Today began with the sound of water spilling from our washer. It puddled into a small lake in our laundry room and eventually trickled a tributary path right out onto the garage floor. The seal pulled loose from the washer door, most likely because I closed a sleeve or maybe a pant leg in it before letting it whirl. Blame is important in these situations, you know, and yet I’m still the victor because…hello, I was doing laundry–a feat always worthy of applause in this home.

Lemons squeeze nicely into lemonade when you figure it was a great opportunity to clean out the lint balls/bottle caps/lone socks under the washer. Plus, Brett fixed the door.

But then inconvenience struck again. After planning all day for the big annual first snow festival on Third Street, we drove twenty minutes to find our little downtown suddenly engulfed in a torrential downpour–the first rain we’ve seen in weeks. I had a wagon crammed in my backseat–a wagon we spent a freaking half hour this afternoon decorating with garland and twinkly lights and these jingle bells that took six layers of duct tape to get them to stay put. And my kids were festive–like elf kind of festive. We were supposed to get Santa and live nativity tonight and we ended up hydroplaning into an Olive Garden where we waited 45 minutes to get a seat. This is where I’m supposed to say “This blows, what a waste.” Alright, it totally blew. But I have this theory on nights that blow. There’s this old Top Chef episode where, in the quickfire challenge, contestants were given a selection of ingredients–one of which happened to be SPAM. Given a choice between fresh, flavorful foods and SPAM, you would assume any chef in his right mind would scurry to score the good stuff and the last rotton egg would, begrudgingly, claim the SPAM. But any smart chef knows, SPAM’s a challenge. Anyone can whip up something good out of fresh produce, but SPAM? It requires ingenuity, a look outside the box. If you can turn SPAM into something good, it’s a guaranteed win–an unforgettable victory. A risk, yes. A disadvantage, definitely. But an edge.

An edge that makes you realize…
Wow, I did that. I made something good out of SPAM. Imagine what else I am capable of.

We didn’t get our snow on Third Street tonight. But we had the best table in the house at Olive Garden–and bottomless breadsticks. And now we have the opportunity of finding some fabulous way to put our bedazzled wagon to good use. Game on.


Our Weekend:


We spent our entire Sunday afternoon sprawled out in a vacant soccer field at a nearby park.



Lainey learned how to keep a kite in flight–maintain a taut string, walk backwards, shout commands to the kite when it’s threatening to nose dive.


She did well.


Nella cheered her sister on, practiced standing and did that whole crawl-fast-and-look-back thing, begging me to chase her.


And these birds?


They kept alternating trees–settling in one for just a couple minutes before they’d fire up this disturbing squawk chorus. And then they’d all swarm to the next tree in a synchronized swoop. Really, I’m sure they were just meeting up and plotting how they planned to kill us.

Brett: “The BIRDS! The BIRDS!”

While Nella and I stretched out and napped right in the heart of the soccer field, Brett and Lainey set out in search of a consession stand. A short hike later, they returned with foil-wrapped hot dogs–cold and stale with crunchy dry buns–in other words, perfect.



Needless to say, new solution to add to the “We’re bored, there’s nothing to do” list: find vacant soccer field.





That whole adopt-a-family thing? It rings true this week in many ways. Nana Kate’s kids and grandkids are all in from across the country, and we are accepting their welcoming invitation to weasel into their family this week.


It feels like the holidays. Late night living room talent shows, hot tub sing-a-longs, “Can Lainey play?” phone calls.


Lainey’s room transformed into a spa this weekend where a line-up of toddler toes froze while the oldest cousin painted them a festive green, red, green, red, green combo.



Finally, I had the privilege of photographing this entire family. I love this shot–a mama and her girls. They needed no instruction, very little “posing.” Literally, they just fell into place, landing in these natural embraces where bodies connected like pop beads. Nana Kate? She is just as beautiful on the inside.



And now? Well, it’s Monday night–the opening ceremonies to a holiday week. Brett and I are planning tomorrow’s cleaning day as if it were a vacation. We’re actually excited about moving the printer to a different room, clearing off the clutter counter, and maybe–if we’re feeling dangerous–angling the living room rug. Oooh, gettin’ crazy. But seriously, come on. It’s beginning…little holiday memories.



Darlybird Giveaway Winners:

A One Year Earring of the Month Subscription: Comment #476, Cindy: I love the shot of the 3 of you at the end of this post. It always surprises me when I see a picture of Nella walking around – she is a gem. And the dimple on Lainey is kissable. One of my girls has a dimple like that. I just have to eat her up when it appears.

One Surprise Goody Bag: 387, LibraryGirl62: Nella is just so stinkin’ cute with her crinkled up laughing eyes :)

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We love Coco Penny’s accessories–both for mom and kids. Their barrettes stay in my girls’ fine hair and aren’t easy for little hands to pull out.


I love their felt flower collection and the fact that they come in a range of sizes (tiny ones for Nella, medium for Lainey) and a variety of clip styles (alligator clip and tight-fitting snap closure barrettes).


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Cozy Rags, the company that brought you their ubersoft baby blankets last time, offers a great new product, the Phone Sax. The Phone Sax provides a stylish way to protect your phone, iTouch, sunglasses or camera and doubles as a cleaning cloth. I love that when I’m digging through my purse, I can now easily spot my phone with its yowza! case.


Say “phone sax” three times fast, and it sounds like something else. I’m just sayin’.

Leopard print phone case, meet leopard print shoes.

One randomly selected comment on this post will win a free phone sax.

To make it interesting, what are you tired of, what are you not tired of?

Tired of: dropped calls, beige walls, messes, a broken coffee pot, e-mails informing me I’m the only living descendent of a rich oil tycoon and I’ve inherited his fortune, crumpled receipts in my purse, cheap pens that don’t write.

Not tired of: cilantro, driveway parties, quilts, nursing, “dude,” Nella’s crawl, family bed, holiday catalogues, Takenobu, gratitude, pig tails, the way Lainey says “I’m positive,” carbs, holiday planning, limes, Arm & Hammer detergent, bangs.




I will report back soon on the wagon. It is begging to make its holiday debut somewhere, and I still owe my girls fake snow. SPAM leftovers–we’re so going to make dessert of this.


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  1. First comment?!
    Tired of…cold weather (not good for a WI resident)
    Not tired of…kisses and hugs from my 14 mos old daughter

  2. Not tired of: Fall Chicago leaves, the turkey stuffing to come, helping babies come into this world, Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, and Craigslist. Love you blog!

  3. Tired of: the wind creeping through my front door a bit, the dog eating the kitty litter, not living within 3 hours of NYC, people I love getting sick around the holidays, missing my grandpa, my statistics class (2 more weeks!).
    Not Tired of: this blog, The Avett Brothers music, Mario Batali, Doctor Who, my kids winding excitement about the holidays, Chloe saying “Christms amarrow?” and when I say “not yet” she says “are you KIDDING me?” like she just can’t believe it. Love.

  4. tired of runny noses:( Not tired of making more holiday memories the coming days/weeks!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. tired of: the ever present inability to sleep, wanting to do so much to my apartment but never doing it, empty walls, bank chaos

    not tired of: November in Florida (truly the best month here so far!), countdowns galore – thanksgiving in tampa 3 days, disney world 6 days, Christmas in CT 4 weeks from Wednesday


  7. Bummer about the wagon, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to put it to good use!

    Tired of: laundry, annoying entries in my daughter’s “communication book” from school, people who can’t drive, oh and laundry again. πŸ˜‰

    Not tired of: spreading the holiday cheer, shopping, dressing my daughter in the cute clothes I went shopping for (HA!), Pinterest (I’m obsessed!), and reading blogs like yours. :)

  8. I lived in Hawaii during high school and I have to say that Spam, prepared well with appropriate sauces, is some of the best stuff I’ve ever tasted. In fact, the title of your post has inspired me to make Spam and eggs (with rice) tomorrow morning for breakfast. Go Spam!

    Tired of: feet that are cold even in socks and slippers, runny noses, finding Cheerios scattered all over the house.

    Not tired of: afternoon sun slanting through blinds, hugs from babies when they first wake up, my “big boy” (who’s 3 1/2) doing things for himself.

  9. Tired of: homework
    Not tired of: Starbucks Eggnog Lattes

  10. I love your story, your blog, your attitude, your beyond precious girls, everything. Stunning pictures.

  11. As always great pictures, and lots of fun!

    (Noah’s Dad)

    Be sure to check out the online narrative we are creating of our son Noah who was born with Down syndrome. We’re adding a new, one minute video every day so the world can see Down syndrome is ok! :)

  12. Tired of: Work, homework, cleaning the litter box, cold weather, and being broke

    Not tired of: Thanksgiving break, sleeping in, New baby sisters arrival (TOdAY!!), and my kitty begging for attention.

    Have a great week.


  13. I absolutely love the picture of Nella licking that hotdog! That is truly a priceless shot!

  14. They do the snow nightly on 3rd Street from now on, no? I’ll have to look into it. I didn’t realize we missed it today.

    Tired of: this mental block keeping me from getting my Thanksgiving shopping done, *warm* FL weather in the fall, laundry! (where does it all come from?) and snowbird drivers (already!!).
    Not tired of: handprint turkeys, baby slings, pre-Christmas closet/toy purging, tile steamers, baby kisses, school-free holidays, and

  15. Tired of: feeling tired, rushing,
    disorganization, cold grey days &
    sleepless nights.
    Not Tired of: Dunkin’ Donuts medium
    hot coffee, extra cream, no sugar
    holiday decorations, Pottery Barn’s
    new, soft, plaid throw, planning to execute the perfect Thanksgiving
    meal, house full of family & friends, unexpected sunny, 60 degree, November days & on & on & on…I just love this time of year!

  16. Tired of: being apart from my boys
    Not tired of: making holiday gifts!

  17. tired of: early mornings, the end of fall and sandal weather, the ever increasing check-outlines at target as holiday shopping is upon us

    not tired of: my two year sucking his thumb, my four year telling me he loves me “so” much, my camera, yoga, my patient husband and etst blog. :)

  18. Tonight I am tired of folding laundry but I am not tired of the smell of pumpkin bread baking!

  19. Totally tired of living in the south and missing my family and close friends. I’m tired of complaining about it too! πŸ˜‰

    Not tired of drinking coffee and playing my little guy all day :) & not tired of dreaming about Edward Cullen (hey, I’m just saying.) :)

  20. A friend of mine recently passed on your blog.
    I. Am. Hooked.
    I love your joy…it’s infectious. So thank you for infecting me with delerious joy this evening and all of the others that I have spent feverishly reading your old posts, gasping at the beauty of your girls (and photography skills) and generally feeling inspired.
    Your blog and a glass of wine are my current “I got the little ones to bed” treat.
    Thank you!

  21. Tired of: the whole world asking me what I’m going to do when I graduate college in six months. As if I’m supposed to have my entire life planned out. And as if they had their entire lives planned out when they were my age…

    Not tired of: my dad repeatedly asking what time I’ll be home for Thanksgiving. Just another beautiful reminder that I’m going home!

  22. Tired of: my hubby being gone from 5:30am-6:30pm and only getting to spend 1 hour with his little girl before lights out. My 5 year old who is a master stalling artist and takes 30 minutes to get her undies on. Hand washing dishes all day long. The pile on my desk that begs to be sorted and put away but I know the second it happens a new pile will start.

    NOT tired of: my daughter who wakes up happy every single day. Hearing laughter fill my house. The awesome Chai’s my hubby makes me from home. Friends who are genuine-far and few between. Hugs, kisses and love.

  23. Tired of : thousands of paint swatches currently on my Living Room wall, staring at me in the face begging me to PICK ONE and paint the room. Sigh.

    Not Tired Of: the Turkey handprint art that I did with my kids the other day. Cheerfully making my kitchen a happier place to be.

  24. Tired of: hubby’s travels, mosquitoes, papers that multiply like bunnies, coughs that are just hanging on in my littles

    Not tired of: turkey, friends who randomly stop by, 85˚coffee, e-bike rides with the kids, deep talks with my oldest

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  25. Tired of: grumpy people holiday shopping, feeling like I’ve lost my mind and can’t remeber where i’ve put it

    Not tired of: snuggling with my kids, nursing, happiness,

  26. Tired of adult children who think they know better…when you are just trying to save them YEARS of grief! Tired of clutter, unfolded laundry, dirty laundry, dishes, toys that I step on in the hall.

    Not tired that knowing that all the above things mean my cup runneth over with joy that is unspeakable! I love each of our children adults down to baby and know that all too soon this will be over…and I will long for the days of feeling overwhelmed and that I just can’t keep a house clean for the life of me!
    My husband says,(to me) “You’re a shitty housekeeper…but the best wife anyone could ask for!”

  27. Tired of… my 2 year old not going to sleep till 2am (DH and i are both night owls, he’s a chip off the old block *wink*)

    Not tired of… feeling the squirms and kicks of his baby sister in my belly… I could lay down and just feel her for HOURS!!

  28. SO many beautiful pics, but my fave of this post? The shot of you and Nella so close together on the grass….makes my eyes get a little wet in them.

    Tired of: Spit-up/puke! All the time. Every day. On everything. And everyone. Going on one full year of this. It’s the one thing that makes me want to cuss every time it happens. Needless to say, I’m practicing self-control MULTIPLE times a day.

    Not tired of: Devotions in the morning, nursing my girl, my boys thinking I’m funny, staying positive, my husband’s cookies, saying, “let’s go get a treat”, Nora saying, “WHAT?!” and her fakest of fake laughing, homemade soup, anything antique, crocheted, or sentimental.

    Oh, and we had the same bird thing right outside our kitchen window….freaky!

    Hooray for holidays,

  29. Tired of: how fast the laundry piles up, people telling me that it’s too soon to decorate for Christmas, buying printer ink.

    Not tired of: my hubby being done with water polo season, crafting Turkey’s with hand prints with my little girl, white chocolate covered oreos. Christmas shopping, getting cozy with my family.

  30. tired of: crazy drivers, chapped lips, washing dishes by hand, having only one window in my apt,barking dogs
    not tired of: the cold, laughing, pumpkin anything, fall leaves, cheese burgers, trader joes, being happy, being grateful, this blog, love

  31. Tired of: shaving, spending too much on groceries, the time to go to bed debacle, trying to be on time

    Not tired of: dressing my daughter, pumpkin, baking therapy, red devil, pigtails, irish hot chocolates, moscato

  32. love the post!
    tired of: people/stores skipping right over Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays.
    Not tired of: E.L.Fudge cookies, my beatiful girls “artistic creations”, pumpkin spice Hersheys kisses

  33. tired of: eczema, HOAs, soggy leaves, gossip, crowded parking lots

    not tired of: snuggling my baby. watching my husband snuggle our baby, 5-grain cereal, lace tights

  34. Tired of playing catch up after a week long trip, doing laundry, rushing for EVERYTHING!, forgetting simple things

    Not tired of my girls silly stories, looking at our vacation pictures, crafting for the holidays, planning our next trip in about 4 weeks! beautiful skies, being woken by my 5 year old to sleep in my bed :)

  35. Here’s a shout out from the state boasting the highest consumption of SPAM per capita. Hawaii loves that stuff! Slice it, fry it up in soy sauce and sugar, slap it on a block of sticky white rice and wrap it in dried seaweed and you’ve got a SPAM MUSUBI. Like SPAM sushi. Total YUM! πŸ˜‰

  36. Lets see here…

    Not tired of: Your belt (amazing, want one!), the way my dog looks at me, hearing my husband say I love you, grapes.

    Tired of: Living on the third floor and having a dog that needs to go out every 2 minutes, people that complain on Facebook, it getting dark at 5.

  37. Awww Kelle… I love those little girls of yours! Lainey reminds me so much of my little Loralai!

    So far this winter I’m tired of: Oregon rain, people that are indecisive, and coffee that gets cold cause I can’t drink it fast enough.

    Not tired of: Aqua paint for accents on my walls, bubble baths, and girls night out.

  38. love the spam story. perfect.

    tired of: laundry, the chipped paint on my bathroom wall, thinking about that bitch who said that bitchy thing (you know ;), picking up cutting fruit, Rick Perry.

    not tired of: coffee, smiles, tights, birthdays, planning a trip to Florida (and I’ll second nursing and family bed!)

  39. tired of: cold weather (Canada eh!), long lines at the border to Michigan already; sickness (moi)
    not tired of: Christmas music on the radio, planning my December events; scrapbooking; purging
    hugs, Margie

  40. I’m tried of my lack of motivation to get the ball rolling and losing all of this weight. I mean, I had the baby a year ago, no more excuses.

    I’m not tired of cookies, cakes, things made with cheese and specialty drinks from Starbucks……

    See how this is a challenge?

  41. What a happy and wonderful post!
    That’s it: making such great lemonade out of lemons. There’s nothing else intelligent to do with it πŸ˜€

    LOVE the photo of those four beautiful ladies together!

    Love the happiness in your picnic photos, you all look like you’re having a wonderful time with laughter and love! Inspiring.

    Tired of: yeah, sincerely tired of squashed receipts in my handbag.
    Already tired of the very high fever my boy woke up with in the middle of the night.

    Not tired of: looking at all the walls and the staircase we’ve painted the last weeks – looks great!
    Not at all tired of waiting for Christmas, it’s gonna be a blast spending some time off only focusing on family!!

    Never tired of: Kelle. For sure πŸ˜‰

  42. I’m tired of grumpy drivers and dumped pets

    I’m not tired of wild animal prints, bright flowers, bare legs, cuddles and cookie crumbs on kids smiling faces

  43. Tired of: boring wall paint, laundry, unmanicured nails

    Not tired of: the rain, warm fleece blankets, surprise hug from the husband at dawn, sweet kisses and smiles from my little son, two small feet anxious to start walking already!

  44. Not tired of: pumpkin chai tea. SOOOo soo good. You’ve got to try it. Any coffee place can make it. It’s even better with real pumpkin in it! πŸ˜‰

    Tired of: this freaking cold windy FREEZING weather. brr. But if it brings snow I can’t complain.

    Phone sex. I said it πŸ˜€

  45. Tired of my husbands nightshift & keeping two under two quiet/entertained/occupied so he can sleep, while nursing etc. Tired if two hearing waking at 4am for the day, Tired of the big box in the living room he’s supposed to move! Not tired; husbands lack of crankiness re his absurd hours, two year old ‘faking’ taking his medicine, so funny, seeing dolly Parton tmrw night, Christmas around the corner, that my cousins ultasound says ‘girl’ & reading this blog with angel baby having her last nurse on my lap for the day.

  46. Tired of: Missing my sister, sick babies, broken dishwasher, grumpy husband, and lumpy couch.

    Not Tired Of: Hugs and kisses from a sweet 3 and 1 year old, hearing “I love you” at the end of every day, Family time, colder weather, boots, and amazing friends.

  47. Tired of …being tired, broke, and politics.

    Not tired of …kissing, hugging, and being with my family.

  48. Tired of: chaos, idiots, stress
    Not tired of: cheese, chocolate, hugs

    Love the look of concentration on Lainey’s face with the kite!

    Oh, and the SPAM analogy? Been there, done that but never compared it to cooking with SPAM.


  49. Love seeing the photos of you and your girls, and the ones with Brett! Heart melting stuff indeed!
    Tired of: sinus pain from hay fever, work (I’m so looking forward to my holiday)
    Not tired of: my husband calling me his ‘darling wifey’ whenever I call him, our little home in the country, catching our two dogs snuggling, that it’s still light at 8.30pm, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, hoping and dreaming about our next adventure in our life together. πŸ˜‰

  50. Ahhhh. Tired of: school and work at the same time, a wiggly and cranky niece that I waited a week to see, waiting for Christmas music to start on the radio, not seeing my fiance enough, finding cat hair everywhere imaginable in my house, and not knowing my next step after nursing school.

    However, NOT tired of: Nick surprising me with presents (a pink Swiffer, to be exact), the new Coldplay album, eggnog latte coffee creamer, helping mamas deliver their babies at school right now, and all the poinsettias that are popping up at grocery stores.

    Thanks, Kelle. I needed to vent and then remember what I’m thankful for. :)

  51. Your SPAM analogy is killin’ me! I love it!

    Tired of: My oven cooking the right side way more than the left, the sounds of “My Pal Violet,” and losing Ellie’s pigtail holders at a rate of 1 per day.

    Not tired of: Baby pigtails, Christmas music, the “Keep Calm and Merry On” sign gracing my living room, Words with Friends, Instagram (but you know that), or FAMILY TIME!

  52. Tired of: the same old routine and negative attitudes.

    Not tired of: the excitement of the holidays and planning the next chapter of my life.

    Lovely post!

  53. Tired of paper cuts…the teachers’ curse!

    Not tired of….holiday excitement!

    That picture of Nana Kate and her girls is beautiful!


  54. Awesome photos as always! Soccer is awesome, seems like you guys have a lot of fun.

  55. tired of it NOT feeling like november in my state

    not tired of decorating for christmas with my son

  56. Tired of: hospital waiting rooms, exercise procrastination

    Not tired of: my boy’s smile, the holidays, sewing pretty clothing for my granddaughter

  57. How fun… can’t wait to see the wagon… Kelle
    YOU rock that big belt…

    Tired of: mean rude people, disorganization, nights turning dark early

    Not TIred of:
    apple cider
    anything flavored pumpkin, of my son’s new plastic sword, THe beginning of Christmas mystery novels, and children’s holiday books….

  58. Kelle you look great, love the fmaily shot of the mom and daughters especially how you describe it. Tired of: cleaning, washing dishes, dieting, and organizing little clothing that keeps getting messed up by tiny people. Not tired of: chilling with my kids, bedtime stories, taking picture and blogging!

  59. Tired of christmas music already…never tire of your blog!

  60. We’ve been making do with a lot of spam recently too! Oh and the birds?! They’re totally hanging out in our neighborhood too! What are they and where do they come from? SO creepy!!
    Tired of: cats waking me up when baby doesn’t, soap scum, telemarketer calls at 8pm on Sunday nights, laundry, Monday football and the cold that won’t seem to let me and my son go!
    Not tired of: Pumped up Kicks, my little man’s smile, taking pictures, PINTEREST!, my husband’s smell, Christmas decorations and shopping, lazy Sundays and mint+chocolate.

  61. Tired of: runny noses, emptying the dishwasher, days without as much light, finding dead stink bugs inside that still stink.
    Not tired of: playing in the stream behind our house, finding great holiday crafts, eating leftover Halloween candy, peppermint mocha creamer, the kids faces lighting up when you walk in the door after work, fingerpaint, and gummy vitamins for adults.

  62. I love how Brett is checking out the birds while wearing them all over his shirt!!! Always a pleasure! Thank you for your blog!!! Oh, and I just ordered my first Scentsy stuff…can’t wait!

  63. Ah, the picture of Nana Kate with her girls, just brought happy tears to my eyes! I think I want to be Nana Kate when I grow up! So much emotion and love shining through in that photo, so beautiful, hope my girls and I have the same relationship when they are grown, FANTASTIC!
    Tired of: out of ink printers, soggy backyards, leaky coffee makers, and unfilled picture frames.
    Not tired of: watching my girls giggle together, Charlie Brown Specials, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, my daughter’s Christmas excitment,(list making included!), and Thanksgiving pie making!

  64. I love Lainey’s squinty eyes while holding onto that kite. So cute!
    Tired of: being tired
    Not tired of: Pinterest

  65. Tired of bad drivers, dropped calls, PMS, Kim Kardashian, waiting in line at the post office…I could go on. I had a spam day yesterday. It was just like your spam day…but different;). Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving. I’m thankful I found you.

  66. im tired of broken cars, sick kids, cold weather, messes and clutter. not tired of sunshine, being home with my babies, and shoping.

  67. Did you know you’re a psychic? No? You are! For reasons yet unknown, this week I cooked with Spam – LOL! It was surprisingly good – totally a chance to get my Hawaiian on!

    What am I tired of? I’m tired of my youngest still not being 100% after her bout with pneumonia. I’m tired of my excess weight (so I think I’ll get rid of it once and for all).

    Not tired of? Fall colors, frosty mornings, warm jammies, sweet kisses from my littles, the diet I’m finally seeing success with, the smell of burning logs from our neighbor’s fireplaces, Thanksgiving preparations, getting ready for Christmas… hmmmm… I should probably stop now and just blog about it later – LOL!

  68. Not tired of… the smell of lavender, the sound and smell of a rain storm, the sweet faces and laughter of my daughters, my morning coffee while checking my emails, Christmas morning, the sweet notes I find throughout the day from someone special in my life, trying new recipes, walking the beach looking for seashells/sea glass, used book stores, the smell of clean laundry, snail mail, wrapping presents, fresh sheets on the bed, puppy kisses, a glass of wine with chocolate for dinner… Ps. Thank you for making me realize all of the things I love and are thankful for! I could have kept writing πŸ˜‰

  69. First, I love all the photos. You have such a beautiful family!

    what are you tired of: swollen feet, diabetes, ex husbands, missing my children, and working.

    what are you not tired of: being alive, this baby moving in my belly, the smell of dew on the grass, and seeing my babies in t-2 days :)

  70. Tired of laundry that needs to be put away. Not tired of listening to my boys playing happily in the morning so I can stay warm in bed for an extra 20 minutes.

  71. Spam is a major food group in Hawaii…just saying. Can’t wait to see the wagon. Any walk at night with that wagon would be fun.

  72. Tired of: No snow in almost December.
    Not tired of: Everything holiday… I love this time of year!

    And, I always wanted to have phone sax! πŸ˜‰

  73. my g-ma has the BEST SPAM recipe … EVER.
    tired of … snow. cold. socks. typing on my phone. icy sidewalks.
    not tired of … cuddles. kisses. finn saying hippopotamus. cora’s exuberation. stella’s geeky attitude that is kind of shining lately. chocolate. coffee. a short work week made shorter by a holiday.

  74. Tired of: Waking up every morning at 5:15, cleaning, and the repetitious weeks

    Not tired of: My amazing son, and Christmas decorations.

  75. Tired of the whining…oh, God the whining, always being out of one ingredient I need for what I want to cook, the rain.

    Not Tired of looking at freshly printed pictures of my sweet boy, Pinterest (the capacity for addiction with this is immeasurable until you are already hooked), and fall scented candles.

  76. Phone Sax sounds almost as naughty as the T-mobile commercial, “walking in a 4-g wonderland.” Say THAT three times fast. Mmmhmm.

    Tired of: Depressing news stories, folding laundry, my hairstyle.

    Not tired of: Pumpkin Spice Coffee, listening to my kids “parent” each other, leaf-pile jumping, the chill in the air, backyard bonfires, smores.

  77. i am tired of sick babies, rainy days, mean people, wearing coats, waking up early.

    i am not tired of my sons giggle, my daughters jokes, family time, upcoming holidays, singing in the shower, dancing with no music.

  78. I love pics of Nella sleeping anywhere, really I do. And that one w/the hot dog? Perfection.

    Tired of: Working, being broke, the engine light on the car, hangnails, braces, wanting boobs, Wells Fargo, taking the bus, being cold

    Not tired of: toddler hugs, my husband’s sense of humor, red nails, avocado, Chipotle, good books, three day work weeks, plastic bubble umbrellas, Pepsi, reading about the Hampton family

  79. tired of: pumping gas, staying up to late and wishing i wouldn’t have the next morning, and dead battery on my cell.

    not tired of: finger prints all over my windows, kindness, screaming contests between my little people, my toms, and your blogs.

    looking forward to seeing your thanksgiving day blog.


  80. Dare I say tired? Maybe a bit weary…of working hard, 70 mile per hour wind, snow, and waking at 500 am. Sigh. I long for warm weather filled with sunshine!

  81. Tired of: 24/7 news channels..God do they make me want to stop the planet and get off the crazy train.

    Not tired of: listening to my girl play 3 chorded christmas music on the piano..dude..gets me like nothing else.

    I think we share the same love of laundry! When you come to the backdoor of the farm you walk through my laundry room..and believe me EVERYONE comes to that door. I think I heard that Mormon dude gasp the a few weeks when he came a knocking. Shocking!
    Nella’s pigtails get me every time..she reminds me of Pippi Longstocking..which by the way was who I wanted to be when I was young
    Have a good day friend!
    ps..a little laundry tip for those days when it is piled up and people are coming..remove to trunk of car until guest leave. Don’t forget it is in there because when you go to load your groceries in the trunk the next time it can be embarrassing and challenging! I hate. hate. hate. hate. laundry. And I am not lazy just laundryphobic.♥♥♥

  82. I swear I didn’t read this before I wrote the word “yowsa” (which is close to Yowza!) in my last post :) It’s a sign that it was meant to be, I’m totally going to win!!

    I’m tired of trying to sell my house. Not tired of having a clean house all the time. It’s a love-hate relationship right now.

  83. Tired of n4am wake up calls
    Not tired of Top Chef similes

  84. I love that BIRDS are on Brett’s shirt when he is getting excited about the “BIRDS”!

    P.S. I heart birds and always see really cool ones when I need a sign from God! I saw my very first Bald Eagle the morning before my wedding when I was in a hurried mess and I just stopped my car in the middle of the road and stared… It was perfect!

  85. Use the decorated wagon to go Christmas caroling in a few weeks! Do people still do that? I haven’t been since girl scouts, but it would be fun!

    Not tired of: Jingle Bells. Even though my baby made us listen to it on repeat all day. Bing Crosby version. And now that I’m at work and it’s quiet, it feels like something is missing.

    Tired of: Rain. My backyard seems to have permanently become a mud pit. The dog, the kids, the husband all track mud in the house. Dude, I’m really tired of mud.

  86. tired of: dust, leafless trees, frosty windshields, starting the wood furnace, (bad situation when you live in Vermont.

    not tired of: my family and the holidays yet to come, your blog, hot choclate on cold nights with extra marshmellows, making gifts for those less fortunate than others.

  87. Not tired of toothless grins from our 3.5 month old.

    Tired of a dirty house! :)

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Tired of ~ coughs, breathing treatments, trips to the pediatrician, meds, forgetting things, rearranging plans

    Not tired of ~ My still half-naked Christmas tree, Walmart flower bouquets divided up in the pretty flower arrangements around my kitchen, guacamole, books, resting, rock-paper-scissors with my kids

    {{i love when you do these…it’s fun}}

  90. I just love how nothing stops you from having a great day with your family! it’s funny to read the caption under Brett’s picture yelling “the birds, the birds” while there’s a flock of birds on his shirt :)
    Tired of: runny noses and strong windy days
    Not Tired of: Alyssa saying to me, “Mommy, I’m so happy!” just melts my heart

  91. Tired of: searching for that perfect winter sweater and neighbors with no holiday spirit.

    Not tired of: Wild blueberry coffee with vanilla creamer, hearing Christmas music everywhere I go already, snuggling with coffee and my dog on the couch!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  92. Tired of: my husbands 12 hour work days. the rain.

    Not tired of: library trips bc of the rain!

  93. I am tired of my sore throat and achy joints

    not tired of pretending I feel great and getting my kids hyped for the holidays :)

  94. Tired of: days that are dark at 4PM!

    Not tired of: bathtime splashing

  95. I am tired of our house remodel, but I am not tired of hearing my 3 month old daughter coo at me early in the morning.

    By the way…Nella’s eyes are stunning…you can tell there is so much mystery and excitement behind them. My daughter’s little blue almond eyes are the same. And the picture of Nella sleeping in the park-well, it doesn’t get more perfect than that.

  96. Tired of: Sickness, Traffic, and crazy weather changes
    Not tired of: Spending time with my baby boy, Nursing, decorating for Christmas.

    Love the SPAM reference. It’s a brilliant way to think about bad things that happen.

  97. Did you notice that Brett has birds on his t-shirt?? Goes right along with the birds that were plotting to kill you. They might be connnected somehow. Just sayin’. I heart the photo of Nella licking the hot dog goodness. That is priceless. Great post! Thanks for kicking off the week :)

  98. Oh I’d LOVE to win a phone sax!

    Tired of: hearing about black friday

    Not Tired of: spending time with my family this holiday season

  99. Tired of grumpy ungrateful people. Not tired of people who find true delight in the little details.

  100. Tired of: my job and my husband’s lack of a job.
    Not tired of: my husband’s laugh, kitty snuggles, quilts, hot cocoa, crocheting, reading, and family!
    All in all, the good outweighs the bad. Isn’t that always the case? :)

  101. Tired of: washing dishes, making sandwiches for hubby’s lunch, worrying about money

    Not Tired of: my son’s giggles, holiday decorations, pumpkin bars, watching my two kids actually play together.

    Love this post. Happy Thanksgiving!

  102. wait…. angleing the living room rug? you’re a genius. I love it.

  103. I love the idea of the empty soccer field- we will be doing that this weekend!

  104. Tired of: cold Ohio winters

    Not tired of: looking forward to spending Christmas in Florida each year now and going to Disney World the day after

  105. Only you could turn SPAM into some meaningful analogy. lol. Thanks for this post. I needed it.

    tired of… cracker crumbs in the carpet, money being tight, grinches, and white walls (this being directly related to money being tight).

    not tired of… sweet kisses from my toddler, decorating for Christmas, being a SAHM, coffee on a chilly morning, and spending time with friends and family.

  106. Only you could turn SPAM into some meaningful analogy. lol. Thanks for this post. I needed it.

    tired of… cracker crumbs in the carpet, money being tight, grinches, and white walls (this being directly related to money being tight).

    not tired of… sweet kisses from my toddler, decorating for Christmas, being a SAHM, coffee on a chilly morning, and spending time with friends and family.

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Way to make something SPAM-tastic out of fake meat!! You can’t beat bottomless breadsticks. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend. (How do you get Nella to fall asleep anywhere?!)

  109. you look great! what do you do to keep in shape? I have an 8 month old and I’ve lost all of the baby weight, but I’m super squishy & NOT used to that at all. Have any advice?

  110. I LOVE the shadow family photo! Someday for me, someday!

  111. Tired of: 3 year old temper tantrums over wearing pants and not dresses everyday, not hearing whether or not we’re moving after the 1st of the year for hubby’s job, and dirty carpets and my haircolor.

    Not tired of: snuggling with my nonstop-nursing 13th month old in the middle of the night, Christmas carols, artwork my kids bring home from school!

  112. So wonderful to be included with another family, especially one that seems as sweet as Nana Kate’s!

    Things I’m tired of: pregnancy nausea

    Not tired of: Anticipating my baby’s kicks, my 5 and 2 yr old kissing my belly to say Hi to our baby

  113. Tired of: Whiney co-workers, traffic, people who complain about shopping.
    Not tired of: My 10 month old’s loud grunting when everyone is talking at once, how my 2 1/2 year old says, “No I’m good” when you ask if he needs a tissue, my handsome and helpful husband.
    And by the way, there’s nothing better than fried spam with fried potatos…..YUM!

  114. Tired of: being away from my extended family, looking for a job, calorie counting, bills! haha!

    Not Tired of: my 2 year old’s smile, tickle fights before bed, pumpkin spice lattes…well anything pumpkin at all, sweet potatoes, and the anticipation of the holidays.


  115. You should post a SPAM recipe!!!

    I’m tired of….a messy house
    I’m not tired of…my awesome kids that mess it up! :)

  116. I’m TIRED of breaking my favorite coffee mug/s
    I’m NOT tired of scoring big at city wide garage sales and thrift stores!

  117. Nana Kate is really great, I love the picture of her and the girls.
    Absolutely enjoyed your SPAM :)

  118. Tired of: meowing cats, gas prices & missed connections.

    Not tired of: Oregon rain, football, exercise and coupons.

  119. How peaceful does Nella look on that quilt!?!? precious memories for you all I’m sure.

  120. tired of: Idaho wind, that crazy lady on the Target commercials, she freaks me out!

    Not tired of: festive lights, warm smells, sweaters, apple cider, and Christmas music.

  121. tired of wind and rain. One or the other, but the combo is unsettling.
    Not tired of…grandsons!

  122. did you notice that in Brett’s picture of “the birds, the birds” his shirt has a flock of birds flying on it? :) I got a chuckle out of that.
    Tired of: beige walls, missing my friends and family, not having enough time
    Not tired of: the fact that our Christmas trees are up, travelling to see family & friends, my son’s smile, laugh, smell and the way he can make me feel like I am the greatest mom in the universe. :)
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  123. Tired of…People complaining all the time and not making the best of what life has given them.

    Not tired of…Hallmark Channel they can play every Christmas movie a million times and my girls still love to sit and enjoy it with me. LOVE IT!!!

  124. Tired of: the commute to work, my current job, my current boss (notice a pattern), the never ending cycle of cleaning and laundry, being so far away from my parents, being so far away from my best friends, doing dishes, the current maternity care in this country and how it seems to go so unnoticed by my generation, midwives bickering amongst each other, and Christmas starting before Thanksgiving has even arrived.

    Not tired of: attending homebirths, my husband walking through the door after a long day at work and seeing his eyes light up when he sees me, ‘word’, planning Christmas gifts, ornament shopping, that first cup of coffee in the morning, my new purple wool coat, the Harry Potter books, cinnamon rolls, and dill seasoning.

  125. I can’t believe Nella falls asleep like that, on a blanket…that’s amazing!!!

  126. not tired of: dark chocolate merlot salt caramels (

    tired of: mean people – mean children too!

    xoxo love the hot dog picture!

  127. There isn’t much I am tired of right now. But I am not tired of: the holidays, friends, family, the sun, the fall, the change of seasons.

  128. Tired of people feeling like they are entitled to things.

  129. Tired of: cranky-heads

    Not Tired of: dreams of turkey, fresh herbs, Downey Unstoppables, coffee, running in the cold, best friends, good food, family, black friday

  130. tired of – low bank accounts, traffic, sarcasm.

    not tired of – writing letters, calligraphy, laughter.

  131. Tired of: Procrastination, rain, colds, bad drivers and worry.

    Not tired of: My husband! My husband! My husband! He’s sooooooooooooooo DREAMY. Works 5AM to 7PM doing his company command time (an Army thing) and comes home and asks “what can I do to help you”!!! He’s an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary man and I’m one of the luckiest women on earth :)))

  132. I’m tired of being tired! The time change has kicked my entire families rear end!

  133. Tired of: damp and drizzly November days here in the UK (we need some proper cold weather); spam emails offering me Viagra (!); never getting to the end of my to-do list. Not tired of: love; my boy saying ‘love you more plus one'; coffee; Chanel nail polish; knitting; running outdoors. Glad to see my list of ‘not tired’ is longer than the ‘tired’ list. That’ll keep me going….

  134. There’s nothing quite like a huge open space for munchkins to run in to cure bordom! I tried to take Arya to the park this weekend, but all she wanted to do was get pushed around in her stroller….go figure. Looks like you guys had a blast!! :)

    I seriously said which one is the Momma when I first saw the picture of Nana Kate and her daughters….they are are beautiful!

    I’m tired of being congested, no work to do and being fat.

    I’m not tired of baby laughter, snuggles, grattitude, kindness, lentil soup, pictures of Arya, and blogs.

  135. I’m tired of sad things happening to people I love.
    I’m not tired of hugs, kisses and giggles that come from my little people.

  136. Tired of: Alarm clocks waking me up, laundry, making our bed, no gas in my car, grumpy holiday shoppers, abandon dogs )= and dieting!
    Not tired of: Kisses from my sweet baby granddaughter, watching my Bell (11 months old) playing Pat-a-cake and dancing in church. Starbucks, clean sheets, Christmas candles burning, dinner in my oven, chocolate pie and Christmas in the air!

  137. I’m tired of feeling fat when I’m not. And I know my husband gets sick of hearing me whine about it. He replies with “you’re 19 weeks pregnant, NOT fat.”
    Ugh… women.

    Loved this post. I love that you spent the whole day at a soccer field and then had an evening filled with fun and family love. Sweet.

  138. Tired of: cold toes
    Not Tired of: Holidays!!

  139. Tired of: Cleaning marker off of everything.
    Not tired of: How cute my toddler is that causes the “tired of” answer. :o)

  140. Tired of: budget cuts meaning work sets the thermostat at 65.
    Not tired of: Holiday week!

  141. Tired of: traffic, messy master bedroom, clothes in my closet and living far from family!

    Not tired of: kisses from my daughter, dunkin donuts, looking up yummy recipes, making christmas crafts, and waking up with my daughter in the middle of the night cuz it means she’ll actually sit still to cuddle with me!

  142. I’m tired of rainy gray days, toddler attitudes, messy kitchen counters, grocery store aisles that are too crowded, and always feeling two steps behind myself.

    I’m NOT tired of cuddly kids, reading together, new fall recipes, preparing for the holidays, listening to my kids sing Jesus songs, and having some time to myself during ‘rest time.’

    The picture of Nella sleeping on the blanket is so sweet. Her sleeping skills rock!

  143. i’m tired of…. wiping bums that can wipe themselves, putting away laundry, and the noise my now non-rotating microwave plate makes.

    i’m not tired of…. baking, folding laundry, pinterest (OBSESSED!), kissing babes who you know you should avoid b/c of their runny nose, but you just know you could not kiss them anywhere but smack dab on the lips!

  144. Tired of: kitty litter trails from the kitty’s box, the boring cream walls of our bedroom, the baby weight still to be lost, negative attitudes, toddler temper tantrums (although technically they do make me giggle)
    Not tired of: Kylie’s (3.5 years) “spoooooky” ghost stories which she whispers and include great facial expressions, craft and baking projects with Ky, Christmas decorating, Ella’s (3 months)smiles & gurgling talk, this blog, drinking tea, hot chocolate with peppermint marshmellows, & the gratitude I feel toward my husband for being such a great daddy to his two little girls.

  145. tired of: moving around from place to place while we wait out finding a new home,wishy washy weather,…that’s all I can think of.

    not tired of: the anticipation of Christmas, seeing holiday decorations up everywhere, Christmas music, looking at to plan out my Black Friday shopping, hot chocolate, pumpkin flavored sweets, I could go on. :)

  146. I’m tired of: whispers in the office, watching my money (I want to shop!), cold winds, seeing only black/red combinations for boy holiday clothing, being so stressed at home.

    Not tired of: baking, toddler smiles and surprise phrases (like calling me a sleepyhead at 1:30am), family, warm sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass (which will have to wait until April)

  147. AHHH it pisses me off Naples does that snow thing so flipping early! I miss it every year because I am not in Christmas mood till AFTER Thanksgiving. For goodness sakes, most cities up north don’t get snow before December. K, I vented, now I am going back to finish reading :)

  148. tired of – 70+ degree weather in late November!
    not tired of – my little 2 year old saying things like “I need to get some water.” and other things he thinks he “needs” to do. :)

  149. Tired of: worrying about my 6month old baby’s health (discovered a non-cancerous tumor growing in her mouth, been a long week but treatments working, yay), my small old honda civic- will this thing ever die and give me a reason to buy a new one, black friday ads, pumping (nursing’s great but pumping, eh, not so much),

    Not tired of: the new snow season, my 3 yr old is beyond excited about it, the prep for the holidays (decorations, elf on the shelf, traveling up north), how my 3 year now says “i love you SO MUCH” instead of just “i love you”, my cuddly baby, sunday company to watch fball games, oatmeal, the perfect cup of coffee,

  150. You’re just fabulous, Kelle. I have so much to learn from you. Thanks.

  151. Tired of: all my makeup, Star Wars, sleepless nights, whining, cash budgets, flies, lunch meat, cleaning, my search for the perfect mantle mirror

    Not tired of: christmas lists, dinner co-op, great neighbors, adorable kids, Starbucks Holiday cups, screened in porch lounging, new haircuts, the anticipation of the holiday fun!

  152. tired of: cold weather, no sleep, work

    not tired of: my puppy,, making my own holiday decorations this year!

  153. Tired of: family drama, debt, endless dealings with our first home-buying process, uninvited parenting advice, clutter everyfreakingwhere, our queen size bed

    Not tired of: family members who love us despite the drama, a job with coworkers who care about me and whom I care about, girlfriends, daydreaming about the house we hope to make our home very soon, nursing my 7 mo old baby girl, zumba, the same Christmas tunes every year.

  154. What I am tired of: doctors appointments, local lunch establishments getting my order wrong, my camera not working
    What I am not tired of: my son’s giggles, playing musical instruments with him, snuggling under the quilt, the pitter patter of toddler feet across the kitchen floor and hand holding that isn’t forced.

  155. tired of… in between weather- either snow, or be warm… none of this gray, semi-cold, no leaves left on the trees, gloomy pre-winter crap. (I live in MN… I know, I know.. it will come soon enough.) chipped toenail polish, grown out highlights.

    Not tired of… Christmas music, fires in the fireplace, kids looking up at me inspired by art, my daughter Gemma’s ability to raise one eyebrow when I can’t to save my life, turkey, my new kindle, Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, and the way Gemma says Cracker… “CaCAW!”


  156. Do you think Lainey could teach me how to fly a kite? Sister seems to have it down…24 years later, I still can’t do it.

  157. Tired of: never ending colds, laundry, ironing, waiting to pull out the Christmas decorations (they are SO coming out today).
    Not tired of: coffee, nature walks with my 2 little ones, arts and crafts and living room forts.

  158. i freaking adore this post.

    and that last picture is a keeper. :)

  159. Tired of: laundry, unfinished tile project in the front room, messy house, being sick

    Not tired of: hanging out with friends, spending time with my kids, fresh baked cookies

  160. lovin’ the pic of nella with her hotdog.. Not tired of family snuggles, cozy clothes in cold weather, trips to the apple orchard and tree farm..
    tired of — messy house, addiction to computer!!!!

  161. Little sister is so cute!!!!! Is that a christmas tree i see in Lainey’s room??? I am breaking mine out 2morrow!!!!


  162. Oooh, I want that phone sack. It’s like a sexy coat for your phone!

    Also? I’m not tired of bangs either. I love my new bangs. You should be proud for inspiring me to cut them :)

  163. Tired of gray days, dishes, fresh beat band (shhhh don’t tell my girls).

    Not tired of my new curtains (feels like a new house with one recent simple change) my new kindle fire. Speaking of! I was just browsing apps and came across this and immediately thought of you!!! It is called the fabulous weather app, and here is the descrip:

    Product Features

    Get weather updates via unicorn
    See local conditions, and how the unicorn is handling them
    Enjoy stunning life-like representations of the mythical creature.

    Created with my 6-year-old daughter, Fabulous Weather Lite illustrates the weather in your location with drawings of unicorns. It provides basic weather conditions in your area in addition to a stunning depiction of the elusive mythical beast.


  164. Love this post!
    Tired of: piling up to-do craft projects and not doing them!
    Not tired of: Florence and the machine pandora playlist!

  165. I’m so glad that you posted the picture of Lainey with the metallic mum clip. I was on CoCo Penny’s website yesterday (thanks for introducing me to it several months ago!) and wondered how big it would look in my daughter’s hair. Now I have a better idea. Thanks!

    Tired of: my kids’ coughs, annoying coworkers, and all the Black Friday hype

    Not tired of: snuggling with my kids, the anticipation of Christmas that my 2 year old has, and my new trail mix addiction

  166. Arm and Hammer detergent is the bomb-right?! Tired of…not being able to park in the garage yet from clutter, Barney, people who aren’t ready for holiday music yet. Not tired of…Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, planning holiday recipes and crafts, my 2-week boycott of the news and how much less bogged down I feel.

  167. tired of: the neighbors insanely loud pick up truck, my post-baby muffin top, and the to-do list always seeming to multiply by ten as the day goes on.

    not tired of: when baby boy grins up at me from his crib post nap, an apple picked right from the tree still warm from the sun, and Michael’s endless sale on custom framing orders.

  168. tired of… rain, the kind that has been coming down in buckets for 2 solid days

    not tired of… naked trees and piles of beautiful leaves on the ground,

  169. tired of living in this house, not tired of living in wisconsin….well until the snow comes and then i’m all “let me out of here now”

  170. Great blog!!
    I am tired of my mom’s giblet gravy — it’s just wrong.
    But I am not tired of my mom and can’t wait to see her tonight!

  171. tired of: kiddos being sick and warm weather.
    not tired of: OJ and ginger ale. pumpkin pie. snuggly kitties.

    And on a totally unrelated note, what color lipstick are you wearing in the closeup of you and Nella? It’s gorgeous!

  172. Tired of? Busyness and my excuses of being “too tired” to seize the day.

    Note tired of? My 22 adorable students, the way my husband looks at me, cuddling…

  173. Great post as always!! Looks like there’s never a dull moment in your house!

    Tired of…people who tailgate you just to speed up and sit at the same red light as you (did you get there fast enough?), time going so fast (seriously, can my kids STOP getting older please?), grocery shopping and doing the laundry, and people not spending enough time to think about Thanksgiving. I love Christmas, but give Thanksgiving it’s due too!

    NOT tired of…listening to my kids scream and giggle, seeing their sweet smiles, nursing, Mexican food, salad, and random/unplanned trips to the store with my bestie.

    Love your blog! Can’t wait to see your bedazzled wagon in use!

  174. Tired of – everyone else being “out of office” before Thanksgiving and I’m stuck at work

    Not Tired of – snuggling with my 4 year olds on fall nights!

  175. I am not tired of this cozy weather. Perfect for warm foods, flannel pj’s and snuggling up with a good book.

  176. Tired…of being tired!
    Not Tired…of your awesome blog!
    Just sayin….! Thanks for sharing your life and your girls! Too, too precious! Blessings, Sharon

  177. Tired of: Doing the dishes, waiting for the holidays to hurry up and get here, my throw pillows.

    Not tired of: Pumpkin flavored things, Twilight, and my cat.

    P.S. You’re so inspirational! Like how I read the first couple paragraphs of this blog post and immediately, stopped, got up off my booty and put in a load of laundry! :)

  178. We have those strange bird flocks going on in Ann Arbor. They seem to all launch into the air when I walk below them. Eek!

    Tired of…cold weather and rain.

    Not tired of…fleece pj pants, warm soup from my mom and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

  179. I am tired of…things spilling constantly, milk stains on my carpet, paying people to fix things, emptying the dish washer, piles of stuff, my daughter putting things in her mouth, my son yelling at me

    Not tired of…working part time, baking, pinterest, words with friends, holiday cards, long emails from friends, seeing my kids playing and dancing together and making eachother crack up.

  180. I love how Nella will sleep anywhere! ite flying is a huge hit with my four year old also, what a fun weekend!

  181. The birds match Brett’s shirt! Looks like fun

  182. Tired of my husband working 14 hour days!
    Not tired of how much I love him when he is home – even after 24 years of marriage!

    love the pic of nella on the quilt – my daughter used to sleep anywhere and everywhere too! Enjoy your thanksgiving!

  183. Love this post!
    Tired of: working two jobs, being addicted to coffee, trying to clean the house to prepare for holiday decor (I take one step forwar and two steps back)
    Not tired of: my husband’s support, my amazing 3rd grade students and their families who rock, and our puppy-kid who can always make a long day disappear!

  184. You’re stunning. That’s all. πŸ˜‰

  185. Tired of: having to work outside the home, Michigan’s 5 minute weather changes (reaks havoc on my sinuses), and a dog who’s mysterious allergy causes him to stink and flake.
    Not tired of: hearing “Mama!” and the thump of little feet tear through the house when I get home, every treasured moment spent with family and friends, making fantastic meals for dinner again.

  186. You are the most inspirational woman I’ve come across. Your children are living the ultimate fairy tale.

    As an only child with no cousins and older than typical parents, I had no experiences of big family events, and sadly my kids won’t experience them either.

    I don’t suppose you or Nana Kate are looking to adopt some Aussie girls?! We can be packed in an hour. πŸ˜‰

    When I grow up (I’m only 30, so a little way to go yet), I want to be just like the you you come across as: optimistic, confident, blissfully happy (most of the time), and an extraordinarily present mother.

    You are rockin’ it!

    Love the photo of Nella licking the hot dog – so much like my 3yo. Love Lainey’s secret dimple from the last post. A hidden treasure.


  187. Tired of: having the opposite schedule of my husband, clutter, late bills,cleaning the bathroom
    Not tired of: baby play dates in the park, running with my stroller, the smell of the top of my babies head, how baby says “boo” to nurse (boob), my mom’s help, my dad’s wisdom, my husband’s enthusiasm.

  188. Definitely tired of this 80+ degree weather we’re having in south Mississippi. Thanksgiving is in two days….give me some cold weather!!!

    As always, your babies are darlin’. I hope your family has a great Thanksgiving!

  189. sooooooo tired of it getting dark so early… So NOT tired of your blog, in fact I can’t get enough of it! The girls are so beautiful and Nella is amazing!

  190. Tired of: cold, cloudy days, drafty old windows, icy roads, unplowed streets

    Not tired of: a cup of tea with breakfast every morning, watching my munchkin settle into the couch with a blanket and books, wrapping my baby in flannel and curling around her during her morning feeding.

    You and your bare feet almost made me cry. It’s below -20 celsius here and hasn’t stopped snowing for almost a week.

  191. I am tired of: not being pregnant
    I am not tired of: enjoying the 3 little ones I already have!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  192. I love your hair, you look great in these photos.

    I will never tire of looking at your girls, freakin A-dorable. The sun and heat. Pedicures. Optimistic people. Giving shots (seriously, I love my job).

    Tiiiirrrred of the Kardashians, naysayers, laundry and dishes.

    Have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!

  193. tired of…sleepless nights, running into my bulky end tables, indigestion, chipped paint on the corners of the walls, not being able to take a hot bath!
    not tired of…baby cuddles, nursing, coffee with sweet cream, fall colors, christmas music, crisp cool air.

  194. I’m tired of… coughing. Been sick for a week.

  195. I’m tired of: being tired.
    I’m not tired of: waking up during the night multiple times to nurse my almost one year old (one on Thanksgiving!). Okay, so it’s not ideal to STILL be waking up during the night, but this kid is running around like crazy all day, so it’s nice to still have those special moments of (QUIET!!) cuddle time with her. Even if it is at midnight. and 3am. and 5am.

  196. tired of….people defining ‘normal’

    not tired of….the running of little feet when I walk in the door after work.


  197. I really should know you in real life! Love that you and Nella are nursing as long as you both want to.

    I am tired of bangs (growing them out), cold toes, most of my sweater selection, waiting to get pregnant.

    Not tired of seeing my 3 year old write the letters of her name, holiday planning, and red wine.

  198. B E A U T I F U L!!!

  199. I am tired of ten-minute sneezing fits every morning.

    I am not tired of (nor will I ever be tired of) baby sister giggling hysterically watching big brother run back and forth across the room, grinning because he knows she’s watching.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  200. I am tired of working until midnight sleeping 4-5.5 hours getting up walking my son to school and still having to come home and clean house. I am tired of it being so warm when it’s almost December and every where else in the USA has COLD weather for snuggling up in and drinking hot cocoa or roasting marshmellows by a fire.

    I’m NOT tired of: any quality time I get to spend with my son and my fiance, skype sessions with my sister and niece, or hearing my son say “mommy”

  201. Tired of the cold. I’m ready for summer to return.
    Not tired of baking, spending time with my family and making fun memories.

  202. Oh so tired of: people making drama out of nothing, having a sinus infection, men who “forget” daily to take out the trash & upcoming root canal.
    Gimme more more: Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte is back, my sweet dog Peaches & being off work until Monday.

  203. Tired of… family who gets upset and things that I think should just be brushed off
    Not tired of…Family time. Warm hotel rooms. Warm hotel beds. Aunts who laugh with me as we drive to the thrift store for late night shopping. A room full of laughs and more laughs, and candy and soda and old women playing scrabble and young people playing poker.

  204. Love Nellas yellow trousers!

  205. Tired of: peeling stickers off everything (cabinets, floors, furniture), not seeing my husband enough because of our busy schedules, running chores in holiday traffic, cold weather, germs brought home from preschool!
    Not tired of: holiday festivities/decorating, crafts with the kids, rocking my 2 year old to sleep for her nap :)
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  206. Thanks for adding sunshine to my life!

    I follow you through my mommy blog:, but I awarded you the sunshine award on my teacher blog:
    Faithful in First

    Head on over to pick up your award and thank you for everything you post and inspire us to do!

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