When Mama is Here

Right now, from where I am sitting, I can hear my mom reading to Lainey on the couch. It is quiet except for the sound of her voice that sings the words like a kindergarten teacher–softly but with good enthusiasm. I don’t know what the story is, but I’ve picked up something about three big white birds and a handsome swan.


Savory whiffs of homemade chicken pot pie are escaping from the oven, and cooling on the bay window ledge right now are two perfect pies–one apple, one mixed berry.


My mama’s here.


This means a number of things–that the Scrabble board will come out from its dusty hiding place in the closet, that we’ll set out on bikes for evening rides, that the meals of my childhood will resurface this week, that the hole that’s been growing on Lainey’s puppy blanket will finally get patched and sewed, that we’ll watch at least two wholesome Hallmark movies and talk about them when they’re over, that we’ll search eBay for European shoes and quilts and dolls back from when they made them good. And we’ll make pies. Because that’s what my mom does.


There is the other part though–the bigger picture part where I think about legacy and generations and how much my perpective changes as I get older. How much I appreciate my mom more and what she did for us when we were little, what she does for us now. And having her here and listening to her sing to my kids or watching her transform my meager pantry staples into the World’s Best Casserole, I can’t help but fast forward and wonder, what will it look like when my girls are grown?


I hope I do the best character voices in stories for my grandkids. I hope they save their tattered security blankets for me to patch up on my visits. And I hope I make some mean pies.

Photobucket I struggle with a good even pie crust, so I watched my mom today, studying her method. She said it’s easy. “You just have to show the crust who’s boss.”

Bonus of mama visits? I get to be a tour guide–taking her to our favorite places and revisiting them with new enthusiasm. She and George like nature and flowers and outdoor adventures. They know the names of birds, and they bring their own binoculars.



Lainey was excited to introduce her friends to her grandma and grandpa yesterday, to show off for them in ballet, to tell Aleena “you can call her Grandma Krissy too.”




And I, as Kelly Corrigan would say, like being in that middle place, hugged between needing a mom and being a mom, still learning and taking and yet teaching and giving at the same time.


As I watch my girls whisper to their own baby dolls, wrapping them up in whatever they can find for blankets, kissing their heads, gently toting them along on our trips and attending to them in the car, I can only smile and be assured that the cycle will continue.


They are just beginning–little blocks of love and affection, praise and guidance slowly building their foundation. And while sometimes I wonder what the middle place holds for Nella, I at least find comfort in the fact that her foundation is strong. We are in control of that, and that is empowering. We’ll cushion her up good–love on every side, and yet we’ll push her forward too. And you can be damned sure, Sister’s going to know how to make pies.

P.S. Sister has mad typing skills.

We finished our afternoon at the pool today, Lainey bravely jumping with big splashes to impress both her mama and her grandma and Nella watching quietly from her float.


This middle place? Best view in the house. I look back for inspiration, I look forward with motivation.


That’s what mamas do.


Being that it’s mid-March and the promise of warmer and sunnier is on everyone’s mind, we’ve been dipping in the pool a little more frequently and making plans for Isle of Capri.


This, of course, means swimsuit time. The perfect swimsuit, to be exact. I’ve proclaimed my love in the past for the fabulous vintage swimwear Popina offers, and this year I think I’ve found my favorite suit yet (close tie with the yellow). Popina offers a range of tankinis, highwaist swimwear and vintage styles. They are comfy and butt-hugging in just the way you want your butt hugged.

Jantzen Vamp Suit

Popina is offering a 15% discount right now, using code kelle. And one lucky commenter on this post will win a free swimsuit, courtesy of Popina Swimwear (winner announced Friday). Find a big hat, a pair of Jackie O’s, tell Esther Williams to move over and get ready for some sunshine.

In your comment, tell me, what’s one of your favorite things you learned from your mama? And if not from your own mom, then maybe from someone else’s mom.

I learned to be content. To love simple things. To use dish cloths, not sponges. And to never stop hugging and kissing my kids. Even when they’re all grown up.




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  2. I was so excited to be first! Not sure why? The first grader in me that wanted to be the line leader???

  3. LOVE! I miss living close to my mom.

  4. The sweetest mamas do know best!

    I love those shots of you in the red lipstick with the little side bun! Gorgeous.

  5. I learned from my mom….to dig deep and be strong, even when you feel like it is IMPOSSIBLE!

  6. I learned to laugh at myself, that it’s okay if you don’t know the right words to the song . . . sing loud regardless and then laugh, and that it’s more than alright to take time for yourself–to pursue your passion.

  7. I’ve learned it’s important to be there! My Mom was always there! I love that she was a stay at home Mom. That was what I wanted to be when I grew up a wife and a Mom and I’m living my dream! Hugs!

    LOVE…LOVE…LOVE your lipstick!!! What shade is it???

  8. What a great post….I’m about to be 26 and are realizing that my mom really does know it all and that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her! Those delicious apple and mixed berry pies, pretty sure I can smell them through your blog :)

  9. This post makes my heart happy. Thank you!

  10. I guess I just learned “unconditional love” from my Mother (but it was on her terms)! hahaha! We are extremely close now but that wasn’t always the case. She is an angel living among us!

  11. My mama taught me that we are all beautiful, no matter what, and that a good long walk, despite the weather, is worth it.

  12. I learned that if I want to have some cute things around the house to get crafty. Mom used to make themed Christmas trees every year from ribbons, felt, clothespins, etc.

  13. My mom passed away 3 weeks ago today, I loved watching her love my children. She adored the with a passion and her passing has left a huge hole in all our hearts which I will now try my hardest to fill. So they never forget her.

  14. I learned your ever too tired to make a home cooked meal – even if it’s a scrambled egg and leftover rice.

  15. My mama taught me that no one else on
    this earth will love you like your mama does. And also? What other people think of us is none of our business. She is one smart lady!

  16. my mom taught me to always look for the good – every situation has a positive aspect. when i spilled milk, she said she was glad it was just milk, as grape juice would have been worse! even when i was young and my parents got divorced and remarried, she taught me to enjoy two christmases, more people that love me and even two visits from the tooth fairy for the same tooth :)

  17. Love that suit!

  18. I learned how to cook from my Mama.

    New lipstick? Looks more coral than red, but beautiful!

  19. my mom taught me to be the best mom to my little girl. She also taught me to make pickles.

  20. My husband would probably say my mother taught me how to nag ;)- Honestly though, she gave me a great love of books. Because of her, I make sure I read to my child as much as possible!

  21. My mom taught me to always clean the kitchen before going to bed (among many, many other things, of course!)

  22. I learned from my mom to never stop trying and to always do my best!

  23. Firstly..I love your suit, it looks fantastic!!

    And what have I learned from my mom? What haven’t I learned from her? I think the most important lesson is patience & that things happen in God’s good timing. She & my dad struggled for 10 years w/infertility before they adopted me. My husband and I struggled w infertility/recurrent pregnancy loss for 2 years before we welcomed our daughter last January. And now we are having secondary infertility..And my mom has been there, reminding me to have patience, and to let go & let God. She absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be any luckier!!!

  24. I’ve learned to balance boundaries with allowances. Monday, Ella (3) got to stay up until 10 p.m. watching The Voice. I’d put her to bed at 7:30, but she hadn’t seen her daddy all day and wanted to spend time with him. Girl loves music, so she ended up watching The Voice and loving it…

    Oh, lately Ella has discovered that I am a mom (therefore a grown-up) BUT I also have a mom (therefore a kid). We play this “Is SHE a grown-up and a kid, too?” game. Quite cool when she discovers these things…

  25. My mom taught me to work hard for everything in life. And because of that, I think that’s why my son with special needs is making the progress he is today. :)

  26. I just love coming to read your blog :) My husband and I talk a lot about starting our own family soon – I am so looking forward to the ‘middle place.’ Oh and my mom? Also a mean pie maker – I must learn her tricks!!

  27. I’ve learned that no matter how silly I feel doing so, I can always call up my Mama and get a dose of encouragement, sympathy, advice, truth and love. Even if I don’t say what I need. She knows. Also, she has taught be to be confident in the Mama that I am to my girls. Thank you for making this preggo girl cry tears of gratitude for my own Mama who lives 3000 miles away. She will be here when I welcome my newest baby- and I couldn’t be more grateful xox

  28. this post is lovely, brought tears to my eyes, as i spent the whole day shopping with my mama today. i’ve learned ever so much from her, but something that stood out to me today in our conversation was – don’t let anybody take away your dreams. dream big.

  29. I learned that bedtime lullabies are very important even when you feel you can’t possible keep your eyes open any longer.

  30. My grandmother taught me everything about how to be a mother. I miss her every day.

  31. I, too, learned to use dish cloths, not sponges (now if only I could convince my husband of this). I’ve learned how to sing to my kids, even if off-key, how to love reading and share its joys, how to be patient (ok, still working on that), how to bake cookies and goodies, and how to do all that God has called me to do while making sure my kids don’t get shortchanged in the process. i love my mom! so glad you are enjoying yours.

  32. My mom taught me an important lesson that had nothing to do with baking or cooking (man I wish she had!), but how to treat people and also how to use humor to defuse a bad situation. I’ll *never* forget the time my Mom told a man, “Who licked the red off your lollypop?” when he was not being nice to my kid brother.

    Kelle, I have to tell you I love your sense of fashion. It makes me smile every time I see your pictures.

  33. Important things my mama taught me? Faith, family, friends and of course…love.

  34. I’d love to win! Best thing I learned from my Mom? Unconditional love….most definitely.

  35. I learned to go all out and have fun. To be more excited than my kids for a snow day, to make birthday parties a big to-do and to take time and play instead of folding laundry.

  36. My mother is always supportive of me and my decisions. Even if there are times she may disagree with what I have chosen, as soon as the decision is made she does whatever she can to support that decision. And I love that about her!

  37. Kelle, all my words about connecting with your post and the relationship I have with my mother temporarily left me when I saw that fabulous sea foam/easter egg/springy nail polish. What color are you wearing? Lots of love for Enjoying the Small Things like Grandma’s that read aloud and bake pies, and also lovely shades of nail polish.

  38. One of my favorite things I learned from my Mom… it’s okay to take some Tylenol when the kids are being obnoxious and not leaving anytime soon!

  39. I learned to marry a man who can cook!

  40. Oh this post brought tears to my eyes!
    My own Mother is not in my life for a number of really terrible reasons and I long for those moments when she WAS here.
    When I was a child she would sometimes stay up late and sew my sister and I a new dress – wrap it in brown paper and leave it at the table for when we woke up. Never an occasion except “just because” she taught me how to sew as well and now I enjoy making little things for my child to wake up and discover!

  41. I learned from my mama that it’s the little things we do every day that show how much we care, be it making our favorite meals, doing our laundry or setting up something special like lunch on a picnic blanket outside.

  42. My mama thought me strength. I wish she had thought me her amazing cooking….I miss it so.

  43. Gorgeous suit!! Had to giggle at the butt-hugging…

  44. I love those moments with my mom and my kids…we NEED those special times! I also LOVE that bathing suit and like that Popina offers suits for all shapes and sizes :)

  45. The one favorite thing I learned from my mom is that even if I am tired and exhausted, the show must go on. My mom would stay up late to food prep or finish last minute things in the kitchen if a party was happening at our house the next day. She even made all the floral arrangements and bouquets, for our wedding, staying up late to make sure everything was done and ready for the next day. I swore I’d never do that, and now as a mom I find myself staying up to make things for my kids, whether it be for their class snack or to make a happy birthday sign or to last minute finish up a costume that got a little too complicated. I always wonder why I do it and then I realize, just like my mom, I take joy in doing things, even if it means till the wee hours of the night.

  46. Adorable suit! I learned to bake from my mom. She is the master so it makes me so happy when she praises me for something delicious I’ve made (usually a low-fat version of her original)!

  47. My Mum taught me that everything in life is a lesson and, if we learn from it, nothing that happens is a ‘bad thing’. Her whole life is a lesson to me on how to be the bigger person, how to love unconditionally and that if you have love in your life, you have everything you need.
    She is my life Guru :-)

  48. So many beautiful moments with your Mama. Legacy is important, and something I already think about. The Mama I want to be is important to me. To be honest although my own mother does love us (all five of us kids) she has had a funny way of showing it. She cares desperately about what others think of her by what we do. Her response to that need is to criticise us. Always. What we wear. Who we date. Who we marry. Our weight. Our beliefs, or perceived lack of. What we eat and how much we drink. I’ve tried to explain how much pain she has caused us all (all my brothers and sisters have cried/complained about this) and she has replied it’s her right as my mother. Sadly, it is hard to take when unbalanced by genuine praise. So I want to try harder to help her be my friend.
    Recently I didn’t want to tell her what I was going through, as usually she will offer her opinions and as she also has a tendency to share my personal life with her entire church, and at that stage I just wanted to deal with it myself. But she rang to find out why I wasn’t at work and I caved. You know what she surprised me, she said “Oh Marian I don’t know what to say cause I haven’t experienced it but I do love you”. That was the right thing to say.
    I guess I’ve got to try too, cause I assume what she will do/say, and haven’t given her a chance as I hold onto past hurts.

    So sorry, what has she taught me.
    Quality not quantity.
    Love your family.
    Be generous.

    Thanks Kelle for making me think. You are a gem.
    And thanks for dropping by the blog too! xoxo

  49. My mom taught me compassion/empathy/love. She wakes up and goes to sleep with a smile. I am looking forward to having my first baby this summer and moving closer to her to give me strength and guidance.
    ps Love that swimsuit

  50. Wow! Love the jantzen suits! Super cute!

    My mom taught me how to make the best lasagna in the world and how to stay strong when the world around you crumbles.

  51. I love this post! Im so ready for bathing suit weather. Luckily were a few hours above you in Fl!

  52. We must be on the same wave length today…was just thinking and appreciating all the things big and small my mom has always done for me. She made it ok to play hooky sometimes; packed my lunch everyday all the way through high school; rescued me when my babies were 11 weeks old so I could FINALLY get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. Only until I became a mom did I appreciate my own more.

    On a different note…we just returned from Naples and loved (among many places) the botanical gardens! So much that we were inspired to go back to the ones here at home in Richmond:)

    Love your work…thanks for always showing up.

  53. One of the things I learned from my amazing mother is to never forget where I come from. I grew up on a farm in Missouri and moved to the big city after college…..well wouldnt ya know it, I’m engaged to a good ole boy now and living in his tiny town in Illinois. Thanks for reminding me where I wanted to end up Mom. Love you. : )

  54. I wish I could say that I had an amazing childhood, but I would be lying. I came from a broken home with a very depleted single mother, so I learned a lot of things not to do. But I think I am all the more stronger, strive harder, and love my kids more deeply because I have seen the other side. I want better for them, for me, for us. Any you know what? We’re doing mighty fine!

    I absolutley love Popina swimsuits. Last year I bought two, I just couldnt choose! Any one will be lucky to win one!

  55. My mom taught me to never stop learning! And how to make the best meatloaf, hands down.

  56. Best thing my mom has taught me? That life is a party, and to treat it as such. Honestly, I’ve always worked at using that lens of perspective since I can tend to lean to the serious side of things. Good thing she’s always been there to lighten me up :)

  57. I missed my mama reading this sweet post. I lost her to breast cancer several years ago. As I watch my 3 and 4 year old boys grow, I remember often how gracefully my mama led us by her example. She was quiet and gentle and showed us through her actions how to live a good, full, happy life.

  58. My mom taught me, “Kill ’em with kindness”. I try to remember it when I am needing it most. Your blog helps promote this as well. We all need a bit more kindness out there to get through the messy parts of life. Looking for beauty in everyday things the way you do is so empowering. Something anyone can have power to do. Thank you for all you do and share!

  59. I love this post, it made me (of course) think of my own beautiful Momma. I used to think being like my Momma would be the worse thing ever… then I grew up, got a grip, and realized that she really did know best. She taught me to appreciate homegrown and homemade food, she showed me the beauty of drinking a beer and playing guitar with friends on the porch on a Summer night, and makes me feel like I’m perfectly beautiful in a knee-length nightgown or pair of overalls. Thanks, Momma. :)

    All that said — girl, I need this bathing suit like you don’t even know. Turning 30 does funny things to your body, one of them being that the string bikini from last year just isn’t gonna fly…

  60. My Mama taught me to trust myself and believe in myself. Mama knows whats best for her babies.

  61. Firstly, that lipstick on you = perfection.
    Secondly, Nella hovering over that keyboard cracks me up!! She always looks so focused and serious :)
    Thirdly to answer your question, my mom, like yours is the worlds best pie crust maker… And lucky for me I have learned the trade. I think I just inherited it though… I can’t cook for crap, but I can bust out a perfect pie crust like no body’s business!

  62. My mom is an amazing woman. She taught me to be a planner, to set goals, and put my family first.

  63. That bathing suit is TO DIE FOR. Holy crap!!! I love it! But, than again, you look amazing in everything so… 😛

    I must know… when your Mom reads this post, will she need a box of tissues? Because I know my Mom would need two boxes. 😉

  64. My mother in law has taught me to be patient, enjoy my kids because they grow up so fast and also how to make a mean pie as well.

  65. This post makes me miss my momma something fierce! 29 years with her was just not enough. I often wonder what our lives would be like if she was still here to bless them. We do have a pretty damn special angel though!

  66. I learned from my mom to cherish each other’s voices. Someday, when she’s gone I hope I remember hers as vividly as I remember my grandma’s. I learned to garden. I learned to send cards via snail mail because they mean the most. I learned how to be loud, assertive and passionate.

    Great post!

  67. so many things learned from my mama! “we all have strengths and weaknesses.” “be kind to yourself.” now that i’m a mom we talk about the pure intensity with which we love our kids and i understand how much she loves us. it’s awesome.

  68. My momma taught me that a full house is a happy house and everyone can be a part of your family.

  69. Oh my God, I LOVE your swimsuit! Red’s my favourite colour!

    What I learned from my mom? Oh, where to begin? Being strong doesn’t mean you can’t cry. Listening is a skill and a good one to develop. Hugs are the best medicine. Taking the extra time to do something correctly is worth it in the end. Love reading, it will be a friend for life.

  70. Multi-tasking. My. Mum can literally do everything all at once!

  71. In addition to the importance of a hommeade birthday cake, and endless crafting skills- that woman can make anything – My mom taught me to never let yourself wallow in your own self pity -at least not for long – brush yourself off and pick yourself up – because no matter how hard you think you have it – there’s someone else out there you can help lift up.

  72. Loved this, and can’t wait until my mama becomes a grandmama in a few years. One of my favourite things I’ve learned from my mum is that what goes around, comes around – kindness is never unrewarded. And also, if you kill a spider, it rains the next day.

  73. Such a heart-warming post. I never thought of this “middle place” and I quite like it. Such an awesome way to describe our role right now…to learn, to teach. There’s such a wonderful comfort knowing that we still have a lot to learn, yet we have the power to make changes as we see fit.

    My mama taught me how to be honest. How to have a servant’s heart. How to eat healthy, and how to be the kind of mom that plays Candyland, cooks real, soul-warming dinners, and would rather read her kids 10 books than turn on the TV. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome.

  74. love your blog! and the giveaway is great! keep writing. you are making people happy!

  75. My mom taught me that family is important and you have to work on those relationships just like you friendships.

  76. What I love about my mother?
    She left me homeless at the age of 14 and even though those days were so hard and trying I have forgiven her. And she has taught me that time does heals wounds and we are all capable of change.

    On a lighter note… I want that bathing suit because for the first time ever I am going to my 1st blogger conference in Miami this coming up April. I need something this sweet to inspire me to disrobe.

  77. My Mum taught me to make adventures out of the everyday, that the weekend is not the weekend without a family picnic, to be friendly and kind to everyone (she seriously knows every single person in my hometown by name!) and how to right the world with just a cup of tea and a listening ear!
    Kelle, this post made me cry. My parents are visiting from the UK in two weeks time and I can’t wait to see them again and see them with my littles.
    That swimsuit is a killer and those little blue earrings complete the look.

  78. One of my favorite things I learned from my Mama – of which there are tons – is to find 3 ‘good things’ or ‘ordinary miracles’ in every day. She started doing it in college, she taught all of us, and she does it herself still.

  79. I love when my mom visits. I learned that no matter how old you are you have to think like a child, also a kiss to a babu or child is not complete without inhaling, and that cooking is a talent.

  80. What I learned from my beloved step-mama:
    *that not all step-moms are evil, and I really lucked out in the step-mom department
    *that being an educated human being is both a privilege and a right, and my education is something no one can ever take away from me
    *you can never say “I love you” too often
    *traveling builds character, opens your eyes, and makes you appreciate cultural differences and where you call home
    *how to make a killer “BAS”…which is an acronym for “Big Ass Salad”
    *crying is a healthy and purposeful response to many things, and she will always be there to listen and help if I want her to
    *being a hard-working, intelligent, multi-faceted woman is awesome

  81. My mom taught me that there’s no job more important than being a mom. She taught me that Clorox 2 is the key to keeping your whites looking brand new, and that a kitchen floor isn’t clean until you’ve mopped it on your hands and knees. She taught me the virtue of patience, the importance of faith, and the power of love.

    Thanks, Kelle!

  82. I lost my mom 2 years ago (as of yesterday) to cancer and I was only 27 years old, but I cannot even tally up all the amazing things she taught me in those 27 years. She showed me how to give sacrificially, how to be spontaneous, and how to make any dinner festive. :)

  83. My mama taught me to be open and honest. As a kid, she talked to me about everything and I never felt left out. In turn, I told her everything and was never scared to go to her with anything! I want that with my girls too!

  84. First off, you look fabulous!

    I have learned from my mom, to love unconditionally, to be patient and kind and to just be myself.

  85. I learned from my mom to have a strong work ethic, to show love no matter what and to always treat others the way you would want to. Always offer a smile and a kind word…it could mean everything to the person who is receiving it.

  86. I’ve learned that mamas can be one of your best friends. I see how much my mom loves my grandma and now that I’m an adult, my mom is more to me than just my mother; she’s my FRIEND!! She taught me to cook and clean and take care of a household (which my very Italian husband is grateful for!) and to be hospitable and invite people over “just because”. She also taught me to love Jesus and show others His love. I’m so thankful for my mom and want to be just like her “when I grow up”.

  87. I’ve learned that mamas can be one of your best friends. I see how much my mom loves my grandma and now that I’m an adult, my mom is more to me than just my mother; she’s my FRIEND!! She taught me to cook and clean and take care of a household (which my very Italian husband is grateful for!) and to be hospitable and invite people over “just because”. She also taught me to love Jesus and show others His love. I’m so thankful for my mom and want to be just like her “when I grow up”.

  88. my MOM is my ROCK!! She has taught me to cherish every moment, that we are only passing by in this world, so live it up and keep your loved ones close!

  89. I am so happy that your Mama is there. That is the best : )

  90. I Love my Mom too! She taught me how to be assertive! While she struggled to be a good mother to us 5 kids due to her lifelong battle with depression. It didn’t stop her from teaching us how to get results!

  91. Without a doubt, the most important and long-lasting lesson I learned from my mom is to love unconditionally. Love when they are sweet and cuddly, love when they are naughty and deserve a time-out, love when they are sick or sad. Always love, and they will know they are loved. I don’t want my kids to ever doubt that I will never stop loving them. Thank you to my mom for giving me the same security.
    This post made me cry, by the way 😉

  92. my mom taught me how to always put my family first!

  93. Your post rang so deeply true for me and the stage of life I am in. Love it! My mom taught me to carry myself with grace and dignity. She also taught me that having class has nothing to do with the balance of your bank account. Love my mama!

  94. As I look back on my childhood I see my Mom giving 100% of herself to whatever task she attempted. Wether it was raising her children or sewing a figure skating costume. She always said “all you can do is your best”.

  95. There’s nothing better than having Mom around! I learned how to be accepting of others, how to love and support others, and how to be a good mom :)

  96. My dear Aunt San (aka mama) passed away last August. She taught me to value the precious moments in time, not the things we aquire. She also taught me to lean on my faith in God over all else for support. Today marks the end of a 25-year career for me in order to follow my beloved husband overseas and I celebrate all we were able to teach and do to lead our children to adulthood. And THEY MAKE PIES! I love your blog.

  97. My mama taught me to nurture. I’m hoping that one day, she’ll pass her green-thumb onto me!

  98. My mom is my best friend and she taught me how to be a smart woman and how to be a great mother to my own baby girl!!

  99. From my mom- I’ve learned to cook quite well from scratch and hopefully someday I can learn to give as selflessly as she does to her children and now, grandchildren.

    PS) I got a Popina swimsuit last year that I love!! (but is losing color from months of chlorine!)

  100. I lost my mom to cancer 6 years ago. She left us with a great heritage of life lessons. One is that I am stronger than I think. And life is fun. I could go on all day.


  101. pies on pi day! :)

    my mom taught me an endless number of amazing things, of course… but my favorite? dressing for the occasion. my love of themed parties and, ahem, themed outfits definitely came from her! that said, i’m moving to miami in a few weeks, and i think a new swimsuit is just what that event calls for! xo

  102. Omg! I just bought that suit!!! I lOve popina since the red and white polka dot suit!!!! Best suits ever! My mom taught me to be good to others. Bring a pie to the friend that is sick or lend a hand to someone who needs it. Very thankful for that. Enjoy your time with your mama! Love Katie

  103. Ahhh…this makes me miss my Momma. She taught me so many things but I have to say I enjoy her time spent with me in the kitchen teaching me to cook. I always feel at home when I’m cooking and I feel closer to her when I do. I love and miss her and I make sure to tell my girlfriends how blessed they are to still have Mommies.

  104. My mom always reminds me of the way to show people that you love and appreciate them…
    a quick text, a short postcard, a soul-filling hug, a reusable coffee sleeve, a voicemail just to say she’s proud of you…
    All those wonderful things you forget you need until you get them from your mom!

  105. My mama taught me that sometimes dessert comes first. My mama-in-law taught me to make pie.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  106. What a sweet post! I hope to be the pie baking Grandma someday too :)
    I learned to be sure to make many sweet moments with your kids because it will go by so fast.

  107. From my mother I learned to take a chance and talk to that stranger – you never know who is going to be a new friend. From my “other mother”, Mom Foley, I learned to cook, and damn skippy she taught me well! I am so glad that your mom (and dad) are there to share your family with you – family is all that matters.

  108. I’ve learned so much from my mom – how to be the life of the party, how to fake it till you make it, how to cry at the dorkiest times, and hopefully how to be there for my own kids some day!

  109. I learned to take a step back and cherish the in between moments, the ones you normally would have dismissed, those are the ones that count.

  110. A few things learned from my mother–I learned that it’s okay to ‘go off schedule sometimes’, that we can do whatever we put our minds to do, to never underestimate the power of prayer, and how to make the best homemade sugar cookies you will ever sink your teeth into–topped with the best frosting you’ve ever tasted leaving you wanting to lick the bowl. :)

  111. What a wonderful mama post. I’m spoiled to have mine just blocks away.

    I’d love to have one of those adorable suits. Maybe this year my name will be picked (fingers crossed).

  112. This post has me crying because I lost my mother when I was 22 right before I became a mama. I miss her every day and I hope I make her proud. I try very hard to make her somewhat present in my boys lives. They might of never met her but they talk about her like they have based on all the stories they have heard about her. Even though I had her for such a short time, I did learn many things from her… How to never let a day go by without letting the people you love know exactly that, appreciate the little thing, and just be proud of who you are. She was also an amazing baker and I think I inherited a little bit of that talent.

  113. My mother-in-law has been in my life for 17 years, and at 33, that is a long time:) She has taught me so much, I don’t think I could name just one thing, but something I really appreciate is her wisdom and the way she “gets” life. I know people complain and joke about their in-laws, but I really hit the jackpot!

  114. My mom taught me what it looks like to be faithful. I’ve learned so much from her!

  115. The best thing I learned from my Mama is how to love fiercely. How to love like its the last day of your life. How to smother my kids in kisses and hugs, and that sometimes all they really need is my hand to guide them. And that swimsuit? HOT!

  116. Kelle,
    L-O-V-E your new springtime lipstick. I dying to know it’s name. It’s lovely on you.

  117. My Mom taught me (and is teaching me) how to truly love unconditionally. There is no love like the love of my Mother. She is amazing.

  118. Because of her battle with a life threatening illness, I learned from my mother to take each day as it comes– loving each and every moment because it is YOURS. No matter how much time they say you have left, each moment is still your own and deserves to be enjoyed. That, and to put on music when you absolutely must scour the bathtub. :)

  119. Love this. :)

    My mom taught me to be the mom I want to be. I love going to her house and feeling less like the “mom” and more like the kid again.

  120. My Momma taught me how to make pies, sew, drive a car, say please and thank you, always smile for the camera… and many, many, many other things!

    I love that picture of Lainey and her friend in from of the lily pad pond…. so beautiful!

  121. I’ve read this post and couldn’t comment. I needed some time to think and to thank you for bringing such a great memories of the childhood. What I’ve learned from my mother? To love, to be patient, to bake bread, to laugh…

  122. I totally know what you mean about being in the “middle place” and appreciating my mom so much more now! I’ve learned so many things from my mom, but one of my favorites is making the home-made noodles that she and my grandmother both made.

  123. “Choose your battles wisely” – these are words often spoken by my mother while growing up & on the day I got married. Best advice I have ever gotten!

    PS: Love that photo of you & Nella at the computer…beautiful!!

  124. My mom taught me strength. A young widowed woman (27), with 3 kids (7,5,3) managed to make it all on her own. She could have given up a hundred times, and had the perfect excuse to, but she persevered and came out of the “storm” with a brave smile. I’ve said it all my life, my mom is my hero.

  125. A good friends mom silently watched as I completely freaked out after my son took a small fall. After I had mended his wounds, calmed him down and calmed myself down, she quietly came over and took my hands in hers. She looked at me and said “He’s a boy and he’s definitely going to hurt himself, maybe much worse than you’ll want to think about. You have to remain calm as his Mama. He’s going to look to you to know how to react. Just stay as calm as possible and so will he. If he’s really hurt your both gonna know right away anyway . . . Stay calm.” Best advice ever! I think of it and her quite often, even more now that I have two. Stay calm! :)

  126. I learned a lot from my momma watching her take care of us after my dad died young…..at 9 years of age we (my twin sister and I) had many added responsibilities…but mom knew the importance of “play time”. And even now….I make time for “play”. :)
    I am heading over to check out those swimsuits….I could really use a new suit before heading to Miami in a couple weeks! :)

  127. LOVE this post. I didn’t always have the best relationship with my mom and have always wondered if that would impede my ability to mother. So what I learned from my mother is that, good can come from indifferent. You don’t have to have someone model how to love and care, to give it to others, it is innate.
    Things are getting better with my mom, but this experience has taught me that I don’t want to wait to be a good mom when my daughter is older…it should be that way from the beginning.
    Love to see Nella following in mama’s footsteps (aka future best selling author)!

  128. My mom taught me so many things, I have a hard time choosing what to say. She has taught me that there is something good in everyone, you just have to look for it. That everyone deserves a second chance. That there is always room for one more…at the table, in your home, in your life. She taught me that children are to be treasured and savored, and to enjoy every minute of them, because they grow up too fast. She taught me a devotion to the Blessed Mother that I cherish.

    And – you look rockin’ in that swim suit!

  129. Dang it, now I want to eat pie!

    I learned that you should give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s much better to assume the best of people than to assume the worst.

  130. My mama taught me to be honest with yourself, love whole heartedly, and put lipstick on everyday even if you skipped all other make up! :)

  131. I loved this post, as it brought so many happy memories flooding back from my childhood.

    As for me, the favourite thing I learned from my Mum is to just keep going.

    Even when the future looks dark, and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, forge ahead, because it is there.

  132. Oh how I love my mama. She taught me how to teach my littles. She still teaches me that. And I love it and eat it up ravenously.

    She also taught me the value of a good fitting swimsuit. Ha ha

  133. best things I learned from my mom, how to pray hard, love my kids constantly and with everything I have in me, when to plant, how to plant and how to keep flowers thriving, how to make spaghetti sauce and how to keep a bathroom shining.

  134. My mom taught me how to make a mean spaghetti sauce!

  135. I lost my Mom three years ago in April but I will forever be grateful she taught me to be thoughtful!

  136. My mom has taught me strenght and compassion. She has been an amazing example of these, especially beginning almost 14 years ago when my “baby” sister was born and has many, many special needs. She never complains and even though caring for my sister is exhausting, she still finds time to do so much for others.

  137. I learned to make homemade ravioli, feed a crowd, open my home for hospitality and be there for my kids…always. Also, I learned how to serve others and not be so self-focused. Most importantly, I learned how to be a mama!

  138. She taught me that I can do anything, and that I am loved. She’s coming to visit this weekend!

  139. My mother still cleans my apartment when she comes to visit!

  140. She taught me to give without expecting anything in return. I love her with all my heart and appreciate her more everyday (specially since becoming a mom myself) Thanks Kelle!

  141. Beautiful post, as always.

    I’m so grateful that my mom taught me the importance of taking deep breaths.

  142. From my Mom and my Gramma I learned to be a giver – of time, of food and of caring. They never went anywhere without taking along some bit of baking or goodness from their gardens – and I find myself doing the very same thing. I am proud to be like that! And I would love to wear one of those swimsuits – thanks for sharing! Enjoy your days with your Mama!

  143. My hair is going gray EARLY, your mom gives me hope that I may someday be able to pull it off gracefully.

    Aw… The middle. It’s the warmest, coziest, most full place to be. I love thinking of it like that. My mom is one of the most thoughtful and patient people I’ve ever known. I strive to be more like her every single day.

  144. From my mom, I learned not to let the past define me, to love my daughter fiercely and to dig my hands into the dirt and do good work.

  145. I LOVE my mama! We are so close and every day I am
    thankful for the things she has taught me…how to be an amazing and selfless wife, how to make bread and love cooking, canning, sewing among other things. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in August and I can’t wait to become even more like my mom then!

    The bathing suits are gorgeous.

  146. Love that middle place myself. My children consider my mom just another piece of our little family. I have a few friends who really appreciate the 6-8 hour breathing space between their homes and their parents, but I live a few blocks away from mine and it’s never seemed too close. I admire my mom more with each day I spend with my own kids. Raising five kids who all, as adults, think the world of you is no small feat. My kids feel lost if they don’t see my parents every day and often choose to hang out there or stay with them over going to their own friends. There are a lot of not-so-great things about where we live, but that alone makes the sacrifices worth it.

  147. My mom is my absolute favorite person in the world, I love her to pieces. I don’t know where I would be without her. The best thing she taught me is to be open minded and kind to everybody.

    I remember on the first day of middle school, I was nervous about making friends. She told me that everybody else felt the same way I did, even if they didn’t act like it. So she told me to be friendly to everybody and I would be fine! It works to this day!

    PS: A new bathing suit would be glorious because I’m in the middle of a weight loss challenge and can use the motivation! Thanks!

  148. Oh dear. Those matching piggy buns make me so happy!

    My mama is still teaching me a million things – something new everyday. But one thing she taught me that’s important and I remember every day is this – be careful what you say about other people; you never know what they’re going through and you never know if their mama is sitting right behind you. Good advice. Good advice.

  149. to know that i am always good enough.

  150. Unconditional love….when the going gets tough, you hug your family a bit tighter.

  151. I am learning so much more from my mom now that I’m a mama myself. And of the many things she has taught me, from how to cook and sew to how to garden, I suppose the greatest thing she has taught me is how to love and accept my children no matter their faults. I strive each day to follow her great example of what it means to love and serve your family.

  152. Beautiful post, beautiful pics! Your Mama seems like such a lovely lady. Looks like you learned from the best! My Mama taught me how to make veggie soup, chili, and cobblers, and so many more things about life. Most important, she taught me about God. I love her dearly. Your grandchildren, like your children, will be very blessed to have you in their lives! :)

  153. My mom taught me to be courageous and that everyone has something to offer. I really appreciate that last one.

  154. I learned to love my kid with everything I have….and to not worry about being perfect all the time.

  155. Every day is precious…and how to dance on tables!

    I miss her everyday.

    Enjoy your time with your Mamma Kelle.

    Diana x

  156. I learned from my mommy to pray like you mean it, to try and always think of others first, that beauty on the inside will show up on the outside, and to love the marginalized in extravagant ways! I know this makes you want to meet her b/c she is amazing like that!

  157. Oh my goodness, I live for visits from my mom. I’ve found that I appreciate and love her so much more now that I’m an adult.

    She’s taught me that love grows. As I get older, my heart could just burst with the love I feel for my family.

  158. Beautiful post. I’m glad you’re having a great visit.

  159. I have the best Mom–how can I pick just one thing?! As the mom of two boys, one of my favorite things I learned was to let your kids get messy. If they want to lay in the dirt, roll in the mud, help bake, paint, whatever. Clothes and children always wash and the messiest things are often the best memories!

  160. My mum taught me the importance of having a parent very close by, especially during the early years. She and my dad sacrificed a lot so that she could stay home with us when we were young and so I have done the same.

    Love your new bathing suit! You look great in red. And I love the ruffles.

  161. I love my mom. :) She taught me how to not take life too seriously, not take myself too seriously, to have fun, to cook good food, to spend the money on good memories more than fancy things, and to love Disneyland. :)

  162. My mom taught me to be kind, to have patience, and to have faith ….that everything happens for a reason

  163. I learned to stop and think before i go crazy!

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. My mom has taught me how important it is to have a voice. To be heard. To state my case and stick with it. To have my own favorite color and not change it because someone else likes another. She taught me this because I saw her do the opposite, and saw how it didn’t work for her.

    Imagine my delight when at 51 she found her voice for the first time in my life. I love her for not giving up on herself.

  166. I learned to always be kind to the new kid in class.

  167. Love the suit on you!! My Mom is my best friend and there is no greater joy than watching her and my babies love each other! My mom has taught me more than I could ever write out but I think best of all she has taught me compassion and love…

  168. I would say my mother taught me how to be a good person. I really miss her now that I’m a mama too. She would have been the best grandmother.

  169. Oh this post made me cry….how I wish I could have this type of relationship with my mom. What I’ve learned from my mom…hmmm….how about that I will tell my kids every single day that I love them more than words. And that I am proud of them for who they are. Sometimes it’s what you don’t hear that you need to hear the most. I wish my mom could tell me that she is proud of me.

  170. I’ve learned that’s OK to walk away from a situation if it’s just not right and not feel the need to please everyone. So glad you are having fun with your momma!

  171. My best friends mom taught me how to bake after school in 4th grade. It’s one of my favorite memories.

    I really enjoy reading your words (pre-ordered the book today!), it also doesn’t hurt that you guys are so stinking cute. :o)

  172. Love the reference to Kelly Corrigan (both her books are faves!) and love your line ‘We’ll cushion her up good–love on every side’–so sweet and true!! Can’t wait to read your book!

    I’ve learned to cherish family and talk to them often, near or far. To laugh so hard I sometimes cry. To read lots, rock babies softly to sleep, and understand the importance of being who you are and never stop chasing your dreams.

  173. My mom taught me that being a mama is the best thing that can happen to you. It allows you to give unconditional love, and to assist in the formation of loving people. No matter what challenges life holds for us, having our children is our reward. Mama died four years ago, moving me from the middle to the top. How I miss being the middle, despite my delight with my role as Grammy. I wish we could have become a huge, living sandwich for many more years.

  174. the pies look so yummy! I have learned from my mom to be kind to the old people when they talk to you in the store. sometimes you will be the only person they talk to all week, so listen to them and engage in short conversation, then go on your way and finish shopping. the 5 extra minutes isnt going to matter to me but it will sure to matter to them.

  175. to love deeply when you are at your weakest and to spread love when you are at your best.

    now as a mom i hope i can do the same

  176. My mother taught me that she knows everything. She has a way of knowing. No matter what you do, she’ll find out.

    … I can only hope my kids believe the same about me.

  177. I loved this post because I’m also happiest when I’m with my mom AND my kids. That is the best. I learned from my mom to laugh a lot and that being a mom is pretty much the most important thing there is. Have a great week with your mom!

  178. I learned to honest and truthful from my mother. I also learned to enjoy the life you are given!

  179. I learned how to cross stitch and knit from my mom :) I remember thinking her ‘groupings’ hanging on the walls of our house growing up were annoying, her older pictures and cross stitch samplers. Now, I find myself ‘grouping’ and love me a good sampler. Enjoy your time with your mom!

  180. My mama taught me to believe in myself & never give up. There are trials & tribulations in our lives but if you put the Lord first you can get through anything! Also she makes some mean fudge!! No matter how hard I try it never taste as good as hers! Yum!!

    LOVE the vintage swimsuit!!

  181. I’m still learning from my Mom every day and I am beyond happy that our relationship has just continued to grow and mature. I smile just thinking about how seeing my son, her first grandchild, can light up both my son’s and my mom’s faces. She has taught me about working hard, never giving up on dreams, and always making family a priority.

  182. From my Momma, who I also often call Momma, I’ve learned to do my best, she always does her’s; to be grateful; to pursue creative endeavors every single day. I have learned that serving food beautifully, and making more than enough both help people to enjoy it. I have learned to go to the end of the earth for the people in my circle, to work hard, to keep private things private, to shop with coupons, buy jewelry, even if it is really reasonable jewelry, and to look my best. I love your red suit. I think Momma would approve, especially when she’s driving me around the lake in her red boat (and probably going a little faster than I’d like). Thanks as always for your beautiful, inspiring blog. Meg @ ourwaytoeat.com

  183. My mom taught me to use time to let other people come around to your way of thinking. It requires a patience that I am still learning, but it works often and well.

  184. I learned to be able to get things done around the house and spend good time with the kids while being a full time working mom.

  185. Great post. I have learned to rock my babies as long as I can and to make time for one more bedtime story.

  186. I have recently become a mama myself, and I have developed such a deep appreciation for my own mama. I have learned so much from her – I have learned about the woman I want to be, and more importantly about the mother I want to be. She loves us (I have an older sister) without reservation and ALWAYS made sure to tell us. As a child I didn’t really appreciate what it meant, as a teenager I was embarrassed when she did it in public, but now as an adult I know how lucky I am to have been told every single day (often dozens of times) just how much I was loved. She continues to do so to this day. I make sure to tell our son every day just how much we love him, and I hope one day he will feel the same way about me as I do about my mama.

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and I always look forward to it. You are such a gifted writer and photographer, and it is evident just how much you love your family and friends. Thank you for sharing!

  187. Pies on Pi Day (3.14). Love it!

    My mom lives in Naples…miss her so much! She has taught me to be the best mom I can be.

  188. My momma taught me to work hard and above all else, love your kids. She also stuck in there how to make good German food like her Momma taught her. :0)

    – jen

  189. I learned from my mom that taking your kids places is more important that having a tidy house. My brother used to say, “we did everything in LA twice.”

  190. Show up! In a crisis or for fun and nEver ask them if they want you to. And always keep you eye out for heart shaped rocks :)

  191. I learned to be creative and use your hands. Love thinking abou being in the middle; thanks for that.

  192. Oh Lord, where to start. To love nature, to make something from nothing, to love people, to work like a farm girl, to be a good daughter, sister, and wife. Moms like mine are hard to come by and give me so much to strive for. The best part is that she is an even better grandma to my kids.

  193. Oh Kelle, I have to say I am so happy that you are so blessed to have such a wonderful mama. Although my relationship with my own Mom leaves much to be desired, my Mom has shown me that becoming a Grandma is really where the joy in motherhood can be found. Its like you keep all the very best parts of motherhood, with the sweetness of becoming a Grandma, and subtract the craziness, control and desperate worries from when you are “in the trenches” of motherhood.
    Dang girl, you can rock that vintage red suit like nobodies business!

  194. I love your blog! My ma taught me how to be independent and responsible. She also taught be how to be caring and selfless, she was such a great role model, and you are right, being in this middle place is great!

  195. I used to sit on the floor and watch my mother sew clothes for us, not knowing or realising I was actually learning to sew. Now as an adult I can sew clothes for my own children, and they in turn sit and watch me……and one day they will know how to sew for their babies…
    Children learn so much from watching you….thats what i learnt from my mother.
    xo kelly

  196. To write thank you notes and long letters to friends, proper manners and etiquette and of course how to love with all that I am.

  197. My mama taught me to love fiercely and to never stop following my dreams. She also taught me to never give up. She passed away in 2008 but her advice has never left me. I hope to pass it onto my daughter. Plus my mother in law, queen of amazing pies. I can’t wait to see my daughter making pies with her nana. :)

  198. My mama taught me to love fiercely and to never stop following my dreams. She also taught me to never give up. She passed away in 2008 but her advice has never left me. I hope to pass it onto my daughter. Plus my mother in law, queen of amazing pies. I can’t wait to see my daughter making pies with her nana. :)

  199. how to be selfless. I always feel my mom gave up so much for us, she had all 3 of us by the age of 21

  200. My mom taught me everything wonderful that I know. How to be kind, loving and strong. She is my best friend to this day!

    Enjoy the time with your Mama!!

    P.S. LOVE that suit!

  201. I learned to think of others, to forgive, to piddle, to be a good friend, among many things;)

  202. Your mom is like the picturesque grandma. I love it!

  203. The best thing my Momma ever taught me was to “Give it up to God” in all ways. Give it up with gratitude and give it up with sorrow, frustration, love, and joy!
    You’ve got it all, Kelle!

  204. I learned from my mama:
    To love unconditionally
    How to be independent
    And hopefully how to someday be a good wife. Because she is the best one I know.

  205. love these suits! i learned to make more than enough food when you are having dinner guests. no one likes to worry if there is going to be enough to go around.

  206. love this post! Okay, I love ’em all, but this was extra wonderful! I learned to work hard, play hard, and think things thru before I jump!

    thanks for being you! Xoxo

  207. My Mom taught me how to put family first.

    I love those suits but wonder how they bit big boobied ladies?

  208. I learned to be grateful, and to see the hand of the Lord in my daily life!

  209. Wow – my mom is amazing. i think one of the things I have learned most from my mom is to talk with your kids. I tell my mom everything and I want my kids to do the same.

  210. This is so beautiful, Kelle. (Especially the pies–I can’t make a good pie to save my life.)

    My mom taught me to persevere. She lost her only son when he was nine years old (I was eleven), and she and my dad made their marriage work, despite the odds stacked against them. They have been married for 52 years, and their commitment to each other and to God has meant more to me than anything.

  211. What I’ve learned from my mom…everything does not have to be perfect, put God first and be proud of your height…stand up tall with your shoulders back

  212. I learned what I wanted to differently,I wanted to break cycles and leave beautiful memories.i try every day.

  213. My Mom taught me that she’s not perfect, but she’s willing to know when she made a mistake, apologize for it and modify her methods. We’re closer today because of that!

  214. I would love to wear one of those bathing suits! They are so cute.

  215. My mums most enduring saying to me: ‘wherever you are, there you are’ (basically, you can never run away from your problems and who you are). She impressed on me to learn to be content where I am planted, and from her example I saw how to enjoy my children and to invest in my marriage, not just let it run to ruin.

  216. Not sure if it posted the last time….My mama taught me ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything…and my dear Granny always said, ‘Be nice or folks won’t like you’…words to live by

  217. I love that my Momma rarely has a negative thing to say, is a ‘glass half full’ kind of lady, adores my children, is a fabulous wife to my Dad, can’t stand being late (or even just on time!), gets cuter and more stylish as she ages, and taught me to clean the house with fun music playing and candles burning!

  218. My mother is prejudice. What did I learn from my mother?

    I learned that love knows no color. I have 4 adopted children. My girls are bi-racial – AA & CC. I see no color anywhere, on anyone. I see hearts.

    I learned from my mother, to be nothing like her. And for that, I am grateful. ♥

  219. My memory is from my Grandma. I miss growing up in Florida (now live in Maryland via Chicago). My Grandma was in love with Kino Sandals (from Key West) and always made sure me and my sisters had a pair each year growing up. I’m now 36 and my Grandma passed away last summer. I haven’t had a pair of those beloved sandals for years until she left me a huge bag of new sandals that I inherited. I’m wearing them now.

  220. The things I’ve learned from my Mom…homemade birthday cakes will always be remembered over a store bought cake. Even the imperfect ones! From my Grandma I’ve learned the little secrets to her famous cooking. It has nothing to do with following the recipe, it’s all about the unhealthy little touches she adds along the way that make everything taste so good! :)

  221. your mom is beautiful! love the lip color! my mom taught me to be nice/kind to everyone…not just certain groups…but to be friends/friendly to all. She taught me that a good good laugh, one that you laugh so hard you cry, is the best medicine. i love when people tell me that i laugh like my mom! :) i’m so thankful to God that i still have my mom and that we live close. i love watching her love my kids and seeing them love her back. this is my first post ever…but i’ve been reading for over a year…and you and your beautiful family bless me every time i read! thank you! xoxo

  222. My mom teaches me everyday. Lately I’ve been learning from her that the best time is when my siblings and I are all in town and we’re all around the dinner table eating, laughing, drinking, and loving. Knowing that the new adventures in our lives (babies, marriages, master’s degrees) will bring so much joy and more memories to our already rich family.

  223. My mom has taught me so many things just by her example. She’s taught me to love, she’s taught me to laugh at myself, to love Rod Stewart and Michael Bolton, and she has taught me to be content. I don’t need every material thing in the world to be happy and I don’t have to have these fabulous plans laid out for every day. It’s the tiny little things that count. The family dinners, the beautiful sunsets, the cycle of the moon, the birds chirping outside the window, she enjoys life’s little gifts. I cannot see a beautiful sunset or a full moon without thinking of my Mom. A couple weeks ago the moon was hanging so low and so bright and I called her, “Are you looking at the moon?” I said. She couldn’t see it from her house, so she made my brother get in the car with her and they drove. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see the Chicago Moon in St. Leon, Indiana’s sky, so she didn’t get to see it, but wanted me to take a picture. It’s the little things.

  224. Oh man this one is close to my heart!
    The greatest invention of all time!
    Like yours, my Mom has taught me that every young lady needs to know how to make pastry.
    That you need to believe in you so others can too.
    That honesty is always the only choice.
    Wow, this entry may be one of my favorites yet Kelle. Thank you.
    Love the part about looking back for inspiration and forward as well. LOVE!!

  225. This post makes me happy because it is so sweet and good and it makes me sad because I don’t have a mom.

    Mostly happy:)

  226. My Mother was the Martha Stewart of the 50’s. I learned how to be a great Mom, and even better Nana. She cooked 3 full meals a day, including baking a dessert for the evening meal. She canned her own veggies, froze her fresh fruits, ironed everything, managed to raise four wonderful children and through it all, remained sane! I miss her every day and will love her forever!

  227. Those suits are fab! I always admire how you and Dig wear them with such confidence. Would love to win one but if not, this just might be the summer when I splurge on one:)

  228. Oh…there is nothing better than having Nana at our house. I love watching my children adore all the things I adored doing with her as a child, but now they are amped up a little. They don’t just blow bubbles; they blow them inside. They don’t just bake; they make elaborate princess cakes. It’s bliss.

    Mama taught me to go to bed good tired…fight the good fight with all you have and always with grace. She taught me to bake a mean pie and the value of a good sharp crayon. She taught me to try new things but come home to a comfy favorite, and she taught me to love learning. She taught me people come first–anything else can wait. In short, she taught me how to be a mama, and I pray I am doing the same for my daughter.

  229. My Mother was the Martha Stewart of the 50’s. I learned how to be a great Mom, and even better Nana. She cooked 3 full meals a day, including baking a dessert for the evening meal. She canned her own veggies, froze her fresh fruits, ironed everything, managed to raise four wonderful children and through it all, remained sane! I miss her every day and will love her forever!

  230. i learned from my mom to be independent, and that i truly can do anything. she lives 10 minutes from me, watches my girls 2 days a week, and i couldn’t be more thankful and blessed.

  231. Oh…and from my Mom? I learned that if something bothers you, you should just take care of it. Chances are it doesn’t bother anyone else nearly as much as it bothers you.

  232. My Mom taught me…a homemade birthday cake will long be remembered over a store bought cake. :)

  233. My mother always taught me to savor the small things. It never really sunk in until I was a mother, but now I know how important and even rewarding it is to savor all the little joys (along with the big) that your children bring you.

  234. Mom taught me that when times are tough or I’m feeling down to remember that “this too shall pass”. Sounds simple and easy enough but is still so meaningful when you’re in the middle of a problem.

  235. My momma taught me to be strong. She’s the strongest lady I know, dealing with a divorce and cancer and moving and coming out at the end even better and happier than she was at the beginning. She’s absolutely my hero. <3

  236. Love that middle space.
    Also those swim suits.
    And your blog.

  237. My momma taught me that there’s nothing like coming home from school to fresh baked cookies. I plan to do that a lot!

  238. I love this post, as it is perfectly timed…..today is the 4 year anniversary of my own mama’s death, and on this day each year, I focus on all the amazing qualities she had! She was a great mama, and I’ve learned a lot from her, on how to mother my own little ones.

    Specifically, she taught me how to bake an awesome batch of cookies from scratch, to scratch out some time in my day to pamper myself, and to be a loving a free spirit of fun with my kids.

    I miss her, but she left behind an incredible legacy of love!

  239. Love this post tonight, and you look fab in that swimsuit!

    I’ve learned so much from my Mom…still learning infact, but a few standouts are: how to be strong, she endured so much in her life and is strong and happy. To be a loving mother, even when it’s hard. and how to make some wonderfully good cinnamon rolls. they are a family tradition.

  240. What a beautiful post. When I went away to University and then after almost loosing my Mom this past December, I have a deeper appreciation for her then ever before. The one thing Mom has taught me, and not only through conversation, but by example, is how to welcome all into our home. She taught us that the door is always open for family and friends to come visit, to share in a meal, enjoy rich conversation and making all feel welcome. Our home is not large, but many gather and Mom truly lives out the saying ‘home is where the heart is’.

  241. My mom taught me the importance of a home cooked meal almost every night and to let boys be boys along with many other things.

  242. One thing my Mom taught me by her actions is that the best way to make someone feel noticed and loved is to ask them questions about themselves and take genuine interest in others rather than yourself.

  243. Kelle, my heart soaks up your beautiful balanced love of being a Mama and being a daughter. I find myself in this happy middle ground as well, and I couldn’t be more grateful. From my own Mama, I learned to be PRESENT and to CLAP. That woman knows how to ENJOY her moments- and she claps about them.

  244. Love the pic of you and Nella sitting at your desk! And awesome lip stick too! You are so pretty ^_^ I actually had a dream about you last night! Isn’t that weird?!?!?! We hung out, and had a lot of fun! You were so nice, and such a great energy to be around :) I got to see your girls, and hold Nella in my arms! In the dream I instantly fell in love with her. It may have been a dream but it felt so real, almost like it was. Even if I don’t ever meet you in “real” life it was fun getting to know you guys in dream world, which is sometimes better anyways. What have I learned from my mom? So many many things, it’s hard to pick just one. I guess I would have to say the most important one would be, that I admire how easy it is for her to be a mom, it’s what comes the most natural to her, and in seeing that it makes me want to be a really really good mom too! She is/was amazing at it! She put that first in almost all situations, and I think that’s very important.

  245. My mama taught me how to take care of my family,
    how to take pride in my home and treasure game nights with the kids because well we all know its only a season that they are this small and want mommy and daddy to play games:}.. I’m blessed
    P.S. Love that red swimsuit!!

  246. My relationship with my mother is more complicated than it sounds like yours is. So, I learned many things from my mother. To garden, to make a home special, to appreciate beauty. But, I also learned what not to be. I am changing many patterns with my own mothering while keeping the charm and industriousness my mother showed me.

  247. First off, there is something insanely magical about that shot of Nella in front of her computer. Is it the lashes? The colors? The sheer hope I felt because you can literally feel her determination? I don’t know, but it won my heart over.

    Second, my mom taught me to have a voice. I’ve always loved that she encouraged us to be heard – only it’s making me a wee bit sad these days that it seems much of what I have to say in terms of how I parent my kids is in conflict with how I was raised and I believe the voice that she fostered is hurting her and that is just so hard. It’s a tough thing finding the balance between being somebody’s child and simultaneously the parent to two children some days … I’m still trying to find my way.

    I’m so grateful for your blog – it never ceases to get me thinking and keep growing.

  248. My Mother was the Martha Stewart of the 50’s. I learned how to be a great Mom, and even better Nana. She cooked 3 full meals a day, including baking a dessert for the evening meal. She canned her own veggies, froze her fresh fruits, ironed everything, managed to raise four wonderful children and through it all, remained sane! I miss her every day and will love her forever!

  249. My mom has taught me that even when she/I is/am going in ten different directions for everyone else in the family, to take time to do things that I/she enjoy(s). My mom did everything for us and still does.

  250. My Mum told me the other day that I was the best mum ever. It made me so happy as I have been struggling a bit lately with my middle boy who has special needs. Love the swimsuits! My Mum and Dad are taking us on a family trip to Australia next month and I so need one!!!

  251. I’ve learned from my mom that a good book is always in style, to pick my battles, love my babies like there’s no tomorrow, and to just be. Be myself, strive to be who I want, and to let what I can’t change to just be.

  252. My mom taught me to never give up and always give 110%. She taught me to be firm yet loving. She taught me to be selfless and to constantly give give give. She taught me to love and she taught me about faith. I love my mom.

  253. I have been reading your blog for awhile and never once posted a comment until now.
    This post left me with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.
    I lost my Mom almost 5 years ago. She did however teach me something…to be a good Mom to my wonderful little boy..how to be strong when I didn’t think I could and also to make a wonderful pie crust..hang in there..you will get it!

  254. My mother was a great example of how to be patient and kind and to make other people feel special and loved. I’m still a work in progress!

  255. Well said, Kelle. I learned from my mom that there is always room for more love in your heart, 1st baby, 2nd baby, 3rd baby, you love them all the same.

  256. I learned to always — and I mean always — wear a slip underneath your skirt, and throw in a camisole if you can manage it. Never brake on the freeway, and give the boys a good chase.

  257. The latest lesson I’ve gained from my amazing mother is learning how to be selfless and put others before myself.
    As I’m getting older, I’m told how much I resemble my mother and how I act like her; 10 years ago that would have been a death sentence, now at the age of 25, it’s the grandest compliment. I can’t wait for the next 10.

  258. From my mama, I learned that life isn’t about big moments…it’s about every small moment, tied together. She taught me to cherish every moment.

  259. Aw this post made me cry–very sweet and true. I lost my mom (who was also my best friend) to cancer 6 years ago and oh how I long for her to be a grandma to my own young kids. Enjoy these times in the “middle place.”

  260. My mom was born in the same year as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, a generation of women who were confident in their role as mothers but who also learned to forge their way with class and grace during dramatically changing times for women. From her I learned that, even if chicken soup, a hot bath, and clean sheets can’t fix everything, the belief that it’s always right to show up and do something, goes a long, long way on a bad day.

  261. Ironically enough, my mama taught me how to enjoy the small things. To appreciate a beautiful day, smile at a stranger, and learn something new every day. I try to do those things every day and hope to teach my two small children to do the same.

  262. I wish I learned HOW to be a mama…I have learned and failed LOTS in my almost 12 yr journey as a mama

  263. I learned from my way fashion-forward, Cher-loving, trendsetting, gorgeous mama to not fear taking fashion risks and to be bold in my choices if I so choose. Lost her 4 years ago, but her style legacy lives on!!!

  264. I’m learning from my mother-in-law what it means to be ever-patient. Her love and endless patience for her grandbabies absolutely inspires me. I love your bathing suit, by the way! So fabulous!

  265. My mom taught me how to sew (even if I am a little rusty now!) One of my fondest memories is working together with her making my bridal veil. :-)

  266. Loved this post!

    I agree the middle is a wonderful place to be. I am lucky in that mom is just a few miles away!

    What she has taught me, to believe and pursue all my dreams, and to love unconditionally.

  267. I learned to always find humor in life. We live cross country now and I miss her dearly. Thank God for technology! Her status updates make me laugh!

  268. From my mama?

    I learned how to make a mean homemade pie crust, how to cook a meal for twenty men from scratch, how to effortlessly cloth diaper my babes, to work hard as a wife and mama at home, and to grow good foods from the earth. And that the best things come from home, from the heart.

    But dang, I also learned her love of eating said meals and said pies… so in my hard work of losing weight, now? Da-yum, I’d be lovin’ myself in that there swimsuit.

  269. I have learnt everything from my Mum, and I continue to learn from her every day. I am blessed that she lives around the corner and that she is my best friend in the entire world.

  270. I learned to smile a lot and laugh even more. Will love to wear a bathing suit.

  271. I’m so excited to see my mama next week! I learned from my mom that we have to make the choices for ourselves that will make us the best mom.

  272. My mom taught me to stand up for what i believe in. I can be the red flower in the field of yellow flowers and that’s ok. :)

  273. Wow! I was just looking at that site today! Looking for a one piece to hide my momma stripes :) beautiful post as always. Can’t wait til we have some of that warm weather up in Canada!

  274. When I was a kid, my mom would blast musicals–ahem, mostly Les Miserables–in our grey minivan on the way to school. I learned to be OBSESSED with Singin’ in the Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and them “Lovely Ladies” from Les Miserables :)

  275. My mama did it all when we were growing up-full time job, 3 kids and all while my dad worked long hours. she never complained. I never realized all she did until I became a mama myself and realized how hard it is to balance everything.
    P.S. I love your new suit! so cute! I am going to need a new suit for when we vacation in Florida in May!

  276. I learned from my mom to celebrate the big things and to take advantage of the every day moments that are big things, too. Family time is the most important time.

  277. That suit is divine! My momma taught me to make up songs…you can never have a bad day when you are singing a song about loading the dishwasher.

  278. Absolutely LOVE that suit!! And, I adore your blog and your sweet words about your mama.

    My mama has taught me, that a mom is a daughters best friend. Forever. Not in the sense that she will sneak me smokes or liquor, but she will tell me the truth even if it hurts. And, that even when it feels like the whole world is coming down on me, even when I have made big big mistakes, she will love me just as I am. She was the first to play my favorite games with me, and still jumps at the chance to watch my favorite movies sitting by my side. She will listen to my secrets. When I go through hard times she is there to hold my hand. And, she is there to celebrate the good. Moms are a daughters best friend. True story.

  279. I have learned from my mom that I am my children’s advocate. It gave me the strength I needed to be their voice when my twins were in the NICU, and I forever am grateful for that…of course along with unconditional love and many other important things :). Love your swimsuit!

  280. I loved your words about your amazing mother. I feel the same adoration, respect and love for mine as well. Rather than what she taught me, it feels like what hasnt she taught me? Her words and love from my youth and today come through me in my parenting and my complete devotion to my son. Her patience, her over powering perfumed neck, her silly story voices and her warm, strong arms are the things I love the most. I hope I can be half the mother she was to me and my brother and sister.

  281. Can your family adopt me? Seriously, I’d love to have the same kind of relationship that you do with your mother and I’m working hard to make sure my daughter has plenty fun, sweet, comforting memories from her childhood to look back on when she is older. if you want to hare your mama’s pie recipe I wouldn’t mind ;). And the bathing suit? So good. Last time I bought a bathing suit I was super pregnant, and it came down to my knees..lol

  282. My mama has taught me to be kind to everyone, honest, to follow your dreams whatever they may be, and to never stop dreaming.

  283. my mom taught me everything I know!the most important thing though was to be me. She is the best mom anyone could ask for, she’s my best friend and the very best grandma my kids could ask for!!

  284. Mamas are the best….I appreciate mine so much more now that I’m a mom. I have 4 kids & I don’t know what I’d do w/o my mom!!
    She’s taught me:
    *sit on the floor & PLAY w/ your kids
    *make dinner while you dance
    *even though we love our kids with all our heart…we can complain once in awhile when overwhelmed!

  285. Kelle, I so loved this post. You see, I am a brand new grandma to beautiful little Zechariah born one short week ago. Today I spent a couple hours at my daughter’s house, helping with laundry, doing dishes, making beds, and cuddling that sweet little grandson. Such a privilege for the first time to be on the older side of the mama/daughter dance, enjoying a whole new stage, while also being thankful I still have a 7 year old at home and my own momma healthy and close by, because that means I also still have a good long time to be sandwiched in the middle stage. Thanks for sharing your day…

    Mary, momma to 10, blessed daughter of a very good mother, and grandma to one who is a week old and another who is due in May

  286. What I learned from my Mom?….to find time to play everyday and that anything can be adventure if you let it.

  287. I learned to smile a lot and laugh even more. Will love to wear a bathing suit.

  288. My mom taught me that I was loved… she taught me how to live simply and creatively and fully. :o) I love her.

    Thanks for writing and sharing — life has been busy and I haven’t commented, but I always look forward to reading your posts. :o)

  289. Favorite tip from my mama: when company is coming, you can never have too much food!

  290. From my Mama, I learned how to make Christmas RIGHT ! From the lights on the tree to the last bite of dessert, nobody made Christmas like my Mom. My 2 sons are now 31 & 35 and they DO Christmas right too, although they think it started with me because they never had the honor of knowing their Grandma, she died of lung cancer when my oldest was only 2. But they look forward to Christmas every year and can really appreciate and decorate a Christmas tree. I love them so much, I know my Mom is watching !

  291. My mom has taught me how to love, to never give up and always look ahead. She has told me you can never say I love you enough and to hold my babies as long as I can – they grow too fast! My mama is my best friend. I can only hope I’m doing half the job that she did!

    I’ll take a slice of that mixed berry pie! Oh! and I can’t wait to see some new pics of your IOC. Its so nice to live vicarously through your photos! Enjoy your visit with your mama!!

  292. My Mom has taught me everything. She and my stepfather are moving to Florida tomorrow to enjoy retirement, and I’m still in shock at the thought of having them that far away from me.

  293. I love this post. I am not very close with my mom but something about this post just feels nice anyways. I hope my son feels this way about me and my visits. One thing my mom did teach me that has sort of defined me or at least my style and hobbies, is to love vintage things. My parents have always collected old stuff and specifically farm type stuff. I didn’t always get it but now I adore it.
    P.S. I love that purple polka dot top you are wearing in the pictures, so cute!

  294. very sadly i do not have a good relationship with my mother. however i do remember when she was happy she always cranked that music up to dance dance dance, something i do with my kids almost every day.

  295. Gorgeous mama you are!
    As a new mum, I too am ‘finding my place’ and balancing between needing my mother and being one to little Delilah too. I appreciate my mother SO much more now that I am one myself. She taught me so very much, but especially that everything happens for a reason, never give up, and that I am beautiful, cherished and loved. She taught me to do all the things needed to be a wife and mum- how to cook, clean and sew being just a few. I dont know where i would be without her, and i hope, oneday i can be half the mother she is to Delilah

  296. Gorgeous mama you are!
    As a new mum, I too am ‘finding my place’ and balancing between needing my mother and being one to little Delilah too. I appreciate my mother SO much more now that I am one myself. She taught me so very much, but especially that everything happens for a reason, never give up, and that I am beautiful, cherished and loved. She taught me to do all the things needed to be a wife and mum- how to cook, clean and sew being just a few. I dont know where i would be without her, and i hope, oneday i can be half the mother she is to Delilah

  297. I learned to be have fun, try my best, and be myself with any and everything I do. I learned that it’s ok to not be perfect. I learned the real meaning of sacrifice. And I learned how to tell dirty, tactless jokes with grace and charm!

  298. Just this morning, my seven-year-old called my Grandmommy (my favorite person in the whole wide world) to interview her for a history project we’re working on. I coached him to ask if she had time to talk, and I heard her answer: “I always have time for you.” THAT’s what I learned from my Grandmommy. The family – and especially the littles – always come first. The mama (or grandma) ALWAYS has time for her family. No matter what. If my boys grow up and remember nothing else, I hope they always remember that their mama always had time for them.

  299. My mom taught me a lot about marriage. While everyone else at school’s parents were splitting up my parents were still together.

  300. my mamma taught me many valuable lessons in the short 12 years I had with her before she passed. I have to say the biggest thing she taught me was to laugh. Always find the humor in situations. Laugh at yourself. She was the true meaning of joy!

  301. My mom taught me it’s not the what you have that matters it’s your family that matters most. Doesn’t matter how big your house is, but the memories you make with your loved ones. Something I have really learned to cherish as I grow up raising my own family.
    Love your swimsuit :)

  302. oh geez. complicated mama relationship over here. buuuuut, she has made me think A LOT about the legacy i want to leave for my babies. i want to be present, attentive, encouraging, engaged… i want to be “in it.”

  303. I think about this a lot – how much I appreciate the people in my life who raised me and how much I didn’t appreciate them when I was younger. I’m not quite in the middle stage now, but I imagine that feeling of appreciation grows as you grow too.

  304. My mom has taught me so many thing it is hard to pick! But, my MIL taught me how to iron a perfect shirt, yeah, I’m lucky 😉 Love the red suit!

  305. My mother wasn’t a part of my life until I was an adult, and I was just one more kid in the house to my stepmom. Everything I’ve learned about how to me a mother I learned from my beloved sister (in-law, technically), including the best chicken and dumplings, and how to rouse a little girl who more often than not wakes up a grump.

  306. my mama has taught me to be the positive voice my family needs.
    love the pies and the stories and… the swimsuit!!

  307. My mamma taught me to be kind to others, because everyone is going through a difficult struggle. She also taught me how to make scrambled eggs and how to order out. She also hems all my pants and made my clothes when I was little. Mammas rule!

  308. aaah that middle place. Right in between growing wings and learning to fly. I love how magic Mommies are.

  309. Love this. I remember my mother pulling me aside and telling me how precious I was to her – I’ll never forget that!

  310. Cutest swimsuit ever! From my mother, I learned to pray.

  311. My momma has taught me to be selfless! She I amazing! I hope I am half the mom and grandma she is!

  312. That anything is possible and to remain positive. I would come home from school distraught that I was to short to play basketball and she would turn it around by saying “be faster then”. And then I would become the fastest on the basketball team. She’s the most positive person I know and I still at 36 call her for a positive spin when my day has gone down hill.

    P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bathing suit!!!

  313. My momma has taught me to be selfless! She I amazing! I hope I am half the mom and grandma she is!

  314. Kelle, Nella is getting so big… and with a Mom like you, trust me, she’ll make a mean pie.

    Love the swimsuit.


  315. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I learned to never stop fighting! And that having a bad hair day after months with no hair is the best thing in the world!

  316. It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite thing I learned from my mom. And I’m still learning new things every day. Yesterday I was in the car with my sisters whom I hadn’t seen in a while and we were having a conversation. The first thing I did when we started talking was turn off the music. I used to really hate it when my mom turned off the music just because someone was saying something, but I had just done it reflexively. I’m hoping this means someday I’ll be at least half the good listener my mom is.

  317. My mom taught me to thank God for little things, like hot showers and dinner. She would also tell me at the end of a bad day that, “You never have to relive today.”

  318. My mom taught me the value of patience and how to laugh at yourself. Valuable lessons all throughout life.

  319. Boy I miss my mom. She’s been gone awhile now, I still find myself thinking I have to call her when something special crosses my mind.
    She taught me to listen. Even to the most simplest of things. They can sometimes be the most important. That a long thread makes for a lazy seamstress! Not to yell. Be kind. And that its ok to talk to the other ladies digging in the sale bin!

  320. my mom has taught me about faith…knowing that things will always work out in the end.

  321. My mom taught me that I can do anything. And that the most important thing in the whole world is your family.

  322. My mom taught me to respect my body for what it can do more than how it looks – but to dress it to its best possible advantage anyway!

    She also taught me how to swim, how to read, how to ride a bike, how to tell time, you know, all the useful stuff… :)

  323. Definitely learned about love from my mom. That & how to talk anyone’s ear off in the most unlikely of places (including the grocery store) 😉

  324. I learned to talk about my feelings so that they will move. I remember always going to my mother and throwing my emotions up all over her and she would talk me through them. It’s so funny that as an adult I will still call her and throw my emotions up all over here, but these days she will call the next day to make sure that everything is okay since we now live in different states. I’ve usually forgotten what I was so upset in the first place but it is one of those wonderful moments I share with my mom and it’s a reminder that even as a grown woman…sometimes you still need mama

  325. My mom has taught me so many things, but most importantly, to be positive. She always finds the best in any situation. She has taught me to be grateful always and to always know who I am on the inside, not the outside. She is kind and patient. she is also very resourceful. I am so blessed to have her, and to take what she has taught me and give it to my two wonderful baby girls.
    Love your blog. So happy to read each post.

  326. My mom has taught me lots of things for sure, but lately the thing that I’ve used the most is her recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. :)

  327. My mama an I have grown closer since I became a mother… It is alot easier to relate! Cute suit!! I have been struggling to find one that looks cute with out showing off my mommy stripes!!

  328. I, too, learned (well still learning) how to make perfect pie crusts. The secret? CRISCO.
    Oh and I LOVE pies…not the best for upcoming swimsuit season :)

  329. My mommy taught me how to be a mom!! How to love and enjoy the little moments of my babies!

  330. i’ve learned to look on the bright side in hard times…

  331. amongst the many things I learned from my momma is to always put a dash of love into anything I make. you can always taste it!

  332. My momma taught me it’s ok to let your little ones play in the mud in their underwear, run around in the snow in just a diaper and snow boots, and enjoy the simplest of things! I’m blessed to have a wonderful mother. She gave us her all and still does!

  333. she taught me to be creative, whether that be wrapping pictures on the wall with wrapping paper to look like presents or wrapping the entire wall to look like one giant present. or to try new recipes or to paint cabinets or to redecorate the living room to make you happy. she definitely taught me to use my creativity in ways I never would have thought.

  334. among many other things my mom taught me to work hard and be thankful. :)

  335. My mother taught me how to love. I hated it in high school, she would say love on the people no one talks to, or give an extra hug a day cause you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. My mom is my rock, any best friend and my first phone call for, well, everything. I’m a mother of 4 now and I pray that some day, our children will say I taught them to love, madly, deeply and forever. I’ll be moving 14 hours away from my momma in just a few short months, it hurts some days to breathe thinking about it. But I know my mom’s love could cover the moon and back and I know she will only be a days drive away; but I’m going to miss her, I’m going to miss her hugging me so tight when things seem hard. I going to miss her smell and her reminding me how fierce of a mom I can be, because let’s face it, we all forget that when we have cleaned up that spill from that same cup 10 times a day!

  336. I learned how to find balance in life- work hard and play hard! I love my Ma! (And I live 1 mile from Popina in Portland!!!)

  337. I learned to perceive change as a grand adventure from my bold mama. Oh how I miss her!

  338. I learned independence and tenacity from my momma!

  339. My mother & grandmothers have taught me to be a strong woman, and to have a pasison for books, learning, and history. As I grow older & watch my mother with my daughter, I continue to learn so much.

  340. My mom taught me how to make crepes.

  341. My mom taught me to love books, to never take the front thing off the shelf at the store, and that you don’t need hair to be beautiful.

  342. My Mom taught me self worth. Not to be above anyone, but to make sure your life is positive and joyful. To make correct decisions and sacrifices that will bring happiness and contentment. It something I want to teach my babies too.

  343. Unconditional love. There cannot be said about it!!

    Loving vintage swimwear! Choose me!!

  344. My mom has always had something of her own. A new craft project, monthly ladies nights out for ice cream, and the diet coke that we would still manage to steal sips from. It’s a huge message, to remember yourself when you’re giving away so much. She’s a great mom; my favorite, in fact.

  345. My mom taught me to persevere no matter how hard things get. And how to clean the garbage disposal, which has come in very handy.

  346. My momma taught me many lessons, but the most important was something I don’t think she ever thought about teaching, just something that happened. We are SO different, and I know she often just didn’t get me – but our relationship has shown me that differences don’t matter as long as you genuinely love the other person. Love trumps it all! And for the record – these days my momma is one of my best friends (and she still doesn’t always get me)

  347. I love that my mom used to say “ask and you’ll get, don’t and you won’t.” Funny… now I tell my kids the same thing- Mama’s not a mind-reader!

  348. It was my mom’s birthday yesterday and I spent all day thinking about her. She has taught me to stand-up for what I believe in and to always strive to be creative.

  349. Hi. I’m a new- ish reader. Found your blog during a middle of the night newborn nursing session (second [home]born, son Jasper Bear 2.8.12:: Loukas Fox 12.2.2009)
    I feel like we are pals, albeit our new friendlove is one sided… I adore your disposition and am inspired and smitten by your shiny existence. I love Lainey and Nella. Okay- I love latte too :)

    One thing (that I am endlessly grateful for) that I have learned from my mother is:: we are just people. We make mistakes and we keep loving each other. We are imperfect and we are family and we unconditionally love.
    She also taught me to match (or coordinate rather) my panties with my outfit.

    Yay moms!!!

  350. I learned perseverance, selflessness, and th importance of valuing your children and making sure they feel valued

  351. I learned it’s hard work make the home you really want. But it’s worth every bit of effort. And I learned how much mom’s can love. There is no word.

  352. I’ve learned to make home where my family is. We’ve moved many times, and our house always felt like Home! Our home was always open to friends, and now my home is that for my kids. With three boys, our house is alway filled to the brim.

  353. “I look back for inspiration, I look forward with motivation.”

    Beautiful words. I have been so encouraged by your words and perspective on life. I’ll be calling my mom tomorrow, just to let her know how much I love her. :)

  354. I learned, more than anything else from my mom, how to be strong. She raised my two older sisters and I all on her own – working multiple jobs and doing without just to make sure we had everything we needed (and much of what we wanted). She never complained. She never asked for anything in return.

    She’s my mom. And she’s the strongest woman I know.

  355. My mom taught me to put aside the laundry and the chores for awhile and just enjoy the kids while they are still young. You’ll never get that time back!

  356. ***My Mom taught me how to live, and love life. From the basics like walking and talking to the things she continues to teach me everyday. She gives me confidence in my own adventures as a mother of two beautiful babies by reminding me that I am a strong woman…and I can do anything I put my mind to. My Mom taught me confidence, and most important she taught me how to love.

  357. I was just thinking I need a new swimsuit! While I’ve almost lost all the “baby weight” post pregnancy, there’s still something appealing about a vintage inspired one piece this summer.

    One of my favorite things I’ve learned from my mama is to always tell the truth and never lose your sense of innocence. She also has taught me to pray, especially when I am trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders…

  358. I learned from my mom how the closeness of our relationship means more then the cost of having your opinion voiced…. did that make any sense?

  359. Swimsuit shopping is the WORST. But if the outcome is a cute suit like these, it’s totally worth it!

  360. My mom taught me to give all that I have to my family and to love lots, and be generous with my time. My mom is the most hospitable, loving, caring, selfless person I know, I can’t imagine life without her!

  361. I learned that when a mom loves her kids they don’t know how poor they really are because it doesn’t matter.

  362. I learned to be honest, to work hard and never look back.

  363. I learned how to be a “fun girl”! My mom when I was 13 wanted to go on a big trip with me for school, and insisted that she was still fun. This has stayed with me, and reminds me to always be fun, even if it means chasing the ice cream man down the street to be the “fun mom”.

  364. My mom has taught me so many things, it’s hard to narrow it down to one. If I had too… How to love my family. No matter what, when, who…love.

  365. I live on the opposite end of the country from my mom and miss her dearly. She has taught me that even though I may not have a house of my own, I will always have a home. And that I can always come back to that home.

    I love your blog. It always puts a smile on my face, even on the gloomiest of days. Thank you!

  366. My mom taught me so much that it’s almost hard to condense it to fit this post. She taught me that being the quiet one in the room is ok, that it doesn’t mean your not fun but that your absorbing all the good things happening in your own way. She taught me how to love unconditionally, how to listen, how to be patient. She is quiet and not overly emotional but I know how loved I am and that’s what I want my babies to know too.

  367. Favorite thing from my amazing mom: Nothing is impossible because you’re a girl.
    Favorite thing from my wonderful mother-in-law who passed away last March: Love God with all your heart. Oh ya, and everyone needs to be fed. :)

  368. Oh, almost-to-the-beach-warm-sunshine-time. Perfect for a new swimsuit.

    My mom taught me that open windows and an abundance of sunshine can cure just about any inner rain cloud.

  369. I love this post! From my mama I have learned to love myself and to be comfortable in my own shoes. I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes and it is okay to have bad days but that there will always be good days ahead.

  370. Goodness, just ONE?? :) I learned lots from my sweet mama, but if I have to pick one….my favorite is to hug and say I love you immediately upon greeting a loved family member or friend! It’s warm like the coziest blanket and breaks any “ice” that might be there. By the way, those swimsuits are the kinds I’ve been looking for!

  371. There is nothing better then spending the day with your mama and your babies. Nothing makes my heart happier!

  372. Oh how i miss my mom! i wish she was here to watch my son grow up!

    p.s love the picture of nella typing :)

  373. The biggest lesson I remember holding onto from my mom from childhood is he always told me if I could dream it I could achieve it. As a mom of three now I know it’s not always the season to pursue every dream, but I also know you won’t pursue a goal if you don’t dream about it first.

  374. Love Lainey’s salt waters. TOO cute!

  375. The biggest lesson I remember holding onto from my mom from childhood is he always told me if I could dream it I could achieve it. As a mom of three now I know it’s not always the season to pursue every dream, but I also know you won’t pursue a goal if you don’t dream about it first.

  376. Kelle,
    First off, those bathing suits are absolutely adorable! I have been a lifeguard for the past 4 summers and am determined to get myself a non-work suit this summer. Secondly, my Momma and I have had some extreme lows in the past couple of years. But, there’s something about moving away to college that is special. There’s something magical about a daughter becoming independent and fleeing miles away from home to start a new life on her own at college. The first week I called my mom crying because I had my worst ever meltdown to that extent. All of that babbling being said, my Momma has taught me that it is perfectly okay to be human and to make mistakes. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself first, and sometimes your actions don’t always depict your intentions. I know my Momma loves me and she’s taught me that that’s the main thing that matters.

    Happy Thursday! :)

  377. One time when I was up visiting my mom in Jersey from Florida, we were going out for the afternoon. She wrote a brief note to put on the coffee table… “there’s soup on the stove and pie in the fridge.” I asked her “who was the note for, is someone coming by?” Her answer, “I don’t know, but if they stop by, they can eat.”
    (Oh yeah, she also left the front door unlocked!)
    What I learned from her… a giving nature!

  378. i just loved this. i’ve been doing a lot of looking back while still moving forward as i approach my 50th birthday in 5 days, and it seems like just yesterday i was making the same observations, “oh what will it be like when…”

    was going through a box of photos and such today, just marveling at all that can, and will happen, and what it will feel like, and how as i was sitting there today, i’m still able to wonder, “oh, what will it be like when…”

    and as usual, lovely to come here and see your concise and beautiful rendition of a theme that is quite likely running through our own heads and hearts–just a whole lot of smiles and warmth and fun reading tonight, timely too with all the pie on 3/14.

    that being said, my “mother love” was my grandmother, and she taught me all of what i said above, how to hold the joy, let it keep you, and let it keep you wondering what was to come next–because there was going to be hard stuff too, and the difficult stuff you didn’t dwell of, you were mindful of it, informed, but the JOY is what you reached for.

    thanks, as always, for the smiles!

  379. Ohhh, I learned not to wait until your kids are all grown to chase your own dreams. To not wait forever to go back to school, to switch careers, to start being who you really want to be. There’s no better time than now.

  380. I’ve learned so many things from my mom, including how to make life like a party…and how to enjoy your circumstances no matter what.

  381. That it’s ok to stay in bed all day on Saturday watching tv after putting in a hard week of working :)

  382. I just got back from visiting my Mom and love that middle place too! And I love vintage swimwear!!!

  383. I’ve learned to be encouraging and supportive, even when they do things I don’t particularly agree with.

  384. My mom made me conscious of the reality of God. The God she taught me to seek after, trust and obey.

  385. My mom……..what a saint! Raised 8 kids, 6 boys-2 girls, and still has all of her marbles! And she still says she’d do it all over again! She taught me to be thankful for what you have and to count your blessings every day.

  386. What a good, projecting question… I always underestimated my mother. But she has a big sensitive heart – and no matter how much I hate my own sensitiviness, I should really be thankful her for this.

  387. I learned from my mom to work hard and enjoy life.

  388. Oh, yeah! I just commented on one of your pins. I’ve been eyeing this suit for a while now.
    From my single Mama I learned…
    independence, ground beef and macaroni can feed a lot of mouths, pre loved is often times better than anything you could ever find new, and to appreciate the small things.

  389. I learned the importance of accountability and reliability from my mom. I need a new swim suit desperately, and I can’t afford a new one. I have lost over 50 lbs since last year and I am afraid/excited to put on a new suit. These suits would be great fitting for the things that I still don’t feel so confident about.

  390. From my mom, i learned to listen really well, ask interesting questions and sew a button. I learned that being a girl shouldn’t stop you from doing anything you want to do and that avocados and asparagus are delicious foods.

  391. My Mama taught me to always have a good beheavior (did I write it in the right way?), which in so important in life..and to have faith I what I am able to do, which is so important too to reach what you want in life..My Grandma taught me the importance to be together, that even a simple dish of pasta can keep people together.
    P.S.I love Nella’s smile and the photos of her and Laney playing together.they’re so lucky to have each other..

  392. This was beautiful! I love the photo of Nella with her Laptop!

    My Mum taught me to learn from her mistakes.. xxx

  393. Don’t know if my comment came through…sorry if I did it twice!

    Oh I learned so much from my mama…she was such a good mama. She taught me how to love without reservation, how to be a good hostess and make everyone feel at home, she taught me how to be interested without being nosy, how to love cooking and crafting, she taught me how to be a good friend, but most of all she taught me what it feels like to be loved really really well.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  394. My mom taught me how to make best sauces ever… and best oven baked potatoes.
    Also, to try and not to worry about things that do not really matter because they have a way of handling themselves.


  395. I loved this post and could relate to it in so many ways. I am so thankful that my mom (despite living far away) comes to visit often and loves my babies as much as I do. What a blessing that is! My mom has taught me so many things but one practical thing that I keep coming back to is her resourcefulness. She can make ends meet, pull off a recipe by improvising with what you have on hand, put left over material to use, etc. She also taught me to sew…a skill that I am so thankful to have and most of all, she reminds me to take car of myself when my tendency as a mom is to push aside what my body needs to be healthy and strong (rest, healthy food, showers, exercise, etc.) in order to meet the needs of my family. I love her so much!

  396. Ohh, this is a good thing to think about.
    I learned from my mom “first cry, then pray”, to be a friend, and to remember the good things even when your world is caving in around you.
    There is an ocean (literally) between my mom and myself and we miss each other a lot. Nonetheless, she has managed to be the grandma to my kids that I want to be to my grandchildren some day.
    She is the strongest woman I know. She is wonderful.

  397. Hi, I just wanted to say that I have been following your great blog for a while now and I love looking through your photos and taking ideas from your posts. I have two small boys and reading your blog always reminds me how enjoyable it is to just be with your children and really enjoy every moment with them even when it seems like the days are getting away too fast, to stop and observe and try to understand them and their needs!!I wanted to say Congrats for your book and on doing such a fantastic and positive job raising your two beautiful girls and for putting it all out there for us to share! you really are blessed and so are they!

    Tracey x

  398. I’ve learned what the hard work is, and how to do it with a smile, always.

  399. Beautiful moments and pictures!!

  400. First, your swimsuit is so cute! I love the shameless line about butt hugging, I mean not everyone could post that without turning red but its so true. We want our butts properly hugged in our clothing.

    My mother. What did she not teach me? Above all, I think my mother taught me compassion. My mom serves the kind of people that most others avoid. The kinda scary ones, the annoying ones, the grumpy ones, and the unwilling to be served ones. but more then that, she does it lovingly and quietly. She’s shown me the best reward is feeling good afterwards, not public accolades. Beyond the compassion she shows others, she tirelessly loves our family. If you saw the heartache that she’s been caused by us five children in our own ways, it would be a wonder that she did less then curse us. But instead she shows unceasing love. She’s an astounding woman. I love her greatly.

  401. My mum taught me to get an eduction before I got my children, so I always can take care of them no matter what happens. She taught me to stay strong and think positive. She had always time even if we were four children :)

  402. Kelle, this post is beautiful – what a gift to your mama!

    My mom taught (and teaches) me to laugh. She’s a riot.

    And I wonder about that middle place for Ellie, too. I sort of assume she won’t have kids, that she’ll live with friends or a husband, maybe in a group home, and that she’ll be the best aunt ever… once we have a few more kids, and they have kids!

  403. It sounds silly but my Mum taught me how to be unconditionally generous as a Mum. I have seen what my friend’s Mums do for them and whilst they are lovely people I know (and I have been told by them) that my Mum is very special. Not only will she bend over backwards to help and support us but I know that if my friends were in need she would do it for them too, without blinking and with unconditional love because that’s what she thinks Mums do. I love that she has done this for me but what I REALLY love is that she has taught me to do this for my children… this is my norm and I will be forever grateful for it.

  404. My mom taught me how to have fun and how…at any age…you can reinvent you life. Love this post and your suit!!

  405. To believe that the universe is unfolding as it should.

    Love my Mom.

  406. My mom taught me what a great man my father was.

    I remember one time I asked my mother, “Why does Daddy work so much”? She looked at me and said, “Honey, everyone’s Daddy works a lot”. I didn’t realize it then, but that was one of the biggest lessons I learned from my Dad – the value of hard work. He woke up everyday, put on his shoes, and went to work to provide for our family. I could count on one hand how times my dad was sick. Even if he didn’t feel good, he would get up and go to work. He truly believed that if you worked hard, treated people right, and with a little luck from God, you could have a good Life. And it took a child’s simple question to her mom to teach me how great he was and how much she admired him.

  407. My mom taught me to celebrate everything, to decorate on the cheap, to plan ahead but always be prepared to change your plans, to never return a dish empty, that God is in control even when I feel completely lost, and that above all to always try my best! So thankful for her.

    Enjoy your visit!!

  408. My mum taught me to bake that I’m greatful off for sure. She taught me how to stay safe me too. She taught me how to run a household too … there are other things for sure bu hearing what you say about your mama being there for you now, doing the things she does made me a bit sad because my mum hasn’t held it together since I was a teenager and my siblings were smaller – she’s not much good for anything right now, I miss the feeling of having a mama and my kids having a proper grandma but all you other mama’s whose blogs I read offer plenty of inspiration for me to march forward on my journey myself. x X

  409. I learned perseverance from my Momma, never give up! Great post and lovely pics! :)

  410. momma knows best. =) my mom is so amazing, love her to death

  411. Love that suit!!!! That would make my summer!

  412. Sadly, I learned everything I wanted to be to my kids that my mom wasn’t. If my boys wanna play sports, than they will play sports & I will be cheering in the crowds. I will hug them, I will tell them how much I love them over and over – EVERYday. I will build their self-confidence instead of tearing it down like mine did. And I will cherish each and every breath as if it could be their last. Because that’s what good mamas do. And while I will never be perfect and I’ll make mistakes ain’t nobody gonna ever question the love I have for my boys, including them.

  413. For me, not my mom, but my grandma… who taught me that a hug and a hot cocoa can fix almost anything.

  414. My mom taught me that I am stronger today than the before and that I am the culmination of the sorrows, joys, struggles and triumphs of each and every woman before me. That having my daughters made me stronger and that it’s my job to remind them of the same things she taught me. Oh, and that any day can be made better by new shoes :)

  415. when i was 9, we moved from Scotland (where all the family was) to Canada. My mum showed me how important it is to have ‘family’ wherever you live even if your ‘real’ family is so far away!!

  416. Love the red suit!!

  417. My (wonderful) mom taught me that having a love of cooking and feeding others will bring you endless joy. She is so right. :)

  418. My mom is actually my step-mom, but she taught me to be spontaneous, to dance on beds, skip through the halls and sing when the urge takes me.

  419. My Mum lead by example. She always put the family first, I can’t remember when there wasn’t any home cooking in a day, church clothes always ironed. I remember watching her blowdry her hair in the mornings, got up to us kids at night when we couldn’t sleep or felt sick. Even though I work part-time, I hope I can show half as much love and care to my kids as we were loved and cared for.
    Love the bathing suit and lippy!!!

  420. My Mom taught me to try to never, ever judge anyone and to always remember that everyone is fighting their own battle…so true~

  421. Kelle, The photo of Nella on her little keyboard is just Priceless, I couldn’t help but notice the placement of her fingers on the keys. HA.
    My Mom taught me to be true to myself and to treat others as I wanted to be treated. She has the biggest heart and always put her faamily first. I feel that I have always put my children first as she tsught me to do.

  422. My Mom taught me how to be strong when things get rough and to appreciate everything that I have because there are always people who are worse off than you. She has also given me the skills to be a good Mom to my daughter.

  423. The favorite thing that I learned from my momma, was to bake. She is a killer when it comes to baking, and she learned me a few tricks, which make me happy. She’s also learning me how to sew at this very moment, which she is also very good at!!

    As usual I love your blog and find it very inspiring, you are totally amazing!

  424. now that i have one little one & another on the way, i’m learning how in addition to making my childhood so special in every way, my mom also taught me how to make it special now for my little ones too. and what a precious gift it is that she gave me in that!

  425. Love the swimsuit, I think I NEED one! :)

  426. I learned the fun of bargain hunting and the value of friendship – friends are hard work as a grown up, but so worth it!

  427. I spent last week on Marco Island. We visited your Isles of Capri fish house. I see why you love it so. It was hard to leave that perfect Florida weather to return to Michigan, but I had two girls my heart was aching for waiting at home.

    My mom taught me the chores will always wait, get outside and enjoy the day!

  428. I resisted being anything like my mom for so long…but now, I’m so glad that I have many of her qualities. I have learned the art of making my home welcoming for guests. To let them know that there is nothing I would rather be doing in that moment than to be taking care of them.
    I learned to laugh – to be totally joyfull when something makes me feel that way.
    I learned to share my creative ablilites. I love nothing more than to give a gift I created myself to someone who will love it!
    I learned that it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve, because it’s only this way that you can be true to your ownself.

  429. I just love your posts! Especially this one. <3

    My mom teaches us constantly how to love and be strong women.

    Enjoy your visit!!

  430. I love the pictures of lainey holding her dollys! you have taught her so well!

  431. There are some tears of joy on my lashes … I love this post! My mom is so special to me and I cherish every moment I have with her. As I became a mom myself this past year, beside my husband, my mom has been the single most supportive and important person in this new adventure and I am so happy she is sharing in the excitement! She has taught me so much it is difficult to pick just one but here goes … my mom taught me to just be there, no matter how busy the schedule, showing so much love through simple actions. My wish is to be as wonderful a mom as mine has been for me (and my sisters!). Have a wonderful day!
    PS Loving the spring vibes … “Hello spring – I am so happy you are on your way back!!”

  432. My Mama taught me to not let anyone else determine my own happiness!

  433. Loved this post – pad that Nella w love and send her off – assume competenance and she will soar!

    I learned generosity from my mother.


  434. My mom taught me all about perserverance. Man, how I love her for that.

  435. Oh wow, i’ve learned SO much from my mom, don’t know where to start. I guess most importantly, that home is the priority and morals matter.

  436. My mom always made birthdays special. They may not have included a big party, but they were always so special. I think when I was little, I took that for granted, but now that I have children, I want to make sure that they have the best birthdays!

  437. I learned to ALWAYS say,” I love you” , everyday to my children & when they say it back, I say, ” I love you MORE”.

    enjoy the bejesus out of your visit with your mom


  438. I am new to your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am one of ten kids and my mom taught me to always take time for each child. To love them and cherish them for who they are. Having four kids of my own, all uniquely different, this is a amazing thing to be able to do. Not sure how my mom did it having ten but she always took the time to make sure each of us were the center of her heart, the only one important, the one most loved.

    Pies look amazing and your girls are absolutely darling!
    Enjoy your time with your mom. Living far away from mine now I know I adore the time she comes to spend with us!

  439. My momma taught me to always laugh and enjoy everyday life. She is my best friend, I couldn’t ask for someone more fun to share my life with – and she’s an amazing baba (gramma) !!

  440. Where do I even begin to start. My mother has taught me to never give up on your dreams, to love people, to work like she did on the farm, learn how to scrapbook, to be a good daughter, wife, and mother. She is an amazing Nana to my children!

  441. My mommabelle taught me to give thanks for everything I have – even when it seems like there is little to be thankful for, to remember that I am one lucky girl.

  442. Whenever something upsetting or hurtful happened, especially at school, my mom used to say “just let it roll off your back”….as in, don’t WORRY about it, let it go. I’m a chronic worrier, so I hear my mom’s words in my head all the time.
    :) Kym

  443. Mama taught me to cook and bake and love my littles. She also taught me how to be a good daughter, as I watched her care for her mom as Grandma grew to need help as she aged.

  444. I have learned from my mama to always find the positive side of things, to try and fight hard for your dreams and to always have an honest smile and a transparent heart.

  445. I can’t wait to visit home this summer and see my own momma!

    My mom taught me to be aware of other peoples needs and to step up and serve them. When I was young she was always making a dinner, homemade, rolls or some fancy schmancy dessert to take to someone. Whether it was a new baby, recovery from illness, or heartbreak she was always someone that responded with,”How can I help?”
    I hope my own daughter learns the same thing from me…
    So glad you get to spend time with your mom. :)

  446. My favorite thing that my mom taught me was how to sew. I love making things to pass on to my daughter. This year I decided to make new Christmas stockings and Im so excited to see the finished product.

  447. My mom taught me how to let loose and enjoy life. She’s a champion for self-confidence and free spirits. It’s okay to be different.

  448. I learned how to be a good wife. My father died of cancer and watching her care for him taught me how to be a better wife. He would move from his chair (where he sat all day) to the loveseat just before she came home from work. All my siblings were always there and hanging out. My dad would go to bed very early (5:30) and she would go with him b/c he wanted her to. She said…”I have the rest of my life to be with you all. I”m going to be with him now.” Before this happened, I would never have been able to do the same thing in that situation. Now…I will!

  449. My mom taught me that parents are parents first, not our friends, and that we may not always like the decisions that they make for us or the rules they set but you will understand why one day… that day has come, I SO get it now. :)

    PS. You look uhhhmazing in red!!

  450. You look adorable in the pic with Nella. I learned from my mom many things I never believed until I became a mama myself, I learned you wear your heart outside of your sleeve, I’ve learned that time is the essence, and giving your children time is the best thing in the world, because they will always remember the time you spent with them.. especially making pies… You rock the cabash, that is all…carry on=)

  451. Kelle your blog inspires me and brings light into my life when I am having a difficult time. Thank you so much for your positive outlook. I really need a new bathing suit so I am really hoping to win, my husband just left me which means a very quick weight loss for me! I am hoping my mom’s best advice yet is still to come as she raised my sisters and I alone, as I will be my daughter. Sometimes we don’t get to choose out path, but we do get to choose how we walk it.

  452. My mom taught me to always remember what’s important in life, to make decisions that make me happy and put my son first no matter what. Love life, love each other and love god!

  453. First of all, I love Lainey’s romper! Where did you find that bit of adorableness?

    Second, my mama taught me to push through and work hard, even when things are really tough and you don’t really want to. It’s easy to discount that lesson as not warm and cozy, but it got me through medical school and residency with children and intact sanity.

  454. My favorite thing learned is from my Grandmother. I find it interesting that the things that you do with your family shape your relationship to certain things in life. For example, I lived with my grandmother for a good chunk of my life. She and my Papaw were mean cooks, so all of my most happy memories involve a gathering with food. Even to this day I take my kids and we go to Grandma Boo-boo’s house every Sunday after church for an amazing homemade lunch. She taught me the value of fellowship. This is the thing that I treasure more than anything else, because it makes the family get together to share fun stories and empty our thoughts in preparation for another week; only to do it all over again the next Sunday. Food, family, and love.

  455. Beautiful!

    My mama taught me that there’s always something to learn from life, every day. She taught me how to make simple moments special, like using candles, goblets and cloth napkins for a simple dinner, and how to love my kids something fierce. Now it’s my turn for my two little loves.

    ~Tabitha Blue

  456. My mother taught me how to make homemade cornbread dressing that must be made at every Thanksgiving. She also made the perfect thin pancakes…mmm! I so wish my kids had known her!

  457. This was difficult. I learned to be nice, never give up, and to be a hard worker.

  458. I learned that even cancer has a positive side. That if your attitude is good, you can get through anything.

  459. My favorites of what I’ve learned from my mom are how to put God first in everything I do and she’s taught me my way around a sewing machine and the kitchen!

  460. Lord know all mama’s love having their mama around! I hope I win this suit! I entered last year (and didnt win) and ended up buying the yellow one!

  461. How wonderful to enjoy this time with your mom!

    The best thing my mom ever taught me is to look for the good in people.

  462. I learned to always be available. My mom left work one day when I was struggling with post-partum after my first child and drove 2 hours to help me. She is amazing.

  463. This post touches my heart…my Mama passed 2 years ago, and every day I think to myself “How did my mom do this? What would she teach me?”

    My mom taught me to LIVE. To smile at everyone, to let the kids get dirty, and to get dirty myself :-) She taught me to love with more than my heart

  464. My mom taught me to dream big. Anytime I have a idea, as crazy as it may sound, she always encourages me to go for it. She is so supportive of my dreams and goals. I really admire her for that.

    I miss her desperately and hope to see her soon.

    Love your blog!

  465. I learned that good conversation is more important than clean dishes. And good adventures are worth the risk.

  466. This blog entry brought me to my knees. For reasons that are impossibly complicated beyond all reason, I’m not able to share these simple joys with my mother (a.k.a. on once-upon-a-time best friend.)

    Oh how I long to be the ‘in-between’ observer – watching my mother teach my children how to make pies or plant flowers; how I long to hear the sound of her voice reading to her grandchildren – something I’ll never hear again thanks to the evil stroke that stole it away from her.

    But I remember – and I do everything I can to bring the memories and traditions of my childhood alive for my three loves. This entry of yours reminded me that I need to teach my kids the art of pie crusts – down to the way my mother pinched the crusts together when she made her famous pies – and to tell them the story of how she could whip out an amazing pie no matter where we were (including the family RV we vacationed in back in the day – where she used a wine bottle to roll the crust for a freshly-picked blueberry pie.)

    Thank you for this – for stirring the memory – I see some pie making in our near future.

  467. My favorite thing I’ve learned from my Mom is to make the most of every day, pack in as many fun activities as possible. Because you’ll never regret a sweet experience only not jumping on the chance to make one. Thanks for the chance to win – I’ve always wanted one of their swimsuits!

  468. My mom taught me how to love unconditionally and deeply. Her favorite catchphrase (and we still tease her about it till this day) is that she “love’s love”. And she does.

    I loved this post. I am in that place too. The Middle. So interesting to be a mommy and still need your mommy!

    Thanks for your words!

  469. My mom taught me it is okay to fail and to learn from your mistakes. She has also taught be patience and to love unconditionally :)

  470. One of my favorite things I learned from my mom is to take every opportunity to tell people you love them. I grew up in a very affectionate house and never really appreciated it until I had my own kids. I steal hugs and kisses as often as possible. And do the same with their daddy. Cause they need to learn it’s OK to show people how much you love them – and to show them often. Cause we all love to feel loved.

    P.S. You’re absolutely right – sister has mad typing skills.

  471. My mom taught me how to read and to love books. She bought me good books, and because of that I have a major book-buying weakness, especially when it comes to my kids. “I live this book. Can we buy it, Mama?” I can’t say no.

  472. I loved this post. My mom just came to visit while my husband was away for a medical rotation. I hated to see her go. She has taught me so much but most importantly she has shared her faith with me. It is the most important thing in my life and was planted by my sweet momma!

  473. My mom taught me that ordinary can be extraordinary. She would add little details to our dinners or school lunches that would make them shine! I try to do the same with my babies now. As I grow as a mom, I appreciate all the things she did for us more and more. I am so blessed to have her, and a great mother-in-law, who encourage me in so many ways to be a great mom!

  474. My mom is extraordinary and my MIL totally rocks! I am blessed to have such great examples of how to behave and how to mother. And I dare say I’ve taught them a thing or two over the years as well. Enjoy your time with your mom (and how cool is it that she found George?!)Can’t wait to see the Isles of Capri again – it’s been awhile.

  475. My mom taught me what unconditional love looks like.

  476. I have learned that no one is perfect and you can’t do it all….but that it is OK as long as you try.

  477. My mom taught me to never give up. Life may not always be smooth sailing, but it all happens for a reason. Life is what you make of it!!

  478. Learned from my mama to humm passionately in the kitchen, for it makes for better tasting food and always scrunch your herbs and green veggies…making sure to hear the “crunch in them”…assuring perfection! 😉

  479. my favorite thing i learned from my mom: choose your battles. advice that has served me well.

    i love your new swimsuit!!!

  480. My mom was single and worked for a portion of my childhood, and boy could she do a balancing act. She made the times we had together count. Even the 10 minute drive to daycare at 6am with singing in the car. Chocolate milk and a pink doughnut was a special Friday treat. I work part-time now, and when I’m losing energy with a nap time no where in sight, I remember her making our time together count, and it inspires me to do the same for my baby girl.

  481. how to listen. how to be a helper. how to make a mean batch of brownies and perfectly pour a glass of red wine. she is the most beautiful and wonderful woman i know!

  482. My mom has taught me MANY things, but the one that sticks out now, as I’m raising my own son and daughter, is to be supportive and encouraging no matter what. Even if the task your child tells you they are about to undertake is risky or silly or likely to end in frustration, you just have to let them try. And cheer them on while they try. I know I have my mom to thank for my independence and confidence!

  483. Nothing quite like having a Momma around. Enjoy your time! You really look like your mother…I havent noticed it before…But I think you are morphing into her :)
    Lucky you!!
    Love the suit….I have 2 suits from Popina and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

    To win another would make my day!!
    Enjoy the pies…I can smell them from here!!

  484. My momma taught me how to organize a kitchen, print perfectly, stay faithful to a journal, throw a party, and love my family. There’s no one greater in my eyes.


  485. My mom taught me to leave a place better for me having been there. And the famous (famous to me and my siblings) “don’t put it down, put it away.” I love her.

  486. To be grateful. Because at any moment everything you have can be turned upside down. So just to be happy with what is now – and not worry about what may happen tomorrow. My Father developed early onset Parkinsons Disease and my Mother has since aged 42 been his carer – for 18 yrs now. Her life ended in a way, so regardless of my “problems” I am grateful everyday that my husband is healthy and my children are thriving.

  487. I learned to love with my whole heart. I love my momma and she loves me! I can’t wait to continue the circle with my little ones.

  488. i learn and learned from my mom so many things. patience. indenpendence. love. she’s an amazing lady and i am blessed to watch her with my two girls regularly.

  489. My mother taught me how to love, no matter what!

  490. I learned from my Mom the importance of being outdoors with my boys, and also the importance of deep breathing…:-)

  491. What a lovely post! Those pies sure do look delicious. My mom taught me the value of patience. I’m still working on being a patient person. I’ll be in desperate need of a new swimsuit this summer after having a baby in May… something super cute that will hide lumps and bumps!

  492. One of my favorite things I learned from my mama is to love deeply, no matter the distance between. To take the time to always show you care and are thoughtful about those you love in any way that you can. Of course email and the internet make that easier these days, but back in the day it was a card or a photograph sent in the mail. Heck we even mailed recorded cassettes to friends and family with messages of our love and thoughts. I love that my mother instilled that sense to always stay connected in me and I see it in my kids too.

  493. I love this post!! I also love being a mom and still needing my mom. What an awesome thing! My mom has taught me to talk to my son until I am out of breath. To help him to understand what’s going on around him…just keep talking is what she always tells me. She also is the best care giver I know, I hope to learn even more from her over the years to come!

  494. My mom taught me helping others is the way to pure happiness. Now as an adult, I can understand and agree. I have to teach my girls the same lesson.

  495. My Mom taught me to not let people treat me badly and how to let go when they do.

  496. I learned strength from my mom. Even though my parents have been together for like 35 years, my mom doesnt need my dad for anything. She taught her 3 girls to love fiercly, and do everything as well as you possibly can, because YOU can do anything you want.

  497. I just returned from my grandmother’s funeral, when I read your post. I cried so hard readind it! I learned a lot by my grandmother: Knitting, crocheting, sewing and cooking “with gusto”. She always had an open house for friends and family and she always told me to do the same: “The laundry will be there tomorrow, so enjoy life, celebrate, eat, laugh and don’t mind your messy house!”

  498. My mom tought me how to love, to give to my kids the best of me, to laugh and to sing when things are bad…. My mom is the best mom. And grandmom i know!

  499. Moms are amazing people! I’ve been lucky enough to be a mom for a little over 2 months and stop and think of my mom’s love for us when I’m loving on my son. To think she felt that way about us and I never could have imagined before! Great post!
    Love the suit! I’m going to check out the site right now! Gotta fit these new momma curves! :)

  500. I’m due with our first baby in 10 weeks and there are days when I realize how much my mom did for us every single day. She got up at 5 in the morning to make us breakfast, pack our lunches, worked all day and had a hot meal waiting when we got home after school. Truly amazing!

  501. My momma taught me to have self confidence and to be self sufficient. Somedays I am not real sure HOW she did that, it was almost sneaky. Now, as I am in the middle, I am trying to do the same for my kiddos.

  502. I love that suit/hat/sunglasses!

    I’ve learned patience from my mom as well how to treat others. Such a kind woman, I wish I could be more like her some days!

  503. Love this post because I can totally relate to spending time with my mama, and wondering how she will be as a grandmother! :)

    Love the suit—can’t decide between a bikini or a sexy one piece this year! Decisions, decisions! :)

  504. Love love love this post – my mama lives pretty far from me so we only see each other maybe twice a year…but that time we do spend together is so special…especially now that I have a one year old daughter. She has taught me everything…how to really enjoy life! Oh and that a mid-afternoon pedicure can be just what the doctor ordered!

  505. My Marmee taught me to be brave, to breathe deeply and think before I speak, to be unabashedly southern, and that I *can* do hard things.

  506. My mother taught me empathy. I can’t think of a single time she’s judged another person (at least, not in front of me!!). She taught me to always put myself in another person’s shoes. Everyone has struggles. While I don’t feel I do quite as well as my mother (I do sometimes catch myself judging others’ decisions), I strive to teach my daughter the same lessons my mother has taught me.

  507. My mom taught me how to nurture, make the tiniest details in life exciting, make the best lasagna and love my husband every day.

  508. For some reason, infant care is still so scary for me. I just had my second son two months ago, the first was 10 years ago! It truely is starting over. I think the most important thing I have learned from my “mentors” is; everything works itself out. Stay positive and never give up.

  509. I learned to have a good work ethic, to be honest, and to always have tact. Oh, and my mom taught me how to make a delicious chicken parmesean.

  510. You and Nella look so pretty in purple! My mom has taught me to be calm and honest. She’s 65 and fabulous and would like my life to emmulate hers.

  511. I learned from my mom to cultivate my talents so I can teach my children someday too. She also taught me that it is important to celebrate.

    Ps. Love the lipstick color.

  512. My mom taught me — by example — that choosing both work and family is possible.

  513. My mom taught me the importance of generosity. She’s a wonderful woman.

    And I LOVE your suit.


  514. First of all, LOVE your purple top and those gorgeous turquoise earrings in the picture with Nellabean!

    And things I learned from my mama? To appreciate a good Cary Grant movie, how to decorate an old-fashioned Christmas tree, how to make a good cup of tea (British mamas put that in you when you’re born) and how to not give a damn what someone thinks about you, as long as you’re happy. xoxo

  515. Love this post. Makes me miss my Mom something fierce. Enjoy every minute of your time and visit. You have a way with words and your pictures make me sigh in the best way!

  516. My mom taught me to love unconditionally! LOVE your big, floppy hat!!

  517. My mother, ugh I can barely type this without tearing up, has always reminded me that I will always be her baby. Now, I plan to show my son that same thing. I will ALWAYS say I love him and shower him with hugs and kisses, even if they’re unwelcome, because that’s what my mother taught me. She has loved and supported me more than any one person ever could or will. I love my mother with my whole heart. Love is the best thing she ever taught me.

  518. I learned from my happy, funny mama that laughter truly is the best medicine. Oh, and how to make a mean linguine with white clam sauce — my grandma taught me about pies 😉

  519. wow, first wonderful post! second ♥ the super cute up-dos and buns! & thirdly – i am so in ♥ with that suit!! awesome!

    i learned from my mom to find joy in the simplest moments and to make a mean lasagna!!

  520. Beautiful post! My mother taught me your family is everything. To be yourself and feed your passion. That nothing is sweeter than the smell of a newborn baby. That life is not always easy but to never be too hard on yourself. Family meals are a gathering place for good conversation and finally how a good outfit can lift a mood!

  521. My mama taught me to be kind – I needed that lesson as a girl!

  522. I lost my mom two years ago. I have to say that not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. There are so many things she taught me; however, I think one thing that stands out in my mind is to be quick to listen and slow to talk. I try to use this everyday. Some other fun things were casseroles, cookies, and always balance your checkbook and save money!!!

  523. This makes me want to go spend time with my mama right now! I think the best thing I’ve ever learned from her is selfless love. She sets the best example! :)

  524. Oh my. I lost my mama when I was 26. She never got to know my own sweet girl. I miss her every single second. She taught me a bunch. I get my love of books from her, and she taught me how to make a mean bread pudding. But my favorite lesson she taught me would have to be being able to see the fun in every situation. She made everything fun. I miss that most of all.

  525. I learned from my gran-ma-ma. Although she never said anything or complained about being ill, if I needed her, she was there…always. She taught me how to make homemade chicken and dumplings, and made the meanest coconut and chocolate pies. She also taught me to put my big girl panties on and deal with what life throws your way, to speak what’s on your mind because you may not get a second chance to do so. My gran-ma-ma beat lung cancer in 1997. While going through radiation, then surgery, she never quit “doing” for people. She was strong willed. In 2010, she began having health issues. Frequent hospital stays, problems with passing out, and finally put on oxygen. They had found a mass on her one of her kidneys, and later diagnosed her with congestive heart failure. She passed away shortly after 3 a.m. on April 23 of last year, one week before her scheduled surgery. My heart was broken into a million tiny little pieces, and still has yet to heal. But, the life lessons she taught still linger in my heart, like tiny whispers when things get tough. I take what I am given, and deal with it. She spent her entire life doing for others. Now, she is finally resting. I miss my gran-ma-ma something fierce. But she taught me well.

  526. I’ve learned to be strong and carry on when times are tough :)

  527. We lost our Mom, Rose, over 20 years ago and with three daughters still young, we remember her words when we did something stupid or foolish. She would say: “Rosie didn’t raise any dummies”! It still gives us the encouragement to do the right thing.

  528. What a beautiful post, Kelle! You must wave a magic wand every time you sit down to write because your words sound like magic. My favorite thing I learned from my mom? I learned that it is ok to be who we are. My mom and I are very similar, and now that I’m an adult, I can recognize that and embrace it. We are friends, as well as mother/daughter.

  529. I’ve learned so much from my mom. How to write thank you notes, how to enjoy and love nature, how to bake and cook, how to laugh at myself, and the list could go on. Love the swimsuit!

  530. There are so many beautiful things I learned and continue to learn from my momma! A little glass of cola and a few saltines helps any sick kid feel better. I learned how to sing because of my momma and narrate impromptu stories based off of the day’s events. I also learned how to stretch a meal to serve more but without sacrificing taste!

  531. i learned to be gentle and patient…or at least i’m trying to follow in those steps! don’t think i quite have it down like my mom does 😉

  532. Unfortunately, my mom taught me more about what I don’t want to do with my own babies – although those are lessons and things learned as well.
    But my biggest “mom mentor” is my mother-in-law. I learn so much from her about patience and faith and love.
    I can’t wait until the next time we have grandparents’ visits!

  533. My mom taught us to give back. She was always helping deliver meals to seniors who couldn’t leave their houses or donating goods to The Salvation Army. I could never forget how she instilled that in us. A giving heart.

  534. My mom taught me manners. I know it sounds silly and simple, but I was always taught that manners are so important, and I always get comments now from people telling me how polite my children are. Not enough children know manners these days!

  535. My momma taught me to love children. To talk to them all the time and let them into your world.

    I laughed at the dishcloths one because my mom taught me the same thing. My mother-in-law did not teach my husband that :)

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  536. I have learned that things aren’t as bad as they seen in the moment. She had taught me to be strong and hold my head up high no matter what. She has taught me self worth and how to treat others so they will continue to feel their own self worth.

  537. My mom was a great living example of honesty and perseverance.

    I wonder what else I might have learned from her after becoming a mother myself. My mom, who lived in Naples, died a little over 2 years ago when my daughter was only 11 weeks old. Her death made me analyze our relationship in a way that I might not have otherwise done. It is a constant motivation to fight my lazier instincts and really BE the mother I want to be. As I’ve mention to you here in your comment section before, you are a great role model for that :)

  538. you and nella are lovely in lavender!
    Great post, I especially appreciate the part about being ‘in the middle’, it is so true and so, so sweet.

  539. I learned from my mom to pick my battles when I it comes to my boys and then asking for things. I have to stop and think…why not and I usually give in. And pairing socks. ha ha.

    I am in love with that red suit!! you are beautiful!

  540. Wow, what I learned from my mama? So much! But as a new mama, I think one of the best lessons is patience. She may not cook up the best concoctions in the kitchen, but my mom can out-patient the best of them!

  541. The best thing I learned from my mom was that being yourself and standing up for what you believe in or feel will always make you happy in the end.

  542. I learned from my momma to enjoy every little thing in life. She is always about going on adventures when she comes to visit me. And because of her, I do the same thing, and I can only hope I pass that love onto my daughter and my tiny twin boys.
    On another note, I love that bathing suit! I can never find flattering ones, especially now that I have had twins I am not looking forward to bathing suit season

  543. I remember when my grandmom used to come visit us. The laundry was always done, folded, and put on our beds for us to put away. There was always a homemade dinner in the works when we all got home. She created my love of baking with these trips. I learned many tricks from her. How to best butter & flour a bundt pan; the fun of experimenting with new recipes you found by chance; how a homemade cake or cookies could brighten anyones day. She is my favorite person on this whole planet. She is my go-to when Im not sure of something, regardless of what it is. She is my favorite. She is my person. I love her

  544. My Mom taught me that family is the most important thing in the world. I really miss her!

  545. My mama taught me how to be a good host and cook. Know your guests likes and dislikes, set a beautiful table, and always make double the amount of food you will actually need. There is a saying in my house, “if you leave my house hungry, its your own fault.” There is nothing better than having a group of loved ones sitting around a table enjoying a fabulously prepared meal.

  546. My mom has taught me that strength is one trait that needs to be present!

  547. My mum taught me to take care of, and stand up for, myself. She taught me to reach for what I want, and when I got there, to reach again. Thank goodness for mamas!

    And thank you for the beautiful photos and words in this post, as always!

  548. My mom has taught me so much… The sun isn’t always shining, but you get the best tan on a cloudy day. The grass is never greener, because those little brown spots make wicked fun mud puddles. Silence is not a virtue, because silence is acceptance and speaking out is what makes us strong. There’s so much I’ve learned and keep learning…

  549. Great Post! What I have learned from my Mom is EVERYTHING! We are slowly losing her to end stage dementia and I just treasure all of our life moments together!

    Never leave the house in a wrinkled blouse, always speak like a lady, unconditionally love your family and friends, give all children and animals extra love, keep your children close to heart!
    My Mom is truly one in a million!

    Love from Shelley in Fl

  550. My mom taught me to be friendly…to engage strangers, to ask questions, to be curious about people….I hated it as a teenager, but I’ve grown to appreciate it and hope it rubbed off on me a bit.

  551. My mom taught me perseverance. She also tried to teach me how to make pies, and while I’m not horrible at making them, the skills passed straight to my husband. She was content with her son in law using her recipes, so I’m off the hook. 😉

  552. beautiful post. it makes me sad that my mom won’t ever see my kids grow up and that they won’t ever have a grammy around … so precious <3

    my mom taught me to be strong and that i can do anything i set my mind to. i miss her.

  553. I learned that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone always has it worse. Be strong and live life to the fullest!

  554. My mom taught me that laughter is the best medicine, that you can never go wrong by doing a good deed for someone, and that if you get bad service it’s ok to write a complaint letter. Haha!

  555. The ONE thing that’s the most important I learned from my mother, is that she ALWAYS had time for us when we were little – and that’s what I want my girls to experience, big or little, I will always have time for them

  556. Mom always taught me, “Remember who you are and what you represent.” And as family lessons go, passed down from generation to generation: Always wear your seatbelt!

  557. I’m so lucky to live within 8 minutes of my mama! And so are my kids! Because of my mama, I can cook. I mean, like really cook! Everybody talks about my mom’s cooking, and thank the Lord in heaven, I inherited that from her! We are so different, my mama and I. I am so much more like my dad, but I get my softer side from my mama. Again, thank the Lord again!
    P.S. I’ve been envying your swimsuit since last year, and have decided I’m getting it for our trip to Hawaii (with my Mama!) in July. Now I’ll wait for the giveaway. 😉

  558. My mama has taught me so much and there is still so much to learn. She’s completely selfless and always puts others first. She is kind and gentle and truly lives by the statement — if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all [she is much stronger than me, when it comes to that last statement]. xo.

  559. “I look back for inspiration, I look forward with motivation.”

    LOVED this…

  560. My Mom taught me everything I know and since she watches my girls every day while I am work, she gets to teach them those same things and I love that. One thing I learned from my Mom, the love of reading. One of my most favoritest things to do! And my 2 girls, at 3 yrs and 18 mos, they love to read also. Story time is the best time of day and it happens often around our home!!

    Beautiful post.

  561. This had me tearing up, what a wonderful post about your Mom. I love my Mom, she has taught me so much about being a good person and being selfless while also taking care of herself. She is the most wonderful, mother and grandmother and now I miss her terribly!!!

  562. I learned that food tastes better on a nicely set table, and it’s always about the food, that’s what keeps the family together.

  563. Oooooh Popina has just the kind of suit I’ve been looking for ever since I had my first baby and decided to put away the skimpy bikinis of my youth!

  564. Such a sweet post! It’s amazing how we begin to understand and appreciate our mothers when we have children of our own.
    That picture of Nella typing is sooo cute! My girls are always commenting on how adorable she is, and Lainey is just gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  565. Wow! I have learned so much from my mom, it’s hard to even pinpoint one thing. Maybe it’s the fact that she has always reiterated the fact that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s intuition! Listen to it!

    Love your green nail polish! Tres chic!

  566. LOve your swim suit and LOVE your bright lipstick – super on you! My Mama taught me to clean before putting up decorations and that white vinegar can take away a really yucky smell. Oh yeah, and if it’s gonna snow, make sure you have gas in your car. Among other great things. She is the best! She taught me to be respectful of people and considerate of poeple, especially when they are sleeping!

  567. Unconditional love!! And that no matter what you are perfect the way you are. Sigh…loving mom right now and missing her like mad!

  568. My mom taught me about hard work. She was a single mother and worked her butt off to support us. I love her for that!

    Btw, that suit is awesome!

  569. The biggest thing I learned from my mom, is the importance of following your dreams. Not in the future–not tomorrow–but today. Right now!

  570. Mamas are the best. I totally find that being a mom myself also makes me realize how amazing my own mom was. She was always my rock, full of good advice and warm hugs. A cool hand on a fevered brow. We made it through the rough teenage years together (where I know I wasn’t very nice to her), and we’re unscathed and there’s no one I’d rather call at the end of a good day, or a horrible day, than my mama. Enjoy your mom’s visit…the girls look like they’re having a great time with their grandma :)

  571. My mom taught me how to be capable, to love baking with my kids, and that I deserve nothing but the best.

  572. What I learned from my mother? Love- it´s as simple as that.

    What a wonderful post and:

    I want that suit !!!!!

  573. I just LOVE your blog. I’ve been reading you for about a year and you are so inspiring. My mom taught me to always be there for your family. She taught me to be caring and is such a role model of what kind of mom and wife I want to be.

  574. As Abe Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.”
    As an adult, I look up to and aspire to be more like my mother every day. She is my mentor, my role model, and though this wasn’t always the case, she is my best friend.
    My mother taught me the power of the imagination, and in a nutshell, made my childhood magical. I hope that I can pass this on to my children.

  575. What I have learned (or what I’m trying to learn) from my mom: She’s always content and grateful for what she has. She truly does not speak negatively about anyone…she always tries to find the good in every person. She doesn’t complain. She’s so soothing, happy, nurturing and drama invades her life NEVER. She’s an incredible cook and she has worked hard every day of her life.

    Glad you are getting some quality time with your mom this week Kelle!

  576. I’ve learned that in most cases, a hug can cure anything.

  577. Now that i am a mom this is what i finally have learned from mine. My mom taught me to push myself, to try new things – even when it may not be “cool”. She took me to special places when I was young to allow me the experience of it all. She taught me to be friendly and open and courteous to everyone. She taught me how to take care of myself – so just in case I needed to, I would have the confidence and where with all to do it. She taught me you don’t have to be June cleaver perfect to be a GREAT mom. Mostly, she showed me how she would step up and drop everything for her family when we needed her & that she always had our back.

  578. I learned that we should care what other people think of us not in the sense that if they dont like us we should change ourselves but in the sense that we should be kind and follow rules etc.. its hard to explain in writing the way it is explained in person. i hope you have fun with your mom and george some of my favorite memories are with my grandparents

  579. My mama taught me to work hard…always.

  580. Love the picture of Nella on her computer, she looks all grown up typing away! :)

    My Momma taught me how to be strong, to love, to be kind, to always mind my “P’s & Q’s” and in relationships, to grow together.

    Love the swimsuit, can’t wait until its the sun melts the ice off the lake so we can go for a swim :)

  581. As a new first time mama I’ve learned to let go and let my kid grow and change at his own pace. Why get crazy about every milestone? As my mom says “No one ever went to Harvard in diapers!”

  582. When my Mama comes to my house time stands still. My Mama has done for me just what I hope to do for my boys. She encourages, she prays, she praises, and she can cook like no other! I love watching her with my kids…where too am right in the middle of needing my Mama and being a Mama. It’s the perfect place to be…taking in all in!

  583. My mom taught me to bake cookies, love unconditionally, cry when you want to, smile and never go a day without saying, “I love you” to people you love!

  584. learned that a mom stand with you no matter what happens in life. love your blog thanks!!

  585. I learned lots from my mom. I learned how to cook & how to bake. I learned how to treat my husband with love & respect, & I also learned from her (&him!) how a woman should be treated.
    I learned that intentions shine through brighter than mistakes, which means I know for sure she always did the best she could in any circumstance. Now that I’m expecting my first child I can only hope to be as good as she was & is!

  586. how to forgive others and how to make the meanest, baddest, most sinful chicken and rice casserole that has led to 3 marriages in her side of the family, including my own 😉 love her!

  587. I love this post! I learned to always look for opportunities to celebrate and do something special, whether it be for the smallest of holidays, a good grade, or even if it’s just the first day of a new month. :)

  588. I learned to be strong and stand on your own. Because sometimes, that is all you have to count on: yourself.

  589. I learned patience from my mom. Hse passed away when I was 22, just after my wedding. She was a lovely woman in all aspects, and I wish so strongly that she could be here to show me the way with my own children. I know she’s looking down on us and looking out for us as well…

  590. I learned how to be strong and capable, how to hook the VCR and stereo to the TV and make everything work. Basically that girls can do everything boys can do, and that we don’t need to wait to watch that new Disney movie just because Dad is at work and can’t fix the VCR.

  591. I ADORE those bathing suits! You stunning in them!!

    One thing i learned from my momma… to give. My mother was always one of those people who gives and gives, and takes nothing for herself. I find myself repeating this- that true happiness for me is giving to others, not receiving for myself. I hope it’s something i can pass on to my daughter as well. Giving, is so much better!

  592. I learned to not sweat the small stuff and to love like there is no tomorrow because you never know when your loved one will be gone. My mom has been gone for 12 years and I miss not being able to see her love on my two little girls. I knew she would have! :)

  593. I learned to not sweat the small stuff and to love like there is no tomorrow because you never know when your loved one will be gone. My mom has been gone for 12 years and I miss not being able to see her love on my two little girls. I knew she would have! :)

  594. My Mama taught me strength, independence, and self-worth. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I see a lot of my Mama in me!

  595. My mom used to hide buried treasure in our backyard for me to find when I was a kid. I loved that. I want my kids to love that too :)

    Also… I read this while snuggling my girls and my 4-year-old said to me, “Mommy, I think Nella has a Dora computer. Nella is so cute. I think Nella and Lainey should come to Cecilia’s birthday party.” :) (Cecilia is my almost 3-year-old.) I think it’s sweet that she loves looking at your blog just as much as her mama!

  596. I cannot even begin to list all of the wonderful things I learned from my amazing mother…..but most importantly to love others…..nothing else matters when there is true genuine love toward others……..family, friends and strangers all alike.
    Thank you Kelle for always inspiring! : )

  597. One of the best things I learned from my mom is how to help people in need – my mom has always been fantastic about putting the needs of everyone around her first… to a fault sometimes, but helping people is what makes her happy.

    I too love the middle space – needing my mom to teach me things I haven’t yet figured out, and watching with joy as she interracts with my children learning how proud she is of who they have become from what we have taught them, of course learned from her.

    You never cease to inspire me Kelle – and I will continue to anxiously open your blog almost daily to see your beautiful pictures, carefully constructed amazing awe-inspiring words, and some comfort knowing that I too can manage and juggle it all and be happy…Thank you!

  598. I love the lipstick and big smile..always your big smile and Lainey and Nella’s sweet faces.

    My mom taught me to always pray for those that hurt you. She taught me many things that I do not want to practice:) But, she did teach me to pack a well stuffed suitcase when traveling..always be prepared. And,how to cook good down south yummy food, although, today, I try to cook with less fat:)
    Have fun with your mom….

  599. I’ve learned that family isn’t always the people who share the same DNA, but rather the people you love and cherish most in your life. And, every situation has a silver lining. Even if you can’t see it at first.

  600. I love Popina swimwear! I’ve learned from my mom to be who you are. I struggle with that, she is quite a personality. :) She is who she is. I’ve learned that mom’s are the best friends a girl could ask for – a wealth of knowledge. I love my mom.

  601. I have a horrible crappy relationship with my mom, with very few good memories of us together as a kid. She suffers from severe depression. This is my motivation give my kids a mother that I always longed for, memories that will not be tainted by bad ones that out weigh the good. I am lucky to have a mil now who is like your mom, and a new step mom who is helping start new traditions. I adore you are a lipstick girl, but I gotta ask, how can you stand to kiss your kiddies with it? Every time I try to wear lipstick it just makes a mess cause I kiss my kids like every 5 seconds. I guess I am just not a lipstick gal :)

  602. My mom taught me to be independent and to not apologize for being me. She is pretty awesome.

  603. Love this post, I can’t imagine not living close to my Mama. She lives about 3/10s of mile from me and I don’t know what I would do without her. She has taught me how to love unconditionally, don’t stress over the little stuff, LIVE, and how to trim/prune some bushes and!!!

  604. My mom taught me to be an independent thinker and to be loving and gracious to everyone. I loved what you wrote about ‘looking back for inspiration and looking forward with motivation.’ I think that is a great motto to live by.
    Thanks for your beautiful words and inspiring message as always. Can’t wait to read your book! :)

  605. My Mom taught me to always be consistent. She was/is my safe place where I know what to expect and I know I will always be loved. Like the cliche, she is ‘my rock.’

  606. This mama post is so timely because I get to see my mama today too! And I totally know what you mean by being between needing a mommy and being a mommy. My mom taught me that traveling is the ultimate treat, sometimes we need to jump in with our eyes closed, and that mama lips pressed on your forehead can make all your worries disappear even if only for a moment. What she hasn’t taught me is how to make the perfect soft boiled egg because apparently that is a talent that can’t be taught. Blasted!

  607. My comment is completely unrelated to your post, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the recent lawsuit won by a couple in Oregon claiming they would have aborted their daughter if they knew she had Down Syndrome. Just won $3M for “wrongful birth”. I think you live a wonderful example of celebrating differences and finding strength in the hardships/unpredictabilities of life and could shine some positive light in the midst of this sad case.

  608. From my-mother-in-law(whom is no longer with us) To be spontaneous with my kids. Get in the car and drive to the candy store to let them pick one small candy, take a drive and play at the park, head to the movies on a weeknight(insert gasp here), and enjoy them now. They grow up so fast and life is so full of places to be…..

  609. I learned to keep wedding vows “until death do us part” as I watched my mom take care of my dad until ALS won the battle when he was 47.

  610. I was a bit of a neurotic child but my mom (and dad) never made a big deal out of it, never mocked me. They accepted me for who I was and taught me to have a sense of humor about myself. Best lesson I ever learned!

  611. From my mom, I learned to make the little things count. And that even something simple can be made into something special.

  612. My mom also taught me to love on my babies even when they aren’t babies anymore. She taught me to be confident and kind. She showed me how to make something fun or do something fun and creative with something oridinary.

  613. I learned what it means to love unconditionally.

  614. From my mom, I learned how to be a mommy…and though I only have a year of experience under my belt so far, I’m pretty confident in my abilities, thanks to her!

  615. My Momma taught me to appreciate everything life gives you (and to this day she is still via phone teaching me to cook all the fabulous things that she does).

    P.S. I had to forward this post to my Momma because it made me smile and though I feel a lot of these sentiments now, I look forward to the time when I have children of my own and I can identify with all of them!

  616. I learned my love of reading, old movies, and good music from my mom. She’s also coming to visit in a little over a month and I can’t wait to share her with my babies!

  617. As a family we just celebrated the life of my Grandma. She taught me the value of a quite presence, and the benfits of a keeping treats around for those who might just stop by.

  618. Love the bathing suit!
    The thing I learnt from my Momma, who learnt from her Momma, is how to make borscht. It is a good recipe because we make it a lot less fattening.

  619. From MY mom, I’ve learned the power of being politely, kindly assertive and asking for what I want. I also slowly, reluctantly learned – and now happily embrace – the ability to make strangers into friends on a moment’s notice.

    From my sweetheart’s mom, I’ve learned the beauty of being calm and non-reactive, of observing and approaching things without worry or panic.

  620. i love watching you & the girls enjoy your sweet mama! looks like another sweet memory making visit.

    my mom taught me how to cook, attention to detail, forgiveness, faith, how to love.

    ps. your lipstick is killer! love it!

  621. Loved this post..

    My mom taught me to always try to find yourself in others..to empathize with the world. And to be brave, despite your fears.

  622. Wow. You look great in that suit. And speaking of mothers, mine always called them bathing suits, not swimming suits, and we were bathing beauties. This always mortified me a bit in the way that silly teenagers are sometimes mortified over any old thing their moms do. I appreciate my mother’s eccentricities and her enthusiasm. I hope one day my kids can look back at the goofball things I say and do and laugh just as my brother, sister and I do. My mom makes me smile.

  623. This is a beautiful post, especially because I spent Wednesday celebrating my momma’s birthday. She taught me that it’s okay to be vulnerable, how to show love in so many ways, and how to make a mean tuna casserole.

  624. I’ve learned that you’re never too old to “start over” or try something new. My mom is in her mid-late 50s and is working on her Ph.D. and taking swing dance classes.

    I also learned how to love, and get my open-heartedness from her. She’s coming in for a visit tonight – I can’t wait! :)

  625. love this post. so true about being at the age where you are a mom but still need a mom. my mother taught me patience (“just slow down”), that it’s okay to fear a crowd, hug your babies when they cry (even if you’re trying to teach them to be tough) and to eat when you’re on a shopping spree so your energy level stays up. mamas are the best.

  626. Perfect… xx

  627. how funny that you posted this today — my mom visited this weekend and after she left i got terribly sick. a phone call to her today brightened my sick morning! My mom taught me grace — to stay cool and classy and control my urge to always be in charge. what a lovely gift.

  628. My mom has showed me how to be compassionate and completely selfless as a mother. I remember her taking such good care of me whenever I was sick, no matter what else was going on, even if she was ill herself. Every time I would get over my illness, I remember thinking, “wow, she loves me so much. I’m so lucky.” I hope my little baby girl has the same fond memories of me someday.

  629. I, too, appreciate my mom so much more than when I was younger; and truly realize all of the things she did and all of the sacrifices she made for my sister and I when we were growing up! My favorite thing I’ve learned from my mom is a love of baking and it is our Christmas tradition to bake to our hearts content in the days leading up to the day. We then put together care packages of our goodies and deliver them to all of our friends and family. It is the best gift you can give…something made with your own hands!!

  630. I’ve learned that everything taste better if it has guacamole on it! Love my mom!

  631. My mommy taught me to love. To love as much as I can. She taught me to be a good person and a good mom. She is amazing.

    Totally love the picture of Nella in the raft. Adorable!

  632. fantastic writing! and pics! You inspire me every day to love my daughter a little more and to try and be more patient with her even though she is full of the dickens:-) I learned a lot from my mom but one thing that really sticks with me is to always be ready to show up! You are never off duty and the moments when they come crying are the times they will never forget!

  633. What do I love about being a mom?? EVERYTHING!!!!!! Wait, I said that in a moment of inspiration.. not everything, I guess. Cuddles, naps, watching new experiences and growth, kissing boo-boos, cooking, I could go on and on..

  634. I learned that cleanliness is next to Godliness from my mother.
    I learned that a clean house can wait your children cannot from my mother in law.

    I have found my groove somewhere in between.

  635. what a beautiful post! I’ve watched your girls grow, but not often commented.

    You are a beautiful woman – LOVE the braid in the suit shot and that suit is to die for.

    So glad you got heart happy time with Mama around :)

  636. oops – totally forgot to include what I learned from my mama.

    most of all, to go after whatever I want in life – that I can’t wait for others to do it for me. And, I can do anything I dream of!

  637. I have learned a lot from my mom ( and I still keep learning from her!) But I think one of the greatest things she taught me is how to be a strong woman.

  638. I’ve learned to love everyone equal and stick up for others who need sticking up for… she’s a main reason I’m a special ed teacher!

  639. I love how close you are to your family! The one thing (among many)about my mother that sticks with me are her sayings….particularly “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Such a great concept for life!

  640. The most important thing I learned from my mother is to show your love. Love doesn’t only come in the form of words, but it is manifested in everyday things. She is most known for her love through food. She makes the best homemade pecan caramel rolls I have every eaten.

  641. To love everyone equally and to stick up for those that need sticking up for… she’s a main reason I became a special ed teacher!

  642. What a great post! Oh, how I miss my Mama, but I know she’s my angel watching over my babies now. I think what I learned most from her was what uncoditional love really was and how you do have it for your childern. She’d always tell me “you’ll know what I mean when you have kids of your own”. Thank God I was able to tell her she was so right.

  643. My mom taught me to not give up, to work hard, to always support your family. She taught me to have a family dinner every night, to always make extras for leftovers, and to keep a clean house.

  644. Love, Love the red suit!

    My mom taught me to be strong! She also taught me craftiness and that you can fix most anything! Anytime something breaks on my kids toys, they will say…Nana can fix it :)

  645. I love your kind words about your mama. Mine definitely holds a special place in my heart and I would do anything for her.

  646. What I’ve learned from my mama…you always have something to give, whether it’s an outgrown coat or time spent with your family. She is a wonderful mom and grandmother, giving of her time and talents. I love you, Mama!

  647. The best thing I have learned from my Mama is forgiveness. She is the most forgiving person I know. She is hurt, and somehow, moments later she has already forgiven that person. Such grace. I love that woman.

  648. You can never get rid of too much clutter, tomato soup is best when sipped from a big mug, and to always have empathy for your kids when they don’t feel good* Mama’s cool back hand feels the best!


  649. My mom and I were just chatting about my slightly inscrutable younger brother (now not so young at 32) and she shared a phrase that she felt captured her feelings toward him: love beyond reason. I know she loves me to the max–perhaps I make it a little easier to, though :)

  650. This is one of my favorite posts ever. Almost everything you mentioned about your mom is true of mine (from dishrags, to pantry casseroles). I think the MOST important thing I learned was to enjoy each ‘stage’ of my children’s lives and never wish they were older or younger- just to be in the moment.

  651. I learned from my mom to always treat others the way you want to be treated and to love everyone with all my heart. I learned that compromising my beliefs to satisfy someone else will ultimatly lead to my happiness. I learned that even though I will never be perfect, there is always perfection in just being in the moment and taking in every sight, sound, smell, experience, you name it. From the smell of my baby’s head to the anticipation of letting my pre-teen gain more independence. But most importantly I leared to be me! I love my mama so! It is funny how as a young girl I used to resist her advice, now as a woman and a mama too, I soak it up like the rays from the sun on a warm afternoon!

  652. Momma taught me safety before fun! When cooking for a man make sure to include bread…a man will always eat bread :)

  653. Despite an unseasonably warm Michigan winter [I think I live very close to were you are from originally, you mention landmarks in my hometown area :)], I am so ready for Summer.

    My mom taught me that all of life is magical. Hills are sleeping dinosaurs, faeries live in the woods leading to Seven Lakes beach and if you keep your eyes open, there are gnomes everywhere. That kind of magic jas sustained me as an adult and has helped me see sparkles everywhere when I’m exploring the world with my daughter.

  654. this post made me tear up! I’m a new momma (well, seven months in) and since becoming a mother, I have a whole new respect and love for my mama.

    She taught me so much… to always try new things, be kind, to seek God’s best over my best always, to sew, to make some fabulous baked goods, to dust AFTER you vacuum, and what loving your kids looks like.

    Thanks for sharing your momma with us… and that killer swimsuit. Saw it on instagram and have to have it!

  655. You look just like your mama!

    My mom makes fabulous pie crust and light as air biscuits, neither one of which have I been able to master – so far. 😉

    I love the swimsuits on their website and I’m so excited to see they are in Portland. I’ll be visiting there in a few weeks, I hope I can convince my friends we need to drop in. What cute suits! So much prettier than what I saw online at Nordstrom yesterday. I like that they cover your bum but still look cute.

    What I learned from my mama: humility, manners and grace under pressure. Also, because she was a depression baby, how to seriously stretch a buck. My mama is 84, and I treasure her every day.

  656. my mom taught me when i was little that only boring people get bored, and i knew right then and there that i did not want to be boring!

  657. So sweet!

    My mom taught me so much about creativity, and about loving what you do.

  658. My mama taught me how to be strong and independent! She was a great mom to be and I love watching her be a grandma to my girls. She loves them almost as much as I do!

  659. Love the post… makes me appreciate my mama even more (even though she only lives 20 minutes away).

    My mama taught me unconditional love, the power of the mama touch to make the bad go away and how to be the queen of the kitchen.

    Love Popina, have a swimsuit and swim skirt from a couple years back and have been itching for a new one!


  660. My mom taught me to love completely unconditionally. Best life lesson ever.

  661. This post? Readin’ my mind. I’ve had so many similar thoughts here lately. I just love hearing about your mama :)

    A couple of favorites from my mom and stepmom(I really dislike the word “stepmom”. She’s been there since I was six months old, there’s nothing “step” about our relationship or our love)

    MOM: To live in the moment because you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. The love of books.

    Stepmom: How to reach out with love when your initial reaction is not to be loving at all. To see the good in people. To give the benefit of the doubt.

    Angie from Ohio

  662. I learned from my mom to always show compasion for people and that know matter what you have, you can always help others.

  663. hands down, she taught me about unconditional love. for my family, my husband, my kids, and myself. it’s a life changer that’s for sure.

  664. My mom taught me that silence is golden, not because she believes that, but because she doesn’t :)

    And I totally need a new cute swimsuit after losing 40 pounds. :)

  665. i learned that there is always room at the table. for single moms…for widows…for friends whose parent’s were not always around…my mom always made room for people to feel like family. i love that.

  666. My mom taught me how to determine whether a cake is really a good cake – you gotta see teeth marks in the frosting after you take a bite.

  667. My Mom taught me how to serve. When I had each of my two babies, she flew in from FL to wherever I happened to be living and ran my household for no less than 2 weeks. Cooking, cleaning, mending, ironing, snuggling the toddler or the baby…my husband especially didn’t want to let her go home when the time was up! And I felt lost – living far apart is heart-wrenching at times. The days I serve others I smile to myself and think, “I’m making my Mama proud today…”

  668. Oooh girl, I’ve been eyeing those Popinas for a good year now. Even visited the shop in Portland and tried on the yellow. It’s so divine! I’d really love to win.

    Things I have learned from my mother: Lose the drama. Instead, be elegant, careful, and kind.


    P.S. I love the lipstick you are wearing in the photos with Nella. What is the shade?

  669. I learned from my mom that sometimes it is best to take a deep breath before answering your children. Because sometimes their questions can make you speechless :)

  670. oh my word, those swimsuits are darling. I’m going to Mexico in early May and might have to treat myself to a new suit!

  671. Oh to win one of those! I’m currently very out of shape, overweight, and just feeling unmotivated. Everytime I see pics of your super cute suits, I think, “Get moving Amanda!”.
    If I won, I would buy one in my goal size and hang it up in my bathroom to look at every day. :)

  672. I learned how to overcome. My mom can hold her head high saying she worked her family from poverty to middle class. I’m damn proud of that.

    I’m learning how to make homemade biscuits. Good, crumbly, just a little bit of bad cholesterol, Southern, homemade biscuits. Right now mine suck, but I’m getting there.

    I loved the line ‘Looking back for inspiration, looking forward with motivation.’ So true!

  673. love the suit, kelle. enjoy the time with your mama! i just shared this yesterday with my husband…what i have learned from my mama: it’s to always say ‘i love you’ when parting from your loved ones…b/c you just never know what might happen.

  674. My Mom taught me that forgiveness is key in leading a life of joy, that God will give you the strength to get through anything, but mostly she showed me unconditional love. And how to make an amazing roast. :)

    Kelle, You’re beautiful. Thanks so much for always being such an inspiration.

  675. Sounds so very simple, but it’s so true. My mom has helped me learn how to be a mom. How to be selfless and enjoy it. How to have patience. How to smile through the hard times. She’s a great example :)
    lauradstern (at) gmail (dot) com

  676. Love that you’re wearing your mama’s sunglasses in the last photo, this post makes for a great mother’s day post!
    My mother taught me to be a strong independent woman and the joys of cooking :)
    Enjoy the time with your Mother.

  677. My Mommy taught (and is teaching me) how to talk to people. I still can’t talk to just anyone with the ease and grace that she can, but I’ve gradually picked up her “starting and keeping a conversation going from thin air” magic skills that I used to think were simply impossible. For this introvert, she’s the best extrovert Mommy ever.

  678. My mom taught me how to bake, how to use common sense to solve problems, and how to keep my chin up.

    This is a really gorgeous post!

  679. Oh man – my work blocked the Popina web site – marked it as “lingerie” – ha!

    My mom is still teaching me, even thought I’m 30. Most of all she’s taught me (or at least SHOWN me) true patience.

  680. love love that suit! my mom also taught me that you’re never too old for a hug.

  681. i learned the song, “you are my sunshine” (our family song) and it’s being passed onto the next generation of the kim family…it’s a very special song for us.

  682. Not quite a Mama myself, but your posts fill this 30-week pregnant gals heart will all the magic that being on has. My Mother and I are so wildly different in our personalities that I learned from her if you do what you think in your heart is best, everything else will just fall into place.

  683. I learned not to take myself too seriously and to help others as best I can. :)

  684. I learned to use dish cloths not sponges too. :) And, how to pack lunches, measure flour, and iron. :)

    PS – I thought I saw this floating around last week but what is your latest red/orange lipstick you are wearing??? I love it soooo much!

  685. My Mom- how to cook, how to read a good story, and that knowing how to spell is important.

    BTW – I love the new suit!

  686. So many little life lessons come to mind from my wise mother, but a few of my favorites are

    * Never walk into someones home with both arms the same length (i.e.: always bring a gift, or food, or a bottle of wine)

    * Be strong, see the positives in people, and don’t hold a grudge

    *Get an education and be passionate about what you do

    * Marry a man who will adores you and cognitively challenges you

    Enjoy your time with you family and, as always, thank you for your nourishing words, Kelle!

    Kathleen in Chicago

  687. What did I learn from my mom?

    No matter how far apart we are (she currently lives in NV and I in AL), she is only a phone call away or a Skype session away and no matter what problem I am having-she will have the answer! She has taught me that love has no distance. Although, I did miss her hugs and kisses!

    AND- I would LOVE a new swimsuit for when my mom comes to visit- she will be going with us to the beach, and it will be the first time she has been with my daughter!

  688. I learned to continue on. I learned what strength looks like. I learned how to be independent, strong, and kind. I learned to cherish every moment, and to always stop to dance in the rain. I learned how to be a mother.

  689. Love this! Love The Middle Place and Kelly’s wise and honest words. I think about her often and was happy to read about you thinking about her too!
    My mama – man, she and Krissy would be great friends, I am sure (and not just because they are both Michiganers!) She taught kindness through example, love through embrace and that if your pants have belt loops you shouldn’t leave the house without a belt in them! Gotta love a mama!

  690. My mother taught me to care more about people and relationships than about a clean house or a perfect image. :-)

  691. I love your mom’s “you’ve got to show the crust who’s boss” I’m not sure why but that made me smile hard.

    I’m so excited when my husband and I start having children so my mom can come and visit and spoil our kids silly. She will be awesome at it.

  692. Favorite things I learned ~

    from my mom…
    simplicity, perseverence

    from my grandma…
    compassion, empathy

  693. Mom taught me how to do laundry – an important skill that my hubby and kiddos appreciate – you must fold the clothes while still warm – makes the task much easier to do!

  694. My mom taught me to give, to be happy and to fend of the blues with baking (or cookie dough! lol). I hope my girls learn the same from me. She is still my best friend and my go to person when I need a listening ear or a shoulder…

  695. Yeah! My mom taught me how to build the best forts, to take chances, to be strong, to bake, to love so much.
    She’s the best and I’m so lucky she lives so close and that my son gets to see her every week at least.

  696. I love this: I look back for inspiration, I look forward with motivation.

    I learned how important family truly is.

  697. My mom taught me how important a home cooked meal is! Everyday we would have a delicious made from scratch meal sitting on the table for our family to share. I try to do the same for my family.

  698. I’m still learning from my mama…….everytime I visit her or she visits me. I learn patience, I learn a new recipe, I learn that too quiet is sometimes better than too noisy. She reminds of the things I too often forget.

  699. I’ve learned from my mom that even if we don’t get to talk for months on end, we can pick right back up where we left off. Because we’re family. Because we have a bond stronger than miles or minutes. Because she’s my mom. And I love her.

  700. Loving unconditionally, knowing mistakes happen and can be fixed, and brushing of the smalls stuff.

  701. You can never say I love you too much, and never hesitate to hug a new friend – you never know how much it will mean to them

  702. Involved. We were her life and still are. I’m sure she is enjoying her freedom from being tied down to 5 kids though! She will drop anything to spend time with my 2 babies and I love watching her with them. Makes my heart happy!

  703. My mom taught me to celebrate people. Birthdays were always a big deal and now that I’m married and live away from home I treasure that lesson and do my best to make other people feel special like my mom did.

  704. i have learned that i will always have roots, a safe place to land… even when i spread my wings.

  705. My mom taught me self confidence, self respect and the value of my body when it comes to saying no to drugs and sex. These lessons of course all came when I was a teenager and they are priceless. I only hope I can instill the same values in my daughter when she reaches that age!

  706. My mom has taught me so much, I wish she was still alive to teach me more. Although, I think I do still learn from her. In some way, she is with me watching over me as I now raise my babies. She taught me to love, to be kind, and stand up for myself. She taught me to believe in something….especially myself. I love her so much and wish her life in this world wasn’t cut as short as it was. I so badly want her to meet my 3 little girls. Although, she taught me that this life isn’t it, that families can be together forever. That’s probably the best lesson that she ever taught me.

  707. Oh my goodness! How does one even begin to think of their favorite thing their Mom taught them? I have thousands of favorites to choose from. I guess the most important one is to always be kind to everyone, b/c EVERYONE you meet is fighting a battle of some kind. No one has a perfect life, even if it seems like they do to the outside world. ♥

  708. I know I am very very far down on the comment list but I just couldn’t resist the chance to win a swimsuit!:-)
    My Mum taught me so much. She is visiting me in Switzerland from Canada right now and is across from me on the sofa at the moment! If I had to choose a really good piece of advice I think I’ll choose her advice about what to do for a living. “You should get up every day and love what you do.” Some less meaningful yet nonetheless important things…”put a penny in the bottom of a vase of tulips to make them last longer.” “join up velcro fastenings before you put them in the washing machine/dryer.”

  709. I keep learning and taking, but from my memory instead.. So enjoyed this post even though I don’t get to look back with my mom in person. I do love how my little one loves things she loved though — music, baking, decorating, people… Fun to be a part of!

  710. My Mom taught me so many things, but one thing I treasure is how to be a gracious host. When company came over, we spiffed up our house and nothing was more important than sitting around for a good visit.

  711. My mother taught be how to be an encourager. She is a strong woman, and a very positive person – people flock to her, and I love that.

    Your swimsuit is beautiful, I like your earrings too. Have a wonderful visit with your mom while she’s in town!

  712. My Momma taught me to ignore the full laundry basket while the beds in my house are full- because soon enough the beds will be empty & so will the laundry basket- and i will miss them both :(.

  713. I learned from my mom to show and tell my kiddos how much I love them…and I still do that every day even though they are adults!

  714. I am with you, ready for Summer…shorts, tanks, sundresses and flip flops are all ready washed and in the dressers!! . Now my body isn’t all that ready, still got to work on it!!

    Momma taught me that you can never die from embarrassment (even though there are times you might think you are), embrace, celebrate and encourage the difference in each one of your children, and never under estimate the power of a praying mother!!

    Sadly, it took me 32 years and 2 children to realize this!!

  715. My mom helped me learn to always make the ordinary extraordinary by giving it a simple twist. She’d sing the old song “Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine” but change the lyrics to say “birds gotta swim/And fish gotta fly.” And it was “that’s the way the cookie bounces!” instead of boring old crumbles. :-)

  716. Sometimes there is just nothing better than a night with mom, and a hallmark movie. they are my favorites!

  717. Love unconditionally. I learned that from my mom. Best and most important lesson.

    I also love being “hugged” between needing my mom and being a mom. It’s kinda a special place. And I too, now that I am a mother, appreciate (and adore) my mom for what she did for me as a child.

    Love that red suit!! =)

  718. I learned from my Mama to not be a complainer. People want to be around happy smiling people. She also still encourages me to be mor