Enjoying the Small Things

Enjoying this week:

*Morning coffee in the woods with last week’s party leftovers as our backdrop.


*Southwest Florida Weather. It feels like late spring/early summer lately.


We’ve responded accordingly, spending afternoons outside and fitting in as many as three walks a day.

Lainey’s dress, my favorite kid Etsy shop, The Measure


*Firstborn Date. Just me & her–it was special. She wanted to go to the vegetable market and Steak n’ Shake.


She tells me important things when we’re alone together. Things like, “Hey Mom, when I turn five, for my birthday can you get me a retainer like yours for my teeth?”

*Summer Foods. We picked up corn on the cob, watermelon, strawberries and peppers yesterday at the vegetable market and enjoyed them all in one day.


Florida in February is so lovely.


*Afternoon Quiet. We’ve been taking short afternoon rests lately. Just fifteen minutes or so of reading, lying in bed telling stories, playing a round of Candyland.


*Walker, Texas Ranger.


It’s still new enough where it makes me laugh–the way she just takes off. She is amused and delighted by her new independence–how she can get to her sister more quickly or walk with us on the sidewalk without help.


My aunt bought her a pair of Wee Squeaks when she was little and she finally fits them, so appropriately timed with her first steps. Let’s just say we know where she is at all times.


*And today I am enjoying a day of rearranging some furniture and changing things up at home.


Tea Collection
is returning in sponsorship this month. Our Tea clothes have become reliable staples in our closet as they are soft and comfortable and yet still possess a little funky charm. Of course, with two girls you see a lot of Tea’s girlier items here, but their boy clothes are likewise wearable, edgy and fun.

Both Beckham & Lainey in Tea Collection.

Tea’s new Bali Safari line is lively and colorful–perfect for Spring. And they carry our favorite warm weather accessory–Saltwater Sandals.


And the adorable Casey Leigh is returning to Enjoying the Small Things as well. Casey is an artist out of Dallas, Texas. If you live in the Dallas area, you can enjoy one of her art classes for both adults and children at A Little Artsy. Or, you can enjoy her creativity and design talents from a far.


Check her out.

Happy Thursday, Friends. What are you enjoying?



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  1. I’m enjoying the longer days – and the nice weather we’ve been having here in NY lately!

  2. Love it! Looking forward to some warm weather walks once it makes its way here . . . oh, and all three kids aren’t sick!

  3. i’ve been enjoying our log fire. we have freezing cold nights here in england and the log fire is delicious. and i enjoy my daily coffee. nuff said.

  4. I’m enjoying living vicariously through your summer photos, Ellie’s new ability to crawl and grab things from the coffee table, longer days that mean running earlier and longer, and good friends. Crap, I lied about enjoying Ellie grabbing stuff. She just tried to swipe a fork.

  5. Happy Thursday to you! Today is my Saturday – so looking forward to hanging out with my daughter all day long today 😉 We’re already working on lingering in the bed with some stories. Perfect!

  6. Lainey cracks me up! (and she looks like she is 10… hello!)

    Hey Mom when I turn five can you get me a retainer like yous?

    I think coffee came out of my nose I laughed so hard. I LOVE this kind of question from a child. I absolutely love it!

    And I am lovin’ Nella’s independence!

    Have a candy-land-kind-of-Thursday!

  7. My 5-year-old boy is reading this over my shoulder and keeps saying things like “Aw….she’s cute. Yum! Watermelon and Hey look, she likes Barbie.” He keeps returning to Aw…she’s cute though. :)

  8. Believe it or not, I’m enjoying go back to the gym!! Also enjoying leaving my little girls treats in their Valentines mailboxes while they are asleep and waiting for their excited reaction when they wake up!! Fun!!

  9. your every post is a breath of fresh air! Lainey is getting so big…and Nella walking…wow. Soak it up, girl! :)

  10. PS that new header is to die for!

  11. So we had our second-to-last feeding therapy appointment on friday, and after our next one in three months, we will have officially graduated from the program!!!!!! After four years of spoon feeding purees to my daughter, i am seeing her finally CHEW and TAKE INTIATIVE to feed herself. In just a few short weeks, we have turned feeding time from this dreaded thing that i hated doing three+ times per day, into this bonding time where we are laughing and enjoying ourselves. It feels GREAT!!!

  12. So lovely. Hasn’t this winter been grand? Lots of warm days, which isn’t typical in MN! But seeing your pics make me crave spring. To throw open my windows, go for walks down the sidewalk, clean like crazy. Ahh, soon enough. Have a lovely day, deary.

  13. Great stuff, Kelle! (Lila just saw Lainey’s pic and shouted, “That’s my friend, guys!!!” ~ all smiley, proud, and cute.) xo

  14. I can’t wait until our farmer’s market opens here! Meanwhile we are experiencing some of our coldest weather yet this winter :(

  15. Kelle, I love how capture joy in your everyday life.

    This week, I am enjoying being a teacher. It’s spirit week so every day is a different dress up day. Yesterday I was a pirate, today I am Julia Child. The kids think it’s hilarious that I participate too. I’m 27, I’m not dead yet!

  16. I love that you guys are enjoying the leftovers of the tea party :). I am so in the mood for spring and watermelon and warm outside walks in the sun

  17. I am enjoying feeling rested after my first night of real sleep in many weeks… baby slept almost 8 hours last night! Amazing what a little sleep can do to make you feel brand new.
    Am also enjoying…
    …seeing my oldest start to read & write with more confidence… his love of books reaching a whole new level.
    … the way my middle son has embraced his role of big brother… his eager spirit & gentleness a nice surprise.
    Lovely pix as always… Lainey is looking so very grown up & love watching Nella get her sea legs!

  18. The last picture with Nella is just PRICELESS, Kelle. Wonderful that you had someone to capture that for you.

    We are enjoying sidewalk chalk, Starbucks, and new words every day.

    Have a great weekend.


  19. Today is going to be P.J. day!! We finally got our winter colds for the year. So doing nothing sounds wonderful!! I love the picture of your and your girls!!

  20. I am enjoying these gorgeous days we have had! Not too cold, yet not horribly humid summertime hot. Spring in Mobile, Alabama is wonderful.

    I am also enjoying your blog! I have completely fallen in love with your precious little family and your amazingly detailed stories of your daily adventures. You guys are absolutely darling.

    Have a fantastic day! From your neighboring state!

  21. Like KWQR, I’m enjoying feeling rested. 10 week old has been sleeping 8 hours for a few nights now!!

    And I’m enjoying the heck out of Nella’s shirt. Dance yourself silly?! Don’t mind if I do! Let us know where it’s from!!

  22. At this moment, I am enjoying looking at your springlike photos and wishing I lived there too! Can I come stay with you until spring finds Michigan? Michigan in February is not as lovely. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your sunshine :)

  23. I have an appointment today at a local hospital to interview as a volunteer. I’m REALLY hoping I will be able to volunteer in the daycare and/or nursery and rock the babies!!

  24. Love your post and pics. It looks gorgeous there, I wish it was that nice here. Yum for watermelon!

  25. Beckham is such the little moddle! So cute! I am so excited for spring! I go in my back yard and think of growing tomatos, squash, carrots, sun flowers… I have even started seeing buterflys and lady bugs come back. Such a fun time, now that I have some dirt to plant in

  26. It’s pretty cold here in New York. We are enjoying a few extra minutes of snuggle time in the morning. I love baby snuggles!

  27. I am enjoying your beautiful blog! It brightens my day every single day, if there’s no new post I just go back through the past week’s.

    Your girls both look so much like you – the last one of you and Nella is the best ever!! Just beautiful.

  28. From this entry, I’ve focused on something *other* than your children; namely, your retainer! As someone who’s had oodles of dental work done (try 2 rounds of braces, rubber bands, extractions), I always notice teeth first. I previously noted the perfection of yours…thought they were natural, but now discovery that you have a retainer just like me! (one of those clear plastic flexible ones for night?) Nice to know you’re even more *real* than I thought (but still Super(Mom)human!) :)

  29. I’m enjoying the crazy bright morning shining on fresh snow from last night storm…and being warm inside, snuggling my 2 week old baby.

  30. I am still enjoying winter here. Hot cocoa and afternoon bath tub swims for thawing little fingers. And I am loving the boys tea collection stuff!

  31. I love the new kissing picture.
    I got the email thanking me for my teeny donation that had Nella’s picture. I forwarded to my husband at work (since we don’t have a printer) to copy for me. I show him pictures of Lainey and Nella all the time. When he came home he handed me the copy and said, “That little girl is the cutest little thing.” And I told him how cute I think Lainey is with that puppy carrying her everywhere. When I first started showing my Hubby Nella’s pictures he never saw a disability…..he argued with me that she didn’t have DS……..and I don’t see either. (((((HUGS))))

  32. I am enjoying putting little Valentines Day jokes in my daughters lunchbox and drawing heart messages on her lunchtime clementine! xoxo

  33. I am enjoying a clean kitchen : ) Also enjoying how gorgeous the tiny bit of snow looks in the sunshine. Totally jealous of your weather though. OH MY! : ) Heaven!

  34. Sigh…I long for summer and watermelon.

  35. I’m enjoying my three year old finally recovering from being sick. When kids with special needs recover from being sick, it’s like a feeling of relief and elation all in one. Bullet dodged. Happy day.

  36. I love your blog and love the Momastery Blog- I am sure you have read it, but if not, you should- BOTH of you are so inspiring!!!!

  37. The Military keeps us moving all over, but man…I can’t wait to move to Florida!! We want to start the new chapter there, once he retires. (five more years!) Love all the Nella photos, and if I may say…Beckham & Lainey…they are just adorable! Have a beautiful weekend, Kelle!

  38. I’m enjoying a final papers for school. Got to love Finals Week or as I like to call it Stress Week.

  39. This morning I’m enjoying the sight of my 9 and 12 year olds’ gorgeous cursive in their Latin workbooks. (Yes: I’m a classical scholar geek LOL).

    And coffee. Very much enjoyed my coffee on this sunny 12F morning in the upper midwest!

  40. enjoying quiet while baby sleeps, and my first grader works on her math at the table~ homeschool is so much easier when baby sleeps. 😉

    happy thursday, kelle! enJOY.

  41. Love the squeaky shoes! My girls had those when they were two and I could take them anywhere without worrying about losing them :)

  42. *I love that you’re relaxing…..I can feel it!
    *Lainey & Beckham would have beautiful children….GORGEOUS couple, they are :)
    *Today I’m going to enjoy a little antique shopping.

    *If you REALLY want to see what I’m enjoying, check out my FB….I just loaded waaay too many pics. A little fuzzy, but DANG cute!

    OH! And we’re leaving for Disneyland next Saturday. Every time I hear their theme song on the commercial, I think of you and we ALL say, “Hey, that’s Kelle Hampton’s song!” It will forever be YOUR theme song….according to me :)

  43. here in bologna, italy, has been snowing heavily for a week and next weekend would be an even snowier one… so what can i say? i do envy your spring wheather… but i’m also looking foward to some sunny day here to finally let my girls dive in the snow and let myself take pictures of everything…. i promised my eldest girl, 7, we’ll go on a photo safari in the snowy fields round here as soon as the sun comes out… she’s a great photographer 😉

  44. As a full time working mom, I am enjoying an unexpected day off with my two sick-enough-to-have-to-stay-home-from-daycare girlies. Snuggling and movies are the only definites on the schedule today :-)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I am enjoying the last few days of my maternity leave with my beautiful children

  47. I used to tell Nella, “If you don’t walk until you’re two–that’s ok, I’ll wait for you!” And off she goes, planting those feet in deliberate, strong strides! I am so proud of her. Delay must be the root of Delicious! I am trying to awaken every day with gratitude–appreciating more and criticizing less. I am trying to notice beauty lost in the blur of living.
    I am fully feeling moments, not days. I am enjoying the right side of my brain as comfortable and exploring the left as uncharted territory. I am loving my family–their incredible creativity and immense compassion.
    And I am loving seeing Nella’s perfect piano keyboard upper teeth and giggling at her little garden gate swun open lower set!

    –Poppa Rik

  48. I’m enjoying my new Maybelline powder! It wasn’t planned though, but oh well.. :)

  49. My precious newborn, Josie, and the love her two big sisters have for her… having mom here to help! See her pic at http://www.thecauleygirls.blogspot.com

  50. OK I have to ask, do you have some sort of awesome color-stay red lipstick??? I would be way too nervous to wear it in bed with little ones… I’d think everyone would end up covered in lipstick! Did you slap some on for the photo or is it really magic non-smeary kind??? :)

    P.S. Love your blog and your family!

  51. I love the afterglow of parties. We bask in them for weeks sometimes as it reminds us of the celebration and the special people that shared with us.
    We are visiting FL from Toronto and yes, the even warmer than expected weather is a treat! Enjoy.

  52. It just can’t decide if it wants to be warm or cold here. Every day is different. We enjoy each one! Love that last photo. Love it.

  53. I can’t get enough of your blog and I feel like its time I told you. I read Nella’s birth story when I was just weeks pregnant with my little girl. After an ultrasound at 20 weeks revealed some soft markers for DS, I thought of you and your family a lot as we prepared for what may await us. My Audrey was born on December 29, 2010 without Downs Syndrome (see the connection, you’re birthday buddies!) I must say that often when reading your blog I have the thought ‘that could have been us’ and I will admit that sometimes I feel like we are missing out on something great. Thank you for giving me a window to the life I almost had, the view is inspiring.

  54. Enjoying the cycle of snow falling, snow melting, snow falling.
    Also enjoying very much your new header.

  55. I don’t comment often but, your post just warm my heart! I can only wish & dream to be half of the mother you are! Thanks for sharing!

  56. I love your blog. Its one of the “small” things I enjoy daily. I often use your playlist at the bottom to drown out office noise. I also think you have the most beautiful girls. My Liam reminds me of your Nella at times. You seem to turn everything into something magically fun!

  57. I am enjoying the summer hits of the 90’s station on Pandora. It’s got fabulous written all over it. Also enjoying reese miniatures (frozen, of course) with some of the coolest coworkers a girl could ask for!

  58. i’m loving your new header. so sweet!! your girls are perfect. so cute! i love moving things around at the homestead. the hubby always says what did you move today or .. i ask what is different i don’t know he says … you always move things around how am i suppose to know? too cute!! the weather here in virginia is nuts. so weird for a february. (:

  59. check it out. a unicorn sweater!


    We are enjoying Felix the Cat at this very moment, though I’m still not convinced it’s appropriate for a three year old boy. :)

  60. Thanks a lot for the wonderful blog you have set up here. I love your photography because you make your kids look adorable. I really like your artistic point of view. I would recommend getting a leather journal to keep them safe and make some cute scrapbooks.

  61. I am enjoying maternity leave with my love.

    And Kelle, I love that our blog titles are so similiar!


  62. Today I’m enjoying seeing this morning’s snow melting in the warm afternoon sun. And staying in, the rest of the day, cooking up a storm. Best way to spend a REAL winter’s day…lol. Dreaming of Summer today & everyday until..

  63. I am enjoying how much your expressive posts celebrate the joys of life and help me remember to slow down and savor them all. Big thanks!

  64. I am eating up the fact that my granddaughter, almost 4 now, still crawls into my lap for comfort with a stubbed toe and leans into me for a few more precious moments after the owie has stopped hurting, just because. I’m lucky enough to have been her caregiver (while Mom & Dad worked) since she was born, and oh my, what a pleasure it is!

  65. We are currently enjoying Nilla Wafers dipped in milk. Yum! =) It’s the small things….

  66. Today I’m enjoying the gurgles & constant chatter of my 3month old, my gosh, this boy can talk :) I’m also enjoying middle of the night feeds with him….time that’s just for us! And making sandwiches with my big girl in the shape of gingerbread & stars. I’m enjoying coffee, coffee & a bit more coffee. I’m enjoying muesli for breakfast & wine in the evenings :) Basically….I’m enjoying the small things 😉
    P.S. I love the angle of the swing shot!

  67. I LOVE Nella’s shirt, do they sell it in my size?!

    Today, I’m enjoying a blue sky and the fact that I finished a project I’ve been working on for a month. I’m also enjoying my weekend with Arya, doing Valentine’s day baking. :) Oh, oh and I’m enjoying taking a moment to read your blog because it always makes me smile.

  68. I just came across your little corner of the internet today and can’t even really find the right words. What a truly strong & beautiful woman you are. Your girls are so blessed to have a Mama to teach them to grow into strong beautiful women themselves.

    Thank-you for inspiring me to live lighter & be thankful for every little blessing.

  69. I remember being 4 and thinking turning 5 was such a HUGE deal. It felt like such a grown-up number. I remember rationalizing it because 5 was one whole hand of years. No wonder Lainey is asking for such grown up wishes!

    I’m thankful for new projects and indulgent late afternoon coffee. And tomorrow is Friday!

  70. You are such a good read for a mom, such as me, who lives by her to-do list, and can’t fathom straying from the day’s schedule. While I know not all my organized ways are bad, I sometimes wonder if I am failing to see the beauty in this moment because I am busy planning for the next. I long to be spontaneous, to let go of my tight control on life and embrace whatever the day brings. I don’t think I’ll ever completely be like that, but your blog helps me to loosen my grip and enjoy the now a bit more. Thank you for inpiring me time and time again.

  71. LOVE the new masthead picture!!!

  72. YOU!!!! And Nella’s squishy kissy face. Among other things…. :)

  73. I’m enjoying that it’s Friday! That I have a long weekend to look forward to.

  74. I’m enjoying the fact that it’s already Friday here in Australiansralia so it’s casual dress at work and we get beer at 4pm

  75. I’m enjoying the fact that it’s already Friday here in Australiansralia so it’s casual dress at work and we get beer at 4pm

  76. Can I come spend February with you?? It is snowing here! I like the idea of watermelon!!

  77. I have to start by saying I absolutely LOVE your blog. Every night after a long day I jump on my laptop for some “Enjoying the Small Things Inspiration”. I fully enjoy your posts.

    Out of curiousity how long will you be “puppy” sitting? Lainey makes me smile by pushing him around in her cart. I think you guys will need to keep him.

  78. Tonight I’m on this iPad planning my daughter Molly’s Goody 2 shoes 2nd bday party;)

  79. I love reading your blog! I have girls that are almost the exact same ages as your girls and I love to read how you are enjoying every moment with them! You are an inspiring mama for sure! My little one absolutely adores her Wee Squeaks too! And I’m dying to know how you get the girls hair to stay in their cute little “Shrek” pigtails!

  80. enjoying my growing belly :)

  81. Still scratching my head wondering how you did that overhead bed shot.

  82. Enjoying Bennett walking! He just started to really take off as well and today I bought him some squeaky shoes-he thought they were the funniest things!

    Love that little shirt Nella had on “Dance yourself silly”-so cute!

  83. That last picture is full of SO much joy! Love it!

  84. I’m enjoying, TODAY – my dtr brought over my two tiny, dear grandkids, so I could spend time with them. Havent been able to do much, since my car accident. Oh, that was such “good medicine”, indeed. That, right there, helped me feel a bit better! (that was much mre fun than yet one more doc appt I had today! Lots of those these days..). Love from your Blog Mama~

  85. Noticed Lainey’s Barbie book, we have that one. Aren’t those books hilarious? I think the writers might be high when they write them, I also think this about Dora…we are way into barbie and the movies are sadly entertaining to me, you should snuggle up and watch Barbie with the girls sometime:)

  86. The pictures of the watermelon makes me wish it was July 4th!! I love that you still do the dates with Lainey!! I think individual time is so important!!

  87. I always have a smile on my face when I read your blog :)


  88. The longer days are nice. It’s still very cold here and I think we have snow storm on the way. But I love the crisp feeling in the air. My husband is ready for spring though. He is anxious to get the garden started. Thank you for another wonderful post. One day when your daughters look back at their childhood they will have so many happy memories. xo

  89. Watermelon….damn, I could go for some of that right now.


  90. Enjoyed me 6 rounds of Ellafun with my baby boy today!

  91. I am enjoying that fact that it’s not completely dark when I leave work in the evening — yay! I am also enjoying purchasing items for my soon-to-be 4 yr. old’s princess themed bday party! I am living vicariously through her as I never had a princess bday party! :) Love your blog Kelle – always brightens my day & helps me learn to enjoy the small things in my own life!

  92. I am so jealous of your Florida weather! I live in Texas and right now the weather is rainy and cold! Well.. too cold to take 3 boys out for a walk. You really make me want to move to Florida!

  93. You have me itching for summer. Loving Lainey’s eyelashes, too, by the way. Adorable.


  94. Dear Kelle, I am writing from Italy and I follow you since several months…I have always found beautiful words and beautiful images in pages you wrote and I find myself in many of your words.

    I wish to thank you for sharing your special life with the others, you create a gift in every thing you publish and I want to express all my admiration for you.
    You are a great woman and you are building a great family.

    Very far in miles but very near in thoughts,


  95. Enjoying playing Uno with Grace.
    We just taught her and it’s so cute to watch her play.

    We are enjoying the rain. We never get rain so Grace got to use her umbrella for the first time in a year and was so proud to have it at Kindergarten with her. She even used it at recess I hear.

    Enjoying the idea that I don’t have to work today and will get to clean and pack while she is in school because we get to take a family trip-one night stay away-this weekend and from what I hear there is an indoor pool!!!! Now to figure out where I hid the summer clothes/bathing suites so we can enjoy the water.

  96. I’m enjoying bicycle rides with the kids in Florida weather.

    p.s. Nella seems to gravitate to Lainey’s room. We always see pictures of her on Lainey’s bed but we never see Nella’s room.

  97. I cannot wait until spring here in Ohio!! Nella is getting so big & of course so cute!! Love following you on IG also because I get to see some of the pics everyday!! Lainey is so big now too!! My daughters love one on one dates as well..

  98. What am I enjoying? Thanks for asking! Wild jonquils beside the road – lighting up a cold gray February. And your photographs or watermelons & your sweet daughters!

  99. Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE your new “header”. adorable those smooch faces!! I am enjoying our Friday night family nights. No matter how the week goes or what comes along 2012 has an official “evening appointment” of no interruptions aloud just laughs, games, stories and quality time…..I am lovin’ it.
    Happy Weekend to y’all!

  100. Love it when I get in the mood to “change things up a bit’!!

  101. I want a sponsor to use Beckham and Lainey as models and I want a post of JUST Beckham and Lainey in clothes like this. SUCH a precious innocence.

  102. I have been a reader for a long time but this is the first time I have left a comment. While I am watching the snow fly here in snowy Cleveland I am adoring the photos of your summer garbed little ones! Fresh watermelon, naked legs, and green grass… these are things we won’t get for a few more months! Thank you for sharing. =)

  103. This is so darn cute! Your girls are darling! (:

  104. I live in NJ and my Mom is in Fort Myers FL. I get oh so jealous of your “winters” :-)

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