For $40,0000.

A little over $40,000 to go.
We can do this.

Please join us in spreading the word. Every child is important. Every child deserves a promising future.

Help us in our 2 for 2 initiative. $200,000 to support the National Down Syndrome Society in honor of Nella’s two sweet years of life. Please share our video and our message–help us raise awareness for a more tolerant society that embraces and celebrates differences.

Visit Nella’s 2 for 2 Fund to donate.

Thank you to everyone who shared videos. I wish I could have used them all. I have saved them and hope to use them in the future. Your children are so beautiful, and your pride and willingness to share their gifts with the world is so endearing. Thank you.


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  1. Kelle,
    I want to watch the video so badly but I’m in Australia and it says the music or content is blocked in our country… Just wanted to let you know, because this might be happening in different places across the world and I know you want people to see it!

  2. Video also not working in USA :(

  3. I can’t see the video. It says that it has been blocked in my country. I live in the USA. Please help!

  4. We’re dealing with it. Tweaks to come.

  5. Wonderful Video! Thank you thank you!

  6. Beautiful. Brought many tears to my eyes. What a blessing to see all these beautiful children and the love their families have for them. And Happy birthday to Nella! Her thank you made me smile at the end. She’s beautiful.

  7. Are you kidding me, so precious, thank you for sharing!

  8. ooooh I love it! SO many familiar faces!! Loved Kayla at the end- priceless!!

  9. This is a wonderful video that had me tearing up. I love what your doing to help spread the word about these amazing individuals.
    Happy Birthday to Nella!

  10. Wonderful video! And such a wonderful cause – I pray you reach your goal and more!! :)

  11. Amazing video! When I heard Nella say “thank you” my heart just fluttered. I have such high hopes for our perfect kids!

  12. great stuff!

  13. Video works for me (Dallas, Texas). My kids loved it, and it gave me the opportunity to explain to them why we gave money to help kids – kids who my seven year old and my two year old couldn’t figure out why the kids on the video were any different than they themselves are.

  14. I love it so much! Thank you for always involving our kiddos too. I love seeing them all!

  15. Thank you for sharing all the sweet little ones! I shared and hope that my friends will share it too! Every dollar adds up ; )

  16. SO wonderful! This just made my day!

  17. Kelle,
    The video is absolutely wonderful! I don’t know how you do it but you make me cry, happy tears of course, but I’m bawling over this video. Pregnancy hormones might be helping a teeny tiny bit though, who knows. I can’t wait to share it on my blog first thing in the morning tomorrow.

    I know you will reach your goal!

  18. beautiful video, made me tear up

  19. Amazing, as always! I loved all of your beautiful friends who helped with the video.

  20. You’ve done it again!!! Totally AMAZING video!!!! Question….what do you do for speech therapy? I can’t believe how clear Nella’s “thank you” was. My daughter is just starting to sound clear at almost 6. Any suggestions would be great!

  21. Wow!!! We love you Nella!!!

  22. Great job Kelle! Thank you for sharing our amazing kids with the world and spreading the word about acceptance!

  23. Beautiful video. Beautiful little ones. So touched. And happy birthday to your sweet sweet Nella!

  24. I am in TEARS, wow, what a powerful video! I’m trying to tell my husband about it and all I can do is the ugly cry and barely get words out! :) amazing video!

  25. Amazing video-so many sweet kids and families and Nella is too cute! Will definitely be posting this Kelle!

  26. Awesome vid Kelle! I cried….happy tears! What a bunch of gorgeous, sweet children who deserve nothing but BRIGHT futures!
    Good luck with that last $40000 {and beyond!}

  27. Beautiful!!

  28. Absolutely positively beautiful…and perfect in every way.

  29. That video gave me chills! Loved it! :)

  30. Breathtaking! :)

  31. I loved watching the video- just beautiful- Nellas eyes look the same color as yours in the video?? I hope your goal is reached and I hope the goals of all those precious children are reached as well!

  32. awesome video! It touched my heart and had me crying….you are an amazing mom and person! Thank you!

  33. Beautiful video. I wish I could give, but it’s not in the cards for me this year. Until 3 for 3 begins :), I’ll give all the well wishes, positive thoughts, big prayers, and sunshine I can possibly muster!!

  34. I’m getting ready to post to my blog, linking back to yours. I see that i can right click and copy the embeded html of the video, is that ok, to post on my blog as well?

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Happy tears once again!

  37. You’ve got a way with words, pictures and dang! Girl can make a movie! :) sharing this on Facebook now!

  38. Tears as always! Such a beautiful world with the magical chromosome!

  39. LOVED IT! And thank YOU for what you are doing! Hearing Nella say “thank you” made my day!

  40. Thank YOU, Kelle.

  41. Kelle, what a fabulous video! Thank you for all that you do. I am now off to spread the word.

  42. This video is just like Nella and all those other beautiful girls and boys featured…PERFECT!

  43. Wow! Amazing video!! Brought happy tears to my eyes!!!! I love seeing all those wonderful kids who have Intellectual Disabilities! They are the BEST. (I normally don’t comment, but I had to for this)

  44. I have to wait until i’m on my computer to watch the video – my blackberry doesn’t support it, but i’m even crying just reading the comments! Not sure I should even start the video tonight. My donation will be winging it to Nella’s fund at the end of the week.

  45. Hmm…Not sure if I should be mad at you or mad at myself…I told myself I wasn’t going to let your posts make me cry again. Darn it, you did it again!!! The video was beautiful! I want to say thank you for spreading the word to make Nella, my little Hailey, and the 400,000 others sporting designer genes! I posted the video on my facebook page to help spread the word more. Thank you again!

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  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Just watching it here in Australia- it worked just fine.
    So many beautiful and much loved children.

  49. beautiful Kelle. I donated!

  50. Again, I hope you pass your goal!!!! Lovely video.

    Kelle, please take a moment and sign this petition at

    Amelia Rivera, age 3, is being denied the right to a life-saving kidney transplant by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia simply because she is cognitively impaired.

    If you’re allowed, could you please post about this on your blog so that your readers may sign too? I’m sorry if that is a lot to ask.

    Thank you.

  51. amazing, I love the song at the end. That’s a star in the making!!

  52. Thanks Kelle for making such a beautiful video, posted it on facebook and my blog. I know we can make the goal!!! Oh, and I agree Nella’s Thank you was amazing. Sam has a great thank you too, wish I knew to send in a video.

  53. Tears my friend. Tears. Beyond beautiful!

  54. I just gave again this year and I love watching that number skyrocket for such a special group of people! I love your blog Kelle and you inspire the future mama in me :-)

  55. Beautiful.

  56. That beautiful video made me cry and cry. Count me in for Nella’s 2 for 2! Rock on for the incredible impact you’re making for all of these precious, perfect children. You’re amazing Kelle!

  57. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  58. Just watched it with my kids and, at the end, Margot said, “Mama, why are all those kids saying thank you?” A wonderful conversation followed.

    I see what you see.

    And so do my kids.

    I am so proud to be your friend, to be alive when you are alive.

  59. such a beautiful video!! thank you for loving your girl and EVERY child :)

    happy almost 2nd birthday, Nella!!

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Consider it done! Although I am a loyal follower of your blog, I have never commented before. I just want you to know that you inspire me in so many ways. For that, I say THANK YOU!

  62. I cried so hard. Those children are SO beautiful and have brought so much joy to my heart just from that video. Because of an experience that I had in high school with a classmate that has Down Syndrome, I am devoted to becoming the best ISE teacher that I can possibly be. your little Nella is so precious and I pray that you all continue to be blessed by your beautiful children.

    Thank you so much for sharing,

  63. Just beautiful! Crying my eyes out!! Love your blog so much!

  64. Amazing Nella.
    Amazing Mumma.
    Amazing family and friends and supporters.
    I am honored to support this cause and all those amazing and special little people!
    From Canada with love!

  65. Gorgeous vid, I donated x

  66. That was beautiful!!

  67. You show us how powerful a mother’s love can be, and how an idea can be transformed into actual change. The world is changing for the better because of people like you. I am so thankful that you do what you do. My sweet little Clove says thank you, too. She’d also love to give you the cutest kiss along with a high five :)

  68. Hearing Nella say “thank you” = me in tears. So proud of your rockstar. Happy birthday Nella!!

  69. I just knew I was going to cry…Nella’s “thank you” was awesome!!! Great video… Hope you reach your goal!!

  70. This is soooooo beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us. And I LOVE seeing Nella in action. So sweet!

    – jen

  71. Love the video!! Our family is so exciting to soon be welcoming TWO little ones with down syndrome that we are adopting with the support of Reece’s Rainbow
    Adopting Sydney and Lucien

  72. That was so beautiful! I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out but I’m happy! It was so cute seeing little Nella doing stuff :)

  73. What a beautiful video. It made me cry. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the NDSS cause it helps our family too, my brother has downs & I love that so many people are willing to help

  74. Wooo! I love it! I’m so thankful and humbled by all of those who are falling in love with our children…stoked!

  75. Love it – Thank YOU!

  76. Kelle – there is something really special about you; a warmth and genuine spirit that I feel when I read your blog. You are a rockstar for raising this awareness.

  77. Powerful video. I was too teary to see half of it… Had to rewatch. Thank you for all that you do and for inspiring so many.

  78. Beautiful video! I just donated and posted the link to this post to my facebook wall.

  79. tears. beautiful tears. thank you for being a voice. thank you for being a fighter. thank you for being a wonderful mom kelle. i’m going to share this as much as i can.

  80. So precious! You are doing amazing things! I donated in honor of a little rockstar named Nella :)

  81. Great great video!!! I’ll be sharing it first thing in the morning on Facebook!

  82. What a beautiful video! Thank you for all you do for our kids! I saw so many familiar faces. Lots of tears over here but happy hopeful tears :)

  83. Beautiful! You did it again Kelle…moving the universe and reaching stars in other galaxies…amazing video of the most precious angels among us! I see what you see…ALL kids having equal opportunities because us mamas and dadas ALL want the same for our children-to be loved and accepted for the person they are!!!
    I wish you the best in reaching your 2 for 2 goal! You can do it!!

  84. I am crying and crying and crying….. etc., etc.!!!!

    PERFECT :)

  85. thank you Kelle
    i’ve happily paid my “subscription” to your blog 😉
    i’m from italy and it would be just great if everything you are doing would spread here also
    a change of mentality is strongly required
    a very happy birthday to your sweet Nella
    love, Franca
    p.s. if you ever come to italy please let ne know 😉

  86. Oh goodness I’m crying now. What a beautiful video, and what beautiful children!
    Happy, happy birthday sweet little Nella.

  87. To everyone having trouble watching b/c of copyright issues etc.
    Go to and then enter the video’s URL. It hides your IP address, so country-specific copyright issues shouldn’t be a problem.

  88. What precious heralds of life’s true meaning! I love watching the donation counter move…by fives and tens as people not only invest in the future inclusion of cherished individuals living with Down syndrome, but also simply tell us their heart embraced them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Nella’s very proud Poppa


  90. Amazing video Kelle! Thanks for making such a difference in a world that needs your joy, positivity, and hope!

  91. just thought i’d share this awesome fb-album from a sister and brother with you. lots of love, kim

  92. I bawled my eyes out watching your video. Such wonderful children and so much hope in their eyes and smiles. THANK YOU! for all that you do.

  93. This video made me cry in my morning waffles. Thank YOU for sharing it and for all that you do. I have no doubt you will reach your goal.

  94. beautiful!! Nella is amazing!! What a wonderful gift she is!!

  95. Hey Kelle, I too am a loyal follower too shy to comment before..i ve been with you since Nella was born and you guys have brightened up many a dull day here in Ireland..really..thank you…you bring a ray of light to the world , and Nella IS a little star..keep on shining.. 😉

  96. So amazing Kelle!! Shared on my facebook, hope it helps!! Good luck reaching your goal and surpassing it!!!

  97. This video is so inspiring. I shared on my blog and will share on my facebook this evening after work. I desperately want you to reach your goal.

  98. Inspiring video; thanks for being such a great voice for our very special children. Through education and exposure we can change the world. Blessings to you and your family; Happy Birthday, Nella!

  99. beautiful !!!
    i couldnt stop smiling.

  100. Love seeing those precious babies saying thank you! Sorry my obnoxious voice is so loud in the first video… haha!

    Great job Kelle, love the awareness!

  101. Hi, my name is kelli and I blog over at I just wanted to stop in and say hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now and I look forward to a new post every day! : ) You are such an inspiration to me! I think that this is an incredibly awesome thing that you and your family are doing. Nella is so beautiful and I know she will do great things in life! I gave you guys a little shout out on my blog today, hopefully it helps even a little : ) Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  102. *heart melt*

  103. Beautiful! Kelle you did again! tear…my little man 21 mo. saw Nella and smiled and cooed “Nella”. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Happy birthday dear Nella……you inspire all of us.

  104. This is beautiful!! Brought tears to my eyes.

  105. Simply Beautiful!

  106. Just saw this and thought that I would share…What perfect timing too!! Jessica Simpson’s new shoe…The NELLA!!!! Holy 70’s Rock star!! :)

  107. LOVE!
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  108. What a sweet video. Nella you are Welcome…

  109. Good grief…here I am with tears pouring down my face. Going now to donate. Thanks.

  110. that’s so so beautiful. these kids are so special and sweet and awww.

  111. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Thank you for sharing sweet Nella with us. Going to donate now. :)

  112. SO beautiful! Your video gave me chills… A LOT! You are doing a wonderful thing.

  113. And thank you, Kelle, for your amazing spirit. Oh, and for making me cry at work :) I have no doubt the goal will be met!!!

  114. Well done my friend! Watched it through happy tears. Thankful for you & how far you have come on this journey. All of this big change in just two small years….
    Oh yes, I see what you see…

  115. That video was beautiful!! I was almost in tears but I was smiling the whole time :).

  116. This is such a beautiful video.

    What you are doing is such a beautiful thing!

    I checked last night before bed and this morning when I got up… Almost $10,000 more!

    We got this! You got this!

  117. Something no child should go through, or anyone else.Another very good deed done by a blogger, well done. Richard

  118. I wish I had the money to donate but being fresh out of college and not getting a job in my field with student loans and a newlywed, we really can’t afford to donate this time around. Take this as an IOU note for sometime in the future (after seminary for him and maybe grad school for me) when we both have better jobs. Happy birthday Nella, I hope it’s a great one!

  119. Helping made me HAPPY!

  120. Happy Birthday little present! You’re already doing ginormous things to make the world a better place!

  121. Kelle,
    I know it’s a long shot on such short notice, but I contacted Ellen in hopes that she will show your video on her show!

    Lets pray she repsonds!!!!


  122. Just so wonderful. I sat here bawling so blessed to “know” you. Thank you again for sharing so freely and showing the world wha real beauty looks like.

    P.S. Nella’s thank you pushed me right into the ugly cry. If I had a billion dollars it would be hers.

  123. Beautiful…thank YOU!!!

  124. Well, you did it. You got me. Tears, blubbering mess, and I donated. :) Your Nella Girl is precious, beautiful and amazing. My son was born on 1/9/10…we just celebrated his 2nd birthday…and whenever I read about Nella, I think of him. Your love for your kids resonates so deeply. It’s amazing, this Mama gig.

  125. LOVE Nella’s voice saying thank you! I am very happy to see how your “2 for 2 Fund” continues to grow! Kelle, thank you so much for raising awareness and spreading a beautiful, truthful and powerful message!

    And, I want you to know that I cried watching this amazing video. These words went straight to my heart and I cannot stop thinking about them: “Listen to her. Sit by him. Give her a job. Talk to her. Include him. Look at my child.” THANK YOU!!! I wish that and much more for J, Nella and all individuals with Ds. I want them to feel loved, accepted, valued, respected, embraced by all people. I pray every day for the best present and future they can have.

    Lots of Love~

    “We are here because we are born with the capacity to find the hidden light in all events and all people, to lift it up and make it visible once again and thereby to restore the innate wholeness of the world.” ~Rachel Naomi Remen

  126. I see a little bit of heaven!!!! Beautiful work, by Him and by you. God bless.

  127. Done! Donated and shared the link. How much further do we have to go?!

  128. Thank you! Tears of joy as I watched the video.My little angel is two:)

  129. I was all teared up from the video… and then the brother and sister kissed… and I sobbed.

    New mommyhood makes this all the more poignant…

    Good luck to you… I bet you will surpass your goal! And happy birthday, sweet Nella!

  130. Kelle,
    I came across an article that was interesting in my local paper. I thought you would enjoy it.


  131. Thank you, Kelle! I am in tears and I love you and your family to pieces.

  132. You should be so very proud

  133. This video made me cry, simply because it was so beautiful. I knew from my reaction that I NEEDED to go donate because this cause is IMPORTANT. I want to live in a world where everybody is accepted:) Happy Birthday to Nella!

  134. I am not ashamed to say that this video made me cry. My beautiful, incredible, perfect sister is now 28 years old and her extra 21st has blessed us more than I can explain. I cannot express to you how thankful I am for all that you are doing for people like my Sammy. My heart feels so full knowing that there are people like you who are so dedicated to creating nothing but the best for our favorite people. Kelle, you are wonderful. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

  135. kelle, just like last year i have the hardest time donating from germany. i don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or what…. ? is there an alternative like a paypal address again this year? thanks so much, kim

  136. Love this – posting on my blog in a moment – I do hope this is okay! Nella is such a rockstar.


  137. This video melted my heart…I had to share it! You inspire me in all that you do for these children.

  138. Kelle,

    This video was so beautiful! I cried! I felt proud knowing that there are so many other families out there like us! Loved the added touch of the home videos you included! :)

  139. Beautiful video!!

  140. Why is it that every time I Post a Comment it isn’t there?????

  141. Thank you for bringing me back to reality and filling my eyes with tears of joy! That was a beautiful video. I will continue to donate to NDSS for many years to come, I am praying you reach your goal before Nella’s birthday, how awesome that would be. Thank you again for sharing your family!!!

  142. Beautiful video. Had to pause it several times to grab some tissues! What gorgeous kids :)

  143. Different is extraordinarily beautiful! May your all your birthday wishes come true Nella. We love & adore you!

  144. Re-posting on Cowgirl Up! LOVE!!!! The first video I made also got blocked on You Tube– :-( So frustrating!!! We’ve been able to view it all– so beautiful. LOVE you all– you gave me hope and inspiration when I was pregnant with Joey– will always appreciate your beautiful site, beautiful words and beautiful children. Hugs– Jen

  145. I just wanted to let you know how you’ve inspired me. I’ve commented before and you are just an amazing mother. A friend of mine was just blessed with a little boy with that magical chromosome and he is thriving. I’m a photographer in California and will be donating 15% of all my profits for the months of February and March to Nella’s 2for2. It’s too late to count before her birthday but I’m hoping every little bit helps.

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. I love the new picture heading. So perfect to have a napping Nella in the background. (I liked the one you had up there earlier today too with light shing through the trees behind Lainey.)

    I often read your blogs just to see your pictures. Total eye candy. But then our message is always something needed – inspiring a laugh or creative idea.

    Have a good weekend.

  148. OH… Just watched the video and I see pure LOVE and joy. Awesome video!

    Im going to post to my Facebook.

    PS. I love the “Thank you” Song.

  149. Amazing video! It made me so happy watching all those sweet kids and their families who love them so much. You are doing such a wonderful thing and helping so many people.

  150. An absolutely beautiful video, that brought me to tears. All that love!!! And all those BEAUTIFUL kids, made my heart ache with joy. Thank you for sharing!! Happy Birthday Miss Nella!

  151. Worderfull video!! You’re amazing!


  152. Happy birthday!! I made a donation to the 2for2 and my company will match it. It just won’t show up for a little bit longer.

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