Falalalala. For reals.

I have danced to Brenda Lee’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree probably sixteen times now this week. And it’s only Monday, so that’s saying something. That’s sixteen living room twirls, sixteen jazz hands and sixteen final high kicks.


I am loving the process of filling this last volume of stories as purposefully as we can before we add it to the shelf and slide the bookend into place…our year, our family, our good, our not-so-good, our celebrations.

Molded Star Ornament, Lisa Leonard. Her holiday decor is simple and beautiful.

I have nothing of real substance to write today. To be honest, I’m about one Christmas carol away from donning green tights and taking my high kick to the road–a one woman Christmas variety show. I was going to simmer my enthusiasm down a bit for the post, but that’s, like, holiday blasphemy. So here’s me, ice skating a choreographed performance to Joy to the World, in the Christmas village that dwells in my head.

Dude, we have a Christmas village now. A magical Christmas village that takes Lainey’s imagination to cold, snowy, picturesque places. It was the boys’ when they were little and their mama passed it on to our house.


This weekend, we continued the tradition of attending my friend Amy’s annual gingerbread party.


We watched as little girls tediously piped frosting, arranged gum drops, and overlapped candy-coated chocolate dots to make festive roof displays.




Followed by an animated reading of Frosty the Snowman.




And at home, we frosted every corner with decorations–sparkly little things that caught the eyes of curious girls who will know that this time of year is special.



With all this holiday cheer, I might not even need my daily positive energy spray.

More on this later. Wait for it. It’s good.


Cool D.I.Y. Holiday Gift. We actually made this right when we returned from Blog Her, after I hit up a S’mores Party one of the BlogHer sponsors was holding. It was basically a table with a can of Sterno, a fondue stick and some S’mores ingredients, but when you put them all together, it feels like a cozy indoor camping party. And I thought, how easy a gift would that be? Answer: Very.

Decorate a shoe box (we used an empty photo box I had), wrap ingredients (2 Hershey bars, a bag of marshmallows, a bag of graham crackers) with pretty ribbons, make a few cute tags, throw in a few fondue sticks and a can of Sterno (ethanol gel), and Voila.



Party in a Box. Or Box ‘o Party, however you want to call it. Great holiday gift for cool neighbors, teacher, friends, yourself.



We are making these later this week.

And my current favorites on our holiday playlist:

Sufjan Stevens
, Joy to the World
Mason Jennings, Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Brenda Lee, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
The Carpenters, Selections from the Nutcracker
She & Him, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Zee Avi, No Christmas for Me
Jack Johnson, Someday at Christmas
Sufjan Stevens, Lo! How Arose E’er Blooming
The Carpenters, Merry Christmas Darling
Leone Redbone & Zoey Deschanel, Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Eartha Kitt, Santa Baby
Bing Crosby, White Christmas
Frank Sinatra, The Christmas Song


And finally, today’s sponsor? I’ve been waiting for them all my life. The Unicorn Breath Spray? Yeah, that’s them. Blue Q. Amazing, funny, unique, fill-in-the-adjective gifts that are sure to be conversation pieces. I must have spent a half hour just clicking on different products on their site. And then I started reading the “About Us” section and I fell in love with this company. What they’re doing, how they’re doing it.

First, check out the bags, made from 95% post-consumer material. Big bags, little bags, bags with zippers, bags with handles, bags with hilarious sayings, bags with colorful art. Their overnight bags hold more stuff than you could ever imagine–and this coming from a serious over-packer.

My Darling, Planet Earth Airmail Zippered Pouch

Lux Shoulder Tote

And their funky retro cigar boxes:


And before I show you more, let me tell you a little bit more about this company. Blue Q designs and manufactures everything they sell. And they have fun doing it (obvious from their products and a work environment that sometimes looks like this). Blue Q has been the largest private employer of individuals with disabilites in Western Massachussetts for over 10 years, and if you watch this, you’ll appreciate them so much more. They have art and theater classes and company football games–all beautifully blending their work force of employees of all abilities.

Not to mention, they sell a “Savin’ Up for a Unicorn” Tin Bank. Be still my heart.

Left, Happy Food Town Tote, our new restaurant bag; Right: Unicorn Bank

Once you’re in the site, you’ll go poking around and, I promise, you will laugh. You’ll find stuff you love. You’ll stop complaining that you picked Uncle Floyd’s name for this year’s exchange because the man is in dire need of some Erase Your Past Tea and a Yo, Check the Perm book.

Heavy Lifting Paper Lantern

Hello Stocking Stuffer Gum.


Alright, I’m done. But seriously, put Blue Q on your radar. They know what they’re doing. On orders over $40 through December 1, use code freerules for free shipping. And keep checking their site. They have new deals every week (and free stuff next week!)


Time to deck some halls. The North Pole is coming to our home later this week. More to come.

Pssst….the cat came back.

Happy Monday, Friends!



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  1. You know…that cat cracks me up! I am really the 1st commenter?

  2. Love your Christmas playlist but please tell me you listen to the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas music! I grew up on it and it is amazing…..some of their older songs are the best. Try “Thank God for Kids” and “Jesus Was Born Today”. “Christmas Cookies” is great also:) Happy Christmas season!!

  3. LOVE the girls in all their stripes. I’ve been layering my girl in stripes…and stars, flowers, plaid, everything- and it looks pretty darn cute mismatched and layered!


  4. Love the Christmas freak flag a flyin’!!!! Totally with you on this one. So excited to share it all with my precious little one, who might understand it a little more this year…LOL! Blue Q looks like a great company. It is so great when companies reach out and include the entire community in their production! HA! “The cat came back”!

  5. Okay, now that I got the “first commenter” excitement out in the air….I’ll comment for real now! Yes, the cat does crack me up…he doesn’t really know where he belongs, does he? And the little girl sitting to Lainey’s right while reading Frosty looks just like her! The next pic, not so much…cousins? Your house is lookin’ festive! :)

  6. love that smores idea!! YUM!!

    i like the idea of you writing your christmas playlist… nice…

  7. Blue Q is the shiz! Thanks for the recommendation!

    I love Nella’s intensity … what a doll!

    ~ Devon
    Reading with Joey

  8. Must.get.in.the.holiday.spirit! Your blog is inspiring me to go home and dig out decorations tonight!

  9. Happy Monday to you too, sweetie!

    Oh, and I am thrilled that the cat came back.


  10. This year my 3 year old is all about Christmas. We’ve put the tree up, the trimmings are out and the gingerbread house has been decorated. We’ve watched a few Christmas movies and her Mother’s Day Out class has already taught her to sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I checked out Blue Q’s site and it’s awesome.

  11. There’s a shop in Grand Rapids called Rebel Reclaimed that has the neatest things, and that gum, too. :) You tree looks beautiful!

    Sufjan’s holiday mix on Pandora today while I dress our tree.


  12. How fun to have a gingerbread house party, and those S’mores in a box are too much! Funny to see Lainey in a sundress in November. Never going to happen in our parts, any inch of skin showing gets nipped by the chill.

  13. Whoo hoo freak flag! xoxo Love the new sponsor! I will so be using that free shipping code.

  14. I’m about to go pin away on Blue Q. Because ya know, there’s a “random junk I want for Christmas” list just WAITING to be created on pintrest.

    I heart your Christmas decor. Our tree is up, and while I HATE to clean, my house is approaching spic-n-span for the holidays!

  15. I thoroughly enjoy the sisterliness between your girls, I do. It’s so evident and that next to last photo of Nella laughing up at Lainey is the epitome of it.

  16. Thanks for the holiday playlist suggestions! I needed to refresh ours (and I’m loving some She & Him right now). Enjoy your holiday! :) As always, thank you for sharing!

  17. How much fun… to see.. your holiday unfold… keep singing

  18. Blue Q looks totally awsome.. I am going to spend my entire Christmas budget on their website.. what have you started? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love the last picture of Nella. Her smile makes my day.

  19. that last picture. oh. my. goodness. those girls of yours are beyond precious, kelle :)

  20. Thought I was the first commenter, but no, 18th! Still! Never have I ever been this early commenting!

    Your kids are growing up so much!! Can’t wait to deck my halls =)

  21. Happy Holidays Kelle! I have been getting so many awesome craft ideas from you, keep em coming!

  22. I love your pictures and your blog so much! They are wonderful. When I see a post from you, I always save it for last! I NEED TO REALLY READ YOUR BLOG, lol.

    Thanks for the inspiration, you really inspire me!

  23. Love the sponsor

  24. The gingerbread house tradition is such a good one, and, one of my favorites! I love all the holiday cheer going on in your home!

  25. Happy Monday Friend!! I love your Holiday Cheer, it rocks the bells!! :)

  26. i love christmas time, i have to prepare the tree but i know that this year it will be smaller. but red!!!!

  27. Totally using the smores in a box gift. THANK YOU for the idea!

  28. Is it wrong that I really really want that cat to come live with you guys full time? Little Girls + Cats = Full of WIN!

    Cat clearly loves your babies :)

  29. I’m pretty sure you’re one of those people who keep putting me in a holiday mood. We still have yet to put our tree up. And now I can’t wait. I just wish I knew how to take photos where the lights blurred out like yours. I have the same lens as you but seriously, no clue what I’m doing. I usually just keep trying until I luck out.

  30. i love your christmas cheeriness! love it! and i love that the cat came back…how cool is that!?

  31. I lurve the gingerbread house party….in fact….I may need to ‘borrow’ that idea ;o)
    And…I too have danced to “Kids Christmas Hitz” about 4000 times this week…..but LOVING it :) This time of year is what life & love is all about :)

  32. The proverbial cat returns! Looks like a wonderful weekend….I will be taking a cue from you, it’s time to kick up my heels! Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  33. Oooh, the saran-wrapped office is fun. Freak flags are flying high all over the place and ours has been displayed for a few weeks now. Merry Merry Monday friends.

  34. I can tell you guys are going to have such an awesomely fun Christmas, excellent photos and post as always! :)

  35. Love Nella’s full o’ trust lean into Lainey! So much love!

    We have three cats and they’re finally realizing that our girl is here to stay (after 14 months) and that they will be loved relentlessly

    Hope Nella and the kitty make nice (after all ’tis the season!)!

  36. oh, my goodness… you said you had nothing much to say in this post … but boy you told me bunches. i love the photos. the cat is back, yeah!! what a busy weekend you had. fun, fun, fun!! (:

  37. Love how fully Christmas comes to your house…the picture of Lainey and the village brings back many memories of my early Christmases.

    Check out Straight No Chaser for you Christmas music playlist – they have 2 holiday CDs and they are wonderful twists on classics (We 3 kings with Mission impossible as the background beat), with some great new ones.

  38. Ok, now I’m officially in the holiday mood. I usually get there on my own, but I definitely needed a boost this season. Thanks, Kelle!

  39. I need some of your energy Kelle, please tell me how you keep going like you do!
    I need it!!
    Love your blog!!!

  40. Hey Kelle! I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes bananas over christmas. I am going to vermont for three whole weeks just to celebrate!!

  41. ah, I love the gift box full of smores! such a genius idea. gonna have to see if that lighter fluid stuff is sold like that in canada, we don’t get all the cool things that you guys have down south. But we do have snow, and I’m thankful for that!

  42. That picture of Nella and the cat is priceless. She looks mesmerized (spelling is doubtful!) by the cat. I’m so glad he’s back!

  43. Oh, Happy Monday sweet Kelle!

    My gosh, this post was like a (friendly) fist in my gut ‘cuz I realized what we forgot (!) to make: the Christmas town ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    All the time The Boy and I was decorating, Sunday, I had the feeling there was something missing.
    The Boy played so cutely with the Christmas decorations and I paced but had my mind on cooking, baking and painting while decorating for Christmas…
    That’s it!
    How on earth could I forget it?????? I love that as a child.

    Thanks for reminding me!
    Now I must agonizingly wait ’til Friday before I have time….. Well, anything worth doing is worth waiting for, I guess?

    Love the spirit here as I always do and always get so profoundly effected by.
    I really love it here. My heaven at the internet <3

  44. thanks for the pics
    and the
    link to BLueQ
    I ordered several fun things for the friends
    Enjoy your week

  45. Being a Cat Mom myself, I’m beyond thrilled that the cat knows some good girlfriends when he/she sees them! Gawd, your girls could NOT be any cuter….I’ve said it a million times, but thanks for sharing – nothing makes me smile like some of the photos you post of them!
    Keep on dancing and rocking around that Christmas tree!

  46. Of course the cat came back. Do you blame him/her?

  47. I love the S’more gift idea… I did something similar by wrapping individual s’more kits for my son’s birthday party with a tag that read “Here’s S’more Lovin'” they were too cute!! I love that you have such a great relationship with the boy’s mom…you don’t see that very often and I think it’s awesome! Have a great week and keep that flag flyin’ high=)

  48. Your blog is inspiring, your girls just wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  49. i love the last picture of the girls! they look so adorable!

  50. Wait WHAT! Mason Jennings sings christmas music?? Omg, gotta check that out.

  51. Christmas decorations, chocolate, gingerbread decorating, Christmas music, cute smiles, groovy bags and two little sisters in stripes- sounds like heaven to me!

    We have three options for Christmas music, an old BIng Crosby CD, Pussycat Dolls version of Santa Baby, and Diana Krall’s Christmas album. They’re on rotation since last weekend. Rob may kill me soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Although as yet I’m not dancing with jazz hands or high kicks!

    I dug out the Christmas decorations from the loft, and they’re slowly appearing around the place.
    We didn’t actually get to our tree on the weekend, but we’re up for the challenge tonight. Ready for the 1st of December.

    Only 26 sleeps to go!
    Happy Monday Kelle.

  52. Although it pains me to say it, I have been listening to the Justin Beiber Christmas album non-stop! It is amazing! I am a grown woman and I just think it is wonderful. Pop Christmas music at its best. Just about as good as the ‘N SYNC Christmas album, which is one o my most favorite Christmas albums ever! Check it out, you won’t regret it :)

  53. We have a cookie decorating date with friends. After seeing your pictures, I realize that it must become a gingerbread house date. Thank you!

  54. Hey I’m just curious what type of lens are you using for these pictures?

  55. Love the holiday craft projects that you feature..will be trying a few for sure. We are going to start decorating tomorrow! Happy Monday!

  56. I love.

  57. *Our annual Gingerbread House building is always December 10th…my littlest man’s birthday!

    *I need to add the S’more party to our advent activities :)

    *My oldest little man put together a Christmas playlist for me a few years ago. All the oldies: Bing, Andy, Frank, Perry, Burle, and my all time fave, Nat! Isn’t it funny how you probably know them all just by their first names? :)

    *I have the “My Treat” coin purse on my wish list…sent to my husband weeks ago! I NEED this. I love getting my boys treats. LOVE. IT.

    *Also love how it appears that Nella is using “The Force” to draw the cat back to her…hahaha!

    *Your green dress makes me ooze with envy ๐Ÿ˜‰ and the last pictures of the sisters make me brim with adoration…Pure Sweetness right there!

    Wow, for having “nothing of real substance to write today”, you sure got a lot outta ME! :)


  58. I am so runnin’ out and making indoor camping smore’s kits! I LOVE it!!!

    And I am also buying some funky gum!

    You find the BEST stuff!!!

  59. Love the s’more idea! Love the holiday cheer! Funtabulous!

  60. I wanna make a gingerbread house!!!!!
    I’ve been decorating the past 2 or 3 weeks, about all we have to do is get the tree up!! We’ll probably get it up around Dec. 10; we get a real one every year!!
    I haven’t listened to Christmas music since the middle of last week, now I want to go and play some! One thing I do listen to almost every day is Les Miserables, the 10th Ann. concert!! It’s so one of my favorites!! And I’ve been doing that since September!
    I love your pictures. That one with Nella and the cat is CUTE!! And the ones at the end with both of them are precious! It’s great they have such a great relationship!

    Oh, I realize you don’t know me. I found your blog through friends of friends of friends of friends of friends, I think! I love it!! You’re so inspiring and I’m working my way all through your whole blog!! You are so strong. I want to be that strong one day.

    Gloria from Canada

  61. ugh, your cute family cracks me up. for real, you guys are right-down-to-the-button-holes kinda cute. I love it!

  62. Every home should have a miniature village. One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is pulling each little house and ‘store front’ out of the dusty old attic boxes to set up our Christmas village.

    And thank you thank you thank you for putting Blue Q on my radar. Finally a company with my sense of humor. I love the Dog gum. So cute!

  63. : )
    You always make me smile!

  64. Love it! Holiday festivities underway. That was one girl-filled story time!

  65. This post makes me feel very festive! I may just start my decorating a few days early just to keep up!! Love the little village…I’m sure the girls will love that for years to come!
    That Blue Q stuff is hysterical! I went to the site and the Random Crap tin is my fav.

    PS – Your Christmas playlist is awesome…Merry Christmas Darling = Best. Christmas. Song….EVER. :)

  66. no waayyyyy! the cat came back?? that is beyond hilarious. and that picture just sums it all up. good golly.

  67. Haha! Love the positive energy breath spray!! :)

    Life, Love, and Roses

  68. I love how Lainy’s smile is always the brightest when she’s interacting with Nella!

  69. Your house looks very festive already…

  70. Just a quick thank you for today’s post. A week of holiday travel finally ended today with a 3 hour plane ride home that was unfortunately full of “those who do not appreciate toddlers” (and she was SOOOO good). I pushed the “kelle blog” button on my phone a few minutes ago with crossed fingers and….TA DA! I feel better now. Thanks for being here and lifting my travel weary spirits. It’s almost December!

  71. My grandma started our gingerbread house tradition when I was five years old. We started out with graham crackers and have evolved to full on gingerbread mansions. This year was the first year I was unable to make it home for Thanksgiving (we make the houses the day after) and my wonderful grandmother MAILED me my house wrapped in bubble wrap, a huge tub of frosting and an assortment of my favorite candies. (Cue the tears). I’m so glad other families are partaking in this tradition as I know how much it has meant to me and my family over the years.

  72. I’m extremely ecstatic to see that you enjoy a little She & Him!! I’m not only obsessed with your blog (and have been an avid reader for almost a year now), but I am obsessed with Zooey Deschanel.

    It’s great when two random things come together and make my day like this has!!

  73. literally obsessed with those last two pictures of the girls. can i come play with them? is that creepy? they are PRECIOUS!

  74. I love all your DIY ideas! Also love the modern family realtionship you have with the boys’ mama :) OH, and add ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ by the Barenaked Ladies to your list! Happy Christmasing!

  75. Oh your house is filled with Christmas spirit and I love it! Btw, that diy gift and sterno idea, AMAZING. I use to live in an apartment that only had electric stoves, we never knew how to make smores! lol


  76. Up from the grave she arose!!!!!!!
    i’m back…

    Just to say your tree is sooo puuuurrrrrdy, as is your magical village(jealous!) your girlies, and yourself!

    Merry Christmas!


  77. Love all the pics & your Christmas enthusiasm!

    Also, I must say, I love beyond words the fact that the boys Mother passed the Christmas village onto your home. Gives me hope that one day I can get this blended family thing to work in a way that everyone can be happy all the time. Not just occasionally.

  78. Well you just put me in the holiday spirit! Thank you!

  79. I just love all your Christmas freak! It Totally gets me in the mood!!

  80. I just love the s’mores idea!!

  81. all right, that looks like my cat. But I live in Massachusetts. See if he/she will answer to Basha…

  82. I LOVE your blog and you were absolutely right about the Blue Q site. Where oh where did you get that green dress….it is beautiful and would be perfect for the upcoming holidays.

  83. I love reading your blog because I get so many great ideas – Thanks for sharing so beautifully!

  84. That first photo – with the bokeh christmas lights – is SO beautiful.

  85. i had so much to say … and then i saw how tall lainey is getting!
    i forgot what i was going to say.
    (p.s. cora is sprouting away too. it must be the age! though she’s been super flipfloppy moody lately. maybe that’s the age too? please tell me that’s the age too.)

  86. OH thank you thank you thank you for the clue in to Blue Q! I LOVE, adore, crave and cherish the vintage, funny and must have items they sell! I was at their site for at least 15 seconds and the cigar box labeled ‘Crap’ just caught my eye. Cuz you know when find that aisle at the store that has the wonderful fun stocking stuffers, must have don’t needs, stuff is?
    Well, I tend to call that “happy crappy”…and now, thanks very much to you, I Have A Place to Put It while awaiting that special gift giving occassion! Thanks again..and I adore the wonderfulness of the passing on of the Christmas Village. Just 2 kewl! *and youor littles are precious as always*

  87. It’s my birthday-like as of THIS very minute! And can I just say, I want to be like you when I grow up? Like seriously, you have crazy awesome photography skills! Do you seriously as a child to hold something still while you manually focus on it? And really, you can shoot in very low lighting without blur from the child in fantasy Christmas town land? Woah.

  88. Yay the cat’s back!
    Love the picture of Nella with Brett looking at the Christmas tree.
    Thanks for the playlist of Christmas favorites Kelle.

  89. You HAVE to add Dominick the Donkey to your playlist…your girls will love it…so will you…promise!

  90. No Christmas decs for us this year as we are t – 28 days from moving to Australia, so I am vicariously enjoying yours.

    On the craftastic gift front though, you might like this:-


    fa la la la la la la la

  91. I love this post! I showed my daughter this one and she wants to build a gingerbread house just like Lainey’s! She also saw a pic of you taking a photo and she said, “she looks like you” likely because of the camera :) I told her that was a lovely compliment!!!

    Thank you for introducing us to Blue Q! My husband will be getting many of those things in his stocking including the “I’m Saving up for A New Computer” tin :)

  92. Ooooohhh I love She & Him! The Christmas album is amazing! Bebe & Cece also have a great one. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Great post – I love the holiday cheer! :)

  93. of course the cat is back! if i were the cat – i would TOTALLY want to hang at your house!! the gingerbread party looks like serious business! love the blue q – thanks for sharing

  94. Hi Kelle.

    I have followed yout blog for a long time, and I wanted to post a comment finally.

    Just wanna say that you are such an inspiration! I love your crativity, and I love yout photos. You have such beautiful children as well.

    You inspire me at many levels:)

    Best wishes from Norway:)

  95. We are full blown christmas in this house too! Love that overs are as crazy about Christmas as I am :)

  96. I LOVE that picture of the girls where Nella is leaning into to Lainey, too cute!!

  97. I love , love the smores gift idea! I’m using that one! As usual, great photos!

  98. Love Christmas and I love your post. It looks like the girls are having fun. You don’t always need the cold and the snow to have a real Xmas feeling, do you :)
    Amazing photos, as usual!!

  99. I LOVE your fun ideas for Christmas gifts. This year we are actually giving out the DIY body sugar scrubs you shared here on your blog a while back. They were SO fun and easy to make. I am so on this smore’s fun in a box stuff next. Thanks!

  100. So 1, I love, Love, Love that your boy’s mother gave you the christmas village for the girls to enjoy. Thats just Awesome!!

    And 2, the S’more box is the best gift idea ever!

  101. Fun, fun, fun! Love the spirit.

  102. Love, love, love your “S’more Time Together” gift kit! I’ve been scratching my brain of some sort of homemade, crafty thing to give to all of the kiddos in our lives. Our families are huge on both sides meanings many kids of all ages and an expensive bill if we gift to everyone! This is just the thing that will satisfy all ages and such a fun thing for my own kiddo to help me pull together to give each family! Awesome! Plus its so wholesome and meaningful! Family time rocks!

  103. Beautiful pictures! Your decorations look so pretty!

  104. Just ordered a whole bunch of stocking stuffers from Blue Q-thank you for the link!!! FUN STUFF!!!!

  105. I’m so happy you didn’t tone it down! I love your christmas enthusiasm!
    Blue-Q wha??? I am all over that shiz!
    First picture of Lainey? So very christmasy and lovely. I want one like it of my little Miss Maizey! as soon as we get the tree up!

  106. dammit!! when i have a bad day i go to your blog and suddenly my frown turns upside down!! you are so beautiful inside and out and your family is stunning!! happy holidays!!

  107. you had me at s’more in a box. how freakin’ perfect. no, really, that first picture is what held me. goodness, it’s a fantastic one.
    happy holidays.

  108. please don’t ever stop because I adore you. Your post are so mesmerizing at times. I just love your reviews and your pictures are always amazing. headed to check out Blue Q right now. Thanks.

  109. First, I must say: that emerald green dress you are wearing is AMAZING!! Where on earth did you find it? You look fantastic! That’s my favorite color of all time.

    Second, check out my blog (www.lolaoliver.blopspot.com). I think you will like the craft I’ve been doing for Christmas gifts this year. With a little bit of help at certain parts (mostly the drilling part…), Lainey could totally do it! And it makes a beautiful and totally nifty gift when it’s done! Check it out!

    xoxo :)

  110. Blue Q is so freakin fantastic! I’ve been laughing all day! Can’t wait to give their stuff away at Christmas…my brothers and my girlfriends are going to die of laughing!!!

  111. Love the Smores “Party in a box” idea!
    Love the pictures of the girls together and how Nella peers up at her sister, so happy!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE…that the cat came back! He’s a lifer, that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  112. oh my gosh…love Nella with the cat. Her expression says, “No, don’t come back because we’ll just have to give you back again.” OR “OH my goodness, my cat is BACK!”
    Maybe, Kris Kringle will leave a Kitty for you all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  113. Love the last photo. Those sisters remind me so much of the brothers in my house. The younger brother will always lean on and look up to the older, who, at three, is already fiercely protective and caring of his sibling. We are blessed!

  114. Love the sister love photos! Love the phrases on the gum, too! They make me smile. :)

  115. Kelle. I think that you are WONDERFUL, and I look forward to reading your posts everyday. The information that you shared about BlueQ just (ABSOLUTELY) MADE MY DAY! I have always loved their products, and am now bursting at the seams (and can’t wait to visit their website and blow my budget). I am an occupational therapist and truly believe that the world needs MANY MORE BlueQ(s)! Thank you for sharing! You are truly amazing, please keep sharing your love and passion with the world.

  116. omg, I love the shoebox with s’mores ingredients idea!! I’m gonna do this for friends. I think its awesome.
    Also, the song list – thank you! my blog just got a little more exciting :)

  117. You are missing a huge Xmas song favorite in our house! The kids dance every time it comes on….God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah Maclaclan!!!

  118. BlueQ seems like an amazing shop in Amsterdam, ByPopularDemand… There’s no website for it so this is pretty much heaven-sent–thank you!
    Also, you need to add Silver Bells to the music list. Fab.

  119. We just had the first real snowfall of the winter here in Michigan and its just gorgeous! So, on that note…smores don’t sound like a bad idea!

  120. I’m taking the picture of you and your high bun and bangs in the green dress to my hair stylist! You’ve confirmed me decision to cut bangs:) You’re just gorgeous and your blog warms my soul!

  121. Your blog makes me happy. Love the pic of Nella and the cat!

  122. Hey you might want to try salt dough ornaments, too.
    We made some last week. Not too messy, lots of fun.

  123. I’ll take pictures of snow and mittens and send them to you if I can keep coming here to see the extraordinary gulf that I grew up on – the ocean that grew me. You capture it so well.

    Happy Holidays!

  124. I was wondering what brand of Christmas Village you have depicted on this page. It looks just like the one my grandmother had that was destroyed in a move. I want to find a village very similar so my daughter can experience what I did as a kid.

    Thank you,


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