Enjoying the Small Things

I was going to post earlier today–sneak one in while Nella slept and Lainey arranged her strawberry scented erasers on the carpet. But there were things to do, my mind was in a few different places, and I’m so glad I saved it for tonight because Pandora is delivering, candlelight is flickering, and I am happy. I like to write when my head is clear and I am happy.


Night writing (not to be confused with Night Rider) is my favorite, for I unravel a bit more reflectively and tend to be more grateful when I’m looking back at the events of our days, and their images are blown-up on a screen that’s reflecting candlelight. Or maybe that’s just my badass rose-colored glasses. Either way, at the end of the day when the street outside my window is dark and the house is quiet, I gain more perspective.

So, in the spirit of fall and candlelight and good music streaming from my computer speakers, what’s a girl to do? Deliver a good old-fashioned Enjoying the Small Things, of course.


Homemade Chicken Noodle
The good mood inducing dinner of champs. Plus, parsley makes me happy. I hope my kids talk about my chicken noodle soup someday. I don’t know why this is important to me, but it is. How horrible is it if I say I can’t wait until they have colds some day just so I can bring them this soup in bed and make it all better?

Chipped bowls are good luck.

Moving on.


If watching fish swim in an aquarium is considered relaxing, then beholding your kids in a tub is hypnotically calming.


During any particularly chaotic or stressful day, our white flag is raised in a bathtime declaration and, while baths are usually associated with night time routines in our home, the midday bath is making a comeback.

Nella’s giving the “Quit looking at my butt” face.

I love the opportunity in the middle of a day to sit on the toilet (stop visualizing, the lid’s down) in the bathroom, listen to the water and watch my girls knock Happy Meal toys off soap dish diving boards. Which brings me to the bath toy issue. We don’t really have bath toys–the ones that are specifically designated for proper tub use. Other than the last remaining foam letters that haven’t disappeared (we can spell WUJX, XJUW, and SUJX), our bath toy bin is a sad hodge podge collection of headless dolls, happy meal toys, container lids, and strange junk drawer whatchamacallits. Oh and a duck. We have one rubber duck that has miraculously survived.

I like when Sister actually thinks she’s gonna bail the tub and make a getaway.



Bend it Like Beckham
I’ve reacquainted myself with a past love from the 90’s. Remember styling sticks, those bendy rods you use to twirl your hair? I didn’t even realize they still made them, but during one of those dangerous throw-crap-in-the-cart Target trips, I found them. I used only four of them on my damp hair in the morning, pulled them out 45 minutes later and, voila–flowy shampoo commercial hair. Lainey says it’s beau-fi-tal.



The Return of the Dollhouse.
It was Santa’s big gift a couple years ago, and I’ve never admitted that it didn’t go over as well as I intended. I’ve contemplated giving it to Goodwill, but it always seemed Lainey’s little friends were drawn to it whenever they visited, and Lord knows I love having the fun friend house.

Suddenly though, it’s made a comeback. Both girls have been playing with it for weeks–arranging furniture, dragging it into the bedrooms, carefully positioning dolls in bathtubs and on tiny plastic toilets. There are doll house characters–a dad whose left leg Sophie chewed off, a mom whose skirt has a knack for falling off, a son, a daughter, two babies, and a horse trainer. Yes a horse trainer, and don’t ask about the story Brett created about the drama she causes that poor family because it’s a real dollhouse soap opera. She’s scandalous, that horse trainer.

Regardless, I love walking past to see this these days:



Game Watcher.
I don’t know how Nella knows that it’s best she not try to swipe the phone, but she does. When Lainey’s playing a game, Nella just watches–bending right into it and intently following along. But my sweet girl keeps her hands to herself and lets Lainey play alone.



Back to the Lake.
An impromptu walk today, and it was divine.


It’s not miserably hot any more, so outside trips are more enjoyable. Add a bit of a breeze and the shady canopy from the big lake tree, and you might even forget you’re in Florida.



I told Lainey fifteen minutes; we stayed an hour.


Long enough for Sister to take a cat nap…



…and Lainey to pick flowers, gather bleached-out snail shells, and brave the muddy edge of the water to pretend fish.




We’ll be back.






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Their popular Spark energy drinks are refreshing and come in a variety of flavors. Austyn stole them all because he’s very into the energy/workout/nutrition thing right now.


Two commenters on this post will be randomly selected to receive a free box of the new Mango Strawberry Spark drink, courtesy of Jessica Norris’ Advocare store.


This weekend initiates the blessed October, and my fall freak flag is whippin’ in the little wind we have. Someone said it’s supposed to be “cool” this weekend, and when you hear the word “cool” in Florida after a hot summer, you take it and run.


Good things in store.



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  1. I love the pics of Nella sleeping – so adorable. awesome post once again.

  2. I see 60-degree evenings coming soon on the forecast here in Orlando. I am soooo ready! Cheers to Fall Kelle!

  3. We are getting our fall here in NY this weekend too(it’s been “Florida warm” here lately!).

    Nella is starting to look so grown up. Such a big girl now!

  4. Love it! Can’t wait to see what your weekend looked like, come Monday! :)

  5. Lainey in those sunglasses and Nella sleeping on the patchwork?

    Swoon baby.

    Freaking gorgeous as always.

  6. Looks like a great time! That doll house is so cool! Amazing pics as always. Thanks for posting this evening and giving me a great send off before I hit the hay!

  7. The pics outside of gorgeous! I’m glad that it is getting cooler there so you can get out all your tights and fall favorites. Our Buddy Walk is Saturday and it is supposed to get down to 60 degrees!! I can’t wait! Levi & I got to be on TV yesterday to help advertise for the walk!!!

  8. enjoyed your night writing.


  9. Love the bathtub pics!!! BTW…..Spark rocks! Seriously, I cannot start my day without it!!!

  10. Love this post.

  11. In love with the picture of Nella watching big sis play on the phone. Something about baby lashes brushing chubby cheeks, the bun and the hair clip, the sweet chubby fingers resting on her leg, and her intense interest in with her sister is doing. It completely captured the moment

  12. I could use some chicken noodle soup tonight. It’s been a long day.

  13. ok, that is the second time in 24 hours i’ve heard about spark and advocare. kismet, me thinks! pick me :)

  14. I must say I am a fan of your fall freak flag! I am also a SW Floridian (Cape Coral) and I plan on “Fake Fall” my house up this very weekend!

  15. I just got back late last night from my first ever visit to Florida. It was amazing! I loved every warm humid moment, I’m not even kidding. My family and I have even kicked around the idea of taking a longer stay there soon.

    I did come back to full blown fall though and it was a little strange having been ‘in summer’ in the morning and ‘fall’ that afternoon. The visit did make me appreciate the changing season a little more.

    However, I wouldn’t mind a near eternal summer very much at all. And I know exactly which storms you are referring to now in your posts as we experienced all of them during our trip.

    Love your blog!!!

  16. lovin’ your “small things” :)

  17. Dude, Nella can seriously nap anywhere. My babies never did learn that nifty trick!

  18. That really seems like a perfect day. I LOVE Nella’s clothes so much. She looks like a baby doll.

    You always remind me to be grateful. I am thankful for that.

  19. Crazy! We made homemade chicken soup today, minus the noodles until tomorrow AND I used those bendy hair curly things for a show I was in a few years ago in high school! Luckily your bendy curly hair experience turned out well, mine was kinda a crazy curly mess!

  20. Love the pic of Sister crashed out on the blanket. I miss those days.

  21. I love your use of “fall freak flag.” Makes me laugh. And honestly, your girls are some of the best dressed cuties I have ever seen.

  22. I always love a good dose of your ‘enjoying the small things’ posts Kelle!
    I too nearly threw out {ok…donated….oops} Ella’s rejected doll house…..however lucky I didn’t….coz these days, it’s up high on her ‘favourite things to do’ list :) I get a real kick out of watching her play with it & listening to the conversations the little people have….someone {usually the plumber-looking little man} ends up in a corner of the house in timeout or someone is bribed with ‘treats’ if they do something in particular! {i wonder where she gets that from LOL}.
    Anyways….I was about to run out of steam & shut down the computer….I wanted to blog today but got tied down with emails & work…….so was gonna call it quits for the day…..but you’ve inspired me to get back into action {with candlelight & music of course….even though it’s midday here} and do the blog post I planned to! Thanks again Kelle! You rock!
    C xo

  23. The last picture… that’s the one that does it for me. They are beautiful sisters :)

  24. Love the gorgeous pictures, as always. I’ve been making homemade chicken noodle, too! Ready for it, I guess. Of course, here in Ohio, we are more ready to eat hot comfort foods. Yours looks delicious – you should post the recipe. I also use the ditalini. Yum!

  25. Today was a particularly rough day…im on week 4 of a broken leg crutches and a toddler and today i almost broke. I sat down to read your blog and voila…i feel better! I want to fly my fall freak flag like a crazy lady and “quit feeling sorry for yourself flannigan” continues to creep int my thoughts ! Thanks for sharing your life, your beautiful family and your rose colored outlook!

  26. I think you need to share your chicken noodle soup recipe… looks yummy! Great post, as always!

  27. Love the pics of Nella sleeping…Hailey seems to sleep the same way. Mid-day baths can turn around even the worst day (at least in our household)!

  28. That is crazy awesome how Nella will just take a nap at the park. :) Love it! Love all the pictures! I’m from Wyoming…where all the leaves are falling off the trees and fall has definitely arrived. But this week we are having a freak-gift of warm temps. It got all the way to 76 today and we went ahead and set up the sprinkler. It was awesome! …I should shut up about it though because it will probably snow tomorrow.

  29. Homemade Chicken Noodle soup is the best.

  30. Absolutely love the sleeping sister. I can not wait until my little girl will pass out like that on a blanket outside!

  31. Love this post. Love the pictures. Love, love your blog!

  32. Wow I want to play with that doll house! It’s nice when the little ones rediscover toys you had so much hope for. This post made me smile all around…love your photos. You are inspiring me to learn how to use my SLR for real!

  33. Oh my, in Nella’s “don’t look at my butt” face picture, she looks so much like Lainey. I love when I see kids looking like their siblings, because I am one of those people who never “sees” it.

  34. the girls are looking so grown up! they’re such cuties, and i love seeing them interact with each other :)

    will you post your chicken noodle soup recipe? it looks like it’s the bomb dot com.

  35. Kelle, I am snowed under with uni assignments when I noticed this post on FB. I just HAD to take a peek!

    Thanks for the respite…I laughed at your loo lid comment, really laughed and you took me back with the bendy rods…I must drag mine out again, your hair turned out fab!

    Anyway, back to the slog…just LOVE the way you write.

    Diana x

  36. Though I always love your pictures and all your posts, I absolutely love that last picture!!

  37. Ahh, Lainey in the glasses! TOO. CUTE :)

  38. Wonderful evening post. You rock as always.

  39. I cannot believe how big Nella is looking these days. And Leylie is awesome about my phone, too–she’ll “find” it on my desk, then bring it to me, all innocent-eyed and ‘I know I’m not supposed to have this, so here!’

    Fingers crossed for some of that ‘cool’ weather up here–it was in the mid-90s today, do not want!

  40. First, will Nella please teach my little Austen her “sit and watch” trick? I’m thinking we would avoid a big chunk of our sibling fighting with that…thanks. :-)
    Also, I’ve been ordering Scentsy like mad from your sponsor. LOVE the Pumpkin Roll and Pumpkin Marshmallow, and can’t wait for Christmas scents to fill the house in a couple of months. As much as I love the summer, I absolutely cannot get enough of “fall things.” I work full time as a teacher, and wish I had more time to cook and bake for my girlies (and hubby). One of those things I need to appreciate when it can happen, and let go of it for the rest.
    Thanks for the reminder to focus on the good stuff…it’s been a hectic night after a long day at work. I needed that!

  41. I love all your talk about a “pretend fall”. I have never lived anything but all four seasons and because of you I’ve been more appreciative of them. Although, if you check with me in January I may be ready to move to Florida!

  42. That last pic of Lainey and Nella slays me. When did they grow up? What gorgeous girls you have, Kelle!

  43. Photos are as always gorgeous.
    Who wouldn’t take a bath in the middle of the day if they could? Being on tank water has meant my bath days may be few and far between now.

    Your chicken noodle soup looks the real deal!
    Love the pics of Nella asleep on the rug!

  44. Beautiful post, beautiful girls! All of you. Happy days!

  45. I love that I have been able to watch your girls grow via the blog. Nella is turning into a beautiful young lady.

  46. The next time your girls are in the tub, treat yourself to a foot soak! My son may never forgive me, but I do it all the time.


  47. Happy autumn! My favorite is Nella leaning over the phone while Lainey plays. That’s sister connection–they just know what’s up!

  48. I simply love your blog!

  49. i love your enjoying the small things posts! the girls are adorable as always. and i laughed at brett’s supposed story about that horse trainer.. hahahah. god bless kelle!

  50. we have the same dollhouse… also a christmas gift that didn’t go over like i thought it would, yet makes a comeback every so often! :) adorable pics!

  51. Such sweet pictures of you girls! :)

  52. Have heard great things about Advocare. I’ve been thinking about buying some things and would love to get a head start with the Spark..who doesn’t need extra energy? Would be a nice way to start off with Fall activities.

  53. We have a doll house that’s recently been folded up and hidden away. I don’t think my girls are ready for it. My one year old just likes to climb on in and my 3 year old has no interest. I guess I’ll save it for it’s “come back.” BTW, Lainey looks especially stunning in these pics aaaand I love her name hehe.

  54. Oh the pic of the palm frondy type tree brought back memories! My parents had a bush that had those on it in our yard when i was growing up. My sister and our friends would hide underneath it and dream up anything and everything we could think of!

  55. I need energy! I love bath time with my daughter. great way to close a day

  56. HOW do you capture all those amazing pictures while on adventures?? I just love the one with doggy’s tongue curled and baby lookin’ and the one of Lainey sporting sunglasses. And the one of all three of you? You seriously are a master of self-portraits. Is it a five-second timer button?

    I just loved this post and I just love all your posts. :)

  57. Sweet sweet photos! The last one of Nella in the blue jumper(which I’m in love with)is just gorgeous…Have a great weekend!

  58. I’m still amazed at how Nella can just zonk out anywhere. My kid’s the picky kind that has to sleep in his bed for a decent nap. And love her playing with the dollhouse! Too cute!

    Hubs gets paid soon. I’m worried a throw-crap-in-the-cart Target trip is in our near future too. I may or may not purposely look for the bendy rods.

  59. I have a candle going too. Just like you. And normally I am a blog stalker, but I thought I would take a moment to say THANK YOU. Thank you for writing. Thank you for giving me something to read when I don’t want to write my own blog. You are the best! Thank you!

  60. How about the recipe for the chicken soup? It looks delicious!!!

  61. The afternoon bath is making a comeback at our house too! P.E.A.C.E & quiet….ahhhhhhhh

  62. I wish I could mail you some bagged up authentic autumn leaves, but I don’t think that would fly. I enjoyed living in Florida this summer, but am glad to be back in the Midwest for fall!

  63. I just love how Nella sleeps – she just zonks out anywhere! Such a cutie! My little never has done that very well, even at night!

    We have the very same dollhouse and it wasn’t quite the hit I thought it’d be either. It’s popularity goes in phases too. We keep adding new furniture pieces but thanks for the tip on the horse trainer! Hehe!

  64. Your girls are looking especially adorable tonight. I must admit, when I see you have a new post, I get so excited. I just love reading your blogs, watching your girls grow in beautiful pictures, and reflecting on my own life and the little blessings. And usually, at the end of the blog, I smile thinking I hope I am as blessed as you and your family one day!

  65. Your chicken noodle soup looks amazing!!
    You are such an awesome writer, very inspirational.
    P.S. we made caramel apples this past weekend. They were oh so delicious!! Thanks again for the idea!!

  66. I always love your posts and pics, but I especially enjoyed the pictures this time. Just amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. You are too cool for words! :)

  67. Your night writing always has a night reader :)

  68. I love, LOVE that Nella just falls asleep wherever she is-just as happy as a clam. Love your adventures with your girls! xo

  69. Oh those delightful little girls. I have two boys and am just thrilled they have each other to enjoy growing up.

  70. Those girls are perfect! And your hair looks great!

  71. Beautiful pictures. I’ve been enjoying the small things up here.
    Cool breezes, seasonal colours, fall flowers, pumpkin muffins. The Halloween decorations come out this weekend & my outside fallscape will be completed. Dreading the upcoming winter but loving right now.

  72. I don’t feel so bad about having all the toys from misfit island in our tub now. Great pics, thanks for always capturing the really beautiful parts of life.

  73. Can’t get over how adorable your little girls are! (no matter how many times I look at your blog :)

  74. Beautiful post! Love, love your pictures so much. Freaking me out thinking about alligators in that pond though!!! :-)

  75. Loving it… Just done making salsa!! Wish I could send some to you! Love the pic of Lainey with the glasses:)

  76. I love this post!! Thank you so much for giving me a laugh! My little Emmy loves the bathtub..sometimes I wonder if she thinks she is a fish! She is usually trying to get into the tub rather then out!

  77. LOVE Nella’s pigtails! Adorable.

  78. What’s your chicken noodle recipe?
    LOVE last pic of girls together…frameable, I tell you!

  79. We are looking at our 90th day of 100 degree heat for the year tomorrow! boo! I can’t wait for some cooler weather. We had chili tonight in hopes it would bring some fall spirit, but it just brought a lot of sweat. LOL
    Our girls would be great friends…i just know it! Hope you are having a great week. looks like you are :)

  80. I am always amazed at the places Nella will sleep! She must be one very laid back toddler. (or maybe I have just always been too particular about my kids being home for sleeps. I think with 4 I need all the quiet time *I* can get!)
    My 2 year old has that exact same red and white stripey dress, except now it is more of a top, seeing she has grown so much.
    You make the simplest outings look wonderful and magical.
    I miss those days of having more time to wander. Now with three at school (one of whom is part time) and one at home I see to be always on the run.

  81. Love Nella’s stop looking af my butt face in the bathtub. Care to share your chicken noodle soup recipe? Looks yummy!

  82. As allways,great post! the pictures from he lake are

  83. Please please let it be cool. Your about 2 hours south of me so God let it be cool. There are tights, sweaters and boots that need to be worn by little and big.

  84. Love the pictures!!

  85. I love these pics. I love your posts. I love how you love your girls. :)

  86. O it is still flaming hot over here in Orlando!
    And o goodness, i love reading your blog before I have to work, you always make me appreciate the littles i get to watch! Nannying is a gift to me because of you Kelly!

  87. i just can’t get per how much Nella has grown, so quickly…she is looking bigger in each post. …your girls are just precious, and I love reading your words. Beautiful pictures, strung together with wonderful words. and words that often crack me up. i love your sense of humor. ..now my hubby is making fun of me for leaving a comment…yeah cos he’s cool like that. …he really Loves you guys too. hehe. October for me, means a year since I had Ava…we are coming fast pom all the “it’s been a year since…” memories. This is gonna be tough I’m sure. but also beautiful…we’ve made it a year…stronger than ever, and with a beautiful girl with that little extra magic.

  88. Oh I could use me some ENERGY!

  89. It’s supposed to be “cool” in AZ this weekend too! 90* and a chance of showers! Woot! Your chicken noodle soup looks divine as does your hair! I completely had forgotten about those twisty rollers until this post. I will have to check Target, although I think you have to have long luxurious hair like yours to pull it off. Looks like a fun day at the lake was had! Love that Nella just sleeps anywhere, wish she could give my littles a lesson in “anywhere napping.”

  90. I have been LOVING our Indian Summer in Idaho but your post has me a little bit excited for fall…well, at least excited for the yummy soup recipes!
    Your girls are absolutely adorable…I too have one sister and it’s the most important relationship that I have in my life, next to my husband. Sisters are a built in best friend :)

  91. Baby Bath Butt! I love it!

  92. Fall is my favorite time of the year, yum!

  93. LOVE this post. Waving my fall freakflag!!!

  94. Yes!! We had that same dollhouse experience. Suddenly a year later, after sitting lonely in the corner, its the end all be all for both my kids!!

  95. My kids beg for my Chicken Noodle Soup…I too secretly pray that they will remember it made the world a happier place!

  96. Your daughter Nella looks so much like you. Do you hear that a lot? Also, wondering how you get her to sleep/nap so easily…There seem to be a lot of photos of her napping in the middle of the day while you are out and about. Wondering if she falls asleep while you nurse her and that is how you get her down. My girl would never sleep if we were out exploring or adventuring…and then she would get overtired and we’d all pay dearly! lol

  97. Totally feel you about baths. I think I love bath time just as much as my kids do. Even when the bedtime routine is running later than we like, I always let them linger and play longer than I should. It makes them so happy!

  98. Oh of my fave ever: Lainey on your feet!

    15 minutes=an hour are my favorite outings.

  99. I love all of your posts, but there are some that leave me with an overwhelming amount of peace, and this was one of them. (I also read your post on Lainey in the tub when she was tiny…..SO BEAUTIFUL!)

    Your soup….slurp! I make a ton of soup in the fall and winter. Tonight we had my grandma’s Hamburger Stew.

    I LOVE the “Quit looking at my butt” face….hahahaha! I should try that with my husband :).

    Your hair is always gorgeous and shiny, but WOW! Those STYLING STICKS!!!

    And OH, MAN! I’m having one of those moments where it aches not being able to squeeze your girls! The tub and phone pictures are soooo familiar right now with Nora. Just tonight I took pictures of her peering over the tub, like she does, as I ran the water. And every time we play a game, phone or pat-a-cake kind, she grabs my fingers to push the buttons or makes my hands clap….like my fingers are the controls and she’s the controller! She knows what to do. They’re so smart, don’t ya think?

    Good Fall stuff :)

  100. Loving the last pic of your girls! A sister is one of life’s greatest blessings! I cherish all 3 of mine!

  101. I love the duck on your bathtub spout! It reminds me of the one we had when the kids were little…a tree limb with Tigger perched on top… Oh I miss those days but love the ones we are experiencing now! I am anxiously waiting for fall to reach California too!

  102. Bought my first Honeycrisp apples today… fall has arrived in Iowa! Hope you have continued little tastes of fall in Florida too!

  103. love that last picture of your girls. they are so adorable!

  104. Always fun to see your girls! And I just learned about that “spark” drink 2 days ago. I just started to “seriously” workout about a month ago, besides just doing the 2-3 mile walks, and now I am learning about all the drinks, etc. Have a good rest of the week!

  105. I love Autumn too.We are having a Indian summer in the UK and the weather is warmer than it was in the summer!It’s great,autumn colours & warmth so you can enjoy being outside,brilliant!

  106. bathtime is the same gloriousness for me that it is for you. Except when the girls decide they’re on a swim team and the bathroom is suddenly soaked :)

  107. I always love when I type in kellehampton.com and the blog post tittle is Enjoying the Small things. It makes me smile, because I start to think about all the little things I enjoyed about my day.

    I love Spark. Though I’m not crazy into all the advocare stuff, I will admit.. Spark works. And it kick’s coffee’s butt :)

  108. love the midday bath… its often heard her amid children arguing… JUT ADD WATER… there were early days of my daughter where she had 3 or 4 baths a day, just so she would stop screaming at me, but now at 2.5 and almost 4, i still add water to diffuse testy situations…

  109. You have the most interesting sponsors. I always have to go look them up :)

  110. I love all these picture thier gorgeous !! Her bedroom is so pretty :)

  111. I’ve read your entire blog over the past three weeks. So now I feel like we’re best friends, but you don’t know me at all, and that is the totally bizarre thing about blogging is it not? (I am in awe of the way you approach living, and if your blog helps me keep my cool when my own littles make huge unexpected messes or throw irrational (to me, I get it) tantrums, then, well, a big fat deep thank you.)

    My real contribution here is to say that I hear you about the dollhouse. I’m forever feeling like a gift didn’t go over as well as I’d hoped with my little loves and then, one day, it becomes their most favorite thing and I can’t believe I ever contemplated getting rid of it. This is fine for times when you have ample storage, but what to do when you don’t?!?

  112. I love the great bathtub escape. And your soup looks great!

  113. Nothing says October like a visit to the pumpkin patch!! My favorite thing to do with the kids every year.

  114. If chipped bowls are good luck, I am REALLY lucky!


    You’ve probably said this before, but where is Nella’s sweater dress from? LOVE it!!!

    Thanks for filling my morning with the sweet “small things” that make it all worthwhile. Your comment about reflective nighttime writing is inspiring!

  115. I will never tire of “Enjoying The Small Things”….NEVER!

    Rebecca Wuth

  116. Awesomeness :) as usual!
    I would love to know where you got the wall book shelf for Lainey’s room from. It’s perfect :)

  117. I love, love, love the second picture of Nella looking at you with so much love and excitement. You can just read on her expression that she loves you so much. Such a sweet girl.

  118. Beautiful. All of it. The sentiments, the images and the love that leaps off the page right into the reader’s heart.

  119. Can’t get enough of your stunning photography! Nella in the 2nd last photo, wow – she is way too cute :) Great post as usual!

  120. So “cool” is what you take and run?!!
    Here it’s gonna be “warm, almost summer-like” and we take THAT and run.
    For sure.
    My family and I are thinking of running to Copenhagen, in the pure thrill!

    Thanks for yet another smooth post. It’s addictive for d*mn sure ;-D

  121. Love the pictures of you and Nella in the begining of the post!
    I miss being a stay at home mommie of small children!

  122. Precious pictures. I used to put my wild child into the tub during the day with all his action figures to play for oh about an hour. He was 6 or 7 and could swim like a fish and of course I kept warming up the tub. He actually calmed down for awhile after his soak:) The doll house brought back many memories too. After my daughter was done with it my boys played with it for years! susan

  123. beautiful photos of sweet girls. It’s been summer hot here in VT. I’m ok with it

  124. October! Let’s talk costumes in the next post? My husband insists on costumes being handmade rather than store bought. It’s fun, but stressful b/c he waits until the last minute to deliver….but boy does he deliver. I learned one year that he knows how to sew…with fishing line. He made my daughter a spider costume our of fur that he sewed into pants (!) and made this awesome spider head w lots of googly eyes out of a plastic pumpkin that he covered in fur. Hilarious and brilliant! I feel like I should hide my glue gun from him! I’ll send u a picture if you want! So, tell us what you;re planning……

  125. I feel the exact. same. way. about my chicken noodle soup!!!

    We are welcoming October with a trip to the Pumpkin Farm!!! Not quite like the one you found last year, but there are hot apple fritters there made from their own apples, so… 😉 Happy October to you!

  126. how is it that everything there is so beautiful?? nella sleeping…beautiful. fern branches…beautiful. tub pictures…beautiful. rose colored glasses arent’ even needed girlie friend. okay now i need to run to target for some bendy sticks. i’m such a copy cat;)

  127. Nella is getting so grown up!! And she and Lainey are starting to look so much alike, I don’t know how I wasn’t expecting that. they are so sweet, what lovely little people you are growing over there. So sweet.

  128. Night writing is awesome. Awesome I mean if you write. I do not write, therefore I enjoy YOUR night writing! 😀

    I do unwind (a tiny bit) at night!

  129. It’s the best when a toy that wasn’t such a hit makes a come back! :-) Can’t wait for all of your lovin’ Fall posts! I just spent 20 min of my lunch break yesterday looking for recipes with pumpkin.

  130. Hi Kelle, love your blog! Nella’s little sweater dress in the dollhouse pic has brought me out of lurkdom – where did you get it? I’m a knitter and would love a closer up pic so I can make something similar for my toddler.

  131. Oh man – the little things. I love it. My favorite is the photo of Nella standing at the dollhouse. That dress! That concentration! That cuteness! :)

  132. This gives me hope, we bought my 2 girls a dollhouse with furniture for Christmas last year and they don’t really play with it and it totally bums me out! Hopefully they will come around!

  133. chicken soup recipe please! yours looks so good! mine was always watery… :(

  134. Two things:

    1. We have the same Pottery Barn dishes…and almost ALL of my bowls are chipped. I’m so very glad to hear that it’s good luck.

    2. I recently tried Advocare and loved it! My knee pain was gone (too much running, maybe some marathon training while pregnant wasn’t the best idea…) and the Spark energy drink had me running faster and not missing my coffee. Okay, I missed my coffee a little.

    Your girls are precious, as always :) So happy you enjoy Fall as much as I do. My girl celebrates her second birthday on Tuesday. A Fall party at the pumpkin patch complete with hayride, pumpkin picking and decorating are in order :) Can’t wait!

    Oh, and I keep waiting for the knitting bag/purse you found, I think at a flea market, to make it’s Fall appearance…and those red cowboy boots too!

    Angie from Ohio

  135. Sipping a pumpkin latte here in “cool” Michigan – love the picture of Nella just watching Lainey play on the phone, how sweet!

  136. Barbie dolls and doll houses. I had a wonderful doll house, and way too many barbies…and I hardly.ever.played.with.them…until my momma talked about getting rid of them, then I’d play with them for a few weeks, then they’d be forgotten again. your girls are too precious for words. enjoy the rest of your week!

  137. Fall is coming! Fall is coming! I can’t wait for sweater weather & being stuck inside because it’s raining out. A fire going and cuddle time w/ the kid & the husband – divine!

  138. I know that TN weather and FL weather are different, but I feel like we have had FL weather for so incredibly long without the beach to go to! They were talking about a cooler weekend here, and I about had a heart attack because I want it so badly! I hope you get your “cool” and enjoy every minute of it!

  139. Beaufital!

  140. I love Lainey in your glasses! Ooooper cute!
    I so need to get a freak flag……

  141. Your girls are so adorable. I love how Nella watches on while Lainey plays with your phone – Adoarable! And you should share that chicken noodle soup recipe- it looks delish!

  142. your days look so peaceful and calm =) I think we need a good old fashion laundry piled everywhere/dishes in the sink/beds unmade post… lol I’m starting to feel bad about my upside down house!

  143. Glad the doll house is finally being put to use. I remember having one when I was young and I enjoyed it so much with my sister. I think Santa may bring my daughter one so she can enjoy it as well. Great post & pics.

  144. I love seeing the richness of your life and family through your lens.

    Your blog is valuable for any parent who has been given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome (or any special need) in their child.

    I wish there was something like it 18 years ago when I had a nightmarish experience with prenatal testing:


    You are opening hearts and minds.


  145. Love, love your blog. Your girls are adorable and you are so inspiring. Okay, your trips to the beach cause jealousy to rise in me as I live in Western NY and would LOVE to be able to throw together our bathing suits and spend a day at the beach without planning a full out vacation!! But, I do love the cozy feeling of being snowed in too. I was brought out of lurkdom today because of Advocare. I don’t want to win, I just ordered some today. I just want to urge you to try the Spark. It is AMAZING! Gives you that coffee lift while giving you vitamins. Love it!

  146. Your pictures make me ache with their beauty. Thank you for sharing your words and images via this blog. Oh and the chicken noodle soup looked divine! yum! Linament for the tummy. I used to live in FL and miss it so. Love the midday baths too. As a working mom of a 2 y.o. and an 8 month old, I am a fan of the 5 o’clock bath. Kids are happily contained and I can sit still for 20 minutes and enjoy their squeals and smiles after a busy day in my Kindergarten classroom. Then I get my second wind for dinner time and everyone is refreshed to play with momma and daddy before bedtime. Have a wonderful day.

  147. so glad your enjoying The Small Things.
    Lainey’s shirt is adorable!

  148. I have to admit I laughed out loud reading your description of your bathtub toys. My girls would rather play with travel size bottles of shampoo and just fill them up. Tea sets are also fun in the tub too!! As always, love the pics.

  149. Okay, I just have to ask… I’ve been following your blog since Nella was born. Do you worry about alligators when you let the girls play so close to the water’s edge? (I live in Illinois, so I cringe every time I see your fishing posts – but it must be safe, right?).
    Love your blog!!!

  150. Nella is getting so big! I love how she can just sleep anywhere!

  151. I love fall and everything it brings with it, but I would love to play at the beach one last time! Enjoy your “cool” weather :)

  152. ok so read your Advocare paragraph in the voice of the announcer from the price is right…


  153. I just found your blog this weekend and I’ve read a lot of it – I love it! I love your positive attitude about everything, and your family is just beautiful! Your pictures make me hope that maybe we’ll end up in Florida someday (we’re a military family)! Thanks for writing :)

  154. I love it! Your girls are so precious.

    Where on earth did you get Lainey’s outfit from the Lake? Soooo cute!

  155. Adore that picture of Nella in front of the doll house!

    Reading your blog is like a little breath of fresh air. Thanks for the enjoyment.

  156. Love reading your blog!

  157. Your babies are just beautiful. I love seeing how they grow! Thanks for sharing with us.

  158. Love the doll house! We are giving one to our daughter for Christmas this year and I’m crossing my fingers that she loves it :)

    Lovely post, lovely pictures! Here’s to fall, my favorite time of year! The leaves are already changing here in Minnesota and I’m in love…

    Happy almost weekend!!

  159. I just love this post!!! Simple and sweet!!! The perfect Wed Sept post :)

  160. I love the picture of Nella sprawled out on the blanket….it reminds me of when I look at my son like that and say “he can’t really be that big can he? he is still a baby?”

    They grow so fast, your pictures were awesome.

  161. Oh and I keep meaning to comment, everytime I come on your blog and see that picture of Lainey with the butterfly on her face, it makes me smile. I think I have to say that picture is definetly one of my favorites that I have seen of yours. Simply amazing.


  162. I could really use the energy drinks! I am currently on maternity leave with my first baby and still trying to adjust to no sleep. Loving every minute…but some extra love in the energy department would be marvelous :)

  163. I really love your blog and it makes my day when there is a new post! Thank you!

  164. I absolutely LOVE Nella’s facial expressions in these photos…completely classic! I think the “bathtub escape” picture is my very favorite…she looked so determined! I laughed aloud at that one.

  165. Ahhh, the chicken noodle soup…its almost a “spiritual” thing in my house as well. It makes my heart rejoice to know my daughter, now grown, married and “owning” a kitchen of her own, makes her personalized version of it to carry on the tradition! Thanks for the post!

  166. Ilove your blog,and especially your awesome photos,they tell such a sweet story. I always feel better after checking your blog. Thank you!

  167. OMG, my sister and I were just having a discussion (via Facebook) recently about those bendy hot roller things. I had them in high school and kept them in my closet. My aunt chimed in on the conversation and said that based on my sister’s description of them she wondered if we were talking about a certain battery operated device.

  168. What a wonderful day! I’m a new followers to your blog. I love the honesty in your writing and all your great photo’s. You have a beautiful family!

  169. Chipped bowls are good luck. Best thing I could have read today!!! I should be set. And I died just a lil with your Nella comment of “quit looking at my butt” face! I think it was the butt face together….yeah I am a kid like that. I always adore your words. And your photos.

  170. my sissy and i just completely adore your blog.
    just saying. . .

    such a great post of evening reflections.

    and ps i love your photos! so beautiful!


  171. ha ha.. “in Florida when you say cool.. you take it and run” I think that’s how it is in Washington when you say “hot or warm” we remember t-shirts and shorts and some take it to the extreme and wear bikinis at the lake. :) I’m with you–embracing seasonal changes. Blessings!

  172. You touched on so many little things an I want to touch on them as well.

    Your chicken noodle soup looks fabulous!! Can you please make some for me the next time I get sick? I don’t think it’s bad that you look forward to serving it to your babies when they get colds, I think that’s a great Momma move. And I’m sure they will definitely rave about it as they get older!

    Bathtime is one of my favorite time too. I love your spout cover, I need to find one of those for my house. Baby butts are one of the cutest things on earth…right up there with baby feet. You gotta get pictures of them when you can!

    Dude, the bendy rods….I never knew what they were supposed to do to my hair when I was a teenager. Now that I know, I think I might have to get some myself. I love you beau-fi-tal shamppy commerical hair! :)

    The doll house is AWESOME! I never had one growing up and always wanted one. I love that Brett made up a whole story to go along with each character. I sure hope Santa brings Arya a doll house one day! :)

    The sister bond that your two girls have is just amazing to see in pictures. It is clear that they have a silent understanding of how the world is. Nella just knows, it’s amazing.

    I want to visit your lake! It looks so peaceful and inviting. I know it’s just a pond by a busy road, but like life, it is what you make it. It looks like a great getaway in the middle of a busy life. It never ceases to amaze me how Nella can just fall asleep anywhere. I wish Arya did that. I did notice when Lainey was done with your phone, Nella took her chance to swoop it up. Sister is on it!! :) And I’m pretty sure she’s getting ready to challenge Sophie to a kiss in that last picture of her…haha.

    Lainy is starting to look like such a big girl and those glasses definitely solidify it. She is gorgeous and her personality shines through every facial expression you capture, I’m sure.

    I would love to try an energy drink that’s actually healthy! I didn’t know such a thing exsisted.

    Those last two pictures of Nella and Lainey are adorable. They are so precious and I really to love look at their faces every time you put up a new post.


  173. Hey! I have been a closet reader of your blog for about a year now. I love your pictures. And your family. I had a dollhouse when I was little. I had a mom, and twins. No ken. (they were hard to find) Imagine what the barbie neighbors though. SCAND-U-LOUS.

    And I envy your Florida weather. I live in Memphis. So we have plenty of humidity and weather pattern changes. Oh, and tornadoes. No hurricanes though.

    I also love the scenery in Florida.

  174. Although my Midwestern bred internal clock is screaming “Fall is coming!!!”, September in Northern California means warmer temps than “summer”. I yearn for traditional fall sequences, but love the West coast too much, and despise the snow.

    Such cute bathtub pictures!!

  175. Love the bathtub pics! It’s hard to imagine Florida is anything less than hot and swampy feeling. :-) This coming from a Pacific Northwesterner that thinks 80 degrees is a little too hot.

  176. Are you willing to share the chicken noodle soup recipe? That’s one soup I’ve yet to try cause I’m afraid I’ll make it badly and no one wants bad chicken noodle soup!!

  177. Love your blog!

  178. My Fall Freak flag is blowing too. My son and I got out the fall/Halloween Deco last weekend. He’s 3 and had the best time! Love the Mimosa Pic. The girls are adorable.

  179. Your girls are beautiful! Great post!

  180. Love the picture of Lainey on your feet looking up into the trees!

  181. love this post Kelle!
    Fall is here and so are starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes!
    chicken soup looks amazing!
    your girls just keep getting more bea-u-fi-tal every day!

  182. I love everything about this post. Homemade chicken noodle soup, the come back of the doll house, the game watcher (the picture of her looking on is so sweet).

    And yes, being from FL, hearing the weather guy say this morning, we’re in for a cool weekend, you take it and run with it.

  183. I am so jealous of the fact that your tiniest gal sleeps in so many spots! My little guy never did that. Adore me some sleeping Nella… on a quilt, in the great outdoors no less!

  184. Love it! We have that dollhouse, but you have way more furnishings! I need to get on that!

  185. N&L look so much alike in the last photo!

  186. What a sweet picture of Nella sleeping! I love reading you blog, there is just something so calm and peaceful about it.

  187. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts! So inspirational and real. Thank you for your beautiful writing and your fantastic photography! :)

  188. Aww, especially love these photos! <3

  189. SPARK!!! I take Catalyst and Spark. I am using Spark while training for a marathon. I’m sensitive to caffeine and that stuff sends me flying clocking PR’s left and right! LOVE LOVE LOVE Advocare!!!

    PS. How do you get your girls to sleep like that?! Just anywhere…

  190. I’m in AZ and I can’t wait for it to be “cool”. The mornings (like 7am) are 78F now. Yeah!

  191. The last photo is SO cute, with their matching hair-do’s!! You need to post your chicken soup recipe! 😉

  192. I’m so happy to hear that chipped bowls are good luck. Do you suppose the same applies to chipped plates?! I’ve managed to chip not one – but two – in the past month! :)

    Your beautiful little Nella is growing sooooooo fast! In the picture where she’s sleeping on the blanket, with her pup curled up behind her – there’s no ‘baby’ left there – just an adorable little girl – all long legs and body!

    Lainey in the glasses – and playing her cell-phone game, while little Sister watches – absolutely adorable!

    Thanks again, for sharing!…..Rosemary

  193. i love how you captured the in the now moments with your daughters. i need to have more moments like this with my son.

  194. “Night writing”for some reason conjured up the lyrics to “Night Swimming” in my head – also a nod to the 90s, thanks to R.E.M. Love your writing!

  195. awesome blog. 15 minutes turned into an hour, sounds like a perfect day.

  196. The toilet’s my spot during bathtime too :) Great view from there, just sayin’

  197. Ooohh, your soup does look delicious! Your girls are so sweet, the joy they bring just jumps from your pictures! Thank you for inspiring me and sharing your life :)

  198. Oh my gosh, that second to last picture of Nella is so so precious! She looks like a little china doll – I love the moments you capture with your family!

  199. There is just something about pics of Nella and that iPhone… they just make me smile out loud! So serious and intent. And thank god we are not the only ones with the non-bath-toy bath toys. Mine actually prefers her bath toys when not in the bath, and vice versa. Girl’s mixed up!

  200. your girls are beautiful!

    the egg out west.

  201. I’m amazed how Nella will sleep anywhere. Girl loves her zzzz. Great post!

  202. I just discovered your blog today, and, oh my goodness, your baby girls are absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t wait to read more.

  203. I love fall!!!!!!!

  204. Hallelujah to FALL ! Lovin it in the Pacific Northwest. Pulling out sweaters this weekend…..
    so totally love your blog! you rock!

  205. That chicken soup ALMOST makes me want to catch a cold so you will make me some! (almost)

    xoxo, Bug & Ruby’s Gram

    ps…those Hampton gals sure are purdy!

  206. You’ve listed some of my favorite things: chicken noodle soup, bath time, naps outside, & fall. We could be great friends, I tell ya. :-)

  207. I love Lainey’s dress! Adorable!

  208. Love Lainey’s little dress!

  209. Great post! Can you share your chicken noodle soup recipe? It looks delish!

  210. As I had my boys in the bath last night and felt my stress levels rising as they wreak chaos on each other and the bathroom, I wished that I was experiencing one of the serene bathtimes that you seem to! 😉 Obviously I need to make peace with the chaos.

    Love the photos of the catnapping Nella. So beautiful.

    Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  211. I smiled and laughed at the bath toy part. My daugher’s bath toys also consist of random objects. Glad to know she is not the only one!

  212. This comment has been removed by the author.

  213. My 3 year-old daughter just looked at the computer, saw Nella and asked, “what’s her name?”

    I said, Nella, and she said, “she’s beautiful.”

    :) Couldn’t agree more.

  214. Love those pictures at the park! And little Nella’s hairdos!

  215. Is it just me or are the girls’ outfits in this post the cutest ever? And there little selves in the bathtub, looove it. Nellbell and Laindizzle- you make me smile!

  216. Little amendment- their instead of there. It sends me when other people do it. Blah. Sorry.

  217. I smile every time I read your blog! Thanks for brightening my day.

  218. Get this…we may have a sprinkling of snow next week! It wont stick but it sounds crazy to be getting it already.

    I LOL with this post. I enjoyed your characters in the doll house.

    I wish I could still put my kids in the bath together. My boy is getting too big to be in the tub with little sis. : ( We’ve had to start teaching him about all that fun stuff. : ( Thankfully when all the lights are out and our sky is pitch black, no street lights here, I can still snuggle next to him in bed and remember his newborn breath against my cheak.

    Oh and Fall. It really happens here. I use to live in the land of eternal sunshine and it will be nice to have seasons. I’m so excited. It was 80 today but I still put on my cords.


  219. Fall is my favorite time of year. Cooler weather and the upcoming holidays around the corner.

  220. Absolutely amazing post – your pictures are gorgeous and your daughters are heart-warming. You have a beautiful family and I feel so very lucky to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing. :)

  221. Gotta love the extended trips to the park! Unfortunately, our hot days here in Canada have come to an end…but fall weather is my favourite! And that means more bowls of homemade soup…butternut squash + apple is on my agenda for tomorrow! :)

  222. Oh, please share your chicken noodle soup recipe! I love my mom more than anything in the world but I always hated her chicken noodle soup. :o)

  223. Fall freak flag is flying high in crafty style here too! Just about finished making my girls Halloween costumes, sweater dresses line their closet, jumping in leaves and apple picking happening soon!
    P.S. I love baby bums!

  224. Every time I see your “outside” quilt I think, man, I gotta get one/make one. Something. Looks so inviting. Who wouldn’t want to hang out under the shade of a bit tall tree. (Maybe I’d even take a nap, if I could get away with it.)

  225. Outdoor naps are some of THE best naps!

  226. Were you a hairdresser in a previous lifetime?? How in the world do you get Nella to stay still long enough to get those perfectly-placed, bump-free, cutest pigtails ever?!?!

  227. I am so ready for fall…I am getting my son’s halloween costume ready and I cannot wait to carve pumpkins (bake the seeds) and visit all the haunted houses. And the weather here in Missouri is starting to get that fall feel…sunny but breezy…which is a nice change from a humid summer. The girls are beautiful and the pictures are great!

  228. So I have a request—I too think your hair was beau-fi-tal after using your styling sticks. And even though I grew up in the 80’s/90’s–I have no clue how to use them! So…..humor me and post some pics with them in. =) Pretty please, with a cherry and whipped cream and sprinkles on top! =D

  229. I love Lainey’s shirt; it’s so colorful!

  230. What model camera do you use for your photos? They’re beautiful!

  231. Love it. Nothing better than enjoying the small things. I love your pictures too. Oh, and my best writing comes at night too :). It’s the best time to reflect for sure. Thanks for your blog, it helps bring things back to perspective and keeps me inspired with the everyday things.

  232. My daughter has that same doll house, and is turning 6 next week! Just the past few months she has really gotten into it! Your girls are beautiful as always! Hope you enjoy your October weekend!

  233. Its the little things that make life grand. And it is not until you become a mother that you realize what that statement means. I could sit on the floor of my bathroom and watch my little one splash water in the tub all day long. :)

  234. We are sticking with the non-traditional toys that can go in the dishwasher. Our squeeky bath toys had to all be thrown out because of the gross mold they acquired. Not a fan of the day we squeezed one of them and saw all the black chunks coming out. ewww.
    Love the red/white striped dress. We have the same one!! Your photographs are amazing, as always.
    I hope you have a beautiful weekend. It’s supposed to get cool here too. Nothing like a crisp fall day to play outside.

  235. My fall freak flag is a flappin’ up here in the Maritimes. Curried Squash soup, apple crisp, potted mums, raking leaves (although the novelty is quickly wearing off, as it always does) and working on fall quilt in browns, golds and orange fabrics that make me soooooo happy! If I ever had a baby girl, I would name her Autumn, of that I am sure. Raise your flag and wave it proudly!!!!

  236. I look forward to reading your blog updates, but I rarely (ever?) comment. The soup looks delicious, the girls are gorgeous and spirited, and the lake photos make me breathe deeply. Still, the thing that pulled me out of lurkerdom is the chance of winning the free box of the new Mango Strawberry Spark drink. You had me at “energy”. fingers crossed. xoxo

  237. Your chicken noodle soup looks AMAZING! You should definitely share your recipe. My favorite sick or rainy day soup is my mom’s veggie stew, which I now regularly make for my husband and me. I have no doubt your girls will remember your chicken noodle soup with great fondness. :)

  238. We all live a life of captured moments. Thank you for always sharing so many of yours. Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine
    P.S> it’s going to be 85 today but the weather channel promises rain on Sunday, welcome Autumn!

  239. Your girls are adorable! Love the Doll house! I so want to get one for my girls!!!!!

  240. I have hose curlers…in storage covered in dust. But I think I might bring those babies out and give them a chance again!!!

  241. I’ve always wanted a BIG dollhouse! But all I really got was a polly pocket house…

  242. The girls are so cute together! Sisterly Love! Awww!

  243. I’m lovin’ Nella’s little biceps in the tub shots. That about kill’d me. That and their styling hair dids. LOVE!

  244. Everytime I see that vintage outfit on Nella, I so wish it were not a one of a kinda! I love how Nella can just nap anywhere, so envious!

  245. I am feeling extra sappy today or something! Your post brought tears, tears, tears to my eyes! I loved your sweet pics of bath time, Nella’s stop showing off my booty face ( I swear I have a very similar picture of my special extra chromosome boy) and her attempt to escape, priceless photos. Reading your blog inspires me. Puts joy, peace, and love in my heart! I hope we are friends one day! Off to put mine down for a nap! Happy day to your family!

  246. this blog is beautiful!!
    love it!

  247. Love it all! The baths…the nap outside…the doll house…so sweet! Benders…may need to pick up a pair! I USE TO LOVE THEM…but then again that was when I used the pink and white can of aqua net hairspray! LOL! Memories…so fun!

  248. Kelle, I just love your blog. I read it regularly, and yet sometimes, something will just knock on my heart’s door and I’ll smile. And just like that, you’re bringin’ a little sunshine to my day. So thank you. :)

  249. that soup looks fantastic! mmm

  250. I so love reading your posts that I get a little bummed when they end. It’s really starting to feel like fall in KY! Enjoy the cooler temps this weekend. :)

  251. I just love your blog! =)
    Have a good weekend!
    kisses from Brazil!

  252. You are such a good mother. In a few areas I am weak I find renewed vigor in your examples of motherhood goodness. :)

  253. I love these next three months…October, November and December. My faves.

  254. I found your blog retwitted and so I visited it. You’ve two beautiful babies! A loving “ciao” from Italy

  255. I’d love to know how you get such great pictures with you and your kids in them? Is your camera on self timer or do you have some fabulous wonderful friend there taking them? Also, I’ve been an avid spark drinker for over a year…it’s incredible!!!

  256. I need all the mental focus I can get. Loved Nella asleep on the blanket. susan

  257. Hi Kelle! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I am inspired every time I read it. You have shown me how to look at life differently and to be a better mom. Thank you. When I saw the picture of Lainey playing on your phone, I thought I would tell you about an iPhone app my husband created for little girls called “Princess Camille”. It’s just a very simple educational app named after our little girl who LOVES princesses. She even did the voice work for it. It is free, and she will be learning while she plays!

    Thanks again for always “being there” for me when I need a smile or a bit of perspective to get me through the days here at home with my three little ones!

  258. Those last two photos are adorable–the last one of Nella in her blue overalls is the sweetest!

  259. I love the dollhouse. My husband and I spent an insane amount of time building a wooden dollhouse with one of those kits from Hobby Lobby, and then painting it (because I didn’t read the instructions). Apparently, you’re supposed to paint it before you put it together because it’s easier that way. I tend to do things the hard way. I thought it would be the most fabulous thing Santa ever delivered, but it sadly spends a lot of time just collecting dust. She likes it, she plays with it, but only after she’s tried on every single dress-up outfit she owns and half the things in her closet while playing the harmonica, the flute or the fiddle. Girlfriend has an imagination, and she always imagines herself as the star of her imaginings, not some little 4-inch family with a tiny house. I love it anyway. I don’t know if I can get rid of it ever after all that work, and it looks cute in the corner of her room.

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