More than One Thing

Our family has a great big e-mail chain. Four brothers, thirteen grandchildren and thirty-one great-grandchildren, all connected. We get e-mails almost every day–happenings of the great-grandchildren, band concert moments, college interviews, 25th anniversaries, funny memories, sad memories, things that keep my grandma and grandpa very much alive. And random happenings.

It is the random happenings that make me smile the most.

Out of the hundreds of e-mails, there is one I will never forget. It was a couple years ago, and my cousin’s little boy was young. Maybe six. He had a reputation for stacking some great Cryderman e-mail history one-liners, and this one was no different. My cousin relayed to the family that her son had announced he had his life plan figured out.

“I want to be a pastor,” he told her, “…and a karate teacher on Tuesdays.”

As much as we laughed at our funny little cousin, I couldn’t help but think this kid had hit on something very important.

Wanting more than one thing out of life.

Wanting way more than one thing out of life.


This weekend, it was both cold and warm.


I welcomed the cold snap, delighted to talk about sweaters and blankets and firewood.

Brett and Lainey, searching the woods for fallen branches

We used the space heater at night. Wore fleece pajamas. Drank more coffee than usual.

Friday night, first fireplace fire in a while

Saturday evening neighborhood party

Lainey’s “feeding her baby.”


By Sunday afternoon, the weekend had warmed up comfortably, and sunny blue skies called us outside.

Nella’s Matisse onesie, the best little retro Etsy shop, Lee Marie


I loved the sunshine–taking my socks off, letting Lainey run barefoot in the driveway, peeling layers of clothing off a sweaty Nella.

I also loved the cold gray skies that came again last night–wearing sweaters, making sure my babies’ ears were covered, hearing the space heater click on in the middle of the night and feeling the room warm up with its red glow.


Our mini cherry pie we baked today


I took a nap with Nella yesterday. Laid down just to get her to sleep but soon felt myself getting more and more relaxed to that place I hardly ever let myself go in the middle of the day where I’m breathing slower and slower and finally so relaxed, I’m practically not even breathing. Somewhere in my subconcious nap phase, I was awake enough to hear Brett walk in and stand over us. I felt him standing there, probably shocked I was sleeping, and I willed myself not to smile or open my eyes or twitch even a little bit but to play dead long enough he’d just walk away. He did, closing the door quietly, and I was left to settle in that bed…in the darkness…in the silence. I wanted to sleep and let go and at the same time, I was writing a piece in my brain and I couldn’t not think. “Sleep,” I told myself. “Create,” I argued. “Let go,” I convinced myself. “Get up, write something, do something,” I argued. I was excited. I was sleepy.

I closed my eyes for fifteen quiet needful minutes, and then I slipped out of the room to go write.



Brett watched the girls a lot this weekend while I snuck away to be alone. To the bookstore where I purused magazines and paperbacks and finally whittled my tall stack of to-buys down to one book and one magazine. I sat alone at a table in the middle of a crowded cafe and people-watched while I ate a blueberry scone and sipped cinnamon tea. It felt good, replenishing. I walked upstairs where I kind of fell into a book event–some readings, a crowd, a couple authors. An elderly man gave me his card and told me about the books he was writing and I smiled while I clutched the books I was going to buy, listening to him passionately talk about writing, vistiting past presidents, teaching his grandkids about grabbing life by the horns. I watched the authors speaking and made note of the way they captured their audience of children, the way they made them ask questions about writing and reading and pursuing their passions.

Sunday morning, I enjoyed breakfast with Margaret Cardillo, author of my current favorite children’s book, Just Being Audrey.

Signing the sweetest inscription in my girls’ book, definitely a keepsake.

We talked about heartache, laughter, success, failure, the creative process, friends. We hit it off.

And then I came home and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day with my girls. Because as much as I love to be alone, with friends, pursuing that part within me that thirsts for knowledge and connection and reading and writing, there is an even more passionate need to be their mama.


To ignore the rest of the world while we play baby dolls and craft and I trace the frame of their faces, memorizing every little thing about them, knowing they will change tomorrow.


Lainey’s retro shirt, also Lee Marie

I love to be alone. I love to read, I love to write, I love to unleash those imaginative bits of my mind that are all tied up and need attention.

But I also want to dive so deep into motherhood that I forget to come up for air. My heart beats in synch with my girls’, and just an afternoon without them has me craving their smiles.




She plugs her ears because she says school buses are too loud.


We made homemade Valentine presents today. Brett cut some fallen branches, and I painted Lainey’s thumbs so she could print little hearts onto wood pendants for her friends.


I had plans to cut paper and glue lace and ribbons, but Brett called me while I was at the grocery store and asked me to pick up a box of Valentines for Lainey.

“We’re making them,” I answered. “I already have the stuff.”

“Oh, come on,” he argued, “you know how much fun it is for kids to pick out those traditional little cards? I love those memories. My boys love those memories. Let her pick out some Barbie Valentines, Kelle.”

“How ’bout both, Babe? We can buy some and make some?”

I could feel his smile through the phone. “Perfect.”

Lainey beamed as she took seven whole minutes in a Target aisle to choose between Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and some plain ‘ol Puppy & Kitty Valentines. She chose the latter, and as soon as we made it to the car, she had torn the box open and perforated every single 3-D Valentine.

I love the drawn-out process of making homemade Valentines. I like the lace remnants, the glue drips, the way Lainey’s crayon-scrawled name looks against brown paper.

Brett likes tradition, simplicity, the way his girl beams when she buys a box of plain ‘ol store-bought cards.

We compromise.



Some pastors are karate teachers on Tuesdays.
Some moms want more than one thing out of life.

Contradiction? Hardly. More like different melodies that blend together to make one really beautiful 4-part harmony.

And I think that life is rich when it is full with much to be enjoyed. When you always want way more than just one thing.



Returning sponsor Dashing Bee is back with its wonderful selection of consignment goods including clothing, accessories and baby gear.


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Finally, two inspiring updates for the special needs community:

1: I am so proud to be part of the Down Syndrome Pregnancy team and‘s efforts in Down syndrome awareness advocacy. They now have a beautiful resource available for families: Your Loved One is Having a Baby with Down Syndrome. This booklet is available for free download, and it is full of important information families and friends might need in supporting loved ones facing a new diagnosis. It is factual and yet heart-warming, full of beautiful photos (provided by you!).

2: March 21, World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, is approaching, and the NDSS is encouraging friends and families to grab this button and show your support for this important day. Friends and families are encouraged to post this button as well as share their support for promoting the value, acceptance and inclusion of those with an extra 21st chromosome (you can check out their full list of ideas and ways to get involved here).


So maybe I painted my nails pink glitter today in honor of love.


I’ll be back Tuesday afternoon for a post I’m excited about.

Until then…

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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  1. Oh my goodness those pics of you and Nella… You can see the love for her Mama pouring out of her sweet face. Love them

  2. Happy Valentines … beautiful words as always, your girls look so grown up now. x

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love your handcrafted cards. They are such a lovely series of photos of you and Nella, ones to treasure always. Can’t wait for tomorrows post.

  4. Something about the way she holds your face – litltle Guru.
    A guru (Sanskrit: गुरु) is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher).

  5. Hi there…i read your last post before I feel asleep last night And i dreamt you were having another baby, it was a little boy….you called him lunar…. :-)))… Sometimes my dreams are so detailed I swear it was real….lol.. :-)))
    Happy valentines day kelle….

  6. I love the picture of Lainey ‘feeding’ her baby. You’ve taught her well.

  7. Bizarre. .. about an hour ago I had an urge to check your blog but I told myself it was crazy okclock where you are and therels be nothing new. So I was on facebook and your post ve up in my news feed. Why can’t I be the useful kind of psychic haha?

  8. Bizarre. .. about an hour ago I had an urge to check your blog but I told myself it was crazy okclock where you are and therels be nothing new. So I was on facebook and your post ve up in my news feed. Why can’t I be the useful kind of psychic haha?

  9. Bizarre. .. about an hour ago I had an urge to check your blog but I told myself it was crazy okclock where you are and therels be nothing new. So I was on facebook and your post ve up in my news feed. Why can’t I be the useful kind of psychic haha?

  10. Kelle, those pictures of you and Nella towards the end just take my breath away and melt my heart. The love is just oozing out of every pixel!! Kudos to Brett for capturing that, what a perfect moment of love =)

  11. Happy Valentine’s Day! I was also sent alone to the bookstore this weekend… it was lovely. And I came home and scooped up Ellie and was so happy to see Matt.

    Love the fading sunlight pics. LOVE. Love.

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

  13. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately….wanting more out of life…more than one thing, for me…for my kids….for my family! I’ve got to stop reading your posts late at night Kelle….coz they inspire & energize me so much. So instead of gearing up for bed….I end up writing & reading & creating & designing. Your energy in your words, drives me with each & every post Kelle. Happy Val Day :) x

  14. The pictures of your gorgeous wee lassies are always so pricelessly breathtaking. ♥♥♥

  15. Oh Kelle, Nella looks soooo darn grown up in the picture of her sitting on the picnic table in the woods. Both of your girls are lovely, as I’m sure you know, but Nella looks wise beyond her years …. & Lainey sweetened to perfection – good job ‘rents!

  16. Oh this post gave me goosebumps! Happy Valentines day to you and the gang!

  17. I can never choose between sleep or creating. The opportunity arrises so rarely with an infant and a 2 year old that I often waste it doing neither because the voices in my head can’t decide what to do.

  18. I’m so glad you are enjoying the cooler temps, but am hoping they are temporary. We are headed down to the Gulf Coast next week for some much needed family time and I am crossing my fingers and toes for some unseasonably warm weather while we are there. This Boston-girl needs some Vitamin D! Lovely pictures as always!

    ❤Jodi from…
    ★★The Clutter-Free Classroom★★
    Helping Teachers Get Organized

  19. my husband always says… why do you have to make the valentines… just buy them…. But I make them every year with my son….

  20. happy <3 day!! i love how you separate your day … you are mommy but then you have a fun date yourself with friend & books. what a great way to restore your soul. so cute. (:

  21. I love all the pictures! Your girls are too cute!

  22. Love your post, love your words. Such beautiful little girls!

  23. Kelle~this blog, for me, is like that great book you just don’t want to end..I get so much pleasure out of reading your writing. That first pic of Nella in the woods with the hat on…Oh, I just want to eat her up! What a gorgeous baby (I nephew is four & I still call him my baby)Have a great week!

  24. The smaller pictures of Nella in your arms, with her blissfull look, almost made me cry. Thanks!

  25. These are two good blogs for you all who like to conserve.


    Enjoy :).

  26. Kelle, Is Nella’s little ponytails naturally curly? They are so cute. You are such an Inspiration to all. Happy Valentines Day to you all.

  27. So true! Loved this post…but then again, I love them all. I am anxious to see what you have for us tomorrow!

  28. I so often have to remind myself it is ok to want more, then I remind myself of something my favorite poet said: ” do I contradict myself/ very well, I am large/ I contain multitudes”
    Thank you for such wise words and sharing those beautiful baby girls!

  29. I love your woods!!! are they really in your backyard? they are awesome, and the pics you take in there are both nostalgic and romantic.
    Being more than one thing… yes, I know how that feels… we can’t define ourselves with just one adjective, it is never enough!
    Love Lainey’s craft… her friends will be thrilled!

  30. Beautiful post. A great way to start my day!

  31. Long time lurker and admirer, posting to encourage you to use with your family. We use it in my big family and its a super way to have a place all your own to share stories, pictures and more. More private than Facebook and less public than a blog. It’s a good solution for our family. :) Also, LOVE the series of you and Nella with her grabbing your face. PURE LOVE.

  32. simply beautiful!! perfect!! you inspired me with this post!! thank you!!

  33. Where oh where did you find that fabulous baby carriage the girls are pushing!! I need one…actually two!! One for each granddaughter!! :-)

  34. wonderful pictures. wonderful words! happy valentine’s day!!


  35. I love how you love life! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

  36. i LOVE the story boards of you and nella… the first one and that middle picture is awesome and the 2nd boards where she is touching your face, you can feel the love beaming through those photos… i need to capture moments like those with my daughter… i think the husband is scared of my dslr tho. LOL

  37. gorgeous post! so inspirational…and those CURLS on nella! heartmelting.

    happy valentine’s day!

  38. I love how present you are. With your girls. With your friends. In life. It is inspiring!

  39. I like this post a bunch. Why not do the things you love? Being a pastor and teaching karate sound like the perfect combination to me. The girls look great, my oh my how they’ve grown. Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  40. Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s strange to have a spot in your heart for people you don’t know, but your beautiful family has worked their way into mine. These are stunning pictures and inspiring words. Have a great day of love!

  41. I love, love, love listening to the music that goes so well with your posts. It’s just chill.

  42. Wonderfully put :)

    Priceless pics of you and Nella – the love in her eyes …so sweet! Can’t wait to see your tuesday post.
    Laineys necklaces are adorable :) Happy Valentines Day!

  43. I’m with ya, homemade all the way! Hope you have a very special valentines day!

  44. Happy valentines day, what a beautiful family you have! So glad a came across your blog…I will be a regular reader. :)

  45. I just picked up that same nail polish for my daughter, but admit I put it on while she was at Grandma’s and I love it! We do tradition and boxed too, we have bought 4 boxes of Valentine’s over the course of the last few weeks.

  46. Is it just me? Or did Nella turn two and instantly look older? Maybe it’s the cute buns on the sides of her head.

    p.s. I’m a store-bought kinda mom. My boys picked Spiderman and Winnie the Pooh :)

    p.p.s. I want more than one thing. Sometimes it feels like I want a million things.

  47. Wow, your girls are so big. I let my kiddo get Toy Story Valentines this year. I usually make them but I just didn’t have the time this year. I think he likes them just the same. Happy Valentines Day Hamptons!

  48. Thanks for your post today-i think i need to be a karate teacher on Tuesdays! Thanks for reminding me I don’t have to be one thing!

  49. Oh my, did Nella have a growth spurt since turning 2? She seems like she has gotten so much bigger! I love the way big sisters learn to breast feed from their Mamma’s when they are tiny. I cherish my pix of my 4 year old nursing her babies! Have an amazing day!!

  50. happy valentine’s day kel! your post is so true…and much better than having to be labeled or put in a box of only ONE thing. as samantha said the other day on our walk…she wants to be a doctor and a tree cutter (we watched these landscapers cut down trees and shred them for a LONNNNG time one time, hehe) and then she reminds me, but i not too big to be at home too right?
    so the three pictures above the school bus…the one in the middle…nella’s face just melts my heart. love the valentines with lainey. so much love. xo
    ps. margaret and i were friends in high school and graduated together. she has an amazing family!!

  51. See? You did it again….THIS post is my favorite (as was the last one…and the one before that)! The picture of Nella with your face in her hands….I dont think I will ever forget it. Priceless!

  52. Hey, did you know that if you contact OtterBox and tell them your plastic cover piece is broken, they will send you another one for free? You just have to take pictures of it and email it to them, but my husband did it and got a free one. Just thought I’d let you know!

    Happy V-Day!! :)

  53. just what I needed to see today “melodies, not contradictions” nor conflicts I silently added, melodies, how I love that perspective: yes to being a karate teacher on Tuesdays while being a pastor, yes to melodies

  54. Really enjoyed reading this! I want to do lots of things too! And I feel exactly the way you do about having alone time but then missing my babies like crazy! The picture at the end of Brett and Nella made me tear up for some reason, felt so much love in that, gorgeous! Happy Valentines Day and thank you 😀 xxx

  55. Great post!!! The pic of Lainey nursing her baby is absolutely stunning!!! LOVE!!!!!

  56. Curly pigtails! Yay!

    The hat! Where is Nella’s hat from, in the pic where she’s at the picnic table, please?

  57. Happy Valentines Day!


  58. Nella is looking so grown up! It is true that they change every day, but what better way to spend your time with them memorizing.

  59. These photos are some of the best yet! I adore Nella’s hair in the pig tails. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  60. Kelle, I saw you at breakfast Sunday morning right as you were leaving… I knew it was you. I desparetly wanted to jump up from my table, run after you, give you a big hug and tell you what an inspiration you are. But then I realized how “creeper” that might be :-) I immediately sent my mom a text: “Kelle Hampton sighting @ Toast.” I was ecstatic just to have seen you. By the way… I was in awe of how gorgeous you are!

  61. you and nella…i die. she has more passion in her pictures than any child i’ve ever seen. have mercy on my ever lovin’ soul. geez.

  62. I love the idea of wanting more, in fact that’s what my Wednesday blog post is partly about: chasing the grail.

    Gorgeous shots of you and Nella together, truly wonderful!

  63. Gospel Martial Arts Union! Some pastors really are karate instructors on Tuesdays…in our case it’s Thursdays!

  64. There’s something going on here.. Again, your post got right under my skin (in a good way) It was Just Being Audrey that got my attention. Audrey is my daugher’s name – the one who we thought would have Down Syndrome who was born on your birthday. I actually had tears reading your words about wanting more than one thing out of life. I’m a full on mom-all-the-time who also looks after three other children 5 days a week. I’m an elementary teacher and plan to go back to teaching some day… Some day….. But lately I’ve been thinking more and more about taking that photography class I’ve always wanted to take. And your pictures inspire me. And the camera you have in your photography FAQs is for sale second hand in my neighborhood right now…. Hmmmmmm

  65. Love it all…love the handmade Valentines. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I get to see my daughter and the grandbabies today. Love it! Havent been doing as much of that, since car crash, but I am able to get some time in. Still tired, and healing – have a ways to go. But I am so glad to be alive, to be here! Love from your Blog Mama~

  66. Is that kind of like I want to be a Librarian when I grow up, and a really good stripper on Saturdays? Just kidding of course…well not kidding about the Librarian part, that is why my children and my new zest for life have encouraged me to go back to college and fulfill my dream. Thanks for always putting my life into perspective! Love your blog so much Kelle, it makes me smile. Always. We parents of children with Down Syndrome know we have a special something in common, don’t we? Love the Valentines Necklaces too, we should totally try those next year!

  67. Loving time alone, then running back into the arms of little girls…yeah, I get that. My husband is a Soldier. I don’t often get “me” time. But when I do, I celebrate the opportunity to curse like a sailor, slack off and/or pamper myself. After a couple of hours have passed I start twitching. I can’t fight the urge to go running, skipping, jumping back into the arms of my little princesses.

  68. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I love that you two compromise!
    I love your writings!

  69. This is one of my favorite posts in a long time. I often feel guilty for wanting, no – needing, that alone time. My identity has changed for the better since I had kids because they are now simply a part of me, but as much as I absolutely adore being a mommy, I don’t want to lose that me part. Reflection and quiet are a huge part of who I am and what makes me tick.
    Thanks for posting these words!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  70. Such a full post. One to reread to catch it all. The pictures, the topics, Love!

  71. I absolutely {adore} the picture of Lainey breastfeeding her baby. That is precious!

  72. Ahhhhhhhh! (sigh – happy contented sigh!). I’m supposed to be working (sssshhhh!) – but, I thought I’d stop by for a quick peek, just to see if there was anything new with the Hamptons……and – now, I’ll be working so much more effectively! :) There’s a picture of Nella – with her head on your shoulder, eyes closed, sweet contented smile on her little face………just melted my heart. There’s another picture of Lainey protecting her ears from the noisy school bus – also, just melted my heart. And your words? Well – they pretty much always melt my heart!

    Happy Valentines Day to the Hampton family – who already have a pretty good handle on the meaning of love!………..Rosemary

  73. Beautiful post, as always. Your thoughts on motherhood in this one are particularly spot on. And Nella’s curls? Oh my! Precious.

  74. “Feeding her baby”, that is hysterical… Great post and photos as always!

  75. Great post! I love wanting more than one thing out of life! It makes the successes, failures and the in-betweens worth it!

  76. Thank you so much for this post. I love all your posts but this one especially resonated. I am currently a working mom with a 3 year old amazing little boy. Being his momma is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I work not just because I need to financially, but also because I want to. I love the work that I do. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and challenge myself. I think it also helps me to be a better momma. Your blog helps me to always be thinking of ways to be the best momma I can be to my little guy. Thank you.

  77. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me – Nella is changing! How funny we can see pictures so often but suddenly notice a growth spurt. Your little girl is growing up Mama!!

    Happy Valentine’s to you all!! xoxo

  78. I have that same nail polish, and I love it! It rekindles my inner 13-year-old. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  79. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!

  80. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Your girls are just adorable :) I saw a Valentine’s card that said, very simply, “Your chromosomes have combined beautifully.”

    I immediately thought of you & your girls…because whether there’s an extra chromosome in you or not…everyone’s chromosomes combine to make a beautiful person. And you, Lainy, & Nella are beautiful people.

    Here’s the card:

    -Olivia M.

  81. Oh sweet Nella in the knitted cap on the picnic table with the sun through the trees – perfect. Happy {love} Day. xoxo

  82. Love the pic of Lainey feeding her baby! Priceless!

  83. LOVED your “contradiction…hardly” and then your analogy. I like the thinking behind both kinds of valentines. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, and yours, and yours!

  84. the pictures of Nella today totally warmed my heart- you can just see her love for you pouring out <3

  85. It is such a fine balance of being an individual and being a mama. You have to walk the line carefully to not lose yourself or fall victim to the guilt that can creep up. It is a tough line to hold, but we try our best everyday! Your pics look appropriately winterish (totally made up word where I mean that they have just a little less sun) this post and they are breathtaking. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  86. wow.
    how beautiful!!!

  87. your children are just beautiful

  88. I made the kids valentines this year; with the kids… it was quite a task seeing we have four children with 20+ students in each class… it was fun, but i might take brett’s advice for next year… lol happy valentines!!!

  89. LOVE LOVE those Valentines necklaces!!!!

  90. Ani says, “i want more than one membership to more than one club.”

  91. Did she get my curls? Love those piggy tails!!

  92. Oh my GOSH! Loving the curlie piggie tails and head-knobs …

  93. Oh. Those three pictures together. With Nell and you. Stunning. Amazing. My favorite pictures ever.

  94. OMG Kelle you just get it – I’ve been struggling this week with a very challenging nearly 5 yr old and your post made me realise I haven’t allowed myself to be more than just a mum for a very long time. I’m off for a “me” break this weekend! By the way – where did you get that awesome wooden pram? My little girl needs one!!

  95. Hi Kelle, I just wanted to say how much I loved the words and photos in this post. Your blog is my guilty pleasure as a mum of 2 boys!

  96. Lainey looks like she is such a nurturing person, so sweet. And I can’t believe how old Nella is looking in some of these pics. What a great post Kelle.

  97. Nella is looking so grown up now that she is two! I’m in awe of how you seem to balance work/play/life. Taking time for you, working, and spending time with your kids.

  98. nice post!

  99. Beautiful words and stunning pictures. I don’t know how you always seem to pin the best of life, and have the most inspired words – always. You are amazing.

  100. Kelle,

    I am just so excited about your book!! I love love love reading your posts – I’m a new “mama” myself. I had a similar situation when I gave birth to our sweet (9 month old) little boy, Canton. I was so Blessed to come across your blog. You definitely inspire me. I have spread the word about Bloom and have tons of people responding to me about the trailer. I’m pretty sure I just sold you an extra 20 copies :) I never write on here – so I thought I would send you a “thank you” for sharing your life with us everyday. I always love seeing pictures of the girls :)

    Bless Stennis
    Momma of Canton
    Bryan, Texas

  101. Hi Kelle! I have just been introduced to your blog and have connected with everything you share on here straight away. I am part of a children’s entertainment group here in NZ… all of us sisters and Mums or (moms) and each fortnight we do a Mum Blog Spotlight, tomorrow we will be spotlighting your blog and to say thank you we would like to send you and your girls some of our Music. Our US team has sent you an e-mail to organise this. Check out our blog if you find the time Thanks for sharing your world with us in such an inspiring way!

  102. I will be a better Mom today after reading this post. Thank you for your inspiration Kelle Hampton.

  103. Oh the hair! Nella’s curly little pigtails are slaying me :-)
    And I can’t quite figure out how you did your hair this day, Kelle, but I am trying because it looks so simple yet elegant, so pretty and becoming!

  104. Kelle, I thiought that you may want to read this. It is in Vermont but I thought that it was very cool. As she says Follow your dreams. Tammie

  105. I love the picture of Lainey “feeding her baby”. Just like mamma :)

  106. Lily made the same wooden valentines! So much fun she is going to make more and sale them for her brother-in-law who was in a tragic accident and suffered a TBI!
    We are thinking shamrocks and peep bunnies.

    Have a great day!

  107. OH boy! those are the most wonderful pictures of you and nella! what a beautiful blog you have here – i bawled my eyes out when i watched the trailer for your book!

    thank you for honestly, openly, and beautifully sharing your life!


  108. The way she holds your face and looks at you with such love, respect, and awe is amazing!

  109. I ♥ the beginning of this post, about the little boy wanting to be a pastor AND a karate instructor on Tuesdays…so funny but then your comments afterward about being more than one thing are so true. =) ♥

  110. So far behind on your blog. Totally needed this post, THANK YOU!! Left my job last fall to stay home with my girl. Loving every second, tantrums and all, but longing for what I “used to do” and the paycheck. Realizing her smiles are the paycheck. Thanks, Kelle.

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