“You know what I love about right now?” Hallmark

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I’ve been a mom for four years now. That means, for four years, come November, I’ve thumbed through parenting magazines–dog-earring pumpkin cupcake recipes, make-your-own cornucopia instructions and cute Thanksgiving crafts that call for feathers and pine cones and cinnamon sticks. And every year, tucked between stencils for pilgrim hats and recipes for the best cream cheese frosting ever, there is the obligatory November list of tips to make a more thankful child. Don’t get me wrong–I dig these lists. Because yes, the obvious is important–have your child give toys to less fortunate, involve your kids in creating thank-you cards for gifts, periodically pause to talk about what it means to be grateful. I like to be reminded of these things because sometimes I forget.

What does it mean to be thankful though? If it were as easy as asking my child to scribble some words on a thank-you card, I’d stock up on stationery and tuck “grateful child” under my belt of parenting successes. Gratitude is abstract–a more difficult word to define to a child than a simple noun that accompanies a colorful picture on a flash card.

But it’s important, perhaps one of the most valuable attributes you can teach your child because it has a symbiotic relationship with another emotion we all hope our children will experience…happiness.


I am happiest when I am most grateful–when I am aware of my surroundings and what exactly it is about this very moment that makes me feel content. Sending a thank-you card might encourage me to express gratitude to someone else, but really? Gratitude is a way of life rather than a lesson on a check-off list of attributes we hope our children will acquire. And the best way to teach it to your children is to live it.


If I asked Lainey to explain gratitude, she’d be stumped. But if I asked her to tell me what her favorite thing about today was, she’d pause and smile while she thought, and then she might begin by describing how cold the ocean was when she stepped past the foamy line that married sand with sea.


I’d listen while her memory unleashed, and I’d smile when it detoured to related stories of what we experienced today–how her friend made her laugh, how the watermelon at lunch tasted so sweet, how the shells we found today were prettier than usual–iridescent and fully intact.




And I think that’s what gratitude really is–recognizing every bit of wonder in our surroundings, from the seagulls that swoop in the background at the beach to the extra sprinkles that are generously spooned on scoops of vanilla when we venture out for ice cream.


I used to get stressed out about teaching gratitude to my kids–lunging to whisper a loud, forced “Say THANK-YOU!” in Lainey’s ear if it didn’t quickly spill out of her naturally or wondering where I’d gone wrong if she cried when I said “no” to a toy. These things will always be issues we need to address because kids will be kids. However, I am realizing I worry less about these check-off-the-list responsibilities the more I address the deeper foundation of gratitude in our home–the ever present existence of the awareness of good.


One of my favorite memories of gratitude in my life is after Lainey was born. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more lucky–more aware of every bit of good in my life. I was a mom. I had a baby. I wanted to run through a field of daisies, touch every petal, skip and leap and scream to the world “Life is Beautiful!” And being that fields of daisies are hard to come by in Naples, I’d alternately sit at night, burrowed next to Brett on the couch, with a newborn corralled between us, and we’d top each other with our statements of gratitude that would begin with the simple question, “You know what I love about right now?”

“I love her froggy legs,” I’d say.
And Brett would one-up me. “I love when she wraps her fingers around my thumb. Look.”
“Oh yeah? I love when she sighs real big when she sleeps,” I’d follow.
“And I love when she opens her eyes and then makes that grumpy face, blinks, and closes them again.”
“I like the way she smells like cookies.”
“I like how shiny her hair is.”
“I like that little dip above her lip.”

And this would go on–too long–until we used up every beautiful observation we could make about our child and we were laughing because neither of us wanted to “lose” by not having anything else to say. That moment of recognition–of being so fully aware that we were blessed and happy–it was gratitude in its purest form. Everything seemed more vivacious, more purposeful, more pleasurable because we were so acutely aware of how happy we were.


I want these kind of moments to fill our lives. I want my kids to hear me gush about the world around me and consequently, I know I will teach them to be appreciative of the smallest things. Like blue sky painted with pink strokes in the morning. Plump, red strawberries in August. The soothing scent of fresh cotton that leaks from the dryer while towels are tumbling. The best assortment of shells that frame the shoreline.


And so a frequent question in our home, in our cars, at our dinner table, snuggled into bed at night is…

“You know what I love about right now?”

The description that follows is a thank-you card of sorts–a moment of pure gratitude. The more we practice this, the more creative Lainey gets. She searches for hidden happies like she’s trying to stump me in a game of “I Spy.”

“You know what I love about right now?” she repeats. And I watch her scan the room with a crooked smile, scouting out the less obvious. “I like that cloud out there that’s shaped like a butterfly.”

Oooohh. Good one.

“You know what I love about right now?” I continue. “I like the little barrette in your hair that pulls your bangs back and makes you look like a baby again–because I like to remember how tiny you were a long time ago.”

She smiles her “thank you.” I nod my “you’re welcome.”


Someday, my kids will perhaps understand the scope of our good fortune compared to a world where pain and suffering is a reality. I hope they will use their gratitude and recognition of our blessings to do something good–to give back, to make changes, to help. Someday soon, I will teach Lainey how to spell “thank you”–how to write it herself in a card that she’ll send to grandmas and grandpas and friends when they send her gifts. Someday, I’ll sit back and relax because “thank you” rolls off my girls’ tongues so effortlessly in response to others’ kindness.

But, for now, I will enthusiastically praise the world around me. I will sing, I will dance, I will make sure that my kids have a collection of adjectives with which to describe a blue sky they love, a sweet slice of pie they’re enjoying, a hug they want to hold on to.



Sometimes “thank you” sounds like “This is delicious.”




Or “that sky is breath-taking.”



Or even “I love your smile.”


This month, we will create moments of wonder and recognition in our home. We will continue to construct the ever important foundation of gratitude by expressing our love for the many right nows of life.


I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.
I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down
into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,
how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,
which is what I have been doing all day.
Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

~Mary Oliver (from “The Summer Day”)

And that, my friends, is gratitude.

How do you help instill a sense of gratitude for your family? Hallmark and I would love to know. Or, better yet, tell me simply…what do you love about right now?

You know what I love about right now?

I love that it’s November–that there is a pile of home magazines I’ve saved on my counter for a quiet moment this afternoon. I love that one sock has managed to fall off Nella’s foot in the night and that she is making her morning rounds around her toy heaps with one bare foot. I love that I can still smell coffee in the kitchen and that Lainey just made a note of the butter puddle on her bagel.

I am grateful, I am happy. Hoping you are too.



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  1. What I love about right now:
    The baby in crooked pigtails in my lap. The discarded halloween costume pieces strewn on the floor. Those photos of Nella with ice cream and Lainey in green. “A Good and Perfect Gift,” sitting beside me. (Amazing read thus far!)

  2. incredible , perfection!

  3. mmm lovely…I truly enjoyed this post 😉
    we play a similar game at our house…

  4. Of all the blogs out there, yours is my favorite. I am grateful to have something so beautiful and uplifting to read every day.

  5. Fantastic post Kelle. Right now I love that you are showing by example how to appreciate and be thankful for things everyday. I’m going to take note and do the same.

  6. Right now I love that my two year old has started hugging me and says, “I Love you too much.”

  7. I love how much your posts make me think. I walk away with a thankfulness that I found your blog and it helps me be a better mom.

    Thank you!

  8. right now, i love you girlfriend.

    and hearing my boys play upstairs while I snuggle still under the down.

    and that daddy is getting them ready.

    and how excited they are about their daddy.

    and that still i stay in bed.

  9. You know what I love about right now? That you used the word vivacious in your post- it has special meaning and lots of good memories for me. I love that I have a full day ahead of me, and yet I am relaxed and ready to take it on thanks to your post. I love the bright blue sky framed by yellow and orange and red leaves that is right outside my window. I love that, for the first time, I am commenter #8 (or something like that.)

    Have a blessed day!


  10. I am grateful for your blog. It’s so positive and uplifting and wonderful and inspiring.

    Your kids are just precious–what a beautiful family :)

  11. This is my first comment on your blog, but I check in on your posts from Durham, NC about once/week. I’m a family therapist working in public schools here with lots of poverty and pain. Your post today reminded me to savor sitting here with my coffee & doggie snuggled up before I encounter the harshness of the world today. Because of mommies like you, my job will be less needed :) and that’s my dream. thank you for loving your girls and family the way you do.

  12. I love that my daughter still has her sweet morning breath and crazy morning hair,I love that the sun is melting the frost off of the grass outside,and I love that my house smells like cinnamon apple oatmeal and coffee. I love that I have another day to be filled with things to love. Thanks for another beautiful, inspirational post!

  13. Kelle,
    I am loving that my 4th child was born with Ds and from her birth…I found you! I am also so very happy that I just found out I’m pregnant with my 5th. Life is so good.

  14. I love that I have Friday off this week… it makes every day like a secret little present… one day closer to the weekend!

  15. Right now, I love the soft brush strokes of the sunrise I can still see hours later…and the echoes of Diana Krall’s “I get along without you very well…” that reminds me those we love never, ever leave the heart. I love seeing these photos of my grand girls. I love the sweet text message I received this morning from one of my Michigan grand girls. I love my now and your reminding me to stop and hold it in my hands and be grateful. I love you.


  16. Your pictures and stories are always beautiful, as always!


  17. wow i just love reading your blog. a true testimony of life. i am a deaf parent raising two wonderful children — theschultzbunch.blogspot.com and use this blog as a way to share people that a deaf mom can pretty much do anything except to hear. i am thankful for who i am, and for the moment i am at to be the mom i want to be. i just dont hear like most moms do and have had to supplement with other things. thats what makes our life unique. xoxo

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  19. This is a brillant post, Kelle. And I love that it’s not just good-sounding words, but that your attitude reflects this in every post you write – looking for and appreciating the beauty in the big and small things. Thanks for writing this. It reminds me to appreciate more and look deeper with our little girls and help them grow with an increasing ease to be thankful and notice the MULTITUDE of beautiful things around us in every moment. Love your photos, too. Your girls are stunning. What am I loving about right now? I, too, am appreciating the incredible autumn season of colours, leaves falling, pumpkin baking, hazy smoky, crisp, clear days (here in Switzerland!) :)

  20. What I love about right now is that my one year old is sitting in her high chair crying to be led out and her older brother is beside her patting her back saying “its ok don’t cry baby” and kisses her cheek!

  21. Beautiful post, and a lovely way to start the day. Not sure I’m loving the 12″ of snow we woke up to, especially when I look at the beach photos and the warm sunshine you have there!!

  22. I am in tears. Partly b/c of a week of exhaustion from a lil that didn’t take to the flu vaccine very well, partly due to your blog entry.
    I am loving that amidst the meltdowns (by kids and adults alike this morning)after another sleepless night for mama and the littlest one, I threw my hands up in surrender and called into work sick.
    I just could not bring myself to drop my girls off at daycare and go to work after such a bad start to the day. so i’m snuggling watching Cat in the Hat on PBS and planning a library trip for later in the day.
    I’m loving that i made the decision to be with my girls today, as a mom who works FT out of the home, i need to do this more.

  23. Right now I love the smell of pumpkin spice lattes, the warmth of my older son snuggling against my leg and the weight of my younger son on my lap. I love the sound of Handy Manny on the TV because it means I have little ones in my life. I love that I have uplifting things like this to read each day and to lift me up out of the funks. Thank you so much. You’ve made me think this morning! And reminded me to love the right now! (Oh and I’m loving that last picture of Nella’s ice cream dripping down her face! Perfection!)

  24. mmmmm…. right now? My mommy quiet time with a second cup of coffee knowing that very soon I will feel like it is Christmas morning when I here my little boy whisper my name, ready to come downstairs… I feel that excitement most every morning.

    Beautiful post

  25. What I am loving right now…
    My littlest loves to crawl up on my lap and snuggle into the crook of my neck. That my daughter just showed me her luck tights. That my daughter likes to point out things to her little brother like the the rainbow the window is making on the floor. She says “look buddy a rainbow, say raay-in-b-oooow”. I love the curls that remain on the back of my little guys hair because I am not ready to make him look like a big kid.

  26. I have a feeling this is going to be my very favorite “giving thanks” post this year.

  27. You know what I love about this moment? Your willingness to share the tip of the iceberg of your life & parenting adventures.

  28. Such perfect writing. So beautiful.

  29. Right now I love that when I wake my baby up for school (he’s six), I’ll ask him today (like everyday) if I can keep him forever, and his response will be the same one he made up four years ago…”you already, Momma”. The one slice of “little” that I get to keep from him. :)

  30. So much fun, and such wonderful pictures (as always!)

  31. What I love about right now:
    It is November 2nd and I am already playing Christmas music in my house.
    I love my baby girls round tummy. I could kiss it a billion times and will do so becuase I know in a few years it will be “uncool” to kiss her tummy.

  32. What a wonderful post! You are so right. Gratitude is about being thankful for the day and the little things that come with it & I agree that doing that will make us happier. Also, I had a dream last night that I babysat Nella, In the dream, I didn’t know it was Nella but now I do because she had blond hair and was so cuddly and sweet and she had the best smile just like Nella does. What a fun dream that was! and how odd! :)

  33. right now: loving this blog with my cup of coffee…
    really, you are amazing at writing and teaching your girls. so beautiful!

    I am keeping a gratitude journal this month, but reading this just gave me an idea and I am going to “run with it”….to send a grateful for YOu card to someone for this entire month. every single day, pick a card, write something nice in it, put a stamp on it and mail it!

  34. The picture of Nella eating the watermelon is absolutely PRICELESS!!!!


  35. This is what reminds me to be present and grateful:

    “Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day, I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return.” Mary Jean Iron

    Thank you for your always amazing words. I wish you knew how many people you inspire and touch on a daily basis, I am grateful for YOU.

  36. Beautiful post! Right now I love that my girls are anxiously waiting for our first chance of snow today. Great read today:)

  37. I am grateful to be ALIVE! I loved this post & I always love your pictures

  38. Thank you for this wonderful post! I love the pictures of your two cute girls! So adorable!
    I love about right now that I love to be where I am right now even though that sometimes was hard to accept.


  39. Right now I am loving the beautiful snow that has blanketed the town and that my kids are still snuggled in, cozy warm! Thanks for the reminder of being grateful! As a family we regularly talk about what was something good that happened today. But I love the idea of introducing, “What I love about right now is…..”

  40. What I love right now is hearing the leaves blowing around our yard, this beautiful Michigan day,that last night was clear and beautiful out so we could go out and gaze at the stars with our children..and I love that right now I get to go work at my daughters school in the library and see all those awesome kids!!


  41. You know what I love about right now?

    I love that the sun is streaming through my window and playing off the steam rising from my freshly brewed tea. I love that I have a shopping date with my friend this afternoon and a snuggle date with my husband this evening. I love that UPS delivered my wedding album and that the pages are just as crisp and beautiful as I hoped they would be. And I love that you inspire me to be grateful for all these little things in life, because when I find myself counting my blessings, I find myself begin to smile and be filled with the joy of my life. Thank you.

  42. What I love about right now is having my baby boy curled up in my arms watching Sunny Patch Kids and then having him look at me for a second with that I love you Mommy look. Priceless!

  43. Amazing photos as ever! Some parents should aspire to be like you guys, the world would be a much better place!

  44. What I love about right now… My little snuggled up next to me snoring. The quiet house and the sound of the heater running. The frosty grass outside. As always, thank you for sharing. You are amazing.

  45. Beautiful..
    What I love about right now.. 3 little ones crawling and dancing around me and the fact that they are not concerned with the messy kitchen so I won’t be either.

  46. Kids with ice cream cones kind of make my day!


  47. What I love right now? The sound of hubby in the kitchen making fresh salsa at 8am, the bright shiny pictures of many assorted super heroes spread out on my craft table just waiting to be made into a special birthday banner for my favorite super hero, Landon, my grandson who is about to turn that very big boy age of 5! Very serious you know!

  48. What I love about right now:
    I have four semesters of college left… i’m a semester behind but I am completely okay with it.
    I live with my best friend.
    I have a mug full of pumpkin spice coffee
    There are retro game shows on GSN.
    I’m getting ready to head to yoga class.

  49. I am thankful that I have found you and your lovely way of articulating what I have always felt in my heart. Thank you.

    ~ Devon
    Reading with Joey

  50. I love that it is November and there is a crisp chill in the air, yet the sun is still shining.

    I love that with November we are one step closer to December which in turn makes Xmas that much sooner.

    I love that despite Jeremiah’s Autism, he has made good friends and they live right next door to us. It makes me happy to watch him laugh and play with other kids.

    I love that my bestfriend Danie’s birthday is just a couple weeks away and we are going to celebrate just us girls.

    I love that I am currently enthralled in some good television shows…The Biggest Loser, Once Upon a Time, Sister Wives, American Horror Story, and America’s Next Top Model.

    I love that as of tomorrow Dan and I have officially completed our Xmas shopping, an entire month and a half early.

    I love that I found your blog, as well as some other wonderful blogs. I enjoy spending my morning reading the beautifully written words of another and just for a moment receiving a glimpse into their life and thoughts.

    Have a great day!

  51. Right now I’m loving hearing my boys and their friends play with the keyboard and sing “Here comes the bride, 50 inches wide, see how she wobbles her big backside!” They’ve cracked me up! Plus it’s giving me 10 minutes to read your blog and enjoy my ‘Moment of Calm’ cherry and cinnamon tea. Love this post x

  52. Made the mistake of reading this with Ivy looking over my shoulder! “MOM I WANT ICE CREAM!” Hey- we just might have it for lunch.


  53. What I love most about now? You! And the wonderful wonderful reminder you posted about. Sometimes I tend to overthink things, especially when it comes to teaching my children gratitude. But you put it so simply, so nicely, and yet so powerfully.
    I am totally grateful for I have met you.

  54. You know what I love about right now? That YOU move me. With your posts….everytime. I love that your love is so clear. So well said. So well lived. I love that you make me strive to live more aware, more fully. I love this moment. Thank you.

  55. Absolutely love this! Right now, I love the trail of children’s toys strewn through my house and the fingerprints all over my fridge and windows :)

  56. You know what I love about right now? My big one year old boy crawling about the house, pushing a wooden car and making quiet little “vroooom” noises. I love that he smells like syrup and that his hair is sticking straight up on one side. I love that my grandma called me this morning with an enthusiastic “Meet Me For Coffee?”

    Once again, you’ve left me awestruck with your post, Kelle. Thank You.

  57. I am sitting at work (not my favorite place), but the sun is peeking over the tops of the redwoods, and beginning to light up my desk, and warm a patch of my shoulder. THAT, I love.

  58. I love that it is my oldest daughters 10th birthday. I love that she wakes up at 5:30 excited to go downstairs because she knows I will have done something fun to make her smile. I love that even though she is 10, I can still pick her up and hold her and that she still wants me to.

  59. Oh! I loved this post.
    I loved this reminder.
    The thing I love about right now is that we are just at the cusp of mid day. It is a mere 9 minutes away. So many great things have already happened today and they will continue to happen.
    Life is beautiful. Even more so when you have an ice cream face with sprinkles : )

  60. Thank you for always reminding me : )

  61. this gave me goosebumps. thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts, kelle. really.

  62. I am loving finally fulfilling my dream of teaching. I am loving every time my son says “I love you too!” to me or my family. Because in my heart I think of it as our love being so implied in everything we do for/with him that he already KNOWS even when we haven’t said it first. I am loving that I have a husband who is so supportive and involved. I am loving my friends who also know how much I love them although I have been MIA lately. <3

  63. What I love about right now…

    That it’s November the 2nd, and that means I’ll be full term tomorrow, and could conceivably meet the newest addition to our family at any time!

    That my boys are as close as three fingers on a hand. The big boys (3 & 5) ALWAYS make sure the little boy (1 yr)is included in everything, and always looked after.

    I love the color that is finally appearing in profusion in the trees of our neighborhood.

    I love how my 1 year old has discovered that he likes the smoochie game. He gets in my lap, opens his mouth and closes his eyes and waits for some mommy smoochies. Then he sighs, rolls his eyes, laughs lather, rinse, repeat.

    For some reason, I love that my children all associate me with food. Maybe because it’s homey.

    I love how my husband is starting to nest. It’s really funny to watch him religiously take out the trash, charge his flashlight, change burned out light bulbs, get the boys to clean their playroom like these are his missions in life. He can’t grow the baby, but he’ll do his man thing preparing for it. lol

    As always, I love your blog post!

  64. Well of course what I am loving right now, is this post! That bright green bathing suit looks great on Lainey and Nella with the ice cream…adorable. I am also loving right now that today is my BIRTHDAY…hehehe. 31 glorious years and I am so blessed that I get to spend the day just soaking up my beautiful little girl! Happy Wednesday!

  65. I love that it is fall, it is going to be a rainy day and I have stew in the crock pot. I love that my little on is cuddly even though that means she doesn’t feel well. I love that she is going to be 2 tomorrow.

  66. What I love right now…. hearing my baby in his crib talking when he should be taking his nap. I love that I wouldn’t give in to my son’s plea to quit basketball and that now, he’s glad I wouldn’t let him quit. I love all the colorful leaves on my backyard that haven’t been raked or mowed yet. I love it that I don’t care if they don’t get raked or mowed. What I don’t love about right now… I’m packing my husbands suitcase for a business trip.

  67. Nella’s ice cream face- perfection!

    I am thankful for your blog. You push me to be a better mom and remind me to “enjoy the small things.” Happy November!


  68. I like that game; you know what I love about right now? I love this time of year, when Thankfulness is emerging to the forefront of people’s minds. Gratitude is a good thing.

  69. What a great way to teach kids about gratitude. All kids can understand that they love something about right now…I’m going to try that with my little one!

    What I love about right now…that my daughter’s hair still has pretty kinks in it from her french braids. That it’s November, but it feels like spring. That I’m tired, but happy :)

  70. Thank you for such uplifting words Kelle!! You seriously brighten my day on a very regular basis. Isn’t it crazy how a complete stranger can make that happen?!

    I can’t wait to tell my husband & baby girl what I love about right now!

  71. This has made my day. Your girls are beautiful. And spending time with my family is what brightens my day as well. I cannot wait until I have a beautiful family like you!

  72. Thanks for your gentle reminder that everything we teach our children is just words without example. Some days that seems overwhelming, but it really is a great motivation to be the best we can be…how great is it that our children can be catalysts to change us for the better while we are trying to help shape them?

  73. I am so with you on being grateful by noticing the small, the lovely. Thanks for the fun photos and truth:).

  74. this blog is perfection. you are inspiring on a constant basis and for that, I am thankful. It is amazing that someone I have never met can make me smile and appreciate life as often as you have.

  75. Our babysitter just left with my kids and my home is silent and messy, I am about to work for the next 2 hours. Right now, I love:

    1. That I started my alone time reading this post.
    2. Alice is breathing heavy on the couch next to me.
    3. My house is messy because instead of picking up I went for a walk with my kids.
    4. The air is so so cold but the brilliant blue sky and bright sun make it feel perfect.
    5. My everyday.

    Much love to you, friend.

  76. I love that in 12 short weeks, I too will be able to snuggle up with my husband and our first baby, and talk about all we love about her! Thank you for your blog, I read it daily and I am grateful for your love of words and life xoxo Lisa

  77. What I am loving about right now is HOPE. I had my second job interview this past Monday and will find out Friday if I got the job or not! I am thrilled about this and the potential to start a new chapter in my life!!! You have such a great writing style that inspires me to write better on my own blog! Thanks Kelle!!!

  78. I love how your post has made me sit back and think about the good things in my life.

    I love our new kitchen floors a sign that a 12 month renovation project is coming to an end.

    I love the two bouquets of flowers given to us by friends reminding us not of the sad times that have occurred, but how we are loved and supported through those sad times.

    Even when times are rough – it is very important to think about the good times and be grateful with the blessings you have. Thank you for reminding me of this today.


  79. Thanks so much for this post. I needed to be uplifted.

  80. I love that the weather is changing and I am lucky enough to snuggle with my children and husband in a warm house! On another note: I believe as much as we try to teach them gratitude and respect they learn it from watching us! The way we treat people will totally influence our children’s attitude! Happy November!

  81. I am loving my quiet “studying time” right now, that has turned into a “reading Kelle’s Blog” time instead! This was just what I needed this morning to pick me up after a stressful last few days! You always put things into perspective for me at just the perfect times! Thank you for reminding me what gratitude really is!

  82. What I love about right now is the sunny brisk fall day. :)

  83. What do I love about right now?

    I love that there are people in this world who can put my thoughts into words so beautifully it brings tears to my eyes.

    I love that my big girl is SO excited to spend just a few sweet hours with her grandpa tonite that she shouted it out in the middle of our special lunch date at a restraunt full of grandpas!

    I love that my tiny boy is growing up slowly and that he only sometimes rears his big-boy-head.

    I love that my “to-do” list includes trying out a new pie to possibly make for Thanksgiving dinner

    I love that the trees’ tones are so warm and golden that they alter the color of my family room.

    I love that I could go on about what I love about right now for hours with very little effort…I really love that!

    Your words are so true regarding instilling gratitude in our children…and in ourselves.

    Thank you.

  84. I love that the office is quiet right now and I was able to sneak a quick couple of minutes on my lunch to read your post. I love that it’s sunny and beautiful out. It will be one of only two sunny Wednesday afternoons for our Adventure Running Kids program and running through the leaves in the sun is so exhilerating!

  85. OH my gosh the one with you kissing your little one is so darn precious. I love it!!!


  86. Great blog read. What I love about right now is I have a new niece who was born this morning. She comes at a time of my family grieving over the death of my brother 5 weeks ago. Life goes on.

    Loved reading about your travels the past week. You are high on life and that is so refreshing. :o)

  87. BEST.POST.EVER. :)

  88. what I love about right now:

    is the way I get teary eyed just thinking about our friends we recently left due to a move. I love it because it reminds me how great our friendship and love for one another and one anothers kiddos.

    I love the way kids are so easy to please and fulfill. While I might feel lonely and alone in this new place my kids see other kids and toys and they are friends, its as easy as that.

    I love the prospect of what are lives are going to be here in San Antonio.

  89. Right now I am just loving my 11 2nd graders working hard and me enjoying a moment of silence.

  90. Thank you for a wonderful post.

    What I love about right now is that I get to sit in my little office with a cup of coffee and my sleeping 16 month old daughter on my arms. She is still in her jammies at 11 am and her toys are scattered all around my desk. When I look out of the window I see a beautiful Vancouver day, the trees in our garden are various shades of red, yellow, brown and green, and our Halloween Pumpkins are still sitting out there, proudly lined up by my 5 and 6 year old daughters even after the rest of the decorations came down 😉

  91. 1. That I just had a long overdue chat with an old friend. She makes my heart warm. And this time I told her so.

    2. That we don’t have snow yet and I can open the screen door to let in that magical autumn air, scented with earth, fallen leaves and crisp air, accompanied by the sound of the leaves on our Swedish Aspens tinkling in the backyard.

    3. The smell of Play-Doh…I find remnants all over the house and always stop to sniff it and then make a nest with mini eggs (in an obvious attempt to avoid any housework, clearly…)

    4. Wee James cooing in his crib right now…he thinks it’s pretty funny that he kept Mommy up all night long! Rat. (but an adorable rat nonetheless) I often wonder what they’re thinking and talking about…something good no doubt, as he’s always smiling. I yearn to be that content and peaceful.

    5. Planning Jack’s 5th birthday adventure to the West Edmonton Mall! He’s going to loooooooooose his shit when he sees the car-themed room we’re checking into on his big day (too expensive for all 3 nights, so the fact that we’ll be packing up from the dive and heading into his idea of heaven for his actual birthday night, well, let’s just say the excitement at this point is all mine!)

    6. Christmas is almost here!!! The thought of lighting fires, sniffing candles (do I have a problem with sniffing? Perhaps.), wrapping presents, preparing cards, decorating the tree, getting James’s first ornament, setting up the nativity, Isla and Jack’s excitement over placing a special key for Santa on the tree (’cause ya know, we don’t want THE GRINCH to get in our house and steal the toys. Oh, the horror……)

    7. The memory I just had of Jack looking at Isla’s first baby photo and saying, “She looks like a prince.” and I was like, “Oh, that’s sweet of you honey. But I think you mean a princess, cause she’s a girl.” To which he replied, “No, Mommy. The GRINCH.”

  92. What a great post….thanks.

  93. what I am loving right now is living someplace where it’s actually cold enough to drink hot apple cider under a blanket! I love the leaves that fall like rain onto my car when I am waiting in car line to pick up my son and I love looking forward to all the family gatherings planned over the next 2 months!

  94. What I love about right now is that I was able to read your post. Although the days have been crazy and hectic, being able to take a few moments to read your lovely words helps me remember that there is so much more out there to be grateful for when hard days are here. I’m thankful for the sun shining through the office window accross from my desk. I love that my adorable daughter that I miss so much today, is at home with her Grandpa, who she adores. I love that I get to talk to my husband on the phone on every break and we take the few moments we have throughout the day to connect with each other. I love that I have an amazing family at home.

    Thank YOU for helping me to think about and remember all of the things I love right now and am grateful for!!

    Have an amazing day, Kelle! I know I will, thanks to you. :)

  95. Right now I love that I’m heading to your “neck of the woods” in less than a week. I love that my 16 month old is actually going to get to wear her 12 month old warm weather clothes because she finally fits in them in time for vacation. I love my family. More and more everyday.

  96. What I love about right now is the baby boy with his fever tinged pink cheeks that even though he doesn’t feel good still smiles at me when I tickle his littel feet.

  97. What do I love about right now? It’s hard to pick just one thing but at this very moment, reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures I would have to say I am loving the picture of Nella by the ocean. We sometimes seem to forget just how tiny we are and just how big the world really is. She will do great things in life…you wait and see.

  98. Beautiful post!! Perfectly written & I agree with every bit of it!!
    What I love about right now is that I am spending the day with my 3 yr old snuggled up on the oversized chair w/popcorn and a movie. Thank you, as always for your posts !!

  99. Beautifully put. We ask “what was your happy part” But I think I like the other question more. It allows for more details and more opportunity to express the gratitude we can find in every moment of every day.

    We use a “grateful garland” during November to add a little extra thankfullness to our attitudes..

  100. I love this post. Love it! I smiled through the whole thing.

    Tucking our girls into bed at night, we ask them about what they loved the most during the day, if anything made them laugh, made them sad, etc. I love the little game and my 4 year old has come to ask me during other times during the day what makes me happy and what I love. I love that!

  101. What I love about right now is that my girl ate all of her breakfast and was in a chipper mood today after a week of having a stomach bug and not being her usual self. I am grateful for haveing my baby feeling good again!

  102. What am I loving right now? Waking up in a sun- filled room, with my lovely husband (of 6.5 months) next to me, a dog snuggling at my feet, another keeping watch at the door and I realize I live at the hut. Our new little home built exactly how we wanted it to be. Every day I look at him and goofily try and mention he’s my husband. I love it he answers the phone hello darling wifey! And we both exclaim at least 3 times a day over the last 4 months “we live at the hut”. Yes we are grateful, thank you for reminding us how easy it is to be thankful, kelle

  103. What I love about right now is that my work is done and I have about 30 peaceful minutes to myself, there’s a sweet orange kitty curled on the back of my favorite chair and a very colorful monster drawn for me by my 6-year-old lying on my night stand. I love that it’s beautiful and breezy and a perfect 80 degrees outside and that, since today’s the 2nd all the bills have been paid, and we don’t have to worry about it again until the 1st of the next month. I love it that all the laundry is clean, even if that means it’s waiting for me to put it away:)

  104. What I love about right now? I love that I just made a very grown-up purchase of a new dining room table and just in time for us to host Thanksgiving! I love the fact that there is enough chill in the air that I can wear my favorite scarf and no coat. I love that I am excelling at my new job and still totally glad I made this move. I love that I am so in love with love; in love with my man, in love with kids, in love with the upcoming holidays. Content and sheer happiness for sure.

  105. That was a beautiful post :)
    What I love about right now…listening to my 5 year old “readin” her library books, pausing to ask questions of her imaginary students:) I love that it finally feels like fall in Las Vegas and the craft ideas for the holiday season that I have swimming in my head!!

  106. I love that right now my mom is in my house playing with my daughter. I love that it is the perfect Fall day. I love that I have always treasured exactly this type of day, and how a day like this can take me back years and years to my childhood. Even then, I would stop and appreciate the beauty of Fall. I love that I can remember those days.

  107. You know what I love about right now…the sweet baby girl asleep 10 feet from me…the way she sleeps with her butt up in the air and a fist! I love the sound of the washer going…clean diapers to be put on the line to dry! I love floors that need to be cleaned…meaning I have little ones still at home to mess them up! What am I missing…our son who is serving in the Marines in Afganistan…today my heart aches for him…but yet I am thankful for his willingness to serve.

  108. Love.this.post.
    I just asked one of my sons what he loved about right now and he said looking at his train book. Love that. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  109. I love right now thinking that in 6 weeks I will have a new baby girl. I love that I will be a mama of 2 but I also LOVE every second of these last few weeks of just being a mama of 1 and how special our time together has been!

  110. I love that I could have skipped the words & only looked at these photos and known it was a post about gratefulness…you capture every detail as if we were the ones behind the lens.

    What I’m loving about now:

    *That amid Nora’s babblings, she will occasionally shout, “WHAT?!” as if she’s just heard some astonishing news…such as, “We’re having potato soup for dinner.” “WHAT?!”

    *That my big boy is still naive to so much that most 10 year olds are not.

    *That my littlest man (who is the least affectionate in public) will ask his daddy, “Could you send Mommy up?” every night at bed time.

    *That my ever-helpful husband unloads the dishwasher every morning!!!

    And that right now I can hear the heat bursting through the vents in an otherwise quiet home.

    Blessings :)

  111. i love that i have my big grey pup laying against my belly. i love that in my belly is a baby boy coming this spring. and i love that my other big 3 year old boy is still napping and the house is quiet :) i like coming to your blog to get a dose of positivity. we do prayers every night with our son and he lists what he is thankful for. always very sweet.

  112. What I love right now… knowing that my family is happy and in a good place. I love not worrying about money and enjoy the life we have worked hard for. I love reading this blog and reflecting on my own life through your words.

    Beautiful pictures BTW :)

  113. Right now I’m loving how raw and honest your post is and how you’re helping me keep it all in perspective. When life is overwhelming, there is still so much gratitude in my heart and I need to live it and show it. Thank you – this was a great post.

  114. You know what I love about right now? I love that the sky is blue and there is a light breeze even if I can’t feel it because I’m inside. I love that the air is crisp and clean. I love that there are the beginnings of fallen leaves on a carpet of grass just waiting to be raked into a pile and jumped into. I love that there are people in this world that not only take the time to be grateful, but have the gift and take the time to share it with others! Thank you…you and your family are DELICIOUS!

  115. One of my very favorite posts you’ve written. Amazing. I love the “what I love about right now” type game idea and hope to have something like that going with our girls when they are big enough (heck might as well start now with my husband). Thanks for the inspiration :)

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. What I love about now:

    With a little love, the frightened, skinny poodle I adopted a few months ago has blossomed into the most beautiful, loving, and courageous companion.

  118. I think you make a really interesting point here – I think often people forget that the things you talk about are an important part of being grateful and a path to charity. Hopefully that is a way to make children not take for granted what they have, and to want to give back. But I don’t know whether in some cases more might be needed as a bridge to taking action, maybe not but it is something I wonder about. I am trying to get the little ones in my family to think about this by getting them each to choose a charity by themselves that I will then donate a certain amount to as part of their Christmas stuff. I have no idea what they’ll pick!! But I will certainly bear in mind everything you say because finding that content and gratitude is one way I can see that leads to wanting to help others.

  119. What I love right now is the peacefullness I feel in my soul that God is in control even when my littlest breaks her arm in two places and we have no insurance. I love that my two girls gave up a lot of their halloween candy to send to the troops and the dentist who payed them for it. I love the blue sky with a touch of white clouds offering me another warm day in fall. And I love that I can read your posts and always smile.

  120. I love this post – I love my son playing the piano right now – I love that my husband just made eggs for dinner for all of us :)

  121. Beautiful post – thank you!
    I am new here and am so grateful to have found your space – such light & joy live here.
    In this moment I love the piping hot mug of tea steaming beside me and my grey-faced vizsla curled up with one velvety ear flopped onto my pillow. Oh, and the sweet sounds of my daughter’s little voice singing and clapping while she is supposed to be napping.

  122. What I am grateful for right now; is the dance offs that my family and I have in our house when no one is looking, the way Cedayne takes socks and puts them on her hands like mittens, the happiness that I feel deep inside that I never thought I would feel again, my mickey mouse pajama pants and oh the goodness that God keeps revealing to me!
    Love your post Kelle, you are an inspiration to me!!

  123. This post is absolutely amazing. It has the ability to change lives.

  124. I Love Right Now:
    Your beautiful post.
    The fact that we have been blessed with 2 wonderful children who have in turn blessed us with 4 beautiful & wonderful grandchildren.
    I love that my grandchildren have so much love in their lives.
    I love that my grandchildren remind me to laugh—even at myself.

  125. Stumbled upon this beautiful family who has two gorgeous girls with a little something extra :) enjoy, I love your precious family!

  126. I love your inner sense of joy which continually bursts out through pictures, thoughts and words, blessing everyone who reads them!

    My kids and I love counting the purple jacaranda trees on the ride to school; encouraging each other to swim the length of the pool; and sparkly dresses and twirling skirts..

    Thanks for another inspiringly beautiful post.


  127. What I love about right now… sorting through the stockpile of toddler clothing loaned to me by friends and family, saving me hundreds of dollars. Receiving an impromptu hug from my three year old and hearing “I love you Mommy” without prompting, immediately followed by her joyful dance moves. And a baby who rests his beautiful head into the crook of my neck and sighs in comfort. Seeing the pile of dirty dishes in my sink, knowing that means I had a busy day of baking with my favorite girl. These are the things I’m loving right now.

  128. Right now I loved reading all 100-something comments about things people love!

  129. I think this is your best Hallmark post yet! I love the way you break it down so simply. Gratitude and thankfulness are so much more than words, they’re a way of life and definitely a state of mind.

    What I am loving right now…”the calm before the storm”. Despite the fact that I am now 3 days past my due date for our first baby, and I am growing impatient to meet him, I love that I can stop myself in a moment and appreciate this time with my husband…just the two of us, as we wait. It’s a time we’ll never have again and I love that I took a step back to realize that this time right now, the waiting and anticipation of “any day now” will forever be engrained in my brain as “ours”…it’s the perfect time of year for that…Fall. :)

  130. What do I love about right now?
    I love that as hard as it is, I am here to see my Pa one last time, when I really thought it was all over.
    I love that the sun doesn’t set until after 7pm.
    I love watching my dogs playing together.
    I love feeling inspired by your posts Kelle.
    And I love that I miss hubby so much when I am away, because it reminds me of just how much I love him.

  131. I love the most incredibly sweet smile that has graced my husband’s face so many times tonight for no obvious reason. And I’m grateful for this post.

  132. What do I love right now? I love how david and I are counting the days and minutes until we see each other again like we’re dating. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. Im also loving that brown jacket on LL! She looks soo beautiful and grown up!!

  133. I love so many things that it is nearly impossible to narrow it down. I love the sticky hair that my girls have after eating dinner, and their open-mouthed kisses, and my dog’s soft ears, and nursing, but most of all I love that I’m their momma.

    Thank you for being lovely.

  134. What I love right now is the snowy day that kept my love working from home, so that we could be close when we found more information out about his birth mother. I’m loving that we’re in this mystery together.

  135. Since July I have looked forward to reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photographs, and now I look forward to using “What I love about right now” with my at-risk middle school students. I teach choral music to these amazing but troubled kids, and you have provided a beautifully simple way for me to model and help them find opportunities for gratitude, of which they are in great need of.

    Thank you!

  136. What do I love about right now? Hmmm, well, for the first time in a long time I love that I’m doing something for myself! I decided to finish my novel.

    Off to drink some coffee and write :)

  137. What I love about right now: the mug of hot chocolate next to me. Working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Picking out sheet music for my December piano recital. Counting the days until my dad comes home. Making apple crisp once a week. Texting pep talks to my friends when they’re feeling down.

  138. awesome post – November is one of my favorite months because it seems like everyone takes a few more minutes to be grateful for the lovely things in their lives.

    You know what I love about right now? I love that I have two sleeping boys in my house that love me, make me laugh and always keep me on my toes! I love that two of my sweet friends became parents yesterday (one for the first time) and the smiles are too big for the cameras to catch. I love that even though I sometimes hate my job, I have a great boss and a good team and support at home that makes it ok to work an hour away. I love that my husband wants to be a part of my children’s lives and that he does everything without me having to ask him. I love that my dog is sitting at my feet snoring, because we almost lost him a few weeks ago. I love that I found your blog!

    I love a lot – and it’s always nice to be reminded of that! :) Happy November!

  139. I love staring at my ever expanding tummy, just waiting to see the little kicks of my baby girl!

  140. So my 3.5 year old likes to look at your blog with me. He likes the pictures and sometimes I read it to him. The picture of Nella sitting on the road… He says, “Oh no. Who dropped the baby off. Why is the baby by herself on the road?” What a great laugh with my son after a hard day at work!

  141. Sing it loud & clear, Sista’!

    I am loving the knowledge that there is a lot of wonderful going on in the world, and that just one person can make a humongo difference.

    Cheers to you!

    Love, bree

  142. Right this minute, I am loving hearing my 14 year old sing along with the radio, sweet kisses from my two year old that smell like peanutbutter, but it doesn’t matter, because he finally gives me kisses!
    And I want to say, I really am grateful for this blog. You are a lovely, lovely woman. You are younger than me, but you remind me of what is important daily. Thank you.

  143. What a great reminder. I love sharing “What I love about right now” with your kids as you tuck them into bed. Gratitude is taught through example and appreciation and I seem to get too caught up on getting my kids to say the actual saying “thank you” and realize I want to be more focused on appreciating all of the good in our day.

    What do I love about right now? I love that I finally had 2 minutes to relax and get caught up on laundry and house cleaning today. October and Halloween were good but so crazy busy. It’s nice to have a few weeks of calm before the next crazy time sets in. Birthdays and Thanksgiving.

  144. What I love about right now… that my 3 kiddos are sounds asleep… and that I read your beautiful words tonight. Honestly, I should’ve read them this morning—and maybe I’d have been a little more patient with my little ones today. Tomorrow is another day and I’m gonna start it with a ‘what do you love about right now’ game. Thanks for the inspiration, as always…

  145. What I love about now:
    I love to hear my 2 year old twins giggle from their room during bed time. I love how they give me kisses & hugs. I love their little laughs when I tickle them. I love how they play hide ‘n’ seek with one another. I love them. I am one blessed mommy who went through all measures to get them here on this earth.

  146. What I love about right now is how someone who lives on the other side of the continent (I live in Victoria, B.C.) has inspired me to give pause and reflect on what I am grateful for. There is so much and it goes so deep. And I’m grateful to you for that, too!

    How to nurture this awareness into my children is difficult for me. I try to play a similar game with my 4 year old son, but he always says he doesn’t remember his day (total cop-out!). So I just try to demonstrate it for them. And it makes me so happy to see them following my example of living with joy, connection, and respect. I am also now more aware than ever before of moments where I am feeling despair, distraction, and selfishness, and how unhealthy it is to model this for my children. They inspire me to live well. But I always remember this quote:
    ‘Be grateful when you are good. Be graceful when you are not.’
    I think that quote can be interpreted many ways. I like to reflect on it!


  147. Mmkay, so this is seriously one of my favorite posts of yours. So perfect, so true. Your girls are not just adorable–they’re beautiful. And from the looks of the fun they’re having and the truths you’re determined to teach them, they’re super lucky to have you as a mama. (:

  148. Right now, I love that I am cuddled up on the couch reading blogs while my hubby channel surfs.


  149. You know what I love about right now?

    – The fact that I’m becoming ok with my place in life
    – My little sister who never stops saying “I love you”
    – The fact that my best friend will be home from school in Tennessee in exactly 20 days and 25 minutes
    – The fact that God created me in his image and he loves me just the way I am
    – Your stories that keep me inspired every day
    – The way they give me hope that my future as a woman can look just like that


  150. What I love about right now is this blog post.. That reminds me to take one minute to look around, and appreciate my life just a little bit more. I love your blog, your daughters, and your inspiring personality. I live in Utah. I have 2 spare rooms! Come stay this winter and smear some of that gratitude, and positivity around my house!~ You are wonderful!

  151. Have you seen that the crown in the picture where Lainey smiles fits perfectly on her head? Or maybe you did it on purpose… Either way it cute :)

  152. At this moment, I love the sound of my hubby and dogs sleeping next to me in bed, knowing my first born child is cuddled up and and asleep down the hall, and the constant kicks to the side from my unborn child! :)

  153. what I love about right now is that tomorrow is another chance to get it right..

  154. Truly inspirational…it made stop and look around at the family I have and think about all the things that make me smile. I am grateful for the blessings that my husband and my child give me. Thanks for this, it was a beautiful post…

  155. Right now I love that I can plan for two new grandchildren – one who will join our son and his wife and one who will join our daughter, her husband and their son – in the summertime! I love being a grandmother!

  156. Your phrase is wonderful! I may need to find a pretty way to display it on my mantel. Seeing it all the time would help give us the edge on gratefulness that my family lacks at times.
    “Thank you” has been rolling off my two-year-old’s tongue since he began speaking….and we were amazed. I’m not sure he learned it from us, but he has been a great example to us to remember to always say thank you.
    What I love about right now…a house full of sleeping people, three visiting from Uganda, me reading this under a cozy blanket knit by my long gone grandmother, frost nipping at the windows. Thank you!

  157. Love this post right now :) What else I love about right now, the smell of the toast crisping and the wiff of peanut butter as I open the jar for my second breakfast of the day. The silky softness of the Quail’s hair as I pull her in for a goodbye kiss. The way Zuzu aims her sweet plant of a kiss directly on mine, and if she misses she tries again and again. The sound of Lovey asking Zuzu to look at that over there while he sneaks a kiss in on the side of her cheek.

  158. What I love about right now? Feeling a little boy move around in my body – stronger than butterflies now, but not quite the vicious kicks of third trimester yet.

  159. What I love about right now is that reading your post reminds me how truly blessed I am. Thank you for reminding me.

  160. Love, love reading your blog. It is always such a good reminder to live in the moment and just enjoy life.

    We are starting November by writing one thing we are happy about every day and putting it on a paper to hang on our windows to look at every day this month!

  161. Beautiful post. Every night at bedtime, we talk about all the wonderful things we did that day. It is our way of being thankful for every little event in our day.

    I am loving, crisp cool weather, fall leaves, and planning holiday travels.

  162. You know what I love about right now???

    …the fact that my baby belly has grown again today, which reminds me that this baby that I wanted so badly (and tried for so long to create) is healthy and growing!

    …the knowledge that I have everything that I ever wanted, and I’m present enough to appreciative that fact.

    …I love that my husband woke up this morning before I left for work (he’s a cop on evening shift) specifically because didn’t get a chance to tell me that he loved me last night.

  163. Gorgeous post with wonderful imagery. Makes me wish for summer, but at least I can be grateful that I am cozy inside rather than out in the chilly wind.

  164. Right now..I love hearing my husband and 3 year old laughing and wrestling in our bed as they wake up for the day, I love snuggling my sweet 8 mo old baby girl as she nurses…while I read this…and the smell of my Yankee “Farmer’s Market” candle mingling with the morning coffee….so thankful for right now and you for reminding me to savor these moments! LOVE!

  165. what I love right now… my precious little bundle of joy, born 1 week ago. I never fully understood this amazing love and complete feeling that my family now has

  166. Stunning blog. Absolutely amazing!!!

  167. What I love about now: My husband and son spending time with Grandma so that I can get some work done! I’m grateful that my husband supports my dreams in every way.

  168. What I love about right now:

    I am giving myself permission to be lazy today. My girl is in school and I have a gazillion things I should be doing, and instead I am perusing the internets and catching up on my dvr’d shows. All whilst drinking pumpkin spice coffee. It’s a good day. A good day indeed.

  169. you are so right. I always struggle with teaching my kids how not to be selfish, how not to take life for granted, how to be appreciative. And this is the way…..Thank you.

    You know what I love right now? home schooling, peppermint mocha creamer and my babies being lazy in their PJ’s…at noon!

  170. I am grateful for this picturesque cold crisp blue sky sprinkled with colored leaves floating from the trees. I love watching my little guy line up his cars and play imaginary games like how fast can plastic Barney fall.
    I recently had a “Mom’s AHHHH! moment concerning gratitude”. I sat back and watched my teen open birthday gifts and make a huge deal over each one. I smiled as I listened to her sincerely Thank each person for helping her celebrate. I realized that I can’t remember the last time that I needed to remind her to say Thank you for anything:) AHHHH!

  171. I am loving this blog! Great message Kelle. I am reading at work but will leave soon & head home where I will pay special attention to all the wonderful moments that fill my afternoons with my daughters – even the ordinary & mundane can be beautiful & worth cherishing.

  172. Perfect post! And I die for the picture of Nella surrounded by the shells. (Just had a Rachel Zoe moment :)

  173. I love that I read todays post and now have a new game (teaching lesson) to play with my grandchildren. Thank you

  174. What i love right now…

    My husband’s deep napping breathing and the noise of the tumbling laundry that he put in the wash.

  175. I have a gratitude journal to help me count my blessings. I also ask my 4-year-old daughter every day, “What are you thankful to Jesus for?” I try to search for blessings as I go throughout the day and you’re right, it is the key to happiness!

  176. I love that each and every morning I can walk into my studio and create art that makes me see the world in new and wonderful ways. I love that with the stroke of my paintbrush I can express what is happening in that moment in my life and that I can share it with anyone who happens to see my work and connect with it in the same way. There is not one day that passes by without me being grateful for that…….

  177. I really adore your blog and your pics!!!

  178. A friend linked to this post in a discussion about gratitude, and I have been exploring your blog for the past hour or so.

    My name is Chelsey, I’m a 22-year-old with a physical disability. My family lives in Pensacola, though I’m in school in Boston now. For years, my mom worked with families of children with disabilities in Florida, so it makes me feel at home to read about a family working their way through this world in a place I know so well.

    Your girls are absolutely beautiful.

  179. Hi Kelle. Thanks for yet another awesome post. Can you post more about how you and Hallmark got together? I have a Game Apps blog and I know that several of your other viewers have blogs and would love to know how to make better post to attract companies. Thanks again and thank you for always making great content. (your pics are awesome too!!!)

  180. please never stop writing!

  181. Beautiful post! I love that everyday my two boys, 9 and 7 run off the bus and greet me at the door with a hug and a smile!

  182. It’s funny that you should ask right now, because I was just thinking that right now I am loving that ‘I have my vanilla candle burning and my music playing as I sit alone in the office, with a cup of fragrant jasmine green tea, reading your blog’. I was wishing I had someone to tell and now I have!

  183. You know what I love about right now? Baby boy is sound asleep in his crib behind me, and I can hear him breathing so peacefully after a long day. Nighty night :)

    Oh, and I LOVE Nella’s t-shirt…she IS down right awesome!…and adorable!

  184. I LOVE right now that we are in giddy preparation for my daughter to walk on the football field Friday night, after being chosen by her class to be the Sophomore homecoming princess. MY DAUGHTER. The one who is “different”.
    Not so much.

  185. I adore your blog. Thank you for taking the time to teach me through your life, example, and words. I feel so inspired when I read one of your posts. Your girls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them and your life with all your readers.

  186. Beautiful!!

  187. I think I might love November most….as I started 2 years ago on November 1st with my daughter, “what are you thankful for today?” And we do this everyday of November. It’s a new November and her thanks this year in the first few days make me smile, NON-STOP! Today was thankfulness for her uncle, who will play Barbie’s with her. Priceless family moments for rocking chair memories!

  188. ,,,love the photo of nella eating the watermelon, so sweet she is!,,,

  189. I am thankful these early winter days for moments of warmth. In my house we have no heat so curled in bed with my dog or in a hot bath or drinking hot tea…you bet I feel grateful!

  190. Regarding gratitude…
    The other day, I told Lila: “Thank you so much for being such a nice person,” to which she replied:
    “It’s because of you. You take care of us and are nice to us when we’re naughty. You make me feel safe and get us treats and make us dinner. You are a good mommy, so thank YOU.”
    So, I am thankful for my 4-year-old girl’s wonderful thank-you. And for the thank-you’s from AJ which simply consist of the biggest hugs this side of the Mississippi.

  191. This is a wonderful post. Great addition of using “The Summer Day.” I have that poem on my wall at the office for a reason. Purposeful, introspective, appreciation.

    We count blessings every night in tucking Alex into bed, both snuggled up under the covers after prayers. I ask her “what are you thankful for?” and she will tell me something about her day or her week; and then I go and we may go back and forth a few more times. It’s fun and it puts life in perspective and teaches us both to be thoughtful, reflective, and grateful. Sometimes I feel that I learn so much from her in the process; and I am grateful and full of joy. And Ben and I talk about thankful items of our day too. Life happens in the details.

    Happy Weekend!


  192. I try to end my every work day with your blog post (unless you skip a day or I forget for some reason). They are beautiful, inspiring, just perfect! This one is no exception. I have a gift at home just like Nella named Eli. Your posts make me appreciate him and my other, big-boy, gift even more.

  193. what I love about right now… I am still here, breathing in and out, sharing this space with so many beautiful blessings and the love a of a kind and caring man. Big Hugs ♥

  194. Just read this again. This time, the “make your own thank you cards” stuck out at me — if the sponsor is Hallmark, you should probably be buying those thank you cards! LOL Love your blog!

  195. I teach high school English and used your blog post as an introductory text for our unit on Transcendentalist philosophy. Then, we delved into Annie Dillard’s ‘Seeing’ (you would love this if you haven’t read it already), Thoreau’s, ‘Walden,’ and of course, Mary Oliver’s ‘The Summer Day.’ Students are now completing creative writing assignments on the prompt, ‘what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”

    Thank you for reminding me, as well as my students, to live deliberately.

    One of my favorite blog posts, ever.

    Have a great weekend!

    Ashley Jorgensen

  196. What I love about right now?

    That my husband and I stare in awe at our 2 week old little boy and look at each other with no words passing between us but knowing exactly what the other is thinking – “we are so lucky” and “he is perfect”. I love that right now, nothing else matters except our little boy. Laundry, dishes, etc … they can wait while we express our gratitude for our son by cuddling for hours :)

  197. Love love love this! Gratitude, like empathy, is one of those abstract things that is hard to know how exactly to teach my kids. Love your perspective on this. And Mary Oliver… sigh… love her magic with words.

    What I am loving about right now? That it is gray & raining outside & my house is warm & dry. My kids are playing nicely with each other and I have used my stolen moment to catch up on your blog. The magic of this little one moving inside me… can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks!

  198. WHAT I LOVE?? tHIS POST!!!

    you are seriously my role model as a writer. you have this amazing gift to put the hardest concepts into words and express them so beautifully. this is one of my very favorites.

    i stopped asking my girls to say ‘thank you’ and changed it to ‘have a nice day’ because their attitude was so forced and over it. it has made SUCH a difference. i don’t ask them. they can’t wait. they are 2 and 5 and unison YELL IT and people all down the grocery store light up and can’t believe how sincere they are. it speaks gratitude even without saying the “right words”.

    we will count our blessings all month long and memorize a definition of gratitude that says “being thankful for exactly what we have and for the one who gave it to us” – i want them to understand contentment and the source.

    we play “what makes you happy?” every night at bedtime.

    i will be giving away a free printable piece of art of that definition on my blog this week for anyone that wants it. like you, i have a HUGE heart for gratitude and so excited about this month and how families all over can focus on it with their kids in unique ways.

    all my respect,
    courtney defeo

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  199. I love this post. It rings true even if you are like me and do not have kids.
    Are you based out of Fort Myers, Florida? I just got back from Sanibal Island for my second time. The pictures of the beach with the shells look just like where I have spent the pass week. I can not wait to go back there and counting down the days!!

  200. Wow, that really is what gratitude is. That was just beautiful. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words. And all of it, all of it was so true. I hope to be able to teach that to my kids. Thank you for that. Thank you for putting that into words. I am grateful for that. Grateful for you to put words like that for us all to see.

  201. I love that right now I’m nursing my baby and she’s fallen asleep. I love that in the other room I can hear my husband watching the football game while he and my 2 year old chat about “football players fall down.” I love the giggles I hear as she plays and talks and talks and talks. I love her sweet little voice and go to phrases that we hear over and over all day long. I love this sleeping babe who is content just to be amoung her family, always in the middle of the love. I love right now.
    Thank you, Kelle.

  202. On Thursday I treated my kids to McD’s for lunch, and as I was handing out portions of nuggets, my one year old turned to me with ketchup cheeks and said “tank you mommy”. My heart seriously melted!

  203. What I love right now – your post! I’m going to steal ‘you know what I love about right now’, I’d love for it to become a constant in our house. Other things I love is great news received today about the health of a loved one, pad thai and quiet me time :)

  204. This entry is absolutely beautiful

  205. Your photography and simple prose makes me feel happy to have stumbled into your world.

  206. Dear Kelle–

    What a joy to me to have found your blog this evening! I really enjoyed reading your piece about gratitude. It was a special gift to me. Thank you!

    Your writing pulls me in and keeps me wanting to read more, and your photos are just beautiful and touching. I wish all children would know themselves as precious, loved, and wanted–as these photos appear to be saying. I felt so happy to read how you and your husband delighted in noticing all of the details of your new baby.

    You sound like a wonderful mother to your little girls with insight into many of the most important things in life: people, connection, lovingkindness, gratitude, compassion, creativity, and appreciation for the wonders and beauty of nature.

    What I love most about right now is that I get to say thank you so much for your sensitivity and courage in sharing yourself and your family in the blog. I love it that I get to encourage you! Keep writing!

    Mary Wanek

  207. What I love about right now is that my twenytsomething son is home for the weekend. It is the middle of the night and he is asleep upstairs and I can feel that blanket of love and warmth that covers my home and gives me that peaceful sense of security knowing exactly where he is and that he is safe, just like when I was younger and he was little.

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