Sick Day

We had plans tonight to join a bunch of friends for Mexican food, and all week I’ve looked forward to the big leather booths of Mr. Tequila’s. Cheese enchiladas. A cold margarita–on the rocks, salted rim. But my girl is sick, clung to my hip like a koala. Double ear infection. So tonight, we lay low at home, huddled under the full moon.


After two days of, literally, holding her 24/7, I set her on the garage floor yesterday afternoon with a toy while I climbed as fast as I could up the ladder to the attic where I found the baby swing. I was desperate. You know what? That sucker still works.

Lainey sang to her for twenty minutes this morning until she fell asleep.

Two days ago, she was very happy though, and I’m hoping tomorrow brings the blessed hope of Upswing.



Meanwhile, the run down:

Itty Bitty Lizards make us happy.



My first clothes line was a mad success.
Clothes dried surprisingly quick, they smell like Mother Nature’s sweet breath, and I love looking out our back window to see sleeves and sheets fluttering between our pines. It’s like they’re saying “thank you.”



Candied Grapefruit Peel.
My dad used to make them when we were little. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought (I followed this recipe), and they are heaven dipped in bittersweet chocolate. It’s a sweet, sour, bitter ménage à trois.

That brown stuff is chocolate, lest you wonder.


Koala detatched for a moment.

And we snuck away with Dot this afternoon to The Mountains.

That blue clip in Dot’s hair, courtesy of Lainey.


I love that Dot comes every Friday afternoon. And I love that sometimes I forget and when I see her car pull in, it’s a sweet surprise.


We had a picnic in the mountains today.



We tapped our plastic glasses together (“To the mountains!”), Lainey tasted her first pomegranate seeds, and we leaned over the grass as we bit into pithy chunks of fruit that oozed purple juice.



A forty minute vacation to the mountains it was–a small but necessary cushion between the bookends of sick baby duties.


She found a “treasure map,” also known as an old handout for a Halloween party. She informed us it said, “Take two steps left, go to the middle, turn, and walk to the right. There’s a treasure.”


We may not be at Mr. Tequila’s tonight, but it feels so satisfying to be the one my sick girl needs. It’s when I feel motherhood the most, really. When her warm head is burrowed as close to me as it can get and her arm is wrapped around my side, tucked tightly for back-up security. God forbid, I barely pull away from her, she whimpers, she clutches, she holds on even tighter. I need you. It hits me…I am her everything. Such a privilege it is.

Friday Photo Dump:

Friday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram iPhone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage. I am “etst” on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.

Speaking of Instagram, I printed out a bunch of my favorites and plastered our fridge with them. I love it.

I printed Instagrams at Costco as 4×6 prints with 2 inches of white space I trimmed off, and I attached magnetic tape. There are other, easier print methods though–one being StickyGram which prints them as magnets for you.



I’ve been using products from our new sponsor for a long time. I’ve been a fan of Arbonne’s baby bath products since Lainey was born, and I’ve used their Vitamin C night cream as well as my favorite, their sea salt scrub on many occasions. So naturally, I’m excited to launch the sponsorship of Arbonne’s Independent Consultant, Michelle Timmons.

All of Arbonne’s products are botanically based and inspired by nature.

Lainey brings me the citris ginger sugar scrub and body butter and says “let’s do spa.” And after we scrub, wash, lather, she holds her hands up to my nose and says, “Mmmmmm…smell.” Sister knows a good thing when she sees it.


Michelle is giving away a $30 gift certificate to two commenters, randomly selected from this post.


And oh, be still my heart…you know what’s crackling right now?

Our first fire of the season. I have to go…now. The unicorns need to be fed.


Nella just flung a plastic hanger across the room like a ninja and laughed hard.
“Oh my God, she’s back,” Brett announced.

You know those awesome weekends where Sunday evening has you feeling so utterly satisfied? Yeah…have one of those.



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  1. I love that you thought of the baby swing – brilliant! Hope sweet Nella is on the mend soon (and it sounds like she might be). Happy weekend to you!

  2. I use Arbonne products also, but have only tried the facial cleanser and toner, which is very nice. Spa stuff is how I treat myself.. ahhhh..

  3. Oh, Nella…hope you feel better! Lainey is so sweet! Love the baby lizard pic, too.

  4. oh, sweet sleeping Nella and sweet big sister Lainey to sing her to sleep! did that not just melt your heart?! my little guy is also sick (well, he’s getting his 2 year molars, which has made his nose run and his voice sound funny), and I know what you mean… it’s awful to see them sick, but good to be the one they want to cuddle with to feel better.

  5. Love that sweet singing sis…

  6. hate it when they are sick, but love feeling so important. and the baby swing was a stroke of genius! sounds like she is getting better just in time for you to have a kick ass weekend! enjoy!

  7. I’m thinking a fire sounds heavenly tonight. With popcorn and kid-snuggling while we watch a movie. Like Labrynth. Or Dark Crystal. Something with lots of muppets and no neurology textbooks. (I need a break from schoolwork…)

  8. There is nothing quite like the feeling when you have a sick child. You hate that they are sick, you’d take it away and be sick for them in a heart beat, but its such an amazing reminder of how truly important the job of mother is. You truly are your childs everything. I’m sure she’ll be back to normal in no time, knowing shes been lovingly tucked in your arms to heal. Have a great weekend.

  9. Snuggle that baby close! I hope she’s feeling better soon!!!

  10. My baby turned 21 this week. I kinda miss those sick days when I was all he wanted.

  11. Get better soon, little koala bear!

    Love Miss Lainey’s free, creative spirit. The mountains. The treasure hunt. Singing to her sister. Love!

    Cheers to a happy weekend!

  12. Hope Nella feels better soon, we are knee deep in kleenex and vicks vapo rub as well…so here’s to a warm snuggled in weekend at home=)Have a great one!

  13. My little one has been sick too.. You put it into perspective for me.. I am his everything!! Love it!

  14. Aw… poor baby girl! Double ear infections are just the worst… for both baby and mama. Here’s to an upswing!

    (and oh, the mustard hat! LOVE!)

  15. Happy weekend! Hope Nella is 100% soon!

  16. I hope baby girl gets well soon. I love your blog! It inspires me!

  17. Nella in the swing~so adorable.
    Lainey running down the mountain~beautiful. The blue clip in Dot’s hair~very fashionable.

    Weekend plans~tomorrow, my best friend is visiting from Delaware & we’re planning to be slugs~laying on couches, watching movies, ordering in. Sunday it’s a birthday party for my cousin~my nephews, 5 & 4, are decorating the cake. You will hear me sigh with utter satisfaction come Sunday night.
    Happy Weekend!!

  18. Feel better Nella!! :0)

  19. Their sister-bond makes my heart so excited for our hopes of another little one someday soon.

  20. Nella I hope you feel better soon.
    Kelle hope you and your family have a restful and restorative weekend.

  21. Hope Nella feels better soon.

  22. I hope sweet Nella feels much better soon!

    My 4 year old is amazed by your tiny lizard (which he calls a “yittle tiny wizard”) and now wants one as a pet! Ha!

  23. Hope your sweet girl feels better soon!!!!

  24. Oh, I wish I could still afford to use Arbonne products, I LOVED the sea salt scrub. And I’m completely jealous of your bare feet in front of a fire – it looks so cozy. Thank you for reminding me to cherish those sickie-koala-bear moments. It really is a privilege.

  25. Everytime I think its time to retire the swing, we have a moment were it comes to the rescue. Think I have to pick up a pom tomorrow :)

  26. Oh, sweet Nella – yuk, DOUBLE ear infections! Hope you are on the mend. Yep, when our littles are sick and they need us even MORE, we sure feel even more like parents (tho we hate our kids to be sick). What an honor, albeit responsibility, to be totally depended on and needed so much! The products look scrumptious. Love from the Blog Mama~

  27. Awwww poor baby. Hopes she feels better soon. Thank God for the baby swing. That second strawberry pic was adorable of her. You make me want an iPhone…just for the phone dump idea. Have a great weekend friend. Hope a margarita is in your near future. You’ve got me cravin’ now.

  28. I have never even heard of candied grapefruit peel…looks good, though! And your clothes on the line? LOVE.

  29. First year of my little Lindsay’s life was filled with ear infections. Tough on the little one and tough on mama too. Hope Nella feels better soon. And I love Arbonne! Just sayin’!

  30. Koala in the swing–super cute!
    Fridge phone dump? Are you kidding? Way cool!
    Hope your little one is on the mend and you have a fab weekend!

  31. I envy your fireplace, and love Lainey’s yellow hat!

  32. Hope Nella feels better soon. This time of year is never fun with all the yuck that goes around. I sometimes think it’s harder on us moms when the kids are under the weather.

  33. Hope sweet Nella feels better. I feel the same way when my girl is sick. It happened two weeks ago. 4am she called for me. She dug her head into my neck and shoulder and held on tight. I knew at that moment this was what I meant to be. A mom, her everything.

  34. I love how you worded it when you have a sick clingy baby – right now, you are her everything. I need to keep this in mind the next time my son is up teething. Thank you for the reminder of how important we are to our littles.

  35. Feel better wishes your way for Nella. I hope you have a beautiful weekend, enjoy a cup of cocoa by the fire!

  36. We just lit our first fire today too! It is so awesome, isn’t it? You’ve inspired me to go light another one right now!! Happy weekend and feel better Nella!!

  37. Oh I love love Arbonne! Both my boys have excema and their bath stuff is the only thing that doesnt try out their skin.

    Hope your sweet girl feels better soon!

  38. Love Nella’s pigtails!

  39. Sometimes I am overwhelmed at being the one that my little one year old guy needs all of the time, but on those days when he doesn’t seem to need me as much, I sure miss it! Feel better Nella!

  40. Hope you little Nella feels better soon! Jealous of your fireplace! I wanted one so badly when we bought our house, but my husband insisted on the alcove for the bigscreen…why did I cave on that one?! your picnic looked like fun!!

  41. Oh, man, I’ve been meaning to get myself some more Arbonne matte makeup base! Especially now that the cold weather is here and drying out my skin! Come to mama!

  42. SO jealous of your fire, the one thing I greatly miss in this house… may the ear nasties clear out soon Nella!

  43. Glad your sweetie is on the mend – I feel your pain! Happy weekend.

  44. I hope Nella feels better soon! My younger son will be two in five weeks (ohmygosh, too fast) He had tubes placed in each of his ear drums a month ago after having fourteen ear infections during the last ten months.

    I feel your pain AND pleasure. Honest.

  45. Lainey singing to Nella made me tear up. I hope she’s back to herself soon!

  46. Brilliant baby swing move! Sometimes ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do..and it usually works!!

  47. Isn’t it amazing to be someone’s everything? Great idea on the swing! What program do you use to make the 12 x 12 collage?

  48. My husband and I found out recently that we are expecting our first in May. I cannot wait to hug and kiss that sweet baby. It brings pure joy to my heart just to know that very soon I will be my baby’s everything. Hope sweet Nella is feeling better soon. Brilliant idea with the swing!

  49. I’ve been looking for something just like this for my babies. I thought you’d gone away Kelly but I see that it was just me (smile). Glad you’re back (from nowhere). Sorry to hear that Nella is under the weather.

  50. Everleigh’s therapist says to me the other night “Have you read Enjoying the Small Things? I love how Kelle calls Lainey and Nella ‘sister’ and she’s just such an inspiration” and we took another sip of tea and nodded in agreement as she tucked Ev into a tripod sitting position. And you ARE an inspiration, Kelle.

    Baby swings are a lifesaver. The other thing I am enjoying this weekend? That feeling you describe, the one where a sick baby grabs just a little tighter. I need you. It’s what motherhood is summed up into.

  51. I love the pictures of Nella in the swing. And how very sweet of Lainey to sing her to sleep!

  52. I need you. It hits me…I am her everything. Such a privilege it is.

    My baby is now 12, and doesn’t snuggle in when sick any more. I miss it…I actually do. You said it perfectly, we are their everything. Loved your post today.

  53. Oh, that swing has so many memories swaying in there! I love that Dot loves your kids so much! She’s a gem!!

  54. Love seeing all of the pictures of Nella upright. They are so cute – especially the one with the doll stroller. Adorable! Have you ever heard of squeaky shoes? Each time the child walks, the shoe gives a little squeak. We bought them when we adopted our daughter from China. Just thought Nella might dig those! Google “squeaky shoes” if you’re interested.

  55. I know just how you feel when your baby is sick. I love the way they cling to you and just love you for being there with them. Even my 11 year old just wants mama when she is sick. Ahhh, there is nothing quite as satisfying and lovely as motherhood.

  56. I’m a sappy sap today. The pic of Lainey singing to Nella, and “I need you. It hits me…I am her everything.” totally made me cry. I hope Nella feels better soon!!

  57. Feel better soon Nella…

  58. Feel better soon sweet Nella!

  59. Nella is a trooper!!! I must try to make those grapefruit peels, and oh how I love the magnetic pictures!!! Wouldn’t work in my house I’m afraid…hubby would spill all kindsa crap on it from the fridge LOL

  60. Absolute adorableness all around. I was needing one of your posts right now, so thank you!

  61. Oh – so sorry your little one is sick! Ear infections are NO fun! My own littlest just came home from 9 days in the hospital (viral pneumonia – yuck!). Enjoy that beautiful fire! We have to hold off until mine is off oxygen – LOL… but perhaps I’ll splurge on some plastic wine glasses and we can picnic in our living room :) Love your creative ideas!!

  62. Oh my word, the picture of Lainey singing Nella to sleep is precious beyond words!

  63. Feel better Nella! Kelle, hope you get that margarita at some point. :)

  64. Hope Nella feels better soon! I still get the baby swing out of the garage on those occasions, and I dont think we will ever be “too old” for the baby bjorn :) have a restful weekend!

  65. Now that my “baby” is 16, I miss those days of wanting only Mamma, clingy, shoulder huggin, armful of baby not feeling good. Enjoy every minute of it, they grow up way to fast.

  66. So sorry to hear that Nella is sick, my 5 month old grandson has been sick for 2 weeks, but ohhh those snuggles are breathtaking. I hope this is not the beginning of cold weather colds and flus kicking in. Love your photos. Wish we could be mountain picnicing but in Vermont is just to chilly since we are getting snow showers today.

  67. feel better Hamptons…whenever one f my littles was sick, I suffered more


  68. Mmm…a spa day sounds magical right now!!

  69. I also loved the paragraph on how it feels to be needed by a sick child. I think motherhood really hits during those moments the most. Hope Nella is feeling better soon :)

  70. Is Nella inside the bucket on the first phone dump picture? Too cute!

    I’m very curious about the grapefruit peels… will keep those in mind. While reading through the directions, I also learned how to temper chocolate. That will come in handy the next time I go on a chocolate-covering spree!

  71. Nella is such a sweetie. I’m glad she’s feeling better! :)

  72. I love Nella’s little strawberry ensemble. Too cute! happy weekend to you!

  73. I love the instagramed fridge!

  74. Hanging clothes outside to dry is the bestest thing yet. Here in Canada I can only do it half (if that) the year but I’ve started hanging my clothes throughout the house when it’s cold out. :)

  75. GET WELL Nella!! (Hope you all get some rest this weekend…not easy when little ones are sick.)
    LOVE Dot – rock that blue clip!
    I need to catch up on your previous post.

  76. Glad your mini-ninja is back! :)

    And love the fire… We don’t have a fireplace, and I’m jealous!

  77. I’m so glad happy Nella is back! I hope she stays!

  78. Oh, that sweet, sweet moment of a little one’s arms curled around you… My 16 month old son is a walking pot of emotions right now yet that is still the one I treasure most. Feeling hot, sticky little hands pulling my face towards his in the middle of the grocery store today brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad I’m not the only one <3

  79. Good thinkin’ Mama with the swing! She looks so big in it, but hey, did the trick, right? Hope Nella is feeling better by tomorrow. Double ear infections suck. Hope you got to have a margarita on the rocks at home, by the fire place. My next house: I WILL HAVE A FIREPLACE!

  80. Ohhh, those pictures of happy Nella are killing me with their cuteness.

    And Lainey singing her to sleep? Precious.

    Is Nella sitting IN the bucket or just behind it in the phone dump? Pretty funny either way.

    Sick babies are so pitiful. You know they don’t understand why they feel so crummy and have no concept of it being temporary.

    Hope Nella is back to her true ninja self very soon. :o)

  81. Hope she feels better soon! Ear infections are no fun for mommy or baby!

  82. we just ate homemade chili by a bonfire with a cold beer in hand. there is honestly nothing that would have tasted better on this chill of an evening.
    and it’s just friday.
    damn. this weekend is gonna ring awesome.
    glad she’s back. finners hasn’t been feeling all that great lately either. poor babies. (and can you believe they are gonna be two? 2?? holy goodness. someday we’ll drink to that, k?)

  83. Great perspective. Plans set aside to be a little girl’s everything. I love that. I will remember it.

  84. Poor Nella :( My Zayn has been clingy lately too… he’s had a cough (poor babies!) I was gifted Arbonne baby products for Zayn when he was born, but honestly haven’t used them yet. I may try them on myself first 😉

  85. Nella is looking so grown up lately!!! And cute as a button!

  86. Hoping Nella feels better real soon. Both girls are adorable!

  87. Im in love with your blog. Amazing pictures!! I´ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now and I can´t get enough of it. It´s like reading my favortie book. Your blog has touch my heart like no other has. It has made me cry and smile at the same time.
    Well just wanted to say that you have an amazing blog. Hopefully one day my blog will be as wonderful as your.


    p.s your girls are beautiful.

  88. Poor sweet little Nella. I’m glad she seems like she’s feeling better. Love that shot of little and big toes at the end. :)

  89. I just love those photos of Nella standing in front of the door! She has the most adorable look on her face. Too cute!

  90. Aww, poor baby girl! I hope she feels better soon!

  91. Sick babies are so bittersweet :-). You will need that spa stuff after playing nurse all weekend :-)

  92. I love Lainey’s hat in the pictures. She is such a sweet big sister!

  93. Feel better soon, Nella….There is nothing like a sick baby that needs their mama. My son is 20 months old and wants nothing to do with sitting still except for when he is sick. I cherish those moments because I get that cuddle time with him.

  94. Oh sweet Nella…wishes of healing are sent your way! Love the fire! Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family…I intend to the same with my beautiful family. :)

  95. Praying for your sweet little one….and I love that you play ‘spa’! Sounds absolutely divine!

  96. I can’t wait to have a house and a fireplace! Someday…

  97. Ooooo I love the Ginger Citrus body butter! I made it last forever, but I finally used it all up a couple months ago. Would love to have some more!!

  98. I am so glad Nella is feeling better. So hard when they are sick. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos again!

  99. I love you Kelle Hampton, I freakng love you. Every time you write it’s like you’ve seen the deepest part of my heart and give words to all that’s inside. You have a way with speaking to us mamas. Love that.

    Angie from Ohio

  100. love your instagram fridge! its full of life!

    im glad nella is feeling better! my baby gets stuck to me too!

  101. The is the tiniest lizard ever! I hope you littlest little feels better soon!

  102. Awww my LO is sick too right now and is my little koala. Perfect description! Hopes your koala gets better soon =)

  103. Love that big sister sang to her!

  104. Poor Nella! I love that Lainey sang her to sleep though. What perfect little girls you have.

  105. We never like to see our little ones sick but it is a good feeling when just having mom makes them feel a “little” better. I love that you were able to get the swing out and it works! Poor Nella!

  106. I wish either of my kids liked our swing. Would love for it to work that kind of magic on a sick baby… Even if it just gave this momma an hour.

  107. I love Lainey’s cozy “winter” clothes :) Glad Nella is already on the mend, the swing has always been magic in our house as well!

  108. I just want to smile from ear to ear after thinking of that sweet sence of Laniey singing to Nella, and Nella in the swing… :)

    I finally got around to finishing my picture frames, curtosy of your idea (the ones with fabric in the back and picture popping out.) I LOVE them! I can’t wait to hang them. Thank you, thank you!!

  109. I tried to figure out which shoes were from your Christmas card outfit. Couldn’t do it. So glad Nella is feeling better and that Lainey takes such good care of her baby sister.

    P.S. Pomegranates are my favorite but I stress whenever my kids eat them unless they are basically naked.

  110. There’s something about a sick kiddo wrapped up in your arms. I hate to see them feeling bad but nothing beats those cuddles. Feel better Nella.

  111. I have a 31 year old disabled daughter and I know that I am still her everything.
    Sweet Nella will be back to form so soon. Glad you got away, though.

  112. Aww, hope Nella feels better. :)

  113. Is it bad of me to say I like it when my kids are sick? (Not the puke-y kind, the fever kind). They snuggle, they need. They sit still. It’s a good feeling.

    Oh, and Citrus Ginger? Girlfriend knows what tempts my nose. 😉

  114. I love how you call your tinee tiny rolling hills mountains :) If you only a hike were that simple. And are you kidding me with Nella’s strawberry outfit? Sooo cute!

  115. Those grapefruit peels look so yummy. I hope Nella feels better soon!

  116. love the sister love in those pictures with the baby swing. Nothing better than seeing your children show each other love.

  117. Oh sweet baby – feel better!

  118. Hope your lil ninja feels better <3

  119. What a sweet sister Lainey is to sing to Nella. So precious!

  120. Wishing sweet Nella a speedy recovery. My little man has been sick for the last couple of weeks and has also started saying “Mama” for the first time. Even though he cries it out in the night and I’m so tired I can’t think straight, I still go running to him. There is NOTHING like your baby needing you. Been dreaming of this feeling my whole life and feel so blessed to finally be a mama to such a delicious little life! Hope the weekend brings good healthy your way…

  121. sick kids make me sad…. i wrote about them once too…

  122. Love the baby swing pics. Adorable.

  123. My husband thinks it’s uncouth of me to semi-enjoy when my daughter is sick (I just think he is jealous). Maisie will be 18 months old on Monday and is so busy exploring and getting into everything that she jips her poor mother from any sort of long cuddles. But, when she is sick, she knows that mommy’s arms are the place to be. She is so content with snuggling up and getting cozy and that part of her being sick, I do enjoy. I agree with you, it’s when us mothers feel most like mothers. It’s exhausting, but yet so fulfilling being able to comfort and nurture so much that it almost cures the ailment alone. Hope little Nella is on the up!

  124. Hard to believe you still are able to hang clothes on a line. If I were to have hung clothes outside today they may have turned into clothesicles!! Hoping Miss Nella is feeling better tomorrow!!

  125. I just cackled with laughter about the hanger-chucking ninja. LOVE.

  126. Yay! Glad baby girl is on the upswing :) I know sick days with clingy babes make for tired mamas. Enjoy your weekend beautiful family!


  127. We recently reset-up our swing, too, for our daughter, born about a week after Nella 😉 They remember the things that soothe them most, like us momma’s.
    Hope you feel better soon, Nella~

  128. your posts always make me smile. I shared your freak-flag post with a bestie of mine… we have decided we would all be fast friends should our paths ever cross 😉

  129. I love your clothesline. In New Zealand, that’s what we use. Dryers are really only used in winter here – although we don’t have one in this house, we have clothes racks for the carport. I love gathering in my dry, fresh smelling clothes and sheets off the line!

  130. Wash and hang your blankets on the clothesline….not much smells fresher than that. :) I hope little Nell is back to normal soon!
    P.S. I think Dot is awesome!

  131. I hope Nella feels better soon. I don’t know who feels worse when the kids are sick. Them or the parents because we feel so helpless. I think that is truly the worse feeling in the world!! Love the blog….

  132. Just when I think that your girls can’t get any more adorable, they do. Nella in that berry outfit with those pigtails? Utterly precious.

  133. Love the instagrams on the fridge. What a great idea.
    And I hope Nella feels better real soon. Though flinging a hanger across the room sounds like she’s on her way. ;o)

  134. nella, sweet girl…prayers for you. feel better soon.

    and to nella’s mama: oh, mr. tequilla’s – yum, yum, yum. it’s our fave place to eat at in naples when we drive down. actually think we might eat there this week for our date night :) my mouth watered (at 11:30 at night) when i read the first sentence about that place. hope you get to go soon. enjoy a margarita for me (it’s all about nursing for me now)!

  135. Singing to her sister for 20 minutes!! You are doing something so right!

  136. I just got home from an arbonne party, love their stuff., would love the gift cert to try some more.

    My 6month old is a fierce koala the last 24hrs also. Teething and a virus of some sorts. As exhausted as I was up most of the night and driving to walgreens at 1:30 in the morning, I couldnt get enough of that sweet baby hair just below my chin. It puts me in a trance.

  137. Well, she’s a dolly even when she’s sick, but I hope Nella feels better soon! They’re both gorgeous, actually. :) The candied grapefruit peel looks like something I need to try, too!

  138. Nothing boosts my spirits more than clothes on the line! We’re getting out of that season here, but the first warmish day in the Spring, I’ll be outside with my bare feet in the grass, hanging up clothes to dry.

  139. Love you got your swing. That is our go to for little Leighton when she’s got an ear infection. It’s the only way her dad and I get any sleep. I hope Nella gets better fast.

  140. we broke out the swing too, for my 16 month old who was really congested, worked so well! Glad Nella was able to rest. I’ve been using Arbonne for a few years now, i actually just ran out, it’s a great product! love the RE9 stuff

  141. A crackling fire sounds lovely! So do the spa products :) Hope Nella is feeling better soon.

  142. hoping Nella feels better soon !!

  143. I tried to take a picture of the moon tonight and it didn’t turn out near as pretty.

  144. hopefully nella is back and you all have a wonderful weekend :)

    p.s. those candied grapefruit peels have my mouth watering!!

  145. Such sweetness today. Thanks for sharing!

  146. I’m a 22 year old college senior, and the first words out of my mouth when I got sick this week?

    “I just want my mama.”

    Nella is just as blessed to have you as you are to have her :)

  147. I’d love to try their baby products! Blessings to you as you love on your sick little lamb!

  148. Sick babies do remind us of exactly what it means to me a mommy.

    That sugar scrub & body butter sound fantastic! :)

  149. Unicorns need fed here too. Our 5 month old Gracie is FINALLY sleeping through the night. (well she wakes up once to nurse) I need a hallelujah! I have 4 littles, so my sleep is much needed! I hope Nella feels better soon. I love the feeling of a sweet baby just wanting held.

  150. I’m sure a short trip to the mountains was just what you girls were needing! Hope Nella continues to get better!

  151. When I was living in Japan, our apartment just had a washer, so you had to hang dry everything. The first time, I tried to hang my stuff outside, thinking it would dry faster and smell better…..No.NO…that smell…from the city. Not good. After, that, clothes were always strewn about inside our apartment from every possible surface! Your photo and the woods behind it definitely sounds like the perfect place to hang dry stuff! :) Hope baby gets better soon.

  152. Get well soon, Nella! You’re a lucky girl to have a big sister that will sing you to sleep when you feel icky!

  153. So glad your sweet baby girl is feeling back to her old precious self ♥

    What does a baby lizard feel like in your hand!? Never had the privilege *nay desire* of being close to any reptile.

  154. your girls are so sweet. i love how lainey uses her treasure map, how nella still snuggles into her swing. it is such a privileged to be a mother to our children.

  155. Feel better Nella!!

    Have a great low-key weekend! :)

  156. What a beautiful picture of Nella in the swing. I wish they made those for adults!
    ps. here in Australia everyone dries their clothes outside on the line. As an American, I am still trying to get use to it myself and probably use the dryer more than I should admit :)

  157. That picture of her in the swing just melts me!! Sweet girl. My toddler is sick today too. I hope everyone wakes up feeling healthy!

  158. I have followed you long enough now that I consider you family…I drink my coffee while reading and laughing and crying BESIDE you sister! As far as Arbonne goes…I have ALWAYS wanted to try it but couldn’t afford to spurlge on products so a gift card would be fantabulistc as my girls and I like to say:).

  159. hope nella is 100% better soon. lily had that same swing and is sick as well~I just might lug mine out of storage too now!

  160. poor Nella…hope you feel better soon little one. Lainey singing to her sister in the swing is precious.

  161. We have the same swing! I’ve had to buy rechargeable batteries & a charger because that thing eats up batteries really fast & it was my boy’s favorite thing ever when he was smaller.
    So jealous of the fire!!

  162. Nella is too cute in that swing. I hope she’s over her illness soon!


  163. Nella the ninja!! i can see that and hear it. Love the first fires of the year :)

  164. It sounds like she’s on the improve in Nella the ninja is back! How lovely to see Lainey look after her little sister so well! Happy weekend Kelle.

  165. I hope Nella feels better soon.. Poor baby girl :( Good thinking on your part for the Baby Swing though!

    Have a good weekend! x

  166. Thank you for a cosy home photos. Right now we are sitting at the hospital ward and missing all the comfortable things at home…

    Nella, wish you to get well quickly!

  167. A privilege indeed!!
    Those pics of Nella with the stroller are the most gorgeous thing. Love them!!
    Hope she feels better soon.
    Love the new look of your fridge and everything about your writing style.

  168. I have had the worst couple of days, I come home and your blog has me laughing and just for a moment forgetting that my mum is in hospital and we’re not sure what’s happened. Thank you for your family, your love and for sharing it with us. Thank you again,


  169. Hope your little lady is feeling better soon! Have a great weekend. Love your pictures!

  170. Excellent photos as always, I love this so much. You’re honestly such a great mother, you guys should be so proud of yourselves.

  171. Che meraviglia!

  172. Every one of your posts leaves me feeling inspired and so grateful for the little things in my life! Thank you for reminding us all of the true meaning of love and happiness! Love your blog!

  173. Thank heaven for you, Kelle. For always being real and positive and warm.
    Thank you!

    I agree – when they’re ill och really tired the motherhood-thing is the most obvious and it’s so genuine and wonderful too.

    I sure hope Nella feels better today!

    I’ll try for that special Sunday evening feeling, in spite of working this Sunday!
    I’m sure I’ll succeed, ‘cuz I had the Friday of a lifetime yesterday :-)
    Hubs and I celebrated being married for 11 years 11-11-11 (yesterday!) and at 11:11 AM we did something special, just the two of us….

    Hope you’ll have a Sunday evening of calmness and fulfillness (?) too!
    All my best!

  174. Have I mentioned I LOVE your new header. I do. I remember sick babies. Sad and sweet.

  175. Here’s to a fantastic weekend! Hope the little feels better soon!

  176. I’m catching up on your blog this morning and pulled my little into my lap for a cuddle. I showed her the picture of Nella being all smiley and she said “baby, mmmmwah” (so baby and then ‘gave’ Nella’s picture a kiss!)

    Hope she’s on the mend soon!!

  177. Oh nooo double ear infections are horrible! I never took threat of an ear infection seriously until my little dude started suffering them when he was about 13 months. Nasty. :(
    Hope Nella feels better soon, good thing you still have that swing!

    Awesome photo magnet idea!

  178. So glad Nella is feeling better. You sure he didn’t say, “She’s baaaaa-aaack.”? 😉

  179. Lainey looks like a college freshman in the sweater/boot combo. And I am jealous of her outfit…

    So glad Nella is feeling better! Sick babies are so pitiful!

  180. I love it that Nella is all lappin’ over the edges of that baby swing. She looks like a baby giant.

    Love it!

  181. Hope Nella is feeling better soon. Love Arbonne as well!

  182. Love your koala bear comment … my nephew Brooks just had a double ear infection too and clung to his mama like no one’s business.

  183. love, love, love the hand lotion from arbonne. glad your little one is feeling better. have yourself a satisfying weekend as well. :)

  184. Nella in the swing was so cute! Love that she threw the hanger and laughed- little girls are so feisty- how we like them :) Laney is lucky to have Dot- she seems to make her feel so special! Happy weekend- hope Nella feels better- does she have tubes in her ears?

  185. I love your picnic, the plastic “wine” glasses are such a great touch! Love it!

  186. inspired thinking about the baby swing! Oh I remember those rotten ear infections. I do hope your sweet little koala is better soon. The connection your two sweeties have with each other is beautiful and touches my heart every time I visit here. xo

  187. Hope Nella feels better soon!
    Love the instagram photo idea, thank you!

  188. ,,,oh sweet lil nella feel better soon!,,,

  189. She’s so cute with those sweet legs hanging over the baby swing. :) Feel better, little sis.

  190. Feel better soon Nella!! I so dislike it when my kiddos are sick :( We are all about those utterly satisfied Sunday nights…I know we are going to have on this weekend!! Have a great weekend!!

    Tina J

  191. Poor Nella– hope she feels better!

  192. I love Dot! Where can I find me a Dot? :)

  193. I hope Nella feels better soon!

  194. Oh sweet Nella! Ear infections are miserable for the littles. Feel better soon baby girl.

    I’ve watned a clothes line the last 8 years we’ve been in the house. I think it needs to happen!

  195. precious- as always!

  196. So sorry little Nella is feeling yucky. I hope she feels better really soon. Our little Olive is nursing a cold right now. It sure takes alot out of them when they are sick. Love Lainey’s hat, So cute! I’m going to try the candied grapefruit at Thanksgiving, thank you for linking the recipe!! I always enjoy and look forward to reading your posts. 😀 Have a great weekend!

  197. Hope Nella feels better soon. Double ear infections… poor baby… Love Lainey’s hat. Hope you are having a good weekend

  198. I really hope your sweet girl is feeling better this morning. Secretly I like it when my little guy clings to me when he is sick :) The snuggles I get are worth a million dollars.

  199. Wish we had a fire place! I make do with a simulation on our tv…and a cup of hot cocoa! :)

    Long johns and footy pj’s can transform us all into ninjas in the evenings! Love it!

  200. I, too, like the amped up need my increasingly independent little girl demonstrates when she’s under the weather. I am a bit nervous for this cold and flu season, though, since we just quit nursing a couple of weeks ago at age 3. Not sure how we’ll handle it without our go to remedy.

  201. Love how Nella’s legs hang over the swing like that! Hope she feels all-the-way better soon.

  202. I’m sure my little guy would still love his swing, but unfortunately for him he is a 30+lb 14-mo-old, so…

    No more for him!

    I love love love the picture of Nella with the stroller. Such a little mama she is!

  203. I hope Nella feels better soon. She still fits in the swing…those things work like magic on little ones. And I love the pictures on the fridge. It’s so creative and fun! I am going to enjoy my weekend sipping coffee and keeping warm under soft blankets, snuggling with my little man and watching all his favorite shows. Have a happy happy weekend!

  204. So sorry Nella is sick. That is one of my favorite/least favorite things when my girls are sick. I hate to see them hurting, but I love that it makes them so cuddly and needy for me :) I LOVE the picture of Nella with the doll stroller!

  205. cute idea with the instagrams on the fridge–love it!
    love arbonne products :)

  206. hope Nella feels better real soon. poor thing. being sick is so not fun. when you have a get together to make … what a bummer. hope you get a chance to make it up soon. love the picture of the lizard … that is just awesome. have a great weekend. (:

  207. Hope baby girl is feeling better very soon. Wish we had mountains to visit around here!! May have to come up with something equally as exciting!!!

    Happy Weekend!!

  208. Umm…L-O-V-E Lainey’s yellow hat. Super adorable. Here’s to hoping Nella gets back to her sweet little self soon!

  209. “She’s back” Hooray!!!!

  210. I am so sorry that she is sick… she and I would be good company right now. I have a sore throat and tired body that isn’t quite gone yet, but it makes me slow down and gives me time to read about my lovely bloggy friends. Hugs to you sweet Nella. Feel better soon! And oh Lainey, Nella is so blessed that you sing to her. What a wonderful and perfect big sister.

  211. I love the iphone pic of Nella in the fuzzy hat…delish.

  212. I LOVE spa day (or half hour)! I just bought a new sugar scrub and I am pretty sure my husband thinks I am crazy! Love love love!

  213. Would love to win, with all of this J+J talk we’re in the market for new baby products – and some ‘mommy spa’ products may sneak into my cart as well!


  215. love lainey’s hat! so cute! i want one :-) and the picture of the grapefruit peel makes my mouth water and tingle like i’m feeding it something sour right now.

  216. That itty bitty lizard makes ME happy too!!

  217. Oh sweety Nella, feel better soon… My heart breaks every time our babies are getting ill… They need us… they are feeling fear…
    Mama mama…
    Wish you the best, my dear Kelle! Keep walking!!!

  218. Nella in the baby swing cracks me up! I recently got my old bumbo seats out for my two who just want to climb, climb, climb. They go in and out of em, push em, turn em up side down. Love recycling old things.

  219. So sorry your little Nella’s sick–hope she’s on the up and up!

    I missed posting on your last post, but I LOVE your collection of Cryderman cards — what a tribute to your grandparents! We can each only hope our children and grandchildren find that same later joy in our efforts to document and create how we were.

  220. Ear infections are the worst, hope she is feeling better soon.

  221. where did Lainey get that yellow hat. I love it!!

    please tell me!!

  222. Hope Nella is feeling back up to par! Glad the swing could give you a break.

  223. I completely agree that you feel the importance of your motherhood role, when a little is sick. I love your line “I’m her everything.” Thank you for being so inspiring! Your blog makes me want to be a better mom!

  224. Just found your blog…love all the great pics of your two beautiful girls!

  225. Magnific work!! Excellent shots!!

    Salut, Francesc

  226. I hope Nella feels better soon!

  227. I hope Nella is on the mend – – the picnic and toast “to the mountains” looks like a great time!

  228. MMMM….Ginger Citrus, sounds good enough to eat! Though I won’t of course

  229. When I first starting following blogs, yours and Joy’s Hope were two of the first. The way I found it is a little weird, but now I know I needed to. She does this “Insta Friday” thing that is very similar to your photodump. She is hilarious and super creative. I think you’d like her blog.

  230. I hope Nella gets better soon… I love her sweet happy smile.
    Btw, Lainey is such a big girl now. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo

  231. i love the instagram pics!

  232. girl, you are so blessed. And I am blessed by reading your blog :) Thank you!

  233. I LOVE Friday Phone Dump, every week. Because I love instagram…I think it’s the main reason I would get an iPhone.

  234. Hi Kelle! I don’t comment often, but wanted to tell you that your post is a place I go when I need a little sunshine, and a reminder of the importance of perspective. The small things DO make the biggest impact!

  235. Love, Love, Love Arbonne!!! And snuggling with a sweet sicky baby!!

  236. I know what you mean about feeling good at the end of the weekend. I hope this weekend is one of those.

  237. I am in love with the fact that Lainey sang Nella to sleep! Love sisters. And creative tools to soothe sick babies.

  238. I love Instagram and I love your fridge with the photos all over it! :)

  239. Something sweet and sad about a sick baby- it’s always good to see them on the mend!

  240. Ah, sweet Nella. I hope she’s back to feeling fine.

  241. I need Lainey’s mustard/marigold hat in size Big Girl. So adorable!

  242. How true – those times when everyone wants/needs a little (or more)of your time . . . You juggle things well. Thanks for sharing.

  243. We’re battling a double EI, too. Thank God my girl is still happy in the Moby, or I may have been in my attic, too! Hope Nella is healthy again soon.

  244. Beautiful post!!! I also love that feeling that comes from being the comfort your baby needs! I hope your little one feels better soon :)

  245. My two babies are both sick, and I know that feeling of being the one they need. It’s so great, because you know when they get older that will change. So I’m trying to enjoy the clinginess, even though it’s hard to do it for two at a time! :) I love the sun in your photos – how do you do it? I live in SD and our sun doesn’t look like that right now. lol

  246. Feel better Nella!!! xoxoxo….

  247. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your beauties. Have a fabulous weekend.

  248. It’s funny how I was eating a pomegranate while reading and then bang: you mention Laney was going to eat her first one!! Ahhh I LOVE THAT FRUIT!!! Enjoy and I hope your sweet Nella gets better soon!

  249. Feel better sweet Nella!!

  250. Ohhhh I can almost feel my tootsies getting warm against that fire. I hope everyone feels warm, cozy, and healthy soon!

  251. i hope nella really is back! i love the trips to the mountain. it’s always a great reminder that they don’t need much to feel special or adventurous. hoping your weekend was filled with many ‘mountains’!

  252. We have a sick one at home this weekend too, I loved your comment about motherhood, I always feel like God gives us super mom powers when our wee ones are sick and so helpless. Hope Nella feels better!

  253. The look on sweet girls face as she stands with her baby doll stroller …priceless,
    sista has some mumma attitude!
    Get better soon Nella bear

  254. Sigh, I wish the swing would still work for my girl except that it never really did.

    My little one is sick now too, a cough and ear infection combined with a runny nose, and she will only sleep one way right now. Nestled beside her Mama, preferably latched on (although not my preferred style of sleeping).

  255. Hope Nella feels better soon! love, love, love your blog!!

  256. Glad to hear that sweet baby girl is feeling a bit better! THAT SWING IS THE BEST THING!!!!! Mine is still up…although baby girl hasn’t been in it for a very long time…I think it’s time to pass it on.

  257. I love the pictures of Nella in the swing. It’s that point in life where they aren’t babies anymore but those little moments reminds us that it wasn’t long ago they were.

    Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon. I bet Lainey’s singing helped a lot. What a sweet girl.

  258. My jaw dropped at the itty bitty lizard and the brilliant idea of putting Nella in the baby swing. I too have had a sick koala clinger. I am so trying your recipe, and if it weren’t freezing here I would do the clothes line too.

  259. I love that you have unicorns at your house! Mine live in the rainbow room :) Hope your little one is feeling better soon- sick babies are the worst! (except I take full advantage of the extra cuddles!)

  260. You weren’t kidding with the name of “Nella’s Rockstars!” The pictures of Nella with the strawberry shirt is a rockstar in the making!! She has some precious awesome attitude deep inside!!

  261. Kelle, thanks so much for reminding me what a priviledge it is to be a mom. I have had sick kids in my house this week, and I feel so tired. But you reminded me how special I should feel that I mean that much to my babies! Thank you!

  262. Oh, your Lainey is so sweet to sing to her sister. Hope Nella feels better soon.

  263. What an amazing blog you have created. Very emotional yet very uplifting and inspirational too..
    A simple yet important message that is to often ovelooked.
    Our son has (OI) Brittle Bone Disease which is hard on us all at times but he has such a positive attitude and we try our best to not let his disability get in the way of him being 3 and having lots of fun. :0) x

  264. I’m glad to hear Nella is feeling better! It was so sweet to hear that Lainey sang to her :)

  265. I hope Nella gets all better and no one else catches it!
    I had plans today to go grocery shopping and make enchilada eggrolls for the freezer, but bailed on that to spend the day at my older sisters house where my mom was visiting. 4 out of 5 grandkids sat at the table with mom and made gingerbread houses. Much more satisfying than buying groceries. And the day was ended with a big pot of home made potato soup, a perfect compliment to our chilly Michigan weather!

  266. We lived and died by our swing – panic set in when the batteries died and we didn’t have any more in the house! Lainey is the sweetest for singing to her. What a good big sister. :-)

  267. Hope Nella feels better soon! How do you capture such great sun flares in your photos? I need to work on that!

  268. What a great sister Lainey is. I do hope Nella is already feeling better.

  269. Poor dear! I hope baby doll Nella is feeling better soon. The photo of her in the swing is precious AND Lainey singing to her is just too sweet!

  270. So, thanks to you, I now have the Instagram app on my iphone and I love it!! And of course I am subscribed to your feed. I am inspired to fill my fridge with Instagram picture magnets now too. Thank you!

  271. I love Sunday evenings at home….our kids always watch America’s Funniest Videos, their little tradition. It’s our time to regroup before the busy week begins:)

  272. Few things make you feel more accomplished as a mama than when your baby’s sick and wants no one but you. Hope she feels better soon!

  273. Glad to hear your sweet little Nella is feeling better! Oh, and since you didn’t get to have delicious Mexican food on Friday night, I will drink a margarita in your honor. 😉

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  275. your babies are wonderful, your photos are wonderful, your blog is wonderful!

    -sorry for my orrible english-


  276. Oh, poor Nella, sick babies are never fun, hope she feels better soon.

    I totally love her strawberry shirt and those candied Grapefruit peels are now on my list to make in the near future…they look delicious!!

  277. I love Arbonne! I recently tried their baby products and like them too.

  278. I hope she feels better soon! Boy does she look sweet on that swing though!

    Hoping you might link this post or really any post you choose to my Link Party. It’s a brand new Link Party all about gratitude and appreciation. Please?!?! Thanks!!! :)

    You are one of my favorite blogs to check in on! I even put you on my right sidebar.

    Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking…

  279. Nella is growing up so fast! To be honest, my favorite time to read your blog is right before and during the holidays, when the light of your family truly shines. It’s so inspiring!

    La Petite Gigi

  280. I love Lainey’s boots with the blue laces!

  281. I am in love with Nella’s little knees! Hope she’s back on her feet again soon.

  282. Hope Nella has a cuddly weekend!
    Napa, Ca

  283. i love Lainey’s yellow hat! and i do love me some upswinging. hope it continues to go up!

  284. Praying the littlest princess feels better today!! LOVE love LOVE the little lizard picture.. so sweet! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  285. Your girls are always dressed so cute. Love Lainey’s hat!

  286. Baby Swing! Yes!!!! Great idea mom :) I don’t blame her for needing you, you’re one awesome mama

  287. Double ear infections are the worst! All three of my pumpkins have had issues with those awful things!

    Happy Sunday night!

  288. Love the way you see the sunny side of sickness even!! Nella looks SO old all of a sudden and Lainey is such a good big sister.

  289. I hope sweet Nella is feeling better today.

  290. Mmmmm pomegranate…my fav this time of the year! And candied grapefruit peel…I’m definitely going to have to check out that recipe. Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful blog!!

  291. I have to say that even at the age of 32, it’s still my mom I want when I’m sick. :)

  292. I love that your friend comes to visit every friday. What a fun thing to look forward to!

  293. Ohhh I LOVE the smell of ginger citrus! Nice choice, Lainey!

    So glad your little koala is getting her groove back! <3

  294. Feel better, Nella!

  295. Had my 10 year old sister visiting this weekend and gave her her first taste of pomegranate too! DO you know the mess-free trick? Cut it in half and gently peel it apart submerged in a bowl of water. The good stuff sinks to the bottom and the icky pith floats.

    Hope Nella feels better soon!

  296. I hope Nella is feeling better soon! I also had a pajama Sunday :).

  297. We’ve been battling sick bugs at our house for over a week now, and are ready for them to go! But there is nothing like being needed by sweet, sick babies who cuddle just a little bit longer and closer. Hope that Nella is on the upswing!

  298. Aww I hope sweet Nella is feeling better soon!!

  299. Oh I hope your sweet one feels better soon! My sweetie is sick as well. I would LOVE to be picked for the giveaway!

  300. I have to agree. Sunday afternoons are my favorite part of the week.
    I hope Miss Nella feels better soon!

  301. I have to agree. Sunday afternoons are my favorite part of the week.
    I hope Miss Nella feels better soon!

  302. I am glad Nella is feeling better!

  303. I hope the girl’s on the upswing faster than you can say I love you!

    Esther Dush

  304. I have a plan to try the candied grapefruit peels this weekend. They look so delish. I am also a HUGE fan of Arbonne. As always, inspired by your blog. 😉

  305. Aww us mommies do what we have to do to keep all the little ones happy

  306. First washing line?? Do you guys tumble dry everything? Or hang on a clothes rack inside?

  307. Your fridge looks fabulous! Hope Nella feels better soon :)

  308. I’m at work ( I teach K) reading this and now I want nothing more than to grab my 15mo and squeeze him tight! Is it bad that a teeny tiny part of me wishes he were sick just to cuddle?! Ok that’s horrible. Don’t judge!!

  309. I scrolled through your comments to see if anyone else had the same thought I did at seeing Nella in the baby swing….and I don’t think anyone else did. Ever see those guidelines attached to items and wonder “Why do companies have to state the obvious?” Well now I know why. What is obvious to some, is not obvious to others.

  310. I hope your little bebe is on the mend. Ear infections are painful! And two…? Poor baby!
    I ♥ Arbonne! I don’t have any right now, but I swooned over one of their lipsticks until I was digging every last bit out of the tube. Heaven with a cap, my dears!

  311. so sweet that lainey sang to nella, adorable! hope nella is all better!

  312. I love this time of year in Naples too! Perfect weather.

  313. I love Arbonne products. I only use their diaper rash cream- it’s the best! I love that Lainey sang to Nella. What a great big sister!

  314. Yum, Ginger Citrus is my absolute fav!! Here’s to a good week with healthy babies.

  315. Hope Nella is feeling better. Thanks for another great post.

  316. Got to love the baby swing! … I too love those moments when my little girl’s face is snuggled into my neck – as a new mom those are some of the tiny moments I treasure so dearly!! Happy weekending and happy monday!

  317. It can’t be possible for anyone to be that cute….those pics of Nella in the strawberry outfit. There are no words.

  318. My babies were sick this weekend too. It’s kind of nice to slow down & take care of someone else. That swing idea is brilliant!

  319. Your blog makes me smile! You make sure to do so much with your girls… I hope I’m as creative with my kids one day =)

  320. Hope your sweet girl is all better soon. :-)

  321. Kelle,

    I stumbled across your blog last week and I am hooked! It bursts with beauty, in all forms!

    Thank you for your bravery and honesty and the incredible belief in community that this blog screams!

    I am not a mum (although I will be an aunt come March!) but I am blessed by reading about your journey in motherhood and feel sure it is shaping me.

    Blessings on you, your beautiful girls and your family.


  322. If there ever was a time I needed a spa treatment it would be now. We just came back from boyscout camping and well, let’s just say that I didn’t come back smelling clean and girlie. Love your post, Kelli.

  323. Bless her little heart. I hope she starts to feel better soon. I can’t wait to light our first fire.

  324. I love Brett’s comment at the end. You guys always have me laughing. Hopefully Nella’s back for good.

  325. I really wish I had a swing like that, made for big kids like me! Also, I love Lainey’s orange hat! So cute and stylish for the fall :)

  326. Hope Nella is feeling better! I am totes jealous of your fire! There are some nights when it gets just crisp enough in Tampa to get me wishing we had a fireplace!

  327. I love that big sis sang to Nella when she’s sick and sleepy. How precious is that?! Hope after the weekend, sweet girl is feeling much better.

  328. So funny Ninja Nella! Love it!

  329. Jealous of your beautiful fireplace :)

  330. OH, Lainey!!! Sweet, sweet big sister singing to her Little…..made me tear up!

    I am fearful of technology, but I seriously want an iphone just for that app and to make a huge piece of “art work” for our wall (the collage you suggested one time).

    And again. I like Dot.


  331. Hope sweet Nella is feeling better

  332. I love the fridge photo collage! I am trying to take more spontaneous phone photos. You are so good at capturing all the little things in your life.

  333. So sorry that Nella was sick. 2 ear infections is bad. Hope she feels better soon.

  334. This weekend I was Mama Bear to two sick littles, one hormonal teenager and a cranky Daddy Bear. While I LOVE all three of my littles, sometimes Mama needs to escape for 15 minutes for a piping hot cup of caffeinated sanity. 😉 Happy Monday, everyone! Have a beautiful week!

  335. I hope Nella is feeling better by now!!

  336. Beautiful photos, as always!

  337. sick baby in the swing so he can breath and his nose run, and mommy on the couch wondering how she lived so many years without him

  338. sick baby in the swing so he can breath and his nose run, and mommy on the couch wondering how she lived before moments like these…toast to all you mommys

  339. Hope baby girl feels better soon. I hate it when babies are sick. Loved todays post.

  340. Oh I believe I am jealous. I was hoping for a relaxing Sunday yesterday and it turned into two little girls being bored, fighting and causing all kinds of troubles. Oh well it was a memory made a lesson learned they are their daddies kids and he can’t sit still for more than a hour :)

  341. We have the same baby swing- love it! I’ve never used Arbonne but have heard great things.

  342. I hope sweet Nella feels better today. My baby (14months) also has the sniffles this weekend and I find myself enjoying the extra snuggles. I am obsessed with her adorable strawberry outfit!! :)

  343. Mmm, I’m so jealous of your fireplace! Lucky, lucky lady you are.

    Hope your little lady is feeling back to herself soon!

  344. I hope everyone is feeling better! Good vibes coming your way.

  345. I love Arbonne. They have such a wonderful array of products that just make my day. Glad to hear Nella is feeling better!!

  346. Umm…I am in love with Laney’s yellow knit hat! I want one! :)

  347. these products look amazing! i have been in the market for a natural baby line for my lil one…these look perfect!

  348. This comment has been removed by the author.

  349. Poor Koala Baby! I’m hoping she’s feeling better!

    Your “I am her everything” speech got me thinking about my own girl and how she does the same. I always worry that she’s needing to learn to detach…but you’re so right…what a privilege!

    I’m forever loving your *grass is greener* outlook on life. It reminds me it’s okay to be the same. :) xo

  350. I literally laughed out loud at the part about Nella throwing something and laughing! Kids can be so wonderfully mischievous!

  351. I’ve been lucky to have my hair ‘done’ several times in my life so far, but Dot’s blue clip reminds me that the very best hairstyles I’ve ever had done for me are the ones done by little kids.

  352. I hope Nella is feeling much better by now! Love that little girl and her sister.

  353. Yes. A trip to the mountains. I think I may need to escape for one myself!

  354. I like that blue clip in Dot’s hair!
    Kisses to Nella :***

  355. I love your friday photo dump. I noticed you said you drop them into a 12×12 collage. Where do you do that or what product do you use?

  356. So fun to read your posts-you have an incredible little family!

  357. I need a Friday friend like Dot. How awesome.

    And today I purchased a pomegranate at Target simply because you make them look good. My children and I will try our first one ever…. at your recommendation.

    Hope Nella is feeling better soon. Sweet baby. :)

  358. So, I’m not going to go through all your comments, so if I’m repeating, I’m sorry.

    If you want a quicker way to put away your laundry, hang your shirts and dresses straight onto their hangers instead of pegging them on the line. If it’s particularly windy sometimes they do blow off, but otherwise you just hang the clotheshangers on your line then when the shirts are dry they go straight into your wardrobes. It just takes out a step :) P.S. You still need to shake the clothes before putting them on the hangers though or they will look really crushed.

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