66 Minutes to Save the World

Sometimes when I write, it just works. The keyboard and I are practically lovers, and a half hour of pecking paragraphs is like a good make-out session. Like I could smoke a cigarette when it’s done and feel good because writing did exactly what I wanted–provided this magical outlet to express myself. (For the record, I’ve only smoked three cigarettes in my life and two of them were under the bleachers at a Montrose Highschool Football game when I was Homeschooled Girl flirting with disaster).

It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, it’s laborious and I’m critical and it just feels like I’m trying too hard. Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes I hit “publish” thinking “this isn’t very good” and sometimes I’m right. That’s part of any passion. Artists paint crap sometimes and photographers take blurry photos. Teachers have bad days and accountants make major errors in tallying receipts. But you do what you do because you love it, not because you’re good or getting there or very bad and trying.

My point is that my last Hallmark piece was a difficult piece for me to write. I had a horrible case of writer’s block and when I hit publish, I winced. I wasn’t happy with my product, and I didn’t think it was any good.

And it really doesn’t have anything to do with writing but more with the presented subject–the idea of women wanting to be the best moms, the best wives, the best people despite our limited circumstances. I realize how powerful we are when we listen to each other. And I really listened in your comments. And I smiled realizing that what I thought was not my best writing was still honest, and it brought some poignant responses that made me think.

I want moms who struggle to feel better about themselves. I want women who have to work to pick up their kids from daycare, drive home and spend those couple precious hours before bedtime knowing that quality is valued more than quantity. I want my friend who is going through chemo and feels guilty for what she can’t do with her babies right now to understand: Good Lord, they know! They know you love them, they feel it with the precious time you do give them. And I want to believe this myself–because sometimes I forget.

You take what you are given and you work with it. You smile and you love the bejesus out of everyone around you for every second you’re blessed to do it. You make it work, and you give it–you give them–your all, your passion, the secret part of your heart that says things you want them to hear. Like “you mean more than any of this.”


After a busy day today, I figured I’d prove my point. One hour. One hour that extended six minutes past. I took my girls and buckled them into their seats and told Brett we’d be back in an hour. And, in the span of sixty-six short minutes, I gave them my all. I was funny. I was attentive. I poured out motherly love from a gushing hose.


We played I Spy in the car and I purposely didn’t say “the sky” for my first guess on Lainey’s “I spy something blue” even though I knew it was the sky. I wanted her to have the satisfaction of stumping me. And when I looked back at her in her car seat, I really looked. I smiled with my eyes and I said I love you with every cell in my body.


We went to the beach. A short drive and a very short trip to the shore just to sink our feet in, grab a few shells, chase a few seagulls.


Our pants got wet, and sand stuck to Nella’s sticky palms, but that’s okay.



We didn’t stay long. It didn’t matter. Lainey can’t tell time yet, and she only measures anything by how much fun she has anyway.


I love this necklace: Stella & Dot

Our favorite beach store was closed, so we skipped popsicles to take this picture in front of the ice box…


…and scurried on our way with thirty-four minutes to spare.

We decided to cross off a quick swings & slides from our adventure scavenger hunt and mad-dashed through puddles to make it to a soggy playground while time was a-tickin’.

Butts got wet, clothes got soaked–kids smiled.



And then it got really fun. Lainey caught on to this how-much-fun-can-we-have-in-one-hour game, and we were flying. Laughing, running back to the car, checking the clock to see what else we could cram in our Hour of Power.

Fifteen minutes to spare. We’d hit a Whole Foods on the way home, its juice bar perfect for our grand finale smoothie treat.

We pulled in as it was getting dark, and I snapped a picture of my dashboard clock to say we did it in an hour, even though we intended to take our time inside.


And we did. We slowly rolled our cart through aisles, taking time to sniff sandalwood soaps, roll on essential oils, browse the colorful produce display. I forgot what time it was and brought two happy kids home ready for bed.

Lainey asked if we could play our game again tomorrow. Because she had more fun in sixty-six minutes than she had in a while. Quality. Not quantity.


You take what you have been given and you make the most of it. Your kids will know you love them.


Kids just know these things.


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And when I read the quote on the Benjamin Franklin tee, it had my Nella’s name all over it. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


I’m a huge fan of the baseball style t-shirt. Plus, it’s good thick cotton, and they’re very well made. These shirts have a voice, and they’re perfect for your child or a gift for a child you love. Check out Okllo, and use Code ENJOY20 to score 20% off your order.

One commenter on this post will win a free t-shirt of their choice, courtesy of Okllo.


Sending you off with my two favorite funnies from today.

A: I randomly happened upon this and laughed: Lainey tucked in Olivia and her brother under the covers–a.k.a., tears in her quilt.


B: Gross but true: Nella challenges the dog to kiss her.


On the mouth.


Brett thinks it’s disgusting because–and I quote: “Dogs lick their butts with those tongues.”

His disgust only makes it ten times funnier.

Happy, Happy Whatever-Day-It-Is when you read this.



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  1. our girls love olivia too. great photos!

  2. Perfectly said. Loved it. I went from being a working mom of two to a stay at home mom of two. I know that my love for them didn’t change between the two situations. I get to enjoy them for many more hours of the day now, but they felt my love just the same when it was limited to five grand hours of their day to the 12+ they get me for now!

    I think I’m going to have to do the hour long challenge tomorrow. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I personally loved yesterday’s post!! Sometimes we’re our own toughest critics!

    Your power hour sounds like it was a lot of fun! I miss the beach! It’s crazy how it’s just at the end of the road, hell of every road, and I have such a hard time making it there!!
    Happy almost weekend =)

  4. love everything about this post

  5. Your beach picture ALWAYS make me want to come visit Florida. I wish we could go to the beach without jackets or ear muffs! Oregon’s beaches are almost always cold :( Even the sand looks better on your coast!
    Always love Nella’s crinkly eyes smiles:)

  6. What an awesome idea for quality time with the kids! As an overwhelmed Mama of a 3 1/2 yr. old and a 7 mo. old I am so going to do this with my daughter (the older one) on a “date” day! Thanks for the inspiration

  7. I think there is power in publishing stuff we aren’t super psyched about. It is the instant, unedited, raw medium of blogging. Now that I’ve been at it for a while, I have to remind myself to just click ‘publish.’

    I loved your post yesterday and I love it even more hearing you admit struggle and wincing. That is SO relatable.


    ps let’s effing TALK tomorrow. phone tag done.

  8. I loved your post yesterday (and all days) because you are teaching me how to BE a mom. I know how to do all the other stuff . Organizing, cooking, crafting, schedules….that stuff is easy to me. Learning what it means to be a “mom” has been so hard for me. I don’t know how to do that….really. I am learning through you and others what that word truely means. Thank you for writing it and love those new shirts!! I think we may have to do the cram it in a hour game as soon as we are all feeling better. Thanks Kelle for your posts :)

  9. He he! I would have never known the tears in Lainey’s quilt were not strategically placed for little treasures. Too cute! I wonder what else will make it’s way into that quilt? It may turn into a laughable time capsule of sorts. Thank you again for another really good post.

  10. Love it so much. :) The last picture is one of my all time favs! We’ll have to try that hour of power idea, sounds fun.

  11. You inspire my heart to be so full…

  12. All of your post is so very totally true! My own ‘baby’ is long grown and flown now – but, I remember well how guilty I felt, as a young single Mom, trying to balance the roles of employee, Mom, daughter, friend – praying and hoping that I was doing a reasonable job..

    My daughter has grown into an amazing woman, my parents (passed on now) were always grateful for every visit I squeezed in, my friends still love me – I must have done something right….. and so – obviously are you – every day!………..Rosemary

  13. You got me again. Great post Kelle.
    Guest what I’m doing tomorrow?

    Thanks friend for the encouragement.

  14. I loved this, both for the sentiment (because it’s so true), and because I was a home schooled girl too! :)

  15. I needed this post tonight.
    My oldest girl and I did not have the best night tonight before she went to bed. I even had her daddy tuck her in because I had had it. I went in her room about 30 minutes later and she was in there just crying. Her feelings were so hurt. I cried, apologized profusely and prayed to Jesus that she and I would learn to be patient with each other. I’ve decided to take her on a date in the morning, and while another trip to Target is really the only option and I get bored with it, Target is her favorite place to go. And we really only have an hour, but I’m going to make it the best hour for her. :)

  16. Love the two randoms- the tucked in toys and Nella kissing the dog! Yes we know where those tongues have been but it’s still funny! Just building up her immunity! Although she probably shouldn’t dare our dogs to kiss her, they enjoy a diet of wallaby poo a bit too frequently! LOL

  17. I have to say that your posts always make motherhood (and life in general) absolutely beautiful. You inspire me to try and like motherhood and give me hope it can be fun and wonderful. There are many days that I’d rather be anywhere than with kids, but your words and pictures help me stay grounded in the beauty that kids can bring to our lives. (I should also mention before hater comments that I never chose to be a parent with either child, but I’m trying to overcome what I’ve lost and move onto appreciating what I have).

  18. my stella does exactly the same as nella kisses bruno (dog) and i always say “bruno licks his butt with his tounge”!

  19. I just recently found your blog because my 5 week old has chromosomes like Nella. Your photographs and your children are gorgeous. I love the way you put motherhood into perspective. I head back to the office in 3 weeks but I get to work half the time at home. I have no idea how I will make it work with 3 kids under 4 but I am certain I will. We’re mothers, we’re scrappy like that.

  20. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but: You make me so excited to be a mom. Whenever I notice you’ve updated your blog, I can’t click the link fast enough. I know being a mom will be the hardest job I ever do–including being a military wife [to a really hot deployed husband]–but, with your inspiration paired with the strong women in my life, I know my job as a mother will be FANTASTIC. Something I won’t change for the world or regret one bit. Thank you for being honest and real and inspiring.

  21. Olive tucked in to the torn quilt is precious!!

  22. We love doggy kisses at our house- my husband thinks its gross too for the same reason. I think it’s hilarious! Sometimes quality is hard to get- but doing the best you can with the time and resources given- moms triumph every single day!

  23. Love those t-shirts
    and the story about nella and the dog made me laugh hard. thank you!

  24. Keep your ideas coming… such an inspiration for so many parents!
    And I truly love that t-shirt…need to get one for my homeschooled granddaughter :)

  25. My son use to do the same thing with our lab. My husband would gag, but I couldn’t help but laugh! Pure innocence- nothing’s better!

    As for the laborious writing- just know, when you hit “publish” you are helping me to be a better mom. Deepest thank you for that.

  26. Thanks for the laugh(s). That quilt picture is priceless. The pigs looks so cozy with their chins up in the air.

  27. Just beautiful. Thank you. Visiting your blog is like opening a present. It makes me so happy when there is a new post! You are such a gifted writer.

  28. Wow! It’s so surprising to hear that you winced….I LOVED yesterday’s post. LOVE loved it!

    *Lainey’s shell looks like a miniature baseball mitt :)

    *I want to scoop Nella up from the beach in her pigtails and red shoes….sweetie girl!

    *Lainey sounds like my Eli and all the different beds he has for his collection of stuffed animals. And they each have their own: a slipper (in the shape of Lightening McQueen…so it actually looks more like a convertible), a sock, a toy gun holster, back pocket of his jeans, and a baseball cap, just to name a few. And they’re all tucked in beside him. Oh, how I love how “little boy” he still is. I could cry over this!

    My big boy would love one of those t-shirts. He’s so into history right now (especially since I’m his 5th grade Social Studies teacher this year!)

    And you’re right…..Brett’s quote….hahahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh—I needed that :)

  29. I have loved everything of yours that I have ever read and your photography is amazing! You have a gift and you share it with the world!

  30. Thank you for this… I am a single mom going to school full time & I have felt so much guilt lately & yet I have still been giving in to my son watching movies just so I can get a few more things done… & The next thing I know its off to bed. I am changing that tomorrow. 60 Min of fun is going to be our new tradition- because my son is worth more than that bit I agree- quality over quantity.
    Thank you- I absolutely love your blog

  31. Good job “fitting it all in”…I love the quality vs. quantity message!

    P.S. Love those shirts!

  32. Hour long challenges sound like just the thing to get me and my boys out of our rut. I went from having only 2 hours with them at night to being with them all day, every day almost a year ago and while it’s been wonderful, and fulfilling, there are always the days when I feel I haven’t done enough. Quality is going to be my mantra for the times when I regret any time I’ll have to be away from them when I go back to work in a few months. Thank you for helping me gain a new perspective.

  33. You are so good with your kids, and such an inspiration! My boy is just a little baby but as he grows older i’m going to try to remember the one hour game! Just the thought of it makes me smile, cause i know he will love it…

  34. ahhhh! This was again perfect. Today my girl and I walked in at 7:00 I cooked and cleaned we ate dinner and we laughed…bath time is a fun time for her so we slow it down…draw it out. After bath it’s bottle and snugs in the rocker…more giggles are followed… in the short hour and a half we spend together from not being together all day….it’s the best.

    I’m a single mom and I struggle daily….on all levels…money, apartment living, times, chores…you name it…

    At the end of the day…Chick give me a giggle and lets me know I’m doing ok…she’s ok…we’re ok.

    Thanks again for helping me remember!!

  35. One hour of unplanned fun – what a great idea. I’m a homeschooling mama – so time with my kids is not an issue. But pure fun, just for the sake of it, now that I need to work on.

  36. inspiring. I will read this to my 6 month old niece tomorrow… Because someday soon we will enjoy adventures just like the ones you create with your girls!

  37. Hour of Power!…and barely any money was spent.

    “She only measures anything by how much fun she has anyway”. Quality over quantity is what we humans remember.

  38. Your 66 minutes seemed perfectly wonderful. I love your sweet family.

  39. I am so doing this, it is a great idea. You are an awesome mom and you make us all feel awesome about the moms we are! And I freakin love those overalls both girls had on.

  40. I don’t have kids yet, but someday I want to steal your 60 minute bond session. What a wonderful way to spend a day.

    I love your new sponsor – my favorite part of the Amelia Earhart shirt is the airplane on the back. Adorable! And on such adorable girls too!

  41. Haha!! We have a cheeky 19 month old who challenges our dogs to lip kiss him too. The dogs are always a little hesitant, and seem to know it’s kinda gross, but cute all the same.
    Love reading your blog, your family is beautiful xo

  42. Thank you for the reminder :)

  43. I love it! Thanks for the reminder! I totally needed that! You are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work.

  44. I thank you a bazillion times for this post. I’m a SAHM by day and a full-time student by night. I cry myself to sleep most nights because I feel as if I’m not giving my little girl the attention I think she needs 24/7 (between homework and housework, I’m trying!).

    This just gave me a swift kick to the rear and reminded me that it truly IS quality and not quantity and the time that I do spend with her is worth it. (And having my BBA next year will also be worth it. I could give her so much more with that BBA than I can without it.)

    So thank you so much Kelle for your inspiring words. I really needed to hear them!

  45. It’s amazing all that can be accomplished in one hour with undivided attention! A day’s worth of activities! Funny that you didn’t love your “Fitting it all in” post. It was one of my favorites! I shared it on my facebook wall for all to see!


  46. Those tees are so powerful … j’adore! And now I want a Whole Foods ‘moothie … mmm!


  47. My daughter loves to kiss the dogs too! And my husband is equally horrified by it.

  48. awesome post. i love everything about how you are with your girls, the memories you make with them and how you remind us all to enjoy every single moment of life.

  49. thank you for this post… and those last two pics are such gems!

  50. Thanks for this great reminder:) I have 4 munchkins,ages 4-11. I love taking my oldest on a 30 min. jog with me in the evenings. There are so many beautiful things that can bloom in a short amount of time. She tells be it’s her favorite thing to do. Nothing fancy..no bells or whistles-just..simple. I love a childs heart:)

  51. I love the one hour challenge, and I am going to be taking it! Thanks for sharing, as always. :)

  52. Oh the pic at the end of Lainey at the beach! LOVE IT! yea brett thinking it’s gross does make it funnier i get cha’!

  53. OMG, I laughed so hard when you said that Nella challenges the dog to kiss her on the mouth. I thought that I was going to cry I was laughing to hard. Love the pictures of her as always and of course the post.

  54. Thank you for the reminder to be present. I will read one more story and then one more story and one more story and remember that the dishes in the sink don’t mean anything. the kids won’t remember that.

  55. I don’t think I can put into words how this post made me feel. Good.

    Esther Dush

  56. LOVED yesterday’s post, and love this one more! This solidifies what I was thinking about myself as a mother when reading your Hallmark post! I know I am the best I can be when I am wife my children!
    P.S. I came in my bedroom to put laundry away the other day and found my 3 yr. old little lady’s two baby dolls tucked under the rug like Lainey’s Olivia and brother;) Kids are so funny, and they learn from watching us be mother’s!

  57. I haven’t been online in almost a week and just read your Hallmark post from yesterday, and it was exactly what I needed. I’ve been feeling like my SuperMom cape was full of holes this week. Homeschooling 3 this year with a toddler in tow is kick’n my tush! It’s been several weeks and we still haven’t found our rhythm yet, the house is staying a wreck, and the meals have been less than stellar, BUT we’ve been enjoying lots of good books cuddled up on the couch together. Your Power Hour reminds me of a trip to Target last week. The Halloween stuff was just too irresistible and the kids and I had a fabulous time trying on masks and such and acting goofy. At lunch today the kids were laughing about it all over again and my 5 year old said, “When can we do that again?” :-)Priceless.
    Thank you for always being so open and honest, and for hitting “publish” even when you’re not quite happy with your work. Sometimes it’s the things we think are so imperfect that have the biggest impact on others. You are a blessing Kelle, and this blog is your ministry. <3

  58. Kelle,
    I loved your Hallmark post and I totally found myself in what you wrote. I was just too lazy to comment… 😉
    Love the picture of Nella sitting on the beach, it makes my heart melt! And Lainey in the car seat – pure sugar!

  59. oh gosh, too funny about Nella and the dog (Latte?)! Very cute pics though, which I think takes the gross out of it. Meaning that if you only told the story, I would be grossed out. BUT, those 1-2 pics of her ‘daring and doing’ are just innocent preciousness! And, cute pic of Lainey’s pigs ‘tucked’ in.

    Cannot believe you did not feel like/struggled with writing your last piece (Hallmark). I guess your honesty (if that was the main point in it) just hits my soul – thank you.

    I wanna a ben franklin tee (great quote)…do they make adult size too? (Love great cotton!)

  60. oh my…love DeAnn’s sentence:
    You are a blessing Kelle, and this blog is your ministry. <3
    SO TRUE!!!!

  61. Oh, still laughing at the dog/Nella funny! Only bc I have dogs and two little boys, and I get the dog kissing thing!!

    You have inspired me with this post to take the hour and not be rushed by my to-do list staring me in the face or dinner that needs to be made or upteen million other things. Just live in the moment. Their moment! Before two little boys very soon become three little boys and a new kind of crazy takes shape!!

  62. I love the final photo of Lainey skipping along the water’s edge!
    Your writing is always honest, genuine and entertaining Kelle.xo

  63. i like to mellow out at the end of my day, reading your blog under the covers in bed. it’s like my bedtime story, so eloquently said..yet comforting and motherly :)

    love the sixty minute cram session of fun. might try that with my hubby actually!

  64. Beautiful piece. Yesterday, I took O for a walk because he wanted one (and actually verbalized that desire). I ended up carrying him home on piggy back the last third of a mile, but it was worth it to watch him eat a red leaf (oops) and smile and marvel at the sky, and to have his warm, slightly sticky palm in mine. Just the two of us.

  65. you’re perfect. you know that right? because you are.

    i am endlessly beating myself up these days because i know sookie’s 19 month old brain is so precious, growing, developing, reacting to every fun thing i do with her and i want every day to be learning opportunities for her to blossom. but, i can’t take her everywhere every single day because of my health. some days it is all i can do to get out of bed, keep her fed, clean, and smiling at home. but i’m working on it.


  66. Love Nella’s shirt! And I love the quality- time. Try to do that with my three kids a little every day, even some days we just fall down on the couch as potato-sacks after a long day…. We’re together and that’s the most important thing! But I totally see the great idea of the “Hour of power.” The kids deserve it!

  67. Thank you!

    I come here feeling down, feeling like a crappy mother because I can’t seem to do it the way I want, I can’t give them all the time they deserve, and the time I do give them, I’m not always attentive and fun and loving.

    Instead of going away feeling more guilty and more pressured, I come away feeling inspired to try it again, as soon as possible. I always take inspiration from your blogging about your parenting.

    Seriously, thank you!

  68. These days, quantity is scarce, but as you just proved quality has no limit :)

  69. Awesome photos. kissing the dog!

  70. i have been reading your blog for a while now, your babies smiles are absolutely gorgeous! You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your stories (life)

  71. love love love this post!! Im a single, working mom w/a 7 yr old boy, Ashton and an 18 month old girl w/DS, Allie. I feel sooo guilty putting the honor of teaching her in someone else’s hands. Hugs to you and your beautiful family!

  72. LOL – those dog pics are hilarious!!

  73. everytime i read your posts you make my day!!!!!

  74. Ohhhh I wanna be a randomly picked commentor! Pick me! Pick me!

  75. I love this idea, I will have my 18 month old Granddaughter for a few hours all to my self on Friday and I’m going to do a HOUR OF POWER with her.

  76. love it. that’s all. ps – i loved your hallmark post. :)

  77. You are the best! I loved this post so much I had to comment, my 1st time! sending you love from Cape Town (South Africa)x

  78. You are such an amazing mother! I hope when we have children I am half the mother you are to your girls. It is so great to read about how fully you love. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh- and just for the record, I loved your post yesterday too! Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves. It was amazing and I really got a lot out of it. Thank. YOU.

  79. Love Nella’s t-shirt!!

  80. LOVE those tees!!!! What a great post, I will do that with my kids this week!!!


    mi3ragamuffins at aol dot com

  81. Oh this post hit me at the right moment! I was laying in bed last night thinking – tomorrow i want to SLOW DOWN. Enjoy each moment with my little boy before he’s too old to want to spend each moment with me. Then he woke up at 5:50 am and I was grumbling when I came downstairs to make breakfast. I’ve turned my attitude around after reading your words and now I’m off to start a gloriously celebrated day! :) thanks!

  82. love the shirts! and a chance to win one. fabulous. :)

  83. I liked this post a nice sort of “update” to the other post…I will try it I will tell my girls we have a power hour and see what happens…the lake maybe and the playground…cant wait, thank you!

  84. LOVE this game! And LOVE the two funnies on the end! I think its the best when you find random things your children do, like in my house, its stickers. You find them everywhere- stuck on just about anything, from pillows, the floor and the dog!

  85. Nella is too funny! Makes me miss my puppies!

  86. I’m not a mom (and I’m not planning on being one for quite awhile) but your words still touch my heart. I think it’d be nice if we all applied this to all the people we love. Our boyfriends, parents, siblings, dogs…

    Thank you for sharing your perspective once more.

    PS. I thought the Hallmark post was fantastic.

  87. I can’t believe that you winced when you published your last blog post! I loved it so much that I shared it on facebook. You hit the nail on the head with that one.

  88. I’m so glad to see that sometimes posting is hard for you too. Your words always flow so smoothly. And you’re completely right about quality, not quantity!


  89. I agree..quality over quantity. Looking at those smiling faces your capture in your pictures always makes me smile..and I hope one day..I can be as good a photographer..I’m trying!

  90. I’m a sahm and believe quality over quantity is so much better. So, when my oldest gets home from pre-k I always try to give her my best QUALITY time.

    And I think I’ll have to pkay the 66 minute game. :)

  91. Great pictures- I don’t know how you girls do such wintery clothes in Florida already. I dying to break out the overalls but it seems too hot still.

  92. I just love your blog, I always finish reading with a smile on my face. Thank you!

    I love your photo’s, your gorgeous girls, your style and the honesty and love that shines through your writing.

    I couldn’t believe that you struggled with your last hallmark post because I really enjoyed reading it.

    Thank you for making me realise all the ways I should be enjoying the moment with my little ones. You’re very inspiring.

  93. I laughed when you said you didn’t think your last Hallmark article was that good, because I LOVED it. I shared it on facebook, and it has popped into my mind several times since. It totally spoke to exactly where I am at, and everything I have been feeling/struggling with as a mom. YOU are amazing, and even when you think it might not be your “best”, be assured that it will always hit home for someone, making a huge difference in their day.

  94. Seriously Kelle – if you’re ever at a loss for words….simply post pictures from your day. We’ll get it. I promise. Your words have never disappointed me….I always hope they flow freely from you but recognize that you struggle sometimes too–but it always delivers. Luv the t’s. xo

  95. You’re the best. Thanks for being so honest and real. I love reading your posts and it really does inspire me everyday.

  96. I think this is exactly what my kids and I need. We will enjoy our hour of power this evening! Thanks!

  97. I LOVED the Hallmark post so much I sent it to 3 friends! Loved the analogy and it made so much sense to me. We are always our own worst critic, but I thought you killed it with the day at the races! Win, place or show even a “bad” Kelle Hampton entry is the highlight of my day and makes me smile more, think more and enjoy the little things more!

  98. I am a working mom, and you hit the nail on the head. I try to spend as much quality time with them as I can during the week. It’s hard sometimes, but I know this is what’s best for our family right now. Love your pics and writing as usual!

  99. You are so RIGHT!!! That last picture is beautiful and looks like happiness. But your pictures are always beautiful.

  100. I love the hour of power idea! We will have to try that!

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. You’ve inspired me again! Today after I take my oldest daughter to pre-school I’m taking my sweet 2 year old to the beach and we’re going to have a blast, just the two of us with no distractions, just me and my baby.

  103. Oh my… tears! I am that working Mom who values quality over quantity, and your words were rejuvenating. Thank you!! Some nights just pushing my kids on the swings seems like a chore, but oh so worth it in the end. AND… the dog kisses, I’m dying laughing, priceless!!

  104. i loved yesterday’s post too. there’s so much to be said for giving yourself a break. we all try so hard, right? your words often bring a bit of grace to my inner critic. i appreciate you :)

  105. We have a full size quilt that I used to wrap my girl up in when she was a baby..she claimed it as her own from the time she could understand “mine”. It is 10 years old (it was actually mine before Gracee came along)..has many little secret hiding places (rips), and is so frayed that we have retired it to it’s own little place on our yellow couch. She would be lost without it. I would be sad if I finally had to say I can’t wash it one more time…so instead of wrapping ourselves in it we lay our head on it. I hope your girls get that much out of your lovely quilt. Every single time I see it in your photos I think of our “cuddle cuddle” in it’s youth and then I think about all the love that tattered cuddle cuddle’s edges. Priceless my friend..just priceless.
    I am so digging the shirts..they have such an inspiring message in a time when our girls are being trained to believe that the epicenter of their identities are how they look not how powerful their little souls are and what they can do when they reach for the stars..when they use their inner beauty. ♥

  106. The picture of Nella on the beach is my new fave….love the pigs too!

  107. Ahaha, love the pic of Nella tongue-kissing the dog! I love do-whatever-the-toddler-wants-to-do days. They can be hilariously random, but always fun. I actually really liked your last post, btw.

  108. My Amelia kisses the cat on the mouth constantly…and get this…the cow too!!!! ewwww she would look like a true hero in that Amelia Earhart shirt..how cool is that .

  109. i know you have admitted your not the best house cleaner.. but Your writing always seems flawless, raw, real… poignant.. and for you to admit you weren’t sure about it…had me surprised… and proud… Love watching all of you grow…. hope some day… I can come to Naples.. and meet you …. and I am with Brett.. dogs and mouths.. UGH…lol

  110. I love Olivia and her bro tucked in the tears.

  111. I wish your friend going through chemo didn’t have to add guilt to her suffering. Makes me realize once again how blessed my life is.

  112. Great post . . . thanks for sharing your world with us!

  113. Nella is so smart to know so thoroughly and intuitively already at this very young age that dog kisses are pure love.

  114. Nella kissing the dog cracks me up, my almost 16 month old comes running every time our dog gets fed. She stands next to his bowl thinking she is being sneaky and tries to grab a piece or two and quick shove it into her mouth without being noticed. Reminds me of the quote from Ace Ventura Pet Detective….”whats all this dog food for….FIBER!”

  115. Beautiful, it brought me to tears. You inspire me to be a better mother, thank you!

  116. uh just so you know i don’t think you could write poorly with a gun to your head. you have that gift. and i’m not blowing smoke up those bleachers at ya!

    love the life you lead. love the skip to your step and how you adore those sweet babes in your care. it’s always a joy coming here. thought you should be reminded of that again;)

  117. Oh Kelle! Thanks for this. It has been a tough three years and I worry how it will affect my son. You’re right. He only knows the love and joy he’s experienced. And thanks for the photos of Nella’s whole-face smiles :-)

  118. As usual, your post speaks to me. I work part time and on the days that I work, I pick the kiddos up from daycare and we head home. We usually try to hit up the park near our house after dinner to soak up the last hour or so of daylight. Now that’s it’s officially fall, it’s been getting dark by 8pm. The days I am home, my son goes to preschool in the morning and my daughter and I go to gymnastics. The afternoons are spent running errands and playing. As winter looms, I see many board games and blanket tent building in our future and I can’t wait :)

    Thanks again for your beautiful words and breathtaking pictures!


  119. I’m a SAHM and spend every day all day with my kids. But I don’t think I’ve spent any great “quality” time with them in awhile. When you get caught up in the day to day stuff that needs done, it’s easy to push aside what is most important. You’ve inspired me to spend more quality time with my kids–they deserve it. Thanks~

  120. Thank you I so needed this today. Today is the 8th anniversary of my daddy earning his wings. I feel so cheated sometimes I was only 26 and my children never got to meet their pops. This helped me remember I had so much time with him. When you were with my daddy – YOU were all that mattered. Quaility really is what matters most.

  121. So if I don’t win I am totally going to have to buy my boy that Ben Franklin shirt!!!!!! LOVE IT!

    I also love your hour of power! I think I am going to call it that tooo when I try it out tomorrow night!

    Momma to 3
    *Shay B*

  122. Tucking Olivia and her brother into the tears of the quilt was pure genius. I was totally playing “I spy” trying to find them in the picture, as if you had said “I spy Olivia and her brother!” Fun stuff. Rock on, sister.

  123. Great reminder that one little hour is enough time to make your kids feel special. We mom’s really have to be never give up warriors on the investing in the kids front. I confess I surrender way too easily. Thanks for the encouragment.

  124. Thank you for your encouragement! I’m one of those that have to squeeze as much fun and love into the last 3 hours of awake time after work. It’s hard! And adorable shirts!

  125. We have the same ‘problem’ with our 10-month old. As gross as it is, I must say that I giggle with delight when I see him bending down with a wide-open mouth to ‘give some sugar’ to our American Dingo. I think the fact that they give love so freely makes the gross-out factor a little less icky. At least for me, anyways! :o)

  126. This is exactly what I needed as I prepare to take my 3-month old baby girl to day care for the first time on Monday. As I (irrationally, I hope!) worry that she will forget me while I am at work it helps to be reminded that it’s the quality of the time I spend with her and not the quantity that really matters. Thanks for the lovely reminder! And your girls are absolutely adorable. How do you get anything done all day other than kiss that sweet face of Nella’s?

  127. Oooh, what a wonderful challenge and fun idea! Plus this was exactly the thing I needed to hear today… I love it when that happens. Thank you!

  128. Love. This. Post. I’m a working mom and often feel my time after work til bedtime isn’t enough for my kids. And that somehow they aren’t getting enough love from me. Thanks for pointing out the notion that quality over quantity always wins. I needed that as I’ve recently been overly sad leaving them every day. I’m obsessed with those new t-shirts! And the last 2 pics are ridiculously funny!

  129. I grew up five miles from Montrose. Never smoked a cigarette under the bleachers, but funny how we have been to some of the same places. I love your stuff and the girls are so beautiful!

  130. Power hour quality… I know of what you speak, but also love a reminder and a connection. And I also love those cute tees… made in the USA! Hurray!

  131. Thank you for the post it note stuck to my computer screen. I beat myself up about this subject a lot and I need to just quit. My babies do know how much they are loved. They just do.

  132. Isn’t it funny that something you didn’t think was all that touched so many women. Thank you for writing and hitting publish and being such a blessing to so many.

    I think you are grand. Love, Becky

  133. I don’t have words for how beautiful your girls are. Working 80 hours at the hospital, 66 minutes is all I usually have to love the bejesus out of my people. Thank you for that oh-so-simple but how-do-we-forget “quality over quantity” reminder.

  134. I’ve never read a “bad” post that you’ve written, but I get where you’re coming from. I always leave your blog wishing I could write the way you do!! Those shirts are amazing. I want an Amelia Earhart for my Amelia, since that is who she is named after. And Nella’s shirt – awesome!

  135. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve got two boys, ages 4 and 2 and am pregnant with #3. I have been SO tired and so busy just trying to get things done and go-go-go, I know the QUALITY of our time together has been lacking, even though I am a SAHM. Thank you for reminding me how much pure joy can radiate from my kids when they are having fun and feeling loved, with no distractions!

  136. love reading your blog. you type what i’m thinking (and your girls are adorable!!).

  137. How much fun can we have in an hour game- brilliant!! I am seriously struggling with how to make my older two kids feel really loved and special when I am spending a lot of time lately caring for the baby and helping the exchange student we have for a few months. Thank you for this idea!

  138. Nana here, marveling at your wisdom! You are one smart Mommy, taking those precious moments that are in each day to love them to pieces. One. smart. cookie.

  139. one of my favourite posts – EVER! Thank you xxx

  140. This made me cry, sitting here in my office while my sweet girls are at home with their Daddy. I work part time and sometimes my days home are more challenging than my work days. Life with a 1 and a 2 year old can be crazy, but I’m trying to be thankful in every moment and really savor each hour with my girls. Thanks for the reminder this morning. Oh, and my Nora is also in love with Olivia recently and is going to be her for Halloween. They are both precocious and imaginative and I love it!

  141. Kelle,
    Your posts have been especially meaningful to me lately as we lost our precious 16yo. son, our oldest, in a car accident just 8wks. ago tomorrow. The brevity of life, needless to say, has been made painfully clear these past several weeks. Your blog is one of few that I read, as I know how precious time is. I am a mom of seven. I, too, also know exactly the joy and agony of blog writing. I can so identify! Writing with honesty, sharing ups and downs, and putting “ink to paper” is what keeps our blogging pertinent. I just wanted to post a comment to thank you for sharing your blog, for being real, for encouraging mothers to cherish the time they have. It is, indeed, all too short, and there is no time for regrets. Only memories. Make ’em unforgettable.

  142. I needed your enthusiasm today. Thanks for reminding me that life is beautiful…even when it’s hard…

  143. As always great pictures and a great post. I too think it is both funny and kinda gross with the doggie kisses :)

  144. This is just what I needed today, Kelle. Thank you!

    Oh and love the shirts!

  145. Even your not so great posts are pretty stinkin’ good.

  146. Our kid kisses the dog, too.

    Love the great Americans t-shirts…what a cool idea!

  147. You really hit it home with me. I just love the quality not quantity message in this blog post, and it made me feel a little better about being a working mom. Thanks Kelle

  148. I promise to never forget what I learned by reading your post today. When we bring our little girl home from Taiwan I will ALWAYS remember to give her quality time every day – even if it’s just ten minutes of me being totally and completely devoted to every single giggle.

    Thank you,


  149. Our son was named after Benjamin Franklin! I’m going to have to get that shirt even if I don’t win!

  150. I loved this post and think you did a fantastic job on your hallmark post as well. Have you tried the salted caramel drinks at Starbucks yet? You totally should now that you are back on the bean! :)

  151. There’s something about giving yourself the challenge to do whatever you can in a certain amount and do it with a smile. Oh, an Amelia Earhart is the bombdiggity. <3

  152. This post, combined with the Hallmark one, is just what my heart needed. I’m a momma of two girls, with lots of awesome friends who we all take turns marveling at (one has a spotless house, one does the best crafts, one takes the best pictures), and the Hallmark post was a wonderful reminder that we are all Super-moms. But, all of our little ones are getting older, and we are all being faced with the daunting realization that financially, it is time for most of us to head back to work. We’ve had the “oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-go-back-to-work-and-leave-my-baby” one hundred times over the past few weeks, each of us worrying and consoling.
    Thanks for the reminder, I’ll be focusing on what I can give… quality, not quantity.

  153. Quality not quantity. 60 minutes of fun. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for this, from a working mom with two jobs and not a lot of time to spare. And I miss my kids so. BTW – that picture of Nella and the dog. I’m siding with Brett on that one! Ick!!!

  154. This was the perfect battle cry of “yes you can” that I desperately needed to hear. Juggling two kids is tough, throw in work, house chores, and a plethroa of other items–it can leave a person in a complete vertigo of chaos. I may not be able to devote all of myself to my children all of the time, but this reminded me that even the small things we do, have a lasting impact on our children. Thank you for that reminder :)

  155. Your one hour game sounds wonderful!

  156. Oh Nella, put that tongue away!! Daddy is right. The dog licks his butt with that thing. Ewww!!

    Hour of Power, eh? Sounds like a good challenge. Will try that sometime!

  157. I am one of those mamas who tries to cram 3 hours of fun after work and daycare. It is all about the quality and I am striving to get there!

  158. Oh I love this post Kelle :-) the power of a hour!This is going to stick with me for a long time!

  159. Lainey’s little buddies under the “covers” – too cute! :)

    I’ve been struggling with this lately, taking what we have and making the most of it. We’re broke. We never have alone time. We can’t take Ethan to do some of the fun stuff I really want to because, well, we’re broke. Sometimes it’s good to remember what’s really important, and having a lot of money to spend on fun for the little dude isn’t the be-all and end-all, and having lots of grown-up time will come later in life.

    Those shirts are adorable. Love.

  160. The Nella-tongue-doggie picture is hilarious, esp with the story that goes with it!!!

  161. love these shirts!! (my little ones kiss their animals on the mouths too!) lol

  162. Love this post! So going to do this with my girl!! I love Nella challenging the dog to kiss her!! You haven’t lived until a butt licking dog kisses you!! :)


  163. I enjoy reading every day! Loved the pic of Olivia and her bro “tucked in” – cute!

  164. I thought the Hallmark post was good, it made me laugh b/c I’m always struggling to keep up w/ everything and still spend quality time w/ my husband,daughter, and dog. And then when I take ME time….I feel guilty.

    Even if you didn’t like I’m sure everyone else did. Keep on keepin’ on.

  165. Loved that idea of 1 hour completely tuned in to your kids! You rock Kelle!

    – jen

  166. Love those Okllo shirts. Too bad they don’t have Mama sizes:) Also wish I could drive to the beach and back, with a smoothie stop, in an hour!

  167. Ha ha!! That is kinda gross, but HILARIOUS! I want to play the one hour game, too!! Good idea :)

  168. Our girls French kiss the dog too…it’s cute, but yes, disgusting if you think about it too much.

  169. i love love love th 66 minutes of fun. i may have to implement that soon. and ps i LOVE nellas shirt!

  170. I like the idea of rushing around having fun with the kids! :) I love little things like that, I bet they remember it for a long time. Our favorite night with the kids came when we impulsively made them be the grown-ups, and my husband and I were the kids. It was hysterical. They made us dinner, we got into mischief and they had to separate us, they read us stories, and the kids tucked us into bed at night. Then they stayed up too late for no reason and passed out on the couch watching a movie, in true adult form. :)

  171. For the record, I think you are a fabulous writer because you write from your heart. I can tell this is a passion for you by your words and your subjects (pictures are just a wonderful bonus). If your goal is to help mothers feel worthy and not-alone, then Mama you deliver! :-)

  172. Seeing a new post from you is such a lovely break in my day. You are a truly gifted writer, and my attention never strays. I don’t scan; I read and soak up every word. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

  173. I loved that last Hallmark post. Also enjoyed reading how you spent 66 minutes with your girls. Those posts were just what I needed to read. I feel like a D- lately in my role as mom, teetering on an F somedays. Anyway, got some perspective from your blog. So thank you. Oh and Brett’s comment about dogs licking their butts? That is exactly how my husband would have said it. You get an A++ for making me laugh with that last Nella picture. Have a great day!

  174. You are always a fantastic writer. I enjoy every single post you put up. They always inspire me! Thanks :)

  175. Your precious Nella is the exact same age as my amazing, almond-eyed Charlotte. When I saw that Benjamin Franklin shirt on Nella, I got a little misty eyed :) Its a must have for Charlotte!

  176. I started thinking about this very thing this week when I started to babysit two little girls for a co-worker of my husbands. They will be here for 10 hour days a few days a week. I started to worry about my boys who are used to my undivided attention. Then I realized that our days without the girls here will be the best days ever! So yesterday we went to Chic-Fil-A…yeah! That’s pretty much the best! lol….and Nella kissing the dog with her tongue…yeah, I pretty much laughed outloud at that one!

  177. Seriously need to try this 60 (66) minutes thing! It is hard sometimes to be in the now and focus with all that the world throws at us. Some times I literally shut the computer off or ignore the fun to just be there with the kids in the short time we have at these ages.

  178. Great post! brought tears to my eyes… like most of your posts. I’ve been sick recently and felt awful that I couldn’t give my little girl 100% and I worried and stressed that she would know it and feel it. I am feeling better now and you’ve inspired me (agian like most your post) to know that even if it is for an hour to give her my all and she will know.
    So, Thank you…

  179. wow
    what an encouraging post and a great reminder of quality of quanity. I am a stay at home mom, but often a stay at home mom that lets laundry, the house,and a bazillion other things take priority over my kids. Love the lets see how much fun we can have in an hour game. Oh how I must drop the insignificant and just spend time with my kids loving them. I am convicted, I am encouraged, I am challenged in a good kind of way. Thanks for sharing your adventures. –A

  180. Your last post was one of my favorites! The only reason I didn’t respond is because I read it right before I had to bring one of my children to dance and I meant to respond when I got back, but of course forgot lol As a Mom of 8, I am always feeling like I am not enough. But as long as I am trying really hard, I have to believe they know how much I love them. I just wish I could stop getting aggravated so easily.

  181. How beautiful and perfect is that last photo!!! I hear ya on the quality not quantity… even as a stay at home mom at the moment sometimes our quantity of time is not quality. Need to focus on when the kids get all of me and not just part of me.

  182. I am amazed that you felt your last post wasn’t your best, because I bookmarked it, finding it one of my favorites. It was a powerful reminder that us women are “Superwomen” because of the things we do and families we juggle. Even when we feel like we can never do it all, we can accept that and say “It’s OK.” We should not compare our lives with each other, because we all have our own paths to trod and we all feel the same way about wanting to do more for ourselves and our families. We are a sisterhood, baby. Thanks for the reminder!

  183. OMG I have to say I’m totally grossed out by the dog BUT I am rolling out of my office chair laughing at that photo! Dog slobber grosses me out but my girls don’t seem to mind it one bit.
    Thanks for the reminder of quality not quanity. Quanity is always a source of guilt for this working mama and then I have to remind myself that the dishes can wait until little ones are tucked in cause WE need some quality. I miss my girls so much everyday.

  184. Thank you for this post. I am a new mom, My son is 4 months and I am back to work full time and sometimes I feel guilty that I have to pay someone to spend more time with him during the week then I get to. I cherish my few hours with him at night and your words helped me realized that my few wonderful hours with him at night is enought time to show him how much I love him. Thank you, thank you and Thank you.

  185. i wish we could hop in the car and be close to a beach….we have a pretty cool park down the road, but our last visit got cut short bc the hoodrats showed up (i.e. teenagers in baggy jeans and dirty hoodies, who are CLEARLY up to no good.) i’m not sure if it’s good or bad that my son (5) knows exactly what hoodrats are, and has no problem leaving the park when they show up?? anyway- looks like a great time!!! oh and those tees are so freakin cute! love them!

  186. Love the 66 min. of quality! Neat Idea! From a mom who does the daycare routine and has few hours each night, I’m right on this…and soon! Thanks for the smiles, Kelle~

  187. My son kisses our dog the exact same way… he’s been okay so far! Personally I think it’s good for them. Happy Thursday!!


  188. Yep! You nailed it with this post! We are going to spend one hour today doing whatever we can squeeze in. No cell phones, no rules, just fun!

  189. This Hour of Power game is an awesome idea. I work and only see my girls for a bit each week night. If we took a hour and just crammed in the fun and love, what a difference that would make.

    I love the picture of Nella kissing the dog – one of my littles does this too and it totally grosses me out. Not as much as when her sister sticks HER tongue in MY mouth, but close.

    These t-shirts ROCK. Checking them out now.

  190. I loved this blog! And I love the shirt, too! Pick me, pick me!

  191. I love those moments where we have no agenda and just follow the fun.

  192. Nearly every time I read one of your posts I remember our trips to Florida and hope that we will be able to make the trip again in a few months. So beautiful!

    I am going to try your Power Hour with my girls this week. I know they will love it!

  193. those funnies are quite hilarious :)

    i always think your writing is fantastic and fitting.

    thanks for always sharing!!

  194. I love the photo of Nella and the dog. It is precious!!!!

  195. Your pictures not only warm my heart but make me laugh. The little girls I watch that are 3 and 4 are giggling outloud over the pictures today of
    Nealla and the puppy kissing. Also love Lainey’s Olivia’s in the quilt. How funny. Wow, you get alot accomplished in one hour. You are such a fun MOM.
    Oh, I like the t-shirts.

  196. Just what I needed this week. Quality not quantity…I’ve been swamped at work and feel so guilty for not spending time with my sweet girl. Thanks again for an awesome post!

  197. Love the dog kisses! Our dog also LOVES to give slobbery kisses to my kids in their mouth all the time. My kids just giggle, and I can’t do much but laugh too…I figure if it provides giggles to my children, how bad can it be :) Happy Thursday!

  198. Loved the “covers” for olivia and her bro and loved loved loved the doggie kisses!!! those shirts are awesome, hope i’m the lucky winner!!

  199. I am going to respectfully disagree with “quality is the winner over quantity” in regards to raising children. This is a belief brought about to make parents feel better about the lack of time they are spending at home with their children. Quantity is just as important as quality. One can’t outweigh the other. For me, this “quality is the winner” idea has encouraged the “all about me” mentality that is so prevalent in the children of today.

  200. Your last post was great…just like all of them! Love the last pic of Lainey.

  201. LOVE the last photo!

  202. Thank you for the message about quality vs. quantity time. As a working mom, that’s something I have to tell myself every day.
    Your photos are lovely and really go a long way in showing how much fun you gave your girls in those 66 minutes.

  203. That’s an awesome idea!! As a single mom, I’m sure my girl gets tired of hearing me say I have too much work to (fill in the blank). But I can absolutely spare an hour. Who needs clean clothes anyway??

  204. i have been reading your blog for FOREVER! and i have to say how beautifully you write. you make me want to be a better mom, and for that i thank you.

  205. Your writing is so inspiring to me. This post was no exception.

  206. The hour of power sounds like a great idea that I’m sure a lot of us will steal to the delight of our kids AND our psyches…thanks!

  207. Love the shirts! What a great way to teach that history is important at a young age.

  208. So funny! My daughter (2 1/2) begs the dog to kiss her on the mouth too! My husband says the exact same thing!!!!

  209. Love the T’s. Love them. Made me cry.

    I love filling my kids up with these ideas, pushing them to dream big, giving them my unconditional love and support along the way.

    Angie from Ohio

  210. Doesnt everyone give & receive doggie kisses (maybe not on the tongue/mouth, but still)? I love your girls…its fun to watch them through your photos.

    And the shirts, are too cool for school…best way I can think of to get kids interested in history

  211. Thanks, Kelle. that’s all, just thanks

  212. I needed this today. I feel guilty that I work from home and can’t always give my dear 100%… pouring myself into the moments I can is what gets us by :).

  213. Great post! Some needed encouragement to be more present to my son – something I’ve been struggling to do for a while now.

  214. I loved yesterday’s post! Today’s was perfect though and exactly the motivation I needed to not do laundry or dust or mop and just play all morning with my little girl while my big girl is in school. Thank you!

  215. I haven’t had time to read blogs lately and last night I crawled in bed early with my laptop and went straight to your blog. So glad I did.. I read and read and yesterdays post brought me to tears. You couldn’t have said it better. I couldn’t wait to get home from dropping my kids at school this morning so I could sit down with a fresh pot of coffee and read todays post. Again it brought tears to my eyes. I give thanks for this day and the inspiration you give.

  216. HUGE fan of the baseball tee’s as well! My daughter is in one today. It says “my mom rocks” 😉 I have to agree!

  217. This reminds me of….
    We’d been super busy for a few days, and were out running errands (which my kids don’t especially love). We passed a park and I decided on the spur of the moment to stop for just a few minutes to let the kids play.
    Then, I did it again at the next park we saw – I wish you could have seen their faces “again?? another playground??” After grabbing lunch from McD’s, we stopped at every playground we passed (and you know I drove past every park in town…)
    I drove home to a chorus of “This is the BEST day we’ve had in a long time!!” And it was.

    I love your blog. I love your honesty. And I especially love your girls!! Thanks for sharing with the world!!

  218. I love your blog and I love that you focus on the beautiful side of life. That’s the stuff that makes all the reality worth it.

  219. Thank you so much for this post. Sometimes I forget that I do what I do because I love it. Days are hectic with work and school and toddlers and blogs and homework and cooking and cleaning. But I do all of it because I love it. I love being a mom. I love being a student. I love that I’m working towards becoming a teacher. I love short, creative writing exercises and developing my new blog. I love all of it and I would not trade a hectic day in my life for a relaxing one in anyone elses.

  220. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I loved your last post!
    We had a night like that last night. Took our boy to the mall, looked at the fountain, ate some froyo, talked to a lovely older couple, and hit McD’s for some french fries (without any mom guilt! woohoo!).

    And I’m in love with those shirts. They work for boys too! Yay! It’s hard to find super cute and unique boy clothes, so this is perfect.

  221. “Lainey can’t tell time yet, and she only measures anything by how much fun she has anyway.” I love it! I want to live like that!

  222. Quality. So true. Love it!

  223. I like that you mention we moms may only have two hours with our kids between work and bedtime because this is precisely so for me and I feel bad. The quality of the time is so right though. It makes you cherish weekends that much more also! PS our girl kisses our dog goodnight EVERY night – she does keep her mouth closed NOW though! (Used to stick the tongue out like Nella!)

  224. wow… this made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing. I needed this- just reading this post instantly made my guilt fall to the side. Your words are so encouraging and I realize now that I really am offering the best to my family- even on the hard days. :)

  225. Thank you for always trying. Whether you like every post or not, you try, three times a week; that alone is inspiration. Besides, I thought your description of the priorities of our life competing like racehorses was the most accurate description I have heard to date. Keep up the honesty; your posts always make my day a little brighter.

  226. LOVE this blog!

  227. Love the literal race against time. thats really the whole purpose of life, right ? to use the time you have to love each other as much as possible. xo kelle!

  228. I love the picture of Nella kissing the dog. My husband would say something like yours did. :)

  229. The best is “Your kids will know you love them. Kids just know these things.” Your last blog was way better than you give yourself credit for. So many women, including myself, can relate and are inspired by it. Rock on! PS – I have often times used the same saying about dogs and tongues as Brett uses :)

  230. I have 2 young girls at home and I am going to do the 1 hour challenge this weekend…..

  231. I love this idea of a power hour with my little ones. Even as a stay at home mom I need to be reminded that quality counts over quantity. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  232. ….so I have been reading your blog for a while now and i love it. I don’t have any children yet, but I hope one day I could be a cool mom like you! ANyway, I am having a horrible day but when I saw the picture of Nella kissing the dog, I had to laugh, it definitely turned my day around! Thanks to you and to Nella!

  233. Love the idea of a fun filled hour! Must try this with my niece….

  234. I have to say your Hallmark post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was having one of those overwhelming can’t fit it all in days and took a few minutes to read your post and it was eerily perfect timing. THANK YOU!!

  235. Thank you for this post today, Kelle. I’m a working mom and I have felt guilty being away from my son for the last five years. Every.single.day it’s on my mind one way or another. It’s hard. And I will probably never overcome those feelings…it’s just who I am. But deep down inside, I know that he understands and knows that Momma loves him…and that, what I do, I do for him….for our family. And even if it’s 3 hours at night….the love flows like crazy and we make the best of what time we have.
    I absolutely love your hour of power. Sweet.

  236. You are an inspiration Kelle!! Thank you for sharing your time and energy with all of us! You make our lives better by inspiring us to think more about the way we spend our time.

  237. I’ve missed you!! It has probably been a year that I’ve let pass since I checked in to your blog. I always loved listening to the playlists & seeing your beautiful girls, and reading your inspiring words. I let about a year go by where I just didn’t give myself that time to tune in to you and see what was going on. Guess “mommy of 3 boys” does get the better of me at times, but do not worry– I do give myself the time– I sacrifice sleep to keep up with friends, watch a mindless but hysterical TV show, or goof off on Facebook! I want to make time for you though, too. Ha! So I finally popped back in, teared up seeing your gorgeous Nella and how much she has grown since I had last checked. Lainey too 😉 Just wanted to say hello and hoping I can keep up with you again. And yes I’m the type that will gradually, very gradually back track to see all of the joy that I have missed. You continue to inspire and speak from the heart. I can’t even tell you how much you have given me and hundreds of others just by simply enjoying your life LIVING and SHARING it with the world! Sharing your greatest gift with us–your children!! Thank you!

  238. Loved the post yesterday and today! When I get overwhelmed with everything I need to remember it’s quality not quantity. :)

    P.S. My 10 month old daughter loves to “ask” the dog for kisses too! Except she leans into the dog with her mouth wide open and sits there as the dog licks inside her mouth!

  239. Haha! My Joseph does the kissing dog thing, too! — I adore the Amelia Earhart shirt. I was a huge AE fan in elementary school and tried recently introducing my Cecilia to her. We live an hour from Atchison, where Amelia was born and actually paid her a visit last month. I’ve got more work to do in the Amelia department to make Cecilia fall in love the way I did at her age. This shirt would be a step in the right direction:)

  240. This is my favorite, favorite post of yours! Ever.

  241. I sent your previsou post, the Hallmark one to a friend who needed those exact words, you may no think it was your best but sometimes our own “just okay” times can mean the world to others! You are such an amazing person, thanks for blogging!


  242. I thought your post yesterday was GREAT! I even read it out loud to my husband (who isn’t really in to the whole blogging thing but he was the first person I caught). I still haven’t figured out which race-horse I am…I feel sometimes I want to be all of them but I’m not even good at any of them (i.e not a runner, not a baker, etc!) BUT…I do love reading blogs and get inspired for what “future-amy” will be :-)

  243. So funny! My 1 yr old (Jonah) does the same thing with our dog. He just stands there with his mouth open and Hugo (our dog) just goes to town.

  244. Love your blog! And I really love the picture of Nella and the dog. I have a 13 month old daughter and a 10 9 month old puppy at home and they are the best of friends. Bella (my daughter) gives Gunner (the puppy) kisses all day long. She’s licked him more times that I care to admit and vice versa!

  245. I love everything about this post :)

  246. Thanks for this post, Kelle…I have just been struggling with the fact that the sitters are with my girl more waking hours in the day than I am and you’ve made such a good point – I need to just make the most of my time with her and not dwell on the time I am away.

  247. Not sure where to start, so many things in this post jumped out at me.
    The Ben Franklin t-shirt. Because my son said if their new baby (due 3/21/12) is a boy he wants to name him Benjamin Franklin Gomez.
    The line about the mom with cancer. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I worry I’m not spending enough time – due to pain and fatigue – with my 19 y/o daughter Hannah or my first grandson, Noah.
    And also, every time I see the crazy quilt. I think of my friend’s grandmother, who made me one for a wedding gift, out of pieces from left-over grandma-dress material. That we loved and used until it fell apart 20 years later.

  248. it;s rainy here in okla. we were going to have a stay in your pj’s day – but after reading this, we might just venture out to run through the puddles and get soggy diaper butt’s ourselves. thanks for the inspiration!

  249. Love the Olivia picture- lol The dog? That’s gross!

  250. You are awesome. I am so going to do the power hour with my kids. I may need to wait a few months because my little Lucy hates the car seat and is very cranky and hungry at the end of the day. And I love the Benjamin Franklin quote, I totally live by that and I want those shirts for my kids. I think I’ll do a little shopping today (since I never win, but it sure is fun trying)! If I win, then fantastic, we’ll get some more!

  251. That B. Franklin quote is like my husbands moto. One of my girls NEEDS that shirt!

  252. Adore this – shared by one of my friends on Facebook. I am a working mother of two and I don’t get to spend what I think is enough time with them. Thanks for the reminder!

    PS – child passenger safety technician – you need to bump up that chest clip to be level with the armpits.

  253. Kelle,
    You made me cry. I loved your post, as an expecting mom I’ve already learnt a lot from you.


  254. I work part time so I am able to stay home more with my children since my husband travels each week. And even though I am home more, I still find myself not always spending ‘quality’ time with them. I need to make sure and set aside the housework and other distractions to really soak up all the joys that they bring to my life. Thanks for the great post and the one yesterday- it was really powerful and just what I needed.
    Those shirts are really fantastic! Going to the website now to check them out.

  255. Kelle – I’m not a mom, I still have a few years left until I reach that next life milestone, but I still find myself coming back to you blog nearly everyday (I only just discovered it a few months ago), looking forward to your next post. Your honesty about your life and the pure love and joy you have for your family just pours through your writing no matter the subject. I have found you to be incredibly inspirational in just trying to live in the moment and enjoy what we have, here and now, because that’s what really counts. So this is just a heartfelt Thank You for sharing your story so openly with the world, and for providing so much inspiration, even on your “off” days.

  256. Your blog is so inspiring. I literally read the Bible and then go to your blog. Haha no pressure or anything =) Such cute Tees!!! Can’t wait to check the store out!

  257. I’m preparing to be a first-time mom and this is one thing I really stress over as we’re trying to figure things out! Love the Ben Franklin tee!

  258. another brilliantly worded post…so many times we all forget it is the depth and power we put into those few minutes we have that matter most to the one’s we love.

    love the shot of olivia and her brother napping in the quilt…i used to tuck my ‘bear’ into an old ratty blanket that had split in two. i believe i called it his comfy pouch or something. :)

  259. i SOOOO needed this post today. thank you. i’m off to pay more attention to my boys before the big sister gets home.

  260. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of not telling time by a clock but by how much fun you have. What a concept to embrace. Great line.

  261. Kelle, these shirts are fabulous! My son Harry would look adorable in one of them!

  262. You have the cutest dog..so sweet!! My husband wouldn’t like the doggie Kisses either ;)))

  263. Your posts totally take my breath away…and remind me how important it is to accept myself and my situation and know that I’m doing the best I can, as a working mom.

    Thank you for the reminder that quality is far more important then quantity. I think I’ll make that my mantra…

  264. I love the “Power Hour” idea and will be doing this with my 2 year old son! He will have a blast!

  265. My son is also a fan of the open-mouthed dog kisses…it IS disgusting but it’s so darn cute you can’t help but laugh!

  266. I am definitely going to have to remember the power hour thing. I really think my 2 year old would LOVE it…maybe not “get it” but have tons of fun anyway!

  267. Ok, I totally agree about the dog kisses YUK! :) The 60 min game is a fantastic idea that I will be stealing. Being a mom who works full time, does the gym, daycare and hour drive home, I completely feel like I am cheating my little one out of a lot of things. But I do agree that it is quality and not quantity, and this I will strive to improve!

  268. Can always count on you for a laugh-out-loud post. The best was Nella kissing the dog – ewww and adorable at the same time. And I don’t care if you ever have on “off” day when writing. I love all of your posts!

  269. Last night, I played outside with my boys. Nothing special, just letting them hit baseballs, running after my three year old (who apparently doesn’t like praise) to pick him up and spin him around, and just having fun and enjoying time with my boys. I be a stay at home mom, but I don’t always feel like I’m giving them real quality time. But last night, I did. I was present and loved every minute of it.

  270. I absolutely love the Okllo shirt for Nella! So fitting :) I also really need to know what hairbands you use for her thin, find pigtails? My daughter has very similar hair and I can’t seem to find the right ones! Somehow, someway, please get back to me!

  271. Great post! Great game! I love trying to fit in all the fun I can after a long day of work and daycare.

  272. Oh my goodness, that picture of Olivia tucked into the quilt will keep me smiling all day.

  273. Quality, not quantity. A good reminder for all of us moms.

  274. It sounds like you and the girls had so much fun!

  275. Love this blog post Kelle. And Lainey tucking those babies in her quilt! Priceless!! My Henry strives for those same kind of kisses that Nella does. Our dogs, however, are terrified of our very mobile 11 month old, so he rarely gets indulged :)

  276. Beautiful, I must do the hour of fun! it has to be out of the house so I don’t get disgusted and distracted by all the things we left out and dishes to do and all the other things that keep us for the Quality.

  277. It’s funny to think about you thinking that previous post wasn’t as fabulous as you wanted, because the idea you gave hit home with me and I loved it. I also really like how you just showed us how to really make that quality count. And from experience I know even 15 minutes of my undivided attention to my child is so meaningful. I think in today’s society we are lacking in undivided attention. Really it is something to make sure we grab hold of, because it benefits all involved. Even for a few minutes.
    Love the Benjamin Franklin quote – can’t wait to see all the others – I’m heading there now….

  278. You have summed up an entire month of my feelings and worries into one beautifully written blog post. Quality NOT quantity!!

    I have started saving up all my errands at work and I run them on Mondays and Wednesdays after 2:30. That is when I pick my K up from Mother’s Day Out. This is the “surprise” she gets for going into class quietly and not crying. (Not sure why, but this year/change has been a bit harder on her.) She loves running errands with me and then we go back to my office for 30 min before I head home.

    She loves this time. She has her own “desk” (a chair and my filing cabinets). And I keep everything that she did the week before in a folder, I pull out that folder of marked up post- it notes and stamped cardstock, give her one of the extra phones and she LOVES it!!
    I remember going to work with my Grandma and those are some of my favorite memories. I hope I am giving those to Katelynn.

    Then I go home and love on the little one. She’ll get her Mommy and Me alone time soon enough, cause they grow so fast.

    thanks for once again knowing exactly what I am feeling.

    Pics are beautiful as always. And Nella’s hair is getting so long. Love It!!!!

    Have a great rest of the week.


  279. I love the idea of 60 (plus 6) minutes of fun! Thank you for sharing with us. I’m absolutely positive your girls know how much you love them.

  280. You are such a fun and creative mom! I am one of those working moms who on a good day gets 4 hours with my kids. I am totally going to do this 60min. fun session with my kids.

    Love the pictures!!

  281. Thank you for this. I needed it today.

  282. I have yet to read a post from you that is not funny, inspiring, and interesting. You will always be your own worst critic.

    …and I think it’s funny that Brent is disgusted by doggy kisses, too.

  283. And Wendy, that sort of b.s. is exactly what mothers that have to work feel guilt – because of people like you. Not everyone is a millionaire.

  284. ahhhhhh!!!! With tears in my eyes…and a HUGE – YES – in my heart….thank you!!!! For this….

    p.s. AND those tees….tees are my favorite.

  285. Cute t’s. 66 minutes, who knew.

  286. I thought your last hallmark post was the best one yet. I even emailed it to two other moms that I know who are struggling to “fit it” all in.

  287. my mouth was hanging open as I read your first paragraphs because I personally loved your last Hallmark post so much that I sent the link to 5 of my girlfriends — all working moms, all incredibly loving moms, all with the same horses in the race each day. This time of year, most of us really needed that metaphor, the perspective it provided, the reassurance that we’re all doing the best we can. They all LOVED the post, and so did I. Today, you one-upped yourself with the power-hour-of-fun idea; I can’t WAIT to conduct one myself!

  288. I do believe in quality, not quantity myself.
    I’m a working mom that sometimes feels very guilty for not getting to spend more time with my little boy.
    Financially, my husband & I both need to work, so we do what we have to do. We take what we have, like you said, and make the best of it.

    It’s funny how Nella challenges the doggie for some sugar. My sweet boy does the very same thing. Ugh! I can’t help but laugh, though!

    I really like what Nella’s shirt says, too.

  289. I really needed this today.

    I read this post during a break at work after a rushed morning where I had to leave my sleeping baby, and cried at my desk while reading it. I hate not being there when he wakes up.

    Thank you for your encouragement. It really filled my cup today.

  290. Thank you for this post (and the one before this)! Love them both and as a full-time working momma I tend to get down on myself and the fact that during the week I don’t get to see my kids as much as I’d like and struggle with fitting it all in. Quality over quantity. Exactly! This weekend my two littles and I will definitely be playing the how-much-fun-can-we-have-in-one-hour game!

  291. Your words are always so powerful. they have a way of making you think, be humble and live, really live.

    And your last post about the races- it def wasnt “not good.” It was quite the opposite. It inspired me to write a post about my own race. Thanks. <3


  292. Nella always makes me laugh! (Out loud, sitting at my desk, no less)

  293. My friend Amelia would freak out to have her little girl Hazel wear a shirt with her namesake on it. I’ve been looking for Amelia Bearheart for YEARS as a gift, but this is a close second awesome item!

  294. “….the secret part of your heart that says things you want them to hear. Like “you mean more than any of this.”

    I think what you wrote, all though difficult for you is what so many woman struggle and try and deal with, the guilt of not being able to do everything well.

    And your above statement is what I want to shout to my children and make them believe every day and every moment. If I could guarantee that we would not be living in boxes…I would give up everything, to be able to just be there Momma and do it well. That being said….I definetly have to put a little more effort into the quality part of our time together. Once again thanks for the inspiration.

  295. I’ve had a really bad morning today, like really bad and reading your post put a smile on my face. Thank you for that!

    What you said here, really touched my heart and I need to remember it constantly. “You take what you have been given and you make the most of it. Your kids will know you love them.” It is hard only getting to spend 2.5 hours a day with my daughter during the week. There are so many days I feel guilty about the amount of time I can give her. I need to remind myself that it’s quality, not quantity. I love the idea of taking 1 hour and having as much fun as possible during that time. I think I need to do that with Arya. She has no idea about time yet, but definitley knows when my attention is solely on her. Last night I spent 15 minutes sitting next to her on her chair, reading every single one of her books before bedtime. That was the most time I could spare, but I sure did make the most of it. I need to remember to do this more often.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts! As always, you’ve touched my heart and said the exact words I needed to hear at that time. I hope you have a fabulous day!

  296. You know, since we have a five week old baby at home, our 2.5 year old often gets the short end of the stick because Mommy and Daddy are so tired. You have inspired me that even though we can’t give our all ALL of the time, we need to take a little time and make it quality time. 30 minutes or an hour a day of giving it our all will be so much better than a few hours of us collapsing and being lazy while halfheartedly playing.


  297. I love that you live the small moments with your kids – those are the big moments! I do that with my nephew. He would look so cute in one of those Great American shirts!

  298. Love the post and love the t-shirts. I just wish they came in mommy sizes! As usual your pictures made me smile………..susan

  299. Love the hour idea….Thanks!
    And I hope my kids (and yours) never get so old that they think the grocery store isn’t fun. :)

  300. Those 66 minutes looked like a blast! Sometimes I feel like I’m not being a good mommy because our lives are so hectic, but I never miss this last few minutes of the day of playtime in the floor with Piper!

  301. Loved your last post and this one too!

    Those t-shirts are awesome. I’d get a Ben Franklin for my son Ben. It’s a perfect quote for him.

  302. Wendy, while I understand your argument that “quality” should never be an excuse to spend less time with your kids, I think in the context of this post and with the community of readers here, we’re talking about women who have to work because of the state of the economy (or, in my friend’s case, chemo or God forbid, something so out of our control that takes us away from our kids). Lots of women choose to work or take up hobbies because they like their jobs and enjoy making a mark on the world in the way their work allows them to do. And they shouldn’t feel guilty for that. I’d like to assume people aren’t using the “quality over quantity” idea to justify countless selfish acts or taking off for wild girls’ nights. From most of the responses here, it sounds like a lot of women work to pay the bills but would much rather be spending time with their kids. The quality argument, in this case, is assuring and redeeming. Guilty moms don’t make good caretakers. Passionately present ones do.

  303. Oh my – I LOVED yesterday’s post. It made me smile from start to finish. Who would have known it was such a labor for you write??? This one is a pretty great inspiration too. I’ll try it today with my boy!

  304. Sometimes I wish I was a working mom, in the hopes that I would appreciate my time with the kids more. I am definitely doing the one hour challenge today! Thanks for sharing as always!

  305. This post and your “Fitting it All In” post have been my absolute favorite posts of all time. As a 28 year old girl who works a lot of hours, but who is getting married this January and wants kids fairly soon, I too often worry about whether I will have time for kids. I would love love love to be a stay at home mom but its not in my cards. Your posts have given me confidence that I can still have happy kids who feel loved, even if I won’t be able to spend every waking minute with them. Quality over quantity. Thank you!!

  306. What a fun idea!

    I loved the photo of Olivia tucked into the quilt… kids are sure imaginative!

  307. I needed to read this today…..Thank you. I am currently furthering my education, to get my BSN. IT IS HARD! I spent a ton of time studying and stressing over school. I feel guilty about the time school eats into. I do make sure I have good quality time with mancub, but mama-guilt creeps in. I am setting aside 60….possibly 66 minutes today 😉 The ducks need to be fed these old stale goldfish.

    Have a glorious day! BTW….I totally ‘got’ your Hallmark post. I thought it was a great one, I loved the racing reference, very fitting!

  308. Last night our son was acting up and I looked at my husband and said “all he needs is 15 minutes of playing blocks, and he will be happy”. And he was. It’s so easy to *think* I’m spending time with him, when often I’m just spending time near him…thanks for the great post.

  309. Great idea for a Power Hour of fun! I am going to do this soon! And I love the pic of Nella kissing the dog! And yay for her (and YOU) for sleeping through the night! I hope you actually slept and didn’t worry, or wait for her to wake up…like I do. 😉

  310. I am doing power hour after work tomorrow with my two littles. I’m thinking – quilt in the back of the car, snacks, books, and settling in at the park to watch the sunset. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  311. You brought a whole different meaning to power hour! Your blog is so inspiring its like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning! My daughter is only 2 months but yoy give me such great ideas of things to do w her as she grows and what kind of mother I want to be! Wish you had 10 posts a day :)

  312. love it – and you are right they just know – i think it is practically impossible for kiddos to not know their mommas love them if the mommas want them to know- bad days and all.

  313. quality, not quantity. so true. ’nuff said.

  314. I heart this post so much. I don’t have kids yet but the 66 Minute Challenge could easily apply to any of the loved ones in our lives that we feel like we don’t spend enough quality time with- husband, friends, etc. The hubs & I are going to try this over the weekend!

  315. I love those shirts! Especially Nellas. Awesome.

  316. I feel like the mom that works all day, has a long commute home then rushes to daycare to pick up my daughter and then wants to pass out. I know sometimes we get home and she doesn’t get my all for the couple hours before bed. This makes me want to try harder to give her good quality time with me, I love the 1 hour of fun idea- maybe tonight we will do a little adventure before heading home!

  317. Thanks I needed to enjoy the small things this morning!!! Great post.

  318. Love love love the BF shirt!

  319. what a beautiful 66 minutes you had–and what a good reminder for all of us to do!

  320. And since my last comment was lost, also have to say, really needed to read this post.. only became a little deflated after reading Wendy’s comment… I have been wrestling with these thoughts a lot lately as I will be returning to work shortly after a layoff and I know I will most likely be working more than I was before. Of course I want to spend time with my son, but I also know some parents spend all day with their kids, while they prop them in front of the TV and the parent spends all day on the phone or the computer. Is that better than spending one or two hours solely focused on my son?

  321. Hour of Power… I will have to try that one day. Thanks for a great post!

  322. love this, i will definitely be doing this with my kids:)

  323. I now want an hour of power. Tonight! Thanks for the inspiration!

  324. I really needed this today. I am a working mom with a 4 month old baby girl (my husband and mother-in-law share nanny duties) and I find it so tough to find time to spend with her that isn’t necessity time (feeding/changing/bathing). She is definitely a daddy’s girl so I definitely need to work on making mommy-daughter time more often.

  325. I think I am going to try this tonight. What a great idea-thank-you for being such an inspiration. Every time I feel like I am not doing my best or feeling the dreaded horrible mom syndrome, I read your blog and I feel better and more confident every time.

  326. I love the idea of the ‘Hour Game’, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything and shower love and attention on the kids, but one hour a day, I can definitely commit to.

  327. Incredible post. I will have to try the ” hour of power” with my little lady very soon! Thanks for the encouraging words and empowerment!

  328. Your post encouraged me to have our own hour of power! I’m a single mom of two toddler boys so quality over quantity has my name all over it! So we’re hitting the library straight from daycare and then to the park with a bag full of books, a packed picnic and a huge blanket so we can spread our legs and read until dusk.

  329. I’m sitting in my cubicle in front of the computer, reading your post and the waterworks are flowing. Before I became a mom in March of this year I was reading your blog and telling myself all of things I will do with my daughter when she’s born because you had inspried me. Sadly I have to work and so many times I pick my girl up from daycare and am so exhausted that we just go home and spend the few hours that we can together before going to bed. I just felt like a failure and you’ve made me feel so much better. You are right in saying that it’s about the quality not quantity. I still feel bad but just not as bad…..so thank you! You inspire me to be a better mama, honestly you do.

  330. Thank you!!! As a working Mama with a 2.5 year old I often feel like I neglect my son and what will he remember…daycare or me. I know he will alway remember his Mama but still. I have Mondays with my son and I always try to make that day quality. Thanks for showing that SAHMs need to be reminded of quality time as well.

  331. I love your hour of fun with the girls. We did something similar last night and when we all got home from workm daycare, and school we hit the park and beach. It was peaceful and just what we all needed. Love your girlies.

  332. I loved your halmark post. I would have never thought you had a case of writers block. It was amazing. I also agree quality not quantity.

  333. I love this idea of an “hour of power’ fun time! I might just have to try it…

  334. haha the pic of Nella with her tongue out for the dog made me laugh really loud! So cute!! I love the idea of cramming stuff into 66 mins! I’m going to try and come up with things I can do with my girls in that time!! happy Thursday!

  335. I get writers block too. I feel like I’m always writing about the same thing or copying from someone else. If I ever need inspiration to get the words flowing, reading your blog helps me.

    As a mom working outside of the home, I find those precious few hours at the end of the day are golden. I just wish I wasn’t so tired. So, depending on my work schedule, I’ll take a day off during the week to get as much done while having as much fun as possible. Yesterday was one of those days. It was good.

  336. Feeling inspired. Love the shirts. That is all.

  337. I love this post. As a working mom I feel like my little boy gets the shaft every day because I don’t have the hours with him that I wish I did. But I love Lainey’s response to do it again – it gives me hope that my children won’t remember that I was away during the day.

  338. 60minute game happening at my house tonight!! I’m thinking hide and seek, and candyland…and whatever else she thinks of!

  339. I can’t believe you didn’t love the Hallmark post! I thought it was one of the best!! I loved the horse race metaphor. It really put it all together for me.

    As for this post, Nella’s T-shirt made me cry. LOVE IT!!

  340. you did what all working mothers want and wish to do….soak the crap out of that one measly hour we get with our kids after work and before bed. and you told the story beautifully. you’ve inspired me to do the same…tonight!

  341. I loved the Hallmark post….never doubt the power of your words!

  342. Wow…this was my first visit to your blog, but I’m certainly hooked. I expected to stop by, like I do w/ several other blogs, take a peek and then get back to work. One hour & eleven minutes later, having read your current & several older posts, and watched the videos, I am sure I will be coming back all the time. I know your site is intended for moms but dads, like myself, also enjoy reading your inspiring, and quite often hilarious words. That your blog also deals w/ Special Needs & D/S kids only entices me all the more. My wife & I are in the very beginning stages of an adoption journey, hopefully toward a child with D/S. So I expect your insight and experience with both ends of the parenting spectrum will be a great help. While my son isn’t yet old enough (11 mths) to enjoy a full “power hour” this post makes me want to try it anyway. Thanks from an inspired dad.

  343. OMG I laughed out loud so hard at the picture of Nella kissing the dog. I love it! It made my day just a little bit better. And as always, you give me the inspiration to be a better mom. I’m going to go pick my oldest off the bus and we are going to make cookies today… just because.

  344. My oldest is in all day kindergarten and I find that I never have enough time to tell/show him how much I love him now. I’m inspired to try to do that in an hour. – Shannon

  345. Love the 1 hr game. I’ll have to give it a try tomorrow when I pick up my oldest from pre-k. Sometimes it’s funny how the simpliest things can end up being the best things.

  346. your “not very good” is most people’s amazing. you are too hard on yourself! your writing is amazing! (this coming from someone who used to want to be a writer)
    btw, my sister once did a scientific study – got spit from a human and a dog – and the dog’s was cleaner! so tell that to Brett! 😉

  347. It’s so interesting that you felt that way because I LOVED the Hallmark post. My best friend and I both read your blog religiously and we had a whole conversation about it. We decided to incorporate the “Kentucky Derby” concept into our own language, and talked a lot about the ongoing battle of priorities, the ebb and flow of various components of our lives. Thank you for sharing it–and don’t be so hard on yourself! <3

  348. As always, you are amazing! How many times can I tell you that you make me want to be a better mama?!? Countless because it’s true!

  349. I can’t believe you didn’t think your last Hallmark post was that good. It made me grin from ear to ear and made me want to send it to every woman who feels inadequate and to every husband/boyfriend who is critical. Have more faith in yourself, sista! :-) Love the shirts too….gonna have to browse those later on!

  350. thank you for the great reminder, some days I am good about remember this and others not so much. Today will be a good day!

  351. I wonder how much fun WE can cram into an hour. Now I’m challenged to try it.

    And my very favorite part was how Lainey tucked the pigs into the blanket because I find things around the house like that all the time, put there by my Amy: a ribbon around a stuffed dog’s neck and tied to the bedpost (waiting for her to come home from school), a polly pocket “swimming” in a teacup pool of water snatched from the bathroom, the family in her dollhouse arranged around the dinner table. Love it.

  352. I need to remember that QUality is better than quantity ! Love your two funnies!!! Thanks for your posts, as always!

  353. Awesome post! What a perfect idea.

  354. But dogs are our best buds, aren’t they? An hour of fun seems like a wonderful idea!

  355. You get it. You so very much get it. Your recent Hallmark post was good…this one reached through my computer screen and said, “Hey E! Read this part again. Oh and that part – read that part again. And this part, too.” So thank you, Kelle.

  356. Your last post was wonderful. I have 18 mo old and 6 week old girls, and was driving myself crazy trying to keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning in the past few weeks. Your post yesterday was a much needed reminder that we cannot expect perfection from ourselves – it would make for a very dull Kentucky Derby to have everything tied for first all the time (not to mention exhausting!).
    So I took your words to heart and instead of cleaning yesterday during the girls’ nap time, I napped as well, because Mama Sleeps was falling waaaay behind in the races. Like 6 laps behind the others. And when a sweet neighbor dropped by during my nap with a gift for my little ones and I answered the door with drool still on my face and looking like a hot mess, I smiled and invited her in. And it felt great.

  357. ahh – what an incredible idea! sometimes even when we want to focus, we feel guilty for ignoring those other responsibilities – but to say “60 minutes of….” is such a perfect solution.

  358. I am not commenting to win the giveaway – although it is a fantastic giveaway. I am commenting because I needed to read this post today. I needed to know that the few hours I get to spend with my kids after work DO matter. You reminded me of this – with tears in my eyes. Thank you. Thank you.

  359. New to your blog in the last couple of weeks and I love it! And I really really loved this!! Thank you for challenging me to be a better mommy!!!

  360. The pigtails kill me! I do love them so. I’m so excited for my girl to have hair long enough to put into wispy pigtails.

  361. love your one hour of fun idea! such precious memories.

  362. Amazing, every time I doubt myself as a mom, wife, and friend you remind me to take a step back. Thank you so much for tonight, no matter how short the time spent with my family and a dear friend, I will make the very best of it for it is all about quality, thank you Kelli!

  363. I so, so, SO needed this post right now…THANK YOU!

  364. This was such a good post for me to read today as I was hurrying around today trying to fit all of our activities in…it reminded me to slow down…quality not quantity! And I have to say your daughters are so precious! I am also now a consultant for Just Ducky due to your blog post about them! We have our first trunk show next week!

  365. I LOVE these shirts! How fun! I love the idea of following the fun – I need ot do that more often!

  366. I LOVE yesterdays post… I already put a note to link to it on my blog! That is how much I LOVVVVVVEEEEDDDDD it! To funny… we are our own worst critics! I get so excited to read your blog… love the stories, writing and the pictures – AMAZING!

  367. An hour a fun. Starting now this will be a new staple in our home. I love this!!

  368. Wonderful post. My little brother only cares about fun too. Quality over quanitity–what a strong message. And I love the photos of Nella and the dog. Priceless.

  369. Thank you for keeping it real, as always. I think I am up for a 66 minute challenge of my own!

  370. This post was exactly what I needed today. Sometimes I get sad thinking that I am cramming my life’s mission of being a mom (you know what I mean) into 18 short years. I get scared, wondering what I will fill my life up with after our “hour of power” is over. It’s like you said, “we need to take what we’re given, and work with it.” I intend to stop dwelling on the future so that we can have more fun now!

  371. holy cow that whole cram a whole lot of fun into 1 hour thing is fabulous. Why hadn’t I thought of that?
    Love it.

  372. We spent last night painting a banner for my daughter’s birthday party. They were so excited to see it hanging up in our house this morning. It’s the little things that show me I’m doing this right.

  373. Once again you spoke to what my heart needed to hear, very timely!

    Thanks for the reminder that “You take what you have been given and you make the most of it. Your kids will know you love them.”
    As a working mom I often have “mom guilt” over the qty of time we have together but I always try to make the best of it and give them the quality! This morning was a rough one with my oldest and then I read this and it makes me remember when I pick her up and ask her how her day was she’ll not remember that part at all.

  374. Thank you for this post…as a working mom it brought tears to my eyes. And then laughter at the end… hilarious about the dog.

  375. I love the Hour Long concept! I will do that once a week from now on! I have 4 kiddos and we are adopting two very soon so it comforts me to know that spending quality time doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of money but just giving them your COMPLETE ATTENTION – no computer, no phone, nothing but you and your children – PRICELESS! You inspire me Kelle and me leaving countless comments is just a small way of showing my appreciation for who you are to me. xo

  376. I love your Hallmark post! After reading this post I assumed your Hallmark post would somehow be scrambled and I just wouldn’t be that into it (I mean we all have our off days) – turns out it was perfectly stated! It felt like someone had put into words the way I feel when I see my dirty floors and then look at my happy toddler handing me his new found treasures and simply think “hey – I can always clean my floors tomorrow so I am going to play the sort rocks game with my boy!”
    Thank you for putting into words what it means to be a wife, mother and woman.

  377. You learn so much from your friends, and even though I don’t know you in person, we are friends. You inspire me to be a better mom because that is what friends do. I love you quick getaways, and we try to do the same. Keep, keeping on!

  378. We had happy in the moment day yesterday…..read books outside on the fall lawn…..awwwww….Dr. Seuss I truly love you and that damn Sam I Am!

  379. My mom and I once held a shopping challenge where we would only buy something if it was super on sale. It made shopping that much more fun!

  380. You called it correctly! Spending time with your children is totally about quality not quantity. Being pregnant with baby number 2 is making me aware of how quickly my attention will be split on two children. Right now I’m enjoying being in the moment with my son and looking forward to having him meet his baby sister in a few short months.

  381. Thank you for this! It was exactly what I needed to remember today.

  382. That Einstein shirt is AMAZING and perfect for Nella :) Thanks for sharing your life, you have truly healed many parts of my soul with your writing!

  383. we are all too critical of ourselves. if only others could read our hearts…

  384. At least your puppy has a small tongue! Doggie kisses are given in our house whether they are asked for or not and while I agree with Brett, they are nasty, it’s still sweet in a weird way.

    I love you 66 minutes idea! I just might adopt it as my own because I am one of those stepmama’s that’s always on the go and my husband is rarely home (military), so I feel like I am always being pulled a million ways and feel guilty for it.

  385. Sometimes I spend the whole day with my girls and no matter how hard I try I feel distracted by the various balls I’m juggling. Other times we spend only the few hours between school and bedtime and I feel like I really connected with each of them. Lots of time together is a good thing but quality does matter more than quantity some days. I try to check in with myself at the end of each day, to make sure that I REALLY connected with each one of my little girls that day, whether it is a shared laugh, a conversation, some comfort I was able to offer or a game we played. As long as I feel that I have a special moment with each of them every day, I’m good – and so are they!

  386. Thank you. As the last few weeks of my maternity leave wind down I’m already feeling guilty about returning to work. It’s work that I love but work that sucks so much time out of my life b/c as an Episcopal priest it’s work that doesn’t end at 5:00. My two children will spend hundreds of hours in daycare and church nurseries by the time they start kindergarten. Thank you for the reminder that the four waking hours I get with them each day during the week have the potential to be of deep quality and commitment. Quality > Quantity should be my new mommy mantra. Thanks.

  387. I love the shirts! A great way to teach a children to keep working hard and reach for their dreams….

  388. I will simply say ….. I love you!!! You make it so simple to realize that the most important things in life are … wait for it…. “the small things”.

    THANK YOU!!!

  389. I totally get how sometimes the writing just works. . .other times it’s just not there. BUT, I loved the last post. It was actually one of my favorites because that idea of choosing what we do with what always feels like such limited time as parents so resonated with me. We always have to choose and too often I feel like others around me are choosing more wisely (How does she have time to run every day!!) or, they’re judging me for what I chose because it isn’t something they’ve been able to fit in.

    I didn’t comment the other day because I know you always get a zillon comments from people who love what you’re doing, but there are many more of us who really appreciate you articulating these parenting dilemmas we all have. Sometimes, especially when it’s hard.

  390. This is such a fun idea! Kind of like “Around Naples in 60 minutes”.
    I am definitely adopting it!

  391. Thank you for blogging. I saw that you posted and decided to save reading your post for when I finished defrosting the deep freezer. It was an encouraging post after a draining chore.

  392. “I want women who have to work to pick up their kids from daycare, drive home and spend those couple precious hours before bedtime knowing that quality is valued more than quantity.”

    This is me and I teared up reading it. Thank you.

  393. Your post made me smile and who am I kidding, I’d love to get one of those shirts for my boys!

  394. Thanks for the reminder. I know that my son feels loved when I take the time to get down on his level, right in his eye sight and be completely present.

  395. love the idea. I teach kinder and want to pull the car over and run away from my 3 kids on the ride home somedays. I think i need to change MY perspective. I guess it’s not about me everyday, huh? a park stop on the way home today sounds nice…

  396. After a summer of reading only teen fiction (easy but gripping reads!) I needed less angst and more, I don’t know, free-spirited adventure. Just yesterday I was at the library and picked up an Amelia Earhart biography. Love that shirt!

  397. I need to do this with my girls. Great Post. And I love the shirts. Super cool.

  398. I’m a little late to the discussion, but your last post was on my mind as I was leaving the house for the park this morning. The laundry was piled up, my new mums were waiting to be planted, the vacuuming and sweeping were badly overdue… But I needed to get out of the house, and Corin LOVES the park. So to the park we went, and then to a local cafe I’d been wanting to try for ages. Now there’s a ton of housework to catch up on, but it was worth it. Every day of parenting is an advanced exercise in balancing competing priorities. You’re right: We all do the best we can dividing our time amongst the things that matter most to us, and it always means something else gives. Some days, I stay home and do the housework because I can’t stand the mess any longer. But today, I’m glad we spent a beautiful morning at the park.

  399. Very timely message for me. Today was one of those days where I felt tired and not as connected as I’d like to be. You are right though when you say that kids get it – they understand- that we as moms are only human. We are trying our best, although we fall short sometimes. What stays sacred is our deep love for them. Also, I enjoy all of your posts, but recently for me they’ve felt more real, honest, (and relatable). Thanks for helping to build this community of moms.

  400. Sometimes I love the pictures more than the words but this time it was a tie. Quality means the world.

  401. Great post,
    Even as a stay at home mother, I sometimes feel like enough of my time doesnt go to playing, or to learning, and I daily examine myself.

    But at the end of the day, it doesnt matter, because like you said, kids cant tell time, they only tell love, and fun.

    And his memory bank is booming, we are freakin memory millionaires..

    happy fall – living Maine, fall is in full swing for me, so yes, feel free to be a tad bit jealous..

  402. i needed that…struggling to find a moment, the energy to spend special time with my sweet girl. we’re gonna have a girls night, one hour tonight! oh what shall we do???

    love the shirts!

  403. I’ve had a hard day today… your thoughts were good to hear… parenting is the hardest thing I have done and somedays it is hard to gain perspective, but it is worth it! 66 minutes… I like it.

  404. Thank you (for the millionth time) for your ever present honesty.

  405. Sometimes my posts are suck-fests. But sometimes I write something that makes me feel so powerful. Where I’m like, “Damn, Molly! You’re a fine writer!” Gosh, I love those days.

    I think it’s really awesome of you to admit that especially since you are an inspiration to so many of us.

    I have been feeling like crap because I have yet another work event tonight and I will miss bedtime. I won’t even get one minute with them before they are dreaming their little kid dreams.

    But it’s alright. I’ll give them more of me tomorrow.

  406. I love this idea!!!!!!! we block off time for everything else, and we do everything else while we’re playing with our kids. But to block off a chunk of time and say this is just for you is amazing!

  407. i love baseball t-shirts too! & olivia 😉

  408. My 1 yr old nephew Duncan loves to boss the animals around. He puts things in their place (sometime physically) then says to himself “deyre”, and scuttles off to his next task.

  409. Thanks for the laugh about Nella and the dog in the kissing contest. I needed that, today.

  410. The last picture is A-MA-ZING! Well, they all are…. but I really like the last one!

    and I love the Quality versus Quantity idea!

  411. Nella and the dog! Love!

  412. Adorable as usual! Love to see the fun you pack into an hour. As a full time working (outside of the home) mom, you challenges me to do more with the little time I seem to have each day with my kids.

  413. LOL. I love the doggie kisses…..ur right, gross, but oh so funny!!
    P.S. we love the whole foods store too, I could just move in and live there :-)

  414. Even though you clicked the mouse with a winced face yesterday, know that there was someone else 3,000 miles away beginning to read it with a smile of complete satisfaction. I enjoy every post you write, and actually yesterday’s was one of my favorites! Great topic and I loved your perspective on the matter.

    Your writing makes a difference and inspires so many of us. And so do your pictures! I look forward to your posts and check-in with your site daily to see if you have anything new posted. :)

    I’ve gotta say — this 60 Minute Power Hour is a pretty awesome idea! Even though I’m a stay at home mom and I get more time with my daughter than most, I want to give it a try! It makes me think of the time I spend running errands when Chloe is at school. It’s like I test myself to see how much I can get done in a short amount of time (sometimes it’s only an hour) and I’m always amazed by what I can accomplish in such a short amount of time! 😉

    How precious is the photo of Lainey’s toys in the quilt! Awww! She’s a little mama in the making! And I laughed out loud when I read about Nella’s newest “challenge” of trying to make the dog give her a kiss! Hilarious and OH-SO-CUTE!

  415. Your last post was incredible. It spoke to me and, in fact, this morning I remembered the part where you wrote about Alice (I think that was what you called her), and how she was judged for running, because what mom has time for that?! Because it’s so true, she should run if she needs to. And we all have the time, even when we don’t. This isn’t making sense- let me start over…I loved the post. It encouraged me and make me feel less alone as I juggle my own priorities. It was a GREAT post. Unlike this rambling comment… :)

  416. Thank you. I am a stay at home mom to 5 (3 older kids – 8, 9 and 10) and two little ones (2 and 6 months) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of seeing how much fun we can cram into 60 minutes. I am going to tell my husband about this idea and then RUN with it. Thank you so much. I tend to get in a rut of the day to day stuff of homework and behavioral issues. I am going to take 60 minutes with 1 or 2 kids and having uninterrupted fun. Then do it with a few other kids the next day. Brilliant idea.

  417. Loved your post yesterday….love your idea today. Have loved your blog for a long time but have decided it’s time to start commenting. :-) Thank you for your honesty and inspiration!

  418. I definately agree with the quality of time with your kids, in our family my husband and I both work, I love being able to spend hours with my kids and give them their time. Love the olivia picture :)

  419. I love the 60 minutes 0’fun! Great way to stress quality over quantity. PS – I liked the Hallmark post :)

  420. hey Kelle. Had to comment because I really loved your funny and unique approach to the race horse post. It’s hard to come up with a new angle and you did it. Don’t you feel sometimes like a photographer down on the ground craning her neck trying to create some brand new out of something normal? that’s what writing feeling like to me sometimes, and i think you nailed it.

  421. My daughter’s name is Amelia :) She could sport that shirt well :)

  422. Wait, Montrose? Montrose, Iowa? Or is there one in Michigan?

  423. I enjoyed your 66 minutes as well!

  424. ok, I skipped reading the other comments because of lack of time, but I have to say, tears are rolling down my face I am laughing so hard about the tongue kisses being funnier because of dogs licking their butts…..that is awesome! I love how real you are in your posts! So perfect, but willing to share your imperfections, too. Awesome!

  425. I am not sure if you will get to my comment… seeing I am comment 423 something or rather, but I just wanted to make a shout to YOU! I randomly happened onto your blog and since then I am on it every couple of days to laugh, cry or smile. Your life is full of ‘light’ and love and such an inspiration to me! I am going thru some hard times but PEOPLE are the ones that constantly inspire me! Love what PEOPLE are, who they are and what they can say to MOVE me! Thank you, Jen from AZ–mother of 3 awesome kids!

  426. That last photo is especially gorgeous!

  427. I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t love your last post…. the Kentucky Derby analogy was brilliant. absolutely brilliant. one of the best. seriously. amen.

  428. I’ve been feeling mother guilt a lot lately – for having to work, losing my temper, not being all that I want to be 100% of the time – but this makes me remember that quality matters more than quantity and they know…they know I love them more than life itself and no matter what I will always love them.

  429. I love your posts more and more every time I read what you write! I love the hour idea! And your girls are so precious!

  430. This post propelled me out of funk. I’ve been wallowing in all day morning sickness and exhaustion, feeling like I couldn’t possibly take my sonshine to the park, and forget it, I can. I can feel like crud when I get home. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, you’re right. Quality over quantity. Off now to seize the last minutes before sunset. PS those tees are gorgeous & Lainey’s smile at the end of your day – says it all, it really does! They do know it.

  431. olivia and her brother under the tears in lainey’s quilt….precious! nella and the dog kissing…..so cute and funny!

  432. Thank you for the reminder~ it really is the quality of the time you have together!! Your words speak right to my heart!!

  433. We will be doing the one hour challenge soon! Those t-shirts are amazing. I’m going to go on the website and buy some but it would also be great to get one for free.

  434. LOVE the quick fun times!!! And OMG Nella and the dog…too cute!!!

  435. hahahahahahahahahahaha! @ Nella kissing doggie. I work 70 hours a week sometimes. Family dinners are like the holy grail. Bedtime stories maybe twice a week. But my kids know I do what i do because i love them and have to provide for them. So there. :)

  436. What a terrific idea. I love it.

    And for the record, we all have those posts that we just can’t get the words right for, but like you said, people still respond to them- sometimes even more that the ones that pour out onto the… paper…eh…screen.

  437. So cool!

  438. Love this post. I never feel there are enough seconds in the day, but it is amazing how many memories you can create in only 66. Thank you!

  439. OMG my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Amelia Earhart shirt! I learned to read very young and when I was 5, the first “chapter book” I read was about Amelia. I Fell. In. Love. In love with reading and in love with Amelia’s story. I still have my theories haha! Thank you for your posts, Kelle. They always brighten my day!

  440. Kelle – What a fun 66 minutes!! You are an inspiration… thank you fr sharing your fun with us!Heather

  441. lovely post. and I am constantly picking up blankets and scarves and napkins and jackets only to find that there are friends sleeping underneath. whenever my 2 year old notices me, she runs right over shouting “no, no, no, mommy, night night time, shhh!”

  442. After 13 straight hours with my four kid(6 months to five years)which included tent building, grocery shopping ,three therapies appointments, dancing, lots of diapers and poop,breast feeding, book reading, a doctors visit, video watching, meal making…etc, I needed to read this, they love me!

  443. I hope you smoked a cigarette after this post cause it was killer 😉 It was beautiful and touched me, thank you!

  444. Thanks for writing even when it doesn’t flow or seem easy.

  445. It seems to me that you say that you have the most fun when you are just with your two daughters. When you whisk your daughters away leaving their father at home.

    When I was a child, my best times were when we did things like you discussed above but with my mother and father. As a family.

    I feel like in a lot of your posts you differentiate between family and love and spending time with your husband and his sons.

  446. I forwarded your last post to my husband and asked him to read it. I try to explain those feelings over and over to him and can’t do it.
    He read it. And, said it was good.
    I took my kids to the pool today. It was only 72 degrees, we were the only ones there, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Quality, not quantity!

  447. hahaha! love the pic of olivia all tucked in!

  448. I love the idea of spending an hour 100% totally devoted to the kids. The quality is definitely what makes it memorable. :)

  449. Thank you for the reminder! We will squeeze in the fun whenever and wherever we can!!

  450. This was just what I needed. I often feel I don’t give my kids enough between my work and school, and their school and homework. We are starting a weekly hour of fun power from now on :)

  451. Oh my gosh, every time I come here, I am inspired, big time.

    Thanks for the lead on the T’s. I have an Amelia and so I find the Amelia E. T especially adorable.

  452. Oh my gosh, every time I come here, I am inspired, big time.

    Thanks for the lead on the T’s. I have an Amelia and so I find the Amelia E. T especially adorable.

  453. 66 minutes of motherly inspiration … !! thank you :-)

  454. Love what you wrote about letting Lainey have the satisfaction of stumping you in I spy. 😉

  455. Wow… fitting fun into one hour. Such a simple concept really but something that you can tell by your pictures involves so much more. Quick decisions, fun adventures and living to spend one hour exploring as much as the world as possible. Something i will have to keep in mind for the day I have kids.

  456. Thank you for the reminder that we’re all doing the best we can with the time we have and to truly savor each minute, however fast and furious they may fly. I look forward to reading you each time I log on!

  457. You are speaking to me!!! Thank you. I’m going to play the fun in an hour game sans beach;)

  458. Omg!!!!! That photo of Nella and your pup, just friggin priceless! Love, love that… Too adorable! :)

  459. I love the ‘hour’ challenge, I must put this in my back pocket to pull out on days when I feel like I haven’t been nearly as present as I should have been. You know those days where you HAVE to get this cleaned and you HAVE to finish making that…The ‘hour’ would sure make that day sweet!

  460. Thanks, Kelle. As always, great post!

  461. You constantly continue to inspire me everyday! (:
    YOU are amazing.

  462. Pure joy is what you bring to my heart with your every post~~~ Thank-you Kelle, Your blog takes me to a, “Little bit of Heaven!”

  463. LOVE LOVE LOVE This!!

  464. 1) LOVE those cool, thoughtful t-shirts that remind us of historical figures in a child-friendly way!

    2) I have been staying up WAY too late reading your archives — I’m so tired but happy as a result!

    3) The pic of Nella and Latte kissing takes the cake today (sorry Brett!).

    4) I really enjoyed yesterday’s post (I’m an attorney but currently a SAHM), so don’t be too hard on yourself!

  465. This post makes me feel so happy. Lately I’ve noticed that my focus has been split too many ways for most of the day…I think I need an unplugged day to re-centre and refocus and practice doing one thing at a time. And the first thing will be loving and being with my kids. Thank you!

  466. I need to have these shirts. Even if I don’t win I am on my way to purchase one for my kids! So important.

  467. Kelle,
    That post brought tears to my eyes. I struggle to make time with my 2 boys. Working fulltime and a husband who travels makes the daily chores challenging. I need to let the small stuff go (clean house, etc) and make the most of the 2 hours we have each night. Thanks again for always making me realize how precious our babies are.

  468. thank you for this. this past week has been such a struggle for me as a momma of two little ones. days in tears b/c i feel like i am failing. at everything. but what is important is that my girls know i love them. and i try to show them that every day. who cares about laundry?

  469. Honestly, I loved your last 2 posts. You just have a way with words that speak to us and reassure us whatever our situation might be that it’s ok. Quality, not quantity..Love it and it’s so true! Thanks for reminding me that we do do the best that we can.

  470. I need to do something like this with my daughter. I live for and cherish the moments I have with her every single day, even the bad days. Thank you for this.

  471. I can’t tell you how many times in a week I think of you, your girls, your writing, and your overall take on life that you present. Being a mom is the most rewarding part of my life, but it’s definitely a big challenge too. Love what you say about quality time here…it is for sure paramount to quantity. Just one question…a post about getting the most out of an hour and no reference to “suck the marrow?” Really? 😉

  472. HONEST, heartfelt post
    thank you!


  473. I love Nella kissing on the dog. So adorable.

  474. Thanks for the reminder of quality and not quantity! And, I’m glad my kids aren’t the only ones who kiss the dog. On the mouth.

  475. I really need to try the 60 minutes of fun. With a brand new baby I really feel like my other four are losing out on me.

  476. Such wonderful points. I read your Tuesday post and found myself thinking about my life and how I try to juggle everything and that I rarely make time for myself. Me time is spent taking care of all the things I didn’t get done earlier. But yesterday I put everything aside and did an impromptu dinner with my children and faux mother in law.

  477. lOVE that photo of Nella swinging! I love this ‘game’ you played with your girls and I cannot wait to play it with my kiddo when he’s older! I love driving to Whole Foods and getting lunch with my little guy :) I also love smelling the soaps, etc. I love the beauty area! xx

  478. This post came at the perfect time for me. I have been at home with my babies for 10.5 years. I have recently gone back to work full time and am struggling with that decision.

    LOVE the shirts!!!

  479. ok, so, I had just finished ready the photo caption about Nella challenging the dog to kiss her to my husband while I was laughing…because,seriously..she’s so adorable!!! THEN…I read the next line about Bret thinking it’s disgusting and that making it 10 times funnier… I can’t stop laughing!! I LOVE IT! <3

  480. My little guy has just started “sharing” his food with the dog, but he offers it to her, lets her smell and lick it, then puts it back into his own mouth. Yuck! Thank goodness for immune systems :-)

  481. Nella is the sweetest dear. Her beach outfit is the prettiest baby outfit I’ve ever seen.



  482. Love that idea and the shirts!

  483. i.just.love.you.kelle.

    i know that’s corny to say, never having met and all.. but then again. sometimes when i read your posts, i’m sure we have. somewhere. at some time. and then i remember, yeah.. it was in my friend debi, that has that same glass half full attitude. and in my friend susie, that kisses her kids a gazillion times a day. and my friend jo, that tells me i can do it – and the kids will be okay. and maybe.. maybe just a little bit in myself too.

    yeah. you’re just one of the girls! and i love love love how i can feel that, even through a computer screen!!! that sense that here’s someone just doing life with ya~

    so cool how all that goes and comes round. this feeling that we can give to each other and encourage and cheer each other on with our WORDS!

    thanks for yours again tonight!

  484. Oh Kelle, I love your posts. You make all of us feel good, like the simplicity of loving and enjoying our kids is so very possible.

    My daughter does the same thing with the dog. She puts her face right in to his so she can get a lick. Gross, but adorable.

  485. A day home from work, spent with my sick girl was one I needed more than my girlie! http://www.roebucks-soontobethree.blogspot.com

  486. I love your posts. They make me smile! Thank you.

  487. Love this post! Love the t-shirts!

  488. I read faithfully, and love your blog, but rarely comment because I love responses. The amount of comments you receive makes it virtually impossible for you to reply to each and every person and I get that, but I wanted to tell you something.

    I’m a sophomore in college and will not be a mom for a few more years, but I aspire to be like you when I am a mom. You live in the moments and take a bagillion pictures. You allow your kids to simply “be kids.” You have the most adorable style. You’re genuine. Most importantly, you truly do seem to enjoy the small things and I love that.

    Not that you need advice from a sophomore in college, but keep doing what you’re doing. Your posts make my day because every time you post, I imagine myself being a mom, a lot like you :)

    Thank you!


  489. Beautiful! Fridays are our stay-at-home and to whatever my boys want day. I look forward to it all week and build up to it and work extra hard on Thursday to have all my “stuff” done so that Friday can be “PJ DAY!” as my DI declares it first thing in the morning. We’re going to pack in the fun. Can’t wait, and I love this post and I love how precious your girls are and how blessed they are to have you as their mama.

  490. Kamdyn does the same thing with our dog, and she always hangs her mouth wide open. So gross, but they both love it.

  491. I love the idea of making every moment count! Although I’m a SAHM, so there are lots of moments to fill :) But I try very hard to make everyday magical for my son. I love how magical you make everyday for your kids too!

  492. Thanks for reminding me that it’s all in the quality. I try to hard at the silly things sometimes when all we need are wet butts and sandy toes :)

  493. Love, love, love your blog! It always brightens my day!

  494. ~sigh~ your blog never fails to bring me back to what’s important…I think I should start my day with your posts instead of reading it at the end when I finally have me time bc I feel this inner sense of calm when I visit your site. I strive to be the person you write about. Thank you for inspiring me every time I come here.
    P.S. The last three pics are HILARIOUS!!!!

  495. I just loved this. And i love how you wrote about us women listening to each other. SO needed fo rus all. I just so love you, Kelle..And i love the tees for kids, esp the message on the Ben Franklin shirt. Thanks for always inspiring me and reminding me of what is important. Love from the Blog Mama~

  496. You are so right! Quality, not quantity. Your girls have a ball with you all the time, I see it in your words and pictures.

  497. LOL the last Brett comment made me laugh! The Power Hour is awesome! You should do an October Challenge for moms across the country! I can almost guarantee that 99% of moms will TOTALLY be doing this!

  498. I actually laughed out loud while rocking my sleeping wee boy in the dark, lit only by the glow of my iPhone. Nella’s tongue, the dog, Brett’s comment – an actual out loud laugh in the dark. Ha!

  499. SO SERIOUSLY TRUE! Quality and nor quantity. It is hard to remember some days with an almost two year old. I find myself being guilt ridden at work and wondering which daycare teacher is kissing the boo boo’s. Then we have to ride in the car home and some days I am relieved that she has fallen asleep my first “break” of the day. Other days we sing and dance and talk about her day the whole 45 minute ride home. I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your moments they inspire me to be greater than I already am:)

  500. I am SO taking one hour today and enthralling myself completely in my boys. Thanks for the quality reminder. This mama needed it today.

  501. Kelle~ I am a believer in quality time. I realize I am a tad greedy with my boys and that translates often to the spending an enormous amount of quantity time together as well. Regardless, time is precious….a gift.
    Your words always result in me tiptoe-ing upstairs to stare, smell and steal some bedtime kisses from the sleeping not-so- small 7 and 9 year olds residing in my home and my heart! Thank you. Off to bed I go. Sweet dreams await.

  502. I always want to comment on your post, but so often I find myself in a tongue tied trance and on the verge of tears when I’m finished reading your words and studying your snaps. Magical! Always.
    PS: Those pigs-in-a-blanket (er..torn quilt) belong on a wall or the front of a greeting card. Stellar stuff!

  503. what a cute idea…love that Lainey caught on to it, too. You are a fun mom.

    ps. loved the other post.

  504. I am so glad that you did hit post. I needed to read it. And to read the commentary of others. Seems that it resonated with so many of us out there.

    Glad that you rocked the fun out of 66 minutes. It is true – all of life is about the quality, not the quantity.


  505. Your posts always cheer me up (and I open your blog just to listen to your music on a regular basis….)

    Those t-shirts are totally cute!

  506. Hello Kelle!

    I’m Kelle but from Paris, i discovered your blog and i have to say that i love the way you’re capturing the emotion on your photos, great work!

    I have my blog since 2007, what a coincidence for the name!

    Anyway see ya!

  507. I think I’ll do that with my daughter today…. She needs it!

  508. What an awesome idea! And those shirts are adorable :-)

  509. I simply fell in love with your new sponsor Okllo! My son’s name is Lincoln and the Abraham Lincoln shirt and the quote on it is just Perect!! Thank you so much for introducing me, and all your readers to such great artists. I think it is so great that you support so many of these smaller shops. And as always, thank you for your inspriational posts.. they make my day! :)

  510. I just love, love love your blog. Your honesty is so inspiring and your kids are gorgeous!!!!

  511. Finally able to catch up on your blog, and I was of course pleasantly surprised! I love, love how you take the though and emotion that I have sometimes and put pen to paper (or finger to key). Just transitioning from a stay at home mom/student to a full time worker has been tough. I feel like as a mother (or father for that matter) you are always in a state of transition. Having to come up with your own priorities and day-to-day to do lists. But at the same time finding what makes you, you. It’s something I dread and treasure all at the same time. I couldn’t agree with you more though. You have to take time for yourself to be able to recharge all the other areas of your life. Thank you for shedding that light and reminding me that it’s okay.

  512. I loved the last two pictures of the pigs tucked into “covers” and the doggie kiss ~ ewwww!

    I almost cried when I read your sentence about moms who go home after a long day of work and try to squeeze it all into the couple of hours before bed. My husband and mom take turns staying home with my toddler while I work full time, and I’m sad to say that sometimes *sob* I want him to go to bed because I’m so exhausted from communiting/working/being the hub of a family of 6 (three teenage daughters)…. I just can’t do anymore.

    Thanks for “getting it” from the moms who have to miss so much ;(

  513. There you go again: making me cry some sort Of happy and relieved tears!
    I’ve always been convinced that kids know and that quality is key and I’ve lived by it for 20 years.
    I even have proof: my big son is grown, happy, full Of love and really really _likes_ me. Aswell as loves.
    This last year I live in a new place and commute farther than ever and sometimes even I wonder, blame myself and get worried.
    Them you come along being right and aaaaaall good!
    Thanks dearest sweetest!
    Love the post <3

  514. I’m loving those shirts too! I’m taking more pictures of my little guy now. Thank you!

  515. I love how you write… even on the “bad” days because really, that last hallmark blog made a lot of sense to me! Those racing horses were a good metaphor I think any wife/mother/husband/dad can relate with. I think I want to try your one hour quality time!!! Sometimes it’s hard to keep my mind focused on my baby and not what needs to be done around the house or something that a friend might need. I think this is just the ticket on some days.

    Also, I want to know: Exercise is a priority for me, but so is a shower (and a schedule I can nearly count on everyday). When/how do you shower with two little ones?

  516. Well said Mama. And as a stay at home mom I needed this. Sometimes I feel like I float through our days and don’t enjoy enough. Thanks for the reminder that qualtiy is what counts.

  517. I feel the exact same way. Exact same way. Sometimes I feel like I’m just spread way too thin…. sigh…

    If you ever read down this far – what do you think about the BlogHer writer’s conference? I would have to leave all the kids at home… and go by myself. Loads of Mommy Guilt for letting the Blog take 1st place.
    Kristen @ http://www.alittlesomethingforme.com

  518. Thanks for the reminder! Made me miss my little girl as I read this from work, but I can’t wait to spend our quality time together when I get home! As always yours sponsors rock! NEED the Amelia tee!

  519. Such good lessons, even for this old dog. We are so hard on ourselves, and yes, quality is the answer! love the dog kisses.

  520. The “How much fun can we have in on hour” game, I think we’ll play!

  521. a joyful minute remains forever on our hearts.You had 66 today. Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  522. Oh how I wish we lived by the beach!! Beautiful, once again :)

  523. While quality time is certainly important, I’m very thankful that I am able to spend quantity time with my family as well. One of my favorite quotes is one you shared after Nella was born, “Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are… Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so…” I don’t know what may happen tomorrow, but being able to spend most of my kids’ days with them right now, is something I cherish, and something I know I am blessed to be able to do. Great post!

  524. 66 minutes… A LOT can happen in 66 minutes. Good, Bad, Beautiful, Ugly – ANYTHING can happen in 66 minutes. Thank you for the reminder that every second counts and every second is not promised and should not be taken for granted.

  525. Thanks for sharing these delicious 66 minutes… I love your pictures, you have this fabulous ability to catch the soul of your two little girls.

  526. So, I really love your blog. Like, a lot. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us!

  527. You are soooo right! It’s all about the quality of time, not the quantity! I have to tell myself this all of the time as a working mom and it is so true! I love spending that last hour before she goes to bed at night, snuggled beside her in our bed, reading books and giggling about what happened at school that day! It is the best hour of my day!

  528. I just LOVE the Power Hour idea. I am definitely going to do this. Since I am a working Mom, I don’t have a lot of time to spend with my son, but a Power Hour, I can do! Your right, quality, not quantity! Thank you Kelle!

  529. This brought tears to my eyes. You are right. It is quality not quantity. Sometimes I forget this. Today is my wedding anniversary and I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself because money’s tight and we can’t afford a grand event for it this year. It’s not what we do though that matters. It’s that we’ve forged through these last 5 years together and come through stronger. Thank you for helping me focus. :) Have a great weekend!

  530. glad you push through writers block to bless others with your insight!

  531. What a beautiful 66 minutes. :) and what a wonderful challenge.

  532. I loved your Hallmark post, but I felt this post in my heart, and it brought tears to my eyes!! The stresses of the last few weeks have left me feeling so guilty for the lack of time I have been spending with my kids. I can only thank you for reminding me of quality over quantity. (And Carly has the same Olivia characters, and I too find them in the most unusual spots in our house (: )

  533. As I started reading I thought to myself “where’s this going? I bet she’s talking about the Hallmark post” not because it was bad at all….personally I LOVED it and I really needed the you-can’t-do-it-now kick up the bum…I think it must’ve been more to do with how you felt the flow was going as you wrote it rather than what actually ended up on the page because as I say…I thought it was great!

    And this post has done it again….inspired by what you did with the girls yesterday I decided to take my Littlies out today, just for an hour, just to see what we discovered. We saw a cherry picker crane, picked blackberries to eat and collected acorns. Thank you for giving me those new memories with my babies!

    Andrea x

  534. You made a great Friday even greater.
    Quality, not quantity!
    That just might be the title of our blog today.
    What a wonderful and true statement.
    Thank you.
    Happy Friday!

  535. Thanks you for this post and the Hallmark post. My FAVORITES! Sometimes you just need to hear someone say, “your kids know you love them”. I’m a working mom and I feel like I can’t ever give a 100% to everything because I’m stretched so thin. I’m absolutely going to try the “Power Hour” Love it!
    Thanks for being so great!

  536. Loving how long Nella’s hair is getting! Hard to believe though.

    And Lainey tucking her animals in the holes is precious….almost makes you wanna leave the holes there, huh? 😉 I think I’d have a hard time stitching them back up.

  537. What a great idea… cram as much fun into an hour as possible! Love it :)

  538. Thank you Kelle. SOme how this was exactly what I need to read today – the last day of my first week back at work after having my 2nd daughter. One of the hardest weeks of my life. Cant wait to get home to my 2 little pumpkins and love the hell out of them.

  539. Um, did I somehow fail to comment on this post? That is shocking and sad.

    1) Gave you a shout out this week in honor of the dress I won on here the day before Ellie was born.
    2) I love this idea of an hour being a really good hour.
    3) Loving all the Olivia pics. She’s a favorite around here.

  540. I can’t stop crying. This post is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  541. That pictures with the dog is cutest thing ever! My dog would have been so freaked out, it would have been hilarious.

    Remind your husband that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans. =)

  542. Very well said, and exactly what I needed to read today – so thank you!!

  543. I heard somewhere that dogs mouths are actually cleaner than humans Nella must have heard this too :)

  544. “quality, not quantity” I loved reading this blog post today. I am about one week away from giving birth to my first child. I know that I have to go back to work full time 6 weeks after he is born and it breaks my heart. I am really grateful to read this today. I am going to keep reminding myself – it’s about quality, not quantity.
    thank you.


  545. I needed this post today, thank you. With two already underfoot and twins on the way, as a working mom, I am reeling to think how I am going to make this work. And most days, I am pretty sure I wont. That everything will fall apart and that my kids wont get one bit of quality or quantity. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder that love and effort matter much more than grand successes (and for the great idea for the 60-minute game…playing it with the kiddos tonight). Feeling reassured and breathing a little easier.

  546. You are so brilliant. May everyday be about quality not quantity. But to make sure it happens power hour is scheduled for tomorrow am… maybe even power hour and a half.

  547. My 1 1/2 year old loves to kiss the dog too! They are best friends. Well, my daughter loves the dog. The dog tolerates the 1 1/2 year old. 😉

  548. I dont even have kiddos yet, and probably wont for a few years… but you already inspire me to be a great mother one day. I never tire of all the fun/random activities you do with your sweet girls!


  549. Yes, I am 8 months pregnant and cry about 3x a day. But, this post made me cry and eventually think, I just may not be failing my daughter afterall. Thank you.

  550. Kelle, I love the Olivias sticking out of the patchwork blanket. Even better that it has some fraying – means that it has been well loved :) What a fantastic idea, I love this post! Oh happy 66 minutes!

  551. Being a lover of stuffed animals (yes, even at 33), I love the little stuffed animal (whomever it is) in bed with Lainey and the stuffed Olivia piggy. WHO IS IT? What a cute little smile s/he has on her/his face!! Adorable! I love the photo at the end, I have a similar one of my niece from this spring, in a bounce house (for her 3rd birthday). Awesome!

  552. Sounds like a great hour, or 66 minutes of fun. I hate when my BIL’s wolf licks my babies lips, nose and face and he recipricates. It grosses me out.

  553. Sometimes its only a 10 min run in the park but they love it and feel happy, and so do I .

  554. Ha Ha Ha!! Olivia and bro are so cute!! I love taking pictures of my kids “play”. Your 66 minutes are delightful!! Moments like those are ones they’ll never forget.

  555. LOVE this post. I am a working mom and when I get home to my sweet 4 month old daughter I soak up those last few hours I have to spend with her before she falls off into dream land!

  556. Feeling very much like cramming tonight. NEED everything to count on a Friday night because then- well, it’s Saturday and my “FREE” time is almost over- because once it’s Sunday- well, forget it. STRESSED like nobody’s business.

    Anway, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm LOVE the little guys tucked in the quilt. How about it’s freaking hilarious!!! :) Thanks for making me smile.

  557. I love your idea of cramming as much fun as you can into an hour…and that you carried it out! Definitely something for the “to do soon” list…

  558. Kelle, you are beautiful inside and out! I love that you share your vulnerability with us, as with any friend there is no need to put on a front and it makes us love you all the more for it. Although I thought yesterday’s post was great :-)
    But this one I loved!!

    I think quality is so important. And your comment that Lainey measures everything by how much fun she has, that is so true of kids. And so even if the hour of power is to tag along on the grocery shop or “helping” with the vacuuming, boy it can still be fun if Mummy is sending out those love you vibes.

    Laughed out loud at the sky is blue and cracked up at nella’s first tongue kiss! Love her! Ps wanted to say she’s changed into a little girl lately and she is BEAUTIFUL, she has your smile.

    Thanks For being you and inspiring and reassuring me!

  559. i love the idea of a good fun hour.

  560. Kelle, you made me cry with this post. I don’t know that I’ve ever commented on your posts (though I genuinely love reading your words), but I had to tell you this – I’m getting ready to leave my babies (2, 5, and 6 yrs) for almost 3 weeks for a surgery that is going to leave me pretty weak and useless for quite a while. My heart has hurt and ached and agonized over this. Your words helped me bring it back home that even though I’ll miss so much these next three weeks, and I won’t be able to do all I want with them when I return, it’s the quality of the time I DO have with them, just as you said. No less painful to leave, but more motivation to make my last few days with them quality. Thanks for always sharing your heart and beautifully strung words. You have a gift and you touched me tonight. Hope you have a great weekend!

  561. The last silhouette photo of Lainey is gorgeous – it speaks volumes. You inspire me every day. I find so much comfort in the words you say. Thanks for that!

  562. I love love how Lainey tucked in her babies. It’s too cute. By the way please tell Brett that while dogs do lick themselves, dogs have certain enzymes on their tongues that clean them, and therefore they actually have cleaner mouths than we humans do. Also, your puppy is soooo adorable! What kind of dog is it? I want one, that’s why…so this is a vital question to be answered…please :)

  563. After a particularly challenging & exhausting day, I chose to come here for words of wisdom, inspiration & “realness” – my 5 minutes of “me time” today. No matter the kind of day I’ve had it always seems that your posts can get me reflecting and somehow put all my thoughts back in perspective. For that, I am so, so grateful – today & always :)

  564. Thanks for the reminder about quality versus quantity….so true! I love your power hour game!

  565. I love the cram-as-much-fun-as-you-possibly-can-into-an-hour game!!! I will most definitely be stealing that idea.

  566. Thanks Kelle for the post, it totally made my day. I’m a military mom and don’t have a lot of time to spend with my kids in the evenings. I love how you put the quality vs. quantity into action. You have inspired me to do more with my kids in that precious few hours I have with them in the evening. You are right, it’s not about the quantity, its about being in the moment with our kids.

  567. i just adore your posts! i cant wait to have these moments with my daughter… due in 3 weeks! Makes me so excited to experience the world through her eyes!

  568. What a beautiful post! Every time I stop by your blog I leave with a very FULL heart! :)

  569. What a great idea to see how much fun you can have in an hour!

  570. You don’t post any comments that gently disagree with you or have alternate opinions to yours, do you? That’s a shame. It just goes to show, I guess.

  571. This just made my day. THANK YOU for the perspective I needed.

  572. I laughed as my 27 month old decided to “rasberry” his 9 month old sister’s belly. He thought he really got her but she reached up and grabbed on to his hair so tight he stopped. Little sister is tough :)

  573. I really needed to hear this today after this post on my blog:http://futuredukes.blogspot.com/2011/09/rip-my-heart-out.html

    It’s about making the time we have together- COUNT.

  574. Loved it! Loved it! You make me laugh…thank you. I loved the last post too (about our lives a constant horse race-so true.) We have a dog and my kid does the same thing. I have said EXACTLY what Brett said. I admit, I have tried to get a picture.

  575. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.by Revathi

  576. I’m 8 week pregnate and exhausted, like the tear jerking exhaustion kind. My kids have been getting a little less attention than normal because of it and this post just reminded me, Its ok. They know I love them more than anything else. And its the quality of time I give them. Thanks so much for this post. It really made my day. And I think my kiddos may just get a power hour today=)

  577. running over to order a little amelia shirt right this second! too too cute! :)

  578. your blog is amazing! love your writing. loved the message behind this post. thanks for sharing.

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