Happy Monday

I just finished walking Nella under a canvas of midnight blue sky speckled with radiant stars and a bright sliver of a moon. I pushed her in her stroller and opted to go barefoot–a very embracing-Spring-thing-to-do. Except along with a bright sliver of a moon and radiant stars, late March also delivers millipede covered sidewalks, an inviting path for bare feet. I stepped on one and then ran the stroller back home like Flo Jo.

There were other walks this weekend though. Better walks.


Walks are always welcome interruptions to both mundane and crazy. Sometimes we slip out the door unannounced and wander the neighborhood for an hour. Other times we make a big to-do, gathering leashes, baby dolls and strollers, convincing as many who will oblige to come with us just for a spin around the block.


This weekend, we reunited with an old friend.


Even though our weather shifts aren’t as recognizable as the snow-to-tulip transformation present in so many other places in the country, I still feel new seasons every year. I purposefully open windows, buy flowers, take longer walks, eat outside and go barefoot on millipede-free occasions. My kids will know seasons. I will make sure of it.


We did just that this weekend, slipping out for a Kiwanis Club fundraiser date Saturday night but returning back for a craftastic Sunday.

Inspired by this San Fran studio tour, I knew I wanted to make my necklaces more accessible and visible. Instead of hooks, I decided to use long nails with flat heads that had enough surface area to hold some hot glue. Once I knocked the nails in place, I hot glued a couple drawer pulls, a piece of a broken brooch and some vintage-inspired buttons (bought a variety bag a couple years ago) to the nail heads and, Voila…pretty wall hangers.


Easy, extremely inexpensive and it serves multiple purposes–accessibilty as well as adding interest to the wall.


The rest was cozy and weekendish.

Good food.


Good weather.


Good weekend.

Darling hair bows from A Little Lady Etsy shop



Last week’s Friday Photo Dump:

Friday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram iPhone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage using a photo editing software (Photoshop Elements works). I am @etst (enjoying the small things) on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.


Winner of the Scentsy Barista warmer and Yuzu Dragon scent bar, generated by random.org is Comment #73, Jen: You have more (luck, karma?) with your picture taking than I do turning my camera on. Great pictures – I’m glad that the time with your mother and George was awesome!

Congratulations, Jen. Please send your contact info with the subject line SCENTSY GIVEAWAY WINNER to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net


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I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon for a Hallmark post.

Good night.



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  1. I love your blog!!! Walks are a must in our house too!! Love new necklace holders!!!

  2. Lovely. Gorgeous moon, too.

  3. Ahh. Spring in the South. I miss the warm green. Ski season is drawing to a close here in Utah.
    Cheers, Phil

  4. How beautiful! We are just settling into Autumn so still getting some lovely summery weather.
    Love those wall hangers too fantastic idea and they look amazing!

  5. Mmmm that pesto looks delicious. I can’t wait until our garden produces enough basil so I can make some! Yum.

  6. Love that quote on your vanity.. “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel was right on!

  7. I have hit a brick wall this Monday and as always your words are a like some needed sunshine. I need a walk, so a walk it is have a great evening and please let there me no creatures that cross my feet.

  8. I adore Nella’s hair down! And I love your new jewellery storage.

    It’s Tuesday here in Oz so happy Tuesday, lol!

  9. Oy, the thought of stepping on a millipede in bare feet makes me cringe! What a beautiful weekend though! I love that sweet grin on Nella :)

  10. Nella and Lainey are gorgeous – love all the big, nice photos! Necklace holders are a must for my teen and tween girls’ room! Thanks for the fab idea!

  11. Im new to your blog and in just the few days ive been here ive already learned so much. Your just an amazing woman with an amazing family! Thank you for reminding me just because something isnt what we expected doesnt mean it wont turn out perfect. :)

  12. Oh and could you pretty please post a mudmap of your home layout? I get so lost and confused sometimes… in that picture of nella playing on the floor towards the end of your post it looks like I can see the BACK of your kitchen?

  13. Im new to your blog and in just the few days ive been here ive already learned so much. Your just an amazing woman with an amazing family! Thank you for reminding me just because something isnt what we expected doesnt mean it wont turn out perfect. :)

  14. Im new to your blog and in just the few days ive been here ive already learned so much. Your just an amazing woman with an amazing family! Thank you for reminding me just because something isnt what we expected doesnt mean it wont turn out perfect. :)

  15. Despite just having a lunch of sushi and a gluten free chocolate cupcake, I still would love your tomato, pesto and mozzarella sandwich!
    What a lovely weekend you guys had. I seem to notice and enthusiastically welcome seasons more as I get older. Or perhaps it’s my new boots and clothes that I’m itching to wear! :)
    More seriously, autumn is our favourite time here in Tasmania, with special memories for Rob and I of romantic picnics with the leaves changing colour, the slightly cooler air making hugs a welcome necessity. No wonder we got married this time last year!
    It was a perfect blue sky day.
    Happy week, I was hoping for a Hallmark post soon.

  16. I have no words. I just love your blog. That’s all.

  17. That cat is totally faking a broken back to get some loving from Lainey…adorable! And those sandwichs have me drooling. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos! Stay fabulous. xo

  18. I love Lainy’s overalls and loved the tie with it. SO so Cute. I just can’t get enough of your blog. Thanks

  19. I love Lainy’s overalls and loved the tie with it. SO so Cute. I just can’t get enough of your blog. Thanks

  20. Wow. It just hit me, after looking at the pictures. Lainey is growing up. She is getting so big. Though I have never met your sweet daughter, It feels so bitter sweet to watch her grow. I love that watching her do new things, discover her world and grow in ways that are beautiful, but Its also sad to see hw much she has grown since I started reading. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  21. Tomorrow I’ll take a night walk. I’ve been meaning to do that with my kiddo :) A relaxing way to end the day, love it! Also loving your headband! xx

  22. What a GREAT idea! I may just have to try that myself. Thanks for sharing.

    I ordered “Bloom” and can’t wait to get it…

  23. Yum! Buffalo mozzarella, you’re making me hungry. I always make sure my littles know seasons too. Here in AZ we pretty much just have “somewhat chilly” and “hotter than”, well, you know what… Happy Spring.

    PS-Millipedes are better than scorpions, but not by much. Eew!

  24. LOVE the wall “hooks” idea!


  25. A millipede!!!! AHHHH! lol… I would have done the same thing!

    I need to go on some night walks they sound so peaceful!

  26. Your neighborhood kitty reminds me of the children’s book “Charlie Anderson”. The kitty has two homes, one calls him Charlie and the other calls him Anderson, and the “owners” don’t know about each other. It’s a cute story (and, as a first grade teacher, it’s a great way to teach inferring and work on some important comprehension skills!). Maybe your sweeties would enjoy the book!


  27. LOve this post and that awesome hook idea! That pic of Nella laughing makes my heart swell!

  28. Love the look on Laineys face towards the end. And capresesandwich sandwich. Yummmm.

  29. Pesto, tomato, and fresh mozz . . . I am SO hungry right now.

    Once I graduate from dorm life, I’m totally going to eat (maybe make) fresh mozzarella on a regular basis. And I’ll probably copy your nails (the ones in the wall, not on your hands. =D).

  30. Your book is almost out and I’m so looking forward to it!

  31. Overalls always make me smile : )
    Here is to wishing for a centipede free walk tomorrow night!

  32. Just noticed- yeah your herbs are still alive!


  34. I love how you make a big deal of the seasons changing.. I must say that I am jealous of your all year long good weather though! xx

  35. Kelle you look peaky …me thinks pregnant?

  36. We love walks on the beach here.

    Hope Lainey was right at the end of her bike ride and had just taken her helmet off and put it on the handle bar in the driveway, hope she wasn’t riding without one

  37. Your project is killin’ me! I adore it, but we rent… grr…

    Anyway, LOVE LOVE LOVE Lainey and her dog/baby/bike combo.

    Hope you have a great week!

  38. Such an inspiring blog and I love the wall hook idea….have to steal that one if I ever get around to it.

  39. I am SO doing that necklace thing.

  40. Great to see the cat again!
    And what a wonderful way of organising and displaying your necklaces.

  41. Dear friend:)

    EVERY time i visit in here, i feel blessed by Life!! And YOU remind me of what matters and how to really LIVE life to the full!

    So…many “thankyous” from Norway…


  42. Love Nella’s little sweater. She looks like she’s surfing in that picture. Love that you take night walks. We need to do that. Have a beautiful day girlie.

  43. Necklace wall is FAB.

  44. so, your millepede experience is so very unfortunate. Luv the Flo Jo reference. Necklaces looks awesome on the wall…..they are like art themselves. Gorge. xoxo

  45. Florida does have distinct seasons – you just need to know what to look for! My favorite part of a Florida spring is when the confederate jasmine blooms.
    Have a great day.

  46. I love your style so much! The way you dress yourself AND the kids. I need lessons. Seriously. Want to share? I would love to!

  47. And now all I can think about is eating a pesto, mozzarella, and tomato sandwich…ay!


  48. That fresh bread and food made me ready to take my lunch break, and it’s definitely not even 10am here yet 😉

    I never get tired of your gorgeous photography and all the small cute details you capture. The bows, headbands and clips in your girls hair are SO cute!!

  49. Those two photos of L pushing N on the swing, are quite possibly my favorite ever. Beautiful!!!

  50. We moved just under 2 years ago and although I’m beyond THRILLED to be out of a development and have more space to breath, I must say that the one thing that I miss is having sidewalks to just go for walks!

  51. Lainey looks so much taller! She must have had a growth spurt recently.

  52. Beautiful pictures, as always! I LOVE that shot of the moon. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is that Naples holds some good memories for me. My parents have had a condo there for about 20 years. My Mom has the most wonderful collection of Naples shells. My Dad and oldest son are heading towards Naples right now!

  53. I hope you bought that polka dot dress from Anthro – you look fantastic in it!

  54. Your goodnight picture is amazing!

  55. Kelle,
    I know you long for the winters and such from Michigan, but I’d rather have the outdoors on a daily basis. I’d rather have the nice weather than the winter, and your pictures prove this daily. Location is key. Enjoy.

    Jen from Chicago.

  56. I am loving these wonderful photos, they make me happy and calm….
    I have no time to read the post this evening, so I’ll treat myself to that tomorrow – as a gem I save to enjoy later :-)

    Thanks for always always making me feel even better than before 😀

  57. arms and legs and HAIR is getting longer. how they grow, right before your very eyes!

  58. Millipedes, ni-ice. 😉

  59. Aren’t walks a Godsend? Always a good idea with my little one. I love Nella pushing her little baby carriage and I really love the picture of Nella and Lainey looking at each other with the swing. So much sweetness here :) Thanks for sharing!

  60. That sandwich looks awesome!!! I love the hair bows, very cute.

  61. To Mommypoehl: Glad you found this blog. It is such a great community here, family, and it all stems from Kelle for sure. TO viv – hmm, i have been thinking the same! Love the quote on the vanity and the neclaces on wall. Dont get me started on milipeds or any kind of –pede, ugh, cant stand them! Scorpions, either. Your girls are growing so fast! I can hardly WAIT for your book to be delivered to me – three copies for me and my two daughters. Love from your Blog Mama~

  62. Il tuo blog è bellissimo e tenero.
    Hai due bimbe splendide e fai foto magnifiche!
    Grazie per le ispirazioni che ho trovato qui da te….
    Un sorriso senza gatto

  63. Oh my that baby girl of yours is beautiful!! xo

  64. Nella is so freakin’ adorable. That picture of her smiling on the bed just makes me want to squish her. And I never heard of those sandals before your blog, but now I’m thinking my little girl needs a bright yellow pair too!

  65. Lainey got the shy smile from you!

  66. Wow! That’s a pretty impressive weekend project!
    On your Friday phone dump, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue and white polka dot dress!!!! So cute!! I also LOVE the way your hair looks in the picture of you in the green and white dress holding Nella! If only my hair could look like that!
    You’re such an amazing person!

  67. I know you have your Hallmark post up – nice, BTW – but I had to add more Florida spring time stuff: driving through the backroads of Pasco Country in late March and having to close your car windows because the scent of the orange blossoms in the groves is so intense!

  68. The transition to spring is one of my favorites… along with the transition to fall. Winter and Summer don’t quite announce themselves with so much pizzazz.

    My daughter, Anna, had some pink and white striped overalls like Nellas. I miss those toddler days so much!

  69. Gorgeous George.

  70. I am 8 weeks pregnant, and your food pictures make me desperately want bread and tomatoes now!

  71. Those jewelry holders are so cute!

    I can’t believe how big Lainey has gotten just since I’ve started reading this blog. I started reading in January 2010 – and Lainey still looked like a little toddler then. But now? She is a (big) little girl! Of course Nella has grown so much too – but my son was born in April 2010 so my mind processes babies his age growing, lol.

  72. First of all I just have to say that Nella is adorable! I came across your blog on Pinterest and was profoundly moved by your family’s story. I sobbed as I read the account of Nella’s birth and saw the joy with which you welcomed her. There is nothing like bringing another human being into the world. It is truly a blessing!

    I am also thrilled and grateful to know that there are still people in this world that treasure every life and know that every child is a precious gift from God. Thank you for setting such an example!

  73. Loving my experience here, as always!
    <3 <3 <3
    I feel better than perfect now – this was the best boost ever, for me today – now I’ll take on the world and take a trip with my sweet dear family :-)

    I wish you a wonderful Saturday!
    Thank you for being so fab!

  74. Aaaahhhh!!! My copy of Bloom (well actually 10 copies) have shipped and I am SOOOO excited!!

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

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