Yeah, No.

FYI, we left the North Pole signs up. And the twinkly lights. And maybe I’ve been wearing my HoHo jammies more often than not. Which leads to funny HoHo comments from the three boys in this house.


Speaking of turning something completely sweet and innocent into something completely inappropriate, there’s the whole “Yeah, No” bit Nella does now. Leave it to Christmas to deliver the heart-warming gift of speech to our girl–little brain synapses just firing, firing, firing every day. She knows words, she wants to use them, she wants to know more words. No matter how much we go about this with the whole “we treat her just like we treat our other kids,” there is the subconscious awareness–the “don’t get your hopes up” part I don’t even realize exists until she soars so noticeably, so victoriously that it all unleashes–gratitude and the glorious celebration of milestones. I’ve told myself that she IS going to speak well but if she doesn’t, we’ll communicate with the more powerful language of eyes and heart and soul because a mama’s love is fierce and, dammit, I’ll talk to my daughter telepathically if I have to. But turns out, Sister’s gonna be a mad talker.

She detects the slightest voice inflection that suggests a question. And she answers “yeah” or “no” to everyone, even if they aren’t talking to her. I yelled to Brett from the kitchen the other day, “Should I make a salad?” And she turned her head and snapped, “Yeah.” It’s funny–even funnier when we ask her questions like, “Hey Nella, want a beer?”

Thankfully, she has the important things figured out. Like liking Christmas and not wanting to go to bed. The proof lies HERE.


We applauded other milestones this weekend as well, joining members of our village to celebrate more life–little life.

The first year of sweet Kinsley who Lainey has adopted as her second little sister.


And precious Baby Kade’s baptism on the beach Saturday morning.


I love raising kids with mamas I love–all doing it together, weaving stories we will tell thirty years from now when our babies who are pals are grown-up, sprinkled around the country, making their very big mark on the world.

I’m so glad they’re still little now.





I am loving watching my girls play together. Like really play–passing crayons back and forth, taking turns, big sister hands assisting little sister hands with dressing a doll or coloring a page. And their spats? It thrills me. They both have vibrant spirits, manifested not only in sweet, gentle gestures but sometimes in colorful outbursts. I am constantly reminded…they are different; they are the same. Just like the rest of us.





Those shirts? What does it mean? Why, I thought you’d never ask. Rhyme and Reason has created a 3:21 collection of men’s, women’s and kids’ t-shirts. Three copies of that magical 21st chromosome, cleverly displayed in a subtle yet powerful message. Five dollars from every shirt sold will benefit the NDSS. And, from now until the end of the year, use code NDSS25, and you’ll get 25% off your order, free shipping and 10% will be donated to the NDSS–applies to any item other than NDSS signature t-shirts.

There’s a lot of love in that little logo.

Brett’s shirt, My shirt, Girls’ Shirts

Share the love, share the message.


The rest of this weekend went something like…

We graduated to a big girl carseat.


We practiced our Superman swing.


We turned the dial up on Christmas and nearly blew the speakers.

Why yes, those are elf slippers.



My friend Wylie told me she read that studies show the more gawdy the Christmas decorations on the outside of a house, the more problems that dwell on the inside. So I’m all “Dude, tone it down” this weekend as Brett rigged a rainbow display on yet another tree, because our house right now is one inflated Baby Jesus away from a hot mess of problems.

Perhaps Bonnie Raitt said it best though: let’s give ’em something to talk about.



Brett took these as we were running out the door to a birthday party. My chickies.



I paid him back–tit for tat.



Every Scrap Countz owl hat giveaway winner:

Comment #372, Hidalina: One of my favorite post Kelle…..Not only you made those little girls a night to always remember and talk about for life…you also made my day…i felt part of the party the cool thing I was in my jammy when I read and was drinking coffee too!!!! Definitely a white xmas Florida style!

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Make your home smell good too!


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Am I tired? Yeah.
Of twinkly, holiday-inspired things? No. Never.
We just spent our evening trudging through a Christmas farm–in our pajamas. There were about a hundred billion lights. Inflatable penguins, tractor-driving Santas, singing angels and musical reindeer. Talk about problems.

The joy continues.

I spy with my little eye, a shiny hidden moon.


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  1. cutest babies ever. I loved when my sisters started to actually talk (now they talk too much lol)


  2. yay for Brett! Keep getting your Griswold on dude :)

  3. Our Brooklyn says “yeah” too for every question. Who knew that word could ever be so stinkin’ cute. And sister love is truly the best gift a Mama can get…watching their relationship blossom before your eyes, knowing you have nothing to do with it, that they did it on their own…well, that makes a Mama complete.

  4. Yay for Nella finding her voice – plus I spied an O face in there too :)

  5. Awww, I love those photos Brett took of you and the girls, and the ones you take of him with those little beauties always make me smile!

    That popcorn looks really good, I’m going to try my hand at making some homemade caramel corn right now! Yum!

  6. when christmas sneezes. you cannot control where it lands.

    point. made.

  7. My Antonia answer “No” to everything… and then we usually have to ask “Did you mean yes?” and if she did, she says “SES!” and throws her arms up in the air.

  8. hooray for sweet baby girl talkin’ up a storm!

  9. I love the whole sister interactions that we have going on here too at the moment- melts a momma’s heart.

    Beautiful pics of your beautiful girls.

  10. Love the talkin! So sweet! After seeing the adorable photos Brett took of you and the girls I am now contemplating bangs…then of course I would need a whole slew of cute headbands! Hmmmm…haven’t had bangs since 1987!

  11. those elf shoes are too cute…I think the opposite about the lights! I think the more lights the happier the family inside! The lights are so cheery! What miserable family is going to take the time to make their house look so pretty?! Never enough lights!! :)

  12. I love how Nella doesn’t even pause to think about the answer to going to bed. “No.” Ah, kids.

  13. amazing video of nella saying yeah and no so clearly. simply amazing. and maybe mamas of “typical” kids think it is amazing as well, but I know the fear and I know how your heart must be soaring just for those two tiny words spoken. for sure lily is just communicating telepathically and through sign language right now…maybe we need to schedule a trip to florida just so nella can teach her a few tricks:)

  14. umm i LOVE the elf slippers!!

    Lovely post.


  15. Your girls are so precious! And I love your pajama pants. I so need some! As one mama to another I thought I would mention extended rear facing. My 2 year old and my 1 year old are both rear facing in their car seats and will be that way until hit the weight or height limits rear facing limits of their seats (which are radians and so awesome). It is so much safer for them, so so much. I know you are super busy but if you do a little research you will find that the recommendations for rear facing are changing. If you google/swag “Joel’s Journey” it is just one of the many stories out there talking about the importance of rear facing. I am so incredibly blessed to have mama friends who let me know more about it when my oldest was about to move into a big boy seat. Merry Christmas! I need to get the carpenters out, we haven’t had Christmas music here yet! You inspire me to help my kids have more magic in their lives:) Thank you so much for that.

  16. I love all of it! The Christmas deco (which you don’t see over here where I live); the cute little outfits, the precious girls (and parents!)
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your life :)

  17. Love the pic of Nella going “up” the ladder with just one of her Christmas slippers on!! Too cute!
    And the pic of her in the sand, her dress is adorable!
    That popcorn looks SO YUMMY!!!
    good (dot) cooker (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. Loving the outdoor pic of your holiday decor…catching determined decorator Nella in it is bonus!

  19. Cute story about Nella’s yeahs and nos!

  20. Christmas lights on palm trees may be one of my favorite things ever -your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. Happy holidays from North Mississippi where the leaves this fall would have stolen your heart xx

  21. I love everything about this post.

  22. Beautiful. So very, very beautiful.

  23. First, I wanted to reply and say the “yeah” is soooo cute. I love her little voice. Sweet!!

    Second, I wanted to ditto Jennifer S about the car seat subject. Rear facing until at least two years of age (if not as long as the car seat allows actually) is much better, it’s actually 500% safer! I know you want the best for your girls, so I thought I’d pop in with a little backup for Jennifer S and ditto her few words on the subject. :) She said it better than I could have. Here’s a couple of links about it as well. Hope it helps. Have a good week. 😀

  24. ohhh, i love your light in the garden!!!!!

  25. Love the PJs for the farm!

  26. such a cute video. love your pjs. great pictures. i so need to learn out to take pictures at night. i’ve been working on that. fingers crossed one day i will get it all worked out. (:

  27. Kelly, the lights on the outside look AMAZING!!! So beautiful. There’s just something about colourful Christmas lights. As I read your post and looked at the photos of Brett stringing Christmas lights up those trees, I glanced over the top of my computer screen and I can see my own coloured lights twinkling away on my tree in the dark (yes I’m sitting and typing in the dark! the only way to appreciate a christmas tree I think!)- I just could not help but think of how cool it is that we are thousands and thousands of miles apart and yet, we are celebrating the same beautiful holiday, that is Christmas. You have lights, I have lights and they are simply beautiful. I hope you and your family have the most blessed Christmas. Keep up the wonderful writing, I love your posts!

    Janice xox

  28. First off, I have got to get myself some Christmas jammies!
    Love the shots of your girls together, and the ones with you oh, and go on, the ones with Brett. I’m starting to feel very tired, only 3 days left of work, then a whole blessed month off, to spend at the hut. But like you I can’t get enough of the season, my mind is ticking over card lists, gift lists, biscuits to bake, hams to collect, salmon gravlax to make, puddings to eat. I want to rush to the finish line but also savour the journey!

  29. Great pictures as usual, Nella was so cute on the video and it was nice to hear your voice as well.

    looks like you are really enjoying the holidays.

  30. I love Brett’s shots of you and the girls! My son-in-law is a professional photographer, and his pictures of the babies and children in our family are legendary, but we don’t see enough of him lovin’ on his girls, just as we don’t see enough of you lovin’ on yours. It’s always a pleasure when the photographer who loves is the subject of the camera!

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful photos and family <3 AND I cant get enough of the holiday party, wow what great memories for everyone. Makes me miss when all my kiddos were little…enjoy every moment. god bless.

  32. Lucas is at the same stage with words & they are close in age. He says, “aaaahhhh no” in the most sarcastic tone now when you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to. It’s hysterical, can’t imagine where he gets it from 😉

  33. Loved hearing Nella’s sweet little voice, and the pic of Brett kissing Lainey is priceless. I totally understand, the feelings towards milestones. Our tree is finally going up today!!

  34. Such a sweet post. I could eat up those little elf slippers- might need to find some for the little people in my life :)

  35. elf slippers…. adorable
    little girlfriend climbing the ladder… priceless.

  36. Kelle – I’ve been following your blog since you were featured on Blogs of Note, and just want you to know how much it means to me to share in your family!

    I’m 35 and child-free by choice, but the obvious joy you take in your girls, and in making memories for them, is truly inspiring.

    Somehow I sense that you and I are very different – and yet, very much alike. Thanks for letting me tag along on your journey.

  37. We are going through the same yeah, no thing with our 18 month old Stella. Sometime we just sit around asking her random questions just because it is so funny!

  38. I love that Nella has chosen the only two words a girl her age really needs to know! Little lady knows what she wants! That video was super cute.

    Your recent posts have really jump started my holiday spirit! I sometimes forget the magic of this time of year, so thank you for sharing your joy and your family with us. :)

  39. No “toning” down!!!!! Light up! Really give them something to talk about! I love your holiday spirit! :)

  40. ,,,kinsley is ADORABLE! easy brett on the light display, you’ll be giving too much away!,,,love the photo of nella ooooo-ing her find on the beach. cheers to you and yours!,,,

  41. It’s so fun to see the girls grow : )
    Laughed my head off about the ho ho ho pj’s and the boys comments.

    Ho? No!

  42. I love the way you weave your stories. And your pictures. They’re pretty sweet, too. Keep amping up the Christmas!

  43. Love it….which part? The whole thing!! The photos at the end of you and the girls at the end are so sweet!! Have a great week!!

  44. Love it….which part? The whole thing!! The photos at the end of you and the girls are so sweet!! Have a great week!!

  45. Beautiful pictures as usual! The video of Nella is also too cute!! So happy for her big milestone!

    I love the pictures of you and your girls!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments with us. They make my day!

  46. At Christmas time…decorations? More is more!! :) Those t-shirts are great!!

  47. Ah, your posts are always so refreshingly beautiful. And P.S. I’ve tucked away the North Pole party for my someday children – brilliant!

  48. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months but have never posted before. I thought you might be interested to look up the story of Taya Kennedy–a beautiful little 14 month old girl in Great Britain who is defying odds and taking the modeling world by storm. Also, she has Down Syndrome. Daily Mail did a very inspiring piece on her and her family! Merry Christmas!

  49. Way to go Brett! The pic of you and the girls are perfect!

  50. Love all the pictures. Love the children all playing on the beach. Your home looks ready for Christmas.

  51. What a beautiful life you have. I love the t-shirts!

  52. Lol…i have those same HOHO jammies and I get the same comments from the boys in my house too! I adore the pic Brett took of you and Nella outside the house with her head on your shoulder…going to go talk to my neighbors because by the looks of their Christmas lights, they are probably in divorce court now!

  53. Love the 3:21 shirts..what a brillant idea!

  54. The crazier the decor the better…my kids dont ask to see the “pretty” houses over and over again, they wanna see the crazy blow ups that dont match and the bajillion lights. :)

  55. Love the pictures Brett took of Mama and her chickies! So much loving going on there!!! Nella’s smile is like one enormous Christmas light-bright, beautiful and magical!!

    …Another wonderful post-simple yet full of life!!

    Happy Christmas celebrating days to you!

    …cute “yeah, No” video

  56. Your pictures make my heart smile

  57. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been wearing my Christmas jammies since the day before Thanksgiving. Love the HoHoHo pants!!! :)

  58. I want Christmas at my house one day to be like Christmas at your house. The North Pole thing was so cute.

  59. I have never heard about the gawdy Christmas lights on the outside of the house. It reminds me of my Grandma’s house when we would drive from Florida up to Minnesota for Christmas. She lived out in the country and there were so many lights you could see it for miles. So “give ’em something to talk about” is completely fine :)

  60. I feel like I should go around singing hohoho now! Merry Christmas!

  61. I say do gawdy Christmas lights! We drive around town and search for them so we can stop and my girl can kick her legs in excitement and squeal.

  62. Thank you for sharing your blog!!! you make me try harder as a mother!! you are amzing!!

  63. Do you ever sleep?

  64. The video is too cute! She reminds me of my girl when she was that age. Nella’s getting so big! :-) Oh, how the time flies…

    Btw, popcorn is my favorite. food. ever.

  65. Funny post! need video of Nella’s voice, though! Gotta go get some christmas jammies, right now!

  66. The pics of you and the girls are gorgeous! But, the one of Nella on the ladder, that is hilarious! I giggled really hard at the video, too. Still trying hard up here to get into the spirit. Everything’s cool inside, but I think I’m feeling rather gawdy-lightish.

  67. I just always bust out laughing….inflatable Jesus-OMG dying laughing. Nella-want a beer? LOL!!!!!
    I get so excited when I see you have another post up.
    Thanks for being there to start my day out right!

  68. Loving the elf slippers!


  69. Love love love love the video. And the lights. Bring on the fun! I can almost smell the sweet and spicy… yumm!


  70. I just love how the Christmas fun is going non-stop at your house! The lights up the tree trunks look awesome.

  71. I love how alike, yet different our 1-22-10 babies are! Abe does the same answer e dry question bit – with utter seriousness…only he replies with way more “no” than “yeah”! He also graduated car seats this weekend – and Buster SANG with glee his whole first car ride seeing what his big sister did!
    Love the holiday display – domestic drama correlation…believe it (is almost always) true! 😉

    Sparkly, twinkly, multi-colored holiday love to the Hamptons….ho ho HO

  72. I’m so proud of Nella! My boy is about 7 mos younger than Nella, so I love seeing what she’s accomplishing. I like the milestones posts. Um, and video? Icing on the cake!

  73. Until your blog, I don’t think I had ever seen Christmas lights on palm trees! Looks pretty cool!

  74. I love Nella’s elf slippers!
    Great pictures, as usual!

  75. I love your outfit in the pictures that Brett snapped of you and kids heading out to a bday party. Where did you get that top and sweater???

  76. Haha… I laughed out loud when you wrote about hanging more Christmas lights.

    I sure hope you put all of this into a book someday. I could read 1000 pages of your words. Beautiful!

  77. I look forward to reading your blog. It brings back so many wonderful memories for me. You see my daughters are now 26 and 21 and my oldest has spina bifida so we went through alot of those “treat them both equally”, “don’t expect much”, but were thrilled with every “normal” thing she accomplished. And the bond between my girls is something very special which I see in your girls as well. Enjoy this wonderful time in their lives!

  78. Appreciate how real you sound in this post. Not being concerned with what other people think. It’s a good vibe.

  79. Yum, the toffee looks delicious! Another great peek into your life. :-)

  80. Great pictures. I wonder if they make those elf shoes in my size. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

  81. when I saw what your jammies said, I thought of jokes too….sigh, some of me will forever be 13. Love the Christmas ideas you give me!! Keep up the good work! My 2 year old answers every question with ” NO WAY”!! fun times

  82. Eh…people talk if you decorate too much, decorate too little, or don’t decorate at all. Why should you care? You have a fabulous home and family so enjoy it all!

  83. Could your posts be any funnier or more poignant? Love you so much (and, no, we’ve never met!).

  84. My 3 1/2 year old spotted the toffee on the screen and says she wants some.

  85. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends all toddlers stay reare-facing (in their big girl convertible seats) until 2 years old. They are 5 times safer rear-facing to 2. It’s significant and important. It used to be 20 pounds and 1 year, but it changed (for the good) about 6-9 months ago. FYI! Love all you do for the blogging world!

  86. I love Nella’s elf shoes. Cute!

  87. Love the shirts :)

  88. You have the sweetest little elves I’ve ever seen!

  89. I found your blog about a week ago, I read The book by Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. And I have to say, you are so inspiring to me. Thank you so much for the sweet gift of your heart and life, on this blog! I am a better person because of your influence. And I think I love you! (But not in a weird creepy way… more in the I wish we could be friends in real life way).

  90. I love the pictures of Nella nuzzled into your neck….the best feeling ever! And then of course lainey with her Daddy….Daddy/kid pics always get me. You make me tired…one busy woman.

  91. LOL….at the hot mess!

  92. I played the video and my 2 yr old little, Grant, came running to watch. When you asked if Nella wanted to go to bed he gave his standard “uhhh, no.” Always the “uhh” to let you know he’s really contemplating what you’re asking. Yeah, right! Instead of “yeah” he does “mm-hmm”.

  93. We are having the big outdoor Christmas lights debate at our house. I can’t wait to share the “problems” comment with him!

  94. I say the more lights the better! Fa la la la la la la la la : )

  95. I love all your holiday posts. So inspirational.

  96. I love the elf slippers! Your girls are so beautiful.

  97. Oh, I love the pictures Brett took! I have a new favorite picture of you and Nella!

  98. Our son is 5 and daughter 1 and it tickles me everytime I see them playing together.

  99. No way the gaudier the display the more problems in the family!!! You keep decorating Brett! Bring on the inflatable Homer Simpson Santa Claus!!

  100. I love reading your blog, so full of ideas and inspiration. That pic of you is gorgeous!

  101. Okay, from now on I’m giving Nora credit for knowing what she’s saying. Every time she exclaims, “WHAT?!” (as in, “Are you KIDDING me?!”) I always follow it up with, “Oh, I’m sure she doesn’t know what she’s saying.” But it is hilarious and makes us & everyone who hears it roar with laughter. From the ‘W’ to the ‘T’, she pronounces it with perfect enunciation. And she has the funniest timing. It catches us off guard, but always reminds us to chill out and laugh a little…or a lot.

    Oh, and btw, that video is PRICELESS!

    I think I smiled BIG or laughed out loud this entire post!

    The elf slippers, Lainey’s dress, the ‘Oh’ face on the beach, your front door pics….loved it all :) And I CAN NOT wait to transition to a big girl car seat. Our infant seat is crusted with puke and stained from sweat! No matter how many times I’ve scrubbed it, it still looks disgusting. I think I might chuck ours into the alley and run over it…hahaha!

    Blessings ~

  102. seeing Brett love on Nella or Lainey always brings tears to my eyes. I think you have a keeper there. 😉 and btw, I adore your outfit in the ones with your girls! I wish I could dress like you!

  103. Super pumped for Nella!! Talking & a big girl seat…December is all fabulousness <3 Def. hittin up the 3:21 stuff for the fam this Christmas! Thanks

  104. Wow the quote about the Christmas lights was really kind of funny! And I love that idea of giving them something to talk about :)

  105. Never, never, give up on Nella’s communication development. Our sweet
    special needs girl (who just turned 30 and is, yes, living quasi-indepentantly) surprises us every week with new phrases.

  106. I absolutely love the photo under the swing! And YAY Nella for upgrading to the big girl seat!!! 😀

  107. There can never be enough outdoor lights for Christmas. Just never enough power :(

  108. Love the video! So exciting to hear Nella talking.
    Lainey’s dresses are gorgeous! and the pictures by the door are beautiful.

  109. I gotta get me one of those shirts. 3/21 is my birthday and it has always been my favorite number. It’s like a calling. What better way to display my favorite number and birthday than to be doing it for such a meaningful cause!!!!!! Your daughters are amazing and you are an inspiration!

  110. I love your posts and the girls shirts are super cute!

  111. Your family is so cute!! Thanks for sharing! And seriously, do you ever look bad in a picture?


  113. Caramel corn is one of my favorite things about the holidays. I’ll be checking out their site immediately.

    Love the pics of you with your girls.

  114. Hey Kellie Just trying to order some shirts and the code NDSS25 is not working for me? Love the blog and love seeing your pictures!

  115. Those Christmas decoration nay-sayers are just jealous I think! :-) I love the picture of all the kids walking one after the other on the log on the beach. Your posts always have a wonderful feeling of _community_ but this one even more than most.


  116. You know what would be amazing? A quote book, full of all the most moving thoughts and quotes from Kelle Hampton. Because then I could just flip open to any page and know that I am about to have my mind blown by inspiration!

  117. Enjoy those babies while they are young. They grow up much too quickly! Way to go with the talking Nella.

  118. I dread the day my son learns the word ‘no’ because then he’ll say it all the time! Way to go Nella though! :) I love those elf slippers, best slippers ever! xx

  119. I envy your ability to make friends that will last so long. As a military wife, I’m a pro at QUICKLY making friends….but will we still be friends when my husband and I move next? Who knows.

  120. I’m 8 months pregnant. Please give me the corn…the popcorn. :) Erin

  121. I think you love Christmas as much as I do. Enjoy it while the kids are small, not quite as fun when they no longer believe.

  122. Oh please frame the picture of Brett kissing Lainey on the cheek! Took my breath away.

  123. Love the palm trees…her its snowing and we have pine trees in our garden;-)

  124. That video of Nella totally touched my heart. We also have daughter who needs extra attention with PT/OT every week and I know exactly how you feel. Where most parents eventually take things for granted in their littles- like walking across a room without assistance because well…that’s how most get around…ha….we praise and praise our toddler who takes a few steps without falling down..or with…whatever we can get. Thank you for sharing your life and not hiding away the beauty that is Nella and Lainey :)

  125. It’s funny, nothing has been inspiring me with holiday cheer like your last couple of posts! :)

  126. love the shirts!!

  127. I love Nella’s hair clip (green flower). Where is it from?

  128. ~How precious the sweet words that come from our little ones mouths~ Even sweeter when you have to wait a little longer to hear them. I totally get the cheering for milestones that come a little later! Enjoy all the Yeah’s and no’s!

  129. I love the last picture, just beautiful! Oh, and that popcorn looks heavenly! :)

  130. Love to read your blog. The video of Nella is so cute. Yeah!!! Keep it up, Nella.

  131. On the radio this morning they said that multi-colored lights meant you were free spirited and fun! Describes you perfectly! :)

  132. It is such a wonderful blessing to get to raise your kids with ladies dear to your heart! I have had the same experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world. When our kids were little it was like they had 4 parents at any given time. Before children I didn’t really like the phrase “it takes a whole village to raise a child” (I thought raise your own damn kids! LOL) but now I know it is absolutely true and your children are all the better for it! Merry Christmas, Hamptons!

  133. When Nella starts repeating the last syllable of anything you say (like “here’s some toast” — “Toast!”) you can make her look like a math prodigy. My older two girls do this with their baby sister (only two months older than Nella). “What’s two minus one?” — “One!” “What’s five times zero?” –“Zero!” and so on. You just have to ask the right questions. 😉

  134. Lainey’s pigtails are so cute!

  135. LOVED this post. You are always so amazing – If you have time tomorrow, head over to my spce at and read what one of your followers had to say about you & your family. I think you’ll like it.

  136. Love the 3:21 shirts. Those are cute and will make people ask what it means.

  137. That picture of you and Nella is so precious! That belongs on your mantel.

    I am ordering a t-shirt. I love them!

    – jen

  138. Gorgeous pictures! Each time I read one of your posts I make a mental note to take more photos. So inspiring, as always! Thanks.

  139. OMG the picture of Brett and Lainey!!! LOVE!
    ps. When Brett gets behind the camera do you set it on manual or does he know “how” to use it?? I am wondering for my own husband-taking-pictures scenarios :)

  140. O.k. I could go on and on about the cuteness factor of your girls, but given that it’s 3:30 here which is prime snack time for me, I’ll just say that the popcorn seriously has me drooling.

  141. Love that little pre-birthday party photo shoot! Simply gorgeous. :)

  142. Gosh, your pictures are great.

  143. I LOVE the picture of Nella starting to climb the ladder. So cute.

  144. Yah for Nella, The yeah will be spoken when the no is supposed to be spoken and the No when the Yeah is supposed to be, but both words are Precious when they come from our precious babies. Love Lainys rockin Curly pony tails.

  145. You have the cutest little kiddos ever!! I just adore them!!

    (I adore popcorn too!…Tee-hee!)

  146. Oh that video Of Nella talking is the sweetest thing! Precious, and more. thanks for brightening my day

  147. Yay for talking babies!!! Sister’s got it down. Love it! :)

    I say there’s no such thing as too many Christmas lights…do it up and do it big!!

  148. LOVE the video of Nella. She is seriously advanced. What a doll!!!

  149. When I’m a momma, I’m going to come to your site to get all of your good ideas of how to have fun with my babies. I’m neat and orderly, and I lack in creativity. I LOVE yours! :)

  150. the pic of Brett and Lainey – cutest ever.

  151. I love your comment about raising kids with women you love. I have the blessing of doing the same thing. Some of us have been together since high school. So fun!

  152. I am already in the Christmas spirit (big time), but your blog makes me even more excited about it! Can’t wait to see your family Christmas card for this year!

  153. Ohhhh I SO wanted the 3:21 t-shirt but shipping to Canada is too expensive… it went from 15 to 70$ just for shipping :( It’s too bad, it’s such a cute shirt!!!
    On another note, I LOVE your blog. I do volunteering work with a little guy with Down Syndrome (he’s 3). We mostly work on his language skills right now (he understands french, english and italian but doesn’t speak much yet because he had a little deafness as a baby). He’s SUCH a sweetheart, I love him to pieces! I call him my little beanbag of love :)
    Kisses to Nella xoxo

  154. Aw Nella saying yeah is so cute! And that pic of Lainey on the swing is perfection!

  155. I am so excited to hear about Nella’s every growing accomplishments. And you’re so right that Mama’s can speak by heart, so there’s no need to rush any accomplishment. They’ll come in their own good time.

  156. That video if Nella is just darlin’ – thanks for sharing it. The comment about gawdy Christmas displays on the outside meaning things are amock on the inside kind of made my day- only because we didn’t put up ANY outdoor decorations this year, so maybe that phrase implies that we’re still okay in spite of it:)

  157. I have to comment today to say how much I love hearing you talk about the relationship between your girls and how they are similar yet so different. Thinking about spacing children… it’s so tricky and different for each child, but your two girls seem to be spaced to a point that is magical :)

    (I’d also just put in a friendly plug for the safety of extended rear-facing until age 2 or the the weight limit of the car seat – it is 5x safer for those beautiful tiny tot bodies!)

  158. Love the video….”want to go to bed?” “No!” in her sweet little voice!!! Love it!!

  159. Yeah, no. Awesome. My little one was a preemie and has been delayed in her speech, but the last few months we’re finally hearing real words. Her favorite phrase, “No I do it.” I love it.

  160. What a beautiful way to share a beautiful life. Love your blog!

  161. It’s funny that my husband just changed our desktop to stock photos of Christmas. One comes up all the time – palm trees with Christmas lights. When I see it I wonder if that’s what Christmas is like in your neck of the woods. Then you post these pictures. Yep. I don’t know you, but I “know” you.

  162. “Inflated Baby Jesus” made me laugh out loud!

  163. you are giving your daughters an amazing life…..


  164. I followed the link to the video of Nella and I was struck by two things: 1.) I have been totally sucked into your family because I was so excited about how clear and intentional Nella sounded! I am stinking proud of her. and 2) your voice sounds EXACTLY like what I imagined it would.
    Your little family is adorable and you inspire me to be a better me.

  165. LOVE the quick B&W photo of Brett & Lainey :) And loving all your Christmas cheer! Your energy & passion inspire me Kelle!

  166. Hee hee – love the idea of Nella answering all your questions – even if they’re not for her!

    Also – am totally digging the idea of LOTS of outdoor lights. Give ’em something to talk about – indeed! (Sadly I cannot get my husband on the bandwagon!)

  167. The “proof” video is darling! I totally agree with little Miss Nella!

  168. Need to check out the shirts and then see if I can find a pair of those elf booties for Me!

  169. I look forward to catching your post weekly. I always get a feeling of wanting to cry and laugh, depending on what the subject is…….sometime I want to do both in the same post:)

  170. Quote of the week for me ,”our house right now is one inflated Baby Jesus away from a hot mess of problems.” You crack me up! Love the 3:21 shirts!

  171. Love the video. That’s one of the cutest “no’s” I’ve ever heard.

  172. This comment has been removed by the author.

  173. love the video of nella! and the elf slippers!! ho, ho, ho!

  174. Nothing more special than a sister who loves and totally understands you! You go girl, keep that chatt’n com’n!!

  175. I love the look of lights on a palm tree. As usual, quite a pleasure reading your post…

  176. A little bit of Christmas seeps out of my laptop into our home every time I read your blog right now! Thank you x

  177. I’m gonna have to make some elf slippers for my kids…way cute…along with the sweet pics of your girls, Nella’s no, and your Christmas spirit spilling out of your house. Love it.

  178. I have been busier than usual and havn’t been commenting. But I wanted to tell you that I never miss one of your blog posts. This blog is like my church, if I am having a bad day, it instantly lifts my spirits. Your family is beautiful and your spirit is so positive and happy that I can’t help but respond to it. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us!

  179. I love the video of Nella! And the pic of your friend’s little boy on the beach, where he’s sternly looking into the camera….oh, those cheeks. :-) You make me want to fly my Christmas freak flag a little higher, Kelle!

  180. That video was so cute! Her little voice is like music! And are you eating mama? That pic of you in the white jeans and navy blue 3:21 shirt…well, you look super skinny…not in a bad way….in a “you go girl way!”

    PS- Did I read a while back you drive a van? Do you have a story behind that? Do you like it? We never thought we were van people-EVER, until I test drove the Odyssey 2 days ago. We’re contemplating….I don’t want to be a minivan mom, but I thought…I think Kelle Hampton drives a van and she is SO NOT the proverbial minivan mom, so maybe I could too? LOL!

  181. I love your Holiday Spirit~

  182. i’m glad she has her priorities straight–no going to bed!

  183. My youngest came to us from China last year at 16 months old and an unrepaired cleft palate. Speech has been a long, slow process. She used to answer “yeah” to every question we asked. When I asked her something last month and wasn’t getting the answer I was expecting my oldest said “mom, you know she says yes to everything. Watch. ‘Cadence, do you want to moon or stars?'” To which Cadence promptly said “Stars”! Hooray for progress!

  184. Adorable photos and I love all the christmas lights!

  185. I read your posts all the time and cant get enough of hearing about your stories! Your pictures and words inspire me as a mama and person so much! I was in tears in your first paragraph today as you wrote about Nella talking. My son, Isaac may never walk because he was born with Spinda Bifida, but just as Nella is proving, she’s a talker, Nella’s story gives me hope. Maybe Isaac will surprise us like Nella has for you and maybe he will be a walker! P.S. I can’t fail to mention how awesome your North Pole party was. All I can say is, I wish I was there!

  186. “So I’m all “Dude, tone it down” this weekend as Brett rigged a rainbow display on yet another tree, because our house right now is one inflated Baby Jesus away from a hot mess of problems.”

    this had me laughing so hard i squirted tea out of my mouth onto my desk at work. the perfect pick me upper on a Wed afternoon :-)

  187. You are such a lucky mommy to have two beautiful little girls! And the last picture of Brett and Lainey…oh my gosh melt my heart! That’s a framer for sure!

  188. The elf slippers are divine.

  189. The yeah/no thing with Nella is something we are experiencing with our twins. Recently they’ve learned how to nod so we ask them no end to silly questions that they will nod yes to. Never fails to get a laugh.
    I love the stats about the gawdy decorations. I like thinking that our paltry exterior Christmas display shows the world just how happy we are!! That’ll be my excuse anyway!

  190. Adorbs, throughout.


  191. Hi Kelle,

    I am entering NDSS25 into the promotional/discount code bar on the ‘cart’ page and continue to receive the message…Coupon code “NDSS25″ is not valid. Am I entering it incorrectly perhaps? Thanks a bunch!

  192. Yay Nella! I love the Yeah/No phase so cute. The little boy I used to Nanny would ask my daughter if she wanted a beer ( with a New York Accent) it was so funny.
    Love the lights – we don’t have any on our house but we do on our tree. I think that is why I love to go places that are all decorated with lights – it is so pretty.

  193. What is it about the holidays that make us order such Yummy things online?! I just bought chocolate covered candied bacon for our stockings and cant wait for Christmas even more now!!!!

  194. That picture of Nella with her head on your shoulder…too precious.


  195. My daughter has said ‘yeah’ since she was 4 months old, NO IDEA what she’s saying but far out it’s cute.

    Also i ADORE curly Lainey piggy tails!!!!!

  196. The popcorn! YUM!

  197. lovely pics! thanks for sharing the sun =)

  198. Those elf slippers are ADORABLE!!

  199. i LOVE flavored popcorn. Just went to my moms house last night for the purpose of making kettle corn in her whirley pop. It was amazing.

  200. I kindly want to agree with the comments about the front facing car seat as well as car seats expire 6 years from their manufacture date. It looks like you are using a Britax and the fabric I see was discontinued several years ago so just check to be sure your seat is within the usage period and not expired. You can google why car seats expire to better understand why.

  201. i giggled when I read that your friend said more lights outside = more mess inside…things have been rough over hither for some time now but, the to be expected kind of rough that comes after years of marriage and health issues…but, on we press and yes, we have a good deal of lights outside! HAHAHA…so perhaps the fact is study is true but, I also think that more problems so people want more cheer to break through! That is why we do it:) Too funny!! Love all of your pictures always. So inspiring so heart warming! And you are always beautiful!

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