Friday Quicky

I’m keeping this short because my mother-in-law is coming over tonight and my house screams “Your son settled for less” right now. Plus, Dot’s here and she sits next to me on Fridays while I post and makes me laugh so that I don’t really know what I’m typing.

Here’s the breakdown.

We returned to Outside the Box this week for imagination/drama/art/music/magic classes.


Mainly we go for Miss Lulu who runs this place. Watching her with the kids makes me cry. She is a magnet for little minds, and when she’s teaching–weaving stories with her enchanting Brazilian accent, the rest of the world disappears and it’s just Miss Lulu and a circle of adoring faces.



When class was over, the kids played while the mamas sat on the stage with Miss Lulu and talked about changing the world. It was divine.



We spent the entire morning in the woods today.


Lainey found more fall, right here in Florida.


And word on the street is, a big box of Michigan leaves will be landing on our doorstep tomorrow morning.




I love this one.



Friday Photo Dump:



Several locals have asked for more info on the Buddy Walk. I’m working on one big e-mail response but, in the meantime, all info can be found HERE. You can join our team if you’d like or form your own, and you can fill out registration and pay on site the day of the walk.

And for those who asked about reposting our Buddy Walk links…post away!


Finally, I’m happy to welcome Every Scrap Countz as an October sponsor. Her crochet headbands are perfect for fall, and her terry cloth beach bags and reusable sandwich bags are adorable.


Use code KELLE for 15% off your order. One lucky commenter will win a $25 gift certificate to Every Scrap Countz.


And, if you’d like to join me next week in spending one hour with a girl in your life to help promote Dove’s Self Esteem weekend, you can find activities and pledge HERE.

Company arrives in T minus 2 Hours. Time for a shakedown.

Have a great weekend.




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  1. Those last two are the BEST!

  2. they are so stinking cute!!!!! Happy fall!!

  3. Are you kidding me with that sink picture? So amazing!

  4. Lovely!

    P.S. Are you learning to play guitar?

  5. I love Nella’s “oohhh” face!

  6. A wonderful way to end my work day. LOVE the Friday photo dump. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Love that sink bath picture – so cute! Happy weekend!!

  8. LOVE Lainey’s fall finds!!! 😀

  9. The imagination class looks amazing, I want to go too! I’m also very glad that my Mother- in-law isn’t arriving any minute too, I will continue to delay the washing up as long as possible! xxx

  10. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the leaves that arrive from Michigan.

  11. I LOVE that you are still breastfeeding! Keep on truckin’ on!

  12. beautiful as always! the tiny fall leaves are absolutely precious :) also, i never understood the whole “love at first sight” thing until seeing those crochet headwraps. oh. my. goodness.

  13. How BIG is your kitchen sink? Cause she’s in it? No?

    Oh I love the last one, my daughter is 17 months and knowing very well I’ll never have another baby, I don’t think I’ll ever stop nursing her. Well. Maybe some day, preferably before she moves out, but y’know.. definitely not yet 😉

  14. oh the feeling of a “your son settled for less” house when the mother in law comes over! i feel that way just about everytime my mother in law is due to come over. then I have a glass of wine and a deep breath… and say “screw it, we LIVE here. we don’t have a cleaning lady, but we are happy.”

  15. A few simple words that makes such a great impact on me…Nella melts my heart.

  16. Leaves here in the midwest are lookin’ fab. Wish you were here! Great pics and imaginative play time. Have a fun weekend. xo

  17. Gorgeous photo’s huni x x

  18. Loved your statement about your MIL’s son settling for less! Made me really laugh out loud. I feel like my house always screams that!

  19. Well, I emailed ESD that she’s got me reading here and yes, I’m smiling!
    So glad that someone is sending you fall leaves! Your girls would probably love to do this!

  20. Love the sink bath picture! And we are in north Florida and my neighbor has a magnolia tree with kind of big leaves that have started falling. I think we just may have to rake his yard and do our own fall pictures here. :)

  21. I love the nursing pic while reading, it speaks to me and what I do with my boys (2 and 1) :) just lovely, Kelle!

  22. Good luck with the shakedown! And have a super weekend!

  23. Love the guitar picture…you look like a natural. Do you play?

  24. ok. honestly. the picture of Nella playing the panio is my new all time fav picture of yours. seriously!

  25. Your girls are so adorable and fun.

  26. I LOVE FRIDAY PHOTO DUMP!!! Sweet faces and sweet moments

  27. How magical! I need to invest in some sort of activity like this for my little girl when she’s old enough! There’s nothing like letting children imagine and create!

  28. I was going to mail you a box of leaves a few weeks ago, but I thought that might be a little bit stalkerish. I just know that if I lived somewhere with no fall leaves I would be so sad. As it is I have a panic attack every other day in September thinking that all the leaves will fall before they change color!

  29. Oh my! Love the photo that you love of Nella, too! Many priceless smiles in photos, Kelle!! Have a great weekend~

  30. Never met them, but I love your girls too :)

  31. Gah your girls are be-a-utiful! And what an amazing mommy you are! How exciting it will be for those leaves to arrive :) We LOVE fall!

  32. I love those pics – especially the nursing one at the end!! <3

    I always wished I would be able to have a great nursing relationship, but it didn’t work for me and I chose to exclusively pump instead. I pumped for 14.5 months! This month I was able to donate some milk to a momma in need – her son with DS is the recipient and I’m so honored that she’s going to give him my milk this cold/flu season!!

    I hope you have a great weekend and visit with your MIL!

  33. Coming here and looking at what you and your girls are up to really is a special part of my day! :)

    Good luck with MIL visit!

  34. I love the photos in this blog!!

  35. I absolutely love the very last picture. Makes me miss nursing my babies so very much.

  36. I love that you are still nursing Nella. I was able to nurse my son with DS for 22 months. I loved every second of it. Beautiful pictures.

  37. Yay for finding fall in Florida!

  38. I need to visit your area just to go to that beautiful place of wonderment and fun!!!

    Fall is arriving in VA. Our trees are turning and for the first time in my 33 years on the planet I am actually enjoying the change from summer. Thanks for your inspiration of my fall love!

  39. Um, is it just me or did I catch another “OH” face from Nella??
    Rebecca Wuth

  40. You have inspired me to take more photos, to buy cute clips for my 2 little girls, to try nailpolish on my 2 year old’s toenails, open a word press account, take more picnics in our garden and just appreciate the little moments with my husband and kids. Thank you for sharing your life and photos.

  41. All of it so stinking cute! Love the imagination class (and like others said, wish I could attend one, of course with my little), love the fall leaves in FL, and the sink pic…I can’t get over it. She looks like she is really enjoying herself, too!

  42. The second to last picture looks as if Nella is looking down at her reflection on the countertop and smiling. Love it. <3

  43. only one other person asked about the guitar pic?? I am dying laughing, because I just have this sneaking suspicion you don’t really play:)

  44. I think every time I click on your blog Laniey looks more grown up and Nella gets cuter!! They’re precious.

  45. Oh I love the Miss Lulu’s of the world! They are truly special people. I have a Miss Lulu…but her name is Gaby. She’s amazing. What she does for my kids is simply incredible – they enter a special little world in her presence and it is magic.

  46. Goodluck with the shakedown, we’ve got friends coming for lunch on Sunday, I know I’ll love it when they’re here, but in the meantime the shakedown is looming!!
    Does Nella prefer kitchen baths? Your girls are both so sweet, looks like Lainey had a great time with Miss Lulu. Happy weekend

  47. I LOVE the sink-bath picture! So cute!

  48. Nella in the sink-I LOVE IT!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend with MIL!

  49. love the nursing photo!

  50. LUV that you are getting “Fall-in-a-box”. As a Canadian, I love the changing of the seasons and it is actually how we mark the passage of time here. Glad you are getting your Fall delivery from Michigan soon.

  51. Love all the photos, Kelle. The one of Lainey eating a bagel…she looks like you a lot there. I think it is her eyes. :) Also, love the sink bath photo. Your family is beautiful!

    We just returned from Bonita Springs this past Sunday and I miss it already. What a beautiful area!

    Happy Autumn!


  52. Enjoy your time with your mother in law! I love that you get fall shipped to you! I know your girls will just love those leaves.

  53. Your house screams “your son settled for less”….I highly doubt that! Your house might scream “We live here with two little girls who we choose to love on, and play with, and snuggle more than I choose to clean the house!!” but that’s no where close to “your son settled for less!” I hope you have a great visit with your MIL!!!

  54. A big box of leaves? That’s the best idea.

  55. I’m glad you’re finding a little bit of a fall, even in Florida =] Your daughters are beyond adorable.

  56. fun times!! i never tire of seeing nella’s big grin and eyes closed-she warms my heart!

    i can’t wait to hear about your weekend :)

    happy friday!

  57. I totally recognize Costco Pizza when i see it! Yum!

  58. Seriously LOVE that Nella still bathes in the sink. So adorable. Enjoy the co.

  59. We’re sink bathers, too :-) Happy fall, y’all!

  60. So glad that it isn’t just me who freaks out when Mother in Laws are coming… praying for you and wishing the stress away – because you are not the less, you are the MORE that you have dreamed of and are doing each day!

  61. I love those last two photos! Wish we had a Miss Lulu up here!

  62. I love the picture of Nella at the play piano and the very last picture too. Adorable girls. Those head bands are super tempting. Happy weekend :)

  63. Closets; the cure all for ye olde “shit, company is coming” shakedown.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  64. I am seriously addicted to your blog! I have been reading it since Nella was born, and I check every day (multiple times a day…) for a new post!
    I LOVE your writing and your sense of humor :) And you have two of the most adorable little girls I have ever seen.
    Your blog truly makes me a more optimistic person. Because of you, I definitely “enjoy the small things”!!

  65. Have a great weekend with family. :)

  66. i always feel sub-par as a homemaker when my in-laws come visit! not sure why i embrace the messes, dust bunnies, and piles of paper the rest of the time, but there’s something about their arrival that sends me into a cleaning frenzy (and then makes me wonder why i don’t keep a cleaner house the rest of the time!).

    love those headbands. would be perfect for some fall maternity shots we have coming up later this month!! love love love:-)

  67. Miss Lulu’s looks fantastic. Wish we had something like that around here.

  68. I don’t know whether you got the email or not, but I thought I’d let you know that their is a sketch of YOU on this link:

    hope you like it! if you want the picture, please drop a comment and say so!

  69. Gorgeous pictures and lovely headbands! I loooove those headbands but wish I could wear them more often! FL weather is too warm!

  70. I love the shot of Nella on stage! A born performer!! What a fun place that looks like to go…*sigh*

  71. I laughed at loud at the “your son settled for less” comment! I have felt that way before – even though it’s not true!

  72. I just love your picnics. I need to do one!

    – Sarah

  73. Tomorrow is going to be double good: iphone so I can be cool and photo dump, and our buddy walk. Win.

    Have a great weekend!

  74. This killed me:

    my house screams “Your son settled for less” right now

    Happy weekend!

  75. We’ve been picnicking lately as well. Makes me happy not to have to remind my littles to stay in their seats during the meal :) Headbands are adorable!

  76. Oh, I miss the kitchen sink baths!! My girls are 11 and 8 now, so those days are over, but I cherished those times!

  77. I’m in Minnesota and I don’t know what I’d do without fall – I love this season! It’s wonderful someone is sending you a little box of autumn :)

  78. Love the pics but love the comment about your mother-in-law thinking that Brett settled :-)

  79. My kids and I went hunting for leaves last week too (we live in Miami). While it wasn’t quite what you’d find in NH, where I grew up, we still managed to find a little bit of fall!!! Love the crocheted headbands!

  80. Outside the Box sounds so darn cool. I bet my girls would LOVE it but unfortunately we have nothing like that in S. TX, just like we don’t get Fall. :)

  81. Fun pictures.
    Nella looking at her reflection is funny. Like the dress-up fun.

  82. “my house screams “Your son settled for less” right now”…..Thanks for the incredible laugh. I feel the same way right now. Trying to clean up but I feel like every time I clean one room a different room gets destroyed. Oh well—I think this means I’m having fun with my kiddo so all is well :)

  83. Seriously. What it is about EVERY single post you write??? They all inspire me. Thank you. Have a beautiful weekend. Can’t wait to see it in photos.

  84. These posts make me so ready to start having babies! Have a wonderful autumn weekend!

  85. My mom (in Wisconsin) mailed me (in seasonless San Diego) a big envelop full of leaves last year. I burst into tears! So glad to hear I’m not the only one that hunts around for all things fall this time of year.

  86. Nella in the sink.. SO cute. I love sink bathing kiddos.. i just seems to add fun to the already amazingly fun moments called bath time :)

  87. “Your son settled for less” bwahahahaha!!!! So did my mother in law. My oven only gets cleaned when she’s coming to stay!

  88. I’m sure your MIL woukd never think that :-) But goof luck anyway :-)

  89. The photo of Nella with the little piano warms my heart!

    Oh….and my mother-in-laws’s son settled for less also! :) Maybe I should go wash a few dishes. :)

  90. Oh, goodness – Lainey looks so much like you with her hair in the little piglet braids! My house needs a shakedown today too and I have company coming on Sunday plus a baby quilt to finish for tomorrow at noon – yikes! Thanks for sharing the source for those awesome headbands and the giveway. Good luck with your house!

  91. Love, love, love the picture of Nella playing the baby piano. I have one of Reagan just like it and it is priceless. Music loving babies!

  92. Love the fall pics in the woods!

  93. The last photo — I’m in love with. You are so lucky to have had a great breastfeeding relationship with Nella. So incredibly special.

  94. This Minnesota girl knows what you mean with your fall freak flag… I only wear the part of my wardrobe with earth tones until thanksgiving at least and make sure to take multiple hikes per week in the woods! I love your little woods… imagination can send you to faraway places.

  95. That sink photo is just too cute! And I wish I could pull off Nella’s red striped tights! ;o)

  96. i love the one of nella playing the piano! and your comment about your MIL – i always feel that way when mine comes! she’s perfectly nice, and i don’t think she actually thinks that her ‘son settled for less’, but still, i always feel like that!

  97. I did a shakedown last night before my mother in law came over for an impromptu visit….came out fabulously. I’m sure yours will too!

    Have a wonderful weekend, from the looks of it, Friday is off to a great start!

  98. I don’t know if you know this, but your blog makes me feel so serene. The colors and the words…so calming.

    Nothing about you says “He settled.” NOTHING!

  99. I just did the buddy walk in Montana. We just moved here and it was a little less big than Indiana’s buddy walk but it was great. Have fun at yours.

  100. You’re beautiful, Kelle. Inside and out. That is all. :)

  101. Hilarious!!! Her son didn’t settle for less – her son settled for someone who has priorities over having a clean house (and we all know we’ve read your posts about that!).

  102. I don’t think I could possibly pick a favorite photo! Since when is Nella standing without holding onto anything???

    Those headbands are TOO CUTE! I’d love to win one. I just got my hair cut and it’s too short. The winds are a howling here in SE Minnesota and one of those headbands would sure keep my ears warm…


    Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

  103. Your girls are darling. I’m loving that fall has finally come to Utah–we made TWO pumpkin rolls last week to celebrate. :)

  104. I had my first heartwrenching moment today. My 16 month has a broken collar bone and a black eye all from trying to climb out of her crib and onto her dresser. Now she is in a sling for 2 weeks, and my motherly protectivness just went ten fold. Its so hard to see your baby hurt it makes me hurt, I just wish I could take away all her pain…forever.

  105. Happy Fall! I always love your pics of the girls in the woods. I love fall and all the colors it has to offer. Feel free to visit us anytime. I just posted some midwest color:)

  106. Nella in the sink bath – soo cute (and looks like fun!)…

    And…speaking of baths, that bubble bath, top right, Friday photo dump…candles, magazine…ahhhh.

    Also, I totally resonate with everything you write about the love of seasons. I love how you are finding fall in Florida! Even five years after moving to Australia, I still feel that my seasonal ‘rhythm of life’ is messed up. At the moment I’m missing fall (spring in Australia!), but we’re headed for the first MI Christmas in 6 years…in only 6 weeks! EEk!

  107. What would you do with your days of you had boys instead of girls?

  108. I wished I would have photographed everyday things like you do everyday, when my kids were little, now I’d just like to know where my girls put my camera!

  109. It would make me sad if you were just holding that guitar to take a picture. I have a guitar-playing parent, and I can attest that it is most definitely awesome. :)

  110. Too precious! What a fun day!!

  111. so awesome that you are still nursing little Nella :) did Lainey nurse a while too?

  112. Your son settled for less… I LOVE THAT! I know that is what my MIL must think every time she comes to our house…

    Thanks making me giggle.

  113. Nella and the Piano!!!

  114. I wanna be the lucky commenter! Pleeeeeez! :) Hope you enjoy your box of leaves, Happy Fall.

  115. I love that you spend lots of time helping your kids focus on their surroundings. and you always seem to be living in the moment. I aspire to be like that.

  116. That last picture… oh, perfection. Life is good.

  117. that is a very good pic of sweet nella

  118. Your girls are so so precious. I love how go with the flow Nella is. My son is just a year and has a mind and a will of his own! Beautiful girls and a beautiful life! I am sure the mother-in-law sees all the good and hardly notices any mess!

  119. Please pick me, I never win anything (violins)!
    Love Nella in front of that mirror, Lainey is meant to be a princess (Prince Harry is free!)

  120. love, love, love those headbands! hurray for fall!

  121. I love fall and your pics too!

  122. what precious pictures (esp the sink one) i hope to one day half the mom you are!! Happy Fall :)

  123. I keep meaning to buy reusable sandwich bags, but I still haven’t. Hope I win!

  124. OMG, your comment about the way your house looks had me LOL at the very start of this! Mine looked like that yesterday. Its why I’m blessed my MIL lives out of state :)

  125. We did the Buddy Walk here in Buffalo to support a friend’s 11 month old little man. Derek was born 8 weeks early and is doing great! Here in Binghamton, NY the Walk was done at the zoo. My girls loved doing the “parade” through the zoo with all the people and lunch.

  126. Kelle dear, as usual, your pictures of little Nella make my heart sing…and today’s favorite was her playing piano. Could she be ANY cuter??? I don’t think so! Her little fingers on the piano are just so, so dear. Love her. xo

    p.s. i have been thinking about starting a blog for some time and this week i finally got BRAVE, mostly because of how you inspire me- and did it! so excited to be joining you girls, xo beth


  127. Those crochet head wraps are great! Thanks for sharing and happy Friday :)

  128. I want to go to Miss Lulu’s too! Aren’t some people amazing with their ability to connect so instantly and magically with children? Love your photo dump – great way to remember each week. Those last photos…sigh. Love to you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo

  129. What a happy thing to find signs of Fall! I live in TX and we are s-l-o-w-l-y starting to see a few leaves change. It’s heartwarming. :)

  130. Who is Dot? We’ve seen her loving presence in your blog and photos but don’t remember who she is…(he-he, I want a Dot…especially if she’s good at making people laugh!)
    Love you all!
    Have a great weekend!

  131. I have to say…I always get a big smile on my face when reading your blog…I love how you capture your life and the way you write about it! It makes me “enjoy the small things” more!

  132. YAY, you’re still breastfeeding! I saw the pic of Nella with a bottle the other day so I thought you secretly weaned. That made me sad, but the last pic from today made me happy again :)
    Enjoy your mitten leaves tomorrow!

  133. As a Michigan resident who LOVES fall I am excited for you to receive that box of fall goodness! Enjoy! Beautiful pictures as always!

  134. GAWD, your kiddies are CUTE!! That play place looks like so much fun!! Have a great weekend Kelle and littles :)

  135. I have a blanket of leaves in my front yard and driveway. I could easily send you a box of leaves from Indiana..It’s crazy how many are on the ground.

    Love the pictures, esp. of Nella in the kitchen sink. She was having fun, I bet.

    Happy weekend!

  136. I just love reading about your adventures with your beautiful girls! Thanks for opening up your life for us to read.

  137. Since your mother-in-law is coming over & you need to hurry, I read your post really fast. Hmm. Maybe I need to call it a day. Heehee. :)

  138. Yay, for weekend and family!

  139. Great pictures Kelle! I am glad your little girl found fall in Florida!!! I just moved to Arizona in June and I might not find fall for awhile! Have a great weekend!

  140. Love the picture of Nella on the piano. So stinking cute!

  141. Love your kitchen helpers! Great photo … :)

    And, as a fun little Friday treat …. I just ordered myself a cute little wrap for fall.

    ~ Devon

  142. your littles are getting so big! Look at that Nella standing thinking look at me I am awesome and can stand all by myself!! So fun!

  143. .

  144. What an awesome idea for leaves to be delivered. ne of our yearly traditions were to get our childrens photos taken in the leaves every year. I love the headbands and hats which is what we will need here in Vermont since this AM the said chance of flurries in the mountains. Our fall leaves are falling fast with our rain showers for the next 3-4 days. They are however BEAUTIFUL right now.

  145. Love the pic of Nella playing the piano, she’s being so precise!

    Spending my weekend on another “walk” for ALS, to support a friend whose father passed away two years ago from the disease.

  146. I so wish we had something like Outside the Box here!

  147. I am trying to figure out how any mother in law could not be happy for her son with a daughter in law like you. I mean holy cow, you look like a freaking super model. You wear red lipstick to Target. You are such a great Mommy and you stay positive no matter what. I think you were just being funny when you said that, right?

    I wish I could have met my mother in law before she passed away but I am pretty sure she would have had LEGIT reasons not to like me…. you are good to go. Trust me. You are like the supreme of womanhood. Golden.

    Love the Friday play place. Lainey looks SO happy.

  148. Lainey looks so big and grown up in the picture where she’s eating a bagel.. also looks just like you there!!! God bless Kelle! xoxo

  149. Love the nursing photo!

  150. I love those headbands! My friend bought me one and I have been looking for one in another color! So glad you posted it!

  151. A light in the day as always, thanks!

  152. I love the picture of Nella too!!!

  153. Ohhh i love that u get a box of leaves sent to u ;(

  154. I’d DIE for one of those headbands! So adorable!
    Happy fall!

  155. Those girls are super adorable! Love ur fall posts.

  156. Those girls are super adorable! Love ur fall posts.

  157. I need to find a place like Outside the Box in MN. And if you need more leaves, we have plenty of them here! You pine for leaves, I pine for a leaf-free garage and sidewalk!

  158. Not too long ago my baby still fit in the kitchen sink…ahhh how I miss those days:)


  159. That Nella is standing there like it’s nobody’s business! :)

  160. I love the picture of nella standing in her onesie! I know the feeling of when the inlaws come over! haha. love to you and your family!

  161. Love the nursing pic at the end, as I am nursing my little one while reading your post. Have a great weekend w/your company. And no way your mother in law would ever think Brett settled for less. You are an amazing mom to her grand babies -she couldn’t ask for more!

  162. i love the last picture and i love your long hair! gosh i just love your soul and all the wonderful things it does for so many of us thank you :)

  163. You’re blog is absolutely adorable. I’ve yet to read the full story but how i wish my little one is buddies with dear ole Nella ! She is too cute for words!

  164. I really Like Your posts. you have really good and interesting blog posts keep it up of good work :)

  165. Awww I miss the bath in the sink days. Too cute <3

  166. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Nella at the piano! Your girls are absolutely beautiful and I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing pictures of your girls! What beautiful memories they will have when they are older!!

  167. Your headband is adorable!

    I am so happy I found your blog – about beautiful family inside and out!

  168. Love the picture of Nella playing the piano! She reminds me of my little one when he’s concentrating :)

  169. Ok “my house screams “Your son settled for less” right now” I totally get this!!!! This is why I run and clean every time one of my 2 MIL’s comes to visit! Also, I have got to find an Outside the Box near me. How wonderful!

  170. i love love love how much you and your girly girls love love love fall!!! I hope the michigan leaves im used to my parents complaining about bring youguys all the best joy!

  171. In the one of Nella you said you loved, with the great big smile, she looks just like you. There are certain faces she makes and you can just see all the Kelle in her :) I die for the nursing one too. those ones always make me smile!!

  172. ANY mother-in-law would be ecstatic to have you in the family…I know I would.

    I am also going to take my teenage son’s past girlfriend, whose family lost everything in a recent flood, to a day of beauty like suggested in the Dove advertisement. I believe it will do her some good to feel relaxed and pretty again. Thank you for the idea.

  173. oh Kelle- I’m SURE that your MIL is NOT thinking that Brett settled, she KNOWS that he SCORED with you! But I do know the feeling and agree with a previous comment to say ‘who care, we live here and we’re happy’! Have a great weekend!

  174. Mis Lulu’s class looks like a blast!! And girls can change the world!! Happy Weekend!!

    Tina J

  175. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Michigan leaves! Have a great weekend :)

  176. keep making happy memories!!!!Hugs and sincere wishes for a lovely weekend xo

  177. This post cheered me up after I’ve had a very ‘down’ 2 days..

    Don’t worry, my house always looks like my husband settled for less! lol

    Have a great weekend! xx

  178. Oh my! I’m a new reader and am so in love with Nella :). I’ve never even heard of a place like Outside the Box, what a calling that woman has! So amazing.

  179. I see you in that last sweet smiling shot of Nella. :)

  180. That one of Nella that you say you love…..she looks EXACTLY like you do when you smile big! :-)

  181. Outside the Box sounds like great fun!! Love those headbands :)

  182. Lainey got a hair trim… and a big LOL to “shakedown”!!!

  183. Love the post!! Your girls are so cute!

  184. Just wanted to tell you WAY TO GO for continuing to nurse Nella! I just weaned my 23 month old (since baby brother comes in ten weeks!) Extended breastfeeding is such a super sweet thing and I’m so glad you are sharing the joy with the world! =)

  185. “Outside the Box”… such a perfect name for a place with such a purpose!
    Enjoy your delivery of all leaves!

  186. I would love to ask Miss Lulu if she has a sister in MN! She sounds fantastic.

  187. Your girls look amazing.I love the picture you love the most…Nella is a doll.I can not look at her without to smile… Bravo Kelle!!

  188. I want an “outside the box” type of place where I live (pouty face).

    Glad that you are finding fall and even more happy that fall is coming to you :)

  189. Love your family and those headbands are adorable!

  190. Your girls are adorable as always!!! LOVE the headbands!

  191. I love how Nella still has her “oh” pictures!! I love them so much!!

  192. great to see that you enjoy fall beauty in Florida! Isn’t it lovely?

  193. Nella’s smile in that one picture looks just like your’s : ) So sweet.

  194. I love that you are still feeding Nella.
    I was only just wondering about that the other night when I was feeding my 2 year old.
    Yay for you Kelle! I think that is so fabulous that you are still feeding her. *High five.*
    I will be so sad when I give my last feed to my girl as she is our 4th and most likely last child :(

  195. gluck on ur buddy walk! wish i can be there to join in!

  196. I love to see the photos of Nella making that little “o” with her mouth, so cute!

  197. That picture of Nella lying on the ground smiling is priceless. Love it!

  198. Love imagining Dot distracting you as you write. Wish we were a wee bit closer to participate in your walk. I am a rock star from afar.

    Also, catching up late night and love the puppet show and reflection kiss heart-of-life notion. Agreed and thanks.


  199. As always, you are so inspiring!! Your words are uplifting, your photos are amazing; A combination that has drawn me into following your blog religiously for about a year now! and i don’t follow blogs. i just don’t. but i’m hopelessly addicted to your blog, and i think it’s the love you have for life and your littles, and it makes me want to enjoy the world a little more each day and look forward to luving sweet peas of my own someday

  200. We get leaves sent to us in a box too. :)

    Love the headbands.

  201. Conversation with mamas about changing the world are my absolute favorite. Divine indeed!

    And the last picture of nursing Nella & reading with Lainey, love it. Beautiful, real moments like that are what it’s all about!

    Angie from Ohio

  202. “Settled for less”?!!! No freakin’ way 😀

    Oh, the photos from miss Lulu’s place gives me the chills. I rarely speak about my job in my digital private world, but how I’d love to bring a little of that magic to my work – and offer the kids that visit the library an experience such as that one.
    Gotta start planning and enthusing people right now…

    I hope you had a wonderful Friday!
    And that your Sunday is fabulous 😀

  203. love the playgroup, what fun! and the last two, oh mama..

  204. i love it that you get sent leaves in a box

  205. Too cute that you have leaves shiped in!

  206. My house is screaming, “you’ve lost your mind!” because there’s a pile of clutter on just about every table, ledge or shelf that could hold such a pile. Sunday is not always a day of rest. Sometimes it’s the only day I have time for houseWORK.

    Beautiful post:)

  207. Nella’s eyelashes while sitting at the piano are breath taking! And seeing her stand all alone makes me smile.

  208. Love that you are still nursing Nella! Such a lucky girl.
    Will love to participate in the Buddy walk.
    Happy weekend!

  209. I hope you have a wonderful time playing with your little bit of fall! Isn’t it wonderful how magical the world is at this time of year, no matter where you are?
    P.S. Love that headband you’re wearing… I gotta get me some of that!

  210. ,,,i love the photo of nella at the piano!, she’s beautiful!,,,

  211. sounds funny.. you not being able to write due to distraction by your dot… You don’t seem to have any trouble writing… NElla on the piano… priceless.. better yet… you playing the guitar… on your phone dump…. do you play???

  212. Lainey with umbrella + Nella playing the piano = adorable!

  213. Outside the box looks wonderful!
    I love the picture of Nella playing the piano!

  214. You have inspired me to get out my camera, BIG TIME!! I love how you have embraced life and ran with it!! Isn’t it wonderful how God works it all out!! So thankful that I found your blog!!

  215. Love that photo of you reading to your girls while nursing. You are so beautiful!

  216. The smiley picture of Nella just made me smile right back. How absolutely adorable! I hope your last minute scrambling to clean was the start to a fantastic visit and weekend.

  217. The nursing picture is amazing! Nursing babies is my favorite part of being a mommy :)

  218. “Your son settled for less”???? No way! It’s screaming, rather, “He hit the jack-pot!”

    *Just bought a crocheted head-band at a pharmacy gift shop for an 11 year old girl for her birthday! Wish I would have known about this etsy shop instead! They are so darling!

    *Nella plinking on the piano….I oohed and awed out loud. So love that pic.

    *And your phone dump pics are getting waaay too hard to pick a favorite anymore!!! They’re ALL my faves.

    I smell some future Michigan leaves crafts in the air :)

  219. every single post makes me cry! and, then I SMILE!

  220. cute headbands! i should have my parents send me leaves from Wisconsin! and i love that last photo! xx

  221. First of all, I can so, so relate to that last photo. And how awesome that you found some fall in your “woodland adventures.”

    P.S. Your phone dump made me hungry for pizza!

  222. cute headbands!

  223. cute headbands!!!

  224. Your opening line made me laugh out loud. I have that same thought ALL the time about the state of my house with littles. To make matters worse, my husband’s Grandma lives in our neighborhood and loves to just pop in unannounced to day “hi”. So I am OFTEN thinking that my house is screaming “Your Grandson settled for less!” in addition to “Your son settled for less!” In fact, the last time Grandma stopped by she looked around and (kid you not) said, “Well, I won’t stay, I see you have a quite a bit to do!” Ai-yai-yai!

  225. Love Nella in the sink!! SO cute!

  226. Hope you had a great weeekend! Loved the Reusable Sandwich Bags and Headwraps from Every Scrap Countz!

  227. I love the beginning of fall too. Don’t let anyone make you believe your not good enough. You have a lot of love and he knows it thats all that counts.

  228. I’ve been on a hunt for a great reusable sandwich bag – excellent!

  229. I love the pics of Lainey dressed up like a doll! so cute, thanks for sharing :)

  230. When I’m a grandma, I want to be a Miss Lulu grandma. :-)

  231. Cute pics! :)

  232. I L.O.V.E the picture of Nella playing the piano. Oh my stars, she is a joy. And the one of her and Lainey in your phone dumb sharing a snack? MELT MY HEART. There is nothing quite like sister love.

  233. Adorable headbands!

    Happy Autumn! My favorite time of the year!

  234. I made your pumpkin tea candle holders this weekend. Scratch that, I directed my husband on making them. They are a hit!

  235. Kelle, I am a new reader completely in love with your words. I appreciate your love of life and I can relate to it.

  236. we just finished laminating leaves to make a leaf mobile..u should give it a go!

  237. Love this post, love the pictures even more!!

  238. Love the Friday photo dump every week :)

  239. nothing quite like a michigan fall–gotta do what we can to bring it with us when we start to call another state “home.”

    love the new blog header, by the way!

  240. Love Nella in the sink =)

  241. When ever guests are coming over, especially the in-laws, we have PANIC CLEAN!!!! Everyone needs to either join in or get stuffed in the closet with everything else. :)

  242. LOVE LOVE the “kitchen sink bath” was so sad when my kids outgrew it ;). Picture of Nella “playing the piano” priceless! she looks like she is deep in concentration.

  243. OH i am so bad! i have company coming in t-minus 3 hours and i cant get off your blog! love love LOVE!! oh i love those headbands! CUTE!

  244. es ist eine große Blog

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  245. Dear, I’ve missed you!

    I know, I am really behind here, but the first chance I have had to begin catching up. Its a bright SNOWY DAY IN Nebraska today, so perfect to sit and read your delightful blog with the great playlist going.

    Keep it up, I can never really put into words what your photos and writing often do for me.

    Thanking you

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