Weekend: On the Brink of March

‘Tis very late February (please pause to celebrate the occasional use of ’tis, cousin to another archaic abbreviation of likewise importance–‘twas) that I get the itch. A good itch. More of a high, really. On pastels, on Peeps, on pink and lace and tulips; clean sheets, open windows, flowy skirts and bows. Little birds. Things with little birds on them. Mint green. Okay, I’m done. Wait, one more–skipping.

My internal celebratory clock does its thing every year. I just give in to it because there is no use fighting.


Hence (okay, pause for a good hence too) the new herb pots on my window.


The jars of pink tulips placed in almost every room in the house.


The new spring sheets that haven’t stopped feeding my happiness quota since I bought them.


Golden Disco Onesie from the funky, retro Etsy shop, La Marie

And I’m not going to hide the fact that I make very literal interpretations of holidays and seasons in my style choices. Valentine’s Day? Oh God, I showed up for Lainey’s ballet class looking like a cross between a Whitman’s chocolate sampler and a rose bouquet…by choice. So, these days basically I open my closet door and whisper “Wherefore art thou, Spring?” and it answers back in pink and ruffles and floral prints.



Alright, alright, enough with spring optimism.

Our weekend:

Lazy, lazy Saturday.


I cleaned the house, drank tea, browsed stacks of catalogues and watched the girls drag baby dolls across the driveway while the ends of their pony tails lifted and fluttered with the weekend breeze.


Lainey got picked up by a friend to go to the zoo Saturday afternoon. I watched her standing against the front door waiting for her ride, proudly wearing her backpack which was stashed with snacks, her camera and her favorite water bottle.


Her girlishness emanated from her smile–those Chicklet teeth, that dimple. She wanted little to do with the farewell as we buckled her in her friend’s car, so I downplayed my kiss goodbye and my “Have fun!” before I watched them drive away. She is growing, and it makes my heart ache and soar at the same time.

Nella once got picked up for a playdate with Lainey to give me some time to work, and Sister has never forgotten it. She missed me. So, when people roll in our driveway, she stays glued to the front door and says “No.” Sister is funny.


And if I was Billy Crystal, I’d transition into this next part with some jazzy song and dance that’d tie it all together. Alas (damn, pause for alas too), I am not.

Yes, I’m going to talk about the Oscars.

Nevermind the fact that this was our 7th Annual Pajama Glam-a Oscar Party. The rules are simple: wear your pajamas, bling it out, have a party.


Heidi and I do it every year. And most years, it’s mainly about the red carpet. I love the dresses (that big giant bow on Emma Stone’s red dress? Don’t even get me started. I want it. ) and the hair and pretending like we have some sort of fashion clout to judge when seriously, we’re huddled on our couch in Target pajamas and Claire’s rhinestone earrings.

Dogs like Oscars. Dogs like Bling.


This year was different though. I was so inspired by the whole idea that movies are another form of art. Each movie’s creator and everyone involved so passionately represent their film–films that started with one person’s idea. I loved the vignettes of actors they showed this year–thoughts about how movies move us, how they shape our culture, how they take us to a different time and place, how they teach us, how they start with dreamers.


Creativity was deservingly celebrated, and I’ll always toast to that. (Oh, that Esperanza Spalding performance gave me chills. And I saw her front in center from a little lawn in East Lansing when I was pregnant with Nella).


Moral of the story? Find more ways to celebrate. Things to get dressed up for. Occassions to invite your friends and make big nights of it all. And the other moral of the story is–Ben & Jerry’s Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream–Dude. RUN. TO. YOUR. LOCAL. GROCERY. STORE. That is all. That and a couple more happy pictures of weekending.




Introducing new sponsor:
Rachel Baxter (her blog) is an Independent Consultant for Norwex, a mindful company that offers products that improve your quality of life while reducing our global footprint. They are well known for their antibacterial reusable cleaning cloths that reduce the need for chemicals in your house. We received a pack of Norwex’s best cleaning cloths last week, a nice incentive for our spring cleaning weekend. My favorites? The window cloth (no smears on my mirrors!) and the antibacterial cleaning mit from the kids cloth packet that allows Lainey to help with chores without being exposed to harmful chemicals. And plenty more products Norwex offers that help make your everyday home routines safer and more meaningful for your family and the planet.


Another reason to shop? You’ll be supporting a cause near to my heart. All of Rachel’s profits between now and April 8 will be given to a fund to bring Arnold, a Reece’s Rainbow orphan, home to his forever family.

One commenter on this post will win a free Norwex Enviro and Window cloth package


Celebrating a healthy two-year check-up today. Grateful for health and growth and milestones…I never take it for granted.


Finally, I promised a while ago I’d be bringing some photo tips to the blog. I’m happy to finally be able to reveal these as Disney’s baby site Babyzone.com has just relaunched, and it’s bigger, better, and more beautiful, incorporating more real-life mom photos, stories, and helpful advice. I’ll be sharing a series of easy photo tip slideshows that will offer simple advice on capturing interesting, meaningful photos of your children. The first two are already up. Check out Capturing Childhood and The Power of Suggestion.

I’ll be back tomorrow for another Hallmark post. A fabulous week to you!


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  1. LOVE your writing/photos/girls/perspective!
    Thanks for an extra dose of smiles in my day!

  2. This year’s Oscars MOVED me. I also loved so many of the nominated films. I love how you live life so hard. :)


  3. I can’t wait for spring to come. The kids and I are looking forward to spring and all that it has to offer.

  4. If you aren’t personal friends with Rachel yet you NEED TO be! She is my IRL BFF since college and I love her dearly. She was already amazing before she had a son with an extra special chromosome but now a days she is pretty much unstoppable. Seriously, she is lovely and passionate, and real, and genuine and just the best. So glad she is getting a shout out from you and if you do choose to get to know her, just remember I knew her first! 😉

  5. Love it kel. Send spring to Seattle! Please!

  6. I love your pajama Oscar party! So adorable! And, I WANT those eco-friendly cleaning mits! What a fabulous idea.

  7. We do Tulips all over our house too! It started when I was pregnant with Ola, little did I know how meaningful a tulip would become! Welcome spring! we are expecting snow tomorrow :(

  8. Great post, sounds like such an awesome weekend. Man I can’t wait for March right now!

  9. I’m really excited about the Norwex products! My two-year-old son really wants to help me clean and these will be great plus I’m a sucker for re-usable/environmentally friendly products for the home. As always your beautiful blog and pictures puts a smile in my heart.

  10. Wonderful post-the way you describe spring…..you totally hit the nail on the head!! Also, I am praising and rejoicing with you for Nella’s healthy 2 year check up!! That’s a very big deal-praying for your awesome family. You’re a blessing!

  11. LOVE the tulips. And the spring-y-ness. The flowers are starting to bloom around here, and I am hoping to get some all prettied up in jars for our big day on Saturday.

  12. Um this pregnant chick is buying that ice cream asap!

  13. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and breath! Your blog has become part of my morning routine…”Coffee with Kelle!”

  14. Love the flowers and your headband. I missed the oscars… We were too busy having a Leadership challenge here is Australia. Our prime minister got usurped by his deputy a little while ago and then he decided he was going to challenge her for his job back. Very interesting stuff although why we elect a prime minister is beyond me of the party will just then pick and choose their own boss anyway.

  15. Ah, Spring. I have been online “window shopping” for my kids for over a week already. And it’s February!! I can’t wait for flowery little dresses that show off their cute little arms and legs!

  16. Every time my google reader says you’ve got a post I smile, take a deep breath and prepare for 10 minutes of beauty.

  17. You have THE cutest kids!!!!

  18. Oh Tulips…Love them!Love the Pajama Glama Party idea! You and your friends are so fun! And another post tomorrow?! Best News Ever. :-)

  19. Love your Oscar tradition! Bling it up with Pjs and good ICE Cream! :)

    Your Spring photos are awesome… I love tulips and seeing so many makes me think spring is around the corner! I’ll have to wait a few more months as it’s -35C here where I live today! Thanks for the reminder of spring….

  20. I love your use of: tis, alas, hence! I paused too, and took in the glory of those words.

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you are very ready for Spring! My house next? Haha

  21. Glad Nella’s 2 yr checkout went well. I love how you had an Oscar PJ party I need to do something fun like that, and as always great photos.

  22. i quite freaking love thy blog dear. 😉

    how’s that?!

  23. If was about this time last year I started reading your blog. Three-ish weeks away from delivering my baby girl. All of your enthusiasm for spring (and fall and Christmas and sunsets and orange-picking…) took me back to pre-Lia and it was nice. Thanks for being so good at what you do. You’re one in ten million!

  24. I cannot wait for spring..I am itching for pastels! Cannot wait to pick out my daughter’s easter dress! Beautiful pictures!

  25. Isn’t it wonderful to live in the South?? Tulips at the end of February, Daffodils in January, and a heavy dose of extra “springiness” with sunshine and fluffy clouds. I love it!

  26. Great post and lovely photos! I love the Oscar party theme…I don’t think I ever would have thought to combine pyjamas and bling. I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night for the same reasons as you. One last thing – I LOVE Norwex! I hosted a party last year and love all the products I have. The mop is fantastic and so quick and easy to use. The spirinettes also surprised me with their usefulness (once I got over the fact that using them once makes them look like a mess).

  27. “Everything But The…” my absolute favorite 😉

  28. Yay for Spring :) We live in AZ and the weather is beautiful right now! So happy for little Nella and a healthy check up… she is such a doll!

  29. I’m sooo ready for tulips!!! It is pretty here but not quite spring but we are oh so close! LOVE the fundraiser for Arnold, so close to my heart <3 :)

  30. The tulips are so pretty. Nothing like tulips to make you happy down to your toes. Billy crystal looked so puffy last night. I really pray puffy isn’t part of the aging process for me.

  31. Oh my gosh. I’ve never heard of Reece’s Rainbow before. I’m sitting here, endlessly scrolling through pictures of those sweet little kids, and feeling so sad that they are not safe at home in their mama’s arms. Praying they find their forever families very soon!

  32. oh i saw the cutest bday party- right up your alley- pedi’s by the pool! paint they kids nails, let them keep the polish and maybe a new pair of flip flops (cheap at hobby lobby and old navy) isnt that fun and the name is so cute! love the pic of nella glued to the door- ha!

  33. Spring cleaning and cleaning products/ tools get me excited! I know I’m weird! I want the mirror wipe thingy!! Love your blog and how you’ve inspired and loved on my sweet sister!

  34. Love the Oscar outfits and the puppy’s bling! You have such a way with words that the season change makes me excited! I look forward to your next post! :)

  35. And remember, tulips remind us of the sweet and simple treasures found in Holland. Drink spring’s nectar…it is life giving. It is my favorite season–in Michigan it is evidence of rebirth–the very resurrection of a still and dormant earth. It is hard to believe Nella had her second year exam…she is not our baby any more–she is our strong and independent little girl, high stepping into tomorrow!

    Poppa Rik

  36. Dangit, I’m going to have to try that ice cream now…
    We are scraping ice off of our windows today in Seattle, but at least the sun was shining today!
    I love the idea of a healthy way for my girls to help me clean – they love helping Mama!

  37. I love your Oscar night tradition. Can’t wait to try that ice cream! Yippee!

  38. i’m ready for spring. love the oscar party. such fun!! bling & pjs. glad all is well with Nella & her check up. (:

  39. oh, oh, oh! The tulips and Nella’s tummy all in one post! You’re killing me….LOVE your work!

  40. Always grateful of healthy check-ups! Diggin’ the pastels and pink. I think I need to dig down deep and bring out a little spring in my wardrobe!

  41. I’m itching for Spring too here in Tennessee. And oh, it’s showing it’s pretty little head on days like today- sunny and 70 degrees. And always, always yes to Ben & Jerrys! Happy Spring to you and the girl! Sweet Henry and I will be soaking it up too!

  42. Love the pic of Nella with her stubborn face sitting at the front door. Sister knows what she wants!

  43. Somewhere once, I saw this quote “No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.” And shame on me for not remembering who said it. I cannot wait for spring, although ours seems further away than yours. There’s a snow storm brewing and coming our way. One last chance to sip hot cocoa and snuggle under covers before we kick winter in the rear and demand it to move aside! Make way for Spring!

  44. I’ve never been into the Oscars but having a party like yours might just change my mind! I love your creativity… I love your proclivity to make every day a holiday. May we all live our lives the same way.

  45. I love how much fun you have with your girlfriends. I’ve gotta get off my duff and get it in gear!!!

  46. Love the idea to just look for more ways to celebrate with friends! I think with taking care of 4 little ones at home I forget that! Thanks for the reminder!

  47. your blog posts always make me smile and embrace my life more. Oh, and I had a little celebration last night for the Oscars as well-quality time with my sister, chocolates and a margarita! I love Gweneth’s dress…not so sure about that cape though! Love your blog, your pictures and the inspiration.

  48. Love the pictures of Nella – can’t believe she’s growing like a weed! Love her little Buddah belly!! She is so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it!

  49. The picture of Nella by the door is priceless. I can just hear a sweet little voice saying “no.” That’s exactly what my little guy would do, too. I love my little Mama’s boy.

  50. Those tulips are divine, loving your spring loving heart. That’s so adorable that Nella doesn’t want to go away from you!! And your Oscar party cracks me up.

  51. Amazing pictures…

  52. Arnold is beautiful! Praying that someone brings him home before July. Love your optimism and posts-keep ’em up! Happy Spring!

  53. I am so feeling those same, open the windows, wear dresses and cover my house with tulips feelings. To bad we are in the middle of Snowstorm after Snowstorm here in Ottawa Canada!


  54. I feel the same with my children (age 2 and 3 months). My heart aches and soars 500 times a day. :~)

  55. Sweet little Nella sitting in front of the door…could she be anymore precious?! I totally “get ya” on the heart aching & soaring, that is exactly where I am at as well!!xo

  56. According to my daughter “boys smell like trash and girls smell like roseups.” A combination of roses and tulips our two favorites. And banana creme pie ben and jerrys going to get some asap!

  57. I adore the “Pajama Glam-a” idea! So fun!!! As always, I love reading your words and seeing your amazing photos.

  58. Love your photos and I too love spring. Especially the tulips 😉

  59. Thanks for opening a window into your life us! And bring on SPRING! Oh yeah, I was invited to a Norwex party last weekend and totally forgot about it until that night. Would love to try their stuff though. :)

  60. I love Nella sitting by the door saying No!! So sweet!

  61. My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day and she was talking about the kids from Reece’s Rainbows. We hung up and I saw I had an email from her… the RR child she’d been eyeing and dreaming about and it was guess who?? Arnold! So cool how God cares and weaves stories together. I’m praying Arnold finds a forever family soon and am grateful for your sponsor who is sacrificially giving to help him out.

  62. you are awesome and so are your girls! love the oscar party!!

  63. I just heard about Norwex last week. I would love to give them a try! Thanks Kelle!

  64. You are the funniest person I don’t know. You know? I’m not even in for the giveaway but just had to tell you that.

  65. I hosted a lovely little tea party a few weeks ago for my daughter and her girlfriends. I went all out. I was inspired by you. My neighbor and good friend showed up dressed tea in her grandmother’s fur hat, stole and gloves. It was divine. It inspires me to dress up….TODAY is IT baby! It’s all we’ve got! Celebrate today! Pull out the good china, use the perfume, wear a dress!!!! My life is better after finding your blog. XO

  66. Awesome, I want my kids to help clean but I do worry about them being exposed to nasty stuff. They don’t always wash their hands appropriately. :) Your girls are beautiful and it’s fun seeing them grow. Happy nearly spring.

  67. Funny, I am going through the same pride with my 17 year old. So hard to let him drive off by himself, bit feeling such pride when he figures out how to get where he is going(safely). It is hard to let go at all ages!

  68. I look forward to your posts – I find myself refreshing the blogger dashboard every now and then hoping a new one has come! I love your creativity, your little ones and your awesome photography skills! You got me inspired all the way over her in Perth, Australia!
    Loving the idea of the oscars pj party too – must do that next year!
    Have a great week!

  69. just LOVE you!!! I too am “gooofy” with the seasons and find love in clean, fresh, new sheets etc.
    Too crazy because I also really got inot the honoring of the creative spirit this year. I think because my husband started acting around the same time when I started my event design business (3yrs ago when our son started college) It is AMAZING to see all the gifts and talents that make a movie come to life… all us creative types just trying to be who God created us to be.
    Anyway, I too LOVE and am inpsired by you, your spirit and your blog xoxoxoxoxox

  70. Nella sitting timid and close to mama on the front porch pulls at my heart strings. Precious!

  71. Love your photo tips on BabyZone Kelle. Thanks for sharing them. Although I am not a professional photgrapher, I do enjoy snapping away & experimenting with taking photos of my kids. I do sometimes get stuck into a rut of typical posed “smile at the camera” shots….so thank you for the ideas & inspiration to break that habit.
    Lainey waiting for her friend to pick her up….oh my god, she’s getting so big now….and by big I mean “grown up”. I know exactly what you mean by your heart aching & soaring at the same time….I feel the same way when I drop my 4yr old off at Kindergarten a few days a week!!!!
    P.S. Nella’s funky Etsy Onesie….love love love! She’s rocking it perfectly!
    P.P.S I had to change my blog URL :( New one: http://blog.scissorspaperrockdesigns.com.au/

  72. So this comment will either be flattering or creepy, but I wanted to let you know I had a dream where I moved to Florida and we became best of friends and our girls played with each other and no one spoke. Not a word. I had an entire dream and our mouths moved but I heard no words spoken. This tells me I am either completely obsessed with ETST or something you wrote recently has touched me and stuck with me . I hope that you are flattered either way. Continue to touch all our lives in ways we realize and dont realize.

  73. Nella sitting timid and close to mama on the front porch pulls at my heart strings. Precious!

  74. Ben and Jerry’s BANANA CREAM PIE! Oh be still my heart! I will be hunting that stuff down tomorrow. I live in Nebraska…we don’t always get stuff right away in this place…but seriously, this will be worth the hunt.

  75. You have THE most fun life ever!!! I mean, who else would think of a pajama glam-a Oscar party besides YOU!?

    And of course, your girls are precious as ever. LOVE the shot of Nella asleep on the new sheets. :) So sweet!!

  76. love it! and love your princess housekeeper/duster. adorable.

    and got a giggle out of the baby doll lying abandoned on the basketball court and rescued later.

    the pink tulips in the mason jars, nice touch! seems everyone, no matter where we are, we’re all thinking of gardening and regrowth right now. :)

  77. Always anxiously await your posts – – also anxiously awaiting spring! With the lengthening of days in the north country, you can just feel the anticipation of spring – – – rejuvenation of our spirit and life! Love that Nella is so comfortable staying with Mom – – – she is an amazing precious little gal!

  78. i love your new sheets and nella passed out on them. babies sleeping are one of the most beautiful things in the world. i love sneaking into my kids’ rooms to watch them sleeping…helps me forget all those times they’re not so peaceful!

  79. I am so excited for spring also – even though we really haven’t had much of a winter here in Kansas:) Great post as always!

  80. Love that you had a pyjama glam Oscar party. How fun is that?? But now I’m craving champagne and Ben and Jerry’s. :)

  81. Hi Kelle,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I don’t get a chance to read it all the time, being a mum to a 5 month old baby boy takes up most of my time! But every time I get a chance to read it, it’s like a little ray of sunshine. Keep up the great work, and amazing photography, you have inspired me to photograph my little boy many times!
    Marie, Wellington, New Zealand

  82. Your photo tips at babyzone are great!

  83. That Orphan website you posted is so sad… It made me want to hold all of those baby’s. I look at my own healthy 8 month old son and think just how lucky we are when there are so many children with so many struggles at such a young age. I wish I could help them all.

  84. Spring is big time itching to be celebrated in our home as well; however, they are forecasting a big snow storm….so well just have to wait a tad bit longer! Seriously, I have to know how you get those tight buns in your girls hair? I just can’t get it right-like at all!

  85. Oh, how I love you… and your sweet family, and your writing, and your fab vocab, and your creativity, and your zeal for life, and your photography, and your Oscar pajama party idea, and your “thematical” seasonable wardrobe, and…, and…, and… :) You totally rock, Kelle.

    Thanks for brightening my day and reminding me to enjoy the small things. Can’t wait for the Hallmark post.

    Good-night. I will sleep better having read this as it refreshed my mind. Thanks. :)

  86. The pic of Nella glued to the front door….Priceless! They grow so fast, it’s good to feel how much they still need you. So looking forward to the photography tips. Spring + My Babies + Camera = Bliss!

  87. You and Heidi are so cute. Love the pajama Oscars party–seriously? So fun.

  88. Love your spring enthusiasm. Can you send some my way. 😉

  89. Love your spring enthusiasm. Can you send some my way? 😉

  90. Yay! I am so excited for your photo tips!

  91. I love all the pink tulips. Now I want some!

  92. What a fun Oscar party idea, I loved all the little touches! Especially the dog’s “bling”.

    Norwex sounds like a great company, will definitely check out their products. My 2 year old is obsessed with helping me clean and I’d love a product like this that’s safe for him to use to help out.

  93. I LOVE Norwex and that you are promoting it in such a great way. What a darling little boy!
    Love the photo of Nella sitting by the door,
    and I love spring. I can’t wait for it to get to the mid-west!

  94. YUM! That Ben & Jerry’s Banana Cream Pie is SCREAMIN my name:)

  95. LOVE the tulips in every room!
    Today I went to the dollar store and picked up a new candle and candle holder for some Springspiration. (It worked! I cleaned like I haven’t cleaned in MONTHS. I dusted. I really need to dust more often…)

    I think I’ll go back to the store tomorrow and grab a few more candles and holders so we can put one in each room. :)

    Happy Spring, Kelle!

  96. I love the idea of the Oscars party! And love your spring renovations already, as we prepare for a foot of snow here on Wednesday. You’re making me yearn for things to come…..

  97. Well I liked the oscars this year, but I did have truffle brownies, but no banana cream pie ice cream. They sound delicious together:)

  98. I love your bed…so dreamy. 😉

    Yay for a healthy check-up!

  99. Nella glued to the front stoop-ADORABLE!

  100. I cannot wait to try Norwex products! I lOVE, L.O.V.E, that they are raising money for sweet Arnold from Reece’s Rainbow!!! My husband and I have adopted 4 children through RR and all 4 are blessed with that magical extra #21 chromosome. So glad to see Rachel Baxter as one of your new sponsors!


  101. Have you tried the Ben and Jerry’s Clusterfluff? So yummy. And an awesome name. Love your jars of tulips!

  102. I love Nella in the corner saying no because she doesn’t want to have to go.

  103. I adore the photo tips! Your pictures are always so beautiful so it is nice to see a little bit of how you achieve that. And I am itching for spring..but it’s like winter just started here…6 inches of snow and counting!

  104. Thank you for the constant reminder to enjoy what is happening now.

  105. Love your articles on Babyzone. And your Oscar party. You are inspiring me to get out and do something a little different :)

  106. Lurved the Oscars this year! I wanted to EAT Stacy Kiebler’s dress! I just have to tell you I am in love with your “Power of Suggestion” tips! I started out my photography by trying to get the feeling and lost my way in all the technical mumbo jumbo. Holy crap, my F stop is wrong! The lighting is horrible! There’s a mess on the floor! I just choked myself out of taking good pictures! I wish I could have read your article years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your inspiration of getting back to what really matters. Xoxo

  107. Oh, sweet baby! I love her “No!” and that she stays glued to the door….doesn’t that make you feel so good? I wanna scoop her up out of that photo and give her a big squeezey hug!

    Love to you :)

  108. That photo of Nella by the door is so sweet, and I am loving your photo advice pieces.

    I, too, am more than ready for Spring and “splurged” on a new, fun-colored $1.99 Target coffee mug to set the tone. Bring on March!

  109. What up East Lansing! My alma mater, MSU :)

    Loving the pajama glam-a idea.

  110. Love Norwex, my sister in laws just started selling and have me hooked!

  111. what a wonderfull life!


  112. Oh gorgeousness! I am feeling spring too, I must confess!

  113. OMG – dusting with a tiara on, I love it!!!

  114. “I was so inspired by the whole idea that movies are another form of art. “
    Tell me you’re not just finding this out! With technology – so comes different genres of expression. Since its inception, film has been considered at LEAST a form of literature.

  115. I can’t wait for spring-my favorite time of year!

  116. love the photo of Nella sitting at the front door~precious!

  117. We have another month at least before any tulips show up here!! cannot wait!!!!!!
    I love that you’re dressing very spring like, everyone should.The power of suggestion article is perfect. Great ideas.

  118. I love your adventures and small celebrations! They make me long for more time at home, but also help me make the most of the time I have at home.

  119. Oh, I’m so ready for spring, but ALAS, we are getting ready for a snow storm tomorrow :( As always love the ideas – pajama oscar party is fantastic!!!

  120. Adore Little Nella sitting on the front step… Adore the GLAM!!

  121. As I’m looking out my window at a lot of snow still on the ground (up here in Canada), I am craving spring after reading your post :) Always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for lifting my spirits, as always…

  122. Spring cleaning bug hitting me, combined with moving to a new home at the end of the month had me going this weekend!

  123. Have you seen the blog ‘the blessings of Verity?’ About a mom with two Downs girls, one her biological child and the other adopted from an orphanage in Bulgaria. I have a feeling you would just love it. It is the most heartwarming blog.

    Love Nella not wanting to leave you, so sweet.

  124. I can hardly wait to go read your new photog tips!!


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  126. Love the cleaning mits,my 5yr old ALWAYS wants to help!

    Love you and your blog. I found it through reading nienie’s blog. Your family is gorgeous!


  127. Yay! glad to hear the 2 year check up was great! love all your posts :) thanks for always making me smile
    <3 Rosa

  128. The pic of the dog dressed for the Oscars, in the background is a throw pillow that looks like it has teal ribbons on it, yes? Where did that come from, if so?

  129. The pic of Nella sitting by the front door. Makes me want to pick her up and hug her… Love her honesty and am thankful she is so very loved.

  130. Forgot to post contact – cb_wilson@solarteks.com about that pillow

  131. My oldest boy (almost 5! – still can’t believe that) just had his first playdate without me. Sometimes it is so hard to see them grow up, but I love that he has his own “stuff” without me.
    Congratulations on your nomination for Best Family Blog over at Apartment Therapy!

  132. I love the PJs and glamorous jewelery. What a great idea!

  133. I love the Oscar PJ Party!!! I’m so stealing the idea :)

  134. I love spring too!

  135. I really needed to read this today. {{that’s all I’ve got to say but seriously…thank you!}}

  136. Dying to know where you got the awesome sheets! Ive been on a hunt for a pattern that isnt too girlie (heaven forbid I put something with a print or pattern on the bed). Kinda getting sick of the same old plain colors.

    And Yay! for a well toddler check up!

  137. LOVE the cleaning mitt, perfect for little people who want to help. It would also be beneficial as a tool to distract my niece from my dust-buster, which she is obsessed with using all over my house (and most of the time dumping out onto my rug) :)

  138. “Nella once got picked up for a playdate with Lainey to give me some time to work, and Sister has never forgotten it. She missed me. So, when people roll in our driveway, she stays glued to the front door and says “No.” Sister is funny.”

    This made me laugh. I can just picture it in my head.

  139. your new header made me smile, and then i smiled even more so when i saw your post about pink tulips in your house. though my smiles are accompanied by tears right now.
    pink tulips are our reminder of our baby girl, stillborn 3 weeks ago today. we had a vase of them for her memorial service on sunday, and have them in our living room now.
    selfishly, i love feeling like she’s everywhere, in all the pink tulips.

  140. i just recently found your blog. (how did i not know about this?).

    love, love, love.

  141. I’m having a Norwex party in less than 2 weeks! Perfect timing. I love Norwex products!

  142. Luv the pic of Nella on the stoop. Tulips are amazing. Happy Spring. Go find a puddle! xoxo

  143. After reading this post i am now inspired to do some ‘spring’ cleaning! I’ve been putting it off until the snow melts, but i might just get a head start. Love your pictures, Oscar party & tips on babyzone.com thank you!

  144. Can’t wait for spring either! Ready to see the lilac bushes in full bloom! That’s the smell of spring for me and I look forward to it every year!

  145. I’ve never heard of Norwex before, but now I am tempted to look into it. My (almost) 3yo loves to help and I hate exposing her to chemicals.

  146. Oh goodness….love the pic of Nella sitting on the step by the door….adorable :)

  147. I’m jealous of your spring-like weather, we’re finally getting winter in Iowa! But we’re off to Florida in 16 days, so it won’t be long until we get to see some tulips too!

  148. Nella’s chubby little tum is so adorable!

  149. I love the 7th Annual Pajama Glam-a Oscar Party, I’m sure you had a fab time:) Amazing pictures -as usual:)

  150. You always make my day a little brighter. Thank you for all the inspiration that you have given to me.

  151. You have so much fun. Love the makeup and jewels with the Target jammies. My daughter is named Heidi.
    What kind of doggies do you have. I have commented on your dad’s now yours. But the other one…..is it a spaniel or a beagle mix. So adorable.
    Your husband just looks like the kindest father.
    So funny that Nella is going on a trip without you. Love that Lainey is such a big girl now a days.

  152. I so much reading your blog… It always makes me smile even on the darkest of days! Today is a happy day my first born turns TWO!!!

  153. We want spring so bad!! Spring is awesome in Michigan!! The robins, oh the robins!! We open our windows a little bit everyday and the clothesline is begging for some sheets!! That photo of Nella…adorable…it’s like she’s saying “Don’t even think about it!”

    Tina Jacobsen

  154. Your Nella narratives never cease to make me smile but most of the time get a nice chuckle and even a laugh :)

  155. Wishing it was Spring in minnesota, but instead it’s a snow storm. :) Loving the new pictures of the girls.

  156. Happy 2 year check up 😉 Seems like the only thing I always remember to be grateful for is the health and happiness of my littles. My daughter would love to help with cleaning more often and the kit would help me let her…..enjoy your spring. We can’t wait for it!

  157. That picture of Nella sticking close to the door when Lainey is leaving hits very close to home. My little (almost) 2 year old is doing the very same thing right now. :)

  158. how do you vote for this blog. I went to that site, clicked on you perhaps 100 times (haha) but the number never seems to change? It says voting is still opened. Am I the only dense one in the voting world??? Love, LOVE, LOVE your blog. hugs.

  159. Norwex…ahhh, my sister got me hooked…I would LOVE to pass along the winnings to my almost-sister, who is Mom to 5 preschoolers, aged 6 and under, plus 3 older sibs who help out amazingly…

  160. Love the Oscar PJ party idea! Brilliant and so fun!

  161. I’ve always wanted to try Norwex!

  162. I have never watched the Oscars – shocking, i know – but I am now very intrigued and excited to try a new ice cream flavor!

  163. I didn’t even watch the Oscars or any red carpet action this year (gasp!) BUT I love the idea of dressing up and having fun, celebrating over anything.. or finding as many reasons as possible to do so!

  164. Your photo journals are amazing. Do you have any posts showing how to better use the features of a DSLR camera?

  165. I love your blog; thank you for writing and sharing.

    Also, for the future: bonus points will be awarded for “whilst.” :)

  166. I love the very first picture in the post. So elegant. So understated. So Spring.


  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Love your blog! I will definitely be looking into Norwex products. My 4 year old loves to help, but I also do not like all the chemicals!

  169. We LOVE Norwex at our house. Longing for the cute kid stuff…and longing for a clean house! : )

  170. There is nothing more fancy than a blinged out dog…except Emma Stone’s giant dress bow. critics did not love it, I LOVED IT. and her, she was charming :) Crazy, Stupid, Love – see it!

  171. Puddle jumping and bubbles – my two favorite things about spring.

  172. Love this post. I cannot wait for spring.

  173. Thanks Kelle! You’re inspiring in all ways to me. hugs, Margie

  174. Kelle,

    I’m loving your story about Nella’s “No” when sister gets picked up to go hang with friends. Aww, she’s a mama’s girl. :)

    And the Oscars PJ party — say no more! It looks like you and Heidi had a blast! I equally enjoyed all of the Instagram posts you shared on Sunday!

    Happy almost spring! :) Love the tulips! Aren’t fresh flowers in your house the best?!

  175. I was sitting here thinking that perhaps if I dressed as Lainey does to dust – I would enjoy it more!

  176. Love the pic of tulips in jar….it is now my desktop background. Giving me inspiration for spring in a cold town smack dab in the middle of Washington State! love your blog…you ROCK!

  177. Oh my, those lovely tulips! What a wonderful post. And where did you get those sheets? I LOVE THEM.

  178. Loved the glam Oscar party and your sweet Nella hugging the door closely! Went to a Miss America Pageant party once where we all teased our hair and wore the most horrendous 80s prom dresses we could find. It was a highlight!

  179. Love the tulips – I think we should have some at our house. The Pajama Oscar party looks like so much fun and that Banana Cream pie ice cream looks so good!.

  180. Girl, you look ridonculously tan in the picture of you on the babyzone website. LOVE IT! :)

  181. Okay, so I have totally always wondered if I was the only one who bases my whole wardrobe on the season… thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. :)

    P.S. I just pre-prdered ten copies of your book today for me and my friends! Woohoooo!

  182. Loved those tulips just bought a bunch of orange and red ones. Happy Day!

  183. The pic of Nella by the door is soooo sweet! What a cutie!

    I just finished “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck. It’s a tale of a woman changed by the birth of her son Adam, who has Down’s Syndrome. Have you read it? It’s a bit hard to get through at first because of the person she was before the birth of Adam (super focused on her Harvard education), but it weaves an interesting perspective on how Adam changed her world, positively.

    I love your blog! Have a great week!

  184. The Oscars! I adored Emma Stone’s red dress. Then again, I adore her in general. I also loved the fact that I’d actually seen so many of the movies nominated this year. Most years I’ve never seen half the movies or even heard of them so it’s nice to see ones nominated that I’ve watched.

  185. I hear you, Sister. I, too, am super excited about the (upcoming) arrival of spring! Love winter, but am totally ready for a new season in so many ways. While I’m out picking up that Ben and Jerry’s I think I’ll grab some pink tulips, too! 😉

  186. you inspire me so! :)

    today, my kiddo and i went to buy some candles and read books in the bookstore.

    thanks to your wonderful words!

  187. Did you take a quilt with you for her to sit on at the doctor’s office? If so – that officially makes you the coolest Mom I know…

  188. Love the Spring Inspiration! I’m so ready for it too. And I love the Oscars PJ party, we had a Royal Wedding viewing where four of us all dressed up in a our wedding gowns and drank champagne. :)

  189. I take on your challenge: find more ways to celebrate. It’s time to party because life is happening! That is how Spring makes me feel. :)

  190. Loved the photography tips… well done!

  191. those dusting mitts for kids… so fab. that’s all I have to say!

  192. If you have not yet seen it, I highly recommend the documentary “Monica and David”. Lots of tears, but mostly happy ones.

  193. That pic of Nella by the door — priceless~! Love it!

  194. The picture of Nella on the front step!- Love!! I think I’ll run to the store tomorrow and grab some pink tulips, in the middle of this terrible snowstorm. I love them as a reminder of spring.

  195. I’m excited to check out your photography tips and “hulabaloo” is there some Aggie in your background somewhere?

  196. I am excited to read your photography tips, and “Hullabaloo” is there some Aggie in your heritage somewhere?

  197. Okay, the picture of Nella by the front door is too cute for words! And I love your Oscar party idea, how fun! And the picture of your dog with the necklace was hilarious. Something my in-laws would do to their terrier Bella on any given Tuesday. (eye roll…she eats vidalia onions and rib eye steak of of waterford too).

  198. Kelle, your posts always cheer me up so much! Thank you!!!

  199. Kelle, your posts always cheer me up so much! Thank you!!!

  200. Such a great idea…pajamas + bling! Love it! :)

  201. Yep – LOVE that big red bow.

  202. Love the idea of your Oscar party….how fun!!! And I am definitely going to have to try the Norwex products–kid cloths = GENIUS!

    Absolutely love reading your posts…..you make me want to become a better mommy! :-)

  203. have you seen the pin on pinterest about growing tulips from bulbs in jars?? it looks awesome and I will be buyig bulbs this weekend to give it a whirl. Love the Oscar idea, may have to steal it!

  204. Ok I know I could leave an eloquent message of some ort, but my mind keeps going back to the picture of Brett’s friend wearing pulled up socks with his Adidas sandals and the 90s come flooding back :)

  205. Would love these rags!! KAYLA

  206. Kelle, Only you can make me think of decorating for Sprind while the weatherman is telling us to get ready for 3-6 inches of snow.

  207. Love your blog. Am buying your book!

  208. I just ordered stuffed Peeps in a box as a decoration for our table on Easter morning. So cute and fun!

  209. I absolutely love tulips….almost as much as I love reading your blog! :) Makes me wish I could go back in time and love on my kidlets over & over…..they grow up so fast! Thankfully, they are becoming amazing adults and show their love for me on so many different levels daily. My heart melts when my great, big 19 year old son still calls me Mommy….even in front of his friends!! I don’t know where my 23 year old daughter got the makings for a nurse but she is gonna make a difference in so many peoples life!! On many occasions, I still get to hold them and say “Momma is here” and listen to the heartache or problem at hand. Just listening is so hard but sometimes that’s all they need and their Momma’s open arms. I am looking forward to grand-babies when the time right!! For now, I am HaPPy my little grand-dogger, Zoe, comes and stays with me often!! 😉 NaNa is already a RockStar!! <3


  210. BANANA CREAM PIE ICE CREAM????????????????


    I am so there.

    I love Target PJ’s!

  211. i would love to receive the norwex package. thank you!

  212. Might those be Nick and Nora pajamas you are rocking? My parents started getting me N & N pjs for Christmas when I was still in high school and needless to say when I opened a present from them this Christmas Eve to find sock monkey nick and nora pjs I felt 13 instead of 30. We do bling for our Oscar viewing party, but next year I might have to break out the pjs!

  213. I love the idea of finding reasons to celebrate and dress up. Spring is such a great time for celebration. :)

  214. As if sister didn’t have my heart already- the picture of her by the door in her adorable pig tails sealed the deal!! What a doll!! Celebrate spring!!!

  215. Cute post! Love spring!!

  216. Your photos are breathtaking…

  217. Hi there,
    Your blog was recommended by my cousin – and I’m totally in love with it, with your beautiful family and your life! You fill me with happiness as I spy on your life, read your words, and learn about you through your lens. My brother has Hunters Syndrome, which is similar to Downs. He is in his early 40s, and is ten years older than I – so I don’t remember him much when I was younger. Probably like many kids in those days, he was shifted off to an IHC centre to live at a young age (around 11 I think), he was getting too hard for mum and dad to handle (but I wonder if this was an excuse..), and they were in the middle of getting divorced too.. I feel sad that he was sent away. We saw him now and then, but not as much as I would have liked. But as sad as it makes me to say, as an adult now, when I see him – I feel almost scared of him. He can’t talk, and is still in care – so needs someone there 24/7 – but I am slowly overcoming this, and really want him to be a part of my life. You have inspired me, and to not be scared if I were to have a Downs/Hunter child. I would embrace them, learn from them, and most of all love them unconditionally. Thank you.

  218. I don’t even know your friend and I’m so happy for her! Congratulations to mama and happy birthday little one! :)

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