way you’ll never know.

  40. Love your dress Kelle, it didn’t come from tea? Ahh, sounds like your lake is made for childhood memories. Storybook, hmm yes we live in our hut together!!

  41. Love it all…rainbow, the lake. Ducks. I look fwd to see waht your girl’s room looks like. Both of my daughters read your blog too. I love that we share that. Love from the Blog Mama~

  42. Because of the beautiful pics, I, like the girls, have believed in a big beautiful lake!

  43. My lake memory involves my dad and fishing. We would go out early and fish, just the two of us. Quiet, peaceful and memorable times that I have carried in my heart and bring out to remember my dad. susan

  44. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented – not sure why, maybe because there are always so many? But that’s not a reason not to let you know that I find your blog so inspiring, your photos so amazing, and your girls so beautiful. Your blog was one of the reasons I started blogging myself. Thank you so much for sharing so much of you and your family – reading your posts always lights up my day.

  45. So lovely! :) Those pictures of the sky are cray-cray! xo

  46. I think “your” lake is just perfect for and just the right size for two perfect little ladies. Anything bigger but not be “just right”. Just like the “3 Little Bears” Kelle, they are just so precious. I miss lovin on all the little things I did with my little boy at that age. He’s 19 now. He has Autism so we still do tons together, and I shoot it ALL!!!xx

  47. We have a “lake” too! Our kids have always called it that even though you wouldn’t dream of even putting your big tow into it! It was geese and turtles and frogs and the kids think it’s theirs. Enjoy your weekend!

  48. Simple words but mean so much – what a great post Kelle! :) Been reading your blog for 13 months now (since the very day my sweet girl was born with Down syndrome)and your blog truly inspires me. My 3 year old girl LOVES to fish too and this post made me laugh – we have a pond too – my goal now is to see it through her eyes, worms and all! Make those sweet memories. Thank you for your wonderful blog – I love your family!! Emily

  49. A friend of mine showed me your blog…you are an amazing writer! I live in the Fort Lauderdale area and we have a special lake in our back yard too….my girls love playing by it…

  50. I love the storybook lake. I think you can find the beauty in anything. Especially with post-editing as a convenience 😉

    p.s. I love how tan your girls are. We’re like vampires up here in Missouri. Can’t go out unless I slather my pale boys in SPF 50. I burn making toast.

  51. oh world of… wonders. i dip my feet, i twirl my dress, i stand on my head, i put my feet in the grass.
    because i can.

    You inspire & sing to my soul. thank you.
    happy weekend to you & your darling family

  52. Holy moly… I’m in the top 50 comments. You may actually get to read it!

    That picture of Lainey with her head on Brett’s shoulder while he holds her fishing rod – priceless. What powerful love between daddy & daughter. Thank you for posting about your “lake” – amazing the way childhood memories turn things from ponds into lakes, right? I have some lakes in my own childhood (one of them being a drainage pipe that we called “the cave”).

  53. You inspire me to be a better mom. Thanks for your words, stories, and photos.

  54. This is one of my favorite posts because it perfectly explains why I first fell in love with you all those years ago. You really do live your life as if you are living a storybook. I miss you!!!!!!

  55. I would like to add, I love “your lake” too. Long story short, I didn’t get these moments with my children, so as I see you live these moments with yours, I revel in the fact that no mom should have to miss the lake moments, the fishing pole, the green cool grass under their feet, the moments that pass by far too fast.

    I hope all you moms find lake moments every day, you are truly blessed.

  56. Kelle ~ Your blog has been under my “favorites” for well over a year now, but this is my first comment. I absolutely LOVE your posts. You have the most amazing zest for life and being a mom..it’s infectious! You’re photos and girls are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  57. I love how you take lemons and make lemonade. Can’t wait for the room reveal!

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. This is probably my favorite post ever as my mother, aunts and grandmother went out of their way to make story book weekends for me on the farm in South Dakota. My “lake” is the large water hole for the cows. But I built rafts to float out to the middle and fished and skipped rocks and birdwatched for hours a day, days a year and years of my life. I never noticed the smell of manure or the dump hole on the other side.

    You are a good momma for teaching them to see beauty in every moment. It is a gift they will give to their babies as well:)

    August 13, 2011 7:43 AM

  60. I love that you tied Lainey’s dress that’s a bit too big behind her back. My mom used to do the same thing to me.

    And did you use your 50mm to shoot these pics? I want a new lens and I am thinking I need whatever you used here. These pics are gorgeous.

  61. I think I am living vicariously through you at the moment. Can’t wait to spend time with my family like you do.

  62. Seeing things through my kids’ eyes is probably my favorite part of this phase of our lives.

    Our weekend will be storybook for sure; we are going to visit a very new little one, the first baby of our dear friends. I can’t wait to snuggle the new baby scent.

  63. I just adore your made up future conversation about the lake. And I love that I didn’t need to click through on those memories because I know them all! What a lovely record of your family stories you have here.

    You know I LOVE the cat story.

    Let’s catch up this weekend. x

  64. i love your memories.
    but i love my memories more.
    happy weekend.

  65. In love the B&W of daddy and daughter. What a perfect little moment. Nella has the sweetest expressions. Beautiful family!

  66. you are such a goofball and I love it! It is so nice to have a friend who will be silly with you.

  67. “..you cried as you held her then smiled when i caught your sadness…” great writing, lucky little girls. Can’t wait to see the room makeover

  68. Storybook moments happen anytime, anywhere…you just have to be willing to look!


  69. The paragraph about the lake made me cry. I heard recently from someone I respect that kids won’t remember all that we bought them or gave them, but they will remember what we do with them. So true.

  70. After I had my daughter all I could see was the way my mom would talk of moments of my childhood that I totally took advantage of and didn’t appreciate as much at the time.

    Now all I think about is the way she wrote our story and the way I will write it for my wee babe just like you expressed so lovely

  71. Love the “lake” story. Brought tears to my eyes! <3

  72. I love your stripey dress. And that you take your girls to the lake.

  73. what a wonderful world it is….the storybook lake is what childhood is all about! love it! so i really want to see lainey’s new room and hear about your travels. glad heidi is back! loooooove tea dresses…the ones sammy has are my FAVORITES. AND Thirty-One lunchboxes ROCK! xoxo

  74. I love storybook moments – and – storybook posts! While reading, I was reminded of my of my own own personal storybook moments … and inspired by the ones you’ve shared.



  75. “The one where you took Nella when she was tiny and new, and you cried as you held her but smiled when I caught your sadness.” Oh, ouch! Reminiscing. You worded this so perfectly. I wonder how many moments my boys will remember; the moments I was “caught” and tried to smile away the tears.

    Loving Nella’s smocked dress….especially with her amber necklace and silky hair. Oh, she’s precious!

    Favorite phone dump pic: The Whole Family!!!! :):):)


  76. <3 I love how memories do that.

  77. Oh Kelle! The ‘our lake’ story brought tears to my eyes! So beautifully written! I <3 your family and your stories.

  78. Often, memories are candy-coated. And it’s ok to leave them that way, sometimes. When the “truth” doesn’t matter, in words of “lake” and bright blue pumps. It’s the sweet time that is what’s important. When I was young, 8, 9, 10 maybe, we started a tradition for my birthday where we had raspberry pie instead of cake. Handpicked berries from the roadside bushes near my house that pack all kinds of goodness into their dark beauty. And my mom made that pie just. for. me. It stuck, that tradition, partly because raspberry pie is my favorite. A few yrs ago, my mom told me that she did that because they were so poor those years that they couldn’t afford a cake. (Really? Cuz the ingredient list isn’t that much more than pie dough, but whatever…lol sigh) It kind of ruined the special-ness of it for me. Don’t get me wrong… I still enjoy me some raspberry pie. mmmm yuuummmm…. I would just rather have the memory without the poverty marker. lol

  79. Oh my goodness…that’s why you write blogs…that was beautiful…especially you talking about “our lake…” I hope I can create magical memories like that with my princesses…

  80. So, tonight we spied a rainbow through C’s bedroom window just as I was about to shut the curtains. We disrupted bedtime routine to go outside and gaze at it for a bit. Because you just have to, don’t you? Love your lake. We have a nearby pond, where we also ignore the yukky path covered in ducks’ you-know-what and the nearby traffic. I hope my two girls will always remember something as simple as feeding the ducks with Mama with a smile. Glad your H-girl is back in town! Have a lovely Sunday.

  81. Wow, they are your sponsor? I LOVE Tea Collections. They have the best clothes ever!!!!

  82. Picture perfect!

  83. The photo of the sky is amazing. Youre such a beautiful person inside and out.

  84. Kelle, your way with words always brings a tear to my eye… or many.
    I can’t wait for my daughter Ella to be able to share her memories with me (and I know we’re making some good ones)
    Thanks for the beautiful post!

  85. Love the father/daughter pictures- have you listen to the song “Just Fishin” by Trace Atkins. My hubby won’t stop singing it. :)

  86. The memories you are making will not include ugly blue pumps, that doesn’t exist in the world you have made for your girls. They will grow up happy Michigan girls who laid on blankets under apple trees :-)

  87. Looking forward to seeing the new room. Now, I could be about to show up astronomical (literally) ignorance here, but often I’ve noticed you comment on the last moon when I’ve noticed it too here in the UK. I am looking at it now and it is a good one, so when it gets to you hope the skies are clear!

  88. Gorgeous post! Absolutely beautiful.

  89. We live in the midwest and only have mallards, my 5 year old saw your ducks and asked if they were superhero ducks since they wear red masks. I said yes :)

  90. Dear Kelle ~ you “brought us all” to the lake today – such mesmerizing words! I revisit here continually because you honour f.a.m.i.l.y. so beautifully Kelle; thank you…….

    God Bless your Little Nest Kelle,

  91. I am so in love with your writing, your photography…your little girls are just precious. You have many gifts. Thank you for sharing them.

  92. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! Your girls are going to have so many wonderful memories.

  93. I love your stories!

  94. I love how you wrote that you see through your girls eyes. That’s so true. Only after having a baby, I see things anew. It’s a beautiful thing. And your storytelling is wonderful. Love coming to read and see your little girls.

  95. I love that being a Mom gives you that power to weave dreams…protect from reality…and sometimes harsh truths. Your lake is pure magic to your girls because you make it so, and once again you have reminded me of what my responsibilities of being a Mom are. It’s so much more than brushing teeth, getting off to school on time, and cooking healthy meals. It’s being the director of their life…to ensure they not just survive their childhood…but relish and dream of the memories..and that it’s my job to create them…Thank-you once again!! H

  96. Well, well, well THAT post made me boo hoo. It reminded me how that time in a child’s (and mama’s) life is so fleeting, so magical, so….sigh. My little girls start school in a couple of weeks (we’ve been homeschooling and now they are ready to start this new journey). I alternate between being a basket case and being thrilled for them. Your post reminds me of all of those blissful days when we were the only ones who set our schedule and who determined our destination, but it also reminded me that no matter what else is going on that we can and will make the best out of whatever situation we are in.

  97. It has always appeared storybook to me… :)

  98. simply awesome :)

  99. I feel super lucky to be able to say that I’ve grown up, and still live on a farm in the heart of the English Lake District- the real Beatrix Potter setting!! The only downsides to all our beautiful mountains and lakes is that it rains loads and there are so many tourists visiting especially at the moment, as it’s summer!

  100. Ohh, we had a storybook weekend!

    We took a trip of 3,5 hours and managed to get from Scandinavia to the wild west in the US in those 3,5 hours… 😉
    The Boy loved it and so did we and our friends.

    Life’s magical when it’s all joy, friendship, love and fun.

    Back to work tomorrow….

    Will eagerly await your Monday update, since I know I’ll need it by then!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  101. had a fab weekend with my sister at our lake. We went every year as kids, I smiled at your post. We said things similar like didn’t the sand seem softer when we were little. Heart it!

  102. i too have taken shots of the sky today… it was intermittent cloud and blue skies… lovely. no rainbow tho. maybe next time. i love these photo’s of your family. gorgeous.

  103. Ah! I am so in love with your blog. I am have been following since Nella’s birth story. Sometimes I don’t check in for awhile, but I always go back and read everything I’ve missed. Thank you for your optimism. I just read the post about instilling confidence in your girls. We are having our first baby in January, I am looking forward to the new adventures!

  104. Love this post reminds me of times with my brother at the lake and it was a real lake

  105. I’m in the Friday phone dump! I’M IN THE FRIDAY PHONE DUMP!!!! SQUEEEEE!

    I can’t wait to see Lainey’s room makeover…like pins and needles over here, for reals.

  106. Your posts inspire me to want to get a better camera, and carry it around with me everywhere!

  107. It is so wonderful to experience your blog, for it cannot be simply read. You photography is phenomenal, and I love your positive outlook on life. What a breath of fresh air. It helps me to realize I’m not the only one out there who loves the simple things in life. Thank you so much!

    <3 Emily

  108. So, question…how do you get your photos to be so soft-looking? Is it just the lens you use, or do you do anything to them afterwards? I can’t seem to make mine look like that, no matter how hard I try.

  109. Amazing once again … I think this might have just become one of my favorite posts … ahhhh, how you make me smile. Love, love, love the pictures of Brett with the girls … you can so see his love pouring out for his little girls. So looking forward to the big reveal!!!

  110. Our weekend was storybook…sangria in hand, aunties and grandparents snuggling our babies, kayaking on the pond (no cropping necessary here :), homemade chocolate ice cream, playing cards, boiling crayfish, a buffet of not so healthy snacks, lots of love and great conversation!

  111. love love love your post. And you (and your family always) look gorgeous – where is your pretty dress from?? – janel, nj

  112. OMG that picture of lainey resting on daddy’s shoulder watching him prep the fishing rod just totally made me tear up/cry. i have NO idea why. i guess it just looks so SAFE and full of LOVE. wow.

  113. This is what motherhood is all about. Oh the memories Lainey and Nella will have. In your child’s eyes it is a Beatrix Potter setting.I love that.It makes my heart so happy. My 10 year old daughter and I have almost finished Anne of Green Gables. A summer read. I wanted to let you know that we got the idea to read it together this summer from you.I have read it a zillion times before but with my daughter not to her..is magical. I am so happy your friend soulmate Heidi has returned. Have fun soaking it in xo

  114. Kelle, I am sure that a lot of thee comments say what I am going to write however I have to tell you the picture of Lainey and Brett at the Lake fishing and she is leaning on his shoulder is PRICLESS. These are MEMORIES that can never be taken away. Love it…

  115. I would love to say that this is my favorite post but it’s just too hard to pick something like that. It’s definitely ONE of my favorites. This post is you at your best…the reason I fell in love with ya in the first place. I love the future conversations with your girls, so very sweet. I love that you make your life with them a storybook, and I love that I can too. Thank you for the words of inspiration.

    Happy Monday :) And I CAN’T WAIT to see pics of Lainey’s room!!

    Angie from Ohio

  116. The b&w with Nella walking, she has such a determined look on her little face!!

  117. I love a child’s perspective. The other day we were stuck in miserable traffic, but my sweet boys were thrilled about all the boats and cranes and trucks they could see as we waited on the bridge. One of them told me “Mom, this is SO fun!”. And I realized he was right – it was awesome.
    So glad you guys have a magical place to escape too!

  118. I love your lake! It looks so peacefull. It’s amazing what kids think is wonderful. Unfortunately as adults we tend to always see the big picture.

    This weekend we had to take a not so fun adveture, but turned it into a positive one. It will definitely be a page in our storybook. :)

  119. I love that you can take the little things you do and make them so special for your family. Lainey’s head on Brett’s shoulder is too cute.

  120. What a breath of fresh air your post was for me now. I love your dress you were wearing!

  121. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! That black and white photo of you walking with Nella with Lainey and Duck in the background is fricking amazing! Your arms look like you just dropped and did 50…look at your pipes. Be sure to blow that baby up for your wall…hell, I may even blow it up for my wall. And yes, I totally mean to be superficial. xo

  122. So I must ask, do you cook too? It seems like you “do it all” so effortlessly and I envy you for that. If not for the ability to do it all, but for the simple fact that you are able to “fake it” with grace :) As a working mom (against my will I must add since my hubby got laid off a year ago) I feel guilty about EVERYTHING including my inability to cook simple meals for my two little girls because this momma is so busy, that spending quality of time with them trumps making homemade healthy meals. I would LOVE to read about any “Mommy guilt” issues you may have, so I know I am not alone! :)

  123. ,,,i love nella’s sultry eyes, she looks so pensive in a couple of the photos,,,she’s simply adorable!,,,

  124. We have the exact same lake! Mechanical pump, grungy ducks and all. I just never looked at it as amemory making place. Hmmm…*Rushes to lake with camera and 3 littles in tow* Thanks again – you inspire as always! :)

  125. We had a lake like that, except it was a creek…

  126. LOVE this post. I love the reframing you go about “the lake”. I think it’s so important to really look for the magic and beauty in the simple and, sometimes, ugly things in everyday life.

  127. you should write a childrens book… your words are so magical.

  128. I Always enjoy your outlook on life and am inspired to see the world around me in a new light. I link to this in my latest blog posting. http://pointyglasses.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-story-book-life.html
    Thank you for always inspiring a positive outlook in life.

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