Waning Gibbous

Friday night, the moon was large, pushed to the center stage of black sky like an understudy who just scored the leading role. For a moment late in the afternoon, you could almost mistake the moon for the sun–just as big and almost as bright.


While the moon had his moment of spotlight outside this weekend, it glowed inside as well.


In the form of fall cravings.

Chili & Football

Brett likes football. He’s not the die hard glued-to-the-screen fan who screams during good plays or misses Christenings and birthday parties for an anticipated game, but he likes watching football. I too have come to appreciate the thrill of roaring fans, the calming voice of commentators, the line-up of spandex-hugged tight ends. It means things are about to slow down and holidays are around the bend. So this weekend, we watched football and did Septemberish things.

The first pumpkin bread of the season. (Last year’s pumpkin bread, Nella still had her glasses.)


And homemade carmel apples.



I woke up at midnight last night to get out of bed and eat the last one. Brett found me hovered over the kitchen island, in the dark, literally gnawing the last hardened puddle of carmel off of wax paper. I said “What?” He said nothing.

My seep-it-in-slowly approach to fall decorating continued this weekend with some crafty homemaking.


We hiked past tall palms and into the sparse evergreens of our woods, scouring the ground for anything that bore likeness to a deciduous tree. We found a nice weathered branch to hang in our dining room. Accessorized with a string of leaves we cut from decorative paper, it pulls a little Michigan into our Florida home.


Lainey chose the paper, glued the sheets together and helped sew the big needle through the finished leaves. And then she ditched me while I was left to finish it by myself. I kind of wish I would have cut the leaves out of felt instead of paper, but felt doesn’t come in patterns and glitter, and Lainey wouldn’t have it.


We’ll swap snowflakes for leaves come December.


Weekends work a bit like shaking an Etch-a-Sketch for us. For all the drawings we’ve accumulated throughout the week–the things we wish we would have done with the kids, the time we wish we would have allotted differently–we make up for it. We shake our week clean and start fresh.


More family walks.


Reuniting with an old friend. I swear, he has a parole anklet that beeps when he’s out of range now. We don’t see him much these days.

And outside play.



More backyard adventures.



And front yard entertainment.


More catching the last of the sun flare from a prickly grass seat–and staying out well past its encore.




And finally retreating in to etch new drawings to begin a new week.



I’m always comforted by full-circle routines. Moons that wax and wane, tides that forge and recede, seasons that bloom and die out, and weeks that begin with challenged schedules which grow and fall and finally end with redeeming Saturdays. The shifts are both forgiving and motivating, and I thrive on the balance of enjoying this very phase and season while knowing I will never tire–next week, there’s a new moon.



New sponsor, Cozy Rags, joins us this month in sponsorship. Cozy Rags is owned by Nancy, also known as “Grandma Yokie,” who makes all of her beautiful hand made blankets and accessories in her home’s sewing room. Blankets come in a variety of animal or damask prints, are double lined and are made from the very softest material.

Nella obviously loves her plush pink damask stroller blanket.

Cozy Rags makes great baby gifts–if you can bear to part with them.

One commenter on this post will win a baby blanket of his/her choice, courtesy of Cozy Rags.


I think the moon is somewhere between a waning gibbous and a last quarter right now. I don’t know what the hell that means, but in my language it can only mean one thing…half full, Baby.

Here’s to starting out weeks half full. Cheers to that.



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  1. Love those blankets and my baby to be in march will too!

  2. I totally love how you get so into your holidays! I am the same way and broke out the fall decor a few weeks ago and can’t wait until Christmas. Family and holidays are what I live for!

    and btw those blankets are adorable :)

  3. Your pictures always make me smile! :)


  4. I need to start embracing fall in my Florida home too. It just seems odd when you’ve spent the weekend at the beach in the splash park to come home to autumn decor. I need to just repeat “summer on the outside, fall in the inside” to myself.

  5. I love the photo of Miss Nella out in the rain. Toooo cute!

    Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!

  6. I think it’s safe to say that I wanna be just like you when I grow up… midnight caramel apple eating and all :)

    But seriously, this post, your babies… beautiful as ever!

  7. Gotta love Nella!

  8. adorable blankets – another great post with your beautiful kids – Nella totally rocks.

  9. I love your posts. I always get so excited when I come to your page and there is a new one. Those blankets look so cuddly!

  10. Sweet branch hanging. I am in love with weathered wood right now. So much so my kids sigh and get into position when we pass a cool weathered wood wall.

    And PS… I am missing your music even though I can still go down there and push play. Yep, I am lazy!

  11. Love the branch and leaves
    Happy Fall from Michigan!

  12. That mobile is such a fun, awesome idea! Love seeing pics of your sweet little family. I feel like I know you guys !!

  13. That picture of the moon is amazing. What lense did you use?

    I adore the blankets!

  14. I love Nella’s big girl ponytail! *sigh Kids grow up soooo fast!

  15. You and your family are adorable! I love getting a chance to peek into your world :)

  16. ooo I would want one to give to a close friend who is having her first baby! They look so cuddly!

  17. You inspire me to change up decorations around the house in the easiest ways!!!
    Now I want a puddle of caramel =)

  18. Beautiful, calming and inspiring!!! and that’s why I love your blog sooo much.
    Off to make so pumpkin bread…..

  19. Cool pictures!
    and thank you for admitting that you wake up and eat in the middle of the night too. My hubby woke me up last night and I got up and ate a bowl of pretzle’s, a cheese string and 2 cookies….and I felt pretty ashamed until I read your post this morning, now I don’t feel quite so bad. happy monday!

  20. Hooray for fall!!! The most wonderful time of the year… I think I want one of those blankets for myself :)

  21. Love this post. I love fall, and I just realized that not only are your kids adorable but so is your dog!!

  22. I love these sweet pictures of your girls!

  23. You are always so positive and I love it. We are about to experience a full fledged fall. The air, the leaves, the smells and all that comes with it!

  24. I love the idea of that branch with the leaves! It has officially been pinned on my Pinterest board, which I am currently obsessed with and filling fast.

    As always, thanks for the life inspiration!

  25. I love the idea of that branch with the leaves! It has officially been pinned on my Pinterest board, which I am currently obsessed with and filling fast.

    As always, thanks for the life inspiration!

  26. the blankets look so comfy! and now I really really really want a caramel apple…

  27. I absolutely LOVE fall!!!!!! Our leaves in WI are starting to turn colors, temperatures are down, and my pumpkin candle is burning!!! I love your posts and always look forward to new ideas!!

  28. I wasn’t reading your blog back when Nella had glasses, but oh my – Adorable!

  29. I LOVE that leaf/branch decoration you made!

  30. Things I need now, thanks to this post:

    *Your shirt (the one with the lacey collar)–details please!

    *A caramel apple. A must do for this weekend!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Our summer has been SO short this year, your post is helping. I’m going to do my best to embrace Fall. Pumpkin risotto is on the adjenda.

  32. would ove one of those for my new grandaughter! They are gorgeous!

  33. yay for fall when i can finally wear socks and curl up in blankets =)

  34. I love all things fall! I have 2 babies and both of their birthdays are in the fall (Ella my little 1 pound miracle will be one October 9th!) and my other special Isaiah will be turning four September 28th. My hubbs and I both have fall birthdays as well, must be a family thing. I LOVE your blog, I have been reading since baby Nella’s and recently found we share the sad tie of having miscarriages I have had 8, both of my babies are adopted–I have no idea what I would do without them. <3

  35. Neat idea with the fall leaves hanging. I am in need of a craft to do with my daughter…I think I just found what I will do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. I LOVE Nella’s sweet little pony tail! And here in Chicago we are starting to embrace fall already too, here’s hoping this weather stays until April :)

  37. Love your “half-full” mentality. Your blog is always uplifting. Thanks for sharing your life!

  38. It is actually getting littl nippy around here, but I am sure we will get hit with another heat wave before Fall really settles in. So, although I am SO ready for fall, I can’t get into the mindset until there are more consecutive “fall” weather days…I don’t know what I would do in FL!!! LOL So many great pictures. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!!

  39. I love the pictures in the front yard!

    Always come to enjoy the photos, even though I live in Naples too… But it’s fun to see how you captured each day!

  40. the blankets are awesome and so is this blog!

  41. Beautiful pictures, as always! I was walking down the street today and I swear I smelled apples- but there weren’t any apple trees around. I think it is just Fall softly announcing its arrival. Time for apple picking and pumpkin patches- warm pajamas and hot cider. The change in season is worth a celebration. And, you know how to do that so very well:-)

  42. It’s gotten cooler here in NY. Time to start our fall decorating too. I love it!

  43. It truly is the season for ‘loaves’ – pumpkin, zucchini, apple…add a cup of vanilla tea and that is the start of fall love :-) Can’t wait for the colors and the smells of it all!

  44. Love it! Fall is in the air!
    BTW JoAnn’s fabrics does indeed have felt sheets in patterns and glitter!!
    Check it out!

  45. I love the analogy of an Etch-A-Sketch. While me kids like to shake their sillies out, sometimes I feel a need to shake out the stress and start over. Today was an “etch-a-sketch” kind of day and we are loving our homemade pumpkin icecream to start off the fall!

  46. I love the ongoing story about the cat. Does his “other” family know you’ve made him semi-famous on your blog?

  47. If I win a blanket, I may need to gift it, although I think they are beautiful. Why? Because this morning on a chilly run, Ellie kept pushing her blanket down. I kept covering her up. Finally, I accepted my loss, but her little hands were so cold when we got in! Time to bust out baby mittens…

    LOVE Nella giving the dog a ride. And of course, Lainey and parole-cat.

  48. I get so excited when I see that the neighbor’s kitty has come for a visit!! Haha… It’s the little things…

  49. love that lainey is in the background licking her lips as she stares at the carmel apples. what a super cute and fantastic craft idea(with the tree branch and paper leaves!). that nella gets more grown up and adorable looking with each post-just like her big sis :)

    happy monday!

  50. I needed to be reminded to start the week off with the glass half full… the weekend left me feeling on empty. I did manage to buy some cider though and thought of you. 😉

  51. Come to Colorado… days are warm but mornings and evenings are crisp with a little bite in the air. Definitely fall! I envy your beautiful times at the beach though.

    My new niece, arriving around Christmas, will definitely need one of those blankets!

  52. Love those blankets! A friend of mine who has moved to Florida had her second baby a week ago and it’d be the perfect gift!
    Have a happy week

  53. I love Nella’s ponytail! Can’t believe her hair is so long already. :)

    Your fall leaf mobile is adorable – I wish I had enough motivation to make one for myself. 😉

  54. I absolutely love the hanging branch and pretend leaves–I’m thinking the girls are going to have a craft project when they get home from school. 😉 I JUST pulled my pumpkin puree out of the freezer to make a loaf of pumpkin bread tonight, seeing your pictures make me want to get started on it NOW.

  55. I wish I could say I want one of those beautiful blankets for the little one I’m expecting in April, but I really want one for myself :)

  56. I too am thankful for the etch a sketch weekends. Weekends where I redeem myself for burning the candle at both ends all week. Ours was full of movies, beading and lots of love. Time to start a new week with the warmth of the weekend still with me!

  57. I have to say that I Love your blog! Your pictures, stories, projects etc are fantastic! My favorite part about todays blog has to be when we got up in the middle of the night to eat the last caramel apple, only to have your husband walk in on you, and not have to say a word. I LOL’d and got a funny look from my boss, bc that is something that I would get caught doing as well. I just love being inspired by reading your blog. Your 2 girls are just so precious!! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us :)

  58. So excited to learn about Cozy Rags…I can’t wait to get one for my newest niece/nephew! They look so comfy! What a perfect gift!

  59. Mmm, pumpkin bread. The first sign of fall and Halloween, and Thanksgiving…oh how I love it.

  60. Love your indoor leaves! :-)

  61. I longingly fondled gourds at Trader Joe’s this weekend; here in the NW Summer has barely started but the end is already in sight.
    The blankets look amazing, my baby girl with sensory issues would love the soft goodness it would offer.

  62. Love the fall mobile. I’m itching to get some fall decorations going around my house. I’ve had a wreath idea swirling around my head for a few weeks. I really need to get on it.

  63. You are inspiring me to craft up some fall decor for my home. Off to Pinterest to find something!

    Have a great week!

  64. In New England we wait for one thing come September – well maybe more than one but as long as the treat we are eating in our hoodies has pumpkin in them, we are happy. So I guess that is two. Hoping I can wrap my sweet son in one of those blankets with a pumpkin muffin in my hand! I promise I will share with him…maybe.

  65. The dog in the trunk of the car…nothing cuter!

    Went apple picking, without kids – for the first time in 23 years. It sucked! Enjoy them while their are young (like I need to tell you that) cause it doesn’t last!

  66. I love Fall. I also love the tree branch mobile with the glittery leaves.

  67. Oh I laughed so hard at the picture of Nella in her car with the dog. So adorable!!

    Wow, those blankets are so pretty! Love the pattern.

  68. I can’t wait for the holidays either! I absolutely LOVE pumpkin bread and think I know what I might be making when I get home tonite!

  69. Love the branch idea! It was chili and football weekend for us too. I do believe pumpkin bread might be up next! Happy Fall!!

  70. Love the leaf mobile… we did that last year with snowflakes… I love the leaves… we will have to do that!

  71. I love the crisp air and beautiful colours that fall brings.

  72. After a fall weekend tease, I think I am ready for a full-on season…football, chili, pumpkins…oh my! Adorable floral dress on Lainey and Nella’s ponytail is growing so! Happy Monday! :)

  73. My littlest little is due in December & being boy #3 most everything will be hand-me-downs from big brothers. Would love to win a new blanket just for him.
    Lovely post, as always!

  74. Thanks for a much needed dose of half-full on this dreary Ohio monday. We had a great weekend, as well, and I may have convinced my better half that a trip to Florida is the perfect way to celebrate our 10th anniversary next December. I want pictures of my kids on Florida shores, and I am determined to make it happen. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelle!

  75. You have my heart with all the Autumn rituals that make life so worth living.

  76. Nella’s hair looks ssooo cute in a ponytail! You have the most obedient dog! Why doesn’t your other dog do things with you guys? That blanket looks like heaven, do they come in adult size :)

  77. Love your posts, miss your music!!

  78. oh i kinda miss nella’s glasses! she was so cute in them!

  79. Love this time of year…love the football, the wonderous weather, afternoons outside and as you said the thought of the holidays around the corner!!!

  80. Ok sooo

    – I pinned the mobile… I love it

    – I’m sooo craving comfort food and Fall… I want that chili

    – The picture of your hubs cuddling with the girls is so sweet

    – I love everything about football season except watching football.

    – I love your blog.

    That is all =)

    – Sarah

  81. Though I dread the New England winter, I do love Fall….it is already starting to “smell” of Fall here in RI…..and I just LOL’d when I had to do a double take to notice the dog in the front of Nella’s little car….too funny

  82. Happy Fall, Hampton family! I recently relocated to Michigan and am enjoying all that fall has to offer, including homemade apple pies!

  83. I love that blanket! Great photos!

  84. I know what you mean when you say you are bringing a little Michigan into your Florida home! My husband & I use to live in Upstate NY, w have since relocated to Raleigh, NC and the one time of year I really miss is fall in NY! Something about the seasons changing, the change in the feel of the air and watching football cozied up next to a fire makes me homesick!

  85. needs to go trace leaves and scour the outside for good branches now! bring on the fall baby!

    oh does your mdconalds have the new autumn shake? its a must try!!

  86. Your daughters are beautiful. Nella’s hair is getting so long – love the “high ponytail” look she’s sporting!

  87. Check out nella’s little pony tail!!! I am loving it! Happy Fall!!

  88. I like the idea of starting over each week! :)

  89. we seem to share the same love of FALL!! Love the branch and leave craft! too cute!

  90. Pumpkin-y foods are my absolute favorite!! I can’t wait to make my first batch of cookies.

  91. Your pictures brighten my day and your family is precious!

  92. Once again, your blog inspires me to be more, do more and see more. Thanks for sharing. And that photo of Lainey being serious is breathtaking. I’ve never seen brown eyes look so beautiful and deep. Kudos.

  93. I am making that mobile tomorrow! :-) Thanks for the idea and motivation.

  94. I just stumbled upon your blog last week and added it to my bookmarks. Absolutely love your style of writing its so authentic and inspiring. You have a beautiful family and I thank you for sharing them w us. Xo Heather

  95. I just decorated for fall today. Great pictures. Your girls always make me smile. I know my girls would smile for a blanket too :)

  96. I think I may have to find myself a stick and copy your idea for my kids.. Love it!

  97. Great moon shot – share your camera stats on that one please! Happy Fall. xo

  98. Cheers to Half Full! xo

  99. I could handle a nibble of punkin bread while holding a tiny baby in one of those blankets. :o)

  100. Fall in the NW is playing with my mind; we had fallish weekend weather, only to jump into summerish weather during the week. I love the sun, however, the “crisp fall” weather seems more appropriate now. I’m thinking homemade applesauce and foggy mornings…

  101. Your branch and leaves are too adorable! Love!

  102. Have to ask … were your ears burning yesterday? I spent several hours talking about you and your family as well as sharing your blog with some friends … it was fun telling them how I got “hooked” and I am sure you will have a few more followers now … giggle! I have a second “great-nephew” due in just four weeks ~ love this opportunity for a Cozy Rags blanket … crossing my fingers for a “WIN”. Have a fabulous week!

  103. great post! Been wanting to make something pumpkin for the last week, maybe today I will. I love fall and cozy blankets!!

  104. I ♥ your fall leaf craft that you hung in your home!!
    Perfect harmony of nature and nurture.

    Happy First of the Fall to you and yours…

  105. Ohhhh I love those blanket, why don’t you have it in the Netherlands!!!.

    The picture of the moon is really amazing, nature is amzing and wonderful..

    Have a great week with your loved once.

  106. I’m ready for Fall in Texas now! Excellent photos!

  107. Arya would love that blankie!!

    I love the picture of Nella and Lainey in the bed! The love that radiates from your girls is just amazing. I can see it in every picture.

    Yay for fall fun. I love that you celebrate the seasons. Fall never really hits for me here in California until October. I guess since we’re almost there, I should start to gear up. Your mobile idea is genious. I think I may have to make one with Arya for our house. I haven’t started crafts with her yet…I think it’s time. :)

    Have a great week! I plan on having a kick back, relaxed week myself. :)

  108. Beautiful weekend, and nice cozy blankets!! Yummy for babies, and mamas. ;o)

  109. Nella’s hair is all up in ONE pigtail!! Yay! :) It’s such a big feat in a pint size portion. She is a cutie patootie. Thanks for your post today.

  110. I love your joy in the new seasons. I am in need of breaking out my fall decorations to welcome our new, crisp weather. And I love how you celebrate with football and fall leaves inside and bathing suits and rain outside!

  111. That blanket is adorable!

  112. Baby blankets! Have our first little guy due in December and would LOVE some good cuddle time with him in one of those!

  113. Your posts never fail to inspire me! I must now go home and get out the fall decorations…I think it’s time!

  114. I love the fall. It always make me feel a little calmer and at the same time on edge of all the things I shoula, coulda, woulda done during the summer. Love the pictures as always!


  115. I LOVE your leaf craft project! Can you give more details on how to do that for the less-than-crafty of us?!


  116. That pumpkin bread looks soooo yummy! Beautiful pictures, as usual. Blanket is gorgeous!

  117. Could use a stroller blanket here in Chicago. Lovely!

  118. love the branch and leaves idea – esp. changing to snowflakes later in the season. So creative!

  119. Gorgeous photo’s .. I don’t think her umbrella is working :s

  120. I love your creativity! The branch and leaves are a great addition to your home to bring a bit of Michigan in…..that is what I miss about Michigan as well….the fall colors. Oh the beauty!

  121. I am now craving pumpkin bread! YUM! That is what I would be eating in the middle of the night ;).

    I have two young boys and one on the way. I find your stories and pictures so inspiring. Makes me always remember to try and be a great mommma.

  122. If you post about pumpkin bread one more time without giving the recipe, I will stop reading your blog…. 😉
    Happy fall.

  123. i love all your fallish things…we’re getting ready to move and i wish i we had two months ago so we could be all settled before fall…it seems like such a “stay home and bake” kinda season. we’re moving from south dakota alllllll the way to asheville, nc. i’m all aflutter with preparations and “stuff.”

    ps: are a tooootally a homeschool mama already. we homeschool. i don’t know if you’re planning on doing that, but i know you were hs’ed…it just seems like something that’s just gonna slip right into your life like it’s always been there. enjoy :)

  124. Beautiful blankets, I love the damasik prints.

  125. I just wanted to let you know that I loved the picture of your puppy in the car with Nella. I am also going to use your idea with the branch to and hand decorations with it.

  126. that blanket is cute! Nella is even cuter!!! love her hair in a ponytail.

  127. Love the photo of Lainey and kitty kitty!

  128. That moon photo is haunting. I wish I could buy it and frame it and put it on Landon’s wall because he has a space room =)

    We do the caramel apples too. The only difference is I drive up to McDonald’s and ask for the apple dippers with pre-packaged caramel. That’s the same thing, right?

  129. I love how much you clearly love your girls!

  130. My family also spent the weekend doing family things. On Saturday we went to a family fun fair at a local church and then Sunday was the best day. In Nova Scotia we had Argiculture Awareness Open Farm Day, so we spent the day traveling throughout Nova Scotia visiting farms. We made it to four and Ella loved every minute of it. Thank you for sharing fall things you do with your family. I absolutely love the leaves hanging from a branch, althoguh I may use actual leaves :o)
    Also those blankets are adorable! Have a great week!

  131. Well…clearly, Lainey’s eyes are the star of this fab post! And thanks for the fall decorating motivation!

  132. I need to start getting into the fall spirit- thanks for the insperation!!

  133. Cute blankets!

  134. Needed that post for the beginning of this week. Have been feeling a bit empty lately, wanting something but not sure what. I need to realize my glass is half full and just roll with it.

    Great pictures, Lainey certainly is getting the model stare down, she is absolutely gorgeous.

  135. Love the blankets! :)

  136. Nella’s blanket is just yummy! I Want One! Thanks for my start of the week smiles as I look at your sweet little ones.

  137. I will miss the summer- but I can’t lie, I love the fall and all things autumnal! Pumpkin! Squash! Cinnamon! Loved the hanging branch decoration

  138. Lainey sure can speak with those eyes! I love the last 2 photos! ( And all of them!!)

  139. That bread looks amazing…

  140. Oh, that moon picture is awesome! As for football, I’m more of a hockey fan (Canadian! 😉 ) and have gotten my hubby on board too. Happy Monday!

  141. Nella’s piggy tails make me happy beyond measure! :)

  142. Those blankets look amazing!!

  143. Nella is getting so big!!

  144. We had a chili and football weekend, too! Yay for fall! That darling blanket looks pretty cozy…

  145. Must go make pumpkin bread!

  146. I am a new reader to your blog but absolutly love reading! This fall has special meaning to our family as we are adding a new edition come the beginning of October.

  147. Love your pictures Kelly! I’ve been following your blog for over a year now, and even my children feel like they know Nella and Lainey! We are expecting our fifth and would sure love a comfy, cozy blanket for our little girly bundle! Thanks for the giveaways and for bringing Fall to Florida! My turn now!

  148. Put the dog in the front of the kiddie car…..priceless.
    I swear someday I’m gonna load up my girls and take pictures of them out in the rain. You guys rock it so well.

  149. I just wanna go on record as saying…I gave up my beloved one-of-the-first-few-commenters spot to strategically place my comment so random.org picks me.

  150. I too, am a HUGE fan of fall. As soon as the first chilly morning comes and goes I get the itch. The itch for a delicious Hot Apple Blast from Caribou Coffee. The itch to decorate my house with more oranges and reds and mustards than we already have. The itch to be crafty. And of course to run out ASAP and purchase my favorite fall scented candles from Yankee Candle. I am currently enjoying the scent of Cinnamon Sticks, along with some freshly baked bread – I also get the itch to bake. Fall has pretty much landed in the Twin Cities and I am in my happy place :)

    As usual, your girls are gorgeous and your writing flawless! I look forward to reading what you write next!

    P.S. I may just have to steal the leaf hanging. I already stole the glass-less picture frame idea from a few months back :)

  151. I love weekends, especially the laid back ones! I am super jealous of all the good food at your house- chili, pumpkin bread, carmel apples oh my!!

  152. No babies due, not even any grandbabies, but would love a blanket just for sheer anticipation!

  153. Love the leaf mobile. Have to try that one!!!

  154. In the famous words of Moose and Zee.. “It feels like I’m falling for fall!” … I sing that to my self everytime I feel ‘fally’!! haha!! Love the post and all your creative crafty ideas!!

  155. Ahh, I think I’ve caught Fall Fever after reading this post! Can’t wait to go out and get some fresh apple cider and donuts! Cheers to the new season(almost there, anyhow).

  156. How do you take so many awesome photos in one blog? 😉 As I am reading, I say to myself, Cool Picture, Awesome Picture, How’d She Take that one? Neat!… I did that with all of them this time. I am in awe of your talents~ Love the new header, too!

  157. You have inspired me: next on my agenda- making pumpkin bread and ordering one of those blankies!

  158. I am from Upstate New York and new to Florida. I am already missing the change of seasons. Your decorating/crafting/food choices have inspired me to bring the fall into our Florida home on my own! Thank you! And LOVE the blanket! :)

  159. oh my goodness! Nella’s high ponytail. to die for. so cute :]

    also I’m moving to FL in the summer. Thanks for all the ideas that will still make it feel like fall :] Can’t wait to put them all to use

  160. Love Nella’s Pony!! Cheers to half full baby!!

  161. Nothing better than cuddling one of my babes wrapped up in a beautiful, soft blanket. Only wish they made them big enough for moms, too!

    Wendy Ens

  162. Thanks for such a beautiful and positive blog! It is so clear the joy that you feel as a mom — I feel the same way!

  163. always wondered what happened to Nella’s glasses — does she not need them anymore?

  164. Love Nella’s ponytail. So cute!

  165. Sweet pictures, as always. I love the picture of the dog sitting in the “trunk” of Nella’s car. :)

  166. Great post today! Fall is my favorite season! Love all things ‘pumpkin’. The picture of Nella with her lady bug umbrella, adorable! Have a great week!

  167. Hi. OK so my favourite photo in this post was the doggie taking a ride in the kiddie car.. too funny and the cute leaf mobile your child made. Adorble.
    You have some really wonderful shots of your children Kelle that you will treasure forever.
    jenn. x

  168. mmm…pumpkin bread. And what a cute craft. Happy Fall! :0)

    – jen

  169. Mmmmm… I’m craving soup and caramel apples now :)

    –I have 3 pregnant sister-in-laws. Would love blanket for baby gift!

  170. Would love a blanket!

  171. fall is the bestest! love to soak it in! and those baby blankets are so adorb!

  172. Two things…
    1. I need your caramel apple recipe badly…a week ago I was wanting to make some to bring to a friends for dinner…well, for the dessert after dinner and couldn’t find a good recipe.

    2. I am crafting challenged. I adore your leaf craft. Could you email (mstatema@gmail.com) or post step by step how you did it? I’d love a fall craft in our home.

    THANKS Kelle!

  173. I’m not sure what’s more adorable, Nella and her little ponytail or the dog in the engine of her car! Love it.

  174. wow, would love to win one of the blankets- our first baby is due any day now, and what a perfect thing it’d be to have one for her stroller this fall!

  175. Oh, why not. I never enter these, but I have a delicous new baby boy who would look cute under one of those blankets…

  176. A blanket will be perfect for my October baby coming!

  177. I love your Septemberish things! And that mobile is gorgeous!

  178. Oh no you didn’t with the pumpkin bread! That’s my evil. That’s my vice. Add some chocolate chips and that’s my meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m talking no control.

    Happy September!

  179. …my favorite part of this post was when Brett caught you eating the candied apple and you said “What?” I can picture myself doing that and the way you described it was so comedic!! Happy Fall!

  180. I love seeing what the Hampton has been up to week in and week out, and no matter what’s been in store, it makes me smile. :)

    Also, love those blankets! So cute!!

  181. I too love those blankets! BUT! I also really really love that rust colored shirt with the collar you have on while reading to Nella! It is just gorgeous! Where did you get that?

  182. Your craft with the leaves is awesome! Wonder if I can find a cool branch like that in the AZ desert, or if I have to use a petrified cactus? My kids would love doing that!

    And I la-la-LOVE your shirt trimmed in the lace. Anthropologie? It is super cute, would love to know where it’s from.

  183. love love love the paper leaves. might have to try that one out with my own girls!

  184. I love your shirt too! Where’s it from??
    I think the Lainey & Nella pics (of them together) are hands down my favorites. Love that you’re able to capture their sweet sister moments.

    And those blankets are so cute! Going to check out the website (got a baby cousin coming soon!).

  185. The depth, and detail, and brightness, yet the blackness….of the moon!!!! Leave me darn near speechless, once again. Hey, I said darn near. 😉 Beautiful, as always….

  186. Love fall and decorating too! Love the leaves hanging from the tree branch!

  187. I love your leaf mobile craft…I might have to try something like that out with my kidlets…thanks! And I know of the perfect newborn who would love a cozy comfie blanket for our upcoming cold Canadian winter!! :)

  188. What an absolutely perfect weekend.
    Beautiful in every way.

  189. Ohhh the magical moon! I want a cozy rag for new baby boy coming TOMORROW! So Exciting!

  190. This post reminded me of one of my favorite excerpts from Ecclesiastes, “To everything, there is a season…”. We are trying to conceive our first, and every day I remind myself that it’s a new day and while at times it’s frustrating and there are questions, it’s a beautiful journey to be on.

    Also, those blankets look so cozy! I think I’d love to snuggle up to one myself!

  191. You inspire me to try and get into the fall season instead of crying at the thought of losing the sunshine! We’ll see if I can pull through. 😉

  192. Love the twig/leaf decoration – so crafty and cute! Also, the picture of Lainey carrying Nella – the look of determination on her face. Too much! My older son has that look too.

  193. Love the fall branch and leaves!

  194. We had an Etch a Sketch weekend, too. My husband’s parents were down, and we went to Old Tucson Studios. I hadn’t been in years, and my husband had never gone. It was neat seeing some of the sets from some of my favorite movies! My lil Rowan thought the saloon girls were a hoot!

  195. You have a beautiful blog, I love it!!!!

  196. Could your family be any cuter?! Love, LOVE the picture of Laney up close looking up at the camera… to die for! And how about how big Nella is getting? The pony with the red bow is just too precious! : )

  197. My sweet girl would love love one of those gorgeous blankets!

  198. Mmmmm…now I’m craving pumpkin bread and carameled apples! Sounds like the perfect thing to be eating at midnight, or any other time of day! ; )

  199. I just recently came across your blog and I have been reading it ever since! Your girls are just too adorable and I love how close knit you and your family are! It’s so great to witness in your blog. This post has made me crave all things fall and I am very excited for it to get here :)

  200. I LOVE your and Lainey’s tree branch with fall leaves!! I’m decorating a new “big boy” room since a little girl is on her way to give him the boot from the nursery. I may steal your creativity. Oh – and this little girl is jumping up and down in my belly for that blanket!!

  201. Those blankets look so warm and cozy! Fall is just creeping in around here and I’m loving it. We bought a can of pumpkin at the store today to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

  202. you are drinking MILK from a wine glass?! that is awesome. i need to do that. :)

  203. Your posts make my day, every day! Thanks for sharing your sweet girls with all of us! Those blankets look amazing as well!

  204. Love that blanket…we have our first little man coming in less than 7 weeks and his fall birth calls for one of those awesome blankets!

  205. So much to love about this post…I love the branch decoration….I might have to steal that one. Love Nella in the rain and pumpkin bread. I also made some this weekend. Love the picture of Lainey looking up at you. It is really cool because you can actually see you taking the picture in her eye. Super cool.

  206. That close up of Lainey is STUNNING.

    And all of your moon talk makes me think of one thing only … FULL MOON. Lord help us when it’s a full moon in health care!

  207. Lovely moon, lovely coral top you have, lovely leaves and lovely blanket. Your world is a beautiful one!

  208. I cracked up when I saw the title of your post! My daughter is in third grade and for the past two weeks I have heard about nothing but waxing and waning moons. I like knowing that no matter where you are in the world we all see the same sun and the same moon. Amazing stuff!

  209. Kelle, hon, you and your family are just so beautiful. I come here every few days just to get a little love boost. :)

    I was going to say all of that even without the contest. :) (No, really. I was. I would have. I still will.) Thanks for being you, and for sharing yourself and your family with the world.

    Hugs to you –

  210. I’m in LOVE with the tree branch an leaves. We too are slowly crafting our way into fall…tomorrow its wreaths. :)

  211. Love everything about your posts. You Rock!

  212. Love your homemade decorations. Make’s me want to make something pretty with my tiny ladies.

  213. I so need to get in gear and start decorating for fall! Our kickoff is the First Day of Fall on the 23rd. There will be Chili and star shaped corn muffins here! Has been a tradition for over 15 years. Have a super week! Hugs!

  214. I absolutely love Fall! Living in Canada means Fall makes a vivid and dazzling entrance but soon fades to Winter…a season that last a bit too long. I’m loving the idea of pumpkin bread! Pumpkin is a vegetable so it’s good for you right??? :)

  215. LOVE the hanging leaves! What a great idea!

  216. Thanks for another great blog! I just wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Lacey. She is the one that introduced me to your blog!
    Last night she had her first baby!! Little Hazel Marie joined us around 8 pm weighing 8 lbs on the button!
    Thanks for inspiring us Kelle!

  217. I love love love the picture you took with the pink sky!!! Totally Fall!!! I would love to get a cozy rag for my new baby snuggler!!

  218. how stinking cute is that branch and leaves!!!! And nella’s sweet little pony tail! Isnt it amazing how fast they grow up:)

  219. Thank you for the smile….I adore your posts. They turn a regular Monday into something wonderful.

  220. I couldn’t agree more with the comfort of full-circle routines…
    My decorating has been slow, but this weekend we made the first pumpkin pancakes of the season!

  221. I love the blankets!!

    E-mail – ginmae85@yahoo.com

  222. I just LOVE your blog and especially reading about your weekends. With my oldest in school full day I always try to relish in the weekends and soak up all the love! Have a great week!

  223. I love the name, “Cozy Rags” – I have a lot of ‘cozy’s’ around but would love one more for the little one who is soon to (hopefully) grace our doorstep.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  224. Driving to Kansas, strait through, from Oregon, my husband and I noticed the moon and all it’s glory. It was so big I felt could reach it and catch fire from its brilliant orange glow. I love the moon!

  225. We’re excited for fall too! Making my first of many batches of homemade soup.

  226. Your blog post today is making me feel fall! In MN here the leaves aren’t quite turning and it is going to be in the 80’s again this weekend!
    I think I will go and and try your craft project with my girls and a pot of chili this week.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  227. I just found out I’m pregnant and in full all-day-morning-sickness…..I would LOVE a cozy baby blanket to get my head out of the toilet and my eyes focused on something ‘baby’ :)

  228. I love the leaf and snowflake idea!!! I might just have to steal that myself!!!

  229. the pic of Nella and the blue sky = captivating. I love your blog, not only b/c your family is adorable, but b/c you are an inspiration!

  230. My beautiful granddaughter would be even prettier with one of those blankets wrapped around her! I am sure that she would snuggle right into it :)

  231. My heart melts a little more with each photo you post. Lainey has such love for Nella. Nella is is too cute for words (I want to squeeze her!) This post I’m not such which I like more Nella with the umbrella or the dog in the car.
    That blanket would be perfect to have on hand when my first granddaughter is born this December.

  232. Love the photos, love the crafts, love that blanket!

  233. I LOVE soft, cuddly blankets and what a great way to start autumn (my oldest daughter’s middle name:) I will also be borrowing your pretty hanging leaf creation!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  234. awesome photo of the moon! You either used a tripod or have stealth-like stillness… great job!

  235. Beautiful post and beautiful blanket!

  236. I love Nella’s little pony tail and the dog in the trunk, what a hoot!

  237. Would you mind posting your recipe for caramel apples, pretty please?

  238. I so adore your pictures!! And that leaf mobile? Heading out to find a branch NOW!

  239. I love that you get so into the seasons…it makes me want to go bake some pumpkin bread right now!

  240. I am so so so in love with your blog! Your daughters are just so beautiful!!!

  241. I just read several posts in a row because…well, life rolls:) In one post you mentioned all the behind the scenes pics we don’t see…if life were perfect, what incentive would we have for tomorrow? As always, thank you so much for the laughs, the beautiful pics and the incentives. Keep your glass half full and keep stumbling upon.

  242. Fall is my favorite season as well…I love leaves crunching under my feet!

  243. we live in southern cali and i just made pumpkin muffins this morning even though its 80 degrees and does not feel fall-ish at all. i’m originally from washington DC and i really miss the seasons and can totally relate to how you bring the seasons to your home. . . LOVE your log of leaves!!! cheers to making seasons in your home even if there ain’t much a changing outside.

  244. those blankets are beautiful! hope i can win one!

  245. My girl loves baby dolls and I would love a little blankie to add in to the doll’s crib that we’re giving her for her 2nd birthday in November! Must check out their website.

    What happened to Nella’s glasses?

  246. Lainey seems so loving with Nella. I don’t have a sister but I love watching love blossom with my girls, too.

  247. I love your home and that they are so lively!

  248. Cheers! *clink*
    Absolutely love the Cozy Rag, and my oven will soon be humming to the tune of Pumpkin Bread. So thank you.

  249. Love your leaf project and those blankies!!!

  250. Love the branch/leaf craft! I’m going to put it on my pinboard.

    Beautiful blankets too! They look super soft and cozy.

  251. LOVED the up close and personal of Lainey! She has such amazing eyes! You so made me want to make caramel apples! mmmmmmmm! I can’t wait till it gets Cooler over here in S.Cali. I cheated and wore my boots the other day teehee! I just couldn’t help myself! My feet were hot but happy :) We had a nice weekend too! bye now!

  252. I love the tree branch, I may have to still that idea. And now thanks to pregnancy nesting I must go make caramel apples ASAP.

  253. I love the leaf mobile you made! We live where the seasons change and I think that is something that just might have to be made and hung ont he wall in my living room! Thanks for the idea!

    Momma to 3
    *Shay B*

  254. Starting my week off half-full – early-morning snuggles with my 3-week-old daughter are the way to go!
    Love those blankets.

  255. I love the idea of the mobile and can’t wait to try it out. I see pumpkins, turkeys, and snowman mobiles in my future.

  256. Fall is my most favorite time of year. After your candle comment a few posts back, I stopped hoarding my fall scents and have been burning them ever since. Too bad when I open the front door there’s not that familiar chill in the air. Gotta love southern weather :)

  257. The picture of Nella with the dog in the front of her car is too cute!

  258. I think you’ve inspired me to make home made caramel apples and a cute mobile for Spencer’s room. As much as I love summer time. I’m looking forward to fall activities.

  259. Nella & Lainey look fabulous as usual. I love Nella’s blanket, I’ll definitely be purchasing some of those for my niece and nephews!!! Could you post your recipe for pumpkin bread??? I’m really craving some!!!

  260. Everyone needs to read your blog! Love love it! Your words are a gift for everyone to hear!

  261. Love, love, love the close up shot of Lainey. Stunning.

  262. Gnawing off the last bit of caramel—priceless!

  263. Best blog ever!
    I love that you got up to eat that apple, yum.
    I still laugh about thaestory of Brett and kitty, too funny!
    You pics are awesome and you’re a fab mom…
    Your posts always add so much to my day : )

  264. Love seeing your adventures and an environment so differnet from ours in the woods of Alaska where I’m raising my 2 boys…

  265. I LOVE that your dog fits in the compartment of Nella’s car. Too cute!

  266. Love how you embrace the seasons even if your Florida sun is ever shining. We just moved to CA from WA so I am embracing the sun! Swimsuits and sunscreen around here:)

  267. I pinned the leaves and totally want to try that. My problem is that I spend all my time trying to keep the house CLEAN and I don’t have time to decorate it. :( Boo. But your inspiration is so nice. I love the moon analogy to life. Always a fresh start. Thanks Kelle!

  268. My goodness I love the blankets! And since I am on the hunt for the perfect swaddle blanket it would be perfect! Looking for the perfect swaddle blanket to keep my baby girl still while I get her contact in every morning. Yup my 11 month old was born with a cataract and has had a long journey. It would be nice to have something beautiful for those tough moments every morning!
    All the best!

  269. The picture of Nella in the car with the dog in the front is killing me. Good stuff!

  270. I have been a religous reader since the night after my daughter was born and DS was suspected. I read Nella’s birth story and numerous other posts in the dark on my iphone until it died.

    One question… How did the dog get in the trunk of Nella’s car?

    Thanks for everything!!!

  271. Now I need to make caramel apples & do other Fallish things! I just recently changed my scentsy wax to new scents & its also making me CRAVE fall. I’m hoping this season (my favorite season) brings us news of a new baby on the way!

  272. Those blankets are adorable!
    As always, love the blog post.

  273. I just love your posts! The midnight caramel apple eating made me laugh…I’m pregnant with our second, so I do that sort of thing all the time. And my hubby just looks at me… :)

  274. I love the fall – football, more time with friends, cooking soups and stews, getting out the fall decor and HALLOWEEN!

    The hanging branch is adorable. And blankets are my favorite.

    Happy Monday ~ CC

  275. Amazing picture of Nella sitting on the grass! Have a great week :)

  276. I have been very reluctant to say goodbye to summer, but I’ve got to say, that pumpkin bread makes me excited for fall!

  277. You are very creative, I love you fall decor! I wish my daughter was old enough to help me with fun crafts like this

  278. So many great pics as usually! The one with the dog riding in the car is hilarious I love it. I will be making some carmel apples with my girls this weekend those look delicious!! thanks!

  279. I love hearing about your weekends, makes me wish mine were more fun. It get’s harder when the kids get older and want to hang out with friends instead of mom. I’m thinking those lovely blankets would make a nice lap throw for cozy fall reading :)

  280. Pretty blankets and pretty pictures!

  281. That pony tail on Nella is to Die for–could she get any cuter?? Would love to win a blanket for my little one to snuggle this winter.

  282. The leaves are such a creative way to bring fall into your home. I love it! And those baby blankets look precious. I think I found a great gift for my cousin who’s expecting her first this December. Thanks for another wonderful post.

  283. Love your post!! After a busy and hectic day with doc and therapy appts with my sweet boy I’m shaking my Etch-A-Sketch clean and starting fresh…ready to curl up with my babies and read some books…those cozy rags look heavenly!! And those Carmel apples—Yummo!!

    Tina…Zeeland, MI

  284. That tree branch and colorful leaf idea is fantastic!
    What a sweet looking blanket too. :)

  285. i love the branch/leaves display – pure genius! i can’t wait to try these projects out with my daughter someday. right now she’d rather eat them :) thanks for making it feel a little bit more like fall…

  286. I love the fall leafs. Might have use the idea. I just found out my sister is having a boy so the blanket would be a great gift.

  287. Well, I am off to make pumpkin bread….so much for that sugar free attempt! Love the photos, as usual!

  288. Such sweet pictures as always. My favorite in todays blog is Nella with the high pony in the back with it all up!! Suc a big girl and so pretty. Always love the black and whites of the babes in bed togther too. Precious Kelle.
    Glad your enjoying the switch-up of seasons. I’m not quite ready yet. I’m hanging on to sumer for as long as I can. A Boston girl. xx

  289. How on EARTH did you get that moon shot?????!! Its the hardest subject EVER! I am a newbie photographer wannabe and I LOOVE that shot! :)

  290. Cheers to half full! Love that little branch you guys turned into art- we may need to copy that idea around here :O)

  291. I love fall and how it makes me slow down a bit more and not take life so seriously as I did before. I might just be a copycat too with your branch and the leaves. What a fun craft I know my kids would love to do!

  292. I would love to wrap up my newest little grandchild, baby Peter, in a yummy blanket – the hardest part would trying to keep it from his two big sisters.

    Love the branch idea – I’m on it right away with my Heidi Anne – she always loves a craft!

  293. I have not one creative bone in my body. So jealous. Whenever I see a project I think “hmm that looks easy” NOT. I bought a book called Cake Pops. Let’s see how that goes. Would appreciate some creativity vibes from you!

    And as always love ur pics!!!

  294. Oh my goodness! Nella has a ponytail! Baby girl is growing up :)

  295. Love your leaves. So cute. Such a fun blog and doing fall things. Cute pictures. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the doggie in the car. Did he stay there. So funny.
    I think that Mrs. COzy Blanket should win a blanket from Cozy Rags for one of her grandchildren.

  296. I am so intrigued by the photo of Lainey where you can see Your reflection in her eyes- wow!! (the one right above the sunset pic)

  297. I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and I love how you capture your family and the world around you in your photos and descriptions! Your girls are beautiful! I love love love the Cozy Rags site and will have to buy one of her works of art for my niece! Keep on keeping on!! :)

  298. Oooo, I am so making that leaf mobile. That is fantastic!

  299. Good idea to scoot the pooch around in a cozy coupe. Maybe I can talk our dog into more walks if he can ride instead.

  300. Oooo, I am so making that leaf mobile. That is fantastic!

  301. Oooo, I am so making that leaf mobile. That is fantastic!

  302. Oooo, I am so making that leaf mobile. That is fantastic!

  303. I love the picture with Nella on the grass–totally captures my idea of a perfect late summer evening!

  304. I think some caramel apples will be made in my kitchen this weekend! Yummy!


  305. What a beautiful idea for decorating! I love the idea of swapping out the leaves for snowflakes and in spring you can do flowers! p.s. Nella’s hair in a ponytail = simply adorable.

  306. Thanks for another beautiful post… I needed that today :)

  307. I honestly don’t know which is cuter…Nella’s smile or that blanket!

  308. Wow…that blanket is gorgeous! I love the fall branch and leaves. I don’t think I’d ever be able to find a branch like that in Vegas! More like weak twigs here!! How did you get such a fabulous picture of the moon? Mine never look that real. I need to learn how to work my camera better! Beautiful pictures as always!

  309. I know you get this alot, but I really love your blog. I subscribe to a few different RSS Feeds and I always seem to read yous last, like its my desert and I want to savor it. I love your writing and your photos and….well your glass is half full point of view. I always feel inspired to be a glass is half full type of girl after reading your posts (I tend to be perpetually pessimisitic). So thank you again for sharing and being so damn positively inspiring. :)

  310. I LOVE that first picture of the moon. Beautiful.

  311. Fantastic tree branch idea!! Might have to give it a try (though it’s spring in Australia….).

    And I love that picture of Lainey with her hand on Nella’s cheek in bed. Sweet sister love <3

  312. That moon picture is phenomenal!

  313. Looks like a fun and relaxing weekend! We celebrated the coming of fall with the annual Balloon races in St. Louis. It was chilly which made it so fun!

  314. Gorgeous blankets! I love a good blanket that can make anything it is near look fancy! :)

  315. Those blankets are fabulous~I’ve been looking for the perfect blanket for my baby girl :)

  316. & happy fall (almost!). I love the leaf mobile you & Lainey made

  317. Lovely, lovely… but, oh, your pictures/posts do make me want a baby girl.

  318. Would love a Cozy Rag for our anticipated Thanksgiving turkey!

  319. Kelle,
    I recently came across your blog. I love reading about you and your family, and your pictures are amazing! =) Thanks for brightening up my day.

  320. I can smell my mom’s homemade pumpkin bread wafting through the air now. Mmm. :)

  321. well, you’ve officially added more to my first fall weekend to-do list. now i need to make pumpkin bread and caramel apples (for the bushel we picked yesterday) on top of my mom’s group crafting night friday. i hated to see summer go, but i truly adore michigan falls.

  322. love the craft with the leaves…can totally see the snowflakes come winter and flowers come spring!

  323. Lainey’s eyes in her ‘attitude’ shot are reflecting you. I always like to see that in my own babies eyes. I will always be a part of them. beautiful pictures and prose.

  324. That pumpkin bread looked amazing… I just wanted you to know that I recently started a blog (only three posts so far, though) because of your inspiration. This blogging thing is a wonderful way for me to get my creative juices flowing. So thank you for the motivation! The blog is called The Musings of a Bookworm at http://www.musingsbookworm.blogspot.com, in case you’re interested! Have a great week, Kelle!

  325. i love that that cat breaks parole & comes to visit you & your girls! The leaf hanging is amazing – i always look forward to your crafty ideas & enjoying a few moments with your girls!

  326. That moon pic is amazing!!

  327. Kelle- you can’t share photos of a pumpkin bread that looks that delicious and not include the recipe? Or is it a secret family recipe! I’d ask for the carmel apples, but I reckon that would send me on a slippery slope to taking up the shape of a carmel apple!
    Loving Lainey’s serious look! We were only joking last night that my sister Al, who models a bit, has to be an angry model as her eyes squint when she looks happy.
    Lainey looks beautiful with either her serious or happy looks!

  328. I love your fall craft! I need to do something like that with my girls! Thanks for the motivation :)

  329. I’m loving those blankets! So adorable! Hope you guys have a wonderful week!

  330. Thanks for the lovely decor idea–I’m so going to copy that! I think I’ll do paper rather than felt, too, because I have so much on hand.

  331. We stuff weekends as full as we can– anything to focus on family and not the piles of laundry at home!

  332. I am so in love with your blog and your two precious girls! Your positive outlook on life inspires me daily. And I am loving Cozy Rags!

  333. Sometimes I’m afraid to comment on the posts where there’s a give-away, like I’m afraid someone would think I’m only commenting because there’s a give-away….although I’m just one of thousands around this blog, and who would notice which I comment on and which I don’t? And why should I care? I’m not sure about the answers to these questions. But it’s one of the things I find silly about the way the internet makes me feel sometime.

    And I’m totally stealing your dangling leaves idea… maybe with felt:)

  334. Our leaves in Vt. are changing quickly, another couple weeks and they will be amazing, I love the tree branch with the leaves I am going to try it with real leaves if I can find a way to keep them looking good. I am in awe over the moon picture. I love the picture of Nela and her pup, so sweet. I would love for just one year to be decorating for fall and swimming in the front yard. I guess that is Fall in Florida, only in Vermont you can decorate for fall and know that in 2 months you probably will have snow to play in. Have to go with the flow.

  335. Love your blog. Love the branch. Love your shirt in the picture with Nella AND I love those cute blankets!

  336. I love “the professor” in last years pumpkin bread post.

  337. I love the leaves – even more than felt leaves! Lainey is one smart girl! Glitter just doesn’t work with felt…

  338. Whenever my glass starts to empty I remember how close I came to not having kids of my own and I look at my twins and it fills right back up.

  339. Those blankets are adorable. And so is Nella with glasses!

  340. There’s nothing better than snuggling a baby in a warm-perfect blanket! I knew my girlie would be a blankie girl :) We got to break out the long pants here in Virginia this week, thank goodness for Fall!

  341. I love your blog.
    I am an OB nurse and have had the opportunity to share your blog with two new mommys that have had a baby with DS.
    I love your blog.
    Those Cozy Rags are rad! I don’t have a baby but I am surrounded by those that do.
    I love your blog.
    Please pick me.
    I love your blog.

  342. I admire your endless hope and optimism. I’ve got to work on getting myself some of that!

  343. I’ve been wondering what to pick up for my sister who’s new baby is due right after Christmas – a new blanket is a great idea!

    I’m ready for fall myself. Goodbye 100+ temperatures, hello 70’s.

  344. Beautiful as always! I definitely think y’all need a cat of your own! Lainey seems to be in love.

  345. I LOVE all the beautiful pictures of your precious daughters. What a beautiful family you have!

  346. I love the Leaf mobile! I am thinking of great crafts to do with my kids. I want to make Chili – do you make it at home? I want to find a good recipe to make for our family. I Love pumpkin bread and caramel apples – this time of year is the best.
    I love the Cozy Rags blankets! My baby boy needs some thing cozy to snuggle up in this fall and winter.
    Happy Monday.

  347. Love those blankets! Looking forward to fall things too:)

  348. Cheers to you for bringing fall to Florida. I’m from Indiana and would do the exact same thing! We started with baked oatmeal for breakfasts & veggie/beef soup.. I love fall baking!!

  349. September is feeling good. You’re inspiring me to get out and pick some apples and get my craft on.

  350. OMG I could eat your children…. they are so precious!! LOVE your leaf mobile… pinned it!

  351. I’m gonna find a branch!! Love the leaves hanging from it…and the snowflakes will look awesome!!!!

  352. i have to admit, i love all your project ideas! we call it farts and crafts at our house and we have gotten a lot of inspiration from you, so thanks!

  353. Your leaf craft project was awesome! Inspires me to try and do one with my boys! thanks for the idea!

  354. Again, you give me so much to love.

    This post:

    *I’m sniffing banana cake (I mean the scent is in the air; not actually sniffing it like a druggy) as I read about your pumpkin bread. My Gabe is baking for one of his fair entries, due tomorrow :).

    *Hahahaha! You saying, “What?” and Brett saying nothing!

    *That LEAF MOBILE!!!

    *Aaawww….I clicked on “last year’s pumpkin bread” and realized I hadn’t “met” you yet this time last year–another fun read, and does Nella not need her glasses anymore? Nora has an astigmatism in her right eye, but the doc said don’t bother with glasses just yet….he said she wouldn’t keep them on :)

    *Nella’s high ponytail! I want to kiss her neck! I think the nape is one of God’s cutest inventions! It’s like He kissed his finger and gave babies the sweetest of finishing touches :)

    *And again….Lainey’s EYES!!! They are (she is) mesmerizing!

    Fall Blessings to you ~

  355. I love the fall leaves hanging from the branch! I might even be able to pull off that kind of crafty. And those blankets look so comfy! Are they made in adult size?

  356. i am jealous of your caramel apple eating. i’m pregnant (due in a month!) and have gestational diabetes so my fall treat eating/making will be put off until this new little arrives. i have SERIOUSLY been jonesing for a caramel apple since i flipped the september page up for the calander!

  357. I am totally craving pumpkin bread now! The cooler here in NC is calling for it…. not to mention I’m 34 weeks pregnant! hehe! Love the leaf and branch mobile…. I’ll be copying that too!

  358. I am totally in love with your blog,and have been ever since the day my mom showed it to me. Now, I read it like a bible. When I see that you have a new post, I get excited and prepare to see awesome pictures of your beautiful little girls.

  359. With the cold, wet weather we had today, just looking at that bread was enough to warm me up!

    Care to share the recipe?

  360. Gorgeous photos, as always. Here’s to half full!

  361. I just love some of the pictures you got of Lainey! The close up of here about 4 or 5 from the end. It is BEAUTIFUL!

  362. cheers!

  363. woo-hoo for half-full! cannot wait for autumn! we’re making our first pumpkin bread tomorrow! full of yummy-ness and chocolate chips!

  364. I have been craving fall decorations- I will have to use this week to remedy it. I have bought 4 different fall scented candles, trying to find exactly what I remember from being a kid.

  365. I LOVE summer but there is something wonderful about the change of the seasons and the fresh start they bring.

  366. Ahhh your posts at the end of a long day…like the cool side of the pillow. Thank you for that : )

  367. Tell us more about your dog. He/she is so cute.

  368. Particularly beautiful photos in this post. Those little ladies are stunning.

  369. Your photographs are gorgeous!!! Love your ideas for decorating your house for fall! :)

    JB @ oneofthelovebugs.wordpress.com

  370. Your photographs are gorgeous!!! Love your ideas for decorating your house for fall! :)

    JB @ oneofthelovebugs.wordpress.com

  371. Pretty girls! And do I spy saltwaters? Have you been reading Nat the Fat Rat? I almost bought ’em too! Love the mobile, fall is my favourite season :)

  372. Love the mobile! Our family is so very excited about fall as well! I agree about the fresh start :)

  373. Oh Kelle, why do you have to have the best ideas! I am totally stealing that leaf turn snowflake mobile. LOVE IT! Going back to finishing reading this post

  374. This blog, is my bubble bath after a long day. Always makes for a much better sleep. Thank you!

  375. balance, ebb & flow–here’s to another wonderful week enjoying your family & I’ll do the same with mine

    those blankets are to die for!

  376. Those blankets look delightful!

  377. Ahh!! If I ever win ANYTHING this is what I want to win! I am having my second baby and have been so envious of all this fancy soft cuddly blankies! My little boys blankie that he is so attached to is a wally-world blanket, which is fine, but man you can tell a difference between that and my friends nice soft blankies for their babes! Please oh please let me win! :) ha! Well, still love your blog more than ever! I think I will be making chilli and Carmel apples while watching football with the hubby next weekend! Thanks for the idea! (And sadly, my husband is the one glued to the tv!)

  378. Great post and beautiful pictures of your girls! I cannot believe your dog will ride in the front of Nella’s car like that! Fantastic :)

  379. I watch football with my husband and little girls for the tightends too! :) Oh and of course to cheer our team on! Happy Fall!

  380. Since I am here in the place you are missing so much ((Rochester, MI)) I promise to soak up a little extra main street, turning leaves, bonfires, chilly nights, knapps dairy, lipumas coney island, cider mills, paint creek trail…all of the best things in Rochester…all for your family.

    Those who have never lived in Michigan just don’t know how beautiful it is :)

    Love the new pics…and glad to see you bringing a little Michigan fall into your house :)

  381. Chili and football! Oh yea baby!

  382. Lainey’s blue dress is just lovely. I’ve already busted out the fall decor and may have even put up some halloween ones too.

  383. Love the leafs…I wish I was crafty. My son would enjoy that.

    My little girl would love one of those blankets :)

  384. The picture of Nella with your dog in her toy car is the cutest thing ever!

  385. I’m right there with ya… HERE WE COME FALL! I dont know why fall is the most exciting season. Its sucha feeling of rebirth every year!

  386. I am LOVING your touches of fall…that branch/leaf amazing thing? AWESOME. Although I think Lainey may be right — the texture and coloured leaves were just the right touch. Happy Fall!
    My sister just had her baby — new baby gift? PLease.

  387. Love the pup in the car and the Lainey and Nella pic!!! <3

  388. The picture of Nella with the puppy in her car is the.best. Even my hubby took a break from Wii bowling to love it! (He always “aww”s over your pictures with me ;o).)

  389. love the blanket, would come in super handy in our cold ny winters.

  390. Your pic now has my craving a caramel appel. Yum! Your posts never cease to amaze me.

  391. Omigod… the one with the lady bug umbrella… WAAHH! SOO sweet and cute!

  392. I love Lainey’s blue, pink and green dress, its so sweet! Wish I had one in a slightly larger size lol. Those blankets look devine – you post so much neat stuff, I wish we could get it all over here in New Zealand.

  393. Blankets and Fall, yum.

  394. I absolutely love the paper leaf decoration! As soon as I saw that I started looking around my apartment for the perfect place for one!

  395. Interested in sharing your pumpkin bread recipe? It looks amazing and I’d love to add it to my fall recipes!

  396. Oh So nice…. I know your weekend was so much fun togther! I am looking foward to making caramel apples with my little girls too!!!! I too, love your tree branch with those adorable leaves, and so cool that you can easily change the leaves out for each season!!!!

  397. Pumpkin Bread, MMM 😛
    I love the leaves hanging from the branch,Your creativity is amazing!

  398. I wait for your posts every other day. And even if you haven’t posted yet, I smile knowing you will. They are peaceful. They are calming. They are what life is all about. So thank you. :)

  399. Love the gorgeous pic of Nella taking the dog for a ride! Super cute!

    Your enthusiasm for embracing and decorating for the season change is inspirational. Love the branch & leaves decoration. Crazy to think that us southern hemispherians are heading into a hot summer while you’re looking forward to winter!

  400. I love the picture of Lainey looking up at you! Those eyes are breath taking. I love the art project! I think I may have to try making one myself! Beautiful post!

  401. Love the dangling paper leaves, love the safari themed blanket, love the “half glass full” shout out — great way to start a Monday!

  402. Love the dangling paper leaves, love the safari themed blanket, love the “half glass full” shout out — great way to start a Monday!

  403. Oh my goodness! Nella’s ponytail!! For every photo that displayed such cuteness, my smile grew a little wider. Adorable!

  404. I love making the best of the Florida weather to welcome the fall (even though it doesn’t really “feel” like fall) Time to break out the harvest wreath, cinnamon brooms and pumpkin spice candles!

  405. Fall is the BEST! And those blankets look perfectly cozy for this, the season of blankets.

  406. Oh, man! I need to learn to shake it out. My last week’s carried into this week. This mama needs a BREAK!

  407. today was kind of a rough one…hoping tomorrow is more half full!

  408. your etch a sketch idea reminded me of a saying that hangs in my mom’s house (and now my brother’s and mine): Today is the first day of the rest of your life. :)

    And now I’m craving caramel apples and have to go upstairs to see if I can gather the ingredients to make some with the kiddos tomorrow…yum!!

  409. I’ve been trying to live a very “half full” type of life lately. Taking more time to be with my first girl before her baby sister gets here any time now. I love having my girls in the Fall. Such beautiful weather!

  410. I need the recipe for caramel apples, every time I try it I end up with puddles of caramel on wax paper and empty apples that no one will eat after. And LOVE the leaf mobile- did you use a template for the leaf shape or trace leaves? It’s the perfect gift for my 3yo to make for her baby brother for Hannuka

  411. Love those blankets!!

  412. My husband and I have a surprise coming this
    December (Xmas day actually!) and would love to wrap our little boy or girl in this sweet blanket. As first time parents with a baby coming during the holidays there’s a whole lot to celebrate!

  413. I want to be cozy in a cozy rags with my little lovies….

  414. Toasted pumpkin bread with a big slab of butter melting on it…YUM! And oh, I would totally be there with you in the dark eating that caramel.

  415. oh man do I want a caramel apple now!

  416. LOVE the tree branch with leaves!!! super sweet!!!

    ok I have to ask because I do not remember reading it (have been a follower since a week or so after Nella was born!! OMGosh i love your girls!! :) My kids love them too!) Why did Nella need her glasses?? I am taking my 13 month old to have her eyes checked this week because when you look at her eyes and the light is hitting them you realize they they are not perfectly together if that makes sense! I am wondering if one eye is kind of lazy and if she will end up with glasses for a bit!



  417. I am half way through pregnancy number two…and I am thinking that caramel apples need to be added to the list of must do’s!!:) as I kind of like my sweets right now:)

  418. Totally diggin’ the branch and leaves…gonna give that a try…although it will definitely be a tangled mess at the end, but at least I had good intentions.

  419. Love your little doggie in the car with Nella!
    So sweet!

  420. This Grammie would love a Cozy Rags for one of her littles!!! :)

  421. I LOVE the pictures of the girls in this post! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  422. I just love your leaf mobile. I’m going to give it a shot with my kids. You inspire me, as usual.

  423. LOVE that leaf hanging! seriously laughed out loud picturing the look on his face when he walked in on you getting every last bit of caramel off the wax paper… kind of pictured a vulture-esque pose over the kitchen counter :)

  424. Love Love Love your branch art…might have to make our home a little more homey with this inspiration :)

  425. caramel apples are now on my to do list!

  426. I’m totally stealing your falling leaves craft.

  427. I get truly giddy when a new post comes from you, such amazing pictures, and wonderful memories that inspire me to be just a little better.

  428. I, too, love fall. Can’t wait for the leaves here in GA to begin changing.

  429. I know so many pregnant people. I would love to win a cozy rag!

    Love your leaf craft…so creative!

  430. Looove the leaf on the branch idea and changing it out for winter! Also love the cozy blankets! Perfect for my baby girl coming in November!! :) lmlarrison786@gmail.com
    Thank u!!!–lindsey

  431. Yay Fall!

  432. These blankets are so cute, I would love to win one! The picture of Latte in the little car with Nella CRACKS ME UP! I was just talking to my Girlfriend this weekend about dogs who ride in strollers and she said no dog would ever like that. So I said “Latte does”…she didn’t believe me, so I had a picture today to show her…haha!

  433. love the tree branch idea! I would love one of those cozy rags for our baby we hope to be placed with through adoption someday soon!

  434. I’m getting so many fun ideas from your blog and beautiful photos. thanks for sharing. crossing my fingers for that soft blankie!

  435. I love the etch-a-sketch metaphor of the week. It is so true. I also love the picture of Nella in the sprinkler with the umbrella. She looks like a little baby model.

  436. Love the branch with the leaves!! I hope to make one for my house and first grade classroom! I just pinned it to Pintrest!! Thanks for the great idea! I just love your blog and photos…been “lurking” for about 3months. This is my very first comment! But I just HAD to tell you how much I loved that great nramch with leaves!!! Sooo cute and clever!

  437. Oh man, I gotta make pumpkin bread now!

  438. I made my first pumpkin bread of the season today! Now my house smells amazing. :)
    Your picture of Nella against the sky is beautiful, and I love Lainey’s very serious look! I think she means business.

  439. Love your post today! Especially when I got to the end and saw Lainey’s dress. I took my daughter school shopping and she picked out the navy rose dress and while trying it on in the dressing room stated, “Oh, yeah, I just found the golden outfit!” She wore it the first day of school and felt great about herself. That girl’s got style!

  440. Beautiful mobile… Already trying to decide where I can hang one in my house! As always, thanks for sharing your gorgeous girls with us!

  441. love love love your blog! i have two girls almost the same age as Lainey and Nella (Lily Grace and Saylor :) We will be making our first loaf of pumpkin bread of the season this weekend! can’t wait! happy fall

  442. I’m so excited for fall to get here and stay. We’ve had a few teaser days of it and I am doing all the fall clothes shopping tomorrow. So it can come at anytime and get cozy!

    By the way Nella’s ponytail is ADORABLE! Can’t wait for my girl to have enough hair for one! We are still rocking the “pebbles” hair do.

  443. You are so crafty! I love the leaf “chandelier” and the button one for Lainey’s room. I need to come up with some cute decor ideas that are on the cheap…thanks for inspiration to spin off of.

  444. I love your fall leaves craft project! I think I am going to try it with my two girls, ages 1 and 3. The pic of lainey holding/trying to hold Nella totally reminded me of my two. Kaylee always tries to do that to her little sis too! PS- love the orangish sweater you’re wearing with lace collar! Is it from etsy?

  445. Love the blankets — so cute!

  446. Nellas high ponytail is to die for. Adorable!

  447. I love sitting on the grass at dusk. I love starting weeks half full.

  448. I LOVE this post, but most of all love the picure of the moon. I literally pulled over tonight (11:30 PM)on my way home from work to try to get a picture of the moon, but had no such luck with my so-so camera. You just made my day of long hours all worth it! :) Great post!

  449. Oh honey, poetry, sheer poetry (which reminds me of that quote from A Christmas Story!) I Lu-HUV Nella’s pony tail, SOOO sweet. She is growing UP! I’d LOVE this blankie for my sweet bestie’s new baby, due to be born in frigid Wisconsin in Dec. 6th. Hoping the stars and moon align for me! So after telling you about Pinterest I found all your style on there, I put your name in and POOF, there it was! Amazing, you are everywhere girl!

  450. Cozy wozy is our favorite word to say to the boys as we tuck them in at night! We love you, your precious babies and your handsome hubby! Your entire family rocks the house and kicks some ass!

  451. Are you KIDDING ME with your pup in Nella’s little car???? Best. Picture. Ever. Okay, maybe not EVER, but it made my day!

  452. I LOVE that you got out of bed to eat a caramel apple at midnight. I always ate cookies in the middle of the night when I had to be up with a nursing baby. :)

  453. Loving your shift into fall! Will start pulling my decor in from the garage in the morning! Thanks for the boost in getting things going! You are so inspiring always!

  454. I love your blog! Just sayin’ :)

  455. So LOVELY!

    That’s all I can say! A friend of mine had a link to your blog, I spent all night reading your posts, and haven’t stopped thinking about you ever since!

    Everything you post is in some way inspiring! So lovely!!!

    And I am definitely making a tree branch with dangling leaves with my little ones too!!! So fun!

  456. Your creativity encourages me. I enjoy reading your creative words (every time I read a swear word, I laugh knowing what your Dad is thinking!) I enjoy your creative mommy-ing, cooking, decorating and your creative photography- angles, poses, color, lighting…..You’ve got a great blog, I find my mind wondering how great it would be to be your neighbor as I peek into your life! So thanks for the encouragement and Happy Half full week!

  457. love the dog in the wagon! so flipping cute!

  458. Seriously digging the hanging leaves! Happily, here in northern Wisconsin we have the real thing. And the colors are starting to turn already!!

  459. Such wonderful September activities!
    I love the photo of Nella with Latte!

  460. Love the branch and cutout leaves idea, really cute!

    Ps. I would love to know your recipe for pumpkin bread! Do you make homemade caramel as well?

  461. Would love to win a “cozy rag”… :)

  462. HI!!!
    Love that MOON picture, and I also am glad we aren’t the only ones still playing in the hose wateR!!!tHOSE BABY blankets are awesome and I asked my Grand daughter if we win it, are we greedy and keep it or be loving and kind and give it awy, she chose the right thing!!!

  463. I love the girls matching polka dot suits. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and love their matching suits:)

  464. I love the girls matching polka dot suits. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and love their matching suits:)

  465. Love the paper fall you and your girl created! Can’t wait to start decorating for autumn around here too. We live in SoCal, though I’m originally from MN so I understand the yearning for a change in season in the land of eternal summer! I’m sure we’ll soon be cutting out paper leaves and grouping gourds and pumpkins on the mantle, but for now I’m putting the finishing touches on the fall project inside my belly! My fourth boy and first fall baby.

  466. Love your fall decorations! One of my fave reasons for reading your blog – All the good ideas I get to try with my beautiful daughters! Thank you :)

  467. Thank you for inspiring me!

  468. Love the leaf craft. Think I am going to have to borrow that idea! This fellow Midwestern transplant misses the fall leaves. I know that my girls will enjoy it as well.

    Happy Fall-esh Days!

  469. Your blog is my all-time favorite addiction, I get all shaky, nervous and wobbly if I am not able to ready your posts daily…I frantically check, re-check and double check my facebook when I am not able to check from my computer at work.
    You’re my inspiration, one of my reasons for being a better me, a better mother. I have learned to see the world around me in a different way, I am striving to create a better life, not only for me and my children, but in creating a better life and being a better me, inspire those around me to do the same….
    A few weeks ago, I read your article about your recent miscarriage, and I felt heart-ache (seeing that I myself was a few weeks pregnant at that time), little be knowing, that a few days later, on the 1st of September (which in South Africa, is celebrated as the first day of Spring, the start of all that is promising and new…) I was admitted into hospital for a schedule D&C…..we had to terminate our pregnancy due to medical reasons….
    I cried over our loss, but we decided to move on and celebrate life, celebrate the fact that we have some much to be thankful for…we have two precious littlest
    So with every start of a new day, with every new ray of sunshine that warmly brushes against my cheek, I smile….
    Thank you Kelle!

  470. Yay This is my first official blog comment! Just created my first blog have been reading your blog for a couple months! your photos are beautiful and your witty post always make me smile!

  471. We in sunny California are soaking up the last bits of summer before we dive head first into fall baking, pumpkin patches, crock pot cooking and cuddling under cozy blankets! Can’t wait until fall hits us!

  472. LOVE that first photo of the moon (how do you get a shot like that?!), love the second photo of Brett looking at Nella, LOVE so many of your shots in this post. BEAUTIFUL! What a full, creative, make-the-most-of-it, adventurous life you create for your family. I’m inspired! I really like the branch and leaves you made…I’m going to scout out some colourful paper and make one for here :) Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm for life, even in the mundane…I’m encouraged to look for the opportunities to celebrate with our girls and ENJOY :)

  473. looks like such a fun weekend @ home…gotta love FALL

  474. Thanks for my morning smile. I love the photo of Nella giving the dog a ride. A month ago I “stumbled upon” your blog when reading another blog, now forgotten – yours made it to my favorites. Small world too! – I’m in Cape Coral. Again, thanks for the smiles!


  475. Beautiful pictures! I second the request for more info. on that lace collar shirt you were wearing.

  476. I LOVE your sky/cloud pictures. They speak of so much freedom. That’s almost enjoying the grand things :-)

  477. Those blankets look so comfy and cute! I would be lying if I said I only wanted it for my daughter… :) So excited fall is on its way!!

  478. It’s so bizarre that you’re settling into Autumn coziness while we’re packing away the electric blankets and welcoming Spring!!

  479. I LOVE your comparison of the weeken to an etch a sketch! That is so true! I love that feeling that you get a re-do every week!

  480. It’s getting cool here and my kids would love a soft blanket to cuddle with- me too!

  481. Your posts always makes me smile.
    On my “to do list” this week…..pumpkin bread, and spending those last few days outside!

  482. I think you’re doing fall up better than me – I must get on that!

  483. All of my blog reading these days has left me inspired to make some of my own fall decor. And, of course, pumpkin muffins:)

  484. 1. Loved the leaf mobile glitter paper and all.
    2. Awesome app for iPhone…Solar Walk will teach you about moon phases and more. Girls will love it.
    3. I hope I win the blanket for my new granddaughter Ava who will be born in February! susan

  485. “here, kitty kitty…” :)

  486. Your leaves & branch are so lovely! I love it when my little one helps me with my artsy craftsy projects, I may have to steal this idea!

  487. I love your hanging fall decoration! You said you almost wish you had done it in felt, but maybe next time you could do it in fabric? Fabric comes in all kinds of colors and designs and all you have to do is iron it on to some interfacing and it should hold it’s shape pretty well. I am inspired, and I believe I will try it myself! I LOVE FALL SO MUCH!!! *Happy Sigh*

  488. Oh! I almost forgot to say that I love the picture of the moon… :)

  489. I live in Florida too…and love your blog. It always melts my heart.

    Riverview, FL.

  490. oh what a great idea with the branch and leaves. i love it. also, i hope to win a snuggly blankie :)

    happy fall and a great new week! xo

  491. Fall lasts FOREVER here in VA and it has become my favorite season by far. With the crisp air that has blown in, so have new traditions and routines with our first baby boy. LOVE the fall.

  492. LOVE the picture of Nella and the dog in her little scooter, so cute!!

  493. Finally fall… Pumpkin Icecream is back, and this 9 months pregnant Mama couldn’t be happier!!

  494. Latte in the car is so cute! My 3 year old saw that pic and you could tell all these ideas were bouncing around in her head.. my little pup is in trouble now!
    Wonderful post. Thank you! We LOVE fall here too!!

  495. it’s starting to get pretty chilly here in upstate ny. my little girlie would love to snuggle one of those pretty blankets!

  496. Haven’t commented in awhile…sorry :( Just want to say, as always, your pictures make my heart smile especially the one of Lainey and Nella on the bed and Lainey has her hand on Nella’s face and Nella has her hand on Lainey’s…love it! Also, love those blankets…so will my son-to-be due on New Years Eve! Would be perfect and warm to snuggle him home in.

    Kim in NJ

  497. Gorgeous blankets, gorgeous post!


  498. I like the tree branch idea – bringing nature inside…and I could incorporate pine cones this winter too. Thanks for sharing this idea!

    Wow those blankets look amazingly soft. I’d love to cuddle my daughter in one to rock her to sleep.

  499. That is a very inspiring way to look at the new week. Always a fresh start to achieve anything you can imagine! Thanks for the uplifting thoughts.

  500. Great post… your daughters are gorgeous!

  501. I’m now inspired to put a little fall into our Florida home as well. It may not be 60 degrees, but a girl can use her imagination :)

  502. I tolerate football for the same reason – it means my favorite season is here!

  503. Definitely right.. you made me smile with pictures you posted. Love into new season..

    Love snapshot of dog sitting in car w N, So sweet!!

  504. I love the branch decor- that would actually look stunning in my house. I might have to give it a whirl! :) This post has made me realize that fall is in fact here in Central IL!

  505. I always look forward to your posts…makes the start of my work day just a little brighter!

  506. Lovely sky pic. I believe you have just inspired me to paint today. I love your fall leaves craft also- just might have to break out some pretty paper…

  507. Love your branch decor! I am going to try to incorporate that into my husband’s camping-themed birthday party tonight!! We just had our third baby–we were surprised to find it was a boy at delivery so the little guy could use a snuggly blanket in the appropriate gender color since his older sisters only have pink things to pass along!! :)

  508. Thanks for helping us all give fall a great big welcome. Love the branch/mobile seasonal idea. BTW- your adorable dog looks like it’s smiling in one of those pictures and your hubby looks like Daniel Craig from the some angles. Just saying.
    Have a great week 😉

  509. LOVE the picture of Lainey and ‘cat’, I wondered what he’s been up to lately:)

  510. Those blankets would be perfect for some newborn photos.

    We need to start fall decorating. I feel like it is here too early. My daughter’s pants are all two inches too short. Time to shop.

  511. I love the pic with Nella driving “her car” and the dog in the “trunk”

    So cute!!

  512. Love the tiny couch & handmade mobile. You’ve got me craving caramel apples now!

  513. what a beautiful blanket!

  514. I love all your photos. I read your blog while at work and I always miss my kids when I see the pictures of your kids :-).

  515. I’d love to win a blanket – and after reading your post, some chili :)

  516. Your fall activities make me excited. Bring it on fall! Whoooo hoooo!

  517. I love the branch and fall leaves, just beautiful. I am a recent transplant to Houston, trying not to be jealous of my midwest friends and family posting about mums, hot chocolate and wearing jackets at the bus stop. We are going to create a little bit of fall right here, thanks for the inspiration :)

  518. I absolutely love pics of Lainey toting Nella around. They seriously do have a special sister bond that I never really had with my sisters growing up. And I LOVE the craft idea with the log! Keep the great ideas coming so I can keep stealing. 😉

  519. Your babies are so beautiful. I was going to comment that even before I saw there was a contest.

    My sister is due in just 3 short weeks, I would love to be able to give her sweet baby a new blanket to come home from the hospital in.

  520. Is that milk in a wine glass?? love love love.

  521. Ohmygawsh Nella’s pony? So cute! And Lainey’s big dark eyes, she’s gorgeous! Thanks too for the inspiration to try to get my girl to cut something out of fancy paper- not just into confetti…

  522. Beautiful post. I’m so glad I found your blog! I have to ask, what kind of dog do you have? I am in the market for a dog for my 10-year-old, and yours is so cute!

  523. I’m soooo ready for Fall too! And I’m loving your fun branch with the cut off leaves – so cute!

  524. Whenever I read your blog, it gives ME a boost in my parenting. That we can always start again. :)

    Esther Dush

  525. Cheers to that! I’d love to get one of those blankets for my girl friend who is having a December baby. Her baby must have a nice and cozy blanket to snuggle with. If I don’t win, I may just have to go and buy one.

  526. Oh yes those blankets are beautiful for sure. I have a cousin Three who will love one of those. Thanks for the amazing post as always!

  527. I would love one of those cozy blankets for our New England fall football games…Go Madison Tigers!

  528. By the time you make the draw for this, I will hopefully have a brand new baby in my arms and know whether I need pink or blue!! Come on baby!!!
    Maybe today we will make caramel apples… that should help get this labor moving, right?!

  529. I love how you live it up for holidays and make them so special in your home. My mother was this way also, and I am trying to follow in her footsteps with my sweet girl who turns ONE this week! Very fun!

  530. I love the picture of Lainey carrying Nella… where you can only see Lainey’s wet footprints behind them. Priceless!

  531. Love the fall decorations. The branch & leaves are super cute, something I think me & my daughter will do this weekend as we relax on football Saturday. Thanks for all the ideas.

  532. I love the photo of Nella with her puppy in the car… priceless! And I also love the new tree/leaves artwork. Very creative!

  533. Nella’s hair is getting so long, love your craftiness!

  534. I have started the fall baking too. There is nothing like warm pumpkin bread on a fall afternoon.

  535. I’m going stick-hunting today so I can make a leaf mobile! Great idea!

  536. We have a newborn at home, so my husband has arranged to work three days a week instead of four for the month of September . . . we have LONG weekends, great for recharging and adventures!

  537. I L-O-V-E the tree branch with leaves that can be changed to go with the seasons! 😀 SO very creative! Both of your girls are getting so very big and even prettier! :)

  538. Oh my goodness. You just made me want pumpkin bread and chili and caramel apples all at the same time. Also, I LOVE Lainey’s dress in the last couple pictures! Gorgeous!

  539. I love your tree branch/leaves idea… I’m definitely stealing it! Even though we have plenty of leaves here (that are changing colors as I type!) it would sitll be nice to have them indoors. :) A hike is calling!

  540. You started my bug to get Autumnal. Just waiting for it to drop below 90 during the day here in Texas :) Love those blankets! I have sweet little twins who’d love them – and this way, I’d only have to buy one :)

  541. Fell upon your blog a few weeks ago and can’t stop reading it! Your words are inspirational. I love the way you flow as you write. And your kids are beautiful! I am a follower or maybe is it a stalker….But hopefully you don’t think in a weird way

  542. Wow Kelle, you’re a rockstar! Homemade decorations, carmel apples, and pumpkin bread already? WOooHooo! I’m INSPIRED by your jump start on Fall decorating and cooking, so much so, that I want to start decorating my house this very second. No, really. I think I might. I figure, if you can get into the fall spirit in Florida, well then I can here in California. Warm weather shouldn’t stop us! 😉

    The return of Starbucks’ “pumpkin spice lattes” are also helping me get into the mood. Boy are those good! Ever had one? If not, add it to your “bag of tricks” next to the Five Lemon Ice Cream. They are SOOO GOOD! :)

    I adore the picture of Nella & the dog hanging out together in her push car, and Brett cuddled up with the girls. So precious. And I’m happy to see you got a quick visit with the cat! I laughed when you joked about him having a parole anklet. Aww! Poor little guy is on restriction.

    Hope you have a great *fall inspired* week, full of more delicious recipes and family time! xo

  543. Love it all, esp the art…the butterfly …and the line about the kitty and”…a parole agent”. Too funny. I can see you are in the autumn mood. I love autumn too! Love from the Blog Mama~

  544. Love your blog and love the blankets :)

  545. My Dad always says the moon is waning gibbous tonight. I think it’s the only moon phase term he knows. I’m not even sure if he knows what the moon looks like when it is really waning gibbous, but he sure acts like it.

    I love that about him. And I love, love, love full circle routines. I need ’em.

  546. Reading your blog warms my heart. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Nella looks so much like my sister…whispy hair so blonde it almost looks white, almond shaped eyes, and the cute little gap between her big and second toe. Looking at the pictures of your two girls together brings back the memories I have with my sister growing up. Running through the sprinkler in the backyard. Hiding under blanket tents, sharing secrets and laughs that only sisters can share. Thank you for sharing that and reminding me of how blessed I am to be Sam’s sister.

  547. You put in to words what I never seem to be able to. The challenging early week schedules that flow in to Saturday when we can erase all the scribbles. Love it. And I’m in Ohio, so my Little Boy will need one of those snuggly blankets all too soon.

  548. Inside your house it is so “Autumn” I was a little startled when the photos switched to outside and I saw Florida’s eternal summer again. I’d say you succeeded! Thanks for sharing.


  549. I love reading your blog and how into the seasons you are =] It reminds me of all the little things my family and I would start doing when the seasons change that we no longer do, and that you inspire me to bring back. Thank you =]

  550. Seriously, how do you manage to motivate me, enthrall me, encourage me and make me so sad at all the moments I’m missing with my daughter all at the same time. Seeing that you’ve updated your blog is honestly the high point of my work day. I save it for the little moments between experiments to remind me of what I want to be. Thank you.

    Also, how’s that PO box thing coming, I have a little fall leaf involved project that I’m sending to my west coast friends and I’d love to send one to you too.

  551. I don’t know what I would do without my fall season! I love how you keep it all incorporated while living in the south!

  552. I just love Nella’s little pony tail!

  553. Love the blanket! Perfect timing since it is starting to get chilly in PA. Love your blog!

  554. I love your branch with the leaves hanging from it. Your ideas are brilliant, always!!

  555. Love the pic of Nella giving her puppy a ride:) too cute!

  556. Playing catch up on reading your blog today. I guess now it means I need to get out my fall decorations. It’s my favorite time of the year. This is our first fall in this house, so it will be all new decorating this year. Love the blankets and may just have to put in an order for my two girls for Christmas.

  557. You guys have so much fun!!! LOVE it!

  558. Mmmm.. caramel apples! I’ve been inspired!!

    Do you get the MN Honey Crisp apples in FL yet? Delish, with or without caramel, and we’re just approaching the prime of their season.

  559. I’m headed outside to make that branch/leaf craft today- thanks for the idea. Maybe with some “thankful for” thoughts written on them for reminders too. :)

  560. I enjoy those nights with my daughter and my little bump.

    Hubby comes home from work and the tiny little pitta patter feet go running up to greet his, untying his boots laces too hurry him up to come sit down.

    Such a wonderful site to see and wonderful to know it’s happening all over the world tonight.

  561. It’s inspiring to see the family time that you spend together. I love the arts & crafts projects.

    That blanket looks so soft and cozy that I just want to dive right in!

  562. Your leaf mobile is fantastic – stealing that idea. And I would have totally stolen that last apple too!

  563. I love all the fall crafting 😀 The leaves with the branch is genius! We have been busy with fudge cookies and pretzles at our house.

  564. I love love LOVE your branch with the hanging leaves! Gorgeous! I love your fashion, and that of your precious little ones! :) You inspire me daily to want to find a better me, so seek God more, and to love those around me better.

    You are an amazing woman. Enjoy every minute… as I know you do. :)

  565. My comments keep disappearing, but persistence is key! :)

    Original comment… Pick me! Pick me! I’m putting together a dual benefit for my mom and little sister-they will be undergoing a partial liver transplant soon, and we’re hoping to raised funds to help offset the cost of not one but TWO transplant operations! A lovely blanket such as this (I like the giraffe prints with pink-yum) would be the perfect addition to our silent auction! I have no babies yet myself, though the ticking of my biological clock gets louder and louder each day. :)

  566. I love how you do all these awesome crafts your baby girls. I wish I had the patience, energy & time to do those things.

  567. Love the tree branch idea~ I think I will make one myself with my little guy although I have a feeling it won’t look half as good as yours! I love your blog and pictures.

  568. Love the tree branch idea, might have to copy it. Your use of colors in your photos are amazing, love it!

  569. ahhhhh cozy blanket.. LOVE IT!

  570. LOVE the leaf mobile! My girlies & I put it on our project list for this week! :0)

  571. Love the leaves falling! Great idea.

  572. Please share the recipe you used for the homemade caramel. It looks delicious! As always, gorgeous pictures of a beautiful family.

  573. I love the picture of Nella and Lainey in bed together. So cute!

  574. def crushing on the damask! and cheers cheers to half full!!

  575. Love the blanket!

  576. Ugh…my husband is “that other kind” of football fanatic. I love football but not enough to put my life on hold! :) I guess it’s part of his charm!

    Happy Fall!

  577. LOVE the leaf art piece. Might have to “borrow” that idea! :)

  578. I have recently found and fallen in love with your blog. Your words have given me inspiration in my own crazy, hectic, too few hours, too little sleep, one adorable kid plus one more on the way life. And I will never look at Down syndrome the same, thank you for sharing your life experience and your family with us. Now, give me that blankie!

  579. Hi Kelle,

    I am a teacher who is just starting out…..No kids yet. However, I read your blog everyday and, at the end of every post, I find myself saying “I want to be as good a mom as she is!” You are so inspiring and I bow down to you and your amazingness! I particularly love how you don’t put on a show and you expose the imperfections! Thank you for being real and for making motherhood something to truly look forward to!


  580. Cheers to the week half full, love it! My Wisconsin innards are lemming for the south to start cooling off. I can still smell the Wisconsin autumn air! I’m ready to eat warm soups and light warm cosy smelling soy candles and bundle up in layers. xx

  581. mmmmmmmm, caramel apples! I think that will be on the menu this week!!

  582. Always wanted to make a mobile like that with little origami cranes!

  583. Love that blanket… my nephew would love to snuggle one in blue :)

  584. might have to try your branch mobile!! super fun!!

    our third baby boy scheduled to arrive 11.1.11 would love to snuggle in a cozy blankie!!

    as always, thanks for the inspiration!

  585. I love that you are reading a “propper” book for Nella..my Gabriella is just a week younger but can not be allowed near thin, pretty paper pages yet!

    Oh and love than blankie!

  586. I love the leaves hanging from the branch – thanks for the inspiration!

  587. You inspire me to do more. . .I’m not usually the crafty type. . .but your projects sure look like fun! :)

  588. LOVE the pic of Nella w. Latte in the front of her car!!!

  589. Everytime I see the girls cuddled up in a picture I tear up. That is the most precious thing there is. Always love all your pictures though.

  590. Hobby Lobby has felt in different colors, patterns and glitter! I bought some with the intention of making felt dolls and clothes but I haven’t gotten that far yet! The paper leaves look fabulous though! Love all the pics, as always!

    Karen H.

  591. Would love to win that blanket and I absolutely LOVE your fall branch mobile! And caramel apples of course 😉

  592. I am laying in my bed wishing I had a cozy blanket! It looks so soft!

  593. I’ve been reading your blog since Nella was born, and I’m still blown away at each post. How on earth do you manage to click so many fabulous photos each day? Bravo to you!!!

  594. LOVE the branch and leaves idea! That’s something we will definitely have to try out! What wonderful ways to make fall fun!

  595. reading this blog gets me into the holiday spirit! cant wait!

  596. i love nella’s high ponytail! cheers!

  597. I love your blog! Your girls are gorgeous, your pictures are stunning and I get SO many great crafting ideas from your blog. Definitely a “guilty pleasure” haha.

  598. Would it be okay with you if I used Nella’s picture with the umbrella as my background for a while? She always makes me smile and for me a rainy day is a good thing!

  599. I too have taken September to mean, “Decorate for fall!!!” even if it’s just starting to cool down here. I can’t wait for the holidays and I can see them, just over the horizon!

    Happy Fall!!

  600. Love your new fall decor! Love the blankies too!

  601. Love that damask!!! Thanks for introducing us to Cozy Rags!

  602. I love your fall decorations and the last two pictures of Lainey are adorable. Her looks are changing and so are Nella’s! They look like such big girls now.

  603. Those pictures of Lainey at the end – just gorgeous! So beautiful. Loved this post. Autumn us upon us, and all that that means. Peace to you this season.

  604. Beautiful as always. You make me crave motherhood. I love the blankets!!

  605. LOVE the shot of the moon!

  606. I love the leaf craft you did! I’m definitely going to attempt it tomorrow with my girls. As a Midwestern transplant living in South Texas I’m learning you’ve got to get creative trying to bring Fall to a place it doesn’t really exist. :)

  607. OK, your pumpkin bread and caramel apples make me want to get baking. They look delish!

  608. Thanks for sharing your craft ideas. I also love fall!

  609. i am so making a tree branch mobile…love it so much…thanks for the idea.

    and how comfy does she look on that blanket…love that too!

  610. Fall is such a wonderful season, and I just love the shift in the air it brings–the crisp leaves. You’re such a crafty person, I could take a lesson or two. :)

  611. What an amazing idea! So simple, yet so memorable. And the perfect way to live each MOMENT, not just each day.

  612. I love your blog, and I would love a cozy blanket. I have baby #4 coming soon. My fingers are crossed:))

  613. I love your tree branch garland! I wanted to let you know I shared it with some other fall inspiration on my blog today: http://www.vixenmade.com/2012/09/fall-diy-projects.html

  614. I just see now your blog and I feel like to have been reading it ever since! Your girls are just too adorable and I love how close knit you and your family are! It’s so great to witness in your blog. This post has made me crave all things fall and I am very pleased to get here :) To be found this kind site!!!
    see also my blog

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