The sky was a purplish gray tonight–the quiet after the two-day storm, the calm before the cold front.

It’s rained steadily for two days. Lightly fallen into a constant backdrop of white noise, wet windshields and drips that tap the surface of our pool with an encore of water rings that grow and slowly disappear.


We ate bagels and sipped coffee this morning with the accompaniment of the Weather Channel which brought like-minded stories from the flooded streets of Key West to waves that crashed over guard rails along Lake Shore Drive.


It felt a very good place to be last night while thunder pounded and rain poured–secured under the weight of a cold sheet, a cable-knit blanket and a down comforter, and sidled next to Lainey’s little body, Brett’s long and strong one and the sight of a little chest rising and falling in the crib next to us. (ahem, Thursday morning addendum: After waking up to several “LOL, long and strong” texts from friends, let’s just take Brett out of this sentence.)


Brett swears the middle-of-the-night thunder put a crack in our hallway ceiling, but then again, it was so powerful and startling that we woke up looking for a good story to tell.

The story is that our woods are a swamp that begged for exploration today.


In eight years, we’ve seen nothing more in these woods than a few lizards and some patches of poison ivy we’ve avoided, but we are always on the look-out for worse. I can’t believe I never ventured out here until I had kids though. It is a fascinating place, welcoming much imagination.


Lainey thought it was the greatest thing in the world–to trudge through shin-high depths and pretend we were in grave danger from a looming storm. “Run! Hide in here! It’s coming! It’s coming!” she warned me, all breathless. And I pretended I was scared of the great big storm and followed along, shimmying my body against trees and cowering under hanging moss.


We made it to our safe spot, the imaginary bobcat did not steal our “food” and I answered to my fake name of “Stenta” (she is creative with her fake names).


Thank you, Daddy for the pics. It was his idea, in the first place, to turn the woods into a playground.


I found our local Asian food mart yesterday, walked in and wondered how in the world I had ever gone so long without it. We fell in love with a local restaurant’s Tom Kha soup, and I had to recreate it. So I headed to Asian Pok for lemongrass, ginger and some good red curry paste but ended up falling in love with so much more–the Chinese lanterns that decorated the ceilings, buckets of vegetables I’ve never seen, racks of kimonos and shelves of delicate tea cups. I came home with lemongrass, ginger and some good red curry paste as well as the exact same little lacquer bowls my grandma used to have, an origami bird for Lainey and a tin of loose leaf Jasmine tea.


And Tom Kha soup? Turned out delicious and is now one of our favorites. I’ll share recipe once I perfect a few things. The lemongrass was a little crunchy.


Giveway winners for $50 gift certificate, courtesy of Chantelle Nicole Designs:

Comment #228: vermonter–Love the new header. I have to say that it is such an awesome idea to have leaves sent to you if you are not able to go to them. There is nothing like the fresh smell of leaves or the fresh air with fall in it.

Comment #437: Life with Kaishon–I love when parents listen to their kids.
If they don’t like a sport…why force them?

Congratulations to both of you! Please e-mail me your contact info to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net with GIVEAWAY WINNER in the subject line, and you can start shopping at Chantelle Nicole Designs.


This moment just killed me tonight.


I know to come running when I hear that same tone in Brett’s voice–the quiet but excited “Kelle, come here, quick.”


And when you hear that and you run, and you land on this scene? You just watch, quietly. Feeling lucky to score a back stage pass.


They were oblivious to both me and Brett, and so we crouched as long as we could–smiling, watching. Feeling lucky.

Brett’s sneaky eyes peering over the mirror? Nice. Subtle. Super-sleuth.

And then it was bedtime, and the curtain closed.


You know what’s coming tomorrow?

Two blessed words: Cold front.


We are ready.


Hope you had a very happy Wednesday.


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  1. is it weird that i have been checking your blog all day for a new post…and then you did it! yay! love your blog, you inspire me to do everything better. take care of children better, take pictures better, be better. thank you kelle

  2. What a cute new banner at the top! Love it.

  3. We are getting a big storm tonight. The wind is howling and the rain is hitting the windows almost like they are little ice pellets. Love night time storms!

  4. SoooooOOOOooooo jealous of your cold front!!! San Diego has been its usual sunny high 70’s-low 80s all week.. Wow, how annoying of me to complain about THAT, right!! But, I’m dying for some cool, crisp fall weather!! Send some our way huh!!

  5. Loving the boots and the big sister-little sister moments. And the last photo stopped me in my tracks. My guy is only a few weeks older than Nella, and the recent change in both their faces from baby to “little kid” has me a little verklempt.

  6. Another lovely post. I always love your fun adventures and of course the pictures of your precious littles.

    PS – You look adorable in jeans, a cardigan and Wellies.

  7. I love your little woods! It looks like an amazing place to explore! We are experiencing our own rainy weather here. We are expecting a good 2 inches!

  8. that last picture??? holy goodness she is beautiful!!

  9. Favorite pics…Lainey emptying her boots and Nella reading her book. Enjoy the rain, wish we had it in Texas.

  10. Tom Kha soup is one of my favorites. If you leave the ginger in larger rounds you can infuse your soup for a while and then pull it out. This way you get the flavor, but not the strong bite. The same goes with spicy peppers. I’m looking forward to seeing your version!

  11. Love your new header. Love you. I don’t know what I would do if you ever stopped writing.

    ps….you are dressed like your header in this post…too cute! I know I am stating the obvious, but I don’t care :)

  12. I love Nella pigtails in the last pic! She is too adorable!

  13. Isn’t watching them when they are unaware of us the funnest activity in Parent-Land ?~! I hope your cold front makes it all the way to Cape Coral and on to Naples and the Keys.

  14. You ARE your Header with the pics in the woods with Lainey. Only thing missing was little Miss Pigtails! Adorable pictures!

  15. They are adorable together! Major props to Brett for taking pictures of you in the woods! And I love your ORANGE sweater and amazing bun! Happy Wednesday!

  16. When I was about 4, I had a really wonderful step father who would take me exploring in the Florida forest in our backyard! We would go on safari hikes (me wearing a very stylish khaki/safari style jumpsuit, hat included), and we would find spiders and insects, little fishes and tadpoles in ponds, and occasionally turtles or other creatures. Even at 21 I still remember it as an amazing, amazing experience! When I saw your pictures I was completely taken back to my forest walks at the same age! How wonderful ^^ Also, the toothbrush scene was so beautiful, sisterly love!!

  17. I love that last picture of Nella too! And the one of Lainey with her hand on her hip like she is inspecting how Nella is brushing. So adorable!

  18. I’m telling you, once your Asian you won’t go back! <3

    I love the pics of your girls together, I always enjoy seeing my girls interact and love how great of a big sister my oldest is turning into.

    Btw, you know men are never that subtle. LOL!

  19. Love the pictures of Lainey giving Nella a tooth brushing lesson. She is such a great big sis! Makes my heart happy :)

  20. It’s pouring rain and windy where I am in MI, and I am so cozy! Love these days every once and a while. Love, love the toothbrush pics!

  21. I just love your blog, love your heart for your girls, your outlook on life, the way you take care of your family and yourself. this blog radiates happiness!!

  22. I’m so glad you got the memo about orange Wednesdays!! As a person who wears orange every Wednesday – sometimes subtly, sometimes obviously, I was pretty excited to see your orange sweaters. :)

  23. Love your swampy backyard. So insanely different than my land. Awesome. Enjoy the hell out of that cold front, friend. Talk tomorrow? I’ll be in my kitchen, covered in fruit purée.

    Also, “Brett’s long strong one” made me laugh loudly. har.

  24. That picture of Lainey with the yellow umbrella took my breath away! Thanks for a great post!

  25. I love the pictures of Nella and Lainey in the bathroom brushing their teeth. I love how Lainey looks like she has her hands on her hip supervising like a big sister in one picture and Nella looking like a tooth-brushing pro in another picture. Glad you could capture that moment!

  26. Exploring is the best way to spend a day. (: That moment with your little girls brushing their teeth? Precious and priceless. They are darling.

  27. My God you are a beautiful woman; you should try to be in more pictures. And your girls? Magnificent!! Happy Wednesday indeed!

  28. Dude, totally loving this cold front in Alabama tonight… totally missing my Wisconsin home though :( I now know how to work the gas fireplace and if I could figure out how to keep my one year old away from it, it would be even better! :) lOVE the captured moment between Lainey and Nella! xx

  29. Yay for the shout out to my favorite stretch of road – Lake Shore Drive. At least, I’m assuming you’re talking about the one in the song… the one in Chicago, my home town. Lots of leaves and rain here.

    Love the tooth brushing photos!

  30. Cold front? Life so isn’t fair..I’m craving the warmth of the sun & a beach closer than 60 miles away. You can have my cold front if you send me some of your sun.
    P.S. Nella is getting so big & both of them are gorgeous!

  31. You are lucky to have a magical wilderness so close at hand. Those pics of your girls brushing their teeth together, priceless.

  32. I love that you are such an amazing photographer that you can take a red ball in a puddle of water and make it look AMAZING!!

  33. I am loving the fact that you were out in the swampy forest. My daughter calls it “puddle-ducking” and we do the same thing :-) wonderful memories!

    -Amy @ featheredfriendsy.com

  34. oh man, the last bunch of of photos slay me!!! that sweet nella watching her big sister in admiration-too cute!! and those always adorable pigtails :) what a fantastic big sis lainey is! her love for nella shines in each photo.

    can’t wait for friday’s post/photos :)

  35. that last picture of nella? she looks so grown up in it and so beautiful! that girl is gonna be something huge i tell ya! we did have a happy wednesday thanks :)

  36. I love reading your blog. It is inspiring on so many levels. I love the toothbrush photos and am now inspired to want new rainboots for the coming season. I am jealous of the cool weather heading your way. Enjoy!

  37. What beautiful pictures of the girls. I love the ones in the forest. It is not often that the “picture taker” gets her picture taken!

  38. Your words are just so perfect. I loved your description at the beginning. And always love your photos, of course!

  39. Stenta… I’m impressed. I’m also feeling inspired to visit some of the food stores in the local Vietnamese community. Sounds like a fun experience.

  40. I will be heartbroken when nella outgrows that outfit. One to keep in her baby box for sure! Thank you for always bringing out a smile.

  41. that last pic of nella! Sister has grown up. I love tromping through the woods. It’s amazing what you can find!
    Snowing in our neck of the woods..

    Happy Wedsnesday.

  42. Would you stop being so awesome!

  43. I just love visiting your bloghouse… There is always something, just something here that fills my life colours, smiles, dreams…
    Have a nice day, kisses to girls!!!

  44. We do not have woods of any kind, but I grew up on a farm and my best memories are of my “adventures” with my siblings in our woods. My parents have a new, smaller farm now and this post has inspired me to take my oldest 3 on an adventure the next visit. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood!

  45. Oh so jealous of your impending cold front!!! The woods looked like lots of fun :)

  46. oh happy day, a new post!

  47. Brett did an awesome job with the pictures, I was wondering who took them and thought for sure it was Heidi!:)

  48. where did you get your cable-knit blanket? I’ve seen it in some of your pics and I want one!

  49. mr brown says moo is one of our favorites! glad nella likes it!

  50. So sweet, I love Nella looking up at Lainey and the first photo with Lainey helping Nella. Nella is getting so big, she’s looking so grown up with her pigtails!

  51. Your beautiful outlook on life so often takes my breath away and reminds me to savour all the wonderful times in my life that are so easy to overlook. Thank you for your beautiful words, I look forward to each and every post!

  52. Dear, I love this post, pictures are lovely as usual and you and your children looks stunning!

  53. Oh my sweet friend.

    You kill me. Such beautiful beautiful pictures.

  54. Love the pics of Lainey and Nella brushing their teeth.

  55. Have a happy Thursday (it has already turned into that here), dear sweet Kelle!
    Those girls are so lucky to have the both of you, you are caring and wonderful parents!

    I feel so ready for our “storms” and autumn here, seeing your post.
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  56. Today I woke to snow! Yes. Snow. It is unusual to have it so early, even here in Switzerland. It isn’t staying on the ground but it was falling in thick, heavy flakes and now the hills and mountains around us look like someone has iced them. Even the little hills nearby look like powdered sugar from the sky has been sprinkled liberally by a big hand. I grabbed the camera and we headed out early to smell the coming winter, see our breath and “pink up” our noses and cheeks.
    On this walk, I thought of you. Funny, to think of someone you don’t know, but I did. I thought of you and blogging and my Dad…who was the reason I started blogging and reading blogs in the first place. I wanted to sort out my feelings about his death and get out all the writing that was building up inside me.
    Sorry for the ramble but the changing of the seasons makes me go all wordy.

  57. The woods are the best playground ever! In the U.S, and here in Norway! :-)
    Nella is her fathers daughter, that’s for sure! So much alike!
    Have a great weekend!

  58. Oh this just slays me! Gorgeous all over.
    Sneaky lemongrass tip = grate it, even if it says to chop finely use a microplane or grater then it won’t be as stringy or crunchy :)

  59. I love the forest photos! And love the creativity kids bring to our lives :)

  60. may i say…?
    first: you are beautiful!!! inside and outside!!
    second: the moments before bed are really sweet!
    as always thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  61. Amazing! your pictures are so beautiful and breathtaking!


  62. Brett’s “sneaky eyes” made me laugh!

  63. Your enchanted forest looks great in pics…..awesome idea Brett! xo

  64. Adorable! I have yet to experience Naples in the Fall. Hubby was born and raised in Naples/Bonita area..but we only visit in Summer for vacation. We may have to get on down that way for Thanksgiving or Christmas some time!

  65. enjoy your cold front. wishin’ my hunters were teal. black just seems so boring now;) you are brave going out there. you know there have to be snakes and crocs somewhere!!!

  66. can’t wait to see what fall/winter warm outfits you will find for the girls. i love your taste in clothes. happy you had the chance to enjoy a forest adventure. too cute. (:

  67. I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with Lainey & Nella. My husband and I don’t have children yet but when we do, I hope I am able to allow them to see the world in the way you’re getting your girls to.

  68. So many times I read and smile & can’t think of a good comment. Just want you to know how much I love your posts and how they make me smile. Levi is beginning to scoot around the floor on his cute little butt. Maybe we’ll have a crawler soon!

  69. Your rain photos make me want to weep with envy. Living in Central Texas right now means we haven’t experienced that in a loooooong time. It looks like a magical tromp through the woods.

    My four year old was sitting on my lap while reading your blog this morning and when he saw Nella he kept saying, “that little girl is too cute! When can we play with her?” He’s a sucker for the adorable younger girls.

    Happy Thursday!

  70. Nella is getting so big! Our cold front hit this morning also.
    Pulled out a red sweater, my dark jeans and leopard print flats. The lipstick is a little darker and the eye make-up a but heavier. I love love love the fall!!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  71. We got our cold front too!!! AND it happened on my birthday! Perfect timing? I’d say so.

    Love the woodsy pics and the girls brushing their teeth. Very cute.

  72. I had a moment like that a week or so ago. My son was being very quiet in his room so I went back to check out what he was doing. I ended up just standing in the doorway of his bedroom watching him play in his toy kitchen with tears streaming down my face. I sure do love my babies (even though my children are five and almost three they will always be my babies)!

  73. I can see in your pictures that Lainey is going to be the best big sister to Nella that she can be. Makes my heart melt!

  74. Love your blog! So inspiring to be a better person and mother. The last two pictures of Nella are beautiful.

  75. I’ve been following your blog since Nella was born, but never commented before. I just wanted to tell you that your girls are gorgeous, and get more so every day. I just want to squeeze them….and then have a playdate! My Macie and your Lainey would have so much fun!!

  76. I love those moments when your children think nobody is watching and they are the most loving and tender towards eachother! It is the most precious times that warm your heart and make it all worth it.

  77. Such a cute blog, and your pictures are amazing! I love the pictures of the woods. You have such an adorable family!

    Have a great day!



  78. Isn’t it amazing how sweet such a simple act like brushing teeth can be, you are truly blessed! Your swamp looks like a ton of fun, I know my kids would be doing the same exact thing if we had that in our backyard, maybe we’ll have to go searching for a swamp of our own, it has been raining here fora few days.

  79. Your photos are beautiful, your family is beautiful and your girls are both especially beautiful!!! What fun on a rainy/stormy day!!! And the LOL texts about your husband are hilarious!!

  80. Okay, for serious? Nella is looking SO grown up lately. I know, I know. What’s with our kids and all the growing up they have to do? I both love and dislike it at the same time.

    p.s. I totally got “Kelle Hampton” bangs cut the other night and LOVE them. I actually think I’m a better writer because of them :)

  81. I love your boots. I MUST get some. You are so cute with your girls. You give me such great ideas on how to treasure and soak in my own little girl. Keep it up lady. Love it all!

  82. Ahh, so much fun with the rainboots & puddles! :) Easily the cutest mom ever.

  83. I just have to say that every single picture of Nella in this post cut me right to the heart. She’s stunning. And that Lainey Love is pretty stinkin’ cute in her own right :)

    Happy Day!

    Angie from Ohio

  84. Freaking love the rain boots and puddles!! and the pictures of Big Sis helping Little Sis- BE STILL MY HEART! that is what life is made of. love love love.
    Enjoy your cold front!

  85. Love the pictures in the woods. Mr Brown Can Moo is my 16 month old daughter’s favorite book. She grins when I make all the noises. Dr Suess sure knew what he was doing with that one. :)

  86. Absolute angels.

  87. I love the scene you captured from the girls brushing their teeth! Lainey is such a great big sister!

  88. love it. so darn poetic. and that nella is stunningly beautiful in the light blue…sigh. thanks for pulling me off the ledge once again (the ledge of chaos/frustration/craziness of having 3 boys, that is). cold front hoo-yah!

  89. You and Brett are wonderful parents, such an inspiration. I love the last picture of Nella, she is looking more and more like a toddler now.

  90. I LOVE all of the photos you take of your girls. I take pictures all day long, my husband rolls his eyes, but I love being able to look back at such special days!

  91. Just have to say that Nella’s curled toes kill me!

  92. WOW! Kelle, I cannot emphasize enough how ENCHANTING that picture is of Lainey with the yellow umbrella walking through the swamp-like woods! I feel like it’s a picture straight from a fantasy movie – a story about a little girl on a courageous journey through a fantasy world. Absolutely STUNNING! Both the photo and the little girl :)

  93. Love the exploration of the backyard and the tooth brushing moment…pure bliss. Hope you’re enjoying your cold front!

  94. Ugh, here in So Cal we could REALLY use a cold front. We have to create Fall here too. Love your posts :-)

  95. I love Lainey’s look in one of the pictures while she is supervising the teeth brushing….she seems like such a caretaker of her little sister. So sweet.

  96. Kelle, I don’t usually eat the lemongrass. Even if it cooks for a long time it is still really tough. I cook a lot of thai food, and I just cut big chunks (inch long or even more). It’ll get the flavor in the soup and then you can remove it. I always leave it in but just don’t eat it (although it is kinda tasty to suck on).
    Cute pics of the waterworld in your backyard. Stomping in all that water looks like fun!

  97. I just love the bond your two girls share, it’s the sweetest thing.

    And also, I know I’m a post late, but had to comment on the Hallmark Friends post. What a great post, it really hit a soft spot with me. I’ve always had a great circle of friends, most of us meet in high school and have maintained our circle for 20 plus years. Needless to say we’ve been through a whole lot, good & bad. Lately though life is getting in the way and with everyone’s crazy busy schedules, getting together is fewer and farther between, and lately I’ve been feeling a little blue about it and really missing my girls. It just so happens this weekend one of them is turning 40 and we’re all getting together, hooray! You had some great suggestions and I for sure am going to bring them up. Love the Target idea and marking it on the calendar. Thanks for the ideas!

  98. Is lainey still doing ballet??

  99. LOVED the picture of the girls brushing their teeth. Frame worthy for sure!

  100. I hope you are enjoying your cold front. It has hit Ohio and I know winter is not far behind it. Loved the ‘swamp’ and I can do it myself tooth brushing pictures. Lainey is such a good big sister.

  101. seriously kelle? going bra-less in a cardigan? that’s tacky!

  102. I love your new header, very different from your others, but very cute. I love how you manage to explore new places that would otherwise seem uninteresting, and you make them look fun and exciting! Thanks to your post I am now craving some tom kha soup – delicious!

  103. Oh my gosh I love the rainforest pictures, so freakin cute!

  104. Love the woods adventures!

  105. We kept hearing about this big storm coming all over the news. We watched the big red blob creeping toward Florida. We watched and waited as the sky grew grey. Then nothing, well almost nothing. We got some rain, but nothing like the news was saying. I’m guessing it ended up staying more south. Oh well. But…

    Amen on the cold front. Just wish it lasted longer than this weekend.

  106. PS Who in the world is checking out your boobs and can tell if you are going braless or not? That’s tacky.

  107. i love the pictures of lainey being so helpful with nella! it’s so sweet :)

  108. I just noticed your book is being released in the Spring, how exciting. On my birthday to be exact. Congratulations!

  109. Lainey is quite the little mama. So sweet.

  110. First of all, I feel the need to kick-box someone for a certain comment! And secondly,

    Dear Stenta,
    You look AMAZING in the woods!

    **And the secret moment seriously made my throat constrict….in a good way! We experience those tender moments between siblings, too. There’s nothing like it!

    Love to you today ~

  111. Nella looks so grown up in this post!

  112. I’m in love with this blog! :) and with those cute knit hats. Beautiful babies.

  113. Your woods are so magical : )
    I am glad you have magic always surrounding you.
    LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF about your friends texts… Ha Ha HA!

  114. Those last two pictures of Nella, absolutely beautiful.

  115. Love love love love that moment between Lainey and Nella. And I love even more that you captured it to last forever. I can just imagine you showing them the pictures when they both have their own kids… how awesome :)

  116. What a fun adventure in your woods! You are lucky to all have those cool boots.
    Your way with words is so amazing…the back stage pass thing…loving it. Watching your kids when they don’t know it is priceless.
    And I love Brett’s super sleuth eyes peering above. Very funny!


  117. I seriously want to come steal your boots..love them!

    We’re finally getting our cold here in Chicago after an awesome Indian summer. It’s going to be a long 8 months until spring, LOL.

  118. Kelle… or other Americans… what do you guys call the pink boots lainey is wearing? In the Uk we call them wellingtons and in Australia it is Gumboots

  119. Oh those sweet girls. Your photos just continue to inspire and delight me. You look so cute with your hair in a bun! And I love your boots! So cool.

    You inspire me. When I grow up, I want to be more like you.

    How do you do it?
    How are you so positive?
    Any secrets you could share?

  120. Oh Kelli!!!!! I love you! I dont even know you personally but how I love you! Your posts just always make me laugh out loud and your girls are an absolute joy. God bless you dearest! Keep writing because I will always keep stopping by :)

  121. Nella looks like a little doll in that outfit. She is soooo adorable. And Lainey is too. :-)

  122. My three year old comes up with some pretty creative names too, Thynette, Thynetti, and her most recent “Swinger”. I love it!

  123. Another beautiful post! Texas found it’s cold front on Tuesday. With lows in the 50’s and 40’s, it was time to pull out the flannel pj’s and the BIG goose down for the bed. Is there anything better?!

  124. Precious photos!

  125. u r an amazing woman with many talents! great to see!

  126. Ooooh, those black and whites are perfection. Love.

    Also, my little girl (three and a half), always makes up names for us when we are playing, and for some reason she always names me “Jungalina”. I’d love to be inside her mind.

  127. Damm, girl, you look good randomly tromping through the swamp!

  128. I haven’t visited your blog in awhile and OMG Nella is looking so grown up. When did that happen? The photo with the pig tails is so sweet, but she doesn’t look like a baby anymore. Squeeze her quick before she’s grown up and become President.

  129. I never knew photos of two sweet little girls brushing their teeth could make me teary eyed.


    Lainey is such an amazing big sister and Nella clearly adores her and has so must trust in her.


  130. I LOVE Nella’s “bibs” in this post. Where can I find a pair for my little one?

  131. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. Even the little girl helps to change the world. Please take care.

  132. hey, you’re on blogs of note! awesome :)

  133. I love the pictures in the woods!

  134. Just to compliment you’re pictures! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :)
    Regards from Brazil!

  135. Wow, that sweater, jeans, rainboot and bun combo looks AWESOME on you! You just inspired me to someday be that chic mama. Also, those teeth brushing pictures are heart-meltingly-cute.

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