Feeling some full-circle gratitude today.
In seven weeks, Bloom will be on a shelf in a bookstore.

The book trailer for Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected:

And some Valentine’s Day incentives for you if you pre-order your copy. If you’ve already pre-ordered Bloom, you’re eligible for these incentives as well, and pre-order campaign will run through April 2, 2012. Book distributors are listed on the right sidebar or you can click here: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and Indie Bound.


The 10-copy book club incentive sounds like a blast–I’m excited.

If you’d like to share the book trailer, you can use this post or this direct link.

I’ll be posting some book quotes and a couple more galley giveaways on Enjoying the Small Things Facebook Page between now and April 3.

Again, thank you. You readers have been such an important part of our story from the day I wrote that first grief-filled post, and you have helped spread awareness and made this sucking-the-marrow stuff feel like such a shared journey. It is, really. So, thank you.


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  1. So excited for you and I’ll be pre-ordering this weekend. Congrats! I hope this leads to so much more for you, and deservedly so.

  2. Um, I want a photo shoot. But I don’t think I can afford 1,000 copies. I bought one though. Who knows if I’ll be able to find the receipt though…. I promise I ordered it though! :)

    Happy Valentine’s, Kelle, Nella, Lainey, and Brett!

  3. I will be buying one for my sweet friend in AK who just had a baby boy with DS! She will love it!

  4. I want to order a 1000!!!

  5. so precious~~~ X

    well done, you.

  6. Hey Kelle! I have followed your blog for a couple of years, never commented before until now. Im wondering if the book is available for me to order from here in Scotland, UK? I would love to snuggle into my armchair by the fire on one of “unique Scottish Bleak Winter nights” and have a good read!

  7. Oh – I am DEFINITELY doing the book club thing! My ladies and I have just been talking about finally adding some reading to our weekly wine and food fests and what a perfect way to kick things off! Super excited. And congratulations. May Bloom be a whopping success!

  8. I’d totally buy 1000 if I could! 😀

  9. I wish I could order 1000 but I’ll definitely be ordering my copy. :-)


  10. will the signed book plate still be available for kindle pre-orders? i would rather order kindle but will do the hardback if no.
    not that i needed incentive to order but this is a great valentine’s goodie!

    happy heart day!

  11. Oh, this is so very exciting. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy!

  12. I would love to order! Maybe I’ll ask for it as… an Easter present? Signed, please! :) Haha. I love the book club idea, maybe I can get some bloggy friends together. And the trailer broke my heart. Downs Syndrome children are veryyy close to my heart, and I was just left speechless by the precious synopsis of the book.

  13. I just put in my preorder. Now to wait!

    All the very best with your book Kelle!

  14. How exciting! I pre-ordered a good month ago and can’t wait! Congrats!

  15. I pre-ordered it for my nook a few weeks ago! I cant wait to read it!

  16. Orders are in babe…if your book is anything like your personality, it’ll be impossible to put down. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT YOUR BOOK IS ALMOST OUT!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to run through the streets naked and it’s not even my book.

    And that video? Just stop it. You’re magnificent. xo

  17. Yay! love the give aways. I cannot wait for my copy to be delivered!

  18. Preordered mine the other day! Can’t wait!

  19. Yay! I already pre-ordered my copy but will follow your instructions. Can’t wait to read your story. Selfishly, I wonder if maybe I’ll derive from it how to make my one wild and precious life a little richer. No great tragedies to jolt me into awareness, just a slow slogging through a job I resent and a tough training phase that is coming, blessedly, to a close at last. Thanks again, Kelle, just for being you.

  20. As a reader for two years now, it’s crazy, I feel so so proud…like it’s my own sister coming out with a book or something. Wish I could order a thousand x 10!

  21. Beautiful video!

  22. I cannot watch this without tears :) So excited to read your words. My daughter is sitting w/ me watching (she’s three) and smiling and pointing at those “beautiful girls”… your posts make my day, really and truly.

  23. WOW!!!!!!

  24. It looks so inspirational, and I look forward to go look for it when I soon relocate to Boston from Vienna. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  25. Yay! I pre-ordered a while ago. I can’t wait for the book to get here! I sure wish I could preorder 1000!!

  26. A “Bloom Book Club” is SOOO going to happen here in Omaha! I’m so on it :-) And would be honored to “skype” you in.

  27. i cannot wait to read your book. i have been reading/following for awhile now and look forward to your posts.

    i admire you for all you’ve done, how you’ve shown us that love can conquer anything and that you will come out the other side a better, stronger, happier, more grateful person.

    thank you.

  28. HOW FUN! I wish I had a reason to order 1000!!!

  29. Just ordered my copy and I can’t wait to get it!

    I love the trailer, you are amazing. The photos are incredible. What a beautiful family you have.


  30. A skype heart to heart sounds so much fun. These are all great ideas, I hope you get lots of sales. It has been so amazing following Nella’s story right from the beginnin.

  31. where can we buy it when it comes out?

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE the trailer! You did an amazing job with it. Great idea to do a book club. Can’t wait to introduce my friends to your story.

  33. Done! Can’t wait to get my sweet book plate. Wish I could do more.

  34. Beautiful, just beautiful! Now that I’m a mom I appreciate this so much more.


  35. Wow! I cannot wait to read this book. Congratulations!

  36. I would buy a million books if I could, but I’ll definitely be buying one! I had to shut my door at work because your video brought me to tears. My son was born on January 26, 2010 – very close to your Nella. I had a bad bout of post-partum depression, and someone pointed me to your blog entry around that time. Some of Nella’s baby pictures remind me of the first time I read your story, and what I was feeling at the time. I look forward to having your book as a permanent reminder of the things in life we *do* have control over.

  37. Can I get the book on Kindle? I’m going to find 999 friends then you’ll have to come to Sydney! cool!

  38. aww so exciting! gonna order my copy!

  39. SO so so excited 😀

    just emailed you with a screen shot of my invoice!


  40. So excited to read this book, Kelle. The trailer made me tear up looking back at the beauty that is Nella.

  41. I didn’t want to watch that.
    Because I knew it would make me cry.
    Those aching beautiful tears.
    And cry I did.
    And you suck.
    But I love you for it.
    Proud of you friend.

  42. The trailer for your book made me cry.

  43. I want to order 1000 so you’ll come visit me! But instead, the one I ordered will have to do.

  44. Um….What? I am now trying madly to figure out how in the world I could pre-order 1,000 books. :)

  45. Released two days before my 30th birthday… I shall have to buy it for myself.

    I thankyou for sharing your story via your blog and book. Yours posts always inspire me and make me step away with a new fresh look on life.

    You are doing amazing things with your one amazing life.

  46. Can’t wait for my copy!! Hoorays to you, from snowy Ontario!!!

  47. Eeek! So, so, so excited for you Kelle and so looking forward to reading your book! I love the book trailer, just what I needed to hear in the middle of a rather overwhelming week. Happy Monday to you!

  48. By the way, your editor ought to look into Nici writing a book too! She’s great – I always enjoy her writing style and how thought-provoking her essays are.

  49. Wow. The trailer was amazing. I cried my eyes out. Watched it three times. Beautiful photos or a beautiful story.

  50. What an amazing post, and an amazing video. My kids watched it with me and it was all I could to not to shed tears. Your words are SO inspiring to me.

  51. Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only person crazy enough to wish she could by 1000 copies just to meet you! lol.
    I cannot wait to read the book. Thank you for sharing tidbits of your life and writing with us! You are a pleasure to read because it feels more like listening than reading.

  52. Congrats…so excited for you! I can’t wait to read it. Just keep blogging, ok?

  53. Your video made me cry :) though pregnancy hormones may have something to do with it! I can’t wait to read your book – we’re expecting our first baby this summer and I am so looking forward to it, especially because of the wonderful words you have written about motherhood. Congrats on the book release almost being here!!!!

  54. Oh my kelle this made me bawl the hospital footage was so raw yet beautiful I just wish I could of huged you I can’t imagine all the emotions you went through, I adore you and wish I could buy 1000 books just for the opportunity to meet you, my husband might not go for it though:) I can’t wait to read!

  55. Oh Kelle, that Bloom trailer is perfect. Seeing your pain while you held Nella for the first time was very emotional. What unbelievable joy she has brought to you and so many others around the world since that day though. I wish you all the best with the launch of your book. I’m sure it will be a best seller. Can’t wait to get my copy!

    Ky, from Melbourne, Australia

  56. Oh Kelly! This is so WONDERFUL! I love the trailer! I can’t wait to get the book. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs, the good and the “bad” of your life with us. I can honestly say that you have helped me to see much more clearly.

  57. Yay!!! Meeting you is so worth 1000 books!

  58. Kelle-how exciting-your book goes on sale…on my birthday! I have a dear friend whose daughter has Down’s–she is THE MOST LOVING, beautiful, adorable–delightful-doesn’t miss a thing gal! She told us she wanted CUTE BOYS (lol!) at her Sweet 16 party–two years ago now! I so enjoy your photos and stories-I’ve not been blessed with children of my own-so thanks for sharing yours! Blessings, Sharon

  59. can’t wait to have a copy to read.

  60. Kelle – I have been a faithful reader of your blog for about two years now and have never commented before. When I get to work each morning I check your site to help me start off my day. You and your family are a true inspiration.

    I pre-ordered two of your books back in August…one for me and one for my sister-in-law who has dedicated her life to teaching children with Down Syndrome in a mainstream public school.

    Thank you for always reminding me to slow down and enjoy the small things with the two little ladies in my life. Happy Hearts Day to you and yours.

  61. love the trailer, cried, thank you for sharing your heart and lives with us, it means so much, I don’t even know you yet, I love you and your family!

  62. How exciting! I will be ordering one for everyone in my family! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but have never commented. My sweet nephew is a little younger than Nella and has DS. What joy he has brought to our family! I have three kids and love reading your posts and seeing your photos. I have to say, one of my favorite photos is from Nella’s birth story where a friend of yours is holding Nella under the jaundice lights through the night. Made me cry. Everyone deserves a friend like that! Congratulations on the book! Lots of love from Texas!

  63. I can not wait to order my copy and my 1000 copies when I win the lotto this weekend!! I’ve been so excited about your book since the first time you mentioned it. Yay!!! You are simply amazing.

  64. pre-ordered my Bible, I mean book in August!!!! :O)

    Congratulations! So excited to see you on the stands….

    Setting: Local Bookstore

    Characters: Me and Total Stranger

    “Me’s” direction: Give a gentle elbow to the Total Stranger standing next to “me” as they read your inside cover of BLOOM and say “I knew her when she took her first prance as a Unicorn Mama…cool chick”.


  65. Wow, what I wouldn’t give for a photo shoot from you. I could beg, plead, and perhaps dance for a chance. Dang! Why do teachers make such pitiful salaries! If only I could afford 1000 copies instead of just one…

  66. oh, that video just had me in tears and gave me the best kind of chills.

    can’t wait to read your book, kelle:)

  67. I had a dream I met you, and now I can.

  68. Bless you, Kelle


  69. Yay you! So excited to read your book. Pre ordered my copy months ago. And that trailer was so beautiful… make my eyes leak seeing the video in hospital. What an amazing journey it has been since that moment. Am grateful to have been along for the ride!
    Any chance you will do a book tour? With a stop in San Francisco so I can meet you in real life? :-)
    Congratulations on your latest “baby”!

  70. Gosh you have a wonderful way with words. that clip was amazing. I pre ordered awhile ago and VERY excited to read :)

  71. I can’t wait to read more of your words!

  72. I ordered it a while ago; can’t wait to read it!! I used my Christmas gift card to make my purchase :)

    Just sent you an email for a bookplate – looking forward to putting it inside my book when they both arrive.

    Thank you!

  73. Oh, my God (and I mean that with respect for Him), this could not have been more perfect. And I love that you shared such personal footage. Thank you. I don’t know who the girl is that is taking photos in your hospital room, but the expression on her face reminded me of my sister, who was taking photos in MY hospital room. You can see that she knew something when you asked if Nella was okay. My sister knew, too. I have photos to prove it.

    Whew!!! This was beautiful.

    Does it count if I get 999 OTHER people to order? Mine plus theirs would equal 1000 :)

    So much love to you on this special Valentine’s Day!

  74. I am so happy for you! The YouTube video nearly put me into an emotional breakdown, as I knew it would. Thanks for sharing your life – – and your love! You deserve all the good things that will come from this book. The little baby that begged to be loved, she’s famous ya know!

  75. got mine ordered…
    sent a bookplate request
    eager to read it
    loved the trailer!

  76. SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! I think I must pre-order one. LOVED the!

  77. Hahaha! I went straight from reading this post to B&N, where I pre-ordered my copy for my Nook e-reader. As it was goign through, i was trying to figure out how I would send you a copy of the receipt, when I realized I probably don’t need a bookplate for my electronic book! I had to laugh at myself. Bookplate or not, I cannot WAIT until April 3rd…I have a feeling I will be reading Bloom with a box of tissues!

  78. Yay! I pre-ordered a book today :) You’ve got mail!

  79. Yay my friend pre-ordered me a copy for my birthday! I can’t wait :)
    Is the bookplate available for international peeps (I’m in Australia)?? I totally understand if it’s not but thought I’d better check!

  80. I ordered my Bloom and am counting the days. I can not wait. Thanks Kelle.

  81. Oh, I LOVE the trailer! It is amazing! I am very excited to read your book! Nella is such a blessing, not only to your family, but to so many people who have read your words and seen your incredible photos. You have brought Down Syndrome to our attention and helped us to see it in a new light. You are a true role model for mothers and for positive thinking. Thank you Kelle!

  82. oh man… I so wish I could buy 1,000! A photo shoot would be ahhh-mazing, but hell I’d be excited just to meet you. You don’t have to work, let’s just grab some drinks, watch for unicorns and talk about our kids. In fact, it’s cold here right now so I’d even come to you! I’m so excited for the doors this will open for you and your writing career, and the chance for your story to be shared even more than it is. I will be ordering my copy this week :)

  83. You are so inspiring.

    Cant wait for the book. Pre-ordering my copy asap.

  84. Ok, I’m back. I admit, I skipped the video at first. But dang girl. I just soaked my keyboard in tears. What a moment. And you have it on video. So powerful. So emotional. So real. You are amazing. You are strong. You are an inspiration to all your readers. YOU are our unicorn. Thank-you. Thank-you for everything you write and do. You may have thought you gave up a teaching career, but you’re teaching thousands everyday with your actions, your words, yourself. Nella’s a rockstar, but so is her mama!

  85. I am so excited for you! I have shared this on FB to get lots of pre-orders. :)

    I can not wait to read this beautiful book! Thank you for always being so courageously open, authentic, and transparent. You inspire people every day. What an amazing gift you have been given.

  86. Went straight to to pre-order my book after reading this post! Looking so very forward to reading your story!

  87. Beautiful trailer! I will never forget the first time I read Nella’s birth story. I could feel your raw emotion seeping through. Beautiful and transformative.

  88. So exited to read your book!!!! :)

  89. Kelle your words and you are beautiful!

  90. You, my dear, are incredible!!! This book looks SO SO good!!!

    PS-I hear you live in Naples!? I was just there this weekend. It is SO amazingly beautiful!!

  91. I love the trailer for the book! I will def. be ordering it!

  92. i am reading your signed galley copy and can’t put it down- i have to read a bit each night even if i’m exhausted! and i had the idea to have my book club read it even before i got the copy because i knew it would be awesome (and it is), so i am completely in for the 10 copy incentive. yay!

  93. What a beautiful trailer…tears. Can’t wait to read it.

  94. I’m so excited! I’m trying to get a book club going right now!

  95. um….i just cried. the video.

  96. Oh Lordy hot heavy tears rolling down my cheeks, your voice so calm, gentle and deeply affecting maybe you could consider doing a talking book of Bloom?.

  97. Mark my words… A movie will be made. As a future nurse and two family members with DS, I thank you for the awareness. Congratulations to you on an amazing accomplishment.

  98. I was not expecting to cry watching your trailer! Beautiful story and I can’t wait to get a copy of your book. What an awesome gift you are giving your readers! You are awesome and inspirational.

  99. Will be preordering. Can’t wait and so excited for you and for this book!

  100. I just pre-ordered my copy and helped spread the word! I’ve been following Nella and your story since she was just a baby! I can’t wait to read your book!

  101. Sholy hit, Kelle. Girl of little words here, so… Beautiful. xo

  102. Happy Valentines Day to my favorite blog family! xo

  103. okay…go ahead and just make a movie will you?! My eyes are welling up from watching that trailer. The BEST part: it’s real life. – Perspective is everything!!!!!!!! (And, I love how you describe what this journey was meant to teach you. If we can all learn vicariously through you, what a better world this will be.)
    You know where it will get crazy?? When you sell thousands upon thousands and you STILL remain down to earth.
    Love you bunches from Tejas,

  104. This is so exciting, Kelle! I’m pre-ordering this week! :)

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family!


  105. Such an exciting time for you and your family. Wish I could order 1000! Your story is so touching – I can not wait to read Bloom!

  106. Hello Kelle! Well this whole signing of your book thing has me totally excited! I just have a question…So my sister and I both want your book, and for you to sign both our copies. So…if we send you a copy of our receipt with the order of two books, would you sign both of them, or do we need to place two completely different orders? We were just wondering so we wouldn’t need to pay two shipping fees. And of course, we would love it you would sign both our copies. I hope you know what I am asking. Thanks again. Happy Valentines Day!

  107. Sitting her in my quiet house while my children sleep, after a 12 hour work day away form my precious babies…..I cried like a baby while watching that trailer.

    I cannot wait to read your book.

  108. I pre-ordered awhile ago and can’t wait to begin reading!

    There aren’t even 1,000 people in my entire town and splurging for that many copies while trying to live on a teaching salary might not be the best idea anyway. Maybe though I’ll have become independently wealthy by the time your next book comes out and we can have a whole town reading party. :)

  109. also. . . I don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with the Skype book club requests!

  110. I wish I could afford buying 1000 copies – I’ m shure you would really enjoy a visit here in the south of Germany.
    Greetings from all over the ocean!

  111. sitting here crying my eyes out at that preview video. ordering this weekend, can’t wait to read. thank you, Kelle, for your inspirational way of living and your bravery – even though I’m not a momma and I’m not going through the same circumstances you have, I still have unexpectedness and grief in my life and your choice to make something grand of it inspires me so much. you are amazing!

  112. Oh, how I wish I could order 1000! Seriously. But I love the video…even though I’ve read the post about Nella’s birth and seen the pictures, I teared up all over again. I’m so excited for the book, Kelle!

  113. i have pre ordered, and I can’t wait to read the story. If it’s anything like your blog I doubt I will be putting it down until the last page is turned. Congratulations! hugs!

  114. Congratulations Kelle – your book will be an amazing success. I cried again watching the book trailer. The story you have, and your inspiration is powerful stuff. I cannot wait to get your book, and if I had a book club to be a part of anymore, I’d buy 10!

  115. Just pre-ordered! The first book I’ve ever pre-ordered in my life! Can’t wait!

  116. I want to order 10. So badly. I think spending a few minutes talking with you should be on my bucket list. :)


  118. Oops hit publish too quickly. I am SO unbelievable excited for you for this awesome moment and for me because I get to curl up and spend a little more time with you with my nose firmly in your book. I am always so disappointed when I come to the end of one of your blog posts as I feel that I could keep on reading forever. Yay for you Kelle!

  119. Wow! The video had me in tears and it’s only 7.34am!
    I will definitely be pre-ordering my copy! xx

  120. Hi Kellie!

    I have been reading your blog for awhile and just love your beautiful story of motherhood! You are an amazing women and your two girls are sooo lucky to call you “mommy” JOb well done and I can’t wait to get my copy of your book!

  121. Your video brought tears to my eyes, though happy tears for you…Nella is gorgeous! Will I be able to get your book at Amazon in the UK? Thanks for an amazing post…and good luck with the book!:)

  122. Too beautiful for words… can’t wait to read your Bloom!

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. Love it! A shout out to KWQR too, hope the new baby, you and all your boys are doing great. Randi*, your scenario here with a total stranger was so funny! Kelle, i pre ordered THREE copies of your book long ago when you first put the word out. Cant wait! for me and my two grown daugthers. I love that we all follow you. I think it helps inspire them too, raising their littles. Cant believe how long i have been following you; thanks for being you. I am still healing from car crash. Reading your words is good medicine for me! And a big old hug to your Poppa. I know he is praying for my healing, and that means so much to me. Love from your Blog Mama~

  125. Awww Kelle…the video is amazing!!! Can we buy it here in the UK?

  126. Ok, so if I buy 1000 copies will you fly to my city for a photo shoot??
    {btw: I live in Australia} lol.
    I pre-oredered my one and CAN’T FRIGGEN WAIT to get my hands on it. That video made me tear up bigtime Kelle. PERFECTION!!!!!!
    Exciting times.

  127. I pre-ordered a while ago. But will love to get a bookplate. Kelle these incentives are such a lovely idea, I can’t wait to read your book. The bloom video is lovely too- it’s so nice to hear your voice – not that it’s different to reading your blog – I hear your voice always. Exciting, I can’t wait to see this Bloom unfurl and look to the sun.

  128. I got to read “bloom” already. My wonderful neighbor works in a local bookstore and she brought over an advanced copy for me to read/give feedback on for the store as I have a child with special needs. I gobbled it up in once night–now I am reading it again and savoring it. Wonderful work!

  129. What a beautiful video…I have goosies!! I can’t wait to read the book!!!!!!!!! So excited!! :) :) :)

  130. Even though I know your story….the trailer reduced me to tears….congratulations beautiful!
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  131. That video just made my cry, I know the book will change my life, I am so excited to get my hands on it, thank you so very much for shareing!

  132. I so look forward to reading it. I am contacting my library’s collection development department to make sure it is on our district’s shelves!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us all.


  133. Oh, you made me cry again… Congratulations to the book!!

  134. May *Bloom* become a bestselling book~

    Tears…this trailer is just like Nella Cordelia: Beautiful and Perfect! I am happy your book is coming out soon… :)))

    Love this quote from your ‘More than One Thing’ post: “More like different melodies that blend together to make one really beautiful 4-part harmony.” Embracing who we are and all we are is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

    Ox…Lots of positive energy coming your way~

    “We must begin by frankly admitting that the first place in which to go looking for the world is not outside us but in ourselves. We are the world. In the deepest ground of our being we remain in metaphysical contact with the whole of that creation in which we are only small parts. Through our senses and our minds, our loves, needs, and desires, we are implicated, without possibility of evasion, in this world of matter and of men, of things and of persons, which not only affect us and change our lives but are also affected and changed by us…The question, then, is not to speculate about how we are to contact the world – as if we were somehow in outer space – but how to validate our relationship, give it a fully honest and human significance, and make it truly productive and worthwhile for our world.“ ~Thomas Merton

  135. What if you pre-ordered a digital copy of your book via the Nook…what to do with the bookplate…oh, technology!!! I’ll just be glad to read it! Congrats!!

  136. So excited it is available for my new Kindle Fire!!! Congratulations!

  137. oh my goodness, bawling at the trailer. Beautiful and wonderful. I can’t wait to get my copy in hand, pre-ordered the first day it was available. You are so brave!

  138. I can’t wait to crack open this read. I hope I am not a sappy mess through it like I am the trailer, and the birth story.

  139. Oh girl, you get me cryin every time! Definitely ordering a book!

  140. Hmmmm, wonder of my husband would let me sell his 74 bug so I can buy 1000 copies ;o) xoxox You really rock, I have never been a “groupie” before but you are such an inspiration it’s hard not to get excited! Buying 10 and excited tohave you in my home! better clean up a bit.

  141. Balling my eyes out. The way you are stroking her face is making me want a third child! I was planning to buy your book anyway but your offer has made me want to preorder now and I will.

  142. I want you to know that I NEVER pre-order anything and it has been awhile since I’ve ordered a book online. But I just ordered yours. I’m so excited to read it and get lost in it for a day or two :)

    Sending you my receipt. I wish I could order 1,000!

  143. Amazing job on the video. Looking forward to the book!

  144. I just preordered my copy! Looking forward to it’s release in April…I’m counting the days :)

  145. Pre-ordered! Kelle thank you, thank you for being such an inspiration to so many! You are wonderful and I can’t wait to get my copy! :)
    Great video, can’t watch it without tearing up.

  146. I pre-ordered from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I CAN’T WAIT to get my copy!!

    The video trailer is fantastic!!

  147. This comment has been removed by the author.

  148. If we pre-order with this giveaway, will we also be eligible for the giveaways you offer between now and April 3rd?

    I’ll definitely be pre-ordering soon! :)

  149. Oh Kelle! I cannot wait for your book! Off to order and copy…gonna see what I can do with the Sacramento Sisterhood too :)…oh how I wish we could get you here!

  150. Kelle, thanks for sharing your story with us and I’ll definitely order your book.

  151. Bloom will be on top of the NY Best Seller List!
    Kelle YOU are on TOP of my list!!
    Your wisdom, courage, grace, love & beauty inspires me. You have changed me… and for this I can not thank you enough.

  152. OK, just returned from running through the streets naked, in your honour. To summarize:

    * frost-bite in regions I should likely not discuss in your comment thread
    * indecent exposure charge
    * one phone call (to therapist)
    * night in slammer
    * three embarrassed children
    * one husband heard muttering, “Babe, it’s like I don’t even know you anymore.”

    Totally not true (except the frost-bite part)…

    And seeing as you don’t toot your own horn, I’ll do it for you. Your stats as of this morning on Amazon?

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #113
    Special Needs Rank: #1
    Memoirs Rank: #35 (Dude, you’re right beside the one and only TIM TEBOW…take a knee)

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m off to run the streets again. It’s just too much.

  153. Kelle, your book trailer is so powerful and left me crying.

    Your story will inspire so many that are dealing with look at them from a different perspective and celebrate being alive..grief and unchangeable situations teach us that….

    I truly hope you do a book signing in SoCal so I can give you a hug from one mum to another who gets it!

    with love
    Diana x

  154. YAY! Just pre-ordered my copy! Can’t. Wait.

  155. I can’t stop watching it. Yes, yes, yes, yes! Thank you again for sharing your world!

  156. I am going to preorder soon and I can’t wait to read it. Happy Valentines Day. My daughter and I are off to MI tomorrow. We can’t wait!!!!~

  157. I stumbled upon this blog on a news website (can’t remember which one), and have since been hooked. It’s beautiful. Your pictures, your writing, all of it. I have cried, I have laughed. Nella is absolutely beautiful, and she is incredibly lucky to have a mom like you (and of course dad, brothers, and big sis :) Keep up the awesome work, and I can’t wait to read the book!!

  158. Pre-Order to the Kindle… done! Can’t wait to read it. Waiting is such a tease.

    If you do a book signing in Seattle I’ll buy a hard copy just to bring it to have you sign.

    Love the blog!

  159. Pre-ordered. The trailer made me teary.

  160. I’m so excited for Bloom to come out!!!!


  161. Wow, what an accomplishment! You must be so thrilled. I can’t wait for it to come out!

  162. I absolutely cannot wait to read your book!!! I love the book trailer and am going to show it at my book club tomorrow night so we can do the preorder and skype with you!! Thank you so much for sharing about your life with us!

  163. The trailer is very nice. Good luck with your book sales!

  164. Kelle-
    The trailer is beautiful and perfect and I anxiously anticipate the release of Bloom. I pre-oredered mine a while ago and look forward to sharing it with other uniquely blessed moms throughout the years. IT is such a beautiful love story…to be gifted with a child so special…and I am grateful that you will be sharing the joy and the blessing of such a story with so much of the world. I can’t wait to read it! :), Ingrid & MYLIE

  165. can’t wait, very excited !!

  166. can’t wait, very excited !!

  167. I preordered the book on Kindle at Christmas time – anything you can/will do for ebook copies? Since we can’t adhere a book plate and all…


  168. Pre-ordered back in August 😀 Can’t wait!

  169. That video took my breath away. I don’t mean that in a dramatic cliche way, it actually made me stop and really reflect for a few minutes on how important perspective is. I see some negativity around on the Internet about you and because I’m generally very cynical it’s easy for me to get sucked into that kind of stuff sometimes. But holy cow, you inspire me. For real. You make me want to be better, do better…enjoy my life more. Thank you, in a very sincere way, for sharing your story and your journey and for sharing a part of your beautiful family. Nobody is perfect, no life uncomplicated but you choose to share the joy and it resonates with me. Can’t wait for the book.

  170. Oh my word, that trailer has left me with tears rolling down my cheeks. So beautiful. I look forward to reading the book. I’m in the UK though – do you know when it is due out here?

  171. I am so lookingforward to reading Bloom. While we have never met in person, I feel like we share a bond. I have been reading your blog, since that first post about Nella, and have gained inspiration from your blog as I go along on my journey. My daughter has a terminal condition and we don’t know how long she will live, but we make the best of it. She is beautiful, with blonde hair and almond- shaped eyes like Nella. Her twin is perfectly healthy and their relationship reminds so much of the one between our girls. I am an optimist like you. I prefer the rainbows and rosy- colored glasses any day! I have commented on here in the past, but just wanted to post again and let you know that I am so thankful for you. On my dark days, I know I can always visit your blog and get the inspiration and energy to get myself out of a funk. You deserve everything that is coming your way from Bloom!!!

    Carly :)

  172. OMG i will be ordering one!! I wish is could order 1,000!!!!!! I am doing a powerpoint about Down Syndrome. You and Nella are my complete inspiration just sayin’

  173. Congratulations! :)

  174. Kelle,

    You are amazing. I cried from your video and I’m sure I’ll cry reading your book. I’m not sure what is out there in terms of children’s literature related to Downs Syndrome, but I’m a firm believer that every walk of life has a story. Even for kids. Reading knows no limitations. Even deaf and blind children can find joys in reading. Autistic and Downs Syndrome as well. Now that you have the title of author, I think it would be neat if you wrote a children’s book. Find an illustrator and really bring to life the world of a child with Downs Syndrome. It would be awesome for a child with Downs to be able to relate to a story and for children who don’t have it to understand Downs. Perhaps it would bring an understanding to our children and decrease the bullying that I’m sure comes with the territory of being different. There’s a book for just about everything, but a children’s book about a Downs Syndrome child? I don’t know. I think you’d be the best person to write it though! I highly encourage you to think about it! You have the imagination and creativity to take it 110% percent of the way! And I know I would read it to my kids too!

  175. Loved hearing the voice behind all of these words I have read on here. Pre-ordering soon and can’t wait to get Bloom! Thanks for sharing that video!!!

  176. I LOVE the trailer. Made me cry. Not sad tears, but like Omg I want to be better cry, and like Omg nella is beautiful cry! I just bought my copy. I begged my.husband to be on board to me buying 1000…. He reminded me its not in the budget.. can’t wait to read it!! Love your blog!

  177. Can’t wait to see the swooping K on the bookplate and also for the skype session with the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City.

    Jill B (Overland Park,KS)

  178. I’m so very proud of you.

  179. I am so touched by you and your strength. I cant remember how I found your blog but it was shortly after you gave birth to beautiful “NELLA”. I believe it was the Lord that brought me to you. I was pregnant in 2007 and was so excited to give birth to my sweet “Adam” but found out that he had down syndrome. We prepared ourselves for a life with him but unfortunately we found out that he also had “Dandy Walker” Syndrome which was uncommon for children with Down syndrome and was told that he may terminate in utero or shortly after birth as he was very sick. Again, we prepared for his arrival. Unfortunately, the Lord had better plans for him as he did terminate in my 28th wk. It was the hardest thing I had ever gone through in my life and wanted to curl up and go with him but I had 3other children to live for. My children did not understand but I explained to them that it wasnt meant for him to be with us but to look over us that God had a better plan. It was a rough two years for me but like I said, somehow I came across your blog and have been following you since. I admire your strength, tenacity and love you have. Not just for Nella and Lainey but for ALL.

    I had a dream about you last night and dreamt that I finally had the chance to meet you and your beautiful girls. We went to the beach, stopped for ice cream and just sat and talked. I dont remember the entire dream but I woke up with a warm feeling that we are friends and even though we arent in our “real” world it comforts me knowing that I can read your blog and feel that I do have a friend. I am so excited about your book. I have watched your you-tube videos and have shared them with my children and explained that Nella is what our Adam would have been and my children ask me all the time to go on your blog and show them the pictures of Nella. My 12 yr old daughter is most especially intrigued by you Nella and asks all the time if we would ever meet you. We live here in Florida, Orlando area and I told her ya never know but that I felt you were a friend without yoou even knowing as you helpd me through one of the toughest times in my life and you dont even know it.

    GOD BLESS YOU KELLE HAMPTON, you are certainly a role model for moms that need help, encouragement and the strength to cope with facing a life with a down syndrome child. I only wish that our dear Adam was with us to share in it as well.

    Pam from Wint4r Springs :)

  180. Congrats Kelle! I am so looking forward to reading Bloom (and to meeting and chatting with you on skype!) :)

  181. Beyond excited as I just pre-ordered for my iPad! Can’t wait!!

  182. Oh I love it. love it. love it!! I wish upon all my stars that I could order 1000…a photo shoot with my ultimate favourite photographer OMG-you have inspired me as a photographer and have encouraged me to follow my passion!! I will be pre-ordering my copy…can hardly wait to read it and read it again!! Your Bloom book trailer had me smiling and crying and smiling some more. I want to give you a BIG gigantic hug and say congrats for creating such awareness, such beauty!! And to say thank-you for taking us on this magical journey. You inspire us all to Enjoy the Small Things…your blog has been a true gift!!


  183.! nuff said!

  184. If I order 1000 will you come to New Zealand for my photoshoot? :)

  185. TO: CARLYANDJAY…and to MARCOMGRL…((( ))) Hugs to you both…Love from the Blog Mama. And to JANITA, LOVE your little escape into the scen of going naked. too funny!

  186. Can I attach this Bloom video to my facebook? How would I do this???

  187. GORGEOUS book trailer! can’t wait!! thank you so much for sharing your story and your wonderful, beautiful positive energy!

  188. I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s posts like these that make me wish I was rich! I sure wish I could buy 1000 or more of your (I’m sure) amazing book so you could come take my picture in Houston!!!

    Love, Mere

  189. The trailer was beautiful, you writing is exceptional and I can honestly say that your words have made me a better individual, especially a better mother.

  190. Just sent my bookplate request! The book trailer was beautiful. I can’t wait to read Bloom!

  191. So I’m at work. In the lunch room. Crying. Your trailer for your book is so moving and incredible! Although I can safely say that I didn’t even need to watch it to know that book will be in my own collection.

  192. Hey Kelle!

    We met at the Buddy Walk this year. I’m Eli’s aunt, Rachel. Your attending the Valentine’s dance this Friday where my sister-in-love, Monica is hosting.

    I have been a huge fan for some time but after viewing your promo for your book I realized I just connected with you on an entirely different level.

    I to had to grieve the loss of what I thought my family should look like. My husband and I tried for 12 years to concieve and didn’t. Living in a family of some heavy breeders and being Puerto Rican you can imagine the embarrassment and pressure that was put on us to procreate :-)

    This past year we adopted a beautiful little boy, Mason, and it has opened our world up to adoption and all the wonderful possibilities and happiness that brings.

    I celebrate life with you and thank you for being so obedient with the calling that has been placed on your life.

    See you on the dance floor on Friday. :-)

  193. The video trailer was awesome and I am so looking forward to reading the book!!

    Also, the Down Syndrome Pregnancy team is going to be incredibly happy that they’ve added you to their group to raise awareness. You have a way with words and you’re so inspiring and passionate about letting the world know your story. Best of luck!

  194. This is my first comment here, but I have been following you for about 6 months. I am so inspired by reading what you write and seeing your pictures. I have 2 wonderful little girls, and I have been sick for several years. You inspire me to embrace life, and make the best out of it, even if things are not “as I planned it would be”. :) I am Norwegian, so I don`t know if your book will get to Norway any time soon, so I have to get one of my friends over in the States to send me a copy. Thank you for sharing your life! All the best! (sorry, it got so long…)

  195. I am adding you to my blogroll, you are an inspiration to us all.

  196. So exciting! I hope someone does the 1000 books thing, because that sounds like a blast!

  197. I’ve pre-ordered and can’t wait. Your trailer was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.


  198. You never fail to jerk those tears right out of me. I’ve been a dedicated blog reader for over a year and know your story and yet every time you re-share it, I get so choked up. Gotta go order Bloom now! Can’t wait to see the final product of your hard, amazing, and inspirational work.

  199. Just can’t wait as a aunt to a little downs niece who went to live with the angels at 6 i can’t wait to read it.Good luck I’m sure it will be a great seller!

  200. Love, love, love your blog! Your love for your girls and the things you write about inspire me as a mom and wife. Thank you!
    Looking forward to reading your story…your girls are so sweet!

  201. So I tried to convince my husband that in fact we do need 1,000 copies of your book, but for some reason he disagreed… Instead I have set my sights on starting a book club! I CANNOT wait to read Bloom!

  202. I am trying to get so many people together I have 6 now.. and I only need a few more .. to get 10 preorders.. I am ordering them for my book club…

  203. Kelle this is so awesome. The trailer is amazing. I have tears. So proud of you!!!
    I with I could buy 1,000


  204. This comment has been removed by the author.

  205. Kelle,
    You always make me cry when you talk about Nella’s first moments with you… and then, i feel happy for her. To have been given such an amazing mom who loves her endlessly. XO. Kathya Briggs.

  206. Hi, I woke up and watched your video for your book and cried my eyes out. I will pre-order by the end of this month. You are such an inspiration. Seriously :)

  207. I pre-ordered (lots of r’s and e’s in that word had to read it twice) the book- cant wait to get it!

  208. Loved the trailor for your book. I will be ordering my copy today. Amazing that you can tell this story so beautifully.

  209. How I cried seeing that film clip. Wow. Really really can’t wait! I’m so glad you’re in the world, you are such an inspiration, Kelle!

  210. Hello dear Kelle,
    I follow your
    wonderful blog from Italy and I love him very much!The video about your book is very beautiful!I cried for the emotion!I have an aunt affected by Down syndrome, she is 60 years old and she is still my “little girl” for ever!
    You are strong,beautiful and full of love,thank you very much your photos,your words,your images.A big kiss to Nella and good luck for your book :)
    Best regards Federica.

  211. Is there any plans to translate the book in other languages ? I’d love to buy some for my mother-in-law and for my mom, but they don’t speak english …. We are from Brazil.
    Your blog is amazing. You inspire me everyday. Your family is wonderful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Congratulations !!

  212. I love you.

  213. Holy hell you are going to be busy! That vid made me cry. Oh nella is such a love. Congratulations!

  214. Never has it been easier to pick our book club pick! I emailed my book club gals the trailer and said, “whaddaya think?” And they all answered, “um, YEAH!” So ten books pre-ordered, the screenshot emailed and we cannot wait to Skype with ya. Just be forewarned, it’s not going to be a coffee night. Wine or margaritas for these girls . . . and you too!

  215. I know this post is not an up-to-date post and maybe it’s weird to still leave a comment but I just discovered your blog and read through all those post.
    When I watched the video I cried. I’m so touched. Your daughter looks adorable.
    I just wanted to leave a comment because if there are so many emotions going on I just could not restist
    greetings Jo

  216. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Because of you (and many other “signs and wonders” along the way) we are in the process of adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome! I can’t wait to watch our world Bloom :) I’m also getting a copy for my sister in law who is due with conjoined twins, who will likely not live long after birth. Thank you for telling your story and helping us find beauty even in the grief!

  217. Just watched your “Bloom” video and my 3-yr-old little guy said, “I want to go to their house.” : ) Beautiful video….can’t wait to read your book!

  218. I just preordered it from amazon but i didn’t know how to do a screen shot?! Can I still get the freebie? Or maybe just a signed book? :-) I’m so excited!

  219. I love the trailer!

  220. OH Kelle, just pre-ordered my copy all the way from Australia, can’t wait to read it.. thanks again for your blog, love love love reading it everyday.

  221. I had to come find and read this post again because someone sent me a TED talk about the power of introverts (because I am one), and I think it’s great for everyone to see, whether introverted or extroverted, and especially when parenting a child who’s the opposite of your own introvert or extrovert tendencies or if you’re a teacher:

    I do hope the link comes through. It’s about 20 minutes long, but definitely worth watching.

  222. Hi Kelle – when are you going to send the stuff out for buying books? I pre-ordered 5 and sent you an email about 3 weeks ago. Thanks so much – can’t wait to read your book! xoxoxox

  223. a friend just gave me this book and I started it yesterday — reading it until 1am almost 75% done … it’s like I’m reading the emotions of my last year. THANK you for the beauty, inspiration, motivation, honesty, and unwrapping some of that inner joy.

  224. In. love.
    I received your book as a gift and it immediately became my favorite. I love it so. It is the most beautiful book I own..the words and visually. When I am done for the night reading, I hug it. I actually hug it. You are beautiful in your normal-ness. I have just paid it forward as a gift to a dear friend and couldn’t be happier. I’m hooked.

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