Buddy Up.

This month honors the individuals and families blessed with an extra 21st chromosome. We are one of them.

And yesterday, we joined with other families in our community as we walked to celebrate the joy our children bring to our lives.


That joy was radiant yesterday–displayed on so many faces, in so many hearts.






There are a lot of things I could tell you about Down syndrome–things I have discovered in the past twenty-one months that pertain to my little girl and her future.


But mostly, today, I just want to say how happy I am that she is ours.


Down syndrome is hugged deep in our hearts among other things that make our kids special–like blond hair. Fair skin. Being shy.



Though the complexities of DNA and the placement of genes might have given us a reason to come together yesterday, it was so much more than that. There was a crowd of people–all with various needs and differences and things that make us unique–and we all showed up on a Saturday morning, dragging wagons and shifting babies on our hips. There were little faces with almond eyes, round eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes and somewhere in the middle of it, I couldn’t keep track. Regardless, we walked to celebrate the fact that every child is amazing–a gift.




Baby Hunter, the littlest one there

It was a perfect day for a Buddy Walk. It was a perfect day for compassion and hugs and celebration.








Please continue to help spread the message of acceptance. See a child, not a chromosome. Every child should be celebrated. And every little bit of support helps. Donate even just $5–the price of a cafe latte–to Nella’s Rockstars HERE and all proceeds will benefit the National Down Syndrome Society.

This week, we continue to celebrate the idea that EVERY child is special when we head to San Diego to be a part of Step 2/Infantino’s Everybody Plays campaign.

There is more to learn, more to celebrate. But right now, I am happy to be right where we are. Connecting with others, continuing to move forward, and incredibly blessed to love our unique and beautiful children–no matter how many chromosomes they have.



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  1. Wonderful post! Looks like it was a great day. :-)

  2. Such beauty. Such joy on those faces. Wish I could have been there. Keep spreading the love.

  3. My favorite part: “But mostly, today, I just want to say how happy I am that she is ours”.
    Beautiful words. Beautiful day!..
    Big hug!

  4. The photos are so inspiring..
    I’m glad you had a good time and look forward to hearing about your adventures this week! x

  5. Beautiful babies. God bless them all and their families. Smooches to Nella!

  6. A great cause brings the best in people and yesterday’s event proved that one more time.

    My oh my, the kids are just as cute as they can be with their t-shirts, funky glasses and ponytails at odd angles in the sunlight glowing.

  7. Thought of you yesterday. Looks like it was a great day. Love the pic of Nella and her new friend x

  8. “Unstoppable” is the word that comes to mind when I think of your girls. Nella’s light is so bright, and she has touched countless lives in her 21 months. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey and family.

    Oh, and the rockstar outfits on your girls cannot go without standing ovation. They’re so cute! And I love how delighted Nella seems to be photographed with all her fans. ROCK STAR!

  9. Look how big Nella is getting. Her legs look so long now! I love your energy and your attitude. I thought of you the other day..someone had a bumper sticker that said, “my kid has more chromosomes than yours does!”. Love it!

  10. awesome pics!!! glad it was a successful day!! my daughter brynn sat here with me and pointed at nella in each picture and said “BebE! BebE!” lol

  11. I love these posts <3

  12. Kelly, if it weren’t for me being in another country (Canada) I would have been there :) I’ve followed your journey with Nella since the beginning, and you warm my heart every day. With regards to philanthropy, I was told this past week that I won $20000 to help with my favorite charity Make a Wish here in Toronto. As I have two little boys of my own my dream is to help as many kids smile as I possibly can. Bless you and your wonderful family. The world needs more people like you :)

  13. What an incredible celebration of the love for our children! What beautiful parents walk this route, laughing, smiling, holding the hands of their little or trying to catch up with them…like Chase, aptly named because his wonderful parents are usually chasing this inquisitive,energetic young man to his next adventure! This group “gets it.” Our children aren’t the broken ones…the people in our world who cannot see their beauty are. It is not a buddy “stand,” its a walk…moving with energy and momentum, passion and purpose, reminding a world to look for what we share and not for how we are different…reminding a world we are One Human Family. Our troupe was, of course, loud with music–a jam box pumping out tunes like “Born This Way” by Lady GaGa. As we walked by a softball game in progress, a man in the outfield some distance away heard the music (like I said, it was loud) and began a great series of dance moves…yes, maybe he “got it!” It was a beautiful day and I was so thrilled to be here for it and see some of the sweethearts I had met before…and even meet my Hispanic Kelle!

  14. Great post and so inspiring!

  15. This is beautiful. Your daughter is simply gorgeous.

  16. It is truly a special person that can make another think differently…and yet you do it with ease for the many. Thank you for showing us how beautiful the world can be.

  17. The Buddy Walk is such a meaningful day. Glad you had such beautiful weather for your special day of celebration.

  18. It looks like Nella had a great time! I was glad to see the photo of your dad…I’d missed seeing & hearing about him recently. Great post!

  19. I’m so glad there was much to be celebrated yesterday! Your family is beautiful- thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  20. We always say….And a great time was had by all…and it looks like that is so true here!

  21. I took my daughter to the Buddy Walk here in CO, it was SO FUN! We don’t have anyone in our family with DS but we are adopting a little one from Reece’s Rainbow with another special need. My little girl had the best time, it was a beautiful memory and the DS community is such a beautiful community of individuals!!

  22. What a beautiful event! Glad you all had fun :)

  23. “loving forward” — what a beautiful concept! Looks like it was a great day :)

  24. All I see in this post is LOVE and HAPPY! thank you for sharing with us.Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful day ahead xo

  25. What a celebration. Everyone looks so happy.
    Bella and the others are blessings. Love Lainey’s rock star glasses. The last picture is precious.

  26. Looks like it’s safe to say that Nella got some luv yesterday! Wonderful!! xoxo

  27. Seeing things like this is amazing. The acceptance your family have of Down Sydrome–the way it doesn’t define you, but instead is just another characteristic of Nella and you seem to treat in the same way that maybe another child is left-handed, or something like that–is so wonderful and it renews my faith in people and how much we can love and accept.

  28. If this post didn’t light up a readers life, nothing will!! I feel blessed to read your life story. That extra chromasome makes me smile from my soul!
    Rebecca Wuth

  29. What a wonderful celebration of life. Thank you for sharing!

  30. What a great event! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  31. “see a child not a chromosome”

    love that. x

  32. <3 this.

    I especially love it so when you said “See the child. Not Chromosome.”


  33. Lovely! Wadhere so sad to miss our walk this year – always such a day of joy & inspiration. October is my favorite month. :-)

  34. Oops that was supposed to say “we were so sad to miss…”. Darn phone!

  35. What a beautiful day Kelle. I’m switiching careers next week and though I’ve known for a while now that I wanted to be doing something caring for people it’s your blog that has truly inspired me to go work with those who have DS and other learning disabilities. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration. Love and light X

  36. Looks like the Buddy Walk was a hit! :) Love your photos from the event.

  37. beautiful…our buddy walk is next weekend and we cant wait

  38. I could not agree with your post more! Nella is so lucky to have you as her Mama!

    I’m pregnant right now, and people were asking early on if I was going to do an amnio to check for Down Syndrome. My answer was simply “no, if God blesses us with a child who does have Down Syndrome than we will.”

    It is wonderful to see how God has blessed your family!

  39. Love it all! LOVE seing the pics of the Buddy Walk, just like last year. SUch fun it looks like, for a great cause. PAPA RIK- I love your words, as always. Yes, it is the people who cannot see with different eyes – they are the broken ones. We need to embrace all and teach our kids not to fear the differences. Not to compare, but i think of the vet/actor, J.R., who is on Dancing with The Stars – who ws seerely burned and injured. I am so proud to see him putting himself out there, it is so inspriing. People are not what they LOOK like; they are who they are inside. ANd they are not their number of chromosomes. Love to all from the Blog Mama~

  40. Dear Kelle, thanks a lot for posting Ayelen’s and Emir’s pictures. You are a truly inspiration , not only because all your achievements, but because you are a great human being and as God does not make mistakes, He has choosen you to spread the word about how great is to be the mother of any child, when ready to love unconditionally. Lov U Emir and Ayelen :) lot of kisses for the girls!

  41. Nella is getting so big! She is adorable – love her sweet little smile :) Thanks for sharing the pics from yesterday!!

  42. Thank you for posting these photos and showing how truly amazing these special children are. You are right that every child is a gift. Nella and Lainey are so blessed to have you as their mom.

  43. absolutely.breathtakingly.beautiful!

  44. Amazing!!!!

    She is getting so big!

  45. Such a beautiful post. I love it when parents and loved ones alike celebrate the things that make our children unique. Life doesn’t always happen the way we expect it to. I am sure you never imagined yourself with a daughter with Down Syndrome and I never imagined myself with a son with Autism, but I couldn’t have said it better myself…I am glad he is mine. I haven’t ever walked for Down Syndrome, but every year I do walk for Autism Speaks. And it’s just amazing to be surrounded by those who want to make a difference for these children who are unique, but beautiful in their own way.

  46. What a beautiful day! As I read this post and looked at the pictures, you full of so much joy and peace it was such a sharp contrast to the first post of yours I ever read. When Nella was born. You were barely staying afloat, and now, you are all soaring!! I wish I lived in Florida so I could join you all and celebrate these special individuals. I’m convinced they are truly angels, sent here to teach us more about tolerance and unconditional love. Thank God for that extra chromosome, and thank God for wonderful families like yours who love them as they are! You guys truly are Rock Stars!!

  47. Wish I could have been there.. just beautiful.

  48. As a family with a child with DS we need to offer encouragement and hope to new families, support to families who are walking along side us and learn from the families that have been on this path longer then we have. It is a circle that just keeps going around and around. Thanks Kelle for getting this and and spreading the word via your blog. Our kids are all ‘Rock Stars’!
    Beautiful pictures of beautiful faces.

  49. That last photo…oh, my heart!

  50. great time had by all. luv the pictures. so sweet. (:

  51. I know you have plenty of friends out here, but if you are in need of a place for dinner while in San Diego, you are welcome at our home! :)

  52. Oh how wonderful!!! I have been reading in Google reader and haven’t seen your new blog header! Love it!


  53. simply beautiful. I missed the buddy walk here, as I was out of town. Next year it will be a priority! Great shots. The one where Nella is getting a kiss from her new friend is a keeper!

  54. oh kelly, I wish I could have been there! Thank you for what you are doing to bring awareness to how special these kids are with their extra chromosome! My prayer is that society would see these children as a joy rather then a burden. I am so thankful for those in my life who are born with an extra chromosome, and how much richer they make life for all of those around them!

  55. How absolutely fitting is it that she is 21 months old for this?! It looks like it was an amazing gathering!

  56. You have my love, admiration & respect!!!!

  57. Love the reason you’re traveling this week. Yet another outlet for your lens to show the world just how beautiful “different” actually is. I’m so happy you have these opportunities. You’re right where you’re supposed to be. And as with everything else you have a hand in, I know it will be amazing. Love Nella’s Rockstars! What a great day you guys had. Safe travels. :)

  58. Thank you for spreading the word of acceptance! My son has undiagnosed developmental delays, and I love seeing so much support out there for kids with special needs. It makes me hopeful for his future!

  59. Yes… they are a celebration! God is so good!! Kelle, lovin your rock diva look!! U GOOOO GIRL!! So proud of Nella!!

  60. Wonderful post, the last picture just melts my heart so sweet.

  61. What a wonderful group of people in these pictures! Looks like a fabulous day, and a very happy Nella in the middle of it. Important message today I know, but can I just say – the shoes! Nella’s shoes are so good!

  62. Beautiful post and pictures! Loving how Brett, Lainey, your Dad, your family, your friends and you celebrated the love your precious Nella brings to all! Love the pictures of Eliana and her amazing Emir & Ayelén!

    I get it…I read between the lines…I love your voice and the way you advocate…posts like this one…are the reason…I feel…you are one of the best ambassador for Down syndrome…Thank you so much for being such a great advocate, for spreading the message of acceptance, for sharing and doing all you do… :)))

    Xox…Wishing you a wonderful time in San Diego and sending more love and joy your way~

    “A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” ~Charles Dickens

  63. Wow! That is awesome! God’s gifts of those children are truly special. God created Nela for a reason. Even reading your blog I can see that she is going to be a light in this world


  64. Looks like a super fun day, and your family truly does rock!

    We’re still coming to terms with our prenatal diagnosis of DS (now 18 weeks pregnant), but I’m really looking forward to sharing in that joy that I know our baby will bring to our lives.

    And maybe next year we’ll be dancing with our baby on the Buddy Walk too :)

  65. Nella (and the other children on the buddy walk) looks so content, you can tell she knows she is loved for exactly who she is. What a great way to celebrate the magic in that extra little something!

  66. Ah love the shirts! I want to be a Nella’s Rockstar! <3

  67. ‘See the child. Not the chromosome’.


    (and little Hunter looks sooo cuddly) :)

  68. Such a great and encouraging post. Thank you for being such an advocate and source of encouragement for so many people.

  69. Such wonderful photos of beautiful children! The world needs more people like you, to advocate for these perfect babies! xoxo

  70. love this post!

    i love your words, your family, your powerful and positive message and outlook with your beautiful Nella.

    You are so right, EVERY child is a BLESSING :)

  71. What a great day this looks like-walking together, friends, family. community.
    Nella and Lainey look so cool in their rock star regalia!

  72. Beautiful and inspiring.

  73. Thank you for all of your awareness about Down syndrome. I didn’t know the beauty behind it until I started reading your blog. I don’t know anyone with Down syndrome, but I feel like I know Nella… and she has changed my whole perspective. I love you guys!

  74. Every child should absolutely be celebrated. :)

  75. That last picture literally made me gasp – what a sweet picture! And the one of you and Nella is a FABULOUS picture as well!! So happy the day was so successful and beautiful!

  76. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures, beautiful children!

  77. Hooray! The awareness you and everyone involved in the buddy walk are spreading is enlightening and encouraging.

  78. LOVE!!

  79. I love your photos of Downs children. You are able to capture the life/light in their eyes that so many others miss. No blank stares for you. I love that above all else in your photos. Thanks for encouraging me to keep trying to capture that in my own daughter.

  80. I love that Nella is beaming in so many of the pictures. She looks so happy, as if she knows all these people love and support her. What a great gift.
    I also think I spotted one of my former students in your photos (with his new wife), so now I’m also a bit dumbfounded about the smallness of our world….So glad so many came to celebrate the gift of life! Nella is gorgeous: I love her almond-shaped eyes.

  81. wow… there is so much love in these photographs… my heart is in knots! I have learned so much about this through your blog… so much! I’m so thankful for you and your beautiful space here!!! thank you!

  82. That last picture is AWESOME!!!
    Totally. Priceless.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!

  83. You guys rock seriously!!
    Please don’t take this the wrong way…
    I remember growing up (errr 30 odd years ago *gag*) and seeing people with DS and thinking (hearing people say) “What a shame/poor parents etc”
    NOW? How inspiring it is now to not even think or hear that being said.
    I’m ashamed to even admit thats how things were ‘back then’…you have put a beautiful face on old thoughts…I see not the diagnosis…but the child/person.
    How lovely are these pics? So encouraging and sooo enlightening!!
    One of my triplets had some soft markers for DS in utero…and when asked if I wanted more tests done (amnio) I said “No way, it wont matter to me what he has…he’s still mine.” :) *end ramble haha

  84. What beautiful faces. Lots of joy there.
    Loving Nella’s rockstars and your outfit, go the 80’s!
    Ah that sweet baby Hunter. I can almost smell that new baby smell from here and I can see you soaking it up too. clucky much?

  85. beautiful photos! i love someone with down syndrome… my older brother :) i would have lOVED to see baby hunter’s face! xx

  86. You’re awesome Kelle Hampton and your celebrating and spreading the love is incredible and I am so happy that I found your amazing blog!! Congrats on a successful Buddy Walk…Ms. Nella is growing into such a beautiful girl-her smile lights up my spirit!!

    Have fun in San Diego!!

    (love the picture of her and her PT. I can feel the magic between the two of them. I know that feeling-I work with two little boys that bring that kind of magic to my heart)
    Blessings to you and your family

  87. Who is the man kissing Nella? Is that her OT? I love her expression, I get the feeling she loves him…

    I know you never asked to be an advocate for kids with DS, but goodness you’re a good one.

    Rock on Nella!

  88. Oh my gosh, this post made me bawl like a baby!!! I’ve found myself in a rut the past few months since graduating with my BA, and I’ve recently decided to go back to school and get a degree in Elementary Education… and then I toyed with the idea of focusing on special education classes, and when I read this post I just couldn’t hold it in. So uh, thanks for helping me decide what I want to do with my life. I look forward to reading your blog every single day, and even though I don’t know your family or your girls, there’s something about them that reminds me of my own family that I just cling to now that I live so far from home. So thanks :)

  89. Lovely. We may be spending vacations in Naples in the future (long story, but our extended family will be inheriting a house?) and should totally do a beautiful sunny FL Buddy Walk trip :)

  90. And PS. That last photo is amazng.

  91. Love it! glad the walk was a success…Nella is so beauitful she is really looking more like a little girl and less like a baby!

  92. Thank you for sharing…simply beautiful!

  93. I told the visitors to my blog that this was my favourite of all blogs and it still is. I have known a few downs chldren and they have all been been beautiful and loving as your little girl. Please continue to tell us about your daily life.

  94. Such a great post. Looks like the walk was very successful. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all. The last picture is so precious. You all are bless with two beautiful girls.

  95. One of your most beautiful posts yet! Love the 80’s wear, you all ROCKED it!!

  96. I love, love, love the last picture with Nella getting a sweet kiss from the other little girl. So precious!

  97. What beautiful kiddies. Whether I was chosen to have my Owen, whether it was a genetic fluke, whether it was just that moment that made him who he is, I am so unbelievably lucky to have my amazing boy. You are so lucky to have those 2 beauties too!

  98. This walk was on my mind this weekend. I was totally with you in spirit!

  99. The last picture of Nella being kissed by that sweet girl was enough to melt my heart.

  100. Nice post. Looks like the most perfect day. The very last picture is my favorite. Don’t you wish you knew what she was saying to Nella? Precious!

  101. love the people with big heart…

  102. Lovely. There is a wonderful article in the latest O magazine about a woman named Betty that you should read. It made me cry.

  103. Good Luck , it looks like a beautiful day for your walk.

  104. Love these photos! :) Looks like such a lovely event.

  105. What a powerful message and challenge! And, as always, the photography is wonderful! I have tried HARD to teach my young kids that people are people, just as perfect and special as them.

  106. Looks like an amazing day with LOTS of amazing little ones to celebrate.

    Glad it was such a success!

  107. My uncle has Down’s Syndrome and my extended family would go camping every year together and the thing that us kids all looked forward to the most was hearing the stories that my uncle would make up for us as we sat around the campfire each evening.

  108. As always, loved Poppa’s comments. He so gets it! :)

    Love all of the beautiful faces you captured from the day. All of them unique and beautiful. So glad we are in this journey together!


  109. This found a special place in my heart. It’s so amazing that so many people can come together and support a great cause. The children are absolutely adorable!

  110. Oh, our beautiful babes……choking back tears this entire post!

    And now finally, off to the post office 😉

    Big hugs and congrats on the Buddy Walk!!!

  111. Looks like you had a beautiful day for a beautiful walk. Awesome!

  112. What beautiful little faces. Congrats for being blessed to have one of them to call your own!

  113. Beautiful post! What a great blog!
    I have just started blogging and hope I can do as well as you.
    Looks like everyone had a lovely day :o)

  114. Kelle you’ve taught me so much about love and acceptance and I’m so thankful for you. I read Nellas first post about a month before my daughter, Liesl was born. Now I “oooooh, and awe” over your girls like they’re our true friends. You make this world a more beautiful place!

    Also, I never did hear back from the casting call…. have the families been notified already?

  115. the pictures and this post itself just touches me in a place deep, down where a mother and grandmother loves….deep and unconditionally.

    may you all be blessed this day and always.

  116. I recently found yor blog through the infantino website… I have ben touched by your story and your amazing realness through it all. I am so excited and so looking forward to meeting you this week and having my son take part in this amazing event!

  117. Kelle,

    This was a beautiful tribute to Nella this week and to all the kiddos with that extra little somethin’. We love participating in events like this at our local DSA. It’s so special and something, I too, enjoying being apart of. We have always enjoyed participating in the “Buddy Walk”. :)

    Nella is become quite the photogenic little lady! She is smiling in almost every photo and looking right at the camera! WOW!

    My favorite photo? The one of you two together. I loved your theme and how everyone dressed up for the cause. So fantastic! Last year we did “Chloe’s Clovers”. :)

  118. The last photo is so precious! Feel our love & support for all those beautiful, smiling faces each & every day~

  119. Wow… This is a very touching blog.

  120. This is an absolutely amazing post with some excellent photographs. Your positive attitude towards your child is awe inspiring, that girl’s blessed to have a pair of loving, accepting parents like you guys.

  121. You are an inspiring person. I have a brother with special needs and I’ve never seen anything like your walk before. I love your blog, it’s very personal and your photos are great. Keep up the good work.

    ; )


  122. Good to see you this weekend :) So excited about all the new faces I saw this year, and new friends made. Great pictures as always (especially the one and me and Fi… jk) Say hi to SD for me

  123. Love, love, love! Love the photos (I think I can see Brett’s & the pt’s hearts overflowing!), love your inspiring words, love precious angle nella :) You’re changing the world one reader at a time kelle xo

  124. That would be angel nella!! There’s nothing angular about her – she is completely squishable!!

  125. 21 months. So many days to celebrate the reasons why Nella has made your family, your perspective, and your lives so complete. So glad that you had a great walk and support from your family and friends. Add the Buddy Walk to the reasons why fall is simply a wonderful time of the year to celebrate life.


  126. Love all the pictures!! The buddy walk is one of my favorite times of the year. It will only get better the older our kids get because it will be like one big reunion!!

  127. such a sweet post that makes me smile, Nella is so precious, I mean just precious! what a light she is to everyone she meets!

  128. Such beautiful children and amazing families! Keep up the good work!

  129. Wonderful blog. Wonderful family and friends that you seem to have in your life. No wonder you realize that you are soooooo blessed!

  130. Back again…..tears again!

    *Nella’s expression with Jonah (?)…bout did me in!

    *You looked so beautiful….good grief!

    *And the little girl wearing the “Cutest” logo lives up to her shirt!

    In love,

  131. Beautiful pictures. So precious!

  132. Congratulations of being Blog of Note at Blogger. Enjoy this great moment and please let us know how do you feel now.

    This is a very big experience.

    Jose Luis Avila Herrera

  133. Beautiful pictures,thank you so much for sharing! I recently took my 12-year-old daughter to the local Buddy Walk, and it was such an amazing experience. These kids know the right way to see the world, don’t they? I found you through “blogs of note” but I’ll be following you from now on.

  134. that last picture…LOVE!

  135. I liked ur post very much, and all you blog as well :)

    And…she is so lovely with these pink stars glasses! <3

    P. brujuladechocolates.blogspot.com

  136. I just landed on this blog and I suddenly feel great ^ ^ your blogs is so inspiring ^ ^ Smiles everywhere ^ ^

    Have a nice day and thank you for this happy moment!!

    PS. Your daughter is soooo cute ^ ^

  137. What an amazing post! I have the biggest smile on my face right now!

  138. thanks for the Nice post with beautiful Picture. your blogs is so inspiring.
    again thanks

  139. Great shoes! 😀 Love those pictures.


  140. We too just participated in our second buddy walk here in AZ, amazing day. What a blessing for that sweet new mom to get to meet you at the beginning of her journey. Although I don’t comment as often anymore…your words continue to inspire me often.My BF reminds me everyday not to “cheat on you” with pinterest :) Not a chance!

  141. Those are such sweet pictures and totally brought tears to my eyes! What love!! :)

  142. I’ve never commented before but I LOVE looking at your blog, all the beautiful photos and outfits :)))
    Love the Buddy walk. The little dude with dark hair and the buddy walk t-shirt is absolutely precious as is Nella.
    God Bless
    Kaleigh A.

  143. What an awesome day! The OKC Buddy Walk was also a huge success.

  144. Your little girl is absolutely stunning. I loved all these pictures!

  145. Great pictures! Sounds like an awesome day! I love your site – I’ll be back. I have six kids and my oldest has severe special needs. :)

  146. This is why I love you. Wish I could have been there. xxoo

  147. spot on with this write-up, i like the way you discuss the things. i’m impressed, i must say. i’ll probably be back again to read more. thanks for sharing this with us.

    Lee Shin

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