The wrinkles acquired from Saturday’s costume party have been ironed out of Lainey’s Little Bo Peep apron, and a plastic jack-o-lantern with a handle sits ready by the door. I have answered the “how much longer until we trick-or-treat?” question all of seven times so far today, and the sugar buzz from the four Smarties I doled out after lunch is finally fading–which is more than I can say for the skeleton tattoos adhered on the back of Lainey’s hand. They’ll most likely last until Christmas.

But, here we are–the first of the end-of-year holidays, and I am drinking it up.


I ran out yesterday to get a few ingredients for appetizers tonight, and I’m sorry to say they included cocktail weiners. I couldn’t find them anywhere in the store, and when a friendly gentleman employee saw my back-and-forth wandering, he kindly approached me with a “Can I help you find something, ‘mam?” And, without thinking, I answered, “Yes, I can’t find the cocktail–” except half-way into it, I froze and didn’t want to say the word weiners because I am shamelessly immature about these things, and I knew I would laugh. So I stood there, trying to think of another word for “weiners” and saying “cocktail hot dogs” was way too much of an obvious cop-out. And before I could even think of how to finish, I found myself saying, “I can’t find the cocktail sauce. For shrimp,” It just came out. He directed me to Aisle 5, and I, of course, detoured back toward Aisle 10 in search again for the infamous weiners. I finally found them and realized they can alternately be referred to as ‘Lil Smokies. Good to know.


The truth is…I like Halloween. And thankfully, for us, it began early this weekend with a neighborhood parade and party.


I was stoked about the girls’ costumes that I actually finished (with the help of Dot who sewed Lainey’s apron) before our trip. What I didn’t know was that Nella would hate hers.


Her poor little body was trapped in a cotton marshmallow, and Sister threw a fit. So, I stood in a line of a hundred billion people at Party City Saturday afternoon for a back-up and altered it back home with with some scissors and a patch of black velour from an old pair of sweat pants.


Much more comfortable.


Lainey and her friend both opted for Little Bo Peep this year, despite the mamas’ attempts to sway them toward individuality.


Lainey chose a policeman for Brett, but he looks like Mario.



And I am forever enthralled by the enchanting Audrey.



We joined the throng of costumes in the march along our streets, and I smiled as I watched the line of littles grow.





We had another costume birthday party yesterday…


…and the mailman brought us a gift just in time–flamenco dresses from my friend Janita’s trip to Spain.





Thanks to Lainey’s boa and a few feathers, a black dress turned into a flapper for me.


And we’ll do it all over again tonight.



If I’ve relentlessly reiterated one theme, it is that of balance–ebb and flow, yin and yang, home and away. I’ve thought about it a lot this weekend, especially after coming home from a jam-packed trip. I’m not a good traveler. I’m not particularly fond of our family being separated, and I get all sorts of knots in my stomach as I’m packing my suitcase. But once the plane is in the air, I get excited, and when I’m meeting new people and learning new things, I feel that rush–that surge of adrenaline that whispers to every cell in my body “you are living…you are doing something good…you are reaching your potential.” I like that feeling. I like the motivation and inspiration that comes with challenging myself. I come home telling stories, reflecting on what I learned, remembering details that I want my kids to know someday. I am always glad I made room for travel and opportunities and stretching my boundaries, and often, on the way home, I’m wondering what our next adventure will be.

But home. Oh, home.


Travel and busy schedules contrast it deservingly, and this time of year, I appreciate everything we strive to create in our home. And while, yes, every day of the year is important, the last months of the year are the grand finale. Tonight, as we welcome friends and pour hot wassail and light every candle in the house, we initiate the rituals of togetherness that will follow.


I love this time of year because of it.




Sponsor, Scentsy Independent Consultant, Jessica Clough, is back again and I love what she has to offer this month. Jessica is donating all of her commission from Nella’s Fundraiser Party to Nella’s Rockstars fund (100% of proceeds benefit the National Down Syndrome Society).

As I type, I have my Clove & Cinnamon burning, and there isn’t a day this time of year that our house doesn’t smell like Autumn Sunset, Weathered Leather, or my current favorite, Autumn Stroll. Buy from Nella’s Fundraiser Party, and your purchase will do more than just make your kitchen smell good.



Tomorrow is November. Can you beleive it? Bring it.



Have fun tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow with a Hallmark sponsored post.


Any hot Halloween plans tonight? Any fabulous costumes? Do tell! (And link up your blog if you have a great costume to share!)


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  1. Precious and beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


  2. Nella looks all kinds of grownup in her Flamenco outfit! I love it all… we did a little party last week, but are going to spend our Halloween night cozied up at home. I need some “just us” time :).

  3. Nellas flamenco outfit is so stinkin’ cute!!!!

  4. Adorable little girls!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. I adore ALL of the costumes. (Even if Nella seems distressed as sheepie!)

    Happy end-of-year holidays. We’ve got gluten free pumpkin pie in the crockpot (yes, random), candy ready to distribute, and neighbors setting up a bonfire in the courtyard.

  6. LOVE the costumes. Sweet lamb Nella!

  7. sweet Nella looks soo grown up in the flaminco dress oh my she is getting sooooo big:) you look gorgeous as audrey and brett really does look like mario:) lainey is the cutest bo peep i have seen have fun tonight!

  8. I love your girls in red!

  9. You looked absolutely beautiful as Audrey and the two Bo peeps together melts my heart. Lol about Nella and her sheep costume, but I think I liked Mario the best! I look forward to your next post, as always.

  10. Well, little miss sheep looking at mr policeman-the expression is priceless :)

  11. Those flamenco dresses are SPECTACULAR!!

    Happy Halloween!

  12. Nella standing in the flamenco dress just made my entire afternoon. Literally.

  13. I don’t know why but I seriously cried over the girls sitting together making cookies. So sweet

  14. I am super crazy over those flamenco dresses! OMG they are amazing!!! I love the Bo Peep and little sheep costumes too! Love when you can dress them alike and they love it! We have a Buzz Lightyear, and alien and a punk rocker this year! That will make for some interesting pictures I think! Lol! Have a spook filled night!

  15. Nella in that flaminco dress? Perfection. Sheer perfection. I’d kiss that cute baby in the mirror, too!

  16. I love all your costume changes =) The closest I have to a costume this year is the bridesmaid’s dress from my sister’s wedding – lack of time = lack of creativity for this girl!!
    Happy Halloween!! Enjoy!

  17. I can’t get over how smashing Nella looks with her hair side-swept and a flower. Love it!

  18. Nella in her Flamingo dress…..She looks so proud and she looks like she feels beautiful! Precious.

  19. Amazingly beautiful pics! Can’t get over the girls dressed in their flamenco dresses. The one of nell a with the flower and the fan are stunning!
    In this side of the coast is raining non-stop and flooded everywhere :(

  20. Nella’s little feet haning from the red chair… priceless! I know your family will have a blast tonight!

  21. OMG..those Flamenco dresses~so gorgeous! I love Nella’s expression from the stroller looking at Brett. Too funny!

  22. what a precious, sweet family you have. love them every single second.

  23. Those flamenco dresses are TO DIE FOR! And Autumn Sunset is my fall Scentsy must-have scent. So I’m feeling all kinds of love for this post today . . . but most of all because last year my five year old daughter and 10 month old son were “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “lamb.” And of course the only lamb costume I could find that would fit him was on clearance for $3.99 and came with a big pink bow – so of course I had to do some last minute alterations for a more manly sheep :-) Happy Halloween to Lainey and Nella!

  24. Costumes adorable.
    Dresses are gorgeous and the girls look beautiful in them. Have a good Halloween! :)

  25. You are too much. You with your love for all things holiday. Oh, and the cute princess dresses. I DIE!

    We are all about the superheros here at my household. Spiderman and Batman are fiercely protective of their mama :)

  26. Thank you for yet another sparkling, colorful but still deep and warm post! Looking forward to every Hallmark post!

  27. Oh my! My favorite part is I went as Audrey Hepburn this year too! :) You looked the part very well! Love it.

  28. Love the costumes, Kelle, and how tight-knit your neighborhood seems to be. Must remind you of the midwest. My little man (3 years old, almost) is going to Buzz Lightyear. Linking up here:

  29. Our neighbors still do it the good ol’ fashioned way. Looking forward to ringing some doorbells & hearing my sweet boy yell “trick or treat!” We made his Thoma costume from 2 diaper boxes, and of course, little brother has to match the theme.
    Have a looksee!!

  30. You have such a beautiful family! I just started reading your blog recently and wanted you to know how much you inspire me….a lot! I love the holidays too, and this year is extra special because I get to experience it for the first time with my son. Have a very happy Halloween!

  31. I MIGHT have been waiting for this post all day!

    I love seeing littles in their Halloween costumes.

    We all got a little extra fun this year with Halloween falling on a Monday.

  32. You never cease to amaze me with your beauty and creativity!

    I threw a Halloween Party over the weekend complete with a caramel apple bar.

    My little guy went as a lobster (the catch of the day) and my husband and I went as fisherman. I am proud to say that I MADE his costume!!

  33. As usual, I cant help but smile through your whole post. Your clever writing and your precious girls just make me smile. Love the costumes! Happy Halloween!

  34. What beautiful dresses! Nella looking at her daddy in his costume is hilarious…did she recognize him?! I’m afraid to say that I have never really been into halloween myself…but I do it for my girls. Ella is a pirate this year and my little Ava is Jessie from toy story. I feel like we have been celebrating Halloween for the past 2 weeks – this year brought more parties than ever before! I am currently burning Cozy Fireside…its yummy :)

  35. Wonderful post! Those flameco dresses are gorgeous and Nella looks so grown up in hers!! And again, you? Ever tried modeling? You look beautiful in your flapper costume!
    Happy Halloween! Enjoy your evening!

  36. Your girls in the Flamenco dresses are just TOO awesome!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  37. The flamenco dresses kill me! I love the Little Bo Peep and her sheep! I loved dressing my kids in coordinating costumes but they are too old for that now. Still love to see the smiles on their faces when they get into their costumes.

    happy halloween!

  38. Oh I love the kids costumes!
    They are so adorable!

  39. Nella is too beautiful in the flamenco dress. the picture of her smiling grabbed my heart. :)

  40. SERIOUSLY!!!! Nella in that red flamenco dress-a SCREAM! I am dying over this post-thanks for the great laugh today. Awesome pics and Mario looks great too!
    My girls are Tinkerbell and a Sock Monkey.

  41. Fiona bounced her little butt and lunged at the computer screen when she saw Nellas picture, hitting a bunch of buttons and causing me to x-out of a million things to get back to you page:) My sister and I are 5 years apart, and when she was one and I was 6, we went as bopeep and a sheep :) very cute. Love the picture of nella hidding behind the fan. Happy Halloween from the Blaeskes

  42. We got us a bat and a disco dude – hairy chest and all……fun night…..great pictures. You look fab!!! Nella kissing herself is too adorbs! xoxo

  43. So cute!! I love all the costumes! Your girls are adorable :)

  44. My daughter Lulu is going as a hamburger; my husband and I are ketchup and mustard.

  45. Halloween this year is going to be spooktacular! Your costumes are fabulous. Our little guy is dying to get his groove on in his Michael Jackson costume tonight.

    check him out at Love is all you need!

  46. Aaahhh!!! I had to look away at Spanish Nella! TOO MUCH CUTENESS! I didn’t look away long….just for a second and a gasp!

    HAHAHA! Brett looks like one of the Village People!!!

    You, of course, are gorgeous as Audrey….she’s my all time favorite, you know…and her name was on the list for Nora :)

    And Lainey makes the perfect Bo Peep! Her costume is incredible….as are you at making them! We are recycling from last year for Nora. Her flower costume will fit much better…a full bloom :)

    Happy Halloween,

    p.s. hoping something came in the mail…the smokey lady at the post office wrapped it for me in dingy bubble wrap and a flimsy box…yikes! I’m kinda nervous.

  47. OH! And I forgot to comment on the weiners!!! Hahahahaha! I’m immature, too :O.

  48. I love that Lainey is baking cookies all by herself. Nella’s face as she watches is so precious.

    Her face is also too cute for words as she poses in her flamenco dress. You can tell she feels pretty from her expression. Love it.

    I hosted a Sci-Fi theme Halloween party, and we had some great costumes. Check it out here:

    Happy Halloween!

  49. Happy Halloween!!! Absolutely cannot believe that October is over! So crazy. Love the Little Bo Peep and her sheep, but the flamenco dancers are the best! Nella looks stunning in that vibrant red, with her hair pulled back, what a beauty!!
    My daughter, Maggie, is wearing a clown outfit that MY grandmother made for me and I wore on Halloween when I was one year old.
    Check it out on my blog…

  50. I ADORE this time of year. Since moving from CA to VA, I get to actually experience a change in seasons (eeeeiiii!) and the colors, oh my! The colors!!!! Love them.

    I’ll be posting our adorable pics tomorrow at

    Happy Halloween!!!

  51. These outfits are all incredibly cute! Have a great Halloween as well, nice post as usual.

  52. Oh, PLEASE post where I might buy the “make a wish” decoration….I NEED that, really really badly. Yes, I am begging so that you might take pity and tell me where I can get me one :) Thank you.

  53. Those flamenco dresses are stunning! And little Miss Bo Peep and her Lamb are to die for.

    My boys begged to go as Darth Vadar and Jango Fett this year, so we decided to make it a family theme and rounded it out with Princess Leia (me), a Storm Trooper (hubby), and baby girl was a smashing Yoda. We had a blast!

  54. The girls look so cute in their costumes, and Nella looks so grown up in her flamenco dress! Too cute!

  55. Brett looks like the cop from Village People…but the mustache sort of gives him a creepy look…and not in a good way!

    It’s all in good fun though :0) I think Lainey choosing for her dad is so sweet. And the cotton lamb..too cute! But alas, Nella had her own ideas :-)

  56. I am totally dying at the dresses from Spain! My friend just got my daughter the same one along with the matching SHOES! I have to hide them from my daughter because she slips and falls every single time. Too funny!

  57. Kelle,
    I’ve been following your blog since Nella was born. Seeing the pictures of your sweet girls today has made my heart sing – which is a hard thing to do these days (I’ve just had my second miscarriage in a row). Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. You are an inspiration!


  58. Cute! Audrey is on my list of future costumes too.

    Have you seen the toddler Audrey costume on Pinterest? CUTEST. THING. EVER!!! My little one is only 7 months old so I’m saving the idea for either next year or the following!

  59. Nella is the most attentive cookie dough roller ever! Great photos!


  60. Forgive me but…..I find the Native American cheap costume pictured in this post well, rather offensive. It kind of ranks in the same category (for me) as those “Mexican” costumes complete with sombreros and multi- colored striped ponchos. Maybe it’s because the big box costume stores have really gross names for those Native American costumes, like “Indian maiden” and “Pow wow Princess” and the cheap imitation builds on pan-Indian imagery with the use of feathers, face paint and fringe, all of which seems to be a throwback to the 1800s when Native Americans were being killed and forced to assimilate.

    Maybe it’s just me.

    On a happier note, what darling costumes and pictures of your girls.

  61. My little man loves dinosaurs- so I found the tackiest, over-the-top pterodactyl costume. And my little lady will be bug-form.

    Happy Halloween!

  62. with such adorable tricksters to costume, you have gone all out and made them over-the-top lovely. I like your Audrey impersonation too. :)

  63. GREAT costumes!! This year we’re the cast of Harry Potter. My hubby and I are Hermione and Ron. The kids are Harry and Hedwig. So cute!!

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. holy cow, nella looks so big in the flamenco dress!! i love the girls’ costumes-too cute!!

    happy halloween!

  66. Nella in that flamenco dress!!!! Too cute and she grown up, much older than 22 months.

    Our Halloween will be the usual. Trucks and tractors towing trailers full of hay and kids, golf carts and lawn tractors will hit the streets of our subdivision. Big boys will hide in trees and try and scare people and those ‘rents not handing out candy will be sitting in the driveway drinking……root beer (maybe). This is Halloween South Texas style :)

  67. Nella in the flamenco costume is fantastic, my heart melted!

  68. I live in New England and Trick or treating has been postponed in our town due to widespread power outtages. Thankfully not me, I’ve had my share of long outtages the last few years. My daughter is only 19 months so she doesn’t realize she’s missing out. But she did go to a party last week – as a duck!

    I love the dresses from Spain. Too cute. Great costumes all around from the Hamptons!

  69. My compliments on the costumes! So cute, all of you!

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. It took me months and months but I finally finished reading your blog from your very first post…and I’ll admit i’ve shamelessly fallen in love with your beautiful family. I love your happiness, positivity and enthusiasm for life and reading your blog makes me feel happier when I’m sad. It makes me want to jump up and do something exciting or productive.

    Thank you Kellie, you’re an amazing person, thank you for sharing you life with us.

    As for your Halloween question, unfortunately it’s not really celebrated here, if you were to dress up and ask for treats around the neighbourhood you’d probably get laughed at. It’s a shame because I love a good costume and dressing up my little one.

  72. I LOVE the flamenco dresses on the girls! Super cute!

    I was Sally Ride (first woman in space) today! Home-made patches on a blue shirt – pretty easy, haha!

  73. Wonderful post! Love love all the pictures – so fun! Nella absolutely took my breath away with her Flemenco dress – such a beauty!

  74. So cute! All of you. The one of Nella with the fan just KILLS!

  75. Aww, the girls are adorable as always. Love the photos!

    We already celebrated Halloween here in Australia (even though they don’t really celebrate it here) and I am happy to report that I have now officially introduce my Aussie husband to pumpkin carving… oh- and we got 12 TRICK or TREAT-ers!! I call that a success!

    Next year… costume PARTY! These Aussie’s won’t know what hit ’em :)

  76. You look wonderful as Audrey/Holly Golightly Kelle! Breakfast at Tiffanys is one of my favorite films.
    Lainey and Nella look very sweet as Little Bopeep and her sheep. You did a great job with their costumes.
    The girls look absolutely gorgeous as the Spanish Senoritas/Flamenco dancers. I notice Nella is now rocking the famous “High Bun” hairstyle! Beautiful!

  77. Kelle…omg!! I literally lol’d at the first pic of “Mario” Brett as I leisurely scrolled thru! What our men won’t do for their little girls!! Love it :) And the flamenco dresses are killing me! Fab!

  78. Love the little bo peep outfit – too cute!

  79. Oh Nella in her flamenco dress with her adorable little bun and side swept bangs! She looks like such a big girl :) Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  80. Happy Halloween! Love all of the costumes (adults included). Have fun tonight :)

    Our girls are in costume here:

    PS I love the picture of Nella’s feet off the ground doing the cookies…so cute.

  81. Those are gorgeous dresses! I love the girls costumes cute cute cute!! I sent out a cowgirl, cow boy( my husband) and Hermione! They’ve been out over an hour already! Happy Halloween!!

  82. Hey, i love your blog! But I think you should take down that pic of you and your friend in her ‘native american’ costume, as its very offensive, you can see why here

  83. The princess and her UPS man (who handed out thank yous!)

  84. I love the pictures of Nella kissing her reflection! My son is 11 months old and he saves all his best smooches for the baby in the mirror!

  85. Love the pictures! They are such pretty girls. And I love your costume down to the tiffany bag! Fabulous!

  86. No fun plans, just a lot of trick or treating here. I made Stella’s costume, too. You can see it here:

    Hope you all had a great time! Nella looks adorable as a lamb :)

  87. Nella in the flamenco dress looks like a little doll. So adorable!

    My kids trick-or-treated as the Cat in the Hat: I cut white bellies and huge floppy red bows out of felt and duct-taped them with black duct tape onto black shirts to go with their black pants. We found striped red and black (not white, but oh well) hats at Five Below, and off they went. Because they have food allergies, we traded all their ‘unsafe’ food for a cupcake, and we planted ‘safe’ food at some friends’ homes so they’d get a decent amount of safe loot. A success!

  88. Oh dear…someone dressed as a native American? Isn’t that a little offensive? Who knows…I’m Canadian, so not sure what politically incorrect costumes are OK south of the border! (oh, and totally love the Audrey costume. So gorgeous!)

  89. the whole family got into the theme. we were alice in wonderland. we had alice, the white rabbit, and two cards (the ones that were painting the roses red). go to to see pics. i am about to post them.

  90. These pictures are too sweet! Your girls look adorable and I agree, bring on November.

  91. Your girls are so sweet. We had a melt down yesterday and I had a quick costume change for the 4 year old! Sadly we don’t live anywhere near a store so I ended up sewing a cowboy vest. I feel I deserve a pedicure for that creation!

  92. Some interesting insights on the Native American dress, and a good article. I believe my friend was dressed as Pocahontas, one of her daughter’s favorite Disney movies.

  93. Love seeing your Halloween photos. Unfortunately it’s not a big tradition in Australia, luckily though my little girls were able to dress up for childcare. My poor little girl didn’t quite understand and thought halloween was a place :-(

    We have the exact flamenco dress :-) my aunty bought it back from Spain for my little girl last year :-)

  94. I see a November flamenco party in the works! :)

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween. until this year. This year I saw it through the eyes of a child again and realized just how much fun dress up can be.

  95. Perfect Audrey I tell you. Perfect!

  96. Oh my gosh I am loving the Little Bo Peep costume, absolutely adorable! Nella makes the cutest sheep ever. I wish our town had a Halloween parade, how fun! Brandon chose to be Mario this year and Olive was Alice In Wonderland. I’ve shared some photos on my blog.

  97. Looove the flamenco dresses!
    Here is my blog:

    I just put up pics of my littlest one, all decked out as “Max” from “Where the Wild Things Are”.

  98. What??? We can’t dress up as Native Americans now? Hadley was Tiger Lily last year and the rest of us were from the Peter Pan story (Morgan — Peter Pan. Mia– Tinkerbelle. Griffin — Capt. Hook. Gavin–The Chief. Me– The Chief’s wife). This year is good. We are all Angry Birds. I’ll post the link when I get some pics up.
    Happy Halloween!

  99. LOVE their costumes!! So sweet!

    Our town did trick or treat last Thursday…so tonight we just ate the candy without leaving our house. Thankfully last Thursday it did not rain…tonight it did…so it all worked out for the best.

    This was my {almost} two year old’s costume…he went as Woody Hayes, the late great Ohio State Buckeye coach. I once bought him an Ohio State hat just like Woody always wore (bc it was on sale :)) and people commented with his glasses and his hat…he looks like Woody Hayes…so it was a no brainer. Luckily, we did the costume this year because today his specialist told us no more glasses for him…he grew out of his prescription. We got it in under the wire.

    Here’s the link…

    Coincidentally…I linked up to a previous post of yours just last week. Here’s the link to that…

    Keep up the work and keep on inspiring people :)

  100. I was a pioneer (yes, I am 17 and I still dress up.) We have started a new tradtion that I just love. We go out and “trick or treat” for canned goods for the homeless. It’s a blast, and it feels so good making the night about others. This was this first night I could see my breath.. and I got super excited! Over all, on a wonderful evening :)

  101. Oh my goodness, all of the girls costumes are so sweet!!! My kiddos were spider-girl, buzz lightyear and a skunk this year, I love seeing how excited they get when they catch that first glimpse of themselves all dolled up and of course when they score their first piece of candy. Happy Halloween to you all!

  102. Okay, that is the tiniest little bun I’ve ever seen… Darling! And I saw that one commenter was offended by the image of the Indian costume, but I was excited! My youngest daughter was an Indian and my eldest, a cowgirl. Pictures are up on my blog… I’d be HONORED for you to click through and see my cuties!!!

  103. Your girls are breathtaking. And I love their Halloween costumes!

  104. Ohmygoodness! Nella’s face in that sheep costume is priceless! I love that girl! Actually, I love both of your girls (but not in a creepy way….just so you know). Brett’s costume literally made me laugh out loud, that mustache is hilarious! And you’re the prettiest modern day Audrey I’ve seen! Happy November!

  105. Adorable costumes! I love that Lainey and her friend both went as Little Bo Peep – I remember those days of needing to be just like my friends :)

    Adeline was just a store-bought cow, but it was still pretty darn cute!

  106. Love that first shot of Lainey. You guys really know how to do it up Halloween style!

  107. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! All of you girls are :) And I love this season of slowing and savoring… now I just need to do a little more of it! Haha.

    This year my little ones were Rageddy Ann and Andy. Adorable!!


  108. Love the flamenco dresses! My mom bought the same one for my daughter on her trip a couple years ago! They made for a lot of fun:) Too cute!

  109. How funny! I just went as Audrey Hepburn to a costume party last night! I saw the first picture of your costume, and I thought, SHE WAS AUDREY! That’s so awesome! I had so much fun being glamorous.
    😀 I’m so excited about this, lol!

    The pictures are beautiful. I’ve been following your blog since right after Nella’s birth, and I’ve so enjoyed following your family as they grow and enjoy the small things. Thank you for touching my life and reminding me to enjoy the small things. Because one day we’ll look back, and the small things will have been big things. Thanks again. :-)

  110. Two bloggy posts full of Halloween coolness/cuteness here:

  111. p.s loved this post extra much because i lurve holidays, too. love love love love. and we went all out this year. in a non scary way.

  112. Nella’s little bun just melted me. Those flamenco dresses are absolutely to die for!

  113. Wow, Nella is breathtaking! Both of your girls are! My husband, a Marine, made our four and three year old ghillie suits for Halloween. They went as US Marine snipers…pics on my blog.
    And hats off to Jessica Clough! I am a Scentsy consultant as well, and debated being a sponsor on your blog. I was just getting the gumption to write you, and saw a pic of Nella ( or was it Lainey?) in a Scentsy box. I thought “NOoooooo!” :) And I see how well Jessica has done and how far up the ladder she has moved…that will teach me to be idle!! Lesson learned!

  114. I love Lainey and Nella’s costume. Little Bo Peep is so original and different (rather than your typical princess costume). Jeremiah this year decided to do something classic and traditional Halloweeny…he was a vampire…not the sparkly Edward kind, but the Transylvania Dracula kind. It was great and our Halloween was everything it promised to be. I can’t believe it is November already. Happy Halloween!

  115. so cute. you look beautiful in both costumes!

    my girls were bumblebees!

  116. Holy Adorable Flamenco dresses!!!!

  117. I had to look twice at the photo of Nella standing in her flaminco dress.. I thought it was Lainey! And i am loving Brett costume :)

    Enjoy your time at home and all the festivities to come! xx

  118. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  119. Happy Halloween from Norway :) You all look so cute in your costume :)

  120. I Love the Spanish Dress :-) My little girl was lucky enough to get the same dress all the way from spain, last year for christmas from her Nanna, She wears it at every opportunity she can get your girls look beautiful in it too.

  121. Nella’s look while trying to figure out her daddy is priceless. And then the one of her trying to lick your finger is hilarious! Precious babes.

  122. ok this is just weird! I was going to be Holly Golightly for halloween. I’m not even kidding a little bit. I was thinking it would be pretty original for these times. haha! That is hilarious.

    I ended up being Edward Scissorhands.

  123. Oh Em Gee! Such gorgeous costumes!! Such gorgeous girls.

    i love your Audrey Hepburn outfit.

  124. The girls are soooo beautiful in their costumes. Especially in the flamenco dresses! :)

  125. the photo of Nella eating a carrot – her eyes are incredible! Our trick-or-treating was postponed due to the snowstorm that came through this past weekend, and I can’t wait to see the little ones all dressed up!

  126. A great post, so many wonderful photos… fav the back of Nella’s head with the tiniest little bun I have ever seen!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  127. The girls are so cute as always : )
    And you, well, you look divine with your perfect red lipstick and your Tiffany’s bag!

  128. LOVE those flamenco dresses!

    We had a low-key, but fun Halloween.

  129. Love the flamenco dresses!

  130. The girls looked adorable in their costumes. Beautiful pictures…I especially love the one that Nella is looking up at her daddy, so sweet!Hope you all had a nice Halloween :)

  131. LOVE the costumes!! What a great Audrey too!

  132. I look at Nella and can see her learning when she watches her big sister. It is truly amazing to see that. Thank you so much for sharing your babies with us :)

  133. There is something about babies in costumes that gets me every time! So precious!
    Also, Nov. 1…look at your calendar. Only 9 weeks left in this year. Holy cow! Where does the time go!?!

  134. love it! lainey is so cute in her Bo Peep costume and i love nella’s flamenco dress. :)

    ~abbie =D

  135. I really wish our neighborhood had a costume parade. On a street of about 25 houses, I think the lights were on at only 5 or 6. So sad. We still had a great Halloween though!

  136. OMG. OMG. OMG. Nella is even more radiant in her flapper gear. Beautiful pictures and I can’t believe it’s november already! :)

  137. Great costumes on all of you. But I thought, “How daring, Brett is going as one of the Village People.” :-)

  138. Hey, what’s wrong or daring about going as one of The Village People? Do I need to dust off my “Life is a great big tapestry–let’s celebrate every colorful thread” speech?!! Just kidding.

  139. your family is so cute!

  140. The girls are growing up so fast! The flamenco dancers were amazing, and Lainey made such a good big sister/Lil’ Bo Peep to Nella’s sheep!

  141. Is it just me or is the a bare booty of the woman in front of the little girl in purple holding her mom’s hand? Maybe it’s just me….lol

  142. For some reason, the photo of Nella’s feet danglin on her chair just totally killed me. I love it!

  143. The girls look beautiful…you are ready for fall! I am enjoying the bliss of Scentsy right now, as well. Nothing beats the cold air outside than a warm house and the smell of autumn. Hope Halloween was fabulous!

  144. What a darling little lamb! I love your ardor for celebration; it invogrates me to do the same! Thanks, as always, for a beautiful post!

  145. Well.. That was an awesome Halloween kind of a day. Better than mine was…Now the flamenco dresses..Lainey looked beautiful but Nella WOW little diva owned it…like they say in Spain, Ole!

  146. kelle golightly! 2 things. well i have 200 things but am limiting it to 2. 1- Nella looks 14 in that dress standing up with her hair swoop. those dresses are fantastic. 2- I need those lavender kicks. NEED.

  147. Adorable!! Those costumes are just so precious, I want to eat them up. I love that your neighborhood has a parade! How fun for the kiddies!!

    I love Halloween, but I’m also happy to get into November. Christmas stuff is all starting, and I can’t wait! As stressful as it is for moms, it’s so fun to see how excited the kids get…more and more every year!

    My daughter dressed up as a Cupcake Princess. She has also been wearing the costume for most of the day today!

  148. My 5-year-old went as a Pink Triceratops Butterfly!
    How could I say no?

    Oh, and as awesome as it was, the head was pretty big and heavy so after some pouting, it came off early :)

  149. Your photos are just beautiful! (Looks like fun too.)

  150. your girls, as always, are PRECIOUS! the flamenco costumes are to die for! and Nella looks so grown up in it!

  151. I’ve seen you wear it in other posts, but this time I was so taken by surprise my stomach jumped into my throat. The apron. My mom’s apron. Thank you. It makes my heart happy.

    I love you.

  152. love love love that first shot of ms. bo peep!

    take a peek if you are wondering how halloween with 4 boys (3 little boys and 1 husband) works…


  153. my boys were also sheep- one of them took 3 tries on 3 separate occasions before he would wear his costume!

    your costumes are beautiful and so creative!

  154. Love your costumes! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween full of tricks or treats!

    Our family followed the yellow brick road!

  155. I embraced my inner-child as Candyland’s Queen Frostine this year! Happy November!

  156. amazing!
    great photo’s of the girls, i love all the costumes :)

  157. Love that your whole fam dresses up. Mario made me laugh. And, how hot are you in your costumes? Nice work, mama.

  158. Thank you for another beautiful post. :)

  159. Mermaid, Rapunzel, Bob the builder and a purple dragon for us this year.

  160. These little costumes you made are to die for – you’re so creative! All the Hampton girls are beautiful. And aside from the Mario-like stache, Brett makes a pretty decent cop :)

    The hubby and I won first place in a costume contest – I was the leg lamp from The Christmas Story and he was Ralphie in the pink bunny suit. Good times! Check out the pics on my blog.

  161. i donned a witch hat. with striped socks.
    which means that you, my dear, win the prize for best costumed mama in our contest. (if there was one.)

    but my girly-girls and little boy blue looked super cute in their costumes. wanna see?

  162. Such precious pictures! You all look lovely! Check out my costume.

  163. Love, love, love the flamanco dresses. Makes me wish I had girls :). We had a great time making a cool Halloween costume for our little guy in his wheelchair this year. Check it out at

  164. love those photos of the girls making cookies at the table- Nella sits up so nice and straight! And of course the flamenco dresses are the sweetest.

    here’s our completely politically correct family on Halloween (because you already say the other ones, ha)

  165. I have been really upset to constantly see pictures of people dressed up like Native Americans (I am Native American) and so I want to thank those on here who spoke up.

    Kelley – Thank you for acknowledging those who did, however the problem is that Pochantas is a misrepresentation of a real person, so it is still offensive.

    To ‘heather’ who asked ‘what??? We can’t dress up like Native Americans anymore?’ Are you for real? You obviously do not understand that Native Americans are PEOPLE and not some character to dress up as. How disrespectful to mimic a group of people, their culture and not even consider how they would feel. Especially because the idea of an ‘Indian princess’ is not realistic. The ‘warrior’s paint, feathers, etc are mocked when in reality they hold significant importance to the Native American culture.

    Sorry Kelle to go on a rant. You girls ate darling in both outfits and I LOVED yours!

  166. *Excuse the typos, my autocorrect likes to add letters and change words.

  167. hi kelle
    it’s the first time i write to your blog but i’ve been reading a lot… and the more i read, and watch, the more i find how similar we are… i’ve got two girls too, now 7 and 2 and a half, and each time i see your pictures, your girls, i seem to look at mine… the way they stare, their games, the way they play togheter, making faces, kissing each other… you’re taking all the pictures i didn’t take… looking at them remembers me of my girls and how they were a year ago… and those last pictures, the ones with the flamenco dresses are just fabulous… i’ve been taking flamenco lessons for years and i love it… and my girls have the same dresses as yours, including also a pair of little dotted heel shoes… i plan to dress them for mardi gras (carnevale as we say here in italy) and i hope i’ll be able to take some pictures as good as yours…
    your girls are beatiful (but i have to admit nella’s my favourite, she and my littlest look so alike, same “poses”, same “faces”), your blog and your way of approaching life are so inspiring… and at this moment i really needed to be inspired… so thank you… go on and i’ll keep reading
    kisses, franca

  168. Now, this looks like a truly exquisite Halloween experience!!! WOW!
    We have nothing like this here and how I envy you :-)
    I’d love to join in that kind of fun.
    So, I really ought to visit USA during Halloween then?!!
    It had never occured to me that it could be like that?!

    Brett looks very funny in his Mario/Police attire :-) :-)

    You and the girls look beautiful and adorable. Well done!!!

    I love this, thanks for sharing it indeed!

  169. I recently discovered your blog – you do a beautiful job documenting the journey of parenthood.

  170. Hush it!!! On those flamenco dresses!!!!! I die….over those small teeny tiny buns. Lovin it…

  171. My mom gets super into Halloween. She like you made traditions, holidays, and memories a priority.

    Here is just a tiny glimpse of some of her Halloween decor:

    She’s amazing.

    Here is my dad’s costume. He looked a little too much like Ozzy it was a little scary:

  172. Just wanted to share our Halloween fun with you… The girls made quite the jump from last year’s princess (which like you, I tried to sway them to something different…) to superheros this year. All on their own they decided to be Superman and Supergirl. And it was wonderful. And I loved it. Do check out our Smilebox if you have the time… And Kelle…you are fabulous.

    My Blog:

  173. Oh goodness – your girls are just precious. :) Glad you had a fun Halloween!

  174. My Halloween costume?

    You (yes, as in, Kelle Hampton). I know, I sound like a stalker, but I decided to be a photographer and my little four year old sister was Little Bo Peep so it was too perfect and my friend and I joked that I was you 😉 Actually, you could check it out here:

    Your daughters are too precious.


  175. i love you pictures! they’re so beautiful and inspiring. thank you!

  176. Love your costumes! :)

    My photos leave a lot to be desired when compared with yours, but my boys were Joepa & a little Nittany Lion for Halloween:

  177. You make a hot flapper! And the girls look so pretty in the flamenco dresses.

    I went as a geisha for Halloween this year. The photos might be a little scary though.

  178. Your pictures are absolutely amazing!! What beauitful girls :)

  179. Hey dear m a fresher on blogspot and i read ur blog 2dae…i found it really wonderful!U hav done gr8 job sharing your parenthood experience n i luv da way u find bliss in trivial yet prominent things in your life.Ur daughter is really really beautiful.Reading ur blog evoked the ‘feel good’matter in me.Life has 2 be njoyed 2 da core no matter wat…M from India so hav no idea wat is halloween..but i guess it is something 2 be njoyed like a wish u a happy halloween and aal da goodnesss in life….

  180. I LOVE all the costumes! Beautiful!

  181. Hola, me enamore de tu blog, imposible dejar de ver cada fotografia!! Veo mucha bellesa y amor!!!Felicitaciones!Tienes dos seres maravillosos!!

  182. Absolutely LOVE my new Scentsy warmer and Cinnamon Vanilla. I purchased through Nella’s Fundraiser. Thank you for being such an inspiration – your girls are blessed to have you as their Momma!

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