Favorite Day.

It’s rained for about six days straight now. Not all day, but if we’re playing by “Majority Rules,” then it’s clearly a victory for Gray Skies, with Blue and Sunny bowing out respectfully. Until this morning. Finally.


I love home days. I like sitting cross-legged on the carpet in Lainey’s room and watching her mold Moon Dough into snakes and pancakes, or planning all day to make something fabulous in the kitchen even if I never do. I like knowing we have no business outside the walls of our house that calls us to get up and go, and yet today I needed out. I had to breathe air that hadn’t been circulating in our house for six gray days–so much a trip to the bank even sounded adventurous. I had no idea where we were going, but I braided Lainey’s hair, slipped ruffle socks and silver shoes over Nella’s bare feet and buckled them (the girls, not the feet) into their car seats–ready for something. Brett called me on my way out. “Where are you off to?” …and I laughed as I drove: “I have no idea where I’m going, but we’re going somewhere.”


And I think that pretty much sums up everything. Parenting, living, moving forward, embracing change, making something good of what you’ve been given.

I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m going somewhere.


We drove. Toward the beach, but then turned South on 41 and kept driving. Past big banks with mirrored windows and bus stops where trolleys picked up passengers on their way to somewhere too. I turned up the volume and Brett’s Jimmy Buffet CD picked up where it left off. I told Lainey we were going on an adventure and I made a mental note of just how much my senses were on fire when I heard Nella laughing that can’t-catch-her-breath giggle when Lainey made faces at her.

For some reason, today was one of my favorite adventures I’ve ever had with my girls. As my Holland friends would say…today was my favorite day.


I wanted to be back by three because I had work to do, but we didn’t roll in the driveway until almost 7 tonight, and I didn’t care.


Sometimes, when you don’t know where you’re going–and you embrace the freedom in that very fact–you enjoy the journey so much more. Like an unplanned road trip with lots of stops.

First stop: Cambier Park, the furthest park from our house but worth the little drive for its open sanctuary of sitting space that’s covered with dried fallen leaves all year round and encircled by enchanted-looking trees, perfect for climbing.




We found hearts everywhere. In fallen leaves.



Floating in the sky.


And thousands of them, suspended in a green canopy overhead.


She gave me one to keep forever.


You bet your sweet ass, I will.


We climbed empty bleachers at the baseball field and smiled when we realized we were in the perfect spot when it started to rain, protected by a tin roof that echoed with every ping ping ping of raindrops.





Sister can climb like a Mutha.

Post-rain, Lainey danced for an audience of two in the outdoor auditorium.


Followed by snacks downtown.



And then my favorite. The encore.

We turned out of the park and, driving nowhere once more, I turned right. I turned right instead of left and, as Frost would say…that has made all the difference.

Two stop signs and a dead end–a dead end into a quiet cul de sac hugged by nothing but blue skies, a sea of glass, and two rows of palm trees standing erect at the entrance to the beach, like a welcoming red carpet.


Oh, we parked that car alright. We had nothing–no towels, no beach blanket, no stroller, no hats. We dug through the back seat and I, for once, was thankful I managed to maintain a state of shambles in my car. Lainey found a can of sunscreen, a t-shirt, a thin receiving blanket and a Dora sun visor.

We walked through the rows of palm trees, and I half expected them to clap–to call out our names as we busted moves down the soul train aisle and into the promised land and reason we live here.


We smoothed the edges of our tiny thin receiving blanket on to the sand and walked the shore towards the pier. It was one of the most beautiful beach days I’ve ever experienced in my eight years here.

And then we did it. I’ve been wanting to do it ever since I saw the life-loving grandma wringing her shorts on the beach months ago.

“Hey Lainey, you wanna go swimming?” I asked with a cunning smile.

“But we don’t have any bathing suits.” She has to answer this way because Brett is her dad, and she follows in his responsible footsteps.

“Let’s go in our clothes.” I delivered my solution with the same excitement I’ll use someday when I tell her “Let’s play hooky from school today.” She smiled back, and I secured Nella closely to my hip, took Lainey’s hand and the three of us ran with wild smiles into the gulf.

Yes, I’m sentimental. I might describe my girls’ births as if heaven done swallowed me up toward the glory of God and a sunset at Isle of Capri as a heart-stopping celebration. I’ll own my sugar, and I’ll eat it smiling. But let me tell you, that moment today? Sentimental or not–clinging a girl on each hip, the gulf skimming our shoulders, clothes drenched in sea water and looking out at the bluest freaking sky I’ve ever seen?

Today was my favorite f#$@ing day.


We reemerged from the water, dripping, just long enough to walk up to a man, hand him my camera and say “I’ve lived here for eight years and it’s about time we do this. Can you please take a picture?”

He took three.

We stayed another hour. Chasing seagulls, writing our names with beach pens, counting shells. I sat half-submerged in shallow water, nursing a baby, watching my big girl, and I knew at that moment I wouldn’t forget the day we swam in the ocean, fully dressed.

Sometimes, it takes not knowing where you’re going to arrive someplace fabulous. And whenever I am sure I’m lost, I will keep driving. I will look to the left and to the right as I drive, taking in the sights as I go. And I will know that somewhere not far ahead, there’s a beach. There’s a beach where I can run so fast, I don’t even have to stop to change my clothes.

Today is my favorite day.


Friday Photo Dump:



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Winner will be announced in Monday’s post.


Until then, there’s a holiday weekend. Three favorite days. I don’t know where we’re going, but I know we’ll end up somewhere good.

Happy Weekend. Happy Labor Day. Happy Favorite Day.



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  1. This post made my heart smile :)

  2. I’m digging the sister pictures. Lainey is so sweet with Nella. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  3. I’m so jealous of your swimming-in-your-clothes day! Looks like it was a totally favorite day. How right you are, we so rarely just let our hearts take us away and throw (some) caution to the wind! Thanks for letting me share this wonderful day and making me think about having a favorite day of my own! You rock.

  4. I’m all choked up…you live life in the moment and I appreciate you sharing that today!

  5. Beautiful, as always! Thanks for sharing, for embracing, and for inspiring :)

  6. i need to do this more often with my little guy. your posts are always so inspiring. LOVE

  7. I love days that start out with no idea! I love the way you write with such positivity and style. Your go with the flow attitude is inspiring!

  8. This post made me smile so hard … today way my favourite day, too. And tomorrow will be another favorite day!

  9. We live in the “sugar”. The power is realizing that.

  10. Oh – rainy season, how i :::cough, cough::: love thee! Our days inside and slightly cooler days are appreciated, but there have been too many of them in a row!
    Of course today was the day Lyla decided to power nap – as though we’ve refused her sleep for days! We made it out just in time for the skies to open on us.
    Looks like you had an absolutely amazing day though! The picture of Nella sticking her tongue out at Lainey hits top 5 favorites =)
    I’m thinking swimming in the gulf fully clothed is going to need to make its way onto my bucket list! Your day sounds like absolute perfection!! Happy long weekend! Enjoy!

  11. I’m so envious of your adventures. I hope to be as fun and adventurous as you are when my little one is here. 

  12. Yes and yes…

    I love how much I laughed today. Laughter is unexpected, and that makes it stomach-clenchingly, face-hurtingly good. Congratulations on finding your favorite day! Favorite days are good, slow-burning fuel.

  13. Here’s to a Hearty and f#$@ing Favorite Day. Way to Rock it mama!

  14. I don’t comment much, but I just love your blog! Lainey and Nella are so precious together :)

  15. I am definitely swimming in my clothes with my girl then next change I get!

  16. I love going on adventures!
    and I love that necklace!

  17. what a beautiful post. you inspire me to stop (or pause) and just take it all in. thank you.

  18. You make me want to go get lost with all of my kids tomorrow…maybe I will!

  19. good for you!!!

    enjoy YOUR life & your babies!


  20. Thank you for your beautiful post today- we spent today dancing in the rain, you were able to capture my thoughts of the day in your blog. As always, beautiful pictures.

  21. a perfect day.

  22. As always, THANK YOU for sharing a sliver of your life with us! :o)

    (And thanks for the photo of your chicory coffee… now I know what to try!!)

  23. Sounds like a fabulous day =) Love the swimming in your clothes pictures and that pic of Nella sticking her tongue out at Lainey is just precious!!

  24. someday, i will also bring my children swimming fully clothed. someday i will. the memories that it will make…!

  25. im scared of the ocean and sharks well i watch to much discovery channel. it fun to play find a road you start out and you pick random roads to turn down till you end up somewhere far from where you started sometimes it involves running out of gas but some of my best memorys are based around that. Have a great weekend!

  26. that necklace is stunning! there is just something about the bigness and beauty of the ocean… it humbles me. clothes or none. 😉

  27. I get lost in your words. It’s incredible that you can write the way you do, and make a “regular” moment something special. And what truly amazes me is that you really do make it special. Thank you for that!

  28. You, my friend, are amazing. The way you embrace life is so absolutely beautiful! Good for you for grabbing life by the horns and letting special moments guide you :)

  29. Thank you for making me smile this post was written just so beautiful

  30. Way to dive in to life. I’m sure there were plenty of good reasons not to go swimming but I’m sure you don’t regret it at all!

  31. I absolutely love this post!! I wish I could experience a beautiful beachy day with my son but not soon! We leave in Laredo, Texas and there is nothing that beautiful here!!!

  32. My favorite f#$&@%g day happened about 2 weeks ago. My husband and I decided to order a record player. We’re musicians and both of us grew up with parents who made sure we had well rounded music educations. Anyway, some friends had a record player and we thought it would be fun for us to join the club.

    We ordered it on a lazy Saturday afternoon and my husband asked, “So when are we going to find some records?” I said, “Let’s go now!” So we jumped in the car and drove to a antique/thrift mall 40 miles away.
    We spent the entire afternoon pouring through dusty bins of records, hunting each other down when we found a grand prize (like James Taylor “Sweet Baby James” and Simon and Garfunkel “Bookends”) and reminisced about albums our families owned growing up.
    It was a GREAT effing day!

    p.s. that pouty faced picture of Nella had me in tears with all that cuteness!

    Thanks for your thought provoking and honest posts.

  33. Love it!!!

  34. Love your post! You have me all jazzed for tomorrow…my hubby is out of town and it’s just me and the girls with nothing planned. I think we’ll take the road less travelled!

  35. The whole world needs more days like yours.

  36. Wow. You are right. So incredibly right. More people (myself included) need to live in the moment like this!!! Yea for you :)

  37. love it!

  38. This might be one of my Top 10 favorite Kelle Hampton posts. I tried to do this today, only to find out the library closed early, it was too close to nap time for Monkey Joes, and then we hit traffic on the way home. But that won’t stop me from eventually ending up on a beach somewhere having my own favorite day. :)

  39. I love days and adventures like that with my little ones too. Days where we all exclaim ‘this is the best day EVER’.

  40. What an awesome post! You stir up a passion to be a great Mama. I truly believe that their are Mama’s who read this blog….who don’t appreciate the small things and who don’t run away with their kids for a day and you are inspiring them! Laney and Nella are so very adorable!

  41. And that has made all the difference.
    Love your day.

  42. What a wonderful day with your girls!

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Kelle Carpe Diem!

    I like you last week seized a moment and grabbed my daughter Dempsey’s hand and ran through sprinklers under a blanket of stars….fully clothed.

    My gf stood by smiling and said “Dee you are crazy..Dempsey will remember that moment forever!”

    Although I must admit, I’d had a couple off beers…don’t know what your excuse was!!! :)

    Your girls will also remember the day Mummy broke the rules and did something fun…. LOVE IT!

    sending sunshine your way from socal!

    Diana x

  45. I la-la-love that photo of Lainey with the gulls on the beach. Your two girls will be so lucky to have so many precious photos of them lovin’ on each other when they get older. And you are so lucky to have such beauty in your backyard (well, closer than it is here in Ohio anyway..). Hope you get a chance to go swimming in your clothes again sometime! Being spontaneous is the best!

    Have a happy holiday weekend! :)

  46. Inspired! As usual.

  47. Your girls are just beautiful :) love this post, it made my heart happy

  48. Love the spontaneous day – those often become our favorites! Glad you could have the special time with your girls! Happy Weekend!

  49. I loved this! Thank you! It inspired me to pack up, get up, and GO even though the destination is unknown! Those make the best memories too for the kids I’m sure! LOVE that necklace too! :) That picture that the stranger took for you turned out SWEET! Question: When you have a camera like yours and you hand it to a stranger who doesn’t know how to operate it… what setting do you put it on?! I never know what to do, or what settings to put it on when I hand my camera to someone else? Auto or AV? Anyways… I know you get a gazillion questions on here, but just thought I’d ask… Have a fabulous favorite weekend too!

  50. Fantastic! I’m sure Lainey will remember it always. One more tick for the bucket list!

  51. LOVE this post! Had to read it out loud to my hubby. He loved it as well. Hope to be as spontaneous as you are with your girls one day. I have 2 girls – a 2 year old and a 3 month old and we don’t leave the house much these days!

  52. oh my god..i love the pic with nella sticking her tongue out at lainey..such a little sister thing to do! love that necklace too..just beautiful

  53. How Fun! You always make me smile! Well that is you and your sweet little ones. I love getting up and going on a moments notice, hubs too.
    We are always ready for a quick adventure!

  54. awesomeness! im so happy that you guys had such a wonderful day! today was a pretty good day for me and my little fam as well :) hooray for life!

  55. Your day sounds wonderful :)

  56. This made me cry (happy tears!). Your posts give me much inspiration as a mom. Especially on the days I really need it!

  57. This is my favourite post of yours. Beautifully written.

  58. Hey – anytime you reference Soul Train – I know it’s gonna be good! You’re the coolest mom EVAH!! xo

  59. I was born and raised in East Tennessee and have always appreciated each unique season here but the older I get the more I want sunshine. After reading this post I am convinved I should live in Florida someday in the near future. Along about January I am going to be totally jealous of your city,

  60. I love reading about your spontaneous adventures! I look forward to doing things like that with my girls and my boys too!

  61. What a truly fabulous day! I grew up 1 mile from the beach in California, and have lived in Pennsylvania and Arizona for the past 3 years, so I am missing the beach! It is incredible to see how much you enjoy it with your girls! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  62. I could read your smile in this post. Sounds like a truly awesome day, one we all need more of.

  63. It always seem like your posts coincide so wonderfully with my life. We’ve had a similar week … stagnant and frustrating. Just got done planning an awesome adventure for Sunday when I saw you had a new post up. Glad you had a good day, and keep those pictures coming! Even my 3 year old thinks Nella is freakin’ adorable!

  64. LOVE your way of going with the flow, I really need to do that more often!

  65. What a beautiful day, I love adventures like this with my girl, and you’ve summed it up perfectly, thanks!

  66. I love this post!!! And the crazy, fun day you had at the beach. Someday, I want to take my 1 year old daughter with me and do the same!

  67. I teared up reading this! Those are the best days…those that are unplanned! LOVE IT!!!

  68. I think this is my most favorite post of yours.

  69. lucky lucky girls. lucky lucky momma. primarily because you practice celebrating your love and your luck — even out of a seemingly “nothing” day. and by doing so, you make it more so, every single time. what beautiful lessons to continue to practice and teach – to yourselves and to your girls!

  70. You’ve inspired me to get lost this weekend. To take my husband in the car and just drive. After a rough day at work today, I need that freedom in my heart. Thank you for the beautiful blog post to start off a nice weekend. Hope you and the family have a great labor day weekend!!!

  71. This day sounds magical. I want to swim in the ocean with my clothes on!! Too bad I live in a land locked state. I’ll have to come up with my own version…

  72. This is just wonderful! I can’t keep smiling! These types of days…are too my favorite days!

  73. We live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, and I have yet to take my son swimming in our clothes..adding that to the TO DO list for sure! I love those ‘favorite’ days when you have no where to be and can just enjoy what may come of the day… :)
    Happy Weekend

  74. It may have taken 8 years, but at least you did it! Life is a gift….so unwrap it!

  75. Oh, this post. This post is why I come here week after week. Craving your words like it’s my church fill on Sunday. It might of opened up my flood gates a little, but I’m a mama that drinks the “makin’ memory kool-aid”, and I relate. I know that feeling you get before you do something extra special…when that lightbulb goes off, and you feel that tugging in your heart to make “this moment” a memory. You are a special mama indeed. Thank you for inspiring me…everyday!

  76. Thanks for the smiles a lovely way to start the weekend.

  77. This is my first time posting, but I have been reading your blog since Nella was born. I just had to leave a note to tell you how much I look forward to reading your blog Monday, Wednesday and Fridays every week, it truly is a highlight of my day! Seriously, I use reading it as a reward for completing dreaded tasks or for a pick me up when I’m in a bad mood. I text my best friend (we are both in our early twenties) and say “the baby blog was really good today!” etc, because we both love reading your posts and hope our lives are like yours some day! Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  78. Wow! You blow me away! I am in tears… So funny how much this touches my heart today. Those are the days that make our life so rich and full! You never know what it around the corner and then it surprises you with such beauty!!

  79. My favorite post! And my new favorite quote…
    “sometimes when you don’t know where you’re going–and you embrace the freedom in that very fact–you enjoy the journey so much more”

  80. That is so fabulous that you went swimming with your clothes on! I know you’ll inspire people to live in the moment – cause all we have is today :)

  81. happy favourite day to you! I love days like that. We call them our “meandering days” around here, but I don’t make the time often enough. Thank you for the reminder.

  82. Randomness is the spice of life….I’m glad you’ve discovered that while your children are still young!!

  83. I love the story you paint with your words. What a beautiful spirit you have! Your girls are certainly blessed :)

  84. I loved this post. I want to be a mom more like that. Thank you for your words and pictures!

  85. This sooo made me watch to jump in the lake!

  86. geesh you are one amazing writer. I felt your sweet soul in this post, and those girls of yours sure are the sweetest things.

  87. That is truly precious! Spending time with your daughters like that. Beautiful.

    I remember a couple of years ago, my family and I went on holiday. We went to the beach with some friends and I got really cold so I went inside to have a bath. I came out again fully dressed in my normal clothes and I sat on the beach for about ten minutes watching the other kids splash and play in the water. My Mum must have noticed my sad face and she said to me, “Go on honey, go jump in. I wish I could too.” Then I said, “But I am not wearing my swimmers.” But she said that that did not matter cause swimming in clothes is fun! So I did it. I swam in my clothes for an hour and I have never enjoyed anything as much as that!


  88. This is what it’s all about…creating memories. Sending love from Michigan!

  89. I’m learning. Living in the moment is not in my nature but I want to teach my boys how to love life and embrace the unexpected, unplanned moments that make life: LIFE! So we’re learning together. Thanks for your inspiration kelle.

  90. And happy anniversary to me :).

    What a sweet, happy, perfect post.

  91. I love how your blog gives me the courage to do things that I would NEVER have done otherwise!! Tomorrow, my babe and I are heading out for an adventure, I don’t know where we’re going, but she’s only 1, so she won’t mind ;o) I can’t wait to see what we end up discovering!! Thanks Kelle for adding a little spontaneity to our world!!

  92. I rarely comment…although I read faithfully…but couldn’t resist today. One oft favorite posts ever….cheers to making an average Friday in to your Favorite Day. I call the days Forever Days….because I know I ll remember them forever.
    Happy weekend to you and yours….thanks for inspiring me to make this weekend wonderful!

  93. I am green with envy over your swimming fully-clothed ocean moment. I am stuck in the desert but someday I dream of a similar scene with me and my daughter. Thank you for a beautiful/inspiring post.

  94. Love your day :) Today was my favorite day, too – went out to lunch with my husband which is something we don’t do too often; we’re kinda homebodies!

  95. It looks like a favorite day for sure !

  96. i love your pictures…love them very much. And how quickly your girls are growing up….glad you had that man take that photo…perfect!

  97. This post made me tear up. Not sure why. Probably just for the simple fact that every word you wrote radiated your love for your family, for your hometown, and for your life. You have such a gift for writing and photography, and the fact that you are so appreciative of all your blessings is a rare treat. Thank you for allowing us to share with you.

  98. Oh, I miss the beach and impromptu swims! Looks like it was a super-awesome day!

  99. Such a beautiful post, you are truly sucking the marrow out of life. Your pictures are as beautiful as the memories

  100. The adventure is always worth it…even if it’s not that grand. Our mantra is never say you can’t do something or put off something doable today until tomorrow. There’s always room for “can,” and today is just as splendid as tomorrow.

  101. You finally took the plunge! Awesome. There is something so captivating about Nella’s eyes…

  102. That necklace is beautiful!

    And…great post. As always.

  103. Good for you! I wanted to swoop in from New Jersey and give you and your girls a big hug there at the beach! I am so glad that you know to embrace these moments, and hope that others are inspired to do the same!

  104. I love it, Kelle. This post was a song.


  105. That necklace is beautiful.

    So are your girls.

    So are you.

    The End.

  106. My favorite day involves coming home from work and spontaneously surprising my 5-year-old daughter by announcing, “Let’s jump in the pool, and let’s not even put on swimsuits!” The wide-eyed, giddy excitement that greets me when I spring moments like that on her, and the resulting absolute ball we have doing cannonballs and playing mermaid au naturel in the privacy of our pool while the sun dips lower, always makes me feel like it’s been the best day ever. I love my life. And I love the way you love yours too!

  107. Nella looks so grown up all of a sudden. So cute she is.

  108. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. You are a beautiful person, Kelle – and your day? Simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  109. Isn’t it funny how wrong turns can be exactly what our hearts are yearning for?

    I’m happy for all of you that you made the wrong turn together and just had fun! Here’s hoping your weekend is full of wonderful wrong turns!

  110. Isn’t it funny how wrong turns can be exactly what our hearts are yearning for?

    I’m happy for all of you that you made the wrong turn together and just had fun! Here’s hoping your weekend is full of wonderful wrong turns!

  111. As one of your Holland friends, today was also my favorite day! My baby boy met two of his milestones today and we received an update on the little 3 yr. old Chinese princess we are adopting! But I wish I’d gotten out and drove somewhere…. anywhere the road could have taken me! That would have been the cherry on top!

  112. Beautiful pictures as always….wish I was more adventuresome like you. :)

  113. Today was my favorite day because I sat in a bar until it closed talking to my best friend about life, marriage, grad school, traveling and family.

    Happy weekend to you and yours!

  114. gonna take a leaf out of your book we have school holidays here soon think i will do a day or 2 like this put the 3 kids in the car and go

    love your blog 😉 x

  115. LOVE IT! “nursing a baby while half submerged” that’s it, I’m throwing my kids in the car tomorrow and seeing where we end up! LOVE this post!

  116. The adventures we take without a destination in mind are often the best. Far and few between, I’m afraid, with a house full of babes.
    Wow. The heart cloud is great.

  117. AWESOME!

  118. Beautiful as usual!! I’ve been stalking your blog for the past 4 months or so and I’m so so glad I found you! Your words are beautiful, I just became a mom this February and you inspire me to be a better mom and to enjoy my little doll daily! I had a question, I just noticed the little hair clips Nella’s wearing in these pictures, my daughter’s hair is always in her eyes and I was looking for something safe to put on her. I was wondering where you got these from. Thanks in advance:)

  119. I’ve lived on an island for 23+ years and have never done that! But my boy would love it, so maybe this is the little nudge I need to try.

  120. thank you.

  121. This post brought tears to my eyes! I think this would be my favorite day too, and I’m feeling the need to run into the ocean with all of my clothes on, sounds lovely and liberating!

  122. Could it be that the lack of caffeine is making you crazy! Hah – just jokes….you’re craziness makes me feel normal :-) Keep sharing the sugar sweet girl x

  123. Living with reckless abandon… and teaching your girls how to as well… I love it.

  124. Seems like the perfect day! I love that you went swimming in your cloths :)

  125. *gasp* that necklace is GORGEOUS!!!

  126. I smile here! Yesterday I posted in My blog that it’s my favorite day and today you do.
    Sounds like the world is in à wonderful phase! 😉

    Of course, I wrote of a “Favorite day” because I caught that notion from the most inspiring person in the world: you!
    I’ve started that as a life mantra: living every day as a favorite day. Cred to Kelle.

    So, having enjoyed what looks like an amazing Favorite dat here, I’m off to a favorite day over here.
    It’s sunny, it’s off duty, it’s with loved ones – it’ll be grand!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kelle!

  127. I love your enthusiasm for life, it is so inspiring to me! I can’t wait to have children and a little family and enjoy it as much as you do! Have a great long weekend with your lovely family!

  128. *That* was a great post Kelle :-) I love days like that and capturing memories is one thing I love to do.I think life as a parent is savouring those moments forever.Over the summer holidays that’s what I have been doing and now I have a stash of fab memories to sustain me when life goes a bit pear shaped.Let the good times outweigh the not so good times!Have a great weekend love Jess

  129. =)

    Thats all. Just =)

  130. Thank you for your beautiful blog. Reading your words and looking at your gorgeous pictures always makes me smile.

  131. Sisters hold a v special place since I lost mine three years ago to an enormous clot. Watching your girls brings home so many memories; thanks for sharing.

  132. I’m loving the Friday Phone Dump photo of you and the girls cuddling….pure contentment on yours and Lainey’s faces….and a rather squished but “I’m having fun” look on Nella’s little face.

    I feel an adventure coming on today….come on kids!!!!! (thanks for the inspiration Kelle!)

    Andrea x

  133. Sounds like you had a beautiful memorable day…one of those days when you really feel alive!! I want more of those! :)

  134. I love your free-spirit attitude! Sometimes its the “unplanned” fun we cherish the most =]

  135. It was your favorite day. And it was my favorite post…what a wonderful world!

  136. We have one more week of post-surical lockdown. When it’s over, I think Matt, Ellie and I need an adventure!

  137. Good God Kelle, How do you do it? your post had me welling up reading this! Your girls are getting bigger and if possible more adorable by the day. Here’s to moving forward regardless of whether we now where we are going x

  138. I *love* how you parent, Kelle. I’m totally taking notes for if and when I have children of my own.


  139. I like how you referenced Frost…taking the road less travelled. :)

  140. What a beautiful day! Today is Saturday, as in no work or school. The sun is shining, but fall is here, so the temperature does not inspire to any bathing, even with clothes on…. :-) But it’s a perfect day for making memories! Have a great weekend!

  141. Absolutely loved your post today! Doing something spontaneous and crazy is the best and gives you the most wonderful feeling in the world!! Oh how I envy you for living in Florida with the gulf so close!!

  142. Your post is so inspiring! I love to get lost with my girls and discover, and you’re right : those are my favorite days too. And I’m sure this will be their favorite memories. Wish you many more favorite days!

  143. Before I became a mother, I used to go on all sorts of impromptu excursions. I knew I missed it, but this post has reminded me of how much I love it. I have ignored my inner adventurous voice for far too long & need to make sure to take my daughter on grand, unplanned adventures (or even just tiny ones). Thank you.

  144. Love your posts, just always make me smile

  145. Love it….love it love it love it. What a great reminder that thing don’t need to be meticulously planned, bags dont need to be packed and double checked, the car doesn’t need to be loaded nor the GPS programmed in order to have the best day. xx Lauren

  146. I absolutely love the relationship between Nella and Lainey – pure unadulterated joy and love.
    Also love the bit about swimming in your clothes. I hate the feeling of wet clothing but it seems worth it for this purpose.
    Happy long weekend, Hampton family. We hope to be in Florida again soon enjoying your bluer-than-blue skies and warm weather.

  147. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day for you all.
    And can I tell you how much I love the Friday photo dump?

  148. I love your adventures.
    Your words are beauty.
    Your spontaneousy is that of a delicious life.

  149. I love visiting to look at your wonderful view on family life. Inspirational. You spend as much time as you can with them. I have just packed mine off and the void is enormous!
    Dianne :-)

  150. Ha, I love your totally spontaneous ‘swimming-with-clothes’ episode! I’ve done it, it’s great (although not with kids, so you still win..:-) )

  151. I love beach shots! What a gift to live so close to the ocean. Up here, there’s already a chill in the air & the leaves, they are a changing. There’s beauty in that too but I’d choose the beach over falling leaves any day.
    Lainey looks like the best little friend & is it wrong to say that I am totally in love with Nella? I just want to eat her up.
    Happy Holiday Weekend!

  152. This was yet another beautiful post, and one of my favorites. Oh to be more spontaneous.

    Thank you and love and hugs to you and your family.

    The photos speak thousands of words, spreading love and joy.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  153. That sounds like an amazing day. Sometimes I miss being a stay-at-home mom so much. I loved adventure days (as we called them when I had no idea what I wanted to do except GO!). :)

  154. loved your favorite day. today will be one of mine.

  155. Love this post! I’ve found that the unplanned events in my life have been the best. Happy Weekend!

  156. I had never heard a better description of the good results that come from not knowing where you are going… Every time I have done that the outcome has been amazing!!! Hooray to spontaneity in a world full of well planned days!!!
    You made me smile with the swimming with clothes story… that was awesome! have a great weekend yourself 😉

  157. Inside I’m screaming with excitement and outside I’m trying to contain myself because as soon as our babies wake we are going to have our own adventure and make today our new favorite, with many more to come! We’ve made big plans all week for this nothing-planned-yet weekend! Those are the best; and you see..I am a teacher. Which means I just spent a whole week away from my babies during the day (after being with them everyday for the last five months of maternity leave and summer)! BET YOUR BOTTOMS IT WILL BE THE BEST WEEKEND! Your post today made me even more excited for our weekend :)

  158. So happy the clouds parted for you and then you were able to get into your car, drive to someplace you had no idea where you were going till you found that row of palms.
    Which then to you to your perfect day! Glorious is all I can say becasue everyone should have a day like that. Sometimes we just don’t let ourselves. I love an adventure!! Happy weekend Kelle. Love your beautiful family and when those girls smile, my heart smiles too:D!!

  159. I love those ‘gotta get out of the house, don’t care where I’m going days’!

  160. i am crying and I have goosebumps. I think all too often we don’t let our inner child out and just do something BECAUSE WE CAN!! Kudos to you for showing your girls that having fun does not have to be expensive or planned.

  161. I need to take more trips to places when I have no idea where I am going to go. They are best trips! I don’t comment often but it has been fun watching your babies grow. :)

  162. Amazing adventure. I can’t believe I don’t live near the ocean because my soul feels like it belongs there. But – bloom where you are planted right? I’ll go sit in the freaking snow, making snowcastles in the cutest damn winter boots you ever did see.

  163. Day Seized. Awesome.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  164. Love this post! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring.

  165. Jewelry with a purpose? I can barely stand it! :) And a beautiful post by the way. Makes me want to move to FL. If I didn’t love MN so much.

  166. joy for the journey. Beautiful post.

  167. Some of the best things are unplanned! Sounds like a wonderful day. I’m due for a favorite day!

  168. You have inspired me…Today is a day that we will live in the moment!

  169. I really need to move to the gulf coast of Florida. I need a “lake” in my neighborhood regardless of large blue machines keeping the water clean. I need to be able to drive to the water and play any day that I want.
    Beautiful post – it might be my favorite post ever.

  170. I grew up with very little but learned that family and being together was the number one thing – I am more thankful for that lesson than any stuff they could have bought me. I have many “favorite days” from when I grew up and hope my kids can say the same!

  171. Oh Kelle!!! Wow! Tears are a flowin’ here. What an amazing post. LOVE you and your perfect day!

  172. Wahoo for your Favorite Day…I get like that sometimes too, where it feels like the walls of my house are closing in and I just have to get out. You are amazing at taking an ordinary old day and turning it into something fabulous! I can picture your girls in 20 years reflecting on their childhood “Mom was so crazy”…”yeah but she was sooo much fun!”
    Have a spectacular weekend!

  173. I’m going to stop and think today what I have never done all the time I’ve lived here (which is 9 years)- and think about doing it. You daredevil, you:). Love your sentiments.

    I had this notion (my husband went to FL for the weekend without me to visit his dad)- since it’s the first week of school- didn’t work for me:(- that I would set the spare room up as a bedroom even though I’m not expecting. Whatcha think about that? Then, I thought, he may not come home:).


  174. The unexpected days really are the best! Love, love the pic of you three in the water, we always have a spare bathing suit, a bucket and few spades in the car “just in case” 😉

  175. love the hearts.

    and i love that you did it! i had been wondering when you would… you seemed to take much inspiration from that clothes-on swimmer that day. what fun you must have had!! :)

  176. What a beautiful post! The unplanned stops can make for the most magical times. Love the fully clothed, in the water shot! What a perfect day. Thanks for sharing.

  177. Yesterday was my favorite day too. :)

  178. I just discovered your blog via The Happiest Mom and will be back regularly: your photos, and your girls, are so beautiful! I’m a ‘planner’ by nature so this post was inspiring — one day we’ll get in the car with no destination in mind– I’m planning on it :)

  179. This was a truly wonderful post. It made my heart smile and I loved the (unintended) inspiration for others to not “plan” so much but to embrace the now. Unexpected, unplanned moments like this are what Lainey and Nella will remember forever. Thanks for sharing!!

  180. What a beautiful and unexpected day!

  181. The girls will remember that day forever. What a perfect day!

  182. This post brightened my day. You are so right, parenting is all about knowing you are going somewhere but you won’t know until you get there. I am such a planner…I could learn a valuable lesson from you!

    Hopefully your gray skies will go away this weekend and you can soak up more of those beautiful blue skies!

  183. When you said “and then we did it” i was sure you were about to say that you all stripped down and skinny dipped, and i was thinking dang, girlfriend IS adventurous, it is still light out! Maybe you can save that favorite day for another time :)

    This post seriously makes my heart ache from excitement to plan more perfect, favorite days for my kids. Thanks for always sharing your inspiration and positivity.

  184. Thank you for sharing this! I needed the reminder today that everything can be turned into an adventure.

  185. Such a wonderful post! I could literally feel your joy when reading your words. Have a great weekend!


  186. Beautiful story!!

  187. Beautiful post, as always!

    p.s. how’s the not coffee ‘coffee’ treating you? I am thinking it’s time for switch in this house…

  188. The journey is the destination! This is my favorite quote. It is the motto my mother and I always use on our vacations…….we never have a ‘destination’ in mind when we travel. It is for the very reason you discovered on your ‘favorite day’……because if you are so busy trying to make it to your destination, you miss the wonderful journey!!!! Always take the time to “Stop, See Snakes, Live!” ha ha

    Glad to see you experienced such an amazing day…..may your life be FULL of “favorite days”!

  189. this is exactly why I always keep my car and house and heart in shambles–they always make for days like this :) totally amazing. rock on, friends. love the adventure you share with your girls.

  190. oh for heavens sake…you make me smile. i can’t hardly take your writing. it was such a nice read this morning over my cup of coffee.

  191. Swimming in clothes makes it feel totally rebellious and for sure worth wet seats in the car! Yaaaa for happy days!

  192. That sharing-of-the-chocolate-milk picture is precious!

  193. Lovely Story, Beautiful sister’s melt my heart! Have the best time ever!

  194. Oh, to have a necklace like that! People might actually accuse me of being “stylish.” WHAT???

    I love your favorite day. Spontaneity is one of the most precious things we have.

  195. What a great post! You are creating such beautiful memories for yourself and the girls. Have a wonderful weekend!

  196. The sun is shining and we have no plans today – I think we’ll take your lead and go on an unplanned adventure. The very, tiny first glimpses of summer fading into fall are showing and a coffee in hand will go a long way this beautiful morning.

  197. I so rarely suck the marrow out of life, being more Brett-responsible than Kelle impetuous. I hope to be a better balance while my babies are still small, because that’s the stuff of memories!

  198. As my kids get older, I forget to have jump-in-the-car-and-drive-days. Thanks for the reminder. It may be just what we need=)

  199. I love that you try to live life with such wild abandon. I envy that, and need to make a point to strive for that each and every day. I imagine that the memories made are absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, worth it.

  200. My favorite days are the unplanned, going just where the wind takes us, the mountains for a short hike, the park and the play ground, the store for an expected purchase. As I look back now, those are the days I remember and cherish. Thanks for sharing your unplanned day with us.

  201. I loved this post…your girls are going to have the best memories! Its supposed to rain here today and I was planning to take my girls to the local jump house but maybe we will do something more adventurous!

  202. Sounds like a fabulous day!

  203. Such a fun post. I am the ultimate planner and while days like these don’t happen too often in my household, they are definitely the best. My youngest turns 1 on Sunday, looks like we need to have a day like this before I go back to work on Tues.

  204. I vow to have a road trip with my girls…very soon. Thank you!

  205. One of my favorite posts. You’re making memories with your girls that will last a lifetime. Hell yeah you better keep that heart! ;O) Happy weekend!

  206. This post made me smile and brought back a memory I hadn’t thought about in decades. When I was about six we went to the beach on vacation, the same beach we’d been to every year before. But that year my aunt went with us, and as soon as we arrived, before we unpacked or did anything else, she rushed us to the beach and insisted we all run in with our clothes on. It’s a wonderful, magical memory of how “breaking the rules” leads to happiness :)

  207. What an ahhhmazing sounding day you had with your beautiful girls! Something I will always be striving to do, live in the moment and just go.

  208. I love days like that! They’re the best!

  209. Instead of worrying that I’ve gone no place in particular in my life… I need to embrace all the somewheres that have been truly worth the aimless wondering. Thanks Kelle, for reminding me to just enjoy.

  210. Beautiful. I love those unexpected days with my girls, and it just teaches you to live in the moment, because when you do, those moments are usually the best. What a great memory with your girls, I’m sure they will remember it forever!

  211. This sounds like such an awesome day! What a great story!

  212. Love your spontaneity and care free ways. I can relate to the feeling of having to get out of the house with the kiddos even when there is nothing planned. Living life, baby!!!

  213. I needed to read this today. Its been a rough (62 hour of no power or water in our home) and emotional (telling Hubby I’ve been blogging for 7 months without him knowing & him feeling betrayed) week. Reading your words & seeing your photos tells me we need a “favorite day” immediately!
    Thank you for that.

  214. I love your adventures full of everyday special.

  215. I love the first picture of Lainey and Nella…where Lainey’s dimple is showing and they’re sharing laughter. The necklaces are beautiful! I admire your bravery to wander and explore; a sure way to chase dull drums away.

  216. Absolutely inspiring. Thank you.

  217. a $@*#% favorite day AND a #^@*&# beautiful necklace?! i’m feeling pretty sentimental, too! thanks to you both. and enjoy those beautiful memories!

  218. Nice work Mama! Your girls are going to have such good memories of their childhood. I need to embrace a sense of adventure much much more than I do.

    On a side note, this post reminds me of Taylor Swift’s song Best Day. I love that song. I always hope I am creating Best Days for my kids.

  219. Beautiful, just beautiful writing & living:-)

  220. Kelle, you inspire me to live my “one wild and precious life” with passion! Love hearing about your special day. Blessings :)

  221. We have been going through a lot of crap the last two weeks and I needed this post. Thank you Kelle. I love that you had no idea where you were going but you went anyway and it turned out to be your favorite day.

  222. I absolutely love the picture in the phone dump of Lainey and Nella curled up with all the stuffed animals. Makes me think of me and my sisters. :)

  223. I love the Noonday collection, and I love random beach days!

  224. You make me want to take my little family on a roadtrip to FL just to hang out on the beach with you & your family for one day. 😉
    You’re so inspiring.

  225. GOSH this post is inspiring.

    May we all have a “favorite day” soon and run with abandon into the waves.

    I’m taking my 8 month old to the shore for the first time on Labor Day – and this helped me feel less “ewww, he’ll eat the sand” and more “awesome, a sandy, hot and delish litle bugger clinging to mama while the waves lap our toes.”

  226. wow. i love your ability to just be so darn spontaneous! I *wish* i was more like that!! I want to just swim in clothes, and find the beautiful things in life like you! I guess the only way to stop feeling like this is to GET OUT and just DO! relax! have FUN!!
    You are an inspiration!

    * and i also LOVE the autumn starbucks kiddie travel mug in the one shot, we have that mug, i LOVE that mug! :)

  227. Friday was one of my favourite days as well…..took my 10 month old son to the arboretum in the morning, had a fun afternoon in the park (and got caught in the rain on the walk home), and laughed and laughed as he ate fresh tomatoes from our garden like he was eating an apple..what a mess that was! Love your blog!

  228. love the saying…”not all who wander are lost.” way to go wandering with your girls and ending up in a fabulous place having your favorite day ever.

    you’ve challenged me to quit being so “responsible” and get out of the box!

  229. You are so inspiring! You make me realize it’s ok to not always know what your going to do next. Nella, Lainey.. You’re Mom is the BOMB!

  230. Your writing always makes me feel that I am right there with you. It sounds like a glorious day!

  231. What a great fabulous day.. I bet you did not want it to end….
    My favorite day… was a drive I took with my son.. and he talked and asked me questions in the car.. and it was just the 2 of us.. it sticks in my mind to this day.

  232. Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. There are those days in my life with my children that I will remember always. Whenever the days are hard with a 1 year old and 3 year old I remind myself this will only be this way for so long and I only have these moments to make them smile like this. They’ll only want to snuggle me for so long. I embrace it and love every single second of it.

  233. So this right here is why I read your blog. I want to do things like head out on an adventure with my kids and not know where we’re going. I want to go swimming fully clothed. You challenge me. And I am grateful.

  234. I have been stalking your blog since a February day when I was a puddle of tears after following a Facebook link to Nella Cordelia’s birth story. This post is one of my other favorites. You are amazing, Kelle! Wish I knew you in real life. :)

  235. what a fabulous favorite day! your beach posts always make me ache for the ocean … so glad that lovely people like you are soaking it up since I can’t!!!

  236. Such a beautiful, inspiring post. Sparkling ocean, sparkling mama. Love!

  237. I wish so badly I lived near the ocean! What a beautiful, favorite day!Your girls are going to have the most beautiful memories.

  238. Love that necklace, but not as much as the gorgeous sister photo. :)

  239. Let’s see what kind of adventure I can come up with today. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Luvre that necklace :)

  240. Thanks for sharing your favorite day and inspiring me to find my own Favorite day.

  241. I need a random amazing day with my daughter. Today maybe we’ll head out with some picnic gear to enjoy Washington DC for one of the few times we have left!

    LOVE all the amazing pieces at Noonday!!!

  242. this post made me cry. in a good way :-)

  243. Your posts always make me smile. Love the necklace!

  244. Absolutely adorable post!!! Reminds me so much of my childhood memories with my sister. Your girls are blessed to have such a wonderful mom to make beautiful memories with.

  245. kelle, you will have no regrets. as a now-grandmother, i can tell you that these memories you are now making will be little tea cozys for your heart later on. good for you.

  246. I love those “fly by the seat of your pants” types of days. Clearly, your girls do too!

  247. Everyone needs a day of no plans more frequently. I find myself making a “To Do” list for everything, and I must take a deep breath and go with the flow and fun more often. :)

  248. like a facebooker would do: “like”…only I would hit that little “like” link repeatedly…

  249. Another beautiful post Kelle!! A friend introduced me to your blog last fall and I have been hooked ever since. I look forward to each morning when I have a new one to read! Love the necklace, beautiful!! Have a great weekend with your family:)

  250. I love it when you say things like “my Holland friends” or “share the same eyes.” I have a baby boy that shares those same almond eyes . What a beautiful way to mention it. Your blog has inspired of to wright my own, and am now on day 4. In hoping one day I can be brave enough to write our birth story.

  251. This is my favorite post EVER!!! What an amazing day with two beautiful girls by your side!!!

  252. Wishing you joy, always, and many more favorite days. Hugs, Katherine

  253. I cried when you got to that beach because I KNEW you were going to do it…finally…after all these years…And I am SO happy there was a man who knew how to use your camera there to capture it for us, because it is forever captured for you in your mind.
    I don’t know where I am going today, but I know it will be SOMEwhere…and I will enjoy it!

  254. I love days where there is no where specific to be & you just create your day as you go along!

  255. LOVE it! We don’t have any beaches near us, but some day I hope to do the same. And you have now given me a reason not to worry how not-clean our car is: I’m sure all the baby dolls, random assortment of accessories and baby blankets will come in handy at SOME point! :0)

  256. This day looks amazing, and it made my heart smile. :)

  257. I found myself smiling while reading this post, after I had very bad news just an hour before. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being you!

  258. I love having “favorite days!”

    You make me wish I lived in Florida. Sun, beaches, swimming…but I love being here, close to my family, not too far from the beach (a few hours), not too far from the mountains (an hour and a half), with seasons (sort of).

    Thanks for your uplifting, enjoy your life blog. I love it and look forward to each of your posts!

  259. Sounds like a lovely day! I am not very spontaneous but this inspires me to try harder (sort of impossible to try to be truly spontaneous though…)

  260. Your post makes me want to be a bit less plan-ful! Maybe today I’ll be adventurous with my two girls…Thanks, again, for your beautiful writing.

  261. I hope to have fun adventure-filled days like this with my little girls one day!

  262. That post was great!!I love sister bonds – theres nothing like it!

  263. My Air Force husband has been talking about getting stationed in Florida next. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…. :-)

  264. sometimes you forget to “enjoy the small things”. Lately it has been that way for me. Thank you for your gorgeous, honest, clear post of you day w. the girls. It makes me circle back and see how just living life and claiming the gorgeousness that is our family is enough :)

  265. Of all the posts you’ve written in resent months, this one nearly had me in tears! You embrace those magical moments! Well done!

  266. beautiful.

  267. Loved today’s post. Thank you for your inspiring words to live by.

  268. i am so jealous of your SPONTANEITY!! i am a super planner and b/c of that my kids have a hard time when our plan for the day changes, for good or bad! i loved your post and the pic of all of you clothed in the water!!

  269. You make me feel good. Your energy is contagious. Happiness is not a destinatation, it’s a journey and I love how you live your life that way! You go sista!

  270. sounds like a perfect day indeed!

    great photos, as always :)

    have a great long weekend!!

  271. You don’t even have to have a giveaway for me to post. You had such a fun say. Love days like that. Lainey is such a good big sister. She will be such a good person because of this when she grows up. I never tire of
    Nella’s pictures, and Lainey’s either. They are just such special girls. Glad someone took your picture. I bet that was a fun ride home for you.

  272. Happy Favorite Day… love that :)

  273. Thank you for this post! I got a little teary eyed. And it reminded me to let go alittle! SO we are going to be more..carefree! And WE will have more THIS IS MY FAVORITE DAYS!

  274. I love favorite days. I enjoyed reading this today, as my 7 year old daughter is sick with a fever and we have been stuck home since last Tuesday. I plan to get her out of the house too so we can just drive around, breathe the fresh air and have no real destination. She and I are both stir crazy by now. Glad you had a great day with your girls. Happy weekend to ya!

  275. What a wonderful day! I love the neckless.

  276. My heart smiled reading this post, as I can recall the day many years ago that I swam with my 2 older children (then 8 and 10) in a local community pool fully clothed. That was a favorite day of mine, one I will never forget and I’m pretty sure they won’t either. : ) Life can be such a wonderful adventure and what a gift you are giving your girls by embracing it daily!

  277. My favorite post of yours! Thank you for sharing your heart again and again.

  278. I love all your beach days but this is super fantastic– living in Phoenix I just dream of days like this with my grandchildren–the ocean is my favorite place (besides home )

  279. I LOVE your spontaneity and your sense of adventure! I love that necklace too!

  280. This is exactly what I needed today. Brandon has my boys on some unknown adventure, and I’m supposed to be working on writing down Jack’s current “Jacksercises” for all of our helpers, but I knew I needed a little blog readin’ instead! It calls to me, you see!! :)

    I hate “I don’t know.” I’m a “Why” person. We don’t mix well with “I don’t know,” but I’m definitely a “favorite day” type of a gal. Definitely. Like one green light can change my day from sour to perfect. Your embrace of the “I don’t know” makes me appreciate it a little more- almost as if I’m going to try to like it.

    Trying it now, because I don’t know when those crazy boys are going to come home, but when they do, we’re going somewhere… oh, and it’s going to be good.

  281. What a magical day! I love the picture of you three swimming in your clothes, something I have never done but now want to try. lovely post!

  282. This post made my heart smile. We live near the beach and I’ve had those days of “let’s go to the beach even though we have nothing”…they usually turn out to be the best! Your photos, as always, are amazing and inspiring.

  283. Oh, this made me so happy!

  284. I agree, some of my favorite memories with my children are the ones that we never planned on having happen!! Love being a mom and the adventures of motherhood!!

  285. Simply beautiful. I can imagine salted cheeks, sandy toes, and hearts full. Plus, I bet all slept really well that night. Bonus….

  286. Oh, my heart. This post is fabulous. One more advantage to my new journey that awaits. After 15 years of a career in finance, beginning the first of this year, I will spend the next 15 taking care of my girls. At home. Dancing at 10:00am because we can and you bet at some piont, we will swim in our clothes. Only in the Virginia mountains, it will be in a river. But, who cares, right? Happy Labor Day to your family!!

  287. Sounds like a perfect day! Reminds me of a fun day I had with my Mom and children out on the boat. It was georgeous out and we weren’t prepared for swimming either. We all jumped in with our clothes on! My 7 year old looked and me and said “Mom, your awesome!”. It was a great day!! :)

  288. Swimming in our clothes days (which happened…twice, as far as i remember) are some of my favorite memories!

  289. You can tell your girls are not just sisters, but friends for life! I hope my little girl and little man will be the same.

  290. The picture of you all clothed in the ocean? Amazing. Blow that sucker up and frame it.

    Thanks for the Saturday happy!

  291. This is my favourite post.

    I love the spontaneity – something I could stand to add more of to my own life.

    And I absolutely ADORE that necklace!

  292. reading your words is the best therapy out there…you are entirely inspirational and for that, i thank you. :)

  293. What a fun day! And what a beautiful necklace! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  294. Thank you, once again, for making the sentimental tears flow! You are a constant source of inspiration to me, and for that I thank you. Keep writing and blogging, and in return, I promise to live my life to the fullest, always on the lookout for my most favorite day :)

  295. Cooool!

  296. Your post was perfect and I needed that today….totally reenergized me! Thank you

  297. As I just read this, a few unexpected happy tears popped into my eyes. You capture life so perfectly! You are such a fantastic mommy. You girls are so lucky!

  298. Beautiful post Kelle! I want to be the kind of mom that swims in the ocean with her kids fully clothed. I’m getting there :0) So awesome!

    – jen
    walls.jennifer1 at gmail (dot) com

  299. Oh, Kelle, your favorite day = my favorite post that you have ever written. And, I think that I have read them all. I have never commented, but this post really got me. I love the way your girls look at each other. It reminds me so much of my boys. My middle child has special needs, but my oldest child just sees him as purely special in every way (we all do!). They adore each other, just like your girls. I love it! And, I love, love, love your favorite day. Thank you for sharing it!

  300. I love days like this. Where you go somewhere with no “where” in mind. :-)

  301. I need a favorite day. I am trying to accomplish that today by driving to no where in the 90 degree PA weather. If only I could pull Nick away from the televison.
    Have a great Holiday Weekend!!!


  302. I envy you being able to go swimming in the ocean. How I miss beautiful, warm water. I think you have inspired me to seize the day and do something wild and spontaneous with the kids this weekend. LOVE the pictures!


  303. Sweet necklace! I, too, love a good business that produces beautiful/useful things and helps people out in the process. :-)

  304. LOVE IT!!!

  305. OH your day sounds absolutely blissful, I need to learn to throw my ‘oraganized, planner’ to the curb once in a while and be spontaneous, you have inspired me.

  306. I am just loving your post. It was a hard day yesterday, attending my fiancée grandpas funeral, but this post made me smile!

  307. Always love your free spirit and adventures. I love wearing teal jewelry so I would put this to good use and proudly wear it in support of the one that made it.

  308. Your favorite day is my favorite post!

  309. Great post as always…..and I just added “go swimming with clothes still on” to my summer to do list. I think we can manage that before the crisp New England fall settles in to stay.

  310. I love unplanned random days!

  311. This post was phenomenal. Thank you for sharing :)

  312. I love your blog! It makes me inspired to be a better mom every day- and don’t they deserve the best version of ourselves? Keep up the postings, you have a reader/follower for life. :)

  313. what a beautiful day you had! Enjoying the moments and the in-between moments of life with your girls….priceless. I love it when my hubby and I move into those places of unplanned adventures…those are the times that truly are the most special…and I will cherish forever!

  314. Spontaneity is a beautiful thing! Love the photo of Lainey helping Nella drink from the straw.

    Wish we could get some rain here in Texas! I’d love to settle for an Inca Steps necklace though – BEAUTIFUL!

  315. We live in Wisconsin…about 5 1/2 years ago, with a 3 year old and a newborn, we loaded into our van and drove to Florida. The first day we got to the beach (Sarasota), we had NOTHING prepared. We hadn’t intended to go to the beach that day, but were only out for a sightseeing drive. But who can resist a blue sky, warm sun, and a 3-year-old little girl begging “mama PLEASE can we go in the ocean!?” She had never seen anything so vast, and so in we went, clothes and all. We laughed our butts off. We didn’t care about the crowd on the beach, we had the time of our life. That was one of MY favorite days.

    So glad you had that day with your girls!!

  316. This is my favorite post! Thank you!

  317. What a great adventure you had!!! Posts like this one make me want to live near the ocean!

  318. This made me happy all over.

    I love your writing to bits.

  319. beautiful!!! One of my favorite posts yet! I want a day like that with my girls! Love the picture where Nella is sticking out her tongue at Lainey…you can see the sister love in their eyes!!!

  320. IN destin on vaca…storm watch all around…glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sun. Great post!

  321. Spontaneous decisions are often the best decisions. Beautiful day, beautiful necklace.

  322. I love.love.love this! We drove the long way home from school the other day and I found an old highway next to our highway. Who knew?! I love exploring! This post, the words, the pictures-Awesome! Nella in pigtails is my favorite! Lainey with the sea gulls is my fav from this post! We will be having some new adventures soon at a creek my husband has gone to every year. Can’t.Wait!!!

  323. Again you stir childhood memorise. I grew up in Mn on the shores of Lake Superior. You guessed it, I was the blonde headed little girl swimming in her clothes while the rest of the family was content to wade in the wade in the water.

  324. I am living vicariously through you! Thank you for making me smile today.

    Pinks My Ink

  325. Goodness gracious I loved this post! Sure makes me wish I spent more spontaneous days at the beach when we lived closer to it. But I’m sure there are places to drive to here in this landlocked town if I look hard enough – thanks for the inspiration!

  326. Sometimes – the only thing to say is “BAM!” :)

  327. Reading this post today I was reminded of the wonderful times I spent in Naples when my best friend used to live there. Thank you for bringing back the memories while I am hanging out on the couch recovering from foot surgery I had last Friday.

  328. what a great adventure and a great day. :-) how’s that new coffee?

  329. after Irene left us without electricity for 5 full days, i’ve found that sitting at my kitchen table drinking a cup of hot tea and listening to my favorite cd is enough of a “somewhere good” for me to end up right now… thanks for sharing your somewhere goods, Kelle!


  330. This is my favorite post you have written in awhile. It made me cry and I’m not even sure why, but I really felt it. I think I need a day like that very soon with my baby girls!

  331. Good for you, for jumping in that ocean! Beautiful memories for your sweet baby girls!

  332. I’m so jealous of your positive live in the moment attitude. I wish I could be more like you.

  333. Beautiful necklace- I wish I had been born in December so I could claim turquoise as my birth stone color- it’s my favorite!

  334. What a beautiful and perfect “favorite day.” Thanks so much for sharing!

  335. I love the photos of the beach! The water looks so perfect. And talk about perfect– those lashes on Nella (in the “sister holds the milk for other sister to drink” photo). Holy moly! :-) Have a great weekend!

  336. Aww! Happy favorite day to you and your sweet girls. how wonderful! Can’t wait for the book – congrats! <3

  337. Beautiful post. I especially love seeing the pictures of your girls together; you can see the pride in Lainey’s eyes when she looks at Nella.

  338. Everytime I visit, I’m reminded to relax, roll with the punches, and to smile! Thanks for the reminder! GORGEOUS necklace, by the way!

  339. Thank you for your blog. Reading your adventures makes me want to be a better mother to my two little girls. You really live life to the fullest and are building amazing memories for them. I am so focused on schedules and routines that I fail in the amelling the roses department. Thank you for demonstrating that it is okay to deviate and it is okay for me to let loose and just enjoy the small things!

  340. Oh, I just love the memories you are creating with your daughters! I love the spontaneity!

  341. this post reminds me of my favorite day with my niece…although it was a planned day, it was memorable, nonetheless…taking a lil’ toddler to the zoo for the very first time was memorable to say the least…i even enjoyed strolling through the big park with her asleep in the stroller because it was my “quiet time” with her…just the two of us being together like that was enough for me…

  342. Love the real-ness of the sister pictures! Beautiful!

  343. I wish i had a beach near my house to go swim fully dressd in…

  344. I love, love, love those moments. I have been trying to be more spontaneous as of lately, and let me tell you, it is NOT easy for me, but I enjoy the results oh so much. :)

    Love the color of that necklace!

  345. Love the hearts. One day I saw smiles everywhere, that was fun! One was a rock with a curved crack for a mouth and two white barnacles for eyes.

  346. What a beautiful post! I’m living in the sweltering Texas heat & wishing I had an ocean nearby to jump into fully clothed!

  347. love all the heart leaves :)

  348. After I had my first baby, when we went on family holiday and I was having some me time by running on the beach…I did just that. Jumped into the ocean after my run with all my clothes on. It was exhilarating, embarrassing and incredible all at once-I felt free. That was the cheapest thril I’ve ever got…I’m just kind of sad I didn’t share it with anyone like you did. Now you and Lainey will be able to share the story with Nella forever. good on you for taking the “plunge” :)

  349. My hubby and I just had that conversation last night – how nice it is to have no set plans but have lots that you plan on doing! We decided that was going to be this long weekend for us. So far we have had a spontaneous picnic (hand holding included) at a nearby park, ate breakfast at the farmer’s market, sat on the deck way past our normal “bedtime” listening to cheesy country music and tried out a new restaurant in town. All that goodness and it is only Saturday! I’m all full of happy right now!!

  350. I’m crying happy tears reading this post! Happy Favorite Day!

  351. Love it! Congratulations on your unplanned beach day!

  352. Looks like you had a great day. I love the pics of Laney and Nella playing together!

  353. how awesome is this post? i love it and i LOVE days like that. where the world is just as it should be. i myself saw two different heart clouds in the sky the other day. God’s way of saying i love you to the moon and back.

  354. I want to swim with my clothes on. That was beautiful!


  356. I LOVE days like that. I call them “days full of possibility” Nothing planned….no need to do or have to do. Just fun with my babies. Your girls are precious :)

  357. Lovely post, as always! And those necklaces–freaking gorgeous!!

  358. I’ve only been following your blog a few weeks but this was one of my absolute favorite posts so far! I loved all of it, the laughter, the lostness – the finding. It was absolutely perfect, I almost felt like I got to go swimming with my clothes on too. Thank you!

  359. Is it strange that I had a little panic attack when you said you handed a man your camera? There are so many times when I wish I could have someone take a picture of my family and I together but I just can’t bring myself to trust someone won’t take off sprinting with my canon. 😀 I’m so happy you all had a great day :)

  360. Wow. Just wow. I love it! I love the move forward, embrace beauty, do it now boldness of it all. Kelle, you’re amazing!

  361. Oh and.. I’m not near a beach, but the day I came home from work after a long 12 hour shift and jumped in the pool in my dress clothes will always be a favorite memory of mine 😀

  362. Love this! So glad you had a fun adventure. I also feel cooped up after so many days inside, so I love your sense of adventure with your girls. So fun!

  363. Beautiful post, just beautiful!

  364. As always, I love reading your posts. They are sure to be filled with inspiring words and photos. Thank you for sharing a part of your life and your adorable little girls.

  365. I just KNEW I was going to cry as soon as you mentioned handing your camera to a man on the beach…..Oh, that picture!!! And the way you described it….I could feel it :)

    Love, love, love Nella’s yellow flower top, and Lainey on the beach with the seagulls…..OH, MY!!!

    THAT NECKLACE!!! Holy Cow! It’s gorgeous. I need it.

    Favorite phone photo: The 3 of you all nestled together :)

    Favorite line: “Sister can climb like a Mutha”—hahaha!

    My getting out of the house adventure wasn’t nearly as exciting as yours (or as aesthetically beautiful) , but I think I scored big points with my boys when I randomly asked, “Hey, ya wanna go to Home Depot and buy supplies for marshmallow guns?” I was a pretty cool mom yesterday :)

    And HEARTS: When Gabe was 3 years old, he found an old paperclip separated into the shape of a heart. He said, “Look, Mom….it’s a heart for you.” I put it on our bulletin board, and “You bet your sweet ass” 7 1/2 years later it’s still there. I love so much when your one-liners make me laugh and cry at the same time.

    Sorry again for hogging so much of the commenter’s space, but you draw so much out of me. It feels nice :)

    Blessings every day,

  366. sounds like a wonderful adventure!

  367. I love days when there is no plan! I love the necklace – so pretty and a great color!

  368. Thank you for inspiring me to make every day one of my favorite days!

  369. I *LOVE* the pictures of Lainey and Nella making silly faces at each other! I always say, “If ever two girls were meant to be sisters, my daughters are!”

    Obviously, YOUR daughters are, too! :) I love this post!!

  370. Your girls are so stinkin’ cute :) what a perfect day.

  371. Boy do I need one of those days right now. Although I guess I should take note, it’s all in my perspective right? (But it looks like a beach sure does help!:)

  372. …You continue to inspire me… Thanks for the reminder to look for the adventure in every day–and just embrace it and enjoy! Turn right instead of left… happy long weekend adventuring!! :) Sarah

  373. I love unexpected favorite days! That necklace is beautiful and I love the idea behind the company.

  374. Holy bleep, that necklace is beautiful! Looks so good on you, too, Kelle :o)

    Loved reading about your favorite day–made me stop and really think about what some of my favorite day-long adventures have been. Today can be chalked up to one of my faves, not just because I made a killing at a few yard sales, but because I was treasure-hunting with my dad (here visiting from AZ). Having him around any day = my favorite day :o)

  375. That necklace is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! I love those days and weekends…we are having one ourselves :)

  376. That post inspires me to be a better momma! I am a very type “A” personality and have a hard time not having a schedule. You inspire me to be more spontaneous and to just go with the moment!

  377. <3 beautiful.

  378. I love your blog. That is all. <3

  379. I always look forward to a new post from you and today was no exception. The pictures and the words really paint the picture. I hope you have many more favorite days with those beautiful girls.

  380. What wonderful memories you and your girls are creating! Happy Favorite day, Kelle!

  381. Love your blog – your girls are so beautiful, thanks for sharing your life with us!

  382. here in texas we’re so jealous of all your rain! and i love unplanned days with my kids, looks like so much fun!

  383. LOVE that yall went swimming without swimsuits. What lucky girls you have to have such a fun loving mama.

  384. Great post! I love adventuring to new places with no plan in place!

  385. One of life’s sweetest things . . . favorite days!

  386. I’m always inspired by your posts but I think this just may be my favorite one yet! To “favorite days”!!!!!

  387. I wish I could relax and not care about the little things that drive me crazy. I would have been thinking all day about stuff I had to do at home instead of just enjoying it. Glad you had a great un-planned day

  388. I love this. Simple as that.
    You are a special, special soul.

    Love and Blessings your way.

  389. not knowing where we’re going it terrifying. and exhilarating? not always, but sometimes. and those sometimes are more than enough.

    love that necklace.

  390. I wish I had more creativity to have a favorite day on a whim like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of accidental favorite days. But I have never just left with no destination in mind…maybe a great idea for this weekend!

  391. Wow, that necklace is beautiful. And the favorite color of one of my friends who is having a rough couple of weeks. Would love to share that with her!

  392. One of my favourite posts of yours ever! ps. love the necklace!

  393. sister friend, after a hell of a week, this is just what i needed to hear. thanks

  394. I think the un-planned adventure sounds fantastic! And I loved that y’all swam in your clothes!!! That is something your girls will remember and cherish forever!
    I also need that adorable necklace!

  395. I literally got chills reading the ocean swimming with clothes on story. You will always remember this day, but so will they. That is what the BEST childhood memories are made of and you are doing such a great job with your girls. Cheers!

  396. Sometimes the best days are the days where you have no plans, and end up somewhere extra special!! You’re giving your girls such fond memories!! Have a great long weekend!
    PS – LOVE Nella’s little silver shoes!!

  397. Awe, love, love, love days like these!! Your girls will have such wonderful memories!! Happy weekend to you too!

  398. Love it! Makes me want to swim in my clothes :)

  399. so does “ass” warrant a call from your father? hehe…

    3…2…1… i work ridiculous hours this weekend but planned an impromptu date of drinking sweet red wine with ice and eating Ghiradelli chocolates with my cousin in the back seat of someone’s car…

    fuel for life

  400. Love it…everybody needs one of those unplanned fantabulous days!

  401. That necklace is stunning.
    And with your lipstick gorge!

  402. This seriously makes me wish we lived somewhere we could just stop off and swim in the ocean! But alas, they are cornfields as far as the eye can see out here.

    Also, your necklace is gorgeous!

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  404. I love running into the surf with my clothes on. Sometimes you just got to do it. :)

  405. Ahhh! Wonderful! Happy Weekend!

  406. I have never needed a weekend more in my life. This post is EXACTLY what I want to do… take off just for the sake of going, and plunge straight into the water in my clothes just because I can.

  407. Gorgeous photos. I love how you capture moments when the girls are looking at each other. So sweet.

  408. Beautiful words and gorgeous photos, as always! The image you described of nursing Nella while sitting in the water makes me want to high-tail it to the nearest beach with my baby girl! Just beautiful! Thank you for all that you share! You have truly inspired me to see more of the beauty in every day life!

  409. OMG!!!!!!! Love your blog!!! I have been reading for about a month now. Every moment it get reading past stories:) U ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a great beach day!!!!

    Happy Labor Day (Weekend)!!!!!!!!

  410. that necklace needs me. :)

  411. I noticed Nella’s socks didn’t make it past the first stop! lol

  412. Love the idea of getting in the car and just driving! Memories were made and smiles shared by everyone. I will add this to my do list with my little ones.

  413. Beautiful! My little one likes to look at your photos with me now. Thank you for giving us another gift to share!

  414. I. Must. Have. That. Necklace!!! Love it!!!

    Great post today. I love in your Friday phone dump the picture of you and Lainey happily snuggling Nella who has a look on her face like REALLY???!!!

    Can’t wait to swim in Lake Michigan with my clothes on..probably won’t be as fun to drive the hour home though LOL.

    Take care!

  415. What a great day!

  416. Love the pics of the girls together!

    Today we went to the library and since I had enough time and the weather was oh so perfect this afternoon we went down the little nature trail behind the library. I am so glad that we did and next time on my days off we will be going back for more exploring. And next time I will wear sneakers instead of flip flops.

  417. I love those kinda days….when you have nothing planned but adventure and you let it find you!

  418. I love days like this … where you HAVE to go somewhere and you don’t care where it is as long as it’s away from home.

    Thursday was a little like that for us, which was a total surprise. After wrenching my back last week, I’ve barely been able to walk, much less pick up my 30 pounds of cuteness.

    I dreaded having to carry him in and out of the car to his open house visit for preschool (which he starts this week). But after an hour of sitting in a teeny-tiny chair watching my boy interact with other almost 2-year-olds, I felt better than I expected, better than I had in a week.

    So instead of going straight home to an ice pack, we went to the bakery for a cinnamon bun and then to a new park. After lunch and a nap, we hit two fun thrift stores and found brand new board games for $2.

    It was a fabulous day when I least expected it, and those are always the best kind.

  419. Wonderful! I am rarely spontaneous, but when I am I usually experience something magical.

  420. I love this post. Thank you for sharing your day! It made me smile and want to go have an adventure of my own!

  421. unplanned days are unbelievably good.

  422. You are by far thee coolest mom EVER!

  423. Loved reading your “Favorite Day” blog. I can never have enough of your writing or pictures … always brings a smile to my face. I also checked out the website of your new sponsor, Noonday Collection … all I can say is “wow … what stunning and unique products and the history behind the company makes the products even more beautiful.

  424. I loved your post this week. Today is my favorite day…living cancer free, a little bit of money jingling in my pocket, and oreo smeared finger prints decorate my windows.

  425. You make me want to pack up everything and move to Florida!

  426. This may be my favorite post ever

  427. I needed this message today. Thank you :)

  428. Days like this are my favorite with my little man. So perfect!


  429. I love those get get the car and just drive adventures!

  430. How fun! These pictures say it all…you had a great day with your daughters and will remember it forever. Random dude on the beach took a really great picture! :)

  431. Thanks for sharing your favorite day. Inspiring to the rule followers out here.

  432. I always leave a comment about how much I love those beautiful girls, how I want to squueeeeeze Nella. (And I sincerely hope you do that for me one day, just the biggest squueeezzze) I am not sure if I ever have told you how much I love YOU. I am often struck by the strangeness of emotion blogging IS. You don’t have any idea who I am , on the other side of this big country, but I am so smitten with your family and you evoke so much emotion in my heart. Thank you. Thank you so much for making me smile everytime I check to see if you have added a new post and you did, for make me a better fuller richer person inside. You, beautiful mama, are amazing.

  433. your post almost ALMOST made me want to wake up my sleeping twin ladies from their nap…Almost…instead I will peer down at them in their cribs and smile as they dream and I will day dream of our future adventures together :)

  434. Such true words you wrote here…Love this post so much!

  435. So beautiful and inspiring. I love it.

  436. Spontaneity is a beautiful concept! I know I have had the best days that were unplanned. Meeting my husband was by far the best!


  437. love those days! days like that leave the fondest memories in my heart.

  438. I love your blog. It is truly inspiring.

  439. Kelle, I loved this post! Your girls are so blessed to have such a fun momma!! They will look back and remember that day so fondlly.
    Yesterday was my favorite day too! I found out I am pregnant after trying for over a year, and losing one to a miscarriage. Even though I’m scared to death that it could happen again and I could lose another baby; for this moment in time, I’m filled with joy knowing that I may get to be a mom in just 9 months. Life is so precious. I’m trying my best to ditch the anxiety and live in the moment. Today is my favorite day.
    Much Love, K

  440. that necklace! beautiful! lovely post, too! . . . your tone is so relaxed here. I love that!

  441. i know i should be looking at the pretty necklace, but i can’t stop checking out your eye make-up in that picture… beautiful!

  442. I love that you’re still nursing Nella. You go girl.

  443. sublime. there’s nothing like a florida beach.

  444. total sweetness and joy…what a lovely treat for your girls and for yourself!

  445. You’re inspiring me to have more adventures with my littles. :)

  446. I loved this post. We had our own “embrace the moment” experience recently, when my 3 year old suddenly turned the garden hose sprayer on me in the middle of the afternoon. I went with it and we had a wild, crazy, laughter-filled, soaked to the bone while fully dressed in the front yard, who cares what the neighbors think, water fight. And it was perfect.

  447. I’ve been to that beach at the end of the road..the one with the fishing pier…the one with the hot girls in bathing suits fishing!! haha…

    I love days like that, sometimes the best plans are the ones you make while driving to no where!

  448. I just love the way you put things into words. Glad you had such a fabulous day!

  449. I’ve been looking for a necklace just like that! How cute! Love all the hearts in our everyday lives.

  450. Yup my idea of a perfect day! Still need to swim in my clothes but I have done that lost and let’s see where we end up trip and they are the best!

  451. You inspire me to try and be more spontaneous. Thanks for sharing your favorite day.

  452. This makes me want to drive to the beach immediately and jump in!

  453. What a wonderfully exciting day for you all!

  454. ahhhhh! Even if I keep telling myself, “don’t cry. don’t cry. I will not cry.” I end up crying. It’s not just tears in my eyes. It’s tears running down my face. Your gift for writing your life is just downright amazing. I am once again reminded how important it is to cherish each day and try to memorize each moment with my children.

  455. I too LOVE the adventure of the unknown. No planning, no following directions from mapquest. Just get in the car and go! There is something magical about discovering the unknown, going places you’ve never been, trying new things, being a daredevil and living it up – making memories or fillfulling ones you’ve had in store for a while. So many things can be found in a whole lot of nothin’ …. fantasic post and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing Kelle.

  456. Your day sounds like ours in a way. Watching a skit, traveling up and down the rows at the farmer’s market, searching down country roads to find someone to roast our chile. Totally different and yet similar. Fun, nonproductive days!

  457. Wow – that necklace is amazing! If I don’t win it, I’ll have to add it to my personal wish list. It’s the perfect thing to spice up a growing pregnant lady’s boring wardrobe!

  458. We head down the shore for the week…and you inspire me to take my kids into the ocean whether we’re ‘dressed’ or not. Thank you.
    And all I know of you comes from your blog and photos, but I must say, Lainey seems to look more and more like you. And the pics of the girls sharing sister moments, well, they just make me smile.

  459. The best adventures happen when you decide to “take the road less traveled” — totally agree! I’ve found all my favorite places in life by mistake :)

  460. i love the unplanned adventures. they are so often my favorite days with my girls…and the ones where i feel i have been most successful in my new job as mom to two. thanks for your beautiful words/photos.

  461. I love everything about this post.

  462. This post made me smile….

  463. oh, my goodness. i just read this to my husband and we were both in tears. we feel so many of the same things yet we cannot even begin to put our feelings into words as you do. you have such an amazing gift. i save your blog posts like a good book for times when the kids are in bed and i can think a little more clearly. i bask in each post letting it all sink in. i cry at 95% of them and smile every time.

    we just had a moment last sunday at a creek with our babies. an unexpected moment that turned out to be our favorite adventure of the summer.

    thanks for inspiring us to live life more fully and to love the heck out of our kids. thank you.

  464. I would die for a necklace like that, teal all the way, pick me! Pick me!
    Loving the pictures and words and so happy you found your favorite day :)

  465. Love this. Seriously.

  466. What a fantastic day. Your post makes me want to find an adventure in our town with my girl. We don’t have a beach, but we’ve got ponds! I know there’s an adventure waiting to happen! And I’d look super adventurous and cute in that necklace 😉 I told my husband to get me one for my birthday!!

  467. It is always nice to catch our kids…and ourselves off guard. My husband doesn’t understand the drive no where days but my littlest one and I picked up ice cream and drove today until I saw a park sign. The road winded past some houses and then opened up to a huge field with swings on one side and a beach with picnic tables on the other 9cue the heavenly sound!). We were there for 2 hours!

  468. that is such a great way to make memories! im thinking about getting lost tomorrow too.. :)

  469. What a fabulous day! I just love following your beautiful family, you have such wonderful adventures!

  470. What an amazing memory for you and your girls!! And you remind me that I need to have some unplanned days ahead with my little man!!!

  471. I think that your family story is inspiring! Your photographs are beautiful, as is your attitude toward life.

  472. Kelle, I love the photo of you, Lainey and Nella in the water! It just epitomizes your adventurous, life-loving attitude. A wonderful memory that should be displayed prominently in your home! xo

  473. Being a new fulltime stepmama, wife and fulltime grad student at the age of 25, I have been down on myself feeling like a failure in one aspect or another, but this post was perfect!!!! I have been longing to find my inner child, that free-spirited happiness that is accompanied by a bit of crazy and complete goofball! Thank you!!! I am going to be a bit more crazy and love it to kick my stressed booty! You Rock!

  474. I love your girls sharing chocolate milk! Reminds me of my boys when they were little(er).

  475. I love this post and I love unplanned trips. they are the best!

  476. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

  477. Thank you. “I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m going somewhere.” You have no idea how comforting those words are to me, today. These past few months, and days in particular, I’ve been struggling to find direction or at least peace in the lack of direction of my life and this line, this imagery, helped me get even a little bit closer to finding that peace. I was (am) desperately needing some sort of encouragement to keep plugging on, to keep hope alive, and you did that for me today. I’m going somewhere. And maybe it’ll soon, in the chaos, be my favourite day too.

  478. It’s days like these that make the kind of memories which will sustain you a lifetime. Thank you for sharing, I almost like I was there too.

  479. Love this post. Truly inspires me to be spontaneous with my 4 month old babe as she grows older and to live in the moment.

  480. LOVE this post! You make me want to be more adventurous. :)

  481. What a lovely LOVELY day!

  482. Your blog makes me happy! ‘Nuff said…

  483. Beautiful post! What a great idea: when you’re lost, keep driving, you never know where you might end up: I love it! And i love that necklace!

  484. I hope when my baby girl grows up, I am able to take advantage of these types of moments as well as you do….

  485. Your favorite day has become my favorite “Enjoying the Small Things” post. Really, really awesome in so many ways.

    I’m totally diggin’ that necklace, too.

  486. Great post! Love that you threw your “properness” to the wind and jumped into the ocean with the kids! Awesome :)

  487. What a beautiful day and a beautiful necklace on a beautiful woman!!!

    That necklace wants to be my friend!!

    I think a fellow mid-Michigander like myself could rock that necklace!!!

  488. I love reading your posts because they help me to remember to pause in the day and remember those fleeting moments… Thank you for you heartfelt writing!

  489. I know when I choose to continue the adventure I am on with my own two sweet girls, instead of giving up and going home, only the sweetest times will follow. I owe it to my girls to give them the most magical childhood that I can. Thanks for inspiring me.

  490. you remind me that I need to live in the moment more. With 2 kids in school and a full time job and all the other stuff that comes with being a mom, I have been so tired lately and need to focus more on them. Thank you for the reminder.

  491. I really look forward to coming here to read about your days! Except for our yearly pilgrimage to the ocean, this is my only chance to experience it! Thank you and your family for sharing!

  492. This post simply made me smile. The love, joy, and spontaneity are contagious!

  493. I love how you just ran into the water-one girl on each hip with all of your clothes on! I wish I had a beach-I would do that right now!

  494. So sweet! Thank you for this post.

  495. I could use one of those type of days right about now..I always stress as the older ones get ready to go back to school..

  496. I could sip from a cup of Kelle kool-aid for the rest of my life! You make me appreciate the smaller things in life and to enjoy more of the random every day moments with my brood!

  497. i need to be more adventurous-thanks for the inspiration!
    beautiful necklace

  498. Beautiful post…may you have many more of these days!!

  499. Beautiful post… made me smile and cry, and look forward to the day I’ll be able to call my favorite, whenever that may be!

  500. I have followed your blog for months, reading every word and soaking them all up. This post, was my absolute favorite post, ever. It made me want to run fully clothed into an ocean and bask in the sunlight. Beautiful.

  501. Wish I could be as adventurous as you, I have to learn to let go of the control and learn to just go with the flow.

  502. I go this week to pick up my husband after over 6 months apart. We’re turning the GPS to “avoid highways” and just taking our sweet time getting home with a picnic and rain expected. Sometimes you don’t need to know exactly where you’re going to get exactly where you need to be.

  503. I think my favorite picture is that of Lainey handing you a heart-shaped leaf to keep forever. My little man turns 1 on Labor Day, and I’m completely in love with the moments he shows his love for me – big open mouth kisses and fingers wrapped tightly around mine as we walk through the grass to the park. Your picture makes me look forward to him continually finding new and creative ways to reflect our love :)

  504. You never cease to amaze me Kelle…your appreciation for life and your girls inspires me every time I read your blog. Thank you for the much needed reminder to appreciate every single moment.

  505. It is difficult for me to read your blog because I miss fL SOOOOO much! I’m glad you are enjoying it though. You can be my stand in. :).

  506. I love how you can see the love between Lainie and Nella! Such sweetness between those two!

  507. One day I hope I will be brave enough to go on an adventure with no particular place to go. With my sense of direction, I would never make it back home, but I suppose the GPS always knows where home is.

  508. This might have been one of my favorite posts! Wish I could be spontaneous like that!

  509. I envy your spontaneity! What a great way to spend your day – full dressed in the ocean!

  510. One of my favorite “Enjoying the Smaller Things” posts of all time!

  511. This…
    “Parenting, living, moving forward, embracing change, making something good of what you’ve been given.”
    Yes…just yes.
    Thank you, Kelle.

  512. Love your crazy fly by the seat of the pants style!!

  513. You are very fortunate to live in Naples where dead ends lead to beaches! I enjoy reading your blog. I’ve started at the beginning, slowly making my way through your story. Lainey just turned 1 in it :)

  514. what a wonderful story of a wonderful day!
    the necklace rocks too!

  515. so loving the fact that you allow your girls “adventures” … life is always in the little, unexpected joys. You continue to inspire me!

  516. Kelle, I just want to tell you about another incredibly inspirational blog I’ve been reading: stellabrunermethven.com
    These 2 moms are doing what I know that most parents would not have the strength to do – they are watching their baby girl die. But all the while, they are making sure that every single day is the happiest their little two-year-old Stella has ever had. Please go and read their blog and share Stella’s story.

  517. Love the way you love life and joy you are passing on to your girls! Thanks for inspiration.

  518. Days lived on impulse are the best.

  519. Loving the necklace giveaway almost as much as the pics of your kids! Too cute!

  520. I found myself smiling while reading your entire post! Your perfect day sounds amazing, a great reminder to me that making a wrong turn or any turn can turn into perfection. I will hug my kids a little tighter tomorrow knowing we create our own perfection!

  521. lovely day me thinks.
    mine was filled with a girl far away crying on the phone to pick her up (2 1/2 hours at a friend’s cabin). my dad is off to get her as we speak. write. comment. whatev.
    another girl that desperately wanted to stay at g-mas. and did. and i superty miss her right now.
    and a boy that only wanted to take a shower. with me. and play with our zoo animals and bubbles while in there. so we did.
    and now i sit babysitting my sister’s new chihuahua puppy, who is tucked into my shirt sleeping while i comment. thank god for boobs.

  522. Love your post and pictures! You should try Arbonne’s fizz tabs, rather than the coffee sub. They are excellent, I’d recommend the pomegranate. I cannot even drink coffee anymore- it completely turns my stomach. These rock and don’t give you the drop!

  523. I need to stop focusing on the problems (but how will we get dry? There will be sand all through our clothes…) and start just living. Thank you for kicking my butt!

  524. What a fun day with your beautiful girlies! Happy long weekend! The necklace is beautiful, what an amazing company!

  525. I cried reading your post. So beautiful. I’m thankful that you can find joy in your everydays. It makes me look at my life and my 3 little boys differently.

  526. Swimming in the ocean fully clothed sounds like an amazing time.

  527. What an inspiring post, and I am totally on your wavelength! I once took a trip from Milwaukee, WI, where I was living at the time, to NY all by myself (this was before I had a child) on a whim, just because I’d never been anywhere east of Michigan. Things were stressful at home, I had some time off of work/school, and I was feeling trapped in my current life with some large decisions needing to be made, so I just got in my car and went where my heart led me. My friends/family were concerned, probably for good reason, and thought it was a little crazy, but it was the most amazing time, and I’ve never felt so free or alive!

    I’m kind of inspired to take an impromptu vaca to a beach from your post. We live about 5 hours from the ocean, but I’ve been dying to see the ocean all summer, but have let my practical concerns about money/responsibilities hold us back, but I know my 2 1/2 year old would love the ocean, and 10 years from now I won’t remember that I got that credit card paid off a month sooner, but will remember a special trip with my boy, won’t I?

  528. so glad to hear you turned right instead of left. Your day sounded glorious :)

  529. beautiful day, and even more beautiful girls. loved this post! it was my first i have read of yours but cant wait to read more! this makes my heart smile!

  530. favorite.post.ever.

  531. I sat here at work at 1am and smiled as I read this… I think I must move closer to the beach!

  532. This was a beautiful post! So happy I clicked through to one thing and the other and found you :)

  533. Love every bit of this post. Favorite days are the best – cheers to them!

  534. What a beautiful post. I want to grab my daughter and race into the water with her now, fully clothed. Because it looks like so much fun. And she’d love it. Thank you :)

  535. Love it. I love the photo of Lainey and Nella on the bed sitting between the stuffed animals :) I can’t wait to have fun like this! xx

  536. This was one of the best posts I’ve EVER read! Loved it.

  537. rain followed by spontaneous beach swimming with two sweet little girls? no wonder today was your favorite day. :) love the blog. keep it up, kelle. you’re an inspiration.

  538. those are the best kinds of days, unplanned but wonderful!

    p.s. love the teal necklace, looks great on you!

  539. I loved this post! Some day I will have to do the same with my (future) children!

  540. Ohhh how I needed this today. I’ve been a little busy and havn’t followed as faithfully. Thank you for reminding me to embrace these types of moments more.

  541. Very nice, thanks for sharing. rental mobil

  542. I think I will go jump on my bike and on a ride to nowhere — which is easy when live in a foreign country you don’t know you’re way around!! I live in Switzerland, and school started a few weeks ago. I hadn’t visited your blog in quite some time! I didn’t have a plan too, just opened up the computer and wound up here looking for a smile and inspiration on my rainy day. Awesome, I miss Florida some when I read your blog, but I’m enjoying my adventure here in Switzerland. Keep sucking the marrow, and keep sharing your Florida, it helps home seem not quite so far away.

  543. oh! You make me want to live near the water! I grew up on Long Island (the beaches weren’t like that!) and now live in Montana. I guess there’s always vaca. Love the necklace!

  544. We used to do that with my Mum, when my Sis and I were kids.
    Take a drive, toss a coin for left or right and see where we ended up.
    Always a great adventure!
    I have become a bit bogged down in Motherhood with 4 children ranging in age from 2-9 and I love that your blog reminds me to have fun with them and make life an adventure more often.
    Thanks Kelle!
    Tomorrow we are off to wander and have fun, especially seeing it is hols here in Aus.

  545. You are the mom I want to be when I grow up. Only, I have to grow up because my three littles need me to be you right. now.

    Thank you.

  546. And we are lucky enough to live by the beach too. (walking distance.)

  547. my messy car also saves me so many times!! what a great day you all had. unplanned are sometimes the best days because we have no expectations of how it should be. enjoy the weekend!

  548. My husband and I live near a beach too and this past May when we took a walk on the beach and found that the water was finally warm we couldn’t wait and waded in the water hunting for and skipping shells through the waves.

  549. I heart this post :-)

  550. I’ve got some “Brett” in me, too. How did you drive home? What did you do about your seats?

    Enjoy the weekend!

  551. I love unplanned days! What a beautiful way to spend time with your girls! :) Life is too short!

  552. Pretty certain I’ve never had an unplanned trip to somewhere. I’m an eternal Lainey& Brett of sorts; reaponsible. I love it & hate it when i Read that you went in with your clothes on. My kids would LOVE a moment like that-I think I need a moment like that. Inspiring, Kelle!

  553. Love this post! Sounds like an AMAZING day :)

  554. What a beautiful post. Hoping you have many more perfect days.

  555. Sometimes the unplanned days turn out to be the best. I’ve always been a planner, so at times, it’s a struggle for me to let my proverbial hair down. Oh but when I do, don’t I feel so free. Glad you had the best day. I hope you have many more.

  556. I heart this post.

    Last night at the UT college football game during a rain delay, my husband and I did not run to the concourse to stay dry. We stayed and got soaked and I didn’t care that I was wearing a white t-shirt or that lightening was in the distance. It was fun. We were cold afterwards but so ready for football and the tradition that we have in Knoxville every fall that we did not care. Living in the moment baby!

    Happy Labor Day Weekend :)

  557. Oh wow…perfect day! Love, love, love the photos!

  558. It’s amazing the possibilities a day can hold when we slow down and embrace it. It’s so great you’re making such fun memories with your girls. They will remember those moments. You are shaping them and teaching them- and one day when they are grown, they will know how to savor the day, too. :)

  559. Beautiful pictures, as usual!

    I feel silly saying this, but I found out, after almost a year of trying, that my husband and I are finally expecting, and one of the first people I wanted to tell was you!

  560. This post brought tears to my eyes. You inspire me to be a better Mom. Thank you.

  561. Awesome! My sister and i jumped fully clothed in “our” lake last month…….life is to short for swimming suits, sometimes! Love it

  562. What a FAB day! Makes me wish I lived closer to the ocean. Up here in Wisconsin, I guess a lake will have to do! Thanks for sharing your memory maker!

  563. What an enchanting post! My favorite days are also those when I have no idea what we’re going to be doing, but I know its going to be great!

  564. Hope I’m not being too deep, but sounds as if you’ve washed away some sorrow, and are moving forward. Your life is what you make it, and it seems as if there is always lemonade at your place. Cheers!

  565. I’m so jealous that you can set off not knowing where you’re going and end up at a beach! It would take us four hours to get to one from here. So we’ll set off for a river or waterpark instead. :-) Love your pictures as always!

  566. life is too short and kids grow up too fast not to have days like those. :) and teal please. :)

  567. Oh my gosh, I love that necklace!
    And the kids are pretty cute too. :)

  568. Beautiful pictures! I always tell my kids when we get in the car that is a surprise…even if I do know where we are going:)

  569. I hope one day I am able to run into the ocean fully dressed with my munchkin. For now, we eat frozen yogurt, with sprinkles before dinner. We run down the sidwalk in rainboots when it isn’t raining. Thank you for your inspiration.

  570. I loved that post…it brought a huge smile to my face. I can’ t wait to do things like that with my boys (waiting for the 3rd to get a tad bit older).

  571. Kelle,

    I wanted to share something with you that I read yesterday in “the city scene” magazine for Columbus Ohio. Starting Sept 27-Nov 4th there will be a Down Syndrome photo exhibition “Shifting Perspectives”. Photos from photographer, Richard Bailey. It will be held at The Dublin Arts Council Gallery. You may have already known about it, but thought I would pass the info on. I look at pictures of your little Nella and she is an absolute doll. She brings a smile to my face with every picture.

  572. Ugh. I have not been having enough of those days lately. Summer was amazing for the 1st 6 weeks as I loved on my girls and threw out the routine. The last 6 weeks kicked my butt. Sometimes I feel like I need a “Small Things” challenge with a month-long bucket(ish) list of things to do & moments to experience with my kids.
    That necklace is A-Maz-Ing. And I love your Friday Phone Dumps. I’ve given up on mine…I can’t get them to post right to my blog(s).

  573. The simplicity of a drive to clear your head makes me long for those days. Now it’s text messages and phone calls from birdies who’ve flown the nest discovering the joys and wonders, along with the heartbreaks and changes they can’t control and feeling helpless and wanting nothing more than to sit in the sand and rock and nurse them. I know this for sure-mothers have magic.

  574. Yay for being spontaneous! You’re my kind of girl.

    Esther Dush

  575. What an amazing day! I love adventurous days. It is days like those that matter. Love the swimming in the ocean fully clothed – did that at midnight in Thailand. Will never forget it!

    Hope I win the necklace!

  576. Wow, you really DO know how to suck the marrow from Life..you have such a zest for and love of Life. Something that cant be taught in school. I just love you and love who you are. Yahoo! Yes, Happy Labor Day..happy favorite day (love the necklace too). OUr oldest dtr and her little family are home visiting this wknd and we gathered with our other dtr and hubby and their 2 littles. Life is good, when we are all together~ Love from the Blog Mama

  577. Happy favorite day! You are an inspiration!

  578. Kelle, your “unplugged day” is what we Jews experience every single week – Shabbat – our day of rest as commanded by G-d Almighty to honor the Sabbath by not working i.e. not utilizing any source of electricity whatsoever! So us Jews get to enjoy our family and truly relax every single week, or as in my case, just catch up on some much needed sleep!
    Enjoy your “unplugged days” more often – it does wonders for refreshing your spirit and soul!

  579. I cant believe the timing of this post, my little family just got home from the lake where I at 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd little girl, swam in that lake in spandex workout capris and a tank b/c well it was calling my name! My husband daughter and I could not have had more fun, it was our Favorite day! I am so glad you got to have such a great one too, and so glad you share the stories of your everyday so eloquently on this lovely little blog of the small things!

  580. love your blog, i have two girls 3 and 2 and we live in california in santa cruz. i absolutely adore taking my girls to the beach unplanned. such an amazing experience. we’ve been having lots of unplanned adventures lately and it sure makes me love being a mom!
    thanks for your photographs and your amazing ability to share!

  581. You are truly an inspiration!

  582. Without question, this was one of my favorite posts! From nature’s hearts to jumping in the Gulf fully clothed. Kelle, you are a rockstar. Nella and Lainey are so lucky!! Hugs from Baltimore. XO

  583. Love the finding hearts fun!! Love that necklace too… Need me one 😉

  584. Ahhh…. a day without plans helps one become more aware of life! Love the post!

  585. Loving this. Makes my heart sing this afternoon.

  586. Love the photo dumps! Makes me want to take more pictures with my phone!

  587. I see why it was a favorite day! Love to win the necklace!

  588. Sounds like an awesome day. My kidlets and I NEED a great adventure. Also, loved your last post about being unplugged…can I just say THANK YOU for pointing out that plus are not evil and that balance is key. I learn something valuable nearly everyday thanks to being plugged in.

  589. Gorgeous post, gorgeous necklace. Gorgeous girls! I love having a day with no plans. Those always end up being the most fun.

  590. Sounds perfect.

  591. Kelle- You are a fabulous mother, who inspires other mothers to be more fabulous as well! Keep on girlfriend!

  592. Thank you for sharing your favorite day with all of us … Beautiful as always! LOVE that necklace! Hopefully I win 😉

  593. You are a constant reminder to me and others on how we should always spend quality time with our children…thank you!

  594. I enjoy the way your photos capture a perspective!

  595. Gosh, you are so, so inspiring. Thank you.

  596. I did similar to this one day with my two girls and my niece and nephew: a hot, hot day after driving what felt like all day, we came upon a park with a big fountain, and I said- that’s it! we’re goin’ IN! And they couldn’t believe it when I jumped in with my clothes on and they had permission to do the same. My favourite day, too.

  597. This looks like it was an amazing day! I love how much joy kids get from the simple things like climbing bleachers. I can’t wait until my little one is just a little bigger and is more tolerant of go-with-the-flow days and longer car rides.


  598. Nella is getting so big! I love the way she loves her sister. : ) Abi

  599. Love this! My kids and I will go in the gulf fully clothed one day! Beautiful pictures as always…I love how Nella loves her big sister’s silly faces!

  600. Inspired. Yes, I am. Thank you.

  601. Sounds like a beautiful day. I have got to have a day like that soon.
    The necklace is very pretty on you.

  602. Beautiful pictures!

  603. I’m just all teary reading this post. I guess it’s because it resonates so deeply with me. Thanks for sharing, I eagerly await each new post!

  604. I need to find my “beach” – the place I can escape with (or without) the children for some moments of pure bliss. That’s my mission for this fall….

  605. Thank you for reassuring me that even though I don’t know where I’m going, it’s gonna be somewhere good. There will be adventures and surprises. You are awesome!
    In other news, your fake coffee looks shady :)

  606. Fantastic post…I could feel how awesome your day was through your words and pictures…what do they say, the road less traveled is paved with gold? Carpe Diem!

  607. sounds freakin amazing. Way to Carpe diem!

    oy those girls… delish!!!


  608. As always, your writing and photography are just wonderful. :) I love your honesty and joyfulness. I love the picture of your little girls together with all the stuffed animals in the Friday phone dump collage. I found myself thinking of how great it will be when they are old enough to read these entries and see how their mommy felt all those years ago while they were growing up.

  609. You inspire me. Wow. Can I call you super mom? Cause you so totally are! What a wonderful day you had with your girls, I hope they also remember that as one of their favourite days :)
    And that necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!

  610. Thank you for reminding what life is truly about and that tomorrow we are going to make our favorite day!

  611. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to just be!

  612. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going somewhere. Yep, some days are like that! Thanks~

  613. i just had my 3rd baby on monday—my favorite day :)

  614. this is the sweetest post i have ever read :) thank you.

  615. i totally felt your day. being a mom is the greatest gift!

  616. I think you just gave me an amazing idea on what to do for labor day….drive with nowhere in mind, and go where we end up. If I lived near a beach (Lake Erie is simply, erie) I would LOVE to swim with my clothes on. So random yet so fun.

  617. I LOVE that necklace- teal is the way to go! And what a great cause!

  618. I love your adventures…I think I live vicariously through them!! Thanks!

  619. Love this post! I have been thinking for awhile now that I need to have a adventure day…. soon:)

  620. It may sound crazy, but as beautiful a post as this is, I sat here and cried, because I’m at the beach (Port Aransas to be exact) with my boys and entire family, and I know I just broke my big toe falling down the stairs, and everyone is asleep. I’m in so much pain I’m up on my laptop, but reading your post made me cry tears of joy because I realize a silly toe really doesn’t compare to seeing my three boys frolick all day in the waves, unabashed joy so obvious on their smiling pink faces. My toe hurts really freaking bad, but my heart is full. Love your writing, Kelle. It’s always just what I need.

  621. We did something similar last weekend, we left the house not having a clue where we going to end up, we asked each of the kids to pick a direction, one picked north, the other picked east, so we headed northeast, then we had them pick a number and that was the exit we took off the highway. We ended up coming across a few real gems, a farm village,set up to replicate a working 1920’s farm and a local zoo, the littles were so thrilled with both of these places and even more thrilled that they helped get us there. What a great day filled with great moments for us! Loved this post! Have great rest of the weekend!

  622. Great day! Great adventure! Great necklace!


  623. Adorable!

  624. I loved this post! What a special day for all of you to remember.
    The necklace is gorgeous!

  625. “This is my favorite day.” I haven’t had one of those in a while, but reading your happy little post made me feel like I might have that favorite day right around the corner… :)

  626. Beautiful post as always. :)

  627. I adore watching your girls grow up and listen to your stories of life. Your honesty in sharing your heart (and zest for life) was SO helpful to me when life with my 2nd babe started out with an unexpected bump. I will write you one day to tell you the story, and my appreciation of you. Promise, I will.

  628. Ohh, your post made me cry and smile at the same time, sounds like a totally awesome day. Wish i could do that with my kids, too bad we don’t live close to the ocean. But maybe I will let them dance in the rain today, fully dressed, just for the fun of it!

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  629. Glad you had fun!

  630. What an amazing day. On the last day of school we jumped into the pool with our clothes on.. What a liberating feeling. I now want to be caught in the rain so that I get drenched – and not care at all…. :)

  631. I absolutely loved unplanned adventures!! They are the best kinds! It’s been too long since I’ve had one with my kids! Thanks for the reminder!!

  632. Happy Labor Day to you and yours too, you are by far one of my fav blog visits each wk 😉

  633. quite the adventure! off to have one of our own today…love it!

  634. love this!

  635. Beautiful! Just really beautiful!

  636. happy favorite day. just loved your post. i used to live around there- now in LA, and I dream of that water almost every day. what a beautiful blog, (and a beautiful necklace too.) thanks for an inspiring start to the day.

  637. This post rocks!!!!!

  638. What a fabulous post about your beach day. Such a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing it.

  639. Love the smiles on your faces when you’re in the water in your clothes!!!

  640. I love those sorts of days!!! Great post!

  641. How fun! I think today I’ll take my littles on an adventure. Not sure where, but I hope it’s half as grand as yours! : )

  642. We also swam with our clothes on this weekend! LOVE!

  643. Gorgeous necklace, gorgeous post. I want my kids to say, This is my favorite day, everyday. I’ll have to start the trend. Thanks!

  644. Thanks for love everywhere – I’ll try to find mine today, and keep looking at the sky too :)

  645. I have wanted to do this for so long (swimming with my babies while fully dressed) thanks for the push to know that no matter how many strange looks I get from people it can and probably will be one of my fondest memories :) This post made me smile and tear up at the same time <3

  646. Beautiful day! I may just have to jump in my car this week and head south. It’s a long drive from Indiana but I feel the need!

  647. FABULOUS. Everything about this post made my soul sing. I love that you had the gentleman take a picture of you in the water with your sweet girls. Awesome. Nothing is better than spontaneity.

  648. reading this post was JUST the medicine i needed today. thank you!

  649. this makes my heart smile! i adore reading your blog and i can not wait to have these days with my daughter who is expected to arrive in less than two months!!

  650. This made me tear up a little bit, because it was just so beautiful.

    This is my favorite post.

  651. This might be my favorite post of yours EVAH!!!! Smiling from the mountains, Heather

  652. This post made me smile like WOW. Love!

  653. sounds like a deliciously perfect day indeed! we had a pretty special weekend too counting down to my eldest sons first day of JK on Wednesday. happy weekend to you :0)

  654. What a great day! I am inspired to pack my little ones up and follow my toddlers “go dis way” promptings and see what fun we can find! :)

  655. i love all the hearts you found! and “writing with beach pens”– what a wonderful day.

  656. I love your spontaneity! Swimming in your clothes sounds wonderful! I’m inspired!

  657. kelle-true words that inspire! your sense of adventure instills a small seed of hope that I can throw responsibilities aside and enjoy what has been given to me. thank you for always finding the silver lining!

  658. Oh my goodness, I love this post!! I wish I had a child of my own that I could pack up in the car with nowhere in mind and have one of my favorite days. I love the picture in the ocean. Thank you for sharing your favorite day with us.

  659. your words are like salve for the soul.

  660. Sounds like the absolute perfect day! No real plans but so much fun. and I still can’t get over Nella in the pigtails….too much!!!

  661. Hi Kelle! I’ve been reading your blog all weekend– wow! So amazing. You are inspiring in more ways than one- keep up the awesome posts you have such a beautiful family. XOXO

  662. I just absolutely love following your blog, reading your stories & seeing your beautiful pictures.

  663. Absolutely love this! It totally speaks to my heart. My husband says I’m always saying, “today’s been my favorite day ever!” What a gift that is! Love your blog! Thanks so much for writing :)

  664. LOVE the teal one! BEAUTIFUL!

  665. Oh man, wouldn’t I love to wim fully clothed for the sole reason of “why not?”!
    Love that you got to do this!
    And I am loving the photo dump photo of you 3 girls snuggling. Beautiful!

  666. What a perfect day! I wish I lived closer to the ocean!

  667. That does indeed sound like the most perfect of days.

  668. I love your blog so much! I live in NYC, have a ten year old boy. We probably don’t have anything in common on the outside of it. But on the inside, we love our kids, love the beach, and what’s more important than this? Your girls are priceless, as are your photos.

    Thank you!


  669. Absolute happiness! Thanks for reminding me how much fun me and my daughters had one night a few years back when we went to the beach for a weekend, walked down to the beach to check it out, and decided to just jump in and start swimming – fully clothed in early March while the water was still freezing cold. But man, did we have fun! :-)

  670. My family had a day like yours a few weeks ago. We had moved our oldest son into his new college dorm in San Diego and the the hubby, kids and I headed off into San Diego not knowing where we were headed. We ended up at a park in Mission Beach where the kids played on the playground and hubby and I laid on the blanket and relaxed. We then got back on the road and took a fews wrong turns and ended up at the La Jolla aquarium which the kids loved. We then took the scenic route from La Jolla back down to San Diego to watch the sunset at the marina. It was an adventure and the kids loved it.

  671. What a beautiful day! You always serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life.

  672. I needed to read this today like you wouldn’t believe!! Thank you, Kelle, as usual for touching my heart and making me believe in my life path. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going somewhere. And I’m going to make the most of it! :)

  673. This comment has been removed by the author.

  674. you inspired me as you always do!

    you can see here

  675. I’ve lived in Central Florida all my life and have NEVER swam in the ocean with my clothes on. Maybe it’s time I do! Love (and slightly addicted) to you blog and the necklace is oh, so beautiful.

  676. I don’t know why, but this post just made me cry! happy tears =) Your words and your enthusiasm for life is BEAUTIFUL!

  677. Like Stacey said way on back in the other comments, “This post made my heart smile.” I hope to one day be the hooky-playing mama with my kids. I love this blog so much. Thank you, again, for sharing your lives with all of us!

  678. So cool pictures,a sunny day!!!!
    Sunny days in the hearts of every body!!!!!!

    see also my blog

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