A friend asked me yesterday what my December looked like and, instinctively, I began to reply “busy.” “Busy” is how I always respond, and it’s become second nature to have it ready to fire off in response to any question.

“Hey, haven’t seen you in a while, how’s it going?”
Great, but busy.

“We missed you last week, where were you?”
Sorry, I’ve been busy.

“Hey, how’s your family?”
So freaking busy, how’s yours?

And Busy becomes this black hole that mysteriously abducts us away from the humble land of availability. I’ve lately been reminded though that every one’s busy. They’re just not so jackass to have to shout it from the rooftop.

I think we often make the mistake of assuming that our worth somehow corresponds with how busy we are. I’ve done it myself–advised dating friends that if a guy calls, tell him you’re busy. You’re in demand. You’re just sooooo tied up with fabulous things that make you busy, busy, busy.

When my dad was in college, he worked as an orderly in a nursing home. He said employees used to laugh listening to the residents as they gathered in the lounge at the end of the day. While most of them had spent their days sleeping, knitting, wandering the halls, at night those banal routines transformed into embellished stories of just how very busy they were. And whether or not their tales were altered by dementia, it was obvious they understood the idea that they were admired, even just within the small community of wheelchairs, if they spent their days tied up with very important things.

“What did you do today, Florence?”
“Well, funny you should ask, Lloyd. I was so busy.”

I’m tired of the word busy. Try saying it over and over–it’s annoying. I’ve been busy all year (I swear I’m going to stop saying busy), and it’s time to take a tip from those old people and take some time to slowly shuffle, fold wash cloths, knit booties and maybe even play a game of cribbage or two. That makes us significant just as much as crazy schedules, if not more.

If companies struggle all year to break even and Black Friday finally flips the switch to gaining profit, then perhaps I should, likewise, focus on the rest of the year as pure gain. I’m going to enjoy it.


I stopped myself yesterday before I answered. You know what? We’re not busy right now. Our December is full of opportunities to connect–calendar dates that call for both Out & About as well as Idle & Home. Busy is far too cheap a word to depict the ever changing harmony of opportunities, responsibilities or whatever it is that makes the clean grid of a December calendar swell.

Besides, December’s still a week away, and there are still a few boxes left on my November calendar here. This weekend, we took the responsibility of filling those days very seriously. If I had to write something across the days of our Thanksgiving weekend, I think it would be a smiley face. And “HELL YEAH.” Caps Lock. Because pie always calls for a hell yeah.


We determined this was our fifth year in donning festive pajamas for the annual breakfast tradition.



We added chocolate chip pancakes to Nella’s list of favorite foods.



And the scene in our friends’ kitchen unfolded to everything that is the opposite of busy. In a word, it was good.



Home & Idle, Take Two. Thanksgiving Evening.


Fallen Branch + Borrowed Electric Saw + Husband who Nervously Used Electric Saw = Wood Slab Tea Light Holders


I felt grateful–reminded that, no matter how busy we are, what matters most is this.


The opportunity to connect.


And whether your life right now is really challenging, really great or somewhere in between, everyone has the opportunity to connect.


Connecting with people and moments and all the elements that make up our surroundings–that’s what makes us most significant. I felt it this weekend. As I absorbed every little detail about the holiday–the candles; the music; the kitchen timer beeping; the little girls running circles around the table; Brett’s content smile; the echo of laughter, some distinct and louder than others; the mess of dishes that followed a great meal–I felt so very significant, not because I felt blessed but because I allowed myself to connect with it all. The people, the sounds, the tastes, the distinct feeling that comes with opening yourself up to be moved, to be affected, to be inspired.


I’m never too busy for that.


Today is Small Business Saturday, an appropriate opportunity to highlight so many of our sponsors.

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The best part? It’s easy to wipe clean.


The SweetSeat makes an awesome holiday gift and, and use code KELLE, you’ll receive 10% off!


Sponsor Tea Collection is also offering a huge sale of $15 Dresses and Pants but only until tomorrow! Happy Holiday Shopping.


Friday Photo Dump, a day late and a dollar short:


Enjoy your family this weekend! Here on out? It’s all profit, Sistahs.



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  1. So impressed that you already have all your Christmas stuff up! Working on mine this weekend and so excited! :)


  2. Love your post!! You’re right though why is it the month of December of all the months of the year “busy” seems to be on everyone’s lips. Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving.

  3. I think I will always and forever have the image of Nella sneaking into the box of Fruit Loops that is almost as big as her ingrained into my head!!! That has got to be one of the sweetest pictures I think I have ever seen!!! I love it!

  4. Gosh I love this!! I’m busy is so my first reaction. I’ve been trying so hard recently to stop and make plans. Connect with my friends and family. This post so hit home. Love your blog!!

  5. Wonderful pictures, and I looove the new look 😉

  6. Looks like your holiday was great! I sort of envy all your connecting. so good to see though. I am all for not being too busy, especially during the upcoming holiday season or i guess the one that has already started really! Love to you and yours from the Blog Mama~

  7. The look on Brett’s face says it all. One very content looking guy.
    That connection stuff..so right on.
    It’s how we strive to live every day throughout the year. Anyone fortunate enough to have loved ones near could consider themselves winner’s of the universe’s jackpot! And for that, I am very thankful.
    Kelle~have a wonderful December savouring the small things.

  8. Love this! I too always use ‘busy’ as my first response.. :)

    The last photo of Nella is precious! xx

  9. Beautiful and meaningful post as always :)

  10. Holy Crap Nella has a LOT of hair! My response since having two little girls just 22 months apart has been, “Tired… so very, very tired!” :)

  11. I have never commented before but I love your posts!! I have two little girls Payton Lane (who I call Laney-5) and Hayley Grace-3. I love your stories because they are so my life at this point too :) I am so “busy” with my kiddos, working at a childrens hospital, nursing school, being a wife… you know the list goes on and on…. but I find I can never be too busy to read Skippyjon Jones for the tenth time in one day or laugh along with little bear if it makes my girls smile! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas season!

  12. Thanks for sharing. It is always a good feeling when your words “connect” with me!

  13. I love the reminder that “busy” is such a non-answer. Love the pictures of your Thanksgiving. Looking forward to more holiday posts.

  14. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing what looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving with us! I’ve never “seen” once before and it looks just cosy and…. perfect.

    I couldn’t agree more – about a year ago I started to refuse being busy and I feel better, more present and proud.

    Have a wonderful weekend Kelle, you so deserve it :-) <3

  15. Thanks for this post! I really needed to hear it :) I was due yesterday to have my first baby girl, and it’s a little bit of a hectic time of year to plan on having a kid any day! hahaha! It was good to be reminded that ‘busy’ is basically what we make it. Life is there to be enjoyed; every minute of it!

    Thanks again! I love your blog!!

  16. One of my all time favorite posts, and I’ve been reading your blog since Nella was born. Very well said.

  17. Lovely. Hell yeah on pie!…lol

  18. my favorite picture ever – the one with lainey and nella at the kiddy table!!!

  19. If companies struggle all year to break even and Black Friday finally flips the switch to gaining profit, then perhaps I should, likewise, focus on the rest of the year as pure gain. I’m going to enjoy it.- KH

    I’m with ya! We just celebrated our little girls 1st bday yesterday and the rest is just pure delight…holidays, fullness and opportunities to connect.

  20. Yep, I’m with ya on that, sistah! Got things all ready and I’m really going to soak it in this year………our parents are getting older and we don’t know how much longer we’ll have them around, so we are going to really enjoy and cheerish our time with family…….it’s not about the gifts or the material “stuff” – it’s about the memories, baby! Thanks to my parents for giving us such amazing memories growing up……..we are attempting to do the same with our nieces/nephews as we have our annual Christmas Kick-Off Slumber Party tonight – everyone wears their new Hanna Andersson holiday jammies and we watch Christmas movies and have rootbeer floats & popcorn! I know that some day when I’m gone, they will ALWAYS remember Aunt Susie when they have a rootbeer float!! Memories, memories, it’s all about the memories! Great post, Kelle, on keeping things in perspective.

  21. I love this! Busy is a word too often used. Also, love the new banner!!


  22. Love the picture of Nella sitting on Lainey’s lap and love the last picture of Nella.

  23. You are singing from my songbook! I tore all the pages marked “soooo busy” out of it and the songs are so much sweeter now :)

    Your post today reminded me of one i wrote for Family Matters this fall. It’s worth it to get un-busy! May you find that perfect balance of being and doing this Christmas.


  24. Thank you….I needed this today! With a baby on the way, much to do at home, the holidays, appointments, and a new job, I find myself always saying ‘busy’ like it’s a badge of honor. But really, it’s not. I will take extra care to enjoy each moment….your words are just the reminder I needed.

  25. That photo of the hug is so cute, so many of these photos are actually awesome. Great stuff as always, a real joy to see and read. Thanksgiving sounded fun!

  26. so true Kelle! Love the little profit at the end! Beyond adorbs! xoxo

  27. Beautiful.

    “Busy” is officially banned from my vocabulary :)

  28. You know? Great, thought provoking post! Love the pictures of the holiday fun. Love Nella’s crescent-moon eyed smile!
    Hugs –

  29. I really loved this post – I couldn’t agree more about the whole idea of busy. And that new banner is cute. to. the. max!!

  30. I love this! Because I’ve thought about the same thing recently. My default answer to anything this semester has become “busy.” And I hate that. Your blog has inspired me to take a moment to not be busy but to reflect on the significant moments I spend with people, through blogging. Happy Thanksgiving!

  31. love the new header. so cute!! i love not being busy. (:

  32. Great writing & great pics as always! I enjoy every one of your posts. Love the new header, too.

  33. I can’t beilie it’s not just be that says busy all the time. And your soooo right. I need to stop saying it and move onto better words. Words the describe the glory of each minute of my life. Thanks for the reminder, as always :)

    Loving the holidays right now… Christmas music everywhere.. cleaning house today and starting to decorate tomorrow!!

  34. usually when I’m at my most frazzled it’s because I feel too busy, it’s hard not to jump on the merry-go-round, hard to just STOP sometimes and let go. The antidote to busy-ness, for me, is baking bread, or folding clothes, or a bit of saucepan-stirring at the stove.

  35. that little at the end – she is to die for!

  36. I think this is one of my favorite posts! Because I’m so stinkin’ guilty of overusing ‘busy’. Change is a-comin’ for this new family of 3!!

  37. ‘I think we often make the mistake of assuming that our worth somehow corresponds with how busy we are.’ – you sum it up perfectly. We feel that we have to be busy but we’re not always sure what counts as busy. But I wouldn’t have said you’re a ‘busybody’! Oh, and I loved your wood tealight holder forumla! 😉

  38. busy, yeah I get that. Although for me it’s not natural, my husband Rob is a busybee, (now that doesn’t sound as annoying as busy, I can picture him in a chubby bee suit with antenae, kind of cute almost) sorry I digress, so I get dragged along for the ride, but it’s not social busy, but doing things. We’re both a little shy really, so like to be at home.
    My favourite picture, Lainey & Nella hugging with the choc chip pancake faces. Those pies, I can almost taste them, but I’m afraid I would’ve been terribly greedy and request a slice of each!
    Good luck with clearing busy from your vocab and your December.

  39. Busy…that’s always my response too! Great motivation to think before I respond. I’m grateful to be busy, it means I have people to love and things to keep my life full! Have a blessed weekend!

  40. Oh! I simply cannot get enough of the sweet sister moments you capture … keep ’em coming!

    Happy holidays! Pour on the profits, yeah baby!

    ~ Devon
    Reading with Joey

  41. Thankyou for writing this. I honestly have caught myself letting that awful word slip out in conversation. A permanent excuse for unreturned phone calls or bailing on lending a helping hand. It’s something I want to ditch and you drove the point home.

    I appreciate it! So for today I’m not busy, I’m happily “out”! :)

  42. Wonderful! I’m tired of busy too. I think I might start aiming for awesome instead…


  43. Love Nella’s chocolate smile and the dress she is wearing in front of the door. No busy for us this month either…I will not say it.:)

  44. Nella with her sister, all chocolate pancake smile is the cutest picture ever, Ever!

  45. Nella is growing so fast. She’s not a baby anymore–and she’s precious!

    I was jazzed to see that my nearly 3 year-old son has the same green Santa pajamas as Lainey.

    Enjoy your weekend. Your post and all the fabulous pictures are getting me in the December spirit.

  46. Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for not being too busy to write these beautiful posts.

  47. OH! That last shot is priceless! Great reminder. stop and smell the coffee…lovely post.

  48. Oh my goodness, that last photo is just too cute for words. Enjoy the rest of your year!

  49. OH! that last shot is priceless! Stop and smell the coffee…

  50. Sometimes I wanna be american just for Thanksgiving!
    You’re very creative, that’s so beautiful, you inspire me with your ideas! And your daughters are soooo cute.


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    “Welcome to the world Ludvik
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  52. :) I hate the word busy too! I used to get really offended by it, because usually I interpreted it as “too busy for you” and “my life is more important that yours”. Now I just understand that it is a symbol of modern life.

    In my new post marriage life, there is no “busy” in our vocab.

    Loved your photos and wish that we had the Thanksgiving tradition here in Australia….

  53. Love the photos, love the pies, love the words on busy. It’s OK to be busy but not to let our world go by in a blur of busy. Family life is busy but you understand we need to enjoy every pie baking, family together moment.

  54. I am SO with you on the “busy” thing. I have friends who use “busy” as an excuse for EVERYTHING and it just gets old after a while. We’re ALL busy–not just my friend. And I completely agree that we should just take that word right out of our vocabulary. It IS, after all, a four-letter word. :)

  55. What a great and timely post. My sister needs to read this. You have never met anyone so “busy.” I mentioned to her once that I go on-line every day to check my bank balances. She said she’s too busy; doesn’t have time. Humph.

  56. Loved this post. I just had lunch with old friends today and when they asked how I was I simply said, “Busy!” These were friends I haven’t seen in years and the one word I used was that four-letter, overused one. Thanks for the reminder that I am blessed and that I’m not the only one who sometimes forgets there’s more to life than a crammed calendar!

    Happy Holidays!

  57. I enjoy reading your posts, Kelle. And, every time I see a photo of Nella smiling, it instantly puts a smile on my face. I’m not sure why, but I love it! 😀

  58. Hey, Kelle, and all..I just wanted to add ( I think it is ok here?), wanted to share a site i found and it is good not only for moms, but all – on taking care of ourselves during Holidays . “A Season of Blessings (Not Stressing). Hope you like! go to: http://www.themogulmom.com/2011/11/holiday-self-care-for-moms/ Love you Kelle!! You are such an inspiration~

  59. Love the new header and love nellas chocolate face!!!

  60. Busy needs to become “AWESOME,” with the caps of course! “How’s life?” they’ll ask? And the response is, “Awesome! Thanks!” The glass is overflowing with goodness in your world, I think you can do that! 😉

  61. For the last 4 years, Grad school has kept me crazy busy…I graduated in June, got my life back, and can happily say that I am no longer busy!! I’ll get back to “busy” eventually, but I’m enjoying blissful boredom at the moment! Peace, Allison

  62. Wonderfully written, Kelle. Thanks for the beautiful words and photos. I love them all and just adore the last one of Nella. Also, where did you end up getting their pajamas? I am looking for some (still) for my two littles and am loving Lainey and Nella’s!

  63. looks like an amazing holiday at your place. how cute is the pjs picture of everyone?! love that.

  64. Love Nellas Pajamas! So cute! My kind of girl snowman Pajamas and she loves Chocolate chip pancakes – She would fit right in here.
    So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  65. Oh, dear. So tired of the “busy” word, too. Bluck. I’m not saying it anymore.

    I read your post with a holiday swooning heart….and watery eyes. I swear sometimes it hurts that I can’t give Nella a squeezey hug! That last picture–oh my!

    I love, love their Laura Ingalls-ish dresses, Curduroy’s Christmas, and your pies…slurp!

    And I am SO copying your wood slab tea light holders! They will match my tree ornaments I made a few years ago; thinner slices, a hole for twine, and you have a simple country-like Christmas ornament. We used the cut off bottom of our Christmas tree, and we JUST got home from getting our trees today :)….mmmm, fresh pine!

    This post was so dreamy…and un-busy :)

    Much love,

  66. LOVE your thanksgiving photos. Can’t wait to go through mine, but someone is a bit of a grump after a ten hour drive!

  67. Love your post, it is something that I have been thinking about for a few days now. I went to my friend’s son’s funeral yesterday. He was only 26 years old and died in a tragic accident. We all sat around after and talked about our busyness, and how in our busy times moments had the opportunity to slip away and be gone forever. After that funeral I wanted to go home and just hug my kids and tell them right then and there I loved them. This is another reminder as well, thank you for your words.
    Also the last picture of Chocolate covered Nella put a huge smile on my face. She is absolutely gorgeous!

  68. Love that pic of your girls in their Christmas jammies, smiling at each other, with chocolate smeared all over Nella’s face. So precious! What a lucky mama you are :)

  69. love this post, love everything about it…the pics, the thoughts, the joy. love. it.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Well, another relatable post. I too, use that word “busy” way too much, and actually was just reflecting recently about the same thing — about how I overuse it. I now have decided to start saying, “We’re doing a whole of nothing this weekend, which is a nice change!”

    Favorite picture? The one of Nella & Lainey looking all sisterly love-like in their holiday pj’s. Nella’s giving her big sis a look like, “Did you see me eat all those awesome chocolate chip pancakes by myself?” and Lainey’s all, “Yeah, I did. You did awesome sista. So proud!”. Love the love they have for one another and how you’re able to capture the moments with your beautiful photographs. :)

    Happy Last Days of November! :)

  72. Holy crap, Nella is using a fork, eating her pancakes, not in a high chair?! My Max seriously needs some OT!

  73. : )
    Chocolate chip pancakes are a good thing to add to the favorite list.
    I love Brett’s smile picture. He has kind eyes.

  74. Oh Kelle, I so needed to read this post :)
    With a newborn & a toddler & the usual magic {and craziness} of December to juggle….I have been feeling a little “too busy” lately. But you’ve given me a whole new outlook on the busy-ness of this time of year! THANK YOU!

  75. I am not to busy to write to you.. I so enjoy your posts… and I love the PJ tradition… with grown-ups… so much fun…. ROck on…

  76. I have to say one of my pet peeves is when people give an excuse as to why they haven’t done something or can’t do something is “I am just SO BUSY!” We are all BUSY! I especially can feel my temperature rise when I get that response when said busy person wants me to do whatever they are too busy for. I have three kids and work full time – do they think I am not busy? Perhaps it is the attitude I put forward that makes them think I have all the time in the world? Anyway – we have time for what is important too us. Over the summer I changed my blog title to “Busy Being Happy” in response to those people who always tell me they are too busy. For me to remind my self to not stay just busy. But to be busy being happy. And I think you are talking about the same thing here :) Love your blog!

  77. I hate the word ‘busy’, but maybe because I’m not… although that does not bother me! I just dislike it as an excuse! Americans are always too busy (not picking on ’em, ’cause I am one!) We all need to relax and breathe deeply. Busy can wait.

    lOVE the photos! I put up Christmas lights around the living room window, tree goes up tonight! xx

  78. 1) you have inspired me to make a pair of the straphone cone yarn and button covered Christmas trees. Precious!

    2) I love Friday Phone Dump.

    3) That last picture of Nella, LOVE IT! She makes my day.

    4) I love your breakfast tradition! What great memories you guys are making. (And what sweet neighbors you have.)

    5)I love those Thanksgiving dresses on the girls! So Holly Hobbie and sweet.

  79. I love how fesitive you are with your family!! You give me ispiration with every post!

  80. Good way of putting a kibosh on the word busy. Thanks for the reminder. Our calendar is filling up quickly in the month of December, so we better start decorating ASAP!

    The holiday can be so crazy, but even days later, I feel like I’m waking up with a holiday hangover; but really, that’s a good thing. I cherished the moments of being there for Ben’s parents; and sharing space with generations of family and with friends. And I am appreciating that Ben’s parents are so good at balancing parenting adults; we are grown up, but sometimes, it’s good to be reminded someone is still looking out for me.

    Happy final days of November.


  81. Love the pjs

  82. Two things:
    1. Great reminder and much needed for me to soak in and ironically act upon starting TODAY with the “busyness”.
    2. I want to be at your kid table next year.

  83. I love your take on the whole “busy” business!! Everyone is busy in December and so why does it have to be said??? Just the other day I was talking to my friend who has a daughter close to my son’s age and we were trying to find a date (during the week) in Dec. to get them together to play. She made a point to tell me how busy their December was…..and I just wanted to say “and mine isn’t?” LOL

  84. Kelle, hello my name is Bruno and I live in Brazil. I love your blog, you and your daughters are beautiful. In this post I saw the pictures of her pies and would like to ask you for the recipe! Thank you for your attention! Kisses.

  85. Kelle, I am so excited to read your posts this season. I started new traditions with my family this year (we made placemats for Thanksgiving- turned out pretty cute, and all nicely laminated to save forevermore), and the day after we started The Elf on the Shelf. I’m going to make our own advent calendar, too. And a lot of it is inspired by reading about your love for crafting and the holidays! I’m so excited to see what you do this year, and to “share” this time with you, even though you don’t know me or what I’m doing. Thanks for letting all of us strangers out here in on the fun that’s going on in your house! You’re helping me make good memories for my own family, and therefore I feel like you’re helping me be a better mom, too. Enjoy your season!


  86. I feel the exact same way about ‘busy.’ Love your perspective.

  87. Kelle, thank you for the wonderful reminder that time to connect is the important thing!

    I’d like to share a video with you that was just made about my brother, Kenny who lived to be 65. He blessed so many people in so many ways. I feel privileged that I had a “special brother!”

    Jean Johnson

  88. Beautiful!

    This weekend I saw a documentary called Monica and David that touched my heart. I’d highly recommend it!

  89. such a great post. i always say im busy and never truly am. thanks for helping me realize!

  90. I have been reading your blog for a long time now, and I would love to live by you and be your friend…You are so freaking fun! I’m old enough to be your mom, but I could still be your friend…right?
    With love, from Wisconsin

  91. Love your blog. Those pies look delicious, btw!

    I agree with the whole “busy” thing. That is definitely my response when people ask how I’ve been.

    I hope that I can slow down too and just appreciate my family and everything around me. Life goes too fast.


  92. I always enjoy your blog!

    Love your Friday phone dumps … are these iphone photos? Is that what you take all of your pictures with?

    Your holiday looked wonderful!

  93. One of my favorite posts. And the last picture of Nella is beyond priceless.

  94. Happy Thanksgiving sweet Kelle!

  95. An acquaintance once suggested this advice that I liked…Change “busy” to “joyfully full”. Busy sounds as if you have commitments and obligations — cleaning, errands and such. Joyfully full means you are making time for fun activities and the things that matter most!

    Wishing you a joyfully full December! :-)

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  96. Hi, like your post ….^^
    Have a nice day. :)

  97. Beautifully written!! I’ve realized as I have gotten older, that human connections are what make life so great. Most everything can wait, and spending time with someone takes priority. Sweet Nella looks so grown up. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family!!

  98. I find myself asking…well myself, “When am I going to start my own holiday traditions?” It is no longer easy to drive in a car for 5 hours back home, so is this year the year when I take a play from Kelle’s playbook and become my own Holiday Matriarch?

  99. BUSY is a good thing!!!!

    as always….great photos!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  100. Kelle,

    You constantly inspire me to be a better mother, wife and friend everytime I visit your blog. I am always telling people that I am busy too, like I need to justify that with 4 boys running around! Thanks for your insight! My thirst gets satisified everytime I visit, I love drinking from your well!

    Best wishes on the upcoming holidays–Natalie

  101. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  102. I’ve been having really similar thoughts about busy-ness and actually wrote a similar post last week! You expressed it better, though. :)

    Those pies look AMAZING.

  103. I just read Corduroy’s Christmas yesterday to the boys that I nanny! Cute book. I really liked this post.

  104. you could have just posted that final photo of Nella as your post and nothing else. That has to be my all time favorite. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Her smile is from the heart. And it warms mine. thank you for sharing. your thanksgiving looked beautiful.

  105. You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us.

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