On Weekends and Bowling

The weekend began, as good weekends do, spilling sunshine from blue skies. We went out for breakfast–my favorite out-to-eat meal–and dabbled in the art of weekend nothingness.


My Saturday gift came in the form of a trip to the hospital where I sat in my friend’s room and held her sweet new girl–seven hours old–and studied her features, ran my fingers over the cowlick of silky hair that hugged her perfect head, and inhaled the rare opportunity to experience the miracle of really new life. I speak fluent newborn, you know. And I could have sat in that room holding that baby all day.


Welcome to the world, Rowan!

But other babies called.


And today? It was gray. Not mysterious gray or depressing gray, but soft and calming stay-in kind of gray.


And while there are many different kinds of rains here–loud and thundrous downpours, beach storms, scattered showers–today, it rained soft and steadily. And it was cozy.


I can’t say the same for last night’s dramatic downpour that slammed windshields in blinding sheets and pounded roofs in a turbulent roar.

We braved the storm last night to head out to a bowling alley after one of those itches hit me out of nowhere. “Let’s go bowling.” Similar but less successful spontaneous itches in my past have included “I’m going to color my hair platinum,” “I’m going to sell Mary Kay,” and “I’m going to apply for a job at Victoria’s Secret.” These ended in purple fried hair, a closet full of make-up I never sold, and getting banned from ever being hired by any Limited company forevermore, respectively.


But bowling? Bowling delivered.




Lainey took right to the three-fingered grip of a bowling ball and quickly mastered the art of delivering a roll that would produce the least amount of momentum necessary to keep a ball moving. It took like three minutes for the ball to make it to the end of the lane, and then pins fell in sloooooowwww motttttiiiiiooon, one by one.


Insert victory dance.


But it was fun–being all holed up, literally, in a dark alley, while it rained and thundered outside.


Sister wanted only one thing–to break free from the shackles of her walker and high-tail it down the lane.


She got close once, but struck out, no pun intended. Okay, totally intended.


And I discovered some very important things one needs to know about bowling.


Things I Discovered About Bowling:

1) That alarm that beeps when your foot slips into the slick, waxed surface of the bowling lane? It’s there for a reason. You will fall. Hard. Like arms in the air and legs parallel to the ground kind of fall. Just ask my friend Andrea.

2) If you forget socks, you can buy them at a bowling alley. From a vending machine, and they’re only jacked up six times the regular cost of socks.

3) Bowling shoes are adorable. Keep telling yourself that.

4) Unlike golf, low scores don’t win. Shoot.

5) No matter how many times you try and will the music control guy to stop playing Nickelback, he won’t.

6) Wow, I really do know all the words to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight.

7.) Not everyone thinks it’s funny when you talk in a Southern accent all night and holler “Halleluia, sweet Baby Jesus” after anyone strikes.

8.) Waving your arms like this to make the ball go to the right does not make the ball go to the right.


9.) If you throw the ball so cockeyed, it bounces in another lane, someone will get it for you.

10.) Brett’s serious bowling stance is funny. Like I couldn’t stop laughing at my camera screen every time I caught him in a Neanderthal stretch.


11.) While waiting for your next turn to bowl, you can kill time by choreographing spare and strike victory dances, giving fake bowling lessons or impersonating Bowland tour guides even though there is no such thing as a Bowland tour. But if there was, it would begin with “Here at Bowland, we…” In a thick Southern accent, of course.


So there. Bet you’re glad you know that now. Bowl on.


Congratulations to the Scentsy holiday warmer winner, Comment #180, the doc:<em> Big laughs tonight? Gathering with 2 friends at a university reunion remembering our college crushes and piecing together where they are now – some info real, some imagined. So serious at the time but a few decades out it is giggle-worthy!

doc, please send your contact info to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net with “GIVEAWAY WINNER” in the subject line. Thank you!


If anyone’s up for some Naples travel (does this entice you?), Bonita by the Beach is offering 20% off listed pricing from now until December 15th.


And that leaves us at the end of this Monday night where I am wishing you a very happy week indeed.

We shall bake tomorrow. We shall bake and proclaim our love for a good fake Florida fall.




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  1. love those pics of nella laughing:) and I’m on vacation ad still commenting in the top five!:)

  2. *and

    typing too fast!

    I personally am a firm believer in discovery #9 !

  3. Good list of spontaneous itches. I applied for a Victoria’s Secret job once long ago… aced the interview, but decided it wasn’t quite for me. I’ll be adding a trip to the bowling alley to our fall to-do list! So fun!

  4. so fun! made me want to venture into a bowling ally πŸ˜€

    nella’s little bun is precious!

  5. My Ever wears that same teething necklace that Nella has on. I love it!

    Bowling is good times.

  6. Great weekend you had! So fun.

    I LOVE, LOVE that song you posted last Friday. Totally infectious!

  7. Loving Nella’s laughing photos. This post of yours makes me laugh. Why did you get banned from the Limited companies? Knowing you weren’t a “bad girl” makes me think maybe you were advising women that their under garment choices were too risk’e. Bowling is definatley in our future. Moms are already anticipating winter here and planning indoor activities.

  8. made me laugh about the bowling ball going into another lane!! seems like you learned a lot on this adventure. Looking forward to the fall baking. Still would love to know your pumpkin bread recipe.

  9. Bowling shoes may not be cool… but Lainey sure makes them look CUTE!!

  10. Love the hubs mis-matched shoes. :)


  11. Baby Rowan is adorable.
    and I loved the bowling pics :)

  12. love this post! so adorable… I love the shot of you with that precious baby. and that bowling trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! your family is so sweet. :)


  13. My favorite picture by far is the one of Lainey leaning on her Dad, watching the ball go down the lane. Now how cute is that???

    Here is to a great week!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  14. We have a bowling alley here (just outside Boston) that gives you FREE socks! Even better, they collect them when you’re done, wash them up and donate them to various homeless shelters.

  15. To anyone debating a trip to Naples, you must go! I fell in love with the area by stumbling upon this blog over a year ago. I just got back last week, and Im in love. I stayed with Bonita by The Beach, and they sure deliver. Gorgeous decorated homes with everything you will ever need. Dont even think twice, Ill be going back soon :) Thanks Kelle for another great posting!

  16. Those bowling pictures are SO good! And the collage of precious Nella on the bed… priceless :)

  17. Love that your posts pop up on facebook now.
    And i love that four pic sequence of nella. She is a doll.

  18. Ha!!! I was going to mention the lesson of the alarm being for a reason. I had to cross over to catch an escaping child. I did manage to grab her then flailed like a 9 year old wearing stilletos on ice. I went down and could hardly crawl off of the waxed surface! I had NO idea!

  19. Looks like you had a great time bowling! Hope your week is off to a fantastic start! xo

  20. I love the pic of Lainey with one hand on her hip & the other on Brett’s knee. Too cute!

  21. Pure awesome. I wish you were my next door neighbor.

  22. Love this post! There is nothing better then bowling on a rainy day!
    Just a quick question if you get to it… What kind of doll house is Lainey playing with. Would love to get one for my daughter for Christmas, but I am not finding anything of quality. Thanks

  23. Gray days are great days sometimes. I love me a good rainy day to regroup, course I don’t have little ones or there would be no regrouping!

  24. i learned that the floor is waxy the hard way as well. yowzer!!

    adorable pics per the usual!!

  25. Loving the braided hair! So stinkin’ cute!!

  26. The last picture says it all – “yay” for Nella!!

  27. This has nothing to do with bowling. Ahem. More photos of Nella crying, please! (That sounds so horrible!) Does she cry? Crying photos are my fav! :) Love how Lainey’s gettin’ a tad sassy. Work it, girl! :)

  28. so, going to ask how your bowling alley is so bright? mine look all dull and dingy. are they camera settings (and if so, suggestions please) or a really nice alley?

  29. I LOVE the picture of Lainey leaning against her daddy’s knee. You do such a wonderful job catching those special moments. :)

  30. #1 is SO DAMN TRUE. Cocky co-worker (Big male athlete) stepped across the line and went flying up in the air. Reminded me of Charlie Brown biting the dust. And we laughed hard at the experience. Sorry man to laugh at your expense.


  31. We enjoyed a yummy family breakfast at Cracker Barrel this weekend too! Sweet potato pancakes with brown sugar butter? DELISH! Bring on the Fall! xoxo

  32. love laineys victory dance :)

  33. Looks and sounds like the perfect weekend!
    I haven’t been bowling in a long time, but some of your discoveries sound scarily familiar!

  34. Hope your baking involves pumpkin or apples…or chocolate…great bowling pictures & lessons learned! xo

  35. Lainey watching the pins fall: ADORABLE!!!

    And I seriously DO think bowling shoes are cute!!! The last time we went I said I wished they made them for everyday wear. I WANT SOME! They are a little reminiscent of saddle shoes :)

    Happy Fall ~

  36. uh, bowling shoes ARE adorable…only if they’re newer with nice laces. i happen to have a pair that i wear on occasion, and NOT to the bowling alley.

  37. I love Nella in braids!

  38. Love, Love, LOVE your “Things I Discovered About Bowling”

    So Funny!

    I took my monkey bowling a few months ago with a good friend. We even bought our boys “bowling food” -nachos and soft pretzels. So much fun!

    Plus, love the photo of Lainey leaning on Brett’s leg. So sweet!

  39. So funny! Just went bowling tonight. Daughter on fall break and parents visiting us in N.C. from Ohio. My sons first time bowling had so much fun! He exclaimed that was bun in the car on the way home.

  40. Our only bowling trip with kids resulted in several injuries…one to my friend’s dad when he slipped on the wax and hurt his back and one to my poor hand when my then three year old dropped a bowling ball on it. Never put your hand near a little one with a bowling ball!!! I may never bowl again but you sure made it look fun!

  41. Can’t wait to hear what you bake! I’ve bookmarked many of the recipes posted!!! Love Lainey’s shirt- I must get one for my little Amelia!

  42. i am terrified of bowling! i am a musician and i’m afraid i’ll mess up my hands. BUT i have secretly wanted to bowl for sooooooo long. this post may inspire me to throw my fears to the wind and get my butt to an alley!

  43. pumpkin muffins, apple pies, and gingersnaps. they’re on my list, too. i love fall food, especially the baking. the bowling alleys near us won’t let your kids bowl until they’re 4, but i’m looking forward to taking our son in a few months….we used to go every new year’s for an early bowling night, good times!

  44. Yay, Nella! Looks like she got a strike and is doing her own victory dance :0) Cutie patootie xoxo

  45. Peaceful gray days. LOVE that : )
    You look SO skinny. Like even more skinny than normal. And you always look skinny.
    Good for you.

  46. Peaceful gray days. LOVE that : )
    You look SO skinny. Like even more skinny than normal. And you always look skinny.
    Good for you.

  47. Love all the photos, Especially Nella’s little tush scooting down the bowling lane – too cute! You remind me to have fun, thanks for that. I am currently pregnant with twins, and so tired I hardly know what to do with myself, and find myself sorely missing my two year old, who is constantly two or ten steps ahead of me. I want more time with him, and can see his babyness flying out the window, just when I want to savor the last vestiges of it, but I am too tired. So I take what I can get, watch him dance to any tune that come on, climb counters, ask for “pea-budder spoon”, and beg me to go “2,3,1, ouside a doowa”.

  48. @SUZI

    I think the dollhouse is the Loving Family dollhouse. My daughter has it and we love it. Front of it folds up nicely. The room sets they sell are super cute.

  49. As much as the day to day of being a mother is tedious and timultuous I love reading your posts! You make bowling fun! The shyness of your girl and the happiness of your baby reflect the significant impact you have on the world and on your daughters! Keep keepin on!

  50. I honest to goodness laughed out loud at this post. Especially Brett’s Neanderthal stretch. HILARIOUS. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Absolutely love your blog! Doesn’t hurt that your husband is obviously a gator fan too! Go Gators! :-)

  52. Just love the photo of Lainey standing with hand on hip with Brett, and the victory dance shot. And how beautiful are those photos of Nella laughing. Very cute. Glad you had a fun bowling adventure and learnt a few valuable lessons πŸ˜‰

  53. I just realized Nella looks exactly like your husband. Too cute.

  54. Oh! We had that same walker. I LOVE it and of course, I don’t think they make them anymore. We got rid of it last year thinking we were done, but…….we are not!!! I’m on the hunt for another one! What a precious baby as well :) Congrats to your friend!

  55. Wow I never new bowling shoes could look cute, but you totally rocked it with your rolled up jeans and stripped socks.

    – Sarah

  56. The pictures of Nella laughing and the ones of Lainey and Brett just make my heart smile.

    My friend bowls in a league, so she takes the fun out of bowling sometimes, but it’s something I love to do and don’t get enough of it in my life. I think I shall go bowling soon :)

  57. i can practically hear nella giggle all the way over here in chicago :) LOVE those photos!!

    have a great week as well!

  58. We almost went bowling this weekend too! That is kind of crazy considering I can’t remember the last time I bowled. Over here in Australia the sun was calling so we headed to the beach instead. Great pictures :) Looks like you guys have a wonderful time. Love the picture of Brett and Lainey with her hand on her hip, lol.

  59. I think I was banned from all limited stores at one point in my life too! Thanks for the bowling tips!

  60. Nope it’s not the arm waving that makes the ball go that way please!! It’s snapping your fingers furiously whilst leaning heavily toward the direction you are hoping for. This I learned from my 6 year old godchild after I asked her secret for hitting the pins with the verrry slooow approach!? “I snapped it in!”

  61. Sweet Nella’s smile is intoxicating!!
    Happy Fall Ya’ll! The leaves are starting to change in Park City… please come visit again soon. :)

  62. i beg to differ. the “lean and sway” DOES work to make your ball hit the pins :)

  63. Nella laughing made my Monday. As did Lainey hugging Brett. Sweet girls.

  64. Sounds like you guys had loads of fun!!! :-)

  65. You should try glow-in-the-dark bowling. Around these northern parts it’s all the rage for 5 year olds’ birthday parties. Bowl on πŸ˜‰

  66. That picture of Lainey with her hand on Brett’s knee watching her ball go down the lane… yeah, that needs to get BLOWN UP BIG and put on the wall.

  67. i love all the “grey” pictures. wonderful attitude to find the beauty in that color, as always you inspire me!
    thank you

  68. Today was the perfect rainy, stay at home, bake a pie with fall scented candles lit (the air lowered a little to put that chill in the air!), the first homemade apple pie of the season and naptime on the couch cuddled up under a blanket with Lyla…
    Breakfast and bowling looks like a pretty amazing way to spend the day too!
    Happy Monday! =)
    BTW – Love the funny faced picture of you and Lainey, the laugh sequence of Nella and Brett’s professional bowler’s stance!!

  69. I love Lainey’s victory dance and the photo of her with her hand on her hip- looks like you guys really enjoyed the evening. Makes me want to go bowling… it’s been years!

  70. Yay for bowling. Reminds me of a food bank fundraiser my friends did for years. We had uniforms. And a halftime show.

    Also, can you buy pumpkin for baking? We are having a shortage (again) this year. As in, I just bought the last 2 cans (and of the generic brand) at our local grocery store. And all your other DC area readers can hate me now.

  71. Speak fluent newborn? Your writing is just a gift… Lou x

  72. Not to mention those gorgeous girls – love the plaits in Lainey’s hair. L x

  73. My son has a Rowan in his daycare class. Love that name.

    I’m a terrible bowler for real but I can kick butt on the wii.

  74. My favorite out-to-eat meal is breakfast too! Nothing beats it :)

  75. You sum up bowling well :-) and I like the description of grey skies,grey is not just grey,it can be allsorts of grey!That will make the cloudy days more interesting for me & the boys!

  76. I fell in love for the first time in a bowling alley. I was five and he was six and our parents played in a league every Tues. night. I love me some bowling alley.

  77. perfect way to spend a rainy evening. love your sense of humor.

  78. That last picture is perfect….love it. We have had gloomy weather lately here is Maryland. Against the odds we still drove out to go apple picking because you just have to apple pick in September right?!?!

  79. Love newborns. They are amazing. Love the last pic, and the one of Lainey leaning on Brett’s knee waiting for the ball to reach the pins.

  80. I had my wedding reception in a bowling alley. It was so much fun, everyone had a ball, he he, but fair warning it is crazy difficult to bowl in one of those poofball princess ballgowns with about 20 layers of tool. I loved my princess dress, but maybe I should have had a second dress for the bowling part of the evening.

  81. We bowled this weekend too! It’s one of those rare, random adventures that you have to do when the mood strikes. Ha! Pun totally intended. =)

  82. Hey, I tried to sell Mary Kay once too! LOL I think I sold 2 lipsticks and ended up with hundreds of dollars of makeup that I didn’t sell. I think I still have some of it lol

    What a beautiful newborn, I just love a brand new baby, they smell wonderful!

  83. Awesome – we are going bowling with friends this weekend for my husband’s 28th birthday, and all your discoveries will surely come in handy. πŸ˜‰
    No, but seriously, the bowling alley we are going to has hover craft style bumper cars. INDOORS. I am stoked!

  84. Walker at the bowling alley?? YOU ARE GENIOUS!!!

  85. Awwwww that photo of Lainey with her hand on bretts leg — Adorable !
    Great family day out.

  86. I love eating breakfast out, too! Is that at Cracker Barrel? YUMMY!
    I had the urge to sell Mary Kay – and love it. :) I was going to email you and ask about sponsor info. Doing that in just a minute.
    Love the pictures, as always! :)


  87. I’m not a huge fan of bowing shoes on myself, but on Lainey, they kick butt. :)

  88. 1. Looking at your bowling alley – I would have sworn you were at the one right here in my little burb…in California! Amazing how all bowling alleys look somewhat the same.

    2. Brett’s picture – Hey, is that BIGFOOT! Time to phone in a sighting! πŸ˜‰

    3. Absolutely awesome post…makes me want some rain of my own.

    4. I went fall baking crazy this weekend and used up tons of pumpkin, raisins, walnuts, chocolate and vanilla – in other words, it may be close to 100 degrees outside in SoCal, but I’m declaring it is FALL!

    5. Hope you have an awesome week too!

  89. Great post!!!!
    I must take my family bowling soon, it’s been years! The Boy has never tried it, even….
    Grand idea.
    I know I’m in for laughs when we go, ‘cuz the husband will fall over and may shoot the ball back instead of on that lane. Because he has done before…!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    The girls are too cute!!!!

  90. Love to bowl! Super fun!


  91. okay how stinkin cute is that shot of lainey leaning on her daddy- one hand on her hip like a professional. too much.

  92. Bowling is like a dying American tradition…..we only have 1 left open by us. What a great way to spend a rainy saturday!

  93. I hear baby walkers are a dangerous toy even with parental supervision, and its banned in Canada and many other countries, Just in case you may not be aware.

  94. No pun intended?

    More like, no PIN intended!!

    snort. snort.

    (Get it? Like bowling pin?)

    PS Help me I’ve been writing for six hours and I still have nothing. Helllppp me…..

  95. Love the post, and your blog. We are going to be staying in Bonita Beach next week, flying in this Saturday. My uncle has a condo there and we are bringing our two kids to take a week away from Michigan. :) I love the fall weather here but I am very excited to explore a new place with our babes. Anything we MUST do?

    LOVE the bowling pics!


  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. Gotta love those spontaneous itches! I know them well! πŸ˜‰

    Bowling, if we’re still going with the racing metaphors, is tied neck and neck for second place with Get A Job At Victoria’s Secret…while Let’s Go Swim In The Inviting Ocean is standing strong in first place. πŸ˜‰

    And I was cracking up over your list of bowling discoveries! My friends love when we go bowling and I do my *wanna be* pro move, especially because even when I’m being completely ridiculous and silly (and running down towards the lane as fast I can) — I still manage to get a strike. If awards were given for such useless talents — I’d win for “Most Ridiculous Looking Wanna-Be Bowler” and “Best Aim”. Awesome combination, I know! LOL πŸ˜‰

  98. I loved reading your bowling lessons/things to know…I can honestly said I laughed out loud – so fun!!

  99. I love it all!! Especially the southern accent and the proclimation after every strike…genious! :) Looks like a great time. I’ll have to add this to the family outing agenda SOON. :)

  100. These pictures are awesome again.
    The bowling ones are priceless :)

  101. I





  102. Let me guess, breakfast Saturday was at Cracker Barrel?

  103. You & Lainey have GREAT game faces!
    What a great night out!!

  104. Kelle, you are amazing! I am a new mama as of Dec 17th 2010 to a sibling group of three. You’ve inspired me to write about and capture my own families’ celebrations and challenges. Best of luck of to you and yours.

  105. Look at Brett’s face when Lainey is hugging him.. how precious..

    I loved your party for Heidi by, the way. You continue to inspire..

  106. Now I know that I read your blog too much. Because I had a dream last night that we hung out with our cute Ds babies. Now I sound stalkerish. But I always feel so dumb when I dream in blog land. Tell me I’m not the only one.

    How cute is Lainey with her braids and bowling shoes! Looks like fun!

  107. haha I used to love bowling when I was like 11. I was good too! My highest score was 230. Now, I can barely break 100, and instead break my nails. :( My son wants a bowling party for birthday #6 next year. We’re in, but I am going to make him wear a button up, tacky bowling shirt, In fact, I may have some screen printed for the whole fam-damily!!

  108. This made me want to go bowling. A few months ago, my family got marooned in Friday Harbor, WA for a night. Long story, but we were flying home in our floatplane and hit some weather. We went bowling. I had the best bowl of my (very short) bowling career. It hit high on the awesome-o-meter. I just wish I’d brought along my camera.

  109. Love bowling! Thank you tonight for good soulful music and gushing newborn moments. My 2 kids are a bit crazy and I’m losing patience. I’m 31 weeks pregnant, hubby out of town and feeling pensive about everything that is coming but not here yet. By the end of your first song the kids have stopped bashing each other with pillows and moved on to telling stories in a makeshift tent with flashlights. I feel calm enough to do the bedtime routine and be a good mom again. Hope it’s a great night for you as well!

  110. I totally want to go bowling with you!

    And I really want to know what the heck happened at Victoria’s Secret!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  111. Hey, Kelle…

    “Loook at this photographhhhh” (insert grunt and growl sounds)

    We are so on the same page on #5.

    And for some reason, I spoke in an AWESOME southern accent the whole time we dyed Easter eggs this year, and alas, NO ONE thought it was funny. Weird.

  112. I’m wanna go bowling! Looks like a you had lots of fun!
    Last time I did that I think I broke my back… The reason I have not done that for a while…. :-) But sure it’s fun!

  113. I love the photo of Lainy in deep thought.. I also love the one of her and her dad at the bowling alley and she has her little hip stuck out.. What a pose. So cute.

  114. One of my favorite childhood memories happened at a bowling alley. My aunt was babysitting us for a long weekend, and decided to take us bowling for the first time. She kept trying to show us how to properly throw the bowling ball, and just as she was about to release, stepped a little too far over the line, and slipped so hard that her feet flew up over her head, and she slid nearly halfway down the lane. My sister and immediately lost interest in trying to get a strike, and spent the rest of the night trying to do what she did.

  115. i havent ever noticed an alarm when you cross over the line into the bowling lane… but it is true that it is very slick and you will fall hard.

    one time i was on a field trip with the partners club in high school (they partner normal ed students with special ed students) and ended up chasing an elementary school child down the lane. somehow, i am the only one that fell… and the kid laughed at me. lol

    i really enjoy reading your posts- and i love that you post pictures with yourself in them as well, so many mommy bloggers focus solely on their kids and present the whole picture- love it!

  116. Kelle – I read ur blog religiously and it was especially pertinent when my quad screen came back positive for downs syndrome. Ur an incredible writer and im wondering if u have any words of wisdom or inspiration for me…. 5 days ago I lost my sweet baby girl to a miscarriage. Any words / advice / inspiration u have would be greatly appreciated.

  117. Favorite pic: Hand-on-hip Lainey with Daddy, watching her ball roll down the lane. Adorable.

  118. I can’t believe you just inspired me to take my kids bowling. That looks like a blast.

    Love Lainey watching the ball with Brett….too cute.

    Sounds like the perfect outing.

  119. The picture of Lainey and Brett watching the ball (with her cute little hand on the her hip) needs to be framed. Perfect.

  120. I love me some bowling – gotta get the family out there soon! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  121. WOW never thought to bring a walker to the bowling alley!!!! Would have been a helpful when we went:)

  122. I would really, really like to hear the story about you working at Victoria’s Secret. If you’ve written about it, I need that link! You made me very curious… :)

  123. L’ Shanah Tovah!

    Weekends, bowling, lakes, bath time, your pictures with your girls enjoying the small things = It’s all “beau-fi-tal”!

    Xox…Much Love~

    “I find ecstasy in living — the mere sense of living is joy enough.”
    ~Emily Dickinson

  124. Kelle,

    (How funny that in the SAME post)

    My oldest son’s name is Gray (Grayson)

    And my youngest – my only girl – age 4 – is named ROWAN! LOVE that name for a girl – I get so many compliments and SO glad the whole world isnt using it yet! :)

  125. Enjoy your blog but I don’t get your music with it anymore, which was always a big part of it for me. Any clue why it might not be working?

  126. oh! You miss autumn like I miss me the Utah desert heat during summer. I won’t tell you about the autumn we’re havin’ now…..

  127. Dear Mrs. Kelle,
    we are loving this blog of yours. We are dragged back to it from time to time. My wife always brings to my attention your gorgeous, inspiring pictures. There is something magical about them.
    Thanks for sharing all of this.

    We do have a question: we fell in love with the girls’ big pink house. We have a one year old girl too, would love to buy here something similar if not identical. Huge. Would you care to tell us what that house is? Thanks so much yours, Fil & Simo, Rome, Italy

  128. Do you even know how HARD I laughed when I saw you write,”Hallelujah sweet baby Jesus!” My sister and I have an inside joke with exactly those words!!

  129. The photo of Lainey holding on to her dads shoulder as she watches is absolutely adorable!! You are an amazing photographer and the love of your children is evident in both your photos and stories you share. Thank you for sharing with everyone your world!!!

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