Feeling It

Well, hello there.


I started writing this post at 4:39 this afternoon with plans to furiously tap my keyboard, cut and paste some codes and hit publish by dinner. It’s 9:30 10:05 11:50 now. Between then and now, I got distracted–folded laundry, made a quick dinner, took the girls for a night light walk and finally laid in bed sandwiched between two sweet bodies until their chests steadily raised and settled with the peaceful rhythm of deep sleep.


Really though, I went to write several times today but didn’t feel it.


I like the way it feels to write when I’m inspired. I like to clean my house when I’m in the mood–savoring the way hot water suds when it hits lemon oil in a bucket or forcefully scrubbing mad circles on the bathroom tile because, at that moment, the world will not go on unless my knuckles are bleach-burned and that tile is spotless. I love to cook when my kitchen’s clean, dinner music is streaming, my favorite apron is tied around my waist and I’m two wine sips away from calling all my friends and telling them how much I love them. I like to dance when the roof is on fire.

You can’t always wait to feel it though–at least that’s the antithesis that must be stated to add validity. There are things we have to robotically do whether we feel it or not. Pay bills, work, wake up with crying babies, pack diaper bags, put gas in the car.

But to feel it? To act on a flame that ignites and propels us to think, smile, move, dance, sing, love, write, run, breathe deeply–it’s so different. A short burst of inspiration, feeling, passion–it can accomplish more than hours of robotic output. And when you feel it–deeply–the product is undoubtedly more glorious.

My sister and I talked a lot about feeling it this weekend. She called three times the past two days reporting her house was nearing disaster zone but claimed she didn’t feel it yet–the burning urge to clean. And I get it. We laughed, justifying our similar behaviors with the fact that we’d come around and when we did, it would be good. And then we went on–as we always do–analyzing our tendencies, backing up into childhood and what makes us tick. Which is about the point Brett interjects, “Oh God, sister therapy” before he walks away, laughing.

We arrive at the conclusion (justification) that being motivated by feeling it is powerful. It comes with its drawbacks (Sorry Boss, I know that report was due last Tuesday, but I’m not really feeling it yet), but the rewards are mighty.

I find myself feeling that Come Alive-ness more often now. I don’t know if it’s age or experience or perhaps conditioning–seeking out a hit of inspiration wherever and whenever I can find it because I know what it feels like to have it…and I want more of it. It’s why I take walks at night with the girls, throw things in the car for a last-minute sunset, blister myself on a hot glue gun to create something special, wear red lipstick, hang half a million twinkly lights for my girl’s magical night, or close my eyes and almost cry when the first ballerina hits the stage for the Overture on a Nutcracker date with my daughter. I feel inspired.



It was special and we treated it as such. Fancy clothes, a high bun with ribbon, a spritz of shimmer perfume, and a purse to carry her chapstick, a plastic dalmation, two nickels and a penny.


We chose a community production this year, performed at Big Arts, a small theater full of character and nestled between City Hall and the Historical Museum on Sanibel Island, an hour north of us. It was cozy and authentic and perfect for a little girl’s first trip to the ballet.



For all the times I’ve seen the Nutcracker, none was as lovely as this–because I have her now. And another her at home who will someday be big enough to come along.




And if listening to Tchaikovsky and watching lithe ballerinas glide around a Christmas tree doesn’t ignite the Christmas pilot light (ahem–flaming torch), then I don’t know what will.

Maybe sparkly little angel girls holding candles. Be still my Christmas heart.


There. And the rest of the weekend…

A Florida Santa:


A Sunday waffle breakfast:




A short rain that created enticing puddles:



Cookie Stealer:

She loves to use her Sweet Seat as a chair…perfect height to prompt walking. Order by Wed for Christmas delivery.

Night Light Walks:


Big Smiles:

Doesn’t she look like Mama here?

The following call to my sister last night:

Me: “I’ve made too many decisions today. Tell me, please, what do I want to do? Climb in bed and call it a night, or make peanut butter cookies? Seriously, you have to decide for me.”

Sister: “Make the cookies.”

Me: “Good. Thank you.”


And that, my friends, is feeling it.


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Happy, happy week to you all. Popping in tomorrow for some more holiday lovin’.



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  1. I just love you, your family and your blog Kelle!!

    I have been following for quite a while but just recently found out I am pregnant with my first child and now I love your blog even more! Because you inspire me to be a great mother!!

    Love, Maria

  2. Ahh I love the ambiance of the picture of the girls in bed. Something magical about Christmas lights!

  3. Love those last pics of Lainey and Nella sleeping. Nothing sweeter or more peaceful. :)

  4. Hope you all have a wonderful xmas! The girls are so precious sleeping there :)
    Also, can you PLEASE! do a ‘ask me anything post’?

  5. I hear ya on the feeling it! I’m so like that! I’m looking at my house right now…and it looks like a bomb went off…but by 6:30pm Friday night it will all be just as it should! I have 11 ladies arriving for bunco and somehow between everything…taking care of 4 littles, homeschooling one, changing diapers, feeding people…somehow between all of that this house will transform into beautiful and all my decorating will be done and dinner will be made and we will have a fun night! Hugs!

  6. On the 12th day of Christmas my momma friend gave to me ~ a blog that enriches my life daily!!
    12 days ’til Christmas, Kelle!!!

  7. Love how you write even when you’re not ” feeling it”. The pictures make me want to do.something Christmas-y:)

  8. Ah, the conversations of sisters. I used to have my sister decide things for me all the time and I miss it. (She’s been gone for 4 1/2 years now.) But I love the picture of you and Nella together!

  9. I must admit that I have never seen The Nutcracker live. I think I need to do that. Lovely post as usual. :)

  10. I thought it must’ve been a little late! Instagram gives me a sneak preview, but I do love the full length feature best! My sisters and I do sister therapy, I guess nobody else is going to get the unique way your own family works and how it shapes us. But can you imagine Lainey & Nella one day? That’s gotta make you smile. Happy week to you too Kelle

  11. Your night at the Nutcracker looked magical. Great photos!

  12. i have so been going through the not feeling it stage…i needed something to “ignite” my fire and your post spoke to me. tomorrow i will mail the stack of christmas cards and finally clean our bathroom! Lol. thank you :)

  13. I’ve been racing around so much I haven’t had time to read my have blogs. Glad to pop in here to see your little ones nestled in bed…so sweet.

  14. Seriously after I read your blog I am so inspired. I love you have your camera with you everywhere you go. The moments you capture are amazing!! Love love love your words, pictures, and your blog.

  15. Be still my Christmas heart. Oh how I love you and your writing! Merry Christmas dear lady!

  16. I am glad you are feeling it! I enjoy reading your blog so much!! Oh, and the pictures of the girls sleeping are adorable!! Thanks Kelle, once again!

  17. Those Nutcracker photos are stunning! You make me want to try to take my daughter this year, not so sure she can sit quietly enough, we didn’t even make it through the new Winnie the Pooh movie :)

  18. Might there be a Nutcracker performance in the future for your girls!?

  19. I live in an apartment on a college campus in Illinois. I miss my parent’s house because that is home to me… and that is where Christmas is. It doesn’t feel Christmas-y here… but thanks to your words and the pictures you share (and the sounds of Christmas music coming from my puter), it feels more and more like Christmas to me! so thanks :)

  20. amen to sister therapy! and feelin it. i’m glad i’m not the only one who is ok with letting her house go a little to far…cause i know i will eventually WANT to clean it!

  21. The last picture of your girls makes me heart swell, and my pregnancy hormones propel into overdrive. So unbelievably sweet!

  22. Oh those Nutcracker pictures – there is just nothing like taking your daughter to the ballet. Whether it’s the first or the fifth time; I can tell you, it’s still magic. I wish I was feeling it – I am heading back into work today after a six months sabbatical…I gotta say – I am not feeling it! Lou x

  23. I see the resemblance for sure! Who knew one picture could capture so much joy? A pleasure as always.

  24. Your description of Lainey’s purse for the Nutcracker made me tear up a little…I don’t know why! Just too precious. As always, love your beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls!

  25. Awww those Nutcracker pictures made me cry! I love your passion for life and the Holidays :)

    Enjoy your little ones this week!



  26. thanks so much for sharing yourself and your family, I love you all and long to visit the Florida sun.

  27. Sometimes I try to force the creativity instead of just waiting for the right moment or opening myself up to “feeling it”, so I thank you for this reminder. Great post Kelle (per usual)!

  28. Christmas time and the nutcracker? You have some mad holiday lovin skills. Giving away free accessories over here.. nickandkort.blogspot.com


  30. I can’t seem to figure out how to comment on here! Anyway, my friend sent me this site today and I just wanted to share because it’s fantastic. It’s a personalized Santa video, and I can not wait until my little girl wakes up tomorrow and I show her the video that Santa made just for her, and it’s totally free! I think especially Lainey will love it…portablenorthpole.tv

  31. Sleeping kids….beautiful!

  32. Tucking away The Nutcracker for my to do list next year. She’ll be four, and I think she’d love it.
    I love reading your blog for many reasons, once of which is that I also have two girls, around the same ages as Lainey and Nella. It warms my heart to read your stories and to see pictures of them together (and apart). The ones of them snoozin’ in the bed are priceless…

  33. Oh, and you should know that it’s almost midnight, I have to get up at 5:00 for work, but I just finished covering our downstairs with colorful lights. I used to LOVE putting up the lights in my bedroom every year when I was young…such a magical feeling to just lay there with every light off and basking in the glow of Christmas lights. I haven’t done indoor lights for years…thank you for the inspiration! 😉

  34. Oh the Nutcracker…one of my favorites. Although I love all of your photos, the one that has JUST melted my heart is precious girl in her rain puddle! What delight…she is content. I feel ya – I feel it. I know exactly what you mean. I get it. I really do.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! xo

  35. you are such a christmas lover. your kids are very lucky!

  36. Your girls look so precious sound asleep together :)

    Those cookies looked amazing by the way!!

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  38. This year was our second year that we missed our small yet GRAND production of the Nutcracker. A community ballet company performs in our small theatre at the University. It started out 8 years ago when my little man was only 2 and he called it ” I go see Cracker Man”. Nana (my Mama) started the Nutcracker tradition that year and my sister and her little girl joined. Every year our little group grew bigger as little & big friends joined, new little brothers and sisters joined. And each year it become more magical, experiencing it with our littles. I miss the “Cracker Man”. My Mom hasn’t been well…so we brought the Nutcracker to her last year. With Tchaikovsky playing the grandsons wore Nutcracker PJs during our family Christmas and marched into the family room all soldier like with the girls twirling in their white nighties…a magical Christmas gift for a proud Grandma. We were all “feeling it”…yes be still my Christmas heart!
    Thanks for sharing your magic…it always brings back amazing memories for me.
    Happy week to you!!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. ohh don’t sleeping babies bring a warm feel of peacefulness to our hearts? It makes me wanna wish that babies will remain babies forever

  41. Beautiful post – beautiful girls!!

  42. I love love love the sleeping photos. I’m not sure whether it’s because my children are such light sleepers that I’ll probably never have a photo like that of my own or because I’m currently rocking a restless (teething?) baby and I long for sleep myself. Probably the latter, but I adore their snuggly little bodies.

  43. Ballet with Lainey! I know how incredible it is to relive special experiences with your daughter. My daughter would love a ballet! We’d have to find a nice Chanukah story though.. totally feelin’ your post and laughing bout it taking you all night!

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. nutcracker = love. and ellie was staring at the pics of the girls!

  46. Oh my….Nella looks so big in those last sleepy shots!! Where has the time gone?? She’s not the little newborn that I picture her as….even though I read every one of your blog posts LOL!! Your girls are GORGEOUS Kelle! And I love love love the ballet date with your biggest girl! PRECIOUS!!!

  47. Nella is really starting to look like a big girl! Such sweet girls you have.

  48. Your writing is beautiful, your girls even more so. Thank you for sharing! Lainey is looking a little more grown up and Nella definitely has her mama’s smile.

  49. Oh Kelle~those Nutcracker photos are beautiful! Be still my heart. I love ballet & the seven year old ballerina in my life has just informed me that (after a brief respite) she will be returning to her weekly classes.
    Merry Christmas to me!! I get to watch her very talented teacher instruct these little girls how to grow up to be real dancers. I’m so excited!
    Moving on…yes, she does look like her Mama & she’s absolutely beautiful! Happy Tuesday to you!!

  50. I adore the Fl Santa. Haha, the cookie stealer is darn cute!

  51. I teared up big time with all the ballet ideas with little ones. I love the stage my toddler is at, but can’t wait to bring her on big girl dates to the ballet.

  52. I know you get lots of lovely comments like this, but I really love your blog! I’ve been following you since early this year, and I haven’t looked back! There have been many times when I’ve linked to you on my blog; I truly love your outlook on life!

    It’s been a hard year, I’m profoundly deaf and over the last 2 years I’ve lost even more of my hearing, yet I’m only 22; at various points, reading through and gorging on the beautiful pictures on here has really helped. It reminds me that there is so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to. I may be deaf, but it won’t hold me back, and I know that Nella will be just as successful and happy as Lainey is going to be.

    Being “disabled” is no longer a barrier, it can be something to embrace, because you end up connecting with so many more people and living life in a different way because of it. Sure, there are lots of bumps along the way, but they only make you stronger!

    Keep loving those unicorns, and enjoying the small things :) I’ll be back x

  53. There’s nothing like the Nutcracker ballet to ignite the fire! So sweet.

  54. Today I am feeling a long walk with the kiddo’s in a wagon, peppermint flavored hot chocolate with sprinkles, Bing Crosby in the background, dancing in circles until we get dizzy and fall down in a laughing heap, and most of all sticky kisses and hugs from 2 toddlers who are my love and my world. I am content.

  55. That was so nice, I got to enjoy this post with my cup of peppermint coffee…sip and read, perfect! Great way to start the day!

  56. took my son to the nutcracker last year when he was 5… and he loved it… next year it’s the rockettes….for us… How much fun to read your writing…. Love the 2 new sponsors..especially the fun earrings….

  57. Your blog always warms my heart!! Love the sleeping picture of the girls!

  58. Your blog truly inspires me! And makes me want to get my camera out!


  59. Oh the magic of the nutcracker! I remember going with my Mama as a little one to see the magic of it as well! Loved the precious outfit Lainey wore – she is such a cutie pie! I hear you about not always feeling in. I forced myself to make some holiday goodies yesterday and “faking it til you make it” definitely helped this morning when I woke up and my house still smelled of gingerbread deliciousness! Thanks for posting!!

  60. Glad your words finally came together. You do a great job at writing how I feel;) How do you do that? Wish I had a sister to make decisions for me. That’s why I was on one cloud nine that my girls would have each other.

  61. Your comments regarding the “feeling it” feeling reminds me of one my fav sayings:
    “Motivation FOLLOWS action”. Most people think it’s the other way around……but really if you get going on something, the motivation to “dance when the roof is on fire” naturally follows. That being said – I just took on a Decorate Cookies for Santa party project – for NEXT WEEK. Yikes! What was I thinking. I guess if you want something done you give it to a busy person, right?! You should write more about your sister. She sounds awesome! xoxo

  62. I hear you on the ‘feeling it’. My house is a disaster, but I was quite content last night to sit and admire my beautiful tree. Maybe the cup of coffee this morning will inspire. Thanks for your writing Kelle. What a great start to my day!

  63. I love your new tradition of night light walks…what a great idea and the memories that you are creating are pricelss!

  64. Your girls sleeping together is so beautiful!

  65. once again, you capture my feelings perfectly into words. i, too, like to clean and write and run and work when i feel it… even though i do sometimes have to drag myself through the motions… the best are those times when every ounce of me is ready to run/write/etc.

    merry merry Christmas to you, your girls, and your family!

  66. Beautiful photos of sweet babies sleeping in Christmas PJs will just about make anyone’s day!

  67. Thank you for always making me “feel it”!

  68. You had me crying about the ballet & then laughing knowingly about the call to ask your sister to decide for you. :) haha
    I don’t know if you were “feeling it” by the time you finished this post, but I felt it while I was reading. Thank you. :)

  69. The pictures of your babies sleeping together melt my heart. Truly too precious!

  70. Your girls in bed is so sweet! I love it. They look so cuddly!

  71. I can’t wait unti my girls are big enough to go see The Nutcracker!

  72. Reading this is helping me feel it for today. Thank you!

  73. Florida santa looks suspiciously like Australian santa!

    I bawled a little bit reading about your date with Lainey at the ballet. I love that you are nurturing an appreciation for dance in her. I am a little bit biased being a pre-primary ballet teacher, but wide eyed little girls in the audience get me every single time.

    It is a wonderful thing to watch the realization in their face that one day that will be them!

    Also, Nellas baby blues got my bottom lip going again too! I am a hot mess of sentimentalism today and this just tipped me over the edge. Gorgeous!

  74. there’s something about a candle that warms a room…. especially during Christmas.

    … and something about pb cookies that taste so good.

  75. Your girls sure are growing…every time i see a picture of Nella i feel like she has changed a tiny bit!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Sunnie in NC

  76. Love the girlies sleeping together. <3

  77. You have such beautiful words! And a beautiful family.

  78. Oh that chair for Nella is to die for. I remember them from a long time ago. I would give me eye teeth for one. Well, not really but ya know.

    Merry Christmas from Indiana!!

  79. This is exactly how I’v been feeling but was unable to put into words!! Last night instead of cleaning or doing laundry which I definitely wasn’t feeling, I sat and made fabric covered thumbtacks for my mom for Christmas :) And it was a great night!

  80. Your family and you are an inspiration. Seeing the love and joy in all the pictures and post make me excited to see what you write next.

  81. Totally understand the feeling it! Well put, I will be using that in the near future when the dishes are not quite done. :)

  82. Feeling this post.Enjoyed our first trip to the nutcracker this year with a 3 year old.Ahh magical.
    Scents have been important to me this year been spending a bit more time inside so aromatherapy helps a lot!

  83. You make such beautiful memories for you girl, they are truly blessed to have you as a mother.

  84. Love pictures of sleeping little onees! I am starting to get the “feeling” for wrapping lovely christmas gifts!

  85. I have never seen the Nutcracker, but now that I have a daughter, and even more so after reading this post I have to go! What a beautiful memory she’ll have:)

  86. Just bought 4 pairs of those earrings for Christmas gifts! SO lovely! You share such wonderful products, Kelle! Thank you!

  87. Oh my goodness your girls are stunning inside and out–it just shines through. Merry Christmas to all!

  88. Merry Christmas! That little ballet goer and cookie stealer are adorable and I love coming to read your posts—you put me in the christmas spirit!

  89. Oh I LOVE the Nutcracker! I was in the performance at 15 as a solider and russian dancer. Looking forward to taking my own daughter next year perhaps as we are currently in the midst of being two:)

  90. This brings back the memory of taking my son to the Nutcracker and about 10 minutes in he quite loudly asked “when are they going to start talking!!!??” OOPS! I guess I forgot to tell him that part. Got a few chuckles out of the audience. You can tell by the pictures how excited Lainey was – very good memories! Enjoy

  91. I love this post! Never were truer words spoke than the fact that more is done in a few hours of ‘feeling it’ than in robotic mode. The other day I unexpectedly ‘felt’ the desire to organize some random corners of my house, and I got more done then than I have in the past 4 months! Also, that conversation with your sister about deciding what to do, sounds exactly like my sister and I. Love the nutcracker–love all the pictures.

  92. What a great morning treat for me – – loved the latest update. Your blog always makes my heart melt.

  93. Florida Santa cracks me up!!

  94. Your recent posts have been making me really focus on appreciating the holiday spirit. It’s amazing how some twinkle lights, music and some amazing smelling candles can change your mood. Also, I LOVE the photos of the girls all snuggled together. Definitely a “this is it” kind of moment.

  95. My daughter has been obsessed with ballet since she was old enough to know what it was. She has been in the nutcracker as a bunny soldier that fights with the nutcracker, a lamb that dances with marzipan, and this year an angel. The angel was by far the biggest leap for me. Gone is cute and arrived is beautiful and dazzling. It’s one of those painful in it’s beauty transitions. But I am a freak about ballet. The snow scene in our Nutcracker involves flurries of fake snow and always makes me tear up.

  96. Oh the ballet looks amazing! Can’t wait to take my daughter when she’s older.

  97. I love seeing the magic you create with your girls. They are so precious. <3

  98. Love the Ballet pictures!

  99. Dear Kelle ~ I love you, your family and your blog. During the wee hours of the morning I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. While laying there, I got inspired to clean, straighten and maybe do some baking today. This delightful post of yours gave me more inspiration.

    Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas season.


  100. I am feeling it today! Getting a lot done before going to get coffee with a friend!

    As always, love your stories!

  101. I absolutely save your blog for the last on my reader. I just know that I want to read every single word. I never exit without reading all the words, even small ones. I love the way you write. And honestly, I ency your mothering capabilities. I want to do these things with my children and you, YOU, inspire me! I hope you and your family have a Happy Holidays. You guys are awesome!

  102. I crashed last night. Wanted to watch “Water for Elephants”… but instead I crashed! No cookie making going on last night at our house =)

  103. i am glad you posted. i had my baby girl in october (i have 2 boys too) and now i can add the nutcracker to the bucket list of things we will be doing together. Not that the boys wouldn’t want to go too but i have a feeling babygirl will REALLY love it. warms my heart. the other thing i noticed, look at Nella work that fork!!!!

  104. I SO get the “feeling”. Our tree is up and it has some pretty white lights – but no ornaments yet. I was feeling sleep last night instead if trudging (is that a word?) through the bins and decorating the tree. Perhaps tonoght I’ll feel it…??? We’ll see. Um, yes, Nella does look like her Mommy!

  105. I totally get the whole feeling it thing, I mean this weekend I was soooo tired, I went to bed with my little guy every night, by 8 pm. Needless to say I was up and ready for my day at 430, watching some old reruns of friends…

    Christmas really is magical!!

  106. Great pics! I think I want to order the Sweet Seats for my 2 year old Twins. Not sure I am ready to have them give up their High Chairs yet though :) Note to self. I need a Waffle Maker, my twins have only experienced Ego Toaster Waffles ! You are such a great mom, I love it.

  107. I can’t wait to come in to work every morning and open your blog. Thank you so much for sharing about your family. Your daughters are beautiful and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling after reading about your day. My kids are grown and I miss the days you describe so much. :)

  108. I just adore sleeping babies! And I love the Nutcracker! I love the ballet period! My 3 older girls were in the local First Baptist’s annual Christmas production this weekend and they did an awesome job!!!!! Watching my girls dance does something to me…..

  109. It stinks when the ‘feeling it’ desire doesn’t happen when I should be studying for exams and writing papers. I just have to get past the not feeling it and make myself feel it.

  110. I love your blog Kelly but I am absolutely exhausted when I finish it! Where in the world do you get all your energy? You are always busy, busy, busy! All of your pictures are beautiful – especially your little angels sleeping together! Merry Christmas to y’all!

  111. You’re sister made the right choice. Yummy Peanut Butter cookies. Thanks for sharing your Florida Holiday.

  112. Lainey looked LOVELY for the Nutcracker! What a magical evening you must have had. Love you babies sleeping.

  113. My fiance is learning about my “feel it” cleaning approach. I have also embraced the “feel it” approach when it comes to writing my dissertation for school… when I am not feeling it, I usually end up re-writing everything later. I have learned to use the non “feel it” times to do something else. There is a magic in the “feel it” moments. I will wait for those.

    I love your ballet date with your daughter. So cute!

  114. Those buttons earrings are the cutest. Makes me wish I was more of an earring kinda gal!

  115. I am really needing to feel the motivation soon! I saw the Nutcracker with my mom on Friday night- it was spectacular and of course I wanted to speed up time so that I could finally take Ivy. Can not wait.


  116. LOVED the post!! I thought I was the only mom who needed to “feel” it before setting into anything. I rock doing laundry when the mood is right. The dirt in the house doesn’t stand when I rock it. Thank you for being “feeling” when you wrote this post!!

  117. Having a hard time feeling Christmas this year. Working retail just sucks the Christmas spirit out of a person. Why do customers have to be so mean??

  118. Nothing in the world beats sleeping babes…except maybe sleeping babes in Christmas PJs!

  119. Making cookies in the day with kids..absolutely wonderful but sometimes cookies at night all by myself…delightful!!! Cookies always come before sleep.

  120. I have been there for the “feeling it” moments. I believe they do come with age. Hope you have many many more “feeling it” moments.

  121. Good decision-making on the cookies vs. bed choice. I’ve had several of those lately, as well! Last weekend, we made the decision to travel back to Kentucky for Christmas, after we had already told our family we were staying in Florida. We haven’t been back since our twin girls and special needs arrived in our lives. I am looking forward to having a magical Christmas again, and maybe even a white one! Although, the cold weather might be a shock to the system. Love your blog- even when you aren’t feelin’ it. :)

  122. I didn’t feel like baking this year and frankly thought nobody cared. Until my son asked me if I was going to bake. I stated I would probably buy the cookies from the bakery this year. He had a sad look on his face and announced “they won’t taste as good as yours”. Hence, I went out to buy the ingredients.

  123. I am addicted to your sweet blog! You are exactly the type of Mama I want to be one day. Love the pictures of the Nutcracker too, what a treat!

  124. Don’t you just love having a sister you can call and have someone to justify all of your bad habits with? Bless sisters!

  125. Oh, the sleeping-kidlet-with-arm-thrown-up-over-head pose kills me every time. I don’t know what it is about that.

  126. What a fun trip for you little to get to see the nutcracker!!

  127. There is nothing more precious in life than a sleeping child! I love, love, love your pics of the girls sleeping- I sneak into my boys rooms every night to see their sweet little lips and chests rising and falling- makes me melt every night:)

  128. I have such wonderful memories of seeing The Nutcracker as a little girl. I have yet to gift my daughter with the same and you have inspired me to do so.

  129. ahhhhhhh……..love glitter spray myself!

  130. I love how in every photo of you with your girls, every. single. photo, you are looking at them with *that* face. A face full of such love.
    Momma love.
    I hope it’s that apparent in photos I take with my girls.


  131. Bring on the woodland spirit! I’m game.

  132. We’ve been getting into the holiday season hard-core as well! It’s amazing how certain scents: pine, warm cookies, peppermint… can make a holiday feel so right. Thanks for the great post!

  133. I think I would miss the snow if I ever moved farther south than the Midwest, but the idea of puddle-jumping in December is pretty appealing! Your pictures are brightening a tough day at work, so thank you.

  134. I just adore the Nutcracker. Even though I don’t have a darling little girl to watch in awe of the ballerinas. Perhaps it is because I had that dream once. To pounce across the stage, toes pointed. I took ballet from the time I was 3 until I was 18. I would love to watch a daughter learn the same techniques I practiced year after year. But I think I’ll like dirty soccer cleats and Tonka trucks just as much. Graceful in their own way, I guess 😉

    Your girls look gorgeous, as always.

  135. Thanks for heloping me “feel” Christmas a little more. I’m shooting for New Year’s, which I am hoping brings great things after a rough patch :-)

  136. I’ve never seen the Nutcracker. I’d love to someday.

  137. I’m taking my girl to see The Nutcracker this weekend. She won’t be 3 for another month and everyone thinks it’s a horrible idea to take her at this age. I hope they are all wrong!!! She’s seen Disney on Ice and loved it, so here’s hoping! If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just have to keep trying :)

  138. I love your relationship with your sister. I love how close you are despite the miles.

    Also… Bless you for squeezing into bed next to your girls. I hadn’t co-slept since mine were itty bitty until a week ago. Holy smokes. Little people can sure take up a LOT of space! Lol

  139. I LOVE the pictures of your little ones sleeping in bed together. What could be more precious. :)

  140. Loving the picture of Nella and you with that big ole smile 😀

  141. Lainey looks absolutely adorable in her nutcracker outfit! Hope you guys had fun!


  142. Lovely post. I like the term “sister therapy”. The kids are so big, Nella is getting so tall.

  143. Thank you for helping me realize to slow down and enjoy the smaller things

  144. Ah I <3 the Florida Santa!!

  145. The ballet looked divine! What a great tradition.

  146. What beautiful girls you have! Thank you for continuing to share them with us through your gorgeous photos! Merry Christmas to you!

  147. I love the feeling of “feeling it.” If only I was feeling it right now and would whip my house into a clean Christmas-y haven… :)

  148. I never let my two little girls sleep with me… mostly because I know I don’t sleep as well.

    … but those pictures of your girls in that big bed made me realize it’s something I must do.

    Tonight, we will have a sleepover.


  149. Sisters are the best aren’t they?? Love the pics of the girls sleeping in their cute jammies!

  150. I wish very often–in fact almost every day–that I could do things always and only when I am “feeling it” because the sense of really living is so much more full and rich when you accomplish those things you were “feeling.” I am so glad you wrote about this because now I am starting to “feel it” and as soon as I finish commenting my house will “feel it” too! :)

    P.S. Your girls are beautiful.

  151. The pictures of the girls sleeping has got to be the sweetest thing ever! Melt my heart!

  152. The ballet looks wonderful! I bet it was an amazing first experience for a little girl! Love the button earrings as well!

  153. I “get” that need for the feeling. It’s like your little flicker of life light becomes a blow torch. Yes, it’s the one that made me stay up for 5 nights crafting the most amazing 1980’s cake for my dearest friend. It’s the one that made me sew last night until 1am.

    So glad that you got to take the girl to the local Nutcracker production. Alex and I are going this weekend – and meeting the dancers before hand. My tail is already wagging in anticipation.

    “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”


  154. love those sleeping munchkins! too sweet! :0)

  155. I’ve gotta keep asking – please give us some photography tips :)
    that is all. thank you :)

  156. i can not wait to take my little girl to the nutcracker in a few years!

  157. Kellee, I have to tell you that as much as you love the time at the ballet with Lainey – she is going to remember these special days for the rest of her life. My mother would take me a couple of times a year on “Cindy & Mom” days. We’d go to the museums or my favorite, the ballet. We saw The Nutcracker, Romeo & Juliet and so many more. I remember those dates as vividly as if they were yesterday, not 30 years ago. I will cherish those dates forever. You are creating wonderful, wonderful memories for you and Lainey.

  158. I so love you! Your words and pictures are magical. You made my morning again.

  159. Christmas jammies, warm girls sleeping, and candles are enough to get me in the spirit!

  160. Nella DOES look like Mama. :) Beautiful family.

  161. I have figured out what you and I have in common… we want life to be magical. We can’t control life beyond our frontdoor, but we can bring magic into our homes.

  162. Oh how many times do I want to tell my boss I’m just not “feeling it”….too many. And sometimes by the looks of my house, I am obviously not feeling it there either. :)
    I took my 3 yo daughter to the Nutcracker two weeks ago. It’s hard to watch when your eyes are full of tears as you watch your sweet child take it all in.

  163. I almost can’t handle the cuteness of Nella’s little expression as she’s sitting in the Sweet Chair!! Precious!

  164. An excellent video I thought I would share with you. My friend’s brother has Down Syndrome, and this is his testimony at church. Really well made and a great picture of his life as an adult with Down Syndrome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbvhTlhse9k&feature=share&noredirect=1

  165. Awesome as always!!

  166. I love those mother-daughter dates!! My mom and I got to go see The Sound of Music a little while ago!! It was great!!!

    Oh, and I would have told you to make the cookies too!!!!


  167. Those are some sweet girls! The ballet looked amazing.

  168. I squealed when I came to your site & found a new post. Squealed. Like a school girl. Your blog is like crack. It’s bad. But oh-so-good.

  169. Florida Santa is hilarious! And I love the personalized candles. Good gifts for the grandparents!

  170. Love this blog and the inspiration behind it your family!

  171. Nothing says Holiday tradition like a mom and daughter trip to the Nutcracker.

  172. “sister therapy”…makes me miss my sister. I really should give her a call. We used to be so close…

  173. Oh my! The photos of Lainey in front of the tree at the ballet…seriously she is so beautiful…just like her mommy! Another lovely post. Thanks so much!
    PS You’re not missing much in Michigan…no snow on the ground here…just cold. :)

  174. I’ve alllllways wanted to see The Nutcracker. Maybe it won’t happen until I have a little girl to take, but it will happen some day!

  175. I love, love, love the pictures of the girls sleeping. Nothing in the world is more peaceful that that.
    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m so happy that I did. It is so apply named and I can’t wait to read each.and.every.post. You inspire me to enjoy the little things and to never forget that they grow up SO FAST!
    Thank you for making me want to be a better mom.

  176. the girls look like they are loving every minute!

  177. Sister therapy….hahahaha! This makes me laugh, because there’s nothing like a phone conversation with one of my sisters to lighten a mood or enlighten a mind. And it always makes us poop, too. Laughing is the best laxative.

    *Because you “have her”, and you have “another her at home”…..serious lumps in my throat and tears to go with.

    *Buttons are some of my FAVORITE THINGS! Especially the ones from my Great Grandma’s collection!

    *YES, Nella looks like her Mama! Wow!

    *JUST got the recipe for peanut butter/chocolate kiss cookies from my sister THIS MORNING….minutes before reading your post :)

    Have a blessed day,

  178. “I’ve made too many decisions today.” EXACTLY! I feel that way so, so often by about 8pm… just, someone else decide for me, PLEASE! :)

  179. I love taking pics of my sweet lil ones sleeping too…such a peaceful moment.

  180. You and your sister remind me of me and my sister. We often talk on the phone 3 or 4 times a day and ponder lifes questions. We remember our chidhood and try to figure out why we do what we do today. We talk about how to live in the moment, how to get and keep that fire and passions going throughout the day. Many times all we do is laugh. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I think your kids are angels. Thank you for sharing your lifes journey with us.

    P.S I also miss Michigan winters. My husband grew up in Mi and I in Windsor Ontario. We now live in Florida.

  181. Love the pics of the girls asleep together. So sweet. And sister therapy is the best form there is!!!

  182. My girl and I are going to the Nutcracker this weekend– her first time, too!

    And your posts always make me want to go find a sister for her! :)

  183. I always hug my children a bit tighter after reading your blog. OH, you bring such truth and comfort and inspiration to our lives.

  184. I know what you mean about feeling it … I just posted today about being in a funk and not in the Christmas spirit until this past weekend. We decorated, my girl’s eyes lit up, and there it was. I’m now feeling it. :)

  185. She does look like you! I promise I thought that BEFORE I even scrolled down to see that you wrote that under the pic.

  186. I love that you called your sister to make that decision for you!

  187. I love your holiday cheer — it reminds me to suck the marrow out of this wonderful time of year! My husband, however, could do without the christmas carols at the top of my lungs!

  188. I SO need to feel cleaning my house….but instead Im feeling making fun things for a special 1yr. olds Circus party <3<3

    The Nutcracker looked soso perfect!

  189. The pictures of your sleeping little angels make me smile. I have been known to sneak in and take pictures of mine when they are sleeping as well. My hubby always seems to take a big breath if he knows I’m going to do it…I think he is just waiting for them to wake up. What?! I mute the camera first. :)

  190. The Babies>. OH those babies.. change them to boys and it looks like my bed (I sure would love to add a little girl to my brood!) Merry Christmas to you and yours.. I love this time of year.

  191. The Babies>. OH those babies.. change them to boys and it looks like my bed (I sure would love to add a little girl to my brood!) Merry Christmas to you and yours.. I love this time of year.

  192. Loving your blog…. and your Christmas spirit! :)

  193. Oh, I love the candle idea. Is the photo on the outside, though? I’d hate to see my little cherubs faces turned into molten drippy charcoaly ooze. Surely the’re on the outside! Duh. Anyway, they would be a perfect gift for my MIL whose birthday is at Thanksgiving. I wonder if I could get a picture of *ALL* the grandkids.

  194. Precious Precious post. Love the pictures and the spirit. You are supermom!

  195. Ah … the smell of the woodlands! Yum-a-licious!

  196. The pictures of the girls sleeping are precious! Thank you for brightening up my morning :)

  197. Love the pictures of Lainey at the Nutcracker…what a special time!

  198. I WAIT for your posts every day! Each one is beautiful…the photos, the words – perfect!!

    PLEASE tell me that you print your blog into a book each year? And if you do – what site/program do you use? I’m having a terrible time finding one that will include my photos on a large scale, instead of little thumbnails.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  199. “Sparkly little angel girls holding candles,” so magical! I wish I had thought to take my older daughter to see the Nutcracker this year, but we missed it. There’s always next year. And your waffles look absolutely scrumptious!

  200. your sleeping girls are just precious! you should write a post sometime on how that works for you… i would have loved to do that with my boy, but he seemed to hate it from the start, so he went to his crib on night 4 (with many visits from me to nurse). :)

  201. I have always wanted to go to the Nutcracker… but have never been. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! Your blog is AWESOME.

  202. You are incredible. Dont know how you do it all. I so agree with you about wanting to do things when youre inspired. It hard to get in the mood of things sometimes though. Your posts always make me think more and truly inspire me. Thank you.

  203. Your words are magical, every sadness fly away while reading your blog!

  204. Nella’s big smile is just like her Mama’s! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  205. I love that you dive right in and let your kids make messes (Nella and the puddles!). I need to do that more often. Hugs!

  206. I still remember my first visit to the nutcracker with my mom around Lainy’s age. It was magical and I remember getting all dressed up and the girls day we enjoyed.

  207. Love this post…you just ignited my christmas pilot light!! You string your words together like Christmas lights…love reading your posts!! And those girls of yours all curled up sleeping…what blessings!!

    Tina J

  208. Sister therapy is the best! My sister and I are the same. Love the pictures of the sleeping girls, so peaceful.

  209. I got tingles when I read this post – oh my heavens do I get you!

  210. lovely post, as usual. and the last two photos are the epitome of Christmas feeling.

  211. The last pictures of your sweet girls sleeping together screams (silently, of course)…”the children were nestled, all safe in their beds, while visions of sugarplums, danced in their heads…”

  212. Love the picture of you and Nella smiling huge smiles. So cute.

  213. I love your blog.

  214. I read your blog all the time for photos and inspiration. My younger sister has ds but I’m only 2 years older, so I don’t quite remember her baby stages. Nella is so beautiful and amazing to watch grow!

  215. How awesome, I went to see the Nutcracker this weekend as well! I am 24 years old and it was my first time to see it, but one of the things that touched me the most was seeing the mother-daughter combos just like yours, dressed beautifully, enjoying an afternoon together at the ballet. Congrats on beautiful memories made. :-)

  216. Your daughters are blessed to have a mom that makes such wonderful memories that they can hold on to forever! :-)

  217. Beautiful post, as always. But I have to ask…is that teddy bear wearing red satin panties?!

  218. Those sweet babies sleeping in bed with their holiday jammies & lights above them is too much for me. Sweetness overload!

  219. The girls looked so angelic sleeping!
    Waiting to really “feel it” so I can resume cooking Christmas goodies . . .

  220. My new baby girl is 6 weeks old and I’m already looking forward to the day I can bring her to ballets and have tea parties and let her wear my makeup and perfume :) such fun! Merry Christmas!

  221. I love to cook while listening to music, drinking wine…I totally feel ya! Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  222. I am new to your blog–can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I love you, love your story, love seeing all the Florida scenery (we lived in Ft. Myers for three years). Thank you for your wonderful words and pictures!

  223. It looks like you’re enjoying the holiday season!

  224. Love little Nella eating her cookie. I’ll be glad when Jesenia branches out and attempts more food than just yogurt, honey nut cheerios and veggie sticks. :)

    Have a great day!

  225. Oh Kelle, you truly get right to the heart of everything don’t you? It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to have kids someday, and use your blog as a little guide, but also to always create my own traditions with them, make them feel special and beautiful, capture their moments and just be really, really THERE. You’re an inspiration to a 23 year old blogger. That’s for sure! XOXO – Jenna The Paleo Project

  226. I just bought a personalized candle but who couldn’t use a $20 gift card? :-)

  227. the pictures of your sleeping girls make me melt! so precious!

  228. This comment has been removed by the author.

  229. Enjoy those moments snuggled between sleeping littles. My boys are growing up so fast, and those moments are fewer and farther between.

  230. Is that Gingerbread man wearing a speedo? Is that part of the Florida Christmas? :)

  231. I know exactly what you mean about feeling it. I love doing things when I’m feeling it. If only I could program myself to feel it when i need to

  232. Taking my girlie to The Nutcracker is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, am so glad Lainey enjoyed it!

  233. I remember meeting you at Carin’s house one afternoon/evening..they lived in Flint at the time and you were staying with them. I had either just moved to Flushing or was visiting. You and Carin teased me about a boy in the youthgroup I had a crush on and the way you two interacted reminded me of my sister and I. Best friends. I have been reading you blog since right after Lainey was born. I found it when reading Carin’s. It has been so fun to watch you and your little one’s grow. :) You are so fun. Inspiring. Just Awesome. :)

  234. I am such a sucker for scented candles! And your little family.

  235. Nella definitely looks like you in that picture! And I’m thinkin I just might need to feel me some peanut butter cookies too :)

  236. Everyone else has said it, but those sleeping pictures of the girls with the Christmas lights embody the Christmas spirit…love!

  237. Isn’t sleep amazing? Those two girlies look so utterly adorable together. As I type, thousands of miles away across the pond, I’m snuggling my own sweet, sick boy wishing he would drift off to sleep.

    Thank you for your blog. I love it and have taken you and your girls to my heart. Wishing you a very happy Christmas x

  238. What fabulous holiday memories you are creating!

  239. Sleeping babes are my favorite. Merry Christmas Hamptons.

  240. I love your blog – you have such a way to inspire. :) Thank you.

    And I gotta comment – is the bear/gingerbread man between the girls in some sexy satin panties????

  241. My step-mom works for an Arts magnet school at elementary level. Every year she is a big part in creating their own Nutcracker. The cafeteria and crowded and the A/C is old, but it is magical. It’s a tradition I’d like to keep every year.

  242. i need some flannel christmas pajamas!

  243. I call my sister for random thoughts and random inspirations too. Gotta love having a sis!

  244. Merry Christmas! I look forward to checking in every day and seeing if a new post is up :)

  245. Lainey looks like she loved the ballet.
    And she looked so fancy, too.
    Love that look on
    Nella’s face when sitting at the table with her waffle. She’s a cutie.

  246. Love the picture of her in the sweet seat! AND you made the right decision with the cookies. Wish I had some. :)

  247. beautiful post…beautiful girls!!

  248. Can your girls get any cuter?! I love the earrings & bobby pins & am trying to decide which ones I want (well, I WANT all of them)! :)

  249. Ahhh. My Mom always took us to the Nutcracker when we were little. I loved it, so I took my hubby to it when we were first married. He laughed through the whole thing! Such a party crasher! Guess I’ll have to find some friends to go with sometime.

  250. Oh my that made me want to see the ballet. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a show like that. Those candles are precious. I would love to win one.

  251. Lovely photo of Lainey before the ballet in front of the Christmas tree. I’m sure she’ll treasure it when she’s all grown up!!

  252. Thank you for inspiring me continually to strive to be the best mother I can. I know the need to have to “feel it”, it’s hard to fake it and I always feel like whatever I force when I’m not “feeling it” is total crap anyway!


  253. I hope I can make the memories for my children that you do:)

  254. beautiful, beautiful post
    written by the heart with love


  255. Love all your pictures of the girls. Wishing your family Christmas blessings.

  256. You reminded me to find a high school or similar production of the Nutcracker to take my 3-year-old to this year!

  257. ~*Sooo feeling it here!*~ We’re in the midst of making a small gift for each household on our street. We printed out the coolest little tags that say, “Christmas Treats for L…. Street”. Tomorrow we finish up the treats and get them delivered this week sometime! We’ll pull the wagon around along the street making some deliveries!

  258. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that struggles with a lag in inspiration at times! Sometimes we push through the motions to reach the shore of “feeling it”. Thanks, Kelle!

  259. Holidays are certainly more cheery with your blog adding to the merry. Love to you and yours!

    Oh and add your lipstick to the FAQs! HA!

  260. Still so fabulous!! All kinds of love and holiday cheer from one ballerina to another!

  261. Yay for Big Arts!!! They have such great art in all forms. This will be my first Christmas not on Sanibel with my parents and sister and her family. I thought I’d enjoy being home (in Austin) and not traveling but after reading this post I’m feeling kind of sad/nostalgic and wishing we were going to be there for a few days. I don’t usually write comments on blogs but since I’m here I wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your posts. I also pinched your reindeer food bar idea for a holiday party tonight. It was a total hit! Hope you dont mind :-)

  262. This post brought back a lot of memories… one in particular from grade school, we went to see the nutcracker and my Mom came along, and afterwards she bought me a sparkly nutcracker pin… that I still have to this day :)

    Thank you helping me feel Christmas a bit more.

    And those two precious angels, nothing is more warming than watching your children sleep next to you.

    Happy Holidays Kelle

  263. I would have went with the cookies too!

  264. I love those personalized candles, I think personal gifts are the best kind of gifts :) I love your blog!

  265. Gorgeous photos of your life – as usual!
    The girls in bed, sleeping side by side and the ballet?!!! Oh, my gosh!

    Thanks for sharing!

    And, yes, she does look like her mama 😀

  266. I look forward to your posts so much. They give me a little bit of hope that Christmas spirit is there…somewhere.

  267. First time commenting Kelle! I love your blog, your zest for life, your ideas, your love for all things kids! We have four kids, three girls and a boy, and we often get inspired by your ideas. Your writing is also so very impressive. You just get it, and to the point. Thanks for being a shining light out there!

    All the way from the great white north we call Canada!

  268. Be still my heart – I cannot wait to take Ella to see the Nutcracker. She’s just turned 3 and would not sit through it yet. We did catch a version on PBS that used pieces of the London(?) ballet while cutting back to a house of children dressed in ballet costumes who were also watching it. They taught the kids how to do many of the ballet moves and the names for them. She was fascinated for about 40 minutes and then moved on (hence why I know she won’t sit through the real thing yet… right?)
    What a wonderful experience for your girl!

    And thanks for the Christmas gift ideas. I needed gifts for my girlfriends and can’t wait to surf one delightful button and the soy candles. Yippee!

  269. we had sunday waffles too! best way to start the day – for sure.

  270. Your girl looks adorable-all dressed up to go to the ballet. And I love the picture of your little cookie stealer. Your girls are just so cute! :)

  271. Ok I know I am late with my response but I am sooo jealous that you have two little girls to see the Nutcracker with. I have two boys and I dream of seeing The Nutcracker with my little girl. I guess I will have to wait until I get a granddaughter. It looked like Laniey had a great time watching it! :0)

  272. kelle, you are certainly not missing any winter weather up here in michigan for sure!!! it has been warm (in the 40s) this week and rainy…we had a little snow last week (or was it the week before?) but right now it looks like march outside!

  273. I love the last photo, I have twin girls due any moment and I sometimes worry that I will miss those sleeping child poses with my first daughter. I can’t wait to have a picture with all them asleep like this.

  274. I swear you have the energy of three women! You amaze me with all of the crafty things and excursions you do with your girls.

  275. awwww nella’s onesie! I LOVE ONESIES!

  276. Ahhh, this!! “I love to cook when my kitchen’s clean, dinner music is streaming, my favorite apron is tied around my waist and I’m two wine sips away from calling all my friends and telling them how much I love them.”

    Me too. I haven’t been feeling it lately, at all, but this post made me smile and remember what “it” feels like :)

  277. Nothing more peaceful (after an extremely busy day) than two beautiful babies sleeping between a teddy! Hugs to you and your Kelle!

  278. Amazing how you come up with such a fantastic post even whenyou claim you’re not “feeling it”. Sometimes the “feel” comes once you make yourself embark on it though, doesn’t it? Like when the lemony scent of the bleach hits you and you suddenly feel like you can take on all the grime in the kitchen. Or like how it clearly hit you as you were writing this blog, albeit at 11:50pm.

  279. You are adorable and so inspiring! I haven’t been feeling it lately but I think I have a few ideas of how to get into the feel it mood :) I will be cancelling doctors appointments tomorrow and just hanging out with my sweet little man, and I’m going to decorate even more for Christmas even though we leave on Monday, just because I can :) And I’m thinking some thrifting, there, that ought to do it.

  280. I love the bed photos, is there anything more preciuos than sleeping angels?

  281. Oh wow. Love the sleeping pics.

    You can just see the sugarplums dancing in their heads.

  282. The magic of the Nutcracker has stayed alive for us, even though my chickadee is turning 19. I will always hold dear her four year old little wave to the dancers when they waved to the audience.
    This year she gets a little hand-cranked nutcracker music box.

  283. ok, so many comments on here don’t know if you will see mine or not…however your Nutcracker pictures are incredible!! I have a little ballerina, who has been performing in the Nutcracker for the past 2 years and i have NEVER gotten pictures as good as yours…if you wouldnt mind telling me….would you please share what settings you have your camera on to get those incrediblle pics? I have a canon dslr that i’m learning on…also what lens did you use? thank you so much!! love your blog!

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