Party at the North Pole


It was magical. More than I ever could have imagined. I cried last night watching all these wide-eyed little girls take it all in, and then I cried all over again this morning looking back at it all. Because I’m kind of a crier…and I’m okay with it.

It really felt like the North Pole.



I took a few pictures during the day before the girls got there…




…but the magic unfolded about a billion fold once the stars came out.


And then little girls, dressed in their jammies, began to arrive and the rest was history.
It all started with the Reindeer Food Bar–a buffet of reindeer treats for the girls to choose from to make their own special blends for Christmas Eve (a tradition–you sprinkle it in your driveway Christmas Eve to lure the reindeer, and then they have something to munch on while Santa’s in your house). Oats and raisins, bread crumbs and cocoa…and special ingredients like glitter and flying powder.




And then a letter from Santa. He told the girls he had lost some things in our neighborhood and needed some help finding them.


The girls were happy to help, eagerly assembling into a long train. They set out with flashlights, scouring trees and lawns and sidewalks for Santa’s cocoa mug, his pocketwatch, Rudolf’s collar, Mrs. Clause’s cookie sprinkles and a long list of other lost goods. Santa’s so irresponsible.




Found his cocoa mug!


And that pocketwatch.


Somewhere between the end of our driveway and the first lost treasure, the crowd errupted into excited squeals. They spotted an elf, running fast across the street, diving into bushes with a jingle. My cheeks were aching–I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t stand it. I wasn’t sure how the elf would go over–there was the small chance of the Traumatic Christmas Party Bust of 2012 that sent kids screaming and crying back home–but I couldn’t have asked for a better response. They went bananas–the lose-your-breath kind. They smiled, they pointed, they excitedly screamed. I teared up when I saw one of the girls run, beaming, to her mom. “I saw him! I saw him! I saw a real elf! I really did.” I knew they’d probably never forget that moment. We never saw that elf’s face, but he was with us, zig-zagging quickly a couple driveways ahead and suddenly disappearing.


We returned home for milk & cookies.









There was music playing, mamas smiling, little girls trading cookies, and the entire time, I kept thinking…today is absolutely my favorite day.








It’s not a Christmas party until someone reads “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…” (thank you, Dad, for adding so much magic to our party).




And the girls each brought a gift to exchange.




Party favors: Homemade Pillow Spray. I found several recipes online and ended up using water, 12-15 drops each of Spearmint (I liked it better than the peppermint) and Eucalyptus essential oils and a tiny bit of alcohol (vodka works) to keep the water and oil from separating. I found the spritzer bottles in the travel sized toiletries at Walmart.

We finished the night shimmying and shakin’ our groove thang to Christmas carols in the driveway. Past our bedtime, just the way it’s supposed to go.

I’ve been smiling ever since.


“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” ~Albert Einstein

Friday Photo Dump:



Chris Schuette CD winners:

#33, Alisha: Oh man, those kissy sisters are too cute! What gorgeous little ladies. I love love love the photos.

#221, Melissa: Never, ever, ever enough kisses in a home. Way to go Hamptons…kiss away, kiss away, kiss away all!

#4, Courtney: Aw, I love that you commented about loving that picture so much your heart hurts. I tell my lidos tht as I’m rocking them to bed some nights . . .’i love you all the way to the moon and back 600 million times, I love you do much my heart hurts so good with love’.

#181, Meredith: Love the bit about the eggs and red glitter…so my world right now!!

#71, Jen: Maybe I’m immature, but your comment when Nella was showing Laynie her food made me laugh out loud. They are SO cute

#267, Sara: Love your blog; have been distracted with life and haven’t read in a while! So refreshing to be back! Love the “sea food” pic :)

#153, Kathleen: Reading your blog makes me want to live in Florida. Thanks for sharing.

#11, Katy: This post made me laugh. Thank you it was very much needed today. Love the pictures. :)

#241, Susan: What a special treat to be able to savor those moments with your girls! I also love to find new musicians. Thanks!

#43, Michelle: How cute! I love Florida in winter for the simple fact that days like that can still happen. Nothing beats a cold beach day playing in the sand. And the kissing pictures are the cutest!!

Congratulations, Winners. Please e-mail your contact info with subject CD GIVEAWAY WINNER to


Returning sponsor, Every Scrap Countz (maker of those adorable crocheted headbands) has something new in her shop, and we are loving it, especially since it comes at an appropriate time when our temperatures are finally dropping enough to allow cute head wear.

Enter the owl hat.


Lord have mercy, I love my girls in hats, and this one is especially lovely with its colors, its braided ties and those cute pointy ears.


Use Code KELLE for 15% off, and one comment will be randomly selected from this post to win a free owl hat, courtesy of Every Scrap Countz.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

ADDENDUM: Party Details if you’d like to recreate some magic.

InviteI designed it and had it printed at WHCC. Girls were asked to bring a flashlight and a $10 gift to exchange.

Milk Bottles–Starbucks Bottled Coffee drinks like this one. Available at grocery stores. I just saved the bottles, removed labels (use a little Goof Off), and washed.

Retro Straws–my favorite Etsy party novelty shop, Hey Yo Yo. I order stuff from them for all my parties. Their shop is loaded with inexpensive adorable retro treats.

Christmas Baker’s Twine–It’s actually fine yarn. You can get a huge skein at Joanns that will last for 10 years.

Red labels on Milk Bottles and Reindeer Food Jars: THESE ONES from Martha Stewart Crafts (available at Michaels and Joanns).

Invite, Signs and Food Tags–I designed and printed myself. If anyone can tell me how to share printables and where to put them, I’d be happy to share.

Party Favors–Pillow Mist made with travel size mister bottles I bought at Walmart (in trial sized toiletry section). I mixed water with 10 drops each of spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils, plus about a teaspoon of vodka (to keep the water and oil from separating). I also found peppermint lipgloss in Target dollar section.

Peppermint “Red Carpet” leading into house–one roll of Christmas wrapping paper, secured to cement with duct tape

Christmas decor–Small Christmas village trees (I got mine for 79 cents a piece at Walmart), tealights, wood slabs (Brett cut from a fallen branch), a bag of fake snow, leftover white “fur” fabric from Lainey’s ballet recital costume, paper snowflakes we cut out ourselves (free!). The rest was pulled from Christmas decorations in our attic.

Santa Hats–Oriental Trading.

Reindeer Food–We used disposable bread tins, measuring cups and the following choices: oats, raisins, bread crumbs, crushed potato chips, cocoa, flying powder (flour), red and silver glitter. The girls created their concoctions in Ball jam jars.

Scavenger Hunt–Santa left the following things along a path in our neighborhood: his sleigh key, a cocoa cup, Rudolf’s collar, Mrs. Clause’s cookie sprinkles, a large candy cane, his white glove, his hat, special greens the reindeer eat (a bunch of parsley), an ornament, his driver’s license, his pocket watch

Food: Snickerdoodles, sugar cookies and my favorite candy cane cookies. And milk. Easy and inexpensive.

Elf: Talk to Santa. He controls them, and I have nothing to do with it.

The rest of it? When in doubt, hang more white lights. And then more. And then one more strand.
The key to the ambience at any party lies in a simple recipe: low lighting, candles and music. Crank up those Christmas carols, Baby.


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  1. What a beautiful night of memories that you have made for all of those little girls.
    I’m hoping to start some memorable traditions with my little girl who just turned one.
    Can’t wait for this Christmas.


  2. I can’t even handle all this cuteness right now!


  3. Oh my Kelle, you really outdid yourself with this one. What a magical night for all those little girls. You truly have some special gifts, magic being one of them. Merry Christmas!

  4. Adorable! I’m not even 4 and I want to come to this party!

  5. Such a magical, special night for everyone involved. I can’t even imagine the memories that were created! Your creativity never fails to astound me!

  6. AH-DORABLE!! What a fun time y’all must’ve had!!

  7. you are seriously one of the most creative people in the world. did you go to school for education? because you would be one HELL of a teacher! :)

  8. Oh Kelle every little thing is perfect! My goodness you are a wonder!! Not one of those girls will forget that ever. I love the Santa treasure hunt, with the mystery elf, I’ve got the silliest grin on my face just picturing it! You are the queen of flying the holiday freak flag, and I mean that in a totally amazed and you-go-girl way. Wonder if the owl hats can be delivered to oz, I know my little niece would look cute in one.

  9. I think you get the coolest mom award!!! What a fun party!! And that hat couldnt look cuter on anyone else!!! Nella is ROCKIN it!

  10. Utterly epic. What a wonderful memory this will make!

  11. Beyond adorable! How on Earth do you get it all done? Seriously, how many hours do you sleep at night?

  12. OH.MY.GOODNESS…..AMAZING. This made me cry! I either want to be a kid all over again or can not wait until my little one is old enough to do this!!! Thanks as always for being for creative, inspiring and kind in letting as all in!!!



  13. You are truly the best mom ever! How creative and fun for all of the girls, I’m sure you created some amazing memories that night :)

  14. awwww, you made me cry mama! x

  15. What a great party!

    My childhood memories are quite magical. I so look forward to doing this with my own littles one day.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, Kelle!

  16. Don’t ya just love making memories. We have a whole bunch of little ones coming over next Saturday and rumour has it the big man in red is making an appearance. I can’t wait!

  17. I’m dying at all the perfect details!! Can you come throw a North Pole party at my house!!

  18. Kelle…
    Thank you. Lila can’t stop talking about the “magical night.” You know I’m not a superfluous girl, and yet I’m going to say it again: THIS is what it’s all about. You’ve outdone yourself. The party was not only a success, it was a memory. One of the best. One that I, and more importantly, one that Lila will carry forever as what Christmas is truly all about.

  19. What a great party! I felt the magic of the night just reading your post. I have a 10 month old son, but can’t wait to host a party like this is a few years! Thanks for the inspiration :) Emily Davis

  20. I love that party idea….whenever I have kids I will have to do this. YAY I won a CD! :) I’m going to give it to my mom for Christmas. She loves music like that! and I love those owl hats they are super cute

  21. Reading this and imagining it brought tears to my eyes! I love this time of year and hope to one day pass on some “magic” to my little ones! You sure are one amazing woman!

  22. In awe of your memory-making party! We are in love with owls over there, ever since I used them as the theme for my girl’s 2nd birthday party.

  23. What a magical night! I’d love to enjoy this party! Merry Christmas Kelle! A “Princess” from Greece

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  26. oh my GOOODDDDDDNESSSSSS~!!!! I wanna cry because of how much magic you managed to ooze through my computer screen! I LOVE IT ALL so much that I just might recreate this for my little girls and her friends. What a fab fab fab idea.

  27. this is beautiful! I almost cried reading it! : ) I hope I remember to do this when I have kids!

  28. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. That night for girls must have been amazing. Thank you for the inspiration that you always give me..slow down and enjoy life. Thank you. I am so happy I found your blog. I just love it!

  29. oh my goodness! how magical! this post is! i starred it so i can recreate it one day!

  30. If I didn’t like my own mom so much, I would wish you were my mom! Seriously cool. Please share how you made the candy cane cookies!

  31. I am in awe of your creativity, energy and zest for enjoying life and having fun! All the details that you put into this party are amazing!! While I may not ever be able to complete a party quite as cool as this one, I am definitely inspired to try!! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  32. I have said it before and will say it again. You row the best parties! What lucky kids you have!

  33. What a wonderful memory for all those girls!! I love your attention to detail! Definitely filed in my “some day” memory…

  34. One of my favorite posts. Made my heart ache for my childhood years. I’m definitely going to be making some reindeer food this year after seeing your ideas. Merry Christmas!

  35. I am in tears, envy and serious planning trying to figure out how I can pull off this amazing idea before Christmas for my boys. You are awesome. I may have to wait until next year, but I AM doing this! Love, love, love it!

  36. So many good ideas for when my baby is older! Love the owl hat !

  37. Love Nella standing up backwards in the chair, sticking her tongue out:)

  38. This party just melted me. What a wonderful idea! Looks like such a magical night :)

  39. What an amazing party! Can I move down the street so my kiddos can attend? Seriously looks like so much fun! BTW I love the mama that wore the matching pjs to her toddler! ADORABLE!

  40. She looks so cute in her owl hat!!!

  41. you must be the most favorite mommy on the block!! this was fantastic!

  42. Oh my goodness. I am a crier too, so I obviously teared up while reading this post. You are incredible…I’m so impressed my all of the tiny, perfect details of that party. I’m taking notes for when I have kids…I hope I’m as fun as you!

  43. We have a Christmas tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve – 3 littles in their jammies, pillowcase stockings hung up in our fireplace. I sew a different Xmas thing made of felt onto the pillowcase each year, and this year it’s going to be a robin, as we have a very friendly one in the veg patch! This year we are starting a new tradition of new jammies on Christmas Eve – even for Grandma!
    Your posts help remind me to stand in awe and wonder, even when it feels like I have to hold on to something anchored down for fear of being blown away by all the busy-ness of our lives…so thankyou!
    P.S I’m a crier too – one of my girls has taken to whispering “You’re not going to cry, are you!?” when we settle down to watch a film!

  44. Wow. So awesomely amazing! I’m going to try to do this for my girls next year… We’ll bring the North Pole to CA! Really, amazing!

  45. I would have looooooooved that party when I was a little girl and can’t wait to make memories like that with my girls! You’re an awesome mom!

  46. Embracing the magic and wonder of childhood. I love this post and always look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for all you do!

  47. Kelle, you are an amazing Mama! Those little girls are so lucky to have such a creative and imaginative Mommy like you! I love how high you fly your Christmas freak flag! What a magical night you created for those little girls and their Mama’s!

  48. Perfect party.
    Just wondering, was this reindeer mix just for reindeers? So girls just took it home?

  49. I want to be your kid!!!

  50. Good Lord woman do you ever sleep! 😉 seriously talented fabulous stuff! Love it. reindeer flight path and all! One of my favourite memories of new years eve in Australia was being deliciously scared to death of a ‘ghost’ – our hosts’ polish grandma in a sheet- come roaring out of the scrub in the dark corners the light from the bonfire couldn’t reach. We all ran screaming. I still love to remember this.

  51. I love creating magical parties for my kids and this idea is right up my alley.. though I may have adjust for the fact it is summer here. Its on the list for next year!!!!

  52. i am filing this idea away in the “i want to do this when im a mom someday!” you are way too cute, and so creative.
    the way you enjoy little moments and describe them in every post makes me cry every time!


  53. I love the effort you put in to making this time magical and memorable for your kids. xoxo

  54. That’s the cutest most magical kid party ever! I just want to be 3 again to be part of it!! I’ll take notes to throw such a great party for my girl in a couple of years. You have such an amazing way of creating unforgettable memories for your girls, such an inspiration.
    XO, Caro

  55. Kelle, you make my heart hurt w/ all the spirit & inspiration you bring to life … oh & I’m a crier too …. that elf bit from your party got my water works going full steam – love it!

  56. Oh my gosh, I love it. I want to be Lainey’s friend so I can get an invite next year, and I need to somehow remember this for when Ellie is a bit older! I love the Reindeer Food Bar.

  57. Wow! The party really looks magical! I’m really happy all your effort paid off – with interest! :-) I love all the little details you added and the elf is just too cute!!!

  58. Your creativity is… well, superhuman! I just get sad that what we see is 10% of what you create everyday. How about 2 posts per day? :)

  59. How wondrous! “Santa”‘was ruined for me at the ripe old age of 3. I’m working overtime to make sure my littles believe until it’s embarrassing. I’m definitely stealing this idea for next year! Thanks for contributing to the magic of Christmas!

  60. Oh wow…I seriously have no words…

    One day when I have kids, I am so doing this….

  61. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!! I am in awe.
    Speechless!! Ever single detail (& I’m a stickler for details) =
    perfection. What magic you create!
    Really..there are tears in my eyes.
    Amazing, amazing job!!

  62. I’m obsessed with owls this year!

  63. wow! Kelle will you adopt me 😉

  64. Lady you are INSPIRED!! This is totally awesome, what a fabulous execution of a fabulous idea. And your jars and bottles – perfect.

  65. I am going to HAVE to do this for my future children. What lucky girls to have a mama like you! These girls will remember this for the rest of their lives… talking about it when they are mamas themselves. Beautiful work Kelle!

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  67. What a beautiful night and memories you made for your girls

  68. Absolutely STUNNING!! You did an amazing job mama! This is a memory these girls are never going to forget <3 and what an amazing brother, err, elf, for stopping by to make such an exciting treasure hunt for the girls!
    Have you thought about having an elf come and stay with the girls till Christmas? The Elf on the Shelf is gaining popularity, because it’s so widely available, but the whole idea that the elf has come to spy on the kids for Santa didn’t appeal to me, and then the kids are not supposed to touch it either. What fun is that? We chose to do the Elf Magic elves, where the children are encouraged to take the elves along on their daily adventures, and the elves come alive for their own adventures during the night. This is our 4th year doing this, and our children, enjoy it immensely! Lately our elves have had marshmallow fights in the living room, zip lined through the house decorating with tons of candy canes, went joyriding in our car and brought home doughnuts for everyone (the little stinkers took a tiny little bite out of every one of them first though!), and in the morning the kids will wake to find the elves have left a huge mess of tissue paper and gift bags around the living room while gift wraping themselves, and hiding somewhere in the mess. :-) You can check their website to see if there are any “North Pole Supply Posts” near you where you can purchase the elves, you can read about many of the elves “Elfcapades”. Also, a friend recently started a group on Facebook called Elfcapades-What our elves have done, for host families to share their adventures.

  69. You’ve reminded me of how special this time of year can truly be and how amazing my childhood Christmases really were. You’re an inspiration and you make me want to be a mommy sooner rather than later!

  70. Oh, the sweet memories you’re making.

  71. How many of us want to throw a party just like that next weekend?!! I teared up when you described them seeing the elf. I believe!

  72. what a great night to be a little girl. looks like so much fun. absolutely adoreable. love every minute of it. the photos. the desserts. the hunt. just perfect. you should be a party planner. i bet it is a party the girls will never forget. luv the pjs. hats. amazing. (:

  73. Super cute. I think we’re gonna make Hadassa a Chanuka Pajama party inspired by this. so so cute!

  74. You are awesome! Can I move in?

  75. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I totally teared up reading this post. I wanna come to your house for christmas!! LOL

  76. Wow. Just wow. That party… seriously!? How do you come up with these sweet ideas?? I need to brush up on these things for my 2 year old’s sake. Glad I found your blog!

  77. Just wonderful!

  78. How creative, how delightful, how very winter-y, how very joyfilled!

    And I love that at least one of the mamas wore pjs, too. She rocks.

  79. Oh wow! This is so wonderful, so magical!

  80. Kelle
    you created MAGIC!


  81. This has to be one of my favorite parties you have done!! I loved it all! Where did you get the jars for the milk?

    I saved some left overs from those store bought Stackbucks frappes, they look pretty similar to yours, curious if there was an easier way to get them!! haha!!


  82. Allie, that’s exactly what mine are…ha. I’ve been buying them the past few weeks and making the boys drink them and save them for me.

  83. Wow, this is amazing!
    Im a girl from Norway, and i just had to share your blog with all my norwegian readers. Hope that’s ok :)

    If not, let me know.
    You can find my blogpost here, but its in norwegian:

  84. I cried and I wasn’t even there. Thanks for sharing…. no really…. Thank You!

  85. looked like such a fun party!

  86. Oh Kelle, this post just made my heart sing (and wish we lived closer to you so Everleigh could share in the magic). What a great idea, those girls looked in awe! (I especially loved the elf)

  87. LOVE this idea! There is a North Pole party in our future some day. Love your creativity and spirit.

  88. Wow….wow….wow. Honestly, where do you come up with these ideas?! And not even just that, how do you find the time to do all of this?! The girls who came to the party are so lucky, and Lainey and Nella are even luckier to have such an amazing mama…what wonderful memories :)

  89. Oh my word!!! What a beautiful party!!!! What incredible memories your making!!

  90. I’m discovering you day by day. Don’t even know how I found you, but I’ll never leave you.
    From Italy,

  91. Love, love LOVE the North Pole party. I am in awe of your crafting ability!! What a wonderful memory for all those girls.

  92. You amaze and inspire me!

  93. Oh my goodness, what a magical night you created for your girls! Absolutely love all the little details and the elf showing up was the icing on the cake. You’re such a good Mama!!

  94. Just amazing and what a memory for all those little girls and mamas too!

  95. um, perfection! seriously beautiful. love, love, love the activities. sweet and simple and awesome. magical.

  96. Somewhere in the middle of the elf running around and those amazing milk jars you made I was waiting for the pic of the unicorn that flew over your house! WOW! What an amazing party and such great memories. When your girls are older and tell these childhood stories people are going to look at them with their jaws on the ground!

  97. I love everything about this!!

  98. WOW! what a great idea! love christmas parties!

  99. OK,You are FREAKING AMAZING!!!! My heart is pounding through my chest. I am crying..happy tears for those children! The gift you give these children is just unreal..amazing..I have no words. Have a wonderful holiday season,friend in my head :) xoxo

  100. I can’t wait til next year!! I’m having a party like this:)

  101. I love that hat! It is so cute on Nella!

  102. Crying here in Nova Scotia. You are one incredible mama!

  103. Magical! Simply magical. Memories made for sure. Love all the ideas and not going to lie…might be borrowing quite a few. :)

  104. Wow…. Words can’t describe how amazing that party was. Those girls will never forget that magical night!

  105. Such a cute party idea!

  106. Besides Nella’s birth story – which got me hooked… This is my favorite post ever! I have slowly perused the pictures 3 times now, tearing up, just knowing what a bit of magic you have added to each of those little ones lives. And to their mamas. What precious precious memories! Merry Christmas!

  107. This was amazing.. I felt like I was really there! How magical for all the children and I’m sure it’s something that they will be telling their own babies in years to come :)

  108. Love pure and simple what a beautiful life you have

  109. Wow, it’s actually amazing, absolutely amazing how much great fun that party seems like, you should be really proud of yourself guys, it seems like it was an absolutely wonderful time, honestly. Your ideas are so genius, I’d love to go to a party like this!

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. You give me SO many ideas for when we get our daughter home from Taiwan!


  112. YOU, my friend, are the magic in magical! YOU ROCK!

  113. YOU, my friend, are the magic in magical! YOU ROCK!

  114. What a wonderful night. The girls are going to have such magical memories of childhood Christmas’. How fun!

  115. I continue to be inspired by you! Thank you for sharing and reminding each one of us how important it is to create these memories for our friends and families! -Danielle

  116. What a wonderful party! That is the type of thing my mom did when I was a kid and I can’t wait to do such things for my own girlies….they are just about old enough now :)

  117. You are my idol.

  118. This is just amazing.

  119. uh what in the world?? those girls are NEVER going to forget that precious memory. you totally rock this mommy thing!

  120. PS. When I first saw this I was on my phone, and scrolling though pics, I seriously DID NOT recognize Nella. She is too cute and too OLD with those looong piggies!

  121. Whoa…it. was. magic. Waterworks, on! I am so doing this for my boys. You are brilliant, amazing, genius and inspired. I adore every single detail…Now, can you hire your dad out for book readings? XOXO..thanks for reminding me each week what IT is all about. Many blessings to you and some sleep, because given this magical memory, I know you have not had much in the last week…tending to the work of unicorns (and reindeer) happens best in the wee hours of the night, ya know?

  122. You seriously are an amazing mom! I was crying reading about how the girls reacted because it IS so magical! Your babies will forever remember what an awesome childhood they had and these memories will last forever!

  123. That party…wow…I am speechless. You are creating so many wonderful memories for your girls.

  124. oh my goodness. magical.

  125. You are such an awesome Mom. Those girls memory books are going to so full of love and memories. I loved all the pictures. Have a great Sunday.

  126. I bet your girls will remember that when they get older!! How cute! Nella in that hat is the cutest thing ever!

  127. So wonderful Kelle! You went all out. Those girls are going to remember that night for years to come.

  128. I Love everything about this post! Squee!!!

  129. Holy smokes! Your phone photos were awesome but don’t hold a candle to the bright, awesomeness of that party! So fun and magical. I’d love to talk to Lainey about it. I bet she is over-the-moon giddy. xo

  130. I. Am. Speechless. Your kids have hit the mom jackpot. Amazing. Have a wonderful holiday season — it appears as though you are on your way!

  131. I just swooned over this party and made my husband look through every photo (and he swooned too). You’re a magician. You seriously create magic. You need prop wand to carry around.

  132. All I can say is WOW! So glad the elf was welcomed…I could see how it could easily go either way!

    Nella in that owl hat is absolutely priceless!

  133. I’m not sure if it’s the third trimester hormones, or just witnessing the love that you have for your family, but I’ve definitely got alligator tears rolling down my face. What an amazing night it looks to have been!

  134. What a wonderful night for all those little girls. They will never forget that night, and neither will their moms.

  135. O. M. G. what a party. What wonderful, wonderful memories you created. You’ve inspired me!

  136. You ROCK, plain and simple.

  137. Way to make some great memories! I wish I had some little ones to do this with RIGHT NOW!!!

  138. A magical day…wish I were a kid again.

  139. Oh my gosh, I love the North Pole party idea. The elf had me cracking up :-)

  140. Will you be my Mommy?

  141. I love this post! Pure magic.

  142. Wow wow wow!!! Some pictures/moments made me tear up. What a magical and awesome tradition you have created there and prob to all your readers!!! I know I will!!! How fun!

  143.!! :) Such magic you created for those little girls! Heck – at the ripe old age of 61, I’d have been so totally enthralled to be a guest! I can only imagine how excited your little guests must have been!

    Thank-you for sharing a night of Christmas magic with us!…………Rosemary

  144. Who needs the magic of Disney when they could come to your house?? What an awesome looking event….the hours and time you must have spent planning were lots but I’m sure it was just a magical evening!!!! Thanks for inspiring!!!

  145. Oh.My.Goodness. I am speechless!

  146. Wow wow wow!! You are amazing!! What fun ideas for little ones. I wish I was that creative.

  147. What a magical party! My cup of cheer runneth over just from reading this post!

    The girls will be talking about this party for a long time!

    Oh Happy Day!

  148. Wow!! What a magical experience for all those little girls! Kelle, you truly amaze me with your creativity, energy, and ability to DO IT ALL!! :)

  149. You are making AMAZING memories for your kids! The elf might be my favorite part! I cannot wait to try that with my son!!!!!!!!!

  150. W O W !!! How DO you do it all, seemingly? That party – it made me wish I was a little kid and was invited! I so envy this..You are so inspiring and awesome. I love that Papa Rik was there too. (lovin’ Papa Rik)… It all looks so magical and just perfect! And the owl hat – oh my! my tiny granddaughter..well, her room and everything is done by her mommy in OWLS. She would look so cute in the hat! Just like Nella does.. love to you, Kelle, and all of your family, incl papa rik. Love from the Blog Mama~

  151. Oh my word…what a magical party!! It made me cry!! I would love to do something like that to make myself slow down and enjoy! <3

  152. Oh, oh oh the parties you throw…Can I please be your neighbour? I can’t wait until my daughter is just a little bit older with some friends that we can throw some awesome parties like that. Amazing and magical…just like Christmas should be.

  153. what a beautiful night you created for these girls. i’m sure they’ll never forget it. you are such a great mama!

  154. you are amazing! your girls are so blessed to have you as their mom

  155. Omg you went over the top for the north pole party! It looked amazing! You are so unbelievablely crafty and one amazing momma. :)

  156. OH MY, how festive! I have NEVER seen such an awesome kiddo party :)

  157. This is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen!

  158. Oh my goodness – cutest party ever! What perfect memories you are creating for your girls :)

  159. you’re the best mom EVER! looks like so much fun i wanna come!

  160. Kelle, I wish that you had been my mother. Absolutely amazing.

  161. WOW! You are by far thee most CREATIVE person I know. LOVE LOVE this post!

  162. You are incredible, Kelle. When I have my own children one day, I hope to be a supermom like you. You are making such beautiful memories for your kids and others. It’s inspiring.

  163. You are amazing. I cannot put together a thought because I’m crying. You touched my heart as always. Such magical moments to remember for all time. You are special.

  164. What an amazing party idea!!!! I can’t wait to do things like this with my kids~

  165. That party looks like it came straight out of a storybook! You seriously need to write a book for other moms about how to put fun crafts and activities together. Lainey and Nella are so blessed to have you as their mom!

  166. How fun and beautiful! I am totally going to do something like this next year for my kiddos :) Awesome!

  167. What an amazing party- you always seem to come up with the most creative things!

    I hope to be at least half as awesome a mom as you are when my little one gets here in May.

  168. My 2 year old daughter saw the pictures and said, “I want to go there!” Looks like a really magical party!

  169. what. fun. next year … i’m totally copying you. just giving you a heads up, friend. unfortunately mine will have real snow & no pool.

  170. Wowser! We have 3 little kids with Birthdays just before Christmas…making the season a little more celebratory, but also crazy….anyway Im planning on borrowing some of these ideas for their party – just too cute & too special not to! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  171. I doubt that you will have time to read these all but should you actually do so, might you comment message me on my blog WHERE you bought the labels that you wrote ‘Milk’ on?

  172. This party idea is fabulous! I am trying to glean from your ability/talent to make wonderful memories for your girls.

  173. OMG – this party is AMAZING!!!! Do you do all the planning and prepping yourself? I cannot imagine how long it would have taken to put all of that together!!

  174. This post warmed my heart. I’ve been trying to get into the Christmas spirit, and this just kicked it into high gear. I may have to steal this idea and party with my nieces next year. Thanks for the lovely idea! Oh…and Merry Christmas! :)

  175. Are you for real!? Seriously?!?!? You are the COOLEST MOM EVER. Can me and my girls PLEASE come to your North Pole Party next year?!?! lol. 😉

  176. Oh, Kelle… you had me in tears with your North Pole party! I truly hope that I one day live in a neighborhood like yours where we have such wonderful memories to make together… until then, I just rock it out with my little one!!

  177. This is just…so fantastic. I cried while reading it. This is my first holiday season truly away from home in the Midwest (I’m in LA), and last night when I watched Elf it suddenly hit me: there will be no snow this year in the weeks leading up to December 25. Thankfully I’ll be going home for five days for Christmas to celebrate, but until then, I’m stuck trying to make sense of the sunshine and warmth and trying to find a place for this whole holiday season to exist in harmony with them. Anyway. Your posts make me want a home, so thank you for giving me the inspiration to strive to get myself outta this apartment. Your blog is my favorite. Sending much love from California.

  178. OMG I almost cried this was so wonderful! I wish you were one of my best friends!! Thank you for adding more christmas magic to my life just by sharing your own!!!

  179. Oh heavenly stars! this is so over the top, I can’t quite grasp it all!! when your children are grown, you could open up your own Elf shop and entertain littles for week’s before Christmas. Amazing!!

  180. Girl you make magic like no one else… love all of the little touches that add up to big memories. Well done!

  181. So Magical! your girls are lucky to have a mom with such an amazing imagination and desire to make such wonderful lasting memories!

  182. I love everything about this idea. You are so creative and such a wonderful party hostess. I love planning the events, and I might have to tuck this idea away for next year when I’m not out of my mind from exhaustion. Corah Beth was born on November 21st, so I’m learning to juggle two children and sleep deprivation. Some days I soar and other days I crash.

  183. This is so amazing!! What a beautiful gift to give those girls. Those memories will last a lifetime! So creative!!

  184. So beautiful.
    It made me wish for a little girl more than anything : )

  185. I kind of check for blog updates daily from you. I did today thinking “Hmmm probably she hasn’t updated yet” but here it was and oh what an awesome one at that!

    I smiled, I teared up and I finally giggled at the sight of those little girls =) Then I called my husband in from the other room to show him and he also smiled and laughed and said “That’s awesome”

    I can only imagine those little girls talking excitedly about last night. What a night! You rock.

  186. This is the kind of memory that not only will be seared in your brain as one of your favorite days, but also a day those girls will never ever forget!

    They will always remember Brett & Kelle (Mr. and Mrs. Clause) — the two most AMAZING parents who put on the memory-making-parties & spread the Christmas Cheer!

    You did such a wonderful job, Kelle! I love you and all your festive-spreading spirit! I was like a giddy little girl looking at all the pictures & all the special touches you put into your party.

    P.S. Loved the special touch of the elf! :)

  187. I know I’m 48 years-old, but would you consider adopting me? :) Monica
    p.s. I come with a husband and two 17-year-olds.

  188. Someone give this woman a trophy! Amazing momma!

  189. You are so creative! So fun!

  190. Oh my goodness, that is the best idea I think I’ve ever seen! You are just a crafting genius! You inspire my own Christmas craze- I love it! This time if year is supposed to be magical. I know that if I had gone to one of those parties when I was little, I would never have forgotten it! They will forever remember that special night. I’m saving this as an idea for my own kids one day! :)

  191. I cried reading that. So beautiful. What awesome memories!! Lainey will remember that elf FOREVER!!!!

    – jen

  192. Just added party details addendum

  193. Ok so I cried just thinking about the excitement of these girls. Heck, I wish I could have come! Too freaking cute.

  194. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :) In awe, in love :)

  195. Wow… I want to come next year! :) What a great party idea… love it!

  196. i was teary-eyed just reading and gazing at your amamzing photos of such a fun and memorable Christmasy evening!! what an incredible time it looks like! sounds like it was a big hit and will have to be a yearly tradition :)

  197. Amazing. Magical. Soooo, sooo wonderful in every way!!!! Your bleesings are many….

  198. LOVE IT! I have always wondered how to do printables as well, but just searched and you might try:

  199. I absolutely love this party and I’m so inspired to do this for my daughter when she’s older. I also love the one Mama who wore her jammies too!

  200. OMG! Cuteness overload! I soooo wanna go to the North Pole right now! Seriously, your next book should be on how to throw children’s parties…Martha Stewart eat your heart how…better yet…Martha who?
    Let’s take pre orders NOW!

  201. Amazing. Beautiful. All of those adorable little faces will never forget this night. What memories!!! Love all of the details and I am definitely borrowing the reindeer food one this year! Thanks for another wonderful window into your world.

  202. Wow! What an inspirational party. I love it!!!!

    I just love that your dad read Twas the night before Christmas. That might be my favorite part. :)

  203. Oh my goodness – I am tearing up, too!!! What an incredible party… what an incredible gift to those girls (and their mamas)! I’m in awe…

  204. Oh so fun and what joy!
    We are having a milk and cookies party next Sunday. It’ll be little and sweet. My daughter can’t wait and the Dollar Tree is calling my name :) Merry Christmas

  205. You are such an inspiration to moms around the world! My daughter would LOVE this and so would her friends! This time of year is so sentimental and I would love to start a new tradition for her. Such a great idea!

  206. I so wish I was still five years old and lived in your neighborhood! It all just looks so…magical.

  207. Love, Love, Love!!

    Tina J

  208. This is my favorite post ever!!! I cannot wait to recreate this magic next year!!

  209. Well, it’s official. You’ve now thrown the best party in the history of history, and it’s going to be impossible to beat! I loved it all, every single detail.

    What, oh what will you do next? :)

  210. you never cease to amaze me. fabulous memory making. you just gave me all the inspiration i need to get through christmas this year, next year, and the year after!

  211. Thanks for listing your party supply “sources.” I was thinking your party looked so expensive, but now I know I could afford to do it — I just don’t have the TIME to do it. 😉 Seriously beautiful!!

  212. absolutely adorable party idea. Love the owl hat too!!!

  213. I WANT to come to your house on party day so I can’t imagine how the girls feel! 😉
    You’re one amazing Mama! <3

  214. This is the cutest thing ever. I hardly comment on your posts, but couldn’t hold back today. WOW! Just curious, did Nella “get it”? Addison is Nella’s age (with ds as well) and I want to make Christmas special for her, but I’m just not sure how much she’ll understand.

  215. How absolutely precious – what a FUN party! The scavenger hunt is a great idea, I love it.

  216. Kelle what a fabulous idea. You are creating such fantastic memories for those girls of yours. Just too cute xx

  217. OMG this has to be the cutest party idea ever! It makes me want to have a little girl one day to do this with. Its just awesome. And all the details you put into it make the holiday’s all that more magical for your girls. Kudos!!

  218. cleverest idea EVER. love it!!! so adorable and so well-done!!! thanks for sharing all the details, too! cheers–


  220. Oh my goodness this is the most precious party I have ever seen! so creative!

  221. thank you. i am inspired:)

  222. Cute cute adorable cute awesome details…did I mention the details were cute? Lovely party, great execution. The elf pushes this one into the super fab category! Somebody needs to throw YOU a fab party.

  223. Oh, Kelle! This is beyond adorable!!! I wish we were friends.

  224. What an amazing idea for a Christmas party! I am inspired.

  225. Best. Idea. Ever.

  226. WOW!!! I want to do that for my girls!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us creatively challenged mama’s some awesome ideas :)

  227. This was just beautiful. I could almost feel the magic all the way here in Illinois! That will definitely be a day that the girls will remember forever!

  228. You’re friggen amazing Kelle! That’s all I can say right now :) YOU ROCK! xx

  229. This makes me giddy and teary at the same time! I love a good party and will definitely have to borrow this party in a couple years for my girls!

  230. Love this!! Totally “borrowing” this party idea’s. Thanks for another great memory-making opportunity…

  231. Where did you get the photo if Santa and Mrs. Clause?! It’s so cute! And will you be my mama and do parties like this for me? It looked so wonderfully magical.

  232. What a magical night!! Wonderful!

  233. O…M…G! You put on one hell of a party! And I cried when I saw your elf too…hormonal! I LOVE the reindeer food idea :)

  234. Your children are going to grow up with such magical memories!

  235. That elf looked like an older brother, was it? What an awesome older brother.

  236. Oh wow so magical!! Love the ideas!

  237. What fantastic memories you made for those little girls. They’ll talk about the party for years to come. I think you’re the most clever thing ever!

  238. Oh sweet heavens those owl hats are adorable!!!

  239. Every time you throw an awesome party and post about it, I have to call my sister-in-law and say “SERIOUSLY! Did you see Kelle’s post?!? She outdid herself, I need to have a party.” Yep, we refer to you like a sister.

  240. Kelle…… oh my goodness, you have my creative juices a flowing!!!! Reid’s birthday is December 28th and to this date we have not really ever had a birthday with friends, just a family party, so JUST LAST NIGHT I was googling ideas for a “Snow Party” and was thinking of having snow brought in (from our local ice company) and dumped on our front yard here in southern CA… where the chances of it snowing on its own are zippo!! ;). But…. our preschool does this each year in Feb… so thought it is something we could probably swing…. but was not sure just what else I would do…. NOW I TOTALLY KNOW!!! :) I am sketching out places in my head even as I type for the Santa’s reindeer food table…. lol!!!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU…. for sharing!!!!! I have always felt that the “date” of his birthday is such a hard time of the year to have a party…. but now I am so excited about it!!!!

  241. Best. Party. Ever!

  242. Coolest Party Ever! I cry too at this- it’s holiday magic!

  243. You and your beautiful girls always make me smile! I was blown away by the awesomeness of the North Pole, the smiles of your girls made my day! By the way, the elf was just the icing on the cake and pretty much the coolest most exciting thing to happen to me all weekend, and I wasn’t even there!!! I’m going to have a great day at work today thinking of how cute your girls are and how inspiring you are!

  244. i am so giddy… after reading this.. I wish we were real life neighbors….

  245. Oh Kelle what a magical, memorable night you created for the children! It was magical just reading about it! Such attention to detail and the Elf is delightful.

  246. this was beautiful! thank u for sharing!

  247. Honestly- I’m a bit misty eyed by this post. What a beautiful memory for your girls to cherish. I’m grateful for the heaping dose of inspiration this just was for me. Time to get crackin’ on some special traditions/memories of our own.

  248. Just awesome. God bless you for these beautiful memories your girls will remember forever!!

  249. Get out of here and shut the front door, you’ve outdone yourself, Missy!

  250. Wow what a great idea! I love it -all – My daughter would love this so much. What great magical memories you are making for your girls! I think we are going to make some reindeer food this year – some one gave us some last year and my daughter loved it! Where did you get the bottles for the milk? They are so cute!

  251. This has to be my most favorite post that you have ever written! Loved the idea, loved all the “details”, loved the photos that captured such an awesome evening! You created something those little girls will remember forever! Love that :)

  252. Perfection!! Love it! And can’t wait to copy someday for my daughter! Oh happy days!

  253. Cutest party ever and that owl hat is just as adorable!

  254. Wow! This looks like pure magic! I’m so totally in love with this post! 😀

  255. Three words: you are amazing.

  256. love love love this!! what a great memorable night!!!!

  257. I can’t even imagine what it would have felt like to be one of those lucky little girls… at that perfect age of innocence… surrounded by the magic you created….Bravo you!!

  258. Wow, this is one of those things that makes me miss the little ones I never had, with all my heart. Those little ones will never forget this because their mamas won’t ever forget this.

  259. I am in awe of the magic you create for your girls (both the littles and the mamas).

  260. W o W!!!….How truly amazing…I wasn’t even there and I am sitting here all teary eyed. I love the way you are always doing something amazing with your girls. What a wonderful night.

  261. LOVE this idea! We had a Winter “One”derland for my daughter first birthday yesterday- so I tucked this away for another party idea! SO FUN!!


  262. So magical. I loved it all. I had tears just looking at the pictures. Love that elf. What a cute idea.

    Love love the owl hat. N
    ella rocks that hat.

  263. Oh my goodness!!! Such a cute idea!! So creative!

  264. So glad I finally have time tomorrow to get STARTED with Christmas decorations. I’ll never catch up!

  265. i want to come to your parties! that was probably the cutest thing i’ve ever seen….i’m sure the girls were absolutely entranced by their magical evening….everything looked so beautiful….i would love to come to the north pole at your house! :) brilliant ideas….

  266. Kelle?????? If I knock 60 years off my age, will you be my Mommy??? Your posts are my all time favorites!! And YOU and your little girls are just amazing. I love you!!

  267. You are amazing! You completely inspire me every time you post!

  268. Seriously AMAZING, Kelle!

  269. Wow – Christmas spirit is contagious!!

  270. COOL Party!

  271. Pure magic!

  272. Amazing! I feel so inadequate! :)

  273. I want an invite to the next party. I love love the whole entire thing…

  274. What more could a little girl want than an amazing Christmas party, and a real ELF… (I love it was the elf and not Santa). Everything looked magical…Even to me a grandmother.

  275. You are truly an inspiration!! What an amazing mom you are, I would have loved to have had a mom like you growing up. Your girls will have such incredible stories to share as they get older. I am honored just to be able to read about it!! :)

  276. oh my gosh, are you kidding me!?!?!? awesome! adorable! love!

  277. Kelle – you are my sista from anotha mutha. That is the party I’ve dreamt of throwing for my kids and their friends. You have inspired me….and by that I mean I’m totally stealing some of your magic.

  278. I want to come to that party!!! We adore owls around here. Would love to win one!

  279. I have no words for this wonderful party idea – you are the best mom (and dad) and your kids will never, ever forget those magical moments. I wonder if my 15 yr. old twins, 18 and 21 yr. olds would like a party like that? Hmmmm…..

  280. Oh my gosh – that is just about the most wonderful party I’ve ever seen/read about. How incredibly magical! What a fantastic gift to your girls & their friends (& their Mamas!) What an amazing evening! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas!

  281. You are an artist!!! Creator of magic.
    Your girls are very lucky!

  282. This party just made you my hero! <3

  283. I would like to recreate this party down to every last freakin’ detail. Perfection!

  284. WOW – amazing party… and all the details!!! Very inspiring and adorable!

    LOVE The hats! I have a brand new nephew who would look adorable in an owl hat!:)

    Merry, merry!

  285. Can you be my Momma? Seriously after a craptastic year I am seriously lacking in the Christmas spirt department. This changed that. Seeing the magic in all of those beautiful eyes made me realize that I am cheating my kid out of memories. She could care less about gifts but to hear her say it doesn’t even feel like Christmas broke my heart. Thanks Kelli for the kick in the A@@. I will be flying my Christmas freak flag tomorrow. She is going to come home to a Christmas decorated house tomorrow come hell or high water.

  286. Kelle, this party looks amazing! I will be recreating it in every detail when my little girl is old enough! love all of your ideas!

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  288. I want to be a lil kid again and be invited to your parties :o) They ALL look so fun and definitely memorable for all. I admire your creativity and how you are making so many fond memories for your family and friends.

  289. What a fun party. I am so happy the girls all had fun.

  290. I smiled until it hurt too much and then I cried because the happiness just ooozed off the screen.

  291. Love your party at the north pole and all the pics! Thanks for letting us in on the details…way, way cute! Usually not the party planner, you make me want to try this one.

  292. WOW! WOW! WOW! You are simply the BEST!!! You really should have won that TV show on Oprah’s OWN!! Magical memories for all those sweet little girls and their Mamas!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas with all of us!…more magical nights at the North Pole will most definitely be created!!!…I’m looking forward to creating one of my own to share with family and friends!! Your blog is such a blessing in so many magical ways!!!

    My cheeks will too be hurting from all the smiling!!


  293. This looks like so much fun!!! I cannot wait til my little is a bit older to start some Christmas family traditions!!!!

  294. Kelle you are AWESOME! I can just feel the magic radiating through your post. You just gave me some AH-MAZING ideas for my christmas eve party with my family. You are a rock star! Love your style!

  295. Wow! This is the coolest party!

  296. My heart goes out to little girls in animal hats!

  297. I want my daughter to be friends with your girls so bad. I am so delighted by just seeing the images of this party, I can’t even imagine how amazing it must have been to watch all of your girls just soak in all that magic.

  298. What a fun party! I LOVE that an actual elf made an appearance!

  299. Your party actually brought happy tears to my eyes. What a magical memory you created!

  300. You are the best. mom. ever!!!
    What amazing memories you are creating for your family. They are so blessed to have you.
    (that looked like a ton of work…and a ton of fun!)

  301. What a special night! I’d like to borrow your creative mind for a few days! You are adorable Kelle!

  302. Wonderful! You are a good mommy!

  303. Ok, that was the cutest, happiest party ever! I would be smiling all day, too!

  304. Wow! This is amazing. I just showed my mom & sister too, we are all loving it! You are such an inspiring party planner!

  305. What an awesome, exciting, wonderful party! I so wish I was there! It made be all giddy and want to have a North Pole party next year with my kids! How fun! You are so creative and build the most awesome, amazing memories with your kids. That’s the kind of mom I inspire to be. Thanks for being someone I can look up to. Merry Christmas!! :)

  306. I don’t know if my comment went through? Argh… Anyway, if it didn’t… I LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to do this next year!

  307. wow, that was such a great post. love it!!

  308. I love Santa Claus/North Pole stuff! How awesome are you Kelle?! I want to be this cool mama and create awesome memories like this… wow! :) I wish I was invited! 😉

  309. Who needs Martha Stewart, HGTV or Pinterest? They can just come to your blog instead! :) I freakin’ loveeee you, girl! Loveeee your blog.

  310. You fabulous woman!!!!!

    I love that all your special moments rely more on cheap basic supplie and atmosphere than expensive doodads and designer items!

  311. What a magical night! Thanks for sharing it and taking us there with you to experience it vicariously!

  312. You are an inspiration lady! My goodness is all I have to say! Those girls are some lucky ones to have a mama with so much talent!

  313. That was so incredibly cute! Just today (sunday) we through a winter wonder land bbq for my friend who’s bday is on tuesday. me and my friend went to the 99 cent store and bought a bunch of fun decorations and decorated her back yard as a surprise! we closed her eyes and took her outside! she loved it! it made us so happy!!!! the best part of it all was these little snowmen who light up in crazy bright colors hee hee! that and my son sneaking his own “present” into the bday girls bag of presents. we gave her a pretty shall and a sweater and in the bottom of the bag she sees something, she pulls it out and in her hand she holds a small rock and a plastic outlet cover! lol! i never saw my son do that! he’s two! and he snuck those in while i wasn’t looking! he did keep telling me “mama, that’s rita’s present birthday” and i kept saying “yes, yes, don’t mess with it okay?” it was so sweet! especially since he wasn’t at the bbq. my friend rita said that was the best part of the whole day! this was a really good weekend :)

  314. You rock.

  315. oh my goodness, that is one fantastic party! just amazing.

  316. I can see why you are still smiling! That’s not just for your girls. That’s for the mamas too! This post made me wish I had been at the party looking for Santa’s lost treasures. You were born to party!


    P.S. Can I borrow a few teaspoons of vodka?

  317. I love this! You are amazing! Thank you!

  318. I love that your girls is a few years older than mine because I really cannot wait to do something like this. Thank you for being my crafty mama inspiration!

    PS – definitely love that I actually had my volume up tonight because I am TOTALLY enjoying this Sufjan Stevens rendition of “Joy to the World” – I feel like you’ve just pulled me out of my Christmas music funk!

  319. My favorite part of the post was this one:

    Elf: Talk to Santa. He controls them, and I have nothing to do with it.

    love it, Kelle! That was so much to read!

  320. Amazing!! My inner child is green with envy that I wasn’t invited! You’re so creative!

  321. What an amazing party, I would so love to recreate this, so thank you for all the links to suppliers. I love your unique form of creativity, you are truly special xxx

  322. Love. It. I cried :)

  323. This is just fabulous!! The memories you are making for your girls are amazing!!

  324. What a wonderful night! Makes me want to be a kid again.

    You are a truly inspirational Mama!

  325. Magical…absolutely Magical.

    Those gorgeous girls will have this memory for ever…

    How much happiness you bring Kelly.



  326. Wow. You can tell that you put a tremendous amount of effort into that party. Lainey for sure felt so loved and it looks like she adored and appreciated every moment of it. Magical.

  327. What a wonderful party! I’m full of smiles and tears as I view all the photos. Great job, Kelle!

  328. Oh wow, so magical. You actually brought a tear to my soppy old eye!

  329. This looks like such a blast!!!!!!

  330. What a wonderful memory for your girls. It brought tears to my eyes.

  331. You are an awesome mom! This looks like so much fun. I am going to try this next year. Amazing, I will tell you that. You should be very proud of yourself :)

  332. Kelle, what an amazing party! Lainey and Nella are so blessed to have you. I’m sure Lainey will remember this night always and forever. I can’t wait to do something like this for my little kiddo when she gets a little older!

  333. What a beautiful party! Wow, I wish I create such a masterpiece with my son and his friends! We’re definitely going to try and make the reindeer food, how fun! Oh and the song brought tears to my eyes. It’s my favorite Christmas song. Have you seen Meet Me In St. Louis? It’s in that movie…a tear jerker! Thanks for the fabulous post!

  334. Amazing!!! Seriously that party was above and beyond fantastic. Oh such memories and you have captured them beautifully.

  335. Oh COME ON!!!!! That’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. I can barely get my tree decorated-let alone even begin to THINK about having a party of that caliber. What an awesome idea and memories created. You seriously rock.

  336. Unbelievable! What a super cool momma you are! Loved it all, but my favorite was that elf!

  337. I was giddy with excitement reading this post! That has to be the best Christmas party/event I’ve ever seen in my life! God has truly gifted you with creative talent, my friend! Thank you for sharing! It was a joy to share!!!

  338. Holy Crap!!! What an awesome idea (I am a little jealous I wasn’t invited :). I love the reindeer food idea and will be stealing that one.

  339. Wow-I can’t believe all the work you put into that party to make it so magical! I bet those girls won’t ever forget about it!

  340. You are an amazing mama!!!

    I am sure, without a doubt that these beauties will Never forget this night!!!

    Since I don’t have a creative bone in my body I can only hope that my little ones remeber all the memories that we try to make for them!!!

  341. The smile on all their little face’s says it all. Bless your heart for helping them make such a great memory.

  342. You will be the coolest room mom ever!!


  343. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You are the best mommy in the universe!

  344. Incredible. There is no other word for it. That was a beautiful party. Thank you for the ideas! The peppermint pillow spray might just end up as a stocking stuffer this year.

  345. This party looks so magically. What a wonder memory you gave those girls! Thanks for sharing!

  346. O my goodness What an awesome idea. Something each one of those girls will be talking about for a lifetime :)

    Have a great week!


  347. Three words…YOU.ARE.AWESOME!

  348. I loved this post so much I almost started crying! Your kids are some of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen! I love your blog!
    I can’t wait to have children of my own, and try this one day!

  349. I absolutely love this idea of a party. You always seem to have the best time with all your friends and their girls who are close in age with Lainey and Nella. I have to admit….I’m a little jealous that we don’t have more friends that have children our kids age so we can do more fun things like this.

  350. What a magical childhood you are giving your babies. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. And I love the random photo dump that usually contains pics of the places Nella can fall asleep. Girl is amazing.

  351. Cute overload! Absolutely THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You are creating warm fuzzies your girls will never forget.

    Well done!

  352. I just emailed my husband a link to your post and told him we are doing this when our boys are older…or maybe I’ll do it for our 13 year old girl this year! So FUN!

  353. What a special night for the girls (and Mommy’s). I love it.

  354. Lost my comment. Went something like this:

    You outdid yourself, AGAIN!
    So magical–every bit of it!
    My Eli turns 8 on Saturday.
    I think I still have time to pull off the reindeer food, at least.
    He still believes…thank goodness :)


  355. My jaw just dropped looking at those pictures. You are such an amazing mom, party planner, Santa’s helper, etc! How freaking special was that?! Your house was gorgeous! And the elf?! What an ingenious touch! You are my constant mommy inspiration!

  356. Wow Kelle, What a fan-freakin-tastic party! You are so creative. Thanks so much for sharing!

  357. This post was just amazing!!!! I hope I can do something like this for my future children.

  358. OMG, I am in love with all of it! You are so creative, it was all adorable! I dream of these times when I eventually have kids…I will have to save this for my someday file!

  359. You’re freak’in amazing girl! What a wonderful idea and I’m sure you’re creating memories your girls will treasure and talk about for a lifetime.

  360. Oh my goodness! I got a little teary just reading this post! I can’t wait until my little one (she’s 6 months) is old enough to enjoy these kinds of wonderful nights.

  361. I LOVE this idea! How creative. The little Elf running across the street, reindeer food, Santa’s note. Everything is perfect!!

  362. O.M.G that was the cutest little party ever! What a great idea. My daughter would absolutely love something like that! thanks for the inspiration. I love reading your posts and photos!

  363. I just love the picture of Nella sticking out her tongue…. she’s just so sassy (all in a good way)!!

  364. Kelle, this post made me cry…it was so beautiful! And thank you for bringing back your music, I’ve missed it so!

    You are so amazing…

  365. obviously the elf was my favorite part. How magical. such a blessing for those girls! Merry Christmas!

  366. What a beautiful little party! Looks like such a magical night.

  367. Absolutely magical….and adorable.

  368. How precious! I cannot wait to have kids and put together something like this for them! You have such a sweet spirit and beautiful imagination! LOVE it!

  369. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest and most creative party I have ever seen. Wow, it looks so magical and the girls look thrilled. The elf darting by must have been the best…sounds like a little girls dream party!

  370. Oh wow wow wow!! This is such a wonderful idea!! Already planning to do this next year!

  371. Cutest party EVER!
    Love it!

  372. One of my favorite post Kelly…..Not only you made those little girls a night to always remember and talk about for life…you also made my day…i felt part of the party the cool thing I was in my jammy when I read and was drinking coffee too!!!! Definitely a white xmas Florida style!

  373. Fabulous! Makes me want to run out and plan a kid Christmas party. Too cute!

    Looks like a HUGE success!

    Thanks for sharing.

  374. Pure magic!

  375. Seriously in tears over here too!! Just the pictures come to life so well. You are such an amazing mother who does so much for your girls. I am in awe of how amazing that little party was. I think we are going to use the reindeer food idea for my kids this year. Thanks!

  376. Aaahhhh-mazing! What a great day!

  377. What an awesome idea!!! I would love to steal this idea for when my daughter gets a little but older but it looks like they had so much fun!!

  378. What a great idea. Can’t wait til my daughter is older and we can do this. Fun times ahead, I feel it.

  379. How fun. Will definitely steal the idea for the reindeer in the driveway– great idea!

  380. Everything about your party was/is absolutely fabulous.

  381. Kelle, I found myself wishing I was at this party too. You are such an awesome Mom! Your girls and their friends will forever remeber this!

  382. Is the house next door for sale? :)

  383. What a fun idea!!!! I am sure all the girls had so much fun and will remember it for a very long time!

  384. Love the Party Idea! Oh, and the walk around the neighborhood oh and the elf!! My favorite post of yours, so far!! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours!!

  385. Oh my gosh love the elf idea and the bottles of spray that is the cutest idea and I would have never thought to make it myself. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  386. Oh the memories you are creating. I love it and want to do some of it for my babies. Merry Christmas.

  387. What a beautiful, fun party! You did a great job. I love that idea!

  388. You sure know how to create magic and child-like wonder… don’t know how you do it all… amazing…!

  389. You.Are.Awesome. That is all! (I’m sobbing over here…)

  390. You have inspired me to get baking with my son.

  391. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. So, so creative and imaginative. I am so lovin’ it.

    The elf just put it over the top for me. When I saw the picture and read that part of the story, I said out loud, “That is so cute!” My 4 yr old runs over asking what was cute. I showed him the elf and told him someone caught a elf on camera. His comment? “Who is wearing the elf costume?” Too smart for his own good. lol I need to be more convincing I guess.

  392. This is truely amazing, I can’t even begin who much this excites me. Absoutely over the top, amazing!!! You are awesome!!!!

  393. What a beautiful memory made for these girls!!

  394. this is the cutest little idea i’ve ever seen! :)

  395. My hat is totally off: what a marvel you created, what love it shows!
    That’s just plain wonderful of you and I’m impressed and inspired, as always.
    You are a great mother Kelle.
    Really great, in every way!

  396. I love those candy cane cookies. I make the same ones. Sometimes, though, don’t have the patience to wrap the two colors together just to have them break, so sometimes I roll the two colors together, a la play doh snakes, and get almost a tie dye looking candy cane. It’s all good- because they are sooooo dang good!

    I would love to figure out how to print labels so I can make those adorable pillow sprays. Printer technology and I don’t get along.

    Merry Christmas from a fellow former Michigander!

  397. Wow… Your posts never cease to amaze me. The Christmas party is great beyond words… So cute, fun, nostalgic, you name it. I love reading your blog. It always makes me sigh with happiness and it leaves you with a “warm fuzzy” feeling. Kudos. :-)

  398. You Ms Hampton are too much! Love this!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  399. That was to cute. I know your daughter will remember that for many years to come! Where was the hubby?

  400. Now THAT is some serious Christmas magic!! :)

  401. OMG seriously?! Your girls are so lucky. What a special night for those girls and their mama’s. Wow.

  402. I’m incredibly jealous of your creativity! What a fun party!

  403. I am so sad that my invite to this magical night must have been lost in the mail! :p Such fun and creative ideas! Thanks for sharing all of the how-tos.

  404. How fun! You are the coolest mom e.v.e.r!!!

  405. Looks like such a fun party! What an adorable idea!

  406. GORGEOUS!!!!

  407. Magical. Completely MAGICAL. You are such a creative amazing mom. Your girls will remember this forever.

  408. Kelle..You inspire me!! I want to do this for my kids someday. I love your creativity…wow! You made those kids’ Christmas! They will ALWAYS remember this…

  409. you created the magic of christmas kel….a night our girls will never forget. sammy is misting her room each night with her sweet dream spray and asking for her milk to be not just cold, but “north pole” cold. thanks for all the fun. we loved every minute of it. (and the red glitter that is still in sammy’s hair reminds us too, hehehe) xoxo

  410. OHDEARGODINHEAVEN… can i PLEASSEeEE come next year??! ADORABLE! God bless you-what memories you are making!

  411. i needed a good smile and dose of christmas spirit today. thank you!

  412. This is such a wonderful idea! I’ve got to remember this for when my girl is a bit older. She’s still to young to know what is going on at this point but in 2-3 years this will be SO fun to do!

  413. Oh my… I absolutely cannot wait for my 7 month old son to be old enough so I can plan this party for him. Love. Love. Love.

  414. I love how special you make things. I cannot wait until I can do the same for my family. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  415. Wonderful party! Wonderful decorations!!

    But what I love most is how evident your joy in your children is. It’s so wonderful!!! I live with a bit of an Eeyore of a husband. Our kids are the same age and I often hear the negative aspects of parenting young children. I’m by nature quite positive, and I find your site so inspiring and uplifting!

  416. Woah, baby. Incredible!

    So how did you do the Santa letter? Is it written on special paper or did you dye it?

    Thanks! ~Bree~

  417. Wow! That is just about the sweetest party I’ve ever seen and brought back some wonderful childhood Christmas memories! Would it be okay if I shared your post on my blog and linked it? What wonderful memories. Those sweet girls will never forget that night!

  418. I couldn’t wait to see the pictures from this magical night; not only for the beauty of them and seeing details here for the first time, but to hear you put words to the magic that night everyone experienced but no one could touch. Thank you for including my little girl in such a special night.

  419. You’re a magical mommy with two very beautiful and very lucky girls.

  420. This whole post has me so happy I have tears in my eyes. I can’t wait to do this in another year or two for my daughter…she’ll love it. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mom every day!

  421. what a great party!…magic!!

  422. What an absoloutely fabulous party! My daughter Bridget will celebrate her first birthday this Christmas day and I have been wondering how we will make her day special as she grows older. A party like this one day will be a fantastic memory for everyone involved. You are such a clever mama.

  423. I love it! I love it! I love it! You really know how to make Christmas come alive and your girls will have superb memories forever! xxx

  424. Hi Kelle!
    I’m a long time reader but I’ve never commented before and I think it is about time I leave some love! I want to thank you for all of the amazing party ideas you give me on your wonderful blog! I am just a student as of now, but one day when I am a “grown up” and host parties and have babies, I know where I’m going to get party planning tips from! I’m also in school to become a special education teacher and your little Nella is a reminder why I am going into special education and how much kids need like her need teachers who care! You’re such a good mama. I’m sure she is going to absolutely strive in her life and achieve all of her goals! I don’t know if you have ever seen this YouTube video about Down Syndrome, but it is one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen. You should watch it!

    Thank you for your blog! Hope to talk to you one day!

  425. This is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea with us!

  426. Absolutely amazing!!! These pictures brought me tears…then again when do you not bring me to tears…lol. I love this beyond belief. I want to be a Kelle type Momma when I grow up! :)

  427. Amazing, my daughter turns three next year and I can not wait to have a Christmas party. This was really awesome and doable! Thank you for the tips on how you did everything.

  428. What an absolutely magical night! Love all the special details.

  429. Oh my goodness! I want to move to Florida, live on your street, and be your friend! :o) What a fun party!

  430. Hi Kelle I’m your faithfull follower from the Dominican Republic. I follow you on facebook, and of course I’ve been reading your blog since probably two years ago, and I never dared to write you a comment, but this party at the north pole just blowed my mind!! I just love your creativity!! I very much wish I could be your neighbor and bring my little girls to the party you throw! I was crying just by watching the pictures and by imagening all the little faces with all the magical things you had there!! congratulations again!! and I hope you and your family have a very merry christmas!! Letty Reynoso.

  431. Okay, I got teary reading this post! LOVED it! What a great idea. No doubt those little girls had a great time and will remember this night always!

  432. This is one of my absolute favorite posts! I hope you will not be offended when I steal your idea one day (I do not have kids yet, but when I do… I pray I am as wonderful of a mother as you are!). I think you gave those girls (and their mamas) a day they will absolutely never forget!

  433. What an absolutely wonderful idea that they will remember always. Well done!

  434. I really love this idea. HOWEVER, I use sprinkles instead of glitter in my Reindeer Food because if you throw the reindeer food on your grass for the Reindeer, glitter can harm or kill the birds if they eat it…you can ask any vet or vet tech but glitter will harm the birds. I learned this from a vet.

  435. Such an amazing, incredible party full of magic and wonder … as usual. And for sharing docs, I like

  436. I am SOOOOOO stealing your idea next year! LOVE IT! Well done!

  437. Kelle, you had me in tears on this post. What a awesome mama you are to these girls (& their friends)…creating these wonderful memories they are sure to NEVER forget. You hit a homerun! Way to go, Mama!!!!!

  438. When I read this blog Sunday night, I loved it SOOO much I decided to do one for my kids this evening. It was amazing and magical. Check out our party inspired/copied by yours!!

  439. By the way- you could totally have a side business as a children’s party planner. You really seem to have a knack for pulling together great ideas that both look great and are fun at an affordable price, which is what we all want to do for our kids come party time.

  440. Amazing!!!! Just simply amazing and SO so magical!


  441. This has to be the most amazing party idea ever! I love it! All the little details were perfect.

  442. what did you use for the flying powder ??!!

  443. where did you order the liscence from?

  444. Cute, cute, cute! So magical!

  445. Cute, cute, cute! So magical! LOVE!!

  446. Such a wonderfully well-thought out party – even the pictures are magical!

  447. Looks like everyone had a great time!! I always love reading about your parties for the girls! You’re like an expert :)

    And thank you for sharing Hey Yo Yo! I planning my graduation party in June, and I just might place an order there! :)


  448. I love this! I can’t wait until next year when my daughter is old enough to understand and be excited by a party like this. We did do reindeer feed and left it on the driveway. I love your blog

  449. Hi Kelle,
    I know the holidays have passed, but my wheels are already turning for Christmas. I would love to know where you got your incredible invitations for the North Pole party…is it a downloadable print, or a actual website? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!

    Thanks SO MUCH!

  450. Absolutely breathtaking. Just saw this on Pinterest and had to tell you how wonderful it was. Your efforts and prep time certainly were not in vain! Thank you for sharing!

  451. It’s a talented, spirited person that can bring a complete stranger to tears with nothing more than written words and a few magical photos. Thank you for being that person and for being willing to share just a little of your magic!

  452. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this party idea!!! How creative and memorable! I might just have to do something like this for Christmas this year!! I just came across your blog on pinterest and I am so glad I did! I will definitely start following you now! Thanks for the inspiration

  453. What a wonderful lifetime memory you created for these girls. God bless you for that! I cried just looking thru the pics and captions. You are truly blessed with a creative mind. Thanks so much for sharing.

  454. What a wonderful lifetime memory you created for these girls. God bless you for that! I cried just looking thru the pics and captions. You are truly blessed with a creative mind. Thanks so much for sharing.

  455. I am in the process of planning a party for my grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. I was looking at the pics and comments and can not find a download for the reindeer food table. Were you able to download and create a file that we could use?

  456. I just found your party via Pinterest, and I have to admit, I might have cried a little. This is the cutest party…EVER. Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I had little ones around at Christmas (maybe someday!). Love everything you did, fantastic!!

  457. I love this, great and so detailed. I plan on doing a party like this and you have made it so easy with all that you have posted. Could you please tell me what your discription was for the red and silver glitter, oats, and raisins. Thanks you.

  458. I was also wondering if you were able to post the file of the printables you had made for the reindeer food table and invites?

    I’m thinking I would like to plan a north pole party for my nieces and nephews…they would love it :)

    Thanks Kelle!

  459. Kelle, could you please share the cute little sayings that you used on the reindeer food bar? I’m in charge of reindeer food for my sons preschool party and I can see you did more then what each thing is. I would be eternally grateful if you would share that with me. Either on here, or email me at

    By the way, I have been reading your blog since you brought adorable nella in this world. You have a beautiful family and are such a wonderful person yourself. You inspire me to be a better mother and a better person. Congrats on your little boy! Can’t wait to meet him!


  460. I would absolutely love to see the reindeer food up close and what you put. This is the cutest idea! Thank you so much for showing. This party looks fantastic. If you prefer to email my email is THANK YOU!

  461. do you have a list of titles/descriptions you used for the reindeer food? i LOVE this idea and was thinking of doing something similar for my son’s 1st grade class Christmas party! thanks!!!

  462. Love this idea. I plan on doing the reindeer food with my first graders. Would you share your “labels” for the food with me. I can see one that says Flying powder ” secret magic ingredient that makes the reindeer fly. Would love the others . Thanks


  463. I know youve been asked a lit but could you please email me and tell me what the reindeer food signs say. I’m throwing a breakfast with Santa for the kids of the parents at my work and figured this would be a great idea as well :)). thank you so much!!!

  464. I love the reindeer food bar! Do you mind sharing the cute text you have below each ingredient?

  465. Hi Kelle! I absolutely LOVE all the magic that you’ve inspired in this post. I’m hoping to incorporate a bit of it with my kindergarten students tomorrow at their Christmas party. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share the sayings for the Reindeer Feeding Bar with me, please? I do believe that my students would LOVE this! Thank you so much. Pleae feel free to e-mail them to me at:

  466. Just found your blog through and I must say I will definitely be a repeat visitor I have been touring around and your blog is amazing! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us :)

  467. Awww! I just read this and fell in love! My lil girl is going to be 3 this Christmas and will be an official “Big Sister” (baby due August 22, 2013)…I think I am going to try and do something like this :) This year every time she sees someone older with a bushy white beard she yells out excitedly, “SANNA CAUSE!!” LOL does not matter if we are in the store or in the car or at home watching TV… Love your blog, you have a beautiful family!!
    love from us to ya’ll – crystal :)

  468. This. Is. ADORABLE. I’m so in love with this. I LOVE the bit about the elf in the street! When my daughter was young we would hide her presents around the living room on Christmas morning with a clue from one gift to the next, so that she would have to figure out where the next gift is. Now that she’s a teenager and I’m in menopause we don’t have quite as much fun, though. Our relationship has grown a bit strained and I miss these days so much. We did watch a great documentary together that really helped us understand what I’m going through, and I feel like my daughter is my friend again. The film was called “Hot Flash Havoc” and I would highly recommend it, you can check it out here: if you’re interested.

  469. I absolutely love this idea! I love your invitation…is there anyway that you can share your template with me? You have the best vintage designs! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, magical night with us.

    my email is

    Thank you so much!

  470. Can you detail a little about how you had the girls open gifts (took a number, brought for a specific person, just let them grab one from pile, etc?!) I’m planning alittle party and need some tips!! Also, how did you plan the scavenger hunt?

  471. Just saw your post and am throwing a north pole party at my church on Friday. You did a fantastic job. wondered if you could tell me what the other items on the Reindeer Food list said. It was such a cute idea. thanks for posting.

  472. I love these ideas!! I am wanting to do this with my class on a much smaller version of course. Could you take a picture or tell me what all the reindeer food labels say. Thanks so much.

  473. To be honest. I haven’t seen a good post like this in a year now. And seeing this post now, ahh, it really pleasures me. Thanks a lot for this post.
    Clipping Path

  474. I have to say I have never left a comment on anyone’s post on Pinterest before but your party was so wonderful, I had to say something!! You are so creative! I absolutely LOVE all your ideas and your pictures are great too! I am completely inspired to TRY to recreate your party at my house this December!

  475. This is SO stinking cute!! Would you share what each of the labels said for the reindeer food. Looks like there were cute comments under each item.


  476. I love the reindeer food bar – do you have the signs to share that you posted (food item and note about it)?

  477. I have decided to throw at a North Pole party for my family! This will definitely really help me.
    Who helped you to decorate your house? What are your suppliers?

  478. YES! Amazing job!! I am doing a reindeer food bar for the kid’s class party and would love the signs – or just to even know what they said! Thanks sooo much!

    You did an incredible job!

  479. What cute ideas! I would love to implement some of these ideas at my classroom Christmas party and family Christmas parties this Christmas season. Where can I get those tags for the reindeer food bar?

  480. TINA M LISK says:

    Could I get a copy of the Reindeer Food tin labels? Thank you.

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