Enjoying the Small Things


*Last night’s Christmas card ceremony tradition. Hot cocoa, a crackling fire, The Family Stone, my best friend, and a slew of envelopes and stamps and holiday fabulosity.



*Elfitty’s donuts. (my sister found on Pinterest and convinced me to make)


Lainey done lost her mind this morning when she saw he ate all but two and left some crumbs.


*The following conversation:
Lainey: “Wear your Christmas shoes today, Mama.”
Me: “What are my Christmas shoes?
Lainey: (running to my closet and returning with my moccasins): “These ones. Because they’re gingerbread shoes.”


I so get it.


*Pruned baby toes. I want to eat them.



*Yesterday’s art/imagination class. This is such a happy hour for us.




*Receiving our package of ornaments today–my mom sends them every year. Loving this doll’s four-strand pony tails, her felt pants, those killer wood shoes, and the name tatt on her face. And I love my mom. Very much.



*Chocolate cake mid day. Enough said.



*Nella’s suck-it-down straw face. And the “did-you-see-that?” smile that follows.



*Outside Therapy Session and forgetting it’s really P.T.



*Tonight’s delicious moon on our light walk.



*Scoring this badass vintage blouse at Goodwill this week…and rediscovering my appreciation for the big GW, despite the fact it’s 98% ugly/2% fantastic finds. If that ratio were any better, the thrill of “the find” might not be so great.



Friday Photo Dump:

Friday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram iPhone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage using a photo editing software (Photoshop Elements works). I am “etst” on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.


Okllo Gift Certificate winner:
Comment #207, Audrey: Sounds like a delightfully fun day out picking fruit. Merry Christmas!

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So, every corner of our house is now twinkle holiday fabulous, thanks to returning sponsor, Bubblewish.

My girls have Bubblewish felt lights in their rooms, and now our room joins the club with the most perfect Christmas twinkle lights that make a scene right from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.



And I am so loving the new gingerbread light garland, right at our entrance. It says, “Hello, we like Christmas. Come and have a cup of cheer.”


If you want a simple garland, sans lights, to liven up a room, check out the new felt star garland. My favorite part, as always, is the little handwritten “wish” attached to every garland sold.

Use Code KELLE20 for a 20% off discount from the Bubblewish store.


And the ever delighful Tea Collection is returning in sponsorship this month. It is so easy to sing their praises–I am continually digging in laundry baskets and drawers for my very favorite items for the girls–Nella’s soft yellow leggings (on sale!), Lainey’s Puebla jacket (also on sale!), the Chile stripe dress that feels like pajamas. And my very favorite tennies we’ve ever owned, our go-to play shoes, day shoes, wear with anything shoes.


Check them out!


Taking the big girl tomorrow for a date–The Nutcracker. I cannot wait.
Have a fantastic weekend! Any hot plans? (p.s. loved all the comments about the “elves” at your homes!)



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  1. Nellas smile after drinking from a straw is adorable! Love your celebrations all month long!

  2. that imagination class looks like a blast and a perfect thing for kids lainey’s age. So awesome!


  3. Nothing wrong with a good Good Will find. Although, I recently heard someone describe the Good Will by saying it smelled like cats and death. So much truth to that statement lol.

  4. I swear I smile the biggest reading every single one of your posts!

  5. oh nella’s smile after drinking from the straw cracks me up! Too funny!

  6. The time my mom took myself and my best friend to the Nutcracker was magical. I was 7… and it’s still a favorite memory now (at 25)!

  7. Thanks for reminding me that I need to watch the family stone!!!

  8. Kelle – I love the pictures. I love the painting class and the straw drinking. Alexander is eating like a CHAMP and we are loving it!!! We are going to start working on drinking after the new year :) Can’t wait to put our own straw photos up. My life is a little grey right now, so I’m loving your sunshine. Thanks. Kristen @ http://www.alittlesomethingforme.com

  9. My Ellie went to the Nutcracker tonight with her Nana followed by a spend the night party with her. I was so jealous!! She called me to tell me she LOVED the Nutcracker, that is snowed on her at the end, that she got her own Nutcracker and that is was magical! I am sure your date will be magical too!

  10. Nella’s smile Would melt ice! That picture is adorable!

  11. Ah, I love the gingerbread shoes! She’s one smart cookie.

  12. Love your card writing tradition, and Nella’s straw sucking face and smile, aww my heart!
    This weekend, is the 1st of a month long holiday for us, I can just feel myself release all the stress around getting all my work finished. We can take time to sit on the windowseat together, cook dinner, weed the lily bed. Apart from that, there’s the best craft market on in town, lovely local designers, I can’t wait, (we’ve already done day 1) lovely gifts, and new decorations for the tree, and sour cherry macarons! have a lovely weekend Kelle.

  13. Just ordered my very own Elf that will reside here as a treat for any little that comes to visit. His name will be Connery & I can’t wait to meet him!
    Weekend plans include seeing a play on Saturday, spending Sunday with my nephews, enjoying the Christmas-y things at home like candlelight, hot chocolate & maybe a nap or two.
    P.S. Love, love, love the elf donuts!

  14. I wish I could sit you down and ask you a million questions about your beautiful life! Diane Sawyer would have nothin on me after the amazing interview we would have…

  15. Another delicious drink of your fabulous life. Aaaaah.

  16. Nella took the cake in this post, the straw pic followed by her proud smile! That is the most precious thing….reminds me of my son.

  17. Loving:

    *THAT NELLA FACE of Satisfaction – pinch it!
    *Mid-day chocolate cake breaks
    *Imagination art class
    *GIngerbread shoes

    I’m filled with joy preparing a stupendous birthday cake for one of my dearest friends. She’s celebrating a big milestone this weekend; and we will rock the house. (rollerskating 80’s party anyone?)

    Keep those unicorns coming.


  18. Love your photos!

  19. Funny, I was just thinking to myself tonight ‘I wonder if Kelle has done her annual address the Christmas cards tradition’?, then I read this to see that you have! What lucky people are the ones who get that awesomely addressed card from your in their mailbox!

  20. i love your hair style- my dream!!

  21. those two photos of nella and the staw are some of my faves!!!

    what a sweet tradition your mom has for her grandgirls—christmas ornament collections are the best :)

    enjoy you weekend! and the special big girl date at the theater!!

  22. Have fun at the Nutcracker! I will be attending my girl’s dress rehearsal for their Nutcracker all day tomorrow. Opening night in 6 days! Love those gingerbread shoes…kid’s imaginations are amazing, huh? And what a find on that blouse! Yeah, you seriously have to do some “picking through” at the G-dub, but you’re proof you can find something great!

  23. nella’s face after drinking from the straw…phenomenal! fabulous! adorable!

    also? the elf donuts? i’m on this starting…now! well…tomorrow. my two are gonna freak come sunday morning! thanks lady!

  24. I absolutely adore your photos and just the way you are able to capture life’s true moments of happiness. I go back thru your blog at times and just look at the pics for some smiles. Truly talented!

  25. I love the picture of Nella’s wrinkly toes and Lainey looked like such a big girl after eating her cake. We are celebrating birthday #3 at our house tomorrow for the big brother. Fun times ahead.

  26. OMG, that “did you see that” face would get her absolutely anything she wanted in my house. Have a fantastic weekend. Christmas Cheer from us to you.

  27. I’m listening to The Nutracker right now! It’s my FAVORITE Christmas music of the whole season. And pruney toes?! Love love love.

  28. Oh my word, i absolutely CANNOT wait to make the teeny tiny donuts for our little Timmy Tinsel! *squee!*

    and i the felt covered lights are just wonderful! <3

  29. Oh my, the family stone rocks! I love, love, love that movie. I was just telling my hubby we need to pull that one out and watch it. Nella’s smile after sucking down her drink is just priceless.

    Happy Holidays!

  30. Family Stone is my absolute favorite Christmas movie of all times! The look on Nellas face is priceless. I too LOVE every detail about Christmas, and continue to enjoy every minute of each day in December!

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever commented her, but I sure do love your blog. Reading it brings me such joy! What beautiful stories you tell.

  32. Enjoy your Nutcracker! We just put ours on here in California – my girlies ballet studio does a full Nutcracker every year. It was especially fabulous this year! There are some pics on my blog.


  33. Have fun at The Nutcracker tomorrow! :)

  34. I LOVE the Family Stone. Watch it every holiday. I cry, I smile, I laugh. And the house! Please, I want it, I want my children and their children to come visit me at Christmas time. xoxo

  35. What is The Family Stone? Never heard of that one. Enjoy the Nutcracker!
    Had one Christmas movie night tonight with girlfriends in jammies and a cookie exchange on sunday – so I’m baking this weekend. Getting ready for our trip home to NY for Christmas!!

  36. Ahh, I would kill to be able to have the creativity and strength you do!


  37. Have soooo much fun at the Nutcracker. Lainey will be enthralled. I cannot wait until Ellie is old enough to go!

  38. Your Christmas energy and enthusiasm is nothing less than INCREDIBLE! Love it. Thanks for sharing all your inspiration with us.

    Enjoy your hot date with Lainey at the Nutcracker! No hot plans for us, but it’s kinda nice to have a quiet one in the leadup to all the festivities.

  39. Oh my…Nella’s ‘post straw drinking’ smile…SO PRECIOUS! Love her!
    And, our hot plans for the weekend? My girl has her 1st ever ballet concert coming up so this weekend is filled to the brim with rehearsals. I feel so full of joy to see my girl doing something she loves & something I’ve grown up doing too :) And to ice the weekend cake…we’re off to our community Christmas Carols Concert tomorrow night…yeeehaah!!
    Happy weekend Hamptons!

  40. I love, love, LOVE Nella’s post sipping smile. Stop the truck that kid is so freaking cute.

    I get the gingerbread shoes completely!

    Love the ornaments. Mamas are the best, aren’t they?

    Happy Saturday : ) Have fun with your littles.

  41. Every post by you I am really loving. There is something about the girls smiles that can instantly lift spirits. Especially Nella’s “I’m proud of myself” face.

  42. Have a fantastic time at The Nutcracker!


  43. I JUST saw the elf donuts on Pinterest too!! Cant wait to make them with the littles in my life. Hope your date to The Nutcracker is amazing!

  44. The “Did you see that smile” is TDF.

    You make me want to be a better mom.

    Thank you.

  45. I’m always à little bit happily surprised to see you acyually have the same moon, at the same time!
    Somehow I must think we’re worlds apart 😮 😉

    It looks like great days for you. Your Christmas tree is amazing!!!! I love it. So american, so beautiful. Disney kind of wonderful :-)

    Yay: lots of hot plans like baking, cleaning, playing Bing Crosby and loving the really great time! But – best and hottest of all – getting in front of the (now get this, ‘cuz you know I’ve envied your fireplace) fireplace!!!! Brand new, bought it yesterday. A beautiful ethanol fireplace that is sooooooo North Pole….. 😀
    Can’t wait.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  46. my fav picture is Nella’s smile after the milkshake. so cute!! i like the new blouse … different & pretty. (:

  47. I love the look of the felt twinkle lights everywhere. I will have to check them out. As always, love the photos…and those elf donuts? Those? They are awesome! :)

  48. love Nella’s face! and the felt lights are awesome. Have fun at the Nutcracker! :)

  49. They are gingerbread shoes! Love it!

  50. Love those PT’s that make it fun!

    Loving this season seen through the eyes of Lainey! Those donuts are a hoot!

  51. oh my goodness that after the straw smiile melted my heart! pure bliss;) love the moon pic…never can take one without a ring around it. hmmmm wonder how you do that?? great goodwill find. for some reason i’m never that lucky. gorg!

  52. Love the shoes!!! Gingerbread shoes rock!! I am going to get me some of those lights!! They scream “sugar plums dancing in their head”!!

  53. Our moon last night(In Tennessee) look just like your moon in Florida. I guess that makes since because we see the same moon.

  54. loved the post, as usual. my christmas card sessions this year involves my traditional peppermint mocha, me (supposed to be alone at the table… but…), and my sick (bronchitis) little almost 2 year old son in my lap. so although i looove the usual alone time that christmas cards give me, this year is so worth the snuggle time with the sick little guy. side note: we keep our sidewalk chalk in our red pail too. :) <3 Nella’s prune toes! Those are some of the best things in life. :) also <3 Lainey in your sunglasses in the photo dump. very stylish!

  55. Pruned baby toes flashed me back to when my kids were little and my husband told them raisins are really baby toes. His proof was to show them their toes after a bath. No surprise, but my kids refused to eat raisins from then on!

  56. Love love love that shirt you scored. Epic. And also the first and second photo in the Friday photo dump. How did you get that Bokah? Oh and I LOVE the third. Ok let’s just say I love all of them :)

    Happy weekend and Merry Christmas… It’s getting colder up here… FINALLY!

  57. I love your blog, and especially the wonderful pictures of your girls. I have also two daughter, and I made a blog for them. I thought maybe your girls will love to coloure too. They are so princessy as mines… :-)


  58. I love your photos – you’re beautiful AND talented! :) I have never heard of or have seen felt lights – they’re perfect & I’m sure easy to make, thanks for the idea! New follower!


  59. Love Elfitty’s donuts – so funny.
    Nella driking from the straw is also way too funny.
    You look beautiful in that black adn white top.

  60. Makin’ a mid day chocolate (birthday) cake at this very moment….for my 8 year old!!! He requested a Tunnel O’ Fudge Cake from the 1950’s…..makes me happy :)

    *You’re so fortunate with your P.T….I’m jeals.

    *You could make the 98% ugly look 100% fabulous, I’m sure! I scored an ecru (or “old lady beige”) crocheted shawl at Goodwill the other day for a DOLLAR!

    *I’ve given up trying to choose my fave from the Friday phone dump….I seriously love them ALL!

    *Lainey surely has a modeling career in her future…..takes after Mama :)

    *The Ballet. What a dream date. We just took the boys and Nora to Willy Wonka last weekend. It wasn’t the Nutcracker, but it was most certainly magical to watch all 3 of their sweet faces. Nora was a perfect angel…swaying and singing, “la la la la” every time the music started. We walked to the civic theater just 2 blocks from our front door….and it was lightly snowing. It will surely go down as one of our favorite holiday memories, for sure!

    Can hardly wait to hear all about your Nutcracker date!!!

  61. I totally loooove the picture where Nella is drinking,her smile is sooooo beautiful!Your daughters are so adorable!

  62. I LOVE the picture of Nella after drinking with the straw! She is the cutest girl in the world! This makes me SO want to have another baby, I have two boys age 17 and 11 :-)

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. So many things to comment on!

    1. I saw those mini donuts on Pinterest and I love that you made them! I can only imagine Lainey’s reaction when they were eaten!

    2. The Gingerbread Shoes — oh my cuteness! I love how she thought those were your “Christmas shoes” and she’s already loving Christmas as much as you are!

    3. Every time I see pictures from Lainey’s imagination class, I wish my “Little C” had a similar class nearby. Even better — I wish there was a class for ME! Even as an adult, I want to jump in the fun through the screen!

    4. You have one awesome Mom! She made that ornament for Lainey, didn’t she? It has cute written written all over it (Well, yes actually it has Lainey written all over it…but you know what I mean! Ha!)

    Happy Holidays! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning with all your festive posts this month! And for that, I Thank You! xoxo

  65. Nella’s “Did you see that smile” made me squeal in delight! Ahh!! Love her!

  66. We had our yearly “Christmas Tree Hunt” today… It involves a freezing cold hay ride to a giant field of trees, selecting and cutting…Home to hot chocolate…good food and family time, cookies and egg nog. And decorated trees. Clumps of ornaments ala 2 and 3 year old (that we couldn’t bring ourselves to move to look “nice” – they were so proud!)

    LOOVE the Nella “after a sip” picture! SOO cute!

  67. taking my big girl to the Nutcracker next weekend too, cannot wait!!

  68. That blouse is one. awesome. find. I’m jealous.
    The end :)

  69. Love Nella’s sucking it all in straw face- and especially the smile afterwards. How cute!

  70. The “did you see that” smile is priceless!!! My MIL goes to Goodwill all the time. She likes to “rescue” Barbies who’ve been mistreated. lol!

  71. The Family Stone is one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies! I actually watch it throughout the year, I love it so! Check out The Holiday…another wonderful Christmas movie! :)My kids have been stuck on Home Alone this year. It is the first year they haven’t been afraid and instead laughed until their sides ached!

    Nella’s face after drinking from a straw is so stinkin’ cute!

    Merry Christmas!!


  72. Aw that Nella gets me every time.
    She it starting to look older now. She must be almost two?! Cute age!

  73. Oh, I so hope I made the Christmas card list! I’m taking my oldest girl to the Nutcracker next week. I haven’t been since I was a wee girl and can’t wait!


  74. I was just re-reading, and loving all the stripes, when I saw the pillowcase on your bed, is that the one Dot made for you? It’s fantastic, like a candy cane!

  75. Hi Kelle

    Instead of the Good Will try Plato’s Closet, this is a neat store introduced to me by my younger sister http://www.platoscloset.com/

  76. Such great pics of your girls and your life…still don’t know how you do it. But I’m so glad you share them with us. Have a great Sunday!

  77. Love, love, lovely!


  78. I think we will decorate our little red wagon “hampton style” and go for a light walk tonight! Thanks for always inspiring!

  79. Love the imagination class photo. Such wonderful colours. And that Smile!!! Oh Nella!

  80. Love that post straw suck face!! Speaking of GoodWill I need to head there soon, I’m thinking I have to have an Ugly Sweater and Eggnog party this year.

  81. you have got to be kidding me with that last pic of your interwined girls <3

  82. I love the name Elfitty! If P Diddy or 50 cent were elves they would totally try to swipe Elfitty’s name.

  83. That blouse – ok. That blouse with you in it, awesome!!

  84. I’m clearly a bad Christian. I feel more in touch with Jesus when I read your blog than with most devotionals or worship songs. The simplicity & peace in your writing takes me back to…HELLO! Enjoying the small things, & that makes me feel some Jesus up in herrrr. You are totes awesome, girl.

  85. The pictures with Nella and her straw was so beautiful, I had to call my husband over to witness.

  86. Ack! LOVE those light covers! I am so getting some!

  87. N’s smile after the straw – priceless!

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. This was my first time seeing your blog and it is just beautiful! Your girls are adorable and you do such an exquisite job of capturing their childlike joy on camera. Thank you for sharing!

  90. i wish we could receive one of your christmas cards! they look so fun and lovely!

  91. I just have to say that your love for your girls is written all over their faces. Their pictures brighten my week.

  92. Hi Kelle,
    I am always so inspired by your photography and zest for life, especially around Christmas time. I live in New Zealand and try to catch up with your blog each day . I wanted to share a couple of ideas/websites with you.
    Firstly a Christmas book advent which has a Christmas book and activity for each day of Advent – such a great idea – http://www.oopseydaisyblog.com/2011/11/christmas-book-advent.html
    And secondly a video message you can make from Santa – http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/home
    Have a great day

  93. Wow, I LOVE these photos!

    You won the $50 gift certificate to Novica.com on my blog. Congrats! Please e-mail me at Princess543@yahoo.com and I’ll send you the code!

  94. There are always at leaaast 10 things I love from each of your posts, today’s include (but not limited to) nella’s toes, lainey’s fashion sense, your new blouse, and what a great mama you are.

  95. Love, love, love the “gingerbread” shoes. What a great imagination. (o:

  96. Love the mini donuts for the elf! My boys would totally flip out if they saw he eat them! What a great idea, and your photos are beautiful!

  97. I pinned the mini elf donuts on Pinterest too, but have yet to make them. Yours turned out wicked cute. Great photos as always. I’m a long time reader, but first time poster – have always enjoyed your blog and your gorgeous girls!

  98. LOVE Nella’s straw sippin’ face and smile. Adorable.

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. Thanks for posting pictures of the little things your girls do that are sooo cute! I’m feeling a little down today and this little reminder has changed my day. I’m going to eat raisin toes tonight!

  101. Love this! Love all your christmas love and your decorations! Reading your blog makes me love even more this time of the year.

    I love how you keep it fun and involve the kids. Lately I’ve seen a lot of blogs where people just talk about how stressful this time of the year is or where they talk about elegant and sophisticated holiday decoration. What? What I love about Christmas is colors, glitter and fun, tradition and ugly old ornaments =)

  102. First things first – that blouse IS amazing and I agree with the 98% ugly at the GW, lol. But, sometimes you score!

    Also, you inspired me to buy some red lipstick this weekend….for the first time EVER.

    I LOVE those bubblewish lights, the pictures of your girls, christmas cards, gingerbread shoes…your entire blog in general. It makes my day evertime I read it. I just love it!

  103. i am new to your blog and wanted to tell you i have really enjoyed looking around tonight

  104. Hey Kelle,

    I’m a college student but have been following your blog because I love your photographs. I also love photography, Christmas, traditions, you name it. Anyway, I thought I would give you the address to my blog that I have started while being abroad in Sweden. Seriously, if you love Christmas, snow, and more Christmas, SO much more Christmas. You have GOT to come to Sweden this time of year! (although, the snow is severely lacking this year, coming from Southern California, I thought my “white Christmas” dream would be far exceeded here, we’ve got nada so far) Plus, all the mammas push their babies in the cutest buggies, and they are all wrapped up in a buggy sleeping bag with a striped hat while the toddlers are dressed in their adorable one piece down suit, striped hat, and rain boots. You unzip the suit, and voila! The kid has their adorable normal clothes on underneath for inside. It’s amazing, really. Everything is cozy and lit up since the sun goes down at 2:45 and comes up at 8:40. Also, decorations are to die for, who doesn’t like little tomtar (something like a forest troll) and mushrooms, and hearts, and cross stitch patterns all in red and white? Anyway, it’s amazing. Here’s the URL:
    Enjoy! Hope you have a holly jolly, warm and cozy, candle lit, hot cocoa, jingle bell Christmas! :)

    -Linnea Hardlund

  105. Ahhh…Nella’s straw face is so adorable. xoxo

  106. My favorite pic has got to be Nella’s face after drinking the straw. So, so adorable!

  107. I think that’s great your considering homeschool, although I know nothing about homeschooling! I just know that I have a 3 year old and 8 month old, and there is so much pressure to send them to school earlier and earlier. VPK to prepare for kindergarten, PK3 to prepare for VPK, etc… We moms at home can teach them so much. Does Lainey go to any type of preschool? My 3 year old goes to a 2 morning a week thing at our church (but I am not a huge playdate mom so this is nice for him to make friends) but I do not like the idea of sending him EVERY SINGLE DAY next year for VPK which is what all our programs here do! I like to know that there are other mom’s out there who also feel like it’s ok to not fall into pressure to send our children earlier and earlier to school everyday while so young. Nice to hear support from other stay at home moms. I’d love to read a post from you about how you specifically prepare Lainey for things and teach things at home that preschool or VPK might teach. Share your ideas, so we who also want to keep them at home longer can all benefit from each other! Thanks! Oh and our elf’s name is Marshmallow.

  108. Kelle you need to feed those girls nourishment – protein, fibre, complex starches, vitamins , calcium, iron. Every time I see a photo of them at the table it is processed junk.

  109. And the “did-you-see-that?” smile that follows. Is by far, the best photo of Nella EVER! So stinking cute the personality in her eyes just shines! All the photos are wonderful, but this one reached off the computer screen and hugged my heart. Thanks for sharing. Do we see an actress in the making??

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Nella’s “Did You See That!? Smile” literally melts my heart! I love her! Cindy Lou Whoo look out!

  112. I’m a little behind on my google reader but the “Nella’s suck-it-down straw face. And the “did-you-see-that?” smile that follows” pictures are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Made me smile on an otherwise just so so day. Thank you!

  113. I love to watch The Family Stone too, but every year I nearly hyperventilate during the dinner scene! Yikes…SJP makes me all sweaty and nervous…Your Christmas celebrations looks so festive and fun!

  114. I’m in love with Nella’s smile

  115. I need need need the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer stamp!!! where or where can I get one

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