And We’re Off!

It is about this time of year that I crave shutting everything off, trading on-the-go schedules for quiet ones. And while I still enjoy the thrill and the challenge of juggling activities and opportunities, I smile with the knowledge that the last months of the year bring togetherness and reflection. Addressing Christmas cards, searching for new recipes, spending time with friends, decorating the house, and tunneling my efforts into what matters most…our family.



Soccer was a good experience–past tense intentional.

This is my hide-in-the-trees invisibility attempt that I was sure would change our soccer outcome. Not so.

Despite my friend Andrea’s attempt to run on the field with the kids (Sister’s got balls of steel), after 45 seconds of in-the-game participation, my girl decided Year Four is not the year she’s ready to rumble on the field.


And we applaud her for letting us know, and ourselves for adding another notch on our belt of Lessons Learned in Parenthood: If you build it, they might not be ready for it.

Grandma Colleen was a nice comfort Friday night.

I’ll miss the Friday Night Lights of the big field, but I will love the extended time to stay in pajamas with my coffee Saturday mornings without running out the door with a missing cleat to make it to the game on time.


Little Sister will miss the big field playground.


But both my girls will continue to explore the many things they do love.

Like finding purses and destroying wallets.


And parading through puddled streets with splash performances.

Cape, Pip & Bean


If celebrating occasions was a karate class, we’d have scored a black belt this weekend. Birthday parties, baby shower, lots of cupcakes.


Any of my hesitation about Lainey’s soccer intimidation was resolved when I watched her make new friends later in the weekend–singing, dancing, and very happy these parties didn’t involve shin guards and boys who kicked the ball away from her.



And this moment?


…happens all the time. Lainey just swoops out of nowhere, squeezes hard, kisses, gets her fix…and moves on. And my heart beats just a little faster.


Sister patrols shoes at all times. She is the Keeper of the Flats. The Protector of the Flip Flops. The Mud Room Manager. Protecting the innocent shoes of tomorrow…it’s her job.



Finally, yes, Fall came to our door this weekend. In a white box, taped up with love with from my cousin, Jo, who sends us leaves every year. I get sentimental every time they arrive, especially because it is now accompanied by Lainey’s squeals of delight and the fact that I am so happy she is experiencing a piece of my past. I want her to know how it feels to jump in them, to sort out Oaks from Maples, to smell that crisp earthy perfume that’s locked up in even the dried and withered ones.


We raked them. We laid in them. We laughed at the way they danced in the air when we kicked our way through piles of them.


And my girl can now spot out the rounded edges of the Oaks and the jagged tips of the Maples. We talked about all the different names for colors. Fancy terms for yellows and oranges and reds like maize and russet and garnet. Who says you can’t have Italy and Holland? Who says you can’t bring Michigan to Florida? Not I, my friends.


Behold, the evidence.


And that? That makes me very happy.


If you noticed the new header, let me introduce the talented illustrator, Truly Yours Design. Sisters Beth & Jess e-mailed me the illustration they created, and I immediately smiled, A: because if my waist and hips looked like this drawing in real life, I’d run naked through my streets every day, and B: because they captured my girls–Nella’s pigtails, my favorite striped jammies, Lainey’s tiny braids and whimsy. I fell in love with it and am happy to incorporate their talents for a nice fall header. (I was kidding about the naked part. You know that, right?)
If you’re interested in blog design or personalized illustration for your family, check them out HERE.


Giveaway winner for the Every Scrap Countz gift certificate is: Comment # 35, Jesse– “I absolutely love the very last picture. Makes me miss nursing my babies so very much.”

Congratulations, Jesse! Please send your contact info with “GIVEAWAY WINNER” in the subject line to: Thank you!


Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a Hallmark post on Making Time for Friends.

It’s Monday.
We’re off to a good start.



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  1. I love your new header!!

  2. I thought maybe you had drawn the new header, since you are so creative! Eh, I tried soccer for a season and it isn’t for everyone…LOL. Now making the party rounds, that is a fun time. HA…we also have a shoe keeper, LOL not really sure what the obsession is. LOVE soaking up the fall leaves because you can have it all!!!

  3. p.s. Yay Nella on the stairs!!

  4. The header is beautiful! I love the boxed leaves :) They’re definitely in full force up here right now, and I love that you and your family get to enjoy their magic, too.

  5. Love the new header and love that necklace!


  6. I was just looking at a necklace like that for my mom for Christmas, but I like these Chantelle Nicole ones much better! Thanks!

  7. Love the header. Very chic. Also, I love this time of year. Took a 4 hour drive through the middle of nowhere and marveled at how many different beautiful colors there are. Love love love.

  8. Nothing beats the pictures of the girls smiling in the leaves…perhaps part of their yearly photobooks?! Love those!!

  9. Love the new header! And I love that your cousin sends you leaves – what sweet memories you are making with your girls!

  10. Love the header. Love the necklace…love this post!

  11. Nothing like the smell of those leaves… my favorite part of an Iowa fall!

  12. I checked for a new post not five minutes before the notification popped up in my fb feed. The new header is just sweet, and your comment about your figure hilarious. Glad you’re getting your fall in!

  13. I needed this post so badly today. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art in my life!

  14. Those pictures of the girls in the leaves are priceless. Love how you capture life through a lens!

  15. You all always have so much fun! I wish I felt the same way about leaves as you do!

    I was just commenting to my husband that I’d like to do something nice for a a new friend we made in the NICU. Our daughter is in her 8th week and our new friend’s son is in his 13th week. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful partner to help share the ups and downs of this roller coaster, but or friend does not and I mentioned I’d like to do something nice for her, like get her a necklace with her son’s name engraved. Those Chantelle Nicole necklaces are great! Thanks for sharing!

  16. love nella’s progress…would love the necklace for my daughter’s first baby girl…

  17. Fall has come to Florida!!!…beautiful memories your girls are getting.

  18. Love the new header! Thought of you this weekend when we went walking along the river, shuffling through the leaves. My middle child loves looking at all the leaves. I finally talked him into only bringing 10 home (he wanted all of them!)

    I just read an article about 4 yr old and sports. I don’t think I could have handled that many feet and getting kicked at that age!

    I think Italy and Holland can be merged into a single destination!

  19. The pictures of the girls in the leaves are absolutely adorable!!

  20. Ahh Fall is indeed a wonderful time of year. It brings my mind to a quiet reflective place. Even as a home schooled kid the changes that came each year with fall were imprinted on my mind as something spectacular. It often brought a wonderful couple that I called Grampa and Gramma to our doorstep, a package I wish was still available. Now I hope to bring the wonder of life to my little ladies just as you do so well for your girls.
    Check out life in Manitoba, Canada through my eyes.
    Always look forward to your updates.

  21. OH the leaves – perhaps you need some Utah leaves to go along with your lovely mid-western variety?!

  22. What a great idea, having a box of leaves sent to you!! Brought back sweet memories from my childhood in Iowa looking at those pictures.

  23. Header = beautifully done!

    I love fall; we are just breathing it in. My husband recently informed someone, referring to me, “She likes celebrating this season…” It made me smile that he notices what I love :).

  24. At least you tried with the soccer. Sometimes that’s all you can do. All these pictures are so lovely. I love the saddle shoes!!!

    – Sarah

  25. Love the new header, and the pictures of your girls enjoying the leaves! I live in Oklahoma and take the fall for granted. But I will stop and appreciate it and try to see the fun of it thought my girls eyes!

  26. Love the locket!

    More and more I feel my li’l Aurora is so similar to your Lainey, and not only in looks (i too have a white blonde whispy). She is a sensitive and gentle soul who needs encouragement. So I continue with MY journey of finding the right balance of pushing her a li’l, but not too much.

  27. I love that you get a box of leaves sent to you! Even more I love the description of Lainey’s delight when you receive them!

    Beautiful post as always! xx

  28. Having grown up in Florida and being lucky enough to live in Colorado now, I fully appreciate the joy of changing seasons. If it’s ok, I’m going to steal that wonderful idea and send a box of leaves to my brother and his family in Florida!

  29. I have never heard of anyone having leaves delivered! I love it & I love your zest for life! It’s contagious. :)

  30. Beautiful! My favorite season is fall and I am digging the leaves photos!
    And that necklace….precious!

  31. Love the new header, I noticed it right away! Feel free to hop on a plane and come to MN. Sally has plenty of leaves in her yard she’d be willing to share!

    I can only hope and pray that Sally will feel the same way for her new brother or sister (9 weeks, give or take)as Lainey feels toward her sister. Priceless!

  32. I love how our little ones teach us without words–Lainey’s love on her sister and her own way of letting you know she wasn’t ready for one thing but is still ready to gulp life in her own way. Thanks for sharing! Such a cute header, by the way.

  33. Love the necklace.

  34. I just love your posts with all of your beautiful photos! Your daughters are so adorable.

  35. Growing up in West Texas, I never got to experience the “changing of colors” on the trees. The leaves simply turned black and fell off! Now in Colorado, I’ve been introduced to yellow, orange and even RED leaves! I now know I’d miss them…….Lucky you to have someone send you a little piece of Fall!

  36. Loving today’s post. Had a rough morning with the kiddos, and looking at your pics is making me want to slow down and enjoy the season for sure….

  37. I love the pictures of Lainey and Nella in the leaves – pure happiness. It made my day :)

  38. Oh, goodness. I love little Nella with the shoes!

    I love the locket. It would be a perfect remembrance piece for my little angel baby. Probably will be getting one whether or not I win the gift certificate!

  39. I have some leaves on the way from Ohio an di cant wait to make some fall crafs. I love the necklace it is super unique 😉

  40. fantastic header, love the locket too!

  41. Ahhh the smell of fall. So glad you have them shipped as no one should go without!! Happy Autumn!!

  42. Beautiful necklace!

    I love that your cousin sends you a box of leaves and how much your girls appear to thoroughly enjoy them.

  43. I love the opening words in today’s post. Such a great way to capture the spirit of the last few months of the year.

  44. I wish someone would send a little Holland over here in Texas. I’m so ready for temperatures below 80 degrees!

  45. Awwww….fall leaves, how I love thee.
    My dad is coming for a visit this Sunday from Fl and I can’t wait to see his face when he sees all the beautiful trees & leaves changing color.

  46. Here is to a great weekend!! The sister love just kills me, family relationships get me everytime…Dads with their daughters, Dads with their sons, brother and sisters…Moms with their kids. I love family….and seeing Lainey kiss and love on her sister brings an instant smile to my face.

  47. Kelle- Your girls are getting so big! Kids grow way to fast…and by the way, your girls have the same smile :)


  48. Love the new header, and thank you for reminding me to enjoy the small things. You are an inspiration. Sometimes life gets so busy, you forget the little things. Thanks again.

  49. I adore the new header.

    “Sister patrols shoes at all times. She is the Keeper of the Flats. The Protector of the Flip Flops. The Mud Room Manager. Protecting the innocent shoes of tomorrow…it’s her job.”

    This made me laugh and laugh. She’s too funny.

    “…happens all the time. Lainey just swoops out of nowhere, squeezes hard, kisses, gets her fix…and moves on. And my heart beats just a little faster.”

    And this made me think of my oldest. He’s a big, tough football player now (all of 11 years old), but he still has this loving, sweet, affectionate side and it really comes out when he’s around his two littlest brothers. Not so much around his 9 year old brother though.

  50. we too have a keeper of the shoes. any shoes lying about – must, MUST, be delivered to their rightful owner. cracks me up when people trip over our shoes to get in the house, take them off once inside – and then realize why the door in from the garage is a sea of shoes! otherwise the kid would never rest!

  51. I have 3 precious girls that will take tea parties over soccer any day. I love that they are girly girls! That locket is beautiful, can you say happy mothers day!

  52. greetings from Ann Arbor – where crunching fallen leaves is my favorite fall activity and currently typing with one hand as my newborn fills the other is quickly becoming a close second favorite fall activity. :)

  53. I, too, love the new header. And that necklace? Melts my heart.

  54. Look forward to your posts every week. Thanks for sharing a lil of yourself with all of us!

  55. You know, my parents would gladly send you their 21 bags of leaves. They only ask that you would pay for shipping :)

    Love the new header. As for my header, I hate to inform my readers but my hair does not look like that and I most certainly do not drive a cute convertible. A girl can dream.

  56. love the leaves, love the necklace. i take the leaves for granted as i can walk right out my door crunch my feet through them. enjoy your box of fall 😉

  57. Loving the new header, the box of leaves, the glass locket… well, ok… loving this entire post. As always, thank you for sharing.

  58. NOTHING’s better than the smell and sounds of fall leaves; we live in a tiny town in Northern MN and our yard (actually the entire neighborhood) is without leaves, we’ve got pine needles and pine cones but it doesn’t do it for me…at all! I wondered how strange people would think I was if I toted the kids and some rakes to the park so we could rake some leaves to jump in…I may just try it!

  59. Love the header! I’m exhausted from 3 weekends in a row of cramming in Fall! This one was the buddy walk and then a day in Georgetown, exploring parks and photographing leaves.

    Thanks for a smile today :)

  60. If you run out of maple and oak leaves, just let me know and I will send you some of ours – raking is a daily chore around here right now. Love how you get the Midwest into your Florida life!

  61. I love your blog. It’s not my time to be a mama yet, but you don’t have to be a mama to find joy reading your blog. It’s my daily reminder to celebrate family and life and I really don’t know what I’d do if you ever stopped writing. Thank you.

  62. Hey Kelle – it’s Leigh from Sydney again, you still ROCK girl!!! Love you, love your girls, love your work. xxxx

  63. First, I love the new header! It captures your loves so perfectly! Second, I also love that you had leaves shipped in for you! I’m a Texan by birth, but now a Mainer and I can’t even imagine not having fall foliage!

  64. Darling pictures. xo

  65. Love the new header and the box full of leaves is SO FUN!

  66. Hmmm…yeah love it all!! :) Happy Monday!! :)


  67. Love the new header,captures the girls beautifully!! I think it’s great that you get leaves sent to your home so you can teach your daughters about the beauty of fall!! Your daughters are lucky to have such an inspirational mother

  68. I love how your cousin sends you leaves! If you ever need more….just ask this mama who hates to rake!

  69. I love the new header! :)

  70. We have tons of leaves here! I love that glass locket, perfect for a mama of little girls!

  71. LOVE the new header! And LOVE the pictures of Nella on the stairs!

  72. The new header is great!!! Fall leaves are incredible in Denver right now, glad you guys get to enjoy them however you can!

  73. What a beautiful idea, sending autumn in a box! :)

  74. The way Lainey loves her little sis Nella is a beautiful thing to see, just melts my heart. New header is fab.

  75. Love the new header. Lainey is so cute in her soccer get up!

  76. Love the new header…

    I remember when we started my son in soccer when he was 4. He clung to us like glue and cried every time we pushed him out to play. He was like that with swimming lessons too and then one day it stopped and now at 7, he can swim with the best of them and I love watching him on the soccer field. They grow in their own time and when they do it is magical to see succeed in something they were so afraid to try at first.

  77. I’ve been thinking about asking a family friend in New England to send some of their gorgeous fall leaves to my daughter & I here in south Texas. Seeing the joy on your little girls’ faces makes me even more determined to do so. Oh, and I love the new header!

  78. the leaves of fall are magical aren’t they? i made a life-long friend in college while we crunched our way around our campus, and every fall i smile as i hear that first crunch under my feet.

  79. Love the header AND the necklace! It sure would brighten up my WEEK if I won! :) I have a huge test on Friday and I use your blog as an escape while I study! THANKS!

  80. Haha, my Garret destroys wallets and my Lucy is the keeper of the shoes. She will grunt and “tell” you ever so kindly that she wants you to lift up your foot so she can put the shoe on it. If only they were all flats (this makes getting them on slightly tricky).

  81. Ooof. That picture of Nella in the soccer field all alone?
    Welled me right up.
    Came right out of nowhere.

    I completely love your blog. All of it.

  82. Love those leaves! We have beautiful leaves here in Wyoming…but pretty much only yellow/orange/brown. Love the colors of those Michigan leaves. Thanks for blogging! Always a day-booster to read your posts!

  83. Your girls are so lucky to have each other. There is nothing better than a sister who is also your best friend! Love the necklace!

  84. had a chat about you this weekend with one of your friends, erin heintz. i tell her how wicked awesome you are every time i see her. she agrees wholeheartedly. i love indirect compliments and she told me that you were “so good to your friends.” i thought that was a mighty fine compliment. i strolled the naples pier on my way back to bradenton and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t looking for those tiny lainy braids and nella’s beaded necklace. by the way, awesome package of leaves. go cousin!

  85. Up here in Michigan we went from 80* days to blustery autumn days nearly overnight. I’m glad that the cooler weather is here to stay for awhile.

    And doesn’t Autumn sound so much better than Fall? A certain romance about it that just makes the nights cozier and the cinnamon donuts smell better!

  86. I love how you capture pure joy in the girls faces. What beautiful memories you caputre!

  87. In the words of Rachel Zoe….I die….every time I see a picture of those two laughing girls!

  88. Love that your girls are enjoying midwest fall… I really enjoy reading your blog and would love to have a playdate over a cup of coffee. But I live in Indiana… I guess I will just have to read instead :)

  89. Happy Monday, and thanks as always for loads of inspiration! I could spend hours exploring your links and sponsors!

  90. Love LOVE that you got leaves in the post – that just makes me happy. Not sure why…:-)) L x

  91. that is a beautiful necklace!!! 😀

  92. My twins started soccer this year too. They are 8, but it’s still an adjustment from singleton sports, like tennis and ballet. I love your leaves. We need some in Texas! Beautiful locket <3

  93. I love that your cousin sends you a box of leaves!! How amazing is that?! It makes me want to ask my Michigan friends to do the same for us. How fun!!!!

  94. I love nella’s mud room manager job! So cute~
    and I really like the pictures of the girls laughing in the leaves!!
    Thank you for you blog! You make me smile everytime I read it!!

  95. I’m with Lainey – I’d rather sing and dance then run up and down the field chasing a ball!! Good call, little girlie!!! I hope that you enjoy those leaves!!! Happy Florida fall. Heather

  96. It’s just so cool watching your girls grow! And kudos on bringing each season to Florida the way you do…

  97. Just started to follow your blog- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I look forward to reading your posts! Your girls are so inspirational and your words & photos are so touching! I love the locket too! I will be adding that to my wishlist for my husband:)
    Since I started reading, I picked up my camera and started taking pics of my boys- so priceless and precious is the bond between siblings:)
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  98. I love love loveeee the new header!
    wonderful post like allways.
    thanks for sharing!!

  99. Grandma Colleen is so elegant. Like all women of your family. I wish I would be as confident one day.. :)

  100. OMG those leaves brought a tear to my eye. What an amazing idea. Your girls are extremely lucky, and you are indeed blessed.

  101. Love the magical leaf pictures! Beautiful!

  102. I love how you are able to celebrate fall! What an amazing cousin you have!The best part about a midwest autumn is the leaves and the colors, and all their great names!

  103. so happy you received a little bit of the midwest at your door. Fall leaves are truly beautiful. LOVE that necklace!

  104. Great post, Kelle. Beautiful pics and words as always. And I admire your ability to embrace fall from Florida (as one who has lived down South before and could potentially have to move South again sometime)… it’s reassuring to see that yes, it can be done! :)

  105. I absolutely love the new header!

    It’s really sweet that you got those leaves shipped down from Michigan. It’s nice that your girls will know the good things about fall and winter without having to deal with the day-to-day cold and gross slushy snow that comes with it!

  106. my Kaden was not a fan of soccer this season either 😛 I know your plight. Love the leaves!! Iowa has plenty of them this time of year :)

  107. Happy Monday, Kelle! Happy to hear that fall arrived on your doorstep. LOVE the new header – I’d run around naked as well if I looked like that 😉

  108. I love the post> I love the picture of the lainey and Nella cuddling! Sweet moments!

  109. Love the header, love jumping in leaves and love the necklace! I miss the O face :)

  110. Love the header and love the locket! :)

  111. I always imagined your house being a sprawling ranch -seeing your stairs today twisted my thoughts! Also, will you be sharing more info on the Step 2 thing? We live in SoCal and would looooove an opportunity to meet you -and maybe Nella?! And if I win I am definitely getting one of those lockets -not sure if I could gift it, though!

  112. I would love to buy that locket for my daughter. Our dog died recently and she has been searching for the perfect locket to hold a strand of his hair in. Thanks for sharing.

  113. I always love your hair, you pull off the blunt bangs wonderfully! Also, great new sponsor…I love a necklace that has a story when people ask about it!

  114. I love the pictures of the girls in the leaves. We recently moved from the East Coast, where fall colors are glorious–your pictures made me want to take my little girl back there to play in the leaves…immediately.

  115. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header!!!!!

  116. I LOVE the locket! I have been looking for the perfect Locket for my BFF Jodi. Her precious Bailey went to heaven shortly after her birth 18 years ago. That locket would be pefect with her name it in and a lock of her hair. I’m so buying it for her either way!

  117. I just love your blog. Thank you for sharing

  118. I applaud you for listening to your daughter, I think many parents have a hard time doing this. Also, love the new header. Melissa Rem

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. What a neat necklace! That would make a perfect Christmas gift for my sister! Thanks for sharing the link.

  121. ok, i have lots of fall leaves to jump in around here … but to get a package of them to open & enjoy. now that is a real treat!! love those pics. precious smiles & laughs. just luv the new header! (:

  122. Oooh, I love that locket!!! I wish I could bring the midwest to Phoenix for a little fall weather! it was 100 degrees today and I’m 38 weeks pregnant…. talk about miserable! I would do anything for some changing leaves and cool weather and the oppurtunity to dig out cute boots and sweaters and scarves!


  123. Love the overalls! Where are they from?

  124. I couldn’t agree more with your soccer decision. This is something that I work on almost every day as a mom…letting them do things at their own pace, and not panicking if they just aren’t ready for something. For a while, I had to fight thoughts of “she should like this, she should be having fun, is something wrong? Am I doing something wrong?” It’s now coming a lot more naturally to think/say, “She’s just not ready.” Kids are amazing creatures!
    Those necklaces are too tempting!

  125. I LOVE that your family sends you leaves from Michigan. Fall is my favorite as well, looking forward to a fall photo shoot with my little guy once the leaves fall a little more here in Philadelphia. Your blog makes me smile every time I read. Thanks for inspriring!

  126. Oh WOW! So much to love — the new header, the leaves, sweet sister lovin’, and especially those glass lockets! :)

  127. Aunts are the best!!!! Whether it’s lollipops or dried leaves– they always know. :)

  128. Every time I read a new post it just brightens my day!

  129. I wouldn’t change being a stay at home mom to my 7 month old for anything but sometimes it can feel like the most isolating job. Your blog is so encouraging to me!

  130. Fall is my favorite time of year! That’s so cool your cousin sends you leaves!

    My fav pic of this post… Nella in the ball pit!

  131. I’m loving the header. Soo cute and soo you!

  132. Love the leaves and that is my favorite part of fall! If you need more I would be happy to send them:)

  133. String the leaves! Make a garland! It looks fantastic! (works best if you get them damp and flatten them for a day, then string them, they’ll hold their shape and won’t crumble)

    You are so hecka cool!!!
    Love, Bree

  134. we live in So. Cal. and although I am totally fine without a “real” winter, I would LOVE a real fall :)

  135. The header is adorable and the locket is the most precious thing I have ever seen!

    Momma to 3
    Shay B

  136. I love your new header… and that locket is amazing. How adorable!

    Jstar1031 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  137. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Looking through your blog really helped me get a better perspective of DS. Your family is beautiful!

  138. Man I love your blog! I’ve been reading for almost two years and never left a comment until now, but just felt like saying how much you inspire me on a daily basis. I feel like after I read a new post, I appreciate everything in my life (kids, husband, heck, even the leaves!) so much more…so thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart. And hey, if I randomly get chosen for that necklace, well, that’s just the cherry on top:)P.S. Lainey may not be ready for soccer yet, but girl is definitely rockin it in those awesome socks!

  139. I absolutely love reading your blog! Love all the fun things you do with your girls! You seem like such a fun mommy!

  140. Kelle – Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. My older child is just starting to go up and love on his little sister…my heart beats a little faster as well!

  141. Leaves from your hometown… love that!!! Love the girls smiles in the leaves! I’m sure it brings you so much Joy. :)

  142. In that first photo, your hair looks like a Pantene commerical…HTF can one’s bangs be that glorious? I hated you for a little moment…erm…honestly, for 6 minutes in total…love you again. xo

  143. LOVE that you get fall leaves. And that necklace is fantasticness.

  144. Being from Arizona, my kids rarely get the northern Fall experience, but this year we managed to get to Wisconsin…where they tumbled in the leaves, buried themselves until to body part peeked through, and shuffled through that colored glory. Ah, Fall….

  145. Golly, I just love your blog. First, the new header is so dag gone cute!

    Also, my girls hated soccer and t-ball too. They would do ballet in the outfield. I knew then and there we weren’t ball players, but dancers. (they really disliked the confrontational sports but went on to run and they ran all the way to States) :)

    Your family is beautiful. Cherish every sacred moment.

  146. I have been following your blog for a couple weeks now and am totally addicted. I came across it through another blog I enjoy and as soon as I read one of yours I realized I had also read your story in Parents Magazine awhile ago. This is the first time I’m commenting and I have to say it is because I LOVE the glass locket necklace so it inspired me to want a chance to win. It also gives me a chance to say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog…I’m a mom of two little girls also and I find you very inspiring. And… I thank you for turning me onto Dig This Chick…as a fellow Montana gal it is fun to read. (although I very much envy all of your beach time) Thanks for all your beautiful writing and photos!

  147. your new blog header is AMAZING!

  148. Love the new header, and what a great idea re: the leaves! I’m going to box some up and send some to my friend & her daughter in FL! :)

  149. And may I add, if I had bangs like yours, I would run naked through the streets. Yup. Just because.

  150. I’ve been looking for a new Mom Necklace to replace the one I lost (sob). I know where to go now!

    Love the box o’ leaves idea…might have to poach it for my sister in SoCal next year.

  151. I absolutely love that you get leaves in the mail. How fun is that? I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you.

  152. I love Lainey’s super girl outfit. So glad that she tried the soccer even if it wasn’t what she wanted to do. You never know.
    I love that your cousin Jo sent you the box of leaves…..but it made me cry to read that. My dear cousin Jo, passed away this year from H1N1 on vacation in Florida. I really miss her. She would have done just what your cousin did.

  153. Love the new header. Love the necklaces. Love that your far away family mails a piece of “home” to you and your little ones. Lots of smiles as I read your post today. :)

  154. you kids are adorable! my baby love destroying my wallets too! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  155. Love the leaves :) And the hidden soccer Mom! Great idea. Maybe she will try again next year!

  156. what a great post! soak up this wonderful season and precious moments with your beautiful family :) what sweet and precious memories they will carry with them for so long!

  157. What a sweet tradition with the fall leaves.
    That glass locket is just AWESOME! I love, love it!!!

  158. What a beautiful locket….I would love one of those and will somehow have to give some obvious hints about it to my hubby. Glad fall made it to Florida!

  159. Living in New Hampshire, I’m always sad to see summer go, as winter seems to last forever once it arrives. Fall gets pushed to the back burner in my mind because it marks the end of the warmth! The pictures of your girls in the leaves makes me realize shouldn’t take this beautiful season for granted…especially living in NH!

  160. The new header is gorgeous!! Little man here is the keeper of shoes. Right now I can not get him out of the house without wearing his big brother’s flip flops… mismatched and on the wrong feet, but he gets them OUT himself AND puts them on himself… for a child that doesn’t do much alone, I can’t help but smile and let him go.

  161. I too love the reflection and gathering and family-ing and hunkering down with loved ones that this time of year brings. It’s just too wonderful. And those leaves – perfect!

    Love that locket! That’s a really sweet idea.

    I dated a soccer coach once. Being out the door every weekend for games is not all it’s cracked up to be! So I must say you will probably enjoy not having to do that every weekend, and Lainey will try again someday if she wants, and that is just fine. :)

  162. Can I just say, and I am not joking here, your is my very favorite blog to read. All of it is inspiring, the pictures, the words and that all encompassing love you have for your children that can literally be felt while looking through your beautiful blog. So thank you, from someone who needs that inpiration more days than not.

  163. I absolutely love the fact that every year your cousin sends you a gift from up north and you are exposing your children to what fall is like in the north! The fall leaves and the winter snow are two things I think every child should experience at least once!

    Oh – love the new banner as well!

  164. I am swoony over that locket.

    Love the leaves, and your girls takes the cake, as usual.

  165. Loved re-reading about Italy/Holland again!! Love the leaves and the new header – you are amazing!

  166. The first soccer game my younger niece played started with her throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions. The issue came down to her having stage freight. We finally got her on the field, and she scored a goal! She loves it now. She loves her ballet class more, though lol.

  167. I love that Fall is in full force at your house! Fly that holiday freak flag proudly!

    All the memories you write about are priceless. Such a beautiful family.

  168. My 11 month old just discovered Fall leaves and absolutely loves them. I have at least a hundred photos of her picking a leaf up, inspecting it closely, crinkling it and crumpling before tossing it aside for a new one. I do love Fall!

  169. We’re doing the same thing! Right now it’s ice skating and swim lessons. I’m determined to find what makes my two kids happy.

  170. I agree about soccer. It can be kind of scary when those darn wild boys run at you and kick that ball! My daughter informed me that dancing is more her “style.” Hearing her say that just made me smile. That girls sure does know what she wants! Your girls are so sweet. I’m new to your blog and I get so excited whenever you update. Thanks :)

  171. The leaves look like so much fun! Ours will be falling soon, and then I too can enjoy the crinkle….as long as the rain holds off!

  172. love your blog so much!! the photography, the way you enjoy the seasons and especially how you celebrate your girls! U rock!!!

  173. the leave pics are priceless!!!
    so beautiful!

  174. that glass locket is stunning!

    thanks for sharing a little bit of you and your family with us.

  175. Love your littles in the leaves, and the way Lainey loves on her sis! So sweet the bond they share!

  176. I love the idea of sending leaves! what a great tradition!

  177. Oh I just love the new sponsor’s work. Those charms are amazing. And who would ever think to ship leaves? Your friend could go in to business raking, packaging and shipping leaves to people like us in AZ or FL or HI. I would keep her in business myself! Oh, and the new header rocks…I’d go naked too 😉

  178. The jade romper Lainey has on is absolutely adorable! Oh how I wish that I could still pull off a romper. The floating glass locket is so beautiful.

  179. My girl tried soccer at age 5 and three months. Was by far the youngest on her team. The sweet coach let her be the holder of the clipboard and bearer of water bottles so she wouldn’t miss out.

  180. Think i will send leaves to my sister in FL! thanks for the idea

  181. The things that Nella can do are truly amazing and she has come so far! It won’t be long until little one is “running” around the house. I miss the pitter, patter sound of little feet!

  182. Gorgeous photos, as always. And I love your response to the soccer situation. Such a good reminder to really focus on the unique needs and wants of our kiddos.

  183. In that picture of Nella laying in the leaves, she looks so much like you!!!!! Happy fall!

  184. I <3 the header!

  185. As a child I remember the smell of dried burning leaves from every neighborhood in Autumn. Love it!

  186. I’m in Michigan now and my favorite part is the fall leaves! I miss my Idaho rocky mountains, but nothing beats autumn in Michigan! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the leaves in the South :)

  187. Love the leaf box! Coming from NC, where it’s 82 today, our leaves haven’t started changing yet!

  188. love your new banner and the pretty necklace!!

  189. Locket makes my heart smile:)

  190. So fun that you got a box full of leaves! I lived in Michigan for 18 months, and even though Utah has beautiful mountains in the Fall, I miss the Michigan autumns!

  191. When my boy was 4 we tried soccer. Similar story to yours. Turned out he kept waiting for his “turn” with the ball! Lol. I am a new reader of your blog and I am loving it. My parents moved to Naples last year and it fun to see your town from a natives point of you!

  192. Love this post, the header and would love to win!

  193. I miss Fall to, I live in AZ now, but my heart is in PA in the Fall. How I miss the colors, and cooler weather. Phoenix has a high of 100 today, yesterday and tomorrow, blah

  194. I absolutely LOVE that picture of Nella in the leaves. I really did laugh out loud when I saw it, right along with her. :) Adorable.

  195. Fall is a beautiful season here in the Midwest. I love the way you bring fall to Florida! There is nothing quite like the crunch of a crisp fall leaf.

  196. Adorable pictures! Fall is my favorite time of year – we just created our very first bucket list for fall and can’t wait to mark the various items off our list as we complete them. :)

  197. I love the boxed leaves. I so miss living where we had beautiful fall weather.
    I also really dig the new header. Very cute!

  198. Great post and photos as always!! I loved how you guys gave Lainey the chance to decide about soccer. It is great to try new things, and move on to others if they don’t work.

    Loved the leaves… so beautiful, I remember when I used to travel to NC in the fall and stopped to take photos of the changing color trees! Lovely!

  199. I love the pictures in the leaves. Reminds me that I need to find some leaves to have a little fall photo shoot of my boys!

  200. I’m so glad you shared who designed the new blog header. It’s great. And so glad you got the box of leaves. Looks like a fun time. Happy Monday to you.

  201. I discovered your blog last week and I am so addicted to it I just can’t stop reading your old posts and get excited when there’s a new one! Your girls are beautiful and you are a supermum, my daughter Isabella is 10 months and you are giving me so much inspiration on different thing I can do with her. Just thank you. I think you are amazing.

  202. I noticed your new header the second I opened your page. Looks great! Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  203. Kelle,
    I love your blog. It makes me want to be a happier, better, more fun-loving person, just like you. I LOVE that your cousin sends you leaves to play in in the fall. I take the fall leaves for granted, as they are in great abundance around here (Utah). And I love all the pictures of your cute girls, especially Nella. She is just precious.

  204. Must hit up a northern relative to get some leaves in the mail, pronto. I too am a misplaced midwesterner (WI to TX) and miss fall as much as you do. Today “cranberry woods” candles and fresh baked bread will have to do, but with any luck tomorrow may bring autumn leaves. Thanks for the inspiration!

  205. That necklace is absolutely sweet, so is Lainey with her kisses for Nella! What a fun and busy weekend!

  206. i look forward to every post you make. The way you write is intriguing and your girls are beautiful! Enjoy your fall!

  207. Your girls are beautiful and i love your bangs, if only i could pull them off!

  208. My childhood soccer career was brief, like Lainey’s. My dad tells me I really wanted to be on the team because I liked the uniforms (bright yellow with royal blue … the Malmo Mustangs), but as soon as we hit the field for the first game I realized I was going to have play soccer. I consistently ran away from the ball, and the action, or just followed at a slower pace and safer distance. But, as an adult, in the afterglow of too many Bend it Like Beckham and She’s the Man viewings, I decided to give soccer another shot. I joined an adult rec team as a soccer-skill-less 25-year-old, and had so much fun. It’s one of the things I’ve really missed since moving from the city to the boonies. So, you never know: Lainey may still have a future as a soccer star!

  209. Helllooooo. Whilst shamelessly avoiding doing my dissertation, youtube offered up to me this wee 8 year old rapper. Cuteness personified methinks:

    The boys got swagg.


  210. aw, I love the smell of fall leaves and the way they crunch beneath your feet! Those leaf pictures are precious.

  211. I understand the disappointment that comes with your child not fully embracing a sport/dance/activity/etc. For me, it was my son and his gymnastics class. I would look at all the other children having SO.MUCH.FUN and think, what is wrong with him? Why doesn’t he like it??? Took me awhile to understand that he just likes other things! And that’s okay 😉 Good for you realizing that early on!

    And I LOVE your new header! AND the giveaway! So beautiful, and SO personal! Crossing my fingers 😉

    Have a great week! And thanks again for allowing us into your life. It’s so, so nice to read about another mama who’s on a journey with her little ones like I am!



  212. i love the box of leaves. jumping in leaves is one of my favorite parts of fall.

  213. That locket is officially on my Christmas list! Beautiful!

  214. im excited to read tomorrows post….something I certainly need to work towards

  215. I love the new header! Jess is so awesome :)

  216. I love the fact that you have leaves shipped to you every year. The thought just makes me smile. Also loving the picture of the girls in the mirror. You can tell they just love each other so much!

  217. love the new header – and the necklace … looks like I have some shopping to do!

    Happy week to you!

  218. Oh my goodness your title made me think Nella was walking! lol Great job mama on not pushing Lainey. And love the new blog header!!!

  219. Um- I think you actually WOULD run naked through the streets!! Because you are awesome like that!
    Rebecca Wuth

  220. Oh my goodness your title made me think Nella was walking! lol Great job mama on not pushing Lainey. And love the new blog header!!!

  221. I love that you get leaves mailed to you. Those two photos of Lainey and Nella in the leaves? Priceless.

  222. How sweet to get a box of fall in the mail! Lucky girls! :)

  223. Colorful leave never last long enough! Fall always seems too short!

  224. Having a sister myself, who is also my best friend, it absolutely warms my heart to see these photos of your girls together. It is such a special bond that they share.

  225. I love your new header! Its so perfect for your blog!! :0)

    – jen
    walls.jennifer1 at gmail (dot) com

  226. Love the header and the necklace! And it’s hysterical that you get leaves shipped in!

  227. Ooohhh, I so need to ask our PA family to send us some leaves! Awesome! Yay for good Monday starts and pretty necklaces!

  228. Love the new header. I have to say that it is such an awesome idea to have leaves sent to you if you are not able to go to them. There is nothing like the fresh smell of leaves or the fresh air with fall in it.

  229. I love the picture of Nella in the soccer field… she must love it there, so much space to run around!


  230. Totally loving the fall leaves sent from Michigan! And the new blog header!

  231. LOVE the new header! I will definitely check them out! And just had to share a story from our family, similar to your soccer story: My daughter (now a mommy herself) was eager to “try” sports, having watched so many little league baseball games involving her two older brothers. So, first practice. She’s up to bat. She gets a hit! She runs toward third base. When she realizes what she’s done, she bursts into tears, and leaves the field. I never asked her to try again…I knew it was pointless. She had many extra-curricular activities in the ensuing years, but baseball was never again a part of her life.

  232. Loving the new header!!

    And your pictures and your girls, as always… swoon baby!

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  234. Love.

  235. We had the same exact experience with soccer :) That’s why there is dance!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your necklace, I must have one of these!!

  236. Thanks for sharing your photos! i love the one with Nella on the field staring so intently on her flower/ grass?


  237. The locket is so precious and I love the new header. Can’t wait to check out your new sponsors! Happy Fall!

  238. gorgeous. all of it. your blog just always puts me in the best mood! i’ve gotta find someone to send us a box of leaves down here in southern california. i totally miss the smell!!!!! cheers!

  239. fun new header.. love Nella going up the stairs… and how much fun to have leaves mailed to you. I am really enjoying the look of the necklace…. happy Monday

  240. Oh, I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s post… And, I love your new header! I think it’s beautiful and very fitting. :-)

  241. Fun Fall pictures! love the necklace

  242. i also had to stop and take in your new picture on the header. it’s totally you and your girls!

  243. I love your new header, Kelle, and I love that you share your beautiful life with us…it makes me smile…everyday.
    Paula :)

  244. Love the header, love the leaves, love the locket….LOVE it all!! Thanks for another great post!

  245. I laughed out loud about your comment about running through the streets naked because that sounds like something I would say or do if I looked like that but you actually DO look like that! Loved your post!

  246. i love the joy you pour out in all your posts! its a bit contagious – so thank you! :)


  247. Thank you for the gift that is your blog. I read your words when I need inspiration, when I need to feel uplifted, and above all, when I need to remember to relish in the small things. Your stories, from the mundane to the elaborate, make me want more….to love more, to appreciate more, to BE more. A better mother, a better wife, a better friend, a better human being. So thank you for reminding us all that life is truly about the small quiet moments in between. For you, I am grateful.

  248. I love watching your babies grow. Your pictures and stories are beautiful! I have two boys (Carter 2 has DS) and Nolan (1), we are loving Fall right now as well. Just got back today from our 2nd pumpkin patch in a week! And we even enjoyed a little pumpkin fudge while we were there. Yummy! Enjoy your week!

  249. I love the giant rake…too funny!

  250. LOVE that locket! And those leaves! I’m a Fall-aholic too!

  251. Love the picture of Nella out in the field! Beautiful! The header….adorable!!

  252. Good for Lainey for knowing what she wants!! She gave it a shot, realized she wasn’t ready for soccer yet, and she let you know! As parents, it’s hard to know what activities to put your kids in…it’s all trial and error, and it’s up to them to let you know what they like and don’t like! Go Lainey!!

    Love the pictures with the leaves!! I think Fall would be the season I would miss the most if I moved to Florida too!! :)

  253. LOVE those leaf photos :) Fall in the midwest is a special time, glad you are able to celebrate with your girls!

    kudos to you and brett for not pushing lainey to continue with soccer; there are some intense parents out there that would force their kids to keep going. i love that you guys accept that she isn’t ready yet, what a great thing to realize as a parent :) lainey will be ready when she is ready.

    happy monday!

  254. Love the cute necklace! the pics in the leaves are so cute and i love the pic of the kiss- you capture the best memories!

  255. Feeling especially grateful this season, thank you for sharing your beautiful family, words and perspective with your readers!

  256. Ohhh the leaves!!! So precious!

  257. Go Nella! Tippy toes are the best.

  258. Love the leaves. But LOVE the smiles they brought more so. I love the new header. Too cute!!

  259. I am with Lainey on the soccer thing; I loved volleyball, softball & cheerleading but oh man I HATED soccer with a passion.
    Blechhhhh -no offense to anyone :)

  260. I would bet a large coffee you all stuck your noses right in that box of leaves….and inhaled♥♥♥

    Love visiting everyday!

    Valley and Madigan

  261. love the leaves! hooray for fall!

  262. I’m laughing about the sneaky pic behind the tree. I pretty much have to hide ever time I try and snap a pic of my daughter since she thinks closing her eyes is *oh so hilarious*. 9 out of 10 photos in the last 3 months are with her eyes shut, sigh!

  263. Love Nella and the wallet! My curious boy does the exact same thing!

  264. soccer and all other group sports are an acquired skill; kind of like walking, eating, and potty training. and like all of those things, it must come along when each and every child is ready. sometimes it’s really difficult when we are more ready than the kiddos!

  265. Awww…fall leaves! Love them! We don’t have any falling in our yard yet and I can’t wait! Love the pictures yet again!

  266. So sweet! And just when I thought it wasn’t possible to enjoy your blog more, my own almost-21-month-old now loves looking at the pictures with me. I just spent the past few minutes explaining that no, those weren’t pictures of her, but rather of two beautiful little girls named Lainey and Nella. Love to you all!

  267. Every fall I marvel at the box of leaves you have shipped to you. Making memories out of your memories. What’s better than that?

    I love your illustrated header, but I’m gonna miss your monthly picture changes.

  268. I love the new header & I love that necklace!!

  269. I love the leaves! Our leaves are turning and I love it. We were outside tracing leaves with chalk.
    What a beautiful necklace!
    I was thinking about Nella today, how she swipes things – my 6 month old tries to swipe everything – today he swiped some cookie dough and his sisters cookie ( she left them on book on the ground and she left to go to do something else) it is too funny!
    Happy Monday!

  270. love the header. it looks perfect for you. the locket is really cool. need to check into that. your soccer pics made me miss that season in our lives. spring will bring it round again.

  271. The new header is adorable! I love how you bring fall to you. We’re in AZ, so no fall here either. :( I need a friend to send me some leaves to enjoy! :)

  272. I love your blog and the fun ways you incorporate your favorite traditions into your children’s lives!

  273. I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures!!

  274. There is nothing better than the sounds of crunching leaves…except maybe that locket! I’ve been looking for a mom necklace that didn’t look like a mom necklace–found it!

  275. You’ve already swam in your clothes, go for it, run naked through the streets 😉 haha
    that locket is gorgeous and we are currently enjoying piles of leaves along with winds blowing them like snowflakes through the air. It’s beautiful.

  276. oh the necklace is divine and so are the gorgeous pics of you girls in the leaves, I heart Fall too!

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  278. i love that you have boxes of leaves shipped to you! the fallen leaves are my kiddos’ favorite part of fall :)

  279. Kelle,

    Where in Michigan are you from?

    Let me just add that you, and both of your girls are so beautiful! The girls were passed the same unique beauty that you possess and for that, they are lucky girls!!! :)

    Love reading! Thank you for sharing, as always!


  280. I do miss the fall..but since it always lead to winter…in Ohio…I like Naples better :)

  281. I can never decide if I prefer reading your blog just before I snuggle in for the night or first thing, to start our day on a sweet note.

    Tonight I am up way past my bedtime and it is nice to have a little sweetness to send me off to sleep.

    Your girls and your writing were just right today. I loved your post and your new header is fantastic! And the locket?? Simply gorgeous.

    Happy fall , girls. Inamorata ao proud of you for listening to your girl and helping her find her own path x

  282. Love the new header…love the whimsey of it. Enjoy seeing the leaves. We moved to deep south Texas from the Pacific Northwest and there is no fall here either…lol!!

  283. I”m seriously tearing that you got a box of leaves in the mail and you and your babies PLAYED in them!!! I LOVE IT ALL!~!!!!

  284. LOVE the picture of Lainey swooping in for a kiss – so sweet. Oh, and leaves are fantastic! My yard is full of them (Seattle) and I love it!

  285. So we had the same soccer experience again. My daughter will not go on the field either. Soccer is in the past tense here too. On to the next thing . . .

  286. The new header is gorgeous! Rockin’ those curves! Fantastic post as usual :)

  287. I’m in love with that header! Captured you and your girls perfectly!

  288. Love the new header! It’s so super cute!

  289. Love the leaves idea!

  290. I love the idea of sending leaves. I am in WNC, but my family in Georgia would probably love it!!

  291. Love the leaves idea and the new header!

  292. I love the photo of Nella on the field looking at something. Makes wonder what she is thinking. Someone sending you leaves is priceless. You are a wonderful Mama!

  293. I love that your cousin sends you and the girls fall leaves! Such a sweet thing to do! I’m awaiting fall around my house, too, although I fear it may be very postponed this year due to the heat and drought.

  294. 3 pictures that made me smile: Nella sitting in the grass and both pics of the kids laughing in the leaves.

  295. I love the picture of Nella in the ball pit – she looks like she’s having the time of her life!

  296. Yea for fall! Love the new header, those pumpkins are perfect!

  297. love mygym. and i totally lied today. While at target today, I got Fiona her first pair of shoes. Last month, though, I swear she only fit in newborn booties.

  298. We are living in the south from Ohio and I as well so miss the northern falls and winters! LOVE that you get boxes of leaves every year not only am I going to copy you on that but I have convinced my husband that next year we are “booing” our neighbors (SO CUTE!)

  299. I love your blog, Kelly! Your new header is a nice touch as well! Happy fall!

  300. LOVE the header!

    And the pictures of the girls smiling from ear to ear? I.MEAN. And I’m not even their momma!

  301. Love the fall pics. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather here in KY. So far, mother nature keeps tricking us (we have a few days of 50-60 degree weather followed by a couple in the 80’s)

  302. My gosh, that jewlery is beautiful! Going to order….

  303. I’m going to Mi this weekend with my 19 mo old and I can’t wait for her to experience the cider mill for the first time…..and I can’t wait to get my hands on the donuts and warm cider! There’s no place like home!

  304. Oh my. I’m in love with that necklace. Must get one for my mom…and probably one for myself, too! Your girls are beautiful! I LOOOVE reading your blog. I’m sure when my husband & I are ready for kids, I’ll remember all of the fun things you do for your girls… Your heart, your words, your photos are all very inspiring! (Even to a complete stranger!)

  305. The running naked in the streets part made me giggle. I said, before I read that aloud to my husband, “This is one of my favorite blogs. Listen to this…” Thanks for that.

  306. Fall leaves and colors are one of my favorite things about living in Minnesota, after growing up in Texas. Also, I LOVE that locket…gorgeous!!

  307. adorable necklace! so sweet to have them close to your heart

  308. Love the locket. . .think I will have to share the info with the hubby!

  309. So proud of Lainey!

    love that the girls get to jump in and smell the leaves, my favourite part of the year by far!!

  310. Love the MI leaves! I am a new Ann Arbor resident, and they remind me of our neighborhood :) My 13-month-old is loving Fall like his mama.

    Such a precious picture of Lainey and Nella lovin’ on each other!

  311. I LOVE that necklace!

  312. * Your new header is adorable. I love how they have a shy Lainey peeking around your leg, and your shirt that I love in real life :)

    *Just realized I thought Nana Kate and Grandma Colleen were the same person….who’s who?

    *Lainey has nice arms. Weird to wish I had a 4 year old’s physique???

    *That locket…I don’t think I’d leave it alone if it was around my neck–especially if it had my babies names in it. Oh, it is precious!


  313. I am dying over your leaf pictures! So flippin’ cute! My mom brought me some fall leaves back from PA several years ago and I use them in a patio table centerpiece every year, then I repackage them super carefully so they’ll last. Now I’m wondering why I never thought to let me kids rake them and play in them!!

  314. My 19 month old daughter is also the keeper of shoes in our house…I can’t wait to see her jump in the leaves this year! We should have plenty in our corner of PA in the next few weeks :-)


  315. I love your new header! And I’m dying picturing little Nella hoarding up all the flip-flops! So adorable :)

  316. I love the new header!

    Here in Michigan, I’m busy stepping on as many crunchy leaves as possible before the snow starts. When I was in school, my roommates mom would send us leaves, just in case we didn’t have enough.

  317. I love your blog. I came across after one of my friend’s gave birth to a beautiful little boy with Down’s syndrome. It was recommended to her on Facebook, and I was curious. I love your beautiful pictures, and beautiful stories!

  318. At first when I saw the leaves I was curious as to what trees you have down in Naples that I need to go search for in St. Augustine… then I realized they were mailed to you. Awesome. Me and the hubs went in search of fall colors this weekend and had to drive up to northern Georgia to do so! Happy fall :)

  319. Love the leaf pictures, makes me want to run outside and jump in a pile! Still yet to be crossed off my fall checklist. What a neat idea, having them sent to Florida! <3

  320. Love the header!! That’s so awesome that your girls get leaves from Michigan, and they still get to experience “fall”

  321. Hi kelle. I LOVE Lainey’s umbrella! Can you tell me where you got it from?? Happy Fall to you all!

  322. I LOVE that locket!!!!! Also I really like the picture you took of Lainey holding leaves. It’s just her hands and legs. I like the depth of field in the picture. :) great work! I look forward to looking at your pictures daily.

  323. love that glass locket!! beautiful piece of jewelry!

  324. love the leaves pictures. I still live in the northeast and the smell of autumn brings back such great memories. Nice to see you be able to pass that on to your girls regardless of where you live.

  325. Those necklaces made me smile-I love the idea of having the names of those most important to me close to my heart.

  326. Love the pics of the girls in the leaves… I was just thinking about how I wanted to do this with my boys! :)

  327. I love that your cousin sends you leaves from Michigan! I live in Wisconsin, and the last few weeks of changing leaves has been phenomenal and so beautiful.. There is nothing quite like the smell, the range of fantastic warm colors, and the way they gently fall over me as I walk briskly to my morning class with my pumpkin spice latte in hand. There is nothing as wonderful as fall and I love that your family is experiencing that on your own unique terms. Love this blog!

  328. Those photos of your girls in the leaves are priceless. You have the most beautiful children–but you probably already know that! Their smiles could melt the polar ice caps.

  329. Also, that illustration is absolutely fantastic and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

  330. OMGsh, those necklaces are beautiful! My ‘mom’ necklace broke (by the hand of my strong armed son) almost a year ago… been looking for a replacement ever since! (Wink, Wink) ;p

  331. Love the new header also…so cute and unique. What an awesome cousin to send you leaves. Also if Nella loved the ball pit I’ve also seen an idea on Pinterest that you get the balls and put them in a pack n play for at home enjoyment :)

  332. I love Nella’s little pigtails! They are so adorable. Also, I wish I was half as crafty as you are with your girls.

  333. your new header caught my eye right away, so cute! i love love love how you brought Michigan to Florida, it made me smile, and want to go jump into a pile of leaves myself! Have a happy week!

  334. Love the new header! Fall is seriously the best time of the year. I love how you make everyday so fun for your girls:)

  335. I love the photo of Lainey hugging Nella! And the Fall leaves photos are delightful!

  336. Love the new header! Gonna have to hire these gals! And the leaves—ahhh. I grew up in OH–lot of fall leaves–could smell them as you were describing them-lived in FL, too-you’re right-seasons hard to find-but ya can! Congrats on no more soccer-Lainey loves you for it! And look at Nella go! Too cute! Thanks for always adding a smile to my day! Blessings, Sharon

  337. the header is so precious! love it. and love the pictures of Nella in the soccer field and the one of sister love :)

  338. I loved those pictures of Nella cruising up the stairs. You go, girl!

  339. Wow! LOVE the new header! It is perfectly you and your littles.
    The swooping in sisterly hugs just warm me up…precious.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  340. Glad to hear that Lainey is not ready and that you’re awesome for listening to her. I will admit that she does make a cute player with those argyle socks.

    And the box of leaves – Nirvana!

    Happy Fall,


  341. I started making Christmas gifts with my toddler this weekend and my husband thought I was a little bit crazy, but I’m ready for that wind-down-and-enjoy-family time, too.

    And I love Fall. It’s my favorite for many reasons. Leaves are just one of them. :)

  342. Awww… maybe Lainey won’t be into sports. I never was–all the arts, but never sports despite my whole family being into them and wanting me to be into them too…

    Now, I’m a well adjusted 31 year old with an MFA in Poetry and the confidence to say, “you know what… no, friends. I DON’T want to play badmitton or volleyball. But I’ll be happy to hang out in the sand with a good book and watch while you do.” :) To thine own self be true… :)

  343. Your new header is super sweet! I have to say fall is quickly becoming my favorite time of year since my Ruby was born. We went pumpkin picking and hay riding this weekend. It was such a great time spent with my girl!

  344. Love the leaves! I live in the north east and you’ve inspired me to teach my three year old the maple leaves from the oak leaves this year.

  345. Love love love the picture of Lainey loving on Nella in the mirrors! I’m also a big fan of the new header! Your blogs make me laugh, cry, smile, and be happy!

  346. Kelle,

    First off, I love the new graphic! It is so adorable and the perfect header. I so enjoy reading your posts every day and look forward to the fun pictures and stories of your cute little girls. It seems they bring you so much love and laughter and you are so sweet and generous to share it with us :)


  347. Your protector of shoes must know my defender of nail polish! My 12 & 1/2 month old makes it his mission to be sure they’re in the same place he left them in the linen closet EVERY time we’re in the bathroom.

    PS to go along with your leaves, burn some pumpkin marshmallow scentsy wax ASAP. Talk about fall! So good you could eat it!!!

  348. The new header is great. And I am encouraged that you didn’t make Lainey stick with soccer. We had to do this when we first tried gymnastics with our son. A year later, he blossomed into such a more adventurous child, and he loves going to gymnastics. I’m glad we didn’t force it, but it was a hard decision.
    A good, wise friend of mine told me that she realized that many of the things she wanted her son to do happened two years later than she wanted, but when they did, they were much more enjoyable and successful than anything she forced…now if only I can remember that advice!

  349. You should NOT be kidding about running naked with that waist! That is the real deal, girlfriend! I really adore those necklaces; I know EXACTLY whose sweet name I will put in mine. Thanks for the post :)

  350. I’m not gonna lie, i thought that this post would be a video of Nella walking (and we’re off) but it was a good one none the less!

  351. I love everything about your cousin sending you leaves!!! I am a fall freak and have been exploding with happiness in my first fall in PA after a hiatus in florida. I am going to institute sending seasonal happiness to my friends who are all over the country. Brilliant!

  352. I love those leaf pictures!

  353. We just played in the leaves today. I love the feel and the smell of fall leaves. Now you just need someone to send you snow in the winter :-)

  354. I love your Michigan leaf pictures! Reminds me so much of home!

  355. LOVED every single little bit of this post. LOVED. IT. :)

  356. My kids are 3 & 1 and we live in Ohio. I’ve learned to never take crunchy, smell-good, colorful, messy fall leaves for granted!! Love your blog. Just found it, inspired already.

  357. This may seem weird.. I had a dream last night I was sitting on a couch with you and I was holding Nella and she fell asleep on my lap (and I was loving it). You were also pregnant, and Lainey was rubbing your belly.
    I guess it goes to show how each and every person we come across in life- whether in person or in a blog, make their way into our hearts and minds more strongly then we realize.

  358. I adore the fact that you shared your experiences with Lainey not being ready for soccer! We are throwing a baby shower for my sister this weekend and the advice my husband and I are giving is to “make the best decision you can in the moment and go from there; you may not make the same decision next time, but you will have tried your best in that moment”! I truly live by this motto and it seems you might as well.

  359. The leaves! What an awesome idea! Way to bring a Michigan fall to Florida! Great pictures.

  360. Love your blog…I’ve been reading for a couple of months. I love the beautiful patchwork quilts I always see in your pictures! You guys are always having so much fun!

  361. boxed leaves are a great tradition! I think I’ll get my aunt and uncle in FL to send us some sand and shells in winter time. still lovin’ the blog!


  362. My almost-three-year-old daughter Greta has decided that Lainey and Nella are her friends and looks forward to every new picture…thank you for sharing them with us!

  363. The new header is too adorable for words.

    I love love LOVE pictures of the girls with the leaves.

  364. It’s hard to put into words just how much I love your pictures. Your blog is one of my favorite to visit!
    Happy Fall – enjoy those leaves while they last. :)

  365. I’ll trade you some Pennsylvania fall leaves for some warm Florida beach sand!!! Ahh, the currency of our climates. I’m serious tho, I’ll even throw in acorns!! 😉

  366. I absolutely love the girls in the leaves! We live in Georgia, and fall is finally showing up in our leaves!

  367. I love LOVE everything about Nella climbing the stairs–the outfit, the pigtails, the red bows, the little feet, and the motivation of a big sister running ahead! Soo sweet!!

  368. GREAT leaf pictures! Such cuties you have.

  369. “crisp, earthy perfume” I never thought words or a phrase could describe fall-but I “smelled” fall as I read that. You are so right, the get up and go go go is slowly starting to fall with the leaves, and in its place is more time for family, for friends and just enjoying the moments. Babies is fleece pj’s and sipping hot chocolate with my 4-year-old, it’s pretty much perfect!

  370. It’s so fun that a box of leaves arrives on your doorstep. That’s a pretty magical tradition.

  371. How sweet that your cousin sends you those leaves…I need a cousin in Michigan make hot Las Vegas appear more “fall like.” Love your new header! It captures what I picture your family to be perfectly! <3

  372. We had the exact same soccer experience this year with my four year old. He just wasn’t quite ready.

  373. Can’t get enough of those Sisterly Love pictures. The glass locket is so original. I’m excited to check out her shop. :)

  374. i always get sad at the sight of the bare trees. we get teased with the lush greens, onto the reds and oranges and yellows. and then nothing but empty branches. i always forget about the piles of leaves, just begging to be jumped in. thanks for making me remember what it was like to be a kid again. you can be that the first leaf pile i rake up will be allll for me. :)

  375. Love the leaves, I think I can almost smell them!

  376. I LOVE the fall leaves pictures. I am officially inspired and will be fall-ifying my life tomorrow! :)

  377. The new header is AMAZING!

  378. We too tried soccer this year for our now 5-yr old daughter. It took us 5 game nights (inclusive of mommy and daddy running on the field, ice cream bribes and harmless threats) before we ‘learned’ that she just wasn’t quite ready. We were just as happy to gain back our Monday nights and relieve the anxiety from our sweet girl!

  379. I LOVE the leaves coming in the mail idea! I live in British Columbia, Canada, so we are blessed with leaves right now. But man, what a great idea!

  380. This post makes me happy! I love that glass locket too. I know what I’m asking for this Christmas :)

  381. i love the glass necklace! i am getting one for my mom in memory of my sweet 14 year old sister who died in june. it’s perfect.

  382. Love the new header!
    And, you got me with this one. With that title, I definitely thought this was going to be the “Nella Started Walking” post, but I guess that’s still for later.
    Love-love-loved that moment between your girls. If I ever have two daughters, I hope they love each other that much!

  383. fall is just oh so very delish.

  384. Love your little piece about Lainey sweeping in to love on Nella. My sister, who happens to have an extra 21st, and I are 24 and 28 and I still swoop in for a quick dose of her. It cures everything.

  385. Nella’s pigtails are getting more adorable by the day. She’s growing up so fast!

  386. love the box of leaves!

  387. Loving the cute header…and who needs soccer anyway? There are leaves to play in!

  388. i have lived in FL my whole life and would love to see some autumn! you make it look like such fun!

  389. Love the new header! I can’t until I have trees big enough to rake my own leaf piles, for now I’ll have to go to a park and steal some of those :)

  390. I love, love the pictures of Lainey and Nella in the leaves, smiling to their heart’s content. Just the other day Jeremiah was gathering all the leaves he could find and then jumping into them. When we came inside he had stray bits of leaves all over him, but it was so fun to see the delight written all over his face, just like your girls. My bestfriend’s birthday is coming up soon and I think that locket has given me the perfect idea for a birthday gift. Thank you and Happy Monday!

  391. cute header! and I love the necklaces!

  392. When my oldest swoops in on my littlest with his loving it melts my heart every time. Maybe because it’s not as often as I’d like, or maybe because it’s so spontaneous and out of the blue. Either way, I love the few photos that I have of those moments and I absolutely love the picture of Lainey and Nella. Lainey is such a great big sister!

  393. Once again, I shall never take our changing of the seasons for granted. Thank you for sharing.

  394. I love the picture of Nella sitting in the soccer field studying the piece of grass :)

    Have a great week!!!


  395. Just wondering when you write “Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a Hallmark post on Making Time for Friends” do you say to yourself…
    “hmmm, I guess I better get something written?”
    Just wondering:)

  396. This post brings me happy L♥VE!


  397. Love the new header! And I really need that locket, it’s no longer a want. Thanks chica!

  398. That photo of Nella on the soccer field is frame worthy! And the one of Lainey raking the leaves with the “giant” rake is hilarious! Great post!

  399. Autumn (fall for you guys) is my favourite season. Love!

  400. I love your attitude about soccer…so not a biggie! Lainey gave it a great try! :)

  401. I love the leaves. You make memories with your kiddos’ like it’s nobody’s business!

    As for the locket? I am in love!

  402. Our Cecilia recently made a grown-up decision that we are too busy to fit in dance class at this time. I love that they turn into little people that clearly have the where-with-all to know what’s best for them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  403. I love the pic of the “swoop in sister kiss/squeeze” because it reminds me so much of my boys right now. My little guy-3 years old-will just slide right up to his little bro-9 months-and say, “Jack Jack, I LOVE you!” and kiss him on the cheek. Sometimes he squeezes him so hard the little one topples over!

  404. I love the new header, fabulous :)

  405. Gorgeous header. Sigh…fall is my favorite.

  406. I love love love that your cousin sends you leaves…what a fantastic idea and tradition your girls will enjoy forever. I love the pics of them laying in the leaves. I must get my kids outside with the leaves and take pictures…I just realized how much I take them for granted living here in the midwest.

  407. Great post… and I think I’ll be needing to read tomorrow’s post BIG TIME!

  408. That is so cool that someone sends you leaves!!

    I LOVE to read your blog…you have such a gift!

    Love that necklace…so unique!

  409. oh my goodness… I’ve been looking for a necklace that I LOVE to put my kid’s names on…but haven’t found one—until now! wow… I really want it…

    crossing my fingers…

    p.s. how fun you get a box of leaves sent to you each year for you and your kids to enjoy!

  410. that necklace is to die for. i really want to get one for my mom, but i think i might want to get one for myself a little more :).

  411. Nella is so inquisitive and curious. Her pictures are so fun!

  412. love the header and LOVE That necklace!! So vintage, yet modern..

  413. Your leaf pictures made me ‘FEEL’ fall! I LOVE it! I want to scoop up Miss Nella and watch her squinty smile all day!

  414. Love the leaves! They make me smile. :)

  415. I so enjoy reading your blog. This morning as I do so I sit here with porridge on my cardi and a sword wound in my side from the handsome knight in my lounge room.
    I am amazed that you make the time to document your days so regularly.
    Thank-you for sharing.

  416. The new header graphic is absolutely adorable! What a treat getting your box of fall leaves!

  417. That is an awesome cousin right there! I live in VT and I can’t imagine living somewhere without the 4 seasons, as much as I curse about our winters…

  418. Love the new header!

    I can sort of relate to you with missing “Fall things” from home. I grew up in OR and CO and now live in AZ. I miss Fall soooooo very much! (And Winter and Spring, for that matter, since we only have 2 seasons here – Hot & Hotter.)

  419. Love your grandma/lainey pic and lainey kissing nella pic. Looking forward to your hallmark post.

  420. I love that you bring a little bit of Fall to Florida, I have always said that I could never move there because I would miss Fall too much but this is such a cute idea.

    Ps. I love the locket. So cute.

  421. OH how i love Fall, or as us Aussies call it, Autumn. Where I was born we got the most amazing collection of leaves, and wish my daughter could experience it too!! (We live in a coast area now and dont really experince any season change other then summer to winter.)

    Oh how you inspire me and the amazing things i can do with my daughter!!!

  422. I love that you bring a little bit of Fall to Florida, I have always said that I could never move there because I would miss Fall too much but this is such a cute idea.

    Ps. I love the locket. So cute.I am so not sure why my name is utjblah, sorry…


  423. Happy to see the girls enjoying some midwest leaves! Such adorable pictures!

  424. Love the new header! Happy Fall!

  425. Bless your heart for being so wonderful and positivte – I thrive on it so so much!
    Thank you for it and thank you for making me see the lea´ves in a new light ;-D

  426. The photo of Nella sitting in the grass just takes my breath away. Such a beautiful photo of a beautiful little girl. ♥

  427. I’m trying to figure out how to send snow when it starts flying here in VT…b/c I certainly wouldn’t mind getting rid of some!

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your days.

  428. I love how you can create such joy in children with a simple box of leaves. My children show me every day that the simple things in life are the ones they enjoy the most, and will probably remember forever. Here’s to creating lasting memories, one season at a time!

  429. I promise I’ll look at the piles of leaves covering my lawn with new affection! If only they didn’t sap so much time and strength to clear! :)

  430. Love the boxed leaves idea. Love how your girls ( and kids in general) enjoy and appreciate them! It is a great reminder to me that I need to stop and appreciate the ones covering my yard and have some fun….and not look at them as a chore! if you need more, we have plenty. Ha! :)

  431. Lainey’s soccer story makes me realize that I did the right thing, not throwing my daughter into lessons I’ll give her some time :)

  432. You have such an amazing way of making me appreciate the small day to day things that I tend to overlook. Thank you for that!

  433. Until I read this, I’d been hating on the leaves… constantly needing to be raked and cleaned up. They can be a pain. But I’d be sad if I didn’t have them at all! So thanks for helping me see / appreciate the small things :)

  434. Hi Kelle, I’m often jealous about the beautiful setting of
    your pictures, Florida. But now it’s fall I’m so glad I live here in Holland! It’s my favorite season with its beautiful colors. At our second flour in our house I do the laundry and from there I can see a lot of tree tops. I don’t mind doing laundry now! Love, Marietje

  435. I love when parents listen to their kids.
    If they don’t like a sport…why force them?

  436. I miss fall in south dakota. I need to have my momma send me some leaves….miss the crunchy sounds of running through them!

  437. Love your new header, thought you designed it, fits perfectly! Also LOVE LOVE the glass locket–exquisite! Awesome idea: Boxed Leaves, how cool is that for your littles!!! Very great! Went Boo-ing last nite(used your link for the printout Ghost) and the kids loved the adrenaline rush they got ‘treating’ our neighbors! Yay Fall!! :)

  438. I did notice the new Header….I thought it was one of your designs….LOVE IT!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  439. I noticed the new header right away and love it. There is something special about this post that fills my heart with warmth.

  440. I retired from soccer at age 5, best decision I ever made :)

  441. The new header is so fitting for you and your girls. I love it.

  442. Love the new header and I am in love with that necklace!

  443. Love the new header, love your sweet family, and LOVE FALL!!! I’m thinking I need a fall photo shoot this weekend while these leaves in GA are at their peak. Thanks for inspiration!

  444. These photos made ME want to go play in the leaves! What a great gift from your northern connections.

  445. I feel a sister bond with Lainey. Soccer wasn’t for me either, I totally relate. :)

  446. I love that you have leaves shipped in. It is a reminder to actually get out there and enjoy them. Instead of thinking of all the raking that needs to be done :)

  447. I LOVE the new header… and the traditions you make for your family. My husband and I looooove traditions. I’m sure one day making FUN of our traditions will be a tradition for our kids. I cant wait :)

  448. Love the header, love the leaves, love your girls, love your blog.

    Happy fall!

    Oh…and my 4 year old stands on the field and cries during soccer, when he isn’t digging in the dirt. Maybe it simply isn’t the age for some of them. My six year old loves it!

  449. I needed this post today. Forced me to get off the computer and just lay on the sofa with my babies. Thank you.

    And I LOVE the new header! Very talented sisters.

  450. You’ve inspired me to take pictures of my little guy in the leaves! Florida may do beaches, but we have leaves galore in Wisconsin!

  451. Nella couldn’t be any cuter-I love the one of her in the field with the sun peeking through the trees. Bravo!

  452. I just love the fall pictures. Makes me ready for cooler weather.

  453. Your new header is so fab :)

  454. The new header is fabulous. I love the leaves. What a great tradition. Looks like Lainey was in heaven.

  455. Beautiful necklace. I love the girls in the leaves. Such a beautiful sight.

  456. The new header is perfect!

    Loved the pictures you uploaded of the girls in the leaves on facebook!

  457. love those boxed leaves!!
    slcapps at yahoo dot com

  458. I just wanted to say that my three older kids all began their soccer “careers” the same way Lainey did- a little bit hesitant, not quite ready, half in/ half out of games, retiring from the season early. I thought at the time that perhaps the sport was not for them. And my daughter even took a ‘break’ from it for many years. Now two of my children (my 14 year old son and my 9 year old daughter) are involved in very competitive premier travel leagues. Both of them have an intense love an passion for the sport now and have grown to be incredibly skilled players. So, you may be surprised to find yourself- in the not too distant future-back on the sidelines of a soccer game- cheering on a very dedicated, passionate, focused young lady :-)

  459. Love this post, as always! And, would love one of those lockets for my little man’s name and the name of our baby on the way!

  460. MUST HAVE NECKLACE! :) Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  461. love your header! Love that you have leaves sent to your kiddos! We have lots here in AL if you need more! 😉 and I love that necklace!

  462. aww, i love your fall tradition of having leaves sent to FL. it also means i have been reading for over a year now because i remember last year’s package :) enjoy fall …

  463. Love the header–it reminds me of the illustrations of the books I used to read as a kid. Ah, memories! Thanks for posting!

  464. the header is perfect. I can not get the cape and rain boots picture out of my head. Going to need to look into these capes. I have a feeling my twin ladies will be all about capes and super boats soon =)

  465. those leaves make me SMILE! i wish i could roll around in some northern leaves, too ;)….something my boys will never know, the beauty of fall!

  466. Beautiful pictures! We don’t have much fall here in Texas, either. I can smell your leaves just looking at them! Miss that. :-)

  467. Love the Fall leaf pictures! Reminds me of my childhood playing in the leaf piles at my grandparent’s house.

  468. I love checking back here everyday to see or hear about a new adventure. Each time I read I feel as if I am apart of your family LOL. My 2 year old Jack loves to look at Nella, I think he might have his eye on her, my little casanova LOL. I occassionally hear and read words here of DS, extra chromosome, ect but I look at and read about Nella and say to myself, “who her, she is just another ‘normal’ sweet little girl” Which is exactly what she is, I love reading about you, your family and all of those special children of yours, whether they are grown in your belly or associated by marriage.Every day is a journey!

  469. I can relate to Lainey being hesitant about soccer. I was painfully shy when I was younger! It gets easier with time!

  470. The new header is darling. And I love the pics of the littles in the leaves, we live outside of Chicago, and just had so much fun playing in the leaves…glad your littles get to experience that too!

  471. I am so happy that my friend introduced me to your amazing blog and your journey. It’s like a never ending GOOD book. I like those.

  472. I love that you get a box of leaves mailed to you every fall! what a wonderful tradition!

  473. There’s something about wallets, credits cards and small kids…and this is way before they discover what shopping is!

  474. First. New headder is awesome. And what are you talking about not having those curves? I say srteak your heart out girl.
    Second. Those pictures of the girls lying in the leaves is to precious. The one of Nella especcially. See looks so much like you.
    Third. leaves are the greatest. We have 9 gigantic tree’s 2 maple and 7 ash trees that make the most impressive pile of leaves you could hid a car in them. Visit my blog and I will post pictures when they we have them all raked up.

  475. Your posts alway brighten my day!

  476. Love the necklace! Would be a great idea to get my Mother in Law!

    I love fall! I love that you have fall leaves sent to Florida! I can send you lots of snow come winter!

  477. I adore the new header and your two adorable cuties smiling in the leaves. It is actually inspiring me to get out there and make a great big pile of them for my girls to roll around in :)

  478. Love the header!!!
    And I’m glad you let her quit. Kara always smiles when I tell her she was a pre-school dropout. She wasn’t having fun. So I let her stay home in the mornings in her jammies and I’ve never regretted that. There will come a time when you’ll know, “this is when I say – no you started this, you have to finish it” But there’s soooooo much time ahead for that. Now is the time for freedom – makes me smile :-)

  479. Aww, I love the pictures of the girls in the leaves! So fun!

  480. Oh my gosh I love that locket and the new header. We live in Montana so we get the changing of the seasons but I do know what you mean. I take my girls to my parents house so we can rake leaves and jump in them. As we have still unmature trees at our house and the few leaves they drop just don’t do it.

  481. I positively LOVE the “giggles in the leaves” pictures. (I have no idea what else to call them) I can’t wait until we have some more leaves here so I can take my son out to play in them. 😀

  482. For us, it was T-ball. Everyone was signed up, so we signed up our son. He hated it. 11 years later, he can still recall how much he hated it! Boy, am I glad we let him quit. I was worried about us setting a bad example (quit when it’s too hard) but he’s thrown himself into harder things that he is passionate about, and not quit. I learned it’s more about finding what a child loves to do, rather than doing what everyone else is doing. It’s actually one of my favorite parenting moments to think on.

  483. That locket is amazing. I have someone in mind for a christmas present when I saw that!

  484. Your header is amazingly beautiful!!!

  485. I love the unique small businesses and things that you have on your site… The pieces on this post are adorable! And I love reading your blog- it reminds me to always take a breather and enjoy the little things in life. I live in Arkansas and have always loved the fall, and you manage to encompass exactly why that is. :-)

  486. Love the new header, and LOVE THE NECKLACE. Also, love the fall leaves, and Lainey’s rain boots. This weather here in SW Florida is crazy… But alas, cool front coming through soon!!!

  487. The new header is AWESOME!! And I’ve been in search of a unique gift for my sister for Christmas and I think that glass necklace just might be it! I look forward to reading your blog daily. Thanks for being such a great advocate for Nella. I’m a music therapist and work with children with special needs everyday. Take Care!

  488. Fall leaves are my favorite thing about this time of year!! If I ever moved away from NC it would be a MUST for someone to send me a box of them too!
    The girls look like they truly had a blast playing in them! I always did too as a child!

  489. I sware Nella gets cuter with every post!!

  490. First off, we should totally be running naked any way. As my mom says, “someday you will long for the ass you hate now.” Wise woman.

    Can we plan a time soon. So much to do.

    Clothed or not.


  491. My son was in soccer at age 4 also, it was funny to see him on the opposite side of the field as his team, playing with bugs and catching butterflies. At least he had fun, even if he never scored a goal. He makes me proud!

  492. I love the new header. It’s perfect! And I love, love, love that locket. It’s beautiful!

  493. Nella and Lainey are so stinking cute!! and we had to let my son bow out of soccer when he was 4. it was too much commotion for him. He is not 6 and we let him try baseball and basketball. After the last one, he looked at me and said ” Mommy, I fink I am just one of those guys who likes to WATCH sports.” He is now thouroughly enjoying his guitar lessons!

  494. The line you wrote “Who says you can’t have Italy & Holland” really touched me. I have 2 friends with special needs little ones. One little boy has CLE which is very rare. {I have posted about him on my blog} As if its not hard enough for a Mom to feel like someone understands what she is going through, dealing with something so very rare makes it that much harder. She has 5 other children who are her Italy, her son who is her Holland, is no less magical than Italy.

  495. I love the idea of sending leaves in a box so your girls can experience them! I wish we could received snow in a box because my boys don’t get to see it enough but I guess that would get a little messy for the post person. Excellent pictures as always! Have a great day!

  496. I love you have leaves shipped in – that’s perfect!

  497. Love the new header. And love all of your sponsors, they’ve opened up a whole new world of goodies for me.

  498. I’m gonna say…if I looked like that drawing, there’s a really, really good chance I would run through the streets naked! Love the new headed. And love the new necklace. Christmas list, anyone???

  499. I love that you get a piece of fall sent to you each year. I live in New England and am considering relocating to houston where there is no seasons. It will be an adjustment.

  500. love the locket…and the leaves!

  501. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Love the new header and glass locket.

  502. I love the new header and the necklace is divine. My favorite part of fall is just now hitting utah. I love the cool crisp smell the air gets at dusk and cuddling up in fuzzy warm jackets even tho I’m finding it hard to fine any that fit around my twin bump.

  503. I wish we had leaves here in AZ. Do palm fronds count? :)

  504. As usual, your posts bring a smile to my heart :)

  505. I know u r a busy bee, but I did see a post you wrote about Black Eye Peas awhile back, I laughed cause we r HUGE Black Eye Peas fans.. Cedayne is dancing to their song, I just uploaded it to my blog

    May God continue to bless you are your family!!! :)

  506. What beautiful jewelry. How exciting!

  507. I think it’s so lovely that you embraced Lainey’s dislike for soccer (at least for now) and allowed her the freedom to choose what to be involved in. You’re a wonderful mama, Kelle! Your photography, as always, blesses my heart. :)

  508. I must say that the header is amazing! Love all of the ‘Fall’ that you seem to be capturing in Florida. This is my absolute favorite time of year here in Michigan!

  509. That new header? First thing i saw thing morning! put the hugest smile on my face! they really did get you guys perfectly! i would love for them to make a drawing of our family! that would be awesome! and that locket reminds me oh so much of alice in wonderland! i want!

  510. sweet sister love pic stole the show for me :)

    Oh, and if I ever EVER move somwhere without fall leaves, you better believe I’m having people mail me some!!!

  511. So glad you were able to realize, and more importantly, accept, that Lainey was not ready for soccer. She may be ready next year, or in three years, or she may never want to play soccer. You are such a great mom for exposing your kids to experiences and letting them try all sorts of things, but never forcing the issue.


  512. Sending leaves is such a cute idea!

  513. I would LOVE this. I mean LOVE!

  514. I don’t know what I would do without fall leaves! They already started in late August here in British Columbia :) I understand your joy.

  515. On Saturday, my almost-four year old asked, “Mama, is it time for the leaves to come yet?” She and I share the joy of free-falling backwards into a giant pile of leaves! At least you get a taste of the glory with your box o’leaves!

  516. I needed this..thank you–reminds me reflection is so important:)

  517. Oh how i love your blog! its my guilty pleasure for the day! and the leaves in this post… GORGEOUS! love love love it! i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my daughter whose due date is this thursday!!! so i am taking advantage of catching up on all the posts i missed over the past week!!

  518. Is it just me or does Nella have the cutest little feet of any little girl ever?

    I know someone who needs that locket for Christmas… thanks for the idea! Love your blog.

  519. Yeah for leaf pictures in Colorado we have to “rob” the neighbor’s leaves for a decent pile.

  520. I look so forward to your new posts! Reading them (after making sure my 2 babes are fast asleep) is my current favorite past-time. Love that locket, too!

  521. The new header is SO CUTE!

  522. If you build it, they might not be ready for it….so true Kelle being a parent makes us wiser every day…The photos of the too of then kissing!!! Love it.I also LOOOOVE the glass locket.The most amazing little thing…

  523. I’m sort of in denial that fall is here, because here in New Mexico, once it’s cold, it’s cold until May! But I love watching your little family enjoy a Florida fall! :)
    I love the new header!!

  524. Love it!

  525. I love your blog.
    It makes me feel that there is so much beauty in this world!

    PS: I love your necklace too!!!

  526. i love the header and the necklace!!!

  527. How thoughtful of your cousin, Jo, to include your girls in a memory of yours! And, the glass locket is remarkable!!! Thanks for sharing!

  528. The header is beautiful. The glass locker is adorable. My favorite part of your blog is your love for your family and especially your precious girls.

    You are such a GOOD Momma and you put your girls before all else. You sing, dance, explore and enjoy hand in hand with them. They are so blessed to have you guiding them thru life.

  529. That new header is perfection! Lovely post! I need a Michigan friend to send me some leaves. I would staple them to the trees outside my windows to remind me of North Carolina!

  530. I love that your friend sends you a box of leaves every fall! That is awesome. I sent a few the year I moved BACK to MN to my friends out in L.A. (who were originally from Toronto). They so appreciated it!

    The new banner is awesome. So is your blog. Have a wonderful day.

  531. I noticed the header and thought “Wow! Kelle can draw too?!!” It’s very cute. And your necklace is sweet – I can imagine mine having 3 lockets – one for the grandkids from each family :) Thanks for sharing!

  532. Love your posts. I am hosting a weekly photography challenge for moms on my blog:

    This week’s challenge is playing in the leaves. Would love if you would link up and join us.

  533. Love that glass locket!! I will have to check them out.

    We’re trying our 4 yo and 6 yo in soccer for the first time in a couple months. I’m hoping they will enjoy it a little more than Lainey did! :)

  534. I’m sitting here 3 days past my due date, reading your blog to remind me to embrace these last few days of quiet :)

  535. Great pictures of the girls in the leaves! And the header, that is such a cute way to capture you and your girls!

  536. We decided this week that soccer really isn’t the sport for our son either. We’ve spent his entire life encouraging him to share and now we’re telling him to take the ball away! HA HA!! Maybe T-Ball in the spring…

    Love the new header. Way cute!

  537. Oh, the leaves! We’re just starting to get those russets and maizes here in Atlanta, and I couldn’t be happier. This Ohio girl misses a real autumn!

  538. The leaves idea is just so awesome…..what a great yearly tradition and brilliant way to keep the fall season near and dear to you! Also love the new header, thanks for always giving us more connections to creative people!

  539. OMG I am in LOVE with that necklace. I must have it…even if I have to pay for it and am not a winner (which I never am :) ).

  540. Love the header!!

  541. Love that new header. Think I might need a family portrait done like that (super tiny waist included of course!)

  542. Leaves have finally started to fall here in Louisville, and this Michigan girl about cried to see them mounded on the sidewalks of her street. I may or may not have picked up my dog and jumped in my neighbor’s newly-raked pile of crunchy goodness…maybe I did that…

  543. I’m new to Florida, from upstate New York. I am really missing fall right now. Talked to my parents tonight who live up there- and they had a fire going in the woodstove. I could almost smell the deliciousness of crisp leaves and a cozy fire. I will have to ask someone to send me some leaves- such a great idea!

    Thanks for your beautiful words.


  544. I live in MN, and Fall is my absolute FAV season. Dunno what I would do without my leaves. How cool are you that you got peeps to ship em to ya?! Adorable pics of the girls as usual.

  545. Heading back home from our daily wagon ride stroll this morning I stopped and scooped up leaves and let them rain down on my boys. Giggles galore! You, however, captured it perfectly in your shots:) Glad they get to experience it!

  546. The new header is great! Love the necklace too. It’s such a great gift idea.

  547. LOVE your new header, the tradition of bringing fall to Florida and the glass locket!

  548. I love that you get a box of leaves every fall. What a cool tradition to share with your girls. We get them right in our backyard here in Michigan, and seeing this makes me appreciate them even more.

    Beautiful photos and words, as always!

  549. I loved making fall traditions with our son, who is 3, and cannot wait to share them with our brand new daughter. We also have many of the swoop up and hug/kiss moments with our little guy and his baby sister, and it melts my heart every time. He has been so sweet with her!

  550. Your blog is my upper! Every time I need a smile, I just know to go to your blog and I feel so much better by the end of each post!
    Thank you for sharing your every day beautiful life with the world!
    My daughter is 2, and she loves looking at your pictures! She knows Nella and Lainey now just by looking at the pictures!

  551. I so very much enjoy reading your blog and how you make the most out of every day. I also like how you live life and do not let Nella’s T21 define your life. It has been my goal since my daughter was born in December of 2009 to live life to the fullest and not let a diagnosis dictate my attitude, joy or experiences.

  552. Great giveaway, as always!

  553. I loved seeing my little girl play in the Michigan leaves for the first time this year! The two pics of the girls lying and laughing in the leaves are precious!

  554. I love the new header! Precious!

  555. Ohmygoodness – Nella in the field is the cutest picture ever. Hands down. Have a great week!

  556. That header is adorable!!! I could go broke supporting your sponsors – they are really hard to resist!

    Yay for Lainey admitting she didn’t want to play soccer. My parents let me try anything and everything. Once I was older than 5, I had to finish out the session they paid for, but they allowed me to dabble and figure out what I wanted to do by trying it all. I love them for that…

  557. Loved every single thing about this post – from the gorgeous new header to the always amazing comments!

  558. The beauty of sharing fall rituals, and sharing traditions and experiences that otherwise would not be felt or had, is truly amazing. I teach in an area where students often do not have the experience of driving the 5 miles to the mountains and snow, or traveling the hour and a half to the beach. Bringing these experiences, and my heritage into the classroom has proven a wonderful success over the past few years. Now…off to find a friend, rekindle a relationship and get some fall leaves sent to us to share in our cactus-y, yucca filled climate!

  559. I came across your blog through my reader account, and your post made me smile. Thank you!

  560. Ok, I’m so inspired to do leaf pics now! I always love your photos though. I love it- keep it comin’!!

  561. i love what you said about tunneling your efforts into what matters most, family. a few times a year i find myself struggling with how to keep everything balanced, friends, family, work, me time, activities for the kids. But then i remind myself to stop worrying about all that and focus on what matters, my kids and my family. thanks for helping me see that i am not the only one who feels that way! i also LOVE the glass locket! i have a ‘mommy’ necklace but that is so different and i would totally rock one :)

  562. Oh, I so want to buy a necklace like that for ME for Christmas!

  563. Love that necklace, it’s gorgeous. Fall leaves are truly in a category of their own when it comes to getting in the “mood” for the holidays!

  564. there is NOTHING like the smell of autumn…in the leaves, the candles, the wind that blows in. it is *so* refreshing! enjoy those leaves and beautiful moments!

  565. I love that your girls can experience the fall leaves! That is one of my favorite things about fall!

  566. Beautiful necklace!

  567. I love love love Lainey’s overalls :) and sweet Nella in that big field!

    If I had that waist-to-hip ratio I would also be naked all. the. time. I get it.

  568. Love this post and love all the pics! I live in Tennessee, so I can understand how you would miss that Fall “smell.” Ahh! It’s wonderful!

  569. OMG that necklace is amazing! I. MUST. HAVE.

    Beautiful pictures as usual!

  570. I love the new header, too. The fall pictures of Nella and Lainey are beautiful. My daughter was born 08-28-11 with a congenital heart defect and I’m so thankful for every day of every season.

  571. i love that glass locket! can’t wait to give as gifts to special friends!

  572. I love the leaf tradition and I too look forward to your leaf post. We here in Texas are without seasons as well, but I don’t have the Michigan background to bring fall to life like you do!

  573. You’ve got to be the best mom ever!!!! Please say you’ll adopt me – I’m potty trained and everything! 😉 It took me this long for the “puppy scratchig on the window” plea ’cause I just figured out how to post comments!

    Thank you for being my imaginary friend and welcoming us all into your home/life. Reading your blog is my therapy, like a wonderful converstaion with a friend (funny, considering Monday’s post). Hubby napping before going to work – check, my itty-bitty sound asleep -check, mad dash to the computer – check! And as I tear up, smile, or laugh out loud I know everything will be OK because there are lovely people out there making a difference and sharing the immense wealth of joy and love and goodness in their hearts.

    You are a blast lady, and super talented and gorgeous too, but I know you’ve heard that a million times. Hugs and kisses to sweet Lainey and adorable Nella from a stranger and forever fan – they are two lucky princesses to have such a wise and awesome mom.

    Oh, and the new header is indeed perfect! I screeched it is so cute…

  574. Okay, let’s just start with the header — it’s phenomenal! It is SO YOU!

    Secondly, the idea of having fall leaves shipped to you? …Probably the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard. It definitely makes the top ten for impressive “shares” revealed on your blog. :) It’s so personalized, so special. Serious kudos to your cousin who makes the time to collect and send them to you. How cute that Lainey now squeals when they arrive!

    And lastly, I love how Nella’s “jobs” are forever changing. I’m now wondering if there is a little fashionista brewing within her!

    Every time I read about both girls, I can’t help but feel proud of them. You’re raising two amazing girls, Kelle!

    Hello Lovely Fall, Farewell Soccer. 😉 Great post!

  575. I love that you get to enjoy a bit of fall in Florida. Fall is for sure my favorite time of the year.

  576. The locket seriously took my breath away! Keep blogging :) I live vicariously though you!

  577. Oh the leaves!! I moved from New England to Oregon this past February and I miss the fall colors back East. The ruby, pumpkin & maize just can’t compete with the garnets and russets and ambers of a good New England autumn. Even the apple cider feels different out here.

    I think I may have to kidnap your box of leaves idea so my little one can have his piece of Rhode Island here on the West Coast. I think I too would squeal with delight!

  578. Ahhh, the Fall Goodness that comes from those crisp brightly colored leaves and rolling around in them. Love the pics of your adorable girls’!

  579. Nella looks more serious as she grows!

  580. lOVE the new header, I noticed it right away! I went to IKEA yesterday in Atlanta and wanted to buy so many Christmassy things, I’m ready for decorating! Cute locket! xx

  581. I love the picture of Nella in the field. I want to sit by her and chat for awhile. Or just sit together.

    It makes me happy that you guys guide the girls and then follow their lead. What a perfect parental thing to do.

    I am happy that you decided to use the illustration header for a time. It is almost tangible, it really caught the essence of you girls.

  582. Fall is our favorite time of year! Love the locket!

  583. Last night I got a “What do you think about living in Clearwater for my job?” kind of text from my husband. I don’t know how serious it is (sounded like it could be for real…or not), but if it happens…we’re having leaves shipped from Ohio every year. I always love that you do that each fall. It makes me smile. :o)

  584. Love this, i’ve been looking for something to put my children’s name in.

  585. love the glass locket. and your blog. it gives me hope…

  586. Little bums climbing up stairs is the best! The look of “I did it!” at the top is one of my all time favorites.

  587. wow, this glass locket is just beautiful!
    about soccer, let them make choices, thats the key :)

  588. hello! where have you been all my life! Such a lovely little place on the web.:)

  589. Hi Kelle,
    Just to let you the links to the girls who designed your header aren’t working (or the link in the side bar)

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