Friday Quicky

I just wrote five different sentences to start this, erased them all and realized…it’s Friday. Fist pump, high-on-life, run-through-a-field-of-daisies Friday. This weekend is crazy–all good crazy, but still enough to create those moments of walking around looking for my phone when I’m talking on it. I once found a sandwich bag in our refrigerator with a jolly rancher and a dollar bill enclosed in it. And today, I called my children by the wrong names and sent the wrong e-mail to the wrong person.

I will be back this weekend to talk about the good crazy.

But for now, I’ll leave you with four little things I’m enjoying.

1.) Imagination
Week two at Miss Lulu’s House of Gaia.


There are no rules. Such an open, welcome place to paint what you want to paint, say what you want to say, dance how you want to dance.



It makes me smile. And want to be more involved in our community and art and education.


2.) Driveway Party
Last night, as temperatures slowly dipped toward their current coziness, we gathered on blankets with friends in the driveway and watched our kids.



Many more of these to come.


3.) Crackle

Dreaming of our fireplace looking like this soon:


We woke up hunting for sweatshirts and slippers. Just how I like it.

Lainey’s cozy hat from our friend, Angee, who makes beautiful crochet goods for littles and mamas. Check her out!

4.) Friday Phone Dump


And now, tell me…four things you are enjoying right now?

Happy Weekend, Friends.

Don’t forget, Locals. Naples Buddy Walk is tomorrow morning. Registration starts at 8:30, Walk at 10:30. North Collier Park on Livingston Road. Hope to see you there!


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  1. Gorgeous post and pictures, as always!! Love reading your blog! :)

  2. Enjoying…
    a) the sweet smells of cinnamon apple crisp baking in the oven
    b) the amount of leaves falling from our trees today = a huge pile of leaves to jump in later this weekend!
    c) the anticipation of tonight, where friends will gather, hang out and chat in our pj’s and leave the University stress behind
    d) skype date with my new baby niece only 5 weeks old.

    Happy Weekend to all!

  3. 4 Things I am enjoying right now:

    Hearing my little girl say mama over and over, it melts my heart.

    Watching her SNUGGLE her teddy as hard as she can, or pat it on its back. Makes me think I am teaching her affection and love.

    Cooking for my husband, I love being “that” wife.

    All the crafts I am finding from pinterest. You can see them on my blog if you want.

    Kelle, you are an amazing mom, I truly get inspiration from you. It shows me how involved I want to be with my daughter, not just a bystander. Thank you!

  4. First post? No way! Haha! Just to add: Your girls are just too adorable, and I love the warm, happy feeling your photos bring. They remind me of all the lovely things about childhood. (Your new header is too cool, by the way!)

    Enjoy your Friday! :)


  5. right now:
    -sunshine after a gloommy week
    -soothing ‘quiet-time music’
    -cold water from my stainless bottle
    – quiet pages turning in books being ‘read’ by the early risers
    -reading your blog!!!
    earlier this morning:
    the crunch of the leaves as we took a morning walk!

    LOVE your Blog!

  6. I’m loving:

    1. The fact that my hubby and I are headed to the mountains today to sleep in a tee-pee in the glorious Fall foliage!

    2. The big box of home-baked treats my family in Florida just mailed to me.

    3. Going full-gorilla-hippie in Asheville, NC this weekend. (Think hula-hoops, indie music shows, drum circles, unusual ethnic food, and campfires.)

    4. A 3 day weekend after my non-profit’s big fundraising event last night!

    Kelle – you are awesome :)

  7. It’s been a while since I checked your blog, I forgot how much I like it!

    Have a good weekend:)

  8. Four things I am enjoying right now:
    1. MEA (Minnesota teachers get two days off)
    2. My little tin man in costume!
    3. Naptime
    4. The Big C
    *Love when I look at my reader and see your blog!!!

  9. enjoying:

    1)having a great job i love
    2)my little getting to debut her fall wardrobe!
    3)wearing tights
    4)nella taking three steps today! congrats little!

  10. 1. Memories from last night’s drinks with friends session.
    2. Taking a break to catch up on all my favorite blogs.
    3. Planning family gatherings for the ENTIRE weekend!
    4. My tall no water Chai.

  11. enjoying:
    *coffee and donuts with the lovebugs and my paretns at the park
    *playing a library game with niece A
    *looking forward to pumpkin day with my family on sunday
    *watching B-man copy his sisters

  12. You are such an inspiration for me, Kelle! I wish I lived in Naples to go to the Buddy Walk!! Hope everything goes amazingly!

    I am enjoying:
    1) my sweet 15-month old girl snuggling and pawing at me with her socked feet while
    2) my sweet 7-month unborn girl snuggles and kicks from the inside!
    3) “Boo”ing my neighbors today!

    love to you and your sweet girls!

  13. 4 things for me:

    soft blanket, hot tea, sleepy kitty and your blog :)
    shall be cold tonight over here, below zero *brrr*


  14. Enjoying right now:

    1)My new job-half day today
    2)Thinking of dinner out tonight with my sister & best friend
    4)Photo scavenger hunts with my sister & friends

    It’s feeling like approaching winter today ~ blustery, cold, grey. Gonna settle in with my cats, hot coffee & my new book tonight.

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Four things I am enjoying right now?
    1. reading your blog :)
    2. the fact that it’s Friday!
    3. it’s fall, and sunny, and chilly outside
    4. my new eggplant-colored Haflinger clogs that I broke out for fall!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. 1* Friday, the best day of the work-week.
    2* Slices of yummy swiss cheese.
    3* Family of seed hungry cardinals at my feeders – watching them grow up before my eyes.
    4* New magazines and blog photos signaling warm cozy clothes and Autumn goodness.

  17. I’m enjoying (1) my 22nd birthday weekend, (2) surviving another week of classes, (3) karaoke with old friends, & (4) the gorgeous sunshine!

    Lainey & Nella are looking more & more like sisters each day! Such pretty girls :)

  18. Enjoying:
    The anticipation of carving pumpkins this weekend, turning on our gas fireplace, the possibility of sleeping in tomorrow, and getting off of work early this afternoon.

    Have a great weekend!!

  19. 1. Celebrating 11 years of marriage with my wonderful husband today
    2. Getting ready for a fall football party we are hosting at our house tomorrow (entertaining always makes me happy)
    3. Planning a trip to the pumpkin patch for Sunday
    4. Enjoying the fall colors as I drive around town running errands with my kiddos

  20. Enjoying:
    1. Looking forward to part 1 of my 20 yr high school reunion tonight when at first I was dreading it;
    2. Pepsi;
    3. A night out with my husband who won’t know anyone at the reunion, but we’ll be together. Minus kids; and
    4. Tana French’s Faithful Place

    Bonus: 5. The way Nella makes me smile

  21. Lovely, Kelle!
    Four things I’m enjoying…

    1. House warming party for dear friends tomorrow. We’re going early and helping them set up and I’ll be experimenting with some super delish looking inverted caramel apples. I love party prepping. Even when it’s not our party.

    2. This stage. My oldest daughter is talking ALL.THE.TIME.and I love everything she has to say and the way she says it. And my youngest… She’s 2 and a half. Just the right balance of independence and cuddle-bug extraordinaire. Then again, I’m sure I’ll love the next stages they embark on JUST as much. Every new stage is always my favorite.

    3. The fact that while it’s been very chilly lately, we haven’t had to turn on the heat yet. Hello nice and manageable electric bill!

    4. Cocoa. With extra marshmallows. …And okay, maybe just a splash of baileys Irish creme.

    Happy Fall Kelle! :)

  22. 1. a sleeping baby…on my chest.
    2. puppy chow
    3. a long weekend getaway
    4. jumping in leaves with my boy

    happy weekending!

    2.the rain
    3.making necklaces w/ my 3 girls dough rising

    Happy Friday friend:)

  24. I am enjoying:
    -this sunny yet chilly day (in Chicago)
    – the anticipation of a date night (tonight) wit my husband
    -my braided ‘do
    -my friend’s baby “Ben” because he is just so darn cute.

    Happy Friday!

  25. 1/bright, crisp day w/ blue skies in Georgia
    2/reading blogs with halloween fun
    3/eating leftovers
    4/putting out thrifty finds and putting away no-longer-needs for Goodwill 😉

    adorable post

  26. Love the “dunkin’ donuts” picture :)

    1. The apple crisp I made last night (thank you, Cook’s Illustrated!)

    2. The fresh whipped cream that I made to go with it today. For lunch.

    3. My youngest is potty trained :)

    4. Daddy and the big boys are going to a football game tonight, so it’s just me and the little one and a girly movie!

  27. Happy Friday, the 4 things I’m enjoying right now are, crafting with my daughter, watching my son light up with happiness and surprise of getting a membership to his favorite G rated game site, getting my laundry done, and that my kids had the day off from school and could spend the day with me :)

  28. 4 things I’m enjoying….
    -Knowing that my dad will be visiting in 2 days and 1.5 hours from Florida (he hasn’t been here in over 2 years!) and that my house will be sparkling clean at least for one day (or one hour) due to him visiting.
    -That my daughter, who just started Kindergarten, came home with a 100% on her first math test today
    -The double date we went on last night. Free babysitting (we went during Kids Club). And, we had a blast with new friends.
    -Knowing that I am 100% all done with Christmas Shopping and November hasn’t even arrived yet.

  29. Well, I am at work so I am enjoying:

    1.) A little Bon Jovi being played over the speakers. It’s 80’s Friday at the Office. No Jon, I’ll be there for YOU!! =)

    2.) My cold and bubbly Diet Coke. I allow myself to have just 1 a day. And it’s time for one……

    3.) Knowing that in about 5 hours my hubs is taking me out for my birthday dinner!

    4.) Enjoying my knee high brown leather boots! (And all the compliments I have received on them today.) Fall is here!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy making a difference tomorrow.

  30. 4 things? 1. Having a mid-week holiday. 2. Puppy snuggles. 3. Home-made pizza & home brew beer. 4. Writing & documenting our life on my blog, & meeting new people via other blogs.
    Have a great time tomorrow on the buddy walk, can’t wait to see how it went.

  31. 1)Our perfect Fall weather
    2)Watching my 3.5 and 2 year old love on their new baby brother
    3)Quiet nursing time at 2am ( I know it is crazy but it is the only calm of my day)
    4)Lazy football Sundays

    You are an inspiration as always, can’t wait to read about the buddy walk!

  32. 1: im enjoying the fact that i can FINALLY pull our my scarfs :)

    2: im enjoyed baking pumpkin seeds last week, and im enjoying eating them.

    3: im enjoying watching my little man become his own person with his own way of doing things.

    4: im also enjoying watching our leaves turn from green to yellow, red and orange..

    happy friday

  33. 1: Holding my slobbering, cooing baby girl while she is just in a diaper and happy as heck.
    2: knowing that soon I can go work on a project some more that I am loving and hating at the same time, I will figure this out.
    3: reading and putting into practice what I am reading from the book “If You want to write” by Brenda Ueland (thanks for the recommendation on that one)
    4: The smell of Borscht (Mennonite cabbage soup) simmering in the kitchen, reminding me that Fall is here in full force and I have finely learnt how to make a mean soup.

    Love this wonderful time of life.

  34. 1.) Family
    2.) Boost in my photography skills
    3.) Hot Chocolate
    4.) House projects

  35. I love that imagination cool. We are jumping right into the cool weather up here and I would have liked to have a little more ease into this….LOL! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  36. Hope your crazy weekend goes really well, I’ll be thinking of all the walkers.

    Four things:
    1. Nursing my 5 month old right now
    2. Knowing I’ll be awake overnight to read emails from family and friends living on the other side of the world (literally)
    3. My parents imminent arrival (from Australia)
    4. Maybe catching up on some sleep while parents are here!
    Happy weekend all

  37. I’m enjoying:

    1. The smell in the house when you first turn on the heat.
    2. Dinner with girlfriends tonight to leave lipstick stains on glasses.
    3. Soccer tomorrow morning, carving pumpkins in the afternoon and dinner with friends tomorrow night.
    4. Football Sunday cuddling under a blanket with my boys while we smell chicken tortilla soup cooking in the crock pot.

    Have a happy fall weekend!

  38. 1. A baby wearing fleece
    2. Witnessing high schoolers ready for homecoming (hilarious)
    3. So excited about a babysitter this weekend so Matt and I can go to a wedding!
    4. Sweater dresses

  39. 1) sweetango apples
    2) apple cider (yes – both at once)
    3) fleece blanket
    4) the smell of dryer sheets.

  40. I woke up yesterday morning (I live in Arkansas and we had a cold front come through finally!) and discovered that I was in a warm cocoon under my blankets in a cold room, and believe it or not I love that feeling. I love being able to put on warm, pretty sweaters and comfy scarves. You also can’t beat the amazingly vibrant fall colors here in Arkansas. I feel blessed to be in such a beautiful state! :-)

  41. i just want to say have fun at the buddy walk! i truly wish we could join you guys in support of nella! we shall be there in spirit.

  42. Four things I’m enjoying:
    1. FRIDAY
    2. Planning what I’m making for our tailgate tomorrow morning… Go Hawkeyes!
    3. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Nibs (I love the taste AND the container! LOL)
    4. having a secret :)

  43. Good luck & have fun at the Buddy Walk! I’m enjoying the crisp Fall scents, a quiet night home with my hubs, soon-to-be baked pumpkin spice cupcakes & upcoming family tailgate & Jets game. Fall is the best :-)

  44. I have totally done the “walking around looking for my phone while talking on it” thing… I get you!

    Four things I’m enjoying:
    1) How excited the teenage girls I work with are for our up-all-night-girls-only lock-in (hopefully their excitement will keep me awake!)
    2) Rocking my 3-year-old (in 16 days) to sleep at nap time…Only on days I KNOW she needs it and she’s fighting it
    3) That my husband is totally fine with my crazy schedule and that he’s pulling off the bed-time routine solo more frequently than usual.
    4) That I’m going to start selling Mary Kay to have some income of my own… nervous, but excited (so enjoying that feeling of starting something new!)

  45. This weather is INCREDIBLE, we’ve been doing the same thing–dumping blankets and dolls and chalk and books on the porch and sitting out there until we decide it’s time to run in and get cozy pajamas on. It’s supposed to warm up again next week, but I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for this to continue!

    Let’s see, four things I’m loving right now…

    1. My baby passed her hearing test this morning! 19.5 months and not a word from this girl, we began speech therapy last week and her therapist was concerned about her hearing…but no problems there, it’s perfect! Yay!

    2. I already mentioned it above, but, come on. It deserves an encore. THIS WEATHER. Ugh, I can’t get enough of it. I pulled out the box of long sleeves yesterday morning and my big girls were in heaven rifling through it all.

    3. Homemade frappuccinos. This mama can’t afford her addiction. I have to say, they’re not coming out half bad.

    4. Target’s dollar bins. They’re rapidly draining me dry and I’m loving every second of it.

  46. Don’t be all jealous and stuff but we just lit our first fire of the season this week. No paint required :)

    I’m loving that my boys can now wear the fuzzy footed jammies again.

    Jack-o-lanterns that smile in the night.

    My bright red fall trench coat.

  47. #1 It’s Friday
    #2 The weather is PERFECT today Warm Sun/Cool Air … a crisp 57 perfectly fall degree day!
    #3 The goodies I bought for my girl at gymboree for next summer (on big time sale!)
    #4 It’s time for me to go and pick up my favorite girl from daycare!

    Have a great weekend! Loving the friday photo dump!!!

  48. 4 things I am enjoying at the moment:

    1. Having pj day with my little man today.
    2. A big cup of coffee while my monster snores his sweet little snores next to me.
    3. Pinterest!
    4. “window” shopping online!

  49. 1) Enjoying my new olive colored crocheted hat from a wonderful Etsy shop
    2) Warming the oven up for baking with Alex.
    3) Looking forward to seeing my dearest friend maybe both Saturday AND Sunday!
    4) Looking forward to carmel apples, carving pumpkins, hard cider, decorating cupcakes, and enjoying time with friends young and old.

    Enjoy the buddy walk and every ounce of your jam-packed weekend.


  50. Enjoying….
    1. Official word that my husband won’t be deploying this year as expected.
    2. Crazy gorgeous weather that just screams stay outside and play!
    3. An adorable almost 1 year old who loves his mommy time just a little too much to try this weaning thing yet. So snuggly.
    4. A rambunctious, driven and beautiful little 2.5 year old who amazes me every day with her knowledge and skills. She makes me smile!

    Your blog is awesome and I hope that the buddy walk is an amazing thing for you this year as it was last year!!

  51. 4 things I’m loving right now….

    My 2 month old smiling back at me. Best ever!

    My 2 1/2 year old trying on hats at the party store, her making me laugh over and over again and watching her smile at the pleasure of making mommy laugh.

    Excitement of taking my littles to the pumpkin patch tonight. Told the hubby we are getting a family picture out there no matter if everyone is happy or not.

    And the 4 hours of quite time I got to myself last night.

    Wish I could join the buddy walk. Have a great weekend!

  52. 1. Judah’s sweet “Up Periscope” look he gives us each morning from his co-sleeper
    2. watching the Little Mermaid with my 21 year old son … because HE wanted to see it!
    3. my amazing veggie chili scramble that i am eating – GO BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH!
    4. anticipating our pumpkin patch visit this weekend for Judah’s first Halloween pictures!

  53. 1) Getting all my errands done in one trip.
    2) Fall in my new home.
    3) Realizing that after living here for four years, this is home.
    4) Hearing little bare feet on bare floors.
    Happy weekend and thanks for all your encouragement to be a better mama.

  54. 1. My two littlest ones napping….that means I get a little shut eye too before I have to pick up my oldest from school
    2. My girl’s Nutcracker rehearsals tomorrow and our preschool Fall carnival.
    3. My hubby has tomorrow off (he usually works Saturdays)
    4. Cooler weather in store for AZ next weekend! Woot!

  55. What I’m enjoying right now…
    1. My new job.
    2. Shopping at craft stores for items to make some Christmas gifts this year.
    3. My man. He gets more and more amazing.
    4. The chill in the air and the coziness that comes with it.

  56. 1. Sitting outside in this beautiful weather watching my little girl sidewalk chalk.
    2. Pulled out my fall/winter clothes.
    3. Reading your blog
    4.Knowing tomorrow is pumpkin patch day!!!!

  57. 1.) The 90% that I got on my Psychology Midterm.
    2.) Conversations with my dad.
    3.) Cooler weather.
    4.) My friends

    Have fun at the Buddy Walk tomorrow! :)

  58. Lovely post, Kelle!
    Four things I am enjoying right now: 1. my sweet girl’s parroting of sounds; 2. pumpkin farm trip planned; 3. cool, fall NC evenings; 4. friends who get and accpet the randomness of my communciation these days. E

  59. Four things I am Loving right now:

    1.Friday Hooky Day…kept my 7 year old home from school…went to Starbucks, drove a friend to pick up her car, went and saw Dolphin Tail and now playtime.
    2. My 11 year old, born with a tip off her 8th chromosome, came home yesterday and proudly shared her Honor Roll certificate….first report card with grades and boy did she ROCK it! I’m still crying!
    3. My husband took the day off today to go with 11 year old and her class to the Indian Rock Grinding field trip…love that he makes time like that for his girls, not because I make him, but because he truly loves to share in their days.
    4. My mommy me journals that I just started this week….a place for us to write letters to one another back and forth…a safe haven for all their thoughts…good and bad. We have a 13 year old starting to go through the give me space phase, an 11 year old who struggles with writing and a 7 year old who won’t shut up…hoping it will encourage… a safe place, yet a place of freedom for the teenager,a place for the thoughts all bunched up in our 11 year olds mind to freely come out and a place for the 7 year old to say all that she has to say!

  60. 1: Grocery shopping by myself today at the Air Force Base
    2: The smell of my homemade chicken broth simmering on the stove
    3: The laugh I just got when my fingers typed “brother” instead of broth for #2. (and my ability to edit it.)
    4: A Friday evening of possibilities!

  61. I had to laugh at the fireplace picture!

  62. 1. your blog and all it’s crazy wonderfulness!
    2. a 9 hour stretch of sleep from my 5 week old last night. Can we say ah-ma-zing!
    3. the very first melt-my-heart & make me cry real smile from my baby girl
    4. the curls on the back of my son’s neck, that i can’t help but run my fingers thru while we sit and watch curious george in our pjs.

    have a great time tomorrow! we’re there in spirit!

  63. Sunshine after 5 cold, dreary days. Footy pajamas, autumn leaves and trading summer clothes for fall and winter wear. Lovin it!!

  64. I was so hoping to hear more about Nella’s three steps you posted on FB! I made my 17 month old, Bella, work a little harder at therapy today b/c if Nella’s doing it, I want Bella to do it – even though they are 4 months apart :-)


    1. Pumpkin spice latte on cool fall mornings!
    2. Pumpkin patches, halloween costumes and the excitement of a 4 and 6 year old right before halloween!
    3. My 6 year old son testing for his green belt in karate today!!
    4. Pumkin roll scent from Scentsy – which incidentally I purchased as a direct result of your blog :-)

  65. Looks like a great place Miss Lulu’s .
    Four things that are happening right now,
    1.Pro D Day *hooray for sleeping in*
    2.listening to music in itunes
    3.rain which is downpouring…
    4 drinking tea

    have a great weekend!!!

  66. 4 things I’m enjoying right now…

    1) I haven’t felt an aftershock in almost two weeks!! (touch wood…)
    2) Strawberries are in season… so yummy!
    3) Workmates who care.
    4) After being attacked by a wild cat yesterday, the love from my cat and dog who are standing guard over me. I’m not allowed to do anything without them watching me.

    Kelle, you have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your life and their lives with me =)

    Christchurch, New Zealand.

  67. Great pics as usual. I feel you on crazy Friday. Here’s what I’m enjoying:
    1. The last Krispy-Kreme donut I just found in the breakroom at the office. Totally unexpected surprise.
    2. The new Gavin DeGraw album on the iPod. “Soldier” is a great cut.
    3. Upcoming dinner tonight w/ friends I haven’t seen in a long time.
    4. Photos from our Buddy Walk here in Birmingham, AL. It was our first time & it was AWESOME. I can’t wait to get more involved w/ this community!

  68. 4 things: Leaves changing color, Halloween decorations and preparations, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and crock pot dinners.

  69. love the pics. have a great weekend. (:
    1. enjoying this fall day.
    2. my cup of hot chai tea.
    3. a weekend with family.
    4. my fuzzy vest that’s keeping warm.

  70. have a wonderful wonderful weekend!!!!

  71. -unexpected number of comments on my blog
    -wood stove

  72. Yea! I get that kind of crazy-we do the Juvenile Diabetes walk for my husband and our daughter-it’s a wonderful thing but it wears me out every year! Enjoy your weekend and walk!!

  73. 1) The way my 13 month old says turtle, “tul-tul”. Cutest.thing.ever.
    2) Windy weather. It makes everything feel fresher.
    3) Roasted various squash with butter.
    4) Watching my little family learn to turn inward during our struggles, loving each other even more for the hurts.It makes my heart crack with love.

  74. First of all, I adore all your pictures and your wonderful blog!

    Four things I am enjoying….

    1. Finding out yesterday, that the little one I’m pregnant with is a little man!

    2. The look on my husband’s face when we found out it was a boy!

    3. Peppermint mocha creamer

    4. Cooler weather with the promise of the coming holidays!

    Have a wonderful walk tomorrow!

  75. I absolutely love the photo of Lainey with the crocheted hat. The look on her face is precious!

  76. ~ Getting home from work early!
    ~ Get to see my dad today
    ~ Guests for football on Sunday
    ~ shopping for baby showers!

  77. Mini- cheer tonight… autumn bleecher seats, October-Idaho style. Gonna soak up my 5 year old
    ‘s mad cheering skills!

  78. Miss Lulu’s….we should all have a place like that! What FUN!

    4 things:

    *Down comforters = deep sleeps.
    *Nora’s constant FAKE laughing….hahahaha!
    *wearing boots and jeans
    *Watching my boys excel in school, but mostly in strengthening their character. Their recent parent/teacher conferences made me cry proud tears for them (I “heart” them BIG TIME!)

    Walking with you in spirit tomorrow :)

  79. Loving the fall rhythm of life with more time at home. Loving that my 2 year old is saying “Luf you, mama.” Loving that my four year old is in a great phase of obeying with lots of fun and laughter happening. Loving that tonight my hubby and I have a date to watch “The Sing Off” and pop popcorn and eat M&M’s. Sounds like a great at-home date. :)

  80. 1) listening to the new Evanescence album (love!)
    2) enjoying a long needed day off to just do nothing (and a little early xmas shopping)
    3) eating kettle corn… need I say more?
    4) thinking about one of my bestie’s 30th bday tomorrow! Celebration!

  81. Things I am enjoying: 1) getting everything together for my son’s birthday tomorrow evening; 2) getting everything together for my sister’s baby shower tomorrow morning; 3) peace and quite at work; 4) seeing 5 o’clock come around.

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy the buddy walk.

  82. 1. silk very vanilla soymilk.
    2. 2nd hand store sale. everything $1
    3. YOUR friday phone dump.
    4. that is is 68 degrees. literally the perfect fall day.

  83. i see the donut pass to lainey. AHahahah xo

  84. 1. The leaves changing color to beautiful yellows, oranges, reds and purples.
    2. The smells of pumpkin :)
    3. Wearing fall clothes!
    4. Cuddling under my favorite blanket!

  85. Enjoying…
    1) watching my 3 year old play Angry Birds on my iPhone
    2) the fact that all the bills are paid and we are not overdrawn, lol
    3) a planned trip to Costco to stock up for the next two weeks, and
    4) a positive pregnancy test :)

  86. Yay so happy its friday! Great pictures!


  87. I am a recent “blog stalker”. I found your blog through pinterest somehow and I LOVE reading your posts! You write such inspiring words and I have a more positive outlook on life now, and I’m such a better mom now! Thank you for your dedication in writing such inspiring posts!
    4 things I’m enjoying right now:
    1) The beautiful fall weather, with the leaves turning colors and the weather gradually cooling down
    2) Sewing Flinstone costumes for my family, first major sewing project done on my own without Mom’s help
    3) The fact that it’s friday and the weekend is here!
    4) The best thing I’m enjoying is being a mom to the most amazing children on this green earth: my boy/girl twins!

  88. 4 things I am enjoying right now…

    1. The contented silence of 2 littles sleeping soundly upstairs.
    2. Looking smugly at the Ikea cabinet I built by myself (and didn’t screw up).
    3. Looking forward to the girly lunch I get to have in Zurich tomorrow…funky, cozy cafe all picked out. I shall dream tonight of apple cinnamon rolls and copious amounts of tea.
    4. Watching XFactor USA on TV while on my school issued laptop at the same time. Bliss.

    Oh I could go on and on…

  89. Hummm…. well, living on the other side of the equator I am enjoying:
    1. Spring and the flowers that are blooming EVERYWHERE!
    2. Dusting off the summer clothes and getting ready for beach weekends
    3. Taking pictures and sharing them with my family back in the USA
    4. my husband and our beautiful life right now. I think we are in a good place :)

  90. I haven’t read in a few days which never happens and I had 2 posts to catch up on. I just have to say-Nella and Lainey are so gorgeous, there were a few of Nella in those overalls that just made me smile. Also lol’d at looking for the phone while you’re talking on it because I’ve done it many times.

    1. Dancing to Dora the Explorer’s “We did it” with my kids.
    2. Words With Friends
    3. Perfect fall weather in Baltimore for jeans and a North Face sweat shirt
    4. My little girl’s ever growing pony tail :)

  91. That last picture of Lainey Love is killer!

  92. 1. My husband has finally joined me and baby in Huntington Beach.
    2. I’m missing out on the colder weather in San Francisco (our home).
    3. Getting together with some old friends tonight for dinner (without a baby in tow).
    4. I’m gettin’ lucky tonight! Wink, wink!

  93. One– the fact that I made a gorgeous chocolate peanut butter cheesecake tonight.
    Two– my new sheet music for piano.
    three– hot apple cider.
    Four — planning my nanowrimo novel!

  94. I am enjoying the falling leaves… not too windy, so they kind of drift off the branches. I am enjoying Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix… I’m pretty sure it is what heaven tastes like. I am enjoying Florence and the Machine’s new single, “Shake it Out”… very lifting song, that. And tomorrow I have a stack of new magazines to read with coffee… I’ll be thinking of you in the Buddy Walk!

  95. Im enjoying
    1. seeing my girlfriend from out of town today for a quick glass of wine
    2. fall boots
    3. my sweet toddler in his costume
    4. pumpkin patches and halloween decor

  96. I love your blog! Let’s see 4 things I am loving right now…
    1. The fact that my best friend is flying in to visit this weekend and I haven’t seen her in 8 months!
    2. My new Hunter rain boots that I got for my bday
    3. Fall decorations, candles lit and a glass of wine in hand
    4. Walks with my husband looking at all the beautiful fall leaves and enjoying the comfortable crisp air

  97. Four things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Feeling totally blissed-out after learning on Monday that I am finally pregnant with my first bebe—can’t stop smiling, and revealing the exciting news to the family in creative ways has been fun :o)
    2. The cool, autumnal, New England temperatures—allows for poufy vests, boots, and scarves
    3. Cleaning out the closets and the basements—“simplify” is the new motto, and donating stuff we don’t need really makes me feel good
    4. Listening to groovy tunes on Spotify while knitting on the couch

  98. Four things is a piec’a cake!
    1. Feel so good from my pt appt. I just arrived home!
    2. Finding some perfect remants at Walmart to make christmas surprises with!
    3. Sitting here in the quiet with tv, no dogs being pesty, the bird ain’t squaking…just so nice!
    4. Making the plans and details in my head of all the fun Christmas surprises I am making for my family!

  99. 1º I’m enjoying Tiago with his 7 years old bad temper.
    2º I’m enjoying Teresa’s girly style normal for her 4 years old.
    3º I’m enjoying João’s hundreds new words every day, from his 27 months
    4º and I’m enjoying Julieta’s 11 months of discoveries!

    Good job I have 4 kids hey!!

  100. 1-Comfort food for sick babies! (3 out of 4 children sick and the hubster)
    2-Green smoothies! Seriously, is there anything better for you?
    3-Great friends to spend a crisp weekend with!
    4-Meeting new friends!

  101. I’m enjoying ….
    •Cuddling with my baby ( ok, my dog) cause it’s kinda cold for a evening walk :)
    •Cooking/ baking something warm and delicious fog my family.
    • October weather. AND…..
    • My Birthday Celebration this weekend!!!!!

  102. 1.Running inside after putting out my dogs to tell my 3 yr old triplets that it is raining…hard…and that we HAVE to put on our rain coats, rain boots and go PLAY!!!!
    2.Wearing pj pants to bed b/c it is too darn cold for just a tshirt…rare in GA!
    4.Jeans, sweaters and boots
    5.Halloween candy

  103. 1. Sewing 8 Angry Bird costumes for all of our Halloween parties next week.

    2. Little girl birthday parties.

    3. Fall break with the kids.

    4. Finding out via a text on my 14 year olds phone that he held hands with a hot girl named Scout while he walked thru a haunted house last night. a random, hot girl that he met while in line. What happened to my shy, little boy?

    P.S. Have fun at the buddy walk tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  104. loooove the pics at the art studio…i remember what a blast it was when we were there. its like the perfect mix for little ones….i’ve got to go back!! looking forward to the buddy walk tomorrow. happy weekend!! oh and four favorite things right now….cooler weather and windows open, tissues with the lotion for my little sick girls, pumpkin bread and the way it makes the house smell, cayenne pepper brown nail polish color. tgif…. xo

  105. cozy pajamas, the dog curled up beside me, watching tv with my husband, and the sound of the dishwasher running and cleaning all my dishes from baking earlier this evening.

  106. 1. My boys dressed up in costumes for my oldest school’s fall festival.
    2. Stopping for ice cream even after having their pumpkins filled with sweets.
    3. The cool crisp air replacing the ugly humidity of FL.
    4. Anticipating my husband walking in the door any minute after a long work day.

  107. A big glass of a fully body cabernet, a kit kat (i’m classy in that i mix cheap, yet delicious chocolate and wine). I’m also enjoying silence. My two sweet, energetic, amazing and hilarious little girls are asleep. My exhausted husband has zonked out on the couch. I’m filled with peace, and I’m enjoying that as well. Life is great. :)

  108. I am enjoying hanging with my son watching college football since we hardly get alone time. Girls are all sleeping

    Sneaking in my web browsing while my son thinks I am watching football. Naught mommy

    Totally enjoying looking for all the Shrek stuff I can find in preparation for Sophia’s 3rd birthday.

    Lastly really trying to figure out what alcoholic beverage to make myself. TGIF

  109. Planning on rocking out with her halloween costume and a local kid-band then hitting up the new Whole Foods to oogle at stuff that rich people buy.

  110. 1.pandora radio
    2.reading your blog
    3. listening to the baby sleep beside me.
    4. glancing at my man across the room.

    Happy Weekend, if i were closer i’d see ya tomorrow for a walk.

    God bless you – love the way you mommy – love reading of the blessings you’ve been given.


  111. 4 things I am enjoying right now…..

    1. Finding clothes on sale for my monkey!
    2. knitting weekend!
    3. deciding what pics to use for family calendars this weekend!
    4. Sleep & OJ (not feeling good today-boo!)

  112. 1. That I am loving boot camp even though I think the instructor is evil (yet I want to impress her)

    2. Wine…glorious wine

    3. Building forts and having to work inside of them because B says so (WFH because he is sick)

    4. Apples. I frickin love apples (26 left to eat)

  113. 1. My new iPad!
    2. Cooler temperatures!
    3. Fall is here!
    4. I have a wonderful husband & beautiful daughter. Life is good!


  114. I’ve never heard/seen/met another angEE!!!! I had to comment about your friend’s AWESOME name!! Too cool!!

    Angee :)

  115. Love your pictures as usual and your girls are adorable. :)

    Four things I’m enjoying right now:
    1) I’m enjoying taking time to “breathe in” each moment of my day. So much of life is lived “going through the motions” and I’m totally not okay with that so I’ve repurposed to do otherwise!

    2) I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures here in Houston and the fact that it’s *almost* time to rotate my closet to winter clothes. Yippee!

    3) I’m enjoying (most of) college and all it has to offer keeping in mind “the tassle is worth the hassle!” I’m keeping my eyes on the goal of being a kindergarten teacher!

    4) I’m enjoying and spending time being grateful the people in my life. They’re genuine. They’re open. They’re so, so loved. For them, I am so grateful. <3

    Happy Friday!

  116. Four things I am enjoying lately:
    1. Spending time with nearly the WHOLE family for mine and my grandmother’s birthday
    2. Talking about wedding plans because my boyfriend proposed on Sunday
    3. Sitting in front of the fire on the chilly nights
    4. Hearing from friends I haven’t talked to for quite some time

  117. I’m enjoying…
    1.) the pandora “Pumped Up Kicks” radio station I created
    2.) Scarves…I’m obsessed!
    3.) Pinterest…I’m even more obsessed!

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. 4.) All things fall

  120. 1) gnomeo and juliet: a cartoon full of british accents and an elton john soundtrack- what’s not to love??
    2)our dog we adopted from a rescue. most days, I feel like he rescued us!
    3) staying up late and sleeping in: the wonderful life of this laid back homeschooler!
    4)home made frosties…..

  121. 1. friends taking my girls swimming so that I can write my school paper
    2. internet
    3. MY GIRLS – should be first
    4. summer is only ten months away

  122. I will be thinking of you all today! I wish I lived in Florida, I’d be taking part in the Buddy Walk like a shot! I hope it goes well.

    What am I enjoying?..

    1) The arrival of Autumn weather! At last!
    2) The fact that I have nearly finished my last Assignment for my Psychology course.
    3) Watching my son & husband cooking together..
    4) The fact that my son let me sleep till 7.40am this morning!

  123. Saturday morning coffee, making pumpkin coffee cake. Waiting for the littles to arise for a day of pumpkin and apple picking! Tomorrow will be carving and my first attempt at making applesauce.
    I was inspired by your special leaf delivery, and plan on sending a fall “goodie” box to my aunt in Florida who misses fall very much! Using this weekend to make time for family!

  124. 1) the fact that my husband is home after 5 years of working out of town!!
    2) my carpets that I had professionally cleaned yesterday
    3) knowing that the whole family will be at dinner tonight celebrating a birthday
    4) a good cup of Saturday morning coffee

  125. 1. Saturday mornings in jammies–smells of bacon, coffee, and french toast
    2. Supporting our friends & their daughter,Laney,in a walk for juvenile diabetes today
    3. Pumpkin picking and hayrides
    4. Discovery that I like hummus–rosted red pepper that is, can’t stop snacking on it!

    Have a great Buddy Walk!

  126. Watching my oldest child playing 7th grade football, and he’s getting damn good at it! Watching the same kid play baseball! Fall glorious Fall has hit Texas…Praise Jesus!, Holidays..gettin ready for the holidays!

  127. Right now I am enjoying a giggly morning with my girl eating donuts for breakfast and watching Strawberry Shortcake. I’m enjoying the thought of how this beautiful, sunny Michigan morning is begging us to get out of the house and find a cider mill to visit. I’m enjoying the anticipation of smelling the meatballs simmering in the crock pot for dinner tonight.

  128. a) Halloween is around the corner, followed soon after with November and Thanksgiving.
    b)Lazy coffee Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday mornings, especially when joined with a sleepy, milk sipping little one.
    c)Above mentioned little one falling asleep on my lap during an afternoon movie.
    d)The last few weekends with weather for an outdoor BBQ, sharing good food with good friends.

  129. ahhh! i love the fireplace pic!! you have such an imagination and i’m sure your baby dears just love you for that!!

    thanks for sharing!!

    ps you are one of the coolest moms :)

  130. Four things I am enjoying:
    -Only 6 more weeks left of the semester!!!!!
    -Talking to my Mom. She lives 3 states away :/
    -Anticipating many good changes to come for my husband.
    -The cool crisp air and pumpkins sitting on my porch!

  131. Thanks for the reminder to be positive and look for the good things in life 😉
    1). Nursing babes
    2). Children playing nicely
    3). Boys who are turning 6
    4). Birthday parties

  132. i’m enjoying reading your blog with my 10 yo daughter, after we read ‘anne of green gables’, crocheting a beautiful round baby blanket, the coolness that is now fall and this weekend with the hubs and three kids. love.

  133. I’m enjoying…
    1 ~ These drinking from these huge Fiesta coffee mugs full of coffee every morning at the (cold) bus stop.

    2 ~ Orange.

    3 ~ When bright sun rays poke through dark gray, cloud-filled skies.

    4 ~ Blog redesigns that bring a little more spring into my life. :o)

    BTW, we need a Miss Lulu’s-ish place up here in NE Ohio!

  134. 1. cool bedroom – warm bed
    2. scarves – not just for fashion anymore! Just got a yellow one – you’d luv it!
    3. the autumn light dances through the red, orange and yellow trees
    4. pumpkins painted w chalkboard paint….different face everyday!

    Have a great Buddy walk. So proud of the alledged “3 steps” Nella took yesterday! Awesomeness. xoxo

  135. May is this easy….
    1. Pumpkin. Everything pumpkin. Orange and gold. Orange and gold.
    2. A quiet Saturday morning with my pups. Who cares if Fred’s breath can wake the dead.
    3. Knowing that my own ‘little’ (although he is 6’4 and 215 lbs) is adjusting wonderfully to college life and a weekend camping trip with friends. I’m learning to let go.
    4. My best friend… husband.

  136. Enjoying a warm puppy on my feet, my wonderful husband across from me, the coziest sweatshirt ever and looking forward to a fabulous day of taking photographs!

  137. 1. Pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’s.
    2. Homemade applesauce…fresh from the orchard.
    3. my parents are visiting…so showing them our new house and city.
    4. Poncho sweaters;)

  138. First, I love your blog, it is such an inspiration to me.

    Things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Baby kicks, most wonderful feeling in the world.
    2. Little boys tucked into bunkbeds.
    3. The smell of fall
    4. Saturday Football

  139. 1. enjoying the girls using my save-for-special tea set at breakfasts lately. because every morning is special.
    2. enjoying friends that have similar interests.
    3. enjoying holding real live photos in my hands. not just digital images.
    4. enjoying the upcoming trip to the arboretum after finners wakes from his nap. pumpkin palooza, baby.

  140. four things I am enjoying right now:

    a. The fact that I will get to read another post from you before Monday.

    b. the thought that tomorrow I get to REST and spend the day with my family after a crazy, cray week.

    c. the fall weather.

    d. Fall everywhere! The leaves changing colors, the decorations, pumpkins, and most of all toasty nights snuggles under a blanket sipping Apple cider and eating ginger snaps :)

  141. 1. spending girl time with my mom who is visiting. this is the first time i have seen her in a year!
    2. snuggles with my 2 year old and the cat
    3. celebrating the wedding of 2 dear friends
    4. the smell of a storm blowing in

    – jen
    walls.jennifer1 at gmail (d0t) com

  142. Four things I’m enjoying right now…

    a) listening to the wind howl outside…watching the blowing snow…all from the cozy comfort of my couch!

    b) friends to share fudge with…

    c) cooking food to share with friends…

    d) the smell of freshly baked bread!

  143. pinterest!! Who knew you can print on to tissue paper and make your own photo canvas?!? And I made a pillow fight shield for my nephew that I love and um a lace crown also. I might be addicted.

  144. 1) Celebrating 5 years with my husband and taking our kids back to the gardens where it all began.

    2) A perfect day of apple picking in the VA mountains.

    3) Good red wine at dinner with family.

    4) When I ask my boys to say “I love you” they pucker up for a kiss.

    5) The anticipation of flying to TN next weekend to see my dear friend and her new baby.

    Ok, sorry that’s five:)

    On another note…we are traveling to Naples in March 2012 and will be staying for two weeks. I’d LOVE your input on fun things to do in the area (we typically frequent the zoo and beach). I have identical twin boys who will be 2 years old. I love the art and music places you mention! Anything of the like or your personal fave spots would be appreciated:)

  145. Things I am enjoying currently:

    1. Jeremiah’s enthusiasm for the upcoming holiday of Halloween.

    2. Looking forward to having my bestfriend come over tomorrow in which we will cook Sunday dinner, laugh, and talk about everything and nothing.

    3. Finishing my Xmas shopping next week. I started early this year and finished early, for once I pulled this off.

    4. Jeremiah is progressing well in kindergarten, making friends, and doing great with his occupational and speech therapy.

    Great post, beautiful pictures. Happy Weekend!

  146. Four things I’m enjoying right now?
    1) While preparing for a garage sale, I hit the motherload and found two halves of two “Best Friends” necklaces from the 80’s (both halves were the “st ends” in case you were wondering…)and my entire collection of Duran Duran buttons. Score!
    2) Put on above mentioned garage sale today and made $95.90. Woo hoo!
    3) My baby boy (who just started waving), was waving happily at the garage sale perusers.
    4) Garage Sale + down time spent with my Mom and 2 little boys= An unexpected, fabulous Saturday morning. What I was kind of dreading, ended up being a beautiful day. Sunburn and everything. (hee hee- 90 degree day in LA today…)

  147. 1) hanging out with my co-workers by the bonfire (okay, ditch “co-workers” and insert friends, because that is TRULY what they are!)

    2) sipping on some Sweet Mellow Red from Kentucky’s Elk Creek Winery (

    3) Going on nature walks to discover “fall” with my kiddos

    4) Enjoying a lazy Sunday after our crazy, good weekend.

  148. 1)Sunshine after many rainy days
    2)Gorgeous fall colors and crunchy leaves
    3)Delicious slow Sunday morning with fried potatoes, onions, and eggs for breakfast.
    4)Catching up on this blog full of positivity and love!!!

    Love and miss you bunches, Kelle! And that smile of Lainey’s, wearing the crocheted hat is too cute!!

  149. Love this! Four things I am enjoying right now:
    1. Feeling safe, secure and loved in my relationship.
    2. Graduate school (yes, it’s hard and I complain, but I still enjoy it).
    3. Fall!!! (I’m from PA and the leaves are a changin’!!)
    4. Baking tasty items that taste best right out of the oven (hot chocolate chip cookies anyone?!) :)

  150. It’s Monday morning already here, and I’m enjoying:
    1) memories of a wonderful weekend with my inlaws for the beautiful baptism of my baby niece;
    2) organic strawberry yoghurt for breakfast;
    3) the thought of a catch up lunch later today with my much-loved old boss who retired recently;
    4) the plus side of shorter days: watching the sun come up :)

  151. Wonderful post and it looks like good times for you!

    OK, here goes four things:

    1. The fact of _why_ I’m having a hard time reading your posts “on time” these days: that I’m (finally) in a flow where previously I had stomach ache
    1 = flow!

    2. Still…. had there not been that “challenge” (that created the very stomach ache) had I not discovered your Universe here, and I would never ever want to be without it. So
    2 = the challenge!

    3. Leads me to…. you Universe here, your blog. Although blog is the wrong word, hence “Universe”.
    I love it. It has changed me and my life.
    3 = Kelle’s blog!

    4. My sons. One is 20 forgetting to change his adress when he moves, forgetting to do tax declaration, not understanding all those serious grown up things, being all lovely whimsical.
    And then the small boy of 6 who laughs at a clown at the theatre. A giggly, lovely laugh.
    4 = my sons!

    5. My husband. Who takes time out when it really matters. Who knows and watches me and says the right things exactly at the right time and is almost like a magician when it comes to these things.
    5 = my husband.

    And all this = life!

    Thanks Kelle, there you go inspiring me again!!!!!

  152. Enjoying:
    1. Gorgeous Michigan fall
    2. Football Saturdays with friends & family
    3. How awesome & helpful my 3.5 y/o sons are with their baby sister
    4. Watching my husband fall in love more everyday with our baby girl and teaching our boys respect for the ladies of the house

  153. Enjoying:

    1) being able to bake comfort food again in my oven (we live in a tiny studio, so when it is hot, NO baking allowed! Lol)

    2) the cool crisp feeling in the morning, followed by sunny afternoons where a jacket is still needed.

    3) finishing our wedding album/scrapbook. I just ordered it this morning and am so giddy, I don’t know how I’ll wait until it arrives :) :)

    4) going back to school. I just started my direct entry midwifery classes and I’ve fallen head over heels for them. I couldn’t be a happier woman, when I’m surrounded by mommies, babies and bellies :)

  154. Four things I am enjoying at this very moment:

    Active Child. I see a lot of our music tastes line up, Kelle. I’m telling you… give a listen. Start with “Hanging On”.

    Coffee. This is nothing new. A daily enjoyment.

    A hoodie. It is chilly today in South Boston and I’m not complaining about having to wear a hoodie and even….socks.

    Your blog. It is a very easy, happy, quiet part of my day that I look forward to. Thank you!!!

  155. 1. Dr Pepper
    2. Having my husband home from deployment
    3. My long awaited son growing and learning new things
    4. The butterflies preempting my vacation

  156. Such a picture treasure!

  157. I love reading you blog Kelle!:) have you seen this video? LOVE it!

  158. Very nice blog. I’m more of a humor guy and this was so well written and the pics were awesome. No wonder you have such an avid following. Keep up the great work.

  159. Hey Kelle, a bit random, but have you ever heard of Reece’s Rainbow, an adoption agency serving children with Down Syndrome who need forever families all over the world?

    It. Is. Amazing.

    Just don’t look at the pictures of the waiting children if you don’t want to be a blubbering mess trying to figure out how you can drop everything and get on the next plane to Russia. :(

  160. Love your blog here in arizona the breast cancer walk is sat 29 2011 and our team name is always strong not walking in heels brave girlie but walking with my sisters aunts mom and cuzns.

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