Stream of Consciousness

I did a lot of writing this weekend. Enough that I want to step away from structure and focus and just fall into a heap on my favorite stream-of-consciousness pillow.
Which is exactly what I think I’ll do.

There’s this thing I discovered tonight that rocked my world. It’s the “Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong” station on Pandora. Lawd, I done lost my jazz-lovin’ mind. Five seconds into Dream a Little Dream of Me and suddenly my pajamas transformed into a slinky black dress, my bun into pin curls, and my lukewarm beer into an Old Fashioned. All of this is a fantasy of mine. I’m thinking theme party someday.

Changing subjects.

Since Friday, I’ve spent most of my time like this:


Nella got my flu bug Friday night, recovered by Saturday night, and then backslid even worse into Fluville again last night and slept/whimpered/clung to me all day today.


Then, out of nowhere, the veil lifted late tonight. She raised her head off my chest, smiled and said “Yeah!” And then she ate a bowl of popcorn, and we cheered “She’s back!”


Which is fantastic. I missed her spirit.


While she was sick, Brett and I alternated single child care so that we both spent some rare quality time with just one. My just one time with Lainey last night had us heading to the beach, an excursion I’ve been craving since returning from its Michigan contrast.

I miss the snow but really, this isn’t so bad.



An African drum group circled in the sand and beat out this enchanting rhythm that not only transformed the sunset into even more of a spirtual experience but called to all the bikini wearin’ girls like the sirens so that, by the time the sun hit the horizon, there was all sorts of crazy going on. And by that, I mean gyrating bouncing breasts. I spared you the photo.



I begged Lainey to dance with me–maybe not the breast bouncing kind, but I at least wanted to give the African thing our best shot. When in Rome, you know? I barely put my hands in the air and threw a hip out there, and she yanked my arm and loudly whispered, “Please stop dancing.” I feel this is only the beginning of mother-embarrasses-child moments.


Little Child has much to learn. Little Child must learn to dance. I will teach her.



The full moon was obviously a’comin, because African drum dances weren’t the only beach entertainment. There were sunset hula hoopers too.


We reigned it in with a rainbow sherbet/strawberry cone toast at the Beach Store post sunset.


And today? Well, it called for paper boat sailing.


We started fancy–me impressing my child with my boat-making skills and upping the ante with my brilliant idea to shove a bamboo skewer in the sail and add some flashy tape to jazz it up. For a moment, she forgave me for busting a move on the beach.


But my relationship with physics pretty much blows, and between the thin paper, the bamboo skewer, all that tape and the fact that I failed to plan this out–well, let’s just say the boat never made it out. It tipped and sunk.

We’re determined though. We talked it out and redrew our plans. We went for simple and streamlined with just a touch of added flair in Lainey’s handcut orange sail. It worked.


The ugly ducks applauded.


The remainder of the weekend was spent enjoying periods when Nella felt good, when the sky was vivid and locals posted versions of “what a beautiful day” all over their Facebook walls.

‘Tis true. It was lovely.





The last of our Christmas decorations have been packed up, and I am feeling invigorated to clean, upturn, throw away and rearrange. Finally, things feel back to normal, minus a half-unpacked suitcase.


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Tomorrow, I will return with a special post in honor of a sweet girl’s upcoming birthday.



Happy Monday, Y’all!


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  1. Gorgeous pictures!!

    Except for the ugly duck. Yikes.

    I can’t believe Nella is nearly 2… wowzers!!

  2. Your posts are so uplifting. Love the hula-hoop picture… hope sweet Nella girl is feeling all better tomorrow.

    It’s always a gift to join your family through a blog posting.
    Thanks for sharing tonight; a good smile before bedtime is great. :)

  3. So great to just get that one on one time. Being from a big family, I always appreciated it when my parents could do that. Love the sunshiney pictures:)

  4. Teach that girl to dance! Love that… do you still have the… er, was it country? music playing in your garage? Loved that post :)
    Also love your beach music/hula photos. Lovely. Love your eye.
    Congrats for non-sick kids!
    Carly @ Createlive

  5. I just loved the shot of sunset on the beach. Those silhouettes are amazing! A skill I WILL LEARN this year. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your photography continues to amaze me. I was just wondering how you get such beautiful snow pictures without it all being overexposed and then you go and wow me with your beach pictures! Girl’s got talent! Can’t believe Nella is turning 2 already! Can’t wait to find out what you’ve got planned for this one!


  7. oh man.. the ugly ducks. those things bring me straight back to my florida roots. :) i can’t believe nella keeps those adorable hair dos in! mine, who is close in age, yanks at the first sign of coif constraint. :)

  8. Could your daughters me any more beautiful? I don’t think so. You are truly blessed with both of them!

  9. Aw… sick babies make my heart hurt! Glad she feels better!

  10. Laughing so hard about her telling you NOT to dance : ) Kaishon tells me things like that all the time. Like DON’T sing. DON’T be loud. DON’T talk to every single one of my friends…craziness!

  11. We enjoyed Bonita Beach this past weekend to celebrate Fiona’s Heart Day!! Yay, one year since that scary day of watching my baby go through open heart surgery. Beautiful weekend for the beach, and you of course captured it perfectly with your amazing photo skills :) The girls hair is getting so long! Love Nellas curly pig tails

  12. It’s definitely a full moon tonight… I’ve never been this close to the beginning of your comments!

    Glad Nella is feeling better and can play with her sister.

    I ADORE the picture you got of Lainey in mid jump with the sunset behind her!
    Although you ALWAYS take amazing pictures of your adorable girls.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  13. I can hardly believe how much nell a has grown!! she’s almost two! beautiful post! love nella’s curly pigtails. :)

  14. I love your stream of consciousness style. Can’t wait for the reflection you come up with on Nella’s big day!

  15. Those ducks sure were ugly!

    I can’t believe Nella is almost two already!

  16. Holy! When you say ugly ducks you are not kidding. Hope Nella feels better soon.
    And on a random note we’re getting that toy stroller soon too!

  17. I love how excited I am to see a new blog post and to find out what’s new with the Hamptons. Thank you for sharing so much! I Love love LOVE that photo of you and Lainey at the beach. She looks so grown up and so happy and loving spending time with her Mum! I always love all your photos, but this post I just LOVE all of them! Hula hooping, Lainey jumping, nella eating iceblocks, and that very last photo of nella and lainey <3 she’s getting so big! I’m glad she’s feeling better!!!

  18. Love the ice cream/sandy hands combo. And that duck? Creepy. I think I would have high tailed it outta there. And is it just me or did Lainey grow overnight? She looks so tall! Hugs to you and wishing you a happy (and healthy) week!

  19. Poor Nella :( Glad she’s feeling better. You Floridians have some pretty ugly ducks there, lol! Happy Monday back!

  20. Well, it’s Tuesday here so I wish you a very merry Tuesday!
    Loved the post and I’m so happy Nella is well again!

    I can’t get over the beach pics!!!! Wow, I long for THAT ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s still a trembling winter here sans snow but with rain…..

    I hope so much to move, one day, to where it’s warm….

    ‘Til then – I’ll make my very best to have a terrific Tuesday! I’ll go home early, Tuesday snuggle with the boy and go to sleep early, with him. So, yeah, it’s got a whole lot of potential!

    Over and out!

  21. It really should be illegal how much I love her. Every itty bit of her.

  22. oh my gosh, the “please stop dancing” comment, lol! that is too cute:)

  23. I love the beach-hula-hoop picture. So glad Nella got better quickly, the sickies are no fun.

  24. Oh poor Nella, flu is no fun at all, glad to hear she’s feeling a bit better. Rob’s daughter once told us after we busted some moves on the dance floor in our living room “you two need parental guidance” sage advice from an eight year old!

  25. Truly the best of both…you had amazing snow and now the beach. Though in Michigan, we have neither the snow, nor the beach! And it’s only a matter of time before your girl will be dancing, too. Glad baby girl is feeling better…

  26. There’s nothing a little drum circle and a hula hoop sunset bash can’t cure, right? So glad you’re on the up. It’s so hard when the little ones feel bad. We had a winter break of bronchitis, times three. Still, we cherished the pjs, sleeping in and lounge factor of our home.

  27. I am glad that Nella is feeling better. Nobody likes to be sick close to their birthday! :)

  28. So good to hear that Nella’s feeling better and getting her spirit back, and nice that you managed to get some one-on-one time with Lainey in the meantime. Love the cute black, white and red numbers – very coordinated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. And thank you for some stripes in nearly every picture!

  30. Sorry one last thing: the ugly duck reminded me of one of my favourite children’s books – the Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly stupid tales. Have you read it? The ugly duckling was my favourite twisted fairy tale, I always laughed til I cried over the illustrations.

  31. Woah! That duck is an eyeful! I’ve never seen anything like that! So glad Nella is well again :)

  32. Embarrassing moment? Ah yes, this is just the beginning…

  33. Oooh Nella’s delicious long lashes in the popsicle pics made my heart smile big tonight :) Her eyes are stunning….so soulful. And I want Lainey’s outfit…the stripey dress with red tights….do they make that in adult size lol. She rocks!
    Wishing you a flu-free week Kelle. My baby’s 4th birthday is approaching this coming week…yay! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for Nella’s 2nd :) xx

  34. Happy almost birthday to Nella, and SO glad your little one is feeling better!!!

    Hm, I need some big birthday ideas for Ellie. May need to go through past posts of yours for some inspiration…

  35. Poor love being ill. That’s no fun.
    Your boats look great – if I were you I’d get an old cereal box and shape it into a boat and then paper mache the hell out of it and that might be more robust.

  36. Happy New Year, Kelle! I must say that I missed me a good January beach photo & the hula one delivered! Beautiful!! And gorgeous shots of big girl Nella.
    Love her twisty pig tails! While we’ve had a mild winter thus far, I couldn’t escape my annual winter bronchial infection~really nasty this year. Could really use a day at the beach, so enjoy!

  37. Awww… I am glad Nella is feeling better. Those beach pictures at sunset were amazing btw!

  38. Beautiful pictures….love the girls in their strips and bright red! Wishing you a healthy week!

  39. Oh, how I remember those embarrassing moments with my mom! I would just walk away from her. That’s the best picture of you and Lainey!

  40. Popped in to say hi. That paper boat is awesome!

  41. Great photos as always!! love the sandy hands eating ice cream. We just spent our first vacation on the Gulf. It was amazing! We miss the warm beaches already.. Great post!

  42. Ok, so we gotta think of an inspirational quote for that Hula picture. You could totally sell that to the motivational poster making people… Maybe something like “nighttime beach hula-hoopin: what happens when the happy dance gets around” *snort* ok.. So I’m not one of those people for a reason…but still. You get the idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. That Lainey is a lovely spirit. <3

  44. Oh I laughed so hard when you talked about Nella getting over the flu. It reminds me of my daughter Finley who often does a 180 – sometimes when she’s sick, but for the most part to add a little spice into our day!

  45. The fact that you actually went back to the drawing board after the first boat sank speaks volumes about you….I totally would have given up! :) Kudos! Your girls will certainly learn the value of “If at first you don’t succeed……..”

  46. Oh. my. gosh. I must, must know what beach that was! We usually catch the sunset at 3rd or 1st Ave N (personal faves) because they are quiet and have beautiful, rainbow colored catamarans. But drum circles and hula hoopers?!? We have been missing out!!

    And the bit about Laynie not wanting you to dance? Just the beginning. Somehow I’m sure you’ll manage to turn her self-awareness into a very good thing, though.

  47. Wow… I LOVE animals, but those ducks? Really ugly!

    So glad your little one is feeling better. As for your firstborn… My dad always told me that embarrassing me was his job as a father. I remember one specific time in middle school- we were at Hersheypark (amusement park), and I had my best friend with me. My dad proceeded to dance (doing that jump, clap heels together thing) down the main drag of the park. No shame. :)

  48. I had the flu bug Sunday and Monday…oh my…your poor girl. I am an adult and honestly, just wanted to curl up in the fetal skin even hurt!

    Now that is one ugly duckling, honestly, it looks like it’s momma may have had a bit of fun with a turkey. I think turkeys are the only mistake God ever made…butt ugly! ♥

  49. Have you heard of The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists? I won it in November and put it in my husband’s stocking. It has real experiments you can do with the kiddos. It’s a little advanced for my 16 month old, but my husband and I are both looking forward to watching him learn science firsthand. I thought you and Lainey might like it. You don’t have to be a Dad to do science :)

  50. Your first sentence made me smile & gave me chills at the same time. I go back to your college days and dreaming of being a writer. You may not be at The Chicago Tribune, but I think this is so much better. You’re living the dream!o Congrats, Sistah!

  51. Here is the Parent Hacks review of the book:

  52. Can’t believe our (oops, I mean your) little girl is almost 2! What a girl! The sunset pix I loved on IG! Blown away by the beauty of FL….I can’t seem to find a good place in St Louis to capture a sunset…’d think on the prairie there would be…Lainey kills me with the dancing embarassment. Although she seems very reserved and shy sometimes! Those first born girls! xoxo

  53. p.s. the boat sailing reminds me of being in Paris w all the little french kids sailing boats in Luxembourg Gardens. Precious!

  54. My husband dances with his thumbs (picture Elaine from Seinfeld, only worse). My poor daughter – I can just imagine her begging her daddy to never ever dance in public.

    Your photos are beyond words – they’re truly amazing.

  55. Nella in the striped top and polka-dot bottoms is the cutest thing I’ve seen in months! And her hair up like that! Well, it’s almost more cuteness than I can stand!
    …which is good, because those ducks literally made my skin crawl. Yuck.

  56. So glad that Nella is feeling better! It is so hard to see them all sick!
    UGH! That ugly duck….UGLY…I’m hoping that it will turn into that beautiful swan, sooner than later! Love the mom date with Lainey!!! Absolutely beautiful pics!

  57. That’s hilarious that she asked you to stop dancing! I love those little moments when I embarrass my boys. :) Sounds like a great weekend for you all!

  58. I really enjoyed reading this post. I feel calm and peaceful after reading it. Lovely.

  59. That purple jumper Nella had on is ADORABLE! Please share where you got it ? :)

    I loved the image of you throwing a hand in the air and having Lainey immediately get embarrassed. Makes me think of many times I did the same to my mother growing up, I’m sure!

  60. Nella’s hair is SO long. Her little pigtails with curls is just priceless!

    Love the dancing on the beach.. similar thing happened to me with a girl I nannied for. Except she is 10 and we were in Disney world. :)

  61. Feel better Nella. I am glad you are on the mend. I can’t stand it if you aren’t feeling well.
    Lainey being embarrassed is so funny.
    Love that little doggie. He always shows up in such cute spaces.

  62. I am glad that Nella is feeling better. I love her little pigtail buns…how do you pull them up like that?? It must be nice to be able to enjoy the beach in January!! I’m jealous! :)

  63. I love that she asked you not to dance. too funny. Know what else I love?…that it’s January, and you promised some photography info would be coming in January :) woot woot!

  64. oh no, poor nella!!! hope she stays healthy now! the stomach bug is the worse with the littles :(

    have a good week!!

  65. Love Nella’s owl jumper! And I’m feeling for you with the sick little one. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in the works for her 2nd birthday.

  66. Dang. That really is an ugly duck.

    LOVE the hula hoop sunset picture. Gorgeous.

  67. seriously can’t even stand how cute Nella is rocking out her 2 buns!

  68. First, you make me want to fill my girls’ closets with red! Second, my just turned 4 year old has recently started being embarassed by me too. I thought I had about 8 more years before that was supposed to happen! :(

  69. Love the silhouette photo of Lainey jumping in the air! Too cool!!

  70. As an extrovert raising an introvert, I totally get the beach dancing moment. I can’t count the times my 5 year old has hidden her face in embarrassment over my dancing/singing/talking/laughing. It just makes those moments (usually at home, in the comfort of our own living room) when she lets her goofy side show even more precious!

  71. Dance like no one is watching :)
    Shake what your Mama gave you!!

  72. My little 7 month old caught the same bug Friday night and still isnt doing well. I am a first time mom and just SICK about it. I want her to get better.

    Thanks for always putting a smile on my face!

  73. I’m glad Nella is better.

    “I mean gyrating bouncing breasts”…. haha!! That cracked me up!!

    And Lainey asking you to quit dancing ~ too cute.

    Beautiful pics once again.

    I think the pic with Brett and the girls should be your January header ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Perspective is everything!! I find the muscovy duck so beautiful and would pay good money to be at a Florida pond with them quacking in the background while sailing boats with my littles. I so miss them as a native Floridian in my temporary Ohio home.

    Your children are so beautiful. My baby (26 mo) and I have a routine of reading your blog at lunch. She loves looking at the pictures but will only call Nella, Daisy no matter what I say.

  75. I am excited about the online consignment shop! I loooooove me some consignment shopping, and this will make it even easier. :)

  76. I love Lainey’s stocking feet, and that picture of her with the popsicle reminds me of my friend, who has brown eyes and blond hair too!

  77. Gyratin’ bouncin’ breasts! Keepin’ it classy! Pahahhahahaaa!

    So glad Nella is feeling better…my heart broke and then lifted again when I saw her big smile and curly pigtails.

    I gotta admit, I’d rather see pictures of Nella’s bouncing pigtails than the gyratin’ bouncin’ breasts of Naples any day! So thanks for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And cheers to public dancing and all future child embarrassment. It’s part of our job. Then one day they’ll grow up and realize how cool we actually were….

  78. HAHAHAHAAAA just realized I commented under my husbands email account by accident! And it WOULD be the breast bouncin’ comment! He loves when I make these mistakes.

  79. Um…yeah…the snow is fine for about one minute. I would GLADLY trade spots with you. FLA rocks. Enjoy. Your girlies are beautiful!

  80. I know it’s been said to you a trillion times, but I just love too look at your pics! Makes me happy

  81. What kind of wooden stroller is that?? It is to DIE for! :)

  82. Welcome home! Glad the flu bug has flown the coop and you are all feeling good again. Still giggling over stop dancing request. I have no doubts you will have her dancing outloud in no time! Maybe start with an ‘in the car dance’. Its private yet sorta public! ha! Love the pics. They always have me missing the days of my littles, ‘specially the pic of Lainey holding her ice cream with a very sandy hand. I am also loudly applauding Nella’s walking…she is just so sweet standing there…just wanna scoop her up and give her smooches! Your one lucky mama!

  83. So that guy in the first African Drum pic looks like Don Johnson…no?? =)

  84. Sorry cute little Nella was sick :(

    Looks like you guys have still been having fun though. Loved your date with Lainey at the beach! The ice cream looks yummy :)

  85. beautiful! love love LOVE the sunset pictures. you are endlessly, effortlessly talented.

  86. Please Please Please post a gyrating picture next time! Even if its just like, in the corner of a picture. I will see it and LAUGH! Crazy dancing is my favorite, I can’t help but giggle.

    Glad to hear your girlie is feeling better, and I hope that the rest of your beautiful fam stays healthy!

  87. Had to laugh out loud at the “Mom, stop dancing” comment…My son Jeff, who is now 20, would always say (whine!)”Don’t sing” to me when I’d sing in the car or try to sing to them at night! Always makes me laugh to think about it! As for dancing, my daughter who is a talented dancer says that warm-ups at her studio include “The Donna” ~ named after me ~ Which is dancing while making the hand motions to “Stop in the Name of Love” because I do that no matter what I’m dancing to! Yes, they’re making fun of me, but it too, makes me smile. It’s fun to embarrass them no matter how old they are! And yes…I still sing! :)

  88. Happy Monday, Kelle! Hope you have a great week!

  89. The silhouette of the hula hoopers is superb ! Cute babies once again. x

  90. Loved Lainey’s “Please stop dancing”!! So cute and it sounds like something I would of said to my mom at that age!!

  91. Those little twisty bun things in Nella’s hair are adorable. I don’t think I could convince my two year old to sit long enough for me to get those in her hair.
    I too miss the snow as a former Nebraskan living in Texas, but last weekend was 76 degrees… and who can argue with that??

  92. Yes, Lainey, you must learn to dance. And your mama will do a wonderful job teaching you. I know, because she is teaching me to dance in the rain, and I am grateful to her for it.

  93. HA! Lainey will learn that mama’s who like to dance will dance anyway — embarrassed child or not! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My favorite picture is that of the hula hoopers dancing! I saw the one you posted on Instagram and it’s been on my mind ever since! I kept thinking, how-did-she-do-that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Poor Nella, I’m so glad she’s feeling better! I can only imagine the moment she said “yeah!” and how cute it must have been!

    Hope you have a great week, Kelle! :)

  94. Oh, those darling teeny buns – and the stripes – and the red tights and red hot pants… and the eensy curls spilling off each side of that darling girl’s head.

    Gawsh. Be still my heart.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Shut up! I was just trying to find the perfect Pandora station for a little jazziness, and my Michael Buble station wasn’t doing the trick. Perfect. Thanks!

  97. This is an official invitation from the Middle East. We’ll have Lainey dancing in no time! From Gulfi to Egyptian belly dancing, my Lola will inspire Lainey to get her groove on in no time. Heee!

    Isn’t it so sad when the kids start being embarrassed of mom? I remember when my son leaned over to me and for the first time told me to keep my voice down, “You are embarrassing me,” he said. I died a little inside. But then pepped back up. It’s a rite of passage, son.

  98. As a big sister of an awesome woman with Down syndrome, thank you for everything you do. I read your blog faithfully every week, and I always wish that I could have had the internet for things like this when my brother and I were dealing with growing up with a sibling who has Down syndrome. I created a book featuring local sibs a few years ago, but it’s awesome to see your girls take the national stage with their love and laughter. Thank you for your words of wisdom, for raising funds, and just for letting people know that an extra chromosome does not limit who you are. Cheers from Wisconsin!

  99. Donation made. I can’t not give this year. This camp gave me my first RN job a few years ago and there is no comparison to the joy felt at that mountain-top summer camp in Oregon with the best kids + adults out there.

    wishing all the best birthday wishes to your daughter.

  100. I just hate it when babes are sicky sick sick. Bad sick. So sad…glad she is back! The beach scene is fan-friggin-tastic. Great photos, as always.

  101. Oh, sweet Nella. I am so sorry you were sick!

  102. I love that Lainey has sand on her little hands in the photo where you’re “tinking” your ice cream cones.

  103. Hey Kelle! You should have a peek at this, might make you smile (and is rather relevant to this post!)

    Meet Josh :)

  104. How fun. Every time I read one of your posts I wish we were neighbors so our girls could play together.

  105. I wrote about this post on my blog to spread the word Kelle, I hope thats ok! Two for Two and Two for Nella!

    Thank you for sharing your life and your family! Happy Birthday Nella!

  106. LOVE that you said, “ya’ll”. You are officially a southerner. Welcome :)

  107. Hi Kelle,

    I am new to your blog after a facebook friend posted a link. I started to read and could not walk away from my computer. I read your blog from start to finish and let me tell you…I laughed..I cried..I ugly cried and I smiled. You are a wonderful momma and what can I say about your beautiful girls. Both so gorgeous and delightful to read about. Nella is a gorgeous angel brought straight from above. Thank you for the pleasure of reading your wonderful story. Nella was meant to be your daughter and you were meant to be her mom. You have done some amazing things for the DS community and for your daughters future. Because of you all of her dreams will come true!

  108. Hi. I just scrolled through every page from today to…here. Is it possible that Lainey has a pair of red corduroy bibs with ruffles on the straps, possibly by the brand Healthtex? Because I could SWEAR. I’m at that crazy place where I don’t want to stop scrolling because what if it’s in the very next post?

    You see my dilemma.

    Alas, the Golden Globes call.

    While I’m here though, I really like you, love what you do, the way you do it, your heart, et al.

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