Enjoying: Funky Cartwheel

I was all set to write a post last night but ended up trading a night of writing for a night of roasting marshmallows with friends on our lanai. Or roasting friends with marshmallows on our lanai. Works both ways.


We played the “If” game, acted out embarrassing stories and applauded Brett for making sure our wood didn’t burn out. It was a good trade.



I woke up yesterday morning in a mood–a funk that wasn’t helped by bad shampoo that left my bangs all butter-greased for the rest of the day. There are a number of day resuscitation techniques I’ve got in the bag for these occasions, some of which include going to Michaels to buy puffy stickers, painting my fingernails red, wearing tights, asking Lainey to talk in a British accent, taking pictures of Barbies doing strange things and texting them to my sister, carrying Nella in a sling, watching this one more time, singing this into a hairbrush, crafting something, baking something, modpodging something, and/or going to Whole Foods to buy a very expensive cookie.


Yesterday, I tried something new.

“I’m going to go do a cartwheel,” I announced to my family last night. Which is pointless because no one even bothers to look up at these sorts of broadcasts.

So I left the front door open while I walked out far enough to clear the house, tucked my shirt in and took the running start that would prep my almost perfect cartwheel. There were some form issues–some crazy stuff going on with the legs in the air, but seriously, it was almost perfect. And just as good as going to Michaels to buy puffy stickers, might I add.

With that prefaced, we are enjoying…

The Hat Thief.
In love with any head gear she can get her hands on, Nella was delighted to discover the drawer where I keep my hats.


Little Buns.
It’s my favorite way they wear their hair–twirled into tight little buns…



…that unravel to soft curls the next day.


Lainey Date
We headed to the park, just the two of us yesterday afternoon. She investigated every play structure, spending little time with each activity before looking for something new. We took a barefoot walk around the little lake…


…and ended up at the water park even though we brought no towels or bathing suit.


We enjoyed it so much, we repeated the fun with Sister today, at a different park.

Park Encore

I sat in the woodchips today and just quietly watched them. I sometimes lead their play too much, suggesting what looks exciting and adventurous–“Hey, want to swing? Want to slide? Want to go climb that fun looking thing?” Today, I sat back and simply watched. A park can be relaxing if you chill out.

The few kids that shared our spot finally cleared out, and it was just me and the girls.



I did not lead. I followed. And it felt good.

Photobucket Lainey’s Leggings, The Measure


New Fish.
I should know better than to send Brett and Lainey to the store together.


We’ll see how this goes.

Pre March.
I’m craving flowers, pastels, Peeps, babies, lace, spring dresses and sweet sandals.


And yellow. Yellow is a cartwheel in a crayon.


Funk’s out. Creative revolution’s incoming. Look out.

What are you enjoying right now?


P.S.: I’ve been dropping book quote teasers on Facebook and Twitter (@KelleHampton) this week. More to come.


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  1. Totally enjoying 70 degree weather in Vegas right now…its just delicious! The smell of fresh air in the house…love it! Oh! and a brand new box of sidewalk chalk!!!!!!!

    Your pics are beautiful as always!!

  2. Love this post – especially liked the line about yellow being a cartwheel in a crayon! I have felt in a funk lately, too – I think it’s the gray Michigan weather at the moment…you’re inspiring me to get out and do some fun things – thanks!

  3. Right now I’m enjoying your blog. And bcoz of u, i might cancel my plan today n just go to the park with my daughter :)

  4. Holy Moley! am I first! eeeeP! Love the photos as always! and my little girl Poppy just got some fish too for taking 10 days of nasty antibiotics without complaining!

  5. We are enjoying being home from a long trip..and all having a nap this afternoon to wake up to a fresh covering of snow!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy your weekend!

  6. enjoying our new puppy!…our first February in S. Carolina (75 today, yo!), feta cheese, Ghiradelli brownies, Zija tea, and rockin’ cowboy boots with denim cut-offs. Falala.

    love Nella’s hat-thief pic!

  7. Love the kissy face pictures in this post. Soooo cute!

  8. Preparing a package to ship off to Hong Kong where our son was born, We will be picking him up soon!

  9. We are enjoying trips to the little playground near by – My daughter is really enjoying the swings it is so much fun to watch her giggle and squeal with delight even when it is cold out.

  10. I feel like a bag of crap today(sinus cold). I love that you break out of your funks the same way I do. THANK YOU for making me smile. The link to the *#it Girls say made me laugh out loud…REALLY loud. I am enjoying the longer days and the small signs of Spring here in Canada. It’s comin sister!!

  11. We spent 2 1/2 hours at the park today. I am hesitant to go without my husband with all 4 little ones, but one of the Moms in my son’s kindergarten class mentioned that several of the Moms were headed up to the park(the one right by my house) My first thought was that I needed to get our 2 year old home and down for a nap…but then I thought…no I need to just go! I did and I was so glad. My children were great and it was fun for the kids to play! I’m exhausted from chasing around a 2 year old that thinks she can do everything her 4,6, and 8 year old brothers can do…but it’s all good! I’m off to enjoy a much deserved Stella! Hugs!

  12. I am enjoying watching Lily’s face as she hears well for the first time !!!
    Love the pic of Nella with her hands tucked behind her back, TOO CUTE :)

  13. I’m enjoying the unusually warm winter we have had and spending more time outside.

  14. I am loving the promise that any day is a new chance to bloom where we are planted. We are moving soon and can’t wait for an offer on our current home! Sell, baby! I am also loving sweet smiles, blogging, new motivation, and my boy and my girl always. They rock. And so do you.

  15. I’m a fairly new reader to your blog and I must say that I simply adore you! I’m 30 and don’t have any kids yet, but reading your blog makes my heart beat for one! Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with so many! I’m enjoying some homemade mushroom and asparagus risotto on a cold Chicago night with my dear husband, laughing at reruns of 30 Rock. Ah the life of two childless 30 somethings! Hopefully we’ll have one soon, I can’t wait to embark on that adventure!

  16. I am enjoying being pregnant and stuffing my face :) Beautiful pictures as always

  17. we had snow at the beginning of the week & today we had 66 degree temps with sunshine & a wonderful breeze. it was just fabulous!! i’ve so loved it!! (:

  18. That video is hilarious!!!

    And I laughed when I read the caption to go along with Lainy’s new fish :)

    And I’m craving Springgggg too! Yellow, flowers, babies here we comeee!

  19. I am enjoying watching Jana and Lanie play dress up. I love how close they are getting. I am also enjoying Jana talking so much. Such a gift.

  20. I am enjoying turkey sandwiches covered in mustard like an insane amount of mustard!!

  21. I’ve only just found your blog today via The Skeptical Mother. OMG Nella’s birth story had me sobbing and stopping every two minutes to wipe my eyes and replace my glasses. And now these beautiful photos of your grown up girlies!!! Love their clothes, their hair and thei playful attitude. BTW, how do you get Nella to leave clips or barrettes alone? My 21m old loves them so much she takes them out of her hair (ouch) to look at them and then gets mad when she can’t put them back in, LOL!

  22. Marshmallows & cartwheels?!?!?! You’ve got the life :)

  23. Lainey’s tights. I want them.

  24. I’m enjoying planning my wedding,,, as i will for the next 5 months until the actual wedding day! :) and that day… will be amazing! love the pics of your girls, can’t wait until we can head up the mountains and enjoy some marshmallow roasting (as soon as the snow melts)

  25. I am enjoying Naples ! Visiting my parents down in the park shore area with my daughter and husband… Headed to the Naples zoo tomorrow, hoping my 18 mos old girl has a blast….thanks for sharing your pictures, stories and family with us….definitely looking forward to your book release!

  26. The good thing about a small goldfish, we have learned, is that when the fish is “sick” often mommy or daddy have to take him to the fish doctor (aka Petsmart). And it just so happens that when I get home with him no one is there to see him returned to his bowl in good health. In other words, we buy a new fish if something happens to the one we have and our girls are none the wiser.

  27. I like the photo of Lainey up on the park toy and Nella looks like she is hiding or trying to climb up so how.

  28. I’m enjoying some music while I work on homework and I’m also enjoying that it is sunny out in Oregon today :)

  29. Loving Nella’s hat picture!!! Right now I’m enjoying relaxing on the couch with my knitting needles and an almost finished baby blanket for a friend’s soon coming baby boy.

  30. my kids and eating healthier!

  31. I’m loving the fact that my two year old is starting to use the potty! I’m loving that my eleven month old is clapping! I’m loving that my sister just became a mommy! I’m loving that my husband is coming home from a week long business training tomorrow-especially since it is inevitable that whenever he leaves the kids get sick…this time an allergic reaction to coconut for our toddler and 103.6 fever that lasted 3 days for our baby!

    I adore the tight buns and am having the hardest time mastering them-big time fail every time! However, my Lilah loves her floppy ballerina buns for now! Any pointers?

  32. what i love about your writing is how brutally honest it is (must.order.your.book!)–what i love about your photography is how crisp and colorful it is, and yes “professional” but it is also, very, very, very REAL … and i love seeing the smudged, sweaty faces, stained lips from snacks or popsicles, dirty bottoms of bare feet, wrinkled clothes from play, the “real-ness” of childhood, parenthood, (and your description of the waxy bangs and how it can irk a day off on the wrong cow/licky/sticky bang’d foot—-TOTALLY-TOTALLY KNOW THE FEELING ON THAT ONE!), you were so SPOT ON!

    and that’s what’s so yummy about this blog … we can taste the big expensive cookie from Whole Foods, and we’ve all had our share of craft storegasms. we know the “perk” of second day curls or “braid bumps” in a child’s hair. we know that some days are just as imperfect as they were seemingly imperfect the day before. (as we struggle over issues like “perfect,” “imperfect” and “control.” we know the feeling of being so happy some days are teeth ache, and we fear they may fall out, which is insane when only the night before we had cried ’til our eyeballs were as dry as olive pits! —but, in the end, we know that all days/begin again and are so beautiful and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT.

    this blog is put together so well, a gift you share no holds barred, and you’ve wrapped it up tight (a testament to your professional abilities-kudos to you!!!)

    we have only to link up, click a button and it EXPLODES ON THE PAGE!!!!

    we are blessed!

    a person feels less alone in the big giant world when they can share the good, the bad and the sometimes scary or ugly … and the best thing in the world to do is to share a laugh, or a good “ugly girl cry” or “healing face wash!” over the very REAL-ness of life!

    since coming across your blog, i have smiled, laughed, cryed, snort coffee out my nose while laughing, and tried not to snort it down the wrong “tube” while crying.

    your blog makes me remember similar stories (and a box full of barbie photos!–before cell phones/lol!) journal entries, bad hair days, etc. etc. and times of my life.

    it reminds me of the happiness to be found in being a “velveteen” mom/sister/friend/daughter/pet owner, etc. etc. (turning 50/new 30 this year) and grandma (yes!–so much life to be had) with my eyes half rubbed off and very, very REAL myself and to know that the merry-go-round continues!


  33. “I’m going to go do a cartwheel,” I announced to my family last night. Which is pointless because no one even bothers to look up at these sorts of broadcasts”

    boy can i relate! lol!

  34. Love this! & Lainey’s tights. Holy goodness amazing!! Where did you get them? The ones with the pics on the knees? Love the dress too. She’s stylin’ in that park. Happy Thursday! ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. I love how you got that funk out. I am going to have to try some of those next time I am in one of “those” moods.

    I am enjoying right now: Being in Hawaii. Wearing skirts and dresses all the time. Wearing flip-flops 24/7. Living with a family who has two littles which is very nice to my normal teenage siblings. The weather here in Hawaii. Oh the weather is amazing.

  36. You do know how lucky you are to live in a warm climate this time of year, right? I’m dreaming of spring as I see your girls running barefoot through the park… Your days are beautiful,as are you. Hope you know that, but i’m pretty sure you do ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. I’m enjoying eating banana chocolate chip muffins (which one of my sweet students’ moms made me this week) with my coffee on my way to work. That’s my “happy” that gets me out of bed so early in the morning…you gotta have something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. I am enjoying the shameless preface-to-spring weather – 65 yesterday and today and maybe 70 tomorrow. Eek. And I took the time today to enjoy deep blue skies with marshmallow clouds. Oh yeah, and a small package of mini eggs – oh my weakness!!

    And for a change of pace, I gave Alex a bath in the dark with the bath that was illuminated with glow sticks. $1 from Michaels never entertained us so much! Eek!

    Keep on cartwheeling. :) Joy will follow.


  39. I am enjoying the fact that it looks like Nella is snoozing against that piece of playground equipment that Lainey is climbing on.
    I busted out laughing.

    Also enjoying the fact that I get to travel to NC this weekend and see my daddy for the first time in a month for his birthday.
    My parents just moved two months ago after we’ve lived in the same city my entire adult life. I miss them dearly and cannot wait for a couple days with them.

  40. Kelle, I’d love to add to your hat thief’s collection, or any of you for that matter! I have a gallery of examples here: http://picasaweb.google.com/prescottchels/SugarKaneCreations#

    If you tell me colors, number of points-if you want a jester vs a top knot, and approx head circumference I’d love to send a hat your way-just for kicks :)

  41. Try roasting Peeps over a fire. The sugar on the outside caramelizes and hardens, and the inside gets gooey. It’s like creme brulee on a stick.

  42. I am enjoying the anticipation of heading to the Big Apple tomorrow night for the weekend!! :

  43. ahhhh!!!! love the hat picture!

  44. I am floored by the pictures of Lainey perfectly acting out both of her roles in life (thus far): First, as the older sister – mature and always watchful of Nella; Second, as your little daughter – silly, playing, and carefree. She is already showing the different phases of being female, and I love it.

  45. right now I am enjoying the last few weeks of training for my first 1/2 marathon, the thought of a quiet saturday at home with the family. I LOVE the pictures of Nella in the bird shirt…she is a doll. Your girls are beginning to really look alike. Can’t wait for the book!

  46. I am loving reading and thinking. Thanks for writing and sharing photos that provoke such things. I updated my blog earlier and ran out to play with my kids some more and then came in to read this…

    Thank you for continued inspiration. I have to preorder your book. I am loving the teasers, too.

    Happy newly inspired outlook!

  47. Kelle,

    Another great post that brightened my day! :) Nella’s “hat thief” photo is so adorable! And good luck with the fishies — hopefully Lainey won’t find these ones “sleeping” again. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  48. AAAAAAH! Nella and the hat! So cute!

    Also I totally want to hear Lainey talking in a British accent. If it’s anything like my sisters’ British accents it’ll be great. :-)

    Right now I’m enjoying hearing to one of my favourite songs on the radio. And dance.

  49. I have felt the funk lately. All week it looked like we were to have some decent weather that we could actually get out to enjoy, yes we did have unseasonably higher temps but factor in wind and it’s cold. Even though we live here I think we are very quickly becoming warm weather people. We need a lunch in the park or a stroll down the street without our ears freezing off.

    I usually comment on at least one pic, but I just scrolled back through and there are so many in this post that I just adore so I’ll just say both girls are adorable. I think you are right about the Nella walking comment because you can actually see a different connection between sisters. The joy in Lainey’s eyes is so sweet.

  50. ENJOYING Ryan Braun’s exoneration, Crimson Tide BB victory, carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting, and your babies w/ their beautiful little buns in their hair.

  51. I’m enjoying reading your blog- it’s uplifting….Another thing I’m enjoying is the fact that spring is around the corner…Even if we are supposed to be dumped with snow this weekend!! :)

  52. I just happen to be enjoying a Moo milk chocolate corn flake bar. Yes, that’s right. Milk chocolate with cornflakes inside! AMAZING!

  53. Loved these pictures!! Can you please tell us where you got Nella’s sweet owl shirt???!!! I love owls, have 2 boys and would love to get one for my niece! :)

  54. Today we enjoyed sunny & 75 degrees. Something I’ve never seen in all the winters in MI. I’m totally good with it, btw.

    LOVE the synchronized swing pic. A new fav.

    The pic of Nella on the table she looks more like Lainey than I’ve noticed before. It must be the profile angle that does it.

    They are just too.stinkin.cute.

  55. Such fun outings with your such fun girls : )
    Love the curls post bun!
    Right this second I am enjoying the rain music that is on to lull my 12 year old baby to sleep : )

  56. I love to give a funk a good kick in the a**! And I have got to have those leggings!

  57. Even though the weather is still cold and damp, I am enjoying so many things. Soup with friends. Reading with the littlest. Being read TO by my middle one. Family game night. Can you tell that we are hibernating and waiting for good weather? But most of all, I am happy by the thought that next year our family will be a family of 6 not 5.

    Have a great weekend!

  58. I am enjoying the end of a beautiful 75 degree day with your blog, a plate of hot enchiladas & a cold beer. Life is good.
    Love your de-funking methods… a cartwheel is now added to my bag of tricks!

  59. Enjoying quietness in the house, the soft breeze and gentle shadows in the late afternoon and snuggling on the couch with my girl!

  60. Dear Kelle. I can’t believe you can still do a cartwheel! I tried this recently and it did NOT go well – ha! I agree. The color yellow…. happy. Hugs to you!

  61. We had the same thing with Fish. Walter the Wonderfish is still going strong 2 years later…. no thanks to the people who chose him, though! lol

  62. 82 degrees in arizona today. loving every second of it.

    Nella is so cute. so so darling. her legs, so cute.

  63. Oh gosh! Hat thief photo is a WINNER!

  64. We are enjoying DISNEYLAND right now!!!! Just now able to get wifi…..I have so much catching up to do with your blog! I’ve “missed” you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I will just say real quick, watching Nora in “It’s a Small World” will probably go down in history as one of my all time favorite memories–EVER. Totally made the trip for me. Etched in my heart forever; my sister’s, too….Aunt Lisa got to come with us. My husband was quick to realize that he needed to catch this on video—for my sake. Hoping I get to show you the clip someday.

    Still enjoying that moment…..

  65. it needs to be said: i flat out love the way you dress your girls.

  66. Right now I’m enjoying my productivity and knowing that I’m capable of doing anything that I want to. http://engallophotography.blogspot.com/

  67. I’m loving the angle of the light coming though the widows later in the afternoon, a promise of spring on the way. Although there was no direct sunlight today, just a random snow storm with wind so strong I thought a tree was crashing into the house.
    -Kelly L.

  68. The start up company that I work for laid off its sales team today, me included. It wasn’t surprising so I wasn’t terribly upset. I did however, take some time for me. I went to the movies and then picked up my 4 yr old from school about an hour earlier and while there, arranged to have her stay home with me for the month of March. While I need to spend some serious time looking for work (I’m a single mom) I am looking forward to spending “vacation” time with Keira and exercising regularly because I will have the time. Yeah… Always a silver lining!

  69. Love Nella’s curls! Your photos make me want to have a little girl! I love my little man more than words can say but a girl would be so much fun!! xx

  70. Enjoying?
    This post made me smile.
    My husband who knows me so well, he knows how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking, so I don’t have to say.

  71. Amazing day!


  72. Your weather is so jammy! I love that cheeky face on the lil Hat Thief. :)

  73. I am enjoying that the sun is shining here in Winterland (Norway) on this cold day..

    I am enjoying the taste of this days first cup of coffee..

    I am enjoying this post, this blog, you – who makes me smile every day!

    Thank you! Have a happy weekend! =]

  74. I’m sooo ready to plan our first Naples trip. Please oh please can we go to one of your amazing parks?

    But I don’t have to be uber jealous today, because it’s supposed to hit 70 in DC this afternoon, and I plan to be out with my little munchkin livin’ it UP.

    Can we do a pool on how long the fish live?

    And I love love love the spring-y clothes. And now I’m excited to get Ellie an Easter dress!

  75. Right this very minute, I am enjoying those videos on youtube!! FUNNY!
    Enjoying having my husband back home after being gone on business. Enjoying my kids!
    Beautiful pictures!! Thank you!

  76. I think slowly you will have more and more of these moments of just watching them, marveling at how they can create something on their own. But of course they have a good model :-)

  77. I’m enjoying the beginning of my 4 day weekend. Four whole days of nothing but spending time with my kiddos. Thank the Lord for returning to work only part time! Today will bring 5 loads of laundry and a trip to Costco, but we are determined to throw and adventure in there as well.

    I’m also enjoying the anticipation of snow today. It’s calling for a huge dumping of white fluffy stuff and I’m pumped.

  78. Your girls are just precious. No words can describe the joy on their faces. And you, you inspire me to think outside the box, to love deeper and to not be afraid to get dirty (I have a one year old son who is into all things “dirty” – bugs, rocks, leaves, dirt, eating sand, you name it).

    I found your blog through a friend who has a precious little boy who happens to have a little something extra, as well. Thank you for your openness and willingness to share your heart, your funks, your great days, and your hard moments.

  79. I would LOVE to hear Lainey talk in a british accent. I am cracking up at the thought.

  80. I love the sunglasses! I wish I needed them here in Colorado!



  81. I’m enjoying those last two pics…I LOVE your black & white jacket and how it matches Lainey’s tights. (I sometimes match little things with my daughter as well). You wear the funky/rocker look very well, Kelle.

    Happy Friday to you all! :)

  82. MOST sincere congratulations on the publication of your book. What a tremendous accomplishment!

  83. Yellow is my favorite color and has been since middle school.

    That yellow tie top Nella is wearing, I swear I had one just like it when I was a kid.

    We too have had beautiful 80 degree days here in Texas this week. This morning we woke up to a chilly 40 degree air. Bummer.

    And yellow is a cartwheel in a crayon!

  84. I am enjoying my new haircut! I recently got bangs and I am lovin’ it! Have a spectacular weekend lady! =)

  85. I should be diving into the pile of medical bills on my kitchen table. And I will. Soon. But first I am going to read the Book Review section of the NYT. My favorite escape in the world :)

  86. I LOVE park days! Definitely one of my favorite things to do with my little man. :) These photos make me happy!

  87. Gonna enjoy some sister time tonight with my sis, niece, and girls. Pizza….yes. Ice cream…..yes. Twilight movie…..yes…after kiddos are alseep. And maybe even a a glass of wine.

  88. The look on Lainey’s face while she is looking at that fish is to die for….she LOVES that fish. Amazing…..then go down to the picture of her cuddling her baby doll, your girl has some serious love and compassion in her little body!!! Great capturing of moments….those two pictures seriously made my morning.

  89. Oh and the pic of Nella’s curls after the buns???? Seriously, get out of here with that! Just awesome….

  90. For one, I am enjoying your blog – as always! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m also enjoying the idea of spring as well. Even though it’s still pretty dang cold here in UT, I know March, April, May is right around the corner!!

  91. I am loving that picture of Lainey gazing at her new fish. The expression on her face is the exact same expression that Brett has when he is looking at his girls! Total adoration.

  92. Your pictures make me happy :)

  93. Heading to GA to see my grandchildren, two girls, Ella & Lilly and brand new baby brothers, Elijah. Life is good. PS. I love the yellow on Nella. I’ve always loved yellow and she looks so bright and sunny.

  94. Such beautiful girls!!

  95. Oh my goodness! The picture of Nella in the bird shirt with her hands behind her back makes me think of my brother. He’s 3 and he has Down Syndrome and he stands just like that all the time! Isn’t it so adorable!?!?!?! Gotta love those little twisty buns!!

  96. I’m enjoying my boys, a rainy pj day, movies, and this blog. Always inspires.

  97. Oh…and any time I decide to do a cartwheel or hand stand or like stunt, I demand my poor family’s attention. Middle child syndrome…still. :)

  98. that song was my jam back in the day. back in the day when “that’s my jam” came on the scene.

    remix did that song good.

  99. I’m enjoying Lainey’s Matilda Jane dress in those pictures! They’re one of my favorite clothing companies for girls. I’m also loving having my famliy visit for a long weekend.

  100. Right now I’m enjoying being cuddled under the covers with my kiddos on this blustery snowy day. Although I am so looking forward to warmer weather, I am living in the moment right now. Soaking it all in.

    Loved the impulsive trip to the splash pad. You have inspired me to let go more and just be!

  101. your kids have beautiful hair and wow! i could never do a cartwheel, i’m not that flexible.

  102. I love your blog so much!
    I love how you just live and enjoy each moment in life!
    I am loving the skirt that Nella is wearing! Where did you get it from?? I am always looking for unique clothes!
    Keep enjoying life.

  103. “Yellow is a cartwheel in a crayon”, I. LOVE. THIS!

  104. Want more inspiration? Look at this great article/video:

  105. I am so my partner in life right now. We seem to have taken an emotional step together and I feel more connected to him than ever before.

    I am also getting uber pumped for something cool that my work is doing! We are doing the Polar Plunge and raising money for the Special Olympics. I’m so pumped to be doing something so cool with my co-workers! http://www.plungemn.org/plunger/sarahriley

  106. Awesome post!

    Just had to say that Nella’s yellow one-piece is awesome! Wow, those are so classic for summer!

  107. As usual you got it exactly right! Yellow IS a cartwheel in crayon!

  108. Oh little hat thief, you melt my heart!!! Muah!!!

  109. Lovely, happy post, chillful post! Looks like fab times.
    I can’t get over the weather you’re enjoying over there…!
    Here we’re all excited now that it seems like the rays of the sun actually have a little warmth in them :-)

    Enjoying right now? That’s an over-easy (!) question: my firstborn!!!!!! He’s here and I’ve gone to heaven ;-D

    Have a wonderful weekend – I sure will.

  110. “a park can be relaxing if you chill out”…..so true! but it took awhile to learn this.

    your analogies are always so amazing. can’t wait for your book!

  111. enjoying brighter days, new soups and right now a fragile 7 point Irish lead over Italy in the rugby 6 Nations match!

  112. Is funny, I ask my son to do an American accent, whenever I need a cheer :-) we live in England

  113. oh Laniey’s face when she is look at her new fish is just priceless.

  114. We love your girls!! You make us laugh! Love the curly hair!

  115. I love reading your posts most when the days are filled with sunshine and smiles and nature!

    You want Peeps? have I got some Peeps for you!

    But even more neat – unicorn poop cookies!

  116. You girls are beautiful, just beautiful.
    After two boys we are expecting a little girl. She has a soft marker for Down Syndrome on the ultrasound and you should know; your blog affects people in so many big and little ways… Instead of fear at this news, I simply thought…Nella:) Thank you for sharing your life, your journey and your precious children.

  117. Hi Kelle,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blog posts about the Park Shore area in Naples to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you :)

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