Friday Quicky

This kid is going to walk soon.


Yesterday, I swore it was going to happen. She got up on sturdy legs, stood there for over a minute, smiling, and I told myself, “She’s going to take a step and you’re going to cry.” It didn’t happen, but it’s close and I’m realizing just how much I’ve loved having her little for so long. First Steps is the bridge out of babyhood. You know going into this special needs thing that your baby will most likely walk late and while for some that is difficult, for some not so bad–first steps seem to turn the page toward the next chapter. The first chapter has been so good and it’s felt incredible to sit back and enjoy it. I will miss her crawl and yet I will applaud her moving forward.

You walk when you’re good and ready, Sister.


After waking early yesterday morning, we dropped off some goodies to teacher friends where I used to work. Nella, still dressed in her jams, sat at the reading table and neatly shoved powdered sugar donuts in her mouth with just a trace of powdered mess that followed.



Yes, that’s a hundred in her hand. Someone owed someone money, slapped it on the table and Swiper took it because she knows a good thing when she sees it.

The Queen and the Sceptre


We’re working on Halloween costumes this weekend–turning an old wrinkled dress into Little Bo Peep and a onesie and a hat into a sweet little sheep. More to come.



The week closes with the stomach-dropping rush of a good swing push and the squeals that follow.



I miss old-fashioned parks with old-fashioned swings and wooden bridges and merry-go-rounds and climby things that don’t look like space-age contraptions. Other than the swings and slides at this park, we kind of just stare at everything, wondering how you’re supposed to use it. Which is exactly what I do whenever I go to the gym (which is never). I’m afraid I’ll start pulling something with my arms that’s meant to be pushed with my feet, and some hot guy will come over and tell me I’m using it wrong. This has happened. And it’s funny, but what is funnier is that I’m talking about the gym like it’s a part of my life right now when my exercise comes in the form of following these girls toward the places they go.

Photobucket Lainey’s shirt (also works as Nella’s dress) from the amazing, talented Kiki at The Measure


Those places led us on a boardwalk path last night–around a lake, through tall cypress trees and straight into long rays of sunshine that cast tall shadows.




I have a girl in cleats and shin guards waiting for her first practice tonight, and I will smile until my cheeks hurt.

Happy happy Friday.


Friday Phone Dump:

Third row, last picture: Nella fell asleep in the Target cart

And two I had to pull out of the collage because I loved them too much to downsize:


Friday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram Iphone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage. I am etst on Instragram if you want to follow the feed.


Listening to THIS (thanks, Meg) and THIS this week.


Spark Energy drink giveaway winners are:

Comment #219, carrie: Fall is my favorite time of year. Cooler weather and the upcoming holidays around the corner


Comment #21, Christine Gottemoller: I love your use of “fall freak flag.” Makes me laugh. And honestly, your girls are some of the best dressed cuties I have ever seen.

Ladies, please e-mail your contact info to with the subject line GIVEAWAY WINNER. Thank you!


Tomorrow is October. I want to find a cornucopia, climb up in it and never come out. Fall Freak Flag–Find it, unfurl it, wave it high. And have a happy weekend.




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  1. Way to go, Nella! Walking in time for Trick or Treating I see!

  2. Every post is like a present! Truly makes my day. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful. That’s about all I can say about this post :)

  4. Beautiful post as usual Kelle!

    I am a follower of your on instagram. I wondered if you updated to instagram 2 and how you liked it so far.

  5. I love the picture of Nella in the swing. So cute! My little girl started walking at 10 1/2 months, and it made me very sad! My twins will be 3 in January. They grow up way too fast. I enjoy the pictures you post on instagram, it’s like a little bonus :). Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh, our fall freak flag is out in full swing too! Love this time of year! And go Nella!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. You amaze me, Miss Kelle! I love the idea of Nella being the sheep and Lainey being Little Bo Peep… my sister is going to be Little Bo Peep too! Your Friday Quickies are always so much fun to read, thanks for providing another fun one today!

  8. Love it!

  9. Nella’s shoes sum her up quite nicely: Angel! :)

  10. Hey Kelle!

    You’d laugh out loud at some of the playgrounds in seattle. They look like….weird modern art. Like…how would I even play on that? Am I allowed to touch it?

    I miss the big wooden structures of waterfront park in Boston where I grew up, and the big splinters that came out of it!


  11. Gooooo Nella! What an exciting adventure she has ahead.

  12. I’m cracking up..because yesterday we came to a decision on Halloween costumes and my girls are totally going as the same thing! Great minds think alike! 😉 ..LOVE IT!!

  13. As a fellow Fall Freak, I will be celebrating the start of October right along with you by making some homemade italian vegetable soup and fresh baked bread.
    P.S. it still kills me how Nella falls asleep EVERYWHERE! :)

  14. That’s Right Nella! You got this girlfran….

    Well a girl hasn’t done shopping right until she falls asleep IN the cart… She is well on her way to shopping like the rest of us, When does she get her own credit card?

    Lainey, I tell you I can already tell JUST HOW fortunate this world is to have big sistahs like YOU

  15. Man it seems like Nella can fall asleep anywhere! What a good baby. We almost have a walker on our hands too. I am not pushing it because I know that means I am that much closer to losing my little baby….:(. Can’t believe it’s Ocotober already, but I am ready! Bring on the holidays!!! Love the costumes, too!

  16. Love Nella’s face in the first picture! Made me smile! Great idea for Halloween costumes as well!

  17. Nella is almost there! I’m with you the crying. I missed Arya’s first big chunk of steps and cried for a good hour. It is a gateway to big girl hood. Enjoy the baby moments while they are still here. Then rejoice in the accomplishments when they arrive. I can’t wait to hear about the big moment!! :)

    BTW, I was just telling my husband this morning how Nella can sleep anywhere and how much I wish Arya could do that. In a Target shopping cart….that one is priceless!

    Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy watching little ones run around in little cleates tonight. :)

  18. I don’t know where that picture with the long shadows was taken (it looks like outside of a school), but when I saw it, my heart skipped a beat. I have the reverse fall fever that you do. I grew up in S. Florida and live in DC now. The temps are cooling here, and the leaves are just starting to change. When I saw that picture with the orange sun and long shadows, though, it was just like being in high school after classes, waiting for the activities bus to take you home, as it was oppressively hot and sticky, and yet, homey. Oh, Florida.

  19. The Queen and the Sceptre photo is fabulous. I wish I had that chair in my classroom. My preschoolers would love it!

    I am thrilled October will be here tomorrow. That means my baby girl will be born any day. I look forward to taking her to all the parks and letting her play with all the leaves. Yes yes, she will have to wait for that until next year to play with them but for now, we will enjoy our little walks through the falling leaves and the crisp breeze.

  20. first steps are so wonderful… walking independently is the awesome next step for nella and i am cheering her on loudly… i’m just a little jealous too though; i’ve been following your blog since just before my little girl was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy grade 2 and i’ve been totally inspired and humbled by your blog… jealous? because my little one will never walk and i’ll never see her first steps… so you enjoy nella’s – every single one of them – and i’ll be cheering from the sidelines x

  21. Such a pretty post! Love the pictures. :) I’d snatch a 100 if I had the chance too. 😉 Smart girl.


  22. I saw this quote on a birthday card the other day.

    Be Happiness Itself

    It reminded me of you immediately. Your blog radiates happiness.

  23. love the golden hour for photography. happy weekend Kelle.

  24. ever hopeful mummy…what kind words. thank you for your enthusiasm and cheering when you are dealing with something entirely different. the very best to you in your journey with that sweet baby.

  25. One time when I was at target, ready to to pay, I realized I had left my wallet in the car. So there I go with my two kids in the cart back to my car. When I get there, the baby was asleep! Just like Nella. We got in the car and went home. The popcorn maker could wait!

  26. Love the pic of Nella sleeping in the Target cart lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. I love Instagram! One of my fav iphone apps!
    My 15 month old just pulled to stand last week. I cried.
    You are right about that being the end of the baby stage. When they learn to walk is when I take their pacifiers away. Problem this time – He is a thumbsucker so now I don’t know what to do!!

  28. Living up in Canada we are getting ready for Thanksgiving which is just around the corner. I’m so excited to have fall and the holidays that it brings. Enjoy your weekend.

  29. Thanks for the phone dump info! I’ve been dying to know what app you use.. And Nella is soo close cherish those last few moments on all fours!

  30. Yay Nella!! Way to go girlie :-)

  31. <3 your phone dump today!


  32. Looking at your first picture in this blog, I love the happiness and pride on Nella’s sweet lil face. She will be walking soon. Watch out mama 😉

  33. I love how news-y and fun your posts are! Your much-loved girls are so darling! Thanks for sharing your life! :) Happy Friday!

  34. sososo cute!! Nella is sooo close and she is soo cute in her jams! -Rachel (Distinct.Style.Innovation / Giveaway!)

  35. Go Nella! She looks like she is ready to conquer the world. Happy Weekend~

  36. I hope your weekend is splendid!

  37. Oh my – Nella looks very close to walking!! Awesomeness. My little dude is 4 and still not walking independently – he is so walking when he is good and ready…..! Great costume idea. Can’t wait to see it. Happy weekend. Apple picking coming up tomorrow for us – 60 degrees and sunny – sounds like perfect weather.

  38. Love your photo dumps. And all your entries of course.
    What program do you do your collages in? Or do you do them right on your iphone? I’d love to add collages to our blog? Thanks Kelle! Happy October!

  39. go october! get busy!
    ready to start a new month…
    love the photodump but am a luddite and can’t figure out how to get my doggone photos from my phone to my computer w/o re-synching it all and blowing a gasket. so kudos to you, savvy computer girl.
    happy october!!!

  40. I just followed you on instagram, first photo that poped up.. Lainey and soccer.. So exciting!!!

    I adore those two songs… where do you find all this amazing music?

    I am in LA right now.. and though the weather is feeling a bit like fall, it’s still looking pretty much like palm trees and more palm tress (You can probally relate) I can’t wait to get back to VA in the middle of Oct and see what all has changed since I left.

    Happy weekend,


  41. I will have to download that iphone app for photos – very cool!

  42. Wasn’t that the “Blue’s Clues” chair Nella was sitting in?

    Or am I that old, that no one knows about Blue’s Clues anymore? :(

  43. I’m with you on the keeping them little. My younger daughter (I have two too) didn’t walk until she was 29 months old. She crawled from 17 months until she walked. She crawled for an entire year. Her therapists and doctors were thrilled that she crawled for so long because crawling is ‘good for the brain.’ We didn’t even get her dianosis of 5p- syndrome until she was 27 months old but I loved letting her be my baby that long. Now, she’ll be five in about six weeks and she’s running, riding the bus to preschool, climbing, jumping, just being a kid. Hold on to those baby days as long as you can!

  44. Gym? I’m stumped. What’s that?!?

  45. Hands down my favorite photos- the last two. I love them. Your girls are so beautiful and have captured my heart. The best part about your blog- it’s so inspiring. And uplifting. When i have a rough day, i come find you. I look at your blog. If there are no new posts? i look through old ones from before i found you.

    I’m addicted. On days i know you post? i find myself checking all day until you do. I just can’t get enough.

  46. love the queen!!! and the swings. and you!

  47. I just wanted to introduce myself! I am a new follower and I absolutely love your blog…I love the moments you capture with your babies! I love that you share your personal thoughts with us! I love your style of photography! I just hope one day my pictures will be just as beautiful :)

  48. My little guy got rained out of his first soccer practice last night, bu he sure looked cute in those tiny shin guards and cleats!

  49. 1) I just moved back to the neighborhood where my mom grew up and I grew up and it is the same play equipment they had when we were both small. Wooden climbing structures and metal slides. Really cute, but horrible for the babes (and seems SUPER unsafe).

    2) I have never ever had a desire to visit Florida (I live in SF), but we’ve booked our entire family on a trip to visit Sanibel Island (I think fairly close to you) inspired by your babies playing in the calm water – very different than the Pacific Ocean beaches here). The Naples chamber of commerce should seriously pay you for your amazing pics.

  50. Those adorable girls, and all your pretty things. Nella looks so close. I understand the love of the prolonged babyness, and I love how you relish it, too.

    Right now my next-to-youngest boy is sing-songing ‘penis poopypants penis poopypants” from our front room and I relish your little girly girls. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  51. I love how it seems that Nella can fall asleep anywhere. That is really a gift. I love seeing the places she finds to get comfy and take a nap!

  52. I always love the pics of Nella sleeping…the Target cart is priceless.

  53. Sometimes when I read your post I feel a tiny bit jealous…shin guards and first practices. It seems like yesterday and yet it was a decade ago.
    Then I remember what I didn’t know back then-that first times galloping on a horse and first times volunteering at the humane society (because you finally turned thirteen and are old enough)are just as thrilling to watch.
    Thank you for always reminding me to savour the journey.

  54. Crying from laughing at the Target cart photo of Nella – love love love it! She needs to share some sleeping anywhere secrets with my sweet girl. Rock on while you walk on, Nella!

  55. I just love Nella in her bonnet. So stinking cute!

  56. I don’t think I’ve ever posted here but I wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog. I appreciate it when a blog focuses on the good things and not just how depressing life can be. I really try to write with the same optimism you do, so I appreciate your continuing motivation. You rock! :)


  57. every post you blow me away with your gorgeous girls AND your amazing photography talent :)

    have a fantastic Fall weekend!

  58. I love The Head and The Heart!!! Saw them open for Iron&Wine this summer in San Francisco, they were amazing. Better than the headliner (shhhhh, don’t tell them). If you get a chance to see this quirky little band live, do it!!!!

  59. see you at that park in just a few short weeks for the walk :)

  60. I love that Nella can sleep anywhere! Sleepy little Swiper after my own heart. Happy weekend, happy fall.

  61. Only you will rock the moccasins.. they look so comfy I wish I would dare! Love the first picture of Nella-go girl!

  62. Go Nella, go! I absolutely adore reading your blog. I am so, SO happy I found it. You are a huge inspiration to me. I know this sounds creepy but I seriously think we’d be great friends if we ever met. And I have a 4 year-old who shares well, and a super laid back 8-month-old… I bet even play dates would go well! haha Too bad we live in TX. Keep writin’ girl! You’ve got a lot of fans!! 😉

  63. Forgive me if this is incredibly long. But I just wanted you to know that I admire the hell out of you. I have followed your words and your journey through life, ever sense the day my dear friend posted a link to your blog on FB, right after Nellas birth. Tonight however I took a step back and read how you came to know Nella all over again, and it moved me, it was beautiful, and it made me realize how necessary it was that you had her, and how beautifully you have told her story. She is the brightest star. It’s priceless. I am simply a girl with a little brother who will never surpass the mental age of a 7 year old, he has no idea of his handicap, and we forget he has it. Sometimes I come to your blog to breathe. Sometimes I come to your blog to hope. Sometimes I come to your blog to smile. And sometimes I realize that I need to be a little more thankful for you, this perfect stranger with a perfect challenge. I cannot wait for your book.

  64. Oh goodness, I love Nella sitting in the Thinking Chair.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Your photos make me want to run out and shoot at sunset to get that wonderful flair (flare? sp?) you accomplish! And I love the Halloween costumes in the making, why did I never think of Little Bo Peep and her Sheep for my girls!? They’re too old now and want to be vampires and things 😉 And my guess, by next Wednesday’s post, Sister will be walking! Go Nella, go!

  67. Thanks for the laugh because I take my kids to that exact park and my daughter is always asking me how she is supposed to play on that weird giant thing across from the slides and I always thought I was crazy because I have no clue what you’re supposed to do! Glad I am not the only mom in Naples that doesn’t know what it’s there for!

  68. Kelle~The day Nella walks will be a joyous one for sure. She’s getting so close. I love that photo of her up and ready to go! My 9 year old didn’t walk until she was 3 years old! It was such an exciting time! It’s amazing how these milestones mean so much more when you have child with special needs. You sure do appreciate the little things so much more. :) We are currently really struggling with potty training. This one has been our BIGGEST hurdle! She almost has it. And I’m telling you when she finally gets there 100%, I’m taking out a frigg’n full page ad in the newspaper and announcing it to the entire world! Have a great weekend.

  69. You had me at the special needs chapter talk! 😉 I have a mostly love/sometimes strong dislike relationship with those chapters.

    SO many days, I look at my Chloe (7, also has DS) and think — I. AM. SO. LUCKY. And you know why? Because what you’re talking about with Nella and walking, and how you get to enjoy the “baby stage” longer? Well that for me has continued long after 2.

    I don’t know how many mom’s are still crying over their 7 year old talking or running or playing… UNLESS their child has special needs. So that’s where the “lucky” feeling comes in. I live each day and appreciate it for what it is…and it’s all because of her. My special, magical, wonderful little girl.

    So when she walks, Kelle? I hope you get a picture, or better yet a video, because we all want to cry with you! It’s so much better than the way we imagine it. SO MUCH BETTER! :) xo

  70. what beautiful girls,what beautiful captures,what lovely blog!!!!It’s a pleasure for me to follow you and your beautiful little princesses ‘ adventures!Please sorry for my bad English!
    Xoxo from Italy

  71. I love the picture of Nella sleeping in the shopping cart. My Stella falls asleep like that a lot and it cracks me up every time.

    Happy weekend! :)

  72. WOW! These are so beautiful!! LOVE the square ones especially.

  73. I cannot wait to see those costumes!

  74. Oh my goodness I think I might cry when she takes her first steps too! I got teary eyed just reading this!!!

  75. Beautiful! I love Nella asleep in the shopping cart – like Target was just too exciting and she couldn’t handle it all :) I am so looking forward to fall (we have it here in OH) – drinking hot apple cider right now! Happy Weekend!

  76. Awesome Nella! Can’t wait to read the story about her first steps… :-)

  77. You’re a great mom Kelly, and your daughter is so beautiful. It’s a real pleasure to read about the steps in her life. A lots of hugs from Italy. Miki

  78. Love the pics and all of it! SO cute, the Halloween costumes idea. Thanks as always for lifting up and inspiring. I saw some quotes that reminded me of you. The first made me think of you, for very obvious reasons (“littles”), plus I think of small things, llike simple moments that arent really so small. It is from POOSH BEAR- “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”. ANd from unknown: Every day do something that makes your heart sing. Yes, October – tho not as hot here in CA as where you are, it is rather mild. We ARE supposed to get some good rain on Wed and I SO look fwd to that! I like more change in seasons. Happy Weekend. Happy October! Love from the Blog Mama~

  79. kelle–
    every single one of your posts–and i mean–makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me think, makes my day. you are such an inspiration to me…to laugh and to never take yourself too seriously and to see all the little moments in life for what they are, which is glorious. your blog has seriously changed my life and i wanted to thank you for that.

    p.s. your girls are absolutely gorgeous.

    wishing you a happy 1st of october!

  80. The picture you didn’t want to downsize belongs next to the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken”.

  81. Love the photo of Nella in the swing–what a sweet smile! And, I love that her shoes say “angel” on the bottoms! Adorable!!

  82. Ms. Nella…your beauty abounds…move forward little one….so much awaits you when you get those legs a movin’ !! OH boy !!

  83. I know what you mean…..I’ve always described Nora’s development like that of a flower blooming in slow motion. We are forced to slow down and watch, take it all in, and marvel at the miracle she is—-the miracle that EVERY child is. I might otherwise have taken it all for granted. We have to “stop & smell the roses”, so to speak. Nora’s not walking, or even crawling for that matter, but she WIll stand when propped against something (as seen on Facebook 😉

    Laughed out loud at “Swiper” taking the money!

    And if you’re anything like me, you just might get a little teary at the sight of Lainey & her teammates as they form a little “beehive” chasing after that soccer ball!!! I think I cried for the first 3 years of the boys’ soccer careers….”Oh my gosh! Aren’t they just so cute?” Can’t even count how many times I’ve said that—haha! And the little tiny girls that would come in their pink shin guards & cleats ’bout did me in :) Enjoy!

    Can’t even pick a fav phone dump pic….LOVE ’em all!!

    Off to our second soccer game of the day….hopefully without tears… 10 year old might dis-own me :)

  84. Nella looks so big, and so brave in those pics. It makes me so excited to think about reaching those milestones. We first “met” you and your fam about a year ago, waiting for our own little almond-eyed girl to arrive. Melanie will be one in November and watching Nella this last year has made me anticipate the future even more.

  85. Νella is making steps!!!Amazing.
    What can I say for your beutifull blog…and your beutifull family!You are the joy of life!!Thank you kelle…for all the inspiration.
    A friend from Greece

  86. Way to go, Nella! Wonderful seeing it as it looks thrilling, happy and amazing – at the same time :-)
    Cutie pie for sure!!

    I don’t know why but your posts often bring sweet and happy tears to my face, today too!
    Thanks, somehow I feel great being here.

    Have an awesome Sunday <3

  87. Yay Nella!!
    1) Those sunset photos make me miss Florida so much. Call me crazy, but I love Florida swamps almost more than the beach!
    2) Those moccasins!! In your photo dump. I must have them. I have been searching for that style of moccasins for weeks with no success. Help? :)

  88. Do a new post, Im craving

  89. Go Nella go Nella! Love your stuff… You’re my morning coffee at work…before emails get opened – your blog gets read. Thanks for being yourself.

  90. I love me a good old-fashioned “enjoying the small things” post!

    Please tell Nella there’s no rush with walking. My little one started walking early and it just moves them from the “baby” category to the “toddler” category, no matter how old they are. They become more interested in exploring and picking up speed than cuddling with their mommy ;(

  91. Kelle, what fun.. to see soccer…. and little girls…. I am really loving rachel Platten… thanks for turning her on to me.

  92. thanks for reminding me to get my freak flag out…

    yay nella!! i cant wait to read about those first steps!!

  93. Oh these posts of yours sweet Kelle just warm my heart. Thank you for catching life as it comes and writing about it so beautifully.

    In gratitude, Sarah

  94. Go Nella Go!! Watch out for Swiper when she starts a walking!! I love how you have cherished her littleness for as long as you can!! But how I know you will celebrate (with rainbows and jumping unicorns) the day Ms. Nella triumphs with each step across the room or along your long drive way covered with chalk people or towards the waves of your beaches to wet her toes…wherever she may be…it will be a magical moment!! Happy walking out of babyhood to you Ms. gorgeous scrumptious Nella!! Hugs to you Mama Kelle as you cheer her along!! It will be one of those moments you tuck away into your heart.

    How did the little girl in cleats do? Looking forward to your soccer mama post.
    PS Thanks for introducing Rachel Platten-loving her!!
    …I miss listening to your music as I read your blog!!!

  95. My daughter didn’t walk until 16 months. Got some grief from some folks but I didn’t care, because as long as Miss A did the butt scoot boogie, I knew where to find her. Once she started walking, it was over… ;o)

  96. I noticed Lainey’s shirt in the first swing pic and was hoping you’d share where it came from : )
    Thanks for the music!

  97. I adore the picture of Nella sleeping in the shopping cart. I have one of my son sleeping in a Walmart pushcart…complete with drool dribbling down his chin. Someday, it will be used to show his future wife, ha ha!

    My daughter just turned a year last week and while I yearn for her to walk and begin the next chapter, I too am enjoying the current page. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to move to walking just yet. Something about crawling and babyhood :-)

  98. There will be many tears when nella takes those first steps. Thanks to your brilliant writing, we all feel like we know Nella, and wish we could kiss those sweet cheeks. YOU GO GIRL!

  99. First of all, I love how Nella seems to have the ability to fall asleep everywhere! That girl has a talent. Also, in reference to your last post, the bath, it is so true how calming it can be for the moms! After a rough day I can sit and watch my girls play queitly in the bath and it puts everything else in perspective.

  100. I’m going to steal and tweek and make it my mantra because I desperately need one to get me through this waiting game. It’s now “You talk when you are good and ready, sister!” My last blog was about the breakthrough I was waiting for that then failed to happen. The anticipation and lack of outcome has left me antsy and agitated (my impatience hasn’t helped!). So I’ll repeat my mantra and try to wait patiently.. in her own time! Thanks!

  101. I love the new banner on the top of your page. AND I love fall ALMOST as much as you do!

  102. I feel the very same way about the gym… and the public library. I stopped going when they switched from an actual card catalog to a computerized one, which was about 13 years ago, and that is very sad, I know. I just go to the bookstore instead.

  103. I loved what you said about Nella walking and it being the next step – a step away from baby to becoming a toddler and I totally agree – I loved having a baby in the house for a little longer(actually it was a lot longer with Mark – he had just turned three when he walked) but it was that much sweeter when he did. Keep enjoying the small things and sharing them with us!! I love it all.

  104. Can’t wait to see your girls in their Halloween costumes – bet they look super cute! :)

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