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I have this dream of the perfect friend date.
In my mind, it will happen soon.
They’re all there–all the friends that mean the world to me. Especially the ones that don’t know it.
And on this date, I get to spend an infinite amount of time with each and every one of them. I have a hand-written bulleted list of all the things each friend brings to my life, and I present it to them in an envelope I’ve illustrated with funny comics of the two of us together and the funny memories we share. They’ll laugh at first and then they’ll read my list. They’ll be amazed because all the things they’ve ever done for me? I remember it all. They’ll walk away feeling special and inspired and they’ll go home and tell their husbands, “She appreciates me. She even remembered that time I told her to wipe the lipstick off her teeth. She made me feel so loved.”

I wish this could happen. I really do. Because I do remember. And I always harbor a bit of you-could-do-better guilt for not living up to my expectations of loving and recognizing and honoring my friends like I really want to. There just isn’t time.

I think in this enterprising, demanding time of life when kids and family and paying bills are our obvious priorities, we constantly make efforts to trim off excess responsibilities. When we’re busy and stressed, we lighten the load of our ship by jettisoning things that aren’t necessary in our schedule–T.V., naps, long showers. I think sometimes though, in “Time Triage,” we cast off necessary things, thinking the trade-off preserves more family time. Sadly, precious time with friends is one of these.


Let me tell you something. Friends. Should. Never. Be. Abandoned. If your ship needs to drop weight, throw the clothes overboard. Chuck your cell phone. Hell, get rid of necessary food. But friends? They are the life raft on the ship. The one with the big yellow sticker that says “Do Not Tamper.” And, God forbid, if your ship ever goes down…you need them.

Out of the kajillion blessings Nella’s birth experience brought to our life, one of the most treasured is my deepened recognition of the value of friends. Those pretty orange life rafts that served as decoration, fun, company–well, when the ship is in jeopardy, guess what? They inflate, just like they promise. They hold you up and take you to dry land, and if you’ve ever experienced it, you know never ever to take a friend for granted again.

Easier said than done. There’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it, and the reality of life with jobs and kids and families truly means time with friends is going to suffer. But I’m not letting it go down out without a fight. Nuh-uh.

Behold, a Tip Guide for The Fight:
Making Time for Friends

1. Get Creative.
Sure, I envision Brett watching the kids while I’m cozied up in a bar booth, hugged by friends on all sides and we are laughing and sipping and leaving with the promise to meet up–same time, same place–next week. This is a four-leaf clover discovery though, a lucky encounter cherished on rare occasions. In the meantime, we have to get crafty for enjoying each others’ company. Which is why I like to kill two birds with one stone–turn necessary activities like grocery shopping or carpooling to a birthday party into meaningful friend time.

We “Target Alert” each other. A simple text dispatched to friends: “Hitting Target in five minutes. You in?” And being that a trip to Target is always on the to-do list, more often than not the response of friends is something along the lines of “Meet you in the dollar section.”

And if you haven’t experienced it, Synchronized Grocery Shopping is right up there with dinners and happy hours and perfectly planned events.


Heidi and I do it all the time–strolling through aisles, cart to cart, throwing embarrassing things into each other’s baskets, planning each other’s dinner menus, catching up on important matters of business.



2. Incorporate the Kids
Some of my favorite friend moments have been nothing more than two of us, cross-legged on a kids’ bedroom rug, talking about life while we watch our kids smear chap stick on each other or play dolls.


Park dates turn into afternoon parties when more mamas are present and, while kids are climbing and swinging and sliding, we stretch out on a blanket and dream. And someday, when life is even crazier, we will talk about how great it was when getting together was as easy as an all call to the playground or a pow wow on a bedroom rug.

3. Lower Expectations
I love to entertain friends, but I’ve built up in my mind that it has to be perfect–that I can’t invite people to my home unless the floors are mopped and candles are flickering and the oven’s about to ding in thirty seconds, perfectly timing hot coffee cake for arriving guests.

This is my friend Dede’s house. She lives across the street and yes, her house always looks like this.

If this was the case, I’d never see friends. I’ve learned good friendships come with vulnerability, and some of the most beautiful conversations can indeed happen while sitting on top of two-day old smashed laundry.

This moment? It will not be forgotten.

This is my house. I live across from Dede and yes, my house always looks like this. Okay a lot of the time.

Invite them over. Mi casa, su casa, Baby.

4. Get it on the calendar.
I can’t tell you how many times we’ve excitedly planned a night out, a trip to the movies, etc. and never followed through. We’ll talk on the phone and say things like “Girls night next week, right?” and we answer, “Absolutely, can’t wait,” but next week means nothing unless it has a date on it. Unless it’s been typed into a phone calendar with an alarm the day before and a back-up alarm the day of. Time with friends is worth the effort of purposely planning dates. Better yet, make a reoccurring plan and stick to it.


Every Sunday morning, I have coffee with my friend Wylie. It is a given–something I look forward to all week.


Tuesdays are lunch with my friend Andrea after ballet and Fridays are afternoons with Dot. We do our best not to cancel, and when we have to, we feel the loss.

If we can make time to show up for doctor appointments, hair cuts and ballet class, surely we can pencil in a good renewing moment with friends.

5. Desperate Measures
If it’s been a long time since I’ve contacted a friend or I feel like I haven’t done a good job at showing interest in her life or asking how things are going, sometimes I feel guilty and deal with it by further avoidance. Being forthright and honest is always the best medicine. Sometimes, it feels good to pick up the phone and call. To leave an “I’ve been thinking about you” message on a Facebook wall. To text a funny picture to let them know they haven’t been forgotten. Or sometimes a simple apology. “I’ve been busy, I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you.” The best kind of friends are like a cactus–they don’t take much “work” to grow and are easy to maintain, but even a cactus needs a little water now and then.

Desperate measures mean spontaneity. Call your friend and tell her to drop everything and meet you at Starbucks. Get your kids in the car and invite your neighbor to the park with you. Text an all-call for sunset on the beach, or knock on your friend’s door in your pajamas late at night and tell her you need a chat.

Speaking of, one of my favorite friend moments lately? Pajama dates. When kids are asleep and the moon is bright and I’m about to go to bed…but no. There’s an opportunity to nurture a friendship. A quick dash across the street to Dede’s house. Because finding time for friends means searching for any available pockets of time. And I guarantee you, that fireside chat last night was far more replenishing than the sleep I missed.


Someday, I will plan that perfect date. But for now, I will continue to make efforts and find ways to nurture my friendships because they are a valuable part of my life.


Do you have any creative ways for fitting in time with friends? Any memorable traditions that you make efforts to maintain? Hallmark and I would love to know how you make time for your friends. Do tell.


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  1. What great photos – a lot of love there!!

  2. Great photos! You do such a great job at capturing “the moment” Makes me want to plan a girls weekend STAT!

  3. love this :)

  4. I so love the times I have with my girlfriends while the kids are playing. Or sneaking away to a coffee shop or bar while the dads man the fort. Great pictures!!

  5. As always your posts are inspiring me and your pictures are amazing!!! than you for sharing!!!

  6. This post made me realise that I need more friends! I want the ‘net’ that you have spoken about before.

    I have one friend that lives over 6hours away.. We talk numerous times a day and I know that if i’m stuck she’d been here in a heartbeat and I’d do the same for her.. Can you have a net with just you and one other person?!?

    Fantastic post. It really made me smile :)

  7. I LOVE the Target date idea. :) Because I’m there 3 times a week anyways. I try and do coffee a couple times a month after dropping my oldest off at preschool. I let all my friends know where and when, and sometimes there are 10 of us, and sometimes it’s just me and my youngest.

  8. You are so right about how important is to to nurture and cherish friendships. Thank you for the wonderful ideas on how to maintain them! I really like the one about getting it on the calendar. I think that is the first one that I am going to tackle. You have me quite inspired!!!

  9. I’ve got to great mama friends that live in my neighborhood, one directly across the street. Some of our greatest times are an impromptu bottle of wine on one of our lanais, just after tucking the kids in and leaving the husbands to enjoy watchever game is on tv.

  10. Let’s face it–much of our allotted social time revolves around our children’s friends, right? I’m fortunate enough to truly enjoy the parents of my sons’ friends–getting together is a win-win situation.
    We’re always out and about at the park, or going for a bike ride, so I usually see if friends can meet up with us. I enjoy the sense of community; we’re all in this life together!

  11. Me and my friends are doing monthly crafting frenzy nights…it’s a great bonding and sharing of common interests time.

  12. thank you! this is just what i needed to hear, sitting here thinking i have no friends, i’m so lonely. i just need to make time to give my little cactus some water and watch it bloom.

  13. Seems like u have an awesome group of friends. Lucky u! Thanks for sharing. xo

  14. Just today myself and three of my other friends had a play date with all of our kids. We rotate houses and each week a different Mom makes breakfast. We eat, the kids play, and we catch up on life. There’s usually a mess, a few tears from the kiddos, and lots of good food and great conversation!

  15. I’ve had so many wonderful friends in my life. Now, more than ever I understand how important friends are. I had just moved to a new place and then LIFE happened to me in lots of ways and I didn’t have any friends in this new place. I’ve been lonely and afraid and realized just how important friends are. Now it’s my turn to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else. Everyone needs a friend.

  16. Great post!! Me and my friend have every Monday morning set for coffee…same time same place!! The Target date is a great idea…who doesn’t love Target!! Thanks for the post…now I need to go call my friends!! :)


  17. Either taking a walk or jog is a time for me to catch up. I also have done the whole “Target Run” … I need some more ideas as well….espeically for those of my friends that live 1-2 hours away. I have many of those!
    Thanks for the poke to keep in touch with friends. I just text a friend of mine about setting up a phone date!

  18. Some of my dearest friends are states apart, so three of us meet once a week or so and drink something tasty while we video chat :).

  19. When I was a kid, I used to LOVE sitting under a great big shade tree just gabbing the afternoon away with my bestie!
    Great post, GREAT photos!

  20. Betcha didn’t know I envision conversations with you all.the.time. I promise, still, that I am not weird.

    My friend and I text the good sales to each other, or surprise each other with a latte’.

    Good friend stuff….loved this post!

    (psst….did you get my last FB message? It’s veeery important 😉

  21. We have an adults-only getaway (4 couple-friends) every spring. Only for a few days and us ladies spend a lot of the time finding the perfect souvenirs to take home to our kids. But the uninterrupted conversation and 2 or 3 days away is priceless for our marriages and friendships. I love the joint-shopping trips. I try to usually txt my neighbor friends when I’m making a late-night trip to Walmart to see if they need anything so they dont have to go out. I then can stop in and say hi when I drop off their rolls of toilet paper or gallon of milk. Thank goodness for txting! Our neighbors and best friends also have dinner together every Thursday night. We rotate houses and who cooks. It guarantees our families having time together and gives each other a night off from cooking/cleaning up every other week. :)

  22. I love this post. I NEEDED these ideas. Right now 98% of my best friends are out of state, so it’s just been silly texts and leaving movie quotes on each others’ walls. I sent out a genuine, real card to one of these friends yesterday cordially asking her to be my real life pen pal. No e-mails, facebook messages, or comments on photos. They must be written down on stationary with ink. :) I can’t wait to receive real mail again!

  23. My friends and I used to meet for a run and then coffee at 5am on Saturday mornings…religiously. After all, if you plan it for that early very little can get in the way :-) I have sinced moved and miss it terribly!

  24. I started a fitness bootcamp so I could regularly see my friends without kids. I often just have ppl over for a bbq lunch or meetup in groups so u get to squeeze more in.

  25. Yes, the true friend is the one who comes in when everyone else has left. I love your friends, and I never felt the strength of their fabric like I did the evening Nella roared like a comet into our hearts. Silent strength sent in loving expressions, arms that seemed to mend our brokenness, words that introduced a new language of pure, distilled love. And friends make the setting peripheral…it can be orderly or messy, beautiful or unsightly…it still makes your heart feel at home. And if it gets too crazy at your house, Kelle, I just sneak across the street and visit Dede…who has a coaster under her champagne flute and where I don’t have to fold clothes before I find a place to sit…(supportive, loving giggle here). I love your friends, and their love for my family!


  26. Kelle,

    You’re spot on. Where would we be in life without the support and love of family and friends, which is essentially a family that you get to choose! I love my friends for the love and laughter they bring into my life, for giving me an outlet when I need to vent or share something exciting. When something sad happens, it doesn’t seem like such a big ordeal when you re-tell the story on the phone about 12 times; and the happiest moments only increase in their value when you get to savor them by sharing it with friends.

    Thanks for letting us take a step back and give a quick prayer of thanks for all the wonderful friendships in our lives!


    P.S. I work for Target HQ, and I love that our stores serve as a place where female friendships can be nurtured!

  27. Love this post! So often friendships are swept under the rug. My best friend and I go on a “friendymoon” once a year. Even if it’s just a weekend at the beach, it’s time we need to recharge and enjoy each other without the distraction of husbands and little ones. :)

  28. We do a weekly dinner potluck w/ a couple close families. We only meet for an hour and the food is ready to eat right when everyone arrives. It is great, b/c we connect every week, but there is no pressure to entertain for an entire evening. You talk, eat and go home to do whatever still needs to get done that evening!

  29. I’m working on this…. More casual dinners, being okay with Ellie awake far too late, and just put a walk with a good friend on the calendar!

  30. My two best girlfriends and I are from Nebraska. We have road-tripped to Houston, Texas the last two years. That’s where we get to spend 30+ hours of driving time to catch-up and reconnect. (however, it always feels we can pick up right where we left off!) I love those girls and always cherish my time with them.

  31. Loved this post.

  32. Love this! I struggle with maintaining my friendships because so many of my girls are far away. We all convened in TN from all over the country for college, then dispersed again when we graduated. But we do what we can. Just this weekend I had a few hours with my lifelong BFF who lives 12 hours away. It was impromptu and nothing fancy – but it was wonderful.

    And as for friends around here, it’s been harder than I expected to make friends as an adult in my own home state and town once all of my high school friends moved away, but I’m working on it.

    Just today, I was going to skip a book club meeting because I hadn’t finished (or, um, started) the book. But I didn’t want to miss out on the gathering. So I’m reading a little throughout the day and going because seeing friends is worth it.

  33. This was awesome!! Just what I needed to hear. I’m gonna do better…use your tips. So easy!! So good!

    Thank you!

  34. I love the photos. I do.

    I am in a moment in my life where I have very few friends, if any. Nobody is on the same wave length, things are just so different. It does not help I was raised in a generation where we really aren’t well, friends anymore. People have different aspects and we never take time for things.

    I would love to have a friend to go do lunch with, talk to, pedicure, shopping, etc. I just don’t think they exist anymore, for me, anyways.

  35. When my ‘sisters from other mothers’ and I moved from next-doorsies to cross-country-ies we lost visual contact and still pictures were not filling the void. Two of us got Skype-enabled a month or so back and the first time we actually saw one another we burst into tears-both of us. Our husbands shook their heads and grinned but Cita and I knew how precious that live view was.

    The third member of our group lives in south Florida and she too will be Skype-ing with us next month when she gets a new computer for her 60th Birthday.

    These two sisters are very important women in my life and I would be lost without them. They and my daughters are my first circle of “heart”.

  36. I am a military wife. My husband has been in the USN for 20 years and I have been with him for 19 of those years. I have tons of friends from both coasts and over seas. Their husbands have stayed in or left the Navy, still friends. Christmas cards, birthdays and now, media updates with pictures! Out of all the friends that I have made, I have a smaller circle of 10. These are my “Other Sisters”. Our children call us Aunt, the husbands know that if we are together-don’t even try to watch what is on TV becasue we will be laughing too loud! We have shared births, deaths, miscarriages, bad hair styles (I know now that I can never ever get a perm again), through every diet under the sun and said screw it, we love our fluff!Some of us have even remarried and we were each others bridesmaids. These sisters know that when one of us texts or sends a mass email that says GURL! that is code for you better call me NOW! We were in the delivery room when each other’s husbands were deployed and could not be there to cut the cord, we were holding each others hand too, when saying good bye to a parent or for one of our friends, her son when he passed from CF.
    They are the ones that do not care if it is dusted, mopped, folded or mowed. They are the ones that care for each other every day, rain or shine, war or peace. We are military wives and military sisters.

  37. My best friends lives so close too, just around the block both our husbands work nights so many days of the week you can find us out walking the dogs and exchanging our days. I cannot fathom having her any further away.

  38. Oh Kelle, my friend, this is what I call a Home Run.

    Much love

  39. I’m forwarding this post to my friends – we all do the “let’s get together…soon” thing. We’ve been saying it since this spring! We have yet to coordinate calendars!

  40. OMG, of all your hallmark posts, I LOVE THIS ONE! Such perfect timing. I have 3 very close friends that live nearby, and we see eachother often, with our kids and husbands. and although, as you said, yes that’s good, but sometimes we gotta get away without the distractions of having to be in “mommy” and “wife” mode. Sometimes it’s good to just be with them without anyone else. It’s a whole other way to nurture and replenish. And I needed this recently, even after a 3 day vacation where we all, with our families, took off to Wisconsin Dells and shared a 4bdrm condo between 4 families (8adults, 7 kids. It was an awesome memory building time, watching kids be passed around and kissed and hugged. But i need to be with just my girls, and we’re doing that on Saturday! can’t wait!

  41. Absolutely loved this post, friends are the family we choose – so they say! Now to go water some cacti. 😉

  42. While I don’t have many friends that live nearby, I have a standing morning phone call with my Arizona buddy every morning on my way to work (makes the commute so much better!) and my bay area buddy and I try to have a coffee video chat date on random Fridays off. My bestie lives 6 hours away, but we chat everyday on Google chat and that makes the distance seem so much less. I hope to build friendships closer, but alas, I always seem to find kindred spirits so far away! Thankfully, technology helps to close the gap and allows us to be part of each other’s everyday lives :)

  43. There is nothing better than getting that text that says, bring the swim suit, wine and hot tub time!! Most of the time we never even make it to the hot tub, it starts with a hot tea/hot chocolate/coffee and we sit at the table to drink it before we get in and end up chatting away, not realizing a hour, two hours, three hours pass…then I say oh my gosh it is 3am…I have to be at work at 8!! I’ll just crash on your couch and wear your clothes to work tomorrow is normally the quick fix!! There is nothing better than a best friend, a sister, a soul mate.

  44. I love this post along with all your other readers! Since becoming a fulltime grad student, a wife, a stepmom and moving 5 hours away from my best friends and family, I have had to become creative with my “friend time”. “Wine Phone Dates” are a regular occurance and while we aren’t face to face, we make sure we aren’t distracted by life and we cuddle up on the couch and talk while our husbands pour the wine for us! Every time I go home, I make sure I schedule dates with my girlfriends, but it’s not easy. “Apple Baking” in the fall is a tradition with my bestfriend my HS and “Coffee & Bagel” dates happen once a week after I get the little one on the bus and before my day of coursework starts with a new lovely friend. The bar booth scenes are few and far between, but I’ve learned to cherish the sober, shorter and sweet moments that I share with my girls!

  45. Before lds my best friend and I would fill out weeks with shopping and movies and spontanious things that would leave us belly aching with laughter. After kiddos we had to let go of a lot of that only now our laughter is accompanied by the giggles of our little ones and our movies are now catching up on all of our tv shows every Sunday night after babies are asleep. It is the same feeling, just a different setting!

  46. Every 6 weeks we do Bunco night. Whoever makes it does and if not it’s OK they will next time. We all bring a dish and draw the next host’s name out of a hat. Last time we only played one game because we get busy chatting away.
    Love the post and the girls are just growing like weeds!

  47. Every year, in the first or second week of January, the 3GW club (3 Good Women – me and 2 of my singing buddies) has it’s first get-together of the year at which we get our diaries out and block in roughly every 6th Sunday, from 3-5pm, for a 3GW get-together. If we didn’t do this, it would be 2,3 or more months before we co-ordinated ourselves. And we always have a blast! We never cancel, and only occasionally postpone by a week.

  48. It doesn’t happen nearly enough but every couple of months, my friends, from Manhatten & as far away as Delaware, gather for a get together that usually turns into an overnight stay somewhere. It’s sushi or dinner at someone’s home; it’s lots of talk, wine, games, old movies, hours of laughter & it is so good everytime. Friends closer to home do the Target/shopping thing, DD for coffee & bagels on a Saturday morning, good old diner food on a weekday night following a tough day at work when nobody wants to cook. These times soothe me & comfort me & I cherish them, I do.

  49. Love this post!!

  50. Great post! and a great reminder…

  51. Starting in college we had Thanksgiving with our friends. We still continue that tradition today, 10 years later, by celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends the weekend after Thanksgiving. It gives us a chance to connect with friends who we don’t get to see more than a couple times a year.

  52. You caught me red-handed. I am so guilty of #5. And it has led to the downfall of many of my friendships.

    I just wrote a guest post about this very thing last week. I thought of the song, Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. About holding onto those golden friends because you’ll never know when you need them later on in life. And I did. I so did.

  53. Always texting with my best girlfriend-if we go a day without i feel like I haven’t talked to her in a year! It’s the best way we stay connected-even if we haven’t seen each other in weeks besides just passing one another @ daycare dropping our girls off. I love the pic of your living room morning after Nella’s birthday party-made me smile. Thanks for the great post-reminds me to keep those friendships fresh and a priority.

  54. Beautiful atmosphere!!Lovely time!

  55. Love this…the vulnerability hit a chord with me. I am a perfectionist and it’s difficult to open up my doors unless everything is “just right”. I desire to find friends who are interested in this sort of thing…friendships of the heart. Soul friends. The ones you can laugh with, cry to and just plain be yourself. It’s time to open a new chapter in my life…

  56. Haha! I had a fabric store date with my daughter and granddaughter today (needed fabric to construct wings for her Halloween bat costume) and then it was on to Target for the long sleeved black t shirt on which I’m going to attach the wings. It was crazy and fun, and just the ticket on a chilly, rainy late fall afternoon. Thank you for reminding me to always treasure my friends. I do, even though now we are mostly far apart and living distant lives. They are the true gifts of my life.

  57. the target text is a must for me too. why not share my favorite place with my favorite people too? we have a tradition with the same 6 couples (all of us got married the same year, and all the boys were each other’s groomsmen) that every year we get together for a christmas white elephant gift exchange party. no kids, and tons of laughs!

  58. Love the life raft analogy! Great words and great pictures :)

  59. Some of my best friends live far away so I have to go visit them. We try and do girl’s weekends or tack trips onto business trips. It is difficult but it is worth it! My bestie that lives in town, we do spontaneous target runs or we work out at the gym together! We actually just got back from a lunch date with our 3 yr olds at Red Robin!

  60. My favorite time with friends is when I exercise. Last year I got up and exercised with my best friend who lived 800 miles away (we would both walk and talk on the phone) every weekday morning. This year I am meeting a friend that lives 15 minutes away at the gym. I look forward to working out now, and I fit in some of that much needed friend time :) It’s a win/win situation :)

  61. Five of us friends get together once a month for breakfast, we call it “Breakfast Club” and trade off each month with who picks which restaurant. I am also part of a “Supper Club” where we meet once a month with our significant others and trade off who hosts dinner each month. Its great to have a routine so we know not too much time will go by before we meet again.

  62. I absolutely LOVE this post! It came at a great time too. It always seems like the fall is for getting together with friends, but as a busy working mama, it’s getting tough. Thanks for the super super tips! Love this post!

  63. This is a very important topic for me. I live abroad but insist on making time for friends even with the time difference and inevitable business of life. Skype is the answer! Couldn’t live without it :)

  64. How cool is that! I love all the ways you connect with your friend. Like your header for fall too!

  65. Love. There are never too many reminders how important our friends are…and never enough ways to show them. Thanks for another inspiring post! Love.

  66. I’m knitting everyone Christmas presents this year. Mainly hats. Even the family who we don’t normally exchange presents with.

    Because my dad had meningitis and encephalitis this year, and it was a stark realisation of just how vulnerable everyone is, and just because you can’t see them all the time, friends and family are always there, like the sun. You can’t always feel it or see it or know that it’s there but it is, just like my family and friends are. I’m saddened that it’s taken my Dad being ill to realise that. Thankfully he is much better now.

    In each hat that I give this Christmas, I will be writing a handwritten piece of card, telling each friend and family member exactly what I love, cherish, admire and respect about them. All of these will be different and each of these people deserve to know the honest truth of how incredible they are, the effect they have had on me and how my life would be missing a little piece of sunlight without them

  67. I am a country bumpkin so unfortunately, I can’t make a target alert….although I’d love to.:)Mine is about 45 minutes away. I have learned like you, that I do live in my house…..and due to this it gets messy……I invite them any way. Just today I had my friend Hydie over. We ran to town for McDonald’s with the kiddos and then chilled on the couch….thank goodness for girlfriends.:)

  68. Exactly what I needed to hear today. Our home is in a constant state of chaos, measured only by “terrible” and “worst. ever.”

    Picking up my phone to send that text–calling all friends to our apartment this weekend, regardless of our dirty dish situation! Here’s to pumpkin carving and spiced cider and good beer with the best of friends.

    Happy Tuesday, Kelle!

  69. Loop night. Twenty something years ago, the 5 of us began working together. We clicked so tightly that we are still together, even tho our quintet of friendship perfection at work only lasted 2 years. We called ourselves “the Loop” . “Is she ‘loop’ worthy?” is what we would ask of anyone new we met. “Loop worthy” news was kept in our circle. We have attended each others’ weddings, births and funerals of parents. We stage interventions when bad ideas are acted upon. We set up accounts, we cheer each others’ triumphs and cry for each others’ broken hearts. Pajama parties, yearly trips to New York and a “no refusal” clause when an a Loop night is called and you NEED your friends. I don’t see these women as a group every week or even every month. Each of us tries to see or talk to another every week or so but if a Loop Night is called, we all show up!

  70. My close knit group of friends has been scattered across the western half of the US, pulled in all directions from Top Choice Colleges, husbands in the Marines, and family emergencies. I’m the only one left here in Utah. We send “snail mail.” Letters, pictures, packages full of random goodies. Right now, we have a game of tic-tac-toe being handed off from California to Utah. I write an X in the upper right corner and send it off in a bright pink envelope. I get it back with an O blocking my X in a flowered lavender envelope and when someone wins, we start again. It’s all about simple things… Phone calls late at night, coffee dates on skype and help choosing baby shower details from 3,000 miles away.

    It’s incredible how much closer we’ve become, being so far from each other.

    Thank you for sharing!

  71. This post makes me miss living close to my best friend :( I have a lot of new mama friends where I am, but my soulmate girlfriend lives across the state.

    This post may just do for hallmark what it wanted…I may have to send her a love note tomorrow :)

  72. My best friend lives 16 hours away; it sucks, big time. We’ve just started a pen pal type thing; sending little gifts and cards through the mail. We also have a good phone plan. But a private jet to fly back and forth whenever we wanted would be ideal!

  73. Girls’ night, park dates, random texts throughout the day…”you’re not gonna believe what just happened…,” but one of my favorites is dinner swap. A college friend and I who moved from MI to MA together get together one or two nights a week when our husbands work the same night schedule. One of us makes dinner, the kids play, and we enjoy a messy, loud meal together. It sure beats a lonely solo at home. And we get to catch up–even if we have to shout to hear each other. My other favorite is the meet half way–a couple of times a year two of my long distance friends and I meet half way between each other’s homes for an overnight at a b&b. Quite often the meeting point has nothing else going for it, other than the friend that meets me at the door of some obscure place on the map.

  74. I moved to australia 5 months ago and have some amazing mummy and kids dates each week. One friend lives next street, our girls are the same age so each tuesday morning we walk to centanial park, feed the ducks and end at the playground! We get our exercise and chat, kids have fun! Yesterday was the first day we missed in 4 months..she was at hospital having her little boy ( i am due any day now!) so maybe next week we’ll both have new bubs joining!

  75. exactly, I used to never get to see anyone because I thought we had to plan ahead. But it seems like the best playdates are the ones we plan an hour ahead of time. When you have kids, you can never count on everyone being healthy or in the mood to socialize. I love impromptu friend visits

  76. My very best girlfriends live where I used to. And while the distance is challenging, we’ve managed to somehow hang on to the closeness & share our journeys. It requires scheduled phone dates, and the occasional video chat, and of course a visit back whenever I can. Thank God for technology, but more importantly, thank God for these women that pick me up when they don’t even know I need it.

  77. I’m meeting my beautiful and hilarious friend at our favorite breakfast restaurant tomorrow for sweet potato hash browns and the sordid details of her recent trip to SF. We don’t see each other for weeks, sometimes months, but we always pick right up where we left off. I so appreciate my awesome friend! Thanks for the post. Women can sometimes be so cruel to each other and it’s great to read such supportive comments.

  78. Skype dates! Many of my friends are away at college so unless I want to spend hours driving to see them and hours driving home, skype is one of the only options. And when we skype it’s not constantly staring at each other talking, we multitask. I digitally scrapbook, do homework, etc. while chatting with the person and we can also share our screen to show the other what we’re doing or not doing because we’re procrastinating! Skype has saved my day so many times. Just to see a friend’s face and hear their voice, it brings them much closer then a text, IM or phone call ever could.

  79. I try to write someones name in on three days every week. I sometimes flip through my phone or facebook and try to see who I have been missing out on, and get in touch. These are wonderful ideas, I love the “leave your house messy and keep seeing your friends” one. Totally my jam.

  80. If the boat is sinking, throw off the food before your friends?! ABSOLUTELY! <3 that idea!! 2 of my best friends are coming to visit in January. I cannot wait. Coffee dates, catching up until early mornings….everything. I know that in the 2 weekends they are here, I will not sleep & I will pay for it at work and love every. single. second. Cannot wait!!!!

    Your posts always make me happy. :o)

  81. These are some of my favorite photos! Thanks for sharing and thank you for this post! I’m all about notes and texts and facebook these days and really need to work in more “face to face” connections.

  82. I have 2 girlfriends very dear to my heart. We make sure to always make time for each other. Although we don’t get together as often as we’d like, (all 3 of us just had babies within the past 4 months), we do go out to lunch once a month. In fact, we just went today. And we make sure that between our monthly lunch to always send a text making sure we’re getting on ok with our new babies. Friends are a very important part of life, and being a new mommy, I think you need them even more once the kiddos come. They help keep a sense of balance. Thank you for the wonderful blog posts Kellie… you are an amazing woman!

  83. Lovely post. I just moved away from the most amazing mommy group ever and I miss their presence every day. Loving the family time, but wow, needing some girlfriends! Lucky me, my friend and my son’s best friend are coming to visit tomorrow!

  84. Kelle, thank you sharing that photo of your livingroom! I am not alone and I will never be Dede.

    At least not for another 16 years when all of my kids are grown. :)

  85. I have always nurtured my friendships…even with the stress and chaos or raising 3 little girls under 4. I have girls night with my best-friend every single thursday. Its my night. I love it! We just get dinner (we usually just make it at her house) and cozy up on the couch to watch our favorite TV shows of the week. It doesnt have to cost a dime!

    then on Friday nights I have my other best-friend over. She brings her son and the kids just play while we drink wine and lounge around. My best-friends ARE family.

  86. Thanks for sharing your tips. I really have to try a bit harder with friends. One of my good friends is at work, so although we see each other all the time we forget to make time to just be! I’m lucky, my husband Rob is probably my best friend, and I see him a lot!;) But even then, we have to remind ourselves to just be together, rather than rattle off our days, and then start reading or playing with the iPad! We started having Friday night cheese platters for dinner, we go and pick three of the tastiest French cheeses and eat it with a salad for dinner. So easy, no washing up and we can wear our pj’s if we want!

  87. I’m loving the shopping date… I need to add that into my schedule with a couple of friends!

    I will say that I have one night a month reserved for my girl friends and I have only missed it twice in almost two years. I started a book club with my friends who also love to read (and rarely have time). Reading the book is NOT required, though you’ll find out about the book because we do still talk about it. What is required is taking the time one Sunday night a month to get together at Caturra, eat good food, drink some wine, and catch up. Just recently – one of our two non-moms became a mom. That was super special. The best part – these are MY girls… I am the common link between them all… and I love it.

  88. So perfectly written. Every word! Thank you for taking the thoughts from my head and writing them down so eloquently.

  89. lots of post bedtime wine chats. splendid.

  90. Gorgeous photos as always. I’m wondering how my friendships will evolve and change over the coming months as we’re moving across the Atlantic to California (from the UK).

    And wondering how to make new friends and stay connected with them. I’m becoming a mom for the first time in April too so I’m sure that will challenge any fledgling friendships but also hopefully lead to new ones too.

  91. i love seeing these intimate times with your friends. makes me wish i lived across the street. lucky dede;) before we moved my friends and i would plan coffees and dinner’s out. once a week i spent a day with my bestie. we’d scoot about town doing just anything. didn’t matter as long as we were together. i know all that will happen again here. just takes time to rebuild.

  92. I have friends who rarely invite me over and some who have never invited me over becuase their houses are messy. I am a neat freak, but I do not apply my house rules to anyone but me. I would be unspeakable delighted to be invited to their homes- it’s a big deal to be invited. You have to trust your friends. Great post.

  93. Such true words… and something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. My two best girls and I make absolutely certain that we go away together once a year… a trip just for us to indulge in each other and the things we love. It’s a magical time every fall! :-)

  94. I was a “terrible” friend last month, I went more than 3 weeks without talking to my BFF, when I finally “made time” to call her, the first words from my mouth were “Are you mad at me, I’ve been a terrible friend”, she laughed and asked why, ‘because we haven’t talked in FOR-Ever!!’ of course this phone call turned into an almost 2 hour gab session (which is So easy for the two of us to do). It “replenished” me, and girl I needed it! Not having time to pick up that phone, I did find a moment to grab a card and drop in the mail to her; one of those “just because” cards, you know the one, it’s so silly you laugh out loud (alone) in the card section of the grocery store!?! I hope she had an ‘almost pee your pants’ moment when she opened it! LOVE my girlfriends, HATE that time as an adult goes so quickly!

  95. Something we love to do is go over to a friends house just before Supper time and then give the kids Supper, bath and put them to bed (bringing travel cots or using spare rooms). We can then all help tidy up and have a relaxed evening with no stress of arranging a babysitter. Of course it’s a given that no one cares if it’s messy or there’s no food and you end up running out for pizza. We’re all just glad of some time together. We then carry the sleeping babies to the car and transfer them back into their own beds- an adventure for everyone! Love your ideas too xxx

  96. Love this! One of my best friends and I live 5 hours apart. While we both have busy schedules, we still make time for each other by having a weekly phone date. It’s so great, and so important to me!

  97. hi kelle!!! im still here, reading, just not always commenting! im looking forward to a late-after-work dinner tonight with my friend & co-worker, except this time, margaritas & beer will not involved bc this mama is pregnant with #3! she is one of the 2 friends i have told, we just found out last week, so i cant wait to sit and talk with her, after spending most of my time holding it in for the right time!!

  98. hi kelle!!! im still here, reading, just not always commenting! im looking forward to a late-after-work dinner tonight with my friend & co-worker, except this time, margaritas & beer will not involved bc this mama is pregnant with #3! she is one of the 2 friends i have told, we just found out last week, so i cant wait to sit and talk with her, after spending most of my time holding it in for the right time!!

  99. My best friend (who I left back in Washington state, due to a military move) and I would “Friend-eh-vooh” at Target after our littles were in bed. We’d giggle, and talk and pontificate on the perfect bedspread. Talking about everything and nothing at the same time. I miss her so much, and it’s so amazing to get an email in my inbox, a video of her son screaming FLY DINO!!!! We send “Smail” (snail mail) containing nothing more than doodles from my almost four year old, and her almost two year old. We FaceTime, we talk, we text and we know that one day we’ll see each other again…but it isn’t going to be any time soon, because we are in the military. My husband’s career has sent us to Washington DC, and her husband’s path points to Guam at this moment, tomorrow maybe something different. We love each other, and did all those things you so carefully and thoughtfully wrote out!

  100. Love this post! My best friends are spread across the states!
    For the past 4+ years we’ve started our mornings with a “thankful” email chain. Someone starts a random list of 5 things we are thankful for…and then we watch it spiral into the day (and the rest of our lives). Next to our actual city meet-up weekends — we all agree it is the BEST way to start the day, be thankful for what we have, and stay in the know :)

  101. Lovely photos! Pictures of friends having great time together are the best. They always inspire you to be positive and content with your life.

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  102. I haven’t commented for a while, but this one was just too good to pass by. I love your thoughts on prioritizing friends and I am going to set to work on loving on mine today! Thank you so much for the inspiration Kelle.

  103. Growing up I was “blessed” to move every 2 years. My friends are spread out from sea to shining sea… literally. Facebook helps so much to stay caught up, but it just isn’t the same as whispered secrets and dimly lit conversations with a glass of wine or smearing Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask on each other cause we were to poor for real facials. These days I never pass up an opportunity to hang out with my girls. Even if its just picking up one from the airport and driving her to her next spot of departure, 30 minutes in the car, we can cover topics and get the important things out like two highly trained speed daters… Good friends are like bras, you don’t always see them, but you always keep them close to your heart!

  104. Thank you for posting this. I needed to read it. I am one of the last of my friends that have not had children yet. We were a close bunch since college. The kids started coming. I was super excited. I do everything I can to hang out with my friends and now their children because I know they are a package deal. I love their children as much as I love them. Some of those relationships have changed because they have used all of the excuses you mentioned. It hurts. I have stopped trying with some of them…what’s the point when they have flat out said, “You don’t understand, you don’t have kids.” It hurts. A lot. I am going to share this post on my facebook wall in hopes that they read it. I don’t want to point fingers because that is not what friends do. They will always be a part of my life but I am sad that our relationship is so different. Thank you for posting this. It’s helpful to be recognized.

  105. Brilliant idea to get together with your friends. Recently one of our close friends got a new girlfriend and he doesn’t really care with his friends any more. It’s really bad, he hurts us and he doesn’t even notice it. Never forget about your friends.

  106. You girls make Targeting look goooooood! :) I am usually in my sweats and hoodie! But you… skirt, tights, shiny shoes. Love.

  107. I don’t know how you do it, but I am so glad you do!!! I have a ton of friends who have fallen by the wayside and now I am inspired!! And I especially thank you for showing your house the way it is – I LOVE IT!! My house looks exactly the same – probably a little messier – hehe!! Thank you – you are so incredible!! I wish we were friends.

  108. Three great friends of mine and I have a monthly dinner party, we rotate hostessing duties, throw in an occassional night out and only ask that no men are present becuase the conversation is all about girl talk. I also have a standing walking date with another friend, and scrabble dates with yet another.

  109. My friends do a “dresser club” that includes 12 women, one for each month, and we each take a month to host and provide all of the food and drinks for that month. We also each put $25 in a hat and draw one name out. That person gets $350 to “fill her dresser!” You can only win once per year. It’s a great way to get together and even better when you can go shopping afterward!

  110. LOVED this, Kelle! Such good solid advice. It is easy to let our friendships move to the back burner, but in reality these relationships are what keep us held together. Thank you for the sweet reminder that was so very much needed today. : )

  111. This was a great reminder of those friendships that need some “desperate measures” right now. Thanks.

    I have a group of friends from church that just got together this past weekend for what’s called “Time Out For Women”. It was a 4 hour drive there and back and one late night up until 3 AM, but SO WORTH the laughter, tears and hugs!

    We also get together every once in a while for a game night…which usually turns into a great conversation over a stagnant game board. :)

  112. I love that photo of your messy house. It has personality, love, life, and heart. My house always looks like that too, and I invite people over. No shame in my game!

    My friends and I text years old jokes back and forth to each other. And we phone-a-friend on trivia the other person can’t answer. Ah good times.

  113. Oh lawdy! I’m so glad to know that my house isn’t the only one that looks like that MOST of the time. I’m finally starting to accept that my house can’t ALWAYS look great when someone comes over.

  114. I’m so with you on this one. Friends are part of my everyday life. Really. Like it’s not an option to leave them out. It would be like telling me to remember to get oxygen. Duh.

    I’m in the same stage as you and my friends, well, we just do life together. End of story. No other option.

  115. I too get caught up in the “I need my house to be perfect” thing. My mom would freak out if we had unexpected guests that sent us into a crazy cleaning scramble and I think it has stuck with me. I knwo I don’t judge my friends’ messes so why on earth would they judge mine.


  116. To have a friend you must be a friend.

  117. About once a week I have coffee at my neighbor’s house in my pajamas at 6:30 am. Her husband is at work and her son is still asleep so it’s just us … catching up.
    BTW, I will be in Naples this weekend representing DS at the OB/GYN convention, reminding them that this new blood test that detects DS at 10 weeks is not necessarily a good thing.

  118. When our children were very small, so small that getting them in and out of the car was a Hurculean effort, my friend and I had “errand” day once a week. We would load up her minivan with 5 carseats and a box of Entemanns Popems and cruise through town taking turns going into the dry cleaner, post office, bank, etc. Our final stop was Starbucks for us, and then the park. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, got lots accomplished, and the kids had a fun morning to boot. Now our own oldest are driving arggggg! and we still look back fondly on those days!

  119. I have a small tight group of friends. That is one way I maintain good friendships. Secondly there is nothing better than letting the kids play and tear the house to pieces while I sit with my friend and talk and laugh and cook dinner. Oh and then there are the nights when we leave the kids with daddy and go out to the bar or the movies or the coffee shop or just out for a drive so we can spend time and keep our sanity. Beautiful post!

  120. I wish there was a “like” button on this post.. .. No I wish there was a “LOVE” button on this. I LOVE this.

    The best kind of friends are like a cactus–they don’t take much “work” to grow and are easy to maintain, but even a cactus needs a little water now and then.

    That is the best “quote” ever about friendships.
    You’re one awesome person and your friends are lucky! :)

  121. I agree that ‘friend dates’ should always be scheduled and on the calendar. I can’t remember the amount of times I hear (or say)…”we should get together”. I know the busy-ness of life gets in the way, but that’s no excuse.

    To answer your question, I make time for my friends by scheduling hot yoga sessions together, meeting at the coffee shop, or incorporate the kids and plan a fun-filled play-date!!

    Thank you for sharing your hallmark moment!! xo

  122. Wonderful post. Friends are the foundation of life and I am so grateful for mine. Lately we’ve taken to having family dates so that us grown ups can spend some time together.

    God love jammies, coffee and the text messages that keep us connected to friends who live far away.

  123. I love this post! I had a friend call and rescue me just the other day from another day in my pajamas, it was just what I needed. All we did was shop at Target, but I needed it. We needed it.

  124. Honestly, this one of the best things I have read in a long time. I hope it is okay if I share it with all of my friends :) loved it! Thanks Kelle

  125. I just recently found your blog (after stumbling out from under a rock) and am transported to such a sweet, thoughtful place with each new entry. Thank you for reminding me to step away from life, in order to soak it in.

  126. Being that we’re station in Germany I always talk about Skyping with my bestie but never do. I’m setting a date TONIGHT with her!!!
    My friends here though are just like you- we just show up at dinner time and invite ourselves in. Not enough spaghetti noodles? That’s ok I can make do and add penne and rotini! This happened last night and was the PERFECT mid-week pick me up we all needed (all of our husbands are deployed).

  127. My favorite time with friends is when we run together. My closest girlfriend and I are runners. We always say, “let’s go for a run.” We run for awhile and get a lot of good conversation in while getting a great work out.

  128. I can’t even tell you how much this post resonated with me. My close girl friends mean the world to me and it is hard with all of life demands to make our friendships a priority. I forwarded this post to all of them and they all loved it. You have this amazing way of writing that is so spot on and the timing of your topics is uncanny as it more often than not is happening in my life at the same time. Thank you for sharing everything that you do :) Cheers to the Fall season!

  129. in fact, this weekend = 1st ever friedns fall mini-retreat (organized by the better organizer of the group). Read: rented “mountain” house, 6 couples, 7 kids..I predict many sweets, little sleep and lots o’ coffee

  130. Thank you so much! I invited my friend over and didn’t care what the house looked like! relationships are so much more important! I needed this awesome reminder!!!

  131. Last spring I started a mom’s breakfast with my friends, first Wednesday of the month, at a different house each time. We each bring something, and the hostess makes coffee. We held it at the park during the summer, while some of the kids had their swim lessons. The kids play, we chat and eat- win-win!

  132. I haven’t yet mastered the art of making friends, at almost 31 years old. Once I can figure out how people do that, I think the nurturing part will be easier.

  133. Thanks to this post, I received the most wonderful e-mail from my dear friend Shannon, reminding me of some things I have done for her that meant the world to her. And how we need to schedule weekly “dates” because we mean so much to each other.

    So thank you. I have some e-mails and calls to make to those I love so.


  134. Nearly seven years ago my two best girl friends moved to Europe…one to Ireland and the other, London. Trips across the pond have brought us together only once since then, but the New Year brings much to celebrate. You know that we will pick up where we left off…completing each other’s sentences, loud laughter about shared experiences…a blissful time with my soul sisters.

  135. My friend Julia and I send each other pictures of Taco Bell hot sauce packets. “I’m not just another pretty face.” “I love you; I’m just not in love with you.” “Ahhh, we meet again.” Just a simple way to say “I’m thinking about you [while eating greasy tacos and dripping sauce on my white shirt]”.

  136. I loved this post…it really hit home for me. I have been neglecting my friends for a while and it’s not to say that I have so many that I don’t have the time to fit them in…it’s more like I have been a loner for a while. After reading this post it made me a)feel bad for neglecting them b) feel silly for not making time to do what I love which is hanging out with them. Thanks…it was great and and eye opener.

  137. Skype Dates! My oldest friend is a missionary in Romania and once a month we plan a skype date. For her it is after her son is in bed, for me it is technically in the middle of my work day and I take a late lunch to sit at my desk and chat and laugh together and just brain dump all the good stuff and bad stuff and important stuff that has been going on. It is almost easier “getting together” with her than some of my friends that live 5 minutes away. Something I need to work on for sure!

  138. My sister, Gail, was born with Down Syndrome. My parents were told that she should be placed in a mental institution (way back when). My father was quite upset, went in and grabbed my sister out of the hospital nursery, grabbed my mother and came home. He was highly insulted they would suggest such a thing!

    My sister went to a special education class for the first couple of years, then on to regular school. She graduated about 1 year behind her class if she had been on a “normal” schedule, as the school put it. She is a great human being, fun, kind and loving. She has a light that shines around her more than anyone I have met. She’s an adult, living with a worker that is a companion and has a regular life. Gail is now 40 years old. We love her dearly and are so thankful my father would never put up with that type of suggestion. We treated her the same as the rest of us and she turned out great. Wonderful person, beautiful personality and definitely our sister.

    God bless you and your family. Your daughter is beautiful and has that same light that shines around Gail. Beautiful smile, and is born into a kind, loving family, as seen in the pictures. You are blessed.

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  140. I am a HORRIBLE scheduler. I don’t like to be tied down to specific things and I think that makes me a bad friend. There are some things that my friends and i do every month that I would never miss unless I absolutely had to. We do a craft night once a month and most of the same girls are in a book club where we meet for breakfast.

  141. Me and my two closest friends have somehow grown into a tradition of neighbourhood alerts;
    we text each other whenever we’re near a spot they might be at;
    “i’m sort of near your office, you there?” or “will be driving past your street in ten, you home?” and sometimes even: “you wouldnt happen to be visiting your parents cause i’m right near their house and have ten minutes to spare!”

    Sometimes you strike out but often, it works out and this tradition has brought us the most wonderful moments, sitting in my car in her driveway for a ten minutes, singing along to the radio and talking. Standing on a street corner, leaning against her office building, soaking up the sun. Joining her for a walk down to the store and back. Literally standing in a random parking lot because we both happened to be on the same road and stopped to talk for a litle while.
    I love these moments, they’re so candid and honest and spontanious but it works somehow and it makes my day so much more special.
    Thanks for reminding me how special my friends are to me.. Love your words…

  142. Me and my two closest friends have somehow grown into a tradition of neighbourhood alerts;
    we text each other whenever we’re near a spot they might be at;
    “i’m sort of near your office, you there?” or “will be driving past your street in ten, you home?” and sometimes even: “you wouldnt happen to be visiting your parents cause i’m right near their house and have ten minutes to spare!”

    Sometimes you strike out but often, it works out and this tradition has brought us the most wonderful moments, sitting in my car in her driveway for a ten minutes, singing along to the radio and talking. Standing on a street corner, leaning against her office building, soaking up the sun. Joining her for a walk down to the store and back. Literally standing in a random parking lot because we both happened to be on the same road and stopped to talk for a litle while.
    I love these moments, they’re so candid and honest and spontanious but it works somehow and it makes my day so much more special.
    Thanks for reminding me how special my friends are to me.. Love your words…

  143. Oh my! I related to so much of all this! I now want to “Target date” all my friends and the pic of you guys in your “perfect” living room actually made me LOL. Will now follow your blog and thank you for sharing :)

  144. What a beautiful blog and what lovely, creative ideas to spend time with friends. Unfortunately, my closest friends are single moms who live 25 miles or more from me and spontaneity usually doesn’t work. Even though it is just a 30-40 minute drive, sometimes the logistics are overwhelming. Oh, here I am making excuses when all it boils down to is neglect! I’m making those phone calls right now. Thanks for the inspiration.

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