San Diego Part One

On a few hours of sleep and some time zone confusion here, so I’m keeping it quick.

San Diego welcomed us late this morning, and if we would have planned this trip just two weeks later, we could have hit up the National Tattoo Expo while we were here–there are signs for it everywhere. You can’t win ’em all, I guess.



It seems this entire last week has been full of celebrating and honoring and being aware. Friday night, I joined some friends in my first Stilette Sprint for Breast Cancer. The sun spilled its glory onto Fifth Avenue, perfectly timed to set right as the stampede of pink-wearing, stiletto-strutting participants trotted (carefully) in celebration.



It felt good to be there, surrounded by such passion. I loved seing “Survivor” painted across so many t-shirts. And I have to admit, I loved the shoes–even if they were accompanied by hairy legs.


I ran (walked/hobbled/tripped) for my friend Elizabeth who is battling breast cancer right now. She is a strong, fierce mama.



The rest of this week, we will continue to celebrate, and there will be much more to share as the events of our busy week unfold.

Today, we settled in though.

Thank you, Infantino, for my shirt!

With a trip to the San Diego Zoo where we held our breath on our scenic tram car ride…


Yes, that’s a sticker on my glasses and no, it’s not the first time.

…beheld the wonder of the polar bear…


…and enjoyed a front row seat, just an inch of glass apart from a very entertaining baby gorilla.

This gorilla rubbed his butt against the glass right in front of Lainey, and she was a hysterical heap of laughter.


The girls have found opportunities to make up for our early morning and shifted schedule.


I, on the other hand, have not.

But before I’m off to bed, I’m dusting off my Twitter handle to join a great Twitter party tomorrow, and we’d love to have you be a part of it.

Join @momcentral tomorrow from 3-4PM ET for the #EverybodyPlays Twitter
Party to celebrate the differences that make every baby unique!

Tomorrow from 3-4PM ET @MomCentral, @Infantino, and @KelleHampton (that’s me–ha)will be hosting the #EverybodyPlays Twitter Party! There will be some great Infantino & Step2 Product Bundle giveaways too!


Finally, Tea Collection is returning as a sponsor this month, and it’s timed appropriately as their site is full of some lovely fall eye candy right now. Tea continually offers unique and colorful clothing inspired by different regions and cultures.

I am in love with their new Puebla graphic jacket.


And these wear-with-anything funky tennis shoes.


I’m so happy to have Tea Collection on board again–and their value statement makes me smile. Check them out!


It will be an inspiring week, and I’m excited to be a part of Infantino’s campaign to recognize the beauty of all children. And thank you for your support on Nella’s Rockstars Buddy Walk Fund. I smiled when I checked it today. Your kindness is making a difference. The Buddy Walk Fund will stay up until the end of the month because it doesn’t want the party to end quite yet.

More to come. I’ll try and share some of the shoot on Facebook throughout the day Wednesday and Thursday.

Until then, you stay classy, San Diego. (I’ve been waiting forever to appropriately use that).



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  1. Oh my goodness the picture with your little one in the carrier is sooo precious. A sweet little angel!


  2. I miss SoCal so much! Sounds like you have an amazing busy week that I am sure will be a blast! :) Love the jacket and tennis shoes by the way

  3. I love san diego! My favorite 2-day vacation spot! Enjoy your time!

  4. Hope you all have the best time-it sounds like it will be an amazing photo shoot.
    I love that Lainey took her puppy blanket to the zoo!

  5. Looooove that shot of Lainey rocking the jacket. Girlfriend knows how to work it. 😉

    Happy Monday!

  6. Ohh no, I think I have missed something. Why are you in San Diego?? What is the photoshot for? Not sure how I missed this update, but have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  7. I remember now :) Good luck with the shoot!!!

  8. I heart San Diego!! Have fun out there!

    Love the stiletto walk for breast cancer. My grandmother was a survivor. Wish I could have taken part in it!

  9. You’re in San Diego, my hometown! Had I know I would’ve offered to pick you up at the airport and gone to the zoo myself (So not kidding about that one We live just 5 miles south of Downtown San Diego, been wanting to take my two boys (ages 1 and 2 1/2) for a while now. Glad you’re in town, just wish the sun would’ve come out. I’ve been following your blog for a year now and love it. Love how you write, love the sheer optimism and adore all the photographs of Nella and Lainey. Believe me, in this family you’re bigger than Michael Jackson. We’re ALL Kelle Hampton fans. My sister, sister-in-law and I are all fans. Our daily ‘Did you see Kelle’s blog today?’ is the norm. Love ya girl. You rock! Hope San Diego treated you well and you come back again.

  10. Enjoy my city!
    I actually passed on going to the zoo today! Dang! I probably would have fell right over if I saw you and your girls there! AWESOME! Hope you have a lovely time here!

  11. Awesome! As someone fighting breast cancer right now, I thank you!

  12. Zoo = My favorite zoo ever. And we go to a lot of zoos. Love the shots of the girls checking out the animals!

  13. We enjoyed San Diego when my first daughter was just 6 months old, and I was very “freshly” pregnant with her lil sis. Brings back memories, seeing your pics! Enjoy your time in SanDiego. I SO wish we could travel down there. Especially to shoot my lil one. Photo shoot that is. haha Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip. And anxiously planning and prepping for our precious girl’s big ONE! FIrst birthday this heart is doing all kinds of flip flops over that one. *LOVE* the pic of Nella by the bed…*LOVE*!!!!! oh and laity’s curly pigtails! so sweet!

  14. ok that was SUPPOSED to say laineys. maybe I should just have a permanent disclaimer for typos! 😀

  15. Beautiful photos. That’s absolutely lovely of you to attend this event in support of people fighting this horrible illness, it seems like a lot of fun. San Diego is beautiful.

  16. Yaaaay for San Diego, America’s Finest City and my hometown! I hope you have a wonderful stay there – and I can’t wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot. I think you’re doing an incredibly important thing, getting the faces of *all* children out there for the world to see. Thank you for being a driving force for change!

  17. I’ll be doing something similar next month in Sisters With Blisters walk

  18. Again…I love being in a different time zone to you…it means I can occasionally sneak into the top 50!!!!

    Love the stiletto sprint…a fun way to do a good thing. And I think “man enough to wear pink” is the best T-shirt ever for breast cancer awareness.


  19. Gotta say, I’m stinkin’ jealous of your seat screens on your flight. We just flew 8 hours without any video screens! And no air control either, but that’s a whole other story.

    Can I also say – love – love – LOVE the photo of Nella in the baby carrier. My husband & I just ‘passed court’ yesterday in Ukraine to bring home our son, born with Down syndrome. Orphan no more!! Can’t wait to throw that boy in his carrier! :)

  20. The hairy legged pink shoe shots made me giggle out loud. Great pictures..Have a blast!

  21. Love those pink shoes and hairy legs too! Loving you blog :-)

  22. As a breast cancer survivor I appreciate all who raise money for the cause. Have a blast in San Diego. Loved sleeping Nella picture:)

  23. OMG – you so should let Lainey guest-blog about her gorilla experience! Enjoy SD – try to make it over to Coronado Island if you get the chance – super gorge! xoxo

  24. Have a wonderful time enjoying your beautiful life. I still listen to your blog playlist when I read, and enjoy the songs so much. Safe travels!

  25. Oh, it looks amazing, in San Diego!
    I’ve always dreamt of going so I really enjoy your photos!!

    LOVE the hairy legs in the stilettos!!!!!

    Have a great time!

  26. Love the costco smiley pajamas!! I picked them up when we were in Miami, they are totally travellin’ pjs!

  27. awesome! i love how you just fly here and there and become a part of some amazing things for loved ones. that pic of your legs was awesome. they looked like little toothpicks;) oh and nella on your chest…precious.

  28. For a great cause, seeing the males in stilleto’s and “stripper boots” that was the best. I could not walk in them, much less sprint! But in the name of Breast Cancer or something I have very fond of, March of Dimes, I WOULD DO IT OVER AND OVER!

    Looks like you guys had a blast and I just love your style, with yourself and those beautiful girls! :)

  29. The pink stilettos, boots and hairy legs were great ! what a great cause — I have completed a midnight memories walk for something similar.
    love the piccie of nella asleep on you – too cute.

  30. hi you there:) I love, love, love this post. And I´m so thankful that you took me back to San Diego once more. It´s been years since I´ve been to the states, and seeing your updates makes it feel a little bit closer. Good luck to your friend who´s battling breast cancer. I have a feeling she will be ok:) Best of wishes to her, and to you(!) A big thank you for sharing. Love from Norway- nurse Renate- who is wearing support pink today

  31. Love Nella’s tee-shirt!
    Thank you Kelle for the stiletto walk. I never thought much about breast cancer until this past summer when I was diagnosed with it. I had a bilateral mastectomy in early October and got the great news last night that it’s NO Chemo or radiation for me. On to new fake boobs and a healthly life! Thanks for supporting a cause that has become frighteningly near and dear to my heart!

  32. Here’s wishing you lots of energy for this week! And yes, I noticed the sticker on the glasses just like you did with the white ones last year. LOL.

    Enjoy SoCal. Glad to see Dad is coming along for the adventure!


  33. OMG, Kelle. The pic of Poppa in his “wife-beater” shirt. I only wish I could “Un-see” it, rinse my eyes with bleach, and go back in time five minutes.

  34. Cupcakes Squared is a must when you are in San Diego-yum!!! Have a great time in a wonderful place 😀

  35. hope you are having fun in San Diego aka a whales…


  36. Lainey is quite the model.
    A hotel room with wood loors, I love that.
    The panda looks like he is smiling.
    I think it will be awhile before I can go to the zoo after last week’s terrible ordeal. We live close about 25 miles from where the crazy man (Zanesville, Ohio) let all the exotic animals loose.

  37. Just thought you should know that I just spent hours reading your blog; pulled in by the unconditional love and honesty that you share. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    A newly dedicated reader

  38. lets see..
    1: i LOVE the anchorman quote :)
    2: i love the shirt you had made for the walk..

    and three I had one of those hold your breath moments on a chairlift last summer with my 2 and a half yr old. i was a nervous wreck that at any sec he would get in that im not going to sit still kinda mood and start kicking while we are way up in the sky.. lucky we had no issues…

    hope the zoo was wonderful.. thats on my bucket list of things to go and see.

  39. I loved this post! Full of fun times. Loved all the pink shoes and how that panda is smiling!

  40. I LOVE the t-shirt. It’s one of my most favorite…Are the shirts available for purchase? I’d love my daughter to start rockin’ some confidence boosting duds at age 2!!!

  41. Love the infantino shirt so cute and a message every kid should receive early in life.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  42. We went to the San Diego and hit up the zoos last year! It was so much fun. I love the Polar Bear exhibit, hopefully you elected to ride the bus as that is a HUGE park and I was exhausted afterwards. If you have time and you’re staying near downtown, be sure to hit up Richard Walkers pancake house (so yummy). Love the photos. Happy travelling.

  43. You are such an amazing person and so blessed to be able to travel and see and do all that you do. I love how your dad seems so present in your’s and your girl’s life. You are blessed to have that as well. Love the post. Love the pictures.

  44. I can’t believe you are on the left coast…just a couple of hours from me.

    As for the stiletto walk, it just goes to show how hot high heels make ANY leg look :)

  45. I really find your blog so inspirational I have also started a blog about my life and everything in it including my son who is struggling with ADHD I would love if you would check it out thank you so much Tara

  46. i love the stiletto walk! how fun!! my momma is a breast cancer survivor and i love october for all the pink activities. beautiful pictures, as always kelle.

  47. Those hairy legs are scary! But what a fun event! The pic of Nella standing with that large t-shirt just makes me laugh!

  48. There really needs to be more stiletto runs in this country. Love them!

  49. the smiling panda was a great touch at the end! Nice work (along with the ‘stay classy, San Diego’ line… one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME!).

  50. I’m so glad you were able to make it to the San Diego Zoo while you are here! It’s silly, but I got all giddy knowing you were so much closer to me than usual (I’m in Long Beach). Hope you and yours have a great time and I can’t wait to hear more!

  51. Hi Kelle, love your blog. First time here and it was so nice to see the pictures and how you all got together.

    Thanks for the morning smile.

    Valentine deFrancis. blogspot. com

  52. 1. LOVE the picture of Nella all sleepy in her carrier. And 2. ALSO LOVE the picture of Lainey posing with that jacket – work it, girl!!!

    Another great post :-)

  53. Loving your new header SO much…precious. And the heels and shadow pic is AWE.SOME!!!!! Go pink….kick ass Elizabeth. I soooo need that jacket for my lil one. Tea Collection…here I come.

  54. Sheesh! Must be that time of the month…..crying at every post…every pic, every caption (and snorting laughter, too!).

    Lainey in her jacket and fun tennies: A.DOR.ABLE!!! And love her curly pigs :)

    Hoping you get good rest,

  55. The heels photos are AMAZING. LOVE THEM! :o)

  56. I just checked “Blogs of Note” and was exited to see yours is the one today! Hopefully more people will get to see how awesome your blog is! Love panda cheesing for your camera and, of course, the Anchorman quote. When in Rome…

  57. Oh, the SD Zoo is the BEST! I have pics of my kids in front of the gorilla and the polar bears too!

  58. Looks like a wonderful trip!! I grew up going to that zoo….now not so much! Have a blast with your littles!

  59. Welcome to California! Hope you have a great trip!

    P.S. Love the Anchorman reference! 😉

  60. love you. love you. love you. i just love you and your blog. and your little people. thanks for snapping shots of all the pink heels. :)

  61. I love my city, glad you enjoyed yourself.

  62. You are such a supportive and awesome friend. I LOVE the shirt Nella is wearing “Nobody can make you feel inferior…” Fantastic!

  63. Lovely photos especially the pink heeels :)

  64. We JUST got back to Alabama from San Diego on Saturday :-) If you have a chance for some awesome Mexican food, hit up Casa de Guadalajara. BEST ever! Enjoy your trip :-) We are just recovering from the time change – we’re only 2 hours off though, not three!

  65. I love your stilletto photos. I wish I had some of those platform boots. San Diego Zoo is great. The gorilla butt rub…too funny.

  66. I have always wanted to go to the San Diego zoo.. hopefully it will happen next summer. It looks amazing!

    Love Tea.

  67. You came up on blogs of note, and i wondered why…

    Your photos are amazing, so vibrant and well thought out.

    Hopefully you will like my words…

    Possibly not so well thought out or vibrant, but that’s your opinion not mine:)

  68. Enjoy your time in California!!!

  69. love the pictures and the walk too,a lot of women in my stepmoms family had breast cancer and survived, so heartily approved :) laineys adorable by the way,as always;and i recently saw the slideshow and story on birthcenter,nellas so big and so beautiful! i wish people in my city had as much acceptance for special needs children as yours does :) <3kayla

  70. This is so awesomely perfect! My Hubby & I just spent the afternoon at the Philadelphia Zoo!

  71. How do I get more involved in the Infantino Campaign? My 18 month old son was born with a cleft lip and palate. Since he was born, I have become a Pathfinder for AmeriFace to raise awareness and help new Mom’s in their journey. It totally fits in with the campaign “to recognize the beauty of all children”.

  72. My Dad lives in SD and the zoo is a must each time we go! I love LOVE that puebla jacket!!

  73. Kelle, you are amazing. that’s all. :0)

  74. San Diego is amazing! I loved the zoo myself! Enjoy your adventures.

    I’m Ron Burgandy?????

  75. Love the harry legs in stilletos! and Lainey posing! I love that she poses now – I’ve been reading some of your older posts where it’s all you can do to get a pic of her smiling and standing still!

  76. Ooh, have a great time out there! Wishing you sunny skies and a sunset over the ocean….

  77. A great opportunity to wear Pink!! I love your pictures…and I loved the shoes…:)

  78. I don’t normally comment but Nella’s t-shirt from Infantino is amazing. I love it and pretty much want one for my whole family.

  79. Welcome to San Diego! My kids and I love the sd zoo! Hope you have a great time here. Love your pictures, as always!

  80. Goodness, Lainey is the cutest little model! Look at that smile and the twinkle in her eye!

  81. Enjoy San Diego!! Love the beautiful city I call home.Sea World is fun if you have time ,and Coronado is beautiful. Two of my daughters favorite spots. And we almost went to the zoo yesterday :)

  82. Love the San Diego Zoo. Those gorillas are always putting on a show!

  83. Hairy legs in heels…ahhhh!

  84. I just came onto your blog from “blogs of note” and I am HOOKED. I have 3 kids, 2 with autism, which puts my in this elite club of extra-blessed people. Thanks for your perspective. Your girls are beautiful and I LOVE your blog!

  85. LOVED all the shoes!!!! and your girls are so beautiful!

  86. Take your family to La Jolla Shores Beach for sunset – you won’t regret it. It’s where my husband and I fell in love and where a piece of my heart will always remain (we have since moved to North Carolina). Enjoy San Diego!! Also, you must get your girls some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt!! AND if you have time for a hike – check out Torrey Pines!!

  87. Looks like you’re having a great time in San Diego. Love the pink heels and for such a great cause.

    I also truly love your Dad’s face as he watches Nella experience the world. His love is written all over his face and he’s just so tender with her. It’s special.

  88. Love the hairy legs pic! Made me laugh, and proud of the guys strutting his stuff wearing the Man enough to wear pink shirt! SO AWESOME!!

  89. Haha, have fun! Monkey butt would make me chuckle too!

  90. Can I just say I love those pink heels!! Man, those are so adorable, all of them!

  91. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    So glad to have you here.

    Even though we won’t see each other face to face?

    I can feel ya closeby.

  92. Pretty (in pink) cool, looks like you are having fun. If you can make time stop at my blog I am giving away one of my mosaic mirrors

  93. lovely photos, and for such a great cause. I ran last year race for life to help fight breast cancer, and it feels so amazing doing something with thousands of other people, all doing it for people you love!
    gorgeous pictures of the panda too!

  94. awesome heels. love the photos. precious. (:

  95. There is nothing sweeter then a good trip!

    I came by to give you a little blog award …

  96. I was just passing by and thought id stop to say hello. I’m checking new blogs today, and i hope you folks are enjoying the fall weather like we are having here in Pennsylvania. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

  97. Nella totally rocked her new shirt! What a fabulous pic :) I’d love to find one of those for my son to wear.

  98. oh this is just the cutest!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  99. its so awesome that you’re in california! i had hoped to meet you and your girls at the infantino photoshoot, but maybe next time!

    those san diego park pictures are so cute! i am definitely taking my son there soon. can i ask, is it the wild animal park?

    i really hope you guys have fun here in california! :)

  100. okay… so even before i found out that those shoes were yours, i thought that they were the best!

    Did your husband join you on your cancer walk?

  101. LOVE your pictures! San Diego
    is my home town and it looks like you’re having fun! If you get a chance, stop by Extraordinary Desserts on Union street for me! You won’t regret it!

  102. <3 it! Hope you have an awesome time away from home :)

  103. I absolutely loved the picture of your daughter in the yellow room.

    So adorable!

    God bless.

  104. which panda is that? i’ve been creeping on the san diego pandas on their panda cam for the last few years when yun zi was born. it’s like zen for my students in my classroom to have on when they are working on problems. :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your stiletto pictures! elizabeth is a lucky lady to have your supporting her!

  105. wow that looks like so much fun!

  106. Hope you LOVE San Diego, it’s my favorite place in the States! You must go to Corona if you can, it’s so worth it!!

    I’m running in the Anna’s Angels 5K and 10 Miler in NC this Saturday in honor of your beautiful Nella. :)

    Enjoy your time away from home.

  107. Congratulations on your “Blog of Note” award!

    from Barbie & Ken Doll


  108. It’s great to know that you have a good heart and to see all those peoples there for support. Little things does mean a lot.

  109. You are thisclose to me and my friend Megan who are GINORMOUS fans of your blog! Wish you were making a day trip to Santa Barbara :)
    LOVE the stiletto pics!

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  111. visit for an interesting book.

  112. i really like the heading..

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  113. Love the shot looking down at Nella in the carrier

  114. I love, love, LOVE when your Dad is on the blog : )

  115. Wow. I always read your blog, but today, reading through this I was struck by the quote on Nella’s shirt. My friend actually just sent me that quote yesterday to help me feel better about our house being broken into on Monday and feeling so insecure about even staying in my own home. It was helpful to see that quote again today. Love the blog :)

  116. That puebla graphic jacket and the little model looks like she had a great time wearing it.

  117. Thank you for taking what I know will be beautiful pictures of my Maceo yesterday! We had a blast!

  118. LOVE Nella’s skirt in the zoo pics!

  119. Very well done blog.

    I’ve been stuck for HOURS looking through everything, lol. (I know, it’s sad).

    Is there any way that you, or anyone ELSE on here for that matter, could give me some pointers on how to make my blog better?

    Writing is nice, but having an audience is nicer … haha.

    Anyway, thanks for this blog. It’s pretty phenomenal.

  120. I enjoy your blog becasue I know every time I look at it I will be encouraged/inspired in some way. Thank you for another great post!

  121. Kelle, I love your blog. I just found out about it from a friend and I cannot stop reading! Your girls are adorable and I am just in love with your photographs. Your love of life and your family has helped me to see all of the joy in life again :) And to remember to cherish my girlies with all my heart, no matter what else! I also have a little one with DS. She is doing amazing in her 8 months and has an older sister who loves her more than princess gowns…which is A LOT! Anyway, I was writing because I love that shirt your little Nella is wearing, the one from Infantino. Do they sell it anywhere? I would love to get one for my little ones, if it is available for purchase. I don’t know if you read all of your comments so I won’t be offended if you don’t respond. Have a great time in Cali. Give those girlies a hug, they are just too sweet :)

  122. The San Diego Zoo!! Your pictures brought back a lot of memories. I was born and raised in San Diego but have lived in Seattle for the last 20+ years.

    Thank you for your pictures! Hope you’re having a great time! Be sure to get to the beach! Mission Beach has shops, but La Jolla is my favorite. Snorkling at the Cove… so many memories!

  123. Are those kids yours? they’re just so pretty and handsome! :))

  124. Cute little girl in your pictures. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Deborah

  125. The picture of Lainey looking at the baby gorilla is precious! Her reflection in the glass says it all…complete joy! And thanks for the laugh…you stay classy, too!

  126. LOVING the pic! and those heels are super cute (most of them were!!!) so awesome to participate in something like that!!

  127. I am in fits of laughter over that pic of Nella asleep in the carrier!!! SOOOO FUNNY! She looks mighty comfy!

  128. Happy All-Hallows-Eve!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram!

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  130. My son is 2 yes old and has been blessed with DS, I showed him a picture of your beautiful baby girl and he said ” woooow”! She is so pretty!

  131. nice blog,nice post,love this blog…

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